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Fulton County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ABBOTT                                 Charles
ABBOTT                                 Edna May
ABBOTT                                 Marcie
ABBOTT                                 Nettie
ABEL                                   Agnes L.
ABEL                                   Bessie F.
ABEL                                   Edith
ABEL                                   Eva B.
ABEL                                   George H.
ABEL                                   Ida Mae
ABRAHAM                                Charles E.
ABRAMS                                 Rebecca
ADAMS                                  Ada
ADAMS                                  Mildreth L.
AESCH                                  Alex, Jr.
AESCH                                  Florence C.
AINBLIE                                John
AINSLIE                                Agness
AINSLIE                                Elizabeth
AINSLIE                                Isabella
AINSLIE                                Mary Jane
AINSLIE ORR                            Isabella
ALDRICH                                Bob
ALDRICH                                Emily
ALDRICH                                Francis L.
ALDRICH                                Helen
ALDRICH                                Jerry D. (Bert)
ALDRICH                                Maude M.
ALDRICH                                Terri Lynn
ALDRICH SMITH                          Helen
ALEY                                   Harold C.
ALLEN                                  Betsey Ann
ALLEN                                  Carrie
ALLEN                                  David
ALLEN                                  Delight
ALLEN                                  George O.
ALLEN                                  Loiza C.
ALLEN                                  Mary
ALLEN                                  Voorhees J.
ALLEN                                  William
ANAGNOSTOPULOS                         Alexandra
ANAGNOSTOPULOS                         Peter B.
ANDERSON                               Patrick, Jr.
ANDREWS                                George A.
ANDREWS                                George S.
ANDREWS                                Rosella L.
ANTHONY                                Marjorie S.
ANTIS                                  Beatrice E
ANTIS                                  Lillian
ANTIS                                  Sidney E
ARGERSINGER                            Jeremiah
ATKINS                                 Basilios
ATKINS                                 Nicholas B.
ATKINS (WWI)                           Nicholas B.
AUSTIN                                 Candis
AUSTIN                                 Catherine
AUSTIN                                 Clara
AUSTIN                                 Elizabeth
AUSTIN                                 George
AUSTIN WASHBURN                        Candis
AVERY                                  Arthur
AVERY                                  Audrey M.
AVERY                                  Bartle A
AVERY                                  Beverly
AVERY                                  Edward A.
AVERY                                  Grace R.
AVERY                                  Helen D.
AVERY                                  Jennie
AVERY                                  Karen A.
AVERY                                  Lyman R. II
AVERY                                  Lyman R., Jr.
AVERY                                  M. Louisa
AVERY                                  Milton A.
AVERY                                  Milton L
AVERY                                  Robert W.
AVERY                                  Sally Helen
AVERY                                  Vivian Rose
AVERY (WWII)                           Bartle A.
AVERY (WWII)                           Milton L.
AVERY BROWN                            Vivian Rose
AVERY FELDMAN                          Beverly
AVERY KNIPLER                          Helen D.
AYERS                                  Geraldine
AYERS                                  Howard
BACCHUS                                Clarrena
BACCHUS                                Hannah
BACCHUS                                J Stark
BACCHUS                                Lebbeus
BACCHUS                                William
BAIRD                                  Hattie S.
BAIRD                                  Jennie
BAIRD                                  John R.
BAIRD                                  Mary
BAIRD FREMMER                          Mary
BAIRD ROSS                             Jennie
BAKER                                  Adele
BAKER                                  Alice
BAKER                                  Anna M
BAKER                                  Estelle C.
BAKER                                  George
BAKER                                  Kenneth, Sr
BAKER                                  Lawrence R
BAKER                                  Lillian
BAKER                                  M. Louisa
BAKER                                  Mary Eliza
BAKER                                  Robert E.
BAKER                                  Virginia P.
BAKER                                  Walter E
BAKER (VN)                             Lawrence R.
BAKER (WWII)                           Walter E.
BAKER ANTIS                            Lillian
BAKER AVERY                            M. Louisa
BALLARD                                Eva L
BALLARD SMEALLIE                       Eva L
BALLOU                                 Grace A
BALLOU                                 Milton L.
BALLOU                                 Richard L.
BANA                                   Cora J.
BANTA                                  Carl S.
BANTA                                  Isaac M.
BANTA                                  Laura
BANTA                                  Laura J.
BARCLAY                                Earl
BARCLAY                                Richard T.
BARCLAY (WWI)                          Earl
BARLAY                                 Gladys
BARNKOPF                               Otto L.
BARR                                   Adam
BARR                                   Frances M
BARR                                   George A
BARR                                   Margaret
BARR                                   Mary Ann
BARR                                   Nancy E
BARR CHRISTIE                          Mary Ann
BARRETT                                Collins
BARSON                                 Amelia
BARTER                                 Margaret S.
BARTER                                 Russell B.
BARTLETT                               Flaver
BARTLETT                               Hannah
BARTLETT                               Harley
BARTLETT                               Josiah
BARTLETT                               Lura
BARTLETT                               Martin
BARTLETT                               Phebe
BASCOM                                 Lewis W.
BASCOM                                 Nettie S.
BAST                                   Jennie
BATES                                  Clinton D.
BATES                                  Estella
BATES                                  Irene Franses
BATES BROWN                            Estella
BAUM                                   Dora
BAUM HAYWARD                           Dora
BEDFORD                                Julia E
BEEKMAN                                Alfred G.
BEEKMAN                                Alida E.
BEEKMAN                                Kathleen Jo
BEEKMAN                                Michael G.
BEEKMAN                                Phyllis
BEEKMAN                                Richard G.
BEEKMAN                                William G.
BEEKMAN STUART                         Phyllis
BEHRENS                                Emma
BELDEN                                 Phillip N.
BELL                                   Bessie
BELL                                   Elwood H.
BELL                                   Jane L
BELL BENNETT                           Jane L.
BELLINGER                              Alida
BELLINGER                              Alida E
BELLINGER                              Barbara
BELLINGER                              Bryan Michael
BELLINGER                              David H.
BELLINGER                              Edward
BELLINGER                              Emma J.
BELLINGER                              Erwin
BELLINGER                              Eunice E.
BELLINGER                              Frank
BELLINGER                              Gail
BELLINGER                              James R.
BELLINGER                              Lillian
BELLINGER BEEKMAN                      Alida E.
BELLOWS                                Luella
BELLOWS SHIBLEY                        Luella
BENEDICT                               anna M
BENEDICT LEACH                         Anna M.
BENETT                                 Isaac
BENNETT                                Abigail
BENNETT                                Aneita
BENNETT                                Annie  M.
BENNETT                                Arthur
BENNETT                                Charles F.
BENNETT                                Clark F.
BENNETT                                Claude G.
