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Probate Record Books "PR" : 1=1789-1816 | 2=1816-1823 | 3=1823-1826 | 4=1826-1832 | 5=1833-1839 | 6=1839-1843 | 7=1843-1847 | 8=1847-1851 | 9=1851-1855 |
Will Books: 1-16=? (1853-1918)
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ABORN, LOWRY                            OH-83-PR-9-357
ALEXANDER, ANDREW                       OH-83-PR-1-280
ALEXANDER, JAMES                        OH-83-PR-4-287
ALGER, PRESERVED                        OH-83-PR-2-214
ALLISON, HUGH                           OH-83-PR-3-155
AMES, CYRUS                             OH-83-PR-8-50
ANDERS, JOSEPH                          OH-83-PR-9-187
ANDREWS, ROBERT                         OH-83-PR-2-444
ATCKERSON, SAMUEL                       OH-83-PR-8-380
AYLES, DAVID                            OH-83-PR-8-401
BAKER, SAMUEL                           OH-83-PR-1-31
BALL, JAMES                             OH-83-PR-9-357
BARBER, LEVI                            OH-83-PR-5-2
BELL, FREDERICK                         OH-83-PR-5-143
BENEDICT, LEVI                          OH-83-PR-3-156
BENT, DANIEL                            OH-83-PR-4-130
BERKINSHA, POLLY                        OH-83-PR-8-404
BINEGAR, JONATHAN                       OH-83-PR-8-512
BIRD, CLARENCE                          OH-83-PR-4-320
BIRD, JOHN                              OH-83-PR-7-357
BIRD, SETH                              OH-83-PR-7-354
BOSTON, MICHAEL                         OH-83-PR-7-142
BOSWORTH, JOSEPH                        OH-83-PR-4-322
BOSWORTH, SALA                          OH-83-PR-2-440
BOWEN, WILLIAM                          OH-83-PR-5-250
BOWEN, WILLIAM                          OH-83-PR-7-104
BOWES, HENRY                            OH-83-PR-7-245
BRADFORD, ROBERT                        OH-83-PR-2-387
BRIDGES, BENJAMIN                       OH-83-PR-6-187
BRIGGS, ZADOCK                          OH-83-PR-2-430
BRITTEN,JAMES                           OH-83-PR-5-3
BROUGH, BRIDGET                         OH-83-PR-2-255
BROWN, NICHOLAS                         OH-83-PR-6-382
BROWNING, WILLIAM R.                    OH-83-PR-8-587
BRUMPTON, ROBERT                        OH-83-PR-5-290
BUCKLEY, ROGER                          OH-83-PR-9-268
BUCKLEY, THOMAS                         OH-83-PR-7-468
BUELL, DANIEL H.                        OH-83-PR-7-13
BUELL, TIMOTHY                          OH-83-PR-5-358
BUNDY, BENJAMIN                         OH-83-PR-9-376
BURLINGAME, SUSANNA                     OH-83-PR-6-116
BURLINGGAME, CHRISTOPHER                OH-83-PR-6-249
BURRIS, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-8-548
CADWELL, ALICE                          OH-83-PR-8-101
CADWELL, JOHN                           OH-83-PR-5-451
CADWELL, RICHARD                        OH-83-PR-5-217
CALDER, ALEXANDER                       OH-83-PR-8-249
CAMRON, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-8-344
CARTER, BENJAMIN B.                     OH-83-PR-6-112
CARTER, HULDAH MARIA                    OH-83-PR-8-444
CASE, MARY                              OH-83-PR-2-174
CASE, ZENAS                             OH-83-PR-1-193
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          OH-83-PR-2-422
CHAMBERS, THOMAS                        OH-83-PR-9-174
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM JR.                   OH-83-PR-5-532
CHAPMAN, LEVI                           OH-83-PR-9-447
CHAPMAN, SELDEN                         OH-83-PR-6-40
CHAPPEL, JULIUS                         OH-83-PR-3-184
CHEADLE, CYRUS                          OH-83-PR-8-405
CHILDS, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-3-499
CLARKE, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-9-238
CLAY, DANIEL                            OH-83-PR-3-123
CLINE, PHILIP                           OH-83-PR-9-323
COBB, SAMUEL                            OH-83-PR-6-340
COLES, THOMAS                           OH-83-PR-7-299
