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ADAMS, HANNAH                           OH-87-3-18
ADAMS, JOHN Q.                          OH-87-2-355
ADAMS, L. D.                            OH-87-3-367
ADAMS, SOLOMON                          OH-87-1-39
ALTHOUSER, ANDREW                       OH-87-2-538
ALTHOUSER, CHRISTIAN                    OH-87-2-115
ALTVATER, THEOBOLD                      OH-87-2-183
ALVORD, HANNAH                          OH-87-3-395
AMES, GEORGE                            OH-87-3-70
ANDERSON, MARY                          OH-87-2-569
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                        OH-87-1-257
ARNOLD, ANTHONY A.                      OH-87-2-12
ARTER, HENRY                            OH-87-2-577
BACHAR, MARGARET                        OH-87-3-451
BACHAR, SOLOMON                         OH-87-3-456
BACHAS, GEORGE                          OH-87-3-29
BACHTEL, JACOB                          OH-87-2-194
BACKERSTOSE, HENRY                      OH-87-2-65
BACON, AZABA                            OH-87-2-577
BAIR, WILLIAM A.                        OH-87-2-69
BANCROFT, NANCY                         OH-87-2-440
BARNES, JAMES W.                        OH-87-2-554
BARRACH, JANE G.                        OH-87-2-137
BAUGHMAN, JACOB                         OH-87-2-352
BAUM, ANN CATHARINE                     OH-87-1-74
BAUMGARTNER, ANNA B.                    OH-87-1-219
BAUMGARTNER, NICHOLAS                   OH-87-1-157
BEARD, OLIVER                           OH-87-2-58
BECHLER, SEVERIN                        OH-87-3-405
BECK, ANDREW                            OH-87-3-188
BEEBE, SHELDON                          OH-87-2-61
BEERY, ANTHONY                          OH-87-3-365
BEERY, GEORGE W.                        OH-87-3-345
BEERY, ISAAC H.                         OH-87-3-271
BEMOSS, CHARITY E.                      OH-87-2-271
BENNETT, JAMES                          OH-87-1-87
BENNETT, MARTHA                         OH-87-3-285
BETZER, JOHN                            OH-87-2-39
BEUSS, PETER                            OH-87-2-516
BIGGS, JOSEPH                           OH-87-2-51
BLACK, GEORGE                           OH-87-2-35
BLAIR, JAMES                            OH-87-2-147
BLAND, DENWAIN                          OH-87-3-159
BLASER, C. W.                           OH-87-2-82
BLUE, ABRAHAM                           OH-87-3-431
BORE, ELIZABETH                         OH-87-2-290
BOWERS, DAVID                           OH-87-1-265
BOWMAN, G. H.                           OH-87-2-390
BOWMAN, JACOB                           OH-87-1-222
BOWMAN, JAMES V.                        OH-87-1-267
BOWSHER, JESSE                          OH-87-1-214
BOWSHER, SAMUEL                         OH-87-2-80
BRANCH, HENRY                           OH-87-1-44
BRANDMAN, NICHOLAS                      OH-87-2-413
BRANSTATER, JACOB                       OH-87-3-162
BRAYTON, ELIJAH                         OH-87-2-133
BRETZ, CONRAD                           OH-87-2-16
BREWER, JAMES                           OH-87-3-78
BRINKERHOFF, ALEXANDER W.               OH-87-3-442
BRISTALL, IR                            OH-87-2-295
BROCK, SHERMAN W.                       OH-87-2-101
BROOKS, SEBASTIAN                       OH-87-3-323
BROWN, ABRAHAM                          OH-87-3-3
BROWN, ANTHONY                          OH-87-3-26
BROWN, ASA                              OH-87-3-521
BROWN, BENJAMIN                         OH-87-3-362
BROWN, ELIZA                            OH-87-2-465
BROWN, JAMES W.                         OH-87-1-258
