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ADAMS, JOSIAH                          OH-61-A-247
AKERMAN, THOMAS                        OH-61-B-331
ALDRICH, GEORGE W.                     OH-61-B-145
ALEXANDER, DAVID                       OH-61-C-333
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       OH-61-C-153
ALEXANDER, ROBERT G.                   OH-61-A-143
ALLEN, MOREAU                          OH-61-B-442
ALLPOOL, NICHOLAS                      OH-61-B-407
ALLYN, FREDERICK A.                    OH-61-C-102
AMEN, ELIZABETH                        OH-61-B-468
AMES, DICKERMAN C.                     OH-61-B-399
AMES, LYSANDER LEEDS                   OH-61-C-183
ANDRES, MARTIN                         OH-61-B-196
APPLEGATE, DANIEL                      OH-61-A-298
ARNDT, FREDERICK                       OH-61-C-482
ATKINS, MARY ANN                       OH-61-B-4
AVERS, JOHN SR.                        OH-61-B-435
AYLES, ADELINE                         OH-61-C-5
BAHNSEN, HANS PETER                    OH-61-C-450
BAINBRIDGE, CHARLES E.                 OH-61-B-363
BAKER, G. N.                           OH-61-A-323
BAKER, LEANDER L.                      OH-61-B-112
BALDWIN, JAMES                         OH-61-B-171
BAMHOLT, JOHN B.                       OH-61-C-500
BEADERICK, CATHARINE                   OH-61-A-297
BEARS, ESTHER                          OH-61-A-82
BEARS, HARVY                           OH-61-A-328
BECK, FRANTZ                           OH-61-A-194
BEEBE, ARTEMAS                         OH-61-B-226
BEHRMAN, HENRY SR.                     OH-61-C-70
BEHRMANN, HERMAN                       OH-61-B-493
BELL, ABRAHAM                          OH-61-B-108
BERNOIR, ANTWINE                       OH-61-A-44
BERRY, GEORGE                          OH-61-B-354
BERRY, LOUIS SR.                       OH-61-B-200
BIEBOW, CHARLES                        OH-61-B-176
BLENKL, JOSEPH                         OH-61-B-279
BOCK, WILLIAM                          OH-61-C-503
BOGGS, JOHN                            OH-61-B-182
BOGGS, MARGARET                        OH-61-B-420
BOGGS, MARY                            OH-61-B-521
BOGGS, MARY                            OH-61-C-167
BOHLING, JOHANN                        OH-61-B-100
BOLANDER, PHILIP                       OH-61-A-287
BOLTEN, HERMAN                         OH-61-C-218
BOND, PHEBE                            OH-61-B-547
BOOSE, WILLIAM L.                      OH-61-C-299
BORCK, HEINRICH                        OH-61-C-383
BORMAN, HENRY                          OH-61-C-210
BORMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-61-C-247
BOSCHEN, CLAUS H.                      OH-61-B-335
BOSHEN, JOHN H.                        OH-61-A-320
BOSS, MARTIN                           OH-61-C-342
BRANDES, ANDREW                        OH-61-A-161
BREDBECK, GERD                         OH-61-B-350
BREDBECK, HERMAN H.                    OH-61-C-104
BREDEHOFT, HENRY                       OH-61-B-98
BREDEHOFT, JOHN                        OH-61-B-379
BRIGHER, JAMES                         OH-61-B-553
BRINER, MARTIN                         OH-61-C-149
BROOKS, CHARLES                        OH-61-C-157
BRUNKHORST, ANNA                       OH-61-C-397
BUDZIN, LUDWIG                         OH-61-B-455
BUFFINGTON, GEORGE                     OH-61-B-199
BURCHARDT, WILHELMINA                  OH-61-B-106
BURGGRAF, MARIA                        OH-61-C-186
BUSCH, HANS                            OH-61-B-134
BUSH, ALBERT L.                        OH-61-B-550
BUSSMAN, CASPER HENRICH                OH-61-C-394
BUTLER, JOHN                           OH-61-A-153
CALDWELL, WILLIAM SR                   OH-61-A-163
CALKINS, JAMES S.                      OH-61-C-131
CAMP, EMILY                            OH-61-B-14
CAMPER, JOHN A.                        OH-61-C-559
CANNIFF, GEORGE W.                     OH-61-C-360
CANNON, JAMES SR.                      OH-61-C-224
