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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Vol A=1817-1839 | 1=1815-1865 | 2=1865-1884 |
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ACKERMAN, WILLIAM                      OH-65-A-520
ADKESON, JOHN                          OH-65-A-17
ADKISON, JOHN                          OH-65-A-28
ALBERT, VALENTINE                      OH-65-A-304
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                      OH-65-A-211
ARGO, JAMES                            OH-65-A-443
BARKER, WILLIAM                        OH-65-A-157
BARNES, JOHN                           OH-65-A-92
BARNES, JOHN                           OH-65-A-67
BARNES, WILLIAM                        OH-65-A-150
BARNETT, HENRY                         OH-65-A-343
BARNETT, JAMES                         OH-65-A-459
BARREY, ARMSTEAD M.                    OH-65-A-159
BARTON, JOHN                           OH-65-A-215
BEARS, WILLIAM                         OH-65-A-146
BEAT, WILILAM                          OH-65-A-346
BEEKER, FRANCIS                        OH-65-A-330
BEEKMAN, JAMES A.                      OH-65-A-375
BELL, JOHN                             OH-65-A-220
BENCE, JACOB                           OH-65-A-306
BENNER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-65-A-138
BENNETT, THOMAS                        OH-65-A-308
BLACKSTONE, ADALINE S.                 OH-65-A-205
BLASSER, JOSEPH                        OH-65-A-528
BOILER, DAVID                          OH-65-A-14
BOILER, DAVID                          OH-65-A-19
BOLTON, JAMES                          OH-65-A-441
BOSWELL, HENRY                         OH-65-A-62
BOSWELL, HENRY                         OH-65-A-86
BOYER, ROSALTHA                        OH-65-A-349
BRANSON, LIONEL                        OH-65-A-57
BRANSON, LIONEL                        OH-65-A-78
BRIANT, PETER O.                       OH-65-A-25
BROWN, HENRY                           OH-65-A-52
BROWN, HENRY                           OH-65-A-38
BRUMLEY, JOHN                          OH-65-A-5
BRUMLEY, JOHN                          OH-65-A-4
BRUSH, JOHN                            OH-65-A-451
BRYAN, JOSIAH                          OH-65-A-174
BUDD, W. B.                            OH-65-A-230
BUMGARDENER, JACOB                     OH-65-A-10
BUMGARNER, JACOB                       OH-65-A-11
BYERS, ABSALOM J.                      OH-65-A-445
CAMERON, ALEXANDER SR.                 OH-65-A-291
CAMPBELL, MARY                         OH-65-A-449
CARTWRIGHT, PETER                      OH-65-A-173
CHENOWETH, ABRAHAM                     OH-65-A-147
CHENOWETH, ABSALOM                     OH-65-A-438
CHESTNUT, ELISHA                       OH-65-A-436
CLAY, ABRAHAM                          OH-65-A-492
CLAY, JAEMS                            OH-65-A-432
CLAYTON, GEORGE                        OH-65-A-380
CLOUGH, NATHAN K.                      OH-65-A-284
CLOUGH, S. M.                          OH-65-A-309
COLLLINGS, JAMES                       OH-65-A-332
CORWINE, GEORGE                        OH-65-A-222
CROSS, ALEXANDER                       OH-65-A-217
CROSS, ELIZABETH                       OH-65-A-92
CROSS, ELIZABETH                       OH-65-A-128
DAILEY, CHARLES                        OH-65-A-203
DAILEY, DANIEL                         OH-65-A-447
DAMARIN, MARTIN                        OH-65-A-503
DAVIS, DANIEL                          OH-65-A-197
DAVIS, JAMES                           OH-65-A-296
DAVIS, JOSHUA                          OH-65-A-93
DIXON, EDWARD                          OH-65-A-387
DUBLE, ISAAC                           OH-65-A-385
DUKE, SAMUEL                           OH-65-A-158
