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ADAM, FRANK                            OH-72-C-468
ADAMS, GEORGE                          OH-72-B-144
ADAMS, JAMES W.                        OH-72-C-411
ADAMSON, THOMAS S.                     OH-72-C-577
ALBERT, JACOB                          OH-72-C-133
ALFORD, MARTHA                         OH-72-C-403
ALFRORD, R. B.                         OH-72-B-176
ALLEN, DAVID                           OH-72-C-98
ANDERSON, BENJAMIN                     OH-72-C-12
ANDERSON, ROBERT SR.                   OH-72-B-181
ANDERSON, WILLIAM C.                   OH-72-C-155
ANDRE, JOSEPH                          OH-72-C-480
ANDRE, PETER                           OH-72-B-32
ANDRE, ROSINA                          OH-72-C-125
ANDREW, NATHANIEL W.                   OH-72-A-188
ANDREWS, HESTER                        OH-72-C-264
ANDREWS, JAMES                         OH-72-B-28
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        OH-72-A-118
ASHLEY, JEREMIAH                       OH-72-C-454
ASHLY, JOHN                            OH-72-C-50
ASSMAN, PETER                          OH-72-C-466
BACCUS, MICHAEL                        OH-72-A-202
BACCUS, PETER                          OH-72-A-173
BACKER, FRANCES                        OH-72-C-302
BAGLEY, WILLIAM                        OH-72-C-430
BAIRD, JOHN H.                         OH-72-C-246
BALL, DAVID                            OH-72-B-46
BALL, ORLANDO                          OH-72-B-90
BARDEN, THOMAS                         OH-72-A-60
BARKER, LEVI C.                        OH-72-C-499
BARKER, NANCY                          OH-72-C-513
BARNES, THOMAS                         OH-72-A-52
BASSINGER, JOHN                        OH-72-C-104
BATTERSON, ABIJAH                      OH-72-C-400
BAYLES, DANIEL                         OH-72-B-59
BEETELL, HOMER                         OH-72-C-529
BELVAT, GEORGE                         OH-72-A-109
BELVAT, SMITH                          OH-72-A-175
BELVAT, WALTER                         OH-72-A-193
BENNETT, CALEB                         OH-72-C-63
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                     OH-72-C-70
BENNETT, G. W.                         OH-72-B-169
BENNETT, MARY                          OH-72-C-559
BENNETT, PRICILLA                      OH-72-C-428
BENNETT, THADEUS                       OH-72-A-125
BENNETT, THOMAS                        OH-72-B-50
BERNDT, MARGARET                       OH-72-C-603
BERRY, JAMES                           OH-72-C-405
BERTRAND, J. B.                        OH-72-B-188
BEYERLY, MICHAEL                       OH-72-C-435
BIBBY, ABRAHAM                         OH-72-A-170
BISHOP, ANNIE L.                       OH-72-B-242
BISHOP, L. ANNA                        OH-72-B-242
BISSELL, RUFUS                         OH-72-A-120
BLAKE, HENRY                           OH-72-B-120
BLISS, NANCY                           OH-72-B-240
BLISS, THEODORE                        OH-72-B-180
BONSER, ABIGAIL                        OH-72-B-167
BOOKER, JOSEPH                         OH-72-C-74
BOYDSTON, PRESLEY                      OH-72-A-45
BOYNTON, WILLIAM L.                    OH-72-C-393
BRADFORD, LITTLETON                    OH-72-B-92
BRADFRIED, JOHN E.                     OH-72-C-575
BRANT, ELIABETH                        OH-72-C-236
BRIGGS, AARON K.                       OH-72-C-422
BRIGGS, MARTHA                         OH-72-C-411
BRINK, MARIA                           OH-72-B-160
BRODBECK, STEPHEN                      OH-72-C-504
BROUSE, JOHN A.                        OH-72-B-227
BROWN, ABRAM S.                        OH-72-C-214
BROWN, HANNAH                          OH-72-A-71
BROWN, JOHN                            OH-72-A-68
BROWN, JOHN                            OH-72-B-240
BROWN, JOHN A.                         OH-72-B-227
BROWN, MARY                            OH-72-A-174
BROWN, ULRICH                          OH-72-C-275
BROWNON, FRANCIS E. B.                 OH-72-C-460
BRUBAKER, JOHN                         OH-72-A-40
