Rensselaer County, New York
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Rensselaer County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

IDE                                    Nathan
IDE                                    Pervida
IRELAND                                Sarah
IRELAND                                Sarah
IRELAND                                Thomas
IRELAND                                Thomas
IVENS                                  Mary
IVENS                                  Sarah
IVENS HUGHES                           Sarah
IVES                                   Emeline
IVES LINK                              Emeline
JACKSON                                Mary Agnes
JACKSON GORDINIER                      Mary Agnes
JAMES                                  Sarah E
JAMES BOWEN                            Sarah E
JANJY                                  Albert
JEFFERS                                Ruth Margaret
JEFFERS CRONKRIGHT                     Ruth Margaret
JENKINS                                Charles H
JENKINS (WWI)                          Charles H
JENKS                                  Rachael
JENKS                                  Samuel
JENKS                                  Thomas
JEWELL                                 Rockwell B
JOHNSON                                Clarissa
JOHNSON                                Gilbert
JOHNSON                                Hansine
JOHNSON                                James S
JOHNSON                                James W.
JOHNSON                                Kate L
JOHNSON                                Martha J.
JOHNSON                                Rebecca
JOHNSON                                Silence
JOHNSON                                Walter R.
JOHNSON                                Wesley R.
JOHNSON                                William
JOHNSON                                William W
JOHNSON (CW)                           Gilbert
JOHNSON PECKHAM                        Rebecca
JOHNSON PECKHAM                        Silence
JOHNSON SHURRAGER                      Mary Jane
JOHNSTON                               Agnes
JOHNSTON EDWARDS                       Agnes
JOLLS                                  Augustus
JOLLS                                  Burton
JOLLS                                  Esther
JOLLS                                  Harriet B
JOLLS                                  Lucy
JOLLS                                  Mary J
JOLLS                                  Palmyra
JOLLS                                  Sarah E
JOLLS                                  Stephen V
JOLLS DOTY                             Palmyra
JONES                                  Charles H
JONES                                  Elizabeth D
JONES                                  George Etna
JONES                                  John
JONES                                  John A
JONES                                  Myron A
JONES                                  Roselley E
JONES                                  Sarah
JONES                                  Thomas J
JONES (CW)                             Charles H
JONES HICKOK                           Sarah
JORDAN BAKER                           Jane
JOSLIN                                 Charles S
JOSLIN                                 Daniel
JOSLIN                                 Deborah Maria
JOSLIN                                 Emma E
JOSLIN                                 Harmon
JOSLIN                                 Jessie E
JOSLIN                                 John J
JOSLIN                                 Laura S.
JOSLIN                                 Maria
JOSLIN                                 Mary
JOSLIN                                 Rachel
JOSLIN                                 Rachel
JOSLIN                                 Sarah
JOSLIN                                 Sarah J
JOSLIN                                 Suviah
JOSLIN                                 Whitman
JOSLIN SIMMONS                         Laura S.
JOSLIN WALKER                          Rebecca
JOYCE                                  Ann
JOYCE                                  Patrick
KAKULE                                 Amy
KAKULE                                 George A.
KAKULE                                 Harriet E.
KAKULE                                 John A.
KAKULE                                 John H.
KAKULE                                 Mary
KANE                                   Mary
KANE BYRNES                            Mary
KARNER                                 Catharine D
KATONA                                 John
KATONA (WWI)                           John
KEARNES                                Margaret C
KEARNES                                Mary
KEARNES                                Michael J
KEARNES                                Michael M
KEEFE                                  Gertrude A
KEEFE                                  Sara J
KEHN                                   Charles E
KEHN                                   Johanna M
KEHN                                   Jonas
KEHN                                   Louisa M
KEHN                                   Matilda
KEITH                                  Charles H
KELLOGG                                Daniel A
KELLOGG                                Julia
KENDRICK                               Charles J
KENDRICK                               Frank D
KENDRICK                               John R
KENYON                                 Ada L
KENYON                                 Benoni
KENYON                                 Elizabeth J
KENYON                                 Emma M
KENYON                                 Everett F
KENYON                                 Ferdinand
KENYON                                 Frances Spicer
KENYON                                 Hannah
KENYON                                 Harriet
KENYON                                 Helen G
KENYON                                 Henry
KENYON                                 Horace W
KENYON                                 James
KENYON                                 John
KENYON                                 John Henry
KENYON                                 Lelia
KENYON                                 Mary
KENYON                                 Minerva
KENYON                                 Pernell E
KENYON                                 Roy
KENYON                                 Whelden W
KENYON                                 William
KENYON                                 William F
KETCHUM                                Hannah
KETCHUM KENYON                         Hannah
KEYES                                  Anna M.
KEYES                                  Catherine L.
KEYES                                  Elizabeth R.
KEYES                                  Ellen G.
KEYES                                  Evelyn C.
KEYES                                  Hanorah D.
KEYES                                  John L
KEYES                                  Margaret M
KEYES                                  Martin
KEYES                                  Marty J.
KEYES                                  Patrick D.
KEYES CARNEY                           Margaret M
KILCOIN                                Margaret
KILCOIN (CW)                           Michael
KILLORAN                               Ellen E
KILLORAN                               John P
KILLORAN                               Micheal
KILLORAN COLLINS                       Ellen E
KILMER                                 Cynthia M
KILMER TAYLOR                          Cynthia M
KIMMEY                                 Catherine G.
KIMMEY SCHERMERHORN                    Catherine G.
KING                                   Elizabeth
KING                                   Ellen Jane
KING                                   Hester E
KING                                   John
KING                                   John O
KING                                   Mary
KING                                   Mary
KING                                   Wesley
KING KOEHLER                           Elizabeth
KING SEE                               Elizabeth A.
KINNEY                                 Anna M
KINNEY                                 Henry A
KINNEY                                 Josiah G
KINYON                                 Orrin E
KIPP                                   John H
KIPP (CW)                              John H
KIPP BAILEY                            Carrie R
KIRKPATRICK WINDSOR                    Elizabeth
KLEIN                                  Anna E
KLEIN                                  John J
KLEIN                                  Katherine
KLINE                                  Lillie May
KNICKERBACKER                          Ann
KNICKERBACKER                          Clarisa Ann
KNOX                                   Elizabeth C.S.
KOCH                                   Esther
KOCH DOTY                              Esther
KOEHLER                                Elizabeth
KOEHLER                                Elizabeth
KOEHLER                                FRANCIS J
KOEHLER                                GEORGE W
KOEHLER                                Harvey
KOEHLER                                JOHN
KOEHLER                                John
KOEHLER                                MABEL J
KOEHLER MULLEE                         Elizabeth
KRAUSE                                 Helena Emilie
KRAUSE FOARD                           Helena
KRAUSE HERRINGTON                      Emilie
KRAWETZ                                Samuel
KRAWETZ (WWI)                          Samuel
KUEN                                   Joseph J
KYER MCMARTIN                          Lucy
LADD                                   Mary
LAKE                                   Elenor E
LAKE                                   Francis G
LAKE                                   Marie B
LAKE BUTTON                            Eleanor E.
LAKE BUTTON                            Elenor E.
LAKE CONE                              Pansy P
LAMBERSON                              Catharine
LAMBERSON HEARTT                       Catharine
LAMPORT                                Ellen S
LAMPORT                                Walter
LANCASTER                              Edward
LANCASTER                              Elizabeth
LANCASTER                              Susan
LANCASTER SHARPE                       Susan
LANE                                   Alice M
LANE MERRILL                           Alice M
LANGWORTHY                             Augusta A
LANGWORTHY                             Eloisa
LANSING                                Amy Elizabeth
LANSING                                Anna Maria
LANSING                                Arthur King
LANSING                                Cornelia Pauline
LANSING                                Cornelius V
LANSING                                Jacob C
LANSING                                Jacob M
LANSING                                Jacob Potts
LANSING                                Jane E
LANSING                                Lucie Emily
LANSING                                Pauline Dorr
LANSING                                Sarah
LANSING SCHERMERHORN                   Sarah
LAPE                                   Rennie P
LAPE                                   William A
LARKIN                                 Judeth
LARKIN                                 Mary A
LARKIN GREEN                           Mary A
LARMON                                 Hannah L
LARMON                                 Ruth E
LARMON HENRY                           Ruth E
LAVALLE                                Alice T
LAVALLE DODGE                          Alice T.
