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Column One: Name of Testator
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ALLEN, JOHN                             OH-63-B-13
ALLEN, JOHN                             OH-63-2-98
AMERINE, FREDERICK                      OH-63-B-67
AMERINE, FREDERICK                      OH-63-2-129
ANDERSON, JOHN                          OH-63-2-118
ANDERSON, JOHN                          OH-63-B-48
ANDERSON, JOSEPH                        OH-63-B-436
ANDERSON, JOSEPH                        OH-63-2-79
ANGLE, JOHN P.                          OH-63-2-117
ANGLE, JOHN P.                          OH-63-B-46
ANHORN, ISAAC                           OH-63-2-29
ANSEL, JOHN                             OH-63-1-15
ANSPACH, ADAM                           OH-63-2-135
ANSPACH, ADAM                           OH-63-B-78
ANSPACH, ADAM                           OH-63-1-157
ARDSEY, ROBERT                          OH-63-1-381
ASHBAUGH, ANDREW                        OH-63-1-20
ATWATER, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-63-B-375
ATWATER, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-63-2-24
BAESHORE, JACOB                         OH-63-2-31
BAGLE, HOLMES                           OH-63-2-151
BAGLE, WILLIAM                          OH-63-2-74
BAIRD, ELEANOR                          OH-63-2-195
BAIRD, ELENOR                           OH-63-B-170
BAIRD, JAMES                            OH-63-1-307
BAIRD, MARY                             OH-63-2-120
BAISORE, JOHN                           OH-63-B-252
BAKER, GEORGE W.                        OH-63-1-51
BAKER, PHILIP                           OH-63-1-274
BALL, JAMES                             OH-63-B-153
BALL, JAMES                             OH-63-2-183
BANKS, BENJAMIN                         OH-63-1-328
BANUTT, PETER                           OH-63-1-100
BARNES, ISAAC                           OH-63-B-278
BARNES, ISAAC                           OH-63-2-268
BARSHANE, MIRAND                        OH-63-1-361
BASORE, JOHN                            OH-63-2-244
BAYER, HENRY                            OH-63-2-47
BEAMNER, HENRY                          OH-63-2-216
BEAMS, HENRY                            OH-63-B-210
BEAN, PAUL                              OH-63-2-104
BEANS, PAUL                             OH-63-B-24
BEARD, JOSEPH                           OH-63-B-389
BEARD, JOSEPH                           OH-63-2-39
BEARD, MARY                             OH-63-B-52
BEAVER, GEORGE                          OH-63-B-137
BEAVER, GEORGE                          OH-63-2-174
BECKWITH, DAVID                         OH-63-B-352
BECKWITH, DAVID                         OH-63-2-2
BEGLE, JOSEPH                           OH-63-2-18
BELL, JOHN                              OH-63-2-197
BELL, JOHN                              OH-63-B-174
BENJAMIN, JAMES                         OH-63-2-44
BENJAMINE, JAMES                        OH-63-B-394
BENKLY, CHRISTIAN                       OH-63-B-449
BENNETT, ABRAHAM                        OH-63-1-314
BENNETT, ROBERT                         OH-63-2-179
BENNETT, ROBERT                         OH-63-B-146
BERKEY, JOHN                            OH-63-B-378
BERRY, AARON                            OH-63-1-287
BEVERIDGE, TACEY                        OH-63-B-441
BEVERIDGE, TACEY                        OH-63-2-84
BIGGAM, JAMES                           OH-63-2-281
BIGGON, JAMES                           OH-63-B-296
BIGGS, GEORGE W.                        OH-63-1-219
BINCKLEY, CHRISTIAN                     OH-63-2-90
BINCKLEY, DAVID                         OH-63-1-357
BINCKLEY, HENRY                         OH-63-2-40
BINKLEY, HENRY                          OH-63-B-390
BIRKHIMER, EDWARD                       OH-63-1-370
BIRKHIMER, JOHN                         OH-63-B-103
BLACK, ROBERT                           OH-63-B-374
BLACK, ROBERT                           OH-63-2-24
BLOOMER, THOMAS                         OH-63-1-379
BOESHOER, JACOB                         OH-63-B-380
BOGLE, HOLMES                           OH-63-B-105
BOGLE, JOSEPH                           OH-63-B-367
BOGLE, WILLIAM                          OH-63-B-430
BONESTEEL, HENRY                        OH-63-1-278
BOWERS, GEORGE D.                       OH-63-2-141
BOWERS, GEORGE D.                       OH-63-B-86
BOWERS, JACOB                           OH-63-1-106
BOWMAN, BERNARD                         OH-63-1-341
BOYER, HENRY                            OH-63-B-399
BRADLEY, JOHN                           OH-63-2-53
BRADLEY, JOHN                           OH-63-B-405
BRADSHAW, DAVID                         OH-63-2-38
BRADSHAW, ROBERT                        OH-63-1-29
BRANDT, LEWIS                           OH-63-1-116
BRANDT, LODWICK                         OH-63-B-382
BRANDT, LODWICK                         OH-63-2-32
BRAUN, ISAAC                            OH-63-1-42
BRECHBILL, JACOB                        OH-63-B-279
BROCHBELL, JACOB                        OH-63-2-269
BROOK, FRANCIS                          OH-63-B-371
BROOKS, FRANCES                         OH-63-2-21
BROWN, WILLIAM M.                       OH-63-1-336
BRUMAGE, ALEXANER W.                    OH-63-2-169
BRUMAGE, JOHN                           OH-63-1-48
BRUMAGE, JOHN                           OH-63-2-303
BRUMMAGE, JOHN JR.                      OH-63-B-321
BUCHANAN, JAMES                         OH-63-B-300
BUCHANAN, JAMES                         OH-63-2-286
BUGH, PETER                             OH-63-2-11
BUGH, PETER                             OH-63-1-284
BUGH, PETER                             OH-63-B-361
BUGH, WILLIAM                           OH-63-1-77
BURGOON, ALEXANDER                      OH-63-1-256
BURGOON, FRANCES                        OH-63-2-209
BURGOON, FRANCIS                        OH-63-B-195
BURGOON, LEVI                           OH-63-1-164
BURKET, MICHAEL                         OH-63-B-117
BURKET, MICHAEL                         OH-63-2-159
BURKEY, JOHN                            OH-63-2-28
BURKHIMER, JOHN                         OH-63-2-149
BURTON, ISAAC                           OH-63-2-210
BURTON, ISAAC                           OH-63-B-196
BUSHOO, MICHAEL                         OH-63-1-316
BYRNE, EDMUND                           OH-63-B-398
BYRNE, EDWARD                           OH-63-2-43
CADY, MICHAEL                           OH-63-2-175
CAEN, SAMUEL                            OH-63-2-67
CAIN, JAMES                             OH-63-2-158
CAIN, JOHN                              OH-63-B-387
CAIN, JOHN                              OH-63-2-37
CALKINS, SAMUEL G.                      OH-63-B-426
CALKINS, SAMUEL G.                      OH-63-2-71
CAM, JAMES                              OH-63-B-116
CAMPBELL, MARY                          OH-63-2-87
CAMPBELL, MARY                          OH-63-B-445
CAMPBELL, PHILIP                        OH-63-B-430
CAMPBELL, PHILIP                        OH-63-2-74
CANAB, DAVID                            OH-63-2-162
CANNAN, ISAAC                           OH-63-2-208
CANNON, ISAAC                           OH-63-B-193
CARLOS, MARTIN                          OH-63-1-81
CARREL, DAVID                           OH-63-B-127
CARVEN, WALTER                          OH-63-2-29
CASSEL, MARGARET                        OH-63-B-81
CASSELL, MARGARET                       OH-63-2-138
CASSIDY, JOHN                           OH-63-1-177
CASTONEAU, ALEXANDER                    OH-63-2-274
CAVINEE, JACOB                          OH-63-1-333
CHALFANT, ROBERT                        OH-63-B-329
CHALFANT, ROBERT                        OH-63-2-313
