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Will Books: 1-16=? (1853-1918)
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ABEL, SALLY                             OH-77-2-132
ACHESON, ESTHER                         OH-77-2-253
ADAMS, ASAHEL                           OH-77-2-203
ADAMS, DAVID A.                         OH-77-2-387
ADGATE, NANCY                           OH-77-2-478
AKINS, GILES M.                         OH-77-2-15
AKINS, MELISSA                          OH-77-2-93
ALDERMAN, ARUNA                         OH-77-2-360
ALLEN, ISAAC                            OH-77-1-140
ALLEN, JOHN                             OH-77-1-245
ALLEN, JOSEPH                           OH-77-1-36
ALLEN, MARY ANN                         OH-77-2-246
ALLEN, OLIVER                           OH-77-2-447
ANDERSON, JAMES                         OH-77-1-212
ANDERSON, JOHN                          OH-77-1-185
ANDREWS, UPSON                          OH-77-2-311
APPLEGATE, JOSEPH                       OH-77-1-342
ARNOLD, WARREN                          OH-77-2-409
ARTHERHOLT, ALLEN                       OH-77-2-499
ARTHERHOLT, JOHN                        OH-77-2-410
AULDERMAN, LYMAN                        OH-77-2-497
AVERILL, EUNICE                         OH-77-1-176
BAILEY, SUSANA                          OH-77-2-321
BALDWIN, MARY ANN                       OH-77-2-221
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                        OH-77-1-41
BALDWIN,JESSE                           OH-77-2-89
BALLARD, EZEKIL                         OH-77-1-192
BARD, JEAN                              OH-77-2-149
BARNES, JUDSON J.                       OH-77-2-277
BARNUM, ELI                             OH-77-2-43
BARRET, JOHN                            OH-77-2-56
BARTHOLOMEW, JARED                      OH-77-1-468
BARTHOLOMW, JACOB                       OH-77-1-168
BEACH, EZEKIEL                          OH-77-2-307
BEACH, LEBBENS                          OH-77-2-378
BECKWITH, ORLANDO F.                    OH-77-2-21
BEEBE, ABI                              OH-77-1-308
BENNETT, NATHAN                         OH-77-2-283
BISHOP, EBENEZER                        OH-77-2-259
BLACHLEY, MINERVA                       OH-77-1-110
BLAIR, SAMUEL                           OH-77-2-239
BLAKE, GEORE                            OH-77-1-63
BOND, DAVID                             OH-77-2-397
BOND,NICHOLAS                           OH-77-2-364
BOSWORTH, MARCUS                        OH-77-1-302
BOUGHMAN, MARY                          OH-77-1-287
BOWEN, UZAL                             OH-77-2-313
BOWER, JACOB                            OH-77-1-119
BOWER, JOSEPH                           OH-77-1-200
BOYD, THOMAS                            OH-77-1-217
BOYS, JAMES                             OH-77-1-502
BOYS, ROBERT                            OH-77-2-129
BRADFORD, JAMES F.                      OH-77-1-496
BRADLY, MOORE C.                        OH-77-2-401
BRIGGS, JOHN                            OH-77-2-434
BRIGHT, JOSIAH                          OH-77-2-125
BROCKETT, HARVEY                        OH-77-1-491
BROCKWAY, LUCINDA                       OH-77-1-314
BROOKS, AMADEUS                         OH-77-1-240
BROOKS, OLIVER                          OH-77-2-7
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         OH-77-2-180
BROWN, JAMES                            OH-77-1-271
BRYSON, JAMES                           OH-77-2-152
BURNES, CATHARINE                       OH-77-2-525
BURNET, JAMES                           OH-77-2-395
BURNS, MICHAEL                          OH-77-1-130
BURNS, SARAH                            OH-77-2-398
BUSHNELL, DANIEL                        OH-77-1-57
CALDWELL, HUGH                          OH-77-2-128
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                     OH-77-1-89
