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ABBETT, LEON                           GEN-0001-01-458
ABBOTT, FRANK                          GEN-0001-02-359
ABBOTT, LEON                           GEN-0001-02-342
ABBOTT, LYMAN                          GEN-0001-01-473
ABBOTT, RUSSELL B.                     GEN-0001-02-50
ABERCROMBIE, JAMES (GEN.)              GEN-0001-01-102
ACKER, DAVID B.                        GEN-0001-01-179
ACTON, THOMAS COXON                    GEN-0001-01-275
ADAIR, G. W.                           GEN-0001-02-425
ADAIR, JOHN                            GEN-0001-02-249
ADAMS, ABIGAIL SMITH                   GEN-0001-02-4
ADAMS, CHARLES FOLLEN                  GEN-0001-01-279
ADAMS, GEORGE D.                       GEN-0001-31-133
ADAMS, HENRY H.                        GEN-0001-02-177
ADAMS, JOHN                            GEN-0001-02-1
ADAMS, JOHN MILTON                     GEN-0001-01-214
ADAMS, NEHEMIAH                        GEN-0001-02-318
ADAMS, SAMUEL                          GEN-0001-01-104
ADAMS, W. I.                           GEN-0001-02-14
ADAMS, WILLIAM R.                      GEN-0001-31-281
ADAMS, WILLIAM TYALOR                  GEN-0001-01-203
ADLER, FELIX                           GEN-0001-01-378
ADRAIN, ROBERT                         GEN-0001-01-347
ADSIT, HENRY                           GEN-0001-31-204
AGASSIZ, JEAN L. R.                    GEN-0001-02-360
AGNEW, ALEXANDER MCLEOD                GEN-0001-01-199
AGNUS, FELIX                           GEN-0001-01-200
AIKENS, ANDREW JACKSON                 GEN-0001-01-476
AILGELTINGER, ARTHUR                   GEN-0001-31-323
ALBAUGH, JOHN W.                       GEN-0001-02-167
ALCOTT, AMOS B.                        GEN-0001-02-218
ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY                     GEN-0001-01-204
ALDEN, HENRY MILLS                     GEN-0001-01-153
ALDEN, JAMES                           GEN-0001-02-104
ALDIS, ARTHUR T.                       GEN-0001-31-474
ALDRICH, G. AMES                       GEN-0001-31-81
ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY                 GEN-0001-01-283
ALEXANDER, A.                          GEN-0001-02-22
ALEXANDER A.                           GEN-0001-02-22
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH ADDISON              GEN-0001-01-242
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                     GEN-0001-01-16
ALISON, FRANCIS                        GEN-0001-01-346
ALKER, ALBERT H.                       GEN-0001-01-326
ALLAIRE, ANTHONY J.                    GEN-0001-02-188
ALLEN, EDGAR F.                        GEN-0001-31-43
ALLEN, EDWARD C.                       GEN-0001-02-427
ALLEN, ETHAN                           GEN-0001-01-45
ALLEN, GLOVER M.                       GEN-0001-31-143
ALLEN, JOHN                            GEN-0001-02-400
ALLEN, JOHN                            GEN-0001-02-427
ALLEN, JOHN BEARD                      GEN-0001-01-297
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         GEN-0001-01-418
ALLISON, WILLIAM B.                    GEN-0001-01-296
ALLISON, WILLIAM H.                    GEN-0001-31-111
ALSCHULER, ALFRED S.                   GEN-0001-31-304
ALSOP, JOHN                            GEN-0001-01-497
ALSTON, WILLIS                         GEN-0001-02-118
ALSTON, WILLIS JR.                     GEN-0001-02-118
ALTON, GEORGE                          GEN-0001-01-219
ALVORD, THOMAS GOLD                    GEN-0001-02-413
AMBLER, WILLIAM E.                     GEN-0001-01-328
AMES, FISHER                           GEN-0001-02-382
AMES, OAKES                            GEN-0001-02-199
AMES, OAKES A.                         GEN-0001-02-200
AMES, OLIER                            GEN-0001-01-124
AMHERST, JEFFERY                       GEN-0001-01-101
ANDERSON, EDGAR L.                     GEN-0001-31-155
ANDERSON, GALUSHA                      GEN-0001-01-303
ANDERSON, JOSEPH                       GEN-0001-02-11
ANDERSON, MARY                         GEN-0001-01-243
ANDRE, JOHN                            GEN-0001-01-48
ANDREW, JAMES OSGOOD                   GEN-0001-01-521
ANDREW, JOHN ALBAN                     GEN-0001-01-118
ANDREW, SAMUEL                         GEN-0001-01-164
ANDREWS, A. B.                         GEN-0001-02-482
ANDREWS, ELISHA BENJAMIN               GEN-0001-01-303
ANDREWS, GEORGE R.                     GEN-0001-31-388
ANDREWS, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-342
ANGELL, JAMES BURRILL                  GEN-0001-01-251
ANGELL, WILLIAM G.                     GEN-0001-02-392
ANGIER, NEDOM L.                       GEN-0001-02-349
ANGLE, EDWARD J.                       GEN-0001-31-390
ANSBACHER, A. B.                       GEN-0001-02-515
APPELT, FRANK R.                       GEN-0001-31-304
APPLETON, DANIEL                       GEN-0001-02-509
APPLETON, DANIEL S.                    GEN-0001-02-510
APPLETON, GEORGE S.                    GEN-0001-02-510
APPLETON, JESSE                        GEN-0001-01-417
APPLETON, JOHN A.                      GEN-0001-02-510
APPLETON, WILLIAM H.                   GEN-0001-02-510
ARCHIBALD, G. D.                       GEN-0001-02-125
ARCHIBALD, G. D.                       GEN-0001-02-125
ARCHIBALD, H. TELLER                   GEN-0001-31-526
ARKELL, JAMES                          GEN-0001-01-367
ARKINS, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-268
ARMSBY, GEORGE                         GEN-0001-31-347
ARMSTRONG, G. W.                       GEN-0001-02-152
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        GEN-0001-01-48
ARMSTRONG, SAMUEL C.                   GEN-0001-01-436
ARNOLD, BENEDICT                       GEN-0001-01-53
ARNOLD, EVERETT D.                     GEN-0001-31-429
ARTHUR, JAMES                          GEN-0001-31-232
ARTHURS, BIDDLE                        GEN-0001-31-239
ASHBURN, WILLIAM BARRETT               GEN-0001-01-120
ATKINSON, J. M. P.                     GEN-0001-02-26
ATKINSON, J. M. P.                     GEN-0001-02-26
ATKINSON, WADE H.                      GEN-0001-31-89
ATTERBURY, JOHN T.                     GEN-0001-31-131
ATTWOOD, JULIUS                        GEN-0001-02-343
AUBRY, LEANDER J.                      GEN-0001-02-239
AUSTELL, ALFRED                        GEN-0001-01-536
AUSTIN, SAMUEL                         GEN-0001-02-39
AUSTIN, WILBERT J.                     GEN-0001-31-17
AVERY, BENJAMN PARKE                   GEN-0001-01-319
AVERY, HENRY OGDEN                     GEN-0001-01-157
AVERY, SAMUEL P.                       GEN-0001-01-157
AYRES, FRANCIS O.                      GEN-0001-31-217
BABCOCK, GEORGE D.                     GEN-0001-31-328
BACHE, THEOPHYISET                     GEN-0001-01-496
BACON, DELIA SALTER                    GEN-0001-01-477
BACON, EDWARD P.                       GEN-0001-02-234
BACON, LEONARD                         GEN-0001-01-176
BAILEY, CHARLES H.                     GEN-0001-31-363
BAILEY, JAMES R.                       GEN-0001-31-260
BAILEY, SILAS                          GEN-0001-01-302
BAILEY, THEODORUS                      GEN-0001-02-106
BAIN, EDWARD                           GEN-0001-31-285
BAIR, FRANK B.                         GEN-0001-31-172
BAIRD, DUDLEY                          GEN-0001-31-511
BAIRD, GEORGE W.                       GEN-0001-01-415
BAIRD, JOHN FARIS                      GEN-0001-02-478
BAIRD, WILLIAM T.                      GEN-0001-31-182
BAKER, ALFRED                          GEN-0001-02-381
BAKER, BERNARD N.                      GEN-0001-02-200
BAKER, EDWARD D.                       GEN-0001-02-92
BAKER, FRED A.                         GEN-0001-31-413
BAKER, JAMES N.                        GEN-0001-31-166
BAKER, LEWIS                           GEN-0001-01-246
BAKER, MILO S.                         GEN-0001-31-310
BALBACH, LEOPOLD                       GEN-0001-02-264
BALDWIN, ABRAHAM                       GEN-0001-02-208
BALDWIN, GEORGE VAN NEST               GEN-0001-01-510
BALDWIN, HENRY                         GEN-0001-02-469
BALDWIN, HOWARD M.                     GEN-0001-31-246
BALDWIN, RODERICK                      GEN-0001-01-353
BALDWIN, SETH W.                       GEN-0001-31-176
BALL, WILBUR L.                        GEN-0001-31-219
BALLANTINE, W. G.                      GEN-0001-02-465
BALLIET, THOMAS M.                     GEN-0001-31-177
BALSLEY, ALFRED H.                     GEN-0001-02-478
BANCROFT, AMUEL                        GEN-0001-31-465
BANKARD, HENRY N.                      GEN-0001-02-258
BARBER, FRANCIS                        GEN-0001-01-43
BARBER, GERSHOM M.                     GEN-0001-02-158
BARBER, OHIO C.                        GEN-0001-02-430
BARBOUR, P. P.                         GEN-0001-02-470
BARGER, SAMUEL F.                      GEN-0001-02-117
BARHYDT, THEODORE W.                   GEN-0001-02-37
BARKER, HENRY S.                       GEN-0001-31-216
BARKER, WHARTON                        GEN-0001-01-368
BARLETT, HOMER L.                      GEN-0001-02-450
BARNARD, HENRY                         GEN-0001-01-505
BARNES, CATHARINE WEED                 GEN-0001-01-409
BARNES, GEORGE T.                      GEN-0001-02-166
BARNES, JAY P.                         GEN-0001-31-293
BARNES, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-469
BARNETT, EDWARD H.                     GEN-0001-02-479
BARNETT, JAMES                         GEN-0001-02-30
BARNETT, SAMUEL                        GEN-0001-02-61
BARNHILL, JOHN F.                      GEN-0001-31-520
BARRETT, DARWIN S.                     GEN-0001-31-461
BARRETT, LAWRENCE                      GEN-0001-01-379
BARRINGER, LEWIN B.                    GEN-0001-31-525
BARRY, JOHN                            GEN-0001-02-18
BARSTOW, GEORGE E.                     GEN-0001-31-532
BARTHMAN, HENRY C.                     GEN-0001-31-189
BARTLETT, ADOLPHUS C.                  GEN-0001-31-305
BARTLETT, CLADUE J.                    GEN-0001-31-201
BARTLETT, DAVID L.                     GEN-0001-01-414
BARTON, CHARLES R.                     GEN-0001-31-447
BARTON, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-74
BASS, JOSIAH L.                        GEN-0001-02-505
BASSETT, RICHARD                       GEN-0001-02-412
BATCHELDER, MARK D.                    GEN-0001-31-361
BATE, HENRY C.                         GEN-0001-02-246
BATES, EDWARD                          GEN-0001-02-89
BATES, WILLIAM W.                      GEN-0001-01-502
BATTELS, SARAH M. E.                   GEN-0001-01-380
BATTEY, SUMTER B.                      GEN-0001-02-419
BAUDER, EZRA                           GEN-0001-01-412
BAUR, BERTHA                           GEN-0001-31-338
BAXTER, G. A.                          GEN-0001-02-24
