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ABBOTT, JONATHAN                       OH-73-2-186
ADAMS, JACOB                           OH-73-1-170
ALLDEEFER, FREDERICK                   OH-73-2-135
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         OH-73-2-285
AMWAY, WILLIAM                         OH-73-2-598
AMWAY, WILLIAM                         OH-73-1-254
ANDRE, JACOB                           OH-73-2-86
ANDREW, DAVID                          OH-73-2-392
AREND, PETER                           OH-73-2-544
ASH, JACOB                             OH-73-2-79
AUGUSTINE, GEORGE                      OH-73-1-210
AULBACH, PETER                         OH-73-2-414
BAILEY, ELIZABETH                      OH-73-2-578
BAKER, JOHN                            OH-73-1-128
BAKER, SUSAN                           OH-73-2-118
BAKER, THOMAS J.                       OH-73-2-613
BATSON, EDWARD                         OH-73-1-26
BEACHAM, JOHN M.                       OH-73-2-389
BEARS, GEORGE                          OH-73-2-47
BENNITT, HENRY S.                      OH-73-2-91
BENTLEY, THOMAS H.                     OH-73-2-573
BERGER, GEORGE                         OH-73-1-124
BERKEY, JOHN                           OH-73-2-459
BERNARD, MALACHI                       OH-73-2-5
BIBLER, JACOB                          OH-73-2-252
BIGHAM, WILLIAM                        OH-73-1-123
BISHOP, RUFUS                          OH-73-2-60
BLODGT, RUFUS A.                       OH-73-2-170
BLOOM, JOHN                            OH-73-1-62
BOEHLER, JOSEPH                        OH-73-2-83
BOOROM, ISAIAH                         OH-73-1-164
BORER, BARTHOLOMEW                     OH-73-2-202
BORN, PETER                            OH-73-2-462
BORTSFORD, JONATHAN                    OH-73-2-589
BOUCHER, JACOB                         OH-73-2-84
BOWER, GEORGE                          OH-73-2-475
BOWER, MARY ANN                        OH-73-2-268
BOWSER, JOHN                           OH-73-1-46
BOWSER, MAGDALENA                      OH-73-2-341
BOYD, THOMAS                           OH-73-1-247
BOYER, HANNAH                          OH-73-1-221
BOYER, HENRY                           OH-73-2-41
BOYER, THOMAS                          OH-73-1-31
BRADLEY, EDWARD P.                     OH-73-2-231
BRASS, HENRY                           OH-73-2-237
BRENAMEN, WILLIAM                      OH-73-1-75
BREWER, ELIZABETH M.                   OH-73-2-429
BREWER, N. L.                          OH-73-2-441
BREYMAN, JOHN C.                       OH-73-2-550
BRINKERHOFF, JAMES                     OH-73-1-29
BRONG, JACOB                           OH-73-2-432
BROOKS, ELIJAH                         OH-73-2-458
BROOSENBARK, GEORGE                    OH-73-2-516, 546
BROSNER, JOSEPH                        OH-73-2-481
BROWN, ANN ELIZA                       OH-73-1-141, 152
BROWN, BENJAMIN L.                     OH-73-2-561
BRUNER, PETER                          OH-73-1-33
BRUSH, JOHN T.                         OH-73-1-93
BURGESS, WILLIAM SR.                   OH-73-2-8
BURROWS, JAMES                         OH-73-2-77
BUTTLER, JOEL                          OH-73-2-25
CALLANON, JOHN                         OH-73-1-98
CARNEG, EDWARD L.                      OH-73-2-349
CASALE, JOSEPH                         OH-73-1-79
CHURCH, DANIEL                         OH-73-2-377
CLAGGETT, ELIZA                        OH-73-2-234
CLAPPER, JOSEPH                        OH-73-2-543
CLARK, ELIZABETH                       OH-73-2-395
CLARK, MATHEW                          OH-73-2-283
CLARK, SAMUEL                          OH-73-1-5
CLARK, WILLIAM                         OH-73-2-375
CLAY, MATHIAS                          OH-73-1-84
CLEMENS, DANIEL                        OH-73-2-494
COE, JOHN SOUDER                       OH-73-2-400
COLE, JOHN                             OH-73-1-304