BENNETT                                Donald L
BENNETT                                Edwin
BENNETT                                Esther Jane
BENNETT                                Fayette
BENNETT                                Helen E.
BENNETT                                Howard R.
BENNETT                                Irene G.
BENNETT                                Jane L.
BENNETT                                Jesse
BENNETT                                John E.
BENNETT                                Kelly Mae
BENNETT                                Laura
BENNETT                                Lillie M.
BENNETT                                Lucy
BENNETT                                Meta
BENNETT                                Minnie
BENNETT                                Myra H.
BENNETT                                Orra
BENNETT                                Peter
BENNETT                                Robert H.
BENNETT                                Rose A.
BENNETT                                Sarah Alive
BENNETT                                Susan
BENNETT                                Virginia B
BENNETT                                Zilpha
BENNETT (CW)                           Orra
BENNETT (WWI)                          Lee
BENNETT (WWII)                         Donald L.
BENNETT BENNETT                        Myra H.
BENNETT HOPKINS                        Aneita
BENNETT THAYER                         Zilpha
BENNETT VANDYKE                        Esther Jane
BENNETT VANDYKE                        Zilpha
BENNETT WALDRON                        Virginia B.
BENTLY                                 Bethsheba
BENTLY                                 Elisha
BENTLY                                 Elizabeth
BENTLY                                 Sally R
BENTON                                 Joan
BENTON                                 Kenneth N, Jr.
BENTON                                 Kenneth, Sr
BENTON                                 Marguerite F.
BENTON                                 Megan Lynn
BERBERIAN                              Eleanor
BERBERIAN                              George V.
BERG                                   Florence
BERG                                   Mabel A
BERRY                                  Chester L
BERRY                                  Elizabeth M.
BERRY                                  Schuyler
BERRY (CW)                             Chester L
BETLER                                 Sally
BETLER JOHNSON                         Sally
BETTS                                  Frank C.
BETTS                                  Hannah
BETTS                                  Isaiah
BETTS                                  Minnie
BETTS (RW)                             Isaiah
BIASINI                                Betty Jane
BIASINI                                Louis
BIASINI (WWII)                         Louis
BILLINGTON                             Cornelia
BILLINGTON                             Harry L.
BILLINGTON                             Sadie
BILLINGTON BORNT                       Sadie
BILLSON                                Evelyn
BINDER                                 John J
BINDER (SERV)                          John J.
BIRCH                                  Beverly H.
BIRON                                  Millard H
BIRON (WWII)                           Millard H
BISHOP                                 Elmina
BISHOP WAIT                            Elmina
BLAKE                                  Dorothy
BLAKE                                  Sidney E.
BLAKE (WWII)                           Sidney E.
BLANCHARD, SR.                         Charles W.
BLEYL                                  Barbara J.
BLEYL                                  Charles W.
BLEYL                                  Clara L.
BLEYL                                  Elmer L.
BLOOD                                  Catherine
BLOOD                                  Donna Ann
BLOOD                                  Eva May
BLOOD                                  Jane K
BLOOD ERTL                             Jane K
BOEHMER                                Marie
BOEHMER WILLE                          Marie
BOHANAN                                Frances A
BOHANAN JONES                          Frances A.
BOISNE                                 Emile
BOISNE                                 Mary
BOLES                                  Ellen
BOLES                                  Louise L.
BOLES                                  Neil M.
BOLES                                  Wilbert
BONFOY                                 Hannah A
BONFOY REESE                           Hannah A
BORNT                                  Sadie
BORST                                  Marion
BORST VAN DER SLUYS                    Marion
BOSHART                                Catharine
BOSHART                                Hannah
BOSHART                                Jacob
BOSHART                                John
BOSHART (RW)                           John
BOSS                                   Cora
BOUCHARD                               Vera J.
BOVIE                                  Asa
BOWEN                                  Elizabeth R.
BOWER                                  Jacob
BOWER                                  Paulina
BOWERS                                 Jennie A.
BOWERS                                 Larry F.
BOWERS                                 Robert D.
BOWMAN                                 Richard O
BOWMAN WWII)                           Richard O
BOYD                                   Andrew T.
BOYD                                   Archie G.
BOYD                                   Charles W.
BOYD                                   Donald G., Sr
BOYD                                   Doris
BOYD                                   Edith N.
BOYD                                   Emma B.
BOYD                                   Erwin P.
BOYD                                   Hazel H.
BOYD                                   Lucille M.
BOYER                                  Daniel W.
BOYER                                  Martha H.
BRADLEY                                Catherine
BRADLEY                                Francis F.
BRADLEY                                Susan M.
BRADLEY FREDERICK                      Catherine
BRADT                                  Alta U
BRADT                                  Chauncey
BRADT                                  Delbert J.
BRADT                                  F. Kathryn
BRADT                                  Nettie U.
BRADT                                  Robert E
BRADT (WWII)                           Robert E.
BRADT KAUFMAN                          Alta U.
BRAYTON                                Emma M.
BRAYTON                                William F
BRIDGE                                 Peter D.
BRIDGE                                 Robert L.
BRIGGS                                 Archie, III
BRIGGS                                 Lury
BRIGGS                                 Sharon E.
BRIGGS (VN)                            Archie, III
BRIGGS CLARK                           Lury
BRITTON                                James H
BRITTON                                Mary L.
BRITTON (CW)                           James H.
BROOKS                                 Arthur E
BROOKS                                 Dennis
BROOKS                                 Edward, Jr.
BROOKS                                 Edward, Sr
BROOKS                                 George A.
BROOKS                                 Harry A.
BROOKS                                 Laura
BROOKS                                 Minnie
BROOKS                                 Viola F.
BROOKS (WWI)                           Arthur E.
BROOKS SANBORN                         Reba
BROTHERS                               Arthur
BROTHERS                               Catherine
BROTHERS                               Charles A
BROTHERS                               Chester
BROTHERS                               Clayton
BROTHERS                               Herkimer
BROTHERS                               Mabel
BROTHERS                               Margaret
BROTHERS                               Mary
BROTHERS                               family lot
BROTHERS                               family plot
BROTHERS SHULTS                        Mabel
BROWER                                 Alice
BROWER                                 Esther
BROWER                                 George W.
BROWER                                 Gerald R
BROWER                                 Gladys P
BROWER                                 Glen
BROWER                                 Helen M.
BROWER                                 Isabella C.
BROWER                                 Jacob
BROWER                                 Lydia M
BROWER                                 Norman R
BROWER                                 Robert
BROWER                                 William A.
BROWN                                  Adele
BROWN                                  Amber
BROWN                                  Anna B.
BROWN                                  Arthur L
BROWN                                  Clarence D.
BROWN                                  Donald A
BROWN                                  Edwin E.
BROWN                                  Eliza R
BROWN                                  Erica J.