CHAPPALEAR, JOHN C.                     OH-63-1-202
CHAPPELEAR, ZACARIAH                    OH-63-B-110
CHAPPELEAR, ZACHARIA                    OH-63-2-152
CHILCOTE, ELIZABETH                     OH-63-2-91
CHILCOTE, ELIZABETH                     OH-63-B-451
CHILCOTE, JOSHUA                        OH-63-B-187
CLARK, ALEXANDER                        OH-63-B-108
CLARK, ALEXANDER                        OH-63-2-153
CLARK, THOMAS                           OH-63-1-68
CLARKE, JOHN                            OH-63-1-250
CLAYTON, JOHN                           OH-63-1-56
COCHRAN, GILBERT                        OH-63-1-199
COCHRAN, HENRY D.                       OH-63-1-350
COCHRAN, JOHN                           OH-63-2-148
COCHRAN, JOHN                           OH-63-B-100
COCHRAN, THOMAS                         OH-63-1-58
CODDINGTON, BENJAMIN                    OH-63-1-99
CODY, MICHAEL                           OH-63-B-140
COEN, SAMUEL                            OH-63-B-421
COLLINS, JOHN                           OH-63-B-213
COLLINS, JOHN                           OH-63-2-218
COMBS, JAMES                            OH-63-B-344
COMBS, JAMES                            OH-63-2-325
COMBS, JOHN                             OH-63-2-212
COMBS, JOHN                             OH-63-B-203
COMELY, JOSHUA                          OH-63-B-49
COMLY, JOSHUA                           OH-63-2-118
CONN, GEORGE                            OH-63-1-129
COOKSON, WILLIAM                        OH-63-1-331
COOLMAN, SAMUEL                         OH-63-1-138
COOPER, JOSEPH (ADOPTION)               OH-63-1-383
COOPERREDER, JOHN                       OH-63-1-94
COSTONIAN, ALEXANDER                    OH-63-B-285
COVER, ADAM                             OH-63-B-33
COVER, JACOB                            OH-63-2-73
COVER, JACOB                            OH-63-B-429
COWEN, THOMAS                           OH-63-2-97
COWEN, THOMAS                           OH-63-B-12
COWEN, WALTER                           OH-63-B-379
CRASBIE, JAMES                          OH-63-2-115
CRIST, PHILIP                           OH-63-B-353
CRIST, PHILIP                           OH-63-2-3
CRITCHELL, MICHAEL                      OH-63-2-229
CROOKS, JACOB                           OH-63-1-217
CROSBY, JAMES                           OH-63-B-42
CROSSEN, CORNELIUS                      OH-63-2-223
DAMIAN, ASA                             OH-63-1-83
DAN, MARY ANN                           OH-63-1-184
DANIEL, J. GEORGE                       OH-63-1-260
DANISON, JOHN                           OH-63-2-122
DARSHAM, TOBIAS                         OH-63-1-97
DASHEEM, CHRISTIAN                      OH-63-2-236
DASHOUR, CHRISTIAN                      OH-63-B-238
DAWNHOUR, JOHN                          OH-63-2-13
DAWNHOUR, PETER                         OH-63-2-155
DEAN, JAMES                             OH-63-1-288
DEAN, MASSOM                            OH-63-2-52
DEAN, MASUM                             OH-63-B-404
DEAN, RICHARD                           OH-63-1-39
DECOT, FRANCIS                          OH-63-1-137
DELONG, A. J.                           OH-63-1-244
DELONG, ISAAC                           OH-63-B-199
DELONG, ISAAC                           OH-63-2-170
DELONG, JOSEPH                          OH-63-2-83
DELONG, JOSEPH                          OH-63-B-440
DENNIS, AARON                           OH-63-1-200
DENNIS, JOHN                            OH-63-1-221
DENNISON, JOHN                          OH-63-B-55
DEROLPH, ISAAC                          OH-63-1-161
DILLER, JOHN                            OH-63-1-224
DILLS, JOHN                             OH-63-2-122
DILLS, JOHN                             OH-63-B-58
DITTOE, ANTHONY                         OH-63-1-61
DITTOE, CATHARINE ANNE                  OH-63-1-121
DITTOE, JACOB                           OH-63-B-401
DITTOE, JACOB                           OH-63-2-49
DITTOE, MICHAEL                         OH-63-1-193
DOLAN, CHARLES                          OH-63-2-218
DOLAN, CHARLES                          OH-63-B-216
DONALDSON, EBENEZER R.                  OH-63-2-164
DONALDSON, EBINEZER                     OH-63-B-125
DONALDSON, GEORGE                       OH-63-1-123
DOWNHOUR, JOHN                          OH-63-B-124
DOWNHOUR, JOHN                          OH-63-B-69
DOWNHOUR, PETER                         OH-63-B-112
DUFFY, THOMAS                           OH-63-1-219
DURR, MARY                              OH-63-1-23
DUSENBERRY, WILLIAM                     OH-63-B-211
DUSENBERY, WILLIAM                      OH-63-2-217
EBY, JOHN                               OH-63-B-432
ECCLE, RICHARD                          OH-63-B-36
ECKENRODE, JACOB                        OH-63-1-258
ECKLES, MARGARET                        OH-63-2-238
ECKLES, MARGARET                        OH-63-B-241
ECKLES, RICHARD                         OH-63-2-? ***
EDWARDS, MAXWELL                        OH-63-1-48
EDWARDS, THOMAS                         OH-63-1-372
ELEY, JOHN                              OH-63-2-75
ELLIS, HENRY                            OH-63-2-60
ELLIS, HENRY                            OH-63-B-413
ELLIS, MICHAEL                          OH-63-B-441
ELLIS, MICHAEL                          OH-63-2-83
ENSMINGER, HENRY                        OH-63-2-93
ENSMINGER, HENRY                        OH-63-B-4
EPLEY, DAVID                            OH-63-1-54
FARMAN, AMOS                            OH-63-1-319
FARRELL, THOMAS                         OH-63-1-139
FATE, MARTIN                            OH-63-2-78
FATE, THOMAS                            OH-63-2-36
FATES, MARTIN                           OH-63-B-435
FATES, THOMAS                           OH-63-B-386
FERGUSON, TERANCE                       OH-63-1-150
FICKEL, BENJAMIN                        OH-63-1-52
FICKLE, MARY                            OH-63-1-249
FIELTY, BERNARD                         OH-63-2-240
FIELTY, BERNARD                         OH-63-B-248
FIETLY, MICHEAL                         OH-63-1-233
FINCH, JOHN SR.                         OH-63-B-18
FINCK, DANIEL                           OH-63-2-1
FINK, DANIEL                            OH-63-B-351
FINK, JOHN                              OH-63-2-181
FINK, JOHN                              OH-63-2-100
FINK, JOHN                              OH-63-B-149
FISHER, JOHN                            OH-63-2-57
FISHER, JOHN SR.                        OH-63-B-410
FISHER, LEONARD                         OH-63-2-189
FISHER, LEONARD                         OH-63-B-162
FISHER, WILLIAM                         OH-63-B-57
FISHER, WILLIAM                         OH-63-2-123
FLAUTT, GEORGE                          OH-63-1-346
FLING, SARAH                            OH-63-B-171
FLING, SARAH                            OH-63-2-193
FORD, CHARLES                           OH-63-B-261
FORQUAR, WILLIAM                        OH-63-B-226
FORQUER, MICHAEL                        OH-63-2-77
FORQUER, MICHAEL                        OH-63-B-433
FORQUER, WILLIAM                        OH-63-2-228
FORQUESON, ELIZABETH                    OH-63-2-179
FRANKS, JONATHAN                        OH-63-B-338
FRANKS, JONATHAN                        OH-63-2-320
FRIEL, HUGH                             OH-63-1-153
FULLERTON, MARY                         OH-63-1-366
FULLERTON, ROBERT                       OH-63-1-14
FULLERTON, SAMUEL                       OH-63-B-411
FULLERTON, SAMUEL                       OH-63-2-59
FUNDERBERG, NOAH                        OH-63-2-82
FUNDERBERG, NOAH                        OH-63-B-439
FURGUSON, ELIZABETH                     OH-63-B-152
GALINGER, JOHN                          OH-63-B-158
