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ACKLEY, GIBBONS J.                      OH-76-1-230
ADDY, WILLIAM                           OH-76-1-101
AKIN, ELIZA                             OH-76-1-281
ALGEE, ALBERT                           OH-76-1-140
ALGEE, SARAH                            OH-76-1-334
ALLYN, GEORGE H.                        OH-76-1-427
ANDREW, EMMANUEL                        OH-76-1-100
ASHMAN, RUSSELL                         OH-76-1-86
AVERILL, EUNICE                         OH-76-1-94
BAILEY, ASAHEL                          OH-76-1-58
BALDWIN, AMOS                           OH-76-1-147
BALDWIN, BENJAMIN                       OH-76-1-189
BARBER, JARED B.                        OH-76-1-301
BARKER, LYDIA                           OH-76-1-232
BATTELL, JOSEPH                         OH-76-1-116
BEACH, REUBEN                           OH-76-1-179
BEACHMAN, EBENEZER S.                   OH-76-1-242
BEBEE, ABIGAIL                          OH-76-1-104
BECK, JOHN                              OH-76-1-393
BECKER, FRANCIS                         OH-76-1-460
BECKLEY, NOEL                           OH-76-1-480
BEECHER, ANN                            OH-76-1-462
BIDGOOD, WILLIAM                        OH-76-1-153
BIGALOW, JOHN                           OH-76-1-35
BILLMAN, ESTER                          OH-76-1-236
BILLMAN, HENRY                          OH-76-1-155
BIRGE, CAORLINE M.                      OH-76-1-143
BIRGE, CHESTER                          OH-76-1-65
BISHOP, LUMAN                           OH-76-1-183
BLAKE, GEORGE                           OH-76-1-51
BLILER, JACOB                           OH-76-1-288
BOETTLER, FREDERICK                     OH-76-1-203
BOOTH, PHILANDER                        OH-76-1-437
BOSWORTH, ALLEN                         OH-76-1-45
BOUGHTON, JOHN                          OH-76-1-167
BREWSTER, JOHN                          OH-76-1-156
BRITTON, JOHN                           OH-76-1-430
BRONSON, HERMON                         OH-76-1-286
BROOKS, AAORN JR.                       OH-76-1-110
BROWN, ELIZA L.                         OH-76-1-355
BROWN, JACOB                            OH-76-1-151
BROWN, OWEN                             OH-76-1-398
BRUNER, DAVID F.                        OH-76-1-304
BRYANT, RICHARD                         OH-76-1-14
BUCKS, HEMAN                            OH-76-1-256
BURGNER, JACOB                          OH-76-1-79
BURKE, WILLIAM                          OH-76-1-364
BURNS, PHINEAS                          OH-76-1-420
BUTLER, GEORGE E.                       OH-76-1-179
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          OH-76-1-31
CARPENTER, OLIVER                       OH-76-1-134
CHAMPION, GEORGE                        OH-76-1-68
CHASE, AMOS                             OH-76-1-380
CLARK, ABI                              OH-76-1-378
CLARK, JOHN                             OH-76-1-33
CLARK, LEVERET                          OH-76-1-133
CLARK, MARK                             OH-76-1-365
CLARK, TRIAL                            OH-76-1-275
CLARK, ZECHARIAH                        OH-76-1-136
CLEMENT, DERICK                         OH-76-1-311
COLE, JAMES JR.                         OH-76-1-102
COLE, JOHN A.                           OH-76-1-247
COLEMAN, JOSEPH                         OH-76-1-208
COMANY, JACOB                           OH-76-1-138
CONNER, ELI                             OH-76-1-184
CRANE, ARABELLA                         OH-76-1-405
CRANMER, ABRAHAM                        OH-76-1-59
CULVER, ALONZO                          OH-76-1-106
CULVER, MARY JANE                       OH-76-1-130
