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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List (Year covered) | 1=1803-1825 | 2=1825-1827 | 3=1827-1829 | 4=1829-1832 | 5=1832-1834 | 6-39=? |
Will Books: 1-16=? (1853-1918)
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ANDERSON, JAMES                         OH-82-1-127
ANDERSON, JOHN                          OH-82-3-16
ANDERSON, JOSEPH                        OH-82-4-363
AYERS, AMSEY                            OH-82-3-3
BABBIT, JACOB                           OH-82-1-252
BARNETT, JOHN                           OH-82-4-405
BATE, SAMUEL                            OH-82-4-546
BECHTOLL, JOHN                          OH-82-1-262
BEEDLE, WILLIAM                         OH-82-1-57
BEEL, THOMAS                            OH-82-5-54
BELL, SIMEON                            OH-82-5-489
BENHAM, ROBERT                          OH-82-1-27
BENNET, WILLIAM                         OH-82-3-215
BIGHAM, HUGH                            OH-82-1-19
BISPHAM, THOMAS                         OH-82-2-439
BLACKFORD, NATHANIEL                    OH-82-5-393
BLINN, ADAM                             OH-82-1-211
BORDEN, JAMES                           OH-82-5-493
BRADSTREET, DANIEL                      OH-82-5-391
BRANT, JOHN                             OH-82-4-74
BRINEY, FREDERICK                       OH-82-1-52
BROWN, ASHER                            OH-82-4-513
BROWN, JOSEPH                           OH-82-1-122
BRYSON, JOHN                            OH-82-1-179
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM R.                    OH-82-1-256
BUNNEL, STEPHEN                         OH-82-1-41
BURNS, JEREMIAH                         OH-82-3-189
BUTTERWORTH, BENJAMIN                   OH-82-5-118
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         OH-82-1-111
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          OH-82-1-230
CARTER, JAMES                           OH-82-5-240
CHINOWETH, WILLIAM                      OH-82-1-164
CLARK, HENRY                            OH-82-5-400
CLARK, JOHN                             OH-82-4-494
CLINTON, ISAAC                          OH-82-4-540
CLOUD, JOSEPH                           OH-82-1-107
CLOUD, MARY                             OH-82-1-242
CODDINGTON, JOSEPH                      OH-82-5-245
COLLER,JACOB                            OH-82-3-326
COLLINS, GEORGE                         OH-82-4-58
CONLEY, JAMES P.                        OH-82-2-381
COOK, AMOS                              OH-82-1-160
CORLIS, AMUEL                           OH-82-5-213
CORWIN, MATTHIAS SR.                    OH-82-3-463
COWAN, JOHN                             OH-82-1-9
CRAIGE, DAVID                           OH-82-3-213
CRANE, AMOS                             OH-82-1-123
CREAMOR, JOHN                           OH-82-3-403
DANIELS, NATHAN                         OH-82-1-46
DAVIS, JOHN FARRIS                      OH-82-1-130
DEATH, EDWARD                           OH-82-1-103
DECAN, THOMAS                           OH-82-1-33
DILL, FRANCIS                           OH-82-5-389
DUKEMUREER, ISAAC                       OH-82-4-261
DYNES, WILLIAM                          OH-82-2-437
EARNHART, JACOB                         OH-82-1-222
EDDY, JOHN                              OH-82-1-208
EDIE, DAVID                             OH-82-1-39
EDWARDS, JAMES                          OH-82-2-28
EDWARDS, JOHN                           OH-82-1-30
EGBERT, JOHN                            OH-82-1-172
ERTLE, DANIEL                           OH-82-4-102
EVANS, BENJAMIN                         OH-82-4-116
EVANS, DIANA                            OH-82-1-141
EVANS, THOMAS                           OH-82-1-169
EVANS, WILLIAM                          OH-82-1-258
EVENHAM, NATHANIEL                      OH-82-1-86
FARRIS, DAVID                           OH-82-1-66
FISHER, JOSEPH                          OH-82-3-22
FOGLESONG, GEORGE                       OH-82-4-407
FOSTER, ELI                             OH-82-1-153
FOX, JOHN                               OH-82-1-98
FREEMAN, JOHN                           OH-82-1-155
FULK, HEZEKIAH                          OH-82-5-395
GALLAHER, SAMUEL                        OH-82-5-402
GARWOOD, JONATHAN                       OH-82-5-108
GILL, MARY                              OH-82-1-246
GILLESPIE, GEORGE                       OH-82-1-158
GOODING, WILLIAM                        OH-82-5-50
GORDON, GEORGE                          OH-82-2-336, 386
GUSTIN, JEREMIAH                        OH-82-3-321
HAINS, ADEN                             OH-82-5-243
HALL, CHARLES                           OH-82-5-659
