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AASTED, JOHN                           OH-71-C-59
ABLE, WILLIAM                          OH-71-B-116
ADAMS, HORATIO R.                      OH-71-C-560
ALBRIGHT, FRED K.                      OH-71-B-345
ALEXANDER, JONATHAN                    OH-71-C-105
ALLEN, ISAAC                           OH-71-A-10
ANDERSON, DANIEL                       OH-71-C-400
ANDERSON, JOHN                         OH-71-A-131
ANDERSON, SUSAN G.                     OH-71-C-323
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      OH-71-C-63
ANDREWS, JACOB                         OH-71-C-527
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE                      OH-71-A-65
BABCOCK, DANIEL                        OH-71-C-215
BABCOCK, ELISHA                        OH-71-B-120
BABCOCK, ICHABOD                       OH-71-C-78
BAILEY, THOMAS                         OH-71-C-82
BAILEY, WILLIAM                        OH-71-C-384
BAKER, DANIEL                          OH-71-C-252
BAKER, JOHN                            OH-71-C-346
BALLARD, LUKE                          OH-71-C-361
BARBOUR, JAMES                         OH-71-C-550
BARKER, J. E.                          OH-71-A-72
BARKER, JAMES                          OH-71-B-172
BARKER, RICHARD                        OH-71-B-142
BARNES, WILLIAM                        OH-71-A-82
BARNUM, LUCRETIA S.                    OH-71-C-19
BARR, ABRAHAM                          OH-71-A-169
BATES, ANDREW                          OH-71-C-403
BATESOLE, DANIEL                       OH-71-B-332
BAUER, MICHAEL                         OH-71-C-391
BAUMAN, HEINRICH                       OH-71-C-569
BEAMER, GEORGE                         OH-71-C-58
BEARTZIN, JOHN                         OH-71-B-29
BEAUGRAND, MARGARET                    OH-71-B-211
BECK, GEORGE                           OH-71-C-176
BECKER, C. C.                          OH-71-C-267
BEEKMAN, CLAUS                         OH-71-C-83
BEES, JOSEPH D.                        OH-71-B-277, 286
BEIGHTEL, ISIAH                        OH-71-C-118
BEILHARZ, LEVI T.                      OH-71-C-289
BEMIS, JAMES                           OH-71-B-368
BENDER, JACOB                          OH-71-B-318
BERGER, HENRYC                         OH-71-C-406
BERNARD, NICHOALS                      OH-71-C-175
BILLAU, JACOB                          OH-71-C-253
BINSACK, ADAM                          OH-71-B-438
BIRCHARD, SARDIS                       OH-71-C-277
BIRDSEYE, JOSEPH                       OH-71-C-451
BISH, HENRY                            OH-71-C-197
BLACK, SAMUEL                          OH-71-A-129
BLACK, THOMAS                          OH-71-C-326
BLACK, WILLIAM                         OH-71-A-181
BLAKE, WILLIAM                         OH-71-C-226
BLANCK, WILLIAM                        OH-71-C-155
BLASE, JOHANN H.                       OH-71-C-387
BODAHER, LEWIS                         OH-71-A-6
BOOP, SAMUEL                           OH-71-C-213
BOOR, WILLIAM                          OH-71-C-327
BOROUGHS, HARVEY                       OH-71-C-138
BOWIE, GEORGE SR.                      OH-71-C-222
BOYER, HENRY A.                        OH-71-C-121
BOYER, LOUISIANA B.                    OH-71-C-477
BOYER, MERCY                           OH-71-C-335
BREWER, GARNER                         OH-71-C-297
BRICKEL, ISRAEL                        OH-71-C-375
BROCKSEGAR, FRANZ                      OH-71-B-234
BROWN, HENRY G.                        OH-71-B-287
BROWN, JOSEPH                          OH-71-B-252
BRUNN, CATHARINE                       OH-71-C-200
BRUNTHAVER, ADAM                       OH-71-B-182
BRUSH, JOHNT.                          OH-71-A-58
BRUSH, PLATT                           OH-71-C-531
BSCHORR, EGIDIUS                       OH-71-C-492
BUCKINGHAM, JOHN                       OH-71-C-411
BUMGARDNER, JOSEPH                     OH-71-B-63
BUNDSCHUH, THEODORE                    OH-71-C-404
BURKET, BENJAMIN                       OH-71-B-300
BURKET, WILLIAM                        OH-71-B-293
BURLINGSON, RETURN                     OH-71-B-87
BURNETE, SAMUEL                        OH-71-A-79
BUSH, JOHN                             OH-71-C-120
