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Please note, Vol A covers entire twice transcribed Vol A-D.
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ADAIR, JAMES                            OH-70-A-74
ADEAR, BENJAMIN                         OH-70-A-272
ALEXANDER, FRANCIS                      OH-70-A-12
AMBLER, OWENS                           OH-70-A-46
ANDERSON, JOHN                          OH-70-A-99
APPLEGATE, JOHN                         OH-70-A-18
APURIGHT, CATHARINE                     OH-70-A-10
ARGABRIGHT, FREDERICK                   OH-70-A-391
ARGUBRIGHT, JOHN                        OH-70-A-215
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        OH-70-A-578
ARMSTRONG, W.                           OH-70-A-248
ARROWSMITH, SAMUEL                      OH-70-A-223
ATCHISON, JOHN A.                       OH-70-A-15
ATWOOD, IRA                             OH-70-A-409
AUGUSTUS, DAVID                         OH-70-A-543
AULH, ELIZABETH                         OH-70-A-124
BACKUS, CLARINA                         OH-70-A-307
BAKER, FREDERICK                        OH-70-A-163
BAKER, JOHN                             OH-70-A-76
BARNES, JOHN                            OH-70-A-17
BAYLY, THOMAS W.                        OH-70-A-369
BEACH, JOHN                             OH-70-A-122
BEACH, JOHN                             OH-70-A-301
BEAL, WILLIAM                           OH-70-A-392
BEARD, ALEXANDER                        OH-70-A-585
BEAVER, MICHAEL SR.                     OH-70-A-161
BENNER, CHRISTIAN (WITH MAP)            OH-70-A-493
BENNET, EDWARD                          OH-70-A-131
BISHOP, JOHN                            OH-70-A-53
BLACK, CHARLES                          OH-70-A-394
BLAIN, PATRICK                          OH-70-A-179
BLOCHER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-70-A-80
BOGART, CORNELIUS                       OH-70-A-91
BOGGS, MOSES                            OH-70-A-49
BOLSTON, ROBERT                         OH-70-A-29
BOMAN, JOHN                             OH-70-A-397
BOOKWALTER, ABRAHAM B.                  OH-70-A-492
BORUM, SARAH                            OH-70-A-456
BOWEN, JESSE                            OH-70-A-592
BOWEN, THOMAS                           OH-70-A-183
BRACKNEY, BENJAMIN                      OH-70-A-224
BRADEN, ROBERT                          OH-70-A-568
BRADFORD, THOMAS                        OH-70-A-453
BRAGG, WILLIAM                          OH-70-A-332
BREADY, WILLIAM                         OH-70-A-139
BRIGGS, JOSEPH                          OH-70-A-129
BRINK, ISAAC                            OH-70-A-178
BROWN, CLEMENT                          OH-70-A-52
BROWN, JAMES                            OH-70-A-1
BROWN, PHILIP T.                        OH-70-A-295
BROWN, WHITE                            OH-70-A-541
BROWNING, ARCHIBOLD                     OH-70-A-416
BUCKWALTER, ABRAHAM                     OH-70-A-395
BURNSIDE, ALEXANDER                     OH-70-A-119
BUZZARD, JOHN                           OH-70-A-6
CALDWELL, ELIZABETH                     OH-70-A-353
CALDWELL, FRANCIS                       OH-70-A-89
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          OH-70-A-188
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       OH-70-A-14
CAMPTON, JAMES                          OH-70-A-32
CARDEN, WILLIAM                         OH-70-A-7
CARLISLE, ANDREW                        OH-70-A-176
CARMEAN, HANNAH                         OH-70-A-197
CARTER, GEORGE WASHINGTON               OH-70-A-533
CASSADY, WILLIAM                        OH-70-A-146
CEHMS, CONRAD                           OH-70-A-355
CHANDLER, WILLIAM                       OH-70-A-470
CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM                      OH-70-A-337
CLARRIDG, WILLIAM                       OH-70-A-309
