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Fulton County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

LACHMAYER                              Bertha M.
LACHMAYER                              Edward F.
LACHMAYER                              Robert WIlliam
LAIR                                   Anna Marie
LAIRD                                  Alida
LAIRD                                  John
LAIRD                                  Sarah A
LAIRD                                  Thomas
LAMB                                   Elvera E.
LAMONT                                 Sylvester
LAMPHEAR                               William Edward, Jr.
LANPHERE                               Sylvia B.
LAPE                                   Arthur P.
LAPE                                   Estella
LAROWE                                 Clarence H.
LAROWE                                 Clyde T.
LAROWE                                 Clyde W.
LAROWE                                 Leland F.
LAROWE                                 Mary L.
LAROWE                                 Sharon Ann
LAROWE                                 Theresa M.
LAROWE BURTON                          Sharon Ann
LARSSON                                Hilda
LARSSON HOLMSTROM                      Hilda
LARY                                   Margaret
LARY                                   Richard
LARY (CW)                              Richard
LASHER                                 Catherine
LATHERS                                Annette
LATHERS ROUSA                          Annette
LAVALEE                                Karl J
LAVALLEE                               Antoinette
LAVALLEE                               Joseph E.
LAVALLEE                               Marguerite
LAVALLEE                               Marion
LAVALLEE                               Paul M.
LAVALLEE (VN)                          Karl J.
LAVALLEE (WWII)                        Paul M.
LAVALLEE CAPRON                        Marguerite
LAVENDER                               Anna
LAVENDER                               William S
LAVERDURE                              Edward
LAVERDURE                              Vilma
LAWRECE                                Frank M
LAWRENCE                               Charlotte P.
LAWRENCE                               Louise F.
LAWRENCE (WWII)                        Frank M.
LAWSON                                 James
LAWSON                                 Louisa
LAWSON                                 Ruth
LAWTON SHUTTS                          Ruth
LEACH                                  Anna M.
LEACH                                  Emma A.
LEACH                                  Evelyn M.
LEACH                                  George Burton
LEACH                                  Gregory A.
LEACH                                  William D.
LEACH                                  William D.
LEAKE                                  Laura H.
LEAKE                                  Thomas
LEE                                    Barnard K
LEE                                    Harriet
LEHMAN                                 Anna
LEHMAN                                 Hazel M.
LEHMAN                                 John
LEHMAN                                 John S.
LEHMAN                                 Katherine
LEIBOLT                                infant
LEIP                                   Shirley
LEIP HALE                              Shirley
LEONARD                                Barbara
LEONARD                                John
LESCZENSKI                             Joseph W
LESCZENSKI                             Katherine E.
LESCZENSKI (WWII)                      Joseph W.
LEWIS                                  Infant
LINDSTROM                              Hanna M. S.
LINDSTROM                              John A. F.
LIPE                                   Eliza A
LIPE FRANCE                            Eliza A.
LOCKLIN                                Mary
LOCKLIN MERRILL                        Mary
LOEBL                                  Mathilda
LOGAN                                  Barbara
LOGAN                                  William
LOMBARDONI                             Eleanor
LOMBARDONI                             Frederick A.
LOMBARDONI                             Mainie H.
LOMBARDONI BERBERIAN                   Eleanor
LONG                                   Avis D.
LONG                                   Donald
LONG                                   Ella M.
LONG                                   Patricia
LONG                                   Richard A
LONG                                   Walter S.
LONG (SERV)                            Richard A.
LONG (WWII)                            Donald
LONG BILLSON                           Evelyn
LONG ERICSON                           Kristine
LONGFRITZ                              Henry
LONGFRITZ                              Theresa
LONGHENRY                              Dorothy
LONGHENRY                              Elmer C
LOUCKS                                 Harold E
LOUCKS                                 Matilda
LOVELAND                               Morris
LOVELESS                               Bertha
LOWELL                                 Norma J
LOWREY                                 Esther
LOWREY                                 Lucy
LUCCAS                                 Patricia
LUND                                   Hazel D.
LUND                                   Norman L.
LUNDGREN                               Hermam
LUSKIN                                 Marion
LUSKIN LAVALLEE                        Marion
LYDIA                                  Beverly
LYONS                                  Fannie F
LYONS                                  Gerald C.
LYONS (WWII)                           Gerald C
LYONS KELLER                           Fannie F.
MABLEY                                 Margaret
MAC GREGOR                             Charles W.
MAC GREGOR                             Diane L.
MAC WETHY                              Lulu
MACGREGOR                              Charles W., Jr.
MACGREGOR                              George William
MACGREGOR                              George William
MADDEN                                 Anna
MADDEN                                 Elizabeth
MADDEN                                 Mary Ann
MADDEN                                 Michael J
MADDEN (WWI)                           Michael J.
MADDEN AUSTIN                          Elizabeth
MAGISH                                 Mary
MAHAR                                  Cena C.
MAHAR                                  Cena C.
MAHAR                                  Watson
MAHAR                                  Watson
MAHLER                                 Hattie
MAHLER                                 Josephine
MAHLER                                 Rudolph
MAIN                                   Sandra L.
MANAGUN                                James
MANAGUN                                William
MANN                                   Daniel S
MANN                                   Janet
MANN                                   Margaret
MANN                                   Stephen
MANZER                                 Doris
MANZER HURD                            Doris
MARKHAM                                Ruth
MARKHAM JUEDES                         Ruth
MARSHALL                               Mary
MARTIN                                 Alice E
MARTIN                                 Catherine A
MARTIN                                 Elizabeth
MARTIN                                 James W
MARTIN                                 Libbie
MARTIN                                 Margaret
MARTIN                                 Nellie S
MARTIN                                 Philip
MARTIN                                 Philip
MARTIN                                 Philip P
MARTIN                                 Susan
MARTIN SMITH                           Catherine A.
MARTIN YOUNG                           Margaret
MASKER                                 Bernard
MASKER                                 Gene L
MATHIAS                                Lee A
MATHIAS                                Sophia
MATHIAS (WWII)                         Lee A
MATTHEWS                               Rachel
MATTICE                                George H.
MATTICE                                John H
MATTICE                                Marion W
MATTISON                               Jeannette L.
MAURICE                                Laura
MAURICE                                William
MAXSON                                 Emma-Lynn Marie
MAYETTE                                John H.
MAYETTE                                Mame
MCALLISTER                             Catherine F.
MCALLISTER                             William F.
MCARTHUR                               Allan R.
MCARTHUR                               Jane A.
MCCLAIN                                Annette
MCCLAIN                                William
MCCLARY                                John
MCCLARY                                Marietta
MCCLARY                                Marion
MCCLARY                                Robert J.