GALL, JACOB                             OH-63-1-377
GILHAM, DAVID S.                        OH-63-1-40
GILLIGAN, CATHARINE                     OH-63-1-266
GILLIGAN, ELIZABETH                     OH-63-1-231
GILLIGAN, PHIIP                         OH-63-1-320
GILLILAND, REBECCA                      OH-63-1-188
GOBLE, ISAAC                            OH-63-B-155
GOOD, JOHN SR.                          OH-63-B-364
GOOD, JOSEPH                            OH-63-1-79
GOODEN, MOSES                           OH-63-B-16
GOODEN, MOSES                           OH-63-1-41
GOODMAN, PATRICK                        OH-63-1-174
GORDEN, GEORGE                          OH-63-B-206
GORDON, CHARLES                         OH-63-B-413
GORDON, JAMES                           OH-63-B-119
GORDON, SAMUEL H.                       OH-63-B-331
GORDON, WILLIAM                         OH-63-B-291
GRAHAM, HANNAH                          OH-63-1-3
GRANT, SAMUEL                           OH-63-1-294
GRATTON MARY                            OH-63-B-190
GRAY, JONAS H.                          OH-63-B-313
GRIGGS, SAMUEL                          OH-63-B-339
GRIGGSBY, MOSES                         OH-63-B-167
GROVES, JACOB                           OH-63-B-407
GUINTER, HENRY                          OH-63-B-31
HALLENBACK, JACOB                       OH-63-2-202
HALLENBACK, SUSANNAH                    OH-63-2-230
HALLENBACK, SUSANNAH                    OH-63-B-234
HAMAND, JOHN                            OH-63-1-296
HAMAND, WILLIAM                         OH-63-1-273
HAMANDS, ELIJAH                         OH-63-2-307
HAMILTON, ELIZA ANN                     OH-63-1-232
HAMILTON, FRANCES                       OH-63-2-206
HAMILTON, FRANCIS                       OH-63-B-191
HAMISFAR, ABRAHAM                       OH-63-2-61
HAMISFAR, CHARLES W.                    OH-63-1-125
HAMISFAR, ISAAC W.                      OH-63-1-21
HAMISFAR, THOMAS                        OH-63-2-207
HAMISFAR, THOMAS                        OH-63-B-192
HAMMAND, REBECCA                        OH-63-B-415
HAMMEL, JACOB                           OH-63-1-353
HAMMER, JACOB                           OH-63-B-358
HAMMER, JACOB                           OH-63-2-8
HAMMER, JOHN                            OH-63-B-274
HAMMER, JOHN                            OH-63-2-264
HAMMISFAIR, ABRAHAM                     OH-63-B-414
HAMMOND, ELIJAH                         OH-63-B-322
HAMMOND, REBECCA                        OH-63-2-62
HANBY, JOHN                             OH-63-B-148
HANLEY, JOHN                            OH-63-2-180
HARDIN, IGNATIUS                        OH-63-B-407
HARDIN, IGNATIUS                        OH-63-2-55
HARDY, JOHN                             OH-63-B-286
HARDY, JOHN                             OH-63-2-275
HARENHOLTZER, JOSEPH                    OH-63-B-97
HARNETT, THOMAS                         OH-63-1-301
HARPER, SAMUEL                          OH-63-2-174
HARPER, SAMUEL                          OH-63-B-145
HART, JOHN                              OH-63-B-107
HART, JOHN                              OH-63-2-152
HARVEY, SAMUEL                          OH-63-1-252
HAZLETON, JOHN                          OH-63-2-107
HAZLETON, JOHN                          OH-63-B-29
HEARHOLZER, JOHN B.                     OH-63-B-189
HEARHOLZER, JOHN B.                     OH-63-2-205
HEARING, JOHN A.                        OH-63-1-22
HELSER, DAVID                           OH-63-2-145
HELSER, JOHN                            OH-63-1-130
HELSER, JOHN                            OH-63-B-396
HELSOR, DANIEL                          OH-63-B-96
HELSOR, DAVID                           OH-63-B-37
HENDERSON, ELIZABETH                    OH-63-B-337
HENDERSON, ELIZABETH                    OH-63-2-319
HENRICKS, ELIZABETH                     OH-63-2-49
HERRENHOLZER, JOSEPH                    OH-63-2-146
HESLER, JOHN                            OH-63-2-45
HEWRICKS, ELIZABETH                     OH-63-B-400
HILCOTE, JOSHUA                         OH-63-2-204
HILLIS, JAMES                           OH-63-1-276
HINES, MARTIN                           OH-63-B-412
HINES, MARTIN                           OH-63-2-58
HITE, SAMUEL P.                         OH-63-1-182
HODGE, JOSEPH                           OH-63-1-127
HOLCOMB, JOHN B.                        OH-63-2-211
HOLCOMB, JOHN B.                        OH-63-B-202
HOLCOMBE, JOSEPH                        OH-63-1-118
HOLCOMBE, LUCINDA                       OH-63-1-208
HOLLENBACK, JACOB                       OH-63-B-183
HOOPER, JACOB                           OH-63-2-6
HOOPER, JACOB                           OH-63-B-356
HOOPES, WILLIAM                         OH-63-1-282
HOUGH, JOHN                             OH-63-B-350
HOUGH, JOHN                             OH-63-2-329
HUFFORD, DANIEL                         OH-63-1-210
HULL, BENJAMIN                          OH-63-B-384
HULL, BENJAMIN                          OH-63-2-33
HULL, DANIEL                            OH-63-1-222
HUMBARGER, JOHN                         OH-63-2-96
HUMBARGER, PETER                        OH-63-B-82
HUMBERGER, JOHN                         OH-63-B-9
HUMPHREY, BENJAMIN                      OH-63-B-450
HUMPHREY, BENJAMIN                      OH-63-2-92
HUNDSEECKER, SAMUEL                     OH-63-2-256
HUNDSUCKER, SAMUEL                      OH-63-B-264
HUSTON, ARCHIBALD                       OH-63-B-85
HUSTON, EDWARD                          OH-63-1-135
IJAMES, ELIZABETH                       OH-63-1-239
IJAMS, ISAAC H.                         OH-63-B-207
IRVIN, WILLIAM                          OH-63-1-63
JACKSON, GEORGE SR.                     OH-63-B-220
JACKSON, MARY                           OH-63-1-169
JAMES, DAVID                            OH-63-1-185
JONES, THOMAS                           OH-63-B-368
KAVER, ADAM                             OH-63-2-110
KAYLOR, FREDERICK                       OH-63-B-309
KAYLOR, FREDERICK                       OH-63-2-293
KECK, HENRY                             OH-63-1-163
KEENAN, PATRICK                         OH-63-2-292
KEENAN, PATRICK                         OH-63-B-307
KEENS, GEORGE                           OH-63-2-196
KEIMS, ADOLF                            OH-63-B-276
KEISTER, JOHN                           OH-63-1-271
KELLY, JOHN                             OH-63-B-447
KELLY, JOHN                             OH-63-2-88
KEMPER, ABIGAIL T.                      OH-63-1-234
KEMPER, AMOS R.                         OH-63-B-188
KEMPFER, AMOS R.                        OH-63-2-205
KENEDY, DENNIS                          OH-63-B-392
KENNEDY, DENNIS                         OH-63-2-41
KENNEDY, PHILIP                         OH-63-1-11
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        OH-63-1-305
KENTZ, MARY                             OH-63-2-272
KETCHAM, HOLME                          OH-63-2-237
KETCHUM, HOLMES                         OH-63-B-239
KICHER, MICHAL                          OH-63-B-165
KIM, ADOLPHUS                           OH-63-2-266
KING, CHRISTIAN                         OH-63-1-36
KING, PETER                             OH-63-1-189
KING, RACHEL                            OH-63-B-408
KING, RACHEL                            OH-63-2-56
KING, THOMAS                            OH-63-B-113
KING, THOMAS                            OH-63-2-156
KING, THOMAS S.                         OH-63-B-319
KING, THOMAS S.                         OH-63-2-301
KINTZ, MARY                             OH-63-B-283
KIRCHER, MICHAEL                        OH-63-2-191
KLINGLER, ADAM                          OH-63-2-172
KLINGLER, ADAM                          OH-63-B-135