BROWN                                  Estella
BROWN                                  George N.
BROWN                                  George Walter
BROWN                                  Hugh
BROWN                                  Jeanne C.
BROWN                                  Jeffrey H
BROWN                                  John W
BROWN                                  M. Russell
BROWN                                  Marvin A.
BROWN                                  Mary E.
BROWN                                  Mattie
BROWN                                  Randy R.
BROWN                                  Richard Scott
BROWN                                  Richard, Jr.
BROWN                                  Russell A.
BROWN                                  Stephanie
BROWN                                  Vivian Rose
BROWN (SERV)                           Russell A.
BRUNDIGE                               Emily
BRUNDIGE                               Helen E.
BRUNDIGE                               John B.
BRUNT                                  Carleton D.
BRUNT                                  Marjorie
BUCHANAN                               Alexander
BUCHANAN                               Emeline
BUCHANAN                               Janet
BUCHANAN                               John L
BUCHANAN                               John M
BUCHANAN                               Mary L
BUCHANAN                               William
BUCHANAN                               William
BUCKMAN                                Mary C
BUCKMAN BYER                           Mary C
BUMP                                   Marguerite Q
BUMP                                   Vernon D
BURDICK                                Edward
BURDICK                                Elizabeth
BURGESS                                Kate
BURGESS                                Peter C
BURNS                                  Catherine C.
BURNS                                  Geogre B.
BURTON                                 Henry A
BURTON                                 Sharon Ann
BURTON (CW)                            Henry A.
BUSH                                   Clara
BUSH                                   Clarence E.
BUSH                                   Harvey H.
BUSH                                   Helen Frances
BUSH                                   King Henry
BUSH                                   Lillian L.
BUSH                                   Lorinda A.
BUSH                                   Rosa
BUSH                                   Roy Holton
BUSH (WWI)                             Clarence E.
BUSH (WWI)                             King Henry
BUTLER                                 Beatrice
BUTLER                                 Glenn Alvin
BUTLER                                 Jeanne C
BUTLER (WWI)                           Glenn Alvin
BUTLER BROWN                           Jeanne C.
BUTTS                                  Charles
BYER                                   C William
BYER                                   Christina
BYER                                   Mary C
CADY                                   Guy
CALDERWOOD                             David B
CALDERWOOD                             G Donnan
CALDERWOOD                             Hugh
CALDERWOOD                             Hugh
CALDERWOOD                             Jane
CALDERWOOD                             Margaret
CALDERWOOD                             Margaret Ann
CALDERWOOD                             Robert
CALDERWOOD (CW)                        Robert
CALHOUN                                Jessie
CALHOUN MILLER                         Jessie
CAMPBELL                               Archibald
CAMPBELL                               Christianna
CAMPBELL                               Helen E.
CAMPBELL                               James
CAMPBELL                               James
CAMPBELL                               John J.
CAMPBELL                               Margery
CAMPBELL                               Mary
CAMPBELL                               Peter
CAMPBELL BENNETT                       Minnie
CAMPBELL MILLER                        Mary
CANFIELD                               Augustus G
CANFIELD                               Belle
CANFIELD                               David J
CANFIELD                               Luella K
CANFIELD (CW)                          Augustus G
CANFIELD (WWI)                         David
CAPRON                                 Charles B.
CAPRON                                 Marguerite
CARMICHAEL                             Agnes L
CARMICHAEL                             J M
CARMICHAEL                             Margery
CARMICHAEL CAMPBELL                    Margery
CARNDUFF                               Fannie S
CARNDUFF                               Frances S
CARNDUFF                               Jane
CARNDUFF                               John
CARNDUFF CALDERWOOD                    Jane
CARPENTER                              Edna M.
CARPENTER                              Laura J
CARPENTER                              Ronald H
CARPENTER                              William H.
CARR                                   Archie
CARR                                   Carolyn
CARR                                   Clarence H.
CARR                                   Edna
CARR                                   Ethel M.
CARR                                   Freda S.
CARR RILEY                             Edna
CARROLL                                Lillian
CARROLL                                Rebecca
CARROLL ABRAMS                         Rebecca
CARROLL DAVISON                        Lillian
CARSON                                 Olive L
CARSON WELCH                           Olive L.
CARTWRIGHT                             Eliza A.
CARTWRIGHT                             Orville
CARY                                   Alvin
CARY                                   Sarah
CARY CHRISTIE                          Sarah
CASE                                   Angeline
CASE                                   Jacob C
CASE (CW)                              Jacob C
CAUSSE                                 Joan
CAUSSE BENTON                          Joan
CHAGNON                                Hazel
CHAGNON HORNING                        Hazel
CHASE                                  Byron B.
CHASE                                  Christie
CHASE                                  Sarah Ann S.
CHASE QUACKENBUSH                      Christie
CHATTERTON                             Luther D.
CHILDS                                 Carrie
CHILDS                                 Francis H.
CHRISTIE                               Elvira
CHRISTIE                               Harriet J
CHRISTIE                               Jacob
CHRISTIE                               Jacob
CHRISTIE                               John B
CHRISTIE                               Lucy
CHRISTIE                               Martha A
CHRISTIE                               Mary Ann
CHRISTIE                               Sally
CHRISTIE                               Sarah
CHRISTIE                               Simeon
CHRISTIE                               Simeon I
CHRISTIE                               William H
CHRISTOFFERSON                         Anthony
CHRISTOFFERSON                         Emilie
CHRISTOFFERSON                         Otto A.
CHRISTOFFERSON                         Rudolf
CHRISTOFFERSON                         Ruhamie L.
CHRISTOFFERSON LAMB                    Elvera E.
CHURCH                                 Eva Dorn
CHURCH                                 Ivan G.
CHURCHILL                              Giles W
CINELLI                                Raymond P
CINELLI (WWII)                         Raymond P.
CLANCY                                 Anna
CLANCY                                 Margaret M.
CLANCY                                 Miles T.
CLANCY KEEGAN                          Anna
CLARK                                  Anna
CLARK                                  Archibald
CLARK                                  Asa
CLARK                                  David
CLARK                                  Deborah
CLARK                                  Frances S
CLARK                                  George B
CLARK                                  Helen
CLARK                                  Lury
CLARK                                  Lury B
CLARK CARNDUFF                         Frances S
CLEMONS                                Ronald L, Sr
CLEMONS                                Sandra A
CLIFFORD                               Belle
CLIFFORD CANFIELD                      Belle
CLIZBE                                 Darlene S
COBURN                                 Sarah
COBURN TREAT                           Sarah
COLBY                                  Beverly
COLBY                                  Christine
COLBY                                  William H
COLBY (WWII)                           William H
COLBY LYDIA                            Beverly
COLE                                   Clifton G
COLE                                   Cornelius
COLE                                   Edith D
COLE                                   Eliza
COLE                                   Elizabeth L.