CAMPBELL, GEORE                         OH-77-1-336
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        OH-77-2-346
CARD, NEWEL                             OH-77-2-462
CARLETON, PETER                         OH-77-2-298
CARR, JAMES                             OH-77-2-467
CARTER, ANTHONY                         OH-77-2-340
CASE, JANTHA                            OH-77-2-271
CASTERLINE, MARY ANN                    OH-77-2-261
CHAMBERLIN, WILLIAM                     OH-77-2-104
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          OH-77-1-474
CHAMBERS, RACHAEL                       OH-77-2-67
CHAMPION, GEORGE                        OH-77-1-76
CHAMPLIN, NANCY                         OH-77-1-274
CHRISTY, MARY                           OH-77-2-506
CLAAHAN, WILLIAM                        OH-77-1-100
CLARK, JESSE                            OH-77-1-470
COE, ALVAN                              OH-77-2-288
COE, MARY R.                            OH-77-2-399
CONE, ALVIN                             OH-77-1-248
CONKLIN, JOHN                           OH-77-2-237
COOK, JAMES                             OH-77-2-106
COOK, JOHN                              OH-77-2-483
COREY, HENRY                            OH-77-2-441
COX, JAPHETH                            OH-77-2-332
CRAYS, POLLY                            OH-77-1-188
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        OH-77-1-276
CURTIS, RAMSEY                          OH-77-2-348
CUSHMAN, CHARLES                        OH-77-2-376
CUSHMAN, MOSES                          OH-77-2-318
CUSHMAN, THOMAS                         OH-77-2-70
DAVIS, JOSEPH W.                        OH-77-2-251
DAVIS, WALTER                           OH-77-2-116
DEWOLF, CATHERINE                       OH-77-1-328
DEWOLF, HORACE                          OH-77-2-480
DIEHL, ANDREW                           OH-77-2-142
DILLEY, AARON                           OH-77-1-4
DILLEY, JOHN                            OH-77-1-210
DONAGHEY, JAMES                         OH-77-1-147
DOUD, SAMUEL                            OH-77-2-34
DRAKE, ABRAHAM                          OH-77-2-25
DRAKE, ARTILISSE                        OH-77-1-282
DRAKE, JACOB                            OH-77-1-79
DRAPER, ELIHU                           OH-77-2-427
DRAPER, NATHAN                          OH-77-2-276
DRENNON, WILLIAM                        OH-77-2-123
DUNCAN, JOHN                            OH-77-2-383
DURELL, THOMAS                          OH-77-1-103
EARL, JOSEPH                            OH-77-2-385
EARLE, JOHN                             OH-77-2-68
ECKMAN, EIZABETH                        OH-77-1-449
EDWARDS, HENRY W.                       OH-77-1-316
EDWARDS, JOHN                           OH-77-2-344
EDWARDS, THOMAS                         OH-77-2-182
EDWRDS, MATTHIAS O.                     OH-77-1-95
ELSTON, JACOB                           OH-77-1-333
ELSTON, RICHARD                         OH-77-2-12
ELY, JUSTIN                             OH-77-1-219
ELY, JUSTON                             OH-77-2-98
ELY, WILLIAM                            OH-77-1-318
EVANS, THOMAS                           OH-77-2-392
EVERETT, SAMUEL                         OH-77-2-296
EWALT, DAVID                            OH-77-2-214
EWALT, JOHN                             OH-77-2-509
EWING, ARCHIBALD                        OH-77-1-10
EWING, JOHN                             OH-77-1-47
FALES, JUDITH                           OH-77-2-449
FANCHER, JAMINIA                        OH-77-1-190
FEANCE, JANE                            OH-77-2-498
FELLOWS, LYDIA                          OH-77-1-142
FENSTEMAKER, DEWALT                     OH-77-1-74
FENTON, WILLIAM                         OH-77-2-53
FERGUSON, RUTH                          OH-77-2-336
FINNEY, ALANSON                         OH-77-2-18