BYERLY, MARCUS                         OH-71-B-103
BYRNES, WILLIAM                        OH-71-C-398
CALLAHAN, WILLIAM                      OH-71-A-220
CAMMACK, JOHN E.                       OH-71-C-366
CAMPBELL, ANGUS                        OH-71-B-375
CANFIELD, GEORGE C.                    OH-71-C-468
CANFIELD, LEWIS                        OH-71-C-130
CAPPER, DANIEL                         OH-71-B-331
CARLETON, NANCY M.                     OH-71-C-53
CARPENTER, S. B.                       OH-71-B-222
CARTER, PHILO                          OH-71-B-55
CARVER, AMOS R.                        OH-71-C-300
CARVER, DYER                           OH-71-B-71
CHAPPEL, J. B.                         OH-71-A-112
CHERRY, JOHN                           OH-71-C-374
CLAGGETTO, ELIZA                       OH-71-B-82
CLAPP, AMBROSE                         OH-71-A-198
CLARK, A.                              OH-71-B-360
CLARK, ABIGAIL                         OH-71-C-591
CLARK, H. V. SR.                       OH-71-C-598
CLARK, JONAS                           OH-71-C-6
CLEVELAND, CHARLES C.                  OH-71-C-548
CLEVELAND, JOHN H.                     OH-71-C-555
CLEVELAND, MOSES                       OH-71-B-101
COCHRAN, JOHN C.                       OH-71-B-311
COCHRAN, MARGARET                      OH-71-C-436
COMPTON, HARRIETT                      OH-71-C-50
COMPTON, JOHN                          OH-71-B-4
COMSTOCK, OLIVER                       OH-71-C-263
COOK, JOHN B.                          OH-71-A-157
COOPER, ELIZA J.                       OH-71-C-578
COPPER, ELLA                           OH-71-C-427
CORBY, LITITIA S.                      OH-71-B-440
CRAIG, LEIS                            OH-71-C-320
CRANDALL, NATHAN                       OH-71-B-243
CROAN, ADAM                            OH-71-C-487
CROWELL, NANCY                         OH-71-B-1
CULVER, HANNAH                         OH-71-C-140
CUMMINGS, WILLIAM                      OH-71-C-524
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                       OH-71-C-298
CURRENT, THOMAS                        OH-71-C-167
DALTON, RICHARD                        OH-71-B-244
DANIHER, JULIA A.                      OH-71-C-583
DAUB, HENRY                            OH-71-C-539
DAUM, PHILLIP                          OH-71-B-433
DAVIDSON, SARA A.                      OH-71-A-214
DAVIS, DAVID                           OH-71-C-163
DAY, WILLIAM                           OH-71-C-385
DEAHUFF, CATHARINE                     OH-71-C-13
DEAN, A. (MRS)                         OH-71-C-521
DECK, GODFREY                          OH-71-C-113
DEER, GEORGE                           OH-71-C-41
DELLIBER, SAMUEL S.                    OH-71-C-302
DERMYER, PHILLIP                       OH-71-A-146
DEVLIN, JOSEPH                         OH-71-C-281
DICK, ENOCH                            OH-71-C-556
DICKEN, STEPHEN                        OH-71-A-212
DIPMAN, FEARGOD                        OH-71-B-156
DITAMYER, PHILLIP                      OH-71-A-146
DOLLISON, DANIEL                       OH-71-C-494
DOLWICK, PETER                         OH-71-C-364
DONALDSON, GEORGE                      OH-71-C-264
DONALDSON, MARY A.                     OH-71-C-74
DONNELL, JAMES                         OH-71-B-89
DOWNS, J. B. G.                        OH-71-C-286
DUER, LEWIS                            OH-71-B-292
EMMECK, DORAS                          OH-71-C-479
ENGLER, GEORGE                         OH-71-C-65
ENTSMINGER, LEWIS                      OH-71-B-146
ENTSMINGER, MARY                       OH-71-B-408
ERNSPERGER, CATHERINE                  OH-71-B-167
ETTINGER, BENJAMIN                     OH-71-A-16
FARRAND, H. W.                         OH-71-C-239
FAUST, JOHN                            OH-71-B-164
FAY, LUCY                              OH-71-C-444
FEAS, ELIAS                            OH-71-C-279
FINK, WILLIAM                          OH-71-C-381
FLEMING, THOMAS                        OH-71-C-324
FLORENCE, JOHN                         OH-71-B-186
FLORIAN, GEORGE                        OH-71-B-10
FLORIAN, JOSEPH                        OH-71-C-406
FOSTER, HENRY B.                       OH-71-B-251
