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ALEXANDER, PETER                       OH-69-2-592
ALGYRE, JOHN                           OH-69-1-412
AMSBAUGH, ADAM                         OH-69-2-352
AMSBAUGH, VALENTINE                    OH-69-2-120
ANDREW, JAMES                          OH-69-2-531
ANDREW, WILLIAM                        OH-69-1-112
ANDREWS, JAMES                         OH-69-1-184
ANDREWS, MOSSES                        OH-69-1-213
ANDREWS, SASRAH                        OH-69-2-438
ARCHER, JOSEPH                         OH-69-1/2-31
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE W.                   OH-69-2-113
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       OH-69-1-165
ARMSTRONG, JOSIAH                      OH-69-1-363
ARMSTRONG, MARY                        OH-69-1/2-28
ARNOLD, JOHN JR.                       OH-69-2-444
ARTER, GEORGE                          OH-69-1-133
ARTZ, JEHU                             OH-69-2-565
ASHTON, NANCY R.                       OH-69-2-539
ATHY, BASIL                            OH-69-1-376
AUNGST, CHRISTIAN                      OH-69-1-65
AYRES, DAVID                           OH-69-1-11
BACHMAN, JOHN                          OH-69-2-425
BAILEY, BARBARA                        OH-69-2-136
BAKER, JOHN                            OH-69-1-335
BAKER, MARTIN                          OH-69-2-327
BARGER, JOHN                           OH-69-1-233
BARR, JOHN                             OH-69-2-423
BASLER, HENRY                          OH-69-1-194
BAUGHMAN, JOHN                         OH-69-2-585
BAULT, JOHN                            OH-69-1/2-22
BEAL, DANIEL                           OH-69-1-265
BEARDSLEY, LEVINA                      OH-69-1-86
BEARDSLEY, LEVINA                      OH-69-1-127
BELL, ROBERT                           OH-69-1-41
BELL, ROBERT                           OH-69-2-478
BEMILLER, JOHN                         OH-69-2-497
BERNO, JACOB SR.                       OH-69-2-341
BERRY, HENRY                           OH-69-2-214
BEVIER, MARY                           OH-69-2-358
BEVIER, PHILIP                         OH-69-2-106
BILLS, JOHN                            OH-69-1-278
BIRTNER, HENRY                         OH-69-2-527
BISSELL, O. J.                         OH-69-1-454
BLACK, JOHN                            OH-69-2-322
BLACK, JONATHAN                        OH-69-1-288
BOARDMAN, BENAJAH                      OH-69-1-179
BOARDMAN, SAMUEL                       OH-69-1-290
BODEN, DAVID                           OH-69-2-193
BODINE, PETER                          OH-69-1-49
BOOKNELL, JOHN M.                      OH-69-1-320
BOOZER, FRANCIS                        OH-69-2-315
BORDER, JOSEPH                         OH-69-2-609
BOWERS, JEREMIAH                       OH-69-2-499
BOWERS, JOSEPHINE                      OH-69-2-164
BOWLAND, ROBERT                        OH-69-2-219
BOWMAN, RACHAEL                        OH-69-2-170
BOYCE, JOHN                            OH-69-1-359
BRADDEN, RICHARD                       OH-69-1-230
BRADEN, SAMUEL                         OH-69-2-504
BRADLEY, JOHN                          OH-69-1-67
BRADLEY, NANCY                         OH-69-2-507
BRAY, WILLIAM                          OH-69-2-489
BREMNER, JAMES                         OH-69-2-257
BREWER, SUSAN                          OH-69-1-457
BRICKER, GEORGE                        OH-69-1-407
BRICKER, HENRY                         OH-69-2-67
BRINK, ABRAM                           OH-69-2-354
BROADMAN, JOHN                         OH-69-2-324
BROWN, HENRY H.                        OH-69-1-117
BROWN, JAMES F.                        OH-69-1-73
BROWN, JOSEPH                          OH-69-1-81
BROWN, WILLIAM                         OH-69-2-551
BUCHER, JOHN                           OH-69-2-286
BUCKINGHAM, ELIZZABETH                 OH-69-2-207
