Rensselaer County, New York
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Rensselaer County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ABAZA                                  Yennie
ABAZA (MEX)                            Yennie
ABBOTT                                 Azubah
ABBOTT                                 Frank B
ABBOTT                                 Hannah M
ABBOTT                                 Ira H.
ABBOTT                                 Joseph
ABBOTT                                 Mattie L
ABBOTT                                 Minnie M
ABBOTT                                 Walter H
ABBOTT HOLTZ                           Mattie L
ABBOTT WALKER                          Caroline V
ABRAMS                                 Margaret
ABRAMS                                 Mary F
ABRAMS VAN KLEERK                      Mary F
ABRAMS WATSON                          Margaret
ACKART                                 Herbert H
ACKER                                  Hannah
ADAMS                                  Marjorie
ADAMS                                  Samuel Graham
ADAMS                                  Walter A
ADAMS (WWI)                            Walter A
ADRIANCE                               James A
ADRIANCE (CW)                          James A
ADSIT                                  P Ansom
ADSIT                                  Shadrach
ADSIT (CW)                             P Ansom
ADSIT (CW)                             Shadrach
AGAN                                   Hiram
AGAN HALSTED                           Katherine
AKIN                                   Christina
AKIN                                   Clarence E
AKIN                                   Daniel S
AKIN                                   Elizabeth
AKIN                                   Joseph Francis
AKIN (SERV)                            Joseph Francis
ALBERT                                 Charles B
ALBERT                                 Sarah E
ALBERT (CW)                            Charles B
ALBINA                                 Electa
ALBINA GREEN                           Electa
ALBRIGHT                               Ethel
ALLEN                                  Albert
ALLEN                                  Cordelia
ALLEN                                  Harriet
ALLEN                                  Harriet
ALLEN                                  Ruth
ALLEN                                  Susannah
ALLEN                                  Susannah
ALLEN                                  Theresa M.
ALLEN                                  Thomas
ALLEN (RW)                             Thomas
ALLEN BAKER                            Zipporah
ALLEN BRIGGS                           Cordelia Becker
ALLEN DURFEE                           Nettie M
ALLEN MANCHESTER                       Ruth
ALLEN ROBERTS                          Theresa M.
ALLEN WEATHERWAX                       Harriet
ALLEN WEATHERWAX                       Harriet
ALLENDORPH                             Elizabeth
ALLENDORPH                             George
ALLENDORPH                             Hannah
ALLENDORPH                             Henry A
ALLENDORPH                             Henry E
ALLENDORPH                             Lewis W
ALLENDORPH                             Mary
ALLENDORPH                             Mary E
ALMY LARMON                            Hannah L
AMESMAIER                              Janet M
AMESMAIER FIACCO                       Janet M
ANDREW                                 Caroline T
ANDREW                                 Caroline T
ANDREW                                 Henry P
ANDREW                                 Henry P
ANDREW ROBERTSON                       Jennie D
ANDREW ROBERTSON                       Jennie D
ANGUS                                  Clara
ANGUS                                  Nicholas Charles
ANGUS HALLIDAY                         Clara Mabel
ARABIAN                                S.
ARMITAGE                               Eliza S
ARMITAGE                               James S
ARMSTRONG                              Robert
ATCHISON                               Agnes
ATCHISON                               Elizabeth
ATCHISON                               Sarah M
ATCHISON                               Sylina
AUSTIN                                 Benjamin
AUSTIN                                 Betsey
AUSTIN                                 George M
AVERY                                  Catherine
AVERY                                  Catherine
AVERY                                  Mary E
AVERY THOMPSON                         Mary E
AVERY WEATHERWAX                       Catherine
AVERY WEATHERWAX                       Catherine
BABCOCK                                Eliza Jane
BABCOCK                                Emma A
BABCOCK                                Roselley E
BABCOCK CONE                           Eliza Jane
BABCOCK JONES                          Roselley E
BABCOCK THOMPSON                       Hannah
BACON                                  Jared G
BACON                                  Jennie
BACON                                  Julia A
BACON GREENE                           Jennie
BADGER                                 George A
BAILEY                                 Abigail E
BAILEY                                 Allen T
BAILEY                                 Amasa
BAILEY                                 Carrie R
BAILEY                                 Christina T
BAILEY                                 Eliza
BAILEY                                 Elsie M
BAILEY                                 James
BAILEY                                 Levi C
BAILEY                                 Marie A
BAILEY                                 Mary E
BAILEY                                 Myron A
BAILEY                                 William E
BAILEY                                 William H
BAILEY                                 William H
BAILEY (CW)                            William H
BAILEY BOUGHTON                        Mary E
BAKER                                  Addie M
BAKER                                  Alexander
BAKER                                  Amos A
BAKER                                  Ann
BAKER                                  Bennajah
BAKER                                  Bert
BAKER                                  Burton D
BAKER                                  Carrie May
BAKER                                  Clara A M
BAKER                                  Cora
BAKER                                  Daniel H
BAKER                                  Diantha
BAKER                                  Elijah
BAKER                                  Elizabeth M
BAKER                                  Elmira
BAKER                                  Emma
BAKER                                  Frances C
BAKER                                  Frank G
BAKER                                  Gipson S
BAKER                                  Harold E
BAKER                                  Henry W
BAKER                                  Henry W
BAKER                                  James
BAKER                                  Jane
BAKER                                  Jennett
BAKER                                  Jirah
BAKER                                  John
BAKER                                  John R
BAKER                                  John R
BAKER                                  Julia L. Ferris
BAKER                                  Leroy J
BAKER                                  Lester
BAKER                                  Maria
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER                                  Mary A
BAKER                                  Mary Ann
BAKER                                  Mary Jane
BAKER                                  Mary T
BAKER                                  Matilda B
BAKER                                  Nellie
BAKER                                  Norman
BAKER                                  Paul T
BAKER                                  Persis
BAKER                                  Phebe
BAKER                                  Potter
BAKER                                  Rebecca M
BAKER                                  Samuel
BAKER                                  Sarah
BAKER                                  Sarah
BAKER                                  Sarah E.
BAKER                                  Shearman
BAKER                                  Shearman
BAKER                                  Sidney
BAKER                                  Solomon
BAKER                                  Susan
BAKER                                  Tabitha
BAKER                                  Thomas
BAKER                                  W M H
BAKER                                  Waity
BAKER                                  William
BAKER                                  William R
BAKER                                  Zipporah
BAKER ALBERT                           Sarah E
BAKER BALDWIN                          Hannah
BAKER CARR                             Sarah Jane
BAKER COX                              Henrietta
BAKER CROSS                            Lucina
BAKER MOSELEY                          Emma L
BAKER PADDOCK                          Mercy Bentley
BAKER SCRIBNER                         Lydia
BALDWIN                                Anson
BALDWIN                                Carrie
BALDWIN                                David
BALDWIN                                Emily
BALDWIN                                Hannah
BALDWIN CHAPMAN                        Mary Lucina
BALDWIN CLARK                          Harriet Elizabeth
BALDWIN MOSELEY                        Phebe
BALDWIN RUSSELL                        Amy
BANGS COLEMAN                          Elizabeth
BANKER                                 Adolf
BANKER                                 Ruth
BANKER                                 Sarah Jane
BANKER HYDE                            Frances E
BARKER                                 Susannah
BARKER ALLEN                           Susannah
BARNES                                 Amie E
BARNETT                                Moses S
BARNETT                                Ruth
BARNICK                                Mary
BARNICK                                Thomas
BARRATT SHONE                          Sarah Ann
BARRON                                 Anora
BARRON                                 Deborah
BARRON                                 Deborah A
BARRON                                 Grace Agnes
BARRON                                 James P
BARRON                                 John
BARRON                                 John
BARRON                                 John
BARRON                                 John W
BARRON                                 Kittie F.E.
