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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List | 1 to 4=1810-1864 | 5=?1 |
Volume 1-4 are transcribed into one volume.
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ACHESON, DAVIDSON                       OH-78-1-249
ADAMS, BALDWIN                          OH-78-1-64
ADAMS, LEMUEL                           OH-78-1-223
AGER, JOHN J.                           OH-78-1-267
ALBAUGH, WILLIAM                        OH-78-1-144
ALBERT, ELIZABETH                       OH-78-1-37
ALBERT, HUMPHREY M.                     OH-78-1-246
ALBERT, SAMUEL                          OH-78-1-31
ALBRIGHT, CATHARINE                     OH-78-1-482
ALBRIGHT, ELIZABETH                     OH-78-1-422
ALLEN, ELIZA A.                         OH-78-1-295
ALLEN, JOHN                             OH-78-1-336
ALLMAN, CHARLES                         OH-78-1-464
ALLMAN, WILLIAM                         OH-78-1-139
AMSTUTS, DANIEL                         OH-78-1-472
ANDERSON, HUGH MCK.                     OH-78-1-161
ANDREWS, JOHN                           OH-78-1-372
ANTHONY, DANIEL                         OH-78-1-437
AREON, PHIIP                            OH-78-1-258
ARNOLD, SOLOMON                         OH-78-1-182
ASHER, ANTHONY                          OH-78-1-344
AX, JOHN                                OH-78-1-415
BACHER, WILLIAM                         OH-78-1-26
BAER, GEORGE                            OH-78-1-47
BAHLER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-78-1-490
BAILEY, JAMES                           OH-78-1-55
BAIR, JACOB W.                          OH-78-1-456
BAIRD, WILLIAM                          OH-78-1-482
BALLIOTT, DANIEL                        OH-78-1-181
BALTZLY, JOHN                           OH-78-1-404
BANNISTER, JAMES                        OH-78-1-74
BARI, ELIZABETH                         OH-78-1-134
BARKLEY, WILIAM                         OH-78-1-353
BARNES, MORDECAI                        OH-78-1-240
BARNET, GEORGE                          OH-78-1-111
BARNHOUSE, JOHN                         OH-78-1-123
BARR, JOHN                              OH-78-1-110
BARTHOLOMW, JOSEPH                      OH-78-1-27
BARTLETT, JACOB                         OH-78-1-69
BARTON, EBENEZER                        OH-78-1-164
BASEY, WILIAM                           OH-78-1-270
BATES, IRA                              OH-78-1-209
BAYES, JONATHAN C.                      OH-78-1-113
BAYES, THOMAS                           OH-78-1-166
BECK, KEZIAH                            OH-78-1-256
BECK, PETER                             OH-78-1-219
BEHLER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-78-1-490
BENFER, JOHN                            OH-78-1-475
BENFER, JOHN SR.                        OH-78-1-163
BEST, SAMUEL                            OH-78-1-10
BIGLER, BENEDICT                        OH-78-1-454
BIHLER, ANTHONY                         OH-78-1-193
BILZ, JOHN                              OH-78-1-442
BIMELER, JOSEPH M.                      OH-78-1-287
BITSCH, HENRY                           OH-78-1-315
BLACK, PETER                            OH-78-1-86
BLICKENSDERFER, CHRISTIAN               OH-78-1-302
BLICKENSDERFER, CHRISTIAN               OH-78-1-12
BLICKENSDERFER, GEORGE                  OH-78-1-20
BLICKENSDERFER, JACOB                   OH-78-1-341
BLICKENSDERFER, MATTHEW                 OH-78-1-109
BOALS, JAMES                            OH-78-1-228
BODER, CHRISTOPHER                      OH-78-1-341
BOEHRINGER, JACOB                       OH-78-1-326
BOETTLER, FREDERICK                     OH-78-1-267
BOILE, HUGH                             OH-78-1-465
BOLLMAN, GEORGE                         OH-78-1-260
BOMAN, JACOB                            OH-78-1-117
BOOTH, JOHN                             OH-78-1-257
BOOTH, SARAH                            OH-78-1-178
BOVARD, JOHN                            OH-78-1-264
BOVARD, WILLIAM                         OH-78-1-55
BOWER, JOSIAH                           OH-78-1-357
BOYLER, JOSEPH                          OH-78-1-403
BRADSHAW, EDWARD                        OH-78-1-452
BREYMAIER, AGATHA                       OH-78-1-177
BROWN, HUGH                             OH-78-1-324
BROWN, JOHN SR.                         OH-78-1-441
BROWN, JOSEPH                           OH-78-1-487
BROWN, WILLIAM                          OH-78-1-117
BRUFF, JAMES                            OH-78-1-48
BRYMYRE, MATHIAS                        OH-78-1-128
BUFFINGTON, AMOS                        OH-78-1-279