BAXTER, G. A.                          GEN-0001-02-24
BAYARD, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-71
BAYARD, T. F.                          GEN-0001-02-404
BAYARD, THOMAS F.                      GEN-0001-31-445
BAYARD, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-498
BAYER, EDWIN S.                        GEN-0001-31-273
BAYLEY, JAMES ROOSEVELT                GEN-0001-01-487
BAYLOR, FRANCES COURTNEY               GEN-0001-01-366
BAYNARD, SAMUEL H.                     GEN-0001-31-190
BEACH, CHARLES FISK                    GEN-0001-01-428
BEACH, HERMAN K.                       GEN-0001-31-160
BEACH, MOSES YALE                      GEN-0001-01-307
BEAN, IRVING M.                        GEN-0001-01-211
BEAN, WILLIAM H.                       GEN-0001-31-515
BEANKOPF, CHARLES G.                   GEN-0001-31-179
BEASLEY, FREDERICK                     GEN-0001-01-342
BEATTIE, HAMLIN                        GEN-0001-02-507
BEATTIE, JOHN                          GEN-0001-02-255
BEAVER, JAMES A.                       GEN-0001-02-293
BECK, EDWARD S.                        GEN-0001-31-22
BEDFORD, G. S. JR.                     GEN-0001-02-391
BEECHER, WILLIAM C.                    GEN-0001-31-141
BEGG, COLIN L.                         GEN-0001-31-116
BEGUELIN, HENRY EUGENE                 GEN-0001-01-317
BEHREND, ERNST R.                      GEN-0001-31-312
BEHRENS, WILLIAM J.                    GEN-0001-31-171
BELDING, MILO MERRICK                  GEN-0001-01-437
BELKNAP, WILLIAM E.                    GEN-0001-31-442
BELL, CHARLES H.                       GEN-0001-02-104
BELL, HENRY H.                         GEN-0001-02-103
BELLAMY, EDWARD                        GEN-0001-01-263
BELLS, DAN PARMELSO                    GEN-0001-01-430
BELO, ALFRED H.                        GEN-0001-01-205
BELTING, ARTHUR W.                     GEN-0001-31-150
BENNETT, HORCE W.                      GEN-0001-31-220
BERG, IRVIN H.                         GEN-0001-31-233
BERGEN, JOHN A.                        GEN-0001-31-88
BERGHOFF, GUSTAV A.                    GEN-0001-31-449
BERMINGHAM, JOHN                       GEN-0001-31-156
BERRY, JAMES HENDERSON                 GEN-0001-01-217
BERRY, TIERNAN B.                      GEN-0001-31-146
BESHOAR, MICHAEL                       GEN-0001-02-373
BESLER, WILLIAM G.                     GEN-0001-31-92
BEST, WILLIAM H.                       GEN-0001-31-490
BETTMAN, GILBERT                       GEN-0001-31-371
BETTS, FREDERIC H.                     GEN-0001-02-38
BEVAN, ARTHUR D.                       GEN-0001-31-282
BICKNELL, THOMAS WILLIAM               GEN-0001-01-421
BICKNELL, WARREN                       GEN-0001-31-283
BIGELOW, CHARLES W.                    GEN-0001-31-389
BIGLER, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-02-288
BILLINGS, HARLEY D.                    GEN-0001-31-357
BINGHAM, JOEL FOOTE                    GEN-0001-02-163
BINGHAM, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-02-6
BINKLEY, ROBERT C.                     GEN-0001-31-397
BIRD, JOHN B.                          GEN-0001-31-466
BIRNEY, JAMES G.                       GEN-0001-02-312
BISBEE, HORATIO                        GEN-0001-31-396
BISBEE, JOSEPH B.                      GEN-0001-31-72
BITTINGER, JOHN LAWRENCE               GEN-0001-01-187
BLACK, JAMES D.                        GEN-0001-31-331
BLACK, JOHN CHARLES                    GEN-0001-02-299
BLACK, JOHN FISHER                     GEN-0001-02-56
BLADES, WILLIAM B.                     GEN-0001-31-455
BLAFFER, ROBERT L.                     GEN-0001-31-85
BLAINE, JAMES GILLESPIE                GEN-0001-01-137
BLAIR, DEWITT C.                       GEN-0001-31-422
BLAIR, HENRY WILLIAM                   GEN-0001-01-458
BLAIR, JOHN                            GEN-0001-01-23
BLAIR, JOSEPH P.                       GEN-0001-31-357
BLAIR, MONTGOMERY                      GEN-0001-02-88
BLANCHARD, JAMES A.                    GEN-0001-02-240
BLATCHFORD, SAMUEL                     GEN-0001-01-36
BLECKLEY, LOGAN E.                     GEN-0001-02-196
BLEISTEIN, GEORGE                      GEN-0001-01-210
BLISH, GEORGE W.                       GEN-0001-02-178
BLISS, A. RICHARD                      GEN-0001-31-362
BLODGETT, RUFUS                        GEN-0001-01-217
BLOODGOOD, WILLIAM D.                  GEN-0001-31-315
BLOOMINGDALE, J. B.                    GEN-0001-02-250
BLOUNT, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-02-185
BLOUNT, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-02-215
BLUM, ALBERT                           GEN-0001-31-308
BLYTHE, J.                             GEN-0001-02-123
BLYTHE, JAMES                          GEN-0001-02-123
BOGGS, CHARLES S.                      GEN-0001-02-106
BOGUE, G. M.                           GEN-0001-02-155
BOIES, HORACE                          GEN-0001-01-411
BOK, WILLIAM JOHN                      GEN-0001-02-453
BOLE, BENJAMIN P.                      GEN-0001-31-299
BOLTON, CHANNING M.                    GEN-0001-02-519
BOLTON, CHARLES EDWARD                 GEN-0001-01-212
BOLTON, CHARLES KNOWLES                GEN-0001-01-212
BOLTON, JAMES                          GEN-0001-02-518
BOLTON, SARAH KNOWLES                  GEN-0001-01-212
BOND, HENRY H.                         GEN-0001-02-508
BONER, JOHN HENRY                      GEN-0001-02-498
BOOTH, AGNES                           GEN-0001-01-465
BORIE, ADOLPHE                         GEN-0001-31-478
BORSUM, LOUIS                          GEN-0001-31-40
BOTTENHORN, IRWIN A. H.                GEN-0001-31-26
BOUCICAULT, DION                       GEN-0001-02-376
BOUDINOT, E.                           GEN-0001-02-274
BOUSFIELD, JOHN H. A.                  GEN-0001-31-349
BOWDOIN, JAMES                         GEN-0001-01-419
BOWDOIN, JAMES                         GEN-0001-02-488
BOWEN, HENRY C.                        GEN-0001-01-205
BOWERS, LAMONT M.                      GEN-0001-31-202
BOWERS, SPOTSWOOD D.                   GEN-0001-31-188
BOWLES, SAMUEL (1797)                  GEN-0001-01-317
BOWLES, SAMUEL (1826)                  GEN-0001-01-317
BOWLES, SAMUEL (1851)                  GEN-0001-01-318
BOWLES, THOMAS H.                      GEN-0001-02-478
BOX, HENRY W.                          GEN-0001-02-37
BOYD, JAMES E.                         GEN-0001-01-321
BOYESEN, HJALMAR HJORTH                GEN-0001-01-367
BOYNTON, JAMES STODDARD                GEN-0001-01-230
BRACKETT, JOHN QUINCY ADAMS            GEN-0001-01-125
BRADBURY, THOEPHILUS                   GEN-0001-02-215
BRADDOCK, EDWARD                       GEN-0001-02-59
BRADFORD, ELLEN K.                     GEN-0001-02-174
BRADFORD, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-470
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-14
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-02-6
BRADLEY, CHARLES T.                    GEN-0001-02-366
BRADLEY, JOSEPH P.                     GEN-0001-01-33
BRADLEY, LEE C.                        GEN-0001-31-89
BRADLEY, LYNDE                         GEN-0001-31-444
BRADLEY, STEPHEN ROW                   GEN-0001-02-11
BRADLEY, WILLIAM C.                    GEN-0001-02-38
BRADSHAW, JOHN H.                      GEN-0001-31-510
BRADWELL, MYRA                         GEN-0001-02-137
BRADY, WILLIAM S.                      GEN-0001-31-303
BRAGDON, HORCE E.                      GEN-0001-31-181
BRAINARD, JOHN                         GEN-0001-02-493
BRAINERD, DAVID                        GEN-0001-02-253
BRAND, CARL W.                         GEN-0001-31-475
BRANDRETH, WILLIAM                     GEN-0001-02-166
BRCE, CHARLES L.                       GEN-0001-31-127
BREARLEY, DAVID                        GEN-0001-02-38
BRECKINRIDGE, SCOTT D.                 GEN-0001-31-235
BRECKINRIDGE, W. C. P.                 GEN-0001-02-110
BREECE, GEORGE E.                      GEN-0001-31-407
BREWER, DAVID JOSIAH                   GEN-0001-01-37
BREWER, JOSIAH                         GEN-0001-02-228
BRICE, CALVIN STEWART                  GEN-0001-02-425
BRICKELL, WILLIAM D.                   GEN-0001-01-259
BRIDGMAN, FREDERICK A.                 GEN-0001-02-110
BRIDGMAN, LAURA                        GEN-0001-02-424
BRIGGS, GEOGE NIXON                    GEN-0001-01-115
BRIGNOLI, PASQUALE                     GEN-0001-02-380
BRINKERHOFF, ROELIFF                   GEN-0001-02-246
BRINKERHOFF, WILLIAM                   GEN-0001-02-122
BRITE, LUCAS C.                        GEN-0001-31-205
BRITTON, ALEXANDER THOMPSON            GEN-0001-01-267
BROCK, HENRY G.                        GEN-0001-31-151
BROCK, SIDNEY G.                       GEN-0001-01-364
BROCKHAGEN, CARL H.                    GEN-0001-31-115
BROOKS, DAVID                          GEN-0001-02-173
BROOKS, EDWARD                         GEN-0001-02-294
BROOKS, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-112
BROOKS, PHILLIPS                       GEN-0001-02-304
BROOME, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-497
BROW, CARLETON                         GEN-0001-31-244
BROWN, ALEXANDER                       GEN-0001-01-474
BROWN, ALEXANDER                       GEN-0001-01-475
BROWN, GEORGE                          GEN-0001-01-474
BROWN, GEORGE S.                       GEN-0001-01-474
BROWN, HENRY BILLINGS                  GEN-0001-01-38
BROWN, HENRY KIRKE                     GEN-0001-01-511
BROWN, JAMES                           GEN-0001-31-148
BROWN, JOHN                            GEN-0001-01-44
BROWN, JOHN                            GEN-0001-02-307
BROWN, JOHN JACSON                     GEN-0001-02-141
BROWN, JOHNYOUNG                       GEN-0001-01-238
BROWN, JOSEPH EMERSON                  GEN-0001-01-227
BROWN, JULIUS L.                       GEN-0001-01-509
BROWN, MOSES                           GEN-0001-02-327
BROWN, ORVON GRAFF                     GEN-0001-01-421
BROWN, ROBER                           GEN-0001-01-362
BROWN, WRISLEY                         GEN-0001-31-70
BROWNE, CHARLES FARRAR                 GEN-0001-01-425
BROWNE, PETER E.                       GEN-0001-31-140
BROWNELL, WALTER A.                    GEN-0001-02-111
BROWNING, J. HULL                      GEN-0001-01-210
BROWNING, ORVILLE H.                   GEN-0001-02-457
BROWNSON, N.                           GEN-0001-02-12
BRYAN, G.                              GEN-0001-02-280
BRYAN, JOSEPH                          GEN-0001-31-519
BRYAN, ROBERT C.                       GEN-0001-31-109
BRYAN, THOAMS P.                       GEN-0001-31-110
BRYANT, JOHN A.                        GEN-0001-31-296
BRYCE, LLOYD                           GEN-0001-01-252
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM I.                   GEN-0001-02-271