BRUSH, HENRY                           OH-72-B-179
BURGESS, ISABELLA                      OH-72-B-64
BURRES, HORATIO                        OH-72-C-391
BURRISS, IGNATIUS                      OH-72-B-51
BURTRAM, C. HENRY                      OH-72-C-372
BURWELL, MARY                          OH-72-C-163
CADOT, CLAUDIUS                        OH-72-C-453
CADOT, LEMUEL                          OH-72-C-509
CAMFIELD, ELLEN                        OH-72-A-74
CAMPBELL, ANN                          OH-72-C-362
CAMPBELL, MARTHA                       OH-72-C-471
CANARY, JAMES D.                       OH-72-C-358
CARAWAY, T. L. H.                      OH-72-C-542
CASWELL, LUCY                          OH-72-C-300
CATTEE, JOHN P.                        OH-72-C-238
CHAMBERLAIN, ANSON                     OH-72-C-87
CHERRY, JOHN                           OH-72-A-64
CHICK, WILLIAM                         OH-72-B-34
CLARK, CYNTHIA                         OH-72-C-552
CLARK, JAMES                           OH-72-A-62
COCKERELL, ANN G.                      OH-72-C-35
COCKERELL, MARGARET                    OH-72-C-558
COCKRELL, JESSE                        OH-72-B-161
COCKRELL, JESSE SR.                    OH-72-A-188
COLE, EDMUND                           OH-72-A-85
COLE, SILAS                            OH-72-A-86
COLE, SILAS W.                         OH-72-C-533
COLLINS, WILLIS                        OH-72-C-415
CONKLIN, JOSEPH                        OH-72-A-122
COOK, HUGH                             OH-72-B-230
CORSON, HENRY                          OH-72-A-60
CRANSON, ANSON                         OH-72-B-48
CRICHTON, ANDREW                       OH-72-B-176
CROWINE, GEORE                         OH-72-B-111
CRULL, DAVID                           OH-72-A-143
CRULL, JOHN                            OH-72-C-116
CRULL, SAMUEL                          OH-72-B-164
CRULL, SAMUEL                          OH-72-C-473
CRULL, WILLIAM                         OH-72-A-136
CULLER, WILIAM S.                      OH-72-C-161
CULP, CORNELIUS                        OH-72-C-78
CURTZ, ELIAS                           OH-72-B-15
CUSHING, MABEL                         OH-72-B-107
CUTLER, HENRY                          OH-72-C-389
CUTLER, HENRY M.                       OH-72-B-114
CUTLER, J. B.                          OH-72-B-178
DANIELS, PHEBA                         OH-72-A-15
DARBY, SANDERS                         OH-72-A-76
DARLINGTON, ROBERT                     OH-72-A-134
DAVIS, JOHN T.                         OH-72-C-570
DAWSON, EDWARD                         OH-72-A-72
DAWSON, EDWARD                         OH-72-A-77
DEIDINGER, JOHN                        OH-72-C-306
DELOTIE, ALEXANDER                     OH-72-C-145
DEMBECK, MAGDALENA                     OH-72-C-549
DEVER, JOHN                            OH-72-A-81
DEVER, WILLIAM                         OH-72-A-131
DEWEY, JOSEPH                          OH-72-A-171
DIKEM NARGARET                         C0487
DILLAN, REED                           OH-72-C-547
DOUBLE, ISAAC                          OH-72-C-13
DRERR, JOHN                            OH-72-C-589
DUDUIT, WILLIAM                        OH-72-A-137
DUGAN, THOMAS                          OH-72-A-41
DUTIEL, WILLIAM                        OH-72-A-137
EDGAR, JOSEPH                          OH-72-A-184
EDISON, JAMES                          OH-72-A-83
EITNER, PETER                          OH-72-C-82
ELLISON, ELIZA                         OH-72-C-592
ELLISON, JOHN                          OH-72-B-44
ENGELBRECHT, FREDERICK                 OH-72-C-425
ERFOT, HENRY                           OH-72-B-222
EUTH, MARTIN                           OH-72-C-277
EVANS, JOHN                            OH-72-A-204
EVANS, JOHN                            OH-72-C-432
EVERETT, MARY                          OH-72-C-14
FALLER, CONSTANTINE                    OH-72-C-182
FAMEY, VAN B.                          OH-72-C-452
FARIS, MARTHA                          OH-72-C-119