BUFFINGTON, ANN                         OH-78-1-51
BUFFINGTON, ISAAC                       OH-78-1-41
BUGHER, GEORGE                          OH-78-1-301
BURGHARDT, JOHN                         OH-78-1-244
BURKHERT, JOHN                          OH-78-1-297
BURKHOLDER, JACOB                       OH-78-1-452
BURRI, CHRISTIAN                        OH-78-1-314
BURRI, ELIZABETH                        OH-78-1-134
BURRISS, JEREMIAH                       OH-78-1-333
BURROWS, FRANCIS                        OH-78-1-268
BUTT, JOHN                              OH-78-1-459
BUTT, WILLIAM                           OH-78-1-25, 26
BUTT, WILLIAM                           OH-78-1-367
CABLE, JONATHAN                         OH-78-1-208
CAHILL, JOHN                            OH-78-1-93
CALDWELL, SAMUEL                        OH-78-1-423
CALENDER, CLARISSA                      OH-78-1-288
CALLENDER, WILLIAM                      OH-78-1-202
CALVIN, WILLIAM                         OH-78-1-298
CANFIELD, GEORGE W.                     OH-78-1-32
CASEBEER, CATHARINE                     OH-78-1-310
CHAMBERS, EDWARD                        OH-78-1-122
CHANDLER, JONATHAN                      OH-78-1-240
CHANEY, WILLIAM                         OH-78-1-368
CHRISTMAS, WILLIAM                      OH-78-1-81
CHURCHMAN, JACOB                        OH-78-1-307
CLARK, JAMES                            OH-78-1-227
CLAY, WILLIAM                           OH-78-1-233
CLAY, WILLIAM                           OH-78-1-228
CLEMMENS, JOHN                          OH-78-1-331
CLEMMONS, JOSEPH                        OH-78-1-253
CLUM, SAMUEL SR.                        OH-78-1-489
COLLINS, BANARD                         OH-78-1-483
COLVER, JOHN                            OH-78-1-7
COMFORT, JACOB                          OH-78-1-401
CONDON, SAMUEL                          OH-78-1-109
CONN, THOMAS                            OH-78-1-346
CONWELL, PRETYMAN                       OH-78-1-479
CONWELL, THOMAS                         OH-78-1-95
COOK, ISABELLA                          OH-78-1-366
CORDREY, THOMAS                         OH-78-1-54
COREMAN, JOHN                           OH-78-1-331
CORPMAN, DANIEL                         OH-78-1-148
CORPMAN, SAMUEL                         OH-78-1-343
CORRELL, JACOB SR.                      OH-78-1-44
CRAMER, PETER                           OH-78-1-78
CRISE, ANDREW                           OH-78-1-435
CRITES, JOHN                            OH-78-1-407
CRITZ, ANDREW                           OH-78-1-142
CRITZ, JACOB                            OH-78-1-13
CROOKS, ADAM                            OH-78-1-35
CROOKS, ALEXANDER                       OH-78-1-280
CROSS, JAMES                            OH-78-1-183
CROSS, RICHARD                          OH-78-1-223
CUMMINS, JOHN D.                        OH-78-1-229, 236
CUMMINS, WILLIAM                        OH-78-1-196
CUNOW, JOHN GEBHART                     OH-78-1-82
DAVIDSON, MORDECAI W.                   OH-78-1-178
DAVIS, HENRY                            OH-78-1-92
DAVY, HENRY                             OH-78-1-107
DAVY, JOHN SR.                          OH-78-1-1226
DEALY, THEOPHELUS                       OH-78-1-330
DEARDORFF, SMAUEL                       OH-78-1-365
DELANEY, JAMES                          OH-78-1-379
DEMICH, DAVID                           OH-78-1-157
DEMUTH, JOHN G.                         OH-78-1-137
DEVINE, MARGERY S.                      OH-78-1-184
DICKEN, JOHN                            OH-78-1-356
DICKS, JAMES                            OH-78-1-432
DIEHL, JACOB                            OH-78-1-262
DIETZ, JACOB                            OH-78-1-79
DILLON, MARY                            OH-78-1-441
DIVINS, THOMAS                          OH-78-1-243
DOLL, MICHAEL                           OH-78-1-60
DORST, FERTINAN                         OH-78-1-304
DUGAN, JAMES                            OH-78-1-411
DUNCAN, HENRY                           OH-78-1-63
DURST, FRIDOLIN                         OH-78-1-304
DUTTON, JEREMIAH                        OH-78-1-135
EASTERDAY, JACOB                        OH-78-1-27
EBERHARDT, JACOB                        OH-78-1-445
EDIE, ALEXANDER                         OH-78-1-262
EGLER, PETER                            OH-78-1-430
EHRIG, VALENTIN                         OH-78-1-485
EKER, ADAM                              OH-78-1-435
ELLIOTT, MARY                           OH-78-1-350
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        OH-78-1-309
ELLWOOD, MARK                           OH-78-1-489