CLAYPOLE, BARBARA                       OH-70-A-220
CLAYPOOL, PEGGY                         OH-70-A-210
CLINE, MICHAEL                          OH-70-A-454
CODER, GEORGE                           OH-70-A-225
COLLINS, WILLIAM                        OH-70-A-485
COMBS, JOHN                             OH-70-A-56
CONNER, JACOB                           OH-70-A-26
COOK, ISAAC                             OH-70-A-530
COREY, NATHAN                           OH-70-A-579
CORKWELL, HENRY                         OH-70-A-539
CORY, DAVID                             OH-70-A-59
CORY, JACOB                             OH-70-A-359
CORY, JOSEPH                            OH-70-A-380
COUCH, JESUP N.                         OH-70-A-142
COX, JOHN                               OH-70-A-283
COX, JOSEPH                             OH-70-A-255
COX, NICHOLAS                           OH-70-A-258
CRABB, ELLIOTT                          OH-70-A-632
CRAWFORD, JAMES                         OH-70-A-24
CRIDER, MICHAEL SR.                     OH-70-A-109
CROZIER, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-70-A-341
CROZIER, ROBERT                         OH-70-A-590
CRYDER, DAVID                           OH-70-A-547
CRYDER, JACOB                           OH-70-A-617
CUMMINS, JOHN                           OH-70-A-118
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT                      OH-70-A-264
CUTLIP, GEORGE                          OH-70-A-81
DARKER, BLOSSY                          OH-70-A-407
DAVENPORT, ANTHONY S.                   OH-70-A-377
DAVENPORT, BASSELL                      OH-70-A-402
DAVIS, BODKIN J.                        OH-70-A-511
DAVIS, MARY                             OH-70-A-331
DAWSON, DAVID                           OH-70-A-86
DAY, SAMUEL                             OH-70-A-130
DEAN, ABRAHAM                           OH-70-A-33
DEHART, SAMUEL                          OH-70-A-177
DELANO, IRA                             OH-70-A-236
DENNY, DAVID                            OH-70-A-8
DERICKSON, CALEB                        OH-70-A-595
DEXTER, JOHN                            OH-70-A-420
DILL, THOMAS                            OH-70-A-351
DINES, JEREMIAH                         OH-70-A-40
DINES, REBECKEY                         OH-70-A-117
DIXON, JESSE                            OH-70-A-64
DIXON, MARGARET                         OH-70-A-374
DIXON, SAMUEL                           OH-70-A-136
DONAUGHE, ROBERT                        OH-70-A-35
DORMAN, JANE                            OH-70-A-250
DOTY, JOSEPH                            OH-70-A-604
DOWNS, ELIZABETH                        OH-70-A-132
DOWNS, JOHN                             OH-70-A-28
DOWNS, WILLIAM                          OH-70-A-426
DRUMMOND, BENJAMIN                      OH-70-A-411
DULANY, DANIEL                          OH-70-A-334
DUN, WALTER                             OH-70-A-436
EARL, THOMAS                            OH-70-A-589
EDMISTON, DAVID                         OH-70-A-363
EDMISTON, ROBERT                        OH-70-A-466
EDMISTON, THOMAS                        OH-70-A-502
EGESTON, ROSANA                         OH-70-A-624
ELLISON, MARY P.                        OH-70-A-313
ENGLAND, JACOB                          OH-70-A-428
ESSEX, JOSEPH                           OH-70-A-620
EVANS, JOHN                             OH-70-A-519
EYRE, JOHN                              OH-70-A-16
FAMALENER, JACOB                        OH-70-A-303
FAUNTHEROY, MOORE                       OH-70-A-566
FERGUSON, JAMES                         OH-70-A-36
FERNOW, JOHN                            OH-70-A-212
FINCH, JOSIAH R.                        OH-70-A-234
FINDLEY, JOSEPH                         OH-70-A-582
FINLEY, HUGH                            OH-70-A-233
FISHER, FREDERICK                       OH-70-A-294