FOUGHT, MICHAEL                        OH-71-B-212
FRANCESCO, CATHRINE                    OH-71-C-581
FRANK, JOHN                            OH-71-C-440
FRANK, ZACHARIAH                       OH-71-B-27
FRARY, JANE B.                         OH-71-C-245
FRARY, PHINEAS                         OH-71-A-55
FRUEH, ALBIN                           OH-71-C-116
FRUEND, SARAH H.                       OH-71-C-123
FRY, CHRISTOPHER                       OH-71-B-102
FULLER, DAVID                          OH-71-C-520
FULLER, SABINE                         OH-71-C-538
FUNK, BARTHOLOMUS                      OH-71-B-149
GABEL, MICHAEL                         OH-71-C-292
GALE, FRANKLIN                         OH-71-A-189
GALLAGHER, DAVID                       OH-71-B-178
GARDNER, HORACE                        OH-71-C-480
GARDNER, MARY E.                       OH-71-B-431
GARN, JACOB OF MADISON TWP             OH-71-C-535
GARNS, DAVID                           OH-71-A-159
GARNS, JACOB OF SEAT TWP               OH-71-C-530
GARRISON, CHRISTIAN                    OH-71-A-42
GAY, MATTHEW                           OH-71-B-334
GEAR, GEORGE                           OH-71-B-228
GEIGER, HENRY                          OH-71-C-533
GEIGER, JACOB                          OH-71-B-353
GELLER, AUGUSTIN                       OH-71-C-308
GEORGE, MOSES                          OH-71-C-22
GERN, JOHN SR.                         OH-71-C-246
GERWIN, LUDWIG                         OH-71-B-269
GIBBONS, SARAH                         OH-71-C-108
GILBERT, PERRY                         OH-71-B-44
GILBERT, PETER                         OH-71-B-173
GILLMORE, WILLIAM                      OH-71-C-34
GLEASER, JULIUS                        OH-71-C-69
GLICK, ISAAC                           OH-71-C-489
GLICK, MARY V.                         OH-71-C-587
GODFREY, ELIZABETH                     OH-71-C-205
GODFREY, JOHN                          OH-71-C-325
GORDON, JAMES                          OH-71-A-229
GOULD, DAVID W.                        OH-71-C-183
GRAHAM, CATHARINE                      OH-71-C-268
GRANT, GEORGE                          OH-71-A-36
GRAVER, HENRY                          OH-71-C-449
GRAY, WILLIAM                          OH-71-B-359
GREEN, RACHEL                          OH-71-B-13
GREESAMAN, GEORGE                      OH-71-A-106
GROAT, ADNA                            OH-71-C-173
GROSS, CATHRINE                        OH-71-C-589
GROVER, OLLIVER                        OH-71-B-226
GRUBER, PHILLIP                        OH-71-B-113
GUINNAL, JAMES                         OH-71-A-121
GUINNALL, ALBERT                       OH-71-A-209
GURNEY, F. N.                          OH-71-C-103
HABERSTROH, LAMBERT                    OH-71-C-43
HADDLEBRIMT, B. F.                     OH-71-C-94
HAFF, WILLIAM                          OH-71-C-394
HAFFORD, JACOB                         OH-71-C-415
HAFFORD, JOHN                          OH-71-B-377
HAFFORD, SAMUEL                        OH-71-C-160
HALBEISEN, JOHN                        OH-71-C-149
HALBISEN, NICHOLAS                     OH-71-B-217
HALL, JOSEPH                           OH-71-C-110
HALL, LOTILDA                          OH-71-C-402
HAMILTON, HIRAM                        OH-71-C-388
HAMMER, MICHAEL                        OH-71-C-16
HAMPSHER, JACOB                        OH-71-C-169
HARGRAVE, SAMUEL                       OH-71-C-553
HARMEYER, JOHANN ADAM                  OH-71-C-287
HARPER, GODFREY                        OH-71-C-513
HARRINGTON, E.                         OH-71-A-223
HARRIS, A. J.                          OH-71-B-362
HARTMAN, GEORGE                        OH-71-A-110
HATHAWAY, FREEBORN                     OH-71-C-476
HAVENS, HENRY                          OH-71-B-23
HAWK,D AVID                            OH-71-B-58
HAWKINS, HIRAM                         OH-71-C-201
HAWKINS, SALLIE                        OH-71-C-254
HAZEN, JAEMS                           OH-71-B-177
HEBERLING, SAMUEL                      OH-71-B-245
HEISER, JACOB                          OH-71-C-484
HENRICKS, JACOB                        OH-71-C-1
HENRY, JOHN                            OH-71-B-50
HERBSTER, SALOMA                       OH-71-B-240