BURGESS, GEORGE                        OH-69-1/2-11
BUSHEY, ANDREW                         OH-69-1-45
BUTTERBAUGH, JOSEPH                    OH-69-2-255
BYSTLE, JOHN                           OH-69-1-51
CANTWELL, JOHN F.                      OH-69-1-9
CAREY, REUBEN                          OH-69-1-373
CARTER, BENJAMIN                       OH-69-2-385
CAULEY, ISAAC                          OH-69-1-445
CAVINS, JOSEPH                         OH-69-2-18
CHAMBERS, JOHN                         OH-69-2-215
CHAMBES, MARY ANN                      OH-69-1-125
CHARLES, ANDREW                        2-248
CHARLES, JOHN                          OH-69-1-330
CHEW, GEORGE H.                        OH-69-2-147
CHEW, JAMES                            OH-69-2-598
CHEW, JOSEPH                           OH-69-2-114
CHEW, SARAH JANE                       OH-69-2-47
CHEW, WASHINGTON                       OH-69-2-442
CHRISTMAN, MICHAEL                     OH-69-2-75
CHRISTMAN, PETER                       OH-69-2-152
CHURCH, HENRY                          OH-69-1-169
COBEAN, JAMES SR.                      OH-69-1-292
COCKLEY, BENJAMIN                      OH-69-1-43
COFFINBERRY, GEORGE                    OH-69-1-208
COTSENMOYER, CATHARINE                 OH-69-2-378
COURTRIGHT, ABRAHAM C.                 OH-69-2-38
COVER, DANIEL                          OH-69-2-60
CRAIGHEAD, ALESEWA                     OH-69-2-153
CRALL, JOHN SR.                        OH-69-1-224
CRALL, WILLIAM                         OH-69-1-436
CRANDALL, PELEG K.                     OH-69-2-44
CRAWFORD, JOHN                         OH-69-2-466
CRAWFORD,D AVID                        OH-69-2-402
CRAWL,S AMUEL                          OH-69-1-94
CRIBBS, JACOB                          OH-69-2-405
CRIST, NICHOLAS                        OH-69-2-564
CROPPS, JOHN                           OH-69-1-278
CROSS, ROBERT                          OH-69-2-309
CROWNER, MICHAEL                       OH-69-2-520
CULLER, MICHAEL L.                     OH-69-1-299
CURTIS, JSOEPH                         OH-69-2-586
CUTLER, BARNHART                       OH-69-2-588
DARLING, JONATHAN                      OH-69-2-575
DARLING, WILLIAM                       OH-69-1-473
DAUB, HENRY                            OH-69-2-437
DAVIS, ABNER                           OH-69-2-605
DAY, JOSEPH                            OH-69-1-398
DAY, LEWIS                             OH-69-2-569
DEAN, BENJAMIN                         OH-69-1-280
DELEBAUGH, PETER                       OH-69-1-121
DEMMY, JOHN A.                         OH-69-2-240
DICKSON, JAMES                         OH-69-2-333
DILLE, ISAAC                           OH-69-1-354
DONALDSON, REBECCA                     OH-69-2-261
DONAUGHT, AMOS                         OH-69-1-171
DOUGLASS, JOHN                         OH-69-2-134
DOUGLASS, LEDIA                        OH-69-1-203
DOUGLASS, MARTHA                       OH-69-1-267
DUNGAN, WILLIAM                        OH-69-1-342
DUNNON, DAVID                          OH-69-1-78
DURBIN, THOMAS                         OH-69-1-70
EARICK, MATILDA                        OH-69-2-568
EASTON, WALTER                         OH-69-2-474
EBY, JACOB                             OH-69-2-612
EBY, SAMUEL                            OH-69-2-209
EDGINGTON, JESSE                       OH-69-1/2-24
EDGINGTON, THOMAS                      OH-69-2-64
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                       OH-69-2-401
ELLIOTT, SIMON                         OH-69-1-1
ELY, CHRISTIAN                         OH-69-1-118
ENGLEHART, CONRAD                      OH-69-2-496
ENOS, FRANCIS                          OH-69-1-355
ERNSBARGER, JOHN WESLEY                OH-69-2-338
EVANS, JOHN H.                         OH-69-1-468
EVANS, JOHN H.                         OH-69-1-419
EVARTS, CYRUS                          OH-69-1-31