BRUCE, JOHN                             OH-87-3-56
BRUNER, JOHN                            OH-87-2-4
BRYANT, ISAAC                           OH-87-1-260
BUCHMANN, DANIEL                        OH-87-2-510
BUCKENSTOSE, MARGARET                   OH-87-2-103
BUCKINGHAM, HANNAH                      OH-87-2-36
BURGESS, THORNTON                       OH-87-1-126
BURK, ABRAHAM                           OH-87-3-104
BURKHART, PETER                         OH-87-2-38
BURMELE, JACOB                          OH-87-2-340
BURNISON, JAMES                         OH-87-1-263
BURNS, AMOS L.                          OH-87-2-420
BURSON, ELIJAH                          OH-87-3-429
CAMPBELL, L. Y.                         OH-87-3-404
CARNES, ALFRED                          OH-87-3-498
CARR, HAMILTON                          OH-87-2-398
CARR, MOSES                             OH-87-2-480
CARR, NICHOLAS                          OH-87-2-277
CARR, WILLIAM                           OH-87-2-450
CARR, WILLIAM                           OH-87-2-27
CARROLL, WILLIAM                        OH-87-2-251
CAUGHEY, WILLIAM                        OH-87-1-106
CHADWICK, ELANORA                       OH-87-3-508
CLARKE, ELLA J.                         OH-87-3-120
CLEEGMAN, ANDREW                        OH-87-2-198
COCHENOUR, ABRAHAM                      OH-87-1-248
COLE, DAVID SR.                         OH-87-2-448
COLE, JAMES                             OH-87-3-138
COLE, WILLIAM                           OH-87-2-561
COLE, WILLIAM SR.                       OH-87-3-182
CONAGHAN, DENNIS K.                     OH-87-1-82
CONANT, DANIEL M. (REV)                 OH-87-2-356
CONSADINE, WILLIAM                      OH-87-2-304
COOK, CATHERINE                         OH-87-2-128
COOK, JOHN                              OH-87-3-12
COOK, L. H.                             OH-87-2-365
COOK, SOLOMON                           OH-87-3-341
COOK, SUSAN                             OH-87-2-71
CORBIN, THOMAS B.                       OH-87-3-294
CORINS, JOHN                            OH-87-2-135
CRAGLOW, HENRY S.                       OH-87-2-370
CRALL, ANN ELIZA                        OH-87-3-399
CRALL, JOHN B.                          OH-87-3-76
CRAUN, ISAAC                            OH-87-2-3
CRAVEN, MAHLON                          OH-87-1-65
CREGER, PETER                           OH-87-2-54
CREIGHTON, NANCY                        OH-87-3-15
CRESSINGER, D. B.                       OH-87-2-301
CROSS, GEORGE                           OH-87-2-153
CULVER, EBENEZER                        OH-87-2-275
CULVER, MARY ANN                        OH-87-3-73
CUMBY, ANNA                             OH-87-2-350
CUMMINS, JAMES S.                       OH-87-2-470
CURLIS, JOHN F.                         OH-87-3-325
DANNEHAUER, FREDRICK                    OH-87-3-84
DAVIS, FRANCES                          OH-87-3-227
DAVIS, FRANK P.                         OH-87-2-363
DEITRICH, ANDREW                        OH-87-2-530
DEPEAU, CYRUS                           OH-87-2-381
DEVILLE, HENRY                          OH-87-3-408
DEWITT, ELIZABETH                       OH-87-1-100
DININGER, JOHN G.                       OH-87-3-225
DOTTS, PHILIP                           OH-87-3-193
DUNLAP, MARY                            OH-87-2-48
DUNLAP, SAMUEL                          OH-87-2-241
DUNN, ASA                               OH-87-3-127
DURBIN, HELLEN E.                       OH-87-2-126
DURK, S. H.                             OH-87-2-448
EARP, WILLIAM                           OH-87-2-618
EATHERTON, GEORGE                       OH-87-3-424