MCDERMID                               Jane
MCFARLAN                               Daniel
MCFARLAN                               Grace
MCFARLAN                               Jane
MCFARLAN                               Peter B
MCFARLIN                               Alexander
MCFEELEY                               Evelyn E
MCFEELEY                               Robert J
MCGILLIS                               Alta L.
MCGILLIS                               Robert G.
MCGUIRE                                Hosea L
MCGUIRE                                Lottie C
MCGUIRE                                Lucy Jane
MCGUIRE (WWI)                          Hosea L.
MCHALE                                 Charles
MCKERCHER                              Catharine
MCKERCHER                              Daniel
MCKERCHER                              Duncan
MCKERCHER                              John
MCKIE                                  Isabella
MCKIE                                  Jane
MCKINLAY                               Elisabeth B
MCKINLAY                               James
MCKINLAY                               John
MCKINLAY                               Katharine
MCKINLAY                               Margaret
MCKINLAY                               Peter
MCKINLAY                               Sarah
MCKINLAY                               William
MCKINLAY                               William
MCKINNEY                               Emma M.
MCKINNEY                               Jane C
MCKINNEY                               John A.
MCKINNEY WEMPLE                        Jane C
MCLAREN                                Duncan
MCLAUGHLIN                             Alice F.
MCLAUGHLIN                             Anna
MCLAUGHLIN (IW)                        Charles
MCLAUGHLIN LEHMAN                      Anna
MCMARTIN                               Agnes
MCMARTIN                               Archibald
MCMARTIN                               Catharine
MCMARTIN                               Catharine
MCMARTIN                               Duncan
MCMARTIN                               Finlay
MCMARTIN                               Finlay
MCMARTIN                               Henrietta
MCMARTIN                               Jane
MCMARTIN                               John
MCMARTIN                               Peter
MCMASTER                               Mildred
MCMASTER DONAHUE                       Mildred
MCNAMEE                                Mamie
MCNAMEE                                Walter
MCNAUGHTON                             Alexander
MCNAUGHTON                             Angus
MCNAUGHTON                             Duncan
MCNAUGHTON                             John
MCNAUGHTON                             John
MCNAUGHTON                             Mary
MCPHERSON                              Catharine
MCPHERSON                              Daniel
MCPHERSON                              Margaret
MCPHERSON                              Peter
MCQUEEN                                Mary
MCQUEEN                                janet M
MCQUEEN ALLEN                          Mary
MCQUEEN DONNAN                         Janet M
MECA                                   Lulu M.
MECA                                   Peter P.
MEHER                                  Ameila
MEHER                                  John
MEHER (WWII)                           John
MELITA                                 Anthony
MELITA                                 Diana H.
MELUCCI                                Beatrice Louise
MERRILL                                Alice
MERRILL                                Cyrus H.
MERRILL                                Edith
MERRILL                                Mary
MERRILL BAKER                          Alice
MERRILL WAY                            Edith
MEYER                                  Anna
MEYER                                  George F.
MEYER                                  Hermann L., Sr
MEYER                                  Hermine
MEYERS                                 F. Leo
MILES                                  Mary
MILES BROTHERS                         Mary
MILKS                                  Lillian M.
MILLER                                 Anna
MILLER                                 Beatrice E
MILLER                                 Catherine E.
MILLER                                 Charles
MILLER                                 Connie
MILLER                                 Donald G.
MILLER                                 Eleanor W.
MILLER                                 Faith
MILLER                                 Hope
MILLER                                 James C
MILLER                                 James C
MILLER                                 Janet
MILLER                                 Jessie
MILLER                                 June
MILLER                                 Louisa
MILLER                                 Mailyn A
MILLER                                 Malcolm M
MILLER                                 Mary
MILLER                                 Mary J
MILLER                                 Mary L
MILLER                                 Nora E.
MILLER                                 Richard C.
MILLER                                 Robert
MILLER                                 Robert
MILLER                                 Sarah E.
MILLER                                 Sidney M
MILLER                                 William H
MILLER                                 Willie N.
MILLER (CW)                            William H.
MILLER ANTIS                           Beatrice E.
MILLER LAWSON                          Louisa
MILLER RUFENACHT                       Marilyn A.
MILLER SHUTTLEWORTH                    Janet
MILROY                                 Beatrice
MINER                                  John, Jr.
MINER                                  Rebecca
MINER                                  Shirley
MOAK                                   Anna M
MOAK                                   Benjamin P.
MOAK                                   Florence L.
MOAK PITCHER                           Anna M
MOBERG                                 Charles
MOELLER                                Katharina
MOELLER                                Marie
MOELLER                                Wilhelm
MOELLER HOLMSTROM                      Katharina
MONROE                                 Eliza Ann
MONROE SHAW                            Eliza Ann
MONTGOMERY                             Beulah K.
MONTGOMERY                             Fay W.
MONTGOMERY                             Maud
MOORE                                  Jesse
MOORE                                  Mary
MOREY                                  Jeannine A.
MOREY                                  Marjorie L.
MOREY                                  Marylou
MOREY                                  Melvin E.
MOREY                                  Milton P
MOREY                                  Simeon J.
MOREY (WWII)                           Milton P.
MORGAN                                 Celia E
MORGAN HITCHCOCK                       Celia E.
MORRELL                                Charles I.
MORRELL                                Georgia
MORRISON                               Burton
MORRISON                               Laura R.
MORRISON                               Margaret
MORRISON                               Marraye L.
MORRISON                               Olive
MORRISON KAUFMAN                       Margaret
MOSHER                                 Nettie U.
MOSHER BRADT                           Nettie U.
MOWREY                                 Marie
MOWREY                                 Walter J., Jr.
MOYER                                  Bertha
MUDGET                                 Sally
MUDGET CHRISTIE                        Sally
MUHLBERGER                             Fred J, Sr
MUHLBERGER (WWI)                       Fred J., Sr
MUNN                                   Ella
MUNN                                   Essie
MUNN                                   William C.
MUNN HOAGBOON                          Essie
MURPHY                                 Margaret B.
MURPHY                                 Marie O.
MURPHY                                 R. Watson
MURPHY                                 Thomas H
MURPHY                                 Thomas H.
MURPHY (WWII)                          Thomas H.
MURRAY                                 Helen
MURRAY SHUTTS                          Helen
NADLER                                 Jane G
NADLER                                 William Hicks
NADLER (WWII)                          William Hicks
NAYLOR                                 John J.
NAYLOR                                 Lucy O.
NEAR                                   Margie L
NEAR OLMSTEAD                          Margie L.
NEIL                                   Lena M.
NEIL                                   William J.
NELLIS                                 Bertha May
NELLIS                                 Harry F.
NELLIS                                 Harry F., Jr.
NELLIS                                 Rose T.
NELSON                                 William H.
NESBERG                                Grace D.
NESBERG                                M. Josephine
NESBERG                                Wesley O.