LAW                                    Mabel A
LAW                                    Mabel A
LAWRENCE                               Rebecca
LAWRENCE HOLSTED                       Martha
LAWRENCE MASON                         Rebecca
LAWTON                                 Emma J
LAWTON BROWNELL                        Emma J
LAWTON MANCHESTER                      Angeline
LE BARRON                              Ada
LE BARRON                              Charlotte
LE BARRON                              Edgar L
LE BARRON                              Eliza
LE BARRON                              Esther R
LE BARRON                              George A
LE BARRON                              Harvey W
LE BARRON                              Jane C
LE BARRON                              Levi H
LE BARRON                              Martha
LE BARRON                              Ruby
LE BARRON                              Theodore C
LE BARRON                              Warren
LE BARRON                              William
LE BARRON CARPENTER                    Mary E
LE CLAIRE                              Delia T
LEAVENS                                R. Jane
LEBARON CARPENTER                      Alice
LEBARRON                               Francis
LEBARRON MARTIN                        Francis
LEDWICH                                Alfred
LEDWICH                                John
LEDWICH                                Maryann
LEDWICH                                Patrick
LEE                                    Charles
LEE                                    John A
LEE                                    Sarah A
LEE                                    Wealthy
LEE HUNT                               Wealthy
LESTER                                 Mary
LESTER ROBINS                          Mary
LEWIS                                  Almaria
LEWIS                                  Leonard L
LEWIS                                  Phebe E
LEWIS (CW)                             Leonard L
LEWIS HEMSTREET                        Almaria
LEWIS PHILIPS                          Alice A
LIFITE                                 John M
LINK                                   Azubah
LINK                                   David
LINK                                   Elvia O
LINK                                   Emeline
LINK                                   Jessie
LINK                                   Maria B
LINK                                   Mary
LINK                                   Mary
LINK                                   Nicholas
LINK                                   Peter P
LINK                                   Sarah A
LINK                                   Thomas B
LINK ABBOTT                            Azubah
LINK HITCHCOCK                         Fannie I
LINK PFEIFFER                          Elvia O
LINK SLOAT                             Maria B
LITTLE                                 Hazel B
LITTLE                                 John
LITTLE                                 Robert M
LOCKE                                  Julia
LOCKE                                  Viola
LOCKE NASH                             Viola
LOCKROW                                William A
LOGUE                                  Charles
LOHNES                                 George W
LOHNES                                 Mary
LOHNES                                 Mary E
LOHNES SNYDER                          Mary
LONG                                   Bridget
LONG                                   Fanie
LONG                                   Johannah
LONG                                   John
LONG COOK                              Fannie
LONG VAN VRANKEN                       Bertha E.
LORMAN                                 Mane
LORMAN DECKETT                         Mane
LOSEE                                  Henry
LOSSOE                                 Charles L
LOSSOE                                 Frederick
LOSSOE                                 Sophia M
LOSSOE PRESS                           Sophia M
LOUD                                   Almira H
LOUD                                   Daniel M
LOUGHLIN                               Anna
LOUGHLIN                               Bridget
LOUGHLIN                               John
LOUGHLIN                               John
LOUNSBURY                              Harriet J
LOUNSBURY BUTTON                       Harriet J
LOW                                    Thomas
LOWNSBERRY                             Charles S
LOWNSBERRY                             Charles S N
LOWNSBERRY                             Thomas
LUCAS                                  Henry
LUCAS (CW)                             Henry
LUCEY                                  Catherine
LUCEY RESSELL                          Catherine
LYMAN                                  Katherine Jane
LYMAN BOUGHTON                         Katherine Jane
LYON                                   Sarah L
LYON                                   Z
LYTLE                                  Catharine
LYTLE                                  Edward G
LYTLE                                  Edward G
LYTLE                                  William F
MACKEY                                 John W
MACKEY                                 Sophia
MADIGAN                                Augustus D
MADIGAN                                Florence
MADIGAN                                James J
MADIGAN                                Mary A
MADIGAN O'CONNOR                       Florence
MAGEE                                  Oliver
MAGEE                                  Sarah J
MAGEE (CW)                             Oliver
MAHAR                                  Abbie M
MAHAR                                  Anna G
MAHAR                                  Edith M
MAHAR                                  Edward J
MAHAR                                  Edward M
MAHAR                                  John A
MAHAR                                  John A
MAHAR                                  John J
MAHAR                                  Mary
MAHAR                                  Mary F
MAHAR                                  Nicholas
MAHAR (KOR)                            John J
MAHAR (WWI)                            John A
MAHAR SHEARER                          Mary F
MAHER                                  David J
MAHER                                  Francis C
MAHER                                  Helen M
MAHER                                  Margaret M
MAHER                                  Mildred E
MAIN                                   Sarah Ann
MAIN LE BARRON                         Ada
MAKEPEACE                              Henry F
MAKEPEACE                              Maria
MALMSTEN                               Roy V
MALSTEN (WWI)                          Roy V
MANCHESTER                             Angeline
MANCHESTER                             Delia Jennette
MANCHESTER                             Iram
MANCHESTER                             Jeremiah
MANCHESTER                             Mary
MANCHESTER                             Ruth
MANLEY                                 Gertrude E
MANN                                   George
MANNIX                                 Bridget
MANOSH                                 George
MANOSH (WWI)                           George
MANVILLE                               Mary A
MANVILLE BLOOMINGDALE                  Mary A
MARCH                                  Eleanor M
MARCH                                  Joanna E
MARCH                                  Maria
MARCH                                  Tappan
MARSTON                                Matilda
MARTIN                                 Andrew T
MARTIN                                 Elmer E
MARTIN                                 Francis
MARTIN                                 Madeline
MARTIN                                 Mary A
MARTIS                                 Brooks B
MARTIS (CW)                            Brooks B
MARTZ                                  Carl
MARTZ (CW)                             Carl
MARVIN                                 Anne
MARVIN                                 Daniel
MARVIN                                 Daniel
MARVIN                                 Daniel
MARVIN                                 James J
MARVIN                                 Mary A
MARX                                   Michael
MASON                                  Amy Elizabeth
MASON                                  Martha M
MASON                                  Rebecca
MASON BOSWORTH                         Suviah
MASON LANSING                          Amy Elizabeth
MASON TALMAGE                          Martha M
MATERA                                 Maddalena
MATERA BUONO                           Maddalena
MATHER                                 Ann Eliza
MATHER BRIGGS                          Ann Eliza
MATIN                                  Donald
MATTHEWS                               Mary
MATTHEWS MAHAR                         Mary
MAXWELL                                Anna L
MAY                                    ANna G
MAY                                    Edith F
MAY MAHAR                              Anna G
MCAULEY                                Adam
MCAULEY                                Alfreda
MCAULEY                                Gladys
MCAULEY                                James A
MCAULEY                                John
MCAULEY                                Lillian
MCAULEY                                Martha
MCAULEY                                Matilda M
MCAULEY                                Thomas B
MCCABE                                 Alida M
MCCABE                                 James
MCCABE                                 Sarah R
MCCABE TOWNSEND                        Sarah R
MCCARTY                                Andrew J
MCCARTY                                Margaret
MCCHESNEY                              Sarah A
MCCHESNEY LINK                         Sarah A
MCCOEY                                 Jane
MCCOEY MCGOWAN                         Jane
MCCORMICK                              Bridget
MCCORMICK MYERS                        Bridget
MCCREA                                 Bessie
MCCREERY                               David
MCCREERY                               Eleanor
MCCREERY                               Eleanor
MCCREERY                               Jemima
MCCREERY FRANCIS                       Jemima
MCCREERY MONCRIEFF                     Eleanor
MCCULLAGH                              Andrew
MCCULLAGH                              Jane
MCCULLAGH                              Martha
MCCULLOCK                              Alexander
MCCULLOCK                              Maria
MCCULLOCK                              Sarah
MCCULLOCK FISH                         Maria
MCDERMOTT                              Philip
MCDONALD                               Margaret
MCDUFF                                 Frank
MCDUFF (WWI)                           Frank
MCGAHAN                                James
MCGAHAN                                John
MCGAHAN                                Mary A
MCGAN                                  Anna
MCGAN                                  Patrick
MCGAN                                  Peter
MCGOWAN                                Anna Mary
MCGOWAN                                Betty L
MCGOWAN                                James L
MCGOWAN                                James M
MCGOWAN                                Jane
MCGOWAN                                Margaret F
MCGOWAN                                Martin
MCGOWAN                                Mary A
MCGOWAN                                Patrick
MCGOWAN                                Patrick J
MCGOWAN                                Thomas A
MCGOWAN                                William
MCGRATH                                Betsey
MCGRATH                                Henry
MCGRATH                                Margaret S.