DUN, WALTER                            OH-65-A-133
DUNDOW, STEPHEN                        OH-65-A-7
DUNDOW, STEPHEN                        OH-65-A-13
EDWARDS, ISAAC                         OH-65-A-352
EUBANKS, GEORE                         OH-65-A-121
EUBANKS, GEORGE                        OH-65-A-88
EVANS, MARY T.                         OH-65-A-60
EVANS, MARY T.                         OH-65-A-82
FORTCAMORE, JOHN MARTIN                OH-65-A-366
FOSTER, RICAHRD                        OH-65-A-73
FOSTER, RICHARD                        OH-65-A-54
FOWLER, ALEXANDER                      OH-65-A-20
FOWLER, ALEXANDER                      OH-65-A-24
FRY, ABRAHAM                           OH-65-A-522
GARDNER, DORCAS                        OH-65-A-350
GEE, JOSEPH                            OH-65-A-494
GERGENS, MARTIN                        OH-65-A-155
GIVENS, GEORGE                         OH-65-A-169
GRAHAM, JOHN                           OH-65-A-125
HAIGH, ADELIA JOSEPHINE                OH-65-A-356
HAMMOORSTEIN, MICHAEL                  OH-65-A-190
HAMPTON, ROBERT                        OH-65-A-57
HAMPTON, ROBERT                        OH-65-A-42
HAMPTON, WILLIAM                       OH-65-A-106
HARDINGER, JACOB                       OH-65-A-61
HARDINGER, JACOB                       OH-65-A-45
HARRISON, ELIZABETH                    OH-65-A-100
HARTMOUS, JOHN                         OH-65-A-183
HAYS, JAMES                            OH-65-A-312
HEADLEY, WILLIAM                       OH-65-A-172
HEHN, JOHN                             OH-65-A-301
HENNINGER, PHILP                       OH-65-A-389
HENRY, JAMES                           OH-65-A-2
HENRY, JAMES                           OH-65-A-3
HOOBER, JACOB                          OH-65-A-72
HOOBER, JACOB                          OH-65-A-53
HOWARD, CORNELIUS                      OH-65-A-122
HOWARD, DENOON                         OH-65-A-202
HOWARD, LLOYD                          OH-65-A-115
HOWE, ELIZA                            OH-65-A-497
HUFF, THOMAS                           OH-65-A-111
HUFFMAN, JOHN JACOB                    OH-65-A-506
HUGHES, WILLIAM                        OH-65-A-454
HUGHS, GEORGE                          OH-65-A-376
HULSE, OLIVER                          OH-65-A-178
HUMPHREY, GREENBERRY                   OH-65-A-184
HUMPHREYS, JAMES                       OH-65-A-62
HUMPHREYS, JAMES                       OH-65-A-46
HUMPHREYS, JAMES                       OH-65-A-495
HUMPHREYS, JOHN                        OH-65-A-145
HUST, ADAM                             OH-65-A-499
JAMES, LAWRENCE                        OH-65-A-38
JAMES, LAWRENCE                        OH-65-A-28
JARMAN, ISAAC W.                       OH-65-A-491
JARMAN, JAMES                          OH-65-A-154
JONES, HENRY                           OH-65-A-365
JONES, THOMAS                          OH-65-A-236
KEEN, JANE                             OH-65-A-315
KELLEY, DARBY                          OH-65-A-59
KELLISON, SAMUEL                       OH-65-A-49
KELLISON, SAMUEL                       OH-65-A-35
KELLY, DARBY                           OH-65-A-44
KENNEDY, CYNTHIA                       OH-65-A-500
KEPLINGER, MARY ANN                    OH-65-A-232
KILLPATRICK, BRICE                     OH-65-A-199
KINCAID, JOHN                          OH-65-A-35
KINCAID, JOHN                          OH-65-A-26
KINCAID, WILILAM                       OH-65-A-105
KING, EDWARD                           OH-65-A-109
KOCH, JACOB W.                         OH-65-A-326
KRICK, JOHN ADAM                       OH-65-A-518
KROUSE, FRANCIS                        OH-65-A-201
LAWRENCE, MARY                         OH-65-A-50