FALKNER, JOSEPH                        OH-69-1-37
FAY, GEORGE                            OH-69-1-216
FERGUSON, ISAAC                        OH-69-2-302
FERGUSON, JAMES                        OH-69-1-177
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                      OH-69-1-192
FILLOON, JOHN                          OH-69-1-482
FISSELL, ADAM                          OH-69-1-219
FLECK, PETER                           OH-69-1-385
FLEMING, ANN SUSANNAH                  OH-69-2-438
FLINT, ELIPHALET                       OH-69-2-382
FOGLE, JACOB                           OH-69-2-332
FOGLESOYGER, JEREMIAH                  OH-69-1-449
FORD, JACOB                            OH-69-1-453
FORD, JAMES                            OH-69-1/2-12
FOSTER, ROBERT                         OH-69-2-142
FOULKS, HENRY U.                       OH-69-2-315
FOULKS, SALOME                         OH-69-1-442
FOULKS, WILILAM                        OH-69-1-59
FRANK, ADAM                            OH-69-2-435
FRENCH, JAMES                          OH-69-1-312
FROWNFELTER, NICHOALS                  OH-69-1-309
FRY, JOHN                              OH-69-2-82
FRY, JOHN                              OH-69-2-82
FURGASON, JOHN                         OH-69-1-257
GARBER, JACOB                          OH-69-1-260
GARDNER, WILLIAM                       OH-69-2-15
GARRINGER, MICHAEL                     OH-69-2-167
GATES, ELIZABETH                       OH-69-2-111
GATTON, JOHN                           OH-69-1-87
GILBERT, GEORGE SR.                    OH-69-2-311
GLOSSBREMMER, JOHN F.                  OH-69-1-7
GLOYD, SAMUEL                          OH-69-1-340
GLOYD, SARAH                           OH-69-2-114
GOSS, GEORGE SR.                       OH-69-2-543
GRAUER, HENRY                          OH-69-2-361
GRAUER, JACOB                          OH-69-2-357
GRICE, THOMAS                          OH-69-2-398
GROSH, ISAAC                           OH-69-1-263
GUTHRIE, SUSANNAH                      OH-69-2-192
GUTTERY, WILLIAM                       OH-69-1-450
HADLEY, SMITH                          OH-69-1-195
HAGER, RACHEL                          OH-69-1-311
HALFERTY, SAMUEL                       OH-69-1-301
HALL, JANE                             OH-69-2-22
HALL, NOAH                             OH-69-1-107
HAMNETT, WILLIAM B.                    OH-69-1-154
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                      OH-69-1-156
HARTMAN, DAVID                         OH-69-1-135
HARTMAN, DAVID                         OH-69-1-211
HASLET, SAMUEL                         OH-69-2-540
HAVERFIELD, JAMES                      OH-69-1-53
HAYES, ALMON                           OH-69-2-96
HEASH, JOHN                            OH-69-2-24
HEATH, ISAAC                           OH-69-1-137
HEDGES, JAMES                          OH-69-1-447
HELFRICK, PETER                        OH-69-2-431
HENDRIX, ABRAHAM                       OH-69-1/2-5
HENRY, ROBERT                          OH-69-1-478
HILL, CHARLES SR.                      OH-69-1-39
HILLS, THOAMS                          OH-69-2-508
HISKEY, JOHN                           OH-69-2-198
HISKEY, VALENTINE                      OH-69-2-445
HOLLABAUGH, CATHERINE                  OH-69-1-61
HOLMES, OBEDIAH                        OH-69-1-119
HOOVER, JACOB                          OH-69-1-347
HORNER, ANN ELIZABTH                   OH-69-1-440
HOUGH, HORACE                          OH-69-2-608
HOUSTON, JOHN                          OH-69-1-441
HOUSTON, WILIAM                        OH-69-1-459
HUFF, ABRAHAM T.                       OH-69-1-101
HUGHES, JOHN                           OH-69-2-513
HULM, HENRY                            OH-69-2-373
HUNTER, ISAAC                          OH-69-2-510
IHINGER, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-69-1-728
JAQUES, MARY JANE                      OH-69-2-329