CURTISS, ORPHA                          OH-76-1-226
CUTLER, JOHN M.                         OH-76-1-433
DAVIS, JOHN                             OH-76-1-43
DICE, HENRY                             OH-76-1-71
DIXON, ELIZABETH                        OH-76-1-269
DIXON, THOMAS                           OH-76-1-229
DODGE, S.                               OH-76-1-198
DOOLITTLE, GILES                        OH-76-1-61
DOYLE, PHEBE                            OH-76-1-300
DRAKE, NATHAN                           OH-76-1-239
DRAPER, ASA                             OH-76-1-273
DUDLEY, ISAAC                           OH-76-1-73
DWIGHT, EDMUND                          OH-76-1-193
EBBERSON, ELIZA L.                      OH-76-1-248
EDDY, JUSTIN                            OH-76-1-475
ELLIOTT, POLLY                          OH-76-1-122
ELY, JUSTIN                             OH-76-1-98
ELY, JUSTIN                             OH-76-1-216
EVERHAT, HANNAH                         OH-76-1-152
FALOR, ELIZABETH                        OH-76-1-44
FARNUM, MARY                            OH-76-1-295
FELLOWS, DRAKE                          OH-76-1-108
FENN, COMFORT                           OH-76-1-222
FENN, JONATHAN F.                       OH-76-1-211
FETHE, ALVIN                            OH-76-1-157
FINK, COONRAD                           OH-76-1-412
FORD, JAMES R.                          OH-76-1-215
FOSTER, ROBET W.                        OH-76-1-189
FRANCE, ELIZABETH                       OH-76-1-224
FRANK, GEORGE                           OH-76-1-310
FREEBURN, ROBET                         OH-76-1-82
FULTON, JOSEPH                          OH-76-1-124
FUNK, CATHARINE                         OH-76-1-198
GALE, JUSTUS                            OH-76-1-146
GALE, RUSSELL                           OH-76-1-448
GASTON, WILLAM M.                       OH-76-1-123
GEER, BEAJAH A.                         OH-76-1-196
GEORGE, CHRISTIAN                       OH-76-1-238
GIESSLER, JACOB                         OH-76-1-90
GNEBE, PETE                             OH-76-1-24
GOLDEN, GEORGE H.                       OH-76-1-49
GOOP, JOHN M.                           OH-76-1-373
GRABLE, JONATHAN                        OH-76-1-403
GRABLE, MOSES                           OH-76-1-175
GREEN, HANNAH                           OH-76-1-171
GRIFFIN, JAMES M.                       OH-76-1-197
GROTZ, ABRAHAM                          OH-76-1-166
GULDA, EZAR                             OH-76-1-418
HAAGE, SAMUEL                           OH-76-1-359
HALE, JONATHAN                          OH-76-1-352
HALLIWILL, WILLIAM                      OH-76-1-368
HANCHETT, ELIJAH                        OH-76-1-75
HART, SUSAN                             OH-76-1-237
HERRICK, RUFUS                          OH-76-1-170
HILE, JACOB                             OH-76-1-315
HINCKLEY, SAMUEL                        OH-76-1-16
HINE, ABRAHAM                           OH-76-1-396
HODGDEN, SAMUEL                         OH-76-1-107
HOLLINGER, JACOB                        OH-76-1-332
HOSE, PHILLIP                           OH-76-1-338
HUBBARD, GEORGE C.                      OH-76-1-192
HUBLER, JOHN                            OH-76-1-414
HUBLER, MICHAEL                         OH-76-1-269
HUCH, JACOB                             OH-76-1-109
HUDDLESTON, THOMAS                      OH-76-1-435
HUGH, LUDWICK                           OH-76-1-142
HUNSBERGER, JOHN                        OH-76-1-361
HURST, FANNY                            OH-76-1-385
INGLEDUE, BLACKSTEN                     OH-76-1-139
ISABELL, DAVID                          OH-76-1-169
JAHANT, FRANCIS                         OH-76-1-439
