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ADAMS, AMANDA                          OH-62-2-329
ADAMS, CHARLES M.                      OH-62-2-42
ADAMS, JOHN H.                         OH-62-1-108
ANDERSON, JAMES MC.                    OH-62-2-176
ANDREWS, JOHN                          OH-62-1-272
ANKNEY, CHRISTIAN                      OH-62-3-138
ANKNEY, HENRY                          OH-62-2-549
ANKNEY, MARY                           OH-62-3-313
ANSPACH, JULIA A.                      OH-62-3-5
ANSPACH, LEANDREW                      OH-62-3-450
ANTOINE, JOSEPH                        OH-62-3-54
ARMSTRONG, C. W.                       OH-62-3-28
ARTIS, HENDERSON                       OH-62-2-150
ASHTON, ZECHARIAH                      OH-62-1-110
AUGHENBAUGH, PETER                     OH-62-2-193
AYRES, JOHN W.                         OH-62-3-413
BABCOKE, GEORGE W.                     OH-62-3-126
BAGGOTT, SAMUEL                        OH-62-3-114
BAKER, WILILAM D.                      OH-62-3-565
BALL, MARY                             OH-62-1-258
BANKS, JEDEDIAH                        OH-62-1-296
BANKS, JEDEDIAH                        OH-62-3-303
BANKS, RICHARD                         OH-62-1-31
BANKSON, JOHN                          OH-62-3-14
BARNES, JOHN                           OH-62-2-155
BARNES, LEVI M.                        OH-62-2-45
BARTLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-62-3-507
BARTON, WILLIAM                        OH-62-1-45
BAYARD, BETSY C.                       OH-62-1-306
BEACH, MORRIS M.                       OH-62-3-540
BEADLE, ADAMS P.                       OH-62-3-269
BEAUBIEN, JAMES                        OH-62-3-163
BERRY, JOSIAH                          OH-62-3-159
BETTS, WILLIAM W.                      OH-62-3-561
BEVER, JOHN T.                         OH-62-2-406
BEVILHIMER, COONROD                    OH-62-1-234
BISHOP, DAN                            OH-62-1-189
BISHOP, DAVID                          OH-62-1-190
BISHOP, WILLIAM                        OH-62-1-186
BLAIR, BRICE                           OH-62-3-360
BLANK, SARAH                           OH-62-3-424
BOND, F. E.                            OH-62-2-310
BOOKER, SYDNEY J.                      OH-62-2-564
BOON, JOHN                             OH-62-3-79
BOWHOLTZ, JOHN                         OH-62-3-567
BOWMAN, JACOB                          OH-62-2-509
BOWSER, WILLIAM W.                     OH-62-2-172
BOWYER, JOSEPH                         OH-62-2-112
BOYER, HENRY                           OH-62-2-294
BRECKLER, CHRISTOPHER                  OH-62-2-318, 371
BREECE, PHINEAS                        OH-62-2-504
BROBACK, ANN JANE                      OH-62-3-194
BROBECK, ISRAEL                        OH-62-3-315
BROWN, ALEXANDER                       OH-62-3-8
BROWN, DELIVERANCE                     OH-62-2-356, 395
BROWN, JACOB                           OH-62-2-303
BROWN, TIMOTHY D.                      OH-62-2-409
BROWN, WILLIAM                         OH-62-3-50
BROY, NICHOLAS                         OH-62-1-23
BRUNING, JOEL                          OH-62-2-110
BRUNING, WILLIAM F.                    OH-62-3-556
BRYNDS, JAMES                          OH-62-1-228
BUCKLEY,F ANNIE A.                     OH-62-2-471
BUFFINGTON, ISAAC                      OH-62-1-194
BURGER, GEORGE                         OH-62-2-74
BURT, BETHNEL H.                       OH-62-3-130
BURT, CATHARINE                        OH-62-3-369
BURT, EDGAR                            OH-62-3-366
BURT, MARK M.                          OH-62-3-317
BUSBY, JAMES                           OH-62-1-248
CALHOUN, JAMES                         OH-62-2-276
CALVIN, DILENO D.                      OH-62-2-212
CARLE, RICHARD L                       OH-62-2-115
CARTER, SAMUEL                         OH-62-2-87
