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Column Two: Residence
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ABSHIRE, JOHN                          NTL                                     VA-53-1-69
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-85
AINSWORTH, JAMES E.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-53
ALLEN, P. H.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-567
ANDERSON, F. C.                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-282
ANDIS, MORNING                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-135
ANDIS, W. E.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-451
ANGLIN, ABNER                          NTL                                     VA-53-1-90
ANGLIN, JOHN                           NTL                                     VA-53-1-46
BAILEY, CARR                           NTL                                     VA-53-1-12
BAILEY, CHARLES                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-290
BAILEY, FLORA A.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-443
BAKER, IRA                             NTL                                     VA-53-6-194
BAKER, W. N.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-588
BALDWIN, JOHN M.                       NTL                                     VA-53-2-88
BALES, ROBERT M.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-156
BALES, STPEHEN                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-215
BALES, VINCENT G.                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-494
BALL, ARCH                             NTL                                     VA-53-6-257
BALL, ESTHER                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-27
BALL, GEORGE W.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-569
BALL, GEORGE W.                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-451
BALL, JOHN                             NTL                                     VA-53-6-26
BALL, JOHN                             NTL                                     VA-53-1-27
BALL, MARTHA                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-67
BALL, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-620
BARBOUR, ELIJAH                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-548
BARKER, CHARLES                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-141
BARRON, J. K. P.                       NTL                                     VA-53-6-22
BARTLEY, MOLLIE E.                     NTL                                     VA-53-5-493
BAYLOR, CHARLES E.                     NTL                                     VA-53-4-487
BAYS, JOHN                             NTL                                     VA-53-5-351
BAYS, WILLIAM A.                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-272
BEATY, CALLIE T.                       NTL                                     VA-53-6-129
BEATY, R. B.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-467
BEATY, RICHARD                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-65
BEATY, ROBERT B.                       NTL                                     VA-53-2-72
BEATY, SAMUEL M.                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-79
BECK, OSBORN                           NTL                                     VA-53-1-4
BELCHER, A. R.                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-463
BELLAMY, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-662
BETCHER, CELIA                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-575
BISHOP, ELIJAH                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-43
BISHOP, ELISHA                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-672
BISHOP, JAMES                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-39
BISHOP, LAVINA                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-653
BISHOP, W. G.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-74
BLAKEMORE, JOSEPH                      NTL                                     VA-53-1-8
BLANTON, ISAAC                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-110
BLEDSOE, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     VA-53-5-72
BLESSING, DAVID                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-74
BOKER, MARY A. F.                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-397
BOTNER, JOHN                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-227
BOWLING, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     VA-53-5-100
BRANSON, REBECCA E.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-191
BRENT, THOMAS W.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-444
BRITTAIN, MARY E.                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-52
BRITTIAN, MARY                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-251
BROTHERTON, JACOB                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-328
BROWN, CLEMENTINE                      NTL                                     VA-53-6-19
BROWN, THOMAS J.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-503
BROWNING, JAMES G.                     NTL                                     VA-53-4-268
BRYANT, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-327
BUNDY, HENRY                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-603
BURCHETT, BURWELL                      NTL                                     VA-53-3-86
BURCHETT, JOHN                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-693
BURCHETT, MARY                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-271
BURK, THOMAS                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-146
BURK, WILLIAM S.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-320
BUTCHER, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-104
CAMPBELL, ARTHUR                       NTL                                     VA-53-2-68
CAMPBELL, D. C.                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-212
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                     NTL                                     VA-53-3-429
CAMPBELL, ROBERT S.                    NTL                                     VA-53-5-441
CARMACK, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     VA-53-2-81
CARMANY, MAE                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-366
CARROLL, MENDANA                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-3
CARSON, ROBERT (COLORED)               NTL                                     VA-53-6-223
CARTER, MINERVA O.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-457
CAWOOD, WILLIAM H.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-439
CECIL, MITCHEL                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-680
