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Column One: Name of Testator
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Will Books: 1-16=? (1853-1918)
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ALLEN, ISAAC                            OH-79-A-263
AMRINE, HENRY R.                        OH-79-A-315
AMRINE, SMITH M.                        OH-79-A-326
ANDERSON, ISAAC                         OH-79-A-426
ASHBAUGH, CYRUS                         OH-79-A-395
BALEY, EDWARD                           OH-79-A-302
BARE, BENGAMIN                          OH-79-A-102
BARKER, ANDREW                          OH-79-A-100
BARNETT, JESSE                          OH-79-A-220
BAUGHMAN, ABRAHAM                       OH-79-A-237
BEARD, MARGARET A.                      OH-79-A-120
BECK, SAMUEL                            OH-79-A-161
BEDINGERS, HENRY                        OH-79-A-177
BEIGHLER, ABRAHAM                       OH-79-A-274
BELLVILLE, JOSEPH                       OH-79-A-200
BIDDLE, JOSEPH                          OH-79-A-137
BIGELOW, ELIPHAZ                        OH-79-A-332
BOWYER, THOMAS                          OH-79-A-47
BRUCK, EDWIN                            OH-79-A-191
BURNHAM, GEORGE B.                      OH-79-A-226
CAHILL, WILLIAM                         OH-79-A-308
CALDWELL, HARRIET                       OH-79-A-437
CALL, DANIEL                            OH-79-A-368
CAMERON, ANNE                           OH-79-A-370
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       OH-79-A-338
CARTER, EMILY A.                        OH-79-A-439
CHAPMAN, ABNER                          OH-79-A-288
CHILD, ISAAC                            OH-79-A-312
CLARK, ANGUS                            OH-79-A-183
COATS, JOHN B. SR.                      OH-79-A-391
COE, LEVEN H.                           OH-79-A-83
COLUMBER, JOHN                          OH-79-A-164
COOLEDGE, GEORGE W.                     OH-79-A-436
CORTRIGHT, SOLOMAN                      OH-79-A-145
CRAMER, MICHAEL SR.                     OH-79-A-232
CRATINGER, PETER                        OH-79-A-219
CURRY, MARY                             OH-79-A-147
DANFORTH, HIRAM                         OH-79-A-353
DEPP, MILES                             OH-79-A-242
DNES, JAMES C.                          OH-79-A-74
DOCKUM, ANDREW                          OH-79-A-298
DONLEY, JOHN                            OH-79-A-420
DRAPER, JAMES                           OH-79-A-192
DUN, GEORGE W.                          OH-79-A-374
DYNES, CHAMBER                          OH-79-A-122
DYSERT, STEPHEN                         OH-79-A-11
EATON, ORIN C.                          OH-79-A-386
EDMUNDSON, ELIZABETH                    OH-79-A-65
ELL, JOHN ADAM                          OH-79-A-89
ELLIOTT, BENJAMIN                       OH-79-A-194
ELLIOTT, WELLIN                         OH-79-A-417
EPPS, WILLIS                            OH-79-A-114
ERWIN, ROBERT                           OH-79-A-4
FARNAM, HENRY                           OH-79-A-250
FLEMING, A. Q.                          OH-79-A-141
FORD, GRIEF                             OH-79-A-162
GIBSON, MARY                            OH-79-A-333
GILL, A. M.                             OH-79-A-336
GREEN, ROBERT C.                        OH-79-A-310
GREEN, WILLIAM                          OH-79-A-150
GRINDALL, JOHN G.                       OH-79-A-238
HAGUE, JAMES                            OH-79-A-8
HAINES, LEVI                            OH-79-A-444
HAINES, SOLOMON                         OH-79-A-51
HARPER, WILLIAM                         OH-79-A-239
HASSHA, THOMAS                          OH-79-A-148
HATHAWAY, LEONORA                       OH-79-A-53