CARTER, WILLIAM SR.                    OH-62-2-182
CAVE, THOMAS                           OH-62-3-504
CAWIN, CHARLES                         OH-62-2-593
CHAMBERS, ROBERT                       OH-62-2-270
CHANEY, LEWIS                          OH-62-3-295
CHAPPELL, GEORGE F.                    OH-62-2-27
CHAPPELL, MARY                         OH-62-3-511
CHATTERTON, GEORGE I.                  OH-62-3-176
CHESBROUGH, METTIE                     OH-62-2-496
CHESTER, THOMAS                        OH-62-3-440
CHINWORTH, ARTHUR                      OH-62-2-251
CLARK, WILLIAM T.                      OH-62-2-481
CLAXTON, JOHN                          OH-62-3-347
CLEMENTZ, JOSEPH                       OH-62-3-354
COGHLIN, DENNIS                        OH-62-1-196
COLBY, LEVI                            OH-62-3-133
COLE, JOSEPH C.                        OH-62-3-122
COLE, LEWIS                            OH-62-2-439
COLLINS, RICHARD                       OH-62-2-594
COLUMBIA, DAVID                        OH-62-1-166
COLUMBIA, T. H. B.                     OH-62-2-229
CONARD, JOHN J.                        OH-62-2-206, 228
CONN, JAMES                            OH-62-2-486, 635
COONS, OSCAR W.                        OH-62-2-221
COPLIN, JAMES                          OH-62-3-515
CORY, JOSEPH L.                        OH-62-1-148
COTTELL, AMERICA                       OH-62-2-69
COTTRELL, SAMUEL                       OH-62-3-518
CROSBY, JOSEPH A.                      OH-62-1-181
CROSSON, JOHN                          OH-62-1-165
CROUSE, WILLIAM                        OH-62-2-134
CRUM, ORLENA                           OH-62-3-84
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN M.                    OH-62-3-524
CUNNINGHAM, MARTHA W.                  OH-62-1-135
CURTIS, HENRY B.                       OH-62-2-375-394
CURTIS, HORATIO N.                     OH-62-2-16
DAGGETT, WETTA                         OH-62-2-521
DANKLEFSEN, CHRISTINE                  OH-62-3-485
DEAL, PETER                            OH-62-3-144
DONNAL, SARAH JANE                     OH-62-3-477
DOWELL, G. N.                          OH-62-3-110
DOYLE, SAMUEL                          OH-62-2-128
EATON, WILLIAM                         OH-62-3-349, 353
EDWARDS, JOHN W.                       OH-62-3-400
EICHELBERGER, ADALINE                  OH-62-3-395
EICHHOLTZ, SARAH                       OH-62-3-299
ELLETT, DAVID                          OH-62-3-108
ELSTEN, PERLINA                        OH-62-3-305
ELY, HEMAN                             OH-62-3-339
EMERSON, THOMAS                        OH-62-1-219
ESTIL, JAMES A.                        OH-62-2-190
EVANS, NEWTON                          OH-62-3-521
EVANS, RINALDO                         OH-62-3-125
EVELAND, PETER                         OH-62-3-112
FAILE, EDWARD G.                       OH-62-1-156
FINAN, JAMES                           OH-62-1-275
FISHER, SAMUEL                         OH-62-2-568
FORD, JOHN                             OH-62-3-46
FORDES, SAMUEL                         OH-62-1-202
FOWLER, LUCY A.                        OH-62-2-325
FRAZEE, CHARLES                        OH-62-2-296
FRUMP, FRANCIS L.                      OH-62-3-120
GAINES, ANNALZA                        OH-62-2-606
GALLAGHER, BRIDGET                     OH-62-1-41
GALLAGHER, JOHN                        OH-62-1-26
GARMAN, JOHN                           OH-62-1-84
GENSEL, GIDEON                         OH-62-2-152
GERBER, FRIEDRICH                      OH-62-2-195
GESSLING, CHARLOTTE                    OH-62-3-482
GILBERT, CATHARINE                     OH-62-3-202
GILBERT, PHILANDER                     OH-62-2-292
GILL, JOHN                             OH-62-3-332
GILMORE, RICHARD                       OH-62-2-501