EMERSON, JOHN                           OH-78-1-98
ENGELHART, ADAM                         OH-78-1-367
ENGLER, CASPER                          OH-78-1-75
ERVAN, JAMES                            OH-78-1-159
ERVIN, ISAAC                            OH-78-1-249
ERVIN, JOHN SR.                         OH-78-1-434
EVERETT, THOMAS                         OH-78-1-8
FACKLER, ADAM                           OH-78-1-321
FACKLER, BARBARA                        OH-78-1-399
FACKLER, BARBARA                        OH-78-1-16
FAHS, CHARLES                           OH-78-1-207
FARBER, JOHN                            OH-78-1-486
FARBER, PHILIP                          OH-78-1-51
FASHBAUGH, WILLIAM                      OH-78-1-81
FECHLIN, PHILIP JACOB                   OH-78-1-52
FECHTLING, GEORGE                       OH-78-1-351
FETTER, MICHAEL                         OH-78-1-463
FETTERS, PETER                          OH-78-1-224
FLECK, VALENTINE                        OH-78-1-67
FLICKINGER, MARY                        OH-78-1-119
FORBES, JOHN SR.                        OH-78-1-426
FORD, HEZEKIAH                          OH-78-1-94
FOREMAN, MARY ELIZABETH                 OH-78-1-368
FOREMAN, PHILIP                         OH-78-1-50
FORESTER, WILLIAM                       OH-78-1-241
FORNEY, CHRISTIAN                       OH-78-1-398
FOSTER, HENRY                           OH-78-1-178
FOUCKLER, GODLIEB                       OH-78-1-10
FOULK, PETER                            OH-78-1-31
FOX, LEOPOLD                            OH-78-1-238
FRAIM, HUGH                             OH-78-1-110
FRANCE, PETER                           OH-78-1-94
FRANTZ, NICHOLAS                        OH-78-1-380
FRENCH, SAMUEL                          OH-78-1-131
FREY, LUDWIG                            OH-78-1-167
FRIEBLY, JACOB                          OH-78-1-266
FRIES, JOSEPH                           OH-78-1-294
FRY, BENJAMIN F.                        OH-78-1-481
FRY, SAMUEL                             OH-78-1-438
FRYMIRE, RACHEL                         OH-78-1-450
GALBRAITH, ROBERT                       OH-78-1-413
GALBRAITH, SAMUEL S.                    OH-78-1-206
GARBER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-78-1-68
GARMIRE, FRANCIS                        OH-78-1-15
GARNANT, FRANCIS                        OH-78-1-43
GARTNER, ISAAC                          OH-78-1-38
GARTRELL, JOHN                          OH-78-1-245
GASKILL, JOHN                           OH-78-1-45
GENTSCH, CONRAD                         OH-78-1-310
GERNANT, MARGARET                       OH-78-1-234
GHARKEY, PHILIP                         OH-78-1-330
GIBBS, ISAAC                            OH-78-1-466
GIBSON, GEORGE W.                       OH-78-1-382
GIFFORD, WILLIAM                        OH-78-1-151
GILMORE, NATHANIEL                      OH-78-1-334
GILPIN, SAMUEL                          OH-78-1-18
GIMBINS, GEORGE                         OH-78-1-16
GINTHER, ABRAHAM                        OH-78-1-100
GLASS, JACOB                            OH-78-1-15
GLENN, JOHN                             OH-78-1-9
GLINTER, PETER                          OH-78-1-6
GLONINGER, MARIA E.                     OH-78-1-400
GORDON, WILLIAM                         OH-78-1-170
GORSUCH, BENJAMIN                       OH-78-1-250
GRABER, MARGARET                        OH-78-1-447
GRABER, ULRICK                          OH-78-1-202
GRAHAM, JOHN                            OH-78-1-211
GRAM, HENRY                             OH-78-1-9
GRAY, WILLIAM                           OH-78-1-252
GRESSINGER, ANDREW                      OH-78-1-138
GRIFFIN, MARY ANN                       OH-78-1-250
GRIFFIN, SAMUEL R.                      OH-78-1-88
GRIFFITH, ROBERT                        OH-78-1-192
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       OH-78-1-259
GROSS, RICHARD                          OH-78-1-223
GYGI, BENEDICT                          OH-78-1-300
HAGAN, CHARLES                          OH-78-1-355, 358
HALL, HORACE                            OH-78-1-423
HALL, RICHARD                           OH-78-1-424
HAMMELL, JOHN                           OH-78-1-148
HARBAUGH, JOHN                          OH-78-1-21
HARGER, DAVID                           OH-78-1-114
HARMAN, GEORGE                          OH-78-1-80
HARMON, ELIZABETH                       OH-78-1-169
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                       OH-78-1-212
HART, ELIAS                             OH-78-1-277
HASBROOK, BENJAMIN                      OH-78-1-323