NEWNHAM                                Geryl Louise
NEWNHAM                                Inez B.
NEWNHAM                                Russell B.
NEWNHAM                                Russell Milton
NICHOLS                                Barbara
NICHOLS                                John
NIGRO                                  Velma
NILSEN                                 Nils O.
NILSSON                                Ellen
NILSSON                                Hanna
NILSSON WOLF                           Ellen
NIVEN                                  Charles
NIVEN                                  David
NIVEN                                  Ellen
NIVEN                                  Mary
NOLAN                                  Katherine J
NOLAN WALRATH                          Katherine J.
NORRIS                                 Dorothy
NORRIS JEFFORDS                        Dorothy
NORRIS JEFFORDS                        Dorothy
NORRIS WILLETTE                        Dorothy
NORTHRUP                               Betsey
NORTHRUP                               Sarah A
NOVOTNEY                               Anna
NURNBERG                               Ada M
NURNBERG                               John
NURNBERG (CW)                          John
NURNBERG ROUCOULES                     Ada M.
OARE                                   Alton T.
OARE                                   Stephen W, Sr.
OARE                                   William J.
OARE (VN)                              Stephen W., Sr.
OATHOUT                                Elsie
OATHOUT                                Ralph O
OATHOUT (WWII)                         Ralph O.
OLMSTEAD                               David M.
OLMSTEAD                               Lloyd Y.
OLMSTEAD                               Lucille S.
OLMSTEAD                               Margie L.
ORCUTT                                 Clinton A., Sr.
ORCUTT                                 Flora M.
ORLANDO                                Clara M
ORLANDO HOUCK                          Clara M
ORLOWSKE                               August
ORLOWSKE                               Emma
ORLOWSKE                               Karl
ORMISTON                               David C
ORMISTON                               Janet M.
ORMISTON (WWII)                        David C.
ORMONDROYD                             Lucy O
ORMONDROYD NAYLOR                      Lucy O.
ORR                                    Elizabeth O
ORR                                    Isabella
ORR                                    Isabella
ORR                                    Jessie
ORR                                    Robert
OSBORNE                                Vernon A.
OSBORNE                                Viola A.
OSBURN                                 Helen V
OSBURN HAGGART                         Helen V.
OVITT                                  Erah
OVITT KILMER                           Erah
OZABAL                                 Alois
OZABAL                                 Anna
PAINE                                  Cornelia
PALAZZI                                Carlo
PALAZZI                                Jennie
PALAZZI (WWI)                          Carlo
PALMETEER                              John
PALMETEER                              Nancy A.
PASSARO                                Sam
PASSARO                                Theresa
PATERSON                               Arthur
PATTERSON                              Jean
PATTERSON                              Mary J
PAWLACZYK                              Emily
PEABODY                                Pearl May
PEACOCK                                Harriet Julia
PECK                                   Anna S.
PECK                                   Annette
PECK                                   Charles V.
PECK                                   William A
PECK (CW)                              William A.
PECK MCCLAIN                           Annette
PEDRICK                                Bertha B.
PEDRICK                                Harold
PEDRICK                                Ransler
PEEK WELLS                             Mary
PEEKS                                  Mary
PERKINS                                Deborah
PERKINS                                Mary
PERKINS                                Nathaniel
PERKINS CLARK                          Deborah
PERRY                                  Mary E
PERRY                                  Peda
PERRY                                  William
PERRY KAVANAGH                         Mary E.
PETERS                                 Anna M.
PETERS                                 Jeannette
PETERS RIPTON                          Jeannette
PETERSON                               Arthur
PETERSON                               Earl G
PETERSON                               Emma G.
PETERSON                               Katherine A.
PETERSON (WWII)                        Arthur
PETERSON (WWII)                        Earl G.
PETTINGER                              Albert
PETTINGER                              Martha
PETTINGER                              Max
PETTINGER                              Pauline
PETTIT                                 Alfred B.
PETTIT                                 Dora A.
PHELPS                                 Harriet
PHILES                                 Ella
PHILES                                 Mattie
PHILES BROWN                           Mattie
PHILES THOMPSON                        Ella
PHILLIPS                               Abram V.
PHILLIPS                               Allen A.
PHILLIPS                               Arthur J.
PHILLIPS                               Cora C.
PHILLIPS                               Harriet
PHILLIPS                               Herbert
PHILLIPS                               Judith A
PHILLIPS                               Margaret L.
PHILLIPS                               William I
PHILLIPS                               Zelda C.
PHILLIPS (WWI)                         William I.
PHILLIPS RUMMLER                       Judith A.
PIEHUTA                                Joseph E.
PIEHUTA                                Mary A.
PIERCE                                 Alfred
PIERCE                                 Alvin R
PIERCE                                 Marguerite
PIERCE (WWII)                          Alvin R.
PIERSON                                Benjamin G.
PIERSON                                Elean
PIERSON                                Gertrude T.
PIERSON                                Margaret
PIERSON                                Michael D.
PIERSON SNYDER                         Margaret
PINNEY                                 Lucy
PINNEY                                 Mary
PINNEY                                 Philander
PITCHER                                Anna M
PITCHER                                Iris B
PITCHER                                Menzo A
PITCHER                                Vivian
PITCHER (CW)                           Menzo A.
PITCHER DUTCHER                        Vivian
PITCHER FOLEY                          Iris B.
PITCHER SANTELLI                       Iris B.
PLAMONDON                              Flora H.
PLAMONDON                              Fred
PLAMONDON                              Nina M.
PLANCK                                 Catharine
PLANCK                                 Jacob
PLANK (PLANCK)                         Adam
PLANK (PLANCK) (RW)                    Adam
POLMATEER                              Ina M.
POLMATEER                              Lillian M
POLMATEER SWEET                        Lillian M.
POOCK                                  Anna
POOCK MEYER                            Anna
PORTER                                 Mildred M.
PORTER                                 Winfield F.
POTTER                                 Anna M.
POTTER                                 Emeline
POTTER                                 Richard
POTTER                                 T. Jefferson
POTTER                                 William P
POUGH                                  Catherine
POUGH                                  Elizabeth
POUGH                                  Helen
POUGH                                  William D.
POUGH HIO                              Catherine
POUGH ZENS                             Elizabeth
POUND                                  George F.
PRATT                                  John B
PRATT                                  Sarah
PRICE                                  Ruth Elizabeth
PROVOST                                Albert
PROVOST                                Napoleon
PURDELL                                Arthur W.
PURDELL                                Henry E.
PURDELL                                Imojean
PURDELL                                Jennie May
PURDELL                                Mary Ellen
PURDELL STURGEON                       Mary Ellen
PUTMAN                                 Bessie
PUTMAN                                 Charles A.
PUTMAN                                 Clyde D
PUTMAN                                 Ella
PUTMAN                                 Hazel
PUTMAN                                 Isaac
PUTMAN                                 Jennie W.