KRUMRYNE, CHRISTIAN                     OH-63-B-369
KRUMYNE, CHRISTIAN                      OH-63-2-20
KUNCE, GEORGE                           OH-63-B-172
KURETH, FRANCIS                         OH-63-B-299
KURETH, FRANTZ                          OH-63-2-285
LACEY, MAHLAN                           OH-63-2-295
LACEY, MANUEL                           OH-63-2-203
LACKEY, ELIZABETH                       OH-63-2-283
LACY, MAHLON                            OH-63-B-311
LACY, MANUEL                            OH-63-B-185
LAIRD, DAVID                            OH-63-2-220
LAIRD, DAVIS                            OH-63-B-215
LAIRD, WILLIAM                          OH-63-B-224
LAIRD, WILLIAM                          OH-63-2-228
LANG, CATHARINE                         OH-63-B-377
LARGEY, PATRICK                         OH-63-1-235
LATIMER, ALEXANDER                      OH-63-2-219
LATTIMORE, ALEXANDER                    OH-63-B-214
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       OH-63-1-105
LAY, JACOB D.                           OH-63-2-201
LECKEY, ELIZABETH                       OH-63-B-294
LECKRANE, JOHN                          OH-63-2-330
LECKRONE, JOHN                          OH-63-B-348
LEE, ASEL                               OH-63-1-168
LEHMAN, JACOB                           OH-63-B-259
LEHMAN, JACOB A.                        OH-63-2-251
LENHART, DAVID                          OH-63-B-312
LENHART, DAVID                          OH-63-2- 296
LEWIS, ISAAC                            OH-63-1-44
LITZINGER, JACOB                        OH-63-2-200
LITZINGER, JACOB                        OH-63-B-179
LITZINGER, JACOB D.                     OH-63-1-348
LONG, CATHARINE                         OH-63-2-26
LONG, CATHARINE                         OH-63-2-27
LOOFBORROW, JONATHAN                    OH-63-2-127
LOOFBORROW, JONATHAN                    OH-63-B-66
LOTT, CHARLES                           OH-63-B-427
LOTT, CHARLES                           OH-63-2-72
LOVE, HUGH                              OH-63-1-309
LOVE, MARY                              OH-63-2-194
LOVE, MARY                              OH-63-B-169
LOY, JACOB D.                           OH-63-B-151
LYONS, IRA E.                           OH-63-1-112
MACKIN, PATRICK                         OH-63-1-170
MALER, SOLOMON                          OH-63-1-28
MALLOW, FERDINAND                       OH-63-1-5
MANTZ, CONRAD                           OH-63-B-220
MANTZ, CONRAD                           OH-63-2-225
MARTIN, GEORGE                          OH-63-1-321
MARTIN, JACOB                           OH-63-B-73
MARTIN, JACOB                           OH-63-2-132
MARTIN, OWEN                            OH-63-B-262
MARTIN, OWEN                            OH-63-2-254
MATHERS, JOHN                           OH-63-2-241
MAYER, JOHN                             OH-63-2-124
MCCANDLISH, WILLIAM                     OH-63-2-241
MCCANDLISH, WILLIAM                     OH-63-B-247
MCCAUGHEY, SARAH S.                     OH-63-1-178
MCCAUSLIN, WILLIAM                      OH-63-1-26
MCCLELLAND, ROBERT                      OH-63-B-134
MCCLELLAND, ROBERT                      OH-63-2-169
MCCORMICK, ADA                          OH-63-2-230
MCCORMICK, ADY                          OH-63-B-228
MCCORMICK, CHARLES                      OH-63-2-178
MCCORMICK, CHARLES                      OH-63-B-144
MCCORMICK, DENNIS                       OH-63-1-70
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        OH-63-2-250
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        OH-63-B-258
MCCORMICK, THOMAS                       OH-63-2-114
MCCORMICK, THOMAS                       OH-63-B-40
MCCORMICK, WILLIAM                      OH-63-1-162
MCCRISTAL, DANIEL                       OH-63-1-181
MCCRISTAL, PATRICK                      OH-63-1-324
MCDONALD, JOHN                          OH-63-1-144
MCDONALD, MICHAEL                       OH-63-2-98
MCDONALD, MICHAEL                       OH-63-B-15
MCDONALD, ROBERT                        OH-63-B-39
MCDONALD, ROBERT                        OH-63-2-113
MCGINLEY, JOHN                          OH-63-B-343
MCGINLEY, JOHN                          OH-63-2-324
MCGOLDRICH, MICHAEL                     OH-63-1-229
MCGOWEN, WILLIAM I.                     OH-63-1-1
MCGREWY, JAMES                          OH-63-1-60
MCINTIRE, THOMAS                        OH-63-B-131
MCINTYRE, THOMAS                        OH-63-2-167
MCKEEVER, THOMAS                        OH-63-1-280
MCKERNAN, DANIEL                        OH-63-B-129
MCKERNAN, DANIEL                        OH-63-2-165
MCMANIMA, THOMAS                        OH-63-1-215
MCMULLEN, JAMES                         OH-63-2-78
MCMULLIN, JAMES                         OH-63-B-434
MCMULLIN, PETER                         OH-63-1-117
MCMULLON, PATRICK                       OH-63-1-158
MCNEAL, MALCOM                          OH-63-1-133
MCNULTY, HUGH                           OH-63-1-226
MCNUTT, JOSEPH                          OH-63-2-43
MCNUTT, JOSEPH                          OH-63-B-394
MCSHANE, EDWARD                         OH-63-1-115
MECHLING, JACOB                         OH-63-B-436
MECHLING, WILLIAM                       OH-63-1-109
MELICK, WILLIAM                         OH-63-1-64
MICHLING, JACOB                         OH-63-2-79
MIDDAGH, SAMUEL                         OH-63-1-176
MILLER, BLOSSER                         OH-63-1-330
MILLER, JACOB                           OH-63-2-46
MILLER, JACOB                           OH-63-B-397
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-63-2-26
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-63-2-231
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-63-B-229
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-63-2-27
MINSHALL, WALTER                        OH-63-1-323
MITCHEL, MICHAEL                        OH-63-B-198
MITCHEL, WILLIAM                        OH-63-B-217
MITCHELL, MICHAEL                       OH-63-B-227
MITCHELL, MICHAEL                       OH-63-2-210
MITCHELL, RANDOLPH                      OH-63-2-232
MITCHELL, RANDOLPH                      OH-63-B-231
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       OH-63-2-219
MONTGOMERY, NEHEMIAH                    OH-63-1-140
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                     OH-63-1-255
MOORE, JOHN                             OH-63-2-86
MOORE, JOHN                             OH-63-B-443
MOORE, JOSEPH                           OH-63-B-32
MOORE, JOSEPH                           OH-63-2-109
MOORE, MARY                             OH-63-B-272
MOORE, MARY                             OH-63-2-262
MOORE, ROBERT                           OH-63-1-131
MOORE, THOMAS                           OH-63-B-120
MOORE, THOMAS                           OH-63-2-161
MOORE, WILLIAM                          OH-63-B-434
MOORE, WILLIAM                          OH-63-2-77
MOORE, WILLIAM A.                       OH-63-1-6
MOORE, WILLIAM J.                       OH-63-1-269
MORRIS, HULDAH                          OH-63-1-9
MOTHERS, JOHN                           OH-63-B-252
MOYER, JOHN                             OH-63-B-59
MUFFI, JOHN                             OH-63-2-204
MUFFI, JOHN                             OH-63-B-186
MULLER, JOHANN                          OH-63-B-377
MUMFORD, JAMES                          OH-63-B-261
MUMFORD, JAMES                          OH-63-2-252
MURDOCK, ARTHUR                         OH-63-1-204
MURRAY, HUGH                            OH-63-B-385
MURRAY, HUGH                            OH-63-2-35
MYERS, JOHN                             OH-63-2-7
