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ACTON, JHN                             OH-67-C-223
ACTON, WILLIAM B.                      OH-67-C-309
ADAMS, ELIJAH                          OH-67-C-267
AIKMAN, JOHN                           OH-67-B-177
AILES, WILLIAM                         OH-67-C-280
ALDICK, DAVID                          OH-67-B-4
ALEXANDER, DANIEL                      OH-67-B-250
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       OH-67-B-189
ALEXANDER, MARGARET                    OH-67-C-10
ALTIC, JACOB                           OH-67-C-71
AMMERMAN, WILLIAM                      OH-67-C-322
ATEN, ADRIAN                           OH-67-B-225
ATEN, PETER                            OH-67-C-87
AYRES, EBENEZER B.                     OH-67-C-330
BAKER, CALEB                           OH-67-C-338
BALLENGER, ISAC                        OH-67-C-319
BANTA, ISAAC                           OH-67-B-29
BANTA, PETER SR.                       OH-67-B-426
BARNHART, JACOB                        OH-67-C-17
BEAN, HENRY                            OH-67-B-201
BEARD, GEORGE                          OH-67-B-5
BELL, HENRY                            OH-67-C-296
BELL, MARGARET ANN                     OH-67-C-237
BELL, SAMUEL                           OH-67-B-387
BENNETT, ELIJAH                        OH-67-C-174
BIERS, SARAH                           OH-67-1-25
BILBEE, PETER                          OH-67-C-99
BISHOP, ROBERT                         OH-67-B-385
BLACK, JOHN                            OH-67-B-115
BLACKFORD, JEREMIAH K.                 OH-67-C-29
BLACKFORD, LEVI                        OH-67-B-153
BLAK, JOHN                             OH-67-B-390
BLANSHER, DAVID                        OH-67-B-66
BONNER, SAMUEL                         OH-67-C-271
BOURNE, BENJAMIN                       OH-67-C-355
BOYSE, JAMES                           OH-67-C-85
BOZWORTH, HENRY                        OH-67-C-35
BRONSON, DAVID                         OH-67-B-436
BROWER, JACOB                          OH-67-B-214
BROWN, AARON                           OH-67-C-342
BROWN, CLAYTON                         OH-67-C-117
BROWN, GEORGE R.                       OH-67-C-135
BROWN, HENRY                           OH-67-C-292
BROWN, JACOB                           OH-67-C-102
BROWN, JAMES                           OH-67-B-77
BROWN, JOHN                            OH-67-B-198
BROWN, JOSEPH                          OH-67-C-245
BROWN, NATHAN SR.                      OH-67-C-233
BROWN, RICHARD                         OH-67-B-16
BROWN, THOMAS                          OH-67-C-393
BRUBAKER, CHRISTIAN                    OH-67-C-34
BRUBAKER, JOHN                         OH-67-C-22
BRUBAKER, JOHN SR.                     OH-67-C-149
BRUBAKER,JOHN                          OH-67-C-22
BURK, ISAAC                            OH-67-B-254
BURNES, WILLIAM G.                     OH-67-C-92
BURSON, JONATHAN                       OH-67-B-184
BURSON, LEVI                           OH-67-C-132
BUTTON, JAMES                          OH-67-B-69
CALDWELL, ANDREW M.                    OH-67-C-122
CALDWELL, JAMES                        OH-67-B-187
CALDWELL, JOHN                         OH-67-C-46
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         OH-67-B-194
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      OH-67-C-16
CARTER, JOSEPH                         OH-67-C-73
CHADWICK, JOSEPH                       OH-67-1-16
CHADWICK, S. R.                        OH-67-C-119
CHAPMAN, MARY                          OH-67-C-373
CHRISTMAN, DAVID                       OH-67-C-406
CLARK, ABRAHAM                         OH-67-C-82
CLOYD, JAMES                           OH-67-B-6
COOK, ELI                              OH-67-B-160
COOLMAN, JOHN                          OH-67-C-168
CRAIG, GRIZZLE                         OH-67-B-72
CRAMPTON, CATHARINE                    OH-67-C-402
CRAMPTON, JACOB W.                     OH-67-C-21
CRAMPTON, LOUISA                       OH-67-C-55
CRUMBAKER, JOHN                        OH-67-C-116
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                    OH-67-C-66
DAVISON, JOSIAH                        OH-67-B-99
DAY, JACOB                             OH-67-B-49
DAY, ROBERT                            OH-67-B-393
DECAMP, JOHN M.                        OH-67-C-204
DEQUASIE, JOHN                         OH-67-C-332