CARAHER, ALBERT                        OH-61-C-428
CARSTENSEN, PETER M.                   OH-61-C-475
CLARKE, JOHN                           OH-61-B-478
CLARY, JAMES                           OH-61-C-552
CLAUSON, RICHARD                       OH-61-C-302
CLEMONS, ALEXANDER                     OH-61-B-560
COFFIN, NEHEMIAH C.                    OH-61-A-262
COLE, LIBBEUS                          OH-61-C-486
COLLINS, MARY S.                       OH-61-B-430
CONKEY, GEORGE H.                      OH-61-C-181
COOPER, CABLE                          OH-61-C-466
CORRELL, J. W.                         OH-61-B-22
CORSE, JOACHIM                         OH-61-C-514
CRAM, G. C.                            OH-61-A-313
CRAM, JACOB                            OH-61-A-302
CURTIS, MARIA L.                       OH-61-B-404
CUTCHER, DAVID                         OH-61-C-403
CUTLER, AUGUST W.                      OH-61-C-469
DARLING, JOSEPH B.                     OH-61-B-135
DARR, MICHAEL                          OH-61-B-321
DAVENPORT, DANIEL                      OH-61-B-356
DAVIS, JOSIAH                          OH-61-A-332
DAY, HARRIET W.                        OH-61-C-49
DEAL, ELIZABETH                        OH-61-B-225
DEAN, CORA E.                          OH-61-B-287
DEAN, HARLEY R.                        OH-61-B-245
DECKER, MARIA                          OH-61-C-22
DEFFEIENSMITH, JOHN                    OH-61-C-329
DEHRING, GOTLIEB                       OH-61-C-543
DELANY, HENRY                          OH-61-A-2
DEPUE, JOHN                            OH-61-A-61
DEVENPORT, JANE                        OH-61-B-114
DEVOE, TILLINGHART                     OH-61-B-18
DICKERMAN, CLARA N.                    OH-61-C-145
DIETRICK, JOHN SR.                     OH-61-C-531
DODGE, WYMAN                           OH-61-B-82
DOELL, FREDERICK                       OH-61-C-56
DOHREN, MARX VON                       OH-61-B-248
DORNBUSCH, FRITZ                       OH-61-C-337
DORR, NICOLAUS                         OH-61-A-14
DOUBENBERGER, JOHN                     OH-61-C-216
DOWING, GEORGE                         OH-61-B-113
DRAKE, CHARLES F.                      OH-61-B-147
DRAPER, GIDEON                         OH-61-A-80
DRAVES, FRED SR.                       OH-61-C-534
DREGHORN, JOHN                         OH-61-C-13
DRESSLER, HENRY FERDINAND              OH-61-B-425
DREYER, JOHN HENRY                     OH-61-C-365
DRYNAN, ELIZAZ                         OH-61-C-17
DUDLEY, BLANDINA                       OH-61-A-275
DUDLEY, CHARLES E.                     OH-61-B-209
DUNN, JAMES                            OH-61-A-52
DURKEE, SOLOMON J.                     OH-61-A-260
EARL, ELIZABETH                        OH-61-C-189
EASTMAN, ELIZA                         OH-61-C-238
EBERLY, DANIEL                         OH-61-C-233
EDDY, WILLIAM                          OH-61-A-379
EGERT, CHARLES                         OH-61-C-20
ELDRIDGE, WYLIE                        OH-61-B-413
ELLITHORPE, GEORGE                     OH-61-C-460
EMPEKE, JOHN FREDERICK                 OH-61-C-540
ENRIGHT, JAMES                         OH-61-C-400
ESSIG, W. A.                           OH-61-B-241
EVERLEE, PHILIP                        OH-61-A-330
FEDDERSEN, HENRY                       OH-61-B-437
FEHMLING, JOACHIM                      OH-61-B-432
FELDER, FRANK                          OH-61-C-172
FERRIS, WILLIAM E.                     OH-61-C-408
FICK, ANGELUS                          OH-61-B-256
FINKEN, HENRY                          OH-61-B-377
FOUGHT, ISAAC                          OH-61-B-217
FOURMAN, JOSEPH                        OH-61-B-370
FOYE, AUGUSTUS C.                      OH-61-C-479
FRANK, WILILAM                         OH-61-C-313
FREIMARK, JOHN                         OH-61-B-285
FRITSCHE, CHRISTIAN F.                 OH-61-C-548
FRITZ, JOHN                            OH-61-C-381
FROGLY, RICHARD P.                     OH-61-A-329
