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ABER, DAVID                             OH-75-A-96
ACKERMAN, JOHN                          OH-75-B-158
AGLERS, WILLIAM                         OH-75-B-445
AKE, FRANCIS                            OH-75-B-419
AKE, MARTIN                             OH-75-A-152
ALEXANDER, THOMAS                       OH-75-B-202
ALLMAN, EBENEZER                        OH-75-B-22
ALTMAN, JACOB                           OH-75-A-212
AMON, ISAAC                             OH-75-A-304
ANDREWS, RICHARD                        OH-75-A-75
ANDREWS, WILLIAM                        OH-75-A-298
ANSBAUGH, CATHERINE                     OH-75-A-226
ANSBAUGH, GEORGE                        OH-75-A-191
APLY, MICHAEL                           OH-75-B-275
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                       OH-75-A-38
AULTMAN, CATHARINE                      OH-75-A-67
BACHTEL, ISAAC                          OH-75-B-336
BAER, AARON                             OH-75-B-61
BAIR, HENRY                             OH-75-B-172
BAIR, RUDOLPH                           OH-75-A-32
BAIR, RUDOLPH JR.                       OH-75-A-154
BALNEY, JACOB                           OH-75-B-348
BANKS, THOMAS R.                        OH-75-B-408
BAUM, PETER                             OH-75-A-86
BEACHTLE, JACOB                         OH-75-A-4
BEAN, WILLIAM                           OH-75-B-239
BEANS, WILLIAM                          OH-75-B-239
BEANSIGNEW, NOEL                        OH-75-B-221
BEAR, JOHN                              OH-75-B-446
BECKER, HENRY                           OH-75-B-420
BEGHTELL, DAVID                         OH-75-B-191
BENTZ, FRANCIS A.                       OH-75-B-98
BETZ, GEORGE                            OH-75-B-245
BILE, FREDERICK                         OH-75-B-331
BINNEY, AMOS                            OH-75-B-427
BIXLER, JACOB                           OH-75-B-335
BLATNER, MICHAEL                        OH-75-B-57
BOILES, DANIEL O.                       OH-75-B-19
BONSALL, ISAAC                          OH-75-B-66
BOSLER, PETER                           OH-75-A-333
BOUGHMAN, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-75-B-500
BOUGHMAN, JOHN                          OH-75-B-512
BOWERS, JOHN                            OH-75-B-147
BOWERS, MATHIAS                         OH-75-B-478
BOWERSMITH, DAVID                       OH-75-B-193
BOWMAN, JOHN                            OH-75-B-3
BOYERS, NANCY                           OH-75-B-524
BRANDON, JOSHUA                         OH-75-A-78
BRENTON, JOHN H.                        OH-75-B-402, 405
BROOKS, BERIAH                          OH-75-B-92
BROWN, ELEAZER                          OH-75-B-29
BROWN, HENRY                            OH-75-A-44
BROWN, WILLIAM                          OH-75-A-143
BROWN, WILLIAM                          OH-75-A-338
BUCHTLE, JOHN                           OH-75-A-365
BULL, HEZEKIAH                          OH-75-A-39
BURDEN, JOB                             OH-75-A-45
BURGER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-75-B-28
BUSHONG, JACOB                          OH-75-B-53
BUXTHAL, PHILIP                         OH-75-B-395
CABELL, JONATHAN                        OH-75-B-441
CAKE, JOHN                              OH-75-A-286
CAKE, MAGDALINE                         OH-75-B-243
CAMPBELL, PARKER                        OH-75-B-346
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       OH-75-A-9
CARL, PETER                             OH-75-B-223
CARNS, JOHN                             OH-75-B-518
CARR, JOSHUA                            OH-75-B-56
CARY, AMOS                              OH-75-B-494
CARZIER, ABRAHAM                        OH-75-B-361
CASSADAY, WILLIAM                       OH-75-B-370
CASTLEMAN, WILLIAM                      OH-75-A-231
CAUSBY, JACK                            OH-75-B-10
CHAMBERS, ELIZABETH                     OH-75-A-179