COLE, STEPHEN                          OH-73-1-215
COLONEY, SARAH                         OH-73-2-591
CORRIGAN, PETER                        OH-73-2-199
CORY, JEMINA                           OH-73-1-41
CRABBS, JAMES M.                       OH-73-2-378, 392
CRABILL, CHRISTIAN                     OH-73-1-130
CRAIG, JOHN                            OH-73-2-437
CRAWMER, JOHN                          OH-73-1-2
CREIGER, URIAH                         OH-73-2-61
CROCKETT, SCOTT                        OH-73-2-357
CROMER, JOHN                           OH-73-2-40
CRONKITE, TUNIS                        OH-73-1-114
CROSBY, L. F.                          OH-73-2-507
CRUM, GEORGE                           OH-73-1-7
CRUMBACHER, MARGARET                   OH-73-1-177
CULVER, BENJAMIN                       OH-73-1-85
CULVER, DAVID                          OH-73-1-3
CUMMINS, MATHIAS                       OH-73-1-102
CURRENCE, SAMUEL                       OH-73-1-136
DAVIS, JOHN                            OH-73-1-218
DECKER, HENRY                          OH-73-1-77
DECKER, JACOB                          OH-73-2-88
DENICK, RICHARD                        OH-73-2-603
DENNISON, GEORGE                       OH-73-2-165
DENZEV, GEORGE                         OH-73-2-194
DERR, THOMAS                           OH-73-1-187
DEWALD, JOHN                           OH-73-2-6
DITTO, JOHN                            OH-73-2-128
DOUGHERTY, PETER                       OH-73-1-10
DOWNS, JOHN                            OH-73-1-225
DOWSE, WILLIAM                         OH-73-1-68
DRAKE, POLLY                           OH-73-2-292
DRESBACK, ELY                          OH-73-2-120
DROWN, SOLOMON                         OH-73-2-316
DUDROW, ELIZABETH                      OH-73-2-247
DUKES, ANDREW                          OH-73-2-150
DURM, CHARLES                          OH-73-1-280
DUTRO, DAVID F.                        OH-73-1-213
EARLE, MATHEW                          OH-73-2-231
EASTMAN, JAMES T.                      OH-73-1-278
EATON, GEORGE                          OH-73-1-265
ELLIOTT, ZADOCK                        OH-73-2-453
ESSELBAUGH, JACOB                      OH-73-2-466
ETCHEN, NICHOLAS                       OH-73-2-116
EVERSOLE, PETER                        OH-73-2-37
FALTER, PHILIP                         OH-73-1-301
FECK, JOHN                             OH-73-2-89
FIKE, PETER                            OH-73-1-242
FISHER, STEPHEN                        OH-73-2-291
FISHER, STEVEN                         OH-73-2-534, 537
FLACK, ADAM                            OH-73-2-190
FLACK, GEORGE                          OH-73-1-19
FLACK, JOHN L.                         OH-73-1-69
FLEMING, JACOB                         OH-73-1-234
FOX, DAVID                             OH-73-1-43
FOX, MICHAEL                           OH-73-1-36
FOX, RHODOLPHUS                        OH-73-1-11
FREE, FREDERICK                        OH-73-1-126
FREE, GEORGE                           OH-73-1-266
FREEMAN, STEPHEN                       OH-73-1-24
FREES, JOHN                            OH-73-1-16
FREEZE, PERRY A.                       OH-73-2-343
FRY, M. B.                             OH-73-2-152
GALT, WILLIAM                          OH-73-1-99
GARDNER, SALLY                         OH-73-2-229
GARRETSON, DANIEL                      OH-73-1-312
GASSMAN, JOHN F.                       OH-73-2-574
GERMAN, CONRAD                         OH-73-1-154
GETTINGER, DANIEL                      OH-73-2-261
GIBHART, HANNAH                        OH-73-2-625
GIBSON, JOHN                           OH-73-2-68
GINGARY, EMANUEL                       OH-73-2-67
GLAZE, JOHN                            OH-73-2-21
GLICK, JOHN                            OH-73-2-249
GOOD, JOHN                             OH-73-2-486
GREIVELDINGER, S. R.                   OH-73-2-193
GRIFFIN, JANE                          OH-73-1-196
