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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List (Year covered) A1=1820-1847 | A2=1847-1881 | A3=1850-1861 | 2=not exist | 3= 1861-1874 | 4-8=? |
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ADAMS, JOSEPH                           OH-86-A3-221
AKERMAN, JACOB                          OH-86-3-280
ALLEN, NEHEMIAH                         OH-86-3-466
ALTMAN, WILLIAM                         OH-86-A1-33
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                     OH-86-3-111
ANTIBUS, WILLIAM                        OH-86-3-297
ARNOLD, EMMANUEL                        OH-86-3-447
ASTHING, JOHN                           OH-86-A3-264
AULTMAN, PETER                          OH-86-3-184
AUSTIN, JAMES                           OH-86-3-151
BACON, SAMUEL                           OH-86-3-217
BADGER, JOSEPH                          OH-86-A1-81
BARNTHISTLE, JACOB                      OH-86-A3-271
BASETT, SKIFF                           OH-86-A2-55
BEALL, ZEPHANIAH                        OH-86-A3-25
BEAN, CALEB                             OH-86-3-418
BEATTY, ADAM                            OH-86-3-117
BELVILLE, JAMES                         OH-86-A3-314
BERGE, JACOB                            OH-86-A3-297
BEVERSTOCK, HATTIE M.                   OH-86-3-443
BIRCHARD, SARDIS                        OH-86-3-457
BIRDSALL, JOHN O.                       OH-86-A1-74
BLACK, JAMES                            OH-86-A3-309
BLACK, ROBERT                           OH-86-3-286
BLACK, ROBERT                           OH-86-3-286
BLINN, NATHANIEL D.                     OH-86-3-227
BLOTT, JOHN                             OH-86-3-51
BONNELL, SIMEON                         OH-86-3-199
BOORAM, JOHN R.                         OH-86-3-258
BOORMAN, JOHN R.                        OH-86-3-258
BOYCE, ELIJAH W.                        OH-86-3-257
BRAPE, CHRISTOPHER                      OH-86-3-339
BRASSE, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-86-3-339
BRASSE, HENRIE                          OH-86-3-250
BRETZ, JACOB                            OH-86-3-170
BREWSTER, COMFORT                       OH-86-A3-162
BRIM, WILLIAM                           OH-86-3-259
BROSIUS, CLARISSA M.                    OH-86-A3-196
BROWN, ALFRED                           OH-86-A1-107
BURNES, JAMES V.                        OH-86-A3-194
BURNS, SAMUEL E.                        OH-86-3-471
CABLE, ISAAC                            OH-86-3-61
CARIS, MICHAEL                          OH-86-3-251
CARSON, BARBARA                         OH-86-3-292
CARSON, OLIVER H.                       OH-86-A3-146
CARSON, SAMUEL                          OH-86-A2-59
CASHET, PHILLIP                         OH-86-3-275
CASS, LUCY S.                           OH-86-3-274
CHAMBLIN, NELSON                        OH-86-3-441
CHAPMAN, JOHN                           OH-86-A3-1
CHAPMAN, JONATHAN                       OH-86-A2-1
CHILCOAT, JOHN                          OH-86-3-167
CHRISTMAS, WILLIAM                      OH-86-3-152
CLARK, ALVIN                            OH-86-3-356
CLAY, ISAAC SR.                         OH-86-3-464
COLNEY, JAMES B.                        OH-86-A1-111
CONDIT, PHILLIP                         OH-86-3-165
CONWAY, JOHN                            OH-86-A3-295
COPAS, HENRY                            OH-86-3-247
COPE, JOHN                              OH-86-A3-177
COPUS, REASON                           OH-86-A3-270
COREY, SAMUEL P.                        OH-86-A1-102
CORNO, ARCHANGEL                        OH-86-A3-125
COX, WILLIAM                            OH-86-3-395
COX, WILLIAM                            OH-86-3-348