DICKS, JONATHAN                        OH-67-C-202
DILLMAN, JACOB                         OH-67-B-25
DILLMAN, JOSEPH                        OH-67-C-167
DIVAN, BARNEY                          OH-67-B-193
DOOLEY, MOSES                          OH-67-B-48
DOUGLASS, ROBERT                       OH-67-C-91
DOYAL, JAMES G.                        OH-67-C-236
DUGGINS, HENRY                         OH-67-C-307
DUNN, ROBERT                           OH-67-C-201
EARLY, JOHN                            OH-67-B-61
EIDSON, HENRY                          OH-67-C-156, 387
EIKENBERY, HENRY                       OH-67-B-168
EMMONS, A. J.                          OH-67-C-38
ENGLISH, MARTHA A. A.                  OH-67-C-242
EVERMAN, MARGARET                      OH-67-B-379
EVERMAN, SAMUEL                        OH-67-B-261
EVERMAN, SAMUEL                        OH-67-B-248
FALL, CHRISTIAN                        OH-67-C-227
FISHER, JOHN                           OH-67-C-110
FLEMING, DAVID T. P.                   OH-67-B-131
FLEMING, PETER                         OH-67-B-258
FLOID, JOHN                            OH-67-B-86
FLORA, ABRAHAM                         OH-67-C-274
FOOS, JACOB                            OH-67-C-93
FOREMAN, JOSEPH                        OH-67-B-414
FOSTER, ANDREW M.                      OH-67-C-294
FOUTS, DAVID                           OH-67-C-144
FOWLER, CATHARINE                      OH-67-C-140
FOWLER, SAMUEL                         OH-67-C-18
FOX, ACHSAH                            OH-67-C-164
FRAME, JOHN                            OH-67-B-173
FRAME, SAMUEL                          OH-67-C-165
FRIST, JOHN                            OH-67-C-178
FULTZ, PETER                           OH-67-C-380
GARD, NOAH                             OH-67-C-43
GARDNER, JAMES                         OH-67-C-295
GIFTS, NICHOLAS                        OH-67-B-102
GINGERY, HENRY                         OH-67-C-100
GOODWIN, JAMES                         OH-67-C-126
GOODWIN, JAMES                         OH-67-C-126
GOODWIN, NATHAN                        OH-67-C-104
GOODWIN, RICHARD                       OH-67-B-17
GOODWIN, WILLIAM                       OH-67-B-109
GORDON, JAMES                          OH-67-C-272
GRAHAM, SAMUEL B.                      OH-67-C-246
GRAY, JOHN M.                          OH-67-C-351
GREGG, SILAS                           OH-67-B-155
HAHN, MICHAEL                          OH-67-B-119
HALL, JOHN                             OH-67-C-13
HALL, RICHARD                          OH-67-B-25
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER                    OH-67-B-14
HANLY, JOHN                            OH-67-B-31
HAPNER, ABRAHAM                        OH-67-C-56
HAPNER, HENRY SR.                      OH-67-C-395
HAPNER, WILLIAM H.                     OH-67-C-147
HARFORD, JAMES                         OH-67-B-143
HARNS, HENRY                           OH-67-C-152
HARRIS, JAMES                          OH-67-B-245
HARRIS, NATHANIEL                      OH-67-B-179
HARSHMAN, JOHN                         OH-67-C-244
HART, HENRY                            OH-67-B-40
HARTER, GEORGE                         OH-67-C-101
HARTIN, JOSEPH                         OH-67-C-61
HARVEY, JOHN                           OH-67-C-4
HASTY, JOHN                            OH-67-C-47
HASTY, THOMAS                          OH-67-B-243
HAWKINS, SAMUEL                        OH-67-1-68, 92, 107
HAYS, ROBERT                           OH-67-C-179
HECKMAN, JACOB                         OH-67-C-399
HECKMAN, JOSEPH                        OH-67-B-167
HECTOR, MICHAEL                        OH-67-C-57
HERRON, JOHN                           OH-67-C-353
HIXON, WILLIAM                         OH-67-C-417
HOLDERMAN, CHRISTIAN                   OH-67-B-232
HOPKINS, JOSIAH                        OH-67-C-77
HORNADAY, NATHAN                       OH-67-B-36
HORNBAKER, HARMONIUS                   OH-67-B-240
HORNER, ELIJAH                         OH-67-B-79
HUFFMAN, EMANUEL                       OH-67-C-12
HUNT, ELIZABETH                        OH-67-C-313
HYMLICK, ANDREW                        OH-67-B-42
IRELAND, JAMES                         OH-67-B-123
IRELAND, PETER F.                      OH-67-B-52
IRELAND, WILIAM                        OH-67-C-279
IRWIN, GEORGE                          OH-67-B-256
JACKSON, JAMES                         OH-67-C-180