JOHNS, EVAN                            OH-69-1-696
JOHNSON, JAMES                         OH-69-2-391
JOHNSON, ZADOC                         OH-69-2-320
JOHNSTON, GEORGE                       OH-69-1-146
JOLLEY, ABSOLEM                        OH-69-2-249
JONES, JAMES                           OH-69-2-574
JONES, SYLVESTER C.                    OH-69-2-483
JUDD, LESTER                           OH-69-1-249
JUMP, ROBERT                           OH-69-2-614
KARBAUGH, JACOB                        OH-69-2-313
KEESE, NICHOALS                        OH-69-2-455
KEITH, HENRY                           OH-69-1-186
KENDALL, JOHN                          OH-69-2-368
KENDALL, RICHARD                       OH-69-1-201
KERR, ELIZABETH                        OH-69-2-122
KIRKPATRICK, DANIEL                    OH-69-1-463
KLINK, LEWIS                           OH-69-2-617
KNOX, HENRY                            OH-69-1-21
KOCHISER, WILLIAM                      OH-69-1-327
KOHLER, SARAH ANN                      OH-69-1-207
KORTLOWS, HARVEY                       OH-69-1-45
KOTZENMOYER, ANN                       OH-69-2-231
LACKY, JOHN                            OH-69-2-572
LAFFERTY, JOHN                         OH-69-1-35
LAMBERTON, CHRISTOPHER                 OH-69-2-366
LANKAR, DANIEL                         OH-69-2-420
LASER, SAMUEL                          OH-69-2-205
LATIMER, GEORGE                        OH-69-1-394
LATIMORE, WILLIAM                      OH-69-1-97
LAUTERMILCH, WILILAM                   OH-69-2-379
LAW, JOSEPH                            OH-69-1-181
LEEDY, JOHN                            OH-69-1-246
LEEDY, SAMUEL K.                       OH-69-1-333
LEFEVER, JOHN                          OH-69-2-117
LEHMAN, ABRAHAM                        OH-69-2-182
LEMON, ROBERT                          OH-69-2-172
LEPPO, DAVID                           OH-69-2-413
LETT, JCOB                             OH-69-1-314
LEWIS, JOHN                            OH-69-1-217
LICHTY, PETER                          OH-69-2-389
LOVETT, JOHN W.                        OH-69-1-417
MAGANE, JOHN                           OH-69-2-159
MAGUIRE, WILLIAM                       OH-69-1-368
MAHON, JAMES                           OH-69-1/2-30
MANSFIELD, MANSER                      OH-69-2-264
MARING, ANNA                           OH-69-2-615
MARING, PETER SR.                      OH-69-2-594
MARKEY, SAMUEL                         OH-69-2-49
MARKLEY, CRISTIAN                      OH-69-1-410
MARKLEY, JACOB                         OH-69-2-307
MARKS, MALINDA                         OH-69-2-604
MARLOW, JEEMIAH                        OH-69-2-511
MARSHALL, DAVID                        OH-69-1-269
MARTIN, JOHN                           OH-69-1-211
MARTIN, JOHN                           OH-69-1-144
MARTIN, JOHN                           OH-69-1-211
MARTIN, MASON                          OH-69-2-408
MARVIN, ISAAC                          OH-69-1-158
MARVIN, ISAAC                          OH-69-1-158
MATTHES, ADAM                          OH-69-2-537
MATTOON, ALFRED                        OH-69-2-215
MAY, LEONARD                           OH-69-2-146
MCBRIDE, ARCHIBALD                     OH-69-2-190
MCCLAY, ADAM                           OH-69-2-449
MCCLEARY, NANCY                        OH-69-2-359
MCCOLLY, SAMUEL                        OH-69-2-343
MCCORMACK, JAMES                       OH-69-2-523
MCCORMACK, JOHN                        OH-69-2-462
MCCORMACK, WILILAM                     OH-69-2-326
MCCREA, JAMES                          OH-69-1-173
MCCREA, WILLIAM                        OH-69-1-124
MCCUNE, JANE                           OH-69-1-252
MCCURDY, JAMES                         OH-69-2-370
MCCUTCHEN, ALEXANDER                   OH-69-2-183
MCDANEL, WILILAM                       OH-69-1-428
MCDERMAT, JAMES                        OH-69-2-347
