Saratoga County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Saratoga County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ABBOTT                                 Frances E
ABBOTT (CW)                            Thomas J
ABEEL                                  Manning F
ABEEL                                  Rozetta
ABEEL                                  Rozetta Ann
ABEL                                   Harry S
ABEL                                   Julia A
ABEL                                   Luther
ABEL                                   Mary C
ABEL                                   William D
ABEL RILEY                             Hannah
ABELL                                  Alexander
ABELL                                  Emily L
ABELL                                  Marjary B
ADAMS                                  Abigail
ADAMS                                  Betsey
ADAMS                                  Charlotte H
ADAMS                                  Joel N
ADAMS                                  Joel R
ADAMS                                  Prudence
ADAMS                                  Samuel
ADAMS                                  Sidney
ADSIT                                  Brainard
ADSIT                                  Brainard
ADSIT                                  John B
ADSIT                                  Olive
AINSWINTER                             Catherine
AINSWORTH                              Betsey
AINSWORTH                              Orin
AINSWORTH PENNIE                       Jane
ALBERTSON                              C C
ALBERTSON                              Lottie
ALBRO                                  George
ALBRO                                  Laura
ALBRO                                  Mary
ALBRO                                  Seth
ALBRO (CW)                             Andrew J
ALDRICH                                Huldah
ALDRICH                                Mary
ALEXANDER                              Ann
ALEXANDER                              George
ALEXANDER                              Hugh
ALEXANDER                              John
ALEXANDER                              John
ALEXANDER                              Martha
ALEXANDER                              Ruth
ALLANSON                               Abial
ALLCOTT                                Levi B.
ALLEN                                  Abel P
ALLEN                                  Ann
ALLEN                                  Aurilla
ALLEN                                  Beach J
ALLEN                                  Betsey
ALLEN                                  Catharine J
ALLEN                                  Charles
ALLEN                                  Charles C
ALLEN                                  DeWitt C
ALLEN                                  Deborah
ALLEN                                  Esther
ALLEN                                  Gardner
ALLEN                                  George D
ALLEN                                  Georgiana P
ALLEN                                  Herbert C
ALLEN                                  Infant
ALLEN                                  John
ALLEN                                  John
ALLEN                                  John
ALLEN                                  John D
ALLEN                                  Laura Jane
ALLEN                                  Louella
ALLEN                                  Mary
ALLEN                                  Mary Ann
ALLEN                                  Mary B
ALLEN                                  Nelson W
ALLEN                                  Pardon
ALLEN                                  Rescum
ALLEN                                  Sarah
ALLEN                                  Susan
ALLEN                                  Titus D
ALLEN                                  Warren W
ALLEN                                  William R
ALONZO                                 Alfred
ALONZO                                 Carolina
ALONZO                                 Domenico
ALONZO                                 Edith
ALONZO                                 Julius L.
ALONZO                                 Louis J.
ALONZO                                 Rita T.
ALTHOUSE                               Samuel
AMBLER                                 Mary
AMES                                   Alvin
AMOS DAVIDSON                          Margaret
ANDERSON                               Agnes
ANDERSON                               Elizabeth C
ANDERSON                               Floyd C
ANDERSON                               Harold J
ANDERSON                               Henry
ANDERSON                               Isabella
ANDERSON                               James
ANDERSON                               James
ANDERSON                               James
ANDERSON                               Janet Irene
ANDERSON                               John
ANDERSON                               Lewis
ANDERSON                               Mary
ANDERSON                               Mary L
ANDERSON                               Ora H
ANDERSON                               Orvis A
ANDERSON                               Peter
ANDERSON                               Peter
ANDERSON                               Peter
ANDERSON                               William H
ANDERSON BELL                          Margaret
ANDRESS                                Charlotte T
ANDRESS                                Chauncy
ANDRESS                                Lansing
ANDRESS                                Morgan
ANDREWS                                Betsey P
ANDREWS                                Isaac
ANDREWS                                John
ANDREWS                                Lydia A
ANDREWS                                Martha J
ANDREWS                                Phillip W
ANDREWS                                Susan
ANDREWS                                William D
ANGELL                                 Helen A.