GINTHER, JOSEPH H.                     OH-62-3-128
GLASSMIRE, ABRAHAM                     OH-62-1-309
GLENN, SALOMON                         OH-62-2-498
GOFF, ZARA                             OH-62-3-429, 449
GORDON, AMUEL                          OH-62-1-264
GORDON, EFFIE BELL                     OH-62-2-247
GORDON, LEWIS S.                       OH-62-3-61
GORDON,E DWIN G.                       OH-62-2-299
GORMAN, MATHEW                         OH-62-2-423
GOSHOEN, JOHN W. S.                    OH-62-3-344
GOSSLER, GOTLEIP                       OH-62-1-21
GOYINGS, WILLIAM H.                    OH-62-3-233
GRANT, ALONZO                          OH-62-2-492
GRANT, CASTILE                         OH-62-2-31
GREEN, DAVID                           OH-62-1-243
GREEN, SMITH                           OH-62-1-206
GRESHAM, MARY                          OH-62-3-547
GRIMES, ALEXANDER                      OH-62-3-58
GRISWOLD, NANCY                        OH-62-2-536
GROCE, JOHN A.                         OH-62-2-596
GROOMS, JANE SARAH                     OH-62-3-73
GROSS, BARBARA                         OH-62-3-281
GROSSENBACHER, ELIZABETH               OH-62-2-180
GROVES, HANNAH                         OH-62-2-483
GRUBB, JAMES                           OH-62-3-357
GRUBE, JOHN                            OH-62-2-413
GRUVER, JOSEPH                         OH-62-2-144
GUNDER, HARRISON D.                    OH-62-2-477
HAKES, ROBERT                          OH-62-1-267
HALSEY, WILLIAM                        OH-62-2-350
HAMDEN, HENRY                          OH-62-3-381
HAMMOND, JOHN                          OH-62-2-609
HANVILL, JAMES                         OH-62-2-83
HANVILL, JOHN                          OH-62-1-9 
HARDESTY, WILLIAM HENRY                OH-62-3-549
HARMAN, HENRY                          OH-62-3-289
HARMAN, JOHN                           OH-62-1-209
HARMAN, JOHN                           OH-62-1-209
HARMON, HENRY                          OH-62-3-289
HARNEWLEY, CYNTHIA W.                  OH-62-1-241
HARRIS, AGNES M.                       OH-62-2-241
HARRIS, MOLBERN                        OH-62-1-1
HARRIS, THOMAS B.                      OH-62-2-574
HARTZOG, JOSHUA                        OH-62-3-211
HAYS, WILLIAM                          OH-62-2-314
HEAZELIT, WILSON DAVID                 OH-62-2-50
HENREY, JACOB                          OH-62-2-253
HICKS, HENRY W.                        OH-62-1-176
HICKS, JOHN H.                         OH-62-1-190
HILL, BENJAMIN                         OH-62-2-173
HILL, JOHN S.                          OH-62-2-60
HILLS, AMOS W.                         OH-62-2-25
HOLGATE, WILLAM C.                     OH-62-2-416
HOLLEY, HANSBERRY                      OH-62-3-178
HOLMES, SIMEON                         OH-62-2-523
HOLZ, CHARLES                          OH-62-3-411
HOPKINS, DARIUS A.                     OH-62-3-183
HOUSIER, CHARLES                       OH-62-2-616
HOWARD, JOHN P.                        OH-62-3-531
HUGHES, DENNISON                       OH-62-2-1
HUGHS, SARAH E.                        OH-62-2-526
JENKINS, THOMAS                        OH-62-2-401
JOHNSON, MICHAEL M.                    OH-62-3-70
JONES, THOMAS F.                       OH-62-2-305
JORDAN, ANN                            OH-62-3-65
JUSTUS, WILLIAM                        OH-62-3-309
KALEY, ALBERTUS                        OH-62-2-442
KARR, F. G.                            OH-62-2-368
KAUFMAN, LOUISA                        OH-62-3-528
KEEFER, JEREMIAH                       OH-62-3-265
KIK, MATHIAS                           OH-62-3-536
KIMMEL, MICHAEL                        OH-62-2-232
KING, MARY                             OH-62-2-102
KINNER, JOHN                           OH-62-2-398, 431
KINNEY, JOSEPH                         OH-62-3-324
