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LACEY, JOHN                            GEN-0001-01-128
LACOMB, ALEXANDER                      GEN-0001-02-241
LACY, D.                               GEN-0001-02-22
LACY, DRURY                            GEN-0001-02-22
LAMB, JOHN                             GEN-0001-01-44
LAMB, WILLIAM                          GEN-0001-01-274
LANE, EBENEZER                         GEN-0001-02-31
LANE, EDWARD B.                        GEN-0001-31-152
LANE, ELIZABETH                        GEN-0001-02-31
LANE, GEORGE WILLIAM                   GEN-0001-01-501
LANGDON, W.G.                          GEN-0001-02-153
LANIER, SIDNEY                         GEN-0001-02-438
LARCOM, LUCY                           GEN-0001-01-406
LARKIN, ADRIAN H.                      GEN-0001-31-334
LARKIN, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-265
LARKIN, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-269
LARNED, EBENEZER                       GEN-0001-01-78
LATHROP, EDWARD P.                     GEN-0001-31-105
LATIMER, JULIAN L.                     GEN-0001-31-484
LATIMER, M. GREGG                      GEN-0001-31-297
LATTIMER, HENRY                        GEN-0001-02-10
LAURANCE, JOHN                         GEN-0001-02-8
LAURENS, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-67
LAUTERBACH, EDWARD                     GEN-0001-01-254
LAW, WALTER W.                         GEN-0001-31-73
LAWRENCE, G. N.                        GEN-0001-02-203
LAWRENCE, GEORGE W.                    GEN-0001-31-349
LAWRIE, ALVAH K.                       GEN-0001-31-236
LAWSON, ERNEST                         GEN-0001-31-102
LAWSON, LEONIDAS M.                    GEN-0001-02-120
LAWSON, ROBERT                         GEN-0001-01-70
LAWSON, THOMAS G.                      GEN-0001-02-144
LAWTON, ALEXANDER R.                   GEN-0001-02-148
LEACH, WALTER C.                       GEN-0001-31-314
LEAF, FRANK G.                         GEN-0001-31-199
LEAHEY, THOMAS F.                      GEN-0001-31-176
LEALE, CHARLES A.                      GEN-0001-02-52
LEARNED, HENRY B.                      GEN-0001-31-275
LEARNED, WILLIAM LAW                   GEN-0001-02-347
LEAVITT, J. JOSHUA                     GEN-0001-02-419
LEAVITT, JOHN MCDOWELL                 GEN-0001-01-507
LEE, CHARLES                           GEN-0001-01-14
LEE, CHARLES C.                        GEN-0001-31-428
LEE, FRANKLIN P.                       GEN-0001-31-517
LEGGETT, FRANCIS H.                    GEN-0001-02-114
LEGGETT, MORTIMER D.                   GEN-0001-02-350
LEIGHTON, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-273
LENOX, ROBERT                          GEN-0001-01-498
LENYGON, FRANCIS H.                    GEN-0001-31-25
LESTER, RUFUS E.                       GEN-0001-02-381
LETCHWORTH, OGDEN P.                   GEN-0001-31-223
LEVINSON, SALMON O.                    GEN-0001-31-198
LEWIS, ANDREW                          GEN-0001-01-75
LEWIS, DEAN                            GEN-0001-31-212
LEWIS, ELIAS JR.                       GEN-0001-02-120
LEWIS, JAMES                           GEN-0001-01-286
LEWIS, JOHN N.                         GEN-0001-31-41
LEWIS, RICHARD JAMES                   GEN-0001-01-479
LEYBURN, JOHN                          GEN-0001-02-171
LILLY, HENRY W.                        GEN-0001-31-196
LINCOLN, A.                            GEN-0001-02-65
LINCOLN, BENJAMIN                      GEN-0001-01-62
LINCOLN, LEVI                          GEN-0001-01-111
LINCOLN, LEVI 2ND                      GEN-0001-01-114
LINCOLN, MARY TODD                     GEN-0001-02-75
LINCOLN, SARAH BUSH                    GEN-0001-02-75
LINDSAY, E. J.                         GEN-0001-02-374
LINDSLEY, STUART                       GEN-0001-31-154
LINTON, ROBERT                         GEN-0001-31-492
LITTLE, PHILIP                         GEN-0001-31-315
LIVERMORE, SAMUEL                      GEN-0001-02-8
LIVINGSTON, H. B.                      GEN-0001-02-467
LIVINGSTON, L. F.                      GEN-0001-02-143
LIVINGSTON, R. R.                      GEN-0001-02-396
LIVINGTGON, ROBERT R.                  GEN-0001-02-396
LOCHRANE, OSBORNE AUGUSTUS             GEN-0001-01-508
LOCKE, L. LELAND                       GEN-0001-31-433
LOCKE, MATTHEW                         GEN-0001-02-188
LOCKWOOD, BELVA A. B.                  GEN-0001-02-301
LODGE, GONZALEZ                        GEN-0001-31-59
LODGE, LEE DAVIS                       GEN-0001-02-122
LOGAN, EDWARD L.                       GEN-0001-31-302
LOGAN, JAMES                           GEN-0001-02-278
LOGAN, THOMAS M.                       GEN-0001-01-472
LOGAN, WALTER SETH                     GEN-0001-02-454
LONG, CHARLES P.                       GEN-0001-31-285
LONG, JOHN DAVIS                       GEN-0001-01-121
LONGFELLOW, HENRY W.                   GEN-0001-02-160
LORD, AUGUSTUS M.                      GEN-0001-31-120
LORD, CHARLES E.                       GEN-0001-31-422
LORD, ROBERT W.                        GEN-0001-31-120
LORING, ELLIS GRAY                     GEN-0001-02-318
LOUD, FRANK H.                         GEN-0001-31-201
LOUDERBACK, HAROLD                     GEN-0001-31-507
LOVEJOY, ELIJAH P.                     GEN-0001-02-328
LOVEJOY, FRED P.                       GEN-0001-31-317
LOVEJOY, OWEN                          GEN-0001-02-328
LOVELACE, BENJAMIN F.                  GEN-0001-31-398
LOVELAND, GEORGE A.                    GEN-0001-31-444
LOW, ABIEL ABBOT                       GEN-0001-01-500
LOW, ISAAC                             GEN-0001-01-496
LOW, JAMES E.                          GEN-0001-02-383
LOWDEN, FRANK O.                       GEN-0001-31-32
LOWELL, A. LAWRENCE                    GEN-0001-31-1
LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL                  GEN-0001-02-32
LOWERY, JOHN F.                        GEN-0001-02-156
LOWRY, THOMAS                          GEN-0001-02-332
LUDLOW, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-343
LUM, FREDERICK H.                      GEN-0001-31-514
LUMPKIN, JOHN HENRY                    GEN-0001-01-225
LUMPKIN, WILSON                        GEN-0001-01-224
LUNDY, BENJAMIN                        GEN-0001-02-308
LUNT,ORRINGTON                         GEN-0001-02-213
LYLE, J. IRVINE                        GEN-0001-31-454
LYMAN, HERBERT                         GEN-0001-31-174
LYNN, JOHN                             GEN-0001-31-497
LYON, FRANKLIN SMITH                   GEN-0001-01-181
LYON, MATTHEW                          GEN-0001-02-426
MACDOUGALL, ALEXANDER                  GEN-0001-01-91
MACGOWAN, JOHN E.                      GEN-0001-01-428
MACK, AUGUSTUS F.                      GEN-0001-31-502
MACKAY, CLARENCE H.                    GEN-0001-31-24
MACKENZIE, ANGUS H.                    GEN-0001-31-245
MACKEY, ANSEL ELLIOTT                  GEN-0001-02-181
MACLEAN, ARTHUR W.                     GEN-0001-31-434
MACOMB, W. H.                          GEN-0001-02-241
MADDOX, ROBERT F.                      GEN-0001-02-331
MAFFITT, P. CHOTEAU                    GEN-0001-31-277
MAGAW, SAMUEL                          GEN-0001-01-347
MAHAN, ASA                             GEN-0001-02-461
MAIRS, JOHN D.                         GEN-0001-31-379
MANN, WILLIAM BENSON                   GEN-0001-01-416
MANNING, D.                            GEN-0001-02-405
MANNING, JAMES H.                      GEN-0001-01-365
MANNING, JOHN B.                       GEN-0001-31-336
MANSON, PHILIP                         GEN-0001-31-67
MANSS, WILLIAM H.                      GEN-0001-31-197
MANVILLE, MARION                       GEN-0001-02-437
MAOR, GUY G.                           GEN-0001-31-524
MARCH, ALDEN                           GEN-0001-02-444
MARCH, HARRY A.                        GEN-0001-31-369
MARECHAL, AMBROSE                      GEN-0001-01-482
MARINE, WILLIAM M.                     GEN-0001-31-39
MARION, FRANCIS                        GEN-0001-01-59
MARIS, GEORGE L.                       GEN-0001-02-112
MARKELL, CHARLES F.                    GEN-0001-31-158
MARKHAM, HENRY H.                      GEN-0001-02-415
MARKHAM, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-02-331
MARKOE, STEPHEN C.                     GEN-0001-31-267
MARKS, SOLOMON                         GEN-0001-02-444
MARSCHALL, F. W. VON                   GEN-0001-02-447
MARSH, BONNER G.                       GEN-0001-02-334
MARSH, ELI J.                          GEN-0001-01-182
MARSH, GEORGE PERKINS                  GEN-0001-02-439
MARSH, JAMES                           GEN-0001-02-40
MARSHALL, HUMPHREY                     GEN-0001-02-412
MARSHALL, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-25
MARTIN, ARTEMAS                        GEN-0001-02-130
MARTIN, J.                             GEN-0001-02-12
MARTIN, WALTER F.                      GEN-0001-31-513
MARTINDALE, JOHN H.                    GEN-0001-02-444
MARVEL, ROBERT                         GEN-0001-02-442
MASON, AMOS L.                         GEN-0001-02-448
MASON, HORATIO P.                      GEN-0001-31-249
MASON, JAMES MURRAY                    GEN-0001-02-93
MASON, JEREMIAH                        GEN-0001-02-490
MASON, JONATHAN                        GEN-0001-02-7
MASON, STEVENS T.                      GEN-0001-02-9
MASSEE, W. WELLINGTON                  GEN-0001-31-76
MASSIE, NATHANIEL                      GEN-0001-02-439
MASTRIANI, FRANK P.                    GEN-0001-31-374
MATHEWS, GEORGE                        GEN-0001-01-219
MATHEWS, GEORGE B.                     GEN-0001-31-241
MATTER, CHARLES M.                     GEN-0001-31-472
MATTER, MARTIN                         GEN-0001-31-471
MATTHEWS, FRED E.                      GEN-0001-31-28
MATTHEWS, S.                           GEN-0001-02-476
MAXWELL, HUGH                          GEN-0001-02-446
MAXWELL, HUGH                          GEN-0001-02-449
MAXWELL, THOMPSON                      GEN-0001-02-446
MAXWELL, W.                            GEN-0001-02-24
MAXWELL, W.                            GEN-0001-02-24
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-01-73
MAY, SAMUEL JOSEPH                     GEN-0001-02-813
MAYO, SARAH C. E.                      GEN-0001-02-439
MCALLISTER, ROBERT                     GEN-0001-02-48
MCBRIDE, ANDREW JAY                    GEN-0001-01-130
MCBRIDE, MALCOLM L.                    GEN-0001-31-258
MCCANN, CHARLES E. F.                  GEN-0001-31-100
MCCARDLE, BATTLE                       GEN-0001-31-166
MCCARTER, ROBERT H.                    GEN-0001-31-165
MCCARTHY, JOHN F.                      GEN-0001-31-139
MCCARTY, EARL H.                       GEN-0001-31-471
MCCLELLAN, ROBERT                      GEN-0001-31-502
MCCLELLAND, MARY G.                    GEN-0001-02-451
MCCLOSKEY, JOHN                        GEN-0001-01-195