ANGELL DEUEL                           Asha
ANGLE                                  Aaron D
ANGLE (RW)                             William
ANIBAL                                 Susan
ANNABLE                                Charlotte
ANNABLE                                Elizabeth
ANNABLE                                Ephraim
ANNABLE                                Horace
ANNABLE                                Mary M
ANSCOMBE                               E Adella
ANSCOMBE                               George W
ANSCOMBE                               Georgia B
ANSCOMBE                               Gracia N
ARMATAGE                               Madora L
ARMATAGE                               William A
ARMATAGE ANNABLE                       Mary M
ARMSTRONG                              Charles F.
ARMSTRONG                              John
ARMSTRONG                              Mary
ARMSTRONG (RW)                         Isaac
ARMSTRONG CRAWFORD                     Elizabeth
ARNOLD                                 Abel
ARNOLD                                 Anna B
ARNOLD                                 Clara D
ARNOLD                                 Clarence
ARNOLD                                 Emmett
ARNOLD                                 Frank
ARNOLD                                 Martha A.
ARNOLD                                 Reuben
ARNOLD                                 Simeon
ARNOLD                                 William
ARNOLD                                 William T
ARNOLD (KOR)                           Claude
ARNOLD DUNHAM                          Jennie M
ASHLEY                                 Anne
ASHLEY                                 Hiram
ASHLEY                                 Jamezen
ASHLEY                                 Pheobe
ASHLEY                                 William A
ASHLEY LEE                             Fannie F
ASHTON                                 Elizabeth
ATKINSON                               Sarah
AUDET                                  Exilda
AUSTIN                                 Alonzo S.
AUSTIN                                 Darius
AUSTIN                                 Emily
AUSTIN                                 Emily
AUSTIN                                 Helen E
AUSTIN                                 Lydia L
AUSTIN                                 Seth
AUSTIN (CW)                            James W
AUSTIN (CW)                            Philip J
AVERY                                  Calvin
AVERY                                  Caroline M
AVERY                                  John C
AVERY                                  Margaret
AVERY                                  Martha F
AVERY                                  Oscar C
AVERY ROGERS                           Mary C
AYERS HALL                             Lucy
BABCOCK CARR                           Lucinda
BACON                                  Ebenezer
BACON                                  Lydia
BACON                                  Rachel Juliza
BACON                                  Samuel
BACON                                  Sarah
BACON DAVISON                          Martha Elisabeth
BADGLEY                                Adelia
BADGLEY                                Fanny
BADGLEY                                George D
BADGLEY HEMPHILL                       Adelia
BAILEY                                 Anne Jenne
BAILEY                                 Thedotha
BAIRD SHERMAN                          Eva M
BAKER                                  Adelaide R
BAKER                                  Bradford
BAKER                                  Dora L
BAKER                                  Edey
BAKER                                  Ella
BAKER                                  Eva M
BAKER                                  Frederick J
BAKER                                  George E
BAKER                                  Hannah P.