MYRES, JOHN                             OH-63-B-357
NESBIT, THOMAS                          OH-63-B-150
NESBIT, THOMAS                          OH-63-2-181
NIXON, ROBERT                           OH-63-B-418
NIXON, ROBERT                           OH-63-2-64
NOLES, JACOB                            OH-63-2-239
NOLES, JACOB                            OH-63-B-242
NUGENT, PETER                           OH-63-1-241
NULL, CONRAD                            OH-63-B-266
NULL, CONRAD                            OH-63-2-257
OHARE, PATRICK                          OH-63-1-4
OHARRA, PATRICK                         OH-63-B-260
OHARRA, PATRICK                         OH-63-2-253
ORNDORF, HENRY                          OH-63-2-245
ORNDURFF, HENRY                         OH-63-B-253
OWEN, STEPHEN                           OH-63-2-131
OWENS, STEPHEN                          OH-63-B-71
PACE, JACOB                             OH-63-B-62
PACE, JACOB                             OH-63-2-126
PACE, NOAH                              OH-63-2-276
PACES, NOAH                             OH-63-B-288
PARGIN, JAMES                           OH-63-2-72
PARROT, SAMUEL                          OH-63-2-187
PARROTT, SAMUEL                         OH-63-B-159
PEPPLE, JACOB                           OH-63-1-24
PEPPLE, NANCY                           OH-63-1-312
PERGIN, JAMES                           OH-63-B-428
PHERSON, GEORGE                         OH-63-B-223
PHERSON, GEORGE                         OH-63-2-227
PHERSON, ROBERT                         OH-63-1-25
PHILIPS, NATHANIEL                      OH-63-1-92
PLANK, ADAM                             OH-63-B-232
PLANK, ADAM                             OH-63-2-233
PLUMER, JAMES                           OH-63-1-291
POTTER, WILLIAM                         OH-63-2-213
POTTER, WILLIAM                         OH-63-2-213
POTTER, WILLIAM                         OH-63-B-211
RAIL, WILLIAM                           OH-63-B-381
RAIL, WILLIAM                           OH-63-2-30
RANDOLPH, JOHN F.                       OH-63-1-293
RANDOLPH, THOMAS                        OH-63-1-50
RANKIN, J. F.                           OH-63-1-258
RANSCULF, PHILIP                        OH-63-2-198
RAUT, HENRY                             OH-63-2-260
REAMS, SAMUEL                           OH-63-1-212
REDDICK, JOHN                           OH-63-1-2
REDMOND, PATGRICK                       OH-63-1-34
REED, GEORGE                            OH-63-B-200
REED, GEORGE                            OH-63-2-171
REED, JEREMIAH                          OH-63-B-84
REED, JEREMIAH                          OH-63-2-138
REESE, ANGELINE Y.                      OH-63-1-262
REESE, GEORGE                           OH-63-B-53
REESE, GEORGE                           OH-63-2-131
REYCUF, CATHARINE                       OH-63-2-53
REYCUP, CATHARINE                       OH-63-B-406
RHODES, THOMAS                          OH-63-1-198
RICKETTS, IGNATIUS                      OH-63-1-142
RIDENHOUR, LUDWICK                      OH-63-B-333, 369
RIDENHOUR, LUDWICK                      OH-63-2-19, 316
RIFFLE, GEORGE J.                       OH-63-1-368
RINEHART, SIMON                         OH-63-1-27
ROBERT, JOSEPH                          OH-63-2-249
ROBERTS, JONATHAN                       OH-63-1-344
ROBERTS, JOSEPH                         OH-63-B-257
ROBINSON, ANDREW                        OH-63-2-190
ROBISON, ANDREW                         OH-63-B-163
ROBISON, ROBERT                         OH-63-2-304
RONSCULP, PHILIP                        OH-63-B-176
RUNNELS, JAMES                          OH-63-2-64
RUNNELS, JAMES                          OH-63-B-418
RUSK, JAMES                             OH-63-B-113
RUSK, JAMES                             OH-63-2-155
RUSK, JOHN                              OH-63-B-293
RUSK, JOHN                              OH-63-2-280
RUTLEDGE, SUSAN                         OH-63-B-267
RUTLEDGE, SUSAN                         OH-63-2-258
RYAN, JOHN                              OH-63-2-261
RYAN, JOHN                              OH-63-B-271
RYAN, WILLIAM                           OH-63-B-251
RYAN, WILLIAM                           OH-63-2-242
SAFFEL, ORLANDO                         OH-63-B-91
SAFFELL, AMOS                           OH-63-B-178
SAFFELL, EVANNA                         OH-63-1-151
SAFFELL, REUBEN                         OH-63-1-119
SAFFLE, AMOS                            OH-63-2-199
SAFFLE, ORLANDO                         OH-63-2-143
SAHMS, JACOB                            OH-63-B-289
SAIN, JACOB                             OH-63-B-297
SAIN, JACOB                             OH-63-2-284
SANDERS, GEORGE                         OH-63-B-91
SANDERS, GEORGE                         OH-63-2-123
SANDERS, JOHN                           OH-63-2-306
SANDERS, WILLIAM                        OH-63-1-187
SANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    OH-63-B-393
SANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    OH-63-2-42
SAYERS, RUEL                            OH-63-B-129
SAYRE, RUEL                             OH-63-2-166
SCALLAW, JAMES                          OH-63-2-129
SCALLON, JAMES                          OH-63-B-68
SCHAFIELD, JOHN                         OH-63-2-182
SCHOFIELD, JOHN                         OH-63-B-151
SCHUR, JACOB                            OH-63-2-277
SCOFIELD, ELIJAH                        OH-63-B-64
SCOFIELD, ELIJAH                        OH-63-2-128
SCOTT, MATHEW                           OH-63-B-303
SCOTT, MATHEW                           OH-63-2-288
SELLARS, MARGARET                       OH-63-2-300
SELLERS, MARGARET                       OH-63-B-317
SELLEY, JOHN                            OH-63-2-70
SENFT, PHILIP                           OH-63-B-99
SENFT, PHILIP                           OH-63-2-147
SHACK, JOHN                             OH-63-B-95
SHAFER, JAMES                           OH-63-1-152
SHAFFER, ALEXANDER                      OH-63-2-318
SHAFFER, ALEXANDER                      OH-63-B-335
SHARKEY, BARBARA                        OH-63-B-168
SHARKEY, BARBARA                        OH-63-2-192
SHARKEY, HUGH                           OH-63-B-111
SHARKEY, HUGH                           OH-63-2-154
SHAVER, JOSEPH                          OH-63-B-26
SHAVER, JOSEPH                          OH-63-2-105
SHEARLOCK, ABRAHAM                      OH-63-B-142
SHEEDY, JOHN                            OH-63-1-16
SHEEK, JOHN                             OH-63-2-144
SHEELEY, MARY                           OH-63-1-126
SHELLEY, GEORGE                         OH-63-2-134
SHELLY, GEORGE                          OH-63-B-76
SHELLY, JOHN                            OH-63-B-425
SHEPPERD, ABSALOM B.                    OH-63-1-356
SHERLOCK, ABRAHAM                       OH-63-2-177
SHEWOOD, JOHN                           OH-63-1-374
SHUNK, IAAC                             OH-63-2-9
SHUNK, ISAAC                            OH-63-B-359
SKINNER, JAMES                          OH-63-B-118
SKINNER, JAMES                          OH-63-2-157
SKINNER, JOHN                           OH-63-B-3
SKINNER, JOHN                           OH-63-2-92
SKINNER, PETER                          OH-63-1-267
SKINNER, ROBERT                         OH-63-1-149
SMITH, JAMES                            OH-63-1-237
SMITH, JAMES W.                         OH-63-1-82
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-63-1-230
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-63-B-118
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-63-2-160
SMITH, TEMPERANCE                       OH-63-1-214
SNIDER, DANIEL JR.                      OH-63-1-303