MCGREGOR                               Melissa
MCGUIRE                                John H
MCGUIRE (CW)                           John H
MCKINNEY                               John H
MCKNIGHT                               James
MCKNIGHT (CW)                          James
MCLOUGHLIN                             John J., Jr.
MCLOUGHLIN                             Ruth
MCMANUS CONNELLY                       Anna
MCMARTIN                               Duncan
MCMARTIN                               Lucy
MCMURRAY                               Caroline A
MCMURRAY                               Robert D
MCNEIL                                 Ira W
MCQUADE                                Jennie
MCQUADE TAITE                          Jennie
MEEHAN                                 John
MEEHAN                                 Mary F.
MEEKER                                 Cyrus
MEEKER                                 Elizabeth D
MERRELL                                Frederick V
MERRELL                                Loenza
MERRIFIELD                             George
MERRIFIELD                             Huldah R
MERRIHEW                               Cornelia L
MERRIHEW                               Earl S
MERRILL                                Alice M
MERRILL                                Bert F
MERRYFIELD                             Libbie
MIELENZ                                Louisa A
MILKS                                  Ellis D
MILLER                                 Agnes
MILLER                                 Andrew J
MILLER                                 Charles Amory
MILLER                                 Frances Catherine
MILLER                                 George H
MILLER                                 Harriet
MILLER                                 Jacob W
MILLER                                 Leonard G
MILLER                                 Libbie
MILLER                                 Mary
MILLER                                 Mary A
MILLER                                 Mary Ann
MILLER                                 Skelton Felton
MILLER                                 Susie
MILLER                                 William Snyder
MILLER (CW)                            Andrew J
MILLER MERRYFIELD                      Libbie
MILLER PITTS                           Susie
MILLS                                  Minnie M
MILLS ABBOTT                           Minnie M
MINER                                  Eli W
MINK                                   Hattie
MINK                                   William H
MOAD                                   Mary
MOFFITT                                Hosea
MOFFITT (RW)                           Hosea
MONCRIEFF                              Eleanor
MONCRIEFF                              Robert
MONTENIA                               Lela M
MONTENIA                               Robert J
MOON                                   Elizabeth
MOON                                   John
MOON                                   John A
MOON                                   Lucinda
MOON                                   Martin
MOON                                   Provida
MOON                                   William
MOON REED                              Lucinda
MOORADIAN                              Hrand G
MOORE                                  George F
MOREHEAD                               Charles
MOREHEAD                               Elizabeth
MORRIS                                 Asahel
MORRIS                                 Catharine
MORRIS                                 Henry
MORRIS                                 John
MORRIS                                 Lewis R
MORRIS                                 Philip Van Ness
MORRIS (CW)                            Lewis R
MORRIS MYERS                           Catharine L
MORRISON                               John E
MORRISON                               Olive
MORRISSEY                              Ellen
MORRISSEY ORGAN                        Ellen
MORSE HURLEY                           Augusta
MOSELEY                                Caroline A
MOSELEY                                Charles L
MOSELEY                                Cora E
MOSELEY                                Emma L
MOSELEY                                Esther
MOSELEY                                Esther
MOSELEY                                Helen G
MOSELEY                                Ida May
MOSELEY                                Increase
MOSELEY                                J Leroy
MOSELEY                                John
MOSELEY                                John L
MOSELEY                                Jonathan D
MOSELEY                                Mary
MOSELEY                                N I
MOSELEY                                Pardon
MOSELEY                                Phebe
MOSELEY                                Rachel
MOSELEY                                Rachel
MOSELEY                                Samuel C
MOSELEY                                Sarah
MOSELEY BURNETT                        Alvira
MOSELEY BURNETT                        Alvira
MOSELEY HERRINGTON                     Lucina
MOSELEY JOSLIN                         Rachel
MOSELEY JOSLIN                         Rachel
MOSELEY JOSLIN                         Sarah
MOSELEY SLADE                          Huldah C
MOSELY BAKER                           Mary
MOSLEY HERRINGTON                      Jemima
MOTT                                   Henry
MOTT                                   Lovette J
MOTT                                   Margaret
MOTT                                   Nancy
MOTT                                   William
MOTT BUTTON                            Lovette J
MOULTON                                Clinda
MOULTON                                Lewis F
MUCKLE                                 Mary Jane
MUCKLE                                 Thomas
MULLEE                                 Elizabeth
MULLIGAN                               Anna S
MULLIGAN TIQUIN                        Anna S
MULLIKEN                               Alice H
MULLIKEN                               George
MULLIKEN                               Mary
MUNGER                                 Elizabeth
MUNGER BEALE                           Elizabeth
MURPHY                                 Bridget
MURPHY                                 Ellen
MURPHY                                 Francis
MURPHY                                 Honora
MURRAY                                 Jean
MUSSO                                  Alfred
MYERS                                  Bridget
MYERS                                  Catharine
MYERS                                  Catharine L
MYERS                                  Elizabeth
MYERS                                  Nelson D
MYERS                                  Sarah J
MYERS                                  William E
MYERS MAGEE                            Sarah J
MYERS TRAVIS                           Elizabeth
NAGLE LONG                             Johannah
NANNSEN                                Carl
NARDACCI                               Agnes S
NARDACCI                               Francis
NARDACCI                               Fred A
NARDACCI                               Lawrence A
NARDACCI                               Thomas A
NARDACCI (WWII)                        Francis
NARDACCI (WWII)                        Fred A
NARDACCI (WWII)                        Lawrence A
NASH                                   Samuel Y
NASH                                   Viola
NEDDO                                  Elizabeth D
NEDDO JONES                            Elizabeth D
NELSON                                 Lucy
NEWCOMB PATTERSON                      Amanda
NICHOLS                                Benjamin
NICHOLS                                Frederick P
NICHOLS                                Jane
NICHOLS                                Sisson
NICHOLS (SA)                           Frederick P
NILES                                  Abbie
NILES GREENE                           Abbie
NIXON DALEY                            Margaret
NOLT                                   Sarah
NORTON                                 Hannah
NORTON NORTON                          Hannah
NOUS                                   Sadie
O'BRIEN                                Lydia
O'BRIEN                                William H
O'BRIEN (CW)                           William H
O'BRIEN PIERCE                         Lydia
O'CONNOR                               Florence
O'HEARN                                Annie
O'HEARN                                Ellen
O'HEARN                                James
O'HEARN                                Katherine
O'HEARN KLEIN                          Katherine
O'KEEFE                                David H
O'KEEFE                                Denis
O'KEEFE                                Ellen
O'KEEFE                                Henry
O'KEEFE                                Isabel
O'KEEFE                                Johanna
O'KEEFE                                John A.