FAULKNER, JOHN M.                      OH-72-B-158
FEURT, GABRIEL                         OH-72-A-70
FEURT, HENRY                           OH-72-C-483
FEURT, NANCY                           OH-72-C-131
FEWET, GABRIEL                         OH-72-B-93
FEWET, PETER                           OH-72-B-20
FLANDES, EZIKIEL                       OH-72-B-224
FOLMER, JOSEPH                         OH-72-C-30
FOSTER, THOMAS                         OH-72-C-233
FOUT, ADAM                             OH-72-B-4
FREEMAN, ISME                          OH-72-B-194
FREEMAN, MOSES                         OH-72-B-108
FREITAG, FREDRIC                       OH-72-C-67
FRESHELL, JOHN                         OH-72-B-221
FRITSCHE, CARLES                       OH-72-C-310
FRITSCHE, MARY                         OH-72-C-535
FRYER, BENJAMIN                        OH-72-C-308
FULTS, JOSEPH                          OH-72-C-513
FUNK, MARTIN                           OH-72-A-157
GABEL, PHILLIP                         OH-72-B-60
GAHR, VALENTINE                        OH-72-B-100
GANN, PHILANDER C.                     OH-72-C-467
GARVEN, HUGH                           OH-72-C-17
GEIS, ANNA MARIA                       OH-72-C-532
GELSDERF, ADAM                         OH-72-C-45
GENESTIC, GOTTFRED HENRY               OH-72-C-471
GESNER, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-72-B-172
GHARKEY, DAVID                         OH-72-B-121
GIBBS, GEORGE W.                       OH-72-C-481
GIESSER, JOHN HENRY                    OH-72-C-410
GILBERT, LUCINO H.                     OH-72-C-399
GILRUTH, THOMAS                        OH-72-A-76
GLAZE, ABRAHAM                         OH-72-B-18
GLAZE, ISAAC                           OH-72-B-147
GLIDDEN, J. W.                         OH-72-C-89
GLOVER, CATHERINE                      OH-72-B-199
GLOVER, ELIJAH                         OH-72-A-105
GOODEN, ALEXANDER                      OH-72-B-219
GOULD, JOHN F.                         OH-72-C-1
GRAF, JOSEPH                           OH-72-C-383
GRAHAM, MARIA                          OH-72-C-96
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                        OH-72-B-236
GRASSMAN, HENRY                        OH-72-C-404
GRAVES, GEORGE                         OH-72-A-162
GREASHARPER, FREDRICK                  OH-72-C-211
GRISWOLD, E. H.                        OH-72-B-252
GROCE, SIMON                           OH-72-B-149
GROVER, FREDERIK                       OH-72-C-572
GROVER, ISAIAH                         OH-72-A-92
GRUB, WILLAM                           OH-72-B-186
GRUB, WILLIAM SR.                      OH-72-B-233
GWATHNEY, GEORGE S.                    OH-72-A-153
HALL, ABSALOM                          OH-72-C-443
HALL, MARGARET                         OH-72-C-377
HALL, WILLIAM                          OH-72-C-363
HAMMETT, GEORGE                        OH-72-A-185
HANAN, JAMES                           OH-72-A-191
HARBET, WILLIAM                        OH-72-A-128
HARNESS, GEORGE JR.                    OH-72-B-208
HARTLEY, HIRAM                         OH-72-C-188
HASKINS, PHINEAS                       OH-72-C-112
HEATON, DAVID F.                       OH-72-C-423
HEER, ANDREAS                          OH-72-C-459
HELM, WILLIAM                          OH-72-C-225
HELMS, A.                              OH-72-A-176
HERSEY, NATHAN                         OH-72-A-67
HINER, JOSEPH                          OH-72-C-412
HITCHCOCK, IRA A.                      OH-72-B-22
HOLMES, JOHN J.                        OH-72-C-28
HOLT, WILLIAM                          OH-72-C-497
HOPPES, JOHN                           OH-72-C-445
HOWELL, JAMES S.                       OH-72-B-27
HUBBARD, CHRISTOPHER S.                OH-72-B-68
HUBERT, JOHN                           OH-72-C-110
HULL, ISAAC                            OH-72-A-144
HUMPHRY, MORRIS                        OH-72-A-147
HUNSINGER, SAMUEL                      OH-72-C-348
HUSTER, W. S.                          OH-72-C-210
HUSTOR, ELIZABETH                      OH-72-C-456