FITCH, SHALER                           OH-77-1-31
FLEWELLING, SAMUE                       OH-77-2-350
FOLSOM, JONATHAN                        OH-77-2-81
FOLSOM, PHILO                           OH-77-2-442
FORD, JACOB                             OH-77-2-208
FORD, JAMES R.                          OH-77-2-117
FOULK, DANIEL                           OH-77-2-188
FREER, MARTINES E.                      OH-77-1-451
FULLER, DAVIS                           OH-77-2-354
GALPIN, ELNATHAN                        OH-77-2-468
GATES, PHILO                            OH-77-2-429
GEDDES, MARGET                          OH-77-2-176
GIDDINGS, FESTUS                        OH-77-1-16
GILBERT, CHARLES                        OH-77-2-45
GILDER, BAILEY                          OH-77-2-4
GILLIS, ROBERT                          OH-77-2-273
GILLIS, THOMAS                          OH-77-1-267
GILMORE, JOHN                           OH-77-2-100
GILMORE, ROBERT                         OH-77-2-91
GOODRICH, ROSWELL                       OH-77-2-235
GOUCHER, HENRY                          OH-77-1-42
GOULD, JOSEPH A                         OH-77-2-196
GREEN, SAMUEL                           OH-77-2-461
GRIFFIN, ERASTUS                        OH-77-2-46
GRIFFIS, JOHN                           OH-77-2-219
GRISWOLD, ANNIE                         OH-77-2-206
GUY, WILLIAM                            OH-77-1-149
HAKE, CATHARINE                         OH-77-2-95
HALL, JESSE                             OH-77-1-120
HANK, JOHN                              OH-77-2-28
HARDY, CATHARINE                        OH-77-2-432A
HARMON, JOHN B. (DR)                    OH-77-2-518
HARRINGTON, CLARISSA                    OH-77-2-184
HARRIS, THOMAS                          OH-77-1-296
HARSH, JACOB                            OH-77-2-144
HART, AMBROSE                           OH-77-2-41
HART, CHARLES                           OH-77-2-37
HART, OLIVER E.                         OH-77-1-224
HART, SYLVIA                            OH-77-2-306
HATHAWAY, JACOB                         OH-77-2-367
HAUGHTON, SAMUEL                        OH-77-2-512
HAWLEY, THOMAS                          OH-77-2-278
HAYES, LINUS                            OH-77-2-169
HAYMAKER, FREDRICK                      OH-77-2-59
HAYNES, ASA                             OH-77-2-38
HEADLEY, JOSEPH                         OH-77-1-126
HEADLEY, WILLIAM                        OH-77-1-19
HEATON, MILLIE ANN                      OH-77-2-459
HEATON, WARREN                          OH-77-1-50
HERNER, PETER                           OH-77-2-11
HICKOK, JAMES O.                        OH-77-2-523
HICKOK, LEMUEL                          OH-77-1-278
HISCOCK, PERRY R.                       OH-77-1-235
HOFFMAN, ISAAC                          OH-77-2-472
HORN, MICHAEL                           OH-77-2-130
HORNER, ELIZABETH                       OH-77-1-247
HUBBARD, SAMUEL                         OH-77-1-457
HULL, JAMES                             OH-77-2-285
HULL, WILLIAM I.                        OH-77-2-508
HUMPHREY, DARIUS                        OH-77-2-86
HUNTER, JOHN A.                         OH-77-2-215
HUNTER, JOSEPH                          OH-77-2-369
IVES, GEORGE                            OH-77-2-520
JACKSON, EBENEZER                       OH-77-2-5
JACKSON, HUGH                           OH-77-2-352
JOHNSTON, WALTER                        OH-77-1-446
JONES, ELAM                             OH-77-2-163
JONES, ROXANNA                          OH-77-2-244
KEE, EPHRAIM                            OH-77-2-371
KIBBEE, CHARLE W.                       OH-77-2-390
KIBBEE, JOHN S.                         OH-77-2-454
KIBBEE, LYMAN S.                        OH-77-2-139
KIMBALL, HIRAM                          OH-77-1-137
KINETT, JOHN                            OH-77-2-265
KING, ELIJAH                            OH-77-1-135