GRIFFITH, JOHN                         OH-73-2-563
GROSSCROP, MAGDALENA                   OH-73-2-59
GUIOT, JOHN                            OH-73-2-289
GUNWORTH, IMMANUEL                     OH-73-1-203
HADE, DALLAS H.                        OH-73-2-560
HAINES, CATHERINE                      OH-73-2-527
HALL, EUNICE                           OH-73-2-298
HALL, HENRY F.                         OH-73-2-344, 399
HALL, WILLIAM L.                       OH-73-2-36
HANDLEY, CATHERINE                     OH-73-2-94
HANDLEY, ELIAS                         OH-73-2-495, 546
HANDLEY, ELLEN                         OH-73-2-33
HANDLEY, JOHN                          OH-73-2-264
HANDLEY, MARGARET                      OH-73-2-490
HARMAN, GEORGE                         OH-73-1-292
HARMON, PHILIP A.                      OH-73-2-411
HASLEY, PHILIP                         OH-73-1-209
HAVENS, EBEN                           OH-73-2-96
HAWK, RUBEN                            OH-73-2-537, 564
HEATON, AARON                          OH-73-1-178
HEDDEN, WILLIAM H. H.                  OH-73-2-478
HEDGES, ISAAC                          OH-73-1-119
HEDGES, JOSIAH                         OH-73-2-359, 374
HEDGES, JOSIAH I.                      OH-73-1-286
HENDEREYGER, JOHN GEORGE               OH-73-2-415
HENNESSEY, PHILIP                      OH-73-2-297
HENNNESSEY, WILLIAM                    OH-73-2-442
HERGENTHALER, GODFREY                  OH-73-2-238
HESSENAUER, JACOB                      OH-73-1-277
HEWITT, SOLOMON                        OH-73-1-207
HILL, JAMES W.                         OH-73-1-59
HIRTH, MICHAEL                         OH-73-1-244
HITT, WILLIAM                          OH-73-2-106
HOFSAESY, PETER                        OH-73-2-314
HOLLIS, JOSEPH                         OH-73-2-203
HOLLOPETER, ANDREW                     OH-73-1-197
HOLTZ, JACOB                           OH-73-2-418, 431
HOMER, JACOB                           OH-73-1-200
HOPKINS, EPPENTUS                      OH-73-1-1
HOUGH, DANIEL                          OH-73-2-1
HUBER, ELIZABETH                       OH-73-2-156
HUFF, SAMUEL P.                        OH-73-2-444
HUFFMAN, JOHN                          OH-73-2-73
HUFFMAN, LOUIS                         OH-73-2-607
HUNTER, SAMUEL                         OH-73-2-380
HUSON, AFFALONER                       OH-73-2-436
INGLE, ISAAC                           OH-73-1-40
JACKSON, DANIEL                        OH-73-1-269
JACOBS, JACOB                          OH-73-1-294
JAECK, FREDERICK                       OH-73-2-275
JENKINS, BENJAMIN                      OH-73-1-56
JENNINGS, JACOB S.                     OH-73-2-300
JOERGER, GEORGE                        OH-73-2-581
JONES, ELISHA                          OH-73-1-250
JONES, WILLIAM S.                      OH-73-1-212
JOPP, DANIEL H.                        OH-73-2-3
JULEIN, JOHN                           OH-73-2-71
KARNS, REUBEN                          OH-73-1-264
KEEF, JAMES                            OH-73-2-235
KEFFER, MAGDALENA                      OH-73-2-610
KEIF, PATRICK                          OH-73-2-366
KELLY, ELIZAR O.                       OH-73-1-310
KERN, JACOB                            OH-73-2-138
KERRISK, THOMAS                        OH-73-1-241
KIMMETT, BARBARA                       OH-73-2-257
KINZERS, JOHN                          OH-73-2-367
KIRCHNER, HENRY                        OH-73-1-121
KLAIR, HENRY                           OH-73-1-217
KLINE, GEORGE                          OH-73-2-54
KLINE, MICHAEL                         OH-73-2-487
KLINGAMAN, JOHN                        OH-73-2-63
KONRAD, ADAM A.                        OH-73-1-87
KOPF, JOHN                             OH-73-2-576
KOPP, VALENTINE                        OH-73-2-85
KOPPLER, JACOB                         OH-73-1-260
KREMER, PETER                          OH-73-1-194