EBERSOLE, VALERA                        OH-87-3-37
EHMAN, FREDERICA                        OH-87-3-265
EISINGER, MICHEAL                       OH-87-2-188
ELGEN, JOHN                             OH-87-2-317
ELLIS, DAVID                            OH-87-2-63
ELY, ANDREW                             OH-87-1-145
EMPTAGE, THOMAS                         OH-87-2-587
ENGLAND, MARY                           OH-87-1-57
ENGLE, JOHN K.                          OH-87-3-459
EWART, CAMPBELL                         OH-87-2-533
EWING, SAMUEL                           OH-87-3-500
EYESTONE, ENOCH                         OH-87-3-20
EYESTONE, GEORE W.                      OH-87-3-292
EYESTONE, GEORGE                        OH-87-2-582
EYESTONE, JOHN                          OH-87-2-104
EYESTONE, JOHN K.                       OH-87-3-514
FAUL, RUDOLPH                           OH-87-2-258
FEISTER, JOHN                           OH-87-2-466
FELTHS, MARY ANN                        OH-87-2-533
FELTIS, JAMES                           OH-87-2-33
FERNBAUGH, ELIZABETH                    OH-87-3-501
FISHEL, DANIEL                          OH-87-2-324
FISHER, JOHN                            OH-87-1-37
FLACK, HIRAM                            OH-87-2-367
FLAD, MARTIN                            OH-87-3-543
FLATTER, JOHN                           OH-87-3-545
FLICK, ELIZABETH                        OH-87-2-13
FLOWER, JOHN                            OH-87-2-326
FOUGHT, JOHN D.                         OH-87-2-400
FOWLER, HANNAH A.                       OH-87-2-115
FRAISE, JOHN                            OH-87-2-223
FREDERICK, CHRISTIAN                    OH-87-1-94
FREDRICK, JOSEPH                        OH-87-2-215
FREET, SAMUEL                           OH-87-1-180
FREIT, JOHN W.                          OH-87-2-228
FREY, JACOB                             OH-87-3-34
FREY, JOHN                              OH-87-1-213
FREY, JOSEPH                            OH-87-3-91
FRINEDE, CATHARIN                       OH-87-2-156
FRISH, ANNIE                            OH-87-3-510
FROST, SARAH                            OH-87-3-287
FUCHS, JOHN                             OH-87-2-379
GAA, JOHN                               OH-87-3-418
GAMLIER, ADAM                           OH-87-3-86
GASHOM, JOHN                            OH-87-2-209
GASTER, HENRY                           OH-87-2-269
GATCHEL, JANE                           OH-87-2-164
GEARY, ABIRAM                           OH-87-3-492
GENGLOFF, JOHN SR.                      OH-87-2-207
GERSTENLAUER, GOTTFRIED                 OH-87-3-336
GIBBS, ABRAHAM N.                       OH-87-2-519
GIBBS, EMELINE B.                       OH-87-3-357
GIBBS, JOHN P.                          OH-87-3-572
GIBSON, ELIZABETH                       OH-87-3-89
GILLILAND, D. N.                        OH-87-2-385
GILLILAND, JAMES                        OH-87-2-550
GILSOM, ROBERT                          OH-87-2-158
GRAHAM, ROBERT                          OH-87-3-245
GREER, CATHARINE                        OH-87-2-521
GREGG, ANDREW                           OH-87-2-508
GREGG, FRANKLIN                         OH-87-2-567
GREGG, ROBERT                           OH-87-2-445
GREUBLE, GEORE                          OH-87-3-247
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       OH-87-2-28
GROFF, JOSEPH                           OH-87-2-335
GROFFMILLER, MAX                        OH-87-3-57
GRUNDTISER, HENRY                       OH-87-3-585
GURNEY, LEMUEL                          OH-87-2-46
HACELDENE, CONRAD                       OH-87-3-143
HAELLZEL, MICHEAL                       OH-87-2-282