MCCLUNG, HERBERT J.                    GEN-0001-31-228
MCCLURE, ALEXANDER KELLY               GEN-0001-01-466
MCCONNELL, ADELAIDE D.                 GEN-0001-31-297
MCCONNELL, NOBLE (MRS.)                GEN-0001-31-297
MCCORMICK, LEANDER J.                  GEN-0001-01-361
MCCORMICK, ROBERT                      GEN-0001-01-360
MCCORMICK, ROBERT L.                   GEN-0001-31-327
MCCOY, W. E.                           GEN-0001-02-341
MCCRAY, WARREN T.                      GEN-0001-31-114
MCCREERY, JAMES T.                     GEN-0001-31-376
MCCUEN, LESLIE E.                      GEN-0001-31-359
MCCULLAGH, JOSEPH BURBRIDGE            GEN-0001-01-465
MCCUTCHEN, CICERO DECATUR              GEN-0001-01-129
MCDANIEL, HENRY DICKERSON              GEN-0001-01-231
MCDONALD, CHARLES JAMES                GEN-0001-01-225
MCDOWELL, CHARLES                      GEN-0001-31-402
MCDOWELL, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-503
MCDOWELL, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-342
MCDOWELL, JOSEPH                       GEN-0001-02-173
MCENERNEY, GARRET W.                   GEN-0001-31-378
MCENERNY, HARRY                        GEN-0001-31-156
MCGAW, GEORGE K.                       GEN-0001-31-525
MCHENRY, JAMES                         GEN-0001-01-13
MCILWAINE, R.                          GEN-0001-02-26
MCILWAINE, R.                          GEN-0001-02-26
MCINTOSH, LACHLAN                      GEN-0001-01-72
MCKAY, DONALD                          GEN-0001-02-249
MCKEAN, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-02-284
MCKEEN, JOSEPH                         GEN-0001-01-417
MCKENZIE, WILLIAM P.                   GEN-0001-31-3
MCKIM, JAMES M.                        GEN-0001-02-420
MCKINLEY, J.                           GEN-0001-02-470
MCKINLEY, WILLIAM JR.                  GEN-0001-02-261
MCKINLOCK, GEORGE A.                   GEN-0001-31-485
MCKINNEY, PHILIP W.                    GEN-0001-02-393
MCLANDRESS, ROBERT J.                  GEN-0001-31-269
MCLAREN, WILLIAM PRATT                 GEN-0001-01-180
MCLAURY, WILLIAM M.                    GEN-0001-02-428
MCLEAN, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-469
MCLEAN, JOHN RAY                       GEN-0001-01-444
MCMASTER, E. D.                        GEN-0001-02-123
MCMICHAEL, CLAYTON                     GEN-0001-02-212
MCMICHAEL, MORTON                      GEN-0001-02-211
MCMILLAN, JAMES                        GEN-0001-02-227
MCMULLEN, ROSWELL S.                   GEN-0001-31-377
MCNAMEE, GRAHAM                        GEN-0001-31-18
MEAD, LARKIN GOLDSMITH                 GEN-0001-01-278
MEAD, THEODORE HOE                     GEN-0001-02-411
MEANS, ALEXANDER                       GEN-0001-01-518
MEARS, DAVID O. (MRS.)                 GEN-0001-31-413
MEARS, MARY G.                         GEN-0001-31-413
MEDILL, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-131
MEEKS, JAMES L.                        GEN-0001-31-101
MEIGS, FERRIS J.                       GEN-0001-31-476
MEIGS, RETURN JONATHAN                 GEN-0001-01-83
MEISSNER, CARL A.                      GEN-0001-31-530
MELDRIM, PETER W.                      GEN-0001-02-517
MELLENTHIN, HERMAN E.                  GEN-0001-31-144
MELLETTE, ARTHUR C.                    GEN-0001-02-295
MERCER, GEOGE A.                       GEN-0001-02-435
MERKT, GUSTAV A.                       GEN-0001-31-236
MERRIAM, WILLIAM R.                    GEN-0001-02-257
MERRILL, EARL S.                       GEN-0001-31-62
MERRILL, WILLIAM BRADFORD              GEN-0001-01-211
MERRIMAN, HAROLD T.                    GEN-0001-31-222
MERRITT, WESLEY                        GEN-0001-02-380
MESERVE, HARRY F.                      GEN-0001-31-191
METCALF, CALEB B.                      GEN-0001-02-185
METCALF, LOETIUS SUTTON                GEN-0001-01-353
METCALF, WILLARD L.                    GEN-0001-31-417
MIDDELTON, J. IRA                      GEN-0001-31-392
MIFFLIN, THOMAS                        GEN-0001-02-283
MILHAU, J. T. G. F.                    GEN-0001-02-225
MILHAU, JOHNJ. DE                      GEN-0001-02-226
MILLEDGE, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-221
MILLER, ALEXANDER                      GEN-0001-31-388
MILLER, ANDREW J.                      GEN-0001-02-445
MILLER, CHARLES                        GEN-0001-31-65
MILLER, CHARLES RANSOM                 GEN-0001-01-210
MILLER, CLIFTON M.                     GEN-0001-31-504
MILLER, FRED A.                        GEN-0001-31-125
MILLER, HOMER V. M.                    GEN-0001-02-391
MILLER, JESSE A.                       GEN-0001-31-309
MILLER, JOHN F.                        GEN-0001-31-31
MILLER, LEWIS                          GEN-0001-31-136
MILLER, MORTIMER C.                    GEN-0001-31-271
MILLER, S. F.                          GEN-0001-02-473
MILLER, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-02-416
MILLS, DARIUS OGDEN                    GEN-0001-01-246
MILNOR, MAYBANK C.                     GEN-0001-02-53
MILROY, WILLIAM F.                     GEN-0001-31-337
MIMS, LIVINGSTON                       GEN-0001-02-58
MINER, ALONZO AMES                     GEN-0001-01-315
MINTON, MAURICE M.                     GEN-0001-02-375
MITCHEL, JOHN H.                       GEN-0001-02-302
MITCHELL, ALEXANDER                    GEN-0001-01-362
MITCHELL, CHARLES ELIOT                GEN-0001-01-366
MITCHELL, JOHN AMES                    GEN-0001-01-405
MITCHELL, JOHN L.                      GEN-0001-02-342
MITCHELL, ROBERT G.                    GEN-0001-02-58
MITCHELL,D AVID BRADIE                 GEN-0001-01-222
MIX, EDWARD T.                         GEN-0001-02-233
MOLD, HARRY J.                         GEN-0001-31-342
MOLINEUX, EDWARD L.                    GEN-0001-02-252
MONSELL, EDWIN M.                      GEN-0001-31-383
MONTGOMERY, DOUGLASS W.                GEN-0001-31-311
MONTGOMERY, JOB H.                     GEN-0001-31-346
MONTGOMERY, RICHARD                    GEN-0001-01-100
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM W.                 GEN-0001-02-132
MOODY, DEXTER                          GEN-0001-02-220
MOODY, GIDEON C.                       GEN-0001-02-395
MOORE, ALFRED                          GEN-0001-02-467
MOORE, BENJAMIN                        GEN-0001-01-514
MOORE, CHARLES C.                      GEN-0001-02-353
MOORE, W.                              GEN-0001-02-281
MOORE, WILLIAM A.                      GEN-0001-02-254
MORGAN, DANIEL                         GEN-0001-01-84
MORGAN, DANIEL N.                      GEN-0001-02-251
MORGAN, DAVID P.                       GEN-0001-02-503
MORGAN, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-465
MORGAN, JOHN TYLER                     GEN-0001-01-295
MORGAN, THOMAS J.                      GEN-0001-02-54
MORRILL, JUSTIN SMITH                  GEN-0001-01-377
MORRIS, DAVID A. B.                    GEN-0001-31-371
MORRIS, GOUVERNEUR                     GEN-0001-02-9
MORRIS, IRA N.                         GEN-0001-31-98
MORRIS, JOHN HENRY                     GEN-0001-01-205
MORRIS, R.                             GEN-0001-02-410
MORRIS, ROBERT TUTTLE                  GEN-0001-01-393
MORRISON, ALEXANDER F. (MRS.)          GEN-0001-31-206
MORRISON, HENRY CLAY                   GEN-0001-01-160
MORRISON, MAY T.                       GEN-0001-31-206
MORSS, SAMUEL E.                       GEN-0001-01-261
MORTON, CHARLES G.                     GEN-0001-31-397
MORTON, LEVI PARSONS                   GEN-0001-01-136
MORTON, MARCUS                         GEN-0001-01-115
MORTON, MARCUS                         GEN-0001-02-111
MOSCHEL, LOUIS C.                      GEN-0001-31-243
MOSES, CHARLES L.                      GEN-0001-02-395
MOTT, JOHN G.                          GEN-0001-31-344
MOTT, LEWIS F.                         GEN-0001-31-108
MOTT, LUCRETIA                         GEN-0001-02-310
MOULTRIE, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-96
MOYLAN, STEPHEN                        GEN-0001-01-56
MOYLAN, W.                             GEN-0001-02-267
MUDD, WILLIAM S.                       GEN-0001-31-453
MUIR, JOSEPH J.                        GEN-0001-02-370
MULFORD, PRENTICE                      GEN-0001-01-433
MULLEN, ARTHUR F.                      GEN-0001-31-247
MUNDY, JOSEPH S.                       GEN-0001-02-497
MUNGER, THEODORE T.                    GEN-0001-31-339
MURFREE, MARY N.                       GEN-0001-02-363
MURRAY, ALEXANDER                      GEN-0001-02-18
MURRAY, GEORGE W.                      GEN-0001-31-238
MURRAY, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-497
MURRAY, SIDNEY E.                      GEN-0001-31-296
MUSSER, BOYD A.                        GEN-0001-31-88
MYERS, CHARLES M.                      GEN-0001-31-280
MYERS, GUSTAVUS                        GEN-0001-31-443
MYNATT, PRYOR L.                       GEN-0001-02-142
NALL, EDWIN H.                         GEN-0001-31-519
NASH, FRANCIS                          GEN-0001-01-54
NASON, HENRY BRADFORD                  GEN-0001-02-157
NASSAU, CHARLES F.                     GEN-0001-31-401
NEAL, JOHN R.                          GEN-0001-31-220
NEALE, LEONARD                         GEN-0001-01-482
NELSON, CLELAND KINLOCK                GEN-0001-01-505
NELSON, JAMES A.                       GEN-0001-31-409
NELSON, SAMUEL                         GEN-0001-02-470
NESBIT, VALENTINE J.                   GEN-0001-31-437
NESTOS, RAGNVALD A.                    GEN-0001-31-62
NEWELL, ROGER S.                       GEN-0001-31-91
NEWTON, A. EDWARD                      GEN-0001-31-191
NICHOLAS, JOHN                         GEN-0001-02-270
NICHOLSON, J. W. A.                    GEN-0001-02-112
NICHOLSON, JAMES                       GEN-0001-02-231
NIEMAN, L. W.                          GEN-0001-01-264
NIXON, JOHN                            GEN-0001-01-83
NOBLE, G. KINGSLEY                     GEN-0001-31-396
NOBLE, JOHN WILCOCK                    GEN-0001-01-146
NONES, WALTER M.                       GEN-0001-31-353
NORCROSS, JONATHAN                     GEN-0001-02-357
NORD, HERMAN J.                        GEN-0001-31-267
NORTH, WILLIAM                         GEN-0001-01-52
NORTH, WILLIAM                         GEN-0001-02-7
NORTHEN, WILLIAM J.                    GEN-0001-01-232
NORTHINGTON, MERRILL P.                GEN-0001-31-171
NORTON, CHARLES H.                     GEN-0001-31-10
NOXON, B. DAVIS                        GEN-0001-02-134
NYE, FRANK M.                          GEN-0001-31-488
OAKES, THOMAS FLETCHER                 GEN-0001-01-183
OATES, WILLIAM C.                      GEN-0001-02-244
OBERLIN, THOMAS W.                     GEN-0001-31-309
OBRIEN, FRANK P.                       GEN-0001-01-207
OCHILTREE, WILLIAM B.                  GEN-0001-02-192
OCHS, ADOLPH S.                        GEN-0001-01-427