FROMMERT, WILILAM                      OH-61-C-214
FROSCH, JOHN                           OH-61-B-390
FROSCH, WILHELMINE D.                  OH-61-B-189
GEIGER, HENRY                          OH-61-B-197
GERNER, CLARA                          OH-61-B-270
GERNHARD, MATHIAS                      OH-61-B-540
GERSMAN, CELIA                         OH-61-C-439
GIBBENS, JOHN S.                       OH-61-C-125
GIERTZ, JOHN H.                        OH-61-C-410
GILLELEN, JANE M.                      OH-61-B-208
GILMORE, RICHARD                       OH-61-C-75
GILSON, J. M.                          OH-61-A-174
GOCKSTETTER, JOHN                      OH-61-B-80
GODOE, HENRY                           OH-61-B-237
GOEMMEL, JOHN                          OH-61-C-405
GORDON, MARY                           OH-61-B-84
GORDON, WILLIAM                        OH-61-B-563
GRAVES, HARVEY                         OH-61-B-142
GRAVES, HARVEY                         OH-61-B-383
GREEN, CLARK                           OH-61-B-258
GREEN, GEORGE W.                       OH-61-C-565
GROVES, ALLEN J.                       OH-61-A-210
GUTH, EVA CATHARINE                    OH-61-A-168
GYDE, WILLIAM                          OH-61-B-276
HAACK, MARIA CATHARINE                 OH-61-B-174
HACKMAN, CATHERINE                     OH-61-C-108
HAFLUTZEL, JACOB                       OH-61-B-144
HAINES, CHARLOTTE T.                   OH-61-B-70
HAINES, E. S.                          OH-61-A-212
HAINES, ELIAS H.                       OH-61-A-236
HALLER, URSULA                         OH-61-B-260
HAMERSLEY, CYNTHIA W.                  OH-61-B-365
HAMILTON, JOHN                         OH-61-B-422
HAMILTON, LUANEY M.                    OH-61-B-470
HARMON, GEORGE                         OH-61-C-114
HARMON, JACOB                          OH-61-A-1
HARMON, L. A.                          OH-61-C-11
HARMS, JOHN H.                         OH-61-B-281
HART, SYLVESTER                        OH-61-B-138
HARTSHORN, BYRON H.                    OH-61-C-290
HAYS, BRYAN                            OH-61-A-4
HECKMANN, JOHN                         OH-61-C-229
HEIN, ERNST                            OH-61-B-149
HEINSEN, THOMAS                        OH-61-C-244
HELD, JACOB                            OH-61-C-463
HELLIARD, WILLIAM H.                   OH-61-B-37
HEMAN, JOHN                            OH-61-B-327
HENGROSS, WILLIAM                      OH-61-B-551
HEPPNER, JOHN                          OH-61-C-109
HERBSTER, HERMAN                       OH-61-B-532
HERRICK, EDWIN                         OH-61-B-571
HESS, CATHERINE                        OH-61-C-269
HEYWOOD, RUSSELL H.                    OH-61-B-358
HILGENECK, ANGELINE                    OH-61-C-208
HILL, JOHN S.                          OH-61-B-503
HILLMAN, FREDERICK                     OH-61-C-545
HILLMAN, JOHN                          OH-61-A-343
HILLMAN, LUDWIG                        OH-61-C-250
HIRE, AUGUSTUS N.                      OH-61-A-335
HITCHCOCK, JAMES                       OH-61-B-254
HOCK, ELIZABETH                        OH-61-C-327
HODDICK, FRANK                         OH-61-C-32
HOFACKER, GEORGE                       OH-61-B-542
HOGG, THOMAS                           OH-61-B-243
HOLLSTEIN, CATHARINE                   OH-61-B-178
HOLLWAY, JACOB                         OH-61-A-23
HOPFINGER, ANDREW                      OH-61-B-115
HOPFINGER, FREDERICK                   OH-61-A-270
HOPFINGER, JACOB                       OH-61-A-285
HOPFINGER, JACOB                       OH-61-B-104
HOPFINGER, MICHAEL                     OH-61-C-79
HORNER, JAMES                          OH-61-B-231
HOWE, AUGUST                           OH-61-C-58
HUBER, ELIZABETH                       OH-61-B-283
HUBER, JOSEPH                          OH-61-A-171
HUCK, JOHN                             OH-61-C-119
HULETT, LOUISA                         OH-61-C-457