COLWELL, WILLIAM                        OH-83-PR-9-105
COOK, JOSEPH                            OH-83-PR-3-153
COOK, SAMUEL                            OH-83-PR-4-602
COOK, SILAS                             OH-83-PR-8-547
COOPER, HANNAH                          OH-83-PR-9-45
COOPER, JOSEPH                          OH-83-PR-4-325
COPPOCK, ISAAC                          OH-83-PR-6-438
CORP, BENJAMIN                          OH-83-PR-8-178
COVEY, KINGSBURY                        OH-83-PR-6-84
CRAFT, DEBORAH                          OH-83-PR-5-508
CRAVEN, HIRAM                           OH-83-PR-9-108
CRAWFORD, GEORGE                        OH-83-PR-8-273
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       OH-83-PR-6-464
CROSS, WAID                             OH-83-PR-2-156
CULVER, LEVI                            OH-83-PR-5-318
CUTLER, WILLIAM                         OH-83-PR-5-476
DALLIEZ, MARIA J.                       OH-83-PR-1-37
DANA, BENJAMIN                          OH-83-PR-5-511
DANA, WILLIAM                           OH-83-PR-9-146
DAVIS, THOMAS G.                        OH-83-PR-4-214
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          OH-83-PR-6-465
DELANO, THOMAS                          OH-83-PR-5-114
DENNIT, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-2-443
DEVOL, COOK                             OH-83-PR-5-142
DEVOL, GILBERT                          OH-83-PR-3-151
DEVOL, ISAAC                            OH-83-PR-9-110
DEVOL, JONATHAN (CAPT.)                 OH-83-PR-3-156
DEWEES, WILLIAM                         OH-83-PR-9-162
DICKERSON, SARAH                        OH-83-PR-6-85
DICKEY, SOLOMON                         OH-83-PR-5-221
DODGE, NATHANIEL                        OH-83-PR-5-478
DOLAN, WILLIAM                          OH-83-PR-5-537
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM                        OH-83-PR-6-20
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          OH-83-PR-4-316
DRURY, ABRAHAM                          OH-83-PR-5-252
DUDLEY, CHARLES E.                      OH-83-PR-7-176
DUVALL, MAREEN                          OH-83-PR-9-206
DUVERGER, FRANCIS                       OH-83-PR-1-23
DYAR, JOHN                              OH-83-PR-5-54
DYE, JOHN                               OH-83-PR-2-439
DYE, JONATHAN                           OH-83-PR-9-69
EDDLESTON, JARVIS                       OH-83-PR-8-517
EDDY, FREDERICK A.                      OH-83-PR-8-104
EDWARDS, DAVID                          OH-83-PR-8-180
ELLIS, EPHRAIM                          OH-83-PR-8-275
ELLIS, IRA                              OH-83-PR-3-377
EMERSON, CALEB                          OH-83-PR-9-384
EMERSON, EPHRAIM                        OH-83-PR-5-118
EVANS, ISRAEL                           OH-83-PR-16-226 (IN DEEDS)
EWART, ROBERT R.                        OH-83-PR-9-267
FAIRCHILDS, MAJOR                       OH-83-PR-1-18
FEARING, NOAH                           OH-83-PR-1-171
FEARING, PAUL                           OH-83-PR-2-267
FLINT, ELI                              OH-83-PR-6-39
FORD, HORATIO N.                        OH-83-PR-8-402
FORD, JUDAH                             OH-83-PR-9-70
FORD, WILLIAM                           OH-83-PR-2-427
FORD, WILLIAM JR.                       OH-83-PR-2-425
FORST, JOHN                             OH-83-PR-6-43
FOSTER, MILTON                          OH-83-PR-9-100
FOSTER, PEREGRINE                       OH-83-PR-1-64
FOX, WILLIAM                            OH-83-PR-8-343
FRAZIER, CHRISTIANA                     OH-83-PR-8-251
FRENCH, ISAAC                           OH-83-PR-5-386
FRENCH, NANCY                           OH-83-PR-5-253
FROTHINGHAM, EBENEZER                   OH-83-PR-1-7
FROTHINGHAM, PETER                      OH-83-PR-1-131
FRY, WILLIAM                            OH-83-PR-2-214
FULLAM, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-1-29
FULLER, SOLOMON                         OH-83-PR-1-171