JENKINS, JENKIN                         OH-76-1-132
JOHNSTON, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-76-1-72
JONES, THOMAS G.                        OH-76-1-118
KENT, MARGARET                          OH-76-1-219
KEPLER, ANDREW                          OH-76-1-330
KING, ELEAZUR                           OH-76-1-313
KING, HENRY W.                          OH-76-1-465
KING, LEICESTER                         OH-76-1-407
LADD, C. W.                             OH-76-1-249
LATHAM, JOSEPH                          OH-76-1-382
LEE, WILLIAM                            OH-76-1-81
LEEFASS, LAWRENCE                       OH-76-1-375
LEMMAN, SAMUEL                          OH-76-1-463
LINDSAY, DATUS E.                       OH-76-1-483
LOUTZENHEISER, DAVID                    OH-76-1-69
LOVE, WILLIAM                           OH-76-1-232
LOWREY, ROYAL A.                        OH-76-1-48
LYON, JOHN                              OH-76-1-182
MACKEY, JAMES                           OH-76-1-234
MARARA, ANTHONY                         OH-76-1-336
MARSH, JOHN                             OH-76-1-127
MARTIN, THOMAS                          OH-76-1-163
MATHER, WATROUS                         OH-76-1-84
MCCLELLAN, HUGH                         OH-76-1-105
MCCLELLAN, ROBERT                       OH-76-1-146
MCCOMRICK, JAMES                        OH-76-1-129
MCCUNE, HARRIET                         OH-76-1-267
MCKINEY, JAMES                          OH-76-1-416
MCLONEY, WILLIAM                        OH-76-1-176
MCMANNAGLE, WILLIAM                     OH-76-1-253
MCMILLAN, LEWIS L.                      OH-76-1-177
MCMILLAN, SALLY                         OH-76-1-34
MCNEIL, ROBERT                          OH-76-1-441
MCNEIL, SAMUEL                          OH-76-1-59
MILLER, ANN                             OH-76-1-307
MILLER, ELISHA                          OH-76-1-289
MILLER, MORRIS O.                       OH-76-1-443
MILLS, RANDALL                          OH-76-1-91
MOORE, JOHN                             OH-76-1-144
MOORE, WILLIAM R.                       OH-76-1-276
NEAL, JESS                              OH-76-1-315
NEWBERRY, HENRY                         OH-76-1-401
NEWBERRY, HENRY                         OH-76-1-327
NEWBERRY, MARY S.                       OH-76-1-385
OBRIEN, HENRY                           OH-76-1-280
OBRIEN, MARTIN                          OH-76-1-293
OBRYAN, JOHN                            OH-76-1-56
ORBYAN, MOSES                           OH-76-1-246
ORTMAN, FRANK                           OH-76-1-356
OSMANS, JOHN                            OH-76-1-454
OVIATT, HEMAN                           OH-76-1-320
PARMELEE, DAN                           OH-76-1-228
PEDLER, ERNEST                          OH-76-1-92
PERKINS, SIMON                          OH-76-1-112
PIERCE, CYRUS                           OH-76-1-37
PIERCE, ISAAC                           OH-76-1-478
PORTER, N. O.                           OH-76-1-239
POST, SIMONEON                          OH-76-1-25
POWERS, LUCY                            OH-76-1-162
PRESTON, LOT                            OH-76-1-150
RANKINS, HANNAH                         OH-76-1-47
RICHARDSON, GIDEON H.                   OH-76-1-126
RICKEY, GEORGE                          OH-76-1-271
ROADBAUGH, JOHN                         OH-76-1-46
ROBISON, JAMES                          OH-76-1-74
ROCKWOOD, AMIEL W.                      OH-76-1-186
RUGGLES, DAVID                          OH-76-1-341
RUGLES, DAVID                           OH-76-1-341
SANTORN, THOMAS                         OH-76-1-318
SAWYER, ALVIN                           OH-76-1-341