MCDOWELL, SUSAN                        OH-69-1-325
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM                      OH-69-1-209
MCFALAND, SARAH                        OH-69-2-139
MCFARLAND,D ANIEL                      OH-69-2-601
MCFEE, JAMES                           OH-69-2-428
MCFERREN, SAMUEL                       OH-69-2-238
MCGARVEY,PATRICK                       OH-69-1-404
MCGREGGOR, GEORGE                      OH-69-2-202
MCKEE, KATHERINE                       OH-69-2-346
MCKEEHAN, JAMES W.                     OH-69-1-469
MCKEEHAN, MARK                         OH-69-2-246
MCKELLIP, HUGH                         OH-69-2-355
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                    OH-69-2-514
MCMAHAN, THOMAS                        OH-69-2-491
MCNEAL, ARCHIBALD                      OH-69-2-548
MCNULTY, ANNA MARIA                    OH-69-1-401
MCQUOWN, JOHN                          OH-69-2-85
MCREA, JAMES                           OH-69-1-173
MERCER, HIRAM D.                       OH-69-2-91
MERCER, REBECCA                        OH-69-2-281
MEREDITH, P. C.                        OH-69-2-571
MIDDLESWART, DANIEL                    OH-69-2-462
MILLER, ALLEN G.                       OH-69-1-25
MILLER, JACOB                          OH-69-2-602
MILLER, JACOB M.                       OH-69-2-538
MILLER, JONATHAN                       OH-69-2-555
MILLER, MICHAEL                        OH-69-2-316
MITCHELL, GAVIN                        OH-69-2-45
MITCHELL, JAMES                        OH-69-2-448
MKCYE, ROBERT                          OH-69-2-197
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      OH-69-1-238
MOORE, GEORGE W.                       OH-69-2-278
MOORE, WILLIAM                         OH-69-2-534
MOOREHEAD, ALEX                        OH-69-1-175
MOOREHEAD, ALEX                        OH-69-1-175
MOREHEAD, CALVIN                       OH-69-2-30
MORRIS, TRYPHENA                       OH-69-2-579
MORROW, WILIAM                         OH-69-1-465
MORTON, SUSAN                          OH-69-2-94
MOSES, ROGER                           OH-69-1-366
MOSS, JAMES                            OH-69-1-190
MOSS, JAMES                            OH-69-1-190
MOSS, THOMAS                           OH-69-2-80
MOST, GEORGE                           OH-69-2-452
MOST, GEORGE                           OH-69-2-451
MOTT, PETER                            OH-69-2-529
MOWRY, JACOB                           OH-69-1-381
MURDOCK, SAMUEL                        OH-69-1-5
MYERS, JOHN W.                         OH-69-2-253
MYERS, JOHN W.                         OH-69-2-253
NEWMAN, ISABELLA                       OH-69-2-362
NEWMAN, JACOB                          OH-69-1/2-1
NEWMAN, LAWRENCE                       OH-69-2-10
NEWMAN, MICHAEL                        OH-69-2-501
NIMAN, HENRY                           OH-69-2-546
NIMMONS, JAMES B.                      OH-69-2-318
NORRIS, JONATHAN                       OH-69-2-477
NYE, ICHABOD                           OH-69-2-37
ORTON, DENNIS                          OH-69-2-124
OSBUN, ISAAC                           OH-69-2-294
OSBUN, JACOB                           OH-69-2-553
OSWALT, JACOB                          OH-69-2-551
PAGE, JOSEPH                           OH-69-1-322
PALM, WILIAM                           OH-69-2-561
PALMER, JOHN                           OH-69-1/2-5
PARKER, JACOB                          OH-69-2-234
PATTERSON, JAMES                       OH-69-1-304
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      OH-69-1-235
PATTERSON, THOMAS                      OH-69-1/2-7
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     OH-69-1-228
PEARCE, SIMON                          OH-69-2-364
PEPPLE, KATHERINE                      OH-69-2-422
PETTITT, AARON                         OH-69-2-188
PHELAN, ANDREW                         OH-69-2-577