JACKSON, JOHN S.                       OH-67-B-407
JINKINS, WILLIAM                       OH-67-B-46
JONES, DEBORAH                         OH-67-C-186
JONES, HENRY                           OH-67-B-22
JONES, HENRY                           OH-67-C-31
JONES, LEVI                            OH-67-C-205
JONES, SARAH                           OH-67-C-49
JORDON, HENRY                          OH-67-C-239
KARN, JOHN                             OH-67-C-173
KAYLER, JOHN F.                        OH-67-C-230
KELLOUGH, JAMES                        OH-67-1-90
KESLING, HENRY                         OH-67-B-398
KILKENNY, JAMES                        OH-67-C-217
KILLOUGH, JAMES                        OH-67-B-147
KINGRY, ABRAHAM                        OH-67-B-32
LANDIS, HENRY                          OH-67-B-92
LANDIS, SAMUEL                         OH-67-C-39
LANE, JESSE                            OH-67-C-311
LANE, JULIUS                           OH-67-C-365
LANIER, ISHAM                          OH-67-B-58
LANTIS, ELISABETH                      OH-67-C-105
LARSH, JOHN                            OH-67-C-64
LARSH, SAMUEL                          OH-67-B-56
LEIDY, JOHN                            OH-67-C-160
LEWELLEN, JOHN                         OH-67-B-135
LITTLE, ABRAHAM                        OH-67-C-157
LITTLE, SQUIER                         OH-67-C-231
LOCK, JOHN                             OH-67-B-18
LONG, JOHN                             OH-67-C-247
LONGNACKER, JACOB                      OH-67-C-28
LOOP, LEWIS                            OH-67-C-145
LOOP, SIMON                            OH-67-B-229
LOOP, SIMON                            OH-67-C-148
LOUCK, ADAM                            OH-67-C-69
LYONS, DAVID                           OH-67-C-219
MABEN, ELEANOR                         OH-67-C-53
MACK, ALEANDER                         OH-67-C-303
MAGAW, MARY                            OH-67-C-90 
MAGRIFF, THOMAS                        OH-67-B-44
MARKEY, AMOS                           OH-67-C-131
MARSH, TIMOTHY                         OH-67-C-129
MARSHALL, JACOB                        OH-67-C-415
MARTIN, JOHN A. H.                     OH-67-C-106
MARTIN, ROBERT                         OH-67-B-12
MARTIN, SAMUEL S.                      OH-67-B-182
MARTIN, SMAUEL                         OH-67-B-165
MASSIE, THOMAS                         OH-67-B-83
MAUZY, JAMES                           OH-67-B-238
MCCAUS, WILLIAM                        OH-67-C-159
MCCLAIN, DAVID                         OH-67-C-401
MCCLERKIN, MATTHEW                     OH-67-C-187
MCCLUN, JOHN                           OH-67-C-26
MCCOWN, JAMES                          OH-67-B-157
MCFADDEN, JAMES                        OH-67-B-404
MCGAW, WILLIAM                         OH-67-B-438
MCGLANG, MATHEW                        OH-67-C-127
MCGUIRE, EDWARD                        OH-67-B-23
MCGUIRE, SARAH                         OH-67-B-15
MCMAN, WILLIAM                         OH-67-B-172
MCNEAL, SMITH                          OH-67-C-220
MCNUTT, JOHN M. M.                     OH-67-C-18
MCQUISTON, ANDREW                      OH-67-B-38
MCWHINNEY, SAMUEL                      OH-67-C-95
MCWHINNEY, THOMAS                      OH-67-B-151
MELLING, JAMES                         OH-67-B-55
MELLING, JOHN                          OH-67-C-89
MERONEY, JOHN                          OH-67-C-196
MIDDAGH, PHILIP                        OH-67-C-13
MILLER, ABRAHAM                        OH-67-C-194
MILLER, ABRAHAM                        OH-67-C-324
MILLER, FREDERICK                      OH-67-B-380
MILLER,HENRY                           OH-67-C-183
MILLIGAN, JOHN                         OH-67-B-90
MILLOWAY, GEORGE                       OH-67-C-251
MILLS, SARAH                           OH-67-C-80
MINK,LAWRENCE                          OH-67-C-32
MITCHELL, NATHANIEL                    OH-67-C-221
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                       OH-67-B-412
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                       OH-67-C-137
MONFORT, AARON                         OH-67-C-266
MONFORT, HENRY                         OH-67-C-215
MONORY, GEORGE                         OH-67-C-125
MORROW, ANDREW                         OH-67-C-169
MURPHY, WILLIAM                        OH-67-C-50
NEFF, JOHN                             OH-67-B-111
