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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Vol 1=1823-1848 | 2-20=? |
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AARON, DAVID                           OH-66-1-238
ABBOTT, DAVID                          OH-66-1-392
ADAMS, AUGUSTUS                        OH-66-1-56
ALLEN, FRANKLIN M.                     OH-66-1-287
ALLEN, GEORGE                          OH-66-1-136
ALLEN, NATHANIEL                       OH-66-1-52
ALLING, PATTY                          OH-66-1-129
ALVORDS, SAUL                          OH-66-1-107
ANDREWS, EDWARD                        OH-66-1-295
ANDREWS, THADEUS                       OH-66-1-326
ATWATER, AMZI                          OH-66-1-498
ATWOOD, ELIZABETH G.                   OH-66-1-126
ATWOOD, JANE                           OH-66-1-370
AUSTIN, BISSELL                        OH-66-1-442
BABCOCK, ALMON                         OH-66-1-465
BABCOCK, PERRY                         OH-66-1-111
BAKER, JOEL                            OH-66-1-441
BALDWIN, AARON                         OH-66-1-388
BALDWIN, JONATHAN                      OH-66-1-373
BALDWIN, JONATHAN L.                   OH-66-1-306
BALDWIN, STEPHEN                       OH-66-1-408
BARBER, BIGELOW                        OH-66-1-467
BARBER, CHESTER                        OH-66-1-162
BARBER, HARMON                         OH-66-1-352
BARTHOLOMEW, BENNET                    OH-66-1-12
BASSETT, ANDREW                        OH-66-1-335
BATTERSON, ROSWELL                     OH-66-1-488
BEEBE, SAMUEL                          OH-66-1-257
BEECH, PHILO                           OH-66-1-494
BEEDY, ABRAHAM                         OH-66-1-220
BELL, EZRA                             OH-66-1-203
BENTLEY, CHARLES                       OH-66-1-427
BETTS, NATHANIEL                       OH-66-1-221
BIERCE, HORATIO N.                     OH-66-1-480
BIRCHARD, NATHAN                       OH-66-1-214
BIRDGES, MOSES                         OH-66-1-502
BISSEL, ISRAEL                         OH-66-1-305
BISSELL, ROSWELL                       OH-66-1-484
BLAKELY, ALBERT B.                     OH-66-1-105
BLATHERWICK, JAMES                     OH-66-1-256
BOARDMAN, ELIJAH                       OH-66-1-3
BOLES, SAMUEL                          OH-66-1-101
BONNEY, WILLIAM                        OH-66-1-227
BOOSINGER, CONRAD                      OH-66-1-39
BOSTWICK, ASHBEL                       OH-66-1-447
BOSTWICK, EBENEZER                     OH-66-1-222
BOSTWICK, SHADRCK                      OH-66-1-183
BOSWORTH, JOHN                         OH-66-1-236
BRADFORD, JAMES F.                     OH-66-1-434
BRAINARD, LOVINNA                      OH-66-1-304
BRECK, EDWARD                          OH-66-1-24
BRECK, JOHN                            OH-66-1-27
BRECK, ROBERT                          OH-66-1-22
BRECK, THEODORE                        OH-66-1-25
BRISTOL, ALONZO                        OH-66-1-100
BRITTLE, BENJAMIN B.                   OH-66-1-359
BROWN, JOHN M.                         OH-66-1-464
BROWN, JOSEPH                          OH-66-1-486
BROWN, LYMAN                           OH-66-1-382
BUCK, ROBERT                           OH-66-1-21
BURK, ORIN                             OH-66-1-35
BURROUGHS, ELIJAH                      OH-66-1-18
BURROUGHS, REBECCA                     OH-66-1-75
BURT, MARTIN                           OH-66-1-394
CALVIN, ALBERT O.                      OH-66-1-308
CAN, WILLIAM                           OH-66-1-50
CANE, DANIEL                           OH-66-1-204
CARLTON, CALEB                         OH-66-1-1
CASE, LYMAN                            OH-66-1-366
CHAMBERLAIN, ELIAS K.                  OH-66-1-129
CHAMPION, GEORGE                       OH-66-1-284
CHAPIN, AMZI                           OH-66-1-134
CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL                     OH-66-1-133
CHAPMAN, ROSELLA                       OH-66-1-201
CHURCHILL, ORANGE L.                   OH-66-1-409
CLAPP, SELAH                           OH-66-1-226
CLARK, EBENEZER S.                     OH-66-1-371
COE, DAVID                             OH-66-1-7
COE, JAMES                             OH-66-1-343