CRAGO, JOHN                             OH-86-3-337
CRAGO, THOMAS                           OH-86-3-350
CROM, JOHN SR.                          OH-86-A2-46
CROOK, WILLIAM                          OH-86-3-278
CROTHERS, FRANCIS                       OH-86-A1-108
CULLIN, CATHARINE                       OH-86-3-238
CUMMINGS, JOSEPH                        OH-86-A2-47
CUNNING, HIRAM                          OH-86-3-55
CUNNING, KESIAH                         OH-86-3-229
CUTHBERTSON, NANCY                      OH-86-A2-57
DAVENPORT, DAVID                        OH-86-3-270
DAVIS, JOHN                             OH-86-A3-14
DAVIS, JOHN                             OH-86-3-248
DAVIS, LEVI                             OH-86-3-301
DAVIS, THOMAS                           OH-86-A3-123
DEUEL, SILAS J.                         OH-86-A3-320
DEWITT, ISAAC A.                        OH-86-3-53
DODGE, SUBREA                           OH-86-3-85
DONALDSON, HIRAM                        OH-86-A3-192
DOUGLAS, DANIEL                         OH-86-3-116
DOUGLASS, ELIZABETH                     OH-86-A1-98
DRAKE, WILLIAM H.                       OH-86-A3-16
DULL, PETER                             OH-86-3-255
EDGERTON, NATHANIEL                     OH-86-A1-120
EGBERT, DAVID                           OH-86-3-244
EGBERT, MARY                            OH-86-3-380
EGGLESTON, TRUMAN                       OH-86-3-63
EINSMINGER, A.                          OH-86-3-139
ELLIS, SETH B.                          OH-86-3-156
EVERS, JOHN                             OH-86-3-160
FARRIS, LORRIN                          OH-86-A3-39
FAY, HOLLIS                             OH-86-3-218
FEARNSIDE, THOMAS                       OH-86-3-276
FENN, MARY                              OH-86-3-162
FENTON, JOHN                            OH-86-3-114
FISH, JAMES H.                          OH-86-3-316
FISHER, HIRAM                           OH-86-A3-285
FLETCHER, JOHN                          OH-86-A3-312
FOREMAN, JOHN D.                        OH-86-3-284
FRENCH, ALVA L.                         OH-86-3-363
FRENCH, JOHN P.                         OH-86-A3-158
FUDGE, WILLIAM                          OH-86-3-182
FURRY, JACOB                            OH-86-3-164
GALLAGHER, EDWARD                       OH-86-3-449
GARDNER, DARWIN E.                      OH-86-3-298
GAY, MATHEW                             OH-86-A3-300
GERMAND, ISAAC                          OH-86-3-476
GIBSON, HENRY B.                        OH-86-3-124
GILL, GEORGE                            OH-86-3-154
GOCHE, JOCKO                            OH-86-3-159
GOODRICH, ELIZUR                        OH-86-3-413
GOSLINE, DOMMICK                        OH-86-3-447
GOSS, JOHN                              OH-86-3-287
GOUDEY, CHARLES AUGUSTUS                OH-86-3-138
GRAH, JOHN                              OH-86-3-216
GRAHAM, JOHN                            OH-86-A3-110
GRAY, LEVI                              OH-86-3-249
GREEN, HOLLAND                          OH-86-3-65
GROSVENOR, SETH                         OH-86-A3-244
GROVER, HEZEKIAH                        OH-86-3-225
GUYER, GABRIEL                          OH-86-3-147
GUYER, GABRIEL E.                       OH-86-3-158
HALL, HARRIET A.                        OH-86-3-267
HALL, JACOB                             OH-86-3-371
HALL, JAMES AUGUSTUS                    OH-86-A3-274
HARDER, WILLIAM W.                      OH-86-3-373
HARKIN, PAMELIA                         OH-86-3-206
HARPEL, JOSEPH                          OH-86-3-148
HARRISON, ALMON G.                      OH-86-3-322
HARRISON, JOHN K.                       OH-86-3-232
HARTMAN, JOHN HENRY                     OH-86-3-57