KINZER, JOHN D.                        OH-62-3-135
KIRK, ANDERSON                         OH-62-3-186
KNAPP, PHILLIP                         OH-62-2-57, 167
KNODEL, JOHN                           OH-62-2-92
KNODEL, JOHN                           OH-62-2-92
KOHN, ELIJA                            OH-62-3-408, 481
KOON, PETER                            OH-62-2-278
LAMBERT, JOHNATHAN                     OH-62-3-148
LAWSON, NEYR M.                        OH-62-3-68
LEATHERMAN, DANIEL                     OH-62-2-137
LEAUSLER, WILILAM                      OH-62-2-558
LEE, FREDRICK G.                       OH-62-2-343
LEWELLYN, ALPHEUS                      OH-62-3-36
LEWIS, HANNAH                          OH-62-1-144
LIGHTHILL, GEORGE                      OH-62-1-33
LIME, ELIZABETH                        OH-62-3-490
LINN, GOTTLEIB                         OH-62-3-544
LISTERMAN, ANNA E.                     OH-62-2-35
LOVELL, ISABELL J.                     OH-62-2-159
LUCAS, MARY                            OH-62-2-436
LUCAS, NATHANIEL                       OH-62-2-184, 227
LYBARGER, HENRY MARTIN                 OH-62-2-203
LYMAN, ELLEN A.                        OH-62-2-301
MAIN, SANFORD                          OH-62-1-173
MANN, MEDARY D.                        OH-62-2-543
MANSON, ANNA                           OH-62-2-626
MARTIN, CHRISTOPHER C.                 OH-62-3-255
MARTIN, JACOB F.                       OH-62-3-227
MATHER, JAMES                          OH-62-1-75
MATHIAS, LEVI                          OH-62-2-79
MAUSEL, MICHAEL                        OH-62-2-38
MAY, WILLIAM SR.                       OH-62-1-193
MCCLURE, ALEXANDER                     OH-62-2-248
MCCOMBS, JACOB                         OH-62-1-290
MCCOMRICK, MARGARET                    OH-62-3-444
MCDORMAN, WILILAM F.                   OH-62-3-421
MCFARLAND, JOHN A.                     OH-62-3-209
MCILHENNY, GEORGE A.                   OH-62-3-216
MCMAHAN, GUY                           OH-62-2-287
MEARS, GEORGE W.                       OH-62-3-230
MELLINGER, GEORGE                      OH-62-1-28
MERCHANT, THEODORE G.                  OH-62-1-299
MICHAEL, DAVID                         OH-62-2-546, 564
MIKLE, JOHN                            OH-62-3-240
MILLER, ELI                            OH-62-1-96
MILLER, FRANCES ANN                    OH-62-3-500
MORLEY, JAMES SR.                      OH-62-2-140
MORRIS, H. K.                          OH-62-2-365, 394
MOSSONEY, SOPHIA                       OH-62-1-246
MOUSER, J. A.                          OH-62-3-387
MOXLEY, JOHN                           OH-62-2-318
MOXLEY, JOSEPH                         OH-62-3-40
MUMAUGH, MORGAN                        OH-62-3-180, 199
MUMPER, DOMINICK                       OH-62-1-188
MURPHY, MARGARET                       OH-62-2-70
MYERS, JOHN                            OH-62-2-541
MYERS, MARTIN                          OH-62-2-613
NAVEAU, HUBERT                         OH-62-3-243
NEDROW, JOHN                           OH-62-1-237
NEWETON, TOWNSEND                      OH-62-3-462
NOBLE, ANNA M.                         OH-62-2-426
NOFFSINGER, JAEMS                      OH-62-2-312
NORTHROP, DAVID B.                     OH-62-2-267
NORTHRUP, LEWIS                        OH-62-2-494
NORVILL, HENRY S.                      OH-62-2-519, 551
OAKEY, RICHARD                         OH-62-2-372
OCONNOR, JAMES                         OH-62-3-468
OSBORNE, ABIGAIL G.                    OH-62-2-169
PARK, MARTHA A.                        OH-62-3-571
PATTERSON, STEWART                     OH-62-2-107
PEASE, EDGAR                           OH-62-2-327
PEFLY, CHRISTIAN                       OH-62-2-455
PERKINS, JACOB                         OH-62-1-47
PERKINS, SIMON                         OH-62-2-551
PETIT, SMITH                           OH-62-3-277