PUTMAN                                 Murtie
PUTMAN                                 Patricia J.
PUTMAN                                 Richard
PUTMAN (RW)                            Richard
PUTMAN (WWII)                          Clyde D.
PUTMAN BELL                            Bessie
PUTMAN COMFORT                         Hazel
PUTMAN ROGERS                          Murtie
PUTMAN VANALSTINE                      Ella
PUTNAM                                 Elmer
PUTNAM                                 Florence
PUTNAM                                 Frederick E.
PUTNAM                                 Mabel C.
QUACKENBUSH                            Charles
QUACKENBUSH                            Christie
QUACKENBUSH                            Ernest C
QUACKENBUSH                            John F.
QUACKENBUSH                            Lillian M.
QUACKENBUSH                            Margaret
QUACKENBUSH                            Mary E.
QUACKENBUSH                            Thomas R.
QUACKENBUSH                            family
QUACKENBUSH BROTHERS                   Margaret
QUIGLEY                                Annette
QUIGLEY                                Donald F
QUIGLEY (WWII)                         Donald F.
QUILLEN                                Ethel M.
QUILLEN                                Kenneth L.
QUINN                                  Amanda
QUINN                                  Millard D.
QUINN                                  Nella G.
RACKMYRE                               Emma M.
RACKMYRE                               Richard A.
RACKMYRE                               Ruth R.
RACKMYRE                               William
RACKMYRE                               William A.
RACKMYRE                               William C.
RACKMYRE                               William C.
RAFFERTY                               Alexander Thomas
RANDALL                                Cornelia R.
RANDALL                                Gladys F
RANDALL RINK                           Gladys F.
RAPS                                   Augusta
RAUER                                  Edna
RAUER                                  Fred
RAWSON                                 Raymond
RECORD                                 Mary
RECORD PERKINS                         Mary
REDICKER                               Francelia
REDING                                 George H.
REDING                                 Herbert D.
REDING                                 Mathilda
REDING LOEBL                           Mathilda
REED                                   Bessie L.
REED                                   Burdell R.
REED                                   Clayton D.
REED                                   Duane R.
REED                                   Edward
REED                                   John
REED                                   John, Jr
REED                                   Maria
REED                                   Mary
REED                                   Minnie C.
REED                                   Novella
REED                                   R. Burdell
REED                                   Richard
REED                                   William
REED (CW)                              John, Jr.
REESE                                  Dorothy
REESE                                  Emily
REESE                                  Hannah A
REESE                                  James
REESE                                  John W
REESE                                  Nathaniel
REESE (CW)                             James
REID                                   Agness
REID GUNSOLUS                          Agness
REIERSLOH                              Hermine
REIERSLOH MEYER                        Hermine
REIMANN                                Pauline
REITH                                  Hattie C.
REITH                                  Katherine
REMINGTON                              John
REMINGTON                              Margaret
REMORINO                               Bella
REMORINO                               Herbert
REMORINO                               James
REMORINO                               Joseph
REMORINO                               Louis J.
REMORINO                               Louis N.
REMORINO                               Louise
REMORINO (WWII)                        James
RETERSDORF                             J. Henry
RETERSDORF                             Jack
REYNOLDS                               Howard E.
REYNOLDS                               Ruth R.
RHEUBECK                               Emma L.
RHEUBECK                               Nelson H.
RIBRAUD                                Ella V.
RIBRAUD                                Harry
RICE                                   Allice
RICE                                   George O
RICE                                   Lucius
RICE                                   Oliver
RICE                                   Thomas
RICE (CW)                              Thomas
RICHARDSON                             Arthur
RICHARDSON                             Elizabeth
RICHARDSON                             Elizabeth
RICHTER                                Ella
RIETH                                  Blanche
RIETH                                  Donald M.
RIETH                                  Julius
RIETH                                  Kathleen Marie
RIETH                                  Marilyn G.
RIETH                                  Patricia B.
RIETH                                  Sophia
RIETH FREMMER                          Sophia
RIFANBURG                              Mary D.
RIFANBURG STEELE                       Mary D.
RIGGS                                  Earl Lee
RIGGS                                  Edwin E
RIGGS                                  Edwin E.
RIGGS (WWII)                           Clara L.
RILEY                                  Charles A.
RILEY                                  Edna
RILEY                                  Henry
RILEY (CW)                             Henry
RINGANESE                              Bess
RINGLER                                Kenneth
RINGLER                                Maryellen
RINK                                   Edward Lewis
RINK                                   Gladys F.
RINK (WWI)                             Edward Lewis
RIPTON                                 Jeannette
RISKA                                  George
RIVENBURG                              Cornelia
RIVENBURG BILLINGTON                   Cornelia
RIZZO                                  Salvatore E.
ROACH                                  Anna
ROACH                                  Lewis M.
ROACH JONES                            Anna
ROBB                                   Patrick
ROBERTS                                Jennett
ROBERTS                                Marguerite
ROBINSON                               Clara
ROBINSON BUSH                          Clara
ROCKWELL                               Dorothy L.
ROCKWELL                               Kenneth
ROCKWOOD                               Bessie M
ROCKWOOD HUGHES                        Bessie M.
ROGERS                                 Ellen
ROGERS                                 James D.
ROGERS                                 Marilyn V.
ROGERS                                 Marion
ROGERS                                 Murtie
ROGERS                                 Murtie Belle
ROGERS                                 Raymond H
ROGERS                                 Russell W.
ROGERS (CW)                            Russell W.
ROGERS (WWII)                          Raymond H.
ROGERS BOLES                           Ellen
ROGERS DUESLER                         Murtie Belle
ROGERS ZAMBRI                          Marion
ROHLING                                Douglas P.
ROHLING                                Minnie A.
ROHLING                                Raymond J.
ROMANO                                 Clara K.
ROMANO                                 Peter F.
RORCIK                                 Charles
RORICK                                 Eleanor
RORICK                                 Elevene
RORICK                                 Joyce M.
RORICK                                 Morris
RORICK (WWII)                          Donald W.
RORICK (WWII)                          Kenneth
RORICK DINGMAN                         Joyce
ROSATO                                 Fracesco
ROSATO                                 Santa B.
ROSE                                   Dolly Virginia
ROSE                                   Jesse L
ROSE                                   Jesse L.
ROSE                                   Norma
ROSE (WWII)                            Jesse L.
ROSS                                   Jennie
ROSS                                   Rose B.
ROSS                                   Samuel G.
ROSTIN                                 Christina
ROSTIN                                 Henry C F
ROSTIN                                 J Maria F
ROSTIN BYER                            Christina
ROUCOULES                              Ada M.
ROUCOULES                              Jean Marceau
ROUCOULES                              Jules
ROUCOULES                              Jules
ROUCOULES                              Louise
ROUCOULES                              Rose F.