GANNETT, MARY W.                        OH-83-PR-5-335
GANSEY, JOSEPH                          OH-83-PR-7-588
GARDNER, WILLIAM C.                     OH-83-PR-7-352
GIBBS, GEORGE                           OH-83-PR-5-343
GIBSON, JAMES                           OH-83-PR-2-104
GIDDINGS, JOHN                          OH-83-PR-3-369
GILBERT, DAVID                          OH-83-PR-5-569
GILDSMITH, BENONI                       OH-83-PR-2-234
GOODMAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-83-PR-7-345
GOSS, SOLOMON                           OH-83-PR-4-132
GOULD, BENJAMIN                         OH-83-PR-8-403
GREEN, DUTY                             OH-83-PR-6-379
GREEN, EZRA                             OH-83-PR-2-271
GREEN, JOHN                             OH-83-PR-5-1
GREEN, MARY                             OH-83-PR-2-434
GREENE, GRIFFIN                         OH-83-PR-9-98
GREENE, JAMES H.                        OH-83-PR-6-403
GREENE, SARAH                           OH-83-PR-1-232
GREENMAN, JEREMIAH                      OH-83-PR-4-260
GRIDLEY, WILLIAM                        OH-83-PR-5-419
GUILINGER, MARTIN                       OH-83-PR-9-97
GUITTEAU, MINERVEY                      OH-83-PR-8-591
GUTHRIE, TRUMAN                         OH-83-PR-6-151
HAAS, GEORGE                            OH-83-PR-9-359
HAGERMAN, PETER                         OH-83-PR-8-252
HALE, CHRISTIAN                         OH-83-PR-5-425
HARVEY, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-8-451
HARVIE, JAMES                           OH-83-PR-8-7
HASKELL, JONATHAN                       OH-83-PR-1-317
HATCH, JAMES                            OH-83-PR-6-117
HAYWARD, GEORGE                         OH-83-PR-9-161
HAYWARD, POTHEUS                        OH-83-PR-6-313
HAZARD, EBENEZER                        OH-83-PR-5-567
HEALD, LEVI                             OH-83-PR-9-377
HEALD, SMITH                            OH-83-PR-9-378
HEART, ALIES EVELYNE                    OH-83-PR-5-383
HEART, JONATHAN                         OH-83-PR-2-30
HENRY, ROBERT                           OH-83-PR-7-146
HENRY, ROBET 2ND                        OH-83-PR-6-83
HENSEL, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-8-177
HENSHAWS, SAMUEL                        OH-83-PR-16-352 (IN DEEDS)
HILL, IRA                               OH-83-PR-6-313
HILL, MATTHEW                           OH-83-PR-8-248
HILL, WILLIAM                           OH-83-PR-4-353
HILLET, ISAIAH                          OH-83-PR-3-122
HOLLEY, WILLIAM                         OH-83-PR-1-155
HOLLISTER, RICHARD D.                   OH-83-PR-1-638
HORTON, AMOS                            OH-83-PR-6-37
HOWARD, EDWARD                          OH-83-PR-1-60
HOWE, AARON                             OH-83-PR-1-202
HOWE, GEORGE                            OH-83-PR-2-438
HUGGINS, BENJAMIN                       OH-83-PR-7-472
HUMPHREY, ELISHA                        OH-83-PR-7-254
HUMPHREYS, DAVID                        OH-83-PR-17-306 (IN DEEDS)
HUMPHREYS, ISAAC                        OH-83-PR-8-447
HUNT, JOSEPH                            OH-83-PR-4-356
ICKERSON, THOMAS                        OH-83-PR-4-62
IDLEBERS, JOHN                          OH-83-PR-8-451
JACKSON,HENRY                           OH-83-PR-17-125 (IN DEEDS)
JARVIS, PETER                           OH-83-PR-7-248
JENCKES, REBECCA C.                     OH-83-PR-6-107
JOHNSON, JONAS                          OH-83-PR-1-294
JOLLY, ALBERT G.                        OH-83-PR-4-324
JOLLY, WILIAM H.                        OH-83-PR-6-25
JONES, JOHN COFFIN                      OH-83-PR-4-345
JOY, BENJAMIN                           OH-83-PR-4-441
JUDGE, WILLIAM                          OH-83-PR-8-274
JUDSON, ADONIRAM                        OH-83-PR-4-579
KEHOE, ANN                              OH-83-PR-9-199
KERR, CHARLES                           OH-83-PR-7-256
KIDA, NATHANIEL                         OH-83-PR-3-157
KINEMAN, JEREMIAH                       OH-83-PR-6-22