CECIL, SALLIE                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-239
CHADWELL, DAVID                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-33
CHAFIN, JERUSHA                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-532
CHARLES, JOHN N.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-530
CHEEK, JAMES                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-625
CHUMBLEY, R. E. L.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-573
CIBERT, CHRISLEY                       NTL                                     VA-53-2-34
CLAPP, L. H.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-35
CLARK, JAMES G.                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-502
CLARK, ROBERT                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-544
CLARK, ROBERT                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-607
CLARKE, FRANCIS                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-37
CLIFTON, ALEXANDER                     NTL                                     VA-53-5-233
CLOUD, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-49
COFFMAN, MARTHA J.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-142
COLEMAN, S. G.                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-61
COLLIER, CATHERINE                     NTL                                     VA-53-4-404
COLLIER, J. H.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-440
COLLIER, JEHUE                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-557
COLLIER, MASTON                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-371
COLLIER, RANDOLPH                      NTL                                     VA-53-2-31
COLSON, ARVA                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-30
CONK, A. R.                            NTL                                     VA-53-3-341
CONNETT, T. M.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-298
COONEY, THOMAS                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-554
COPE, CORNIE L.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-500
COVEY, ALFRED                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-606
COVEY, NOBLE                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-41
COX, DAVID                             NTL                                     VA-53-3-490
COX, ELISHA                            NTL                                     VA-53-3-245
COX, MARY                              NTL                                     VA-53-6-498
COX, N. S.                             NTL                                     VA-53-5-73
COX, N. S.                             NTL                                     VA-53-5-73
COX, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     VA-53-1-1
COX, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     VA-53-1-58
COX, WILLIAM JR.                       NTL                                     VA-53-1-3
CRABTREE, JOB                          NTL                                     VA-53-1-128
CRABTREE, ROSANNAH                     NTL                                     VA-53-3-59
CRABTREE, SMITH                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-567
CREECH, ELIJAH                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-182
CREECH, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     VA-53-2-100
CRESS, JAMES                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-503
CROCKETT, ANDREW J.                    NTL                                     VA-53-3-470
CROCKETT, HARRISON B.                  NTL                                     VA-53-5-385
CROWELL, W. S.                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-536
CRUSENBURY, B. F.                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-110
CURRY, JOHN                            NTL                                     VA-53-4-62
DANIEL, SARAH                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-436
DAUGHERTY, JEREMIAH                    NTL                                     VA-53-4-324
DAUGHERTY, JOHN                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-60
DAUGHERTY, JOSEPH                      NTL                                     VA-53-1-100
DAUGHERTY, MARY                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-573
DAUGHERTY, ROBINSON                    NTL                                     VA-53-3-437
DAUGHERTY, WILLIAM                     NTL                                     VA-53-2-17
DAVAULT, STOKELY                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-44
DAVIS, JAMES H.                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-108
DAVIS, MALINDA                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-109
DEAN, DANIEL                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-540
DEAN, FRANCES                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-119
DEAN, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     VA-53-2-426
DEARRY, W. M.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-539
DICKENSON, BOYD                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-450
DICKENSON, BOYD                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-3
DICKENSON, BOYD                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-654
DICKENSON, CATHERINE                   NTL                                     VA-53-3-627
DICKENSON, WILLIAM B.                  NTL                                     VA-53-4-120
DICKENSON, WILLIAM C.                  NTL                                     VA-53-2-29
DRAKE, MARTIN                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-679
DUFF, J. E.                            NTL                                     VA-53-5-324
DUFF, JAMES                            NTL                                     VA-53-2-95
DUFF, JAMES                            NTL                                     VA-53-2-45
EAST, THOMAS                           NTL                                     VA-53-1-7
EASTRIDGE, FRANCIS                     NTL                                     VA-53-2-115
EDDS, HARRISON                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-321
EDDS, JESSEE R.                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-321
EDDS, MAUDE                            NTL                                     VA-53-6-327
EDDS, W. T.                            NTL                                     VA-53-5-459
EDWARDS, FIELDING                      NTL                                     VA-53-2-79
EDWARDS, JESSEE                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-109
EDWARDS, THOMAS G.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-38