COLE                                   Helen M.
COLE                                   Homer L
COLE                                   Jo-Ann
COLE                                   John F.
COLE                                   Margaret V.
COLEMAN                                Anna
COLEMAN FOLEY                          Anna
COMFORT                                Hazel
CONN                                   M. Katherine
CONNOLLY                               James
CONOVER                                Mortimer
CONOVER                                Rose
CONRICK                                Clarence S
CONRICK (WWII)                         Clarence S.
COOK                                   Caroline
COOK                                   Raymond W, Sr
COOK                                   Susan A
COOK KENNEDY                           Caroline
COREY                                  James C.
COREY                                  Jane Anne
CORNWELL                               Lucy
COSSELMAN                              Bessie
COSSELMAN                              Emma E.
COSSELMAN                              Floyd
COSSELMAN                              Harold C.
COSSELMAN                              John I., Jr.
COSZENS                                James
COUGHNET                               John L
COUGHNET (RW)                          John L
COUNTRYMAN                             James
COUNTRYMAN                             LaVerna
COUTURE                                Antoinette
COUTURE LAVALLEE                       Antoinette
COX                                    Edger
COX                                    Edger M.
COX                                    Norma
COZINE                                 Beatrice
COZINE                                 Charles J.
COZINE                                 Irene Franses
COZINE                                 James B.
COZINE BATES                           Irene Franses
COZZEN                                 Phebe
CRAIG                                  C Jean
CRAIG                                  Elizabeth
CRAIG                                  Thomas
CRAIG                                  William O
CRAMER                                 Evelyn L
CRIDLAND                               Alfred W.
CRIDLAND                               Edith
CRISPIN                                John D.
CROSETT                                Samuel
CROSS                                  Michael David
CUMMINGS                               Alta L.
CUMMINGS MCGILLIS                      Alta L.
DAGEENAKIS                             Marie
DAGEENAKIS MOWREY                      Marie
DAIN                                   George
DAKE                                   Wilma J.
DALLMAN                                Alice
DALLMAN                                Alice
DALLMAN                                George H.
DALLMAN                                Richard C.
DALLMAN DEMING                         Alice
DARE                                   Charles W.
DARE                                   Mae L.
DARLING                                Evelyn C.
DAUM                                   Christine M
DAUM                                   Roy
DAVIDSON                               Agness
DAVIDSON                               Jane
DAVIDSON AINSLIE                       Agness
DAVIS                                  Albert
DAVIS                                  Gordon H
DAVIS                                  Helen
DAVIS                                  Jesse
DAVIS                                  Rose
DAVISON                                Angus H.
DAVISON                                Joseph
DAVISON                                Lillian
DAVISON                                Margaret
DAY                                    Elizabeth
DAY                                    Elizabeth
DE HART                                Louisa J
DE HART HOES                           Louisa J
DE PHILLIPS KLINE                      Anita L
DEAN                                   Georgie A
DEAN BRITTON                           Mary L.
DEAN WHITMORE                          Georgie A.
DEBEVOISE                              Louisa W.
DEBEVOISE                              Louisa W.
DEBEVOISE                              William G.
DEBEVOISE                              William G.
DEGRAND                                Charles E.
DEGRAND                                Margaret
DEITZ DEGRAND                          Margaret
DELAMATER                              Helen
DELAMATER POUGH                        Helen
DEMARTINO                              Antonio
DEMARTINO                              Emma
DEMING                                 Alice
DENCE                                  Agnes S.
DENMEAD                                Dora M.
DENMEAD                                Ethel M.
DENMEAD                                Mary
DENMEAD                                Raymond H.
DENMEAD                                Thomas E.
DENMEAD (WWII)                         Raymond H
DENMEAD MAGISH                         Mary
DENNEY                                 Dorothy
DENNEY                                 Jacob
DENNIE                                 Barent
DENNIE                                 Charles H.
DENNIE                                 Charles H.
DENNIE                                 Hannah
DENNIE                                 Jane
DENNIE                                 Maude E.
DENNIE                                 Nicholas
DENNIE                                 Sarah
DENNIE (WWI)                           Charles H
DENNIE (WWI)                           Charles H
DEPASQUALE                             Edith C.
DEPASQUALE                             Gelsomina Ann
DEPASQUALE                             Josephine
DEPASQUALE                             Vincenzo
DEVINE                                 Mary J
DEVINE MILLER                          Mary J
DIENST                                 Edward A.
DIENST                                 Frank E.
DIENST (SERV)                          Frank E
DILLON                                 John J.
DILLON                                 Margaret
DILLON                                 Maurice
DINGMAN                                Bessie M.
DINGMAN                                Emeline
DINGMAN                                Gene H, Sr
DINGMAN                                Ida M.
DINGMAN                                Irene Frances
DINGMAN                                Jennie B.
DINGMAN                                John E.
DINGMAN                                Joyce
DINGMAN                                Robert J.
DINGMAN                                Stewart
DINGMAN                                Walter C.
DIXON (RW)                             Walter
DOANE                                  Andrew J
DOCKSTADER                             Fred H.
DONAHUE                                Mildred
DONAHUE                                William
DONALDSON                              Amanda
DONALDSON QUINN                        Amanda
DONNAN                                 Archibald A
DONNAN                                 Janet M
DONNAN                                 Margaret Ann
DONNAN CALDERWOOD                      Margaret Ann
DOPP                                   Anna M.
DOPP                                   Daniel R.
DOPP                                   Hazel A
DOPP                                   Imeldia E.
DOPP                                   John M.
DOPP FERGUSON                          Hazel A.
DORN                                   Joan A
DORN CRIDLAND                          Edith
DORN KESSLER                           Joan A.
DOUGLAS                                Christine F
DOUGLAS                                Theodore J
DRAKE                                  Harriet J.
DUEL                                   Lillie M
DUEL BENNETT                           Lillie M.
DUESLER                                Edna W.
DUESLER                                Mildred
DUESLER                                Murtie Belle
DUESLER                                Walter J.
DUESLER                                William E.
DUESUER                                Raymond
DUFF                                   Jane
DUFF MCFARLAN                          Jane
DUKES                                  Iyanna
DUNHAM                                 John
DUNHAM                                 Marion
DUNHAM (RW)                            John
DUNN                                   Alida L
DUNN                                   Ardella
DUNN                                   Esther
DUNN                                   William
DUNN EDICK                             Alida L.
DUNNE                                  William
DUNNE (CW)                             William
DUNNING                                Charles G
DUNNING                                Paul M
DUPREE                                 George
DUPREE                                 Josephine
DUPREE WARD                            Josephine
DURKEE                                 Eber C
DURKEE                                 Eliza
DURKEE                                 Hannah
DURKEE                                 Pilgrim
DURKEE FRENCH                          Eliza
DUTCHER                                Lillian
DUTCHER                                Vivian
DUTCHER WELCOME                        Lillian
EAGAN                                  Emma J
EAGAN                                  Mary M.