BARRON                                 Margaret
BARRON                                 Mary
BARRON                                 Mary E
BARRON                                 Patrick
BARRY                                  Bridget
BARRY LOUGHLIN                         Bridget
BASS                                   Jennie A
BATES                                  William
BATES (CW)                             William
BATTERSHALL                            Eliza Jane
BATTERSHALL                            Eustatia
BATTERSHALL                            Jesse
BATTERSHALL                            Joseph F
BATTERSHALL WRIGHT                     Eustatia
BATTY                                  Julia S
BATTY                                  Mary A
BATTY                                  Penelope
BAUCUS                                 Eliza J
BAUCUS                                 Frances A
BAUCUS                                 George S
BAUCUS                                 Harriet L
BAUCUS                                 Julia M
BAUCUS                                 Martin
BAUCUS BUTTON                          Eliza J
BAUCUS BUTTON                          Frances A
BAUCUS WILEY                           Julia M
BAZEE LE BARRON                        Ruby
BEACH                                  Alice
BEACH                                  Harry
BEALE                                  Elizabeth
BEALE                                  Margaret
BEAUDRY                                Elizabeth T.
BECKER                                 Helen D R
BECKER DE FRIEST                       Helen D. R.
BELL                                   Jean
BELL COWAN                             Jean
BENEDICT                               Sarah Frances
BENEDICT HERRINGTON                    Sarah Frances
BENNETT                                Bridget
BENNETT                                Elizabeth
BENNETT                                Martha E
BENNETT                                Thomas
BENNETT SHAW                           Martha E
BENSON                                 Emma A
BENSON                                 Mary A
BENSON                                 Mary A
BENSON                                 Merritt A
BENSON BABCOCK                         Emma A
BENSON MARTIN                          Mary A
BENTLEY BAKER                          Sarah
BENWAY                                 Catharine
BENWAY                                 Nellie M
BERRY                                  Elizabeth
BERRY MOON                             Elizabeth
BERZEE LE BARRON                       Esther R
BIGELOW                                Hannah
BIGELOW                                Samuel G
BIRDSALL                               Maria
BIRDSALL                               William
BLEWER                                 Jemima
BLEWER SNYDER                          Jemima
BLINN                                  Margaret
BLINN BEALE                            Margaret
BLISS                                  Mary
BLOOMENDALE                            Magdalin
BLOOMINGDALE                           Bertha
BLOOMINGDALE                           Catherine
BLOOMINGDALE                           Cornelius M
BLOOMINGDALE                           J. Willard
BLOOMINGDALE                           James
BLOOMINGDALE                           Lodema
BLOOMINGDALE                           Mary A
BLOOMINGDALE                           Moses P
BLOOMINGDALE                           Stanly E
BLOOMINGDALE                           Valeria
BLOOMINGDALE                           William B
BLOOMINGDALE (CW)                      James
BLOOMINGDALE GILLETTE                  Catherine
BLOSS                                  Reuben
BLOSS                                  Richard D
BOES                                   Lewis W
BOES                                   Louisa S
BOICE                                  Catherine
BOICE SLATER                           Catherine
BOLAND                                 James E
BOLAND (CW)                            James E
BOOMHOWER                              Robert F
BOOTH                                  Charles C
BOOTH                                  Emma
BOOTH                                  Francis C
BOOTH                                  Joan M
BOOTH                                  Mary S
BOOTH                                  Priscilla
BOOTH COTTRELL                         Emma
BOOTH COTTRELL                         Priscilla
BORDEN                                 Henry T
BOSS                                   John
BOSWORTH                               Harriet
BOSWORTH                               Rachael
BOSWORTH                               Suviah
BOSWORTH                               Suviah
BOSWORTH                               Zina
BOSWORTH ENSIGN                        Harriet
BOSWORTH HASKIN                        Saviah
BOSWORTH JOSLIN                        Mary
BOSWORTH JOSLIN                        Suviah
BOUGHTON                               Esther Annie Dana
BOUGHTON                               Katherine Jane
BOUGHTON                               Mary E
BOUGHTON                               S A
BOUTON                                 Araminta
BOUTON ROCKWOOD                        Araminta
BOWEN                                  Samuel
BOWEN                                  Sarah
BOWEN                                  Sarah E
BOWERS                                 Harriet E
BOWERS                                 Harriet E
BOWERS                                 Henry F
BOWERS                                 Marion E
BOWERS                                 Seneca D
BOWERS (CW)                            Henry F
BOWERS DODGE                           Harriet E
BOWERS EVERTS                          Marion E
BOYD                                   Lucretia
BOYD                                   Maria
BOYD MAKEPEACE                         Maria
BRAHM                                  Emma M H
BRAHM                                  Frederick
BRAINARD                               Daniel G
BRAINARD                               Lucinda
BRAINERD                               Daniel
BRAINERD                               Daniel
BRANCH                                 George
BRANCH (WWI)                           George
BRASWELL                               Mark T
BRASWELL                               Melvin E
BRASWELL                               Phyllis J
BRATT                                  Catharine
BRATT VIELE                            Catharine
BRENENSTUHL                            Albert J.
BRENENSTUHL                            Joseph C.
BRENENSTUHL                            Polly
BRIGGS                                 Abby
BRIGGS                                 Amos
BRIGGS                                 Ann Eliza
BRIGGS                                 Cary
BRIGGS                                 Cordelia Becker
BRIGGS                                 David C
BRIGGS                                 Elizabeth
BRIMMER                                Alvord
BRINSMADE                              Elizabeth
BRINSMADE                              Horatio Walsh
BRINSMADE                              Thomas C
BRITT                                  Elhanan
BRITT (CW)                             Elhanan
BRITTEN                                Carrie F
BRITTEN                                Reuben, Jr
BRITTON                                Martha M.
BRITTON PRICE                          Martha M.
BROCKWAY                               Chauncey
BROCKWAY                               Chauncey
BROCKWAY                               John S
BROCKWAY                               Jonah
BROCKWAY                               Jonah
BROCKWAY                               Lydia M
BROCKWAY (CW)                          Chauncey
BRODEUR                                Norbert
BROOKER                                Amy
BROOKER                                Huldah
BROOKER                                Jacob
BROOKINS                               James
BROOKINS                               Kasson
BROOKINS                               Mary
BROOKINS                               Wooster
BROOKS                                 Bessie A
BROWN                                  Daniel
BROWN                                  Daniel
BROWN                                  Emly L
BROWN                                  Jeptha
BROWN                                  Lucus M
BROWN                                  Margaret
BROWN                                  Martha
BROWN                                  Nathan M
BROWN                                  Nelson
BROWN                                  Robert
BROWN                                  Tabitha
BROWN (CW)                             Daniel
BROWN (CW)                             Lucus M
BROWN (RW)                             Daniel
BROWN BAKER                            Mary
BROWN CHAPMAN                          Caroline
BROWN RUSSELL                          Sarah E
BROWNELL                               Catharine
BROWNELL                               Clara
BROWNELL                               Clark
BROWNELL                               Edna W
BROWNELL                               Emma
BROWNELL                               Emma J
BROWNELL                               Forrest L
BROWNELL                               Fred
BROWNELL                               George W
BROWNELL                               Irving M
BROWNELL                               Jane E
BROWNELL                               Joseph A
BROWNELL                               Joseph M
BROWNELL                               Lydia M
BROWNELL                               Sarah H
BROWNELL                               Sarah L
BROWNELL                               Warren P
BROWNELL CORY                          Lucina
BROWNELL CURTIS                        Jane E
BROWNELL GIFFORD                       Clara
BROWNELL HERRINGTON                    Arlina
BROWNELL MOSELEY                       Ida May
BROWNELL OSBORN                        Deborah
BRUNDIGE                               Jesse L
BRUNDIGE BROWNELL                      Emma
BRYAN                                  Harmon
BRYAN                                  Hiram
BRYAN                                  Hiram A
BRYAN                                  Josephine
BRYAN                                  Julia
BRYAN                                  Selden
BUCKHOUT                               Eunice Y
BUCKHOUT BUTTON                        Eunice Y
BUCKLEY                                Angeline
BUCKLEY                                Augustus
BUCKLEY                                Chauncey
BUCKLEY                                Eliza
BUCKLEY                                Elizabeth
BUCKLEY                                Elizabeth
BUCKLEY                                Emeline
BUCKLEY                                Frances
BUCKLEY                                Henry
BUCKLEY                                M. Jennette
BUCKLEY                                Michael
BUCKLEY                                Phebe
BUCKLEY                                Samuel
BUCKLEY                                Thomas W.