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-699
ELY, H. H.                             NTL                                     VA-53-5-386
ELY, JOHN M. P.                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-626
ELY, JOHN SR.                          NTL                                     VA-53-2-79
ELY, JOHN T.                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-424
ELY, JOSEPH                            NTL                                     VA-53-1-120
ELY, JOSEPH N.                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-553
ELY, LOUISA (COLORED)                  NTL                                     VA-53-4-595
ELY, LUCY                              NTL                                     VA-53-5-384
ELY, MARGARET M.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-331
ELY, MARION T.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-304
ELY, MILTON H.                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-665
ELY, MOSES                             NTL                                     VA-53-4-255
ELY, NANNIE B.                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-345
ELY, ROBERT M.                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-221
EWING, CATHERINE E.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-681
EWING, F. C.                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-511
EWING, J. S.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-141
EWING, JOSHUA                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-601
EWING, MARY H.                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-115
EWING, NATHANIEL                       NTL                                     VA-53-1-144
EWING, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     VA-53-2-36
EWING, SAMUEL H.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-700
FAIRBANKS, POLLY                       NTL                                     VA-53-1-10
FARLEY, F. A.                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-512
FEE, JOHN SR.                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-177
FEE, W. D.                             NTL                                     VA-53-6-425
FIELDS, SARAH                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-119
FITTS, ANDREW                          NTL                                     VA-53-4-360
FITZPATRICK, MAGGIE                    NTL                                     VA-53-5-442
FLANARY, JAMES M.                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-464
FLANARY, M. H.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-127
FLETCHER, AARON                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-35
FLETCHER, JAMES                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-96
FLETCHER, MATTIE J.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-21
FRENCH, S. LAWRENCE                    NTL                                     VA-53-5-114
FRENCH, SARAH B.                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-163
FUGATE, MATILDA D.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-469
FULKERSON, A. H.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-264
FULKERSON, HATTIE                      NTL                                     VA-53-6-325
FULKERSON, JEANCY                      NTL                                     VA-53-3-324
FULKERSON, JENNIE                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-66
FULKERSON, JOHN W.                     NTL                                     VA-53-2-51
FULKERSON, PETER SR.                   NTL                                     VA-53-2-91
FULKESON, PETER                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-52
FURGUESON, OBEDIAH                     NTL                                     VA-53-2-105
GABBLE, MARY A.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-487
GARRETT, CORNELIA                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-326
GARRETT, M. B.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-356
GARRETT, SILAS                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-261
GARRISON, SUSAN                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-95
GIBSON, GEORGE                         NTL                                     VA-53-1-83
GIBSON, GEORGE D.                      NTL                                     VA-53-3-257
GIBSON, GEORGE W.                      NTL                                     VA-53-6-512
GIBSON, J. N.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-230
GIBSON, J. R.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-30
GIBSON, JAMES J.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-419
GIBSON, THOMAS S. SR.                  NTL                                     VA-53-5-221
GIBSON, W. F.                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-153
GIBSON, Z. S.                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-80
GIBSON, Z. S.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-577
GILBERT, J. W.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-118
GILBERT, JOHN B.                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-515
GILBERT, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-15
GILBERT, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-14
GILBERT, NANCY                         NTL                                     VA-53-1-126
GILES, JAMES P.                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-63
GILES, JOHN                            NTL                                     VA-53-2-24A
GILL, JOHN                             NTL                                     VA-53-5-580
GILLENWATERS, J. E.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-153
GILLY, CELINA                          NTL                                     VA-53-4-592
GILLY, FRANCIS                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-39
GILLY, JOHN                            NTL                                     VA-53-6-368
GLASS, E. J.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-496
GLASS, J. L. B.                        NTL                                     312
GLASS, JEROME B.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-260
GLASS, M. N.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-443
GOBLE, DICKENSON                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-666
GOINS, A. M.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-124
GOINS, GEORGE W.                       NTL                                     VA-53-6-481
GOINS, WILLIAM M.                      NTL                                     VA-53-6-181
GRABEEL, JOSEPHUS                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-126
GRAHAM, DILLARD                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-474