BAKER                                  Jennie M
BAKER                                  John
BAKER                                  Laura C
BAKER                                  Lottie E
BAKER                                  Louise M
BAKER                                  Lydia
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER                                  Matie P
BAKER                                  Powell
BAKER                                  Samuel
BAKER                                  Sarah
BAKER                                  Sarah M
BAKER                                  Susan
BAKER                                  Thomas
BAKER                                  Valentine C
BAKER                                  W H
BAKER                                  William
BAKER (CW)                             William A
BAKER (WWI)                            Valentine C
BAKER (WWII)                           Fred T
BAKER HEWIT                            Asenath
BAKER HOLMES                           Dellia
BAKER MULFORD                          Elizabeth J
BAKER TUCKER                           Carrie
BALDWIN                                William
BALL                                   Deborah
BALLARD                                Charles H
BANKER                                 Infant
BANTA MARSELUS                         Hannah
BARBER                                 Elijah
BARBER                                 Marion
BARHYTE                                Ann V R
BARHYTE                                John J
BARHYTE                                Samuel
BARKER                                 David
BARKER                                 Dorcas
BARKER                                 Ira J
BARKER                                 John
BARKER                                 Mary
BARKER                                 Mary A
BARKER                                 Mary J
BARKER                                 Olive
BARKER                                 Samuel S
BARKER RIDER                           Lydia A
BARNES                                 Anna J
BARNES                                 Onar
BARNES                                 Stephen
BARNES CHRYSLER                        Priscilla
BARNES GARNSEY                         Lydia
BARNETT                                Ellen
BARNETT                                Walter
BARNETT                                Wm
BARNEY WADE                            Lucy A
BARNS                                  Margaret
BARNS                                  Zia
BARNUM                                 Charles A
BARNUM                                 Martha
BARNUM POOLEY                          Ann Augusta
BAROWS CALKINS                         Lydia
BARRASS                                Lucinda
BARRETT (WWII)                         Richard E
BARRIE BAKER                           Louise M
BARROWS                                Lucinda
BARRY                                  Alvah P
BARTLETT                               Charles C
BARTLETT                               Margaret J
BARTLETT ALLEN                         Louella
BARTLETT LYONS                         Grace S
BARTON                                 Philo J
BARTON (WWII)                          Walter M
BARTON AUSTIN                          Helen E
BARTON HURLBURT                        Eliza
BARTON TABOR                           Betsy
BARTRAND                               Rosannah
BASSETT MOORE                          Lucinda J
BATES                                  Clarinda
BATES                                  Sylvester
BATTISS                                Joseph
BATTYS                                 Abigail
BEACH JANSEN                           Frances H
BEAGLE                                 Catherine A
BEAN                                   Donald F
BEAN                                   Frank H
BEAN                                   Helen
BEAN PECK                              Helen
BECKER                                 Ann Eliza
BECKER                                 David V
BECKER                                 John
BECKER                                 John G
BECKER                                 Margaret A
BECKER                                 Sarah F
BECKER DICKINSON                       Maria
BECKWITH                               Cora
BECKWITH                               G S
BEDELL                                 Jane Ann
BELDEN                                 John W.
BELDEN                                 Priscilla
BELDEN                                 Zenas
BELDEN BURTON                          Anna
BELL                                   Anna
BELL                                   Elizabeth
BELL                                   George
BELL                                   George
BELL                                   JF Annette
BELL                                   James
BELL                                   Jane
BELL                                   John F
BELL                                   John M
BELL                                   Margaret
BELL                                   Margaret
BELL                                   Margaret
BELL                                   Mary
BELL                                   Mary A
BELL                                   Robert
BELL                                   William
BELL BAKER                             Jennie M
BELL CRAWFORD                          Mary
BELL GILCHRIST                         Mary
BELL HALLOWELL                         Agnes
BEMIS                                  Amanda
BEMIS                                  Eliza
BEMIS                                  Elizabeth
BEMIS                                  Geo A
BEMIS                                  Isaac P
BEMIS                                  Kathryn
BEMIS                                  Merle
BEMIS                                  Wm Henry
BEMUS                                  John
BEMUS                                  Sally
BEMUS CRAWFORD                         Sarah
BENEDICT                               Alice R
BENEDICT                               Amanda
BENEDICT                               Calista
BENEDICT                               David
BENEDICT                               Eunice
BENEDICT                               Ezra
BENEDICT                               Freeman
BENEDICT                               John Henry
BENEDICT                               L T
BENEDICT                               Mindwell E.