HAGERMAN, ELISABETH                     OH-87-2-108
HALL, JOHN 2ND                          OH-87-2-556
HAMER, PETER                            OH-87-2-523
HANNUM, JANE C.                         OH-87-3-562
HANNUM, PERRY SR.                       OH-87-1-123
HANNUM, PERRY W.                        OH-87-3-547
HARMON, SAMUEL                          OH-87-3-384
HARSHBAEGER, MARY                       OH-87-2-196
HART, ELIJAH                            OH-87-3-434
HART, JOHN D.                           OH-87-3-554
HARTZ, MICHAEL                          OH-87-2-402
HASTINGS, THOMAS                        OH-87-1-59
HATTER, JOHN JOSEPH                     OH-87-2-430
HEDGES, WESLEY                          OH-87-3-515
HELCK, MARTIN                           OH-87-3-59
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      OH-87-2-592
HESS, FRANK                             OH-87-3-530
HICKEL, JACOB                           OH-87-3-559
HILDRETH, STEPHEN                       OH-87-3-448
HILL, SOLOMON                           OH-87-2-162
HILL, WILLIAM                           OH-87-2-262
HITCHCOCK, MARY                         OH-87-3-361
HITESHEW, CONRAD                        OH-87-1-134
HOAGLAND, AARON                         OH-87-1-61
HODGES, HANNAH                          OH-87-1-128
HOLLANSHEAD, JACOB                      OH-87-3-588
HOLMES, ELIZA W.                        OH-87-3-195
HOLMES, HANNAH                          OH-87-1-24
HOOVER, JOHN                            OH-87-1-9
HOPP, SUSAN                             OH-87-3-210
HOR, JACOB                              OH-87-1-41
HOTTUL, PAUL                            OH-87-2-246
ILLIG, GUS F.                           OH-87-3-267
ILLIG, SARAH                            OH-87-3-146
INGERSON, ALVIN                         OH-87-1-256
INGERSON, JESSE                         OH-87-2-417
INGLAND, LEWIS                          OH-87-2-239
INMAN, GEORGE E.                        OH-87-2-483
INMAN, MARTIN                           OH-87-3-422
JACOBY, ELIJAH                          OH-87-1-80
KAPPLER, JACOB                          OH-87-1-171
KARN, HARVEY L.                         OH-87-3-278
KARR, HAMILTON                          OH-87-2-398
KARSTNER, JOHN                          OH-87-2-407
KATZENMEYER, JOHN                       OH-87-2-493
KEANY, FELIX                            OH-87-3-576
KEAR, HENRY                             OH-87-1-67
KEE, JACOB                              OH-87-1-178
KELLER, ADAM                            OH-87-3-206
KELLER, MARIAH                          OH-87-2-170
KELLER, MARTIN                          OH-87-2-230
KEMP, RUTH                              OH-87-3-241
KEPLER, MARY ANN                        OH-87-2-5
KERNS, HARRIET                          OH-87-3-238
KERR, CELINDA                           OH-87-3-338
KERR, ROBERT                            OH-87-3-464
KESSLER, MARIAH                         OH-87-1-198
KIMBLE, NATHAN                          OH-87-3-260
KIMMELL, MICHAEL                        OH-87-3-280
KINCADE, ALEXANDER R.                   OH-87-1-186
KING, JACOB                             OH-87-1-5
KINGMAN, JOSEPH C.                      OH-87-3-402
KISOR, DANIEL                           OH-87-2-84
KISOR, JOHN                             OH-87-3-169
KLINGER, ABRAHAM                        OH-87-2-491
KLIPFER, FERDINAND HENRY                OH-87-2-111
KNAPP, SAMUEL                           OH-87-1-32
KNOBLE, ALEXANDER                       OH-87-1-114
KNOX, JERRY                             OH-87-2-47
KOOKER, JESSE                           OH-87-2-432