GRAHAM, HENRY SR.                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-189
GRAHAM, JAMES H.                       NTL                                     VA-53-6-434
GRAHAM, MARTHA                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-257
GRAHAM, THOMAS P.                      NTL                                     VA-53-6-262
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-139
GREEN, JOHN W.                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-411
GRIFFIN, JAMES                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-361
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-167
HALL, DANIEL                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-594
HAMBLEN, C. W.                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-490
HAMBLEN, JANE                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-161
HAMBLIN, FRANCIS                       NTL                                     VA-53-1-16
HAMBLIN, FRANCIS                       NTL                                     VA-53-1-21
HAMBLIN, ROBERT P.                     NTL                                     VA-53-3-237
HAMBLIN, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-551
HAMILTON, BLANCHE                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-530
HAMILTON, E.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-367
HARDEY, THOMAS                         NTL                                     VA-53-1-142
HARDY, JOSEPH A.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-319
HARDY, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-46
HARRIS, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-27
HAVELY, JAMES                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-428
HAYNE, CLAIBORNE                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-45
HEADEN, JOHN F.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-324
HENDERSON, GRAY G.                     NTL                                     VA-53-3-45
HHUBBARD, ISAM                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-40
HICKAM, MARTHA                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-702
HIGNIGHT, JAMES                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-15
HILL, ELIJAH                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-386
HILL, J. B.                            NTL                                     VA-53-6-294
HILL, JEROME                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-99
HIX, NATHANIEL                         NTL                                     VA-53-1-5
HOBBS, ABSALOM                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-74
HOBBS, C. E.                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-83
HOBBS, HETTIE                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-466
HOBBS, L. M.                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-593
HOBBS, SHELBY                          NTL                                     VA-53-4-295
HOLMES, JASPER N.                      NTL                                     VA-53-6-392
HOLMES, JOHN                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-261
HOPKINS, NEHEMIAH                      NTL                                     VA-53-2-75
HOUNSDHEL, ELIZABETH                   NTL                                     VA-53-3-633
HOUSHELL, DICY M.                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-386
HUBBARD, ELI                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-85
HUGHES, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     VA-53-3-662
HUGHES, ISAAC                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-194
HUGHES, MARTIN                         NTL                                     VA-53-1-96
HUMPHREYS, JAMES H.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-197
HURST, JOHN                            NTL                                     VA-53-3-245
HURST, NANCY K.                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-198
HURST, W. S.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-283
HUSTON, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-61
HUTTON, SARAH M.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-63
HYATT, J. A. G.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-184
HYDEN, GRANVILLE                       NTL                                     VA-53-6-34
HYDEN, J. C.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-267
HYDEN, MARY                            NTL                                     VA-53-3-195
HYTEN, LYDIA                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-209
JAMES, CHARLES L.                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-240
JAYNE, JOHN                            NTL                                     VA-53-4-35
JAYNE, STEPHEN                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-385
JAYNE, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-430
JAYNES, MARY E.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-180
JESSEE, ELLEN                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-399
JESSEE, J. C.                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-399
JOHNSON, LIZZIE D.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-198
JOHNSON, MABEL S.                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-166
JOHNSON, MOSES                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-59
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     VA-53-2-112
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-633
JOHNSTON, AMANDA C.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-530
JONES, DANIEL D.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-475
JONES, JAMES                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-435
JONES, JAMES F. JR.                    NTL                                     VA-53-3-642
JONES, NANNIE MATILDA                  NTL                                     VA-53-4-518
JONES, WINFIELD R.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-463
JOSLYN, HENRY C.                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-388
JOSLYN, SARAH J.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-521
KELLY, J. K. P.                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-444
KELLY, J. N.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-251
KIMBERLING, G. W. H.                   NTL                                     VA-53-6-253
KINCAID, MARTHA ELIZABETH              NTL                                     VA-53-5-569
KING, ANTHONY                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-630
KING, JOHN                             NTL                                     VA-53-6-97
KING, MAY                              NTL                                     VA-53-6-99