HAULMAN, JOSIAH                         OH-78-1-329
HAVER, ISAAC                            OH-78-1-402
HEACOCK, JOHN P.                        OH-78-1-185
HECKER, JONAS                           OH-78-1-462
HEDGES, JOHN B.                         OH-78-1-316
HEIDIG, JOHN CHRISTIAN                  OH-78-1-186
HERBOLD, JOHN                           OH-78-1-385
HERRIN, RICHARD                         OH-78-1-357
HIBBS, ISAAC                            OH-78-1-369
HILDT, JOHN SR.                         OH-78-1-470
HILDT, MARY                             OH-78-1-356
HILDT, MARY                             OH-78-1-469
HILE, WILLIAM                           OH-78-1-386
HILL, WILLIAM                           OH-78-1-87
HIME, CASPER                            OH-78-1-481
HITE, ANTHONY                           OH-78-1-390
HIVELY, ABRAHAM                         OH-78-1-371
HOBBY, THOMAS                           OH-78-1-217
HOCHSTETLER, PETER SR.                  OH-78-1-125
HODGE, WILLIAM                          OH-78-1-484
HOEHN, PETER                            OH-78-1-155
HOGG, WILLIAM                           OH-78-1-144
HOLTZHOY, GEORGE F.                     OH-78-1-248
HOMERIGHAUSE, PHILIP                    OH-78-1-428
HOOPENGARNER, JOHN                      OH-78-1-69
HOOPER, MICHAEL                         OH-78-1-180
HORN, LEWIS                             OH-78-1-390
HOSTETTER, JOHN                         OH-78-1-251
HOTHEM, FREDERICK                       OH-78-1-397
HOUCK, JACOB                            OH-78-1-19
HOUSEMAN, PETER                         OH-78-1-281
HOWELL, DANIEL                          OH-78-1-349
HOWELL, HEZEKIAH                        OH-78-1-298
HOYT, MARGARET                          OH-78-1-56
HUFF, GODFREY                           OH-78-1-38
HUFF, JOSEPH                            OH-78-1-132
HUFF, NANCY                             OH-78-1-306
HUFFMAN, MARTIN                         OH-78-1-206
HUGUS, JACOB                            OH-78-1-126
HUMMEL, JOHN                            OH-78-1-342
HUNKIN, JAMES                           OH-78-1-203
HUNTINGTON, ANNE                        OH-78-1-198
HUNTINGTON, GURDON                      OH-78-1-199
HUPPRICH, VALENTINE                     OH-78-1-457
HUSTON, BENJAMIN                        OH-78-1-468
ILER, WILLIAM                           OH-78-1-23
ILGENFRITZ, GEORGE                      OH-78-1-203
IRVIN, ISAAC                            OH-78-1-249
ITZKEN, PHILIP                          OH-78-1-4
JACKSON, BENJAMIN                       OH-78-1-28
JACOBS, PETER                           OH-78-1-426
JINNINGS, SIMEON                        OH-78-1-9
JOBBY, JABEZ M.                         OH-78-1-218
JOHNSON, EASOP                          OH-78-1-291
JONES, BERIAH                           OH-78-1-461
JOSS, PETER                             OH-78-1-74
JUZI, CHRISTEN                          OH-78-1-296
KAIL, HENRY SR.                         OH-78-1-399
KANADAY, THOMAS                         OH-78-1-432
KASEBEER, JOHN                          OH-78-1-5
KAUFFMAN, JOHN GEORGE                   OH-78-1-46
KEHRER, JOHN GEORGE                     OH-78-1-124
KELLER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-78-1-42
KELLER, HENRY                           OH-78-1-219
KELLER, JOHN                            OH-78-1-65
KELLER, MARTIN                          OH-78-1-1
KELLY, MARY                             OH-78-1-487
KENESTRICK, JOHN                        OH-78-1-229, 234
KENNEDY, MATTHEW                        OH-78-1-186
KERN, PETER                             OH-78-1-108
KEYSER, DANIEL                          OH-78-1-118
KINSEY, BENJAMIN                        OH-78-1-362
KINTNER, MARY SUSANNA                   OH-78-1-36
KLAR, JACOB                             OH-78-1-352
KLAUR, JACOB                            OH-78-1-352
KLINE, JOHN                             OH-78-1-478
KLINE, JOHN SR.                         OH-78-1-39
KLINE, JONAS                            OH-78-1-62
KNAPF, FREDERICK                        OH-78-1-289
KNAUS, LEWIS                            OH-78-1-53
KNECHT, JACOB                           OH-78-1-261
KNESTRICK, FREDERICK                    OH-78-1-4
KNISELY, GEORGE                         OH-78-1-179
KNISELY, JACOB                          OH-78-1-57
KNISELY, SAMUEL                         OH-78-1-151
KNOPF, CATHARINA                        OH-78-1-354
KOCHER, JOHN                            OH-78-1-325
KOENIG, ADAM                            OH-78-1-369