KOONTZ, JOHN A                          OH-87-3-264
KRAMER, JOHN W.                         OH-87-3-42
KREBS, JOHN GOTTLIEB                    OH-87-3-507
KRIDER, JOHN                            OH-87-2-93
KRIESHER, JOHN                          OH-87-2-310
LAIGHTNER, CHRISTIAN                    OH-87-2-621
LAIRD, ANN R.                           OH-87-1-88
LAMON, JOEL                             OH-87-2-435
LANE, CATHARINE                         OH-87-3-558
LAYMAN, FIDELIA A.                      OH-87-3-450
LEA, ZACHEUS P.                         OH-87-1-191
LEE, HUGH                               OH-87-3-156
LEE, JOEL                               OH-87-1-45
LERCH, MARGARETTA                       OH-87-3-298
LETSON, ZIBA A.                         OH-87-3-203
LEVALLEY, HARRIET                       OH-87-2-297
LINDSEY, ELON                           OH-87-3-185
LITTLE, ANN MARIAH                      OH-87-2-485
LIVINSPIRE, LEVI                        OH-87-3-535
LOGSDEN, BENEDICT                       OH-87-2-90
LOGSDON, FRANCIS                        OH-87-1-202
LONG, HUGH                              OH-87-3-257
LONG, JOHN                              OH-87-2-55
LONGWELL, ISAAC                         OH-87-1-97
LUNDY, ISAAC                            OH-87-3-97
LUNDY, JAMES                            OH-87-1-217
LUNDY, JOHN                             OH-87-2-22
LUNDY, LEVI                             OH-87-1-71
LUNDY, WILLIAM                          OH-87-2-19
LUPTON, JOHN K.                         OH-87-3-172
LUPTON, WILLIAM                         OH-87-2-42
LUTZ, SAMUEL                            OH-87-3-165
LYON, JACOB T.                          OH-87-2-525
MACKEY, JOHN SR.                        OH-87-2-548
MAFFETT, DAVID                          OH-87-2-374
MAFFETT, JOSEPH                         OH-87-2-614
MAGILL, JAMES                           OH-87-2-6
MAN, JOHN B.                            OH-87-1-242
MANAHAN, BEAL                           OH-87-1-154
MANOR, URSULA                           OH-87-3-311
MARQUART, JACOB                         OH-87-1-251
MARTIN, DAVID                           OH-87-3-450
MARTIN, FIDEL                           OH-87-3-583
MARVEL, SAMUEL H.                       OH-87-2-458
MAUSER, HENRY                           OH-87-1-69
MAXWELL, JOHN                           OH-87-3-213
MCBETH, THOMAS                          OH-87-2-540
MCCANDLISH, WILLIAM                     OH-87-2-168
MCCLEARY, JOHN                          OH-87-3-40
MCCLELLAND, DAVID                       OH-87-3-556
MCCULLOUGH, N. S.                       OH-87-1-278
MCCUTCHEN, LETITIA                      OH-87-2-122
MCDURMUT, ROBERT                        OH-87-2-527
MCELVAIN, PURDY                         OH-87-1-48
MCHENRY, ELIZABETH                      OH-87-2-70
MCILVAIN, MARY M.                       OH-87-2-497
MCKEE, R.R.                             OH-87-2-320
MCKENZIE, ALEXANDER                     OH-87-2-438
MCKINZIE, WILLIAM                       OH-87-2-124
MCLAIN, ABRAHAM                         OH-87-3-412
MCLAUGHLIN, CHELU                       OH-87-2-265
MCLEES, JAMS                            OH-87-1-140
MCMARTIN, JOHN                          OH-87-1-116
MCMULLEN, ARCHIBALD                     OH-87-1-56
MEADS, CHARLES                          OH-87-2-502
MEEKER, ELISHA                          OH-87-2-330
MERRIMAN, CHARLES                       OH-87-1-199
MICHAEL, DAVID L.                       OH-87-2-428
MILLER, FRANK                           OH-87-3-269
MILLER, MICHAEL                         OH-87-1-103