OCONNOR, WILLIAM D.                    GEN-0001-02-165
OGDEN, JAMES DE PEYSTER                GEN-0001-01-499
OGLETHORE, JAMES EDWARD                GEN-0001-01-490
OLCOTT, SIMEON                         GEN-0001-01-363
OLLENDORP, C. G. A.                    GEN-0001-02-20
OLMSTEAD, JOHN WESLEY                  GEN-0001-01-416
OLMSTED, FREDERICK L.                  GEN-0001-02-298
OLMSTED, HARRY A.                      GEN-0001-31-126
OMALLEY, FRANK C.                      GEN-0001-31-278
OPPENHEIMER, H. S.                     GEN-0001-02-226
ORDWAY, SAMUEL G.                      GEN-0001-31-443
OREILLY, JOHN BOYLE                    GEN-0001-01-428
ORR, HUGH                              GEN-0001-02-54
ORTMEYER, DANIEL H.                    GEN-0001-31-355
OSBORNE, JOHN H.                       GEN-0001-31-485
OSGOOD, FRANCES S.                     GEN-0001-02-196
OSGOOD, SAMUEL                         GEN-0001-01-18
OTIS, JAMES                            GEN-0001-31-340
OTIS, JAMES                            GEN-0001-01-17
OTIS, SAMUEL                           GEN-0001-02-500
OVESON, RAYMOND H.                     GEN-0001-31-169
OWEN, ALFRED                           GEN-0001-01-303
PACKARD, SOPHIA B.                     GEN-0001-02-270
PACKER, WILLIAM F.                     GEN-0001-02-289
PADDOCK, ALGERNON S.                   GEN-0001-02-247
PAGE, CARROLL S.                       GEN-0001-01-412
PAGE, DEWITT                           GEN-0001-31-270
PAGE, RICHARD C. M.                    GEN-0001-02-400
PAGE, RUSSEL S.                        GEN-0001-31-227
PAGE, THOMAS NELSON                    GEN-0001-01-209
PAINE, CHARLES JACKSON                 GEN-0001-01-448
PAINTER, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-31-129
PALMER, ALBERT MARSHMAN                GEN-0001-01-128
PALMER, JOHN MCC.                      GEN-0001-02-355
PALMER, WILLIAM F.                     GEN-0001-31-454
PARKER, AMASA JUNIUS                   GEN-0001-02-176
PARKER, AMASA JUNIUS                   GEN-0001-02-175
PARKER, HENRY                          GEN-0001-01-490
PARKER, ISAAC                          GEN-0001-02-152
PARKER, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-96
PARKER, MARY S.                        GEN-0001-02-395
PARKER, THEODORE                       GEN-0001-02-378
PARKMAN, FRANCIS                       GEN-0001-01-431
PARKS, FRED W.                         GEN-0001-31-101
PARKS, GEORGE W.                       GEN-0001-31-435
PARMENTER, ROSWELL A.                  GEN-0001-01-475
PARRY, CHARLES T.                      GEN-0001-01-318
PARSONS, ALBERT ROSS                   GEN-0001-02-495
PARSONS, SAMUEL HOLDEN                 GEN-0001-01-73
PARSONS,ENOCH                          GEN-0001-01-74
PARTON, JAMES                          GEN-0001-01-391
PARTON, SARA PAYSON WILLIS             GEN-0001-01-392
PASCO, SAMUEL                          GEN-0001-01-293
PASKO, WESLEY W.                       GEN-0001-02-60
PATERSON, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-24
PATTERSON, ROBERT                      GEN-0001-01-347
PATTERSON, ROBERT M                    GEN-0001-01-347
PATTISON, ROBERT EMORY                 GEN-0001-01-278
PAYNE, HENRY B.                        GEN-0001-01-427
PAYNE, JOHN HOWARD                     GEN-0001-02-347
PEABODY, JAMES H.                      GEN-0001-01-316
PEABODY, SELIM HOBART                  GEN-0001-01-271
PEARY, ROBERT EDWIN                    GEN-0001-02-63
PEASE, CALVIN                          GEN-0001-02-42
PEASE, CHARLES G.                      GEN-0001-31-425
PECK, GEORGE M.                        GEN-0001-31-148
PECK, GEORGE W.                        GEN-0001-02-442
PECK, WILLIAM B.                       GEN-0001-31-415
PECKHAM, WILLIAM G.                    GEN-0001-01-477
PEELE, ROBERT                          GEN-0001-31-326
PEFFER, WILLIAM ALFRED                 GEN-0001-01-299
PELHAM, THOMAS W.                      GEN-0001-02-229
PENN, ARTHUR A.                        GEN-0001-31-250
PENN, H. C.                            GEN-0001-02-277
PENN, JOHN                             GEN-0001-02-277
PENN, JOHN                             GEN-0001-02-277
PENN, RICHARD                          GEN-0001-02-277
PENN, RICHARD                          GEN-0001-02-277
PENN, THOMAS                           GEN-0001-02-277
PENN, W.                               GEN-0001-02-277
PENN, WILLIAM                          GEN-0001-02-275
PENN, WILLIAM                          GEN-0001-02-277
PENNIMAN, JOSIAH H.                    GEN-0001-31-130
PENROSE, BOIES                         GEN-0001-02-444
PENROSE, RICHARD A. F.                 GEN-0001-02-443
PEPPER, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-345
PERCIVAL, CHESTER S.                   GEN-0001-02-232
PERIT, PEINTIAH                        GEN-0001-01-499
PERKINS, CHARLES H.                    GEN-0001-02-271
PERRY, AMES                            GEN-0001-02-297
PERRY, ARTHUR F.                       GEN-0001-31-482
PETERS, BERNARD                        GEN-0001-01-157
PETERS, LE ROY S.                      GEN-0001-31-351
PETERS, MADISON C.                     GEN-0001-02-501
PETTENGILL, HEMAN J.                   GEN-0001-31-215
PETTIGREW, RICHARD F.                  GEN-0001-02-202
PETTIT, SILAS W.                       GEN-0001-31-477
PHELAN, JOHN J.                        GEN-0001-31-416
PHELAN, MICHAEL F.                     GEN-0001-31-172
PHELAN, THOMAS A.                      GEN-0001-31-442
PHELPS, AMOS A.                        GEN-0001-02-327
PHELPS, ELIZABETH STUART               GEN-0001-02-433
PHILIPS, WILLIAM C.                    GEN-0001-31-343
PHILLIPS, FRANK R.                     GEN-0001-31-395
PHILLIPS, HERBERT O.                   GEN-0001-31-104
PHILLIPS, J. WARNE                     GEN-0001-31-131
PHILLIPS, LEWIS S.                     GEN-0001-02-495
PHILLIPS, WENDELL                      GEN-0001-02-314
PHINNEY, HORATIO A.                    GEN-0001-31-175
PICKENS, ANDREW                        GEN-0001-01-70
PICKERING, TIMOTHY                     GEN-0001-01-12
PIERCE, GEORGE FOSTER                  GEN-0001-01-518
PIERCE, GILBERT ASHVILLE               GEN-0001-01-295
PIERCE, ULYSSES G. B.                  GEN-0001-31-464
PIERCE, V. MOTT                        GEN-0001-31-286
PIERPONT, JAMES                        GEN-0001-01-162
PIERSON, ABRAHAM                       GEN-0001-01-164
PIERSON, THOMAS H.                     GEN-0001-31-46
PIKE, ALBERT                           GEN-0001-01-527
PIKE, ZEBULON M.                       GEN-0001-02-517
PILLSBURY, HORACE D.                   GEN-0001-31-460
PILLSBURY, PARKER                      GEN-0001-02-325
PINCKNEY, CHARLES                      GEN-0001-02-11
PINCKNEY, CHARLES C.                   GEN-0001-02-303
PITCHER, JAMES R.                      GEN-0001-02-199
PLANKINTON, JOHN                       GEN-0001-01-248
PLANT, PHILIP M.                       GEN-0001-31-254
PLATT, CHARLES                         GEN-0001-02-449
PLATT, ORVILLE H.                      GEN-0001-02-339
PLUMB, PRESTON B.                      GEN-0001-02-420
POE, EDGAR ALLAN                       GEN-0001-01-463
POLK, WILLIAM M.                       GEN-0001-02-109
POLLARD, JOHN C.                       GEN-0001-31-152
POLLOCK, JAMES                         GEN-0001-02-289
POMEROY, MARK M.                       GEN-0001-02-502
POMEROY, SETH                          GEN-0001-01-54
POND, JAMES BURTON                     GEN-0001-01-240
POOLEY, THOMAS RICKETT                 GEN-0001-01-395
POOR, ENOCH                            GEN-0001-01-76
POPE, ALBERT AUGUSTUS                  GEN-0001-01-446
PORTER, ANDREW                         GEN-0001-01-77
PORTER, CYRUS KINNE                    GEN-0001-02-390
PORTER, DAVID DIXON                    GEN-0001-02-98
PORTER, DAVID R.                       GEN-0001-02-287
PORTER, GILBERT E.                     GEN-0001-31-412
PORTER, HORACE                         GEN-0001-31-254
PORTER, JAMES M.                       GEN-0001-02-479
PORTER, NOAH                           GEN-0001-01-171
PORTER, WILLIAM D.                     GEN-0001-02-101
POTTER, ELISHA R.                      GEN-0001-02-196
POTTER, HENRY CODMAN                   GEN-0001-01-516
POTTER, HORATIO                        GEN-0001-01-515
POTTER, MARK W.                        GEN-0001-31-468
POTTER, ORLANDO B.                     GEN-0001-01-186
POWELL, FRANCIS E.                     GEN-0001-31-449
POWELL, LEVIN MINN                     GEN-0001-01-383
POWELL, THEOPHILUS O.                  GEN-0001-02-484
POWER, THOMAS C.                       GEN-0001-01-300
POWERS, THOMAS J.                      GEN-0001-02-187
PRATT, ENOCH                           GEN-0001-02-379
PRATT, JOHN                            GEN-0001-01-301
PRATT, JULIUS HOWARD                   GEN-0001-01-259
PRENTICE, GEORGE G.                    GEN-0001-31-33
PRENTICE, JOHN H.                      GEN-0001-31-458
PRENTISS, FRANCIS F.                   GEN-0001-31-65
PRESCOTT, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-91
PRESTON, THOMAS S.                     GEN-0001-02-213
PRESTON, WILLARD                       GEN-0001-02-40
PRICE, CLIFTON                         GEN-0001-31-198
PRICE, GEORGE W. F.                    GEN-0001-02-450
PRINCE, L. BRADFORD                    GEN-0001-01-413
PROCTOR, REDFIELD                      GEN-0001-01-141
PROSSER, SEWARD                        GEN-0001-31-387
PROVOOST, SAMUEL                       GEN-0001-01-513
PRUGH, BYRONE. P.                      GEN-0001-31-241
PUGH, JAMES L.                         GEN-0001-01-292
PULASKI, CASIMIR                       GEN-0001-01-69
PULITZER, JOSEPH                       GEN-0001-01-375
PURCELL, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-01-209
PURINTON, DANIEL BOARDMAN              GEN-0001-01-304
PURPLE, MAYO S.                        GEN-0001-31-94
PURSE, DANIEL GUGEL                    GEN-0001-02-109
PURSE, THOMAS                          GEN-0001-02-194
PURVIS, ROBERT                         GEN-0001-01-413
PUTNAM, GEORGE H.                      GEN-0001-02-389
PUTNAM, GEORGE P.                      GEN-0001-02-388
PUTNAM, ISRAEL                         GEN-0001-01-87
PUTNAM, RUFUS                          GEN-0001-01-128
QUAY, MATTHEW STANLEY                  GEN-0001-01-459
QUINBY, WILLIAM EMERY                  GEN-0001-01-254
QUINCY, JOSIAH                         GEN-0001-01-19
QUINN, MURTHA P.                       GEN-0001-31-184
QUINTARD, G. W.                        GEN-0001-02-262
RABER, ORANL.                          GEN-0001-31-329
RABUN, WILLIAM                         GEN-0001-01-222
RACE, WILLIAM R.                       GEN-0001-01-288
RAFFERTY, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-504
RAGAN, WILLIS EUGENE                   GEN-0001-02-202