KING, JAMES S.                          OH-77-2-485
KING, LEICESTER                         OH-77-2-490
KING, ROBERT                            OH-77-1-265
KINGSBURY, ANDREW                       OH-77-1-311
KINSMAN, REBECCA                        OH-77-2-309
KIRTLAND, THURHAND                      OH-77-1-155
KLINE, PHILIP                           OH-77-2-23
KLINK, LEONARD                          OH-77-2-457
KNOX, AUSTIN                            OH-77-2-446
KRAHL, AMOS                             OH-77-2-514
KRIDLER, ANDREW                         OH-77-2-474
LAFFERTY, JOHN                          OH-77-2-256
LANE, HENRY                             OH-77-1-193
LANE, JOHN                              OH-77-1-93
LANE, JOHN B.                           OH-77-2-405
LANE, NATHANIEL                         OH-77-2-338
LANGLEY, DAVID W. M.                    OH-77-1-344
LANTERMAN, JOHN                         OH-77-1-83
LANTERMAN, PETER                        OH-77-1-12
LATTIMER, ZERRIAH                       OH-77-2-2
LATTIN, NATHANIEL                       OH-77-2-114
LAWSON, CHARLES                         OH-77-1-3
LEACH, ABRAHAM                          OH-77-1-498
LEE, CHRISTOPHER                        OH-77-1-105
LEET, TRUMBULL                          OH-77-2-403
LEONARD, WILLIAM                        OH-77-1-53
LEPLEY, JOHN                            OH-77-2-413
LESLIE, JAME                            OH-77-2-126
LEW, JOSEPH                             OH-77-1-284
LEWIS, DAVID                            OH-77-2-366
LEWIS, HUMPHREY                         OH-77-1-91
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          OH-77-2-58
LINSLEY, STEPHEN                        OH-77-2-31
LOBDELL, HULDAH                         OH-77-2-228
LONGMORE, ALEXANDER                     OH-77-2-78
LOOMIS, ELEANOR                         OH-77-2-487
LOOMIS, JUSTIN                          OH-77-2-148
LOOMIS, WILLIAM                         OH-77-2-190
LOVELL, IRA                             OH-77-2-96
LSMPSON, EBENEZER K.                    OH-77-1-462
MACKEY, ANN C.                          OH-77-2-356
MALTBY, NATHANIEL A.                    OH-77-2-384
MANSFIELD, ABIJAH                       OH-77-2-137
MASON, ANN                              OH-77-2-412
MASON, BENJAMIN C.                      OH-77-2-198
MATHEWS, GEORGE                         OH-77-2-154
MATTHEWS, THOMAS                        OH-77-2-102
MAYERS, BENJAMIN C.                     OH-77-2-266
MCBRIDE, JOHN A.                        OH-77-1-122
MCCANE, ROBERT                          OH-77-1-115
MCCAUGHN, ARCHIBALD                     OH-77-2-389
MCCLAIN, ANDREW                         OH-77-1-162
MCCOMBS, ELIZABETH                      OH-77-1-486
MCCOMBS, JAMES                          OH-77-1-484
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        OH-77-2-212
MCCONNELL, JOHN                         OH-77-2-240
MCCULLOCH, CHARLES                      OH-77-2-8
MCGEEHON, ROBERT                        OH-77-2-402
MCGLATHERY, JANE                        OH-77-2-292
MCKEEVER, MARTHA                        OH-77-1-230
MCLAIN, MARY ANN                        OH-77-2-111
MCMILLEN, JAMES M.                      OH-77-2-290
MCMILLEN, JOHN                          OH-77-2-362
MCMURREN, JOHN                          OH-77-1-117
MCWILLIAMS, JAMES                       OH-77-2-425
MEDLEY, WILLIAM                         OH-77-2-451
MEEKER, WESTLEY                         OH-77-2-160
MILLER, LEONARD                         OH-77-1-34
MITCHELL, MARY                          OH-77-1-152
MITCHELTREE, JANE                       OH-77-2-285
MITCHELTREE, JOHN                       OH-77-2-162
MOFFET, HOSHEA                          OH-77-2-455
MONTGOMERY, ANDREW                      OH-77-2-421
MONTGOMERY, GEOGE                       OH-77-2-426