HERD, SAMUEL                           OH-71-C-151
HERIN, ALBERT                          OH-71-C-72
HERR, BENJAMIN                         OH-71-C-235
HERRINGTON, H.                         OH-71-C-498
HESAMAN, CASPER                        OH-71-B-347
HESS, LEONARD                          OH-71-C-333
HESS, XAVIER                           OH-71-C-312
HETRICK, PETER                         OH-71-C-537
HIGLEY, GEORGE                         OH-71-B-171
HILL, DANIEL                           OH-71-C-554
HILL, LEONARD                          OH-71-C-47
HILLE, HERMAN H.                       OH-71-C-435
HINELINE, HUGH B.                      OH-71-C-146
HIRT, CASPAR                           OH-71-C-596
HISER, GEORGE                          OH-71-C-258
HITE, ISAAC                            OH-71-B-250
HITE, THOMAS                           OH-71-C-551
HITT, ENECA                            OH-71-C-203
HOEFLINGER, FREDERICK                  OH-71-C-371
HOEFLINGER, JOHN G.                    OH-71-C-543
HOFFORD, ELEEN F.                      OH-71-C-568
HOLCOMB, THOMAS                        OH-71-C-340
HOOPER, BENJAMIN                       OH-71-B-421
HOOVER, JOHN                           OH-71-C-89
HOPKINS, MARTIN                        OH-71-A-3
HOUCK, EDWARD                          OH-71-C-334
HOUSE, GEORGE                          OH-71-B-148
HOUSE, JACOB                           OH-71-C-311
HOUTS, JOHN                            OH-71-C-595
HOWER, JOHN JR.                        OH-71-C-190
HUBBELL, WILLIAM                       OH-71-B-204
HUFFMAN, FRED                          OH-71-B-229
HUFFMAN, MICHAEL                       OH-71-C-69
HUFFORD, ISAAC                         OH-71-B-18
HUFFORD, LEVI                          OH-71-A-192
HUGHES, ISAAC H.                       OH-71-B-424
HUGHES, WILLIAM                        OH-71-C-329
HULSTED, C. B.                         OH-71-A-30
HULTS, JACOB F.                        OH-71-C-376
HUMBARGER, BENJAMIN                    OH-71-B-275
HUMPHREY, L. R.                        OH-71-C-395
HURD, CHARLOTTE                        OH-71-B-62
HURD, HIRAM                            OH-71-C-448
HUSS, NOAH                             OH-71-A-85
HUSTON, THOMAS H.                      OH-71-B-325
HUTCHINS, ANN                          OH-71-C-438
HUTH, PHILLIP                          OH-71-B-309
IAMS, HUGH                             OH-71-A-12
INGRAHAM, SARAH                        OH-71-B-159
JACKMAN, SAMUEL                        OH-71-B-406
JACKSON, ROSELL                        OH-71-C-552
JAMES, THOMAS                          OH-71-C-433
JENNESS, SOPHRONIA                     OH-71-C-486
JOHNSON, M. A.                         OH-71-B-41
JOINT, FANNY E.                        OH-71-C-273
JOINT, FRANCIS                         OH-71-B-411
JONES, ARLINA                          OH-71-C-259
JONES, ELIJAH                          OH-71-A-102
JONES, LODAY                           OH-71-B-307
JOSEPH, GEORGE                         OH-71-C-236
JUNE, ISAC                             OH-71-B-136
JUSTICE, JAMES                         OH-71-C-248
KAHN, PETER                            OH-71-B-398
KARBLER, GEORGE SR.                    OH-71-B-180
KARSHNER, JOHN                         OH-71-B-105
KEEFE, FRANK J.                        OH-71-C-274
KEEFFE, THOMAS                         OH-71-C-420
KEENAN, JEMINA                         OH-71-B-313
KEHN, BRIDGED                          OH-71-C-512
KEISER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-71-B-267
KEIZER, JOHN                           OH-71-C-347
KELLER, J. J.                          OH-71-C-234
KELLER, JOSEPH                         OH-71-C-51
KELLER, LYDIA                          OH-71-C-507
KELLY, CHARLES B.                      OH-71-C-396
KENAN, SILAS                           OH-71-C-350
KESSLER, JOHN J.                       OH-71-B-373
KESSLER, WILLIAM                       OH-71-B-378
KING, SAMUEL                           OH-71-B-329
KINGSTING, FREDERICK W.                OH-71-C-208
KISABERTH, GEORGE                      OH-71-C-125
KLINE, CHRISTIAN                       OH-71-B-64
KLINE, JOHN                            OH-71-C-427