MILLER, SARAH                           OH-87-1-274
MINER, JEREMIAH                         OH-87-1-136
MITSCH, HENRY                           OH-87-2-50
MITTEN, MILES                           OH-87-2-95
MOHIC, JESSE                            OH-87-2-542
MOLLENKOPF, JOHN JACOB                  OH-87-2-120
MONTAGUE, WILLIAM                       OH-87-3-352
MONTEZ, JOSEPH                          OH-87-1-119
MONTGOMERY, FRANCIS                     OH-87-2-536
MONUT, SOPHRONIA                        OH-87-3-153
MOODY, TIMOTHY Y.                       OH-87-3-590
MOON, JANE E.                           OH-87-2-345
MOON, WILLIAM                           OH-87-2-139
MORE, NICHOLAS                          OH-87-3-565
MORGAN, JOHN                            OH-87-1-159
MORGAN, JOHN                            OH-87-2-170
MORGAN, THOMAS L.                       OH-87-1-182
MORRIS, JAMES J.                        OH-87-3-313
MORRIS, THOMAS S.                       OH-87-2-24
MORRISON, ESTER                         OH-87-3-99
MORRISON, MARIA                         OH-87-3-283
MORRISON, MARY                          OH-87-1-111
MOSER, NICHOLAS                         OH-87-2-145
MOTT, CHESTER R.                        OH-87-3-377
MOTT, GEORGE                            OH-87-3-357
MYERS, GEORGE                           OH-87-3-439
MYERS, JOHN                             OH-87-2-273
MYERS, JOHN L.                          OH-87-1-50
MYERS, SAMUEL                           OH-87-2-221
NAGEL, FREDRICK                         OH-87-3-23
NEWAUER, JESSE                          OH-87-3-370
NITZ, JOHN F.                           OH-87-1-208
NOEL, GEORGE J.                         OH-87-3-81
NOEL, MICHEAL                           OH-87-2-225
OBRIEN, DENNIS                          OH-87-3-53
OLNEY, ELIZABETH                        OH-87-2-21
ORIANS, JOHN                            OH-87-3-524
ORSINGER, ULRICH                        OH-87-3-249
ORY, JANE                               OH-87-2-387
OWENS, JONATHAN                         OH-87-3-296
PAESSLER, ROBERT                        OH-87-3-251
PAGNARD, GUSTAVUS A.                    OH-87-3-536
PAINTER, JONATHAN                       OH-87-1-216
PALMER, BENONI                          OH-87-3-458
PALMER, ROZAN                           OH-87-3-350
PARKER, HANNAH ELLEN                    OH-87-3-334
PARKS, NAHAN                            OH-87-1-157
PARSELL, JACOB                          OH-87-3-462
PAUUS, NATHAN                           OH-87-3-502
PEESO, PERMELIA                         OH-87-2-338
PEGG, JOEL                              OH-87-1-204
PENNINGTON, MALINDA                     OH-87-2-376
PETERS, COLUMBIA                        OH-87-3-354
PETERS, HENRY                           OH-87-3-380
PHILIPS, ABRAHAM                        OH-87-2-236
PICAR, NICHOLAS                         OH-87-2-474
PICKERAL, JOHN H.                       OH-87-2-361
PIERSON, C. Y.                          OH-87-2-495
PIERSON, LAURA                          OH-87-2-611
PITT, WILLIAM                           OH-87-3-131
POAST, ELIZABETH                        OH-87-3-274
PONTIOUS, SOLOMON                       OH-87-2-143
POOR, HENRY W.                          OH-87-3-124
POOR, WILLIAM C.                        OH-87-3-114
POUND, FRANCES                          OH-87-3-504
POWELL, DANIEL                          OH-87-3-567
PRICE, BENJAMIN                         OH-87-2-76
PUMPHREY, JOHN W.                       OH-87-2-2
RANCK, JONAS                            OH-87-2-192
READ, JANE                              OH-87-2-185