BENEDICT                               Sarah Eliza
BENEDICT CRAWFORD                      Mary
BENJAMIN                               James
BENJAMIN HUDSON                        Sarah F
BENNET                                 Abigail
BENNET (CW)                            Oliver
BENNETT                                Caroline F
BENNETT                                Jethro
BENNETT                                Louise
BENNETT                                Phyllis Jean
BENNETT (WWII)                         George Edward
BENNETT ANDREWS                        Lydia A
BENNETT GARFIELD                       Eliza
BENNETT WOOLSEY                        Mary M
BENSEL                                 Helen
BENSEL CORNTHWAITE                     Helen
BENSON                                 Centhia
BENSON                                 Maria
BENSON                                 Phebe
BENTLEY                                E. Adelia
BENTLEY MEDBERY                        E. Adelia
BENTLEY ROBENS                         Betsy
BENTLEY ROBENS                         Esther
BENTON                                 Harriet L
BERRY                                  Catharine
BERRY (RW)                             Sidney
BERRY PAYN                             Polly
BERRY SHEPARD                          Susan L
BETTEYS BROWER                         Hanah Melinda
BETTIS                                 Charlott
BETTS                                  Mary
BETTS CRAWFORD                         Ida S
BETTS CRIPPEN                          Sarah A
BETTYS                                 Caty
BIDDELL                                Maria
BIDWELL MILLER                         Sarah E
BILLINGS                               Benjamin
BILLINGS                               Benjamin F
BILLINGS                               Hugh Thompson
BILLINGS                               Lydia G
BILLINGS                               Malinda
BILLINGS                               Mary
BILLINGS                               Miranda
BILLINGS                               Perez
BILLINGS CLARK                         Miranda
BILLINGS CLARK                         Ruamah
BILLS                                  Mary
BILLS                                  Royal A
BILLS (WWII)                           Kenwood E
BINNINGTON                             Hattie L
BINNINGTON                             William W
BIRCH                                  Nellie
BIRCH                                  William
BIRD                                   Almira
BISBEE                                 Rufus
BISHOP                                 Charles K
BISHOP                                 Deborah K
BISHOP                                 Dorcas
BISHOP                                 Oliver K
BISHOP                                 Phebe
BISHOP SCOFIELD                        Susan
BLACK                                  Alice A
BLACK                                  Bert
BLACK                                  Carrardus M
BLACK                                  Charles O
BLACK                                  Eliza J
BLACK                                  Jane
BLACK                                  Thomas J
BLACK                                  Walter M
BLACKMAR                               Martin
BLACKWEL                               Peter
BLACKWOOD (WWII)                       Carl G
BLANCHARD                              George W
BLANCHARD                              Ida E
BLANCHARD                              Lucy M
BLANCHARD (CW)                         Charles W
BLASE (WWII)                           Harold B
BLICKENSTOFFER                         Jacob F
BLISS                                  Ann
BLISS                                  Peter
BLIVEN                                 Arnold
BLIVEN                                 Ashbel A
BLIVEN                                 Warren A
BLOWERS (WWI)                          David A
BOGERT                                 James L
BOLER                                  Simeon
BOOTH                                  Frank H
BOOTH                                  George C
BOOTH                                  Harry M
BOOTH                                  Lodema G
BOOTH                                  Mae B
BOOTH                                  Moss Kent
BOOTH                                  Orrin L
BOOTH                                  Rose D
BORDMAN                                Daniel
BORDMAN                                Electa
BOUGHTON                               Arthur B
BOUGHTON                               Chauncey
BOUGHTON                               Esther M
BOUGHTON                               H Landon
BOUGHTON                               Ida E
BOUGHTON                               Ida J
BOUGHTON                               Laura L
BOUGHTON                               Margaret E
BOUGHTON                               Sarah A
BOUGHTON                               Smith C
BOUGHTON HAWLEY                        Margaret E
BOUGHTON LANDON                        Esther M
BOUSMAN                                Sarah
BOUSMAN                                William
BOWEN                                  Content
BOWEN                                  Jesse
BOWEN                                  Lydia
BOWEN                                  Lydia
BOWEN                                  Peleg
BOWERS                                 Mary
BOWERS                                 Mary S
BOWERS                                 Milton C
BOWERS                                 Sanford L
BOWERS BELL                            JF Annette
BOWLSBY                                Alexander
BOWLSBY                                Jennet
BOWLSBY                                John
BOWLSBY                                Phebe
BOXWELL                                Alice C.
BOXWELL                                Howard M.
BOYCE                                  Martha M
BRACKETT                               Minnie
BRACKETT LATHAM                        Minnie
BRADLEY                                Miles D
BRASSEL (CW)                           Lewis
BRATT                                  Garret
BRATT                                  Jane
BRATT                                  John A
BRATT                                  Margaret
BRATT                                  Simanda
BREITHLING                             Ivar C
BREITHLING                             Olive May
BRENNAN                                Bridget
BRENNAN                                Cathleen P.
BRENNAN                                Hattie Belle
BRENNAN                                James G.
