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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Vol A=1835-1859 | B=1855-1872 | AB=1835-1872 | C-S=? |
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ADAMS, JAMES                           OH-68-B-17
ADAMS, JOHN BARNEY                     OH-68-A-23
ALLBRIGHT, COONROD                     OH-68-A-52
ALLEMIN, FREDERIC                      OH-68-B-205
ALLEN, CHARLES W.                      OH-68-B-212
ALLEN, ELISHA                          OH-68-A-108
ALLEN, JACOB M.                        OH-68-B-265
ALLEN, ROBERT B.                       OH-68-B-60
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         OH-68-B-108
ALLSTETLER, BARBELL                    OH-68-B-309
AMSTUTZ, JOHN M.                       OH-68-B-94
ANDERSON, PHILLIP                      OH-68-A-197
BAKER, MARY                            OH-68-B-173
BALLINGER, THOMAS                      OH-68-B-259
BARE, CHRISTIAN                        OH-68-A-126
BARTLETT, DUMAH                        OH-68-A-131
BASINGER, CHRISTIAN                    OH-68-B-19
BASINGER, CHRISTIAN B.                 OH-68-A-50
BELL, GEORGE                           OH-68-B-10
BERRYHILL, ALEXANDER                   OH-68-B-550
BERTLING, JOHN B.                      OH-68-B-74
BEST, GEORGE                           OH-68-B-261
BIDDICK, J. O.                         OH-68-B-67
BIRDSALL, ANDREW                       OH-68-B-324
BOCKRATH, MATHIAS                      OH-68-B-39
BODA, WILLIAM                          OH-68-A-86
BOEHNE, GEORGE                         OH-68-B-90
BOESINGER, JOHN                        OH-68-B-78
BOGART, WILLIAM                        OH-68-B-30
BOHN, PETER                            OH-68-B-371
BRECKINGHAN, ALVAH                     OH-68-B-383
BREENNER, SALISIUS                     OH-68-B-122
BRENISEN, JACOB                        OH-68-B-417
BRINKMAN, HENRY                        OH-68-B-21
BUCHANAN, JOHN                         OH-68-B-269
BUCHUN, GEORGE                         OH-68-B-450
BUDKE, WILLIAM                         OH-68-B-429
BUELL, ATLARAH                         OH-68-B-446
BURKHOLDER, JOSEPH L.                  OH-68-B-341
BUSICK, SAMUEL                         OH-68-A-105
CARALEGE, HENRY                        OH-68-A-177
CARY, JOHN                             OH-68-B-264
CASEBOLT, WILLIAM                      OH-68-A-12
CIGLER, HENRY                          OH-68-B-352
CLARK, BENJAMIN                        OH-68-B-315
CLEVENGER, JOSEPH                      OH-68-A-69
CLOVER, JACOB                          OH-68-A-18
COFFILL, RACHEL                        OH-68-B-322
CONOWAY, JOSEPH                        OH-68-B-92
COOK, EUNICE                           OH-68-B-401
COOK, WILLIAM                          OH-68-B-20
COPPER, LYDIA                          OH-68-B-441
CORKWELL, HENRY                        OH-68-A-176
COX, JOSEPH                            OH-68-A-3
CRITTEN, JAMES                         OH-68-B-33
CROW, JAMES                            OH-68-B-170
DAHLING, JOHN O.                       OH-68-A-111
DAISH, JONAS                           OH-68-B-35
DAVIDSON, ISAAC                        OH-68-B-159
DAVIS, DEBORAH                         OH-68-B-16
DICKEY, JOHN                           OH-68-A-98
DIECKMAN, THEADORE                     OH-68-A-122
DILLE, PETER                           OH-68-B-288
DIMOCK, SENECA                         OH-68-B-85
DOEPKER, THEODORE                      OH-68-B-248
DOUGLAS, ROBERT                        OH-68-B-96
DUNBAR, WILLIAM                        OH-68-A-136
ELLERBROCK, HIRMAN, J.                 OH-68-B-194