EAGAN                                  Thomas F.
EAGAN HOUSE                            Emma J.
EARLY                                  Luke
EASTMAN                                Laura E.
EATON                                  Edwin B
EATON                                  Kate
EATON BURGESS                          Kate
ECKERSON                               David E.
ECKERSON                               Edith F.
ECKERSON                               Elizabeth V.
ECKERSON                               Floyd
ECKERSON                               Lula M.
EDICK                                  Alida L.
EDICK                                  Daniel E.
EDICK                                  Daniel Raymond
EDICK                                  Donald R.
EDICK                                  Hattie L.
EDICK                                  James
EDICK                                  James D.
EDICK                                  Robert
EDWARDS                                Laura
EDWARDS                                Maud W.
EDWARDS TUTTLE                         Laura
EGLIN                                  Marion E
EGLIN COLE                             Helen M.
EGLIN HOWLAND                          Marion E.
ELLIS                                  Andrew M
ELLIS                                  Charles M.
ELLIS                                  Elizabeth
ELLIS                                  Ellen E
ELLIS                                  Ida
ELLIS                                  Mary
ELLIS                                  Matthew R
ELLIS                                  Philo W
ELLIS (CW)                             Andrew M.
ELLIS (CW)                             Matthew R.
ELLSWORTH                              Carrie
EMPIE                                  Anna B.
EMPIE                                  George W.
EMPIE                                  Hattie
EMPIE                                  Henry F.
EMPIE                                  Mary
EMPIE                                  Phillip
EMPIE HAGGART                          Hattie
ENGLISH                                Charles
ERICSON                                Kristine
ERING                                  Bertha
ERMIE                                  Ennio J
ERMIE                                  Linda S
ERMIE                                  Mildred F
ERNST                                  George A.
ERNST                                  Jessie R.
ERNST                                  Melvin G.
ERNST                                  Ruth M.
ERNST                                  Walter G.
ERTL                                   Jane K
ETHERTON                               Arthur
ETHERTON                               Charles
ETHERTON                               Emma
ETHERTON                               Florence Gray
ETHERTON                               Levi
ETHERTON FOSTER                        Emma
FAGES                                  Rose F
FAGES ROUCOULES                        Rose F.
FALIIS                                 Kathryn J
FALLIS                                 Doris S
FALLIS                                 Mathias S
FANCHER                                Alonzo
FANCHER                                Jesse
FANCHER                                Margaret
FEAR                                   Anna M.
FEAR                                   George H.
FELDMAN                                Beverly
FELDMAN                                Donald M.
FELIZ                                  Amelia
FELIZ MEHER                            Ameila
FERGNSON                               H. Wig
FERGUSON                               Hazel A.
FERGUSON                               Walter C.
FERRARA                                Judith M
FERRARA                                Philip D
FILKINS                                Margaret
FINCH                                  Meta
FINCH BENNETT                          Meta
FINN                                   Jesse James
FINN                                   Marion R.
FISHER                                 Albert
FISHER                                 Charles
FISHER                                 Clayton M
FISHER                                 Doris L.
FISHER                                 Gladys B
FISHER                                 Irene
FISHER                                 Ivan R.
FISHER                                 Levi D.
FISHER                                 Lillian
FISHER                                 Loretta
FISHER                                 Marjorie
FISHER                                 Patricia M.
FISHER                                 Raymond C
FISHER                                 Rose C.
FISHER                                 Tamara Joy
FISHER (WWII)                          Raymond C.
FISHER KUEHNER                         Gladys B.
FISK                                   Jonathan
FISK                                   Mercy
FISK (RW)                              Jonathan
FITZPATRICK                            Ethel
FITZPATRICK                            Marion S.
FITZPATRICK                            Richard P.
FLANSBURG                              Charles
FLANSBURG                              Elnora
FLANSBURG                              Mabel
FLANSBURG GORDON                       Elnora
FLINT                                  Florence
FLINT                                  Gustavus E.
FOLAND                                 Donald
FOLAND                                 Mary
FOLEY                                  Anna
FOLEY                                  Brian Lee
FOLEY                                  Iris B.
FONDA                                  Elden L
FONDA                                  Grace D
FONDA                                  Katherine
FONDA                                  Maggie B.
FONDA                                  Margaret
FONDA                                  Maude E,
FONDA                                  William H.
FONDA NESBERG                          Grace D.
FOODY                                  Douglas D.
FOODY                                  Leona B.
FOOT                                   Ann E
FOOT                                   Charity
FOOT                                   Elizabeth
FOOT                                   Harriet A
FOOT                                   Jesse
FOOT                                   Jesse F
FOOT                                   Rachel
FOOT                                   Robert
FOOT (RW)                              Jesse
FOOTE                                  Anjelica
FOOTE                                  Jesse F
FORNER                                 Josephine
FORT                                   Elisabeth
FORT                                   Isaac
FOSS                                   Louisa
FOSS                                   Mary
FOSS                                   William
FOSTER                                 Emma
FOSTER                                 George W.
FOSTER                                 Gloria F.
FOSTER                                 Hazel R.
FOSTER                                 Henry J.
FOSTER                                 Jerome H.
FOSTER (WWII)                          Henry J.
FOWLDS                                 Amos A.
FOX                                    Amy L.
FOX                                    Charles L.
FOX                                    Dorothy H.
FOX                                    Elizabeth
FOX                                    Katherine D.
FOX                                    Mabel
FOX                                    Robert W
FOX                                    Roscoe C.
FOX (WWII)                             Robert W.
FRAKER                                 Ralph J.
FRAKER                                 Ronald N.
FRANCE                                 Eliza A.
FRANCE                                 Henry H.
FRANK                                  Clarence D.
FRANK                                  Hazel B.
FRANK                                  Matilda
FRANK LOUCKS                           Matilda
FRASIER                                May S
FRAZER                                 George E.
FREDERICK                              Catherine
FREDERICK                              Christine
FREDERICK                              Donald L
FREDERICK                              Edward
FREDERICK                              Ella
FREDERICK                              Leona
FREDERICK                              Lewis
FREDERICK                              Lewis
FREDERICK                              Mary A.
FREDERICK                              Peter
FREDERICK                              Robert
FREDERICK                              Robert, Jr.