PHELAN, PATRICK                        OH-69-2-549
PHELPS, DAVID                          OH-69-1-167
PIFER, JOHN E.                         OH-69-1-282
PILGRIM, HENRY                         OH-69-1-431
PIPER, JOHN                            OH-69-1-140
PISAL, JOHN                            OH-69-1-151
PLATT, JOHN                            OH-69-2-100
PLATT, WILLIAM                         OH-69-1-99
POST, JEHIEL                           OH-69-2-42
POST, JOHN                             OH-69-1-338
POWELL, JAMES                          OH-69-2-300
PRICE, MARTHA R.                       OH-69-1-129
RADLER, NACY                           OH-69-2-519
RAITH, ADAM                            OH-69-1-212
RALLSTON, ANDERSON                     OH-69-1-396
RAYMOND, LEMUEL M.                     OH-69-2-596
REDING, EDWARD                         OH-69-2-411
REISINGER, JACOB                       OH-69-2-482
REMON, HENRY                           OH-69-1-405
RENFREW, JAMES                         OH-69-1-391
REPLOGLE, HENRY                        OH-69-2-174
REX, DANIEL                            OH-69-2-518
RICE, WILLIAM                          OH-69-1-162
RIDDLE, JAMES                          OH-69-2-237
RITCHIE, DAVID                         OH-69-2-335
ROADS, DANIEL                          OH-69-2-418
ROBBINS, SARAEL                        OH-69-1-316
ROBERTS, RICHARD                       OH-69-2-296
ROBINOSN, JOHN                         OH-69-2-292
ROSE, AARON                            OH-69-1-91
ROSS, SARAH                            OH-69-1-371
ROWLAND, JOHN M.                       OH-69-2-542
ROYER, CATHERINE                       OH-69-1-28
RUNNION, JOSEPH                        OH-69-2-162
RUTAN, JOHN                            OH-69-1/2-26
SANDERS, AMUEL                         OH-69-2-70
SCHANIBARGER, JACOB                    OH-69-2-591
SCHLOSSER, ANDREW                      4-455
SCHRACK, CHARLES                       OH-69-2-414
SCHRCK, DAVID                          OH-69-2-458
SCOTT, CATHARINE A.                    OH-69-1-440
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         OH-69-2-54
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         OH-69-2-54
SERRELS, ROBERT                        OH-69-2-178
SHAFER, ADAM                           OH-69-2-267
SHAFER, FREDERICK                      OH-69-2-528
SHAFFER, JACOB                         OH-69-1-89
SHATZER, JOHN                          OH-69-1-47
SHAUCK, HENRY                          OH-69-1-284
SHAVER, JOHN                           OH-69-1-438
SHELDON, ALVAH                         OH-69-2-282
SHEPHERD, HENRY                        OH-69-1-378
SHERIFF, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-69-1-122
SHIPLEY, MARY                          OH-69-2-155
SHOEMAKER, ADAM                        OH-69-2-244
SHULL, DAVID                           OH-69-1-307
SHURTER, ABRAHAM B.                    OH-69-2-211
SHURTER, HENRY B.                      OH-69-2-56
SIMPSON, JOSEPH                        OH-69-1-259
SKINNER, ALEXANDER                     OH-69-1/2-21
SMITH, ELIAS                           OH-69-1-461
SMITH, ELIAS                           OH-69-2-421
SMITH, HENRY                           OH-69-2-337
SMITH, JACOB                           OH-69-2-582
SNYDER, JOHN                           OH-69-1-414
SNYDER, JOHN                           OH-69-1-26
SNYDER, JOHN                           OH-69-1-273
SNYDER, MICHAEL                        OH-69-2-35
SNYDER, NICHOLAS                       OH-69-2-2
SNYDER, PETER                          OH-69-2-387
SPEAKMAN, WILILS                       OH-69-1/2-18
STAFFORD, JAMES                        OH-69-1/2-33
STAHL, GEORGE M.                       OH-69-1-76
STAIRS, JOHN                           OH-69-1-344
STEEL, ISABELLA                        OH-69-2-517