KINGSBURY, JACOB                        OH-83-PR-5-414
KNOWLES, JESSE                          OH-83-PR-6-115
KNOWLTON, DANIEL                        OH-83-PR-8-249
KNOWLTON, WILLIAM                       OH-83-PR-4-212
LAKE, CAROLINE                          OH-83-PR-8-177
LAKE, EMELINE                           OH-83-PR-7-253
LANCASTER, THOMAS                       OH-83-PR-7-346
LANKFORD, STEPHEN                       OH-83-PR-8-515
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          OH-83-PR-5-352
LAWRENCE, JOHN MCDOUGALL                OH-83-PR-5-355
LEFFINGWELL, CHRISTOPHER                OH-83-PR-6-15
LEFFINGWELL, WILLIAM                    OH-83-PR-6-16
LEGET, SAMUEL                           OH-83-PR-4-600
LEIPER, THOMAS                          OH-83-PR-5-453
LEVINGSTON, BROCKHOLST                  OH-83-PR-4-312
LISK, JOHN                              OH-83-PR-4-448
LITTLE, KEZIAH                          OH-83-PR-1-255
LOOMIS, LIBBEUS                         OH-83-PR-5-338
LORING, DANIEL                          OH-83-PR-2-435
LUND, ABIGAIL                           OH-83-PR-7-175
LUND, ISAAC                             OH-83-PR-5-356
MARSH, SARCELIUS                        OH-83-PR-8-446
MARTIN, SIMEON                          OH-83-PR-5-350
MASON, GIDEON                           OH-83-PR-8-251
MASON, WILLIAM                          OH-83-PR-1-243
MASON, WILLIAM                          OH-83-PR-3-509
MATHEWS, ABEL                           OH-83-PR-2-270
MAXWELL, ELIZA ANNE                     OH-83-PR-7-178
MAXWELL, ELIZABETH                      OH-83-PR-7-67
MCCLINTICK, CATHARINE                   OH-83-PR-4-180
MCCLINTOCK, MARY                        OH-83-PR-8-345
MCCLUER, JOHN                           OH-83-PR-4-104
MCCONNEL, TALBOT                        OH-83-PR-6-23
MCDONALD, DANIEL                        OH-83-PR-7-11
MCKAWEN, CHARLES                        OH-83-PR-2-185
MCKEWAN, LYDIA                          OH-83-PR-2-433
MCNUTT, JANE                            OH-83-PR-7-177
MCVAY, JOHN                             OH-83-PR-2-422
MCWHORTER, FRANCES C. G.                OH-83-PR-7-63
MEDLEY, WILLIAM                         OH-83-PR-5-481
MELLOR, SAMUEL                          OH-83-PR-8-511
MELVIN, ISAAC                           OH-83-PR-7-250
MEUCHAN, MICHAEL                        OH-83-PR-8-404
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-6-177
MILLER, MARY                            OH-83-PR-8-449
MILLER, WILLIAM                         OH-83-PR-7-55
MIXER, ISAAC                            OH-83-PR-7-382
MIXER, ISAAC                            OH-83-PR-1-272
MOORE, PATIENCE                         OH-83-PR-5-119
MORELAND, HORATIO                       OH-83-PR-8-516
MORRIS, ANN                             OH-83-PR-1-255
MORRIS, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-7-473
MORRIS, JOHN C. A.                      OH-83-PR-8-102
MOULTON, WILLIAM                        OH-83-PR-1-15
MURDOCK, DAVID                          OH-83-PR-9-360
NECKLIN, PHILIP H.                      OH-83-PR-7-348
NEEDHAM, JASPER                         OH-83-PR-8-617
NEWTON, OREN                            OH-83-PR-9-147
NIXON, GEORGE                           OH-83-PR-1-295
NOLAND, PHILI                           OH-83-PR-6-310
NOLTON, DANIEL                          OH-83-PR-8-249
OBLENESS, HENRY                         OH-83-PR-6-381
OLIVER, ROBERT                          OH-83-PR-1-192
OLNEY, COGSHALL                         OH-83-PR-1-62
OLNEY, NATHANIEL                        OH-83-PR-2-83
OLYPHANT, ANN                           OH-83-PR-7-350
PAIN, JOHN                              OH-83-PR-6-437
PARKER, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-2-157
PARMENTIER, JOHN                        OH-83-PR-1-24
PARR, NATHAN                            OH-83-PR-3-510
PARSONS, ENOCH                          OH-83-PR-7-455