ELLERBROCK, J. W.                      OH-68-B-278
EVERS, JOHN                            OH-68-B-433
FABER, CHRISTINA G.                    OH-68-B-440
FAWCET, ROBERT                         OH-68-B-312
FISHBACK, THOMAS                       OH-68-B-209
FLEMMING, JOHN                         OH-68-B-127
FLEMMING, JOHN P.                      OH-68-B-354
FOECKER, KASPER                        OH-68-B-456
FOOT, WILLIAM S.                       OH-68-B-427
FORD, JOSEPH                           OH-68-A-41
FRANTZ, ANN                            OH-68-B-431
FRANTZ, WILLIAM                        OH-68-B-346
FRITZ, GODFREY                         OH-68-B-26
FRITZ, JOHN                            OH-68-B-40
FUHRMAN, P. B. F. WILLIAM              OH-68-A-90
FURST, PETE                            OH-68-A-143
GALBREATH, JOHN M.                     OH-68-A-101
GANDER, DAVID W.                       OH-68-B-316
GANDER, JOHN                           OH-68-B-42
GIBSON, HENRY B.                       OH-68-B-223
GOBLE, DANIEL L.                       OH-68-A-45
GUFFY, AQUILLA                         OH-68-B-137
GUFFY, HENRY                           OH-68-A-144
GULKER, BERNARD                        OH-68-B-391
GUYTON, VINCENT                        OH-68-B-23
HAHN, JOHN                             OH-68-B-252
HALKER, WILLIAM                        OH-68-B-239
HALL, JAMES M.                         OH-68-B-164
HANKE, HENRY                           OH-68-B-37
HANS, JACOB F. H.                      OH-68-B-22
HARDIN, ABRAHAM                        OH-68-B-63
HARMAN, SAMUEL                         OH-68-B-155
HARRIS, JOHN                           OH-68-B-71
HARTMAN, DAVID                         OH-68-A-43
HAYDEN, NATHANIEL                      OH-68-B-82
HECKMAN, HENRY                         OH-68-B-168
HEDGES, CHARLES                        OH-68-B-413
HELMING, DICK                          OH-68-B-190
HEMME, FREDERICK                       OH-68-B-399
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                     OH-68-A-34
HERLOG, JOSEPH HENS                    OH-68-A-53
HERMINGHUYSEN, ERNEST                  OH-68-B-49
HERTZOG, ELIAS                         OH-68-B-188
HICKEY, HENRY                          OH-68-B-421
HICKS, JOHN H.                         OH-68-B-365
HIGGENBOTTEM, RALPH                    OH-68-B-357
HIPKINS, J. D. G.                      OH-68-B-331
HIPKINS, JERUSHA A.                    OH-68-B-403
HONIGFORT, BERNARD                     OH-68-B-258
HORNER, JOHN                           OH-68-B-106
HUBBARD, ISRAEL                        OH-68-A-19
HUBBARD, PORTER                        OH-68-A-82
HUEWE, HERMAN                          OH-68-B-181
HUEWE, MARIA E.                        OH-68-B-178
HUGGLES, GERTRUDE                      OH-68-B-81
HUMPHREY, PHELPS                       OH-68-B-91
JACK, ANDREW                           OH-68-A-14
JACK, ROBERT                           OH-68-B-198
JENKINS, DANIEL                        OH-68-B-273
JOB, JOSEPH                            OH-68-B-448
JONES, WILLIAM M.                      OH-68-B-275
KAMPHAUS, JOHN                         OH-68-B-99
KARHOFF, H. HENRY                      OH-68-B-149
KEIMS, JOHN                            OH-68-B-407
KELLER, JACOB                          OH-68-A-72
KELLER, KATHARINE                      OH-68-A-78
KITCHEN, WHEELER                       OH-68-A-156
KLEINHAUZ, JON                         OH-68-B-139
KLEINHEINZ, KASPER                     OH-68-A-140
KLEMENS, ANDREAS                       OH-68-B-76
KLEWNER, GETRED                        OH-68-A-26
KLINE, HUBERT                          OH-68-A-124