HURRELL, GEORGE                        OH-61-B-170
HUTCHINSON, ROBERT                     OH-61-C-506
HYDE, DARWIN                           OH-61-B-489
HYDE, GEORGE                           OH-61-C-136
IMMICK, JOHN                           OH-61-B-278
INEICHEN, ALOIS                        OH-61-B-86
JACOBS, JUSTUS                         OH-61-B-460
JAEGER, FREDERICK SR.                  OH-61-B-207
JAMES, JOHN                            OH-61-A-85
JAMES, RICHARD                         OH-61-A-206
JAMES, YAMAN                           OH-61-C-424
JAMISON, GEORGE                        OH-61-B-523
JENSEN, BRIGITTA                       OH-61-B-525
JENSEN, PETER                          OH-61-B-261
JOHANSEN, CHRISTIAN                    OH-61-C-296
JOHNSON, EDMUND                        OH-61-C-314
JOHNSON, ELISHA                        OH-61-A-376
JONES, MORRIS Q.                       OH-61-B-116
JORDON, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-61-C-338
K'BURG, ALFRED                         OH-61-C-498
K'BURG, ELI                            OH-61-C-128
KELLEY, CAROLINE                       OH-61-C-325
KELLY, JOHN SR.                        OH-61-B-343
KIDDER, THEIRY                         OH-61-A-103
KIHLKEN, AHREND                        OH-61-B-301
KIRK, JOHN                             OH-61-A-48
KNANE, ROBERT                          OH-61-B-110
KNAPP, NANCY JUDSON                    OH-61-B-479
KNOWLTON, OLIVE                        OH-61-C-368
KOELLER, MARIA E.                      OH-61-B-456
KOELLER, MICHAEL                       OH-61-B-325
KOEPKE, HENRY                          OH-61-C-278
KOHANKE, AUGUST                        OH-61-B-433
KOHLHARDT, JOHN                        OH-61-C-570
KOLATH, CHARLES                        OH-61-B-451
KOLLING, ANNA                          OH-61-B-280
KOLLING, HENRY                         OH-61-B-143
KRAMER, ELIZA                          OH-61-B-316
KROMM, JOHN                            OH-61-B-266
KUHULE, MARGARET                       OH-61-C-200
LAIR, ANNA MARIA                       OH-61-B-156
LAMB, DAVID                            OH-61-A-202
LAMB, ELIZABETH                        OH-61-C-413
LAMMES, NICKOLAUS                      OH-61-B-185
LANDY, ELIZABETH                       OH-61-C-48
LANDY, HENRY SR.                       OH-61-B-405
LANGDON, SOLOMON                       OH-61-B-556
LANGERMAN, JOHN H.                     OH-61-C-445
LAPP, FREDERICK                        OH-61-C-454
LATHAM, V. WILLIAM                     OH-61-C-575
LENTZ, FREDERICK                       OH-61-B-221
LENZ, JACOB                            OH-61-C-203
LENZ, MAXWELL                          OH-61-A-275
LEOW, CHARLES SR.                      OH-61-C-93
LEPHART, THEODORE                      OH-61-B-466
LERAY, HERMAN C.                       OH-61-B-572
LEWIS, BARBER                          OH-61-C-378
LIBBEN, HENRY                          OH-61-C-122
LINDLEY, SETH P.                       OH-61-C-346
LINDSEY, LUTHER                        OH-61-A-64
LINSKI, LOUISA                         OH-61-C-170
LOCKERS, AMALEE                        OH-61-A-158
LOCKWOOD, E. J.                        OH-61-C-517
LOGAN, JAMES                           OH-61-B-219
LONG, GEORGE W.                        OH-61-C-42
LONG, JAMES W.                         OH-61-C-46
LOWERY, ELIZABETH                      OH-61-B-133
LUCKEY, JOHN B.                        OH-61-B-173
LUCKEY, S. W.                          OH-61-B-239
LUCY, WILLIAM                          OH-61-A-155
LUDWIG, HENRY                          OH-61-B-88
LUDWIG, SOPHIA                         OH-61-A-351
LUKEMANN, JOHN                         OH-61-A-38
LULLMAN, HENRICH                       OH-61-B-193
MACKEY, JEREMIAH                       OH-61-A-337
MACKEY, L. L.                          OH-61-A-75
MCDONALD, ALEXANDER                    OH-61-C-72
MCDONALD, JAMES                        OH-61-C-115