KOHR, MICHAEL T.                        OH-78-1-134
KOLLAR, GEORGE                          OH-78-1-242
KOLLAR, JACOB                           OH-78-1-201
KORE, CHRISTIAN                         OH-78-1-78
KORE, MICHAEL T.                        OH-78-1-134
KRANTZ, HENRY                           OH-78-1-185
KREBS, CHRISTIAN                        OH-78-1-389
KREITER, JOHN                           OH-78-1-306
KRETZER, HENRY                          OH-78-1-149
KUGLER, MAGDALENA                       OH-78-1-232
KUHN, GEORGE                            OH-78-1-446
KUHN, JACOB                             OH-78-1-99
KUHN, JOHN GEORGE                       OH-78-1-209
KUHN, PHILIP                            OH-78-1-24
KUHNS, PHILP                            OH-78-1-311
KURTZ, MICHAEL                          OH-78-1-287
LAHR, JACOB                             OH-78-1-374
LANDES, FELIX                           OH-78-1-101
LANE, ABRAHAM                           OH-78-1-44
LAUGHLIN, ROBERT                        OH-78-1-360
LEGGET, JAMES                           OH-78-1-411
LEGGETT, NATHAN S.                      OH-78-1-194
LEHMAN, CHRISTIAN                       OH-78-1-188
LEHMER, JACOB                           OH-78-1-126
LINDER, EBENEZER                        OH-78-1-324
LINDON, THOMAS                          OH-78-1-99
LINDSEY, CHARLES A.                     OH-78-1-61
LININGER, BENEDICT                      OH-78-1-290
LITTLE, JAMES                           OH-78-1-373
LOCEY, JAMES                            OH-78-1-248
LOCKER, THOMAS                          OH-78-1-278
LOCKERD, JAMES                          OH-78-1-42
LONGSWORTH, BAZIL                       OH-78-1-296
LUCKENBACH, CHRISTIAN                   OH-78-1-264
MACHEN, JON                             OH-78-1-171
MAJOR, MARY                             OH-78-1-332
MARTIN, MARTHA                          OH-78-1-217
MARTIN, PATRICK                         OH-78-1-45
MASTERS, JOSEPH                         OH-78-1-474
MATHEWS, GEORGE D.                      OH-78-1-299
MATTHEWS, MICHAEL                       OH-78-1-292
MAUGHMAN, HENRY                         OH-78-1-437
MAURER, ADAM                            OH-78-1-472
MAURER, JACOB                           OH-78-1-320
MAURER, JACOB                           OH-78-1-160
MAURER, JOHN                            OH-78-1-460
MCADAM, JOHN                            OH-78-1-106
MCCARLE, JACOB F.                       OH-78-1-100
MCCARLE, JOSHUA D.                      OH-78-1-136
MCCLEAN, ANNA M.                        OH-78-1-197
MCCLELLAND, JOHN                        OH-78-1-211
MCCOLLOUGH, ANDREW                      OH-78-1-182
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM                      OH-78-1-335
MCCOY, RICHARD C.                       OH-78-1-347
MCCRADY, THOMAS                         OH-78-1-88
MCCREARY, JOHN                          OH-78-1-353
MCCULLOUGH, WILLIAM                     OH-78-1-395
MCELRAVEY, ROBERT                       OH-78-1-384
MCGEE, JAMES                            OH-78-1-236
MCGREGOR, SAMUEL                        OH-78-1-252
MCKEE, ARCHIBAL                         OH-78-1-475
MCKEE, JAMES                            OH-78-1-169
MCKNIGHT, JOHN                          OH-78-1-190
MCLEAN, JENNET                          OH-78-1-470
MCMAHON, JAMES                          OH-78-1-142
MCMEAL, CATHERINE L.                    OH-78-1-305
MCMECHAN, ANDREW                        OH-78-1-96
MCMILLAN, DANIEL                        OH-78-1-315
MCNAMEE, LYDIA                          OH-78-1-304
MCREADY, JANE                           OH-78-1-89
MEDLEY, JOSEPH                          OH-78-1-77
MEREDITH, JOHN                          OH-78-1-374
MESSER, ABRAHAM                         OH-78-1-430
MEYER, FREDERICK                        OH-78-1-458
MIDDLETON, JAMES                        OH-78-1-359
MIER, GEORGE                            OH-78-1-286
MIKSCH, FREDERICK                       OH-78-1-86
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         OH-78-1-421
MILLER, DANIEL                          OH-78-1-283
MILLER, DAVID                           OH-78-1-425
MILLER, JACOB                           OH-78-1-271
MILLER, JACOB SR.                       OH-78-1-67
MILLER, JONATHAN                        OH-78-1-114
MILLER, JUDITH                          OH-78-1-289
MILLER, PHILIP                          OH-78-1-328
MILLER, SCOTT                           OH-78-1-313
MILLS, JAMES                            OH-78-1-93