KLINGHAMER, MARIA E.                   OH-68-B-454
KLINGHAMER, WILLIAM                    OH-68-B-204
KLINGMAN, GEORGE                       OH-68-A-55
KLIVER, GEORGE                         OH-68-B-58
KNEPPON, J. H.                         OH-68-B-438
KNOPP, KNOPP                           OH-68-B-102
KNOTT, WILLIAM H.                      OH-68-B-442
KOHORST, JOHN                          OH-68-B-387
KOTT, WILLIAM H.                       OH-68-B-442
KOTTENBROK, JOHN                       OH-68-B-256
KOUST, PETER JOHN                      OH-68-B-330
KREIDER, MICHAEL Z.                    OH-68-B-44
KREIGT, C. H.                          OH-68-A-70
KROUSE, HENRY                          OH-68-B-284
KROUT, JACOB                           OH-68-B-176
LANDEVER, HENRY                        OH-68-B-421
LEE, IRA B.                            OH-68-A-96
LEES, NANCY                            OH-68-A-167
LEHMKUHLE, BERNARD                     OH-68-B-174
LEWIS, GEORGE R.                       OH-68-A-146
LOGAN, JOSEPH                          OH-68-A-37
LOWRY, JAMES                           OH-68-B-243
MANN, CHARLES                          OH-68-B-434
MARKWART, KASPER                       OH-68-B-457
MARTIN, JAMES                          OH-68-A-1
MCCLISH, SILAS                         OH-68-B-84
MCCLUNG, DAVID                         OH-68-B-328
MCCLURE, THOMAS R.                     OH-68-B-200
MCCOMB, LUCAS                          OH-68-B-307
MCCOMBS, SAMUEL                        OH-68-A-75
MCCONNEL, ISAAC                        OH-68-B-25
MCCRACKEN, MATILDA                     OH-68-B-32
MCEWEN, JOHN                           OH-68-B-80
MCKINNIS, PHILIP                       OH-68-B-290
MCMILLEN, SAMUEL                       OH-68-B-236
MCONNELL, NICHOLAS                     OH-68-B-338
MCUMEA, ELLEN                          OH-68-B-118
MERSMAN, BERNARD                       OH-68-B-246
MINES, PHILIP                          OH-68-B-146
MINKER, SAMUEL                         OH-68-B-299
MONNICH,JOHN H.                        OH-68-B-303
MOREHEAD, ALEANDER                     OH-68-B-379
MORMAN, HENRY                          OH-68-A-112
MORMANN, ANTHON                        OH-68-B-295
MYERS, MICHAEL                         OH-68-A-39
MYRES, JOHN                            OH-68-A-172
NACHTIGALL, JOHN H.                    OH-68-B-358
NEISWARNER, JOHN                       OH-68-A-7
NICHOLS, JOSEPH                        OH-68-B-111
NICHOLSON, HUGH                        OH-68-A-88
NIERMAN, DAVID                         OH-68-B-166
NISWANDER, CHRISTIAN                   OH-68-A-16
OSTENDORFS, BERNARD H.                 OH-68-A-128
PARRISH, JOHN                          OH-68-B-317
PERKINS, JACOB                         OH-68-B-67
PERKINS, JACOB                         OH-68-A-191
PERKINS, SIMON                         OH-68-A-57
PERRY, HENRY                           OH-68-B-280
PETER, ANDREW                          OH-68-A-133
PLUMMER, BENJAMIN                      OH-68-B-293
PRITCHARD, A. G.                       OH-68-B-257
RADABAUGH, BERYAMIN                    OH-68-B-182
RAMPE, JSOEPH                          OH-68-B-100
RAMSEY, H.                             OH-68-B-51
RAMSEY, JAMES                          OH-68-B-340
RANDOLPH, JONAS                        OH-68-B-297
RANKIN, ABRAHAM                        OH-68-B-134
REBMANS, MICHAEL                       OH-68-A-160
RECKER, GERHURT                        OH-68-B-13
RECKER, NICHOLAS H.                    OH-68-B-301
REDDING, JOHN                          OH-68-B-344
REED, FRANCIS A.                       OH-68-B-56
REED, REBECCA A.                       OH-68-B-390