MOORE, JOHN                             OH-77-1-294
MOORE, LAURA H.                         OH-77-1-113
MOORE, MARY ANN                         OH-77-1-59
MOORE, ROSWELL                          OH-77-2-358
MORGAN, JOHNJ.                          OH-77-1-17
MORGAN, SALLY                           OH-77-1-27
MORRISON, HANNAH                        OH-77-2-431
MORSEMAN, WILLIAM W.                    OH-77-1-478
MOSES, SEYMOUR A.                       OH-77-1-108
MOSS, GEORGE                            OH-77-1-5
MOTNGOMERY, JAMES                       OH-77-2-439
MOTT, JOHN                              OH-77-1-292
MOWRY, HOSEA                            OH-77-2-19
MUNSON, ELLEN                           OH-77-1-476
MURBERGER, WILLIAM                      OH-77-2-330
MUSSER, PETER                           OH-77-2-230
NELSON, ABRAHAM                         OH-77-1-481
NELSON, JOHN                            OH-77-2-216
NETERFIELD, WILLIAM                     OH-77-1-226
NEWCOMB, ETHAN                          OH-77-2-48
NICHOLS, HANNAH                         OH-77-2-14
OAKES, JOHN                             OH-77-2-444
OSWALD, JACOB                           OH-77-2-195, 227
OVIATT, SETH                            OH-77-1-204
PARKER, AUSTIN C.                       OH-77-2-417
PARKER, BENJAMIN C.                     OH-77-2-450
PARKER, IRA                             OH-77-2-526
PARKER, LEVEL                           OH-77-1-55
PAYNE, SOLOMON                          OH-77-2-502
PECK, LEWIS                             OH-77-1-280
PELTON, CHLOE                           OH-77-2-418
PERKINS, GIDEON                         OH-77-1-252
PERKINS, SETH                           OH-77-1-250
PERKINS, SMON                           OH-77-1-70
PETTI, AUSTIN                           OH-77-2-294
PEW, JOHN                               OH-77-2-175
PEW, MARTHA                             OH-77-1-309
PEW, SAMUEL                             OH-77-2-200
PFOUTS, JOHN                            OH-77-2-416
PHILLIPS, NATHAN                        OH-77-1-290
PINKERTON, JAMES                        OH-77-2-420
PLOTT, FREDERICK                        OH-77-1-329
PORTER, WILLIAM                         OH-77-1-160
POUND, GEORGE                           OH-77-2-436
PRATT, PERRY                            OH-77-1-107
PRICE, JAMES S.                         OH-77-2-393
PRICE, TUNIS                            OH-77-1-125
PRINDLE, CORNELIA                       OH-77-2-445
PROCTER, WILLIAM                        OH-77-1-269
QUIMBY, EPHRAIM                         OH-77-2-108
RATLIFF, JOHN                           OH-77-1-28
REED, JAMES                             OH-77-1-38
REEDER, HEZEKIAH                        OH-77-2-133
REEVES, JOHN                            OH-77-2-156
REEVES, JOSEPH                          OH-77-1-300
REMALEY, HENRY                          OH-77-1-335
ROBB, JOHN                              OH-77-1-72
ROBBINS, ISAAC                          OH-77-2-9
ROBENS, REUBEN                          OH-77-2-381
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         OH-77-2-304
ROGERS, EPENETUS                        OH-77-1-340
ROSS, MOSES                             OH-77-1-331
ROWLEE, BENJAMIN                        OH-77-1-32
ROWLEE, SAMUEL                          OH-77-2-101
RUGGLES, AZOR                           OH-77-1-128
RUSSELL, ELIZUR                         OH-77-2-194
RUST, ALONY                             OH-77-2-488
SAGE, JOSEPH                            OH-77-2-72
SANDERSON, ELISHA                       OH-77-2-435
SCOTT, JAMES                            OH-77-1-254
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          OH-77-2-407
SECHLER, SAMUEL                         OH-77-1-87
SEGAR, UZZIEL                           OH-77-2-80