PHELPS, JOHNM.                         OH-62-1-170
PHILIPS, HORATIO G.                    OH-62-1-51
POWELL, JOHN                           OH-62-2-581
PRINTIE, HORATIO N.                    OH-62-2-238
RANDLE, JOHN                           OH-62-2-161, 164
RAWSON, ABEL                           OH-62-2-10
REED, ELIZABETH W.                     OH-62-2-284
REED, JOSEPH                           OH-62-2-99
RENSHAW, GEORGE                        OH-62-3-145
RHEES, WILLIAM                         OH-62-3-116
RICE, MARGARET A.                      OH-62-3-251
RICE, SAMUEL                           OH-62-2-514
RIDENOUR, JOSEPH                       OH-62-2-308
RISTINE, DANIEL                        OH-62-2-396
ROBERTS, PHEBA                         OH-62-2-432
ROBERTS, SAMUEL                        OH-62-2-465
ROBISON, STEPHEN                       OH-62-2-5
ROGERS, THOMAS                         OH-62-2-459
ROGERS, WILLIAM L.                     OH-62-2-62
ROHLFS, HENRY                          OH-62-2-573
ROOT, ADALINE                          OH-62-3-454
ROOT, VELORUS                          OH-62-3-47
ROSE, CHRISTOPHER                      OH-62-3-200
ROSS, ELI                              OH-62-2-187
ROSS, OLIVER P.                        OH-62-3-392
ROSS, S. C.                            OH-62-3-497
ROSS, THOMAS C.                        OH-62-2-602, 605
RUFFNER, FREDERICK                     OH-62-1-154
RUMBAUGH, JAMES T.                     OH-62-3-221
RUNYAN, CHRISTIAN                      OH-62-1-133
RUNYAN, THOMAS                         OH-62-1-78
RUSSELL, EBENEZER                      OH-62-1-302
RUSSELL, JAMES M.                      OH-62-2-122
RUSSELL, MARY A.                       OH-62-3-458
RUSSELL, PHEBE                         OH-62-1-304
RUSSELL, PHINEAS S.                    OH-62-3-404
RUSSELL, RUFUS SR.                     OH-62-3-372
RYAN, ZACHARIAH K.                     OH-62-2-316
SAID, PRESLEY                          OH-62-2-282
SAMPSELL, PAUL W.                      OH-62-3-327
SAVERCOOLL, EMMA J.                    OH-62-2-506
SAYLOR, JACOB                          OH-62-3-436
SCHAADT, JACOB                         OH-62-2-346
SCHEHR, PETER                          OH-62-2-619
SCHILT, THOMAS                         OH-62-3-1
SCHINDLER, ANDREW                      OH-62-1-152
SCHINER, JOHN                          OH-62-3-32
SCHMIDT, PHILIP                        OH-62-2-65
SCHOOLEY, WILLIAM S.                   OH-62-3-433
SCOTT, WILILAM G.                      OH-62-3-236
SCOVEL, HERMAN                         OH-62-3-321
SHARP, ROEBRT L.                       OH-62-2-531
SHAWHAN, REZIN W.                      OH-62-3-417
SHIMER, MARY A.                        OH-62-2-235
SHIRLEY, NASTRAN                       OH-62-1-223
SHISLER, ERASMAS                       OH-62-2-474
SHISLER, JOSHUA                        OH-62-2-67
SHISLER, REUBEN                        OH-62-3-141
SHULER, ASA                            OH-62-3-153
SHULTZ, MARIA                          OH-62-3-364
SLOUGH, CONRAD                         OH-62-2-289
SMITH, EZRA J.                         OH-62-1-146
SMITH, JOHN C.                         OH-62-1-179
SMITH, MAYNARD                         OH-62-2-468
SMITH, PETER                           OH-62-1-212
SMITH, PHEBE                           OH-62-1-254
SMOTHERS, JOHN                         OH-62-2-623
SNOOK, JOHN S.                         OH-62-1-131
SNOOK, WILLIAM R.                      OH-62-2-200
SQUIRE, VIRGIL                         OH-62-2-8
STABLER, JOHN                          OH-62-1-200
STALL, HENRY J.                        OH-62-3-21
STARLING, LYNE                         OH-62-3-87-107
STEWART, CALVIN                        OH-62-1-253
STEWART, HEZEKIAH                      OH-62-3-151