BUCKLEY                                William Henry
BUCKLEY                                Wilson
BUCKLEY AKIN                           Elizabeth
BUCKLEY CRANDELL                       Phebe
BUCKLEY STOVER                         M. Jennette
BUFFETT                                Jane
BUFFETT                                Jesse W
BUFFETT                                John
BUFFETT                                Mary Ann
BULL                                   Christena
BULLENT                                Anthony C.
BULLENT                                Frederick C.
BULLENT                                Frederick S.
BULLENT                                Grace M.
BULLENT                                Harold M.
BULLENT                                Harold M.
BULLENT                                Jane
BULLENT                                Lula M.
BULLENT                                Matilda C.
BULLENT                                Robert
BULLENT (CW)                           Anthony C.
BULLENT (WWI)                          Frederick S.
BULLENT (WWII)                         Frederick S
BULSON                                 Eunice A
BULSON                                 Susannah
BULSON ELDRED                          Eunice A
BUMSTEAD                               Emma
BUMSTEAD                               William
BUNCE                                  Emma M
BUNCE GIBBS                            Emma M
BUONO                                  Carmina
BUONO                                  Gennaro
BUONO                                  John J
BUONO                                  Maddalena
BUONO                                  Mary Joan
BUONO                                  Monica
BUONO                                  Nicholas
BUONO                                  Nicholas J
BUONO                                  Stephen P
BURCH                                  Angeline
BURCH                                  Charles
BURCH                                  Elisabeth
BURCH                                  Irvie W
BURCH BUCKLEY                          Angeline
BURDICK                                Grace E.
BURDICK                                John Willard
BURDICK GALLAGER                       Marilla H.
BURNETT                                Alvira
BURNETT                                Alvira
BURNETT                                Elizabeth D
BURNETT                                Joseph
BURNETT MEEKER                         Elizabeth D
BURNS                                  Bridget
BURNS                                  Helen
BURNS                                  Morris
BURNS                                  Paul
BURNS SCULLY                           Bridget
BURR                                   Alma Z
BURR                                   Maude
BURR VIALL                             Maude
BURROUGHS                              Mavis
BURROUGHS                              Wilbur Greeley
BURTON                                 Abigail
BUSSEY                                 Mary
BUSSEY VAN ACKER                       Mary
BUSWELL                                Alsada M
BUSWELL                                Myron D
BUTLER                                 Elizabeth
BUTLER                                 Nicholas
BUTLER                                 Philip
BUTLER                                 Sarah B
BUTLER WILLIAMSON                      Alice
BUTTON                                 Abram L
BUTTON                                 Ada V
BUTTON                                 Andrew
BUTTON                                 Anna
BUTTON                                 Anthony
BUTTON                                 Arthur P
BUTTON                                 Catalina
BUTTON                                 Charles B
BUTTON                                 Charles Benjamin
BUTTON                                 Charles Benjamin
BUTTON                                 Chauncey
BUTTON                                 David M
BUTTON                                 Dora J
BUTTON                                 Eleanor E.
BUTTON                                 Elenor E.
BUTTON                                 Eliza J
BUTTON                                 Emily
BUTTON                                 Emily
BUTTON                                 Etta A
BUTTON                                 Eunice
BUTTON                                 Eunice Y
BUTTON                                 Fannie J
BUTTON                                 Frances A
BUTTON                                 Frederick A
BUTTON                                 Harold W
BUTTON                                 Harriet J
BUTTON                                 Harrietta
BUTTON                                 Harrietta
BUTTON                                 Howard F.
BUTTON                                 Howard Franklin
BUTTON                                 J Warren
BUTTON                                 John Jacob
BUTTON                                 Lovette J
BUTTON                                 Lura
BUTTON                                 Mable
BUTTON                                 Marie B
BUTTON                                 Mary
BUTTON                                 Mary Philena (Matie)
BUTTON                                 Matie ( Mary Philina)
BUTTON                                 Minnie
BUTTON                                 Myrtie E
BUTTON                                 Myrtle
BUTTON                                 Olive J
BUTTON                                 Ralph M
BUTTON                                 Robert C.
BUTTON                                 Robert C.
BUTTON                                 Sarah M
BUTTON                                 Sarah M
BUTTON                                 Susan
BUTTON                                 Theodore
BUTTON                                 William P
BUTTON HERRICK                         Fannie J
BUTTON LAKE                            Marie B
BUTTON MILLER                          Mary
BUTTON STRUBEL                         Dora J
BUTTS                                  Caroline E
BUTTS                                  Charles E
BUTTS                                  Elihu
BUTTS                                  Henry A
BUTTS                                  Julius E
BUTTS                                  Minerva
BYRNES                                 Andrew
BYRNES                                 Catherine F
BYRNES                                 Daniel
BYRNES                                 Daniel, Jr
BYRNES                                 James F
BYRNES                                 Mary
BYRNES                                 Mary A
CALDWELL                               Christina
CALDWELL AKIN                          Christina
CAMFIELD                               Charles A
CAMPBELL                               Linda R
CAMPBELL                               Mabel Fay
CAMPBELL                               Robert
CAMPBELL GRAHAM                        Linda R
CAMPBELL HOLCOMB                       Mabel Fay
CANNON                                 Patrick
CANNON (CW)                            Patrick
CARD LE BARRON                         Jane C
CAREY                                  Augusta G
CAREY                                  Edward J
CAREY (WWII)                           Edward J
CARLEY                                 Elizabeth
CARLEY                                 George C
CARLEY                                 Georgia C
CARLEY                                 William J
CARLIN                                 Cornelia C
CARLOTTI                               Elizabeth A
CARNEY                                 Margaret M
CARNEY                                 William A
CARPENTER                              Alice
CARPENTER                              Ann
CARPENTER                              Anna E
CARPENTER                              Cornelia M
CARPENTER                              Frank J
CARPENTER                              Gilbert J
CARPENTER                              Mary B
CARPENTER                              Mary E
CARPENTER                              Norris
CARPENTER                              Whitman
CARPENTER ANDREW                       Caroline T
CARPENTER ANDREW                       Caroline T
CARPENTER BAKER                        Diantha
CARPENTER WEAVER                       Anna E
CARR                                   Hattie
CARR                                   Joseph Bradford
CARR                                   Joseph Bradford II
CARR                                   Mary
CARR                                   Mary S.
CARR                                   Sarah Jane
CARR                                   William Gould
CARR (CW)                              Joseph Bradford
CARR ADAMS                             Marjorie
CARRIER                                Abia
CARRIER                                Adeline A.
CARRIER                                Amaziah
CARRIER                                Arthur B.
CARRIER                                Daniel
CARRIER                                Eunice
CARRIER                                George H.
CARRIER                                George Levaldin
CARRIER                                John Marzevan
CARRIER                                Lavinnia J.
CARRIER                                Phebe Ann
CARTER GUILE                           Libbie A
CARY                                   Alida M
CARY                                   Lillian Bretilla
CARY                                   Mary Bretilla
CARY MCCABE                            Alida M
CASE                                   John
CASE                                   Mercy
CASE                                   Vashti M
CASE MOSELEY                           Caroline A
CASEY                                  Alonzo D
CASEY                                  Timothy
CASEY (SERV)                           Alonzo D
CASS                                   Eycleshymer
CASS EYCLESHYMER                       Lovina
CASTELL                                Ira J
CASTELL (CW)                           Ira J
CAULFIELD                              Maria
CAULFIELD VAN ACKER                    Maria
CAVANAGH CORBETT                       Mary J.