BUCHTEL, JOHN R.                       GEN-0001-02-496
BUCK, ALFRED ELIAB                     GEN-0001-01-386
BUCKHAM, m. H.                         GEN-0001-02-42
BUCKINGHAM, CHARLES L.                 GEN-0001-02-499
BUCKNER, SIMON B.                      GEN-0001-02-377
BUFFUM, ARNOLD                         GEN-0001-02-320
BUGBEE, PERLEY R.                      GEN-0001-31-175
BUIST, HENRY                           GEN-0001-02-108
BUKER, HENRY                           GEN-0001-31-335
BULKLEY, MORGAN GARDNER                GEN-0001-01-352
BULL, CARROLL G.                       GEN-0001-31-115
BULLARD, DUDLEY B.                     GEN-0001-31-332
BULLARD, EDWARD P.                     GEN-0001-31-331
BULLARD, JOHN T.                       GEN-0001-31-342
BULLARD, STANLEY H.                    GEN-0001-31-332
BULLITT, JOHN C.                       GEN-0001-01-189
BULLOCH, ARCHIBALD                     GEN-0001-01-492
BULLOCK, ALEXANDER HAMILTON            GEN-0001-01-118
BULLOCK, RUFUS BROWN                   GEN-0001-01-229
BULLOCK, STEPHEN                       GEN-0001-02-145
BULLOWA, EMILIE M.                     GEN-0001-31-436
BUNCE, OLIVER BELL                     GEN-0001-02-512
BUNDY, JONAS MILLS                     GEN-0001-01-202
BURBECK, HENRY                         GEN-0001-01-71
BURDEN, HENRY                          GEN-0001-02-333
BURDEN, JAMES ABERCROMBIE              GEN-0001-01-511
BURDETTE, ROBERT JONES                 GEN-0001-01-235
BURDICK, JULIAN                        GEN-0001-31-113
BURGESS, EDWARD                        GEN-0001-01-449
BURGESS, NEIL                          GEN-0001-02-170
BURKE, ANDREW H.                       GEN-0001-01-320
BURKE, CHARLES H.                      GEN-0001-01-392
BURKE, JOHN WILLIAM                    GEN-0001-02-173
BURLEIGH, CHARLES C.                   GEN-0001-02-320
BURLEIGH, EDWIN O.                     GEN-0001-01-429
BURLEIGH, HENRY G.                     GEN-0001-02-192
BURLEIGH, WILLIAM H.                   GEN-0001-02-378
BURLINGAME, FREDERIC A.                GEN-0001-31-76
BURNET, ROBERT                         GEN-0001-01-304
BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON               GEN-0001-01-439
BURNETT, SWAN MOSES                    GEN-0001-01-439
BURR, ALFRED E.                        GEN-0001-01-243
BURROUGHS, JOHN                        GEN-0001-01-247
BURROWS, LANSING                       GEN-0001-02-167
BURRUS, JOHN H.                        GEN-0001-01-278
BURTON, WILLIAM EVANS                  GEN-0001-02-351
BURUM, PETER GROVE                     GEN-0001-02-119
BUSH, JEEMIAH MCLAIN                   GEN-0001-01-147
BUSH, JOHN M.                          GEN-0001-31-371
BUSH, RUFUS T.                         GEN-0001-01-450
BUSH, STEPHEN                          GEN-0001-02-168
BUSH, THOMAS F.                        GEN-0001-31-169
BUSHNELL, WILLIAM H.                   GEN-0001-01-431
BUSSEY, CYRUS                          GEN-0001-01-358
BUTLER, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN              GEN-0001-01-121
BUTLER, JAMES                          GEN-0001-31-102
BUTLER, JOHN GEORGE                    GEN-0001-01-384
BUTLER, MATTHEW GALBRAITH              GEN-0001-01-298
BUTLER, PIERCE                         GEN-0001-02-162
BUTLER, RICHARD                        GEN-0001-01-352
BUTLER, ZEBULON                        GEN-0001-01-52
BUTTERWORTH, H.                        GEN-0001-02-111
BYFORD, HENRY T.                       GEN-0001-02-155
BYFORD, WILLIAM H.                     GEN-0001-02-13
BYRNE, JAMES                           GEN-0001-31-467
CABANISS, ELBRIDGE G.                  GEN-0001-02-137
CABELL, SAMUEL J.                      GEN-0001-02-264
CABOT, GEORGE                          GEN-0001-02-5
CADWALADER, JOHN                       GEN-0001-01-89
CADWELL, WILLIAM H.                    GEN-0001-31-240
CAHILL, DENNIS J.                      GEN-0001-31-369
CALHOUN, PATRICK                       GEN-0001-01-528
CALL, ARTHUR D.                        GEN-0001-31-138
CALL, WILKESON                         GEN-0001-02-431
CAMERON, JAMES DONALD                  GEN-0001-01-218
CAMERON, SIMON                         GEN-0001-02-79
CAMP, DAVID N.                         GEN-0001-02-330
CAMP, E. C.                            GEN-0001-01-478
CAMPBELL, HERBERT J.                   GEN-0001-31-157
CAMPBELL, J. A.                        GEN-0001-02-472
CAMPBELL, JAMES E.                     GEN-0001-01-470
CAMPBELL, T. J.                        GEN-0001-02-268
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-62
CAMPBELL, WILLIS C.                    GEN-0001-31-330
CANDLER, ALLEN D.                      GEN-0001-02-121
CANDLER, ASA G.                        GEN-0001-31-9
CANDLER, WARREN A.                     GEN-0001-01-521
CANFIELD, AMOS                         GEN-0001-31-379
CANNON, HENRY W.                       GEN-0001-01-158
CAREY, JOSEPH M.                       GEN-0001-01-462
CARLETON, WILL                         GEN-0001-02-505
CARLISLE, FLOYD L.                     GEN-0001-31-391
CARLISLE, JOHN GRIFFIN                 GEN-0001-01-461
CARLTON, HENRY H.                      GEN-0001-02-145
CAROW, ISAAC                           GEN-0001-01-498
CARPENTER, ESTER BERNON                GEN-0001-02-449
CARR, JULIAN SJAKESPEARE               GEN-0001-01-188
CARR, S. FAY                           GEN-0001-31-486
CARROLL, CHARLES J.                    GEN-0001-31-58
CARROLL, D. L.                         GEN-0001-02-24
CARROLL, DANIEL                        GEN-0001-02-389
CARROLL, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-480
CARSE, HENRY R.                        GEN-0001-31-320
CARSON, ARTHUR C.                      GEN-0001-31-401
CARTER, ALVA J.                        GEN-0001-31-450
CARTER, SAMUEL P.                      GEN-0001-02-104
CARTER, THOMAS N.                      GEN-0001-31-197
CARTER, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-31-124
CARVER, JONATHAN                       GEN-0001-01-476
CARY, ALICE                            GEN-0001-01-535
CARY, ANNIE LOUISE                     GEN-0001-01-426
CARY, PHOEBE                           GEN-0001-01-535
CARY, WILLIAM E.                       GEN-0001-31-123
CASEY, LYMAN R.                        GEN-0001-01-291
CASTLE, HOWARD J.                      GEN-0001-31-487
CATRON, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-470
CATTELL, ALEXANDER G.                  GEN-0001-02-35
CAULDWELL, WILLIAM                     GEN-0001-01-237
CAYVAN, GEORGIA EVA                    GEN-0001-02-453
CHAMBERLAIN, ROBERT L.                 GEN-0001-31-82
CHAMBERLIN, ED P.                      GEN-0001-02-400
CHAMBERLIN, FRANKLIN                   GEN-0001-02-417
CHAMBERLIN, HUMPHREY BARKER            GEN-0001-01-460
CHAMBERLIN, WILLIAM B.                 GEN-0001-31-272
CHAMBERS, CHARLES E.                   GEN-0001-31-196
CHAMPLIN, JOHN                         GEN-0001-31-325
CHANDLER, AMELIE RIVES                 GEN-0001-01-356
CHANDLER, GEORGE H.                    GEN-0001-31-204
CHAPIN, ALFRED CLARK                   GEN-0001-01-525
CHAPIN, HENRY D.                       GEN-0001-31-439
CHAPMAN, MARIA W.                      GEN-0001-02-315
CHASE, GEORGE M.                       GEN-0001-31-322
CHASE, SALMON PORTLAND                 GEN-0001-01-28
CHASE, SAMUEL                          GEN-0001-01-24
CHEADLE, JOSEPH B.                     GEN-0001-02-169
CHEATHAM, JOSEPH J.                    GEN-0001-31-34
CHEEVER, SAMUEL                        GEN-0001-02-498
CHENEY, HORCE B.                       GEN-0001-31-90
CHILD, DAVID LEE                       GEN-0001-02-324
CHILD, LYDIA MARIA                     GEN-0001-02-324
CHILDS, GEORGE WILLIAM                 GEN-0001-02-272
CHILTON, HORACE                        GEN-0001-02-241
CHIPMAN, NATHANIEL                     GEN-0001-02-10
CHISHOLM, WALTER SCOTT                 GEN-0001-02-358
CHISOLM, ALEXANDER R.                  GEN-0001-02-119
CHISTENSON, CHRISTIAN T.               GEN-0001-02-365
CHURCH, EDWARD B.                      GEN-0001-01-207
CLAFIN, WILLIAM B.                     GEN-0001-31-523
CLAP, THOMAS                           GEN-0001-01-166
CLAPLIN, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-01-119
CLAPP, ALMON MAOSN                     GEN-0001-01-359
CLAPP, WILLIAM W.                      GEN-0001-02-237
CLARK, ALONZO                          GEN-0001-01-354
CLARK, CHARLES F.                      GEN-0001-31-527
CLARK, DANIEL                          GEN-0001-02-87
CLARK, EUGENE B.                       GEN-0001-31-99
CLARK, GEORGE ROGERS                   GEN-0001-01-82
CLARK, HENRY L.                        GEN-0001-31-352
CLARK, HENRY W.                        GEN-0001-31-352
CLARK, LOUIS V.                        GEN-0001-31-97
CLARK, SAMUEL H.                       GEN-0001-31-291
CLARK, THOMAS MARCH                    GEN-0001-01-445
CLARKE, J. ALEXANDER                   GEN-0001-31-530
CLARKE, JAMES F.                       GEN-0001-02-186
CLARKE, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-223
CLARKE, RICHARD H.                     GEN-0001-31-295
CLARKE, RICHARD H.                     GEN-0001-01-257
CLARKE, ROBERT D.                      GEN-0001-31-523
CLARKE, WILLIAM C.                     GEN-0001-31-524
CLARKSON, JAMES S.                     GEN-0001-02-118
CLARKSON, RALPH                        GEN-0001-31-27
CLAWSON, SAMUEL G.                     GEN-0001-31-508
CLAY, CASSIUS M.                       GEN-0001-02-311
CLEMENTS, EMMA NEWBOLD                 GEN-0001-01-444
CLEMENTS, SAMUEL                       GEN-0001-01-444
CLEVELAND, BENJAMIN                    GEN-0001-01-508
CLEVELAND, FRANCES F.                  GEN-0001-02-402
CLEVELAND, G.                          GEN-0001-02-401
CLEVELAND, ORESTES                     GEN-0001-02-500
CLEVELAND, ROSE E.                     GEN-0001-02-238
CLEWS, HENRY                           GEN-0001-01-373
CLIFFORD, JOHN HENRY                   GEN-0001-01-116
CLIFFORD, NATHAN                       GEN-0001-02-473
CLINTON, JAMES                         GEN-0001-01-305
CLOPTON, WILLIAM C.                    GEN-0001-02-296
CLUNIE, THOMAS J.                      GEN-0001-02-184
COAN, TITUS                            GEN-0001-02-339
COBB, HOWELL                           GEN-0001-01-226
COBLENTZ, EMORY L.                     GEN-0001-31-56
COCHRANE, ELIZABETH "Nellie Bly"       GEN-0001-01-241
COCKERILL, JOHN A.                     GEN-0001-01-153
CODDINGTON, W. P.                      GEN-0001-02-426
COE, GEORGE SIMMONS                    GEN-0001-02-353
COFFIN, CHARLES CARLETON               GEN-0001-01-438