KUTZ, LYDIA                            OH-73-2-511
LAMBERSON, DANIEL                      OH-73-2-104
LANG, DAVID                            OH-73-2-385
LARISH, ENOCH                          OH-73-2-319
LAUGHEY, ANDREW                        OH-73-2-281
LEE, COLENDER                          OH-73-2-313
LEE, LEMUEL SR.                        OH-73-1-308
LEHMAN, NICHOLAS                       OH-73-2-554
LEINHART, IGNATIUS                     OH-73-2-587
LEMMON, BENJIMAN                       OH-73-2-48
LEWIS, GEORGE R.                       OH-73-2-203
LEY, JOSEPH                            OH-73-2-346, 394
LIEBER, HARL                           OH-73-2-273
LIVERS, JOHN A.                        OH-73-1-73
LONG, MICHAEL                          OH-73-2-406
LOOMIS, RUEL                           OH-73-2-81
LOVE, ANDREW                           OH-73-1-100
LYONS, REUBEN D.                       OH-73-1-74
MANN, VALENTINE                        OH-73-1-282
MARQUES, JAMES                         OH-73-2-276
MARSHALL, GEORGE                       OH-73-2-255
MARTIN, JACOB                          OH-73-2-117
MARTIN, JOHN                           OH-73-2-605
MARTIN, LAMBERT                        OH-73-2-309
MARTIN, MARGARET                       OH-73-2-272
MARTIN, NATHAN                         OH-73-2-514
MARVIN, HANNAH                         OH-73-1-151
MARVIN, HANNAH                         OH-73-1-116
MASON, CORNELIUS                       OH-73-2-520
MCCARTNEY, CHARLES                     OH-73-2-569
MCCARTNEY, HENRY                       OH-73-1-105
MCCLELLAND, JOSEPH                     OH-73-2-421
MCCLELLAND, S. C.                      OH-73-2-512, 547
MCCLUNG, JAMES                         OH-73-1-238
MCDANIEL, JAMES W.                     OH-73-1-112
MCHENRY, SILAS                         OH-73-2-491
MCKEE, SARAH                           OH-73-1-14
MCKIBBEN, JAMES                        OH-73-2-498, 509
MCKIBBEN, SARAH                        OH-73-2-528
MCKIBBEN, WILLIAM                      OH-73-2-294
MCMILLAN, SALLY                        OH-73-2-288
MCNAMEE, CHARLES                       OH-73-2-352
MELIO, MARCELLA                        OH-73-2-15
MERGENTHALER, CHRISTINA M.             OH-73-2-617
MERGENTHALER, GODFREY                  OH-73-2-238
MERGENTHALER, JACOB                    OH-73-1-94
MEYER, JACOB                           OH-73-2-503
MEYER, JACOB                           OH-73-1-224
MICHAELS, THORTON                      OH-73-2-547
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-73-2-122
MITTOWER, ANDREW                       OH-73-1-45
MITTOWER, DOROTHA                      OH-73-2-595
MOE, HUSTED                            OH-73-2-480
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                    OH-73-1-8
MORTON, J. MORTON                      OH-73-1-64
MYER, GEORGE                           OH-73-1-78
MYER, JACOB                            OH-73-2-55
MYERS, JACOB                           OH-73-1-273
MYERS, WILLIAM                         OH-73-2-11
NEIHARTS, JONAS                        OH-73-2-10
NEISS, DANIEL                          OH-73-2-627
NEWMIN, IGNATZ                         OH-73-2-318
NICK, PETER                            OH-73-2-404, 408
NOI, MICHAEL                           OH-73-2-270
NORRIS, WILLIAM                        OH-73-2-126
NUSEBAUM, WILLIAM                      OH-73-2-409
OGDEN, GILBERT J.                      OH-73-1-184
OSTERHOUT, GEORGE                      OH-73-2-384
OSTERHOUT, MARY JANE                   OH-73-2-499
OSWALTS, JACOB                         OH-73-1-38
OWEN, NATHANIEL                        OH-73-1-245
PARKER, JOHN B.                        OH-73-2-182
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     OH-73-1-257
PEAKE, NATHAN                          OH-73-2-131
PEARCE, GILES                          OH-73-2-369