SNIDER, JACOB                           OH-63-B-342
SNIDER, JACOB                           OH-63-2-323
SNIDER, NICHOLAS                        OH-63-1-108
SNOW, JAMES                             OH-63-1-43
SNYDER, ABRAHAM                         OH-63-1-364
SPAHN, PHILIP                           OH-63-2-95
SPENCER, JAMES                          OH-63-2-48
SPENCER, JAMES                          OH-63-B-400
SPIES, PHIIP                            OH-63-B-416
SPIES, PHILIP                           OH-63-2-62
SPOHN, PHILIP                           OH-63-B-8
SPRINGER, CHARLES                       OH-63-B-409
SPRINGER, CHARLES                       OH-63-2-56
STALL, LEWIS                            OH-63-2-180
STATES, NATHAN                          OH-63-1-171
STERNER, HENRY                          OH-63-1-148
STEWART, ROBERT                         OH-63-B-164
STEWART, ROBERT                         OH-63-2-188
STICKEL, DANIEL                         OH-63-1-289
STIERS, BENJAMIN                        OH-63-2-144
STINE, JOHN                             OH-63-1-180
STIRES, BENJAMIN                        OH-63-B-92
STOCKBERGER, GEORGE                     OH-63-2-221
STOCKBURGER, JOHN                       OH-63-1-66
STOCKLINE, JOSEPH                       OH-63-B-221
STOKER, MARY                            OH-63-B-124
STOKER, MARY                            OH-63-2-168
STOKER, MICHAEL                         OH-63-2-5
STOKER, MICHAEL                         OH-63-B-355
STOLTZ, GEORGE                          OH-63-1-363
STOLTZ, LEWIS                           OH-63-B-147
STRAIGHT, WILLIAM                       OH-63-B-249
STRAIGHT, WILLIAM                       OH-63-2-243
STRATE, LEONARD                         OH-63-1-102
STRAWN, THOMAS                          OH-63-1-49
STROCKBINE, JOSEPH                      OH-63-2-226
STURGEON, JANE                          OH-63-1-73
STURGEON, JOHN                          OH-63-B-324
STURGEON, JOHN                          OH-63-2-309
STURGEON, SIMPSON                       OH-63-B-328
STURGEON, SIMPSON                       OH-63-2-312
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS                     OH-63-B-373
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS                     OH-63-2-23
SWINEHART, JOHN                         OH-63-2-137
SWINEHART, JOHN                         OH-63-B-80
TAGUE, PETER                            OH-63-B-235
TAGUE, PETER                            OH-63-2-235
TAMBOLT, MARY                           OH-63-2-22
TEAL, EDWARD                            OH-63-1-37
TEAL, LAWSON                            OH-63-1-317
TEAL, NOAH                              OH-63-2-76
TEEL, NOAH                              OH-63-B-433
TEWEL, JESSE                            OH-63-B-295
TEWELL, JESSE                           OH-63-2-282
THARP, JOB                              OH-63-B-225
THARP, JOB                              OH-63-2-224
THARP, REUBEN                           OH-63-B-314
THARP, REUBEN                           OH-63-2-298
THOMAS, AARON                           OH-63-2-85
THOMAS, AARON                           OH-63-B-442
THOMPSON, DAVID W.                      OH-63-B-448
THOMPSON, DAVID W.                      OH-63-2-89
THOMPSON, JOHN                          OH-63-B-6
THOMPSON, JOHN                          OH-63-2-94
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       OH-63-B-74
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       OH-63-2-133
THORN, ISAAC                            OH-63-1-352
THRALL, SAMUEL                          OH-63-2-150
THRALLS, SAMUEL                         OH-63-B-184
TODS, PATRICK                           OH-63-1-247
TOLDER, GEORGE                          OH-63-1-246
TOMBOLD, MARY                           OH-63-B-371
TRAUT, GEORGE                           OH-63-2-68
TRAVINGER, JOHN                         OH-63-1-30
TROUT, GEORGE                           OH-63-B-422
TROUT, HENRY                            OH-63-B-270
VANHORN, ISAAC                          OH-63-B-380
WALKER, WILLIAM                         OH-63-B-375
WALKER, WILLIAM                         OH-63-2-25
WALSER, PETER                           OH-63-1-90
WARD, EDWARD                            OH-63-2-163
WARD, EDWARD                            OH-63-B-122
WARD, JOSEPH                            OH-63-1-192
WARD, LUCY                              OH-63-B-237
WARD, LUCY                              OH-63-2-234
WATT, JOSEPH                            OH-63-1-143
WEBB, MICHAEL                           OH-63-B-25
WEBB, MICHAEL                           OH-63-2-106
WEBSTER, JOSEPH                         OH-63-2-246
WEBSTER, JOSEPH                         OH-63-B-254, 291
WEILDE, JOHN                            OH-63-1-242
WEIST, DEDOR                            OH-63-1-17
WELSH, MICHAEL                          OH-63-1-175
WHEATCRAFT, EDWARD                      OH-63-B-255
WHEATCRAFT, EDWARD                      OH-63-2-247
WHEATCRAFT, JOSEPH                      OH-63-B-88
WHEATCRAFT, JOSEPH                      OH-63-2-331
WHEATCRAFT, RACHEL                      OH-63-2-185
WHEATCRAFT, RACHEL                      OH-63-B-156
WHITE, WILLIAM                          OH-63-1-195
WHITMER, JACOB                          OH-63-1-75
WHITMER, PETER                          OH-63-2-119
WHITMORE, PETER                         OH-63-B-50
WILEY, JOHN                             OH-63-1-264
WILLISON, WILLIAM                       OH-63-2-238
WILSON, ALEXANDER                       OH-63-B-133
WILSON, ASA                             OH-63-B-391
WILSON, ASA                             OH-63-2-39
WILSON, JAMES J.                        OH-63-1-146
WILSON, JAMES SR.                       OH-63-1-13
WILSON, JOHN                            OH-63-B-384
WILSON, JOHN                            OH-63-2-34
WILSON, JOSEPH                          OH-63-1-335
WILSON, SARAH                           OH-63-B-415
WILSON, SARAH                           OH-63-2-61
WILSON, THOMAS                          OH-63-1-191
WILSON, THOMAS                          OH-63-B-199
WILSON, THOMAS                          OH-63-B-135
WILSON, THOMAS                          OH-63-2-170
WILSON, WILLIAM                         OH-63-2-255
WILSON, WILLIAM                         OH-63-B-263
WILSON, WILLIAM                         OH-63-B-244
WIRICK, JOHN                            OH-63-1-7
WISEMAN, ADAM                           OH-63-2-223
WISEMAN, ADOLPH                         OH-63-B-218
WISEMAN, JACOB                          OH-63-B-419
WISEMAN, JACOB                          OH-63-2-65
WISEMAN, JOHN                           OH-63-2-173
WISEMAN, JOHN                           OH-63-B-138
WOLF, JOHN                              OH-63-2-291
WOLF, JOHN SR.                          OH-63-B-305
WRIGHT, ANDREW                          OH-63-1-18
YARGER, JOHN                            OH-63-1-88
YOST, ELIZABETH                         OH-63-1-359
YOST, JOHN                              OH-63-1-86
YOUNG, WILLIS L.                        OH-63-2-248
YOUNG, WILLIS L.                        OH-63-B-256
ZARMAN, HENRY                           OH-63-B-115
ZARTMAN, ALEXANDER                      OH-63-B-346
ZARTMAN, ALEXANDER                      OH-63-2-327
ZARTMAN, HENRY                          OH-63-2-157
ZARTMAN, PETER                          OH-63-B-245
ZARTMAN, SAMUEL                         OH-63-1-173
ZEBLEY, JAMES                           OH-63-1-292
ZEIGLER, GEORGE                         OH-63-2-116
ZEIGLER, PETER                          OH-63-B-180