ROUCOULES (WWII)                       Jean Marceau
ROUSA                                  Annette
ROUSA                                  George
ROUSA                                  Mary
ROUSA                                  Phillip P.
ROUSA                                  Salvatore G.
ROWBACK                                Clarence
ROWBACK                                George H.
ROWBACK                                John A.
ROWBACK                                Margaret A.
ROWLEY                                 Carrie E.
ROWLEY                                 Edward L.
ROWLEY                                 Harry C
ROWLEY                                 Jessica Beth
ROWLEY                                 Reva B.
ROWLEY                                 Robert F.
ROWLEY (SA)                            Harry C.
RUF                                    Anthony
RUF                                    Lillian
RUFENACHT                              Marilyn A.
RULISON                                Ethel
RULISON                                Floyd
RULISON                                Geraldine
RULISON                                Jesse F.
RULISON                                Maurice
RULSION                                Christie Lee
RUMLEY                                 Harriot B
RUMLEY                                 Robert
RUMMLER                                Judith A.
RUMMLER                                Richard G.
RUMRILL                                Edward
RUMRILL                                Hazel M.
RUMRILL (WWI)                          Edward
RUSLOW                                 Goerge J.
RUSSELL                                J. Earl
RUSSELL                                Joseph
RUSSELL                                Nellie
RUSSELL                                Richard A.
RUSSELL (CW)                           Joseph
RUZICKA                                Marguerite
SADLER                                 Adele
SADLER BROWN                           Adele
SANBORN                                George L.
SANBORN                                Reba
SANTELLI                               Iris B.
SARR                                   Frederick
SARR                                   Hazel M.
SARR (WWII)                            Frederick
SATTE                                  Raymonde
SAUNDERS                               Kenneth J.
SAUNDERS                               Mabel J.
SCHADOW                                Doris V.
SCHADOW                                William
SCHAEFER                               Alberta C
SCHAEFER                               Cornelius J.
SCHAEFER                               Idella
SCHEPIS                                Rose
SCHEPIS                                Vincent
SCHEPIS                                Vincenzo
SCHEPIS (WWI)                          Vincenzo
SCHMIDT                                Henry A.
SCHRADER                               Lena
SCHRADER                               Lena
SCHRADER FREMMER                       Lena
SCHRADER FREMMER                       Lena
SCHUETZ                                Michael
SCHUTZ                                 Clara
SCHUTZ                                 Emma
SCHWAB                                 Louis
SCHWAB                                 Winifred
SCIUTTO                                Louise
SCIUTTO REMORINO                       Louise
SCOTT                                  Ada M.
SCOTT                                  Alice E.
SCOTT                                  Anna
SCOTT                                  Beatrice
SCOTT                                  Beatrice
SCOTT                                  Charles B
SCOTT                                  Floyd Sr
SCOTT                                  Floyd Sr
SCOTT                                  George H.
SCOTT                                  George W
SCOTT                                  Leah
SCOTT                                  Walter
SCOTT                                  William
SCOTT                                  William N.
SCOTT (WWI)                            Floyd, Sr
SCOTT (WWI)                            Floyd, Sr
SCOTT (WWI)                            George W.
SCOTT (WWI)                            Walter
SCOTT (WWII)                           Charles B.
SCRIVEN                                Mary
SCRIVEN                                William H.
SEABURY                                Ichabod
SEABURY                                Lucy M
SEELEY                                 Jennie
SEELEY                                 Lucina O
SEELEY                                 Nehemiah
SEIDL                                  Charles E.
SEIDL                                  Ruth M.
SERVISS                                Verda
SHANNON                                Alice C.
SHANNON                                George W.
SHARPE                                 Willard
SHARROW                                Charles M.
SHARROW                                Marjorie S
SHARROW ANTHONY                        Marjorie S.
SHATTUCK                               Calvin
SHAUL                                  Susan
SHAUL MARTIN                           Susan
SHAW                                   David
SHAW                                   Eliza Ann
SHEAR                                  Cora G.
SHEAR                                  Esther
SHEAR DUNN                             Esther
SHELL                                  Elizabeth
SHELL SUITS                            Elizabeth
SHERMAN                                Bert
SHERMAN                                Bertha
SHERMAN                                Clarrisa D.
SHERMAN                                Emma O
SHERMAN                                Zaida Jane
SHERMAN JEFFORDS                       Emma O.
SHERMAN JEFFORDS                       Emma O.
SHERMAN MOYER                          Bertha
SHIBLEY                                Luella
SHIBLEY                                Roy Ballou
SHINN                                  Catherine
SHUBERT                                Casper
SHUBERT                                Martha F.
SHUBERT                                Matie
SHUBERT                                Nellie
SHUBERT                                Peter
SHUBERT RUSSELL                        Nellie
SHUBERT WILLIAMS                       Matie
SHULTS                                 Fred D.
SHULTS                                 Harry
SHULTS                                 Mabel
SHULTS                                 Marjorie E.
SHULTS                                 Mary E.
SHULTS                                 Ophelia
SHURTLEFF                              Fanny
SHURTLEFF                              William
SHUTTLEWORTH                           James Thomas
SHUTTLEWORTH                           Jane G
SHUTTLEWORTH                           Janet
SHUTTLEWORTH NADLER                    Jane G
SHUTTS                                 Ada C.
SHUTTS                                 Alonzo
SHUTTS                                 Anna
SHUTTS                                 Chris
SHUTTS                                 Clarence
SHUTTS                                 Edward
SHUTTS                                 Helen
SHUTTS                                 James D.
SHUTTS                                 Ruth
SIEBACH                                Audrey Rose
SIEBACH                                Michael Ralph
SIMONSON                               Edna L.
SIMONSON                               Robert W.
SINATRA                                Anna
SINCLAIR                               Duncan
SKAINE                                 James H.
SLAVIC                                 Frank
SLAVIC                                 Katherine
SLAVIC                                 Mary
SLAVIC                                 Velma
SLAVIC MARSHALL                        Mary
SLAVIC NIGRO                           Velma
SLEEZER                                Arlene A.
SLEEZER                                Carolena K.
SLEEZER                                Flossie I.
SLEEZER                                Lloyd D
SLEEZER                                Priscilla A.
SLEEZER                                Ralph L.
SLEEZER                                Ronald G.
SLEEZER                                Sandra L.
SLEEZER                                William E.
SLEEZER (WWII)                         Lloyd D.
SLEEZER (WWII)                         Ralph L.
SMEALLIE                               Eva L
SMEALLIE                               George D
SMITH                                  Anna H.
SMITH                                  Anna M
SMITH                                  Betty J.
SMITH                                  Catherine A.
SMITH                                  Charles
SMITH                                  Christopher J.