SHAFER, G. M.                           OH-77-1-85
SHATTUCK, MARY                          OH-77-2-432B
SHELDON, CURTIS P.                      OH-77-2-464
SHELDON, ISRAEL                         OH-77-2-33
SHELDON, LUCIUS L.                      OH-77-2-335
SHELDON, MARTIN                         OH-77-2-65
SMITH, ASA                              OH-77-2-55
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-77-1-197
SMITH, MARTIN                           OH-77-2-224
SMITH, ROBERT                           OH-77-1-164
SMITH, STEPHEN                          OH-77-2-275
SOUTH, JOHN B.                          OH-77-2-1
SPENCER, HARREIT                        OH-77-1-183
SPLITSTONE, JACOB                       OH-77-2-186
SPRITSTONE, JACOB                       OH-77-2-255
STANLEY, PRISCILLA                      OH-77-1-466
STEADMAN, JOHN I.                       OH-77-2-136
STEBBINS, ZEBINA                        OH-77-2-62
STEVENS, JONATHAN                       OH-77-1-494
STEVENS, STODDARD C.                    OH-77-2-315
STEWART, CHARLES                        OH-77-2-328
STEWART, JANE                           OH-77-1-154
STEWART, SAMUEL                         OH-77-1-214
STEWWART, JOSEPH                        OH-77-1-500
STJOHN, SETH                            OH-77-1-25
STODARD, DEWIGHT                        OH-77-2-342
STOVER, JOHN                            OH-77-2-170
SUTLIFF, CALVIN G.                      OH-77-2-151
SWAN, LUCY                              OH-77-1-45
TAYLOR, JOHN                            OH-77-2-173
THAYER, PRESTON                         OH-77-2-528
THOMPSON, AQUILA                        OH-77-2-281
THOMPSON, LOYAL                         OH-77-1-67
THOMSON, JANE L                         OH-77-2-373
THORN, ROBERT                           OH-77-2-51
TREW, ANDREW                            OH-77-1-455
TROWBRIDGE, JOHN                        OH-77-2-243
TRUESDELL, ANNA EVE                     OH-77-2-324
TRUSDALE, JAMES                         OH-77-2-30
TRUSDALE, JAMES                         OH-77-1-208
TYLEE, SMAUEL                           OH-77-1-232
TYLER, JERUSHA                          OH-77-2-248
TYLER, SARAH                            OH-77-2-522
TYRELL, ABIJAH                          OH-77-2-225
VANEMMON, JOHN                          OH-77-2-323
VANWYE, ABRAM                           OH-77-2-263
VEACH, CURTIS                           OH-77-2-178
VEACH, WILLIAM                          OH-77-1-298
WAID, JAMES H.                          OH-77-1-488
WAID, ROBERT                            OH-77-1-44
WAID, WILLIAM                           OH-77-1-305
WALDROF, HENRY                          OH-77-2-269
WALKER, ISAAC                           OH-77-1-161
WALKER, JOSEPH                          OH-77-1-8
WALKER, ROBERT                          OH-77-2-475
WEAVER, MICHAEL                         OH-77-2-517
WEBB, SYLVIA                            OH-77-2-50
WEBBER, EBENEZER                        OH-77-1-138
WEBBER, HANNAH                          OH-77-2-233
WEISS, ABRAHAM                          OH-77-2-249
WESTBAY, JAMES                          OH-77-2-438
WHITE, JAMES                            OH-77-1-1
WICK, HENRY                             OH-77-1-237
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                     OH-77-2-477
WILSON, DAVID                           OH-77-1-23
WILSON, WILLIAM                         OH-77-2-199
WISE, ABRAHAM                           OH-77-1-453
WOLCOTT, JOSIAH                         OH-77-2-422
WOODFORD, ELIJAH                        OH-77-2-470
WOODFORD, ORRIS                         OH-77-2-504
WOODROW, WILLIAM                        OH-77-1-463
YAGER, HENRY                            OH-77-1-133
YEAGER, JOHN                            OH-77-2-210

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