NESBIT, WILLIAM                        OH-67-B-10
NEWTON, JAMES                          OH-67-C-60
NEWTON, JOHN                           OH-67-B-400
NEWTON, JOHN                           OH-67-B-149
NEWTON, THOMAS                         OH-67-B-233
NEWTON, THOMAS                         OH-67-B-28
NISBIT, WILLIAM                        OH-67-1-5
NISWANGER, DAVID                       OH-67-C-121
NISWONGER, EVE                         OH-67-C-376
OVERHOLT, ABRAHAM                      OH-67-B-113
OZIAS, JOHN                            OH-67-B-96
OZIAS, PETER                           OH-67-B-8
PARHAM, PETER                          OH-67-1-104
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      OH-67-B-252
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     OH-67-C-192
PEACH, JOHN                            OH-67-B-196
PENCE, WILLIAM                         OH-67-C-214
PERISE, ENOS                           OH-67-C-151
PINKERTON, GEORGE                      OH-67-C-407
PINKERTON, JOHN SR.                    OH-67-C-317
PINKERTON, WILLIAM                     OH-67-C-199
PORTER, ALEXANDER                      OH-67-B-421
POTTENGER, JOHN                        OH-67-C-96
POTTERF, CASPER                        OH-67-C-1
POTTERF, JEFFERSON                     OH-67-C-176
POTTERF, SAMUEL                        OH-67-C-185
POULUS, ADAM                           OH-67-B-416
POWELL, HEZEKIAH                       OH-67-C-29
POYNER, JOHN                           OH-67-C-171
PRIBBLE, BENJAMIN B.                   OH-67-C-25
PRICE, CHARLES                         OH-67-C-143
PRICE, DAVID                           OH-67-C-413
PRICE, RICE                            OH-67-1-36, 44, 51
PURVIANCE, DAVID                       OH-67-C-166
PURVIANCE, ELAM                        OH-67-B-402
PURVIANCE, JANE                        OH-67-C-368
QUINN, JOSEPH C.                       OH-67-C-20
QUINN, ROBERT                          OH-67-C-115
RAILSBACK, JACOB                       OH-67-C-289
RAMSEY, SAMUEL                         OH-67-C-11
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                        OH-67-C-52
RANDAL, JONATHAN                       OH-67-B-377
RANDAL, JOSEPH                         OH-67-B-125
REED, CHRISTIANNA                      OH-67-C-268
REID, ADAM                             OH-67-C-128 
RHINEHART, JACOB                       OH-67-B-374
RICE, MARTIN                           OH-67-C-229
RICHARDS, JOSEPH W.                    OH-67-B-430
RIDGELEY, B. D.                        OH-67-C-391
RINEHART, HANNAH                       OH-67-B-64
RINEHART, JACOB                        OH-67-C-360
RINEHART, PETER                        OH-67-C-275
RINER, JOHN                            OH-67-C-78
RISINGER, ABEL                         OH-67-C-277
ROBBINS, DANIEL                        OH-67-C-284
ROBERTS, ORLESTUS                      OH-67-B-192
ROOKSTOOL, GEORGE                      OH-67-B-67
ROSS, BENJAMIN                         OH-67-C-138
RUNYON, BAREFOOT                       OH-67-C-114 
SAMPLE, SAMUEL                         OH-67-C-404
SCHROYER, ANDREW                       OH-67-C-297
SCOTT, DAVID                           OH-67-B-434
SCOTT, THOMAS                          OH-67-C-88
SELLERS, NATHAN                        OH-67-B-87
SELLERS, WILLIAM                       OH-67-C-177
SEMPLE, DAVID                          OH-67-C-2
SHEARER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-67-C-107
SHEILDS, JAMES                         OH-67-C-282
SHELLER, CHRISTIAN                     OH-67-C-81
SHEWEY, MAGDELANE                      OH-67-B-65
SHIDLER, ABIGAIL                       OH-67-C-123
SHIDLER, GEORGE                        OH-67-B-170
SHIELDS, JOHN                          OH-67-C-190
SHIVERDECKER, DAVID                    OH-67-C-224
SHUEY, JOHN                            OH-67-C-382
SHUMAN, JOHN                           OH-67-1-21
SIDWELL, DAVID                         OH-67-B-68
SIMSON, ROBERT                         OH-67-C-48
SINGER, JOSEPH                         OH-67-C-68
SLOAN, RICHARD                         OH-67-C-181
SMALL, JAMES                           OH-67-C-409
SMITH, JOSEPH                          OH-67-B-37
SMITH, THOMAS                          OH-67-C-5
SMITH, WILLIAM P.                      OH-67-B-1
SNIDER, HENRY                          OH-67-C-37