O'KEEFE                                Joseph C
O'KEEFE                                Josephine
O'KEEFE                                Michael
O'KEEFE                                Michael
O'KEEFE COUGHLIN                       Isabel
O'KEEFE FOWLER                         Isabel
O'KEEFE LE CLAIRE                      Delia T
O'NIEL                                 William
O'NIEL (CW)                            William
O;KEEFE                                Delia T
OAKEY                                  Mary
OAKEY                                  Sarah
OAKLEY BANKER                          Ruth
ODELL                                  B
ODELL (CW)                             B
OLIVER                                 John A
OLIVER (CW)                            John A
OLSEN                                  Alfreda
OLSEN MCAULEY                          Alfreda
OOTHOUT                                Henry
OOTHOUT                                Sarah
ORGAN                                  Catherine
ORGAN                                  Ellen
ORGAN                                  Michael
ORGAN                                  Patrick
ORGAN STRAIN                           Catherine
ORLEP                                  Queenie B
ORLEP SELLEY                           Queenie B
OSBORN                                 David
OSBORN                                 Deborah
OSBORN                                 William
OSBORN BAKER                           Phebe
OSTERHOUT                              Luella J
OSTRANDER                              Archibald W.
OSTRANDER                              Cooper
OSTRANDER                              Eliza A.
OSTRANDER                              Elizabeth Caroline
OSTRANDER                              Ella L.
OSTRANDER                              Frank C.
OSTRANDER                              Garret G
OSTRANDER                              George W.
OSTRANDER                              Georgia A.
OSTRANDER                              Hannah
OSTRANDER                              J.K.
OSTRANDER                              James E.
OSTRANDER                              James Waite
OSTRANDER                              John Thomas
OSTRANDER                              Laura E.
OSTRANDER                              Lucy A.
OSTRANDER                              Mariam
OSTRANDER                              Martha J.
OSTRANDER                              Mary E.
OSTRANDER                              Pauline Dorr
OSTRANDER                              Phila J.
OSTRANDER                              Rachel
OSTRANDER                              Simeon
OSTRANDER                              Stephen
OSTRANDER                              Walter
OSTRANDER                              Walter C.
OSTRANDER                              Walter M
OSTRANDER                              Wilma J
OSTRANDER DUVALL                       Virginia A.
OSTRANDER JOHNSON                      Martha J.
OSTRANDER LANSING                      Pauline Dorr
OSTRANDER VANDENBURGH                  Rachel Knapp
OVEROCKER                              Eliza
OVEROCKER                              Mary E
OVEROCKER                              Michael
OVEROCKER                              Stephen J
PADDOCK                                C M
PADDOCK                                Julia Ann
PADDOCK                                Margaret
PADDOCK                                Mary W
PADDOCK                                Mercy
PADDOCK                                Stephen
PARIS                                  George W
PARIS (CW)                             George W
PARKER                                 Anne
PARKER                                 Joseph
PARKER                                 Mary
PARKER                                 Sarah
PARKER PAYNE                           Sarah
PARMELEE                               Abby Jane
PARMELEE                               Henry
PARTRIDGE                              Susanna S
PARTRIDGE DEAL                         Susanna S
PATEMAN                                Emogene
PATEMAN                                Fannie
PATEMAN                                Josiah
PATTERSON                              Amanda
PATTERSON                              Sarah Ann
PAYNE                                  Francis W
PAYNE                                  James G
PAYNE                                  James G
PAYNE                                  John W
PAYNE                                  Julia R
PAYNE                                  Mary
PAYNE                                  Matie E
PAYNE                                  Sarah
PAYNE FORD                             Julia R
PEASE                                  Jehiel
PEASE                                  Sarah
PECK                                   Clarissa
PECK                                   Williams A
PECK PETTIT                            Clarissa
PECKHAM                                Bradock
PECKHAM                                Rebecca
PECKHAM                                Silence
PECKHAM (RW)                           Bradock
PECOR                                  Martha
PECOR MCAULEY                          Martha
PENDLETON HILL                         Lydia M
PENNEY                                 Amanda
PENNY                                  Abby J.
PENNY                                  Mary Ann
PERCEY                                 Alonzo H
PERCEY                                 Eliza S
PERCEY                                 Sarah
PERCEY ARMITAGE                        Eliza S
PERRY                                  Adeline A.
PERRY                                  Annis C
PERRY                                  Charlie E
PERRY                                  Eliza
PERRY                                  Elvin E
PERRY                                  Jeremiah E
PERRY                                  John D
PERRY                                  Lewis
PERRY                                  Maria
PERRY                                  Oliver H
PERRY (CW)                             Lewis
PERRY CARRIER                          Adeline A.
PETERSEN BRAHM                         Emma M H
PETTIT                                 Clarissa
PETTIT                                 Frank
PETTIT                                 Jean
PETTIT (SERV)                          Jean
PFEIFFER                               Elvia O
PFEIFFER                               Fred H
PFEIFFER                               Nee
PHABO                                  Prances A
PHELAN                                 Bridget
PHELAN                                 Bridget
PHELAN                                 Thomas
PHELAN                                 Thomas
PHILIPS                                Alice A
PHILIPS                                Charles
PHILIPS                                George F
PHILIPS                                Olive
PHILLIPS                               Eddie
PHILLIPS                               Eliza Ann
PHILLIPS                               Harriet
PHILLIPS                               Joseph
PHILLIPS                               Leon
PHILLIPS                               Mary J
PHILLIPS STEWART                       Nancy
PHILLIPS VICKERY                       Mary J
PIAZZA                                 Rosa
PIAZZA DIPACE                          Rosa
PICKETT                                Charles A
PICKETT                                Lewis
PICKETT (CW)                           Charles A
PICKING                                Victoria
PICKING HARDER                         Victoria
PIERCE                                 George
PIERCE                                 Kate M
PIERCE                                 Lydia
PIERCE                                 Mary
PIERCE MULLIKEN                        Mary
PIERCE YATES                           Kate M
PINE                                   Huldah A
PINE                                   Lester E
PINE                                   Mattie E
PINE                                   Perry S
PINE                                   Warren J
PINE BAKER                             Addie M
PINE COTTRELL                          Mary
PINKHAM                                Alice G
PINKHAM                                Herbert B
PINKHAM                                James E
PINKHAM                                Sarah C.B.
PISER                                  Mary A
PITHIE                                 Caroline
PITHIE                                 James
PITTS                                  Alvah
PITTS                                  John Alvah
PITTS                                  Margaret
PITTS                                  Susie
POOLE                                  Walter W
POOLE (WWI)                            Walter W
POOLE (WWII)                           Walter W
POTTER                                 Elisha
POTTER                                 Helen F
POULIN                                 Mary Joan
POULIN BUONO                           Mary Joan
POWERS                                 Edward
POWERS                                 Emily
POWERS                                 Jacob
POWERS                                 John J
POWERS                                 Mary
POWERS                                 Mary Allen
POWERS FALES                           Mary Allen
PRATT                                  Andrew K
PRATT                                  Caroline D
PRATT                                  Franklin
PRATT                                  Hannah J
PRATT                                  Ira J
PRATT                                  Lusina
PRATT                                  M. Libbie
PRATT (CW)                             Franklin
PRATT WELLING                          M. Libbie
PRENTISS                               John H
PRESCOTT                               Charles L
PRESCOTT                               Ebenezer
PRESCOTT                               Fortunatus
PRESCOTT                               Harry Lawson
PRESCOTT                               Katharine T
PRESCOTT                               Maria C
PRESCOTT                               Phebe
PRESCOTT                               William D
PRESS                                  Sophia M
PRICE                                  John
PRICE                                  Martha M.