KLINE, PETER                           OH-71-B-220
KLINE, ROSETTA                         OH-71-B-371
KNAUP, W. SR.                          OH-71-B-351
KOCH, ANDREAS                          OH-71-C-299
KOENIG, JOSEPH                         OH-71-C-542
KONIGFELD, VALENTINE                   OH-71-C-455
KOONS, JOHN                            OH-71-B-396
KROTZER, PETER                         OH-71-C-447
LANG, CHARLES H. M.                    OH-71-C-354
LANTZ, HENRY                           OH-71-C-473
LAPOINT, GABRIEL                       OH-71-A-182
LARKINS, PATRICK                       OH-71-C-25
LATTIMORE, JOHN                        OH-71-C-61
LAWRENCE, JOH B.                       OH-71-B-254
LEMMON, DAVID                          OH-71-B-145
LEPPELMAN, EDWARD                      OH-71-B-25
LEPPELMAN, SARAH T.                    OH-71-B-393
LETCHER, CORNELIUS                     OH-71-A-171
LEVISEE, ANNA                          OH-71-A-163
LEWIS, GEORGE R.                       OH-71-B-32
LIBBE, JOHN HENRY                      OH-71-C-564
LIGHTNER, GEORGE                       OH-71-C-308
LINK, ADAM                             OH-71-A-23
LIVINGSTINE, JACOB                     OH-71-B-386
LOCKWOOD, HARRIET R.                   OH-71-C-32
LODICK, JANE                           OH-71-C-466
LONG, CHARLES                          OH-71-B-190
LONG, FLORENCE                         OH-71-C-558
LONG, HENRY B.                         OH-71-B-123
LOVELAND, AARON                        OH-71-B-168
LUTHI, DAVID                           OH-71-A-216
LYNCH, JAMES                           OH-71-B-341
MAIN, GEORGE H.                        OH-71-B-207
MAIN, SUSSANNA                         OH-71-B-193
MARSHALL, JAMES H.                     OH-71-B-129
MARSHALL, LETTISHA                     OH-71-C-15
MATHIA, PHILIP                         OH-71-C-271
MAURER, EMANUEL J.                     OH-71-C-344
MAY, ISAAC                             OH-71-C-319
MCBRIDE, JOHN                          OH-71-B-400
MCCANLY, JOHN A.                       OH-71-C-528
MCCARTY, FANNIE L.                     OH-71-C-265
MCELHANEY, M. W.                       OH-71-A-118
MCGREW, JAMES                          OH-71-C-5
MCINTYRE, OLIVER                       OH-71-C-379
MCINTYRE, SALLY                        OH-71-B-154
MCMILLEN, HENRY                        OH-71-C-71
MEAD, ENOS                             OH-71-B-402
MELCHER, GEORGE W.                     OH-71-C-456
MENNIE, OTELIA                         OH-71-C-143
MESSINGER, GEORGE                      OH-71-C-337
METCALF, JOSEPH                        OH-71-B-170
MEYER, HENRY COONROD                   OH-71-C-482
MEYER, JOHN G.                         OH-71-C-557
MEYER, JOHN P.                         OH-71-C-508
MEYR, GEORGE                           OH-71-C-407
MILLER, JOSIAH                         OH-71-B-320
MILLER, LYMAN                          OH-71-C-502
MINER, EMMA                            OH-71-C-315
MINERS, D. H.                          OH-71-B-56
MITCHELL, JAMES                        OH-71-B-81
MITCHENER, LYDIA S.                    OH-71-C-461
MOELLMANN, JOHN F.                     OH-71-C-452
MOHLER, SEBASTIAN                      OH-71-C-504
MONOR, MATTHIAS                        OH-71-B-127
MOOK, JACOB                            OH-71-C-250
MOORE, D. W.                           OH-71-B-206
MOORE, EDWARD D.                       OH-71-C-352
MOORE, JOHN                            OH-71-C-165
MOORE, JOHN                            OH-71-C-367
MORGAN, ELISHA                         OH-71-B-236
MORGAN, ELIZA                          OH-71-B-184
MORRISON, CHARLES                      OH-71-B-144
MOSES, ADAM                            OH-71-B-194
MOSES, JOHN                            OH-71-B-417
MOYER, JOHN A.                         OH-71-B-152
MUDGE, JOHN A.                         OH-71-C-321
MUENCH, WILLIAM                        OH-71-C-390
MUGG, JOHN B.                          OH-71-C-592
MUNCH, PETER                           OH-71-C-523
MURTER, ANDREW                         OH-71-C-44
MURTZ, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-71-C-313