HATCH, CONSIDER                         OH-86-A2-44
HATCH, SILVANUS                         OH-86-3-113
HATTY, ELIZABETH                        OH-86-3-144
HAYNES, ANTHONY                         OH-86-A3-127
HAYS, HENRY                             OH-86-A1-31
HAYS, JAMES                             OH-86-A1-138
HEBLER, RUDOLPH C.                      OH-86-3-193
HEMPHILL, JAMES                         OH-86-A3-32
HILKER, GERHART HEINRICH                OH-86-A3-6
HINSDALE, FRANCIS                       OH-86-A2-52
HOAGLAND, JOHN                          OH-86-3-424
HOLLIS, CHARLES                         OH-86-A3-310
HOLLISTER, JOHN                         OH-86-3-200
HOOD, HENRY                             OH-86-3-436
HORNER, JAMES T.                        OH-86-3-246
HOUSEHOLDER, JOHN                       OH-86-3-178
HOWARD, EDWARD                          OH-86-A1-41
HOWARD, HORTON                          OH-86-A3-8
HOWARD, ORANGE                          OH-86-A1-141
HOWARD, THOMAS                          OH-86-A1-4
HOWELLS, JOSEPH                         OH-86-A3-265
HUNTER, NATHAN                          OH-86-3-180
HUNTER, STEPHEN                         OH-86-A1-125
HUNTINGTON, LAURA                       OH-86-A3-172
HUTCHINSON, ALEXANDER                   OH-86-A3-113
JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH                     OH-86-A3-172
JUNE, ELY                               OH-86-A3-104
JUSTICE, JOHN                           OH-86-A1-144
KAHLER, ELIZABETH                       OH-86-3-342
KEIGER, JEREMIAH                        OH-86-A1-122
KELLER, JACOB                           OH-86-3-223
KELLEY, ISAAC                           OH-86-3-468
KELLEY, JOHN A.                         OH-86-A3-282
KELLOGG, DANIEL M.                      OH-86-A1-23
KEMPHER, MARY                           OH-86-A3-30
KENFIELD, JANE                          OH-86-3-142
KERSTETTER, GEORGE                      OH-86-3-93
KETHUM, NATHANIEL                       OH-86-3-203
KEYSER, JOHN                            OH-86-A3-185
KIGER, ADAM                             OH-86-3-262
KRAMER, LEVI                            OH-86-A2-69
KURFUS, JACOB                           OH-86-3-332
LACKER, SELDON W.                       OH-86-3-385
LADD, DAVID                             OH-86-A3-174
LANGFORD, JOSEPH                        OH-86-3-214
LEFFLER, MATHIAS                        OH-86-3-361
LELLESS, FANNY                          OH-86-3-398
LEWIS, GEORGE R.                        OH-86-A3-131
LIDYARD, GURDIN                         OH-86-3-426
LONGSIDES, WILLHELIMMA                  OH-86-3-324
LOWMASTER, ALEXANDER                    OH-86-3-166
MANAHAN, DIANA R.                       OH-86-A3-178
MARTIN, JAMES T.                        OH-86-3-221
MATTHEWS, ABNER T.                      OH-86-3-176
MAYER, FRANCIS I.                       OH-86-A2-61
MAYS, JOHN                              OH-86-A3-121
MCCARTER, ALEXANDER                     OH-86-A3-129
MCCARTNEY, THOMAS                       OH-86-3-320
MCCAUGHEY, JOHN                         OH-86-A3-169
MCCRORY, JOHN                           OH-86-A3-183
MCCRORY, SAMUEL                         OH-86-3-168
MCINTOSH, JOHN                          OH-86-3-179
MCINTYRE, ELIZABETH                     OH-86-3-404
MCINTYRE, JOHN                          OH-86-3-179
MCKINSEY, JOSEPH                        OH-86-3-263
MCMAHAN, JOHN                           OH-86-3-91
MCMULLEN,D ANIEL                        OH-86-A2-63
MENG, PHILLIP                           OH-86-3-439
MILLER, HORATIO                         OH-86-A3-292
MILLER, LEWIS                           OH-86-3-210