PRICE                                  Stella
PRIMEAU                                Madeline
PRIMEAU MARTIN                         Madeline
PRIOR                                  Alfred S
PRIOR                                  Jennie F
PRUYN                                  Garret
PRUYN                                  Rebecca
PRUYN                                  Rhoda Ann
PRYS                                   Robert J
PURDY                                  Caroline
PURDY                                  Emma R
PURDY                                  Henry E
PURDY                                  Sarah Helen
PURDY                                  William T
PURDY CROUSE                           Emma R
QUACKENBUSH                            Ann
QUACKENBUSH                            Jacob S
QUACKENBUSH                            Jane
QUACKENBUSH                            John W
QUACKENBUSH                            Julia A
QUACKENBUSH                            Maria
QUACKENBUSH                            Mariette
QUACKENBUSH MARCH                      Maria
QUACKENBUSH RICH                       Julia A
QUIGLEY                                Aileen R
RADCLIFFE                              Josephine
RADCLIFFE                              Raymond
RADCLIFFE                              Raymond
RADCLIFFE                              Stephen Van
RADCLIFFE (CW)                         Stephen Van
RALSTON                                Emma V
RALSTON                                Frances Ann
RALSTON                                Lela M
RALSTON MONTENIA                       Lela M
RALSTON RAY                            Frances Ann
RANDALL                                Gertrude
RANDALL                                Jonathan Bradford
RANDEL                                 Daniel
RANELLUCCI                             Egeria
RANELLUCCI FIACCO                      Egeria
RAY                                    Frances Ann
READ                                   Martha
REED                                   Lucinda
REED                                   Nancy
REED                                   Thomas
REED                                   Thomas S
REHM                                   Harold M
REHM (WWII)                            Harold M
REID                                   Marion
REID DAUCHY                            Marion
REILLY                                 Mary
REILLY KING                            Mary
RELSTON                                Mary
RELSTON                                Minerva
RENWICK                                Esther A
RENWICK                                Lottie E
RESSELL                                Catherine
REYNOLDS                               J Arthur
REYNOLDS                               Mavis
REYNOLDS BURROUGHS                     Mavis
RHODES                                 Diane E
RHODES FELLOWS                         Diana E
RICH                                   John W.
RICH                                   Julia A
RICKERT                                Stephen J
RICKERT (WWII)                         Stephen J
RISING                                 Hannah
RISING                                 Moses
ROBERTS                                George E
ROBERTS                                Jackson O.
ROBERTS                                Jackson O.
ROBERTS                                Jane
ROBERTS                                Samuel
ROBERTS                                Teresa M.
ROBERTS (WWII)                         Jackson O.
ROBERTSON                              Jennie D
ROBERTSON                              Jennie D
ROBERTSON                              W Lester
ROBERTSON                              W Lester
ROBINS                                 Hannah
ROBINS                                 Ira W
ROBINS                                 Mary
ROBINS                                 William Bradley
ROBINS (CW)                            William Bradley
ROBINSON                               Alida
ROBINSON                               Anna E
ROBINSON                               Clarrissa
ROBINSON                               Elizabeth
ROBINSON                               George
ROBINSON                               Hattie
ROBINSON                               James
ROBINSON                               Mariah
ROCKWOOD                               Araminta
ROCKWOOD                               George Gardner
RODGERS                                Leander
RODGERS (CW)                           Leander
ROGERS                                 Charles D
ROGERS                                 Edith F
ROGERS                                 Jessie L
ROGERS GORDINIER                       Edith F
ROSE                                   Harriet N
ROSS                                   Eveline
ROTE                                   Harriet M
ROTE                                   Jane
ROTE BULLENT                           Jane
ROTE DEARSTYNE                         Harriet M
ROUNDS                                 Mary
ROUNDS                                 Mary Ann
ROUNDS                                 Nathaniel
ROUNDS                                 Susan
ROWE                                   Julia
ROWE                                   Mary
ROWE                                   Thomas
ROWLEY                                 Charles A
ROWLEY                                 Geo W
ROWLEY                                 Infant
ROWLEY                                 Louisa
RUNDELL                                Ira
RUNDELL                                Mary Jane
RUSSELL                                Amy
RUSSELL                                Charles
RUSSELL                                Charles W
RUSSELL                                Eleazer L
RUSSELL                                Elsie E
RUSSELL                                George S
RUSSELL                                John Franklin
RUSSELL                                Mary Ann
RUSSELL                                Olive
RUSSELL                                Sarah E
RUSSELL                                Shadrach
RUSSELL                                William
RUSSELL (CW)                           Eleazer L
RUSSELL SLOCUM                         Olive
RYAN                                   Bridget
RYAN                                   Bridget
RYAN                                   Delia G
RYAN                                   John J.
RYAN KILCOIN                           Margaret
RYAN PHELAN                            Bridget
RYAN PHELAN                            Bridget
RYESDORPH                              Bertha
RYESDORPH BLOOMINGDALE                 Bertha
SABIN                                  Almira C
SABIN                                  Calvin J
SABIN                                  Frances E
SABIN                                  Julia Elmerira
SABIN                                  Luther S
SACK                                   Mary
SACK VAN ACKER                         Mary
SACKETT                                Benjamin
SACKETT                                Phebe
SALISBURY                              Edward
SALISBURY (CW)                         Edward
SALMON                                 Sarah A
SALMON                                 William A
SANDFORD                               Frederick
SANDFORD                               James
SANDFORD                               Mary Ann
SANDFORD                               Mary E
SANDFORD                               William J
SANFORD                                Elizabeth
SANFORD                                Huldah
SANFORD BUCKLEY                        Elizabeth
SAUER                                  Leonard
SAUER (WWI)                            Leonard
SAUSSE                                 Thomas
SAVAGE                                 Lewis J
SAVAGE                                 William
SAVAGE (VN)                            William
SAVAGE (WWII)                          Lewis J
SAW (RW)                               Anthony IV
SCHEEL                                 Henry F
SCHERBYK                               Mary
SCHERBYK BARNICK                       Mary
SCHERHANS                              Arthur
SCHERHANS (SA)                         Arthur
SCHERMERHORN                           Barney
SCHERMERHORN                           Catherine G.
SCHERMERHORN                           Elizabeth
SCHERMERHORN                           Gertrude
SCHERMERHORN                           Jacob
SCHERMERHORN                           Jacob I.
SCHERMERHORN                           Mary A.
SCHERMERHORN                           Rachel M
SCHERMERHORN                           Sarah
SCHERMERHORN                           Sarah
SCHERMERHORN                           Walter B.
SCHERMERHORN DOWNS                     Rachel M
SCHOOLMACHER                           Moses
SCHOOLMACHER (CW)                      Moses
SCHWEAR                                Lewis G
SCHWEAR                                Louisa S
SCHWEAR BOES                           Louisa S
SCOTT                                  Phoebe
SCOTT GRIFFITH                         Phoebe
SCOUTEN                                George A
SCRIBNER                               Lydia
SCRIBNER                               Lydia
SCRIBNER                               Samuel
SCULLY                                 John
SCULLY                                 Josephine
SCULLY                                 Michael J
SCULLY                                 Michael T.
SCULLY                                 Sara J
SCULLY                                 Sarah C.
SCULLY                                 Thomas
SCULLY                                 Thomas Jr
SCULLY KEEFE                           Sara J
SEARLES                                Eliza J.
SEATON                                 Sarah A
SEATON LEE                             Sarah A
SEE                                    Amelia A.
SEE                                    Elizabeth A.
SEE                                    Humphrey A.
SEE                                    Humphrey A. Jr.
SEE                                    Humphrey Akin III
SEE                                    Humphrey Akin Jr.
SEE                                    Richard T.