RED, J. D. SR.                          OH-87-2-489
REED, ROBERT                            OH-87-3-1
REICHMAN, GEORGE                        OH-87-3-220
REIGHTON, JAMES                         OH-87-2-598
RIESTERER, JOSEPH                       OH-87-3-317
RONK, ANNA M.                           OH-87-3-488
RONK, JACOB                             OH-87-2-347
ROSZMAN, GEORGE                         OH-87-3-409
ROWSE, WHEELER                          OH-87-3-7
RUBINS, EDWARD                          OH-87-2-2021
RUMMELL, CAROLINE                       OH-87-2-292
RUMMELL, JOHN                           OH-87-2-233
RUSSELL, EMMA C.                        OH-87-2-487
SCHAAR, JACOB                           OH-87-3-94
SCHAEFER, FRANZ WILLEDEN                OH-87-3-328
SCHAFFER, JACOB                         OH-87-3-175
SCHEIDEGGER, JACOB                      OH-87-2-605
SCHENTZ, GASHART                        OH-87-2-314
SCHNIDER, JACOB                         OH-87-2-98
SCOTT, PETER W.                         OH-87-2-607
SELL, JOHN                              OH-87-3-307
SENSNEY, ANN R.                         OH-87-2-60
SHAFFER, MICHEAL                        OH-87-2-74
SHAFFER, MICHEAL                        OH-87-2-328
SHANER, AARON                           OH-87-2-44
SHELLHOUSE, EDWARD                      OH-87-2-322
SHELLHOUSE, MARY                        OH-87-3-253
SHEPHERD, THOMAS N.                     OH-87-3-549
SHERWOOD, LEWSANA                       OH-87-2-57
SHINEBARGER, FREDERICK                  OH-87-1-78
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                         OH-87-2-500
SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM                      OH-87-3-569
SHOOTS, LANDY                           OH-87-3-65
SHUMAN, ELIZABETH                       OH-87-2-359
SHUMAN, JONAS                           OH-87-3-551
SIDDALL, JAMES R.                       OH-87-3-319
SIMONIS, JOHN                           OH-87-3-217
SIMONIS, PETER                          OH-87-3-321
SLAGLE, HENRY                           OH-87-2-333
SMALLEY, ISAAC                          OH-87-1-52
SMITH, GEORGE                           OH-87-2-248
SMITH, GEORGE I.                        OH-87-1-35
SNIDER, JACOB                           OH-87-1-253
SNIDER, JOHN                            OH-87-2-40
SNIDER, WILLIAM                         OH-87-3-348
SNOOK, JACOB SR.                        OH-87-2-243
SNYDER, JOHN                            OH-87-2-40
SNYDER, VACHTEL                         OH-87-2-552
SOFER, JOHN                             OH-87-1-210
SPAHR, BENJAMIN A.                      OH-87-2-141
SPECK, JOHN                             OH-87-2-190
SPOVER, ELISABETH                       OH-87-2-342
SPRONK, JOHN                            OH-87-3-243
STAFFORD, BARBARA                       OH-87-2-100
STALTER, HIRAM                          OH-87-3-303
STECKER, GEORGE                         OH-87-3-440
STETLER, AMOS                           OH-87-3-315
STEVENSON, BARBARA                      OH-87-2-426
STIGERWALT, JACOB                       OH-87-3-529
STIGEWALT, JOSEPH                       OH-87-1-13
STILLWELL, RICHARD                      OH-87-2-31
STINCHCOMB, JOHN W.                     OH-87-3-332
STINN, JOHN G.                          OH-87-1-102
STOKELY, MARTIN V.                      OH-87-2-30
STOKER, JOHN SR.                        OH-87-2-546
STOVER, ASHFORD                         OH-87-2-396
STRAW, FLAVIA                           OH-87-3-150
SUMMER, GEORGE M.                       OH-87-2-405