MCLAIN, CLARISSA                       OH-61-C-492
MCNULTY, DANIEL                        OH-61-B-338
MCNUTT, ELIZABETH                      OH-61-C-273
MCNUTT, RACHEL E.                      OH-61-B-485
MCRITCHIE, JOHN SR.                    OH-61-C-1
MERION, DAVID                          OH-61-B-449
MESSERSMITH, CONRAD                    OH-61-C-259
METER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-61-B-491
MEYER, HENRY                           OH-61-B-361
MEYER, JOHN                            OH-61-C-391
MEYER, LUCAS                           OH-61-B-548
MICHEL, WILLIAM                        OH-61-B-527
MILLER, MARTIN                         OH-61-B-372
MILLER, THEODORE                       OH-61-C-236
MILLER, VICTOR                         OH-61-B-388
MILLS, GALEN A.                        OH-61-B-518
MINIER, JOHN                           OH-61-B-314
MIRTON, CHRISTIAN                      OH-61-A-266
MOORE, CATHARINE                       OH-61-A-165
MOTT, CHESTER R.                       OH-61-B-499
MUGGY, JOHN C.                         OH-61-C-117
MULCAHY, DANIEL SR.                    OH-61-C-285
MULCAHY, MARGARET                      OH-61-B-565
MUTZ, FRANCIS X.                       OH-61-C-555
NEIDECKER, ADAM                        OH-61-B-247
NELLIS, DAVID                          OH-61-B-124
NELLIS, DAVID                          OH-61-B-56
NELLIS, PETER                          OH-61-A-11
NELS, JOHN J. F.                       OH-61-B-536
NELSON, THOMAS L.                      OH-61-C-85
NETCHER, FRANCIS                       OH-61-B-223
NETCHER, GEORGE L.                     OH-61-B-318
NEWTON, L. D.                          OH-61-A-289
NICHOLS, ROSWELL                       OH-61-B-411
NIELE, ALOIS                           OH-61-C-83
NISSEN, THOMAS                         OH-61-C-227
OBERHOUSE, WILLIAM                     OH-61-C-421
OBERST, JACOBINE                       OH-61-B-45
OETTGEN, ANNA E.                       OH-61-C-431
OFFEBAR, HENRY                         OH-61-B-204
OLSON, MICHEAL P.                      OH-61-C-160
OPFER, GEORGE                          OH-61-B-215
OWEN, LUTHER                           OH-61-A-341
PARMER, SENECA                         OH-61-A-187
PAULSEN, CARSTEN                       OH-61-C-340
PAYNE, JESSIE                          OH-61-A-179
PERRY, AUGUSTUS                        OH-61-B-157
PETE, LEWIS                            OH-61-C-303
PETERSON, PETER                        OH-61-C-96
PHIEL, M. GEORGE                       OH-61-C-309
PORATH, FERDINAND                      OH-61-C-281
PORTER, WHEELER                        OH-61-B-529
PRATT, KELLOGG                         OH-61-B-183
QUAST, P. W.                           OH-61-B-235
RATHS, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-61-B-444
READ, JOHN                             OH-61-A-267
REAN, LUCY                             OH-61-C-334
REHBERG, JOHN H.                       OH-61-B-534
REHBERG, JOHN SR.                      OH-61-B-289
REHFELDT, FREDERICK                    OH-61-B-403
REIFERT, HENRY                         OH-61-B-374
REILLY, JOANNA                         OH-61-A-232
REINHARD, JACOB                        OH-61-B-360
REYNOLDS, ANDREW S.                    OH-61-C-164
REYNOLDS, RICHARD                      OH-61-B-187
RICE, AMBROSE                          OH-61-A-148
RICE, GEORGE H.                        OH-61-C-358
RICE, SALLIE A.                        OH-61-B-462
RICHARD, PEETER                        OH-61-A-33
RICHARD, RHENA A.                      OH-61-A-128
RICHARDSON, ROBERT                     OH-61-A-7
RIVERA, J. DE                          OH-61-C-27
ROBERSON, HUGH                         OH-61-A-112
ROGERS, JOSEPH O.                      OH-61-B-141
ROGERS, VELINDA R.                     OH-61-C-320
ROHLOF, JOHN                           OH-61-B-267
ROLLOFF, GOTTLIEB                      OH-61-B-13