FREDERICK (WWII)                       Donald L
FREDERICK (WWII)                       Peter
FREDERICK (WWII)                       Robert
FREDERICK COLBY                        Christine
FREDERICK WINDSOR                      Ella
FREEMAN                                Florence
FREEMAN                                Ziba
FREEMAN FLINT                          Florence
FREMMER                                Alfred
FREMMER                                Fred
FREMMER                                John
FREMMER                                John
FREMMER                                John
FREMMER                                John Jr
FREMMER                                Lena
FREMMER                                Lena
FREMMER                                Mary
FREMMER                                Sophia
FREMMER                                William
FREMMER (WWI)                          Alfred
FREMMER (WWI)                          William
FREMMER (WWII)                         John, Jr.
FRENCH                                 Eliza
FRYE                                   Andrew L, Sr
FRYE                                   Chester A., Jr.
FRYE                                   Chester A., Sr.
FRYE                                   Dona J
FRYE                                   Dorkis
FRYE                                   Gracie E.
FRYE                                   Ila May
FRYE                                   Merrill H
FRYE                                   Wesley A.
FRYE                                   Wesley J., SR
FRYE (SERV)                            Andrew L., Sr.
FRYE WELCOME                           Dorkis
FUDGE                                  Edward J.
FUDGE (WWI)                            Edward J
GANNON                                 Doris M.
GANNON                                 Walter E
GANNON (WWII)                          Walter E.
GARDINER                               Agnes May
GARDINER                               Alfred F.
GARDINIER                              Florence
GARDINIER                              Raymond L.
GARDNER                                Henry
GARDNER                                Melissa J.
GAYLOR                                 Anna M.
GAYLOR                                 Arthur M.
GEHRING                                Martha F
GEHRING SHUBERT                        Martha F.
GEORGE                                 Ida
GEORGE ELLIS                           Ida
GETMAN                                 Amer
GETMAN                                 Andrew
GETMAN                                 Carlton J.
GETMAN                                 George
GETMAN                                 Grace D.
GETMAN                                 Jacob
GETMAN                                 Susannah
GIBBONS                                William F.
GIBBS                                  Grace
GIBBS                                  William
GIFFORD                                Herbert A.
GIFFORD                                Louisa P.
GIFFORD                                Richard L.
GIFFORD                                Violet
GIFFORD HAZZARD                        Violet
GILCHRIST                              Agnes
GILCHRIST MCMARTIN                     Agnes
GILMOUR                                Edward H.
GILMOUR                                Harold Y.
GLOCKSEN                               Mary
GLOCKSEN                               Walter
GOODBREAD                              Britten
GOODBREAD                              Kenneth L., Sr
GOODBREAD                              Shirley M.
GOOLEY                                 Gertrude M.
GOOLEY                                 William H.
GOOT                                   John
GOOT                                   Robert K
GORDON                                 Edward C.
GORDON                                 Edward E.
GORDON                                 Edwin E
GORDON                                 Elnora
GORDON                                 Mildred
GORTON                                 Lela
GORTON                                 Martha A
GORTON CHRISTIE                        Martha A
GORTON TANSLEY                         Lela
GOULD                                  Lillian S.
GOULD                                  William
GRACZYK                                Lillian M
GRACZYK                                Peter P
GRAFF                                  Josephine M.
GRAFF                                  Sarah
GRAFF GULICK                           Sarah
GRANT                                  Frank B.
GRANT                                  Sidney
GRANT                                  Sidney
GRAVES                                 George U.
GRAVES                                 Margaret M.
GRAVES (SERV)                          George U.
GRAY                                   George H.
GRAY                                   Lillian
GRAY                                   Philander
GRAY                                   Toshiko
GRAY                                   Walter A.
GRAY (WWII)                            Walter A.
GRECO                                  Ila M
GRECO                                  Mary
GRECO                                  Salvatore H
GRECO FOLAND                           Mary
GREEN                                  Eliza
GREEN                                  Howard N.
GREEN                                  John
GREEN                                  Mary
GREEN                                  Mary A.
GREEN                                  Richard N.
GREEN                                  Susan
GREEN (RW)                             John
GREENFIELD                             Dollie
GREENFIELD                             Earl E.
GREINER                                Melissa
GRENELL                                Lucinda
GRENELL KENNEDY                        Lucinda
GRIFFIN                                Ethel
GRIFFIS                                William G
GROS                                   Hazel B.
GROS                                   John H.
GROSE                                  Henry
GROSE                                  J Henry
GROSE                                  John
GROSE                                  Magdaline
GROSS                                  Henry
GROSS                                  John
GROSS (RW)                             Henry
GROVENBERG                             Lulu
GROVENBERG MAC WETHY                   Lulu
GROVENBURG                             Nancy
GROVES                                 William
GUADAGNO                               Daniel
GUINUP                                 Harold S
GUINUP                                 Infant
GUINUP                                 Mary
GUINUP (WWI)                           Harold S.
GULICK                                 Sarah
GUNSOLUS                               Agness
GUTTA                                  Elizabeth
GUTTA                                  John
HABAN                                  Julia C.
HABENICHT                              Martha
HABENICHT                              Robert A
HABENICHT (WWII)                       Robert A.
HADDY                                  Hattie
HADDY                                  J. Wesley
HAGAMAN                                Alexander M
HAGAMAN                                Isabella
HAGAMAN                                Joseph M
HAGAMAN                                Nicholas
HAGGART                                Hattie
HAGGART                                Helen V.
HAGGART                                Oscar
HALE                                   Blanche H.
HALE                                   John P.
HALE                                   Robert W.
HALE                                   Shirley
HALL                                   Anna C.
HALL                                   Arthur
HALL                                   James G.
HALL                                   Maria
HALL                                   Royal C
HALL                                   Ruth
HALL                                   Victoria B.
HALL (CW)                              Royal C.
HALLENBECK                             Fred G
HALLENBECK (WWII)                      Fred G.
HAMLIN                                 Harriot B
HAMLIN RUMLEY                          Harriot B
HAMMOND                                Alida
HAMMOND BELLINGER                      Alida
HANCOCK                                Ila M
HANCOCK GRECO                          Ila M
HANDY                                  Earl O.
HANDY                                  Harlan R
HANDY                                  Lottie L.
HANDY                                  Mabel E.
HANDY (WWII)                           Harlan R
HANNAHS                                Mackenzie James
HANRAHAN                               Mae A
HANRAHAN                               Vernon W
HANSON                                 Frank E.
HARD                                   Louesa Mariah
HARDEN                                 Elizabeth
HARDEN BURDICK                         Elizabeth
HARDY                                  Dany F
HARE                                   Marget
HARREY                                 Herbert W.
HARREY                                 Ida E.
HARRIS                                 Beatrice
HARRIS                                 Beatrice
HARRIS                                 Elizabeth M.
HARRIS                                 Frank D.
HARRIS                                 Frank D., Jr.
HARRIS                                 LaVerna
HARRIS COUNTRYMAN                      LaVerna
HARRIS SCOTT                           Beatrice
HARRIS SCOTT                           Beatrice
HATHAWAY                               Charles M.