CENTER HAWKINS                         Sarah A
CHACE                                  Sarah A
CHAMPINE                               Charles L
CHAMPINE                               Esther M
CHAMPINE                               Fannie H
CHAMPINE                               George G
CHAMPINE                               Henry R
CHAMPINE                               Ida F
CHAMPINE                               Robert Grant
CHAPIN                                 Betsey
CHAPIN WATERS                          Betsey
CHAPMAN                                Albert A
CHAPMAN                                Almyra
CHAPMAN                                Annis C
CHAPMAN                                Caleb
CHAPMAN                                Caroline
CHAPMAN                                Edwin
CHAPMAN                                Emma A
CHAPMAN                                Francis
CHAPMAN                                Frank
CHAPMAN                                John
CHAPMAN                                John
CHAPMAN                                John A
CHAPMAN                                Louie
CHAPMAN                                Martha
CHAPMAN                                Martha
CHAPMAN                                Mary
CHAPMAN                                Mary Lucina
CHAPMAN                                Roxsanah
CHAPMAN                                Waity
CHAPMAN                                William M
CHAPMAN HAVILAND                       Aurilla
CHAPMAN HERRINGTON                     Ada M
CHAPMAN SOUTHWICK                      Esther
CHAPMAN TAYLOR                         Emily M
CHASE                                  Abigail
CHASE                                  David
CHASE                                  Eunice
CHASE                                  Isaac
CHASE                                  Jane
CHASE                                  William J
CHASE CROSMAN                          Sylvia
CHASE HARTIN                           Susannah
CHENEY                                 William S
CHENEY (CW)                            William S
CHEREVOY                               Mary S
CHEREVOY BOOTH                         Mary S
CHILDS                                 Hannah
CHILDS                                 Warner A
CHU-YOWE                               Charles
CHU-YOWE                               Lillian
CHURCHILL                              Abia
CHURCHILL CARRIER                      Abia
CIPPERLY                               Arthur
CIPPERLY                               Lillian E
CLAPP                                  Elam S. P.
CLAPP (CW)                             Elam S P
CLAPPER                                Rebecca
CLARK                                  Harriet Elizabeth
CLARK                                  Joseph W
CLARK                                  Walter
CLARK MOSELEY                          Esther
CLAY                                   Samuel H.
CLAY                                   Susan
CLAY                                   Susan I.
CLEGG                                  Eliza
CLEMENTS                               Emma
CLEMENTS GREENE                        Emma
CLIFFORD                               Cottrell C
CLIFFORD (CW)                          Cottrell C
COCHRANE                               Harold Duncan
COEWEY                                 Almira
COLEMAN                                Anna
COLEMAN                                Calvin
COLEMAN                                Elizabeth
COLEMAN                                Isaac de Witt
COLEMAN                                Isaiah
COLEMAN                                Samuel
COLEMAN WAIT                           Laura H
COLLINS                                Ellen E
COLLINS                                John J
COLLINS                                Lillian E
COLLINS CIPPERLY                       Lillian E
COLMAN                                 John
COLMAN                                 Martha
COMSTOCK                               John
COMSTOCK                               Sarah
CONDON                                 Ann
CONE                                   Elemander
CONE                                   Eliza Jane
CONE                                   Evelyn Roosevelt
CONE                                   Henry
CONE                                   Mary E
CONE                                   Pansy P
CONE                                   Philo
CONE                                   Phyllis J
CONE                                   Raymond E
CONE (RW)                              Elemander
CONE BRASWELL                          Phyllis J
CONKLIN                                George
CONKLIN (CW)                           George
CONNELLY                               Abbie M
CONNELLY                               Anna
CONNELLY                               James
CONNELLY                               Lucy
CONNELLY                               Morris
CONNELLY MAHAR                         Abbie M
CONNOR                                 Thomas
CONOLY                                 Catharine
COOK                                   Emma
COOK                                   Fannie
COOK                                   Walter C
COON                                   Asa
COON                                   Edmon A
COON                                   Elizabeth
COON                                   Emma A
COON                                   Frank E
COON                                   Jennie F
COON                                   Louise H
COON                                   Sarah
COON                                   William
COON HALL                              Minerva
COON PRIOR                             Jennie F
COONRADT                               Addison
COONRADT                               Alonzo J.
COONRADT                               Clarissa
COONRADT                               Dexter
COONRADT                               Viola M
COONRADT                               Violet F.
COONRADT HILLEBRANDT                   Viola M.
COONS                                  Clarissa
COONS COONRADT                         Clarissa
COONS FREEMANTLE                       Ella
COOPER                                 John
COOPER                                 John B
COOPER                                 Louisa M
COOPER                                 Louisa M
COOPER (WWI)                           John B
COOPER WEATHERWAX                      Louisa M
COOPER WEATHERWAX                      Louisa M
CORBETT                                Austin J.
CORBETT                                Catherine E.
CORBETT                                Daniel B.
CORBETT                                Elizabeth A.
CORBETT                                John J.
CORBETT                                Mary J.
CORBIN                                 Jacob
CORBIN                                 Peter
CORNELL                                Bridget A
CORNELL                                Susannah
CORNELL ALLEN                          Susannah
CORNWELL                               Elizabeth
CORNWELL COON                          Elizabeth
CORY                                   Ella F
CORY                                   Franklin
CORY                                   Lucina
CORY                                   Philip W
CORY                                   Phoebe E
CORY                                   Ruby J
COTTON                                 Jane Mariah
COTTRELL                               Emma
COTTRELL                               Franklin S
COTTRELL                               Jonathan Jr
COTTRELL                               Mary
COTTRELL                               Nathan
COTTRELL                               Nathaniel
COTTRELL                               Nathaniel
COTTRELL                               Priscilla
COTTRELL                               Samuel
COTTRELL                               Sarah E
COUGHLIN                               Jane G
COUGHLIN                               Jeremiah
COUGHLIN                               Mary
COWAN                                  James
COWAN                                  Jean
COWEN                                  Laura R
COX                                    Eliza G
COX                                    Henrietta
COX                                    Lydia M
COX                                    William A
COX                                    Wm
COX BROCKWAY                           Lydia M
CRAFTON                                Mary
CRAFTON SWEENEY                        Mary
CRAMER                                 Edward F
CRAMER                                 Harry B
CRAMER (WWI)                           Edward F
CRAMER (WWI)                           Harry B
CRANDALL                               Luracy
CRANDALL BAKER                         Susan
CRANDALL GREEN                         Lurancy
CRANDELL                               Phebe
CRANE                                  Elizabeth
CRANE                                  Elizabeth
CRANE                                  Jabez
CRANE CARLEY                           Elizabeth
CREGO                                  Lizzie
CRISSEY                                Cyrus
CRISSEY (CW)                           Cyrus
CRONIN                                 Cornelius
CRONIN                                 Frances H
CRONIN                                 John S
CRONIN                                 Mary
CRONKHITE GUILE                        Anna M.
CRONKRIGHT                             Israel
CRONKRIGHT                             Ruth Margaret
CRONKRITE                              Horatio N.
CRONKRITE                              William H.