COFFIN, CHARLES P.                     GEN-0001-31-288
COFFIN, JOSHUA                         GEN-0001-02-369
COFFIN, ROLAND FOLGER                  GEN-0001-01-450
COHEN, MILTON                          GEN-0001-31-380
COIT, JOSHUA                           GEN-0001-02-172
COLBY, NATHALIE S.                     GEN-0001-31-499
COLCORD, ROSWELL K.                    GEN-0001-02-346
COLDEN, CADWALLADER                    GEN-0001-02-392
COLE, THOMAS F.                        GEN-0001-31-79
COLE,AMBROSE N.                        GEN-0001-02-446
COLEMAN, JAMES E.                      GEN-0001-31-145
COLES, ABRAHAM                         GEN-0001-02-434
COLES, JONATHAN A.                     GEN-0001-02-435
COLGATE, JAMES B.                      GEN-0001-02-454
COLLINS, GEORGE J.                     GEN-0001-01-185
COLLYER, ROBET                         GEN-0001-01-369
COLQUITT, ALFRED HOLT                  GEN-0001-01-291
COLQUITT, OSCAR B.                     GEN-0001-31-146
COLTON, GARDNER Q.                     GEN-0001-02-198
COMBES, RICHARD C.                     GEN-0001-02-43
COMBS, LEE                             GEN-0001-31-333
COMSTOCK, ADDISON J.                   GEN-0001-01-201
CONCANNEN, LUKE                        GEN-0001-01-191
CONGER, ARTHUR L.                      GEN-0001-02-207
CONKLIN, FRANKLIN                      GEN-0001-31-437
CONKLIN, WILLIAM A.                    GEN-0001-02-256
CONLEY, BENJAMIN                       GEN-0001-01-229
CONNELL, KARL                          GEN-0001-31-240
CONNERY, LAWRENCE J.                   GEN-0001-31-237
CONNOLLY, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-191
CONS, LOUIS                            GEN-0001-31-259
CONSIDINE, JOHN W.                     GEN-0001-31-435
CONWAY, MONCURE DANIEL                 GEN-0001-01-206
CONWAY, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-01-50
COOK, JOSEPH                           GEN-0001-02-260
COOKE, JAY                             GEN-0001-01-253
COOLEY, BENJAMIN P.                    GEN-0001-31-386
COOPER, J. CROSSAN                     GEN-0001-31-373
COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE                 GEN-0001-01-398
COPPUS, FRANS H. C.                    GEN-0001-31-195
CORBIN, AUSTIN                         GEN-0001-31-279
CORRIGAN, MICHAEL AUGUSTINE            GEN-0001-01-196
CORSON, HIRAM                          GEN-0001-01-440
CORY, JOHN M.                          GEN-0001-31-210
COTHEAL, ALEXANDER ISAAC               GEN-0001-01-322
COTTEN, ROBERT R.                      GEN-0001-31-67
COTTMAN, VINCENDON LUZARE              GEN-0001-01-177
COULDOCK, CHARLES WALTER               GEN-0001-02-347
COWAN, EDGAR                           GEN-0001-02-94
COWARDIN, JAMES A.                     GEN-0001-02-51
COWLES, DANFORTH C.                    GEN-0001-31-95
COWLES, EDWIN                          GEN-0001-02-224
COWPER, HOLMES                         GEN-0001-31-292
COX, ALBERT HILL                       GEN-0001-02-187
CRAFTS, CLAYTON E.                     GEN-0001-02-159
CRAGEN, EDWARD L.                      GEN-0001-31-329
CRAMER, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-264
CRAMER, WILLIAM E.                     GEN-0001-01-267
CRANDALL, JOHN J.                      GEN-0001-31-451
CRANDALL, P.                           GEN-0001-02-307
CRANDALL, ROUBEN                       GEN-0001-02-302
CRANE, JONATHAN T.                     GEN-0001-02-212
CRANE, OLIVER                          GEN-0001-02-136
CRANE, WILLIAM H.                      GEN-0001-02-153
CRAVATH, ERASTUS MILO                  GEN-0001-01-309
CRAVEN, ELIJAH R.                      GEN-0001-02-217
CRAWFORD, FRANCIS M.                   GEN-0001-02-503
CRAWFORD, MARTIN J.                    GEN-0001-02-244
CRAWFORD, THOMAS                       GEN-0001-02-38
CRILE, GEORGE W.                       GEN-0001-31-19
CRISP, CHARLES FREDERICK               GEN-0001-01-385
CRITTENDEN, THOMAS L.                  GEN-0001-02-169
CRONEMEYER, WILLIAM C.                 GEN-0001-31-416
CROPPER, JOHN                          GEN-0001-02-189
CROPSEY, JAMES C.                      GEN-0001-31-263
CROPSEY, JASPER FRANCIS                GEN-0001-01-372
CROSBY, HENRY G.                       GEN-0001-31-256
CRUGER, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-495
CRUMBINE, BOYD                         GEN-0001-01-179
CRUMP, M. H.                           GEN-0001-02-183
CULLINAN, GEORGE E.                    GEN-0001-31-134
CULLOM, SHELBY MOORE                   GEN-0001-01-289
CUMMER, ARTHUR G.                      GEN-0001-31-479
CUMMER, WALDO E.                       GEN-0001-31-480
CUMMINGS, AMOS J.                      GEN-0001-01-260
CUMMINS, ALBERT B.                     GEN-0001-31-61
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN DANIEL                GEN-0001-01-406
CUPPLES, VICTOR W.                     GEN-0001-31-121
CURRY, WALKER                          GEN-0001-02-217
CURTIN, ANDREW G.                      GEN-0001-02-290
CURTIS, B. R.                          GEN-0001-02-472
CURTIS, FREDEIC C.                     GEN-0001-02-168
CURTIS, GEORGE                         GEN-0001-02-304
CURTIS, GEORGE TICKNOR                 GEN-0001-01-395
CUSHING, J. P.                         GEN-0001-02-23
CUSHING, J. P.                         GEN-0001-02-23
CUSHMAN, ANDREW B.                     GEN-0001-31-119
CUTCHEON, FRNAK W. M.                  GEN-0001-31-29
CUTHELL, CHESTER W.                    GEN-0001-31-54
CUTLER, TIMOTHY                        GEN-0001-01-165
DABNEY, R. L.                          GEN-0001-02-26
DABNEY, ROBERT L.                      GEN-0001-02-26
DAGGETT, NAPHTALI                      GEN-0001-01-166
DAHLGREN, CHARLES B.                   GEN-0001-02-344
DAHLGREN, JOHN A.                      GEN-0001-02-101
DAHLGREN, ULRIC                        GEN-0001-02-101
DAKE, DUMONT CHARLES                   GEN-0001-02-181
DALE, RICHARD                          GEN-0001-02-17
DALY, AUGUSTIN                         GEN-0001-01-285
DALY, JOSEPH F.                        GEN-0001-01-181
DAMROSCH, FRANK                        GEN-0001-31-209
DAMROSCH, FRANK                        GEN-0001-02-148
DAMROSCH, LEOPOLD                      GEN-0001-02-147
DAMROSCH, WALTER J.                    GEN-0001-02-147
DANA, CHARLES ANDERSON                 GEN-0001-01-307
DANA, SAMUEL W.                        GEN-0001-02-10
DANDY, GEORGE B.                       GEN-0001-02-230
DANE, ERNEST B.                        GEN-0001-31-45
DANE, JOHN JR.                         GEN-0001-02-483
DANFORTH, ELLIOT                       GEN-0001-01-364
DANFORTH, JOSHUA N.                    GEN-0001-02-186
DANIEL, JOHN WARWICK                   GEN-0001-01-218
DANIEL, PETER V.                       GEN-0001-02-470
DARDEN, THOMAS F.                      GEN-0001-31-448
DARLEY, FELIX O. C.                    GEN-0001-02-334
DARLING, FRANK W.                      GEN-0001-31-217
DARLINGTON, JAMES HENRY                GEN-0001-01-271
DARLINGTON, T. JR.                     GEN-0001-02-179
DAUCHY, WALTER E.                      GEN-0001-31-33
DAVENPORT, AMZI B.                     GEN-0001-02-224
DAVENPORT, FRANKLIN                    GEN-0001-02-6
DAVENPORT, JAMES                       GEN-0001-02-181
DAVENPORT, JOHN                        GEN-0001-01-161
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM B.                  GEN-0001-02-437
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM F.                  GEN-0001-02-466
DAVIDSON, ARNOLD                       GEN-0001-01-266
DAVIDSON, LOUIS R.                     GEN-0001-31-494
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-80
DAVIE, WILLIAM RICHARDSON              GEN-0001-01-77
DAVIES, JULIEN T.                      GEN-0001-02-489
DAVIES, WILLIAM GILBERT                GEN-0001-01-366
DAVIS, DAVID                           GEN-0001-02-474
DAVIS, ELVERT M.                       GEN-0001-31-417
DAVIS, G. HOWLETT                      GEN-0001-31-271
DAVIS, GARRETT                         GEN-0001-02-92
DAVIS, HENRY LYON                      GEN-0001-01-504
DAVIS, HENRY W.                        GEN-0001-02-458
DAVIS, J. W.                           GEN-0001-02-55
DAVIS, JOHN                            GEN-0001-01-115
DAVIS, SAMUEL C.                       GEN-0001-31-300
DAVISON, DARIUS                        GEN-0001-02-148
DAWSON, GEORGE                         GEN-0001-02-204
DAWSON, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-264
DAY, ARTHUR M.                         GEN-0001-31-173
DAY, CHARLES O.                        GEN-0001-31-251
DAY, EWING W.                          GEN-0001-31-80
DAY, HENRY                             GEN-0001-02-210
DAY, JEREMIAH                          GEN-0001-01-169
DAYTON, JONATHAN                       GEN-0001-01-306
DEALY, P. F.                           GEN-0001-02-267
DEARBORN, HENRY                        GEN-0001-01-93
DEJERINE, AUGUSTA K.                   GEN-0001-31-404
DEKALB, JOHANN                         GEN-0001-01-73
DELANCEY, WILLIAM HEATHCOTE            GEN-0001-01-342
DELAVERGNE, JOHN C.                    GEN-0001-02-210
DELEE, JOSEPH B.                       GEN-0001-31-382
DEMAREST, HENRY S.                     GEN-0001-31-186
DEMILHAU, J. T. G. F.                  GEN-0001-02-225
DEMILHAU, JOHN J.                      GEN-0001-02-226
DEMMLER, ALBERT J.                     GEN-0001-31-324
DEMORY, ADAM R.                        GEN-0001-31-180
DENEEN, CHARLE S.                      GEN-0001-31-370
DENHARD, CHARLES EDWARD                GEN-0001-01-350
DENMAN, BURT J.                        GEN-0001-31-457
DENNIS, ALFRED L.                      GEN-0001-31-323
DEPEW, CHAUNCEY MITCHELL               GEN-0001-01-528
DEPEYSTER, FREDERIC J.                 GEN-0001-02-419
DEPEYSTER, FREDERICK JR.               GEN-0001-02-47
DEPEYSTER, JOHN W.                     GEN-0001-02-44
DEPEYSTER, JOHN W.                     GEN-0001-02-47
DEPEYSTER, JOHNSTON L.                 GEN-0001-02-47
DESMET, PETER JOHN                     GEN-0001-02-182
DESSROSSES, ELIAS                      GEN-0001-01-495
DEVINE, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-01-258
DEVRY, HERMAN A.                       GEN-0001-31-231
DEWEY, HENRY SWEETSER                  GEN-0001-01-374
DEWEY, HIRAM TODD                      GEN-0001-02-56
DEWITT, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-02-492
DEWSIBM EDWARD ,                       GEN-0001-31-164
DEXTER, HENRY MARTYN                   GEN-0001-01-177
DEXTER, SAMUEL                         GEN-0001-02-5
DEYOUNG, MEICHEL HARRY                 GEN-0001-01-269
DEZAVALA, LORENZO                      GEN-0001-02-247