KINSER, J. C.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-45
KINSER, JOHN                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-322
KINSER, P. H.                          NTL                                     VA-53-4-527
KIRK, JOHN B.                          NTL                                     VA-53-2-99
KOGER, JOHN                            NTL                                     VA-53-2-90
LAFTICE, G. C.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-546
LAMBERT, JACOB                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-353
LANSDOWN, ELIZA                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-132
LARMER, JOHN                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-366
LARMER, THOMAS                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-689
LARMER, THOMAS J.                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-1
LAWSON, ANNIE                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-535
LAWSON, RIAL                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-571
LAWSON, SARAH                          NTL                                     VA-53-4-248
LAYTON, WILLIAM T.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-332
LETTON, ADDIE V.                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-280
LEVISY, ANDREW                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-353
LEWIS, W. J.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-264
LILLIE, R. M.                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-34
LITTON, A. D.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-24
LITTON, DIXON S.                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-138
LIVESAY, E. C.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-247
LIVINGSTON, MATILDA C.                 NTL                                     VA-53-6-318
LOCKHART, MARY                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-171
LONG, G. W.                            NTL                                     VA-53-6-548
LOVELACE, W. M.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-289
LOVINS, JOHN A.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-135
LOWE, MARTHA                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-511
LUCAS, CAMPBELL                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-591
LUCAS, IRA                             NTL                                     VA-53-3-411
LUCAS, J. MAJOR                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-137
LUCAS, PATSY                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-278
LUCAS, RASPBERRY                       NTL                                     VA-53-2-47
LUCAS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-30
MACCUBEUS, NANCY                       NTL                                     VA-53-1-125
MALES, MARY E.                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-471
MANESS, H. A. L.                       NTL                                     VA-53-6-291
MANNESS, J. J.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-107
MARCUM, LEFTRIDGE                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-91
MARION, BARBARA                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-547
MARION, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-32
MARK, W. E. N.                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-420
MARKHAM, JAMES                         NTL                                     VA-53-1-16
MARSHALL, C. W.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-391
MARSHALL, NANCY                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-126
MARSHALL,R . P.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-391
MARTIN, CHARITY                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-289
MARTIN, DANIEL B.                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-291
MARTIN, DAVID A.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-710
MARTIN, GEORGE W.                      NTL                                     VA-53-6-136
MARTIN, JOHN                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-112
MARTIN, LON A.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-151
MARTIN, MILTON B.                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-119
MARTIN, WILLIAM S.                     NTL                                     VA-53-4-86
MAXWELL, A. J.                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-220
MAXWELL, SUSAN                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-371
MAYERS, JOHN                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-103
MCAFEE, DANIEL                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-546
MCAFEE, MARY JANE                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-555
MCAFEE, MARY JANE                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-555
MCAFEE, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-326
MCCANLEY, AREY ANN                     NTL                                     VA-53-4-288
MCDEARMAN, MARY E.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-240
MCDOWELL, LIZZIE                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-258
MCELROY, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     VA-53-4-85
MCFARLANE, ELIZABETH                   NTL                                     VA-53-2-29
MCGUIRE, SKILLERN                      NTL                                     VA-53-2-78
MCKINNEY, A. M.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-526
MCLINN, MARY E.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-203
MCNEIL, A. C. JR.                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-394
MCNEIL, A. C. SR.                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-387
MCNIEL, ALEXANDER C. JR.               NTL                                     VA-53-5-155
MCPHERSON, JOHN T.                     NTL                                     VA-53-5-31
MCPHERSON, SAMUEL                      NTL                                     VA-53-3-430
MCPHERSON, THOMAS                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-364
MIDDLETON, WALTER                      NTL                                     VA-53-6-427
MILBOURN, ANDREW                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-640
MILBOURN, ANDREW                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-639
MILES, FRANCE                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-468
MILLER, JOHN                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-418
MILLER, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-47
MINTER, S. H.                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-712