RAINSFORD, WILLIAM S.                  GEN-0001-01-385
RAKE, FRANCIS M.                       GEN-0001-01-402
RALPH, JULIAN                          GEN-0001-01-149
RAMSAY, ROBERT                         GEN-0001-31-400
RANDALL, ALEX W.                       GEN-0001-02-458
RANDOLPH, EDMUND                       GEN-0001-01-12
RANDOLPH, EDMUND                       GEN-0001-01-445
RANDOLPH, PEYTON                       GEN-0001-02-115
RANDOLPH, WARREN                       GEN-0001-02-122
RANKIN, EGBERT G.                      GEN-0001-02-340
RANKIN, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-321
RANSOM, EPAPHRODIUS                    GEN-0001-01-509
RATHBONE, JUSTUS H.                    GEN-0001-02-170
RAU, CHARLES                           GEN-0001-02-228
RAUCH, GEORGE                          GEN-0001-31-534
RAY, GEORGE W.                         GEN-0001-02-133
RAY, ISAAC                             GEN-0001-02-353
RAY, JOSEPH                            GEN-0001-01-349
RAY, WILLIAM                           GEN-0001-01-315
RAYNOLDS, FREDERIC A.                  GEN-0001-01-316
READ, CHARLES B.                       GEN-0001-31-232
READ, JACOB                            GEN-0001-02-4
READ, JOHN MEREDITH                    GEN-0001-02-223
READ, OPIE P.                          GEN-0001-01-353
REAGAN, JOHNHENNINGER                  GEN-0001-01-292
REAM, VINNIE                           GEN-0001-01-442
REAR, GEORGE W.                        GEN-0001-31-313
REDFIELD, ANNA M. T.                   GEN-0001-02-448
REDFIELD, LEWIS H.                     GEN-0001-02-448
REDFIELD, WILLIAM G.                   GEN-0001-31-185
REDWAY, JACQUES W.                     GEN-0001-31-85
REED, BENJAMIN E.                      GEN-0001-02-345
REED, CHARLES B.                       GEN-0001-31-93
REED, ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG              GEN-0001-01-203
REED, HENRY                            GEN-0001-02-349
REED, J.                               GEN-0001-02-280
REED, JAMES                            GEN-0001-01-76
REED, JOHN                             GEN-0001-02-245
REED, JOSEPH                           GEN-0001-01-74
REED, THOMAS B.                        GEN-0001-02-383
REED, W. B.                            GEN-0001-01-351
REESE, LIZETTE WOODWORTH               GEN-0001-01-387
REESE, WILLIAM M.                      GEN-0001-01-521
REEVES, MICAJAH R.                     GEN-0001-31-483
REEVES, REUBEN A.                      GEN-0001-01-375
REHAN, ADA                             GEN-0001-01-287
REID, W. S.                            GEN-0001-02-22
REID, WILLIAM C.                       GEN-0001-31-376
REID, WILLIAM THOMAS                   GEN-0001-02-258
REILEY, ISAAC HENRY                    GEN-0001-01-381
REIST, HENRY G.                        GEN-0001-31-419
REVELL, ALEXANDER H.                   GEN-0001-01-233
REVERE, PAUL                           GEN-0001-01-83
REYNOLDS, E.                           GEN-0001-02-431
REYNOLDS, EDWIN S.                     GEN-0001-31-506
REYNOLDS, HENRY H.                     GEN-0001-02-133
REYNOLDS, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-491
REYNOLDS, ROBERT J.                    GEN-0001-02-343
REYNOLDS, WELLINGTON G.                GEN-0001-31-200
RHOADS, WEBSTER S.                     GEN-0001-31-162
RICE, ALEXANDER HAMILTON               GEN-0001-01-120
RICE, ELBRIDGE W.                      GEN-0001-31-491
RICE, FRANK P.                         GEN-0001-02-385
RICE, JAMES H.                         GEN-0001-01-381
RICE, JOHN HOLT                        GEN-0001-02-27
RICE, JOHN HOLT                        GEN-0001-02-27
RICE, VIETTS LYSANDER                  GEN-0001-01-512
RICHARDS, EBEN                         GEN-0001-31-393
RICHARDS, EDWARD O.                    GEN-0001-31-373
RICHARDSON,C . H.                      GEN-0001-02-175
RICHMN, NATHAN G.                      GEN-0001-31-218
RICKEMEYER, RUDOLF                     GEN-0001-01-184
RICKER, HIRAM                          GEN-0001-02-60
RICKEY, WALTER J.                      GEN-0001-31-43
RIDDLE, ALBERT G.                      GEN-0001-02-371
RIDWAY, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-188
RILEY, LEWIS A.                        GEN-0001-31-428
RINEHART, WILLIAM H.                   GEN-0001-02-345
RING, CLARK L.                         GEN-0001-31-424
RINGLE, JOHN                           GEN-0001-31-419
RIPLEY, CHAUNCEY B.                    GEN-0001-02-149
RITNER, JOSEPH                         GEN-0001-02-286
RITTENHOUSE, DAVID                     GEN-0001-01-346
ROBBINS, AMMI RUHAMAH                  GEN-0001-01-502
ROBBINS, ASHUR                         GEN-0001-01-452
ROBBINS, C. (1738)                     GEN-0001-02-59
ROBBINS, C. (1810)                     GEN-0001-02-133
ROBBINS, JOHN Y.                       GEN-0001-31-503
ROBBINS, REYAL                         GEN-0001-02-195
ROBBINS, THOMAS                        GEN-0001-02-222
ROBERDEAU, DANIEL                      GEN-0001-02-14
ROBERDEAU, ISAAC                       GEN-0001-02-14
ROBERTS, CHARLES H.                    GEN-0001-02-370
ROBERTS, DOROTHEA K.                   GEN-0001-31-405
ROBERTS, ISAAC (MRS.0                  GEN-0001-31-405
ROBERTS, NATHAN S.                     GEN-0001-02-390
ROBERTS, RICHARD B.                    GEN-0001-02-370
ROBERTS, WILLIAM C.                    GEN-0001-02-387
ROBERTSON, CHARLOTTE R.                GEN-0001-02-221
ROBERTSON, E. W.                       GEN-0001-02-221
ROBERTSON, JAMES                       GEN-0001-02-221
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        GEN-0001-02-56
ROBERTSON, STERLING C.                 GEN-0001-01-478
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                     GEN-0001-02-55
ROBETSON, GEORGE                       GEN-0001-01-363
ROBINSON, CHARLES H.                   GEN-0001-31-178
ROBINSON, CONWAY                       GEN-0001-01-475
ROBINSON, DAVID                        GEN-0001-01-476
ROBINSON, EDWARD                       GEN-0001-02-242
ROBINSON, EDWARD (MRS.0                GEN-0001-02-242
ROBINSON, GEORGE DEXTER                GEN-0001-01-124
ROBINSON, H. N.                        GEN-0001-02-43
ROBINSON, JOHN                         GEN-0001-02-243
ROBINSON, JOHN                         GEN-0001-02-243
ROBINSON, JONATHAN                     GEN-0001-02-14
ROBINSON, ROSWELL R.                   GEN-0001-31-180
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                       GEN-0001-01-473
ROBINSON, STUART                       GEN-0001-01-371
ROBISON, LYMAN                         GEN-0001-01-276
ROBSON, STUART                         GEN-0001-02-411
ROCHAMBEAU, JEAN BAPTISTE              GEN-0001-01-68
RODE, WYLLYS                           GEN-0001-02-112
RODMOND, CHARLES L.                    GEN-0001-02-303
RODNEY, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-01-479
ROEBLING, FERDINAND W.                 GEN-0001-31-248
ROGERS, E. ALBERT                      GEN-0001-31-47
ROGERS, JAMES H.                       GEN-0001-31-301
ROGERS, NATHANIEL P.                   GEN-0001-02-320
ROGERS, PETER A.                       GEN-0001-02-507
ROID, WILLIAM S.                       GEN-0001-02-22
ROINKE, AMADEUS A.                     GEN-0001-02-176
RONOLDS, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-02-18
ROOT, JOSIAH G.                        GEN-0001-02-145
ROPER, DANIEL C.                       GEN-0001-31-5
RORKE, ALLEN B.                        GEN-0001-02-205
ROSE, WICKLIFFE                        GEN-0001-31-478
ROSENTHALL, LOUIS S. P.                GEN-0001-31-473
ROUTT, JOHN L.                         GEN-0001-01-288
ROWAN, ANDREW S.                       GEN-0001-31-455
ROWAN, STEPHEN                         GEN-0001-02-99
ROWE, ELLIS L.                         GEN-0001-31-339
ROWELL, GEORGE P.                      GEN-0001-02-428
ROWLEY, ALFRED M.                      GEN-0001-31-383
RUBLEE, HORACE                         GEN-0001-01-213
RUDD, ANSON                            GEN-0001-01-478
RUFFNER, CHARLES S.                    GEN-0001-31-105
RUGER, THOMAS HOWARD                   GEN-0001-01-229
RUGGLES, TIMOTHY                       GEN-0001-02-57
RULISON, NELSON SOMERVILLE             GEN-0001-01-511
RUMNEY, JOHN G.                        GEN-0001-31-30
RUSSELL, BENJAMIN                      GEN-0001-31-177
RUSSELL, WILLIAM EUSTIS                GEN-0001-01-125
RUTHERFURD, JOHN                       GEN-0001-02-10
RUTLEDGE, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-21
RUTTER, JAMES H.                       GEN-0001-01-531
RYALS, GARLAND M.                      GEN-0001-02-441
SABIN, DWIGHT MAY                      GEN-0001-02-374
SAINTGAUDENS, AUGUSTUS                 GEN-0001-01-472
SALTONSTALL, GURDON                    GEN-0001-01-163
SAMFORD, WILLIAM H.                    GEN-0001-31-214
SAMUELS, SAMUEL                        GEN-0001-01-450
SANDERS, CHARLES W.                    GEN-0001-02-257
SANDERS, D. C.                         GEN-0001-02-39
SANDERS, WILBUR FISK                   GEN-0001-01-457
SANDERSON, EDWARD                      GEN-0001-01-248
SANDERSON, RICHARD P. C.               GEN-0001-31-349
SANDS, COMFORT                         GEN-0001-01-497
SANDS, ROBERT M.                       GEN-0001-31-41
SANFORD, CHARLES E.                    GEN-0001-31-183
SANFORD, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-238
SAUNDERS, FREDERICK                    GEN-0001-02-379
SAVAGE, MINOT JUDSON                   GEN-0001-01-351
SAVIDGE, EUGENE C.                     GEN-0001-31-431
SAWYER, DONALD H.                      GEN-0001-31-531
SAWYER, SAMUEL N.                      GEN-0001-31-170
SAXE, JOHN GODFREY                     GEN-0001-01-438
SAXTON, LYNN M.                        GEN-0001-31-163
SAYLOR, PARRY D.                       GEN-0001-31-63
SAYRE, LEWIS A.                        GEN-0001-02-31
SAYWER, M. H.                          GEN-0001-02-62
SCAMMELL, ALEXANDER                    GEN-0001-02-261
SCARBROUGH, WILLIAM                    GEN-0001-02-237
SCHLEGEL, HERMAN T.                    GEN-0001-31-375
SCHLEY, GRANT BARNEY                   GEN-0001-01-216
SCHLEY, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-225
SCHMUCK, ELMER N.                      GEN-0001-31-154
SCHNEIDER, JOSEPH                      GEN-0001-02-136
SCHOELLKOPF, JACOB F.                  GEN-0001-31-46
SCHOELLKOPF, JACOB F.                  GEN-0001-31-47
SCHOLTZ, HENRY G.                      GEN-0001-31-393
SCHOYER, SAMUEL C.                     GEN-0001-31-208
SCHREIBER, MARTIN                      GEN-0001-31-35
SCHROEDER, FREDERICK A.                GEN-0001-02-154
SCHULZE, JOHN A.                       GEN-0001-02-286
SCHUMACHER, F.                         GEN-0001-02-183