FLEMING, ARCHIBALD                      OH-70-A-144
FOSTER, JEREMIAH                        OH-70-A-327
FOSTER, JOHN                            OH-70-A-3
FRANCE, JOHN                            OH-70-A-510
FRANCIS, JONATHAN                       OH-70-A-487
FREE, FREDERICK                         OH-70-A-423
FRESHOUR, JOHN                          OH-70-A-508
FREW, GEORGE                            OH-70-A-207
FREW, JOHN                              OH-70-A-586
FULTON, JOHN A.                         OH-70-A-611
FURGUSON, CHARLES                       OH-70-A-113
FURGUSON, HONOR                         OH-70-A-535
GALE, NICHOLAS                          OH-70-A-202
GAULT, JOHN                             OH-70-A-297
GILFILLAN, ADAM                         OH-70-A-230
GILFILLAN, THOMAS                       OH-70-A-108
GIVENS, MARY (PIERCE)                   OH-70-A-361
GLOVER, WILLIAM                         OH-70-A-232
GOLDSBERRY, BENJAMIN                    OH-70-A-105
GOODMAN, GEORGE                         OH-70-A-465
GOODMAN, JOHN                           OH-70-A-291
GOSSOM, JOHN                            OH-70-A-206
GRAHAM, JOHN                            OH-70-A-152
GRAY, BENJAMIN                          OH-70-A-330
GREEN, ISAAC                            OH-70-A-460
GREEN, JAMES                            OH-70-A-625
GREENLEE, ROBERT                        OH-70-A-204
GREGG, AMOS                             OH-70-A-117
GREGG, JACOB                            OH-70-A-72
GREGG, ROBERT                           OH-70-A-41
HANKINS, ASA                            OH-70-A-386
HARDY,EZEKIEL S.                        OH-70-A-415
HARNESS, REBECCA                        OH-70-A-388
HARPER, ALEXANDER                       OH-70-A-576
HAWKS, ASAHEL A.                        OH-70-A-237
HAYNES, GEORGE                          OH-70-A-634
HAYS, ANDREW                            OH-70-A-100
HAYS, NEHEMIAH                          OH-70-A-277
HELSLEY, HENRY                          OH-70-A-4
HENDERSON, DAVID                        OH-70-A-214
HENDRICKS, ELIZABETH                    OH-70-A-198
HENERY, JAMES                           OH-70-A-514
HENSON, FANNY                           OH-70-A-247
HERON, JAMES                            OH-70-A-428
HICKS, TOBIAS                           OH-70-A-274
HILL, EVE                               OH-70-A-401
HILL, HENRY                             OH-70-A-378
HINT, JESSEE                            OH-70-A-31
HIRE, MICHAEL SR.                       OH-70-A-469
HIZER, SAMUEL                           OH-70-A-326
HOLLER, ADAM                            OH-70-A-163
HOLLYDAY, ROBERT                        OH-70-A-195
HOPKINS, MOSES                          OH-70-A-495
HUBBARD, JACOB                          OH-70-A-70
HUBBARD, JOHN                           OH-70-A-23
HUGHES, JOHN                            OH-70-A-35
HULL, EZEKIEL                           OH-70-A-75
HUNTER, THOMAS                          OH-70-A-135
IMMEL, JOHN                             OH-70-A-360
IREY, JANE                              OH-70-A-458
JACOB, ANDREAS                          OH-70-A-594
JAMESON, WILLIAM                        OH-70-A-19
JOHNSON, HENRY                          OH-70-A-344
JOHNSON, NATHANIEL                      OH-70-A-477
JOHNSON, REBECCA                        OH-70-A-228
JOHNSTON, HENRY                         OH-70-A-344
JOLLY, DAVID                            OH-70-A-21
JONES, ABRAHAM                          OH-70-A-587
JONES, DAVID                            OH-70-A-267
JONES, ELIZABETH                        OH-70-A-375
JONES, HANNAH                           OH-70-A-464
JONES, MOSES                            OH-70-A-630
JONES, ROBERT                           OH-70-A-260
JONES, ROBERT                           OH-70-A-605
JUSTICE, WILLIAM                        OH-70-A-138