ZEIGLER, PETER                          OH-63-2-195
ZIEGLER, GEORGE                         OH-63-B-44
ALSPACH, DANIEL                         OH-63-3-270
AMIRINE, JOHN                           OH-63-3-544
AMRINE, PETER                           OH-63-3-32
ARNOLD, CHRISTENA                       OH-63-3-460
ARNOLD, WILLIAM W.                      OH-63-3-419
AXLINE, SAMUEL                          OH-63-3-298
BAIRD, JOHN H.                          OH-63-3-393
BAKER, JACOB                            OH-63-3-507
BAKER, NANCY                            OH-63-3-58
BALLINGER, ANNMARIA                     OH-63-3-563
BARCROFT, JOHN                          OH-63-3-176
BARKER, ELIZABETH                       OH-63-3-530
BASORE, DAVID                           OH-63-3-1
BASORE, MARY M.                         OH-63-3-258
BEARD, JAMES C.                         OH-63-3-229
BEERY, JOSEPH                           OH-63-3-443
BIDISON, WILLIAM                        OH-63-3-450
BINCKLEY, DANIEL                        OH-63-3-302
BLACK, DAVID                            OH-63-3-553
BLACK, NANCY                            OH-63-3-456
BOGANWRIGHT, ADAM                       OH-63-3-186
BOGLE, SAMUEL                           OH-63-3-308
BOIES, ISAAC                            OH-63-3-433
BOLING, ELIAS                           OH-63-3-435
BOLING, JOHN W.                         OH-63-3-518
BOSSERMAN, MICHAEL                      OH-63-3-133
BOWSER, HENRY                           OH-63-3-457
BOYER, HENRY                            OH-63-3-483
BOYLE, ELIZABETH                        OH-63-3-174
BREHM, SAMUEL                           OH-63-3-323
BROWN, LEONARD                          OH-63-3-21
BUCHANAN, ALEXANDER                     OH-63-3-4
BURNS, JOHN                             OH-63-3-587
CANAWAY, FRANCIS M.                     OH-63-3-579
CASEMAN, LUCINDA                        OH-63-3-572
CAYWOOD, THOMAS                         OH-63-3-201
CHALFANT, MARY                          OH-63-3-152
CHILCOTE, ENSER                         OH-63-3-238
CHURCH, DAVID                           OH-63-3-260
CLARK, JOHN JR.                         OH-63-3-337
CLOUSE, ANTHONY                         OH-63-3-516
CLUNEY, MILES                           OH-63-3-101
COFFMAN, JOHN                           OH-63-3-119
CONLEY, HUGH                            OH-63-3-350
CONLY, PATRICK                          OH-63-3-487
COOPER, ISREAL                          OH-63-3-424
COOPER, JAMES                           OH-63-3-327
COOPERIDER, DAVID                       OH-63-3-315
COVER, SAMUEL                           OH-63-3-409
CROOK, JAMES                            OH-63-3-402
CROSBIE, GILBERT                        OH-63-3-209
CROSSEN, EMANUEL                        OH-63-3-114
CROSSEN, MICHEAL                        OH-63-3-303
CURRAN, CECELIA                         OH-63-3-588
CURRIN, MICHAEL                         OH-63-3-24
DANIELS, LYDIA                          OH-63-3-125
DANISON, ABISHA                         OH-63-3-220
DAPLER, BENJAMIN                        OH-63-3-503
DASHAM, JACOB                           OH-63-3-163
DASHAM, MARY B.                         OH-63-3-363
DAUGHERTY, GEORGE                       OH-63-3-64
DAVID, BENJAMIN                         OH-63-3-196
DEAVER, JONA                            OH-63-3-291
DECOT, MARY A.                          OH-63-3-467
DEW, JAMES                              OH-63-3-497
DICK, STEPHEN C.                        OH-63-3-581
DILLER, JULIA ANN                       OH-63-3-571
DILTOE, PETER                           OH-63-3-231
DILTS, GEORGE N.                        OH-63-3-377
DILTS, WILLIAM F.                       OH-63-3-42
DILTS, WILLIAM H.                       OH-63-3-299
DODD, JAMES P.                          OH-63-3-245
DOLAN, BERNARD                          OH-63-3-335
DONNELLY, JOHN                          OH-63-3-400
DONNELLY, PATRICK                       OH-63-3-268
DOUGAN, HUGH                            OH-63-3-360
DUNAHOE, BRIDGET                        OH-63-3-498
DURR, JOHN                              OH-63-3-494
DUZENBERRY, BENJAMIN                    OH-63-3-199
DYSON, DORCAS                           OH-63-3-452
EDWARDS, RICHARD                        OH-63-3-234
ELDER, ROBERT                           OH-63-3-106
FEALTY, PETER                           OH-63-3-447
FERGUSON, ALBERT                        OH-63-3-541
FINK, JACOB                             OH-63-3-142
FLOWERS, HENRY                          OH-63-3-346
FLOWERS, SIMON                          OH-63-3-535
FOCHT, HENRY                            OH-63-3-255
FOLK, JOHN                              OH-63-3-6
FORSYTHE, THOMAS L.                     OH-63-3-318
FOSTER, JOSHUA                          OH-63-3-404
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         OH-63-3-426
FOX, JOHN                               OH-63-3-352
FRICK, ANTHONY                          OH-63-3-47
FULLERTON, JANE                         OH-63-3-39
FURGASON, PATRICK                       OH-63-3-586
GALLIGHAR, SUSAN                        OH-63-3-79
GAVER, JOHN                             OH-63-3-354
GHEEN, OLIVE                            OH-63-3-294
GILLIGAN, LUKE M.                       OH-63-3-41
GILLILAND, BARBARA                      OH-63-3-51
GRANGER, H. C.                          OH-63-3-395
GREEN, HENRY A.                         OH-63-3-542
GRIGSBY, HARRISON                       OH-63-3-417
GRIMES, BERNARD                         OH-63-3-53
GRIMES, JOHN SR.                        OH-63-3-276
GRIMM, MARY ANN                         OH-63-3-411
GRUBBS, JOHN W.                         OH-63-3-531
GUISINGER, MICHEAL                      OH-63-3-194
GUYTON, HENRY                           OH-63-3-430
HAMAND, REBECCA                         OH-63-3-373
HAMMER, BERNET                          OH-63-3-521
HAMMOND, CYRUS                          OH-63-3-75
HARBAUGH, SAMUEL                        OH-63-3-448
HARDY, THOMAS                           OH-63-3-380
HARPER, THOMAS                          OH-63-3-463
HARPER, WILLIAM D.                      OH-63-3-35
HARRIS, SAMUEL                          OH-63-3-48
HARTSEL, MARTHA                         OH-63-3-26
HATTAN, REBECCA                         OH-63-3-584
HAWTHORNE, DAVID                        OH-63-3-383
HEIDLEBAUGH, DAVID                      OH-63-3-576
HELSER, JOHN                            OH-63-3-180
HELSOR, WILLIAM                         OH-63-3-561
HENDERSON, R. W.                        OH-63-3-167
HICK, JOHN                              OH-63-3-249
HITE, ANDREW A.                         OH-63-3-33
HOOD, CHARLES C.                        OH-63-3-155
HOOPS, DAVID ASBURY                     OH-63-3-496
HOSHOE, PERRY                           OH-63-3-556
HUEBNER, CHARLES                        OH-63-3-40
HUGHES, ELIZABETH                       OH-63-3-83
HULL, JOHN                              OH-63-3-165
JAMES, ISAAC                            OH-63-3-489
JOHNSON, SARAH                          OH-63-3-592
KALLMAN, GEORE                          OH-63-3-585
KEENAN, MARY                            OH-63-3-437
KELLEY, JAMES                           OH-63-3-356
KELLEY, MARGARET A.                     OH-63-3-540
KELLY, JOHN S.                          OH-63-3-253
KENDALL, THOMAS                         OH-63-3-370
KIM, JOSEPH                             OH-63-3-66
KING, NANCY                             OH-63-3-168
KLINGELR, DAVID                         OH-63-3-440
KOCHENSPARGER, FREDRICK                 OH-63-3-365
KOCHENSPARGER, HENRY                    OH-63-3-526