JACKSON, JOSEPH                        OH-72-C-22
JEFFORDS, HENRY                        OH-72-C-408
JOHNSON, ANN E.                        OH-72-C-267
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                      OH-72-C-375
JOHNSON, JAMES                         OH-72-B-109
JONES, ANDREW B.                       OH-72-C-508
JONES, DAVID                           OH-72-A-159
JONES, JAMES                           OH-72-C-398
JONES, K. WLLIAM                       OH-72-C-377
KAIMS, JOHN S.                         OH-72-C-419
KAMIES, AUGUSTUS                       OH-72-C-500
KEARNS, ALEXANDER                      OH-72-C-554
KELNAP, MURTAUGH                       OH-72-C-519
KELTON, JOHN S.                        OH-72-B-249
KENNEDY, HEZEKIAH                      OH-72-C-217
KEPNER, BERNARD                        OH-72-C-76
KERCHNER, MICHAEL                      OH-72-C-158
KETTLE, LUCINDA                        OH-72-C-231
KINNEY, WASHINGTON                     OH-72-C-366
KIRBY, IDA M. C.                       OH-72-C-583
KIRK, THEOPHILUS                       OH-72-C-65
KIRKPATRICK, ELENORE                   OH-72-C-587
KIRKPATRICK, MADISON                   OH-72-C-253
KITTLE, JESSE W.                       OH-72-B-58
KITTLE, STEPHEN                        OH-72-B-74
KITTLE, WILLIAM                        OH-72-B-176
KITTLES, ELIABETH                      OH-72-B-146, 152
KOACH, JOHN                            OH-72-C-279
KOCH, MARY                             OH-72-C-490
KRAMER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-72-C-397
LACROIX, MICHAEL                       OH-72-A-123
LARGE, HENRY                           OH-72-B-124
LATTEMAN, GOTLIB                       OH-72-B-117
LAUER, LUKAS                           OH-72-C-498
LAWSON, JOHN                           OH-72-A-115
LAWSON, MANASSA                        OH-72-B-41
LAWSON, REBECCA                        OH-72-C-416
LEADBETTER, JOB                        OH-72-C-252
LEHMAN, SIMON                          OH-72-C-444
LEONARD, ELIZABETH                     OH-72-A-156
LEVERET, MARY A.                       OH-72-C-354
LEWIS, J. M.                           OH-72-A-154
LEWIS, THOMAS C.                       OH-72-B-151
LIPKES, HENRY                          OH-72-C-3212
LISTON, JOHN                           OH-72-B-78
LITTLETON, FOSTER                      OH-72-B-58
LIVORY, FARIGOLE                       OH-72-B-217
LOUDERBACK, JOHN                       OH-72-B-17
LUCAS, EDWIN R.                        OH-72-B-168
LUCAS, WILLIAM                         OH-72-A-149
LUCAS, WILLIAM                         OH-72-B-156
LUCAS, WILLIAM SR.                     OH-72-A-47
LUTHER, ANDREW                         OH-72-B-49
LYONS, ISAIAH                          OH-72-C-541
MADDOCK, WILLIAM                       OH-72-C-196
MARSH, WILLIAM                         OH-72-B-97
MASSIE, HENRY                          OH-72-A-102
MASSIE, HENRY                          OH-72-C-202
MASTERS, JOHN                          OH-72-A-129
MASTIN,ELLEN S.                        OH-72-B-39
MATHEWS, CHARLES L.                    OH-72-B-6
MATTHEWS, GEORGE                       OH-72-B-53
MAULT, ANDREW                          OH-72-B-166
MAY, RICHARD                           OH-72-C-304
MAYER, F.                              OH-72-B-183
MCBRIDE, ROBERT                        OH-72-C-43
MCCAGUE, GEORGE K.                     OH-72-C-538
MCCAGUE, THOMAS                        OH-72-C-536
MCCALL, HUGH                           OH-72-C-250
MCCOWINE, DAVID                        OH-72-C-190
MCCOY ELENOR                           OH-72-C-534
MCCREARY, WILLIAM                      OH-72-B-23
MCDANIEL, LEVI                         OH-72-C-179
MCDERMIT, DAVID                        OH-72-C-369
MCFREDIE, GEORGE P.                    OH-72-B-101
MCGEE, SAMUEL                          OH-72-C-37
MCJUNKEN, JAMES W.                     OH-72-B-170
MCKENNEY, JOHN                         OH-72-C-546
MCKENZIE, DAVID                        OH-72-A-98