CRONKWRIGHT                            Barbara
CRONKWRIGHT SIMMONS                    Barbara
CROSMAN                                John
CROSMAN                                Sylvia
CROSMON                                Jirah W
CROSS                                  Cordelia O
CROSS                                  Ebenezer
CROSS                                  Elihu
CROSS                                  Emma G
CROSS                                  Estelle
CROSS                                  Henry I
CROSS                                  Howard
CROSS                                  James H
CROSS                                  Lucina
CROSS                                  Sarah
CROSS                                  Sidera
CROSS (CW)                             James H
CROSS HILLMAN                          Cordelia O
CROSS MANCHESTER                       Mary
CROSS MORRISON                         Olive
CROSS SPEANBURGH                       Estelle
CROSSLEY                               Thomas
CROUNSE                                Georgia
CROUSE                                 Andrew C
CROUSE                                 Emma R
CROWLEY                                Dennis
CROZIER                                Vincent
CROZIER (CW)                           Vincent
CULLINA                                Thomas
CUNNINGHAM                             Carrie P
CUNNINGHAM                             Henry
CURLEY MEEHAN                          Mary F.
CURTIS                                 Daniel A
CURTIS                                 Erastus
CURTIS                                 Jane E
CURTIS                                 Rhoda M
CURTIS HALEY                           Rhoda M
DAHLEM                                 Susan
DALEY                                  Alexander D.
DALEY                                  George W.
DALEY                                  Helen S.
DALEY                                  James N.
DALEY                                  Margaret
DALEY                                  Mary A.
DALEY                                  Viola C.
DALEY                                  William S.
DALTON                                 Mary
DALTON BARRON                          Mary
DAMON JOSLIN                           Deborah Maria
DANIELS                                William W
DARROW                                 Addie
DARROW                                 Deborah A
DARROW EVANS                           Deborah A
DARROW WHYLAND                         Addie
DAUCHY                                 Charlotte
DAUCHY                                 Delia
DAUCHY                                 Marion
DAVENPORT                              Charles Emory
DAVENPORT                              Cora Price
DAVENPORT                              Lillian M
DAVENPORT                              Walter Thayer
DAVIS                                  John
DAVIS                                  Mahala J.
DAVIS                                  William H
DAVIS                                  William H.
DAVIS (CW)                             John
DAVIS (CW)                             William H
DAVIS SACKETT                          Phebe
DAVIS, M.D.                            George Edwin
DE FOREST                              Mary
DE FREEST                              Ann
DE FREEST                              Anna S
DE FREEST                              Catherine
DE FREEST                              Eliza P
DE FREEST                              Gertrude
DE FREEST                              Isaac H
DE FREEST                              John
DE FREEST                              John K
DE FREEST                              John R
DE FREEST                              Martin
DE FREEST                              Mary H
DE FREEST                              Sarah Ann
DE FRIEST                              David
DE FRIEST                              Helen D. R.
DE FRIEST                              Rachel E
DE GRAAF                               George
DE GRAAF                               Henry
DE GRAAF                               Lydia
DEAL                                   Carrie L
DEAL                                   Charles E
DEAL                                   John M
DEAL                                   Susanna S
DEARSTYNE                              Harriet M
DEARSTYNE                              Jesse W
DEARSTYNE WINDSOR                      Zarina T.
DECKETT                                Conrad
DECKETT                                Henrietta
DECKETT                                Mane
DEFOREST                               Elizabeth A
DEFOREST HERRINGTON                    Huldah
DEFREEST                               Anna S
DEFREEST                               David
DEFREEST                               Jacob B
DEFREEST                               William
DEFRIEST                               John
DEFRIEST VAN ALSTYNE                   Rachel E
DELANEY                                Daniel
DELLINGER                              Eleanor A
DELLINGER                              Ralph H
DELONG                                 Marietta
DELURY                                 Catharine
DELURY                                 Daniel
DENISARD                               F Augustus
DENISARD (CW)                          F A
DENNIS                                 Henry H
DEPOIAN VAN VRANKEN                    Martha
DERRICK                                Sarah C
DERRICK HANAMAN                        Sarah C
DEUEL                                  Anna
DEUEL                                  Christena
DEUEL                                  Eliza Ann
DEUEL BULL                             Christena
DEUEL PHILLIPS                         Eliza Ann
DEVINE                                 John
DEVINE (CW)                            John
DI PACE                                Thomas D
DIBBLE                                 Charles W
DIBBLE (CW)                            Charles W
DICKSON                                Annie Louise
DILL CHAPMAN                           Emma A
DIPACE                                 Leonardo
DIPACE                                 Maria D
DIPACE                                 Rosa
DJERNES                                Sophus
DJERNES (WWI)                          Sophus
DODGE                                  Alice T.
DODGE                                  Claudette M.
DODGE                                  Edward B.
DODGE                                  Harriet E
DODGE                                  Harry H.
DODGE                                  William L
DODGE (WWII)                           Edward B.
DODGE (WWII)                           Harry H
DOIN                                   Abel
DOIN                                   Dolores M
DOIN                                   Ernest J
DONNELLY                               James J
DONNELLY                               Sally R
DORING                                 Catharina
DORING WEIDEMEYER                      Catharina
DORMAN                                 Nancy
DORMAN GARREPY                         Nancy
DORTON                                 James F
DORTON (CW)                            James F
DOTY                                   Alsada M
DOTY                                   Amelia F
DOTY                                   Catharine A
DOTY                                   Charles H
DOTY                                   Charles W
DOTY                                   Esther
DOTY                                   James W
DOTY                                   Jessie F
DOTY                                   Joseph S
DOTY                                   Lena M
DOTY                                   Orman J
DOTY                                   Orman L
DOTY                                   Palmyra
DOTY BUSWELL                           Alsada M
DOTY SNYDER                            Amelia F
DOUGLAS                                Benjamin
DOUGLAS                                Eli
DOUGLAS                                Hannah
DOUGLAS                                Hannah
DOUGLAS                                Lois
DOUGLAS                                Margaret
DOUGLAS                                Mariam
DOUGLAS                                Nancy W
DOUGLAS                                William
DOUGLAS                                William
DOUGLAS                                William R
DOUGLASS                               Albert S
DOUGLASS                               Alfred
DOUGLASS                               Amanda
DOUGLASS                               Catharine
DOUGLASS                               John H
DOUGLASS LYTLE                         Catharine
DOWNS                                  Caroline
DOWNS                                  John, Jr.
DOWNS                                  John, Sr.
DOWNS                                  Mary A
DOWNS                                  Rachel M
DOWNS                                  Robert A
DOYLE                                  Bridget
DOYLE                                  Ronald C
DOYLE (VN)                             Ronald C
DRAKE                                  Emma
DRAKE BUMSTEAD                         Emma
DU MONT                                Jennie
DUBOIS                                 Catharine
DUBOIS                                 Cornelius
DUEL                                   Jonathan
DUEL                                   Roxanna
DUNHAM COLEMAN                         Anna
DUNN                                   James
DUNN                                   Monica
DUNN (CW)                              James
DUNN BUONO                             Monica
DUNNETT                                Harriet M
DUNNING                                Elizabeth
DUNNING                                William H
DUNNING                                William H
DUNSHEE                                Eliza Jane
DUNSHEE BATTERSHALL                    Eliza Jane
DURBAM                                 Ezra
DURFEE                                 John G
DURFEE                                 Mary E
DURFEE                                 Nettie M
DURFEE SISSON                          Mary E
DUVALL                                 Raymond C.
DUVALL                                 Virginia A.