RENEMYER, C. M.                        OH-68-A-170
RICKMEIER, BERNARD                     OH-68-B-376
RIDENOUR, HENRY                        OH-68-A-48
RIDER, GEORGE                          OH-68-A-182
RIMER, ELIZA JANE                      OH-68-A-99
ROBBINS, DANIEL                        OH-68-B-361
ROBERTS, JOSEPH                        OH-68-B-144
ROBERTS, RICHARD                       OH-68-A-186
ROEDER, GEORGE                         OH-68-B-7
ROGENLAND, BERNARD                     OH-68-A-200
ROTHEN, DAVID                          OH-68-A-121
SCHIERLOH, WILLIAM                     OH-68-B-214
SCHIMMOLER, FRANCIS                    OH-68-B-1
SCHINDLER, ANDREW                      OH-68-B-271
SCHLOSSER, POLLY                       OH-68-B-378
SCHNUPKER, WILLIAM                     OH-68-B-62
SCHROEDER, MATHIAS                     OH-68-B-15
SCHUMAN, ADOLPHUS                      OH-68-B-241
SCOTT, HUGH                            OH-68-B-359
SCOTT, WILILAM                         OH-68-B-116
SCOTT, WINFIELD                        OH-68-B-382
SHARP, WILLIAM T.                      OH-68-B-385
SHIMMOLAR, GEROGE                      OH-68-A-68
SIMPSON, THOMAS                        OH-68-B-185
SINES, DAVID                           OH-68-A-187
SINES, JOHN                            OH-68-B-54
SMITH, JACOB 2ND                       OH-68-B-247
SMITH, JOB                             OH-68-B-311
SNEAY, JOHN                            OH-68-B-131
SPITSNAUGLE, MICHAEL                   OH-68-B-313
STEMEN, JOHN                           OH-68-B-334
STERLING, ELIZABETH                    OH-68-B-434
STIRLEN, JOSEPH                        OH-68-A-94
STOPPE, DEIDRICK                       OH-68-A-114
STOUT, JOSEPH                          OH-68-B-410
STRAIN, T. E.                          OH-68-B-152
SUTHOF, FRANCIS                        OH-68-B-251
SWANK, WILLIAM                         OH-68-B-452
SWAYZE, JOHN                           OH-68-B-217
SYBERT, BERNARD                        OH-68-B-141
THOMAS, DANIEL                         OH-68-A-74
THRIFT, JAMES                          OH-68-B-393
TRCY, URIAH                            OH-68-B-219
TRUBY, H. P.                           OH-68-B-55
TUPPER, CHARLES                        OH-68-B-415
TURNER, GEORGE                         OH-68-A-5
TURNER, JAMES                          OH-68-B-395
TURNER, WILLIAM C.                     OH-68-B-207
VANDERLANDWEHR, HERMAN                 OH-68-A-67
VANMETER, ISAAC                        OH-68-A-103
VORDERLANDWEHR, HENRY                  OH-68-B-254
WAGONER, BENJAMIN S.                   OH-68-A-162
WAGONER, GEORGE W.                     OH-68-B-348
WEHRY, HENRICH                         OH-68-B-57
WERRIES, FRANCIS                       OH-68-A-179
WERRIES, HENRY                         OH-68-B-363
WILCOX, JOEL                           OH-68-B-49
WILCOX, JOEL                           OH-68-A-114
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN S.                   OH-68-A-84
WILSON, JOHN                           OH-68-A-32
WILSON, WILLIAM J.                     OH-68-B-192
WIRICH, ELIZABETH                      OH-68-B-404
WITCAMP, BERNARD                       OH-68-A-80
WITHERILL, JOHN                        OH-68-B-8
WOOD, MARGARET                         OH-68-B-426
WORLFHORST, ANTON                      OH-68-A-138
WROCKLAGE, CHRISTIAN                   OH-68-A-30, 66
YANNING, BERNARD                       OH-68-B-374
YANNING, THEODORE BERNARD              OH-68-B-406
ZERGER, DANIEL                         OH-68-B-124
ZURCHER, PETER                         OH-68-A-119

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