HALL, JOHN                              OH-82-2-200
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER A.                  OH-82-1-244
HAMILTON, JAMES S.                      OH-82-5-408
HAMSBERGER, GEORGE                      OH-82-1-272
HARLAN, GEORGE                          OH-82-1-181
HARMAN, HENRY                           OH-82-3-222
HARNER, JOHN                            OH-82-5-396
HARNSBERGER, MARY                       OH-82-5-55
HARRISON, JAMES                         OH-82-5-32
HARRISON, REUBEN                        OH-82-1-170
HART, JAMES                             OH-82-1-197
HART, SAMUEL                            OH-82-4-75
HATFIELD, JOSEPH                        OH-82-1-96
HAWKINS, AMOS                           OH-82-5-421
HAWN, DANIEL                            OH-82-1-54
HAWN, DAVID                             OH-82-1-54
HAWN, JACOB                             OH-82-1-137
HAWTHORN, AGNES                         OH-82-5-77
HAYS, JOHN                              OH-82-1-251
HERCULES, WILLIAM                       OH-82-3-447
HOLLIDAY, ASMUEL                        OH-82-1-71
HOLMES, GEORGE                          OH-82-4-262
HOPKINS, JAMES                          OH-82-1-43
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                        OH-82-4-228
HORMAL, JOHN SR.                        OH-82-1-204
HOWK, MICHAL                            OH-82-1-101
HROMELL, HENRY                          OH-82-5-404
HULSE, WILLIAM SR.                      OH-82-3-124
HUMPHREYS, WILLIAM                      OH-82-1-220
HUMPHRIES, WILLIAM                      OH-82-1-220
HUNT, AARON                             OH-82-1-147
HUNTER, ROBERT                          OH-82-4-76
INYART, BENJAMIN                        OH-82-1-116
IRELAND, FRANCIS                        OH-82-1-112
JAMES, WILLIAM                          OH-82-1-11
JOSE, JOHN                              OH-82-1-218
KAVE, JOHN                              OH-82-4-449
KEEVER, HENRY                           OH-82-5-621
KEEVER, MARTIN                          OH-82-1-234
KELSEY, DANIEL                          OH-82-1-187
KINDER, ABRAHAM                         OH-82-1-25
KINDLE, RHOLAN                          OH-82-1-15
KIRBY, JOSEPH                           OH-82-5-35
KIRBY, MARY                             OH-82-5-115
KIRBY, RICHARD                          OH-82-1-61
KOOGLE, ADAM                            OH-82-5-387, 413
LACKEY, JOHN MATTHIAS                   OH-82-3-93
LAMB, JOSEPH                            OH-82-3-188
LANDERS, GEORGE                         OH-82-1-23
LATHROP, MARTIN D.                      OH-82-1-227
LAW, WILLIAM                            OH-82-2-199
LEAMAN, WILLIAM B.                      OH-82-2-304
LEWIS, PAUL                             OH-82-4-447, 497
LINTON, DANIEL                          OH-82-1-79
LINTON, SMAUEL                          OH-82-1-214
LOVE, WILLIAM                           OH-82-5-36
LOWERY, FLEMING                         OH-82-1-114
LUDLUM, SMITH                           OH-82-3-19
LYTLE, ANDREW                           OH-82-4-119
MARRITT, JOHN                           OH-82-3-114
MASON, WILLIAM                          OH-82-4-359
MCCASHEN, JAMES                         OH-82-1-162
MCCLEARY, MARY                          OH-82-1-50
MCCORD, JOHN                            OH-82-1-124
MCDONOUGH, REDMOND                      OH-82-1-224
MCKANE, JOHN                            OH-82-1-68
MCKAY, MOSES                            OH-82-3-115
MCKINNEY, JOSEPH                        OH-82-4-492
MCLEAN, THOMAS                          OH-82-1-254
MCMEEN, JOHN                            OH-82-3-112
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM                       OH-82-1-21
MEEKER, AMOS                            OH-82-5-423
MILLS, MARMADUKE                        OH-82-1-223
MINNER, LEVINE                          OH-82-1-16
MIOVER, ISAAC                           OH-82-1-264
MONFORT, LAWRENCE                       OH-82-4-118
MONFORT, PETER                          OH-82-1-228
MONROE, AMOS                            OH-82-1-73
MONROE, CHARLES                         OH-82-1-134
MOON, PHINEAS                           OH-82-1-36
MOON, SIMON                             OH-82-1-270
MORGAN, ESTHER                          OH-82-3-186
MORRIS, AARON                           OH-82-5-607, 609
MORRIS, ISAAC                           OH-82-3-143
MOUNFORT, PETER                         OH-82-1-236
MUHLENBERG, PETER                       OH-82-5-129
NEWLIN, JOHN                            OH-82-5-110
NICHOLS, JOSIAH                         OH-82-5-467
ONEAL, ABIJAH                           OH-82-1-219