LAWRENCE, MARY                         OH-65-A-36
LAYTON, BASIL                          OH-65-A-340
LAYTON, ELIAS                          OH-65-A-22
LAYTON, ELIAS                          OH-65-A-16
LEEKE, WILLIAM                         OH-65-A-98
LEGG, LEWIS                            OH-65-A-94
LOBERSHIMER, MICHAEL                   OH-65-A-303
LOCHART, ARCHIBALD                     OH-65-A-458
LORANCE, DANIEL                        OH-65-A-293
LOSEY, STEPHEN                         OH-65-A-185
LUNBECK, JOSEPH                        OH-65-A-118
LUNBECK, JOSEPH                        OH-65-A-86
MACKEY, ROBERT                         OH-65-A-8
MACKEY, ROBERT                         OH-65-A-8
MATTHEWS, JOEL                         OH-65-A-88
MATTHEWS, JOEL                         OH-65-A-64
MAXWELL, JAMES H.                      OH-65-A-498
MAY, ELIZABETH                         OH-65-A-457
MCBRIDE, WILILAM                       OH-65-A-122
MCBRIDE, WILLIAM                       OH-65-A-89
MCDEVITT, EDWARD                       OH-65-A-208
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                      OH-65-A-104
MCDOWELL, JOHN                         OH-65-A-211
MCGHEE, GEORGE                         OH-65-A-116
MCGHEE, GEORGE                         OH-65-A-85
MCMILLEN, ALEXANDER                    OH-65-A-455
MCNEILL, REECE                         OH-65-A-12
MCNEILL, REESE                         OH-65-A-16
MERRITT, HEZEKIAH                      OH-65-A-361
MILLER, ANDREW                         OH-65-A-444
MILLER, JEREMIAH C.                    OH-65-A-502
MILLER, JOSEPH                         OH-65-A-352
MOOE, EZEKIEL                          OH-65-A-2
MOORE, EZEKIEL                         OH-65-A-1
MOORE, JOSEPH                          OH-65-A-72
MOORE, JSOEPH                          OH-65-A-99
MOORE, PROVIDENCE                      OH-65-A-1
MORRIS, JOHN S.                        OH-65-A-286
MOSSBARGER, JOSEPH                     OH-65-A-179
MOUNTJOY, THOMAS                       OH-65-A-287
MOUNTS, JESSE                          OH-65-A-152
MUSTARD, SAMUEL                        OH-65-A-95
MUSTARD, WILILAM                       OH-65-A-106
MUSTARD, WILLIAM                       OH-65-A-78
MYER, JOHND .                          OH-65-A-386
MYES, GEORGE A.                        OH-65-A-357
OBRIAN, MILFORD                        OH-65-A-509
OBRIANT, PETER                         OH-65-A-34
OBRIANT, PETER                         OH-65-A-224
PANCAKE, JOHN                          OH-65-A-93
PANCAKE, JOHN SR.                      OH-65-A-68
PARRILL, JOHN                          OH-65-A-64
PARRILL, JOHN                          OH-65-A-239
PARRILL, JOHN 2ND                      OH-65-A-110
PARRILL, JOHN 2ND                      OH-65-A-81
PARRILL, JOHN SR.                      OH-65-A-47
PEMBERTON, THOMAS                      OH-65-A-194
PEN, JOHN                              OH-65-A-47
PEN, JOHN                              OH-65-A-33
PENISTEN, GEORGE                       OH-65-A-163
PENISTEN, LEWIS                        OH-65-A-383
PENN, HANSON S.                        OH-65-A-369
PERKINS, GRIF G.                       OH-65-A-187
PERRILL, ELIZABETH                     OH-65-A-225
PERRILL, GEORGE                        OH-65-A-358
PILES, ELIJAH                          OH-65-A-505
PILLARS, JOSIAH                        OH-65-A-354
PILLARS, WILLIAM                       OH-65-A-143
POOR, WASHINGTON                       OH-65-A-76
POORE, WASHINGTON                      OH-65-A-56
POWALSON, ABRAHAM                      OH-65-A-209
POWALSON, MARY                         OH-65-A-144
POWNALL, JOSHUA                        OH-65-A-32