MYER, JACOB                            OH-71-C-306
MYERHOLTS, GEORGE                      OH-71-C-501
MYERS, BARNEY                          OH-71-C-316
MYERS, C. H.                           OH-71-B-304
MYERS, EBERHART                        OH-71-B-389
MYERS, HENRY                           OH-71-C-211
MYERS, J. H.                           OH-71-B-15
MYERS, JOHN                            OH-71-B-66
NAUS, BARBARA                          OH-71-C-320
NEFF, MARY                             OH-71-B-218
NEWCOMER, JACOB                        OH-71-A-39
NEWCOMER, MARY                         OH-71-B-153
NEWMAN, SAMUEL P.                      OH-71-C-46
NEWTON, A. G.                          OH-71-C-93
NOCTRIEB, J C.                         OH-71-B-225
NORRIS, CHAUNCEY                       OH-71-B-305
NORRIS, WILFORD                        OH-71-A-46
NYCE, JACOB                            OH-71-A-104
OBERST, JOHN                           OH-71-C-442
OCHS, CHARLES                          OH-71-C-422
OFARRELL, JAMES                        OH-71-C-148
OFFETT, JANE                           OH-71-C-345
OLMSTED, JESSE S.                      OH-71-B-191
OLTENEY, JOSEPH                        OH-71-C-80
ORIERG, GEORGE                         OH-71-C-356
ORRS, JAMES                            OH-71-A-100
OSBORN, JOSEPH E.                      OH-71-C-79
OSWALD, HENRY                          OH-71-C-590
OTTENY, CHARLES                        OH-71-B-138
OVERMIER, SUSANNAH                     OH-71-C-331
OVERMYER, FRANKLIN                     OH-71-C-499
OVERMYER, GEORGE                       OH-71-B-132
OVERMYER, HUGH                         OH-71-A-207
OVERMYER, JACOB                        OH-71-B-246
OVERMYER, MARY                         OH-71-C-540
OVERMYER, PETER                        OH-71-B-241
OVERMYER, SAMUEL                       OH-71-B-221
PATRICK, WILLIAM                       OH-71-C-348
PEASE, J. R.                           OH-71-B-175
PETERS, VALENTINE                      OH-71-B-265
PETTINGILL, SAMUEL                     OH-71-A-49
PHELPS, JENNIE P.                      OH-71-C-117
PHELPS, MARY M.                        OH-71-C-566
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         OH-71-C-255
PHILLIPS, PHILIP S.                    OH-71-C-561
PIERCE, GEORGE L.                      OH-71-C-85
PIERCE, MARIA E.                       OH-71-C-342
PIERCE, WILLIAM                        OH-71-A-62
PIXLEY, LAWSON                         OH-71-C-54
PLUM, JARED                            OH-71-B-290
POATS, GEORGE W.                       OH-71-B-242
POSEY, ISAAC                           OH-71-B-124
PRICE, GEORGE H.                       OH-71-C-210
PRINGLE, JOHN W.                       OH-71-B-214
PRIOR, ISAAC                           OH-71-C-571
PRIOR, ISAAC                           OH-71-A-166
PRIOR, JOHN                            OH-71-B-83
PURINO, DANIEL                         OH-71-B-264
QUINNA, RICHARD                        OH-71-A-1
RAFFERTY, HANNAH MARIA                 OH-71-C-575
RAMSAY, FRANCIS                        OH-71-A-151
RAMSAY, SARAH                          OH-71-C-328
RATHBUN, CHAPLAIN                      OH-71-B-315
RATHBUN, FRANKLIN                      OH-71-B-382
RAZELL, CHARLES                        OH-71-C-126
REEL, JONATHAN                         OH-71-C-339
REIGHART, SUSANNAH                     OH-71-B-337
REMY, F. W.                            OH-71-C-171
RHINEHART, ISABELLA                    OH-71-C-351
RHOADES, ELIAS SR.                     OH-71-C-317
RIBBLES, PETER                         OH-71-B-203
RICE, DANIEL                           OH-71-C-185
RICHTER, ERGOTT                        OH-71-C-377
RINEHART, JACOB                        OH-71-C-257
RISLEY, JOHN                           OH-71-B-344
ROBERT, GEORGE                         OH-71-C-573
ROBINS, JOSEPH                         OH-71-C-88
ROBINSON, HENRY                        OH-71-B-69
ROBINSON, JAMES                        OH-71-A-153
ROBINSON, NATHANIEL                    OH-71-B-302
RODGERS, MERCEY                        OH-71-C-392
ROLLER, JOHN                           OH-71-B-72
ROMER, IGNAZ                           OH-71-C-384