SMITH                                  Clara M.
SMITH                                  Clarence F.
SMITH                                  Clarence, Jr.
SMITH                                  Donald C
SMITH                                  Douglas B.
SMITH                                  Eli
SMITH                                  Elizabeth M.
SMITH                                  Elsie E.
SMITH                                  Frank H.
SMITH                                  Harriet
SMITH                                  Helen
SMITH                                  Helen
SMITH                                  Henry C.
SMITH                                  Hiram A.
SMITH                                  Idella
SMITH                                  Joseph
SMITH                                  Josephine G.
SMITH                                  Marraye L.
SMITH                                  Marraye L.
SMITH                                  Mary Ann
SMITH                                  Mary E.
SMITH                                  Nettie
SMITH                                  Peda
SMITH                                  Robert F
SMITH                                  Roxie M.
SMITH                                  Stanley H.
SMITH  (WWII)                          Robert F.
SMITH (CW)                             Eli
SMITH (KOR)                            Donald C.
SMITH ABBOTT                           Nettie
SMITH DAVIS                            Helen
SMITH MORRISON                         Marraye L.
SMITH MORRISON                         Marraye L.
SMITH PERRY                            Peda
SMITH POTTER                           Anna M.
SMITH SCHAEFER                         Idella
SMITH STICKLAND                        Mary Ann
SMRITC                                 Andrew J.
SMRTIC                                 Andrew, Sr.
SMRTIC                                 Lena
SMRTIC                                 Mildred W.
SMRTIC                                 Richard R
SMRTIC (WWII)                          Richard R.
SMULLEN                                Edward
SMULLEN                                J. Edward
SMULLEN                                Laura
SNELL                                  Charles F.
SNELL                                  Harry L.
SNELL                                  Marie
SNELL                                  Martha E.
SNELL                                  Rosella
SNELL STOWELL                          Rosella
SNOW                                   Agnes
SNOW                                   Mary Jane
SNOW                                   William
SNYDER                                 Clarence P.
SNYDER                                 John P.
SNYDER                                 Kathryn E.
SNYDER                                 Margaret
SNYDER                                 Marion M.
SOKOL                                  Cecilia
SOKOL                                  John
SOLLAK                                 Anna
SOLLAK                                 Elizabeth
SOLLAK                                 Stephen
SOULES                                 Ada
SOULES                                 Anne C.
SOULES                                 Arthur F
SOULES                                 Fred
SOULES (WWII)                          Arthur F.
SPALLINGER                             Eva
SPANO                                  Mary I
SPANO WILSON                           Mary I.
SPARKS                                 Beverly J.
SPARKS                                 Eugene
SPARKS (KOR)                           Eugene
SPENCE                                 Cora
SPENCE BOSS                            Cora
SPENGLER                               Marie
SPONABLE                               Jennie
SPONABLE                               L. Blanche
SPONABLE                               Robert R.
SPRAGUE                                Nelson
SPRUNG                                 Helen S.
SPRUNG                                 Howard A
SPRUNG                                 Lillian M.
SPRUNG (WWII)                          Howard A.
SPRUNG MILKS                           Lillian M.
SQUIRES                                Esther G.
SQUIRES                                Susan Lenore
SQUIRES                                William A.
SQUIRES (WWII)                         William A.
STAHL                                  Beryl S.
STAHL                                  Whitney J.
STALEY                                 Nancy
STALEY WARD                            Nancy
STANDER                                Reinhold
STANLEY                                Henry O
STARK                                  Janet
STARK BUCHANAN                         Janet
STEAD                                  Charles King
STEAD                                  Hazel M.
STEAD (WWI)                            Charles King
STEAD RUMRILL                          Hazel M.
STEAD SUTLIFF                          Hazel M.
STEARNS                                Edward
STEDING                                Diedrich J. G.
STEDING                                Emily A.
STEELE                                 Edward J.
STEELE                                 Jerome
STEELE                                 Mary D.
STEENBURG                              Ida Mae
STEENBURG ABEL                         Ida Mae
STEINECKE                              Marie
STEINECKE MOELLER                      Marie
STEWART                                Arlene
STEWART                                Catharine
STEWART                                Donald
STEWART                                Duncan
STEWART                                Edward B
STEWART                                Elizabeth
STEWART                                Elizabeth
STEWART                                Hazel
STEWART                                Janet
STEWART                                Leah
STEWART                                Malcomb
STEWART                                William H.
STEWART CRAIG                          Elizabeth
STEWART HENRY                          Hazel
STEWART HORNETT                        Arlene
STEWART MANN                           Janet
STEWART SCOTT                          Leah
STICKLAND                              Mary Ann
STICKLAND                              Thomas J.
STILES                                 Emeline
STILES BUCHANAN                        Emeline
STILLMAN                               Nancy
STOCKLEY                               Edward
STOCKLEY                               Polly
STODDARD                               Dorothy
STODDARD                               Stanley
STODDARD LONGHENRY                     Dorothy
STONE                                  Helga M.
STONE                                  Robert H.
STORIE                                 Barbara
STORIE                                 Catharine
STORIE LOGAN                           Barbara
STOSS                                  Agnes E.
STOSS                                  Carl F.
STOSS                                  Edythe H.
STOSS                                  Gertrude
STOSS                                  Gustave F.
STOWELL                                Frank
STOWELL                                Rosella
STRICKLER                              Mamie E.
STRICKLER                              William H.
STUART                                 Phyllis
STUART                                 Rosella L.
STUART                                 Scott W.
STUART                                 Seymour A., Sr
STURGEON                               Mary Ellen
STURGEON                               Mitchell J.
SUITS                                  Arthur
SUITS                                  Eleazer
SUITS                                  Elizabeth
SUITS                                  Lucina
SUITS                                  Margaret
SUITS                                  Maria
SUITS                                  Richard C
SUITS (CW)                             Eleazer
SUITS (CW)                             Richard C
SUITS YOUNG                            Lucina
SULLIVAN                               Imojean
SULLIVAN PURDELL                       Imojean
SUTLIFF                                Hazel M.
SUTLIFF                                John R.
SUTLIFF                                Joseph H.
SUTLIFF                                Marie L.
SUTLIFF                                Mary A
SWANK                                  Theodore
SWART                                  Jennie W
SWART PUTMAN                           Jennie W.
SWEET                                  Evalyna
SWEET                                  Lillian M.
SZABO                                  George Barlow
TANNER                                 George W.
TANNER                                 Grace M.
TANSLEY                                Claude
TANSLEY                                Lela
TAUB                                   James A.
TAUB                                   Pauline G.
TAYLOR                                 Daniel B
TAYLOR                                 John G
TAYLOR                                 Lavinia
TAYLOR                                 Louisa
TAYLOR NIVEN                           Mary
TEETZ                                  Caroline F.