MILLER, WILLIAM S.                      OH-86-A3-149
MITCHEL, JOSEPH                         OH-86-A3-118
MITCHELL, JOSEPH                        OH-86-3-269
MONGER, GEORGE                          OH-86-3-186
MOREHOUSE, LORENZO L.                   OH-86-3-307
MORLOK, ANDREW                          OH-86-3-289
MOTZINGER, JOSEPH                       OH-86-3-312
NASON, STEPHEN                          OH-86-A1-10
NEARING, NEPTUNE                        OH-86-A1-119
NIBER, ADAM                             OH-86-A3-166
NILES, BARAH                            OH-86-3-261
NULL, GEORGE P.                         OH-86-A2-65
OBERDORF, MATHIAS                       OH-86-A1-83
OBERHOUSE, JOHN                         OH-86-A3-279
OLDER, SAMUEL                           OH-86-A3-201
OLDHAM, THOMAS                          OH-86-3-150
OLLINGER, MARY                          OH-86-3-306
OSTRANDER, JOHN                         OH-86-A1-91
OVERDERF, SAMUEL                        OH-86-3-141
OWENS, SALLY                            OH-86-A2-75
PALMER, PHEBE M.                        OH-86-3-266
PARSONS, GEORGE N.                      OH-86-3-175
PELTON, DANIEL                          OH-86-3-406
PEOPLES, HANNAH                         OH-86-3-196
PERRIN, WILLIAM                         OH-86-3-172
PEUGH, DAVID W.                         OH-86-A3-198
PHELPS, RALPH D.                        OH-86-A3-168
PHILLIPS, NOAH H.                       OH-86-3-145
POWERS, ACEL H.                         OH-86-3-123
POWERS, GEORGE                          OH-86-3-344
PRATT, BETHIAH                          OH-86-A3-224
PRATT, CALEB                            OH-86-A3-304
PRATT, WILLIAM                          OH-86-3-235
PRENTICE, AUGUSTUS                      OH-86-A3-181
PRESCOTT, WILLIAM                       OH-86-3-432
RADUBACH, PETER                         OH-86-A1-35
RAITT, SALLY F. (COBRAN)                OH-86-A1-86
RAWSON, ABEL                            OH-86-3-451
RAWSON, SARAH E.                        OH-86-3-181
REID, JOHN                              OH-86-3-431
REID, ROBERT                            OH-86-A3-105
RICE, AMBROSE                           OH-86-A1-55
RICE, DANIEL                            OH-86-A1-21
ROBINSON, WILLIAM J.                    OH-86-3-173
ROBY, CHARLES C.                        OH-86-A1-152
ROE, DOMINICE                           OH-86-A3-315
ROSEBERRY, EBENEZER                     OH-86-A1-12
ROSENDALE, JANE                         OH-86-3-397
ROWAN, JOHN                             OH-86-A1-61
RUSSELL, SAMUEL                         OH-86-3-318
SAFFER, JONAS                           OH-86-A1-16
SAGE, ROSWELL                           OH-86-A1-131
SANDER, HERMAN HEINRICH                 OH-86-3-391
SANDERS, MARIA ENGELINE                 OH-86-3-411
SANGMASTER, ADAM                        OH-86-3-402
SARGENT, JOHN                           OH-86-A3-187
SCHOEPFER, ADOLPH                       OH-86-3-240
SCHOUTEN, ROSANNA                       OH-86-3-327
SHERIDAN, JOHN                          OH-86-3-135
SHERMAN, CASPER H.                      OH-86-3-368
SHERMAN, HENRY                          OH-86-3-282
SHOE, WILLIAM                           OH-86-3-460
SHRINER, JOHN                           OH-86-3-256
SHRINER, JOHN                           OH-86-3-256
SKINNER, CORNELIUS                      OH-86-3-260
SKINNER, JOHN                           OH-86-A3-100
SLAUGHTERBACK, HENRY                    OH-86-A3-164
SLAWSON, MARY M.                        OH-86-3-435
SMERSAL, HARMAN                         OH-86-3-244
SMITH, ABRAM                            OH-86-3-68
SMITH, CAROLINE                         OH-86-A1-137