STIERWALT, JAMES T.                    OH-62-3-224
STILL, OLIVER                          OH-62-1-4
STORK, MARY R.                         OH-62-3-579
STORK, PHILIP                          OH-62-2-560
STOUDER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-62-2-245
STRONG, NATHANIEL                      OH-62-2-118
SUELLENBERGER, ADAM                    OH-62-1-146
SULLIVANT, MICHAEL L.                  OH-62-2-336
SWAN, GEORGE W.                        OH-62-2-354
SWITZER, JACOB                         OH-62-3-81
TATE, LYLE                             OH-62-2-448
TATE, WILLIAM                          OH-62-3-575
TAYLOR, DEIGHTON                       OH-62-3-273
THOMPSON, EDWARD                       OH-62-1-198
THOMPSON, GEORGE                       OH-62-3-248
THOMPSON, JAMES                        OH-62-2-590
THOMPSON, MARY P.                      OH-62-2-587
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       OH-62-2-226
TIMBERMAN, W. G.                       OH-62-3-384
TITLER, GEORGE                         OH-62-1-16
TITLER, JOHN                           OH-62-1-183
TRENTMAN, BERNARD                      OH-62-3-494
TUCKER, LEMUEL                         OH-62-2-322
UMBER, LEOPOLD                         OH-62-2-451
VALE, LEMUEL                           OH-62-3-22
VANNEST, JOHN                          OH-62-2-261
VANVALKENBURGH, D. A.                  OH-62-1-278
VINEGAR, GEORGE                        OH-62-2-109
VORIS, PETER D.                        OH-62-2-76
VOUVIER, LEWIS X.                      OH-62-2-540
VOYLESON, JOHN                         OH-62-3-75
WADE, JOHN                             OH-62-2-280
WADSWORTH, JAMES S.                    OH-62-1-88
WARFIELD, ANNA                         OH-62-3-33
WEBB, JOHN W.                          OH-62-2-53
WEBER, AUGUST                          OH-62-2-360
WEIDMANN, PAUL SR.                     OH-62-3-167
WEIPPART, ANTHONY                      OH-62-1-172
WELLS, BENJAMIN                        OH-62-1-43
WELLS, PHEBE JANE                      OH-62-3-425
WENTWORTH, DANIEL                      OH-62-2-330
WEST, PARMELIA A.                      OH-62-1-184
WESTRICK, FRANK                        OH-62-2-630
WETMORE, WILILAM S.                    OH-62-1-119
WHELAN, THOMAS                         OH-62-1-214
WHITE, BENJAMIN J.                     OH-62-3-206
WHITE, GEORGE                          OH-62-1-14
WHITE, SARAH ELMA                      OH-62-2-105
WHITEHILL, JOSEPH                      OH-62-1-101
WHITING, CAROLINE H.                   OH-62-2-178
WIEGAND, HENRY                         OH-62-1-222
WILDER, BIRDIE F.                      OH-62-3-377
WILHELM, RACHEL                        OH-62-3-189
WILKINSON, GEORGE                      OH-62-3-262
WILLIAMS, ADAM                         OH-62-3-157
WILLIAMS, CHARLES L.                   OH-62-2-243
WILLIAMS, HENRY                        OH-62-2-223
WILSON, THOMAS                         OH-62-3-258
WISEMAN, ANSON                         OH-62-3-285
WOLF, JOHN                             OH-62-1-259
WOLFF, MICHAEL                         OH-62-1-231
WOOD, ALICE K.                         OH-62-2-528
WOODCOCK, GEORGE W.                    OH-62-1-261
WOODCOCK, NANCY                        OH-62-2-322
WOODCOX, ISAAC                         OH-62-1-195
WOODCOX, SARAH                         OH-62-2-445
WOODS, JOHN                            OH-62-1-82, 105
WOOLEY, WILLIAM L.                     OH-62-2-511
WREN, PHEBE                            OH-62-2-461
YEARLING, RINEHART                     OH-62-3-472
YOUNG, HENRY                           OH-62-1-12
YOUNG, JOHN                            OH-62-3-389
ZUBER, URS                             OH-62-3-552

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