MONAHAN, THOMAS                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-248
MONEYHUN, MCH.                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-281
MORGAN, B. M.                          NTOL                                    VA-53-5-267
MORGAN, J. D.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-235
MORGAN, JAMES D.                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-577
MORLEY, WILLIAM D.                     NTL                                     VA-53-5-456
MORRIS, ELIAS                          NTL                                     VA-53-2-224
MORTON, LANDON C.                      NTL                                     VA-53-2-113
MULLINS, JOHN W.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-421
MULLINS, R. P.                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-192
MUNCY, H. L.                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-299
MUNCY, JEREMIAH                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-146
MUNCY, JOHN W.                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-125
MUNCY, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-53
MUSIC, JOHN L.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-547
MYERS, A. J.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-291
MYERS, L. W.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-362
MYERS, MARTHA V.                       6NTL                                    VA-53-6-192
MYERS, SALLIE                          NTL                                     VA-53-4-576
MYERS, SARAH C.                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-162
MYERS, U. R.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-295
MYES, S. E.                            NTL                                     VA-53-6-362
NESBITT, JOSIAH                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-183
NOE, D. B.                             NTL                                     VA-53-5-97
NOE, D. S.                             NTL                                     VA-53-6-553
NOE, JOHN                              NTL                                     VA-53-1-53
OLINGER, J. B. F.                      NTL                                     VA-53-6-91
OLINGER, JACOB B.                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-585
OLINGER, JOHN C.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-163
OLINGER, JOHN C.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-105
ORR, JAMES W.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-587
OSBORN, JOHN                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-416
OSBORNE, GEORGE                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-320
OVERTON, JAMES                         NTL                                     VA-53-1-63
PACE, EDMOND                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-631
PAINTER, THOMAS                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-174
PARKEY, PETER                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-554
PARROTT, DEWITT C.                     NTL                                     VA-53-3-591
PARSONS, JOHN P.                       NTL                                     VA-53-6-282
PARSONS, MARTHA C.                     NTL                                     VA-53-5-429
PENCE, PHILIP DAVID                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-558, 561
PENDLETON, COLONEL B.                  NTL                                     VA-53-2-89
PENNINGTON, JOHN                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-164
PENNINGTON, LAVINA M.                  NTL                                     VA-53-5-257
PERDUE, THOMAS                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-16
PETERS, HENRY M.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-84
POTEET, J. F.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-365
PRICHARD, FLORENCE L.                  NTL                                     VA-53-6-220
PRIDEMORE, JONATHAN                    NTL                                     VA-53-2-73
PRINT, MARTHA                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-538
QUILLEN, JAMES A.                      NTL                                     VA-53-6-121
RANDOLPH, WILLOUGHBY                   NTL                                     VA-53-1-79
RASNICK, JACOB                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-505
RAZOR, MARGARET                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-146
RAZOR, MARGARET                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-146
REASOR, A. C.                          NTL                                     VA-53-4-293
REASOR, C. W.                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-374
REASOR, D. S. SR.                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-329
REASOR, DANIEL                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-108
REASOR, JOHN HENRY                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-580
REASOR, JOHN P.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-259
REASOR, VELERIA                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-118
RECTOR, WARREN                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-107
REECE, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-533
RICHARDS, HANNAH                       NTL                                     VA-53-2-296
RICHARDS, THOMAS                       NTL                                     VA-53-1-79
RICHMOND, ALFRED (COLORED)             NTL                                     VA-53-3-427
RICHMOND, CORNIE J.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-442
RICHMOND, H. C. T.                     NTL                                     VA-53-5-227
RICHMOND, JONATHAN                     NTL                                     VA-53-3-58
RICHMOND, MARY                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-520
RICHMOND, MARY                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-520
RIGSBY, JOB                            NTL                                     VA-53-6-47
ROBERTS, LYDIA                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-388
ROBINETT, ISAAC                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-459
ROBINETTE, MARTHA C.                   NTL                                     VA-53-5-429
ROBINETTE, MARTHA C.                   NTL                                     VA-53-5-429
ROBINETTE, S. R.                       NTL                                     VA-53-6-328
ROBINSON, JAMES                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-19
ROBINSON, MOSES                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-107