MCKINNEY, DANIEL                       OH-72-A-42
MCLAIN, JAMES D.                       OH-72-C-462
MCLELLAND, JAMES                       OH-72-C-49
MCNAIN, JOSEPH                         OH-72-B-184
MCNAUGHTON, JOHN                       OH-72-C-594
MCRENZIE, DAVID                        OH-72-C-219
MCTIRE, ELIJAH                         OH-72-A-79
MEAD, HEZEKIAH                         OH-72-C-7, 10
MEGINNIS, MARY                         OH-72-B-75
MERROW, MOSES                          OH-72-A-57
MERZ, NICHOLAS                         OH-72-C-248
MILELR, JOHN W.                        OH-72-B-212
MILES, B. G.                           OH-72-B-196
MILLER, ABRAHAM                        OH-72-B-173, 175
MILLER, SAMUEL                         OH-72-B-228
MILLER, SARAH T.                       OH-72-B-200
MISELEHMAN, JACOBENA                   OH-72-C-579
MISELEHMAN, JOHN                       OH-72-C-564
MITCHELL, JOSEPH                       OH-72-C-227
MOAK, SAMUEL                           OH-72-A-61
MOHAT, JAMES                           OH-72-C-439
MONTGOMERY, ABRAHAM A.                 OH-72-B-2
MONTGOMERY, HANNAH                     OH-72-B-62
MONTGOMERY, MATILDA                    OH-72-B-16
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM SR.                OH-72-A-200
MOORE, L. N.                           OH-72-C-442
MOORE, WILLIAM C.                      OH-72-C-339
MORAN, JAMES                           OH-72-B-162
MORGAN, MARY                           OH-72-C-420
MORITZ, CONRAD                         OH-72-C-396
MORRIS, JOHN S.                        OH-72-B-159
MORRIS, WILLIAM                        OH-72-B-216
MORTON, JOSEPH                         OH-72-C-436
MOSEMAN, JOHN                          OH-72-C-495
MOUNTJOY, THOMAS                       OH-72-B-157
MUEHLEMAN, CATHARINE                   OH-72-C-294
MUHLHAUSER, T. F.                      OH-72-C-33
MULLIGAN, EDWARD                       OH-72-C-147
MUNN, WILLIAM                          OH-72-C-159
MURPHY, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-72-C-512
MUSSER, WILLIAM                        OH-72-C-584
MYERS, BARTLY J.                       OH-72-B-154
NAIL, JOHN                             OH-72-B-201
NAILER, LOUISA                         OH-72-A-73
NEVIS, EDWARD                          OH-72-C-114
NEWCOMB, BENJAMIN F.                   OH-72-C-202
NICKEL, ANNE ELIZABETH                 OH-72-C-427
NICKEL, JOHN                           OH-72-B-236
NOEL, ALPHEUS                          OH-72-C-20
NOEL, DEMETRISES A.                    OH-72-C-397
NOEL, JACOB P.                         OH-72-C-434
NOEL, REBECCA ANN                      OH-72-C-153
NOLAND, WILLIAM                        OH-72-C-518
NOLDER, WILLIAM                        OH-72-A-158
NURSE, JOSHUA                          OH-72-B-150
NURSE, LEWIS                           OH-72-C-356
NURSE, MORRISON                        OH-72-B-158
NYE, ANDREW A.                         OH-72-B-14
OBERLY, CHARLS                         OH-72-B-103
OBERLY, JOHN JACOB                     OH-72-B-205
OFFRESE, JACOB                         OH-72-B-245
OSBORN, EZRA                           OH-72-A-177
OSMEYER, LOUIS                         OH-72-C-539
OVERMAN, ENLICE                        OH-72-A-139
OVERMAN, MARY                          OH-72-A-150
OVERTURF, CONRAD                       OH-72-C-450
PARKER, HARRISON                       OH-72-C-385
PATRIDGE, DAVID                        OH-72-C-199
PATTEN, JAMES                          OH-72-B-163
PATTON, THOMAS                         OH-72-A-58
PATTON, URIAH                          OH-72-C-323
PAUL, JOHN                             OH-72-C-479
PEEBLES, WILLIAM                       OH-72-A-94
PFANETT, MATHIAS                       OH-72-B-24
PILES, RACHEL                          OH-72-A-152
PIXLEY, SEYMOURE                       OH-72-C-54
PIXLEY, SUSAN G.                       OH-72-C-327
POWELL, GROVE B.                       OH-72-B-223