KARES, BENJAMIN                         OH-70-A-534
KELLEY, WILLIAM                         OH-70-A-71
KELLY, NICHOLAS                         OH-70-A-603
KELLY, NICHOLAS                         OH-70-A-93
KEMPER, EPHRAIM                         OH-70-A-404
KENT, JESSEE                            OH-70-A-31
KEYES, JULIA                            OH-70-A-473
KEYES, STEPHEN P.                       OH-70-A-515
KILBURN, JOHN                           OH-70-A-273
KILGORE, MATHEW                         OH-70-A-175
KING, EDWARD                            OH-70-A-403
KIRKPATRICK, SAMUEL                     OH-70-A-229
KIZOR, WILLIAM                          OH-70-A-200
KUHL, JOHN                              OH-70-A-174
KUKER, THOMAS                           OH-70-A-474
KUYKENDALL, HENRY                       OH-70-A-120, 252
KYLE, OLIVER                            OH-70-A-362
LANE, JOHN                              OH-70-A-284
LANGBORN, WILLIAM                       OH-70-A-558
LAUGHLIN, HUGH                          OH-70-A-610
LEEBY, CHRISTIAN                        OH-70-A-281
LEWIS, W. D. F.                         OH-70-A-467
LOVELESS, JOHN                          OH-70-A-45
LUCAS, JAMES                            OH-70-A-276
MALLOW, ADAM SR.                        OH-70-A-538
MANN, JOHN                              OH-70-A-379
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         OH-70-A-57
MATHEWS, DAVID                          OH-70-A-406
MATHEWS, GEORGE                         OH-70-A-148
MCADDAM, SARAH                          OH-70-A-384
MCARTHUR, DUNCAN                        OH-70-A-4406
MCBRIDE, ALEXANDER SR.                  OH-70-A-342
MCCHUTICK, ALEXANDER                    OH-70-A-78
MCCLELLAND, HUGH SR.                    OH-70-A-581
MCCOY, WILLIAM                          OH-70-A-173
MCCRARY, JAMES                          OH-70-A-239
MCCUNE, DAVID                           OH-70-A-11
MCDONALD, THOMAS                        OH-70-A-489
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM SR.                   OH-70-A-506
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                      OH-70-A-319
MCFARLANE, ROEBRT                       OH-70-A-474
MCGINES, JAMES                          OH-70-A-165
MCGOMERY, HUMPHREY                      OH-70-A-67
MCILROY, DANIEL                         OH-70-A-84
MCKEE, HUGH                             OH-70-A-1813
MCLANDBURGH, JOHN                       OH-70-A-134
MCMAHAN, JAMES                          OH-70-A-231
MCMAHAN, WILLIAM                        OH-70-A-2931
MCQUALITY, JANE                         OH-70-A-66
MCROBERTS, ALEXANDER                    OH-70-A-20
MERKEL, CATHARINE                       OH-70-A-92
MICHAEL, JOHN                           OH-70-A-311
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-70-A-58
MILLS, ISAAC D.                         OH-70-A-365
MINEAR, ELIZABETH                       OH-70-A-366
MISKIUNNIS, MARY                        OH-70-A-2571
MITCHELL, JEAN                          OH-70-A-25
MITCHELL, JOHN                          OH-70-A-591
MOOMAN, JOHN                            OH-70-A-434
MOON, JOSEPH                            OH-70-A-367
MOONEY, JOHN                            OH-70-A-77
MOORE, DAVID                            OH-70-A-279
MOORE, HUGH                             OH-70-A-46
MORROW, ALEXANDER                       OH-70-A-608
MORROW, WILLIAM                         OH-70-A-94
MOUNTS, JESSE                           OH-70-A-87
MOYER, JOHN                             OH-70-A-336
MURPHY, DAVID                           OH-70-A-227
MURRAY, JAMES                           OH-70-A-368
NEWMAN, MARY                            OH-70-A-286
NICHOLS, JOHN                           OH-70-A-621
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                         OH-70-A-180