ROBINSON, MOSES                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-107
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-372
ROCK, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-592
ROGERS, GEORGE                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-402
ROOP, ASA                              NTL                                     VA-53-4-299
ROOP, JACOB                            NTL                                     VA-53-3-356
ROWLAND, JOHN L.                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-239
RUSSELL, A. L.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-437
RUSSELL, DICKSON H.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-97
RUSSELL, E. M.                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-214
SAGE, SAMPSON                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-371
SAYERS, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-329
SAYLOR, E. J.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-358
SCAGGS, JOHN                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-465
SCOTT, C. C. (COLORED)                 NTL                                     VA-53-6-430
SEWELL, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     VA-53-2-54
SHARP, POLLY                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-308
SHELBURN, S. E.                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-37
SHELBURNE, L. C.                       NTL                                     VA-53-6-359
SHELBURNE, SILAS E.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-57
SHUPE, JAMES                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-355
SIMS, MARTIN                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-557
SIMS, ROBERT                           NTL                                     VA-53-1-124
SKELTON, GEMIMA                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-592
SLEMP, CAMPBELL                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-184
SLEMP, HYATT C.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-368
SLEMP, JOHN                            NTL                                     VA-53-2-178
SLEMP, M. L.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-547
SLEMP, MINERVA A. D.                   NTL                                     VA-53-6-596
SLEMP, S. S.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-137
SLEMP, V. E.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-140
SMITH, A. L.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-287
SMITH, G. W.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-134
SMITH, GEORGE W.                       NTL                                     VA-53-6-213
SMITH, REBECCA                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-355
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-3
SMYTH, DAVID                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-198
SMYTH, J. MORRISON                     NTL                                     VA-53-5-333
SNODGRASS, ALEXANDER                   NTL                                     VA-53-3-696
SNODGRASS, JOHN                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-318
SNODGRASS, JOHN                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-136
SNODGRASS, WILLIAM R.                  NTL                                     VA-53-6-313
SNODGRSS, EDWARD                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-126
SPANGLER, F. M.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-444
SPEAK, JAMES A.                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-191
SPEAK, NICHOLAS                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-76
SPEAK, SUSAN                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-81
SPEAK, WILLIAM H.                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-565
SPENCER, AARON                         NTL                                     VA-53-1-91
SPENCER, AMANDA F.                     NTL                                     VA-53-5-266
SPENCER, GEORGE W.                     NTL                                     VA-53-4-127
SPENCER, ISAAC                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-82
SPENCER, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-24B
SPENCER, MILFORD B.                    NTL                                     VA-53-5-111
SPRINKLE, ELISHA F.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-342
SPURLOCK, SANDERS                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-519
STANLEY, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-529
STAPLETON, GEORGE N.                   NTL                                     VA-53-6-285
STAPLETON, ROBERT R.                   NTL                                     VA-53-4-279
STICKLEY, F. R.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-564
STOUT, J. C.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-104
SUTTLE, ELIZABETH M.                   NTL                                     VA-53-6-205
SUTTLES, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     VA-53-2-48
SUTTLES, S. M.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-584
TACKETT, RICHARD                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-244
TAYLOR, CHARLES J.                     NTL                                     VA-53-4-291
TAYLOR, JOEL                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-296
TAYLOR, MOSES                          NTL                                     VA-53-2-33
TAYLOR, WILLIAM A.                     NTL                                     VA-53-3-644
TAYLOR, WILMOTH                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-382
TAYLOR, WILMOTH                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-296
TEMPLETON, J. F.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-584
TEMPLETON, J. F.                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-186
TERRY, EVA                             NTL                                     VA-53-6-224
THARP, JAMES FRANKLIN                  NTL                                     VA-53-6-268
THOMAS, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-63
THOMAS, JAMES                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-309
THOMAS, JOSEPH R.                      NTL                                     VA-53-3-411
THOMPSON, C. N.                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-511
THOMPSON, DANIEL D.                    NTL                                     VA-53-5-245
THOMPSON, J. P.                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-439
THOMPSON, JONATHAN                     NTL                                     VA-53-2-111
THOMPSON, MERRIAM                      NTL                                     VA-53-3-389