PENCE, HENRY                           OH-73-2-80
PENNINGTON, ADAM                       OH-73-1-275
PERKINS, CAROLINE                      OH-73-2-443
PEW, SAMUEL                            OH-73-2-100, 108
PIPER, EDWARD                          OH-73-2-43
PITTINGER, JOHN                        OH-73-2-333
PORTER, JAMES                          OH-73-2-567
PRICE, HIRAM                           OH-73-1-252
PRICE, SAMUEL                          OH-73-2-390, 392
QUINN, JAMES                           OH-73-2-398
RANDALL, THOMAS                        OH-73-1-34
RAYMOND, GEORGE                        OH-73-1-192
REED, JOHN                             OH-73-2-51
REISS, JOHN                            OH-73-2-584
RETTIG, NICHOLAS                       OH-73-2-137
RHOAD, BARBARA                         OH-73-2-535
RHOAD, FREDERICK                       OH-73-2-483
RICHIE, MARIA B.                       OH-73-1-22
RIDER, JACOB                           OH-73-2-529
RIES, JACOB                            OH-73-1-229
RINEBOLD, JOHN                         OH-73-2-161
RINEMAN, JOHN                          OH-73-2-184
ROBENALT, SOLOMON                      OH-73-2-592
RODGERS, STEPHEN                       OH-73-1-198
ROLIENS, WILLIAM                       OH-73-1-205
ROLLER, JOHN GEORGE                    OH-73-2-452
ROSS, JOSEPH                           OH-73-2-619
RUF, MATHIAS                           OH-73-2-553
RUNDELL, WILLIAM                       OH-73-2-33
RUSSELL, ROBERT                        OH-73-2-434
SAUL, GEORGE                           OH-73-2-17
SCHILLER, JACOB                        OH-73-2-99
SCHIRGER, GEORGE                       OH-73-2-133
SCHLUPP, MARIA ANN                     OH-73-1-263
SCHNEIDER, BARBARA                     OH-73-2-35
SCHOCK, BENJIMAN                       OH-73-2-175
SCHOCK, GEORGE SR.                     OH-73-1-271
SCHUMAKER, HENRY                       OH-73-2-232
SCOTT, JAMES M.                        OH-73-1-132
SCOTT, SAMUEL A.                       OH-73-1-146
SEARLES, JOHN                          OH-73-1-166
SENDLEBACK, JOSEPH                     OH-73-2-609
SENN, JOHN                             OH-73-1-144
SERREL, JOHN                           OH-73-2-306
SHATTNECK, JACOB W.                    OH-73-2-280
SHAWL, MARTIN                          OH-73-1-174
SHEDENHELM, GEORGE                     OH-73-2-93
SHELL, AMBROSE                         OH-73-2-450
SHELLAR, JOHN                          OH-73-1-182
SHELLERS, HENRY                        OH-73-2-196
SHERK, ABRAHAM                         OH-73-2-524
SHINDLER, ANTHONY                      OH-73-2-57
SHUBAUCK, JACOB                        OH-73-2-541
SIMONIS, PETER                         OH-73-1-91
SIREN, NICHOLAS                        OH-73-2-154
SIX, JOHN H.                           OH-73-2-188
SKEELS, BENJIMAN                       OH-73-2-423
SKEELS, SILAS                          OH-73-2-509
SLAUGHTER, JAMES                       OH-73-1-171
SLOSSER, GEORGE                        OH-73-1-148
SMITH, DAVID                           OH-73-2-97
SMITH, EBENEZER                        OH-73-2-582
SMITH, HENRY                           OH-73-2-623
SMITH, MARTIN                          OH-73-2-242
SMITH, OWEN                            OH-73-2-427
SMITH, ROBERT D.                       OH-73-1-307
SMITH, STEPHEN S.                      OH-73-2-259
SMITH, TIMOTHY                         OH-73-2-113
SMITH, WILLIAM                         OH-73-1-306
SMITH, WILLIAM B.                      OH-73-2-214
SNYDER, ANN MARIA                      OH-73-2-417
SNYDER, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-73-2-305
SNYDER, DAVID                          OH-73-2-52
SNYDER, JOHN                           OH-73-2-173
SNYDER, PHILIP                         OH-73-2-596
SORG, ADAM                             OH-73-2-532