SCHUREMAN, JAMES                       GEN-0001-02-11
SCHUYLER, GEORGE LEE                   GEN-0001-01-447
SCHUYLER, PHILIP JOHN                  GEN-0001-01-97
SCHWARZ, ARTHUR                        GEN-0001-31-200
SCHWEPPE, CHARLES H.                   GEN-0001-31-521
SCHWERIN, RICHARD DEC.                 GEN-0001-31-470
SCOT, WALTER                           GEN-0001-02-342
SCOTT, ALFRED B.                       GEN-0001-31-268
SCOTT, DRED                            GEN-0001-02-306
SCOTT, GUSTAVUS                        GEN-0001-02-220
SCOTT, HARVEY W.                       GEN-0001-01-204
SCOTT, JAMES W.                        GEN-0001-02-214
SCOTT, JOHN M.                         GEN-0001-02-240
SCOTT, JOHN W.                         GEN-0001-01-136
SCOTT, ORANGE                          GEN-0001-02-315
SCOTT, ROBERT N.                       GEN-0001-02-141
SCOTT, RUFUS LEONARD                   GEN-0001-01-189
SCOTT, WILLIAM A.                      GEN-0001-02-400
SCOVEL, S.                             GEN-0001-02-124
SCOVELL, S.                            GEN-0001-02-124
SCREVEN, J.                            GEN-0001-02-229
SCRUGGS, WILLIAM L.                    GEN-0001-02-165
SCUDDER, HORACE ELISHA                 GEN-0001-01-284
SCUDDER, JOHN                          GEN-0001-02-62
SEALS, JOHN HENRY                      GEN-0001-02-151
SEALSFIELD, CHARLES                    GEN-0001-02-193
SEARL, KELLY S.                        GEN-0001-31-305
SEARS, EDMUND H.                       GEN-0001-31-426
SEARS, ISAAC                           GEN-0001-01-386
SEATON, WILIAM W.                      GEN-0001-02-226
SEAVER, HOMER C.                       GEN-0001-31-487
SEDGWICK, CATHARINE MARIA              GEN-0001-01-446
SEDGWICK, HENRY D.                     GEN-0001-02-230
SEDGWICK, ROBERT                       GEN-0001-02-181
SEDGWICK, SUSAN R.                     GEN-0001-02-53
SEDGWICK, THEODORE (1ST)               GEN-0001-02-8
SEDGWICK, THEODORE (2D)                GEN-0001-02-232
SEDGWICK, THEODORE (3D)                GEN-0001-02-335
SEE, HORACE                            GEN-0001-02-220
SEGUIN, EDOUARD                        GEN-0001-02-195
SEIDEL, N.                             GEN-0001-02-19
SEIDS, JAMES V.                        GEN-0001-31-345
SELBY, GEORGE D.                       GEN-0001-31-319
SELDEN, JOHN HARRIS                    GEN-0001-01-185
SELIGMAN, DEWITT J.                    GEN-0001-01-361
SELLERS, CHARLES V.                    GEN-0001-31-179
SEMMES, JOHN E.                        GEN-0001-31-517
SENGLE, ROBERT L.                      GEN-0001-31-184
SERGEANT, E.                           GEN-0001-02-193
SERGEANT, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-479
SERGEANT, JOHN                         GEN-0001-02-229
SERGEANT, JONATHAN D.                  GEN-0001-02-63
SERGEANT, THOMAS                       GEN-0001-02-157
SETON, E. A.                           GEN-0001-02-436
SETON, ROBERT                          GEN-0001-01-190
SEUSEMAN, GOTTLOB                      GEN-0001-02-153
SEUSEMAN, JOACHIM                      GEN-0001-02-153
SEVIER, AMBROSE H.                     GEN-0001-02-121
SEWALL, J.                             GEN-0001-02-216
SEWALL, JONATHAN                       GEN-0001-02-59
SEWALL, JONATHAN M.                    GEN-0001-02-30
SEWALL, JOSEPH                         GEN-0001-02-37
SEWARD, WILLIAM H.                     GEN-0001-02-77
SEYFFERT, ANTON                        GEN-0001-02-180
SHACKELFORD, JESSE M.                  GEN-0001-31-109
SHANDS, AURELIUS R.                    GEN-0001-31-143
SHAPLEY, RUFUS                         GEN-0001-02-190
SHARP, CLAYTON H.                      GEN-0001-31-281
SHARSWOOD, GEORGE                      GEN-0001-02-168
SHAW, JOHN M.                          GEN-0001-31-390
SHAW, WILLIAM                          GEN-0001-31-117
SHAYS, DANIEL                          GEN-0001-02-137
SHEA, JOSEPH                           GEN-0001-02-267
SHEAFE, JAMES                          GEN-0001-02-10
SHEARMAN, THOMAS G.                    GEN-0001-02-493
SHEBOSCH, JOHN JOSEPH                  GEN-0001-02-262
SHEFFIELD, JAMES R.                    GEN-0001-31-518
SHELBY, EVAN                           GEN-0001-02-169
SHELBY, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-151
SHELLABARGER, S.                       GEN-0001-02-357
SHEP, DANIEL B.                        GEN-0001-31-249
SHEPARD, ELLIOTT FITCH                 GEN-0001-01-159
SHEPARD, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-02-246
SHEPLEY, JOHN                          GEN-0001-02-7
SHEPLEY, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-02-7
SHEPPARD, ISAAC A.                     GEN-0001-02-180
SHERIDAN, WILLIAM E.                   GEN-0001-02-142
SHERLEY, SWAGAR                        GEN-0001-31-86
SHERMAN, ROGER                         GEN-0001-02-270
SHERMAN, SIDNEY                        GEN-0001-02-130
SHERWIN, DONALD G.                     GEN-0001-31-384
SHERWOOD, ISAAC R.                     GEN-0001-02-152
SHERWOOD, K. B.                        GEN-0001-02-201
SHIELDS, JAMES                         GEN-0001-02-178
SHIMP, HERBERT G.                      GEN-0001-31-488
SHIPHERD, JOHN J.                      GEN-0001-02-459
SHIPLEY, CALEB W.                      GEN-0001-31-153
SHIRAS, GEORGE J.                      GEN-0001-02-477
SHOUP, GEORGE LAIRD                    GEN-0001-01-324
SHREVE, HENRY M.                       GEN-0001-02-185
SHUBRICK, W. B.                        GEN-0001-02-237
SHULTZ, HENRY A.                       GEN-0001-02-142
SHULTZ, THEODORE                       GEN-0001-02-142
SHUNK, FRANCIS R.                      GEN-0001-02-228
SHUTTER, MARION D.                     GEN-0001-31-110
SIBLEY, GEORGE C.                      GEN-0001-02-28
SIBLEY, HENRY H.                       GEN-0001-02-365
SIBLEY, JANE ELIZA                     GEN-0001-01-364
SIBLEY, SOLOMON                        GEN-0001-02-174
SIBLEY, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-02-217
SIGOURNEY, LYDIA HUNTLEY               GEN-0001-01-154
SILLIMAN, BENJAMIN                     GEN-0001-02-386
SILLIMAN, BENJAMIN JR.                 GEN-0001-02-386
SILLIMAN, EBENEZER                     GEN-0001-02-386
SIMMONS, JOSEPH E.                     GEN-0001-02-372
SIMONDS, ALVN T.                       GEN-0001-31-224
SIMONDS, WILLIAM EDGAR                 GEN-0001-01-363
SIMPSON, JERRY                         GEN-0001-01-321
SIMS, JAMES MARION                     GEN-0001-02-356
SINGERLY, WILLIAM M.                   GEN-0001-01-198
SINGLETON, RICHARD                     GEN-0001-31-161
SINNICKSON, THOMAS                     GEN-0001-02-367
SITGREAVES, SAMUEL                     GEN-0001-02-239
SKINNER, JOHN S.                       GEN-0001-02-150
SLATER, GEORGE                         GEN-0001-02-108
SLIDELL, JOHN                          GEN-0001-02-93
SLOANE, A. BALDWIN                     GEN-0001-31-51
SLOAT, JOHN D.                         GEN-0001-02-164
SMALL, HAROLD P.                       GEN-0001-31-209
SMALLWOOD, WILLIAM                     GEN-0001-01-72
SMILEY, CHARLES W.                     GEN-0001-02-371
SMILEY, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-31-71
SMILIE, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-215
SMILLIE, JAMES                         GEN-0001-02-146
SMILLIE, JAMES DAVID                   GEN-0001-02-154
SMILLIE, WILLIAM C.                    GEN-0001-02-376
SMILLIE, WILLIAM M.                    GEN-0001-02-155
SMITH, ARCHIBALD CARY                  GEN-0001-01-450
SMITH, CALEB BLOOD                     GEN-0001-02-88
SMITH, CHARLES EMORY                   GEN-0001-01-240
SMITH, CHARLES STEWART                 GEN-0001-01-501
SMITH, DANIEL                          GEN-0001-02-7
SMITH, ERASTUS                         GEN-0001-02-108
SMITH, FRANK                           GEN-0001-31-423
SMITH, GERRIT                          GEN-0001-02-322
SMITH, HATNANIEL                       GEN-0001-02-399
SMITH, HOKE                            GEN-0001-01-183
SMITH, J. B.                           GEN-0001-02-21
SMITH, J. LEWIS                        GEN-0001-02-201
SMITH, JAMES                           GEN-0001-02-343
SMITH, JAMES BAKER                     GEN-0001-01-356
SMITH, JAMES MILTON                    GEN-0001-01-230
SMITH, JANE LUELLA D.                  GEN-0001-02-190
SMITH, JEREMIAH                        GEN-0001-02-184
SMITH, JOHN A.                         GEN-0001-31-183
SMITH, JOHN B.                         GEN-0001-02-21
SMITH, LUTHER M.                       GEN-0001-01-519
SMITH, MARY                            GEN-0001-02-175
SMITH, MATTHEW H.                      GEN-0001-02-34
SMITH, NICHOLAS                        GEN-0001-01-185
SMITH, ORRIN L.                        GEN-0001-31-242
SMITH, OSBORN L.                       GEN-0001-01-519
SMITH, REA                             GEN-0001-31-251
SMITH, ROSWELL                         GEN-0001-01-311
SMITH, S. FAHS                         GEN-0001-31-246
SMITH, S. S.                           GEN-0001-02-21
SMITH, S.S.                            GEN-0001-02-21
SMITH, SAMUEL                          GEN-0001-01-73
SMITH, SOL                             GEN-0001-02-197
SMITH, VALENTINE W.                    GEN-0001-31-122
SMITH, W.                              GEN-0001-02-41
SMITH, W. HINCKLE                      GEN-0001-31-495
SMITH, WILLIAM                         GEN-0001-01-340
SMITH, WILLIAM                         GEN-0001-02-481
SMITH, WILLIAM A.                      GEN-0001-02-193
SMITH, WILLIAM HARRISON                GEN-0001-01-235
SMYTH, FREDERICK                       GEN-0001-02-432
SMYTH, THOMAS                          GEN-0001-02-171
SMYTH, THOMAS A.                       GEN-0001-02-141
SNEAD, THOMAS LOWNDES                  GEN-0001-01-512
SNELLING, JOSIAH                       GEN-0001-02-159
SNELLING, WILLIAM J.                   GEN-0001-02-126
SNETHEN, NICHOLAS                      GEN-0001-02-165
SNOW, ELBRIDGE G.                      GEN-0001-02-147
SNOW, FRANKLIN A.                      GEN-0001-31-245
SNYDER, HENRY S.                       GEN-0001-31-269
SNYDER, SIMON                          GEN-0001-02-284
SOMERS, FREDERICK MAXWELL              GEN-0001-01-201
SOMERS, PETER J.                       GEN-0001-02-184
SOULE, GEORGE                          GEN-0001-01-510
SOULE, RICHARD                         GEN-0001-02-115
SOULLY, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-268
SOUTHARD, HENRY                        GEN-0001-01-524
SOUTHWICK, JOHN L.                     GEN-0001-31-313
SOUTHWORTH, EMMA                       GEN-0001-01-432
SOWDER, CHARLES R.                     GEN-0001-31-389
SPALDING, HENRY H.                     GEN-0001-02-20