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH                         OH-75-A-356
CHAPMAN, THOMAS                         OH-75-A-168
CHIDESTER, EPHRAIM                      OH-75-A-17
CHRIST, JACOB                           OH-75-B-5
CHRISTMAS, WILLIAM                      OH-75-B-134
CHUBB, JOHN                             OH-75-B-463
CLAPPER, HENRY                          OH-75-B-145
CLAPPER, JULIAN                         OH-75-A-205
CLAPPER, MATHIAS                        OH-75-A-417
CLARK, GEORGE                           OH-75-B-11
COLE, HENRY                             OH-75-B-328
COOK, SAMUEL                            OH-75-B-470
COPELAND, SAMSON                        OH-75-B-316
CRAMER, MARIA                           OH-75-B-2784
CRAWFORD, ROBERT                        OH-75-B-114
CREIGHTON, JOHN                         OH-75-B-88
CROBARGER, JOHN                         OH-75-B-542
CROFFERT, JOSEPH                        OH-75-A-11
CULLER, JOSEPH                          OH-75-A-100
CUNOT, ANTHONY                          OH-75-B-502
DAUGHERTY, BARNEY                       OH-75-B-452
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           OH-75-B-522
DEARDORFF, HENRY                        OH-75-B-48
DEARDUFF, DAVID                         OH-75-A-146
DELAPLACE, JOHN F. M.                   OH-75-B-424
DENNIUS, PETER                          OH-75-B-20
DEWALT, VALENTINE                       OH-75-A-13
DEWALT, VALENTINE                       OH-75-B-511
DICKEY, MICHAEL                         OH-75-B-359
DICKS, DAVID                            OH-75-A-52
DILLON, DAVID                           OH-75-B-542
DOBSON, JOHN                            OH-75-B-506
DOWNS, JEREMIAH                         OH-75-B-128
EDINGTON, JOHN                          OH-75-A-1
EDINGTON, JOHN                          OH-75-A-208
EDWARDS, REBECCA                        OH-75-B-124
ELDREDGE, JAMES                         OH-75-A-10
ELDREDGE, JAMES                         OH-75-A-235
ELDRIDGE, WILLIAM                       OH-75-B-165
ELLIOTT, ISAAC                          OH-75-B-176
ELLIOTT, JOSEPH                         OH-75-B-144
ELSON, JOHN M.                          OH-75-A-51
ELSON, MARGARET                         OH-75-B-489
ELSON, SARAH                            OH-75-B-175
ESTEP, JAMES                            OH-75-B-17
EVERHART, GEORGE                        OH-75-B-307
EVERHART, MARY ANNE                     OH-75-A-282
FAHS, CHARLES                           OH-75-B-209
FAIR, FREDERICK                         OH-75-B-139
FASSITT, THOMS                          OH-75-B-130
FAULKS, MARY ANN                        OH-75-A-35
FETTROW, ANDREW                         OH-75-B-160
FILSON, THOMAS                          OH-75-A-52
FISH, PRESERVED                         OH-75-B-413
FISHER, ADAM                            OH-75-B-265
FITZSIMMONS, PATRICK                    OH-75-B-241
FLICKINGER, CHRISTIAN                   OH-75-A-24
FLICKINGER, JOSEPH                      OH-75-B-222
FLORY, MICHAEL                          OH-75-B-170
FOGLE, WILLIAM                          OH-75-B-480
FORD, PETER                             OH-75-B-425
FORNER, ELIZABETH                       OH-75-B-194
FORSYTHE, ROBERT                        OH-75-A-162, 200
FOSTER, PRIOR                           OH-75-B-315
FOUST, BENJAMIN                         OH-75-B-79
FRY, JOHN                               OH-75-B-168
FULTON, BENJAMIN                        OH-75-A-27
FULTON, JOHN                            OH-75-A-88
GALBRAITH, JOHN                         OH-75-B-204
GALL, GEORGE                            OH-75-B-380
GANS, JOHN                              OH-75-A-67
GARBER, DANIEL                          OH-75-B-102
GARDNER, WILTON                         OH-75-B-84
GASKILL, ISRAEL                         OH-75-B-399
GASKILL, NATHAN                         OH-75-B-262
GEHMAN, JOHN                            OH-75-B-259