SMITH, CHARLES                          OH-86-A2-49
SMITH, JACOB D.                         OH-86-3-134
SMITH, JAMES F.                         OH-86-A3-318
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-86-A1-53
SMITH, JOSEPH A.                        OH-86-3-169
SMITH, VAN RANSLAER                     OH-86-A1-145
SNIDER, DANIEL                          OH-86-A1-72
SOWDER, JOHN                            OH-86-A3-161
SPAFFORD, AURORA                        OH-86-A1-148
SPAFFORD, OLIVE                         OH-86-A1-2
STAC, GEORGE                            OH-86-A1-112
STAHL, ROSANNA                          OH-86-3-382
STARLING, LYNE (38)                     OH-86-A2-7
STCLAIR, GEORGE                         OH-86-A1-132
STEPHENS, JOHN                          OH-86-3-366
STEWARD, EZRA                           OH-86-A2-67
STOKEY, SUSANNAH                        OH-86-A3-277
STONE, DANIEL                           OH-86-A1-124
STONE, JESSE                            OH-86-A3-203
STOUT, JOSEPH                           OH-86-3-271
STOVE, JOHN                             OH-86-3-253
STUMP, SAMUEL                           OH-86-3-474
SUTTON, NANCY                           OH-86-3-279
SWIKERT, HENRY                          OH-86-3-340
TAYLOR, JAMES (40)                      OH-86-A3-42
THOMPSON, CHANCY                        OH-86-A1-40
THURSTON, JOHNSON                       OH-86-A3-259
THURSTON, SAMUEL H.                     OH-86-A1-1
TOD, JONATHAN J.                        OH-86-3-67
TRACY, LYMAN                            OH-86-A3-217
TRACY, THOMAS R.                        OH-86-A1-48
TREMAN, JULIUS                          OH-86-A1-46
VAHLE, JOHN HENRY                       OH-86-3-428
VANCURLER, HENRY                        OH-86-3-140
VANTAASEL, ISAAC                        OH-86-A1-143
VOSBURG, EUNICE                         OH-86-A3-144
WADSWORTH, JAMES S.                     OH-86-3-94
WAGONER, ABRAHAM                        OH-86-3-161
WAKEFIELD, JOHN                         OH-86-3-314
WALDBRIDGE, HENRY                       OH-86-3-351
WALKER, ADAM                            OH-86-3-265
WALLACE, JOHN                           OH-86-A3-281
WALTERS, JACOB                          OH-86-A1-115
WARDSWORTH, DARIUS                      OH-86-A1-44
WARNUM, JOSEPH B.                       OH-86-3-188
WAUGH, JAMES                            OH-86-3-60
WELLS, DAVID                            OH-86-A1-128
WELLS, JOHN                             OH-86-A3-107
WHITACRE, MAHLONG                       OH-86-A1-116
WHITE, HORACE                           OH-86-3-69
WHITE, JACOB                            OH-86-3-255
WHITE, PHILIP A.                        OH-86-3-365, 378
WICKERSHAM, JOHN                        OH-86-3-143
WILKISON, DAVID                         OH-86-3-388
WILKISON, JACOB                         OH-86-A1-19
WILKISON, JAMES                         OH-86-A2-4
WILSON, EBER                            OH-86-A1-32
WILSON, JOHN                            OH-86-A3-21
WOLF, HENRY                             OH-86-3-330
WOLLAM, ARCHIBALD                       OH-86-3-359
WOODBURY, BENJAMIN                      OH-86-A1-95
WOOLEY, JOEL                            OH-86-3-326
WRIGHT, GEORGE                          OH-86-3-171
WYCKOFF, CASPER B.                      OH-86-A3-190
WYMAN, JAMES R.                         OH-86-3-246
YATES, JOHN B.                          OH-86-3-104
YEAMAN, JOSHUA                          OH-86-3-295
YOUNT, GABRIEL                          OH-86-A3-219
ZEPPERNICK, FREDERICK                   OH-86-A3-268

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