PATTERSON, NATHANIEL                    OH-83-PR-2-433
PAYNE, ABRAM                            OH-83-PR-3-508
PAYNE, GABRIEL                          OH-83-PR-5-535
PEASE, HEZEKIAH                         OH-83-PR-1-7
PEET, SAMUEL                            OH-83-PR-1-165
PEIRCE, STEPHEN                         OH-83-PR-2-286
PERKINS, WILLIAM                        OH-83-PR-1-295
PERRY, THOMAS                           OH-83-PR-6-378
PEWIS, LYDIA                            OH-83-PR-9-347
PEWTHERS, ELIAS                         OH-83-PR-6-84
PFAUTZ, MARTIN                          OH-83-PR-9-101
PHILLIPS, BAYLIES                       OH-83-PR-5-538
PIGNOLET, JOACKIM                       OH-83-PR-1-23
PITMAN, JOHN K.                         OH-83-PR-3-502
PITMAN, SAUNDERS                        OH-83-PR-6-35
PLUMER, WILLIAM                         OH-83-PR-5-56
POOL, SAMUEL                            OH-83-PR-7-380
PORTER, AMOS                            OH-83-PR-7-251
PORTER, SIMON                           OH-83-PR-6-441
PROCTOR, NATHAN                         OH-83-PR-5-112
PUTNAM, BENJAMIN PERKINS                OH-83-PR-3-186
PUTNAM, BETSEY                          OH-83-PR-4-447
PUTNAM, ELIZABETH                       OH-83-PR-6-276
PUTNAM, EZRA                            OH-83-PR-1-192
PUTNAM, ISRAEL                          OH-83-PR-3-121
PUTNAM, ISRAEL (BELFRE)                 OH-83-PR-1-200
PUTNAM, LUCY                            OH-83-PR-2-85
PUTNAM, RUFUS                           OH-83-PR-3-139
QUIMBY, DEBORAH                         OH-83-PR-5-218
QUIMBY, PHEBE                           OH-83-PR-5-219
RACE, WILLIAM                           OH-83-PR-6-250
RANSOM, CHARLES                         OH-83-PR-1-6
RANSOM, THEOPHILUS                      OH-83-PR-2-432
RARDIN, HENRY JR.                       OH-83-PR-8-550
RARDIN, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-1-242
RATHBUN, BENEDICT E.                    OH-83-PR-2-269
RATHBUN, GIDEON                         OH-83-PR-5-510
REYNOLDS, THOMAS                        OH-83-PR-9-102
RICE, NATHAN                            OH-83-PR-6-150
RICE, OLIVER                            OH-83-PR-5-331
RICE, THOMAS                            OH-83-PR-7-242
RIGGS, JAMES                            OH-83-PR-1-281
RILEY, BETSEY                           OH-83-PR-7-303
RILEY, JAMES                            OH-83-PR-6-251
ROACH, JOHN                             OH-83-PR-6-248
ROBBINS, MARY                           OH-83-PR-6-24
ROBINS, SAMUEL P.                       OH-83-PR-2-442
ROGERS, BATHSHEBA                       OH-83-PR-1-129
ROOD, WINE                              OH-83-PR-2-428
ROWLAND, JOHN                           OH-83-PR-8-514
RUE, SARAH                              OH-83-PR-5-315
RYAN, JAMES                             OH-83-PR-3-123
SALTONSTALL, JOHNL.                     OH-83-PR-2-213
SALTONSTALL, LUCRETIA                   OH-83-PR-2-389
SALTONSTALL, NATHANIEL                  OH-83-PR-1-120
SAMPSON, CROCKER                        OH-83-PR-5-129
SARGENT, WINTHROP                       OH-83-PR-3-493
SCHIEFFELIN, JACOB                      OH-83-PR-5-246
SCHOONOVER, NICHOLAS                    OH-83-PR-9-292
SCOTT, ELIPHALET                        OH-83-PR-8-532
SCOTT, JOHN M.                          OH-83-PR-1-271
SEAMONS, GILBERT                        OH-83-PR-1-36
SEAMSNS, BENJAMIN                       OH-83-PR-1-201
SEARS, SARAH                            OH-83-PR-7-297
SEELY, THOMAS                           OH-83-PR-4-258
SHARP, PETER                            OH-83-PR-3-190
SHEETS, ANTHONY                         OH-83-PR-5-180
SHEETS, MARTIN                          OH-83-PR-7-257
SHEPARD, ENOCH                          OH-83-PR-2-220
SHUTTLESWORTH, JOSHUA                   OH-83-PR-6-462
SIRIG, GEORGE                           OH-83-PR-8-372
SKINNER, HENRY                          OH-83-PR-7-234
SKINNER, WILLIAM                        OH-83-PR-6-169