MILLS, WILLIAM                          OH-78-1-116
MINNIS, WILLIAM                         OH-78-1-336
MIRELY, FRIEDRICK                       OH-78-1-327
MITCHELL, JOHN                          OH-78-1-455
MITTAG, CHRISTIAN GODFREY               OH-78-1-257
MOONINGER, GEORGE                       OH-78-1-22
MOORE, RICHARD                          OH-78-1-459
MOORE, WILLIAM H.                       OH-78-1-156
MORAL, CONRAD                           OH-78-1-251
MORBAUGH, JOHN                          OH-78-1-162
MOREHARDT, GOTTLIEB                     OH-78-1-245
MOREHARDT, GOTTLIEB F.                  OH-78-1-246
MORGEL, CONRAD                          OH-78-1-251
MORRIS, NEAL                            OH-78-1-174
MORRIS, SMAUEL                          OH-78-1-339
MORRISON, JAMES                         OH-78-1-102
MOSSER, ABRAHAM                         OH-78-1-14
MOSSER, SAMUEL                          OH-78-1-3
MOTMILLER, ANNA M.                      OH-78-1-403
MULVANE, CHARITY                        OH-78-1-156
MYERS, CATHARINE E.                     OH-78-1-291A
MYERS, FREDERICK                        OH-78-1-444
MYERS, GEORGE                           OH-78-1-286
MYERS, WILLIAM S.                       OH-78-1-158
NEFF, CHRISTOPHER                       OH-78-1-23
NEIGHBOUR, HANNAH                       OH-78-1-317
NESSLEY, JACOB                          OH-78-1-58
NOEL, NICHOLAS                          OH-78-1-41
NOFSINGER, CHRISTIAN                    OH-78-1-157
NOFSINGER, MARY                         OH-78-1-160
NOWELL, JAMES                           OH-78-1-106
OATY, JAMES                             OH-78-1-167
ODONNOLD, CORNELIUS                     OH-78-1-7
OGDEN, THOMAS                           OH-78-1-265
OLIVER, JANE                            OH-78-1-215
OMSTUTS, SUSANNA                        OH-78-1-244
PALMER, GEORGE                          OH-78-1-40
PALMER, MARY                            OH-78-1-143
PARKS, JOHN                             OH-78-1-155
PARRISH, JAMES B.                       OH-78-1-277
PATTERSON, THOMAS                       OH-78-1-131
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      OH-78-1-111
PAULMER, CHARLES                        OH-78-1-323
PAULMER, JACOB                          OH-78-1-91
PAULMORE, JACOB                         OH-78-1-91
PENROD, ELIZBETH                        OH-78-1-135
PETER, DAVID                            OH-78-1-115
PETERSON, BENJAMIN H.                   OH-78-1-216
PETTY, RALAUIGH                         OH-78-1-244
PFEFFER, FELIX                          OH-78-1-418
PIERPONT, ELENOR                        OH-78-1-14
PLATT, HENRY                            OH-78-1-35
POWER, JENNY                            OH-78-1-85
PRICE, BENJAMIN                         OH-78-1-27, 52
PRICE, JAMES                            OH-78-1-23
PUMPHREY, NIMROD                        OH-78-1-416
PUTT, GEORGE H.                         OH-78-1-170
QUIGLEY, AGNES                          OH-78-1-397
RAINSBERGER, JACOB                      OH-78-1-348
RANDAL, ANNANIAS                        OH-78-1-50
RANDALS, WILLIAM                        OH-78-1-378
RAPPE, ANDREW                           OH-78-1-220
RASLER, DAVID                           OH-78-1-274
RATEKIN, JAMES                          OH-78-1-6
RAWLINGS, JULIET                        OH-78-1-329
REBSTOCK, ELIZABETH                     OH-78-1-72
REBSTOCK, JOHN CHRISTIAN                OH-78-1-225
REED, ELIZA JANE                        OH-78-1-448
REED, MARY                              OH-78-1-232
REESE, CATHARINE                        OH-78-1-190
REESE, JACOB                            OH-78-1-322
REHMEL, MICHAEL                         OH-78-1-164
REHMEL, SAMUEL                          OH-78-1-205
REICH, JOHN CHRISTIAN                   OH-78-1-84
REICHART, MICHAEL                       OH-78-1-191
REID, ROBERT                            OH-78-1-200
REITER, WILLIAM                         OH-78-1-32
RENKERT, HENRY SR.                      OH-78-1-312
RHOADS, JOSEPH                          OH-78-1-29
RHODES, WILLIAM                         OH-78-1-172
RICHARDSON, GEORGE                      OH-78-1-71
RIDENOUR, DANIEL                        OH-78-1-388
RIDGEWAY, JONATHAN                      OH-78-1-371
RIGEL, JACOB                            OH-78-1-476
RIGGLE, DANIEL                          OH-78-1-276
RIGGLE, JACOB                           OH-78-1-66
RINEHART, MICHAEL                       OH-78-1-254
RIPLEY, JOHN                            OH-78-1-305