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM                      OH-70-A-221
NICKENS, RUBEN                          OH-70-A-540
NOAKER, FREDERICK                       OH-70-A-339
NOLAN, THOMAS                           OH-70-A-147
ORR, SAMUEL                             OH-70-A-490
ORR, ZEBULON                            OH-70-A-504
PARKER, LUKE                            OH-70-A-619
PARROTT, FREDERICK                      OH-70-A-545
PATTERSON, PETER                        OH-70-A-597
PAUCH, ROBERT                           OH-70-A-199
PETERS, ABRAHAM                         OH-70-A-51
PETTIJOHN, JAMES                        OH-70-A-83
PFLIDEUR, JACOB                         OH-70-A-596
PHILLIPS, MAJOR                         OH-70-A-42
PIERCE, GRIFFITH                        OH-70-A-22
PITTENGER, WILLIAM                      OH-70-A-305
PLATTER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-70-A-346
PLATTER, PETER                          OH-70-A-317
PONTIUS, ANDREW                         OH-70-A-211
PONTIUS, FREDERICK                      OH-70-A-166
POOL, JOHN W.                           OH-70-A-185
PRICER, DANIEL                          OH-70-A-203
PRICKET, JESSE                          OH-70-A-593
PURSEL, ZADOK                           OH-70-A-584
PURSELL, JOHN                           OH-70-A-107
RAMSEY, JANE MCL.                       OH-70-A-217
REED, RICHARD                           OH-70-A-44
REED, THOMAS                            OH-70-A-497
REEDY, CONRAD                           OH-70-A-479
REEVES, NATHAN                          OH-70-A-312
RENICK, THOMAS S.                       OH-70-A-609
RIDGEWAY, SAMUEL                        OH-70-A-414
RILEY, JOHN                             OH-70-A-408
RINGWALK, ANDREW                        OH-70-A-549
RITCHACH, JOHN                          OH-70-A-259
RITCHEY, MATHEW                         OH-70-A-201
RITTENOUR, ANTHONY                      OH-70-A-348
RITTER, JOHN                            OH-70-A-333
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       OH-70-A-158
ROBINSON, WILLIAM BETT                  OH-70-A-500
RODGERS, JOHN                           OH-70-A-554
RODGERS, LEWIS                          OH-70-A-11
ROGERS, HAMILTON                        OH-70-A-38
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         OH-70-A-196
ROLSTON, ROBERT                         OH-70-A-29
ROSS, PHILIP                            OH-70-A-82
ROWE, SANDRIDGE                         OH-70-A-85
RUSSEL, JOHN                            OH-70-A-208
SARGENT, SNOWDEN                        OH-70-A-96
SAYLOR, JACOB                           OH-70-A-5
SCOTT, JOSEPH                           OH-70-A-573
SCOTT, REBECCA                          OH-70-A-484
SEABOURN, DAVID                         OH-70-A-37
SHACKLEFORD, JOHN                       OH-70-A-133
SHANTON, ABRAHAM                        OH-70-A-150
SHOBE, DANIEL                           OH-70-A-328
SHOBE, JACOB                            OH-70-A-112
SHOCKY, CHRISTIAN                       OH-70-A-350
SHURER, ANDREW                          OH-70-A-462
SIGLER, GEORGE                          OH-70-A-262
SIMPSON, ANDREW                         OH-70-A-517
SIMPSON, ANNA                           OH-70-A-140
SIMPSON, ROBERT                         OH-70-A-128
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         OH-70-A-27
SMITH, MARTHA                           OH-70-A-48
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-70-A-389
SMITH, WINGATE                          OH-70-A-253
SMOCK, ELIZABETH                        OH-70-A-193
SNAPP, JOHN                             OH-70-A-95
SNYDER, PETER                           OH-70-A-349
SOUTHERLAND, ANTHONY                    OH-70-A-633