HAVEL                                  Sophia
HAVEL MATHIAS                          Sophia
HAWLEY                                 Anna
HAWLEY                                 Clark P.
HAWLEY                                 Frances R.
HAWLEY                                 Lyman
HAWLEY                                 Nelson A.
HAYES                                  Andrew J.
HAYES                                  Clarence
HAYES                                  Jennie
HAYES                                  John S.
HAYES                                  Kenneth E., Sr
HAYES                                  Lola R.
HAYES                                  Margaret B.
HAYES                                  Melvin
HAYES                                  Roxey R.
HAYES                                  Zayda
HAYES (WWII)                           Kenneth E., Sr
HAYS                                   Emeline
HAYS                                   Emma
HAYS                                   Gilbert W
HAYS                                   Hannah
HAYS                                   James H
HAYS                                   Phebe
HAYS POTTER                            Emeline
HAYWARD                                Arthur G.
HAYWARD                                Charles W., Jr.
HAYWARD                                Charles W., Sr
HAYWARD                                Dora
HAYWARD                                Doris M.
HAYWARD                                Edward W.
HAYWARD                                John
HAYWARD                                Luella
HAYWARD                                Myra C.
HAYWOOD                                Nancey
HAZZARD                                Violet
HEAGLE                                 John M
HEAGLE (WWII)                          John M
HEGEMAN                                Eve
HEGEMAN                                John
HEINRICH                               Herbert Carl
HEINRICH                               Laura Jane
HENDERSON                              Donald K.
HENDERSON                              Gerald L.
HENDERSON                              Leonard B
HENDERSON                              Timothy J.
HENDERSON (WWII)                       Leonard B.
HENRY                                  Arnold
HENRY                                  Harriet B.
HENRY                                  Hazel
HENRY                                  John D.
HENRY                                  John D., Jr.
HENRY                                  Julia
HENRY (WWII)                           Arnold
HERBERT                                Katherine
HEROTH                                 Marion
HEROTH MCCLARY                         Marion
HEWITT                                 Mary
HICKEY                                 Edward A.
HICKEY                                 Helen
HICKOK                                 Kenneth H
HICKOK                                 Marion
HICKS                                  Susan
HICKS JACKMAN                          Susan
HILL                                   Alice F
HILL                                   Helen J.
HILL                                   Kate A.
HILL                                   Mary
HILL                                   Mary Ann
HILL                                   Nancy
HILL                                   Thomas
HILL (WWII)                            Helen J
HILL MCLAUGHLIN                        Alice F.
HILL STILLMAN                          Nancy
HILLABRANT                             Jacob
HILLMAN                                Jeannine D
HILLMAN                                Stewart I, Jr.
HINDES                                 Doris V
HINDES SCHADOW                         Doris V.
HIO                                    Catherine
HIO                                    Catherine
HIO                                    Elizabeth
HIO                                    Elizabeth S.
HIO                                    George
HIO                                    James H.
HIO                                    Lura Jane
HIO                                    Peter
HIO                                    Rachael O.
HIO                                    Robert
HIO                                    Robert
HIO                                    William D.
HIO BROTHERS                           Catherine
HISLOP                                 Elizabeth
HISLOP AINSLIE                         Elizabeth
HITCHCOCK                              Celia E.
HITCHCOCK                              Hamilton
HLADIK                                 Bertha
HLADIK LOVELESS                        Bertha
HOAG                                   Mame
HOAG MAYETTE                           Mame
HOAGBOON                               Ada E.
HOAGBOON                               Charles
HOAGBOON                               Edward O.
HOAGBOON                               Essie
HOAGBOON                               Frederick C.
HOAGBOON                               Olive M.
HOEFER                                 George A
HOEFER (CW)                            George A.
HOES                                   Anna
HOES                                   Derick
HOES                                   Louisa J
HOES                                   Peter I
HOGABOOM                               Mary N.
HOGAN                                  Charles
HOGAN                                  Lena Mae
HOHENFORST                             Eva M
HOHENFORST                             William
HOLDEN                                 Mary
HOLDEN HUNTZINGER                      Mary
HOLLAND                                Eva Dorn
HOLLAND                                Jay
HOLLAND CHURCH                         Eva Dorn
HOLLENBECK                             family plot
HOLMES                                 George H.
HOLMES                                 Robert L.
HOLMSTROM                              Charles Johan
HOLMSTROM                              Ellen V.
HOLMSTROM                              Hilda
HOLMSTROM                              Katharina
HOPKINS                                Aneita
HOPKINS                                Augustus U
HOPKINS                                Charlotte
HOPKINS                                Leonard
HOPKINS (WWII)                         Augustus U.
HORNETT                                Arlene
HORNETT                                Louis Marcellin
HORNING                                Hazel
HOUCK                                  Clara M
HOUCK (WWII)                           James A
HOUGHTELING                            Margaret
HOUSE                                  Emma J.
HOUSE                                  John, Jr.
HOUSE                                  Kathryn
HOUSE                                  Libbie G.
HOUSE                                  Maggie
HOUSE                                  Willard R.
HOUSE                                  William
HOUSE                                  William
HOUSE ERING                            Bertha
HOUSE WHITMAN                          Maggie
HOWELL                                 Carrie
HOWELL                                 Frances R.
HOWELL                                 Frances Rose
HOWELL CHILDS                          Carrie
HOWLAND                                Clarence W.
HOWLAND                                Marion E.
HOYT                                   Emily
HOYT REESE                             Emily
HUCKANS                                Floyd J.
HUCKANS                                John J.
HUCKANS                                Minnie A.
HUCKENS                                Maude M.
HUCKENS ALDRICH                        Maude M.
HUGHES                                 Arthur L
HUGHES                                 Bessie M.
HUGHES                                 Rex G.
HULL                                   Emily
HULL BRUNDIGE                          Emily
HUNT                                   George H
HUNT                                   Robert B
HUNT                                   Tracy K
HUNT                                   William
HUNT (WWI)                             George H
HUNT (WWI)                             Tracy K
HUNTER                                 Daniel
HUNTINGTON                             Carrie E
HUNTINGTON                             Fannie G
HUNTINGTON JOHNSON                     Fannie G.
HUNTINGTON ROWLEY                      Carrie E.
HUNTZINGER                             Mary
HUNTZINGER                             W. J. Morton
HURD                                   Doris
HURD                                   George
HURD                                   George
HURD                                   Harry A.