POWELL, JOSEPH                         OH-72-C-292
POWELL, SILAS D.                       OH-72-C-40
POWELL, THOMAS                         OH-72-B-9
POWER, WILLIAM                         OH-72-B-12
POYTER, ROBERT                         OH-72-C-325
PRICE, ELIZABETH                       OH-72-C-288
PROTHERS, THOMAS                       OH-72-B-63
PURDEN, ISAAC                          OH-72-C-194
PURSELL, JAMES                         OH-72-B-193
PYLE, ABRAHAM                          OH-72-B-232
RALSTON, JACOB                         OH-72-C-360
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                        OH-72-B-105
RAPP, JACOB                            OH-72-C-438
RARDIN, THOMAS                         OH-72-A-60
RATCLIFFE, JOHN                        OH-72-C-129
RATHBONE, JOSEPH                       OH-72-B-35
RAUSCHENHAUS, HANNAH                   OH-72-C-414
RAYNOR, MARYK.                         OH-72-C-165
REED, JOHN C.                          OH-72-B-220
REEVE, GABRIEL                         OH-72-A-70
REEVE, VOLNEY                          OH-72-A-181
REILLY, HUGH                           OH-72-C-10
REITZ, JOHN                            OH-72-C-269
REUTER, PHILIPP                        OH-72-C-319
REUTER, SUSANNA                        OH-72-C-402
RICE, LEONARD                          OH-72-B-72
RICHARDS, PETER                        OH-72-A-78
RICKEY, ISAAC                          OH-72-C-123
RIDDLEBARGER, JACOB                    OH-72-C-281
RIDER, NICHOLAS                        OH-72-C-516
ROBINSON, J. V.                        OH-72-C-171
ROTH, WILLIAM F.                       OH-72-C-437
ROUGH, MAGDALEN                        OH-72-C-455
ROUSE, REASON                          OH-72-A-108
RUSSEL, CHRISTIAN                      OH-72-B-204
SADS, FREDERICK H.                     OH-72-C-588
SALESBERRY, JAMES                      OH-72-C-329
SALLADAY, DAVID                        OH-72-A-78
SALLADAY, GEORGE                       OH-72-C-19
SALLADAY, PHILIP                       OH-72-A-44
SALTER, WILLIAM                        OH-72-C-599
SANDES, JOSIAH                         OH-72-C-441
SCARBOROUGH, JOHN                      OH-72-A-43
SCARBOROUGH, MARY                      OH-72-B-148
SCOTT, JAMES                           OH-72-C-555
SEAL, GEORGE                           OH-72-C-149
SEARL, NATHANIEL                       OH-72-B-182
SEARL, WYATT C.                        OH-72-B-239
SEATON, SAMUEL                         OH-72-C-344
SEIDENBACH, LEHMAN                     OH-72-C-84
SEILING, FREDERICK                     OH-72-C-431
SETH, FRANCIS                          OH-72-C-61
SHACKFORD, JOSIAH                      OH-72-A-97
SHAFFER, JOSEPH                        OH-72-C-69
SHAULEY, JAMES                         OH-72-C-595
SHEWARD, JAMES                         OH-72-A-50
SHOPE, W.                              OH-72-C-244
SHUMWAY, ESTHER                        OH-72-B-153
SILL, MARY                             OH-72-B-40
SKELTON, JOHN                          OH-72-B-249
SKELTON, SAMUEL                        OH-72-B-215
SLAVENS, STEWART                       OH-72-C-597
SLOAN, SAMUEL                          OH-72-C-562
SLOCUM, MARTIN                         OH-72-C-336
SMILEY, FRANCIS M.                     OH-72-C-25
SMILEY, NATHANIEL                      OH-72-B-118
SMITH, ABREHAM                         OH-72-C-101
SMITH, ILBOURNE                        OH-72-B-3
SMITH, ISAIH W. K.                     OH-72-C-501
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-72-A-66
SMITH, JOHN                            OH-72-B-11
SMITH, JOSEPH                          OH-72-C-343
SNYDER, WILLIAM M.                     OH-72-C-175
SOLYMAN, CHRIST.                       OH-72-C-192
SPANGLE, HENRY                         OH-72-A-54
SPRIGGS, LEWIS                         OH-72-A-195
SQUIRS, SAMUEL                         OH-72-A-142
STAR, EMANUEL                          OH-72-C-283
STARK, FRANK                           OH-72-C-590