SPERRY, PETER                           OH-70-A-418
STAFFORD, ELIZABETH JUNE                OH-70-A-88
STEELE, DANIEL                          OH-70-A-556
STENACH, HUGH                           OH-70-A-186
STEPHENSON, ROBERT                      OH-70-A-21
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      OH-70-A-516
STEWART, ROBERT                         OH-70-A-564
STOCKTON, DAVID                         OH-70-A-39
STOCKTON, MARTHA                        OH-70-A-145
STONE, PETER                            OH-70-A-310
STORM, PETER                            OH-70-A-601
STRADER, CHRISTOPHER SR.                OH-70-A-216
STRAWSER, HENRY                         OH-70-A-275
STRAWSER, JOHN                          OH-70-A-60
STROUB, GEORGE                          OH-70-A-164
STUCKEY, MARGRET                        OH-70-A-393
SUNDERLAND, HENRY                       OH-70-A-503
TAYLOR, HENRY JOHN                      OH-70-A-13
TAYLOR, JAMES                           OH-70-A-222
TAYLOR, MARIAH                          OH-70-A-114
THOCKMORTON, WILLIAM                    OH-70-A-340
THOMPSON, EZEKIEL                       OH-70-A-421
THOMPSON, IGNATIUS                      OH-70-A-300
THOMPSON, OZWALD SR.                    OH-70-A-62
TIFFIN, EDWARD                          OH-70-A-270
TIMMONS, EPHRAIM                        OH-70-A-296
TIMMONS, JOHN SR.                       OH-70-A-299
TRIMBLE, LEWIS                          OH-70-A-354
TRIMBLE, MARY MCARTHUR                  OH-70-A-562
TURNER, HENRY SMITH                     OH-70-A-498, 560
TUTTLE, PETER                           OH-70-A-115
ULM, JEREMIAH                           OH-70-A-184
VANDEMAN, JOHN                          OH-70-A-481
VASS, CANTEE                            OH-70-A-412
VEECH, JAMES                            OH-70-A-194
VINSONHALER, JACOB                      OH-70-A-181
WACKMAN, ABRAHAM                        OH-70-A-531
WACKMAN, JOHN                           OH-70-A-400
WADE, HEZEKIAH                          OH-70-A-285
WALDRO, CELIA                           OH-70-A-468
WALKER, ALEXANDER                       OH-70-A-177
WALKER, ELEANOR                         OH-70-A-335
WALKER, JOHN                            OH-70-A-238
WALLACE, ROBERT                         OH-70-A-552
WALLACE, SAMUEL                         OH-70-A-30
WALLACE, SAMUEL                         OH-70-A-323
WALLING, ROBERT G.                      OH-70-A-387
WARD, JANE                              OH-70-A-555
WARD, WILLIAM                           OH-70-A-427
WATTMAN, ISAAC                          OH-70-A-90
WATTS, JOHN                             OH-70-A-288
WELCH, SAMUEL                           OH-70-A-43
WESTBROOK, JOSEPH JR.                   OH-70-A-457
WHEATON, URIAH                          OH-70-A-73
WICK, MOSES                             OH-70-A-54
WILEY, JOHN D.                          OH-70-A-405
WILL, GEORGE                            OH-70-A-622
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-70-A-101
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-70-A-106
WILLIAMS, POLLY                         OH-70-A-103
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        OH-70-A-103
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-70-A-2
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-70-A-550
WILSON, JOHN JR.                        OH-70-A-123
WINDER, JOHN                            OH-70-A-125
WINSHIP, WILLIAM H.                     OH-70-A-246, 251
WINSTAFF, HENRY SR.                     OH-70-A-501
WINSTEAD, DAVID                         OH-70-A-472
WORK, JOHN                              OH-70-A-433
WORTHINGTON, ROBERT                     OH-70-A-571
WORTHNGTON, THOMAS                      OH-70-A-241
WRIGHT, MOSES                           OH-70-A-98

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