STEVENS, HENRY                         OH-69-2-57
STEVENSON, JOHN                        OH-69-1-114
STEVENSON, LEVI                        OH-69-2-470
STEWART, MARY                          OH-69-2-400
STEWART, ROBERT                        OH-69-2-583
STEWART, SAMUEL                        OH-69-1-153
STEWART, WILILAM C.                    OH-69-1-161
STILES, ISAAC                          OH-69-2-557
STINNLEY, JOHN                         OH-69-1-303
STONER, JOHN                           OH-69-1-426
STONER, PAUL                           OH-69-2-524
STONESTREET, JOHN O.                   OH-69-1-350
STOUFFER, MATTHIAS                     OH-69-2-241
STOUT, CHRISTIAN                       OH-69-1/2-16
STOUTZENBARGER, JOHN                   OH-69-1-205
STRAEDER, JOHN WILLIAM                 OH-69-2-525
STRAWSBAUGH, JACOB                     OH-69-1-458
STRICKLER, KONRAD                      OH-69-1-452
STURGES, EBEN P.                       OH-69-2-484
SUMMERS, JAMES D.                      OH-69-2-439
SWARTZ, ABRAHAM                        OH-69-2-599
SWEET, CURTIS                          OH-69-2-103
SWINEFORD, ANTHONY                     OH-69-2-394
SWISHER, JOHN                          OH-69-1-422
TARLTON, JAMES                         OH-69-2-312
TATTON, EDMUND                         OH-69-1-105
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                         OH-69-1-37
TEETER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-69-2-126
TERMAN, JOHN                           OH-69-1-213
THOMAS, JOHN R.                        OH-69-2-395
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                       OH-69-2-590
THUMMA, JACOB                          OH-69-2-374
TIERNAN, MICHAEL                       OH-69-2-86
TODD, JOHN J.                          OH-69-2-77
TOOKER, DANIEL                         OH-69-2-454
TOOMAN, GEORGE                         OH-69-1-253
TRCY, JOSIAH                           OH-69-2-150
TREDAWAY, DANIEL                       OH-69-1/2-27
TRIMBLE, THOMAS W.                     OH-69-2-51
TRINGLEY, WILLIAM                      OH-69-2-40
TUCKER, NOE                            OH-69-2-567
VAIL, JOHN                             OH-69-1/2-3
VANDERBILT, JOHN B.                    OH-69-2-33
VINSON, CATHARINE                      OH-69-2-554
WALKUP, ANDEW SR.                      OH-69-2-492
WALLACE, JAMES                         OH-69-1-16
WALLACE, WASINGTON G.                  OH-69-1-296
WALSH, JOSHUA                          OH-69-1-200
WALTERS, MARY                          OH-69-2-500
WARD, CHARLES                          OH-69-2-273
WARD, JOSEPH                           OH-69-1-149
WELDON, JAMES R.                       OH-69-2-73
WHARTON, ROBERT                        OH-69-2-545
WHITE, ANN H.                          OH-69-2-138
WHITE, PETER                           OH-69-2-503
WHITE, SAMUEL G.                       OH-69-2-350
WILEY, HUGH                            OH-69-2-128
WILL, VOLENTINE                        OH-69-2-27
WILLIAMS, EBENEZER E.                  OH-69-2-131
WILLIAMS, MORDICA                      OH-69-1-226
WILSON, WILLIAM C.                     OH-69-1-485
WILSON,R CHEL                          OH-69-2-203
WINEBRENNER, CATHARINE                 OH-69-2-433
WORKMAN, BENJAMIN                      OH-69-1-222
WORKMAN, BENJAMIN                      OH-69-1/2-19
WRIGHT, GEORGE                         OH-69-1/2-14
WRIGHT, JOHN                           OH-69-1-412
WRIGHT, MARY                           OH-69-1-412
YOUNG, DAVID                           OH-69-2-559
YOUNG, JOHN                            OH-69-1-443
ZEIGLER, JACOB                         OH-69-1-433
ZEITER, JOHN                           OH-69-2-168
ZULMAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-69-1-456

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