GERMAN, JACOB                           OH-75-B-164
GILBERT, JOHN H.                        OH-75-B-355
GILBERT, JOSEPH                         OH-75-B-492
GILLEN, MARGARET                        OH-75-B-140
GINTHER, JOHN                           OH-75-B-393
GORGAS, JOSEPH                          OH-75-B-258
GOSSER, JOHN                            OH-75-B-82
GOULDING, ROBERT                        OH-75-B-481
GRAFFMILLER, MATHIAS                    OH-75-B-325
GREEN, FREELOVE                         OH-75-A-20
GREGORY, GEORGE                         OH-75-B-349
GROFF, JOSEPH                           OH-75-B-344
GROUNTZ, ADAM                           OH-75-A-48
HAHN, ELIZABETH                         OH-75-B-295
HAINES, JOSIAH                          OH-75-B-1
HALL, FRANCES                           OH-75-A-416
HALL, PARNAL                            OH-75-A-290
HALL, PARNEL                            OH-75-A-10
HAMILTON, JAMES                         OH-75-A-53
HAMLIN, CHARLES                         OH-75-A-138
HAMLIN, JOHN                            OH-75-B-143
HAMLIN, WILLIAM                         OH-75-B-36
HAMMAN, GEORGE                          OH-75-B-235
HANLINE, CORNELIUS                      OH-75-B-80
HANNA, SAMUEL                           OH-75-B-521
HARBSTER, FREDERICK                     OH-75-A-95
HARDMAN, JACOB                          OH-75-A-33
HARMAN, JOSEPH                          OH-75-B-369
HARRIS, JOSEPH W.                       OH-75-B-231
HARRIS, JOSEPH W.                       OH-75-B-231
HARSH, GEORGE                           OH-75-B-83
HARTMAN, JACOB                          OH-75-A-349
HARTONG, PHILIP                         OH-75-B-70
HATTON, AQUILLA                         OH-75-A-28
HAWK, WILLIAM                           OH-75-B-486
HEACOCK, JOSIAH                         OH-75-B-546
HEALD, NATHAN                           OH-75-B-125
HEISER, GEORGE                          OH-75-B-76
HENELINE, MARTIN                        OH-75-A-84
HENNIGE, JOHN                           OH-75-B-327
HENRY, JOHN                             OH-75-B-103
HERTZOG, PETER                          OH-75-B-471
HEWIT, JOHN                             OH-75-A-386
HEWITT, JOHN                            OH-75-A-15
HIBBETS, JAMES                          OH-75-B-72
HILL, SARAH                             OH-75-B-304
HINDERER, HENRY                         OH-75-B-332
HOBART, JOANNA L.                       OH-75-B-377
HOBSON, JOSEPH                          OH-75-B-117
HOCH, JACOB                             OH-75-B-74
HOEFFECHER, MICHAEL                     OH-75-B-142
HOGG, WILLIAM                           OH-75-B-278
HOLBEN, FREDERICK                       OH-75-B-451
HOLLABAUGH, PHILIP                      OH-75-B-149
HOLLINGER, JOHN                         OH-75-B-213
HOLLOWAY, AMOS                          OH-75-B-308
HOMMON, PHILIP                          OH-75-B-194
HOOPER, JANE D.                         OH-75-B-200
HOOPER, JOHN                            OH-75-B-197
HOOVER, WILLIAM                         OH-75-B-236
HOPPES, JACOB                           OH-75-B-525
HOSLER, JOSEPH                          OH-75-B-162
HOTTS, JACOB                            OH-75-B-248
HOUENSTINE, JACOB                       OH-75-B-105
HOULWICK, WENDEL                        OH-75-B-91
HOUSER, MARTIN                          OH-75-B-282
HOUTS, HENRY                            OH-75-B-187
HOY, CHARLES                            OH-75-B-38
HUMBERT, WILLIAM                        OH-75-B-411
HURFORD, THOMAS                         OH-75-B-86
HUTTON, WILLIAM                         OH-75-B-423
JOHNSON, ALEXANDER                      OH-75-B-253
JOHNSON, CALEB                          OH-75-B-440
JOHNSON, JOHN H.                        OH-75-B-154
JOHNSON, JOSEPH C.                      OH-75-B-285
JOHNSTON, BRITAN                        OH-75-A-7
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        OH-75-B-301