COIT, DANIEL L.                        OH-66-1-124
COLE, JEDEDIAH                         OH-66-1-466
COLE, SETH                             OH-66-1-429
COLLINS, ROBERT J.                     OH-66-1-153
CONANT, THATCHER                       OH-66-1-244
COOLMAN, WILLIAM                       OH-66-1-301
COX, DAVID                             OH-66-1-189
CRANE, SIMEON                          OH-66-1-376
CROSS, SUSANNAH                        OH-66-1-191
CROW, BALON                            OH-66-1-1
CURTIS, RICHARD                        OH-66-1-459
CURTISS, THADDEUS                      OH-66-1-130
DANIELS, AMARIAH                       OH-66-1-250
DAVIES, THOMAS                         OH-66-1-218
DAVIS, CATHARINE                       OH-66-1-365
DAVIS, DAVID                           OH-66-1-470
DAVIS, HENRY                           OH-66-1-458
DEACON, MARMADUKE                      OH-66-1-80
DEBRA, JOHN                            OH-66-1-339
DERRENBARGER, ANTHONY                  OH-66-1-420
DERRENBARGER, CATHARINE                OH-66-1-420
DERTHICK, JOHN T.                      OH-66-1-252
DEWEY, RALPH                           OH-66-1-36
DICKINSON, OLIVER                      OH-66-1-264
DILLON, JAMES                          OH-66-1-461
DOOLITTLE, LUTHER                      OH-66-1-344
DUNBAR, ALEXANDER                      OH-66-1-150
DUNING, AMASA                          OH-66-1-1799
EARL, JAMES                            OH-66-1-380
EGBERT, ADRIEN                         OH-66-1-196
ELLSWORTH, CALVIN                      OH-66-1-192
ELY, JUSTIN                            OH-66-1-219
ELY, DAVIUS                            OH-66-1-316
EVANS, JOHN                            OH-66-1-431
EWART, MATIDLA                         OH-66-1-195
FARNAM, JESSE                          OH-66-1-172
FARNUM, ELISHA                         OH-66-1-147
FENN, PECK                             OH-66-1-1
FINCH, LAODICY                         OH-66-1-200
FISH, SILAS                            OH-66-1-277
FOLJAMBE, WILLIAM                      OH-66-1-482
FOOT, HULDAH                           OH-66-1-463
FORSYTH, EBENEZER                      OH-66-1-357
FRENCH, NATHAN                         OH-66-1-207
GALUSHA, ELIZABETH                     OH-66-1-385
GARDINER, JOHN V. R.                   OH-66-1-362
GARRETT, ELEANOR                       OH-66-1-443
GAYLORD, JOEL                          OH-66-1-58
GAYLORD, RUTH                          OH-66-1-77
GEDDINGS, CHARLOTTE                    OH-66-1-223
GEER, GURDENA                          OH-66-1-45
GILLETT, ALVAH                         OH-66-1-242
GOODS, THOMAS J.                       OH-66-1-354
GRAHAM, JOAB                           OH-66-1-355
GRANGER, CHARLOTTE                     OH-66-1-494
GREEN, GARDINER                        OH-66-1-114
GRIER, ALEXANDER S.                    OH-66-1-241
GRIER, DAVID                           OH-66-1-395
GRIFFITH, EVAN                         OH-66-1-398
GURLEY, JOSIAH L.                      OH-66-1-315
GUYLON, J.                             OH-66-1-474
HADDOCK, ELIZABETH P.                  OH-66-1-149
HALL, DAVID                            OH-66-1-161
HANDFIELD, LEWIS                       OH-66-1-415
HANLINE, JONAS                         OH-66-1-341
HANNAHS, JOHN                          OH-66-1-309
HARGETT, ESTHER L.                     OH-66-1-248
HARMON, ELIAS                          OH-66-1-504
HARMON, EUNICE                         OH-66-1-84
HARMON, ORIGEN                         OH-66-1-419
HARTLE, SAMUEL                         OH-66-1-483
HAWLEY, CHAUNCEY                       OH-66-1-369
HAZARD, WILLIAM                        OH-66-1-313
HAZZARD, JAMES                         OH-66-1-259
HEIGHTON, THOMAS                       OH-66-1-269
HINCKLEY, BENJAMIN                     OH-66-1-139
HINE, DANIEL                           OH-66-1-47, 55
HINE, JONAH                            OH-66-1-279
HINKLEY, SAMUEL                        OH-66-1-229
HINMAN, EDWARD W.                      OH-66-1-291
HOPKINS, GRIFFITH                      OH-66-1-400
HUDSON, DAVID O.                       OH-66-1-210