HAWN, MARY                              OH-79-A-215
HENDERSON, JAMES                        OH-79-A-223
HERRINGTON, BENJAMIN                    OH-79-A-356
HILDRETH, WILLIAM SR.                   OH-79-A-196
HILL, JUSTUS M.                         OH-79-A-255
HODGDEN, CHARLES                        OH-79-A-408
HOFF, WILLIAM                           OH-79-A-143
HOLYCROSS, DANIEL                       OH-79-A-240
HOLYCROSS, ELI                          OH-79-A-105
HOLYCROSS, LAURA                        OH-79-A-299
HOPKINS, BENJAMIN                       OH-79-A-165
HUBMAN, GEORGE M.                       OH-79-A-318
HUSH, PETER                             OH-79-A-399
JOHNSON, ELIAS                          OH-79-A-285
JOHNSTON, EBENEZER                      OH-79-A-57
JOLLY, JOHN                             OH-79-A-180
JONES, CALEB                            OH-79-A-293
JUDY, JESSE                             OH-79-A-233
KENDALL, SEXTUS                         OH-79-A-305
KENT, DANIEL                            OH-79-A-344
KENT, JAMES                             OH-79-A-445
LANDON, SYRE                            OH-79-A-322
LEE, ANN M.                             OH-79-A-207
LEE, THOMAS                             OH-79-A-300
LEONARD, ABRAHAM                        OH-79-A-55
LINGGREL, JEREMIAH                      OH-79-A-366
LOVE, LEONARD                           OH-79-A-260
LOW, LUCAS                              OH-79-A-170
LOWE, BURGESS                           OH-79-A-328
MANN, E. F.                             OH-79-A-258
MANN, HARRIET L.                        OH-79-A-203
MANN, REUBEN P.                         OH-79-A-384
MARQUIS, JOHN                           OH-79-A-62
MARRIOTT, EDITH                         OH-79-A-320
MARTIN, ENOS                            OH-79-A-189
MATHER, EBENEZER                        OH-79-A-54
MCCAMPBELL, WILLIAM                     OH-79-A-58
MCCREARY, JONATHAN                      OH-79-A-165
MCCRORY, WILLIAM                        OH-79-A-314
MCCURDY, JANE                           OH-79-A-361
MCCURDY, NANCY                          OH-79-A-363
MCCURDY, SARAH                          OH-79-A-276
MCDOWEL, ARCHIBALD                      OH-79-A-9
MCILROY, JAMES                          OH-79-A-185
MCMILLEN, ARCHEMEDES                    OH-79-A-225
MEDDLES, JAMES                          OH-79-A-198
MIDDLETON, TIMOTHY SR.                  OH-79-A-440
MILLER, PHILLIP                         OH-79-A-264
MILLIGAN, SAMUEL                        OH-79-A-118
MILLIGAN, WASHINGTON                    OH-79-A-169
MINGE, JOHN                             OH-79-A-94
MITCHELL, ALEXANDER R.                  OH-79-A-235
MOORE, ORRIN                            OH-79-A-287
MYERS, CAROLINE                         OH-79-A-415
MYERS, WILLIAM C.                       OH-79-A-372
NELSON, MARTHA                          OH-79-A-265
NELSON, ROBERT                          OH-79-A-48
PARROTT, ALFRED HENRY                   OH-79-A-172
PATRICK, THOMAS                         OH-79-A-340
PATRICK, THOMAS J.                      OH-79-A-280
PAVER, JOHN                             OH-79-A-87
PEACH, CHARLES                          OH-79-A-306
PEIRSEL, LEVI B.                        OH-79-A-382
PENN, HARISON L                         .OH-79-A-128
PENNYPACKER, JACOB                      OH-79-A-244
PEPPER, ISSACHAR                        OH-79-A-13
PHELPS, LEVI                            OH-79-A-283
PICKETT, RODNEY                         OH-79-A-46
POLING, JOHN B.                         OH-79-A-112
POLING, ROGER                           OH-79-A-404
POOLER, HANNAH Y.                       OH-79-A-324
PREDMORE, JOHN                          OH-79-A-258