SNODGRASS, JOSEPH                      OH-67-C-226
SNYDER, BALTZER                        OH-67-C-112
SNYDER, SIMON                          OH-67-C-243
SPANGLER, ADAM                         OH-67-C-141
STAVER, ADAM                           OH-67-C-291
STEEL, MARY                            OH-67-B-75
STEPHENS, JOHN                         OH-67-B-145
STEVENS, JAMES                         OH-67-C-283
STILES, JAMES K.                       OH-67-C-8
STONER, JOHN                           OH-67-C-346
STOOPS, ROBERT                         OH-67-C-337
STORTZ, GEORGE                         OH-67-C-375
STOVER, DAVID                          OH-67-B-410
STUBBS, KEZIAH J.                      OH-67-C-222
STUBBS, NEWTON                         OH-67-C-109
STUBBS, SAMUEL                         OH-67-C-153
STUBBS, THOMAS                         OH-67-C-124
SUTTON, BENJAMIN                       OH-67-1-72, 182
SWAIN, JACOB                           OH-67-C-241
SWAIN, JAMES G.                        OH-67-C-410
SWAN, WILLIAM                          OH-67-C-134
SWINEHART, GABRIEL                     OH-67-B-34
SWISHER, JOHN                          OH-67-B-367
SWISHER, NOAH                          OH-67-C-286
SYLER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-67-B-138
TAYLOR, ARES                           OH-67-B-227
TAYLOR, JAMES B.                       OH-67-C-334
TAYLOR, MARY                           OH-67-B-365
TAYLOR, ROBERT                         OH-67-B-211
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        OH-67-C-9
TEEL, SAMUEL                           OH-67-C-347
THATCHER, AMOS                         OH-67-B-369
THOMPSON, ELIJAH                       OH-67-B-175
THORN, PETER                           OH-67-C-212
THORNTBURY, ZACARIAH                   OH-67-B-236
TICKLE, JOHN                           OH-67-B-127
TORRENCE, JOSEPH                       OH-67-B-217
TOSH, JAMES                            OH-67-C-397
TRUCKSESS, JACOB                       OH-67-C-163
TULLY, JAMES                           OH-67-C-371
UTT, FRANCIS                           OH-67-B-43
VANAUSDAL, JOHN                        OH-67-B-107
VANAUSTDAL, SARAH J.                   OH-67-C-369
VANDOREN, CHRISTIAN                    OH-67-B-383
VANSICKLE, JOHN                        OH-67-B-372
VANTZ, MICHAEL                         OH-67-B-50
VANWINKLE, MICHAEL                     OH-67-1-1
VANWINKLE, SIMEON                      OH-67-B-209
WANTZ, JACOB                           OH-67-B-395
WARD, JOHN                             OH-67-B-207
WARD, JOHN                             OH-67-C-58
WARD, RACHEL                           OH-67-C-184
WARD, THOMAS B.                        OH-67-B-204
WATT, WILLIAM                          OH-67-C-41
WAUTZ, GEORGE                          OH-67-C-158
WAUTZ, JOHN                            OH-67-C-139
WEAKLY, SAMUEL                         OH-67-C-385
WEAST, JOHN HENRY                      OH-67-B-84
WEBB, JACOB                            OH-67-C-378
WELBORN, ELIAS                         OH-67-C-315
WESTERFIELD, SAMUEL                    OH-67-B-223
WHITE, JOHN                            OH-67-C-250
WILEY, ANDREW                          OH-67-C-44
WILEY, JOSEPH                          OH-67-C-270
WILEY, SAMUEL                          OH-67-C-170
WILKINSON, SAMUEL R.                   OH-67-C-211
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         OH-67-C-154
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      OH-67-C-72
WILLIAMSON, ELIEZER                    OH-67-B-105
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH                     OH-67-B-41
WILLSON, DAVID H.                      OH-67-C-358
WILSON, WILLIAM B.                     OH-67-C-249
WOLVERTON, THOMAS                      OH-67-B-94
WOODWARD, THOMAS                       OH-67-B-51
WOOLF, JACOB                           OH-67-B-163
WRIGHT, JOHN                           OH-67-C-363
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                         OH-67-C-175
YOUNG, HENRY                           OH-67-C-419
YOUNG, JOHN                            OH-67-C-172
YOUNG, MARY M.                         OH-67-C-198
ZELLERS, ADAM                          OH-67-C-75
ZELLERS, WILLIAM                       OH-67-B-141

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