SEE (WWI)                              Humphrey Akin Jr
SEE (WWII)                             Humphrey Akin III
SEELEY IRELAND                         Sarah
SEELEY IRELAND                         Sarah
SEELYE                                 Abby Jane
SEELYE                                 Clarisa
SEELYE                                 Clarisa Ann
SEELYE                                 Edward E
SEELYE                                 Henry A
SEELYE                                 Mary
SEELYE KNICKERBACKER                   Clarisa Ann
SEELYE PARMELEE                        Abby Jane
SEIBERT                                Wiliam Augustus
SELLEY                                 Queenie B
SELLICK PADDOCK                        Julia Ann
SETON                                  William
SHANNON                                Mary A
SHARP                                  Barney U
SHARP                                  Ellen
SHARP                                  Emily R
SHARP                                  Emma C
SHARP                                  Gertrude
SHARP                                  Gertrude
SHARP                                  Jacob C
SHARP DEFREEST                         Gertrude
SHARP HENRY                            Ellen
SHARPE                                 Edward A
SHARPE                                 Leonard
SHARPE                                 Susan
SHAW                                   Ann
SHAW                                   Anthony IV
SHAW                                   Lucretia
SHAW                                   Martha E
SHAW                                   Sussanna
SHAW KENYON                            Ada L
SHEA                                   Rosemary
SHEA GILES                             Rosemary
SHEARER                                Frank J
SHEARER                                Mary F
SHEEHAN                                Bartholomew
SHEEHAN                                William
SHEEHAN (CW)                           William
SHELDON                                Benjamin F
SHELDON                                Emma M
SHELDON                                Frank E
SHELDON                                George
SHELDON                                Joseph
SHERMAN                                Hannah J
SHERMAN                                Mary
SHERMAN                                Phebe
SHERMAN                                Thomas
SHERMAN (RW)                           Abiel
SHERMAN BAKER                          Mary
SHERMAN HERRINGTON                     Matilda R
SHERMAN PRATT                          Hannah J
SHERMAN SHERMAN                        Phebe
SHERWOOD                               Lemuel
SHERWOOD                               Marvin H
SHERWOOD                               Mary E
SHONE                                  Elenor
SHONE                                  James
SHONE                                  Sarah Ann
SHRIEVES                               Deborah A
SHRIEVES                               James E
SHRIEVES                               Sanford C
SHURRAGER                              Ida Mae
SHURRAGER                              Mary Jane
SHURRAGER GOODENOUGH                   Ida Mae
SICKLER                                Ralph
SILLIMAN                               Dorris L
SILLIMAN                               S Kenneth
SIM                                    Julia
SIM WILLIAMSON                         Julia
SIMMONS                                Mamre
SIMMONS                                Moses
SIMMONS                                S.
SIMONS                                 James W
SIMONS (CW)                            James W
SIMPKIN KAKULE                         Amy
SIPPERLEY                              Amanda D
SIPPERLEY                              Harriet L
SIPPERLEY BAUCUS                       Harriet L
SISSON                                 Clarissa
SISSON                                 John
SISSON                                 Mary E
SISSON                                 Minerva
SISSON                                 Sibyl
SISSON                                 Sylvester S
SISSON                                 Thomas
SISSON COTTRELL                        Sarah E
SISSON HERRINGTON                      Cynthia
SKIFF                                  Mary Jane
SKIFF RUNDELL                          Mary Jane
SLADE                                  Huldah C
SLADE                                  Matilda
SLADE                                  Nelson
SLADE                                  Polly H
SLADE                                  Richard G
SLATER                                 Catherine
SLATER                                 Joseph H
SLATTERLY                              James
SLATTERY                               Martin
SLATTERY (CW)                          Martin
SLAVER                                 Anna L
SLAVER FIACCO                          Anna L
SLINGERLAND                            Abram
SLINGERLAND                            Delia A
SLINGERLAND                            Elnora
SLINGERLAND                            Frederic
SLINGERLAND                            George O
SLINGERLAND                            Hiram E
SLINGERLAND                            Lillian
SLITER                                 Mary
SLITER PAYNE                           Mary
SLOAT                                  Augustus
SLOAT                                  Maria B
SLOCUM                                 Alexander B
SLOCUM                                 Charles M
SLOCUM                                 Clarissa
SLOCUM                                 Clarissa B
SLOCUM                                 Elizabeth
SLOCUM                                 Harriet
SLOCUM                                 Harriet
SLOCUM                                 Harriet
SLOCUM                                 Jessie A
SLOCUM                                 Lewis B
SLOCUM                                 Mary
SLOCUM                                 Nettie
SLOCUM                                 Olive
SLOCUM JOHNSON                         Clarissa
SLOCUM KENYON                          Harriet
SLOCUM WILBER                          Clarissa B
SMEAD                                  Charles
SMEAD (CW)                             Charles
SMELAND                                John Carsten
SMELAND (WWII)                         John Carsten
SMITH                                  Charlotte Maria
SMITH                                  Cora E
SMITH                                  Eleanor
SMITH                                  Emeline
SMITH                                  Emma
SMITH                                  Eunice
SMITH                                  Harriet
SMITH                                  Isaac
SMITH                                  John B
SMITH                                  Leonard
SMITH                                  Margaret Ann
SMITH                                  Mary A
SMITH                                  Mary F
SMITH                                  Minnie
SMITH                                  Platt
SMITH                                  Solomon
SMITH                                  Stephen
SMITH                                  William C
SMITH (CW)                             John B
SMITH BUTTON                           Minnie
SMITH CARRIER                          Eunice
SMITH COOK                             Emma
SMITH MILLER                           Mary A
SMITH SMITH                            Charlotte Maria
SMITH YOUNG                            Cora E
SNYDER                                 Albert L.
SNYDER                                 Amelia F
SNYDER                                 Emily
SNYDER                                 Harry J
SNYDER                                 Harry J
SNYDER                                 Jemima
SNYDER                                 John
SNYDER                                 John W.
SNYDER                                 Mary
SNYDER                                 Matthias
SOLM                                   John
SOLM                                   Katharine
SOLM                                   Margaret
SOLM                                   Margaret
SOLM                                   Philip
SOLM HARDER                            Margaret
SON                                    Mary J
SON SPICER                             Mary J
SONN                                   Anson L
SONN                                   Mary F
SOULIER SEE                            Amelia A.
SOUTHWICK                              Esther
SOUTHWICK                              John Wesley
SOUTHWORTH                             Loenza
SOUTHWORTH MERRELL                     Loenza
SPAULDING HERRINGTON                   Persis Margaret
SPEANBURGH                             Estelle
SPEANBURGH                             Harry
SPICER                                 Margaret J.
SPICER                                 Mary J
SPICER                                 Milo H.
SPOONER                                Alexander M
SPOONER (CW)                           Alexander M
SPRAGUE                                Mary B
SPRAGUE CARPENTER                      Mary B
SPRAGUE HYDE                           Etta A
SPRINGER                               Lester
SPRINGER                               Louis P
SPRINGER (SA)                          Louis P
SPROAT                                 Charles A
SPROAT                                 Hattie L
SPROAT                                 Laura Anna
SPROAT                                 Mary E
SPROAT GAFFNEY                         Hattie L
SPROAT LOHNES                          Mary E
ST JOHN                                Conrad V H
ST JOHN                                Daniel C
ST JOHN                                Daniel P
ST JOHN                                Frances E
STAATS                                 Coral
STAATS                                 Harold
STARBUCK                               Mary A
STARBUCK                               Thomas A
STARBUCK                               William A
STARBUCK THORNTON                      Katherine
STARK                                  Sarah
STARK                                  Sarah A
STARK                                  Sarah C
STARK                                  Silas
STARK CHACE                            Sarah A
STARK WING                             Sarah C
STEWART                                Edward E
STEWART                                Eliphalet A
STEWART                                Eliza
STEWART                                Elizabeth Rose
STEWART                                John J
STEWART                                Joseph
STEWART                                Nancy
STILLMAN                               S L
STILLMAN                               S L
STOVER                                 Albert I
STOVER                                 Henry
STOVER                                 Jacob A
STOVER                                 M. Jennette
STOVER                                 Myron P
STOVER COMSTOCK                        Sarah
STRAIN                                 Catherine
STROPE                                 Mariam
STROPE OSTRANDER                       Mariam
STRUBEL                                Dora J
STRUBEL                                John J
STURGE                                 Rufus
SULLIVAN                               Anastasia
SULLIVAN                               Daniel
SULLIVAN                               Mary
SUTHERLAND BEAUDRY                     Elizabeth T.