DICESNOLA, LUIGI PALMA                 GEN-0001-01-422
DICKINSON, DON M.                      GEN-0001-02-409
DICKINSON, J.                          GEN-0001-02-281
DICKINSON, MARQUIS F. JR.              GEN-0001-02-507
DICKSON, WILLIAM B.                    GEN-0001-31-158
DILLON, JOHN FORREST                   GEN-0001-01-268
DIMMICK, FRANCIS MARION                GEN-0001-01-178
DINSMORE, CHARLS A.                    GEN-0001-31-259
DIXON, NATHAN FELLOWS                  GEN-0001-01-291
DOANE, RALPH H.                        GEN-0001-31-253
DOCKERY, WILL                          GEN-0001-31-235
DODD, AMZI                             GEN-0001-02-452
DODDRIDGE, PHILIP                      GEN-0001-02-331
DODGE, MARY MAPES                      GEN-0001-01-314
DODGE, THOMAS H.                       GEN-0001-02-330
DOERING, WALTER C.                     GEN-0001-31-125
DOLAN, THOMAS                          GEN-0001-02-158
DOLGE, ALFRED                          GEN-0001-01-309
DOLPH, JOSEPH NORTON                   GEN-0001-01-294
DONNELLY, ELEANOR C.                   GEN-0001-02-369
DONNELLY, IGNATIUS                     GEN-0001-01-397
DORAN, JAMES M.                        GEN-0001-31-459
DOSCHER, CHARLES                       GEN-0001-31-373
DOSCHER, HENRY                         GEN-0001-31-372
DOUCET, EDWARD                         GEN-0001-02-266
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                        GEN-0001-02-195
DOUGLASS, FREDERICK                    GEN-0001-02-309
DOUGLASS, JOHN W.                      GEN-0001-02-43
DOUGLASS, STEPHEN A.                   GEN-0001-02-90
DOWD, DANIEL L.                        GEN-0001-01-390
DOWDELL, WILLIAM S.                    GEN-0001-31-489
DOYLE, WILLIAM J.                      GEN-0001-31-213
DRAKE, JAMES MADISON                   GEN-0001-02-163
DRAKE, LYMAN M.                        GEN-0001-31-421
DREW, JOHN                             GEN-0001-01-286
DREXEL, ANTHONY J.                     GEN-0001-02-273
DREXEL, JOSEPH W.                      GEN-0001-02-366
DRISCHEL, ORA M.                       GEN-0001-31-501
DUANE, JAMES                           GEN-0001-02-489
DUBOIS, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-192
DUCYKINCK, EVERT AUGUSTUS              GEN-0001-01-431
DUDLEY, AUGUSTUS P.                    GEN-0001-02-205
DUDLEY, WILLIAM WADE                   GEN-0001-02-222
DUMMER, JEREMIAH                       GEN-0001-01-162
DUN, ROBERT G.                         GEN-0001-02-429
DUNGAN, PAUL B.                        GEN-0001-31-341
DUNLOP, GEORGE H.                      GEN-0001-31-48
DUNLOP, JOSEPH R.                      GEN-0001-01-216
DUNN, JOHN F.                          GEN-0001-02-55
DUNN, ROBERT W.                        GEN-0001-31-135
DUPONT, ALEXIS I.                      GEN-0001-31-446
DURAND, HENRY S.                       GEN-0001-02-204
DURRETT, REUBEN T.                     GEN-0001-02-368
DUTCHER, SILAS B.                      GEN-0001-02-174
DUTTON, BENJAMJIN F.                   GEN-0001-02-335
DUVAL, GABRIEL                         GEN-0001-02-468
DUVAL, HORACE CLARK                    GEN-0001-01-531
DWIGHT, TIMOTHY                        GEN-0001-01-168
DWIGHT, TIMOTHY                        GEN-0001-01-173
DYSON, ALFRED H.                       GEN-0001-31-265
EAGLE, JAMES P.                        GEN-0001-01-455
EARLY, CHARLES                         GEN-0001-01-395
EARLY, PETER                           GEN-0001-01-222
EASTBURN, GEORGE                       GEN-0001-02-442
EBBERT, FRANK B.                       GEN-0001-31-381
ECCLESTON, SAMUEL                      GEN-0001-01-484
ECKFORD, HENRY                         GEN-0001-01-350
EDDY, SPENCER                          GEN-0001-31-401
EDMOND, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-02-182
EDMONDS, RICHARD H.                    GEN-0001-02-149
EDMUNDS, GEORGE F.                     GEN-0001-02-385
EDWARDS, J.                            GEN-0001-02-125
EDWARDS, J.                            GEN-0001-02-124
EDWARDS, OGDEN M.                      GEN-0001-31-128
EEKS, BARTOW SUMTER                    GEN-0001-02-486
EGGLESTON, GEORGE CARY                 GEN-0001-01-213
EGGLESTON, JOSEPH                      GEN-0001-02-397
ELBERT, SAMUEL                         GEN-0001-02-13
ELDRED, CHARLES D.                     GEN-0001-31-306
ELIOTT, EZEKIEL B.                     GEN-0001-02-254
ELKINS, STEPHEN BENTON                 GEN-0001-01-142
ELLIOT, J.                             GEN-0001-02-422
ELLIOT, WILLIAM H.                     GEN-0001-31-14
ELLIOTT, EUGENE S.                     GEN-0001-02-440
ELLIOTT, THEODORE BATES                GEN-0001-02-440
ELLIS, ADRIAN C.                       GEN-0001-31-353
ELLIS, HENRY                           GEN-0001-01-491
ELLSWORTH, OLIVER                      GEN-0001-01-22
ELVERSON, JAMES                        GEN-0001-02-211
ELY, GRISWOLD LORD                     GEN-0001-02-36
EMANUEL, DAVID                         GEN-0001-01-221
EMERY, EDWIN W.                        GEN-0001-31-318
EMERY, JOSEPH W.                       GEN-0001-31-193
EMMERT, MAX                            GEN-0001-31-288
ENDICOTT, W. C.                        GEN-0001-02-406
ERGEANT, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-464
ERSKINE, JOHN                          GEN-0001-02-110
ERVING, WILLIAM V.                     GEN-0001-31-345
ESLEECK, AUGUSTINE W.                  GEN-0001-31-129
ESSICK, WILLIAM W.                     GEN-0001-31-193
ESTABROOK, CHARLES E.                  GEN-0001-31-300
ESTEY, JACOB                           GEN-0001-01-215
ESTILL, JOHN H.                        GEN-0001-02-43
EUSTIS, JAMES BIDDLE                   GEN-0001-01-462
EVANS, EARL W.                         GEN-0001-31-128
EVARTS, JEREMIAH                       GEN-0001-02-343
EVERETT, EDWARD                        GEN-0001-01-115
EVERETT, EDWARD W.                     GEN-0001-31-135
EVERETT, R. WILLIAM                    GEN-0001-02-113
EWALD, MARK                            GEN-0001-31-337
EWEN, WILLIAM                          GEN-0001-01-492
EWING, CHARLES A.                      GEN-0001-31-429
EWING, THOMAS                          GEN-0001-31-367
EXALL, HENRY                           GEN-0001-02-130
FACKENTHAL, BENJAMIN F.                GEN-0001-31-95
FAHNESTOCK, JAMES F.                   GEN-0001-31-111
FAIRBANKS, CHARLES WARREN              GEN-0001-02-29
FAIRCHILD, CHARLES S.                  GEN-0001-02-406
FAIRCHILD, DAVID S.                    GEN-0001-31-475
FAIRCHILD, J. H.                       GEN-0001-02-464
FALLIGANT, ROBERT                      GEN-0001-01-275
FANEUIL, PETER                         GEN-0001-01-441
FARQUHAR, A. B.                        GEN-0001-02-209
FARRAGU, DAVID G.                      GEN-0001-02-97
FASSETT, JACOB SLOAT                   GEN-0001-01-370
FAULKNER, CHARLES J.                   GEN-0001-02-393
FAULKNER, E. BOYD                      GEN-0001-02-219
FAULKNER, HERBERT W.                   GEN-0001-31-22
FEARN, ANNE W.                         GEN-0001-31-381
FEBIGER, CHRISTIAN                     GEN-0001-01-86
FEICKERT, EDWARD F.                    GEN-0001-31-321
FELL, THOMAS                           GEN-0001-01-507
FELLOWS, EDWARD B.                     GEN-0001-02-113
FERGUSON, MEADE                        GEN-0001-31-515
FERRY, ELISHA P.                       GEN-0001-01-454
FERRY, ORRIS S.                        GEN-0001-02-95
FESSENDEN, WILLIAM P.                  GEN-0001-02-90
FEW, IGNATIUS A.                       GEN-0001-01-517
FEW, WILLIAM                           GEN-0001-02-347
FIELD, EUGENE                          GEN-0001-01-158
FIELD, STEPHEN JOHNSON                 GEN-0001-01-32
FIELD, WILLIAM H.                      GEN-0001-02-171
FIELDS, ANNIE ADAMS                    GEN-0001-01-282
FIELDS, JAMES THOMAS                   GEN-0001-01-283
FINCH, H. STANLEY                      GEN-0001-31-207
FINDLAY, JOHN B.                       GEN-0001-02-363
FINDLAY, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-02-285
FINDLEY, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-02-234
FINNEY,C. G.                           GEN-0001-02-462
FISH, CARY B.                          GEN-0001-31-173
FISH, NICHOLAS                         GEN-0001-02-506
FISHER, CHARLES                        GEN-0001-01-286
FISHER, D. W.                          GEN-0001-02-125
FISHER, GEORGE M.                      GEN-0001-31-160
FISKE, BRADLEY A.                      GEN-0001-31-298
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                     GEN-0001-01-375
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM P.                 GEN-0001-31-211
FITZSIMONS, CHARLES                    GEN-0001-02-505
FLANNERY, JOHN L.                      GEN-0001-31-78
FLEMING, ADRIAN S.                     GEN-0001-31-112
FLEMING, ANDREW M.                     GEN-0001-02-331
FLEMING, ARTEAS BROOKS                 GEN-0001-01-460
FLEMING, FRANCIS P.                    GEN-0001-01-324
FLETCHER, AUSTIN BARCLAY               GEN-0001-01-524
FLETCHER, CHARLES W.                   GEN-0001-31-500
FLICKINGER, SAMUEL J.                  GEN-0001-02-445
FLINT, CHARLES RANLETT                 GEN-0001-01-479
FLINT, DAVID BOARDMAN                  GEN-0001-02-236
FLORANCE, WILLIAM E.                   GEN-0001-31-510
FLORENCE, WILLIAM J.                   GEN-0001-02-381
FLOWER, ROSWELL P.                     GEN-0001-02-344
FOIRT, RUFUS E.                        GEN-0001-31-186
FOLGER, WILLIAM M.                     GEN-0001-31-317
FOLSOM, ABBY                           GEN-0001-02-394
FOLSOM, G. WINTHROP                    GEN-0001-31-174
FOOT, SOLOMON                          GEN-0001-02-92
FORBY, THEODORE                        GEN-0001-31-439
FORD, JOHN THOMSON                     GEN-0001-01-242
FORMAN, ALLAN                          GEN-0001-01-212
FORSYTH, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-223
FORT, TOMLINSON                        GEN-0001-02-200
FOSDICK, CHARLES B.                    GEN-0001-01-273
FOSTER, ABIEL                          GEN-0001-02-200
FOSTER, BURNSIDE                       GEN-0001-31-37
FOSTER, CHARLES                        GEN-0001-01-139
FOSTER, DWIGHT                         GEN-0001-02-6
FOSTER, LA FAYETTE S.                  GEN-0001-02-95
FOSTER, STEPHEN S.                     GEN-0001-02-328
FOSTER, THEODORE                       GEN-0001-02-9
FOSTER, WILLIAM B.                     GEN-0001-31-145
FOUSE, LEVI G.                         GEN-0001-02-233
FOWLE, DANIEL G.                       GEN-0001-01-462
FOWLER, EDSON B.                       GEN-0001-31-378