ROWAN, JOHNA                           OH-71-A-89
ROWLEY, HELEN                          OH-71-C-380
RUMPLER, JOHN                          OH-71-C-341
RUSSEL, WILLIAM S.                     OH-71-C-293
SAMPSEL, GEORGE                        OH-71-A-225
SAMSON, FRANCIS H.                     OH-71-C-220
SANFORD, Z.                            OH-71-B-219
SCHAUTEN, ROSANNA                      OH-71-C-158
SCHMIDT, RUDOLPH                       OH-71-C-572
SCHNATZ, H. W.                         OH-71-B-298
SCHNATZ, P. A.                         OH-71-B-134
SCHNATZ, P. H.                         OH-71-B-46
SCHUCKEY, F. W.                        OH-71-C-153
SEAMAN, DANIEL                         OH-71-B-11
SEELEY, R. L.                          OH-71-C-218
SENDELBACH, JOHN                       OH-71-C-261
SETZLER, PHILLIP                       OH-71-C-39
SETZLER, PHILP L.                      OH-71-C-459
SHARP, JOHN                            OH-71-C-424
SHARPE, PHOEBE                         OH-71-A-8
SHEETS, LEWIS                          OH-71-B-68
SHERF, JACOB                           OH-71-C-549
SHERRARD, WILLIAM J.                   OH-71-C-182
SHOEMAKER, FREDERICK                   OH-71-C-12
SHORT, MOULTON                         OH-71-B-324
SHRINER, HIRAM                         OH-71-C-260
SHULTZ, CHRISTIAN                      OH-71-C-393
SIEGENTHALER, WILLIAM                  OH-71-C-284
SIMERSON, RHODA                        OH-71-C-188
SIMM, HENRY                            OH-71-B-158
SIMPKINS, MARGARETT                    OH-71-C-283
SIZER, JOEL                            OH-71-A-123
SLEMMER, VALENTINE                     OH-71-C-26
SMITH, ALGERNON O.                     OH-71-C-28
SMITH, CHARLOTT                        OH-71-C-545
SMITH, DAVID                           OH-71-C-10
SMITH, FREDERICK                       OH-71-C-509
SMITH, G. F.                           OH-71-B-140
SMITH, G. F.                           OH-71-A-134
SMITH, HANNAH                          OH-71-A-200
SMITH, J. B.                           OH-71-A-27
SMITH, J. W.                           OH-71-B-436
SMITH, JEREMIAH                        OH-71-C-307
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-71-C-430
SMITH, MARGRETH                        OH-71-C-582
SMITH, MATHIAS                         OH-71-C-370
SMITH, MICHAEL                         OH-71-B-339
SMITH, NICHOLAS                        OH-71-A-177
SMITH, POLLY                           OH-71-C-522
SMITH, SMAUEL                          OH-71-C-270
SMITH, WILLIAM                         OH-71-B-348
SMMITH, HENRY                          OH-71-C-196
SNYDER, DAVID                          OH-71-C-515
SNYDER, F.                             OH-71-C-156
SOLLMAN, HENRICH                       OH-71-C-152
SPEAKER, CHARLES                       OH-71-C-360
SPEILDONER, ANDREW                     OH-71-C-216
SPENCER, AMBROSE                       OH-71-B-70
SPERRY, JEFFERSON                      OH-71-C-206
SPERRY, JOSEPH                         OH-71-A-68
SPOHN, DANIEL                          OH-71-B-8
SPOHN, SIMON EPPERT                    OH-71-C-237
SPRANG, THOMAS                         OH-71-C-397
STACEY, WILLIAM                        OH-71-B-74
STAHL, JOHN                            OH-71-C-56
STAHL, JOHN C.                         OH-71-C-382
STANERS, JACOB                         OH-71-A-188
STANLEY, THOMAS                        OH-71-A-10
STANSMYER, CASPAR                      OH-71-C-586
STEINKAMP, FREDERICK                   OH-71-C-541
STETLER, HENRY                         OH-71-C-294
STEVENSON, DAVID                       OH-71-A-176
STEVENSON, JEMIMA                      OH-71-C-349
STEVENSON, MARY JANE                   OH-71-C-562
STEVENSON, MATTHEW                     OH-71-A-174
STEVENSON, ROBERT                      OH-71-B-80
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                     OH-71-B-47
STEWARD, JOSHUA                        OH-71-A-155
STIFFLER, SALOMON                      OH-71-C-584
STINE, FREDERICK                       OH-71-C-192
STOLL, JACOB                           OH-71-C-232
STONE, ABIGAL                          OH-71-C-31