RIPPETH, WILLIAM                        OH-78-1-491
ROBB, JOHN                              OH-78-1-419
ROBISON, CHARLES                        OH-78-1-165
ROGERS, WARNER                          OH-78-1-259
ROMIG, JOHN                             OH-78-1-75
ROSEBOROUGH, JOHN                       OH-78-1-195
ROSENBURY, OLIVER JR.                   OH-78-1-129
ROSS, ROBERT                            OH-78-1-141
ROUSCH, MARTIN                          OH-78-1-338
ROWSE, THOMAS                           OH-78-1-71
RULE, CATHARINE                         OH-78-1-344
RULE, JOHN                              OH-78-1-118
SALISBURY, JOHN                         OH-78-1-187
SALMON, EDWARD                          OH-78-1-370
SARGENT, JOHN                           OH-78-1-66
SARGENT, THOMAS J.                      OH-78-1-271
SCHOONOVER, HENRY                       OH-78-1-166
SCHORY, ANNA                            OH-78-1-471
SCOT, ALEXANDER                         OH-78-1-291
SCOT, JAMES                             OH-78-1-173
SCOTT, ANDREW                           OH-78-1-192
SCOTT, FRANCIS                          OH-78-1-146
SCOTT, JOSEPH                           OH-78-1-408
SCOTT, PETEE                            OH-78-1-168
SEESE, GEORGE                           OH-78-1-221
SELDENRIGHT, DAVID                      OH-78-1-19
SELLERS, FREDERICK                      OH-78-1-85
SELLS, HENRY                            OH-78-1-22
SHAFFER, HENRY                          OH-78-1-119
SHAFFER, PETER                          OH-78-1-96
SHANE, ABRAHAM                          OH-78-1-255
SHANLY, WILLIAM                         OH-78-1-450
SHANNON, THOMAS                         OH-78-1-14
SHEES,E JACOB                           OH-78-1-73
SHEETS, JOHN                            OH-78-1-391
SHELTON, GOERGE                         OH-78-1-154
SHERRETT, HENRY                         OH-78-1-461
SHESE, ANDREW                           OH-78-1-37
SHORE, RICHARD                          OH-78-1-381
SHOTT, ANTHONY                          OH-78-1-273
SHOTWELL, JONATHAN C.                   OH-78-1-76
SHOWALTER, JACOB                        OH-78-1-297
SHOWALTER, JOHN                         OH-78-1-239
SHOWALTER, PETER                        OH-78-1-317
SHRAY, JOHN                             OH-78-1-28
SHROCK, JOSEPH                          OH-78-1-210
SHULL, JOHN                             OH-78-1-62
SHUSTER, DANIEL                         OH-78-1-12
SHUSTER, MARGARET                       OH-78-1-64
SIEVERT, CHARLES L.                     OH-78-1-279
SILL, JOHN                              OH-78-1-150
SILVIUS, JOHN                           OH-78-1-161
SIMMERMAN, JACOB                        OH-78-1-431
SINK, EVE                               OH-78-1-444
SLINGLUFF, ELIZABTEH                    OH-78-1-282
SLUTS, DEBORAH                          OH-78-1-443
SMILEY, GEORGE                          OH-78-1-362
SMITH, CHRISTIAN                        OH-78-1-187
SMITH, HANNAH SUSANNA                   OH-78-1-316
SMITH, JAMES V.                         OH-78-1-392
SMITH, MICHAEL                          OH-78-1-242
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-78-1-393
SOULE, PLYMPTON                         OH-78-1-429
SPOONER, ELISHA                         OH-78-1-448
SPOONER, HANNAH                         OH-78-1-446
SPRENKLE, JOHN                          OH-78-1-113
STAHLEY, CHRISTIAN                      OH-78-1-149
STANCE, HENRY                           OH-78-1-39
STEEL, ELIZABETH                        OH-78-1-135
STEFFY, MARY MAGDALENE                  OH-78-1-319
STEINER, JOHN                           OH-78-1-467
STEPHENS, CHARLES                       OH-78-1-133
STEWART, JAMES                          OH-78-1-137
STIFFLER, DAVID SR.                     OH-78-1-449
STIFFLER, GEORGE                        OH-78-1-70
STILGENBOWER, JACOB                     OH-78-1-205
STINEBAUGH, MARTIN                      OH-78-1-433
STONEMAN, JOHN                          OH-78-1-46
STOUFFER, JACOB                         OH-78-1-225
STOY, JOHN                              OH-78-1-128
STRAWN, ABEL                            OH-78-1-231
STRAWN, GEORGE                          OH-78-1-254
STREB, GEORGE                           OH-78-1-272
SUITER, CATHERINE                       OH-78-1-172
SUITER, PHILIP                          OH-78-1-152
SWAGLER, MICHAEL                        OH-78-1-321
SWITZER, JOHN                           OH-78-1-33
TENEGER, CHRISTENA                      OH-78-1-284