HURD                                   Jennie
HURD                                   Margaret
HURD                                   Marion
HURD DUNHAM                            Marion
HUSTED                                 Leonard
HUSTED                                 Lucy
HYDE                                   Clifford E
HYDE                                   Ella N
IVES                                   Florence Gray
IVES ETHERTON                          Florence Gray
JACKMAN                                Susan
JACKSON                                Betsey
JACKSON                                Jerusha W
JACOBSON                               Charles
JACOBSON                               Ethel
JACOBSON                               Mabel
JACOBSON                               Nina
JAMES                                  Edward
JAMES                                  Elvin
JAMES                                  Emeline A
JAMES                                  Harriet M
JAMES                                  Pamelia H
JAMES                                  Stacey Marie
JAMISON                                Laura H
JAMISON LEAKE                          Laura H.
JAPHET                                 Clifton
JAPHET                                 Harriett H.
JEFFORDS                               Dorothy
JEFFORDS                               Dorothy
JEFFORDS                               Emma O.
JEFFORDS                               Emma O.
JEFFORDS                               Harry
JEFFORDS                               Harry E.
JEFFORDS                               Lester
JEFFORDS                               Lester W.
JEFFORDS                               Maude
JEFFORDS                               Maude M.
JEFFORDS                               William P.
JEFFORDS                               William P.
JENNER                                 Charles E
JENNER                                 Ernestine
JENSEN                                 Albertine
JENSEN                                 Peter
JOHNS                                  Elizabeth V.
JOHNS                                  George C
JOHNS                                  Henrietta K
JOHNS                                  John
JOHNS                                  Louise
JOHNSON                                Betty Doris
JOHNSON                                DeEtta
JOHNSON                                Fannie G.
JOHNSON                                James V.
JOHNSON                                Jephthah
JOHNSON                                Myron D
JOHNSON                                Nellie
JOHNSON                                Raymond C.
JOHNSON                                Robert C
JOHNSON                                Sally
JOHNSON (WWI)                          Myron D.
JOHNSON TEGTMYER                       Nellie
JONES                                  Anna
JONES                                  Anna L.
JONES                                  Arlee C.
JONES                                  Catherine
JONES                                  Charles
JONES                                  Edward
JONES                                  Emerson N.
JONES                                  Frances A.
JONES                                  Lavina N.
JONES                                  Marion D
JONES                                  Martin C.
JONES                                  Melissa E.
JONES                                  Nathan C.
JONES (WWII)                           Edward
JONES (WWII)                           Emerson N
JONES (WWII)                           Martin C.
JONES SHEAR                            Cora G.
JOSEPH                                 Henrietta
JOSEPH                                 Joe
JOSEPH                                 John
JOSLIN                                 Henry
JOSLIN                                 Susannah
JOSLIN GETMAN                          Susannah
JUEDES                                 Henry G.
JUEDES                                 Ruth
JUERS                                  Donald
JUERS                                  Jean
JUNG                                   Frederick
JUNG                                   Frieda
JUNG                                   Johanne
KADLIC                                 Justina H.
KADLIC                                 Rudolph A.
KALIL                                  Abraham
KALIL                                  Charles
KALIL                                  Solomon
KANE                                   Bridget N.
KANE                                   Patrick M.
KAUFMAN                                Alta U.
KAUFMAN                                Augustus F.
KAUFMAN                                John F.
KAUFMAN                                Margaret
KAVANAGH                               Harold E.
KAVANAGH                               Mary E.
KECK                                   Charles L.
KECK                                   Edith E.
KECK                                   Eizabeth
KECK                                   Eleanor I
KECK                                   George J.
KECK                                   Grace E.
KECK                                   Harry G.
KECK                                   Jennie D.
KECK                                   Julia M.
KECK                                   Regenie
KECK MARTIN                            Elizabeth
KEEGAN                                 Ada
KEEGAN                                 Anna
KEEGAN                                 Ellen L.
KEEGAN                                 John
KELAN                                  Victor
KELLER                                 Elizabeth
KELLER                                 Fannie F.
KELLER                                 George Frank
KELLER                                 Nellis G.
KELLOGG                                Eliza
KELLOGG                                Elizabeth
KELLOGG                                Lauren
KELLOGG                                Seth
KELLOGG                                Supplina
KENNEDY                                Abigail
KENNEDY                                Caroline
KENNEDY                                Catherine
KENNEDY                                Dorothy
KENNEDY                                Harvey L
KENNEDY                                Infant
KENNEDY                                James
KENNEDY                                James C
KENNEDY                                Jane Elizabeth
KENNEDY                                Lauren O
KENNEDY                                Lucinda
KENNEDY                                Mary
KENNEDY                                Robert
KENNEDY                                Stewart D
KENNEDY                                Thomas
KENYON                                 Barnabus
KENYON                                 John
KESSLER                                Herman A, Jr
KESSLER                                Joan A.
KESSLER (SERV)                         Herman A, Jr
KIES                                   Eleazer
KIES                                   Emilie
KIES                                   Martha
KIES THAYER                            Emilie
KILMARTIN                              Marion
KILMARTIN HICKOK                       Marion
KILMER                                 Charles S
KILMER                                 Edwin R
KILMER                                 Erah
KILMER                                 Gertrude
KILMER                                 Harry K
KILMER                                 James B
KILMER                                 Jean A.
KILMER                                 Rose M
KILMER (WWII)                          Edwin R
KILMER (WWII)                          Harry K
KILMER (WWII)                          James B.
KING                                   Anna
KING                                   Cornelius
KING                                   Earl Virgil
KING                                   Irene N
KING (WWII)                            Earl Virgil
KLEMPA                                 Lena
KLEMPA SMRTIC                          Lena
KLENA                                  Helen
KLENA (WWII)                           Victor
KLINE                                  Anita L
KLINE                                  Kevin A
KLOSE                                  Dorothy
KLOSE                                  Frederick
KLOSE                                  Rhea
KLOSE BLAKE                            Dorothy
KNIPLER                                Helen D.
KNIPLER                                James P.
KNOWLTON                               Shirley H.
KNOX                                   Catherine
KNOX                                   Isabella S
KNOX                                   William
KNOX BLOOD                             Catherine
KOBUSKIE                               Charlotte B.
KOBUSKIE                               Edna B
KOBUSKIE                               Leonard T
KOBUSKIE                               Robert W.
KOHOUT                                 Agnes
KOHOUT                                 Albert
KOHOUT                                 Helen
KOHOUT HICKEY                          Helen
KOPPE                                  Ella
KOPPE RICHTER                          Ella
KUEBAUGH                               Gertrude E.
KUEHNER                                Adam C.
KUEHNER                                Betty M.
KUEHNER                                Chester K
KUEHNER                                Edwin C.
KUEHNER                                Gladys B.
KUEHNER                                Harold J.
KUEHNER                                Helen M.
KUEHNER (WWII)                         Chester
KUHLMANN                               Elizabeth B.
KUHLMANN                               J. Frederick
KUHN                                   Augusta
KUHN                                   Dorothy
KUHN                                   Lisette
KUHN                                   Richard
KUHN                                   William H., SR
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