DWYER                                  Margaret
DYRE                                   John C
EARING                                 Joseph
EARING (CW)                            Joseph
EARNEST                                Henry
EASTON                                 Lois H
EATON                                  Jessie F
EATON DOTY                             Jessie F
EDDY                                   Bertha F
EDDY                                   Corey F
EDDY                                   Cornelia R
EDDY                                   Dorcas A
EDDY                                   Frances Catherine
EDDY                                   Phebe Jane
EDDY                                   Sarah
EDDY                                   Sarah C
EDDY (CW)                              D Webster
EDDY CARPENTER                         Ann
EDDY GIFFORD                           Bertha F
EDDY HOLDEN                            Dorcas A
EDDY MCCULLOCK                         Sarah
EDDY MILLER                            Frances Catherine
EDIE                                   Betsy
EDWARDS                                Agnes
EDWARDS                                Gene D W
EDWARDS                                John
EDWARDS                                Mary G
EDWARDS (WWII)                         Gene D W
EGGLESTON                              Mary E
EGGLESTON CONE                         Mary E
EGLESTON                               Abigail
EGLESTON                               Elisha
EGLESTON                               Henry P
ELDRED                                 Eunice A
ELDRED                                 Francis C
ELDRED                                 Zoe
ELLICOTT                               Mary F
ELLICOTT SONN                          Mary F
ELLIS                                  Helen
ELLIS                                  Walter
EMERICK                                Henrietta
EMERICK DECKETT                        Henrietta
EMERY                                  Emily
ENSIGN                                 Harriet
ERNEST                                 Addie
ESMOND                                 Joseph M
ESMOND                                 Mary A
ESMOND                                 Nathan
ESMOND                                 Susan
ESMOND                                 Susan J
ETUE                                   Mary Elizabeth
ETUE HILLEBRANDT                       Mary Elizabeth
EVANS                                  Asa
EVANS                                  Charles H
EVANS                                  David H
EVANS                                  Deborah A
EVANS                                  Elizabeth
EVANS                                  James
EVANS                                  James
EVANS                                  Julia
EVANS (CW)                             David H
EVERTS                                 Jairus A
EVERTS                                 Marion E
EWART MUCKLE                           Mary Jane
EYCLESHYMER                            Lovina
EYCLESHYMER                            Martin C
FALES                                  Franklin L
FALES                                  Mary Allen
FARMER                                 Ellen
FARMER HUGHES                          Ellen
FEATHERS                               Provida
FEATHERS MOON                          Provida
FELLOWS                                Diana E
FELLOWS                                Eliza
FELLOWS                                Hannah
FELLOWS                                Hattie M
FELLOWS                                William H
FELLOWS (CW)                           William H
FELLOWS OSTRANDER                      Hannah
FELLOWS TAYLOR                         Eliza
FENTON GOODING                         Charlotte S
FERGUSON                               Dorothy
FERGUSON                               William James
FERRELL                                James C
FERRELL (CW)                           James C
FETTIG                                 Gustav
FIACCO                                 Adelina
FIACCO                                 Adeline M
FIACCO                                 Albert J Sr
FIACCO                                 Anna L
FIACCO                                 Annunziata
FIACCO                                 Carmina
FIACCO                                 Dino A
FIACCO                                 Egeria
FIACCO                                 Elizabeth A
FIACCO                                 Janet M
FIACCO                                 Joseph
FIACCO                                 Mary A
FIACCO                                 Neddy John
FIACCO                                 Peter J
FIACCO                                 Philip A
FIACCO                                 Sante
FIACCO                                 Valentino
FIACCO (KOR)                           Dino A
FIACCO (WWII)                          Albert J
FIACCO (WWII)                          Neddy John
FIACCO BUONO                           Carmina
FIACCO CARLOTTI                        Elizabeth A
FIKE                                   Margaret
FIKE SOLM                              Margaret
FILLMORE                               Sarah M
FINCH                                  Lewis M
FINCH                                  Maryetta
FINK                                   Lula M.
FINK BULLENT                           Lula M.
FINKLE                                 Jane E
FINKLE LANSING                         Jane E
FINLAY                                 William
FISH                                   Benjamin
FISH                                   Eunice
FISH                                   Maria
FISH                                   William N
FITZGERALD                             Patrick
FITZPATRICK                            Kearon T
FITZPATRICK                            Mary A
FITZPATRICK                            William
FITZSIMMONS                            Elizabeth
FITZSIMMONS LANCASTER                  Elizabeth
FLATLEY                                Mary
FLATLEY                                Patrick
FLATTLEY                               Bryan
FLYNN                                  Johanna
FLYNN HAYES                            Johanna
FOARD                                  Helena
FOLLET                                 Mary
FORD                                   Julia R
FORD                                   Mary A
FORD                                   William H
FORD MADIGAN                           Mary A
FORT                                   Abraham
FORT                                   Cornelius
FORT                                   Esther
FORT                                   Eve
FORT                                   Livingston E
FORT                                   Maria
FORT                                   Philip Van Ness
FORT GORDON                            Maria
FOWLER                                 Isabel
FOWLER HERRINGTON                      Lillian F
FRANCIS                                Jemima
FRANCIS                                Robert
FRANK                                  Catherine
FRANK                                  Daniel
FRANK                                  David A
FRANK                                  Harriet V
FRANK                                  William H
FRANK (CW)                             Daniel
FRANK VANDENBURGH                      Catherine
FRASIER                                Cyrus
FRASIER                                Maria L
FRASIER                                Ora
FRASIER (CW)                           Cyrus
FREEMAN                                Forest
FREEMAN KENYON                         Minerva
FREEMANTLE                             Ella
FREEMANTLE                             Ella
FREEMANTLE                             William
FRENCH CARR                            Hattie
GAFFNEY                                Hattie L
GAFFNEY                                John
GALE                                   Corydon E
GALE                                   Elijah B
GALLAGER                               Abizer Lebarron
GALLAGER                               Marilla H.
GANSEVOORT                             Eveline
GARDNER                                Annette
GARDNER                                Annette
GARDNER                                Carrie P
GARDNER                                Ira
GARDNER                                Israel N
GARDNER CUNNINGHAM                     Carrie P
GARREPY                                Nancy
GARRISON OSTRANDER                     Laura E.
GARVIN                                 Hannah
GARVIN                                 Rev. A.W.
GASKGAGANIAN                           Masrop
GASKGAGANIAN (WWI)                     Masrop
GELLEGHER                              James
GENET                                  Magdelene Van
GIBBS                                  Emma M
GIBBS BAKER                            Waity
GIBSON                                 Anna Bell
GIFFORD                                Albert B
GIFFORD                                Augustus W
GIFFORD                                Bertha F
GIFFORD                                Charles Ernest
GIFFORD                                Charles M
GIFFORD                                Clara
GIFFORD                                Deborah
GIFFORD                                Elizabeth
GIFFORD                                Fred B
GIFFORD                                Gideon
GIFFORD                                Lydia K
GIFFORD                                Mary
GIFFORD                                Mary A
GIFFORD                                Mary Jenette
GIFFORD                                Sarah E
GIFFORD                                Sophia
GIFFORD                                Thomas C
GIFFORD BAKER                          Elmira
GIFFORD CROSS                          Emma G
GIFFORD DOWNS                          Mary A
GIFFORD MACKEY                         Sophia
GIFFORD SISSON                         Sibyl
GILBERT                                Frank W
GILBERT                                George W
GILBERT                                Harry
GILES                                  Alfred
GILES                                  Fred
GILES                                  George A
GILES                                  Rosemary
GILLETTE                               Catherine
GODFREY DALEY                          Viola C.
GONYA                                  Howard
GOODENOUGH                             Edward
GOODENOUGH                             Ida Mae
GOODFELLOW                             Elizabeth
GOODFELLOW                             Elizabeth
GOODFELLOW                             Elizabeth
GOODFELLOW                             Elizabeth
GOODFELLOW                             James
GOODFELLOW                             James
GOODFELLOW                             James
GOODFELLOW                             James
GOODFELLOW                             John
GOODFELLOW                             John
GOODFELLOW                             Joseph
GOODFELLOW                             Joseph
GOODING                                Adaline
GOODING                                Charlotte S
GOODING                                David
GOODING                                Garrett
GOODING                                Hiram M
GOODING                                Mehitable
GORDINIER                              Edith F
GORDINIER                              George A
GORDINIER                              Hiram W
GORDINIER                              Marion A
GORDINIER                              Mary Agnes
GORDON                                 Gerrett
GORDON                                 James G
GORDON                                 Maria
GORDON                                 Mary Jane
GORMLY                                 Frank
GORMLY KAKULE                          Harriet E.