PAINTER, GEORGE                         OH-82-1-31
PARKS, JOSEPH                           OH-82-1-69
PIDGEON, SAMUEL                         OH-82-1-90
PIERSON, WYLLYS                         OH-82-5-236
PLUM, JACOB                             OH-82-4-496
PRICE, AUGUSTUS                         OH-82-1-151
PRICE, MARGARET                         OH-82-1-168
REEDER, DAVID                           OH-82-1-248
REFFEL, JACOB                           OH-82-1-24
RHYNEARSON, NICHOLAS                    OH-82-1-184
ROBERSON, HENSON                        OH-82-1-75
RODGERS, MARY                           OH-82-3-185
ROGERS, JOSEPH                          OH-82-4-77
ROLSTON, ANDREW                         OH-82-3-401
ROSS, JOHN                              OH-82-1-156
ROSS, ROBERT R.                         OH-82-1-7
RUTTER, WILLIAM                         OH-82-2-306
SANDERS, GEORGE                         OH-82-1-23
SANDERS, JOEL                           OH-82-1-149
SAYRE, WILLIAM                          OH-82-1-109
SCHNORF, JACOB                          OH-82-2-421
SCHOFIELD, JARED                        OH-82-2-261
SHAW, CHRISTOPHER                       OH-82-4-264
SHAW, JOHN                              OH-82-1-229
SIBBIT, AARON                           OH-82-1-92
SIMS, JOHN                              OH-82-5-468
SKINNER, ABRAHAM                        OH-82-5-465
SLEASMAN, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-82-5-627
SMITH, ABNER                            OH-82-1-132
SMITH, DAVID B.                         OH-82-1-55
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-82-2-426
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-82-5-405
SMITH, THOMAS                           OH-82-2-433
SNELL, HENRY                            OH-82-3-45
SNIDER, ANTHONY                         OH-82-1-120
SPINNING, MATTHIAS                      OH-82-4-79
STEDDONS, HENRY                         OH-82-1-199
STEEL, HUGH                             OH-82-1-17
STEELMAN, ELIJAH                        OH-82-5-239
STILES, JOSEPH                          OH-82-1-207
STILES, NER                             OH-82-5-113
STOUT, DANIEL                           OH-82-5-246
STREET, WILLIAM                         OH-82-3-400
STUMP, DANIEL                           OH-82-5-112
SUTTON, JOHN                            OH-82-4-406
SUTTON,D AVID                           OH-82-5-611
TAMSETT, JOHN                           OH-82-1-210
TAPSCOTT, JAMES                         OH-82-1-188
TATE, JOSEPH                            OH-82-1-177
TAYLOR, MOSES                           OH-82-1-217
TAYLOR, NATHAN                          OH-82-1-24
THARP, JOHN                             OH-82-1-139
THOMAS, ABIGAIL                         OH-82-1-183
THOMAS, ABSALOM                         OH-82-3-15
THOMAS, JESSE                           OH-82-1-225
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         OH-82-1-177
THOMPSON, CHARLES                       OH-82-1-175
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       OH-82-1-35
THORN, PETER                            OH-82-3-122
TINDER, ABRAHAM                         OH-82-1-25
TINGLE, JEDEDIAH                        OH-82-1-382
TIPTON, SARAH                           OH-82-5-470
TULLIS, MICHAEL                         OH-82-1-38
TUTTLE, JOHN                            OH-82-1-76
VANETERS, JOHN                          OH-82-1-81
VARNER, MARTIN                          OH-82-2-165
VESTAL, JOHN                            OH-82-1-14
VOORHIS, CORNELIUS                      OH-82-1-83
WARD, ISAAC                             OH-82-3-181
WARD, MARY                              OH-82-1-144
WEALS, GEORGE                           OH-82-1-240
WEER, SAMUEL                            OH-82-1-231
WELTON, JONATHAN                        OH-82-4-534
WHITACRE, ROBERT                        OH-82-3-218
WHITSON, SAMUEL                         OH-82-1-180
WILES, JOHN                             OH-82-1-29
WILKERSON, JAMES                        OH-82-5-625
WILSON, JOHN                            OH-82-1-106
WOOD, JOHN                              OH-82-1-127
WOODRUFF, EDWARD                        OH-82-1-241
WORLEY, WILLIAM                         OH-82-1-183
WORTHINGTON, JOHN                       OH-82-1-40
WORTHINGTON, JOSEPH                     OH-82-1-40
WRIGHT, JOEL                            OH-82-3-324
YAWGER, PETER                           OH-82-1-249
YOUNG, JAMES                            OH-82-1-18
YOUNG, MARY MAGDALENA                   OH-82-5-121
ZERING, CHRISTIAN                       OH-82-5-52

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