SWANN, SARAH                            OH-87-3-377
SWINEHART, JACOB                        OH-87-3-255
TAFT, HIRAM                             OH-87-3-486
TALLMAN, MARY M.                        OH-87-3-444
TARR, CAMPBELL                          OH-87-2-25
TEMPLETON, MILO                         OH-87-2-41
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                     OH-87-1-130
THOMPSON, JAMES S.                      OH-87-3-372
TILBURY, ABRAM                          OH-87-2-579
TIMMONS, ANNA M.                        OH-87-3-48
TOLESON, STEPHEN GILMORE                OH-87-1-109
TRIBOLET, A. G.                         OH-87-2-504
TRIBOLET, SAMUEL                        OH-87-1-173
TRISH, ANNA                             OH-87-3-510
TRUCKENMILLER, DAVID S.                 OH-87-3-236
VALLOW, STEPHEN                         OH-87-2-11
VALLOW, STEPHEN                         OH-87-2-11
VANDENBURGH, JOHN                       OH-87-2-472
VANDOREN, JANE                          OH-87-3-309
VANGUNDY, MICHAEL                       OH-87-1-196
VANMARTER, JOHN S.                      OH-87-3-111
VANORSDALL, ELIJAH                      OH-87-2-574
VILLE, SIMON                            OH-87-2-307
VONBLOW, JACOB SR.                      OH-87-2-531
VONBLOW, JULIUS                         OH-87-2-444
VREDENBURG, MARY A.                     OH-87-2-85
WAGGONER, BARNABAS                      OH-87-2-267
WAGNER, JOHN S.                         OH-87-3-526
WALTER, BENEDICT                        OH-87-2-462
WALTERS, MICHAEL S.                     OH-87-2-17
WARD, JOHN                              OH-87-2-113
WATSON, SYLVESTER                       OH-87-3-414
WEININGER, ADAM                         OH-87-1-1
WELCH, JAMES                            OH-87-2-204
WELSH, B. S.                            OH-87-3-107
WERNLE, CHARLES                         OH-87-2-422
WHALEY, WILLFORD                        OH-87-3-223
WHITE, HUGH                             OH-87-2-1
WHITE, JACKSON G.                       OH-87-3-200
WILCOX, RANSOM                          OH-87-3-375
WILL, PETER                             OH-87-3-62
WILLCOX, BENJAMIN                       OH-87-2-53
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-87-2-252
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        OH-87-3-276
WILSON, DANIEL D. W.                    OH-87-3-532
WILTSE, WILLIAM                         OH-87-3-343
WINSTEAD, CATHARINE                     OH-87-2-478
WINTERS, MARTIN                         OH-87-2-9
WISNER, ASA                             OH-87-2-286
WOLF, DAVID                             OH-87-2-8
WOLF, ISAAC                             OH-87-1-244
WONDER, FREDERICK H.                    OH-87-3-574
WOOD, ALVIN F.                          OH-87-3-508
WOOD, BUCKMINSTER                       OH-87-1-54
WOOD, NELSON                            OH-87-3-425
WOODS, W. W.                            OH-87-3-135
WOOSTER, MARY E.                        OH-87-3-379
WORLEY, PETER                           OH-87-2-454
YEAGER, MARY ANN                        OH-87-3-179
YORK, SOLOMON                           OH-87-3-427
YOUNG, GEORGE                           OH-87-3-32
YOUNG, LYDIA JANE                       OH-87-3-496
YOUSE, ANNA                             OH-87-3-494
YOUSE, FREDERICK                        OH-87-1-76
ZIMMERMAN, HENRY                        OH-87-2-130
ZIMMERMAN, SHEM                         OH-87-2-299
ZORN, JOSEPH                            OH-87-3-538
ZULAUF, JACOB                           OH-87-3-582

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