SPALDING, LYMAN                        GEN-0001-02-194
SPALDING, MARTIN JOHN                  GEN-0001-01-486
SPALDING, OTIS B.                      GEN-0001-31-496
SPALDING, WILLIAM A.                   GEN-0001-31-42
SPARROW, P. J.                         GEN-0001-02-25
SPARROW, P. J.                         GEN-0001-02-25
SPAULDING, EDWARD G.                   GEN-0001-31-100
SPEED, JAMES                           GEN-0001-02-89
SPENCE, JOHN FLETCHER                  GEN-0001-01-403
SPENCER, JAMES CLARK                   GEN-0001-01-494
SPENCER, JOSEPH                        GEN-0001-01-76
SPERRY, WATSON ROBERTSON               GEN-0001-01-416
SPIEGELBERG, ISAAC N.                  GEN-0001-31-493
SPIERS, H. WALDO                       GEN-0001-31-55
SPOONER, JOHN COIT                     GEN-0001-01-321
SPRAGUE, EDWARD E.                     GEN-0001-31-516
SPRAGUE, NATHAN T.                     GEN-0001-02-135
SPRINGFORD, HERBERT H.                 GEN-0001-31-427
SQUIRE, JOHN PETER                     GEN-0001-02-234
STANBERY, H.                           GEN-0001-02-458
STANDEN, GEORGE W.                     GEN-0001-31-208
STANFORD, LELAND                       GEN-0001-02-129
STANTON, EDWIN MCM.                    GEN-0001-02-83
STANTON,HENRY B.                       GEN-0001-02-318
STARIN, JOHN H.                        GEN-0001-02-20
STARK, JOHN                            GEN-0001-01-80
STARK, JOSHUA                          GEN-0001-02-138
STCLAIR, ARTHUR                        GEN-0001-01-94
STEARNS, EZRA S.                       GEN-0001-02-480
STEARNS, ROBERT L.                     GEN-0001-31-472
STEART, PAUL P.                        GEN-0001-31-230
STEDMAN, FRANK H.                      GEN-0001-31-150
STEELE, GEORGE W.                      GEN-0001-01-456
STEERS, GEORGE                         GEN-0001-01-448
STEGMAN, L. R.                         GEN-0001-02-391
STEINWAY, C. F. T.                     GEN-0001-02-513
STEINWAY, H. E.                        GEN-0001-02-513
STEINWAY, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-02-514
STEPHENS, ERNEST J.                    GEN-0001-31-257
STEPHENS, URIAH B.                     GEN-0001-01-262
STEPHENS, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-490
STERNBERGH, JAMES H.                   GEN-0001-31-255
STETSON, THOMAS DREW                   GEN-0001-02-248
STEVENS, ALEXANDER H.                  GEN-0001-31-133
STEVENS, EDWARD                        GEN-0001-01-52
STEVENS, GEORGE T.                     GEN-0001-01-214
STEVENS, JOHN COX                      GEN-0001-01-447
STEVENS, JOHN LEAVITT                  GEN-0001-02-172
STEVENS, RAYMOND B.                    GEN-0001-31-365
STEVENSON, ADLAI E.                    GEN-0001-02-487
STEWART, ALVAN                         GEN-0001-02-421
STEWART, PHILO P.                      GEN-0001-02-460
STEWART, WILLIAM A.                    GEN-0001-02-183
STEWART, WILLIAM MORRIS                GEN-0001-01-325
STILES, EZRA                           GEN-0001-01-167
STILL, WILLIAM                         GEN-0001-02-313
STILLE, CHARLES JANEWAY                GEN-0001-01-344
STILLMAN, WILLIAM OLIN                 GEN-0001-01-351
STILWELL, CLIFFORD S.                  GEN-0001-31-225
STILWELL, EUGENE J.                    GEN-0001-31-413
STJOHN, WILLIAM POPE                   GEN-0001-02-439
STOCKBRIDGE, FRANCIS BROWN             GEN-0001-01-460
STOCKTON, FRANCIS RICHARD              GEN-0001-01-396
STOCKTON, RICHARD                      GEN-0001-02-7
STODDARD, HENRY                        GEN-0001-31-192
STODDERT, BENJAMIN                     GEN-0001-02-5
STONE, DAVID MARVIN                    GEN-0001-01-265
STONE, JAMES H.                        GEN-0001-01-159
STONE, JOHN C.                         GEN-0001-31-473
STONE, JOHN MARSHALL                   GEN-0001-02-301
STONE, LUCY                            GEN-0001-02-316
STONE, MELVILLE ELIJAH                 GEN-0001-01-215
STONE, THOMAS T.                       GEN-0001-02-364
STORRS, CHARELS BACKUS                 GEN-0001-02-326
STORY, JOSEPH                          GEN-0001-02-468
STRAUCH, PETER D.                      GEN-0001-02-36
STRAWN, JULIA C.                       GEN-0001-31-356
STRAWN, TAYLOR                         GEN-0001-31-490
STREETT, DAVID                         GEN-0001-02-187
STREIT, SMAUEL F.                      GEN-0001-31-303
STRICKLER, GIVENS B.                   GEN-0001-02-350
STRINGHAM, STILAS H.                   GEN-0001-02-100
STRONG, CALEB                          GEN-0001-01-110
STRONG, CHARLES A.                     GEN-0001-31-187
STRONG, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-33
STUDER, AUGUSTUS C.                    GEN-0001-31-228
STUMP, WILL L.                         GEN-0001-31-253
SULLIVAN, ALGERNON S. (MRS.0           GEN-0001-31-406
SULLIVAN, JAMES                        GEN-0001-01-110
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-56
SULLIVAN, MARY M. H.                   GEN-0001-31-406
SUMNER, INCREASE                       GEN-0001-01-109
SUMNER, JETHRO                         GEN-0001-01-47
SUMTER, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-01-79
SUTCLIFFE, JOHN                        GEN-0001-02-499
SUTHERLAND, GEORGE                     GEN-0001-31-3
SUTRO, OTTO                            GEN-0001-02-159
SWARTZEL, KARL D.                      GEN-0001-31-165
SWINBURNE, RALPH E.                    GEN-0001-02-506
SWISSHELM, JANE GREY                   GEN-0001-02-316
TAFT, CHARLES P.                       GEN-0001-01-239
TAFT, JOHN H.                          GEN-0001-31-72
TAINTOR, HENRY FOX                     GEN-0001-01-452
TALBOT, MATTHEW                        GEN-0001-01-223
TALBOT, RICHARD J.                     GEN-0001-31-211
TALBOT, SAMSON                         GEN-0001-01-302
TALBOT, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-01-121
TALLMADGE, BENJAMIN                    GEN-0001-01-90
TANEY, ROGER BROOKE                    GEN-0001-01-27
TANNER, JAMES                          GEN-0001-01-287
TAPPAN, ARTHUR                         GEN-0001-02-320
TAPPAN, HENRY PHILIP                   GEN-0001-01-249
TAPPAN, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-321
TAPPAN, LEWIS                          GEN-0001-02-321
TATTNALL, JOSIAH                       GEN-0001-01-221
TAYLOR, CHARLES H.                     GEN-0001-02-192
TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE DE B.                GEN-0001-02-164
TAYLOR, FIELDING L.                    GEN-0001-31-7
TAYLOR, GRAHAM R.                      GEN-0001-31-79
TAYLOR, JOHN                           GEN-0001-02-236
TAYLOR, JOSEPH W.                      GEN-0001-31-368
TAYLOR, ROBERT C.                      GEN-0001-31-394
TAYLOR, WILLIAM L.                     GEN-0001-31-452
TAYLOR, WILLIAM M.                     GEN-0001-02-189
TAZEWELL, HENRY                        GEN-0001-02-6
TEAGUE, SAMUEL W.                      GEN-0001-02-187
TEETS, HERBERT M.                      GEN-0001-31-495
TELFAIR, EDWARD                        GEN-0001-01-219
TELLIER, R.                            GEN-0001-02-266
TENEYCK, JOHN C.                       GEN-0001-02-95
TENNEY, ASA W.                         GEN-0001-02-334
TERHUNE, JOHN H.                       GEN-0001-31-59
TERHUNE, MARY V.                       GEN-0001-02-122
TERRELL, EDWIN H.                      GEN-0001-01-387
THACHER, GEORGE                        GEN-0001-02-132
THACHER, JOHN B.                       GEN-0001-02-506
THACHER, THOMAS O.                     GEN-0001-31-497
THAXTER, CELIA LAIGHTON                GEN-0001-01-305
THAYER, JOHN MILTON                    GEN-0001-01-471
THAYER, LYMAN E.                       GEN-0001-31-500
THEBAUD, A.                            GEN-0001-02-265
THOMAS, ARTHUR L.                      GEN-0001-01-415
THOMAS, DAVID W.                       GEN-0001-02-399
THOMAS, DOUGLAS H.                     GEN-0001-01-160
THOMAS, G.                             GEN-0001-02-279
THOMAS, JAMES R.                       GEN-0001-01-519
THOMAS, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-81
THOMAS, NATHANIEL S.                   GEN-0001-31-194
THOMAS, T.                             GEN-0001-02-124
THOMAS, THEODORE                       GEN-0001-02-139
THOMAS, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-02-124
THOMAS, WILLIAM W.                     GEN-0001-02-132
THOMPSON, EBEN F.                      GEN-0001-31-448
THOMPSON, EDWIN                        GEN-0001-02-327
THOMPSON, FOUNTAIN L.                  GEN-0001-31-319
THOMPSON, HENRY L.                     GEN-0001-31-258
THOMPSON, JOH NA.                      GEN-0001-31-126
THOMPSON, JOHN W.                      GEN-0001-02-498
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-70
THOMSON, CHARLES                       GEN-0001-02-131
THOMSON, DOUGLA SH.                    GEN-0001-31-229
THOREAU, HENRY D.                      GEN-0001-02-300
THORNTON, HENRY C.                     GEN-0001-31-181
TICHENOR, FRANCIS H.                   GEN-0001-31-207
TIFFANY, CHARLES L.                    GEN-0001-02-57
TILESTON, THOMAS                       GEN-0001-02-504
TILGHMAN, EDWARD                       GEN-0001-02-390
TILGHMAN, JAMES                        GEN-0001-01-536
TILGHMAN, MATTHEW                      GEN-0001-01-523
TILLINGHAST, T.                        GEN-0001-02-126
TILLMAN, BENJAMIN RYAN                 GEN-0001-01-435
TILLMAN, FREDERICK                     GEN-0001-31-497
TINDAL, JOHN M.                        GEN-0001-02-240
TINKER, CHARLES A.                     GEN-0001-02-144
TOBEY, FRANK BASSETT                   GEN-0001-01-404
TODD, ANDREW JOHN                      GEN-0001-02-133
TODD, CHARLES SCOTT                    GEN-0001-01-409
TODD, EDWARD                           GEN-0001-02-243
TODD, THOMAS                           GEN-0001-02-467
TOLL, CHARLES H.                       GEN-0001-31-441
TOMLINSON, GEORGE A.                   GEN-0001-31-221
TOOLE, JOSEPH KEMP                     GEN-0001-01-280
TORCHIO, PHILIP                        GEN-0001-31-498
TORRENCE, JOSEPH T.                    GEN-0001-02-429
TORREY, JSOEPH                         GEN-0001-02-42
TOWNS, GEORGE WASHINGTON               GEN-0001-01-225
TOWNSEND, AMOS                         GEN-0001-02-436
TOWNSEND, CLAUDIUS B.                  GEN-0001-31-127
TOWNSEND, GEORGE ALFRED                GEN-0001-01-154
TOWNSEND, GEORGE L.                    GEN-0001-31-266
TOWNSEND, HOWARD                       GEN-0001-31-420
TRACY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN               GEN-0001-01-145
TRACY, CHARLES E.                      GEN-0001-31-103
TRACY, MARTHA                          GEN-0001-31-205
TRACY, URIAH                           GEN-0001-02-5
TRASK, JAMES D.                        GEN-0001-31-468