JOY, FRANCIS                            OH-75-A-62
KAUFFMAN, SAMUEL D.                     OH-75-B-547
KAUFFMAN, SOLOMON                       OH-75-B-366
KAUFMAN, NICHOLAS                       OH-75-B-521
KECK, HENRY                             OH-75-B-290
KEEHN, GEORGE                           OH-75-B-63
KEGENRICE, SAMUEL                       OH-75-B-357
KEIFER, JACOB                           OH-75-B-410
KENAGA, CHRISTIAN                       OH-75-B-271
KENEGY, JOSHUA SR.                      OH-75-B-318
KERCHSTEATER, LEONARD                   OH-75-A-49
KETTERER, FRANCIS                       OH-75-B-378
KILLE, CLAYTON                          OH-75-B-391
KIMMELL, JOSEPH                         OH-75-B-330
KISNER, HENRY                           OH-75-B-352
KITZMILLER, JOHN                        OH-75-B-537
KLEITZ, JACOB                           OH-75-B-387
KLINE, OBED H.                          OH-75-B-362
KLINGEL, GEORGE                         OH-75-B-388
KORTZ, JACOB                            OH-75-B-386
KOUHLMAN, JACOB                         OH-75-A-45
KRAEMER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-75-B-468
KRAHERBAHL, JOHN                        OH-75-B-367
KRALL, TOBIAS                           OH-75-B-490
KREBBS, JOHN                            OH-75-B-288
KREIGHBAUM, CATHERINE                   OH-75-A-413
KRIPLIVER, JOHN                         OH-75-B-407
KROFT, ABRAHAM                          OH-75-B-93
KROFT, MARGARET                         OH-75-B-113
KURTZ, JOHN                             OH-75-B-190
LAIGLE, JOHN GEORGE                     OH-75-B-350
LAIRD, WILLIAM                          OH-75-A-101
LATHROP, J. W.                          OH-75-B-23
LAUGHTIN, JAMES                         OH-75-A-76
LAUTZENHEISER, HENRY                    OH-75-B-483
LAWSON, ROBERT                          OH-75-B-107
LAYMAN, ANDREW                          OH-75-B-214
LEAMING, FURMAN                         OH-75-B-177
LEATHERMAN, PETER                       OH-75-A-246
LEE, JAMES                              OH-75-B-379
LEEZER, PETER                           OH-75-B-108
LEHR, JACOB                             OH-75-B-505
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          OH-75-B-18
LEYMAN, JOHN                            OH-75-B-42
LEYMILLER, JOHN                         OH-75-B-497
LICHTENWALTER, ABRAHAM                  OH-75-B-544
LIEBERSPERGER, DANIEL                   OH-75-B-371
LITTLE, ELIAS                           OH-75-B-505
LOEHR, HENRY                            OH-75-B-291
LOGUE, STEPHEN                          OH-75-A-47
LOUTZENHEISER, JACOB                    OH-75-A-165
LOWER, DANIEL                           OH-75-B-269
MACEUTERFER, GEORGE                     OH-75-A-42
MACHERMAN, LEWIS                        OH-75-B-27
MACY, MICAJAH                           OH-75-A-371
MAHER, DENNIS                           OH-75-B-51
MAINES, JESSE                           OH-75-B-57
MAKENTERFER, GEORGE                     OH-75-A-272
MALTERN, WILLIAM                        OH-75-B-252
MAPE, PATRICK                           OH-75-B-244
MARKLY, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-75-A-30
MARSH, EZEKIEL                          OH-75-B-155
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                        OH-75-B-343
MARTIN, GEORGE                          OH-75-B-263
MATHEWS, JOHN                           OH-75-A-159
MATHIAS, DANIEL                         OH-75-B-30
MCCADDEN, ANN                           OH-75-B-298
MCCORMICK, GEORGE                       OH-75-B-157
MCCREERY, JAMES                         OH-75-A-85
MCGOWAN, MICHAEL                        OH-75-A-203
MCKOWN, HENRY                           OH-75-B-55
MCNAMARA, HUGH                          OH-75-A-281
MCNAMARA, HUGH                          OH-75-A-46
MEEK, GEORGE                            OH-75-B-109
MEEK, SUSANNA                           OH-75-B-432
MENTRE, FRANCIS                         OH-75-B-58