ROLOFF, LUDWIG                         OH-61-B-391
ROPKE, LOUIS                           OH-61-C-33
ROTHARMEL, GEORGE                      OH-61-B-453
RUFF, GEORGE GOTTLIEB                  OH-61-C-524
RUH, CHARLES K                         OH-61-C-335
RUTHERFORD, DELIA                      OH-61-B-269
RYAN, E. B.                            OH-61-A-279
RYAN, HENRY                            OH-61-A-350
RYAN, SARAH                            OH-61-C-371
RYER, HENRY                            OH-61-B-81
SASS, HARMON                           OH-61-B-439
SAULE, A.S.                            OH-61-A-67
SCHAMBRAM, ANNA MARIA                  OH-61-B-94
SCHISSLER, MATHIS                      OH-61-C-417
SCHMIDT, LOUISA                        OH-61-C-266
SCHMUHL, WILLIAM                       OH-61-C-198
SCHNEIDER, ANDREAS                     OH-61-B-129
SCHNEIDER, FREDERICK                   OH-61-B-538
SCHNETZ, GOTTLIEB                      OH-61-B-265
SCHRAIDT, CASPAR                       OH-61-B-464
SCHRINER, GRANVILLE                    OH-61-A-297
SCHULTE, EMELIE                        OH-61-B-417
SCHULTZ, JOHN                          OH-61-B-385
SCHULTZ, WILLIAM                       OH-61-C-25
SCHWARTZ, JOHN                         OH-61-C-23
SCHWARTZE, MARIE                       OH-61-C-379
SCOTT, SAMUEL SR.                      OH-61-B-293
SEELING, JOHN                          OH-61-B-41
SEEWATER, FREDERICK                    OH-61-C-364
SETHMAN, C. H.                         OH-61-C-30
SEXTON, JOHN G.                        OH-61-B-305
SHANNON,D ELILA E.                     OH-61-C-349
SHARPE, PETER                          OH-61-A-92
SHEPLER, CONRAD                        OH-61-A-190
SHERBROOK, JOHN                        OH-61-C-77
SHERBROOK, JOHN SR.                    OH-61-C-176
SHERBROOK, WILLIAM                     OH-61-C-508
SHERMAN, SARAH                         OH-61-C-344
SHIRLEY, JOB                           OH-61-A-268
SHOOK, HENRY                           OH-61-C-212
SHOOK, JOSEPH                          OH-61-A-19
SHUTT, CASPER                          OH-61-B-150
SIMMER, JOHN                           OH-61-B-263
SISTARE, NANCY                         OH-61-B-151
SKINNER, WILLIAM H.                    OH-61-B-2
SLAVIN, JOHN                           OH-61-B-428
SLOAN, ALEX H.                         OH-61-C-63
SMARDBACK, J.                          OH-61-A-90
SMEAD, C. T.                           OH-61-B-264
SMITH, JAMES A.                        OH-61-B-54
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-61-B-472
SMITH, JONATHAN W.                     OH-61-C-7
SMITH, MARY C.                         OH-61-B-567
SMITH, NANCY ANN                       OH-61-A-257
SNIDER, ABBIE                          OH-61-B-495
SNIDER, JOHN                           OH-61-B-43
SORENSEN, MARTHA                       OH-61-C-240
SORG, GEORGE ADAM                      OH-61-A-272
SOURBIER, HENRY                        OH-61-C-485
SPAETH, BARBARA                        OH-61-B-446
STACKFORD, WILLIAM J.                  OH-61-C-65
STANGE, JACOB                          OH-61-C-99
STEADMAN, WILLIAM W.                   OH-61-A-172
STEFFENS, CORD                         OH-61-B-148
STEINKAMP, FREDERICK                   OH-61-B-206
STEVENS, E. L.                         OH-61-C-60
STIER, FREDERICK                       OH-61-B-395
STILLER, AUGUST                        OH-61-B-78
STINE, LYDIA B.                        OH-61-C-573
STJOHN, GEORGE E.                      OH-61-C-336
STONE, WALTER F.                       OH-61-C-36
STOTZER, JOHN                          OH-61-B-76
STRONG, JOHN S.                        OH-61-A-156
STROUSE, FREDERICK                     OH-61-B-39
STUTZ, CATHERINA                       OH-61-B-544
SUHRBIER, JOHN                         OH-61-C-256
SULLIVAN, MARGERET                     OH-61-B-329