SOUDER, DAVID                          OH-73-1-159
SOUDER, DELILAH                        OH-73-2-382
SOUDER, JACOB                          OH-73-2-225
SOUDER, MARTHA                         OH-73-2-180
SOUTTER, CHARLES                       OH-73-2-159
SPENGLER, JOHN                         OH-73-2-612
SPRONK, JOHN                           OH-73-2-19
STARKEY, JESSE                         OH-73-1-66
STECKEL, EDWARD                        OH-73-2-557
STEELE, JAMES                          OH-73-1-295
STEM, JACOB                            OH-73-2-470
STEVENS, BENJAMIN                      OH-73-1-297
STINEBAUGH, PHILIP                     OH-73-1-18
STING, JOHANNES GEORGE                 OH-73-1-285
STONE, JESSE                           OH-73-2-322
STONER, JOHN                           OH-73-2-222
STRAUSBAUGH, GEORGE                    OH-73-2-165
SWANDER, JOHN                          OH-73-2-402
SWANDER, JOSEPH                        OH-73-2-30
SWIGART, GEOREG                        OH-73-2-240
TABER, ALANSON                         OH-73-2-44
TABOR, WILLIAM H.                      OH-73-1-161
TEARE, THOMAS                          OH-73-1-108
THATCHER, JAMES                        OH-73-1-60
THAYER, ASAHEL                         OH-73-1-163
THEISON, PETER                         OH-73-2-548
TINTOMAN, ISAAC                        OH-73-2-565
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                      OH-73-2-75
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                      OH-73-1-290
TRAILL, MARY                           OH-73-2-340
TSWING, HENRY                          OH-73-1-140
TURNER, ELIZA C.                       OH-73-2-312
UMSTED, AARON                          OH-73-1-175
UMSTED, ENOCH                          OH-73-1-89
UNSER, JACOB                           OH-73-2-307
VANFLEET, WILLIAM                      OH-73-1-138
VANHORN, SAMUEL T.                     OH-73-1-202
VELLNAGLE, JULIUS                      OH-73-1-81
VICTOR, HENRY                          OH-73-1-299
WAGGONER, GEORGE                       OH-73-1-54
WALES, JOHN                            OH-73-2-61
WARNEMENT, AUGUSTUS                    OH-73-2-286
WATSON, JAMES B.                       OH-73-2-243
WEBB, NATHANIEL                        OH-73-2-337
WEHRLE, XAVIER                         OH-73-2-191
WELDY, MICHAEL                         OH-73-2-448
WHITE, ALDEN S.                        OH-73-2-518
WHITE, ELIZABETH                       OH-73-2-31
WHITEMAN, ABRAHAM                      OH-73-1-231
WHITEMAN, SAMUEL                       OH-73-2-38
WHITSEL, DANIEL                        OH-73-2-303
WILSON, ENOCH                          OH-73-2-412
WILSON, JAMES                          OH-73-1-134
WING, POLLY                            OH-73-2-521
WININGER, JACOB                        OH-73-1-183
WISE, JOHN                             OH-73-1-27
WITZ, JOHN                             OH-73-2-56
WOLFE, JOHN                            OH-73-2-396
WOLFORD, GEORGE W.                     OH-73-2-447
WONDERLY, AGATHA                       OH-73-2-579
WONDERLY, JOSEPH                       OH-73-2-463
WRIGHT, DENNISON                       OH-73-2-29
WRIGHT, ELI                            OH-73-1-110
WULLENSCHNEIDER, JOHN                  OH-73-2-456
WYCOFF, HENRY                          OH-73-1-82
YINGST, ELIABETH                       OH-73-2-468
YODER, ADAM                            OH-73-2-354
YOUNKER, JOSEPH                        OH-73-2-22
YOUNKER, SAMUEL S.                     OH-73-2-539
ZELLER, WILLIAM                        OH-73-2-593
ZEPERNICH, DANIEL                      OH-73-1-51
ZIES, GDOFREY                          OH-73-2-266
ZIMMER, JACOB                          OH-73-2-465
ZWING, HENRY                           OH-73-1-140

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