METZ, JOSEPH                            OH-75-B-437
MEYER, ANDREW                           OH-75-B-454
MIFFLIN, ANNE                           OH-75-B-323
MIFFLIN, SAMUEL                         OH-75-B-321
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         OH-75-A-73
MILLER, BARBARA                         OH-75-B-216
MILLER, GEORGE                          OH-75-B-345
MILLER, GEORGE                          OH-75-B-541
MILLER, HENRY                           OH-75-B-122
MILLER, JAMES                           OH-75-B-16
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-75-B-453
MILLER, MICHAEL                         OH-75-A-18
MILLER, PETER                           OH-75-B-374
MILLIGAN, JOHN                          OH-75-B-73
MISHLER, JACOB                          OH-75-A-325
MOFFITT, JAMES                          OH-75-B-364
MONAGHAN, JAMES                         OH-75-B-535
MOREHEAD, ANDREW                        OH-75-B-47
MOREHEAD, JOHN                          OH-75-B-533
MORELEDGE, ROGER                        OH-75-B-438
MORRIS, ROBERT                          OH-75-B-260
MOSSER, DANIEL                          OH-75-B-34
MOWREY, PETER                           OH-75-B-416
MULLER, H. WILLIAM                      OH-75-B-457
MUMMA, JACOB                            OH-75-B-153
MURRY, MICHAEL                          OH-75-B-25
MUSLER, LUDWIG                          OH-75-B-148
MYERS, CHRISTOPHER                      OH-75-A-267
MYERS, JACOB D.                         OH-75-B-109
MYERS, JOHN                             OH-75-B-219
MYERS, JOSEPH                           OH-75-B-365
NASH, STEPHEN                           OH-75-B-382
NAVE, JOHN                              OH-75-B-152
NAVE, JOHN                              OH-75-A-429
NAVE, JOHN                              OH-75-A-82
NEELY, JONATHAN                         OH-75-A-57
NEIDIG, HENRY                           OH-75-B-376
NEIGHSADT, CONRAD                       OH-75-A-97
NEISWANGER, HENRY                       OH-75-B-188
NELSON, MOSES                           OH-75-B-320
NELSON, WILLIAM                         OH-75-A-243
NEWHOUSE, THOMAS                        OH-75-B-182
OBERLIN, JACOB                          OH-75-B-529
OBERLIN, JOHN                           OH-75-B-466
OLINGER, DANIEL                         OH-75-B-544
OPPERT, ANDREW                          OH-75-A-31
PALMER, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-75-B-422
PATTIT, PRISSILLI                       OH-75-A-39
PAULES, DANIEL                          OH-75-A-12
PEARSON, JOSEPH                         OH-75-B-119
PEART, JOHN                             OH-75-B-510
PENIX, WILLIAM                          OH-75-A-37
PENNOCK, C. ISAAC                       OH-75-B-484
PENNOCK, REBECCA                        OH-75-B-526
PENNOCK, WILLIAM                        OH-75-A-80
PERCH, GEORGE                           OH-75-B-400
PERO, MICHAEL                           OH-75-B-111
PHILIPS, JAMES                          OH-75-B-226
PIERRON, JOHN N.                        OH-75-B-401
PLATT, GEORGE B.                        OH-75-B-508
POHE, CHRISTOPHER                       OH-75-B-412
POLLYS, JONAS                           OH-75-B-516
PONTIUS, FREDERICK                      OH-75-B-460
POORMAN, GEORGE                         OH-75-B-405
POORMAN, JOHN                           OH-75-B-212
POORMAN, MATHIAS                        OH-75-B-210
PORTER, MOSES                           OH-75-A-28
RABER, CONRAD                           OH-75-A-54
READ, THOMAS                            OH-75-A-77
REED, MICHAEL                           OH-75-A-311
REICHART, MICHAEL                       OH-75-A-57
REILEY, JOHN                            OH-75-A-394
REILY, ANNA                             OH-75-A-54
RIDER, CHRISDENA                        OH-75-A-19
RIDER, CHRISTIAN                        OH-75-A-308
RITTER, JOHN                            OH-75-A-196