HUDSON,D AVID                          OH-66-1-157
HUTCHISON, MARTHA                      OH-66-1-47
JAGGER, DANIEL                         OH-66-1-503
JAMES, AARON                           OH-66-1-506
JAMES, MOSES                           OH-66-1-237
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       OH-66-1-59
JONES, REUBEN                          OH-66-1-79
JONES, WILLIAM                         OH-66-1-127
KENT, MARGARET                         OH-66-1-476
KENT, MARTIN                           OH-66-1-379
KING, ELISHA                           OH-66-1-492
KING, JAMES                            OH-66-1-298
KING, RAYNER R.                        OH-66-1-132
KING, ROEBRT                           OH-66-1-496
KING, WILLIAM                          OH-66-1-271
KNAPP, FRANCIS A.                      OH-66-1-356
LADD, ELEAZUR                          OH-66-1-312
LANGWORTHY, CHARLOTTE                  OH-66-1-479
LEACH, JACOB                           OH-66-1-180
LEONARD, GEORGE                        OH-66-1-303
LOOMIS, AMOS                           OH-66-1-187
LYMAN, JEREMIAH                        OH-66-1-351
LYMAN, MOSES                           OH-66-1-435
LYNN, JULIA                            OH-66-1-276
LYTLE, THOMAS                          OH-66-1-45
MADDOCK, CARTWRIGHT                    OH-66-1-216
MANLEY, ROSWELL                        OH-66-1-509
MANLY, MARTIN                          OH-66-1-318
MASON, PELEG S.                        OH-66-1-31
MCKELVEY, JAMES                        OH-66-1-288
MCKENDRE, DUNCAN                       OH-66-1-321
MEISTER, CHARLES                       OH-66-1-490
MENARY, JOHN                           OH-66-1-452
MERRIFIELD, THOMAS                     OH-66-1-15
MERRIMAN, ISAAC                        OH-66-1-270
MERWIN, DAVID                          OH-66-1-37
METZ, SOLOMON                          OH-66-1-507
MILLER, HENRY                          OH-66-1-363
MILLS, ASAHEL                          OH-66-1-76
MILLS, POLLY                           OH-66-1-159
MINARD, ANNA                           OH-66-1-329
MINARD, CHAMPLIN                       OH-66-1-171
MISHLER, ABRAHAM                       OH-66-1-293
MIX, JOSIAH                            OH-66-1-337
MOORE, NATHAN                          OH-66-1-2
MORE, FREDERICK A.                     OH-66-1-407
MORGAN, EMILY J.                       OH-66-1-378
MORRIS, JOHN                           OH-66-1-290
MOTT, ELIJAH                           OH-66-1-258
MOTT, EZEKIEL                          OH-66-1-51
MOULTON, JEEMIAH                       OH-66-1-499
NICKERSON, JONAH                       OH-66-1-212
NICOL, ALEXANDER                       OH-66-1-178
NOONEY, HEZEKIAH                       OH-66-1-278
OLMSTEAD, BEZALEEL                     OH-66-1-217
OLMSTEAD, WILLIAM                      OH-66-1-360
ORRIS, JOHN                            OH-66-1-262
OSGOOD, CARLO B.                       OH-66-1-390
PAINE, MARINDA                         OH-66-1-422
PAOLMER, E. LOUISA                     OH-66-1-404
PARDEE, SARAH M.                       OH-66-1-274
PARKER, ABEL                           OH-66-1-340
PARKMAN, SAMUEL                        OH-66-1-70
PARSONS, AARON                         OH-66-1-493
PERKINS, ALFRED E.                     OH-66-1-140
PERKINS, FLETCHER                      OH-66-1-78
PERKINS, SIMON                         OH-66-1-346
PHELPS, CHARLES                        OH-66-1-411
PIERCE, ELISABETH                      OH-66-1-53
PIERCE, SOPHIA                         OH-66-1-151
POWELL, HAVELL R.                      OH-66-1-469
POWERS, GREGORY                        OH-66-1-228
POWERS, GREGORY                        OH-66-1-109
PRESTON, DAVID                         OH-66-1-33
PRICE, EDWARD                          OH-66-1-456
PRICE, WILLIAM                         OH-66-1-148
RAYMOND, JOEL                          OH-66-1-489
REED, LATHROP                          OH-66-1-266
RICHMOND, CHLOE                        OH-66-1-282
RICHMOND, DANIEL                       OH-66-1-260
RISLEY, NATHANIEL H.                   OH-66-1-131
ROBINSON, JAMES                        OH-66-1-42
ROE, JOSEPH                            OH-66-1-113