POWNALL, JOSHUA                        OH-65-A-23
PRATHER, POLLY                         OH-65-A-119
PRATHER, WILLIAM S.                    OH-65-A-166
PRICE, JACOB                           OH-65-A-141
QUENSEL, FREDERICK                     OH-65-A-360
REED, SAMUEL                           OH-65-A-233
REIHLE, JOHN                           OH-65-A-450
REYNOLDS, THOMAS G.                    OH-65-A-235
RICKABAUGH, DAVID                      OH-65-A-453
RILEY, ELIZABETH                       OH-65-A-36
RILEY, ELIZABETH                       OH-65-A-27
ROBBINS, JOHN                          OH-65-A-461
ROCKWELL, G. W.                        OH-65-A-525
ROTHMEYER, MARGARET                    OH-65-A-311
RUCKMAN, JOHN                          OH-65-A-176
RUCKMAN, SUSANNAH                      OH-65-A-299
SAPPINGTON, JAMES                      OH-65-A-101
SARGENT, ELI                           OH-65-A-89
SARGENT, ELI                           OH-65-A-65
SARGENT, JOHN W.                       OH-65-A-51
SARGENT, JOHN W.                       OH-65-A-37
SARGENT, SNOWDEN                       OH-65-A-108
SARGENT, SNOWDEN                       OH-65-A-79
SCHNEIDER, NICHOLAS                    OH-65-A-437
SCHWARDT, HANNAH                       OH-65-A-364
SHATTUCK, BENJAMIN                     OH-65-A-295
SHRADER, DEDRICK                       OH-65-A-290
SKOUDEN, SAMUEL                        OH-65-A-378
SMITH, CHARLES                         OH-65-A-322
SMITH, LUCY                            OH-65-A-381
SMITH, ROBERT                          OH-65-A-118
SOUTHARD, CHARLES                      OH-65-A-431
SOUTHWORTH, LEONARD                    OH-65-A-165
STARR, SAMUEL                          OH-65-A-104
STARR, SAMUEL                          OH-65-A-76
STEENBERGEN, CHARLES                   OH-65-A-30
STEENBERGEN, PETER H.                  OH-65-A-57
STEENBERGER, CHARLES                   OH-65-A-19
STEENBERGER, PETER H.                  OH-65-A-41
STEMPLE, JOHN                          OH-65-A-344
STRICKTLING, JANE                      OH-65-A-213
SWAN, JOHN                             OH-65-A-95
SWAN, JOHN                             OH-65-A-39
SWAN, JOHN OF MARYLAND                 OH-65-A-29
SWAN, JOHN OF OHIO                     OH-65-A-70
TALBOTT, WILLIAM                       OH-65-A-53
TALBOTT, WILLIAM                       OH-65-A-39
TAYLOR, GENERAL JAMES                  OH-65-A-242
THEOBALD, NICKOLAS                     OH-65-A-515
TRUESDALL, WILLIAM H.                  OH-65-A-511
VASTINE, JOHN                          OH-65-A-101
VASTINE, JOHN                          OH-65-A-74
WALLACE, CADWALLADER                   OH-65-A-526
WALLS, ELIAS                           OH-65-A-114
WALLS, ELIAS                           OH-65-A-83
WALLS, ELIZA                           OH-65-A-514
WARD, WILLIAM                          OH-65-A-123
WARNER, ABRAHAM                        OH-65-A-192
WARNER, JOHN                           OH-65-A-3
WARREN, HENRY                          OH-65-A-219
WARREN, JOHN                           OH-65-A-4
WARREN, SOLOMON                        OH-65-A-6
WARREN, SOLOMON                        OH-65-A-6
WASTYER, JACOB                         OH-65-A-435
WEISENSTEIN, NICHOLAS                  OH-65-A-434
WEIST, AUGUSTINA                       OH-65-A-347
WHITE, HENRY                           OH-65-A-181
WILDAY, THOMAS                         OH-65-A-162
WILSON, ELIZABETH                      OH-65-A-180
WOLFINBARGER, PHILIP                   OH-65-A-282
WRIGHT, THOMAS                         OH-65-A-14
WRIGHT, THOMAS                         OH-65-A-11

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