ROBERTS, ELISHA                         OH-75-A-321
ROBERTSON, HENRY                        OH-75-A-410
ROSS, ENOCH                             OH-75-A-66
ROTCH, CHARITY                          OH-75-A-69
ROTCH, THOMAS                           OH-75-A-60
SANNER, ADAM                            OH-75-B-408
SAPPINGTON, THOMAS                      OH-75-A-22, 362
SAVIOZ, MATHIAS                         OH-75-B-397
SAYLER, JOHN                            OH-75-B-78
SCHALLENBERGER, JOHN                    OH-75-B-238
SCHALLENBERGER, JOHN                    OH-75-B-238
SCHLOSSER, HENRY                        OH-75-A-36
SCHLOSSER, JOHN                         OH-75-A-58
SCHOVEN, THOMAS                         OH-75-B-268
SCOTT, ANDREW                           OH-75-B-360
SCOTT, JOHN                             OH-75-B-288
SEILER, JACOB                           OH-75-A-88
SELDERS, GEORGE                         OH-75-B-19
SELL, DAVID                             OH-75-B-115
SELL, JACOB                             OH-75-B-444
SELL, MARY                              OH-75-B-37
SHAFER, ANDREW                          OH-75-A-424
SHAFFER, FREDERICK                      OH-75-B-305
SHAFFER, JOHN                           OH-75-B-496
SHAW, JOHN                              OH-75-A-43
SHEARMAN, JOHN                          OH-75-B-351
SHELLENBERGER, JACOB                    OH-75-B-74
SHELLENBERGER, PETER                    OH-75-B-354
SHEPARD, JESSE                          OH-75-B-356
SHETLER, JOHN                           OH-75-A-81
SHIDLER, CATHARINE                      OH-75-B-123
SHIDLER, HENRY                          OH-75-B-333
SHILLING, JACOB                         OH-75-B-218
SHIVELY, CONRAD                         OH-75-B-531
SHIVELY, ELIZABETH                      OH-75-A-72
SHIVELY, JACOB                          OH-75-A-2
SHIVELY, JACOB                          OH-75-A-7
SHIVELY, JACOB                          OH-75-A-238
SHIVELY, ULRY                           OH-75-A-79
SHOOK, SIMON                            OH-75-B-5T2
SHORB, PETER                            OH-75-A-301
SHORB, PETER                            OH-75-A-5
SHOUR, CATHARINE                        OH-75-B-150
SHOURDS, JESSE                          OH-75-B-112
SILVER, DAVID                           OH-75-B-97
SIMINTON, THOMAS                        OH-75-B-54
SLANKER, DANIEL                         OH-75-B-215
SLOSSER, JACOB                          OH-75-A-257
SLUSSER, PHILIP                         OH-75-B-43
SLUTS, JOHN                             OH-75-A-94
SMITH, ETHAN                            OH-75-A-87
SMITH, EVE                              OH-75-B-368
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-75-B-206
SMITH, LEWIS                            OH-75-B-306
SMITH, MARY                             OH-75-B-69
SMITH, SARAH                            OH-75-B-266
SMITH,CONRAD                            OH-75-A-223
SNIDER, GEORGE                          OH-75-B-406
SNIDER, PETER                           OH-75-B-450
SNIVELY, JOSEPH                         OH-75-B-183
SNODGRASS, JAMES                        OH-75-B-311
SNYDER, NICHOLAS                        OH-75-A-21
SNYDER, NICHOLAS                        OH-75-A-380
SORTWELL, ALMON                         OH-75-B-224
SPEELMAN, CONRAD                        OH-75-B-185
SPITLER, WILLIAM                        OH-75-A-376
STAFFORD, ABEL                          OH-75-B-393
STANDS, LEONARD                         OH-75-A-342
STANTON, WILLIAM                        OH-75-A-1
STIDER, GEORGE                          OH-75-A-103
STOMBAUGH, JACOB                        OH-75-B-384
STONER, PETER                           OH-75-B-458
STUCKEY, SAMUEL                         OH-75-B-137
STULTZ, SAMUEL                          OH-75-B-389
STUMP, MICHAEL                          OH-75-B-297
SWAN, NICHOLAS D.                       OH-75-B-536
SWEANEY, WILLIAM                        OH-75-B-32