ROGERS, HENRY                          OH-66-1-213
ROGERS, RICHARD                        OH-66-1-156
ROOT, DAVID                            OH-66-1-54
ROOT, REMEBRANCE                       OH-66-1-163
SABIN, JEREMIAH                        OH-66-1-155
SANDERS, JOHN                          OH-66-1-487
SANFORD, JASON                         OH-66-1-428
SAWYER, LUKE E.                        OH-66-1-418
SEENS, NATHAN                          OH-66-1-9
SEWARD, JOEL                           OH-66-1-104
SEWARD, JOEL                           OH-66-1-14
SEYMOUR, ERASTUS                       OH-66-1-197
SHALER, EGBERT                         OH-66-1-500
SHELDEN, SETH                          OH-66-1-135
SHELDON, MARTIN                        OH-66-1-439
SKIFF, RANDOLPH                        OH-66-1-368
SKINNER, HORACE L.                     OH-66-1-170
SMITH, CHARLES D.                      OH-66-1-438
SMITH, THOMAS R.                       OH-66-1-448
SNOW, ENOCH                            OH-66-1-402
SPENCER, HARRIET                       OH-66-1-350
SPENCER, JOHN                          OH-66-1-82
SPERA, JACOB                           OH-66-1-414
STANFORD, JAMES                        OH-66-1-19
STEADMAN, JOSEPH D.                    OH-66-1-372
STEWART, ALEXANDER                     OH-66-1-338
STOW, DAN                              OH-66-1-462
STREETER, ALPHEUS                      OH-66-1-60
STRONG, FRANCIS                        OH-66-1-138
STRONG, JOHN                           OH-66-1-99
SUTLIFF, LEVI                          OH-66-1-416
TAYLOR, GEORGE                         OH-66-1-182
THOMPSON, ABRAHAM                      OH-66-1-43
THOMPSON, JOEL                         OH-66-1-491
THORNDIKE, Israel A.                   OH-66-1-13
THORNDIKE, ISRAEL                      OH-66-1-84
TRACY, B. F.                           OH-66-1-176
TROWBRIDGE, STEPHEN                    OH-66-1-336
TUCKER, CHESTER                        OH-66-1-128
TUPPER, EZEKIEL                        OH-66-1-261
TUPPER, THOMAS                         OH-66-1-297
TUTTLE, LAFAYETT                       OH-66-1-425
TYLER, MARIA                           OH-66-1-300
UDALL, ANN                             OH-66-1-471
UDALL, SAMUEL                          OH-66-1-239
UNDERWOOD, ALPHEUS                     OH-66-1-41
UNDERWOOD, ELAM                        OH-66-1-165
UPSON, FREEMAN                         OH-66-1-374
UPSON, SAUL                            OH-66-1-81
WADSWORTH, JONATHAN D.                 OH-66-1-167
WADSWORTH, STANLEY W.                  OH-66-1-251
WALDO, ROSWELL                         OH-66-1-206
WALKER, SAMUEL                         OH-66-1-468
WALLACE, WILLIAM                       OH-66-1-445
WARD, ALFRED                           OH-66-1-193
WARD, TIMOTHY H.                       OH-66-1-168
WARNER, CHAUNCEY JR.                   OH-66-1-188
WARNER, LAURA                          OH-66-1-511
WELLS, ELISUR                          OH-66-1-17
WELLS, JOHN                            OH-66-1-144
WESTON, JOHN                           OH-66-1-181
WESTOVER, LUMAN                        OH-66-1-446
WETMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-66-1-34
WHEELER, CORODON N.                    OH-66-1-311
WHITE, CALVIN                          OH-66-1-412
WHITING, SPENCER                       OH-66-1-224
WILCOX, JAMES                          OH-66-1-247
WILHELM, GEORGE                        OH-66-1-417
WILLIAMA, AMASA                        OH-66-1-48
WILLIAMS, ISRAEL                       OH-66-1-5
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         OH-66-1-473
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                    OH-66-1-190
WILMOT, ELLA                           OH-66-1-83
WILSON, JAMES                          OH-66-1-166
WILSON, JEREMIAH E.                    OH-66-1-364
WILSON, JESSE                          OH-66-1-273
WILSON, PETER                          OH-66-1-37
WIRTS, JACOB                           OH-66-1-11
WOLCOTT, ALFRED                        OH-66-1-152
WOOD, STEPHEN                          OH-66-1-267

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