BRENNAN                                James G.
BRENNAN                                James P.
BRENNAN                                Joan A.
BRENNAN                                Marian E.
BRENNAN                                Thomas J.
BRENNAN (WWII)                         James G
BREWSTER                               Catharine
BREWSTER                               David
BREWSTER                               Elizabeth
BREWSTER                               John
BREWSTER                               Joseph
BREWSTER                               Sarah
BREWSTER (RW)                          Joseph
BREWSTER EGELSTON                      Susan C
BREWSTER MURPHY                        Elizabeth
BRIGGS                                 Charles E
BRIGGS                                 George H
BRIGGS                                 Henry
BRIGGS                                 Lucy D
BRIGGS                                 Maria S
BRIGGS                                 Silas
BRIGGS DAVIS                           Medora E
BRIGGS HUNTER                          Minnie
BRIGHAM                                Mary H
BRIGHAM                                William H
BRILL                                  Harriet
BRILL                                  James
BRILL                                  John
BRIMSON                                Anna L
BRIMSON                                Caroline
BRIMSON                                Uriah
BRISBIN                                Austin E
BRISBIN                                James
BRISBIN                                James
BRISBIN                                James S
BRISBIN                                Mary
BRISBIN                                Sally
BRISTAL                                Newton
BRISTOL                                Lewis
BRISTOL                                Sarah
BROCKETT                               Delia A
BROCKETT                               Olive
BROCKETT                               Timothy
BROCKETT                               Timothy
BROCKWAY                               Ella
BROCKWAY HAWLEY                        Ella
BROOKE                                 Howard A
BROOKE                                 Minnie
BROOMFIELD                             John
BROOMFIELD                             Lillian M
BROSEMER MCCUNE                        Louise
BROTHERSON                             Catherine
BROWER                                 Hanah Melinda
BROWN                                  Alice F
BROWN                                  Colin F
BROWN                                  David
BROWN                                  Edward H
BROWN                                  Elijah
BROWN                                  Emerson Elmer
BROWN                                  Eva M
BROWN                                  Gilbert J
BROWN                                  Henry
BROWN                                  Hougail
BROWN                                  Jane
BROWN                                  Jennie E
BROWN                                  John
BROWN                                  John
BROWN                                  Leander A
BROWN                                  Lydia
BROWN                                  Maria
BROWN                                  Martha
BROWN                                  Maud D
BROWN                                  Mildred
BROWN                                  Robert O
BROWN                                  Stephen
BROWN                                  Thomas
BROWN                                  Viola Blanche
BROWN                                  Walter C
BROWN                                  William H
BROWN CALKINS                          Mary
BROWN GILCHRIST                        Catharine
BROWN SEELY                            Elizabeth
BRYAN                                  Cyrus W
BRYAN                                  Elliot E
BRYAN                                  Emeline A
BRYAN                                  Ezra
BRYAN                                  Francis M
BRYAN                                  Hiram C
BRYAN                                  Philip C
BRYAN                                  Selina E
BRYAN ELLIS                            Pamelia
BRYAN MORLEY                           Mabel
BRYANS                                 Burton J
BRYANS                                 Robert T
BRYANS (KOR)                           Burton J
BRYANS (VN)                            Robert T
BRYANS (WWII)                          Burton J
BRYANT (WWII)                          Ernest W
BUB                                    Charles W.
BUEL (RW)                              Ezra
BUELMASTER                             Daniel
BULL                                   Almira
BULLARD                                Gardner
BULLARD                                Julia A
BULLARD                                Mehitable
BULLOCK                                Delina E.