SWITZER, MICHAEL                        OH-75-A-184
TAYLOR, MARY                            OH-75-B-478
TEEPLE, ISAAC                           OH-75-B-254
TEETERS, JOHN                           OH-75-B-277
THOMAS, SAMUEL                          OH-75-A-41
THOMPSON, JOHN                          OH-75-A-210
THOMPSON, JOHN                          OH-75-A-14
THOMPSON, MARGERY                       OH-75-B-39
THORP, MOSES                            OH-75-B-156
TILTON, IRA                             OH-75-B-296
TOMBAUGH, GEORGE                        OH-75-A-90
TROWEL, THOMAS                          OH-75-B-104
TROXEL, PETER                           OH-75-B-504
TRUMP, JOHN                             OH-75-B-127
TRUMP, PETER                            OH-75-B-509
UNGER, GEORGE                           OH-75-B-300
VANDOESTAN, HERMAN                      OH-75-B-395
VELLMON, JACOB                          OH-75-B-491
VERRIER, THOMAS                         OH-75-B-380
VOGELGESONG, ISAAC                      OH-75-B-443
VOTHIER, FRANCOIS                       OH-75-B-256
VOTIN, JOHNP.                           OH-75-B-226
WAGONER, VALENTINE                      OH-75-B-390
WALKER, JACOB                           OH-75-B-328
WALLICK, GEORGE                         OH-75-B-426
WALTER, GEORGE                          OH-75-B-151
WARDEN, ROBERT                          OH-75-A-26
WARDON, ROBERT                          OH-75-A-399
WARE, TOBIAS                            OH-75-A-34
WARNER, GEORGE                          OH-75-A-99
WARSHLER, GEORGE                        OH-75-B-173
WATKINS, JAMES                          OH-75-B-251
WEARY, LEWIS                            OH-75-B-141
WEILER, JOSEPH                          OH-75-B-506
WEIMER, FREDERICK                       OH-75-B-208
WEIMER, PETER                           OH-75-A-92
WELLS, ABY                              OH-75-B-240
WELLS, RICE B.                          OH-75-B-217
WELTY, HENRY                            OH-75-B-293
WELTY, JOHN                             OH-75-B-472
WERSHLER, JACOB                         OH-75-B-45
WERTENBERGER, GEORGE                    OH-75-B-340
WESHLER, HENRY                          OH-75-A-5
WHEELER, HUNKING JR.                    OH-75-B-273
WHELER, DANIEL                          OH-75-B-439
WHISLER, ANDREW                         OH-75-B-326
WILLEMAN, JOHN                          OH-75-B-539
WILLETT, FLEMING                        OH-75-B-515
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-75-B-89
WINNER, GEORGE C.                       OH-75-B-383
WINTERS, J. W.                          OH-75-B-174
WINTRODE, HENRY                         OH-75-B-370
WIREBAUGH, JOHN                         OH-75-B-460
WISE, DANIEL                            OH-75-A-389
WISE, GEORGE                            OH-75-B-537
WISE, PETER                             OH-75-A-39
WITTIMAN, LEONARD                       OH-75-B-309
WOLF, GEORGE                            OH-75-B-514
WOLFF, JACOB                            OH-75-B-81
WOLFSBERGER, ANDREW                     OH-75-B-292
WOOD, THOMAS                            OH-75-B-534
WOOD, WILLIAM                           OH-75-B-433
WORLEY, JOHN                            OH-75-A-404
WORLEY, JOHN O.                         OH-75-A-23
WOST, JOHN                              OH-75-B-385
WULLICH, JOHN                           OH-75-B-464
WYRE, CHARLES                           OH-75-A-276
YANT, ABRAHAM                           OH-75-B-287
YORK, ELIZABETH                         OH-75-B-196
YOUNCHEE, JOHN                          OH-75-B-169
YOUNG, FREDERICK                        OH-75-B-302
YOUNG, LUDWICK                          OH-75-B-299
YOUSTZY, GEORGE                         OH-75-B-372
ZELL, MARY                              OH-75-B-37
ZERBY, JOHN                             OH-75-B-373
ZIELLEY, PETER M.                       OH-75-B-513

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