TRAVIS, EVERETT H.                     GEN-0001-31-190
TREGELLAS, SAMUEL R.                   GEN-0001-02-216
TREUTLEN, JOHN ADAM                    GEN-0001-01-493
TRIMBLE, ROBERT                        GEN-0001-02-469
TROUP, GEORGE MICHAEL                  GEN-0001-01-223
TRUXTUN, THOMAS                        GEN-0001-02-432
TUCK, EDWARD                           GEN-0001-31-44
TUELL, SAMUEL B.                       GEN-0001-31-386
TUPPER, HENRY ALLEN                    GEN-0001-01-272
TUPPER, HENRY MARTIN                   GEN-0001-01-270
TUPPER, SAMUEL Y.                      GEN-0001-01-272
TURNER, HENRY MCN.                     GEN-0001-02-206
TURPLE, DAVID                          GEN-0001-01-218
TURRISH, HENRY                         GEN-0001-31-289
TUTHILL, HORACE STEPHEN                GEN-0001-31-325
TUTHILL, HORACE SWEEZY                 GEN-0001-31-324
TUTTLE, HIRAM A.                       GEN-0001-02-354
TWIGGS, HANSFORD D. D.                 GEN-0001-02-196
TYLER, COMFORT                         GEN-0001-02-449
TYNG, STEPHEN H. JR.                   GEN-0001-02-300
TYNG, STEPHEN H.                       GEN-0001-02-299
ULRICH, CHARLES FREDERIC               GEN-0001-01-202
UNDERHILL, JOHN                        GEN-0001-01-415
UNDERWOOD, HORACE G.                   GEN-0001-31-290
UNTERMYER, SAMUEL                      GEN-0001-01-241
UPJOHN, R. .                           GEN-0001-02-245
UPJOHN, RICHARD                        GEN-0001-02-182
UPSON, OLIVER W.                       GEN-0001-31-227
USHER, JOHN PALMER                     GEN-0001-02-88
VALK, FRANCIS                          GEN-0001-02-197
VALLERIA, ALVINA                       GEN-0001-01-426
VANALLEN, GARRET A.                    GEN-0001-02-131
VANCE, ZEBULON B.                      GEN-0001-02-384
VANCORTLANDT, P.                       GEN-0001-02-479
VANCOTT, CORNELIUS                     GEN-0001-01-363
VANDENHOFF, GEORGE                     GEN-0001-01-427
VANDERLYN, JOHN                        GEN-0001-01-414
VANGORDER, ALBERT H.                   GEN-0001-31-248
VANKEUREN, PHILIP                      GEN-0001-31-341
VANORMAN, AMELIE R. VEILLER            GEN-0001-01-319
VANORMAN, DANIEL CUMMINGS              GEN-0001-01-319
VANRENSSELAER, KILLIAN K.              GEN-0001-02-51
VANRENSSELAER, MAUNSELL                GEN-0001-02-51
VANRENSSELAER, S. (1764)               GEN-0001-02-397
VANRENSSELAER, S. (1789)               GEN-0001-02-483
VANSCHAICK, GOSEN                      GEN-0001-01-78
VANSCIVER, GEORGE D.                   GEN-0001-31-531
VANVECHTEN, RALPH                      GEN-0001-31-418
VANWYCK, SAMUEL                        GEN-0001-01-269
VARICK, RICHARD                        GEN-0001-01-80
VARNUM, JAMES M.                       GEN-0001-31-58
VARNUM, JOSEPH BRADLEY                 GEN-0001-01-70
VASS, WILLIAM W.                       GEN-0001-31-157
VEALE, MOSES                           GEN-0001-01-536
VEDDER, COMMODORE P.                   GEN-0001-02-508
VERNON, HOWARD W.                      GEN-0001-31-411
VERNON, LEROY M.                       GEN-0001-02-413
VESEY, WILLIAM                         GEN-0001-01-516
VEST, GEORGE GRAHAM                    GEN-0001-02-298
VETHAKE, HENRY                         GEN-0001-01-344
VIELE, EGBERT L.                       GEN-0001-02-194
VILAS, WILLIAM F.                      GEN-0001-02-408
VINING, OHN                            GEN-0001-02-5
VIRGIL, EBENEZER H.                    GEN-0001-02-398
VITALE, FERRUCCIO                      GEN-0001-31-106
VOIGHT, WALTER W.                      GEN-0001-31-233
VONMARSCHALL, F. W.                    GEN-0001-02-447
VOORHEES, DANIEL W.                    GEN-0001-02-359
VOORHEES, JAMES D.                     GEN-0001-31-151
VROOMAN, JOHN W.                       GEN-0001-01-260
WADDE, JAMES                           GEN-0001-02-259
WADE, BENJAMIN F.                      GEN-0001-02-94
WADE, JEPHTHA H.                       GEN-0001-01-213
WADE, NEILL G.                         GEN-0001-31-489
WADLEY, DAVID R.                       GEN-0001-02-399
WADLEY, DOLE                           GEN-0001-01-477
WADLEY, WILLIAM MERRILL                GEN-0001-01-201
WADSWORTH, JAMES                       GEN-0001-01-55
WADSWORTH, JEREMIAH                    GEN-0001-01-78
WADSWORTH, PELEG                       GEN-0001-01-76
WADSWORTH, PELEG                       GEN-0001-02-191
WAGNER, CLINTON                        GEN-0001-01-209
WAINWRIGHT, JONATHAN MAYHEW            GEN-0001-01-515
WAIT, HENRY H.                         GEN-0001-31-75
WAIT, WILLIAM BELL                     GEN-0001-02-451
WAITE, MORRISON REMICK                 GEN-0001-01-30
WAKEMAN, S. WILEY                      GEN-0001-31-203
WALBRIDGE, EDWARD L.                   GEN-0001-31-53
WALBRIDGE, WILLIAM S.                  GEN-0001-31-52
WALDEN, PERCY T.                       GEN-0001-31-512
WALKER, JOSEPH                         GEN-0001-31-273
WALLACE, CAMPBELL                      GEN-0001-02-35
WALLACE, HUGH                          GEN-0001-01-495
WALLACH, ANTONY                        GEN-0001-01-466
WALLACH, ROGER N.                      GEN-0001-31-494
WALSH, JOHN J.                         GEN-0001-02-297
WALSH, PATRICK                         GEN-0001-02-50
WALTERS, WILLIAM THOMPSON              GEN-0001-01-155
WALTHALL, EDWARD CARY                  GEN-0001-01-389
WALTON, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-496
WANAMAKER, JOHN                        GEN-0001-01-143
WARD, ARTEMAS                          GEN-0001-01-67
WARD, CHRISTOPHER L.                   GEN-0001-31-476
WARD, ELIZABETH S. P.                  GEN-0001-02-433
WARD, FREDERICKT.                      GEN-0001-02-487
WARD, JAMES THOMAS                     GEN-0001-01-206
WARD, JOHN ELLIOTT                     GEN-0001-01-373
WARD, JOHN Q. A.                       GEN-0001-02-364
WARD, LEBBEUS BALDWIN                  GEN-0001-01-246
WARD, SAMUEL BALDWIN                   GEN-0001-01-245
WARE, HELEN                            GEN-0001-31-107
WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY                 GEN-0001-02-116
WARNER, HORATIO G.                     GEN-0001-02-433
WARNER, SETH                           GEN-0001-01-86
WARNER, WILLIAM R.                     GEN-0001-02-167
WARREN, FRANCIS E.                     GEN-0001-02-438
WARREN, JOSEPH                         GEN-0001-01-57
WARTHEN, RICHARD                       GEN-0001-01-384
WASHBURN, EMORY                        GEN-0001-01-116
WASHBURN, JOHN H.                      GEN-0001-02-262
WASHINGTON, BUSHROD                    GEN-0001-02-231
WASHINGTON, GEORGE                     GEN-0001-01-1
WASHINGTON, WILLIAM                    GEN-0001-02-492
WATERMAN, LEWIS EDSON                  GEN-0001-01-372
WATKINS, SAMUEL C. G.                  GEN-0001-01-425
WATRY, JOSEPH                          GEN-0001-31-71
WATSON, CLARENCE W.                    GEN-0001-31-359
WATSON, JAMES                          GEN-0001-02-5
WATTERSON, HARVEY MAGEE                GEN-0001-01-403
WATTERSON, HENRY                       GEN-0001-01-468
WATTS, JOHN                            GEN-0001-02-44
WAYNE, ANTHONY                         GEN-0001-01-55
WAYNE, J. M.                           GEN-0001-02-469
WEAVER, DEMPSEY                        GEN-0001-31-139
WEAVER, GAILARD E.                     GEN-0001-31-463
WEBB, WILLIAM B.                       GEN-0001-02-230
WEBB, WILLIAM H.                       GEN-0001-02-263
WEBB, WILLIAM SEWARD                   GEN-0001-01-532
WEBSTER, NOAH                          GEN-0001-02-394
WEED, SMITH MEAD                       GEN-0001-02-52
WEEKS, HENRY ASTOR                     GEN-0001-02-486
WEIL, BENJAMIN M.                      GEN-0001-02-486
WELCKER, MERRILL L.                    GEN-0001-31-529
WELD, THEODORE D.                      GEN-0001-02-319
WELLES, GIDEON                         GEN-0001-02-86
WELLING, JAMES CLARK                   GEN-0001-01-505
WELLMAN, GUY                           GEN-0001-31-161
WELLS, WILLIAM HILL                    GEN-0001-02-9
WEREAT, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-493
WERNER, PAUL E.                        GEN-0001-02-251
WERTZ, JOHN A.                         GEN-0001-31-375
WESTLAKE, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-02-416
WESTON, THOMAS JR.                     GEN-0001-02-30
WHARTON, T. JR.                        GEN-0001-02-280
WHEATLEY, PHILLIS                      GEN-0001-01-259
WHEATLEY, SARAH ROSS                   GEN-0001-01-160
WHEATLEY, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-190
WHEATON, HENRY                         GEN-0001-01-274
WHEELER, ALTON C.                      GEN-0001-31-293
WHEELER, DORA                          GEN-0001-01-405
WHEELER, FRANCIS BROWN                 GEN-0001-01-443
WHEELER, FREDERICK S.                  GEN-0001-31-354
WHEELER, HIRAM C.                      GEN-0001-01-216
WHEELER, JOHN                          GEN-0001-02-41
WHEELER, JOSEPH                        GEN-0001-02-352
WHEELER, WILLIAM ADOLPHUS              GEN-0001-01-319
WHEELWRIGHT, JOHN                      GEN-0001-01-232
WHIPPLE, ABRAHAM                       GEN-0001-02-16
WHIPPLE, EARLE R.                      GEN-0001-31-140
WHIPPLE, EDWIN PERCY                   GEN-0001-01-197
WHIPPLE, GUY M.                        GEN-0001-31-226
WHISTLER, GEORGE W.                    GEN-0001-02-213
WHISTLER, GEORGE WASHINGTON            GEN-0001-01-277
WHITAKER, DANIEL KIMBALL               GEN-0001-01-274
WHITAKER, MARY SCRIMGEOUR              GEN-0001-01-274
WHITE, ANTHONY WALTON                  GEN-0001-01-69
WHITE, HENRY                           GEN-0001-01-495
WHITE, JOHN S.                         GEN-0001-02-340
WHITE, JOSIAH                          GEN-0001-31-149
WHITE, NATHANIEL                       GEN-0001-02-28
WHITE, RICHARD GRANT                   GEN-0001-01-197
WHITE, WILLIAM J.                      GEN-0001-02-449
WHITFIELD, JAMES                       GEN-0001-01-483
WHITMAN, WALT                          GEN-0001-01-255
WHITMAN, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-02-497
WHITNEY, ADELINE D. T.                 GEN-0001-02-29
WHITNEY, EUGENE                        GEN-0001-01-198
WHITNEY, GEORGE T.                     GEN-0001-31-164
WHITNEY, MYRON W.                      GEN-0001-02-143
WHITNEY, WILLIAM C.                    GEN-0001-02-407
WHITNEY, WILLIAM D.                    GEN-0001-02-341
WHITON, AUGUSTUS SHERRILL              GEN-0001-01-198
WHITTEMORE, JAMES                      GEN-0001-31-87
WHITTEMORE, THOMAS                     GEN-0001-01-276
WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF               GEN-0001-01-407
WHITWORTH, GEORGE F.                   GEN-0001-02-365
WICKES, LAMBET                         GEN-0001-02-17