SHERMAN, ANNA                           OH-76-1-422
SHERMAN, NATHAN G.                      OH-76-1-28
SHERWOOD, DEBORAH                       OH-76-1-76
SHIMMIN, WILLIAM                        OH-76-1-450
SHOWLER, JOSEPH                         OH-76-1-425
SHW, ROBERT                             OH-76-1-456
SILL, FANNY N.                          OH-76-1-210
SMITH, ELEENOR                          OH-76-1-302
SMITH, JOHN E.                          OH-76-1-165
SMITH, LUTHER                           OH-76-1-279
SMITH, PHELOTUS                         OH-76-1-283
SMITH, RICHARD T.                       OH-76-1-254
SMITH, WILLIAM V.                       OH-76-1-303
SPICER, MINER                           OH-76-1-370
SPOTTS, LUDWIG                          OH-76-1-218
SQUIRES, HENRY                          OH-76-1-174
STEEL, ALEXANDER                        OH-76-1-467
STEWART, CYRUS                          OH-76-1-453
STEWART, DANIEL B.                      OH-76-1-387
STEWART, JOSHUA                         OH-76-1-154
STOCK, RICHARD                          OH-76-1-70
STONE, MILO                             OH-76-1-395
STONE, SAMUEL M.                        OH-76-1-233
STOW, JOSHUA                            OH-76-1-63
STRANG, MARY                            OH-76-1-339
STREETER, JOSEPH                        OH-76-1-57
STRONG, NATHAN                          OH-76-1-345
SWAN, JANE                              OH-76-1-206
SYMONDS, CHARLES                        OH-76-1-66
TENSEKER, PHIIP                         OH-76-1-266
THOMPSON, AARON                         OH-76-1-205
THOMPSON, STEPHEN                       OH-76-1-49
THOMPSON, W. W.                         OH-76-1-278
THORNTON, JOHN                          OH-76-1-135
TIFFANY, SAPHRONIA                      OH-76-1-191
TONSLEY, JOHN                           OH-76-1-231
TRACY, MYEAN                            OH-76-1-345
TREAT, MARY E.                          OH-76-1-391
TREAT, SAMUEL                           OH-76-1-376
TRIPLETT, JAMES                         OH-76-1-99
VANDERHOOF, SARAH                       OH-76-1-421
VANHYNING, HENRY                        OH-76-1-26
VANNUMAN, JOHN F.                       OH-76-1-158
VAUGHAN, ALBERT                         OH-76-1-41
VIERS, ELISHA W.                        OH-76-1-227
VOGHT, JOHN                             OH-76-1-390
WADE, JACOB                             OH-76-1-144
WALKER, RODOLPHUS                       OH-76-1-282
WALKER, WILLIAM                         OH-76-1-38
WALLACE, WILLIAM                        OH-76-1-473
WARBURTON, ROBERT                       OH-76-1-240
WARD, SAMUEL D.                         OH-76-1-201
WARREN, JACOB                           OH-76-1-200
WEBB, JOHN                              OH-76-1-261
WEBSTER, PAUL                           OH-76-1-306
WELLHOUSE, WILLIAM                      OH-76-1-87
WETMARCE, LEANDER                       OH-76-1-402
WHEELER, ABIGAIL                        OH-76-1-285
WHITE, HANFORD                          OH-76-1-344
WILCOX, HULDAH                          OH-76-1-316
WILLIAMS, EZEKIEL                       OH-76-1-85
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-76-1-120
WILSON, JOHN                            OH-76-1-471
WILSON, JONATHAN                        OH-76-1-350
WILTSHIRE, JAMES                        OH-76-1-30
WLAKER, HANNAH                          OH-76-1-225
WODORUFF, GURDIN                        OH-76-1-245
WOOLSEY, WILLIAM W.                     OH-76-1-1
WRIGHT, PHILO                           OH-76-1-93
YOHE, CATHARINE                         OH-76-1-268

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