TEETZ                                  Joseph
TEGTMYER                               Louis H
TEGTMYER                               Nellie
TEGTMYER (SA)                          Louis H.
TERRELL                                Elias T
TERRELL                                Floyd
TERRELL                                Fred S.
TERRELL                                Marion H.
THATCHER                               Charles
THATCHER                               Rebekah
THATCHER                               Samuel
THATCHER (RW)                          Samuel
THAYER                                 Anna
THAYER                                 Emilie
THAYER                                 John
THAYER                                 Martha
THAYER                                 Simeon W.
THAYER                                 Zilpha
THOMPSON                               Ella
THOMPSON                               Ella Mae
THOMSON                                John
THORNBER                               Sarah Alive
THORNBER BENNETT                       Sarah Alive
THORNE                                 Anna
THORNE HAWLEY                          Anna
THORP                                  James
THORP                                  Lydia
TIEDEMAN                               Dora L.
TIEDEMAN                               Frank E.
TOMLINSON                              Herman
TOOKER                                 Anna G.
TOOKER                                 Paul E.
TOWNSEND                               Doris J.
TOWNSEND                               Grover W., Jr
TOWNSEND (WWII)                        Grover W., Sr
TRAVIS                                 Arbutus M.
TRAVIS                                 Clifton E.
TREAT                                  John H.
TREAT                                  M. Frances
TREAT                                  Sarah
TRESSELT                               B. Whitney
TRESSELT                               Rose M.
TRETOLA                                Estella
TRIPP                                  Genevieve T.
TRIPP                                  George L.
TRUMBULL                               Horatio
TSIRKA                                 Niki
TSIRKA WILSON                          Niki
TURNER                                 Clarence L
TURNER                                 John T
TURNER                                 Katherine M
TURNER (WWI)                           John T
TURNER (WWII)                          Clarence L
TUTTLE                                 Charlotte
TUTTLE                                 Emma
TUTTLE                                 James
TUTTLE                                 Laura
TUTTLE                                 Levi
TYRELL                                 Sally A
TYRELL                                 Sarah
TYRRELL                                H G
TYRRELL                                Minnie J
TYRRELL                                Sarah J
UHLINGER                               Mary
UHLINGER EMPIE                         Mary
ULRICH                                 Emma
ULRICH BEHRENS                         Emma
VAGIANELIE                             Steven
VAN AERNAM                             Donna
VAN AERNAM                             Gordon K.
VAN ALLEN                              Grace
VAN ALLEN GIBBS                        Grace
VAN ALSTYNE                            Ruth
VAN AVERY                              Kenneth
VAN AVERY                              Olive G.
VAN AVERY                              William
VAN BUREN                              Anna L.
VAN BUREN                              Caty
VAN BUREN                              William E., Jr.
VAN BUREN (WWII)                       William E., Jr.
VAN BUREN HAYS                         Hannah
VAN DENBURG                            Frances R
VAN DENBURG HAWLEY                     Frances R.
VAN DER SLUYS                          Marion
VAN DERWERKER                          Robert
VAN DEUSEN                             Elizabeth
VAN DUESEN HIO                         Elizabeth
VAN DYKE                               Cecilia
VAN DYKE                               Dewitt
VAN EVERA                              Donald
VAN EVERA                              Grace E.
VAN HOESEN                             Dorothy H
VAN HOESEN                             William B.
VAN HOESEN FOX                         Dorothy H.
VAN NOSTRAND                           Daryl Robert
VAN OLINDA                             Catharine A
VAN SLYKE                              Hiram
VAN SLYKE                              John
VAN SLYKE                              Sarah Ann
VANALLEN                               Harvey
VANALSTINE                             Ella
VANALSTINE                             Florence
VANALSTINE                             Floyd
VANALSTINE                             Frances
VANALSTINE                             James
VANALSTINE                             Kevin J.
VANALSTINE                             Linda D.
VANALSTINE                             Tracy G.
VANALSTYNE                             Emeline G.
VANALSTYNE                             Harold D
VANALSTYNE (WWII)                      Harold D.
VANAUKEN                               Justine
VANAUKEN                               Raymond
VANAVERY                               Benjamin
VANAVERY                               Melissa S.
VANDEUSEN                              Rachael O
VANDEUSEN                              Rachael O.
VANDEUSEN HIO                          Rachael O.
VANDYKE                                Angeline
VANDYKE                                Esther Jane
VANDYKE                                Giles C
VANDYKE                                Zilpha
VANNOSTRAND                            Clinton S.
VECERA                                 Cecilia
VECERA                                 Vilma
VECERA LAVERDURE                       Vilma
VECERA VAN DYKE                        Cecilia
VIALETTE                               Jules
VINCENT                                Florence C.
VINCENT                                William J.
VOMASKA                                Dorothy E.
VOMASKA                                Jon C.
VOMASKA                                Otto
VOMASKA (WWII)                         Otto
VOSBURGH                               Minnie A
VOSBURGH HUCKANS                       Minnie A.
VOSS                                   J Maria F
VOSS ROSTIN                            J Maria F
VUNK                                   Anthony E.
VUNK                                   Frances C.
WAFFLE                                 Marion L.
WAFFLE                                 Raymond J.
WAGAR                                  Beverly E.
WAGAR                                  Lester A
WAGAR (WWII)                           Lester A.
WAGER                                  Arlene
WAGER                                  Evalyna
WAGER                                  George H.
WAGER                                  Gerald H.
WAGER                                  James D.
WAGER                                  Laura K.
WAGER                                  William D.
WAGER                                  William R
WAGER (WWII)                           William R.
WAGER SWEET                            Evalyna
WAIT                                   Elmina
WAIT                                   Margaret E
WAIT                                   Stephen
WALDRON                                Harry R.
WALDRON                                Virginia B.
WALKER                                 Marion
WALKER WEAVER                          Marion
WALRATH                                Albert
WALRATH                                Augustus
WALRATH                                Beatrice
WALRATH                                Clarence
WALRATH                                Cynthia
WALRATH                                Edward G.
WALRATH                                Emily
WALRATH                                Ethel
WALRATH                                Hilda M.
WALRATH                                Katherine J.
WALRATH                                Lara M.
WALRATH                                Lorenzo
WALRATH                                William A
WALRATH (WWII)                         William A.
WALRATH BUTLER                         Beatrice
WALRATH GRIFFIN                        Ethel
WANDERLICK                             Eunice
WARD                                   Dora A
WARD                                   Hazel M.
WARD                                   John J.
WARD                                   Josephine
WARD                                   Julia M.
WARD                                   Mamie E
WARD                                   Miles
WARD                                   Nancy
WARD                                   William L.
WARD PETTIT                            Dora A.
WARD STRICKLER                         Mamie E.