FOWLER, WARREN R.                      GEN-0001-02-61
FOX, CHARLES S.                        GEN-0001-31-310
FOX, OSCAR C.                          GEN-0001-01-310
FOX, WALTER S.                         GEN-0001-31-134
FRANCHOT, NICHOLAS V.                  GEN-0001-31-49
FRANCIS, CHARLES EDWARD                GEN-0001-01-213
FRANCIS, GEORGE J.                     GEN-0001-31-350
FRANCIS, JOHN MORGAN                   GEN-0001-01-242
FRANCIS, JOHN WAKEFIELD                GEN-0001-01-393
FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN                     GEN-0001-01-328
FRAZER, JOHN FRIES                     GEN-0001-01-348
FREDRICK, JOHN E.                      GEN-0001-31-37
FREDRICKS, C. D.                       GEN-0001-02-398
FREEMAN, ELMER B.                      GEN-0001-31-506
FREEMAN, HARRISON B.                   GEN-0001-31-511
FREEMAN, JOSEPH W.                     GEN-0001-31-104
FREEMAN, NATHANIEL                     GEN-0001-02-140
FREERICKS, FRANK H.                    GEN-0001-31-470
FRENCH, DANIEL C.                      GEN-0001-31-7
FRENCH, FRANCIS O.                     GEN-0001-02-345
FRENCH, HERBERT G.                     GEN-0001-31-214
FRENCH, JOHN R.                        GEN-0001-02-367
FRICK, FRANK                           GEN-0001-01-252
FRIEZE, HENRY SIMMONS                  GEN-0001-01-250
FRISBY, LEANDER F.                     GEN-0001-02-239
FROST, JOHN                            GEN-0001-01-72
FROTHINGHAM, O. B.                     GEN-0001-02-423
FRYE, WILLIAMPIERCE                    GEN-0001-01-290
FULLER, MELVILLE WESTON                GEN-0001-01-31
FURNESS, WILLIAM H.                    GEN-0001-02-317
FURST, FRANK A.                        GEN-0001-31-78
GADSDEN, CHRISTOPHER                   GEN-0001-01-76
GAFFNEY, MARGARET                      GEN-0001-02-373
GAGE, FRANCES DANA                     GEN-0001-02-321
GAGE, MATILDA J.                       GEN-0001-02-313
GAINES, WESLEY J.                      GEN-0001-02-380
GALLINGER, JACOB H.                    GEN-0001-02-247
GALLOWAY, JOSEPH                       GEN-0001-01-383
GANNETT, GEORGE                        GEN-0001-01-390
GANNON, T. J.                          GEN-0001-02-269
GANSEVOORT, HENRY SANFORD              GEN-0001-01-382
GANSEVOORT, PETER (1749)               GEN-0001-01-382
GANSEVOORT, PETER (1788)               GEN-0001-01-382
GARBER, HARVEY C.                      GEN-0001-31-366
GARDEN, HUGH R.                        GEN-0001-02-156
GARDNER, EDMUND S.                     GEN-0001-31-261
GARDNER, EDMUND S.                     GEN-0001-31-261
GARDNER, HENRY JOSEPH                  GEN-0001-01-117
GARDNER, SAMUEL H.                     GEN-0001-31-307
GARLAND, AUGUSTUS H.                   GEN-0001-02-407
GARNER, JAMES W.                       GEN-0001-31-225
GARNET, HENRY H.                       GEN-0001-02-414
GARNETT, JAMES MERCER                  GEN-0001-01-506
GARRETT, ANDREW                        GEN-0001-02-162
GARRISON, W. D.                        GEN-0001-02-182
GARRISON, WENDELL PHILLIPS             GEN-0001-01-197
GARRISON, WILLIAM L.                   GEN-0001-02-305
GASTON, CECIL D.                       GEN-0001-31-216
GASTON, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-120
GATES, HORATIO                         GEN-0001-01-47
GAY, SIDNEY HOWARD                     GEN-0001-02-494
GEARY, JOHN WHITE                      GEN-0001-02-291
GEIER, OSCAR A.                        GEN-0001-31-97
GEORGE, HAROLD H.                      GEN-0001-31-355
GEORGE, JAMES Z.                       GEN-0001-02-358
GHISELIN, GEORGE R.                    GEN-0001-02-318
GIANNINI, ATTILIO H.                   GEN-0001-31-462
GIBBONS, JAMES                         GEN-0001-01-488
GIBBS, CARL C.                         GEN-0001-31-351
GIBSON, NATHAN A.                      GEN-0001-31-503
GIBSON, RANDALL LEE                    GEN-0001-01-297
GIBSON, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-02-440
GIDDINGS, J. R.                        GEN-0001-02-329
GIFFORD, PORTER W.                     GEN-0001-31-486
GIFFORD, ROBERT S.                     GEN-0001-02-482
GIFFORD, SANFORD R.                    GEN-0001-02-443
GILBERT, GEORGE HENRY (MRS.)           GEN-0001-01-285
GILBERT, JOHN GIBBS                    GEN-0001-01-261
GILBERT, MAHLON NORRIS                 GEN-0001-02-146
GILDER, RICHARD WATSON                 GEN-0001-01-312
GILES, HENRY                           GEN-0001-02-448
GILFERT, AGNES HOLMAN                  GEN-0001-02-441
GILL, WILLIAM B.                       GEN-0001-02-173
GILLETTE, WILLIAM H.                   GEN-0001-02-249
GILLIES, JAMES A.                      GEN-0001-31-119
GILLILAND, CHARLES L.                  GEN-0001-31-484
GILMAN, LUTHENE C.                     GEN-0001-31-423
GILMAN, NICHOLAS                       GEN-0001-02-446
GILMER, GEORGE ROCKINGHAM              GEN-0001-01-224
GIRTY, SIMON                           GEN-0001-02-437
GLASS, ALEXANDER                       GEN-0001-31-280
GLAZEBROOK, OTIS A.                    GEN-0001-02-375
GLEASON, JOSEPH M.                     GEN-0001-31-15
GOCKELIN, F. W.                        GEN-0001-02-267
GODDARD, EDWIN C.                      GEN-0001-31-415
GODOWIN,D ANIEL RAYNES                 GEN-0001-01-344
GOEPP, PHILIP H.                       GEN-0001-02-117
GOING, JONATHAN                        GEN-0001-01-301
GOLDSBOROUGH, L. M.                    GEN-0001-02-107
GOLDWATER, SIGISMUND S.                GEN-0001-31-411
GONTERMAN, MADISON G.                  GEN-0001-31-237
GOODE, SAMUEL WATKINS                  GEN-0001-02-430
GOODHUE, BENJAMIN                      GEN-0001-02-10
GOODRICH, CHAUNCEY                     GEN-0001-02-138
GOODWIN, WILLIAM A. R.                 GEN-0001-31-533
GORDON, G. ARTHUR                      GEN-0001-31-159
GORDON, JOHN BROWN                     GEN-0001-01-231
GORDON, LAURA DE F.                    GEN-0001-02-235
GORDON, PATRICK                        GEN-0001-02-278
GORDON, WALTER SCOTT                   GEN-0001-02-126
GORE, CHRISTOPHER                      GEN-0001-01-112
GORHAM, NATHANIEL                      GEN-0001-02-431
GORMAN, ARTHUR PUE                     GEN-0001-01-296
GOSNEY, EZRA S.                        GEN-0001-31-504
GOULD, GEORGE                          GEN-0001-02-355
GOULDING, PHILIP S.                    GEN-0001-31-432
GOVERT, WILLIAM H.                     GEN-0001-31-453
GRADY, HENRY WOODFIN                   GEN-0001-01-526
GRAHAM, NEIL F.                        GEN-0001-01-369
GRANT, JOHN T.                         GEN-0001-01-502
GRASSE, F. J. P.                       GEN-0001-02-441
GRAVES, BIBB                           GEN-0001-31-13
GRAVES, HARMON S.                      GEN-0001-31-272
GRAVES, JOHN CARD                      GEN-0001-02-143
GRAVES, JOHN T.                        GEN-0001-02-63
GRAVES, NATHAN FITCH                   GEN-0001-02-496
GRAWN, CHARLES T.                      GEN-0001-31-452
GRAY, BOWMAN                           GEN-0001-31-118
GRAY, DAVID                            GEN-0001-31-116
GRAY, DAVID L.                         GEN-0001-31-155
GRAY, DONALD                           GEN-0001-31-400
GRAY, FRANCIS CALLEY                   GEN-0001-01-443
GRAY, HORACE                           GEN-0001-01-35
GRAY, JAMES A.                         GEN-0001-31-117
GRBER, ORA M.                          GEN-0001-31-185
GREATON, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-82
GREEN, BERIAH                          GEN-0001-02-326
GREEN, CHARLES E.                      GEN-0001-31-108
GREEN, DUFF                            GEN-0001-01-233
GREEN, JOHN WITHERS                    GEN-0001-01-203
GREEN, L. W.                           GEN-0001-02-25
GREEN, LEWIS W.                        GEN-0001-02-25
GREEN, SAMUEL A.                       GEN-0001-02-28
GREEN, WILLIAM H.                      GEN-0001-02-491
GREENE, DASCOM                         GEN-0001-02-421
GREENE, FRANCIS VINTON                 GEN-0001-01-420
GREENE, GEORGE SEARS                   GEN-0001-01-320
GREENE, GEORGE SEARS JR.               GEN-0001-01-278
GREENE, NATHANIEL                      GEN-0001-01-39
GREENE, RAY                            GEN-0001-02-11
GREENE, SAMUEL D.                      GEN-0001-02-107
GREENE, SAMUEL H.                      GEN-0001-02-424
GREENHALGE, FREDERIC THOMAS            GEN-0001-01-126
GREGORY, CLIFFORD V.                   GEN-0001-31-391
GREINER, JOHN E.                       GEN-0001-31-6
GREY, JAMES P.                         GEN-0001-31-461
GRIER, ROBERT C.                       GEN-0001-02-472
GRIFFIN, EUGENE                        GEN-0001-02-117
GRIFFIN, JOHN P.                       GEN-0001-02-216
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM M.                    GEN-0001-31-291
GRIFFITH,G. S.                         GEN-0001-02-418
GRIGGS, CLARK ROBINSON                 GEN-0001-01-444
GRIMES, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-447
GRIMES, THOMAS W.                      GEN-0001-02-494
GRIMKE, ANGELINA E.                    GEN-0001-02-325
GRIMKE, JOHN F.                        GEN-0001-02-325
GRIMKE, SARAH M.                       GEN-0001-02-316
GRIMKE, THOMAS S.                      GEN-0001-02-326
GRINNELL, MOSES HICKS                  GEN-0001-01-499
GRONER, VIRGINIUS D.                   GEN-0001-02-346
GROSE, CLYDE L.                        GEN-0001-31-535
GROSS, SAMUEL EBERLY                   GEN-0001-01-323
GROSVENOR, WILLIAM                     GEN-0001-31-362
GROW, GALUSHA A.                       GEN-0001-02-91
GUERNSEY, EGBERT                       GEN-0001-02-484
GULICK, JOHN W.                        GEN-0001-31-314
GUNCKEL, LEWIS B.                      GEN-0001-02-176
GUNDLACH, ERNEST T.                    GEN-0001-31-82
GUNN, JAMES                            GEN-0001-02-11
GURLEY, RALPH R.                       GEN-0001-02-387
GUYLES, WILLIAM B.                     GEN-0001-02-108
GWINNETT, BUTTON                       GEN-0001-01-493
HAARTZ, JOHN C.                        GEN-0001-31-213
HAAS, JACOB                            GEN-0001-02-20
HABERSHAM, JAMES                       GEN-0001-01-492
HABERSHAM, JOSEPH                      GEN-0001-01-18
HACKETT, CHARLES                       GEN-0001-31-457
HADDEN, ALEXANDER                      GEN-0001-02-228
HADLEY, JAMES                          GEN-0001-01-175
HADLOCK, HARVEY DEMING                 GEN-0001-01-237
HAGER, WILLIAM M.                      GEN-0001-31-525
HAGERTY, JOHN F.                       GEN-0001-31-327
HAGUE, JAMES DUNCAN                    GEN-0001-02-154
HAIGH, HENRY A.                        GEN-0001-31-23
HAINES, FRNACIS S.                     GEN-0001-31-292