STEFF, CHRISTIAN                       OH-72-A-100
STEIVERT, WILLIAM                      OH-72-C-484
STEPP, CHRISTIAN                       OH-72-C-223
STEWART, JOHN                          OH-72-B-47
STOCKHAM, WILLIAM                      OH-72-A-51
STORER, DAVID                          OH-72-B-115
STROUBE, A. J.                         OH-72-C-292
STROUBE,ELEANOR S.                     OH-72-C-447
STURGEON, JOHN R.                      OH-72-C-53
STVRINIER, PIERRE                      OH-72-C-551
SUMPSON, RALPH                         OH-72-C-573
SUTTER, GEORGE                         OH-72-C-476
SWAIM, G. W.                           OH-72-C-57
SWAM, JAMES                            OH-72-C-350
SYFRED, AGATHE                         OH-72-C-485
TAYLOR, JAMES                          OH-72-B-125
TAYLOR, JAMES                          OH-72-B-9
TEALY, PETER                           OH-72-B-38
THOMAS, JOSEPH                         OH-72-C-382
THOMPSON, RESS                         OH-72-B-202
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      OH-72-B-8
THORNTON, J. H.                        OH-72-B-37
TIMBROOK, JAMES                        OH-72-C-271
TIMMONDS, SAMUEL S.                    OH-72-C-242
TITUS, SAMUEL                          OH-72-B-247
TRACY, CHARLES P.                      OH-72-C-494
TRACY, S. M.                           OH-72-B-206
TRETCH, JOHN                           OH-72-C-256
TRIGGS, WILLIAM                        OH-72-C-258
TURNER, JOHN R.                        OH-72-B-234
URQUHART, ROBERT                       OH-72-C-46
VASTINE, JOHN                          OH-72-A-140
VINCENT, ANTHONY C.                    OH-72-B-25
VIRGIN, RACHEL                         OH-72-A-90
VULGAMORE, EVELIN                      OH-72-C-388
VULGAMORE, JESSE M.                    OH-72-C-315
WAGONER, FRANCIS                       OH-72-B-185
WALTERS, CHRISTIAN                     OH-72-C-317
WARING, CLEMENT A.                     OH-72-C-297
WARING, JAMES E.                       OH-72-C-345
WARRING, CLEMENT H.                    OH-72-B-243
WELCH, JOHN                            OH-72-A-146
WELLS, E. H.                           OH-72-C-386
WELLS, RICHARD                         OH-72-C-261
WELLS, TIMOTHY                         OH-72-A-112
WESCOAT, ISAAC                         OH-72-B-96
WESTWOOD, DANIEL                       OH-72-C-417
WHITCOMB,D ANIEL F.                    OH-72-B-43
WHITE, ALBERT                          OH-72-C-240
WHITE, JOSEPH                          OH-72-B-165
WHITE, ROWLAND                         OH-72-C-561
WHITE, URIAH                           OH-72-C-347
WHITEMAN, LEWIS                        OH-72-C-167
WIKINSON, SAMUEL SCOTT                 OH-72-A-63
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                        OH-72-A-69
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         OH-72-B-42
WILLIAMSON, MARTHA                     OH-72-A-124
WILLIAMSON, THOMAS                     OH-72-C-511
WILLISTON, EBENEZER                    OH-72-B-70
WILSON, AMY                            OH-72-B-112
WILSON, JAEMS                          OH-72-B-1
WILSON, JAMES SR.                      OH-72-A-69
WINTERBURN, SAMUEL                     OH-72-C-557
WOLFORD, EARHARD                       OH-72-B-237
WOOD, A. T.                            OH-72-C-379
WOOD, CORNELIA B.                      OH-72-C-121
WOOD, ELLEN                            OH-72-C-119
WOOD, GEORGE                           OH-72-C-565
WOODRING, JACOB                        OH-72-B-179
WOODRING, JOSEPH                       OH-72-A-114
WORLEY, ANTHONY                        OH-72-A-65
WORLEY, ISAAC                          OH-72-A-167
WORLEY, JOHN                           OH-72-A-179
WORLEY, JOSEPH                         OH-72-C-273
WRIGHT, JOHN                           OH-72-C-491
WYNN, WILLIAM H.                       OH-72-B-187
YEALY, EPTER                           OH-72-B-38

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