SUNDERGELD, MARTIN                     OH-61-B-397
SWILL, JOHN                            OH-61-B-12
TANK, AUGUST                           OH-61-C-357
TAYLOR, JAMES                          OH-61-B-179
TESCH, AUGUST                          OH-61-C-318
THEIN, HENRY                           OH-61-C-67
THEIN, NICHOLAS                        OH-61-C-489
THURMAN, AUGUST                        OH-61-A-255
TIASE, JOHN F.                         OH-61-A-197
TIASE, JOHN F.                         OH-61-A-192
TIEDEMAN, JOHN                         OH-61-B-312
TRACY, LYMAN                           OH-61-B-168
TRYON, NATHANIEL                       OH-61-C-15
TSHNER, CHRISTINE M.                   OH-61-B-569
TURNER, JOSHUA G.                      OH-61-A-326
TUTTLE, AUSTIN                         OH-61-B-409
UTHOFF, JOHN HENRY                     OH-61-B-476
VALE, MARTHA A.                        OH-61-B-381
VALIQUETTE, EDWARD                     OH-61-B-346
VALIQUETTE, JOSEPH                     OH-61-C-305
VEEN, JOSEPH                           OH-61-A-300
VELIQUETT, ELIAS                       OH-61-C-35
VEON, TAMMY                            OH-61-B-578
VOIGHT, JOHN                           OH-61-A-353
VOLKERT, VALENTINE                     OH-61-B-273
VOLMER, FREDERICK                      OH-61-A-175
VONDOHREN, MARX                        OH-61-B-248
WADE, EDWARD                           OH-61-A-241
WAGONER, JONATHAN                      OH-61-C-39
WAHLEN, JOHN B.                        OH-61-C-52
WALCOTT, HENRY W.                      OH-61-C-389
WALDMAN, AMELIA                        OH-61-C-144
WALKDMAN, HERMAN                       OH-61-B-501
WALKER, GEORGE                         OH-61-B-61
WARD, E. B.                            OH-61-B-160
WARDEN, JEREMIAH                       OH-61-A-55
WARNER, ELMORE Y.                      OH-61-B-497
WARSCHAIT, JOHN J. H.                  OH-61-B-191
WEBSTER, A. M.                         OH-61-B-102
WECHTEL, JOHN                          OH-61-C-140
WEDEKIND, D. H.                        OH-61-B-51
WEHRLE, ANDREW                         OH-61-C-375
WEHRLE, MARY                           OH-61-C-528
WEICHEL, GEORGE                        OH-61-C-436
WELL, DAMON                            OH-61-B-296
WELLES, MARTIN                         OH-61-A-116
WENDT, HERMAN                          OH-61-C-275
WENGER, SAMUEL                         OH-61-B-458
WENKE, JOHN                            OH-61-C-44
WERNER, MARY ANN                       OH-61-C-44
WETSTEIN, FREDERICK                    OH-61-A-203
WHITEHEAD, CALVIN                      OH-61-B-291
WIGHT, EUNICE                          OH-61-B-181
WILKENS, JOHN J.                       OH-61-B-249
WILKENS, LENA                          OH-61-B-262
WILKINS, CHARLES                       OH-61-C-206
WILKINS, HENRY W.                      OH-61-B-288
WILLIAMS, CHARLES L.                   OH-61-B-368
WILLIAMS, DOROTHY                      OH-61-A-334
WILSON, NATHANIEL                      OH-61-C-191
WILT, J. HENRY C.                      OH-61-C-221
WILT, JOCHIN                           OH-61-C-322
WINANS, JAMES H.                       OH-61-C-263
WINDLER, JOHN                          OH-61-C-41
WINELLER, JOHN H.                      OH-61-C-373
WINNE, ELIZA A.                        OH-61-B-401
WISWALL, NOAH                          OH-61-A-108
WITCHER, ALBERT                        OH-61-C-521
WITHERELL, ELIZABETH                   OH-61-A-29
WITTY, HENRY                           OH-61-A-292
WOLF, JOHNS R.                         OH-61-B-333
WONNELL, SARAH                         OH-61-C-253
WOOD, DAVID                            OH-61-B-545
WOOLSEY, J. M.                         OH-61-B-23
YAX, LUCINDA                           OH-61-B-91
YAX, PETER                             OH-61-B-92
ZUCH, AUGUST                           OH-61-B-393

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