KRAUS, CASPER                           OH-63-3-362
LATIMER, JAMES                          OH-63-3-170
LATIMER, MARGARET                       OH-63-3-266
LEHMAN, ADAM                            OH-63-3-570
LENHART, ISAAC P.                       OH-63-3-478
LIDEY, MARIA C.                         OH-63-3-380
LITZIG, CONRAD                          OH-63-3-84
LONG, CATHARINE                         OH-63-3-551
LONG, JACOB                             OH-63-3-95
LONGSTRETH, CATHARINE                   OH-63-3-480
LOVE, WILLIAM                           OH-63-3-45
LUTZ, MICHAEL SR.                       OH-63-3-468
LUTZ, SAMUEL                            OH-63-3-69
LYLE, SAMUEL                            OH-63-3-523
MARGRUDER, EDWARD R.                    OH-63-3-573
MARSH, D. W. D.                         OH-63-3-492
MASSERMAN, WILLIAM                      OH-63-3-289
MCCABE, JOHN                            OH-63-3-442
MCCABE, WILLIAM                         OH-63-3-538
MCCARR, DANIEL                          OH-63-3-398
MCCLELLAN, THOMAS                       OH-63-3-527
MCCLELLAND, JAMES                       OH-63-3-222
MCCRISTAL, JAMES D.                     OH-63-3-121
MCFARLAND, A. Y.                        OH-63-3-236
MCFARLAND, JAMES                        OH-63-3-375
MCGARY, JOHN                            OH-63-3-427
MCGOLDRICK, BRIDGET                     OH-63-3-227
MCGOLDRICK, JOHN                        OH-63-3-406
MCGOLDRICK, MICHEAL                     OH-63-3-203
MCGONAGLE, DENNI                        OH-63-3-103
MCILVOY, THOMAS                         OH-63-3-162
MCKENNA, ELIZABETH                      OH-63-3-304
MCKENNA, WILLIAM                        OH-63-3-191
MCKINNEY, MICHAEL                       OH-63-3-97
MCTEERNAN, MICHAEL                      OH-63-3-522
MECHLING, ELIZABETH                     OH-63-3-216
MELICK, CATHARINE                       OH-63-3-505
MELICK, JAMES W.                        OH-63-3-438
MELICK, NANCY                           OH-63-3-148
MELICK, NATHAN                          OH-63-3-145
MERRIER, CATHARINE                      OH-63-3-386
MILLER, JACOB                           OH-63-3-407
MILLER, JONATHAN                        OH-63-3-205
MILLER, LEWIS C.                        OH-63-3-533
MILLER, MARY                            OH-63-3-554
MINER, FREDERICK                        OH-63-3-348
MOODY, NATHANIEL                        OH-63-3-519
MOORE, JOHN I.                          OH-63-3-453
MOORE, NANCY                            OH-63-3-172
MOORE, NANCY                            OH-63-3-55
MOORE, WILLIAM J.                       OH-63-3-118
MOREN, THOMAS                           OH-63-3-56
MORRIS, JAMES A.                        OH-63-3-224
MOWERY, ELIZA A.                        OH-63-3-88
MULLOY, WILLIAM                         OH-63-3-358
MURPHY, HUGH                            OH-63-3-436
NADER, JACOB                            OH-63-3-493
NEEL, JULIA                             OH-63-3-218
NUGENT, PATRICK                         OH-63-3-213
NUNEMAKER, DANIEL                       OH-63-3-7
OGG, OSCAR N.                           OH-63-3-60
OHALLARAN, JANE                         OH-63-3-583
ORNDORF, SAMUEL                         OH-63-3-274
OVERMYRE, MARY                          OH-63-3-512
PARKER, SAMUEL                          OH-63-3-528
PARKS, DAVID                            OH-63-3-389
PENNELL, SAMUEL                         OH-63-3-99
PHILLIPS, JAMES P.                      OH-63-3-343
PHILLIPS, SARAH                         OH-63-3-211
PIPER, GEORGE                           OH-63-3-547
POORMAN, DANIEL                         OH-63-3-514
PRING, LUCINDA                          OH-63-3-81
RADER, MARY                             OH-63-3-44
RARICK, SAMUEL                          OH-63-3-320
RAYNOR, HENRY W.                        OH-63-3-263
REICHLEY, CONRAD                        OH-63-3-183
RHODES, JACOB                           OH-63-3-143
RICHARDS, GEORGE                        OH-63-3-38
RICHARDS, JACOB                         OH-63-3-71
ROBERTS, CHARLES                        OH-63-3-500
ROCKHOLD, JACOB                         OH-63-3-29
ROGER, HENRY                            OH-63-3-17
RUSH, SAMUEL                            OH-63-3-247
RUSH, SAMUEL SR.                        OH-63-3-311
SANDERSON, WILLIAM                      OH-63-3-564
SCHMITT, GEORGE                         OH-63-3-132
SELLARS, JULIA ANN                      OH-63-3-272
SHAFFER, JOSEPH M.                      OH-63-3-10
SHAFFER, SARAH                          OH-63-3-113
SHEERAN, JAMES                          OH-63-3-571
SHELLY, GEORGE                          OH-63-3-278
SHERMAN, JOHN S.                        OH-63-3-545
SKINNER, THOMAS                         OH-63-3-292
SKINNER, WILLIAM                        OH-63-3-77
SLEVIN, EDWARD                          OH-63-3-281
SMITH, GAULIUS                          OH-63-3-57
SMITH, HUGH                             OH-63-3-432
SMITH, PATRICK                          OH-63-3-116
SMITH, RACHEL                           OH-63-3-537
SNIDER, DANIEL SR.                      OH-63-3-90
SNIDER, ELISABETH                       OH-63-3-391
SNIDER, JACOB                           OH-63-3-367
SORAHAN, PATRICK                        OH-63-3-332
SOUDERS, ANDREW                         OH-63-3-296
SPARE, THOMAS D.                        OH-63-3-326
STINCHCOMB, GEORGE                      OH-63-3-529
STOTTS, DANIEL                          OH-63-3-471
STOVER, RICHAD                          OH-63-3-12
STRAWN, THOMAS                          OH-63-3-499
STREET, JOHN                            OH-63-3-189
STROHL, MICHAEL                         OH-63-3-287
STROHL, SALOME C.                       OH-63-3-562
SUPPLEE, HARVEY                         OH-63-3-262
SWEENY, JOHN                            OH-63-3-300
SWEENY, PATRICK                         OH-63-3-240
SWINEHART, JACOB                        OH-63-3-283
SWINEHEART, ANDREW                      OH-63-3-488
SYCKS, MARY                             OH-63-3-30
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          OH-63-3-110
TEAL, EPHRAIM                           OH-63-3-73
THOMPSON, MARTHA                        OH-63-3-549
THRALLS, JAMES                          OH-63-3-577
TINKER, CATHARINE                       OH-63-3-324
TROVINGER, JOHN                         OH-63-3-233
TURNER, JAMES                           OH-63-3-306
VANATTA, JAMES                          OH-63-3-285
VANATTA, STEPHEN                        OH-63-3-476
VANSICKLE, PETER A.                     OH-63-3-566
VENNING, HENRY                          OH-63-3-313
WALES, JESSE                            OH-63-3-86
WEAVER, ELIZABETH J.                    OH-63-3-501
WEIMER, GODFRIE                         OH-63-3-434
WEIMER, JOHN                            OH-63-3-569
WESTALL, GILDERAY                       OH-63-3-428
WESTENBERGER, PAUL                      OH-63-3-532
WHITE, ABNER M.                         OH-63-3-590
WISEMAN, JACOB                          OH-63-3-15
WISEMAN, JACOB G.                       OH-63-3-465
WISEMAN, JOHN                           OH-63-3-150
WOLF, WILLIAM D.                        OH-63-3-127
WRIGHT, JOHN                            OH-63-3-509
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          OH-63-3-61
WYLIE, SAMUEL A.                        OH-63-3-330
ZAHM, NICHOLAS                          OH-63-3-462
ZARTMAN, HENRY                          OH-63-3-140
ZARTMAN, LEVI                           OH-63-3-137

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