TEUFEL, JACOB                           OH-78-1-381
THOMAS, ISAAC                           OH-78-1-49
THOMAS, RICHARD                         OH-78-1-318
THOMPSON, JANE                          OH-78-1-147
THOMPSON, JOHN                          OH-78-1-21
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        OH-78-1-294
THYME, HENRY                            OH-78-1-253
TIEMAN, CONRAD                          OH-78-1-159
TOPPIN, ROBERT                          OH-78-1-421
TRESSEL, GEORGE SR.                     OH-78-1-439
TSCHUDY, MARTIN                         OH-78-1-73
TSCHUDY, MATTHIAS                       OH-78-1-275
TUCKER, JAMES                           OH-78-1-488
TUCKER, JOHN                            OH-78-1-339
TUFFORD, JUDETH                         OH-78-1-57
UHRICH, ANN MARY                        OH-78-1-359
UHRICH, MICHAEL                         OH-78-1-11
UNKLE, SOLOMON                          OH-78-1-91
UNSELT, GOTTLIBE                        OH-78-1-375
VAIL, JOEL                              OH-78-1-121
VALLOW, PERRY                           OH-78-1-168
VANATTA, JESSE S.                       OH-78-1-284
VANBUSKIRK, ENOCH                       OH-78-1-377
VANLEHN, HENRY                          OH-78-1-19
VANOSTRAN, FREDERICK                    OH-78-1-141
VINTON, PLIN                            OH-78-1-386
VOELM, JOHN                             OH-78-1-247
VONSCHWEINITZ, LEWIS DAVID              OH-78-1-89
WALLICK, ELISABETH                      OH-78-1-465
WALSH, ROBERT                           OH-78-1-269
WALTER, JACOB                           OH-78-1-33
WALTER, PETER                           OH-78-1-18
WALTER, SAMUEL                          OH-78-1-87
WARFORD, AMOS                           OH-78-1-457
WARFORD, WILLIAM                        OH-78-1-21
WARMS, NICHOLAS                         OH-78-1-225A
WARNER, JONATHAN                        OH-78-1-8
WARNER, MARY                            OH-78-1-16
WATKINS, REAZIN                         OH-78-1-241
WATSON, DANIEL                          OH-78-1-427
WATSON, GABRIEL                         OH-78-1-407
WATSON, JAMES B.                        OH-78-1-273
WATSON, JOHN                            OH-78-1-201
WATSON, JOSEPH                          OH-78-1-124, 129
WEAVER, FARABY                          OH-78-1-132
WEAVER, JOHN                            OH-78-1-77
WEAVER, JOHN GEORGE                     OH-78-1-468
WEBER, ADAM                             OH-78-1-480
WEIBEL, JOHN                            OH-78-1-101
WEISS, BENEDICT                         OH-78-1-242
WELCH, GEORGE                           OH-78-1-436
WELLS, PHILIP W.                        OH-78-1-309
WELSH, JOHN                             OH-78-1-388
WELTY, JOHN                             OH-78-1-213
WENGER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-78-1-337
WESTHOFFER, GODFREY                     OH-78-1-120
WEYER, BENEDICHT                        OH-78-1-247
WHEELAND, GODFREY                       OH-78-1-65
WHITMAN, SARAH                          OH-78-1-114
WIEGAND, CHRISTIAN                      OH-78-1-409
WILLIAMS, SILAS                         OH-78-1-215
WILSON, JAMES SR.                       OH-78-1-60
WILSON, MARGARET                        OH-78-1-473
WILSON, ROBERT B.                       OH-78-1-440
WIMER, PETER                            OH-78-1-34
WININGS, JOHN                           OH-78-1-415
WINKLEPLECK, ADAM                       OH-78-1-327
WINNELL, WILIAM                         OH-78-1-410
WINSLER, MICHAEL                        OH-78-1-361
WINZELER, MICHAEL                       OH-78-1-361
WINZLER, GEORGE                         OH-78-1-286
WOLF, JOHN                              OH-78-1-222
WOLF, PETER                             OH-78-1-453
WOLF, WILLIAM                           OH-78-1-68
WOLGEMUTH, CHRISTIAN                    OH-78-1-30
WORNER, JOSEPH                          OH-78-1-451
WRIGHT, JESSE                           OH-78-1-116
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                          OH-78-1-395
YODER, JOHN                             OH-78-1-97
YOUNG, JACOB                            OH-78-1-4
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          OH-78-1-47
ZEEB, CHRISTINA                         OH-78-1-345
ZEIGLER, JOHN                           OH-78-1-153
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB                        OH-78-1-255
ZINSMEISTER, THEOBALD                   OH-78-1-308

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