GOSS                                   Charles H
GOSS (CW)                              Charles H
GOTTSCHALK                             Elizabeth
GOULD                                  Katie Irene
GOULD CARR                             Mary
GOYETTE                                Jessie May
GOYETTE                                Ziffie
GRAHAM                                 Linda R
GRAHAM                                 Thomas
GRAVES                                 Amie E
GRAVES                                 Clara A
GRAVES                                 E
GRAVES                                 Mary E
GRAVES                                 Sarah
GRAVES BARNES                          Amie E
GRAY                                   Henry
GRAY                                   Lavinnia J.
GRAY                                   Merrilla M
GRAY (CW)                              Henry
GRAY CARRIER                           Lavinnia J.
GREELEY                                Caroline
GREELEY                                Paul
GREEN                                  Athelbert R
GREEN                                  Augusta A
GREEN                                  Burton
GREEN                                  David K
GREEN                                  E Levegia
GREEN                                  Eglon L
GREEN                                  Electa
GREEN                                  Elizabeth J
GREEN                                  Ella A
GREEN                                  Erbut R
GREEN                                  George W
GREEN                                  Hampton
GREEN                                  Hannah
GREEN                                  Harriet J
GREEN                                  Horatio V
GREEN                                  Jennie
GREEN                                  John
GREEN                                  John
GREEN                                  Lewis D
GREEN                                  Lois Deette
GREEN                                  Louise
GREEN                                  Lurancy
GREEN                                  Margaret A
GREEN                                  Mary A
GREEN                                  Olive A
GREEN                                  Russell W
GREEN                                  Samantha B
GREEN                                  Samuel
GREEN                                  Spencer
GREEN                                  Susannah
GREEN                                  Tabitha D
GREEN                                  Thomas L
GREEN                                  Vernum H
GREEN                                  William J
GREEN (WWI)                            William J
GREEN VAN VEGHTEN                      Elizabeth J
GREEN WING                             Augusta A
GREENE                                 Abbie
GREENE                                 Arthur E
GREENE                                 Charlotte P
GREENE                                 Clarence E
GREENE                                 Clifford D
GREENE                                 Cora W
GREENE                                 Denison
GREENE                                 Edgar Ray
GREENE                                 Eliza D
GREENE                                 Emma
GREENE                                 Frank S
GREENE                                 Fred C
GREENE                                 Grace L
GREENE                                 Halsey B
GREENE                                 Harriet D
GREENE                                 Helen
GREENE                                 Henry
GREENE                                 Jennie
GREENE                                 John
GREENE                                 John T
GREENE                                 Mary T
GREENE                                 Maxson
GREENE                                 Mildred A
GREENE                                 Olin A
GREENE                                 Rhoda T
GREENE                                 Samuel
GREENE                                 Sara
GREENE                                 Uburto C
GREENE                                 W D
GREENE                                 William E
GREENE                                 William M
GREENMAN                               Joel A
GREGORY                                William
GREGORY (CW)                           William
GRIFFIN LE BARRON                      Eliza
GRIFFITH                               Phoebe
GRIMES                                 Ella T
GROAT                                  Henry W
GROAT                                  John W
GROAT (CW)                             John W.
GROESBECK                              Alonzo
GROESBECK                              Charlotte Louise
GROESBECK                              Jonah
GROESBECK                              Mariah
GROESBECK                              Nicholas
GROESBECK                              Olive
GROGAN                                 Nacia Darleen
GROVE                                  Mary A
GROVE MCGAHAN                          Mary A
GUILE                                  Ann
GUILE                                  Anna M
GUILE                                  Charles Henry
GUILE                                  Joab
GUILE                                  Libbie A
GUILE                                  Mary
GUILE                                  Roger
GUILE PADDOCK                          Mary W
GUILE PINE                             Huldah A
HAIGHT                                 Griffin
HAIGHT                                 Henry B
HAIGHT                                 John
HAIGHT                                 Mary E
HAIGHT                                 Samuel B
HAIGHT (CW)                            Griffin
HAIGHT (CW)                            Henry B
HAKES                                  Jeremiah S
HAKES                                  Maria
HALE                                   Nellie T
HALE WILEY                             Nellie T
HALEY                                  Rhoda M
HALL                                   Abram
HALL                                   Ann Eliza
HALL                                   Hannah M
HALL                                   Husfield
HALL                                   Laura R
HALL                                   Minerva
HALL BAKER                             Mary A
HALL BROWNELL                          Catharine
HALL COWEN                             Laura R
HALLIDAY                               Charles Bruce
HALLIDAY                               Clara Mabel
HALLIDAY                               Grace E
HALLIDAY                               Margaret J
HALLIDAY                               Willis Wood
HALLIDAY BURDICK                       Grace E.
HALLIDAY SPICER                        Margaret J.
HALSTED                                Katharine
HALSTED                                Martha
HALSTED                                Thomas
HALSTED                                William
HANAMAN                                Carrie F
HANAMAN                                Eugene
HANAMAN                                Francis
HANAMAN                                Sarah C
HANAMAN BRITTEN                        Carrie F
HAND                                   Almira H
HAND                                   Fanny
HAND LOUD                              Almira H
HANER                                  Emily R
HANER SHARP                            Emily R
HANRAHAN                               Anna Mary
HANRAHAN MCGOWAN                       Anna Mary
HARDER                                 Catharine
HARDER                                 Dennis
HARDER                                 Dennis R
HARDER                                 Frederick
HARDER                                 Margaret
HARDER                                 Mary E
HARDER                                 Philip T
HARDER                                 Sarah
HARDER                                 Victoria
HARETH KAKULE                          Mary
HARMER                                 Sarah
HARMER BAKER                           Sarah
HARPER                                 Catharine
HARRINGTON                             George F
HARRINGTON                             Helen F
HARRINGTON                             Joseph
HARRINGTON                             Valera F
HARRINGTON POTTER                      Helen F
HARRIS                                 Mary Philena (Matie)
HARRIS BUTTON                          Mary Philena (Matie)
HARRIS BUTTON                          Matie ( Mary Philina)
HARRISON                               Esther M
HARRISON CHAMPINE                      Esther M
HART                                   George B
HART (CW)                              George B
HARTIN                                 Daniel
HARTIN                                 Susannah
HARTIN BAKER                           Ann
HARTSHORN                              Jessie L
HARTSHORN ROGERS                       Jessie L
HARTWELL                               Minerva
HARTWELL BUTTS                         Minerva
HARTY                                  Francis
HARTY (CW)                             Francis
HASCY COLMAN                           Martha
HASKIN                                 Joseph
HASKIN                                 Saviah
HASSEY                                 Mary
HASSEY HOGAN                           Mary
HATCHER                                George
HAVILAND                               Aurilla
HAVILAND                               Garrison
HAVILAND                               Mary Jane
HAVILAND                               Sarah M
HAVILAND                               William G
HAVILAND HERRINGTON                    Jane A
HAWKINS                                David A
HAWKINS                                Jay A
HAWKINS                                Sarah A
HAXTON                                 Caroline D
HAXTON                                 Fannie E
HAXTON                                 Horace W
HAXTON PRATT                           Caroline D
HAYES                                  Jeremiah
HAYES                                  Jeremiah
HAYES                                  Joanna
HAYES                                  Johanna
HAYES                                  John
HAYES                                  Mary F
HAYES                                  Patrick
HAYFORD                                Lucinda
HAYFORD HORTON                         Lucinda
HAYNER                                 Catharine A
HAYNER DOTY                            Catharine A
HAYNES                                 Mary E
HAYNES BAKER                           Julia L. Ferris
HAYNES SHERWOOD                        Mary E
HAZLETINE                              Joicey
HAZLETINE                              Mary
HEARTT                                 Catharine
HEARTT                                 Jonas Coe
HEIMSTREET                             Thomas B
HEMSTREET                              Almaria
HEMSTREET                              Alvin L
HEMSTREET                              Jessie
HEMSTREET LINK                         Jessie
HENDRY                                 John
HENDRY                                 Mary E
HENDRY (CW)                            John
HENRY                                  Ellen
HENRY                                  Ruth E
HENRY                                  Walter V
HENRY                                  Walter V.V.