SWANSON                                Carl N
SWANSON (SERV)                         Carl N
SWARTWOUT                              Alida
SWARTWOUT                              Cornelius
SWARTWOUT (RW)                         Cornelius
SWARTWOUT ROBINSON                     Alida
SWEENEY                                John M
SWEENEY                                Mary
SWEENEY                                Michael
SWEET                                  Betsey
SWEET                                  Desier
SWEET                                  James Grant
SWEET                                  John T
SWEET                                  Peleg
SWEET KENYON                           Frances Spicer
SWITS                                  Abraham J
SWITS                                  Eveline
TAFT                                   Hannah
TAFT                                   Laura
TAFT                                   Maria
TAFT BIRDSALL                          Maria
TAFT CHILDS                            Hannah
TAITE                                  Jennie
TALLMADGE                              Frances
TALLMADGE BUCKLEY                      Frances
TALMAGE                                H M
TALMAGE                                Harvey E
TALMAGE                                Martha M
TALMAGE                                Mary L
TALMAGE                                Mary M
TAYLOR                                 Charles F
TAYLOR                                 Charles H
TAYLOR                                 Cynthia M
TAYLOR                                 Eliza
TAYLOR                                 Emily M
TAYLOR                                 Lillian M
TAYLOR                                 Sally
TAYLOR                                 William
TAYLOR                                 William
TAYLOR (WW)                            William
TAYLOR DAVENPORT                       Lillian M
TELLER                                 Jesse J.
THAYER                                 Charles T
THAYER                                 Leslie E
THAYER (CW)                            Charles T
THAYER (WWI)                           Leslie E
THOMAS                                 Albert
THOMAS                                 Bussel
THOMAS                                 Horton
THOMAS                                 Nancy
THOMAS                                 Peleg
THOMAS (CW)                            Albert
THOMAS ROBINSON                        Hattie
THOMAS TUTHILL                         Nancy
THOMPSON                               Clarissa
THOMPSON                               Dolores M
THOMPSON                               Enos
THOMPSON                               George B
THOMPSON                               Hannah
THOMPSON                               Mary
THOMPSON                               Mary E
THOMPSON DE FOREST                     Mary
THOMPSON DOIN                          Dolores M
THOMSON                                Alice
THOMSON                                Fannie
THOMSON                                Milton E
THORNTON                               Katherine
TICKNOR                                Henry W.
TIQUIN                                 Anna S
TIQUIN                                 Mildred E
TIQUIN                                 Thomas E
TIQUIN MAHER                           Mildred E
TITSWORTH                              Sara
TITSWORTH GREENE                       Sara
TOBEY                                  Amanda M
TOBEY VAN ARNAM                        Amanda M
TOWNSEND                               Sarah R
TOWNSEND PENNEY                        Amanda
TRAVER                                 Margaret
TRAVER PITTS                           Margaret
TRAVIS                                 Elizabeth
TRAVIS                                 Mary F
TRAVIS SMITH                           Mary F
TRUESDELL                              Mina
TRUESDELL                              William A
TSCHUME                                Frederick J
TSCHUME (SA)                           Frederick J
TUBBS KENYON                           Lelia
TURCK                                  Sarah E
TURCK VELIE                            Sarah E
TURNER                                 Albert
TURNER                                 Charles E
TURNER                                 Charles S
TUTHILL                                Dewitt
TUTHILL                                Nancy
TYLER                                  Georgia
TYLER CROUNSE                          Georgia
TYMESON                                Raymond A. Jr.
UPHAM                                  John
UTTER                                  James
UTTER (CW)                             James
VALENTINE                              Henry
VALENTINE (CW)                         Henry
VAN ACKER                              John, Jr.
VAN ACKER                              Levi
VAN ACKER                              Maria
VAN ACKER                              Mary
VAN ACKER                              Mary
VAN ALEN                               Cora D
VAN ALLEN                              Benjamin T
VAN ALLEN                              Catherine
VAN ALLEN DE FREEST                    Catherine
VAN ALSTYNE                            Isabella
VAN ALSTYNE                            Rachel E
VAN ANTWERP                            John J
VAN ARNAM                              Amanda M
VAN ARNAM                              Henry P
VAN BUREN                              Cornelius
VAN BUREN                              Mayke
VAN BUSKIRK                            Esther
VAN BUSKIRK                            Mariah
VAN BUSKIRK                            Martin
VAN BUSKIRK FORT                       Esther
VAN DENBERGH                           Rutger
VAN DWORKIN                            Cornelia Ann
VAN DWORKIN                            Sidney
VAN HOESEN                             Susan
VAN HOESEN WRIGHT                      Susan
VAN KLEERK                             Mary F
VAN NESS                               Lanah
VAN NESS                               Philip
VAN NESS MORRIS                        Catharine
VAN RENSSELAER                         Cornelius V B
VAN RENSSELAER                         Elsie
VAN RENSSELAER                         Eveline
VAN RENSSELAER                         Eveline
VAN RENSSELAER                         Harriette S
VAN RENSSELAER                         Killian N
VAN RENSSELAER                         Magdelene
VAN RENSSELAER                         Nicholas
VAN RENSSELAER                         Nicholas
VAN RENSSELAER (RW)                    Nicholas
VAN RENSSELAER ROSS                    Eveline
VAN RENSSELAER WITBECK                 Harriette S
VAN SCHAACK                            Caroline
VAN SCHAACK DOWNS                      Caroline
VAN SCHAICK                            Gerritt E
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Adrian
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Henry H
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Mary F
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Minnie E
VAN VEGHTEN                            Alvah
VAN VEGHTEN                            Cornelia Ann
VAN VEGHTEN                            Cornelius
VAN VEGHTEN                            Elizabeth J
VAN VEGHTEN                            Elmer A
VAN VEGHTEN                            Eveline
VAN VEGHTEN                            Isaac
VAN VEGHTEN                            Jacob
VAN VEGHTEN                            James A
VAN VEGHTEN                            Jane E
VAN VEGHTEN                            Rebecca
VAN VEGHTEN VAN DWORKIN                Cornelia Ann
VAN VRANKEN                            Bertha E.
VAN VRANKEN                            Harold W.