STONER, EMMELINE S.                    OH-71-C-310
STOUGH, SIMON                          OH-71-C-240
STOUT, DAVID                           OH-71-C-546
STRAUSMYER, HENRY                      OH-71-B-321
STROHL, JACOB                          OH-71-C-336
STURGESS, CHARLOTTE B.                 OH-71-C-194
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         OH-71-B-60
SULLIVAN, MERTY                        OH-71-A-173
SWARTZ, HENRY                          OH-71-B-232
SWARTZ, JOSEPH                         OH-71-B-163
SWARZWALDER, MATHIAS                   OH-71-C-405
SWEENEY, MURTY                         OH-71-B-85
SWICKARD, ANDREW                       OH-71-A-232
TAYLOR, A. B.                          OH-71-B-92
TAYLOR, CALEB                          OH-71-C-276
TERRY, ASA                             OH-71-A-160
THOMAS, ARCHIBALD                      OH-71-B-414
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       OH-71-C-111
THORPE, MARY J.                        OH-71-B-274
THURN, JACOB VON                       OH-71-C-304
TICHENOR, M. J.                        OH-71-C-414
TILTON, JOHN                           OH-71-B-17
TINDALL, ALBERT                        OH-71-B-185
TINDALL, EDWARD                        OH-71-C-372
TINDALL, JOHN                          OH-71-A-98
TISCHLER, BURKARD                      OH-71-C-465
TOPPING, JOHN                          OH-71-A-202
TREAT, SAMUEL                          OH-71-B-52
TUTTLE, ERASTUS                        OH-71-A-204
TUTTLE, V. R.                          OH-71-C-91
TWISS, FORTUNE                         OH-71-C-145
TYLER, JOHN S.                         OH-71-C-228
TYLER, SOPHIA B.                       OH-71-B-272
VAIL, ELIZA                            OH-71-A-185
VAIL, ZERAH S.                         OH-71-C-463
VALLETTE, MARIE                        OH-71-B-404
VANNESS, JULIA                         OH-71-B-2
VINCENT, HIRAM                         OH-71-C-178
VINCENT, HIRAM                         OH-71-B-112, C-178
VONTHURN, JACOB                        OH-71-C-304
VOORHIES, ELLIJAH                      OH-71-B-248
WAGENER, PETER                         OH-71-C-142
WAGGONER, GEORGE HOMER                 OH-71-C-272
WAGGONER, JOHN                         OH-71-A-74
WALBY, ANTHONY                         OH-71-B-426
WALKER, DAVID J.                       OH-71-B-119
WALTERS, FRANKC                        OH-71-C-36
WAY, MARY H.                           OH-71-C-567
WEAVER, JOSEPH OR JOSHUA               OH-71-C-64
WEIDNER, DANIEL Z.                     OH-71-C-29
WEIKERT, PHILLIP                       OH-71-B-442
WEISE, ISHMAEL                         OH-71-C-576
WHITE, JAMES N.                        OH-71-C-458
WHITE, MARY H.                         OH-71-C-431
WHITMORE, PETER                        OH-71-C-332
WHITMORE, WILLIAM                      OH-71-A-139
WHITNEY, E. G.                         OH-71-B-235
WILLARD, HENRY                         OH-71-A-19
WILLEY, ABRAHAM                        OH-71-A-227
WILLIAMS, DAVID                        OH-71-C-135
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE B.                  OH-71-C-570
WILLMER, F.                            OH-71-C-410
WINGARD, JOSEPH                        OH-71-C-318
WINSTON, H. W.                         OH-71-C-519
WINTERS, BENJAMIN                      OH-71-B-216
WISE, DAVID                            OH-71-C-37
WOLCOTT, JOHN                          OH-71-A-179
WOLFE, MICAHEL                         OH-71-C-518
WOOD, EPHRIAM                          OH-71-B-188
WOODFORD, ZERAH                        OH-71-C-198
WOODWORTH, SIDNEY                      OH-71-B-394
WRIGHT, JEAB                           OH-71-A-115
YOUNG, CHARLES                         OH-71-A-51
YOUNG, MAGDALENA                       OH-71-C-209
ZARTMAN, HARRIET                       OH-71-C-594
ZEILLEY, HENRY                         OH-71-C-214
ZEPERNICK, JOSEPH                      OH-71-C-191
ZINK, JOSEPH                           OH-71-B-202
ZOECHLER, CASPER                       OH-71-C-98
ZOECKLER, MARTIN                       OH-71-B-428

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