HERRICK                                Emma V
HERRICK                                Fannie J
HERRICK RALSTON                        Emma V
HERRINGTON                             Ada M
HERRINGTON                             Alfred G B
HERRINGTON                             Anna
HERRINGTON                             Antoinette
HERRINGTON                             Arlina
HERRINGTON                             Benjamin
HERRINGTON                             Charles E
HERRINGTON                             Cynthia
HERRINGTON                             David
HERRINGTON                             David
HERRINGTON                             Deborah
HERRINGTON                             Deborah Maria
HERRINGTON                             Dorah A
HERRINGTON                             Dorah A
HERRINGTON                             E Irene
HERRINGTON                             Edgar J
HERRINGTON                             Edward D
HERRINGTON                             Eleanor
HERRINGTON                             Electa
HERRINGTON                             Elizabeth
HERRINGTON                             Emilie
HERRINGTON                             Ephraim
HERRINGTON                             Evalyn L
HERRINGTON                             Ezekiel
HERRINGTON                             Ezekiel
HERRINGTON                             Freelove
HERRINGTON                             H. Eugene K
HERRINGTON                             Henry C
HERRINGTON                             Henry E
HERRINGTON                             Hosea L
HERRINGTON                             Huldah
HERRINGTON                             Increase M
HERRINGTON                             Infant
HERRINGTON                             Ira
HERRINGTON                             J Wells
HERRINGTON                             J. Wright
HERRINGTON                             Jacob Fort
HERRINGTON                             James H
HERRINGTON                             Jane A
HERRINGTON                             Jemima
HERRINGTON                             Joel
HERRINGTON                             John
HERRINGTON                             John Elmer
HERRINGTON                             John J
HERRINGTON                             John J
HERRINGTON                             Jonathan
HERRINGTON                             Josiah
HERRINGTON                             Josiah
HERRINGTON                             Lena
HERRINGTON                             Libbie A
HERRINGTON                             Lillian F
HERRINGTON                             Lowell M
HERRINGTON                             Lucina
HERRINGTON                             Lucinda
HERRINGTON                             Lucy
HERRINGTON                             Margaret
HERRINGTON                             Maria
HERRINGTON                             Martha
HERRINGTON                             Mary A
HERRINGTON                             Matilda R
HERRINGTON                             Nettie F
HERRINGTON                             Norman
HERRINGTON                             Norman E
HERRINGTON                             Persis
HERRINGTON                             Persis D
HERRINGTON                             Phebe
HERRINGTON                             Phebe M
HERRINGTON                             Philip
HERRINGTON                             Philip
HERRINGTON                             Rufus
HERRINGTON                             Sally
HERRINGTON                             Sarah Frances
HERRINGTON                             Sarah J
HERRINGTON                             Silas
HERRINGTON                             Silas S
HERRINGTON                             William
HERRINGTON (CW)                        James H
HERRINGTON (WWI)                       Jacob Fort
HERRINGTON BAKER                       Persis
HERRINGTON HAVILAND                    Mary Jane
HERRINGTON JOSLIN                      Emma E.
HERRINGTON RUSSELL                     Mary Ann
HERRINGTON SABIN                       Julia Elmerira
HICKOK                                 Henry G
HICKOK                                 Sarah
HIDLEY                                 Hannah
HIDLEY ALLENDORPH                      Hannah
HIGGINS                                Margaret
HIGGINS HILT                           Margaret
HILL                                   Alexander
HILL                                   Alexander
HILL                                   Ann
HILL                                   Bertha L M
HILL                                   Charity
HILL                                   Clark C
HILL                                   Edgar J
HILL                                   Forrest E
HILL                                   Frances A
HILL                                   Hannah
HILL                                   Hazel M
HILL                                   Jane
HILL                                   John
HILL                                   Lydia M
HILL                                   Peter
HILL                                   Whiteside
HILL HERRINGTON                        Eleanor
HILL HERRINGTON                        Mary A
HILLEBRANDT                            Alvina
HILLEBRANDT                            Arthur A, Sr
HILLEBRANDT                            August J.
HILLEBRANDT                            Caroline
HILLEBRANDT                            Genevieve
HILLEBRANDT                            Josephine
HILLEBRANDT                            Marjorie
HILLEBRANDT                            Mary Elizabeth
HILLEBRANDT                            Robert F.
HILLEBRANDT                            Robert L.
HILLEBRANDT                            Viola M.
HILLEBRANDT HOLCOMB                    Marjorie
HILLMAN                                Cordelia O
HILLS                                  Samuel D
HILSINGER                              Minnie E
HILT                                   Catharine
HILT                                   Margaret
HILT                                   William F
HITCHCOCK                              Daniel L
HITCHCOCK                              Fannie I
HITCHCOCK                              Frances N
HITCHCOCK                              Ida M
HITCHCOCK                              Lewis C
HITCHCOCK                              Phebe C
HITCHCOCK                              William C
HITCHCOCK EDDY                         Sarah C
HOAG                                   Alice
HOAG                                   Elisabeth
HOAG                                   Elisha J
HOAG                                   Jonathan
HOAG                                   Ruth Ann
HOAG THOMSON                           Alice
HOFFMAN                                Andrew
HOFFMAN                                Lucinda
HOGAN                                  Mary
HOGAN                                  William
HOGLE                                  Abram
HOGLE                                  Abram
HOGLE                                  Catharine
HOGLE                                  Maria
HOGLE                                  Mary
HOGLE                                  May E
HOGLE                                  Peter, Jr.
HOGLE                                  Philip
HOGLE (CW)                             Peter Jr
HOGLE ALLENDORPH                       Mary
HOGLE VANDENBURG                       Maria
HOLCOMB                                Clifford
HOLCOMB                                Corliss G.
HOLCOMB                                Corliss G.
HOLCOMB                                George
HOLCOMB                                George W.
HOLCOMB                                Mabel Fay
HOLCOMB                                Marjorie
HOLCOMB                                Virginia
HOLCOMB (CW)                           George W
HOLCOMB (WWI)                          Clifford
HOLDEN                                 Dorcas A
HOLDEN                                 William H
HOLLIS                                 Betsey N.
HOLSTED                                Martha
HOLTZ                                  Mattie L
HOOPER                                 Katharine T
HOOPER PRESCOTT                        Katharine T
HORTON                                 George
HORTON                                 Lucinda
HORTON GUILE                           Mary
HOSFORD                                Lodema
HOSFORD BLOOMINGDALE                   Lodema
HOVER                                  Lydia
HOVER DE GRAAF                         Lydia
HOWARD                                 Dennis
HOWARD                                 Eliza S
HOWARD                                 Margaret
HUDSON                                 Libbie
HUFFMAN                                Margaret
HUGHES                                 Ellen
HUGHES                                 Harriet
HUGHES                                 Sarah
HULL                                   Amanda L
HULL                                   Schuyler L
HUMPHREY                               Isaac
HUMPHREY                               Mary
HUMPHREY                               Samuel
HUNT                                   Addison
HUNT                                   Susanna
HUNT                                   Wealthy
HUNT                                   William
HUNTER                                 Howard
HUNTER                                 J. Henry
HUNTINGTON                             Julia
HUNTINGTON EVANS                       Julia
HURLEY                                 Augusta
HURLEY                                 Benjamin
HURLEY                                 James K. P.
HURLEY HUGHES                          Harriet
HURLEY SNYDER                          Emily
HYDE                                   Elbert J
HYDE                                   Etta A
HYDE                                   Frances E
HYDE                                   J Warren
HYDE CROSS                             Sarah
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