WARNER                                 Charles
WARNER                                 David Atlee
WARNER                                 Elizabeth
WARNER                                 Frank
WARNER                                 James
WARNER                                 Jason R.
WARNER                                 Margaret
WARNER                                 Mary E.
WARNER                                 Philip J
WASHBURN                               Amy L.
WASHBURN                               Candis
WASHBURN                               Katie C.
WASHBURN                               Wiley
WASHBURN FOX                           Amy L.
WATROBA                                Beatrice J.
WATROBA                                Stanley A.
WAY                                    Edith
WEATHERBEE                             Charles E.
WEATHERBEE                             Mary E.
WEAVER                                 Ada
WEAVER                                 Dorothy
WEAVER                                 Marion
WEAVER ADAMS                           Ada
WEAVER REESE                           Dorothy
WEBBER                                 Elizabeth
WEBBER ELLIS                           Elizabeth
WEBER                                  Georgia
WEBER                                  Mary E.
WEBER MORRELL                          Georgia
WELCH                                  Margaret H.
WELCH                                  Olive L.
WELCH                                  William D.
WELCOME                                Dorkis
WELCOME                                Lillian
WELLS                                  Abraham W
WELLS                                  Angellica
WELLS                                  Clarissa
WELLS                                  James W
WELLS                                  Katherine O.
WELLS                                  Mary
WELLS (RW)                             Abaham
WELLS COZZEN                           Phebe
WELLS WORMUTH                          Katherine O.
WELLSFORD                              Susan
WELLSFORD BENNETT                      Susan
WELSH                                  Arthur G.
WEMPLE                                 Jane C
WENDT                                  David E.
WENDT                                  Jessa B.
WENDT                                  Katherine J.
WENDT                                  Lillian M.
WENDT                                  Marion V.
WERT                                   Adam
WERT                                   Christian
WERT                                   Nicholas
WETTERAU                               Carrie
WETTERAU                               Frederick G.
WETTERAU                               Hannah
WETTERAU                               Henry
WETTERAU                               Henry
WETTERAU ALLEN                         Carrie
WHARTON                                William
WHEELER                                Jonas
WHEELER                                Thomas
WHEELOCK                               Maria
WHEELOCK REED                          Maria
WHITE                                  Albert
WHITE                                  James
WHITE                                  Lydia
WHITE                                  Sarah
WHITE PRATT                            Sarah
WHITLOCK                               Susannah
WHITMAN                                Maggie
WHITMAN                                Raymond
WHITMORE                               Edith H.
WHITMORE                               Georgie A.
WHITMORE                               Marion A.
WHITMORE                               Peter
WICKS                                  Catherine
WICKS                                  Catherine
WICKS                                  Kathryn E.
WICKS                                  Lavinia P.
WICKS                                  LeRoy A.
WICKS                                  LeRoy A.
WICKS                                  Ronald P.
WICKS                                  Roy
WICKS                                  Roy T.
WICKWARE                               Lillian
WICKWARE FISHER                        Lillian
WIERS                                  Harold J.
WIERS                                  Katherine
WIERS                                  Lewis D.
WIERS                                  Rhea
WIERS KLOSE                            Rhea
WILDER                                 Cora B.
WILKINS                                Harriet J
WILLE                                  Herman
WILLE                                  Marie
WILLETTE                               Dorothy
WILLIAMS                               David
WILLIAMS                               Herman
WILLIAMS                               Jeremiah
WILLIAMS                               Matie
WILLIAMS (WWII)                        Jeremiah
WILLIS                                 Arthur V
WILLIS                                 Marguerite N.
WILLIS                                 Virginia Lee
WILLIS (WWII)                          Arthur V.
WILLMER                                August
WILSON                                 Cleo J.
WILSON                                 Emily C.
WILSON                                 George W
WILSON                                 James H.
WILSON                                 James S.
WILSON                                 John
WILSON                                 Laura A.
WILSON                                 Leona
WILSON                                 Leonce L.
WILSON                                 Mae C.
WILSON                                 Mary I.
WILSON                                 Niki
WILSON                                 Russell H.
WILSON (WWII)                          George W.
WILSON (WWII)                          James S.
WILSON (WWII)                          Leonce L.
WILSON FREDERICK                       Leona
WINDSOR                                Ella
WINDSOR                                Kathryn
WINDSOR                                William
WINDSOR                                William
WINNE                                  Albert J.
WINSMAN                                Cynthia
WINSMAN                                Henry F.
WINSMAN                                Katherine
WINSMAN                                William W.
WINSMAN LEHMAN                         Katherine
WINSMAN WALRATH                        Cynthia
WITTMANN                               Anton J
WITTMANN                               Justina
WITTMANN (WWII)                        Anton J.
WOJCIECHOWSKI                          Shirley
WOJCIECHOWSKI                          Theodore
WOLF                                   Anthony
WOLF                                   Ellen
WOOD                                   Amanda M.
WOOD                                   Ethel
WOOD                                   Eugene J.
WOOD FITZPATRICK                       Ethel
WOODWORTH                              Jane
WOODWORTH                              Rosanna
WOODWORTH                              Samuel
WOODWORTH                              Sarah
WOODWORTH                              Silas
WOODWORTH                              Solomon
WOODWORTH                              William G
WOODWORTH (RW)                         Samuel
WOODWORTH (RW)                         Solomon
WOODWORTH (RW)                         William G
WORDEN                                 Phebe
WORMUTH                                Ardella
WORMUTH                                Emeline
WORMUTH                                Erastus L.
WORMUTH                                Eugene
WORMUTH                                Katherine O.
WORMUTH                                William
WORMUTH DUNN                           Ardella
WYMAR                                  Howard C.
WYMAR                                  Louise
YANNEY                                 Catharine
YANNEY BOSHART                         Catharine
YOST                                   Charles K
YOST (WWII)                            Charles K.
YOUMANS                                Mary L.
YOUNG                                  Emery
YOUNG                                  Fred
YOUNG                                  Henry A
YOUNG                                  James
YOUNG                                  James
YOUNG                                  Lucina
YOUNG                                  Mabel B.
YOUNG                                  Margaret
YOUNG                                  Mary J.
YOUNG (SERV)                           Henry A.
YOUNGS                                 Eunice E
YOUNGS                                 Jerusha W
YOUNGS BELLINGER                       Eunice E.
YOUNGS JACKSON                         Jerusha W
ZAMBRI                                 Anthony V
ZAMBRI                                 Marion
ZAMBRI (WWII)                          Anthony V.
ZEISER                                 Mary A.
ZENS                                   Elizabeth
ZENTZ                                  Emily A.
ZENTZ                                  Kenneth A.
ZENTZ                                  Marlene J.
ZERVAS                                 Argerula M.
ZERVAS                                 Dimitrios G.
ZUEHLKE                                Elberta W.
ZUEHLKE                                Wilmer M.
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