THOMPSON, P. J.                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-423
THOMPSON, SARAH J.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-263
THOMPSON, THURSEY                      NTL                                     VA-53-4-379
THOMPSON, WILLIAM H.                   NTL                                     VA-53-2-97
TOWELL, HENRY                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-341
TRAVIS, JAMES T.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-670
TRAVIS, ROBERT                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-540
TRETT, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-259
TRITT, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-472
TROTTER, JAMES                         NTL                                     VA-53-1-97
TURNER, ELIJAH                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-318
TURNER, SARAH                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-75
TYLER, HENRY                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-83
TYLER, LORING K.                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-365
TYLER, WAITY                           NTL                                     VA-53-2-87
VANDEVENTER, W. P.                     NTL                                     VA-53-6-421
VANDEVENTER, WILLIAM                   NTL                                     VA-53-2-405
VANHUSS, DANIEL                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-292
VENABLE, JANE M.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-390
VERMILLION, WILSON                     NTL                                     VA-53-2-53
VERMILLION, WILSON                     NTL                                     VA-53-1-107
WADDELL, CHARLES F.                    NTL                                     VA-53-3-623
WADE, CASTLETON                        NTL                                     VA-53-4-193
WADE, S. A.                            NTL                                     VA-53-5-173
WAGGAL, F. J.                          NTL                                     VA-53-6-104
WARNER, EMMA                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-128
WARNER, JOHN A.                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-427
WARNER, LULA                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-90
WARNER, ROBERT                         NTL                                     VA-53-5-486
WARREN, THOMAS                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-192
WELLS, D. F.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-493
WELLS, JOSEPH C.                       NTL                                     VA-53-2-54
WHEALER, DAVID                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-38
WHEELER, JAMES M.                      NTL                                     VA-53-6-323
WHISMAN, ABRAHAM                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-605
WHITED, JOSHUA W.                      NTL                                     VA-53-5-217
WILLIS, JAMES                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-343
WILLIS, JOHN C.                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-3
WILSON, A. J.                          NTL                                     VA-53-4-541
WILSON, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-35
WILSON, B. F.                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-270
WILSON, H. D.                          NTL                                     VA-53-5-131
WILSON, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-467
WITT, EDMUND                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-323
WOLFE, SILAS                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-315
WOLFENBARGER, JACOB                    NTL                                     VA-53-3-108
WOLFENBERGER, F. M.                    NTL                                     VA-53-6-37
WOLIVER, G. E.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-51
WOLLIVER, POLLY                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-160
WOODARD, CHRISTOPHER                   NTL                                     VA-53-3-75
WOODARD, HENRY                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-350
WOODARD, JAMES                         NTL                                     VA-53-2-106
WOODARD, JESSEE                        NTL                                     VA-53-1-77
WOODARD, JOHN D.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-123
WOODARD, JOHN D.                       NTL                                     VA-53-4-123
WOODARD, MARY                          NTL                                     VA-53-2-102
WOODARD, REBECCA                       NTL                                     VA-53-2-26
WOODARD, SARAH                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-107
WOODARD, W. W. JR.                     NTL                                     VA-53-5-48
WOODSON, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     VA-53-3-603
WOODWARD, E. S.                        NTL                                     VA-53-6-307
WOODWARD, FRANCIS E.                   NTL                                     VA-53-5-455
WOODWARD, W. W.                        NTL                                     VA-53-5-560
WYATT, J. M.                           NTL                                     VA-53-5-35
WYGAL, N.                              NTL                                     VA-53-6-369
WYNN, ALLES P.                         NTL                                     VA-53-6-93
WYNN, ELIZA                            NTL                                     VA-53-4-281
WYNN, ELKANAH                          NTL                                     VA-53-2-1
WYNN, JOSIAH                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-386
WYNN, M. V.                            NTL                                     VA-53-5-149
WYNN, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     VA-53-2-42
WYRICK, JAMES                          NTL                                     VA-53-3-331
WYRICK, MAHALA                         NTL                                     VA-53-3-520
YEARY, H. J.                           NTL                                     VA-53-4-496
YEARY, HENRY H.                        NTL                                     VA-53-3-533
YEARY, JOHN                            NTL                                     VA-53-3-151
YEARY, JOHN C.                         NTL                                     VA-53-4-323
YEARY, M. L.                           NTL                                     VA-53-6-188
YOUNG, ROBERT M.                       NTL                                     VA-53-5-223
ZIM, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     VA-53-3-384

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