VAN VRANKEN                            Martha
VANALEN                                Abram E
VANALEN                                Ann Maria
VANALEN                                Jacob S
VANALEN                                John E
VANALEN                                Lillian M
VANDEMARK                              Cornelia
VANDENBERGH                            Eve
VANDENBERGH                            Jacob
VANDENBERGH                            Sarah C
VANDENBERGH                            Weynant
VANDENBURG                             Maria
VANDENBURG                             Noah L
VANDENBURGH                            Catherine
VANDENBURGH                            Charlie H
VANDENBURGH                            Cornelius M
VANDENBURGH                            Frank
VANDENBURGH                            Jacob Hogle
VANDENBURGH                            Peter W
VANDENBURGH                            Rachel Knapp
VANDENBURGH HERRINGTON                 Antoinette
VANDERHEYDEN                           Jane
VANDERHEYDEN                           Julia Y
VANDERWERKEN                           John W
VANDERWERKEN (WWI)                     John W
VANLEUVEN ANGUS                        Clara
VANVECHTEN                             Abigail M
VANVECHTEN                             Isaac
VARS                                   Grace L
VARS                                   Jesse D
VARS (WWI)                             Jesse D
VARS GREENE                            Grace L
VEDDER                                 Catharine Maria
VEILE                                  Catalina
VEILE BUTTON                           Catalina
VELIE                                  Isaac N
VELIE                                  Judson R
VELIE                                  Sarah E
VELIE (CW)                             Isaac N
VENDITTI                               Annunziata
VENDITTI FIACCO                        Annunziata
VIALL                                  Ira G
VIALL                                  Maude
VICKERY                                Caleb S
VICKERY                                George H
VICKERY                                Hulbert P
VICKERY                                Mary J
VICKERY                                Orvinza L
VICKORY                                George W
VIELE                                  Catharine
VIELE                                  Eveline
VIELE                                  Jacob L
VIELE                                  Margaret Ann
VIELE SWITS                            Eveline
VIELE VEDDER                           Catharine Maria
VIEW                                   Brookins Cemetery
VIEW                                   Schodack Landing Cemetery
WADE                                   Phebe Ann
WADE CARRIER                           Phebe Ann
WAGER                                  George R
WAGER                                  Saloma
WAIT                                   Calvin
WAIT                                   Calvin Coleman
WAIT                                   John
WAIT                                   Laura H
WAIT                                   Lucy L
WAIT BRAINARD                          Lucinda
WAIT ERNEST                            Addie
WALDRON                                Catharine
WALDRON                                Cornelius
WALDRON                                David
WALDRON                                Mary Ann
WALDRON                                Peter C
WALKER                                 Caroline V
WALKER                                 Harriet
WALKER                                 John J
WALKER                                 Jonathan
WALKER                                 Rebecca
WALKER WETHERWAX                       Harriet
WALLACE                                Anna
WALLACE                                George L
WALLACE                                George S
WALLACE                                Joseph
WALLACE                                Ruth V
WALLACE (CW)                           George L
WALSH                                  Catherine
WALSH                                  Elizabeth
WALSH                                  Johanna
WALSH                                  Louisa M
WALSH BRINSMADE                        Elizabeth
WALSH KEHN                             Louisa M
WALSH O'KEEFE                          Johanna
WARDEN                                 Joseph
WARDEN                                 Polly
WARDEN                                 Rachel
WARDEN                                 Thankful
WARMT                                  Godfried
WARMT (CW)                             Godfried
WARNER                                 Myrtle
WARNER BUTTON                          Myrtle
WARREN                                 Jennie P
WARREN                                 John A
WARREN                                 Mildred L
WASS                                   Catharine
WATERMAN                               Lona
WATERMAN                               May
WATERS                                 Betsey
WATERS                                 Eliza O
WATERS                                 Henry
WATERS                                 Jabez W
WATERS                                 Sarah
WATERS                                 Worthy
WATROUS                                Friend B
WATROUS (CW)                           Friend B
WATSON                                 Margaret
WEATHERWAX                             Andrew
WEATHERWAX                             Caroline
WEATHERWAX                             Catherine
WEATHERWAX                             Catherine
WEATHERWAX                             Eleanor
WEATHERWAX                             Harriet
WEATHERWAX                             Harriet
WEATHERWAX                             John
WEATHERWAX                             John
WEATHERWAX                             John A
WEATHERWAX                             John A
WEATHERWAX                             Louisa M
WEATHERWAX                             Louisa M
WEATHERWAX PURDY                       Caroline
WEAVER                                 Anna E
WEBSTER                                Benjamin
WEBSTER                                Hannah
WEBSTER                                Robert H
WEED                                   Elizabeth A
WEED                                   Jared S
WEED                                   Julia
WEED                                   Sarah J
WEED JOSLIN                            Sarah J
WEED LOCKE                             Julia
WEEDEN                                 Freelove S
WEEDEN WINTON                          Freelove S
WEIDEMEYER                             Adolph
WEIDEMEYER                             Alvina
WEIDEMEYER                             Andrew
WEIDEMEYER                             Catharina
WEIDEMEYER HILLEBRANDT                 Alvina
WELCH                                  Dorcas
WELLING                                B R
WELLING                                Herman D
WELLING                                Jerome B
WELLING                                M. Libbie
WELLS                                  Thomas R
WELLS                                  harriet E
WELLS (CW)                             Thomas R
WELLS BAKER                            Mary
WELLS BOWERS                           Harriet E
WENDELL                                Caroline E
WESTBROOKE                             Nee
WESTBROOKE PFEIFFER                    Nee
WETHERWAX                              Harriet
WEVER                                  Gladys
WEVER MCAULEY                          Gladys
WHEELER                                Betsey
WHELAN                                 Catharine
WHELDEN                                Peter
WHELDEN                                Ruth
WHIPPLE                                Arena M
WHIPPLE                                David
WHIPPLE                                Sarah
WHIPPLE BAKER                          Frances C
WHITFORD                               Rhoda T
WHITFORD GREENE                        Rhoda T
WHYLAND                                Addie
WHYLAND                                Albert F
WHYLAND                                Catherine M
WHYLAND                                Elizabeth
WHYLAND                                John F
WICKES                                 Fannie E
WICKES                                 Mary G
WICKES EDWARDS                         Mary G
WICKES HAXTON                          Fannie E
WILBER                                 Clarissa B
WILCOX                                 Mary E.
WILEY                                  Dorothy
WILEY                                  Eliza J
WILEY                                  Julia M
WILEY                                  Nellie T
WILEY                                  Smith
WILEY                                  William J
WILEY FERGUSON                         Dorothy
WILEY SEARLES                          Eliza J.
WILKASON                               Cornelius
WILKASON                               Daniel F
WILKASON                               John C
WILKASON                               Mary
WILKASON                               Matthias
WILKINSON                              George P
WILLARD                                Henry
WILLARD                                Jeannie W
WILLARD                                John D
WILLARD                                Laura
WILLARD                                Laura
WILLARD                                Rose
WILLARD                                T. Haven
WILLARD TAFT                           Laura
WILLIAMS                               James
WILLIAMS                               Jennie
WILLIAMS                               Mercy J.
WILLIAMS                               Sarah M
WILLIAMS (CW)                          James
WILLIAMS BUTTON                        Sarah M
WILLIAMS DU MONT                       Jennie
WILLIAMSON                             Alice
WILLIAMSON                             Caleb
WILLIAMSON                             Julia
WILLIS                                 Thomas
WILLIS CORY                            Ruby J
WILSON                                 Deborah
WILSON BARRON                          Deborah
WINDSOR                                Albert K.
WINDSOR                                Elizabeth
WINDSOR                                William
WINDSOR                                Zarina T.
WINDSOR TELLER                         Jesse J.
WING                                   Augusta A
WING                                   Mordecai L
WING                                   Sarah C
WINSLOW                                James
WINSLOW                                Jane I
WINTON                                 Freelove S
WINTON                                 Wesley F
WISWALL                                Mary A
WITBECK                                Eliza E
WITBECK                                Eve
WITBECK                                Harriette S
WITBECK                                Jacob
WITBECK                                Jennie A
WITBECK                                Margaret
WITBECK                                Mary F
WITBECK                                Nicholas
WITBECK BASS                           Jennie A
WITBECK VANDENBERGH                    Eve
WITHEY                                 Sally
WITHEY TAYLOR                          Sally
WOLCOTT                                Emma C
WOLCOTT SHARP                          Emma C
WOLFE BAKER                            Matilda B
WOOD                                   James
WOOD                                   Lawrence B
WOOD                                   Weston S
WOOD (CW)                              James
WOOD HALL                              Hannah M
WOOD PHILIPS                           Olive
WOODS                                  Charles A
WOODS                                  Elizabeth
WOODS                                  James
WOODS                                  John W
WOODS (SERV)                           Charles A
WOODWARD                               Fannie
WOODWARD                               Juliet
WOODWARD THOMSON                       Fannie
WOODWORTH                              Abigail
WORDEN                                 Ann Eliza
WORDEN                                 Harvey L
WREN                                   Mary
WREN PARKER                            Mary
WRIGHT                                 Alonzo
WRIGHT                                 Ella
WRIGHT                                 Eustatia
WRIGHT                                 Susan
WRIGHT MOSELEY                         Rachel
YATES                                  James C
YATES                                  Kate M
YATES                                  Margaret J
YOUNG                                  Cora E
YOUNG                                  Cornelius
ZABRISKIE                              Harry H
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