PREISZ, PHILIP                          OH-79-A-230
PRICE, SIMPSON                          OH-79-A-380
RAINEY, ELIZABETH                       OH-79-A-303
REED, DANIEL                            OH-79-A-7
REED, THOMAS                            OH-79-A-222
RICE, PAYNE                             OH-79-A-348
RICKARD, MARY M.                        OH-79-A-217
RICKMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-79-A-99
RIDDLE, JAMES                           OH-79-A-271
ROBB, MARY                              OH-79-A-349
ROBERTSON, TOBIAS                       OH-79-A-346
ROBINSON, JANE                          OH-79-A-252
RUNNELS, STEPHEN                        OH-79-A-228
RUPPRICHT, PHILIP                       OH-79-A-139
SAGER, JOHN                             OH-79-A-110
SAGER, SAMUEL                           OH-79-A-134
SANDERS, JAMES                          OH-79-A-86
SCOTT, THOMAS                           OH-79-A-60
SCOTT, WILILAM                          OH-79-A-213
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          OH-79-A-442
SHERWOOD, SAMUEL                        OH-79-A-158
SIMPSON, JOHN                           OH-79-A-2
SIPES, WILLIAM W.                       OH-79-A-434
SMITH, DAVID                            OH-79-A-295
SMITH, E. C. SR.                        OH-79-A-406
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-79-A-90
SMITH, MARGARET A.                      OH-79-A-402
SNODGRASS, JAMES                        OH-79-A-424
STARLING, LINES                         OH-79-A-4
STEELE, WILLIAM                         OH-79-A-175
STILLINGS, MARY                         OH-79-A-393
STORMES, GREGORY                        OH-79-A-243
SWAN, JAMES                             OH-79-A-246
SWART, WILLIAM                          OH-79-A-104
SWARTZ, JOSEPH                          OH-79-A-398
TAYLOR, ABRAHAM                         OH-79-A-275
TAYLOR, JAMES                           OH-79-A-14
TEMPLE, GILBERT                         OH-79-A-282
TEMPLE, JOSEPH                          OH-79-A-116
TENNIS, JOHN                            OH-79-A-428
THOMSON, WILLIAM                        OH-79-A-330
VANSANT, JOHN S.                        OH-79-A-103
WADE, GARLAND                           OH-79-A-186
WALKE, ANTHONY                          OH-79-A-387
WALLACE, CADWALLADER                    OH-79-A-201
WASSON, MAINS                           OH-79-A-216
WATKINS, JOSEPH                         OH-79-A-410
WATKINS, THOMAS P.                      OH-79-A-174
WELCH, EDMOND                           OH-79-A-429
WELCH, JESSE H.                         OH-79-A-188
WELLS, JAMES T.                         OH-79-A-354
WELLS, JOSEPH                           OH-79-A-431
WHEELER, GEORGE W.                      OH-79-A-291
WHITAKER, JAMES                         OH-79-A-205
WILKINS, B. P.                          OH-79-A-167
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         OH-79-A-126
WILLIAMS, MATHIAS                       OH-79-A-364
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE T.                   OH-79-A-209
WILSON, HUGH                            OH-79-A-268
WINCHESTER, DAVID                       OH-79-A-71
WINCHESTER, WILLIAM                     OH-79-A-67
WINTERS, ADAM C.                        OH-79-A-166
WOLFORD, ADAM                           OH-79-A-270
WOLFORD, DANIEL                         OH-79-A-352
WOOD, JOHN                              OH-79-A-47
WOOD, LEBBEUS                           OH-79-A-297
WOOD, MARY                              OH-79-A-343
WORLEY, AMRGARET J.                     OH-79-A-342
YANTIS, JOSEPH J.                       OH-79-A-278

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