WICKHAM, CHARLES P.                    GEN-0001-02-139
WIETING, JOHN M.                       GEN-0001-02-417
WIKOFF, HENRY                          GEN-0001-01-316
WILCOX, CARLOS                         GEN-0001-01-184
WILDE, RICHARD HENRY                   GEN-0001-01-357
WILDE, SAMUEL                          GEN-0001-02-212
WILDER, MARSHALL PINCKNEY              GEN-0001-01-358
WILKES, CHARLES                        GEN-0001-02-105
WILKIE, FRANE B.                       GEN-0001-01-156
WILKINS, WILLIAM                       GEN-0001-01-429
WILKINSON, JAMES                       GEN-0001-01-56
WILKINSON, JEMIMA                      GEN-0001-01-316
WILKINSON, JOHN                        GEN-0001-02-202
WILLARD, EMMA                          GEN-0001-01-244
WILLARD, FRANCES ELIZABETH             GEN-0001-01-376
WILLARD, SOLOMON                       GEN-0001-01-184
WILLARD, THEODORE A.                   GEN-0001-31-83
WILLEY, NORMAN BUSHNELL                GEN-0001-01-455
WILLEY, S.J.                           GEN-0001-02-420
WILLIAMS, ANNIE F. D.                  GEN-0001-31-252
WILLIAMS, CHAUNCEY P.                  GEN-0001-02-135
WILLIAMS, CURTIS C.                    GEN-0001-31-461
WILLIAMS, ELEAZER                      GEN-0001-01-68
WILLIAMS, ELIHU STEPHEN                GEN-0001-01-257
WILLIAMS, ELISHA                       GEN-0001-01-165
WILLIAMS, GEORGE GILBERT               GEN-0001-01-261
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-179
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-181
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-258
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         GEN-0001-01-272
WILLIAMS, JOHN H.                      GEN-0001-31-252
WILLIAMS, OTHO HOLLAND                 GEN-0001-01-91
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                       GEN-0001-02-385
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                       GEN-0001-01-310
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                       GEN-0001-01-257
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL PORTER                GEN-0001-01-190
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL WELLS                 GEN-0001-01-422
WILLIAMS, SOLOMON                      GEN-0001-01-207
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN                      GEN-0001-01-189
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN WEST                 GEN-0001-01-182
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                       GEN-0001-01-183
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                       GEN-0001-01-190
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                       GEN-0001-01-180
WILLIAMSON, HUGH                       GEN-0001-02-492
WILLIAMSON, LYNN B.                    GEN-0001-31-167
WILLISTON, HARRY S.                    GEN-0001-31-68
WILLISTON, PAYSON                      GEN-0001-02-330
WILLISTON, SAMUEL                      GEN-0001-02-330
WILLITS, ED                            GEN-0001-02-259
WILMER, HARRY B.                       GEN-0001-31-36
WILSEY, FRANK D.                       GEN-0001-31-189
WILSON, BIRD                           GEN-0001-02-330
WILSON, EPHRAIM KING                   GEN-0001-01-295
WILSON, FRANCIS                        GEN-0001-02-134
WILSON, HARRY L.                       GEN-0001-31-481
WILSON, JAMES                          GEN-0001-01-22
WILSON, JAMES F.                       GEN-0001-01-289
WILSON, JAMES H.                       GEN-0001-02-431
WILSON, PERRY M.                       GEN-0001-31-57
WILSON, ROBERT BURNS                   GEN-0001-01-371
WILSON, S. B.                          GEN-0001-02-25
WILSON, THOMAS                         GEN-0001-01-271
WINANS, EDWIN B.                       GEN-0001-02-452
WINANS, THOMAS DE KAY                  GEN-0001-01-239
WINANS, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-179
WINCHELL, ALVERD E.                    GEN-0001-02-245
WINCHELL, BENJAMIN L.                  GEN-0001-31-364
WINCHELL, NEWTON H.                    GEN-0001-31-456
WINDMULLER, LOUIS                      GEN-0001-31-430
WINDOM, WILLIAM                        GEN-0001-01-148
WINEBRENNER, JOHN                      GEN-0001-01-180
WINES, ENOCH COBB                      GEN-0001-01-180
WING, JOHN                             GEN-0001-01-341
WINN, THOMAS E.                        GEN-0001-02-519
WINSHIP, ALBERT E.                     GEN-0001-02-120
WINSHIP, GEORGE                        GEN-0001-01-263
WINSLOW, EDWARD                        GEN-0001-01-188
WINSLOW, EDWARD                        GEN-0001-01-247
WINSLOW, EDWARD                        GEN-0001-01-200
WINSLOW, GORDON                        GEN-0001-01-272
WINSLOW, HUBBARD                       GEN-0001-01-178
WINSLOW, JAMES                         GEN-0001-01-238
WINSLOW, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-182
WINSLOW, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-272
WINSLOW, JOHN A.                       GEN-0001-02-102
WINSLOW, KATE REIGNOLDS                GEN-0001-01-181
WINSLOW, MIRON                         GEN-0001-01-183
WINSOR, JUSTIN                         GEN-0001-01-150
WINTERS, JOSEPH E.                     GEN-0001-02-501
WINTHROP, THEODORE                     GEN-0001-01-130
WISE, JOHN                             GEN-0001-01-177
WISE, JOHN                             GEN-0001-01-178
WISNER, BENJAMIN BLYDENBURG            GEN-0001-01-170
WISTAR, CASPAR                         GEN-0001-01-273
WITBECK, BENJAMIN F.                   GEN-0001-31-77
WITHERS, FREDERICK C.                  GEN-0001-02-165
WIXON, EMMA                            GEN-0001-01-183
WIXON, ISAAC                           GEN-0001-01-188
WOLCOTT, ROGER                         GEN-0001-01-127
WOLF, GEORGE                           GEN-0001-02-286
WOLFE, CHARLES S.                      GEN-0001-02-166
WOLFE, JAMES                           GEN-0001-01-102
WOLLE, FRANCIS                         GEN-0001-01-320
WOLLE, PETER                           GEN-0001-01-415
WOLLE, SYLVESTER                       GEN-0001-02-163
WOLLENHAUPT, HERMAN ADOLPH             GEN-0001-01-471
WOOD, ALVA                             GEN-0001-02-50
WOOD, BENJAMIN                         GEN-0001-01-352
WOOD, CHARLES M.                       GEN-0001-31-505
WOOD, CHARLES S.                       GEN-0001-01-353
WOOD, DANIEL P.                        GEN-0001-02-248
WOOD, GEORGE BACON                     GEN-0001-01-456
WOOD, J.                               GEN-0001-02-124
WOOD, JAMES                            GEN-0001-02-124
WOOD, WILLIAM B.                       GEN-0001-01-322
WOODBERRY, GEORGE EDWARD               GEN-0001-01-434
WOODBURN, WILLIAM                      GEN-0001-01-324
WOODBURY, DANIEL PHINEAS               GEN-0001-01-470
WOODBURY, ISAAC B.                     GEN-0001-02-50
WOODBURY, LEVI                         GEN-0001-02-471
WOODFORD, STEWART LYNDON               GEN-0001-01-532
WOODS, LEONARD                         GEN-0001-01-418
WOODS, LEONARD                         GEN-0001-02-346
WOODS, SAMUEL V.                       GEN-0001-31-377
WOODS, WILLIAM B.                      GEN-0001-02-476
WOODWARD, ELMER E.                     GEN-0001-31-40
WOODWARD, FRANKLIN C.                  GEN-0001-01-471
WOODWARD, HOWARD S.                    GEN-0001-31-19
WOODWORTH, SAMUEL                      GEN-0001-01-434
WOOLF, BENJAMIN EDWARD                 GEN-0001-01-411
WOOLLARD, WILLIAM E.                   GEN-0001-31-137
WOOLMAN, JOHN                          GEN-0001-01-288
WOOLSEY, THEODORE DWIGHT               GEN-0001-01-170
WOOLSEY, THEODORE S.                   GEN-0001-31-122
WOOLSON, CONSTANCE FENIMORE            GEN-0001-01-369
WOOSTER, DAVID                         GEN-0001-01-82
WORCESTER, NOAH                        GEN-0001-01-185
WORCESTER, NOAH                        GEN-0001-01-188
WORCESTER, SAMUEL                      GEN-0001-01-178
WORCESTER, SAMUEL AUSTIN               GEN-0001-01-271
WORCESTER, THOMAS                      GEN-0001-01-203
WORCESTER, THOMAS                      GEN-0001-01-277
WORK, HENRY CLAY                       GEN-0001-01-182
WORKMAN, BOYLE                         GEN-0001-31-407
WRENTMORE, CLARENCE G.                 GEN-0001-31-283
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN                       GEN-0001-01-182
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN                       GEN-0001-01-239
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN HALL                  GEN-0001-01-160
WRIGHT, CHAUNCEY                       GEN-0001-01-420
WRIGHT, ELIZUR                         GEN-0001-02-317
WRIGHT, FANNY                          GEN-0001-02-319
WRIGHT, GEORGE LATHROP                 GEN-0001-01-494
WRIGHT, HARRY G.                       GEN-0001-31-74
WRIGHT, HENRY CLARKE                   GEN-0001-02-344
WRIGHT, JAMES (SIR BART.)              GEN-0001-01-491
WRIGHT, MARIE R.                       GEN-0001-02-231
WRIGHT, MILTON                         GEN-0001-31-222
WRIGHT, ROBERT J.                      GEN-0001-02-191
WRIGHT, SAMUEL J.                      GEN-0001-31-451
WYCKOFF, FREDERICK A.                  GEN-0001-31-433
WYER, PHILETUS                         GEN-0001-01-327
WYLIE, SAMUEL BROWN                    GEN-0001-01-348
WYLIE, W. GILL                         GEN-0001-01-471
WYMAN, JEFFRIES                        GEN-0001-02-254
WYNNS, THOMAS                          GEN-0001-02-179
YALE, CAROLINE A.                      GEN-0001-31-265
YALE, ELIHU                            GEN-0001-01-163
YARDLEY, ROBERT M.                     GEN-0001-01-412
YONKER, EDWARD G.                      GEN-0001-31-513
YOUMANS, EDWARD L.                     GEN-0001-02-466
YOUMANS, WILLIAM JAY                   GEN-0001-02-466
YOUNG, ALFRED                          GEN-0001-02-256
YOUNG, ANDREW HARVEY                   GEN-0001-02-397
YOUNG, EDWARD                          GEN-0001-02-359
YOUNG, EDWARD F. C.                    GEN-0001-02-118
YOUNG, JOHN RUSSELL                    GEN-0001-02-214
YOUNG, THOMAS                          GEN-0001-01-256
ZADKIN, DANIEL                         GEN-0001-02-58
ZAVALA, LORENZO DE                     GEN-0001-02-247
ZECHER, ROBERT C.                      GEN-0001-31-257
ZECHER, WALTER E.                      GEN-0001-31-256
ZEIGEN, FREDERIC H.                    GEN-0001-31-295
ZEISBERGER, DAVID                      GEN-0001-02-249
ZELLER, HENRY C.                       GEN-0001-31-432
ZERRAHAN, CHARLES                      GEN-0001-01-329
ZEUNER, CHARLES                        GEN-0001-01-329
ZIEGENFUSS, HENRY L.                   GEN-0001-01-198
ZUNDEL, JOHN                           GEN-0001-01-185

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