SMITH, HESTER                           OH-83-PR-7-456
SMITH, MICHAEL                          OH-83-PR-7-247
SMITH, PASCHAL N.                       OH-83-PR-9-67
SMITH, PASCHAL N.                       OH-83-PR-8-510
SOLOMONS, ISAAC                         OH-83-PR-8-103
SOUTHMAYD, SAMUEL                       OH-83-PR-5-463
SPEARS, EBENEZER                        OH-83-PR-5-182
SPRAGUE, JONATHAN                       OH-83-PR-6-42
SPRINGER, JACOB                         OH-83-PR-4-358
SPRINGER, PELEG                         OH-83-PR-4-231
SQUIRES, JUSTICDE                       OH-83-PR-1-67
STANBERY, JONAS                         OH-83-PR-7-6
STANLEY, DANIEL G.                      OH-83-PR-9-334
STERNE, AMOS                            OH-83-PR-1-232
STEVENS, ABRAHAM                        OH-83-PR-4-210
STEVENS, PETER B.                       OH-83-PR-5-571
STEWART, ARCHIBALD                      OH-83-PR-7-8
STILLE, EBENEZER                        OH-83-PR-2-205
STILWELL, ELIAS                         OH-83-PR-5-416
STONE, CLARISSA                         OH-83-PR-7-344
STONE, JASPER                           OH-83-PR-4-407
STURGESS, RUSSELL                       OH-83-PR-4-524
TAGUE, EDWARD                           OH-83-PR-8-513
TAYLOR, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-5-317
TAYLOR, PETER                           OH-83-PR-5-92
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         OH-83-PR-2-429
THOMILEY, JOHN                          OH-83-PR-7-107
THOMPSON, JAMES                         OH-83-PR-5-423
THORNTON, MARCY                         OH-83-PR-5-116
TICE, SOLOMON SR.                       OH-83-PR-5-533
TREADWELL, JOHN DEXTER                  OH-83-PR-5-174
TRUE, JABEZ                             OH-83-PR-2-441
TUPPER, BENJAMIN                        OH-83-PR-1-9
TUTTLE, JOEL SR.                        OH-83-PR-2-437
TWOMBLEY, JOSEPH                        OH-83-PR-6-311
UPPER, HULDAH                           OH-83-PR-1-256
VANCLIEF, MARY ANN                      OH-83-PR-9-226
VANCLIEF, PETER                         OH-83-PR-1-294
VANGILDER, JEREMIAH                     OH-83-PR-8-450
VINCENT, WILLIAM                        OH-83-PR-7-304
WADSWORTH, BENJAMIN                     OH-83-PR-3-504
WAKEFIELD, UTLEY                        OH-83-PR-7-56
WARD, ELIZA                             OH-83-PR-7-463
WATERS, BERNARD                         OH-83-PR-5-534
WATERS, PATRICK                         OH-83-PR-9-113
WATSON, JOHN                            OH-83-PR-8-589
WELLS, ROBERT                           OH-83-PR-9-252
WESTON, SAMUEL                          OH-83-PR-6-86
WHIPPLE, ABRAHAM                        OH-83-PR-2-139
WHITE, JOHN H.                          OH-83-PR-4-63
WHITE, JOHN H.                          OH-83-PR-4-63
WHITNEY, ELISHA                         OH-83-PR-5-568
WHITNEY, JOHN                           OH-83-PR-8-345
WHITTOCK, MARIA                         OH-83-PR-8-517
WHITTOCK, WILLIAM                       OH-83-PR-2-269
WILKES, CHARLES                         OH-83-PR-5-176
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       OH-83-PR-1-66
WILLIAMSON, MOSES                       OH-83-PR-1-78
WILLIAMSON, ROBERT                      OH-83-PR-8-452
WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL                      OH-83-PR-1-123
WILSON, AMOS                            OH-83-PR-5-384
WILSON, SARAH                           OH-83-PR-5-480
WINN, TIMOTHY                           OH-83-PR-4-178
WISEMAN, SARAH                          OH-83-PR-2-421
WITZ, DANIEL                            OH-83-PR-7-381
WOOD, JOSEPH                            OH-83-PR-9-99
WOODBRIDGE, DUDLEY                      OH-83-PR-9-382
WOODS, STEPHEN                          OH-83-PR-1-6
WYLLYS, SAMUEL                          OH-83-PR-5-333
YALE, AARON                             OH-83-PR-2-203

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