HAINES, MATTHIAS L.                    GEN-0001-31-118
HALE, EDWARD EVERETT                   GEN-0001-01-199
HALE, EUGENE                           GEN-0001-01-217
HALE, NATHAN                           GEN-0001-01-51
HALE, PHILIP L.                        GEN-0001-31-53
HALL, FREDERICK P.                     GEN-0001-31-438
HALL, GEORGE W.                        GEN-0001-31-365
HALL, JEREMIAH                         GEN-0001-01-302
HALL, JOHN HUDSON                      GEN-0001-02-191
HALL, LYMAN                            GEN-0001-02-315
HALL, WINIFIELD S.                     GEN-0001-31-446
HALSEY, CHARLES STORRS                 GEN-0001-01-442
HALSTEAD, MURAT                        GEN-0001-01-270
HAMBLETON, JOHN A.                     GEN-0001-01-280
HAMBLETON, T. EDWARD                   GEN-0001-01-280
HAMERSLEY, J. HOOKER                   GEN-0001-31-68
HAMERSLEY, L. GORDON                   GEN-0001-31-69
HAMILTON, ALEXANER                     GEN-0001-01-9
HAMILTON, MORRIS R.                    GEN-0001-01-322
HAMLIN, HANNIBAL                       GEN-0001-02-76
HAMMOND, PHILIP                        GEN-0001-31-21
HANCOCK, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-103
HAND, EDWARD                           GEN-0001-01-75
HANDLEY, GEORGE                        GEN-0001-02-13
HANDY, TRUMAN P.                       GEN-0001-02-260
HANKS, HORACE TRACY                    GEN-0001-02-121
HARDING, WILLIAM W.                    GEN-0001-01-431
HARDY, ARTHUR S.                       GEN-0001-02-303
HARE, THOMAS J.                        GEN-0001-31-513
HARLAN, JAMES                          GEN-0001-02-457
HARLAN, JOHN MARSHALL                  GEN-0001-01-34
HARLEY, J. B.                          GEN-0001-02-265
HARLOW, WILLIAM BURT                   GEN-0001-02-426
HARNEY, GEORGE EDWARD                  GEN-0001-01-371
HARPER, FLETCHER                       GEN-0001-01-152
HARPER, JAMES                          GEN-0001-01-151
HARPER, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-151
HARPER, JOHN WESLEY                    GEN-0001-01-152
HARRIMAN, LOUIS H.                     GEN-0001-31-75
HARRINGTON, JONATHAN                   GEN-0001-01-367
HARRINGTON, MILTON A.                  GEN-0001-31-69
HARRIS, HAMILTON                       GEN-0001-01-414
HARRIS, ISHAM GREEN                    GEN-0001-02-209
HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER                  GEN-0001-01-410
HARRIS, SAMUEL                         GEN-0001-01-418
HARRISON, BENJAMIN                     GEN-0001-01-133
HARRISON, CAROLINE SCOTT               GEN-0001-01-135
HARRISON, ROBERT HANSON                GEN-0001-01-316
HARTE, FRANCIS BRET                    GEN-0001-01-404
HARTLEY, THOMAS M. C.                  GEN-0001-02-36
HARTRANFT, JOHN F.                     GEN-0001-02-291
HARVEY, DWIGHT B.                      GEN-0001-01-233
HARVEY, LEROY                          GEN-0001-31-198
HASBROUCK, CORNELIUS J.                GEN-0001-31-338
HASKEL, DANIEL                         GEN-0001-02-40
HASTINGS, S. CLINTON                   GEN-0001-31-534
HAVEN, ERASTUS OTIS                    GEN-0001-01-250
HAVEN, JOSEPH                          GEN-0001-02-130
HAWKINS, GEORGE L.                     GEN-0001-31-162
HAWKINS, HARRY B.                      GEN-0001-31-493
HAWLEY, GEORGE M. B.                   21-234
HAWLEY, JOSEPH ROSWELL                 GEN-0001-01-457
HAWTHORNE, JAMES B.                    GEN-0001-02-140
HAWTHORNE, JULIAN                      GEN-0001-02-491
HAY, CORNELIUS                         GEN-0001-01-498
HAYDEN, WILLIAM F.                     GEN-0001-31-460
HAYES, JOHN C.                         GEN-0001-02-241
HAYES, WALTER I.                       GEN-0001-02-240
HAYGOOD, ATTICAS GREENE                GEN-0001-01-520
HAYNE, ISAAC                           GEN-0001-01-440
HAYNES, TILLY                          GEN-0001-02-221
HAYS, GEORGE PRICE                     GEN-0001-02-302
HAZEN, JOHN V.                         GEN-0001-31-289
HAZEN, MOSES                           GEN-0001-01-78
HEALD, DANIEL A.                       GEN-0001-01-276
HEARD, STEPHEN                         GEN-0001-02-12
HEARN, JOHN TEVIS                      GEN-0001-01-451
HEARN, LAFCADIO                        GEN-0001-01-409
HEARST, GEORGE F.                      GEN-0001-01-315
HEATH, WILLIAM                         GEN-0001-01-68
HECKMAN, G. C.                         GEN-0001-02-125
HELPER, HINTON ROWAN                   GEN-0001-02-395
HEMPHILL, JAMES C.                     GEN-0001-02-29
HEMPHILL, JOSEPH                       GEN-0001-01-394
HEMPHILL, WILLIAM ARNOLD               GEN-0001-01-277
HENDERSON, JAMES PINKNEY               GEN-0001-01-442
HENDRICKS, T. A.                       GEN-0001-02-403
HENRY, JOHN                            GEN-0001-02-8
HENRY, MORRIS H.                       GEN-0001-02-485
HENRY, PATRICK                         GEN-0001-01-337
HERBST, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-238
HERKIMER, NICHOLAS                     GEN-0001-01-70
HERMAN, JOHN GOTTLIEB                  GEN-0001-01-236
HERRELL, JOHN E.                       GEN-0001-02-203
HERRICK, FRANCIS H.                    GEN-0001-31-276
HERRICK, GAMALIE E.                    GEN-0001-31-501
HERSEY, GEORGE D.                      GEN-0001-01-236
HERTZ, ALFRED                          GEN-0001-31-194
HERTZLER, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-31-123
HERVEY, DANIEL E.                      GEN-0001-31-364
HEUBLEIN, ARTHUR C.                    GEN-0001-31-91
HEWINS, CAROLINE MARIA                 GEN-0001-01-208
HEYWARD, DUNCAN C.                     GEN-0001-31-274
HEYWARD, THOMAS                        GEN-0001-01-441
HIBBERD, ISAAC N.                      GEN-0001-31-262
HICKMAN, H. H.                         GEN-0001-02-141
HICKS, ELIAS                           GEN-0001-01-501
HICKS, ELIAS                           GEN-0001-02-487
HIESTER, JOSEPH                        GEN-0001-02-285
HIGGINS, ANTHONY                       GEN-0001-01-290
HIGGINS, MILTON P.                     GEN-0001-31-243
HIGGINSON, FRANCIS                     GEN-0001-01-380
HIGGINSON, THOMAS WENTWORTH            GEN-0001-01-394
HILDRETH, JOHN                         GEN-0001-31-276
HILDRETH, RICHARD                      GEN-0001-01-365
HILKEN, HENRY C.                       GEN-0001-31-147
HILL, DAVID BENNETT                    GEN-0001-01-453
HILL, FRANK PIERCE                     GEN-0001-02-149
HILL, GEORGE HANDEL                    GEN-0001-01-401
HILL, HARRY R. W.                      GEN-0001-02-115
HILL, NOADIAH MOORE                    GEN-0001-01-397
HILL, ROBERT ANDREWS                   GEN-0001-02-227
HILLIARD, HENRY W.                     GEN-0001-02-114
HILTON, CHARLES H.                     GEN-0001-31-223
HINCKLEY, ISABELLA                     GEN-0001-01-392
HINDMAN, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-02-6
HINDS, HERBERT C.                      GEN-0001-02-19
HINRICHS, CHARLES F. A.                GEN-0001-01-467
HINRICHS, HENRY F.                     GEN-0001-31-121
HINTON, JOHN HENRY                     GEN-0001-02-177
HIRSCH, EMIL G.                        GEN-0001-02-112
HISCOX, DAVID                          GEN-0001-01-472
HITCHCOCK, PETER                       GEN-0001-01-370
HITCHCOCK, ROSWELL D.                  GEN-0001-02-256
HOADLEY, CHARLES W.                    GEN-0001-31-301
HOAGLAND, C. N.                        GEN-0001-02-116
HOAR, GEORGE FRISBEE                   GEN-0001-01-453
HOBART, JOHN HENRY                     GEN-0001-01-514
HOBART, JOHN SLOSS                     GEN-0001-02-35
HODGES, ABE B. W.                      GEN-0001-31-322
HODGMAN, ABBOTT                        GEN-0001-01-512
HODGSON, TELFAIR                       GEN-0001-02-488
HODSON, GEORGE E.                      GEN-0001-31-81
HOFFMAN, SAMUEL V.                     GEN-0001-31-394
HOGE, M.                               GEN-0001-02-23
HOGE, MOSES                            GEN-0001-02-23
HOLBERG, RICHARD A.                    GEN-0001-31-229
HOLCOMB, ELTON D.                      GEN-0001-31-287
HOLDEN, LOUIS E.                       GEN-0001-31-294
HOLLADAY, A. L.                        GEN-0001-02-26
HOLLADAY, L. L.                        GEN-0001-02-27
HOLLAND, JOSIAH GILBET                 GEN-0001-01-311
HOLLEY, MYRON                          GEN-0001-02-279
HOLLY, JOHN I.                         GEN-0001-02-189
HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL                 GEN-0001-02-336
HOLT, ARTHUR E.                        GEN-0001-31-463
HOLT, HENRY                            GEN-0001-31-50
HOLT, JOSEPH                           GEN-0001-01-354
HOLTON, EDWAR DD.                      GEN-0001-02-238
HOLYOKE, EDWARD                        GEN-0001-31-521
HOOK, JAMES SCHLEY                     GEN-0001-02-415
HOOVER, CHARLES R.                     GEN-0001-31-60
HOPKINS, ESEK                          GEN-0001-02-18
HOPKINS, FERDINAND T.                  GEN-0001-02-215
HOPKINS, ISAAC STILES                  GEN-0001-01-520
HOPKINS, WILLIAM E.                    GEN-0001-31-263
HOPKINS, WILLIAM HENRY                 GEN-0001-01-507
HOPPER, ISAAC T.                       GEN-0001-02-327
HOPPIN, JAMES MASON                    GEN-0001-01-245
HOPPKIN, FRANCIS L. V.                 GEN-0001-31-163
HORNBLOWER, WILLIAM B.                 GEN-0001-31-466
HOSMER, HARRIET                        GEN-0001-01-381
HOUGHTON, ALANSON B.                   GEN-0001-31-316
HOUGHTON, HENRY OSCAR                  GEN-0001-01-281
HOUSTON, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-493
HOWARD, BLANCHE WILLIS                 GEN-0001-01-304
HOWARD, C. MCHENRY                     GEN-0001-31-278
HOWARD, MCHENRY                        GEN-0001-31-277
HOWE, JULIA WARD                       GEN-0001-01-402
HOWE, RALPH W.                         GEN-0001-31-28
HOWELL, CLARK                          GEN-0001-01-473
HOWELL, EVAN P.                        GEN-0001-01-236
HOWELL, HENRY C.                       GEN-0001-02-295
HOWELL, JOHN C.                        GEN-0001-02-208
HOWELL, THEO P.                        GEN-0001-02-295
HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN                  GEN-0001-01-281
HOWLEY, RICHARD                        GEN-0001-02-12
HOWRY, CHARLES B.                      GEN-0001-02-197
HOWSON, HUBERT                         GEN-0001-31-425
HOYT, HENRY MARTYN                     GEN-0001-02-292
HUBBARD, JOHN B.                       GEN-0001-02-34
HUBBARD, THOMAS H.                     GEN-0001-02-179
HUBEN, MAXIMILIAN J.                   GEN-0001-31-414
HUBNER, CHARLES W.                     GEN-0001-02-142
HUDSON, ERASMUS D.                     GEN-0001-02-393
HUDSON, JOSEPH KENNEDY                 GEN-0001-01-208
HUFFMAN, OSCAR C.                      GEN-0001-31-320
HUGER, JOHN W.                         GEN-0001-31-509
HUGHES, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-193
HUGHTON, E. MARK                       GEN-0001-31-168
HULL, WILLIAM                          GEN-0001-01-66
HULL, WILLIAM E.                       GEN-0001-31-84
HULMAN, ANTON                          GEN-0001-31-335
HUME, FRANK                            GEN-0001-01-264
HUMPHREY, LYMAN UNDERWOOD              GEN-0001-01-456
HUMPHREYS, DAVID                       GEN-0001-01-71
HUMPHREYS, HECTOR                      GEN-0001-01-504
HUNT, ROBERT WOOLSTON                  GEN-0001-01-244
HUNT, WARD                             GEN-0001-02-475
HUNTER, ROBERT                         GEN-0001-31-16
HUNTINGTON, A.                         GEN-0001-02-392
HUNTINGTON, JEDEDIAH                   GEN-0001-01-77
HURLBUT, HINMAN B.                     GEN-0001-02-185
HURST, JOHN EDWARD                     GEN-0001-02-188
HUSIK, ISAAC                           GEN-0001-31-348
HUSTIS, JAMES H.                       GEN-0001-31-358
HUTCHINS, JOHN C.                      GEN-0001-02-390
HUTCHINS, STILSON                      GEN-0001-01-234
HUTCHINSON, S. PEMBERTON               GEN-0001-31-512
HUTTON, FREDERICK R.                   GEN-0001-02-243
HYDE, JOEL W.                          GEN-0001-31-528
HYDE, WILLIAM DE WITT                  GEN-0001-01-419
HYLTON, JOHN D.                        GEN-0001-02-34
IJAMS, WILLIAM P.                      GEN-0001-31-368
INGALLS, CHARLES RUSSELL               GEN-0001-01-357
INGALLS, THOMAS                        GEN-0001-01-358
INGALLS, THOMAS R.                     GEN-0001-01-358
INGERSOLL, CHARLES LEE                 GEN-0001-01-411
INGERSOLL, JARED                       GEN-0001-02-439
INGRAHAM, DANIEL PHOENIX               GEN-0001-01-155
INGRAM, LOUIS                          GEN-0001-31-307
INMAN, S. M.                           GEN-0001-02-443
INNESS, GEORGE                         GEN-0001-02-490
INNIS, GEORGE                          GEN-0001-31-421
INNTER, SEPTIMIUS                      GEN-0001-01-310
IRBY, JOHN L. M.                       GEN-0001-02-250
IREDELL, JAMES                         GEN-0001-01-23
IRVINE, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-90
IRWIN, JARED                           GEN-0001-01-220
IRWIN, JOHN ARTHUR                     GEN-0001-02-151
IRWIN, VINCENT J.                      GEN-0001-31-284
ISAAC, NATHAN                          GEN-0001-31-261
IVES, JAMES E.                         GEN-0001-31-527
IVINS, HADDON                          GEN-0001-31-51
JACKSON, ELIHU E.                      GEN-0001-02-421
JACKSON, FRANCIS                       GEN-0001-02-318
JACKSON, HELEN HUNT                    GEN-0001-01-433
JACKSON, JAMES                         GEN-0001-01-220
JACKSON, JAMES                         GEN-0001-02-515
JACKSON, JOHN J.                       GEN-0001-31-188
JACKSON, OLIVER                        GEN-0001-02-319
JACOBS, FREDERIC B.                    GEN-0001-31-346
JACOBS, W. C.                          GEN-0001-01-524
JAMES, DARWIN R.                       GEN-0001-01-234
JAMES, HENRY                           GEN-0001-01-410
JASPER, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-52
JAY, JOHN                              GEN-0001-01-20
JEFFERSON, JOSEPH                      GEN-0001-01-522
JEFFERY, WILLIAM O.                    GEN-0001-31-347
JENIFER, DANIEL OF ST. T.              GEN-0001-02-362
JENKINS, CHARLES JONES                 GEN-0001-01-228
JENKS, LLYWELLYN H.                    GEN-0001-31-438
JENNINGS, A. G.                        GEN-0001-02-235
JENNINGS, ROBERT W.                    GEN-0001-02-130
JEWETT, HUGH J.                        GEN-0001-31-481
JEWETT, HUGH J.                        GEN-0001-31-482
JEWETT, SARAH ORNE                     GEN-0001-01-374
JOCELYN, SIMEON S.                     GEN-0001-02-326
JOHNOSN, RICHARD A.                    GEN-0001-31-509
JOHNSON, A.                            GEN-0001-02-455
JOHNSON, AYMAR                         GEN-0001-31-334
JOHNSON, CLYDE P.                      GEN-0001-31-230
JOHNSON, ELIZA MCC.                    GEN-0001-02-456
JOHNSON, HENRY A.                      GEN-0001-31-516
JOHNSON, HERSCHEL VESPASIAN            GEN-0001-01-226
JOHNSON, JAMES                         GEN-0001-01-227
JOHNSON, ORSON T.                      GEN-0001-31-311
JOHNSON, ROBERT UNDERWOOD              GEN-0001-01-313
JOHNSON, ROSSITER                      GEN-0001-02-64
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                        GEN-0001-02-312
JOHNSON, THOMAS                        GEN-0001-01-24
JOHNSON, W.                            GEN-0001-02-467
JOHNSON, WILLIAM H.                    GEN-0001-31-224
JOHNSON, WILLIAM J.                    GEN-0001-31-219
JOHNSTON, ALBERT SYDNEY                GEN-0001-01-388
JOHNSTON, LIZZIE J. E.                 GEN-0001-31-491
JOHNSTON, RICHARD MALCOLM              GEN-0001-01-440
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM F.                   GEN-0001-02-288
JOHNSTONE, GEORGE A.                   GEN-0001-31-483
JONES, AMOS BLANCH                     GEN-0001-01-258
JONES, CHARLES H.                      GEN-0001-01-386
JONES, EDWARD D. G.                    GEN-0001-31-287
JONES, ELI                             GEN-0001-02-480
JONES, ERASTUS B.                      GEN-0001-31-168
JONES, GEORGE                          GEN-0001-01-387
JONES, JACOB                           GEN-0001-02-233
JONES, JAMES KIMBROUGH                 GEN-0001-01-293
JONES, JOHN PAUL N. O.                 GEN-0001-02-15
JONES, JOHN PERCIVAL                   GEN-0001-01-300
JONES, P. N.                           GEN-0001-31-113
JONES, RICHARD MOTT                    GEN-0001-02-481
JONES, SIBYL                           GEN-0001-02-480
JONES, THOMAS GOODE                    GEN-0001-01-457
JONES, WALTER                          GEN-0001-01-365
JONES, WALTER                          02.11
JORDAN, D. S.                          GEN-0001-02-127
JORDAN, EBAN D.                        GEN-0001-02-393
JOSLIN, JOHN JAY                       GEN-0001-01-350
JUDD, BETHEL                           GEN-0001-01-503
JUDD, EDWIN Y.                         GEN-0001-31-84
KAHN, ALBERT                           GEN-0001-31-264
KAHN, HENRY                            GEN-0001-31-168
KAHN, OTTO H.                          GEN-0001-31-26
KALB, JOHANN DE                        GEN-0001-01-73
KAMPMAN, LEWIS E.                      GEN-0001-02-274
KAUFMAN, SIGISMUND                     GEN-0001-02-413
KEARNEY, THOMAS A.                     GEN-0001-31-141
KEENEY, ABNER                          GEN-0001-01-266
KEEP, JOHN                             GEN-0001-02-465
KEITH, ELBRIDGE G.                     GEN-0001-02-332
KEITH, ELIZA D.                        GEN-0001-02-425
KEITH, ROBERT R.                       GEN-0001-31-239
KEITH, WILLIAM (SIR)                   GEN-0001-02-277
KEITH,EDSON                            GEN-0001-02-216
KELL, JOHN MCI.                        GEN-0001-02-367
KELLEY, ABBY                           GEN-0001-02-323
KELLEY, CHARLES F.                     GEN-0001-31-35
KELLEY, DAVID CAMPBELL                 GEN-0001-01-208
KELLEY, WILLIAM F.                     GEN-0001-31-529
KELLOGG, CHARLES W.                    GEN-0001-02-150
KELLOGG, CLARA LOUISE                  GEN-0001-02-446
KELLOGG, EZRA OTIS                     GEN-0001-02-415
KELLOGG, FREDERICK W.                  GEN-0001-31-55
KENNA, JOHN EDWARD                     GEN-0001-01-299
KENNAN, GEORGE                         GEN-0001-01-393
KENNEDY, RODERICK D.                   GEN-0001-31-431
KENNEDY, SAMUEL G.                     GEN-0001-31-380
KENRICK, FRANCIS PATRICK               GEN-0001-01-485
KENT, SIDNEY R.                        GEN-0001-31-385
KEOGH, EDWARD                          GEN-0001-01-465
KEPPLER, EMIL A. C.                    GEN-0001-31-399
KEPPLER, JOSEPH                        GEN-0001-02-225
KERENS, FRANCES J.                     GEN-0001-31-409
KERNES, RICHARD C.                     GEN-0001-31-4O8
KETCHUM, ALEXANDER P.                  GEN-0001-02-351
KEUFFEL, WILLIAM C.                    GEN-0001-31-361]
KEYES, CHARLES R.                      GEN-0001-31-94
KIDD, JOHN W.                          GEN-0001-31-182
KIDDE, WALTER                          GEN-0001-31-1
KIDDLE, HENRY                          GEN-0001-02-512
KIMBALL, EDWARD A.                     GEN-0001-31-74
KIMBALL, HENRY                         GEN-0001-02-414
KIMBALL, MONTE J.                      GEN-0001-31-459
KIMBALL, SUMNER I.                     GEN-0001-02-348
KING, GRACE                            GEN-0001-02-345
KING, HENRY L. P.                      GEN-0001-02-518
KING, JAMES GORE                       GEN-0001-01-499
KING, JOHN PENDLETON                   GEN-0001-02-178
KING, JOSEPH E.                        GEN-0001-01-252
KING, PRESTON                          GEN-0001-02-93
KING, THOMAS B.                        GEN-0001-02-518
KINGDON, GEORGE                        GEN-0001-31-410
KINGSLEY, WILLIAM M.                   GEN-0001-31-343
KINNERSLEY, EBENEZER                   GEN-0001-01-532
KINNISON, DAVID                        GEN-0001-01-361
KIRK, ELLEN WARNER OLNEY               GEN-0001-01-373
KIRK, JAMES SMITH                      GEN-0001-01-420
KIRK, JOHN FOSTER                      GEN-0001-01-535
KIRKLAND, SAMUEL                       GEN-0001-01-451
KLUMPKE, ANNA E.                       GEN-0001-31-403
KLUMPKE, DOROTHEA M.                   GEN-0001-31-403
KLUMPKE, JOHN G.                       GEN-0001-31-403
KLUMPKEY, JULIA                        GEN-0001-31-404
KNAPP, ISAAC                           GEN-0001-02-321
KNIGHT, SAMUEL                         GEN-0001-31-96
KNOWLTON, THOMAS                       GEN-0001-02-225
KNOX, HENRY                            GEN-0001-01-14
KOCH, HENRY C.                         GEN-0001-02-376
KOHL, HENRY                            GEN-0001-31-360
KOON, E. L.                            GEN-0001-31-132
KOSCIUSZKO, THADDEUS                   GEN-0001-01-54
KRAUTH, CHARLES PORTERFIELD            GEN-0001-01-349
KREBS, HENRIK J.                       GEN-0001-31-14
KRESS, CLAUDE W.                       GEN-0001-31-142
KUDLICH, HANS                          GEN-0001-31-508
KULLMER, CHARLES J.                    GEN-0001-31-384
KUMLER, FRANK A. Z.                    GEN-0001-31-63
KYLE, JAMES HENDERSON                  GEN-0001-01-323

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