BULLOCK                                James  A
BULSON GREGORY                         Mary J
BUNYAN                                 Agnes Boyd
BUNYAN                                 Matthew
BUNYAN                                 Robert Proudfit
BURBEY                                 Milo E
BURBY                                  Nancy
BURCH                                  Maria E
BURDICK                                James H
BURDICK                                Loretta L
BURDICK                                Patience
BURDICK                                Truman
BURDICK                                Zaccheus
BURDICK (CW)                           Lewis A
BURDICK TAYLOR                         Adelia S
BURGESS                                Abigail
BURGESS                                Daniel
BURGESS                                Jeremiah
BURGHARDT HERRICK                      Patty
BURHANS                                Hiram Wallace
BURHANS                                Julia Clarissa
BURHANS                                Margaret
BURHANS SIMONS                         Judith M
BURKE                                  Andrew
BURKE                                  Ellen
BURKE                                  Julia
BURKE                                  Lena
BURKE                                  Mary
BURKE                                  Mary
BURKE                                  Thomas
BURKE HARRIS                           Julia
BURKE RYAN                             Mary
BURKE WOODWORTH                        Sarah M
BURNHAM                                Eddy
BURNHAM                                Mary
BURNS                                  Dorothy
BURR                                   Elizabeth
BURR                                   Helen M
BURR                                   Hetty L
BURR                                   Mary W
BURR                                   William G
BURR (RW)                              Joel
BURRITT                                Eleazer
BURT                                   Benjamin J
BURT                                   Dorcus
BURT                                   James
BURT                                   Sarah Jane
BURT SALISBURY                         Sarah
BURTIS                                 Richard, Jr
BURTIS HALL                            Jane
BURTON                                 Anna
BUSH                                   Stanley W
BUSH (WWII)                            C George
BUSSING                                Agnes
BUSSING                                John
BUSSING (WWII)                         Robert F
BUSSING CORTI                          Ruth A
BUTCHER RYALL                          Eliza
BUTLER                                 Bridget
BUTLER                                 Jarvis A
BUTLER                                 Johanna
BUTLER                                 Lois Minnie
BUTLER                                 Mary
BUTLER                                 Mary
BUTLER                                 Michael
BUTLER                                 Rose
BUTLER                                 Rose
BUTLER                                 Thomas
BUTLER                                 Thomas
BUTLER HICKEY                          Johanna
BUTLER REILLY                          Rose
BUTTERFIELD                            Clyde Charles
BUTTON                                 Caroline
CADMAN                                 Catharine
CADMAN                                 Henry
CADY                                   Harry C
CADY HOLLISTER                         Zilpha
CADY SATTERLEE                         Lucy
CAIN DUNHAM                            Emma
CAINE MOREHOUSE                        Emma
CALDWELL                               Mary A
CALDWELL                               Rachel
CALDWELL                               William A
CALDWELL CURTIS                        Maria
CALDWELL JACKSON                       Harriet A
CALKIN                                 Seth
CALKIN BARRASS                         Lucinda
CALKIN BARROWS                         Lucinda
CALKINS                                Calvin
CALKINS                                Charity
CALKINS                                Edmund
CALKINS                                Edwin
CALKINS                                Fordyce
CALKINS                                Jerusha
CALKINS                                John
CALKINS                                John
CALKINS                                John
CALKINS                                Lydia
CALKINS                                Mary
CALKINS                                Rebecca
CALKINS HOWE                           Ester J
CALL LINDSEY                           Esther A
CALLEN                                 James
CAMERON                                Calane M
CAMERON WILBUR                         Lida D
CAMPBELL                               Colon
CANDEE PALMER                          Betsey
CANFIELD                               Hannah
CANFIELD CARR                          Mary A
CAPELLA                                Giacinto
CARBRY GIFFORD                         Delia
CARDEN                                 William H
CAREY BEAGLE                           Catherine A
CARINGE                                Helen Winifred
CARLETON                               David C
CARLETON                               Emily C
CARLETON                               Herbert E
CARLETON                               Lelia H
CARLETON                               Lucius B
CARLETON                               Lucius R
CARLETON                               Tessie
CARLIN                                 Joseph
CARLY PLACE                            Ann Eliza
CARMAN                                 Benj S
CARMAN                                 Joseph W
CARMAN                                 Mary E
CARMAN                                 Phebe
CARMAN                                 Solomon
CARMAN DEYOE                           Julia A
CARMICHAEL                             Laura C
CARP                                   Catherine
CARP                                   Nicholas C
CARPE HUMES                            Sarah F
CARPENTER                              Abba Jane
CARPENTER                              Charles
CARPENTER                              Elisha
CARPENTER                              Harriet N
CARPENTER                              Mary
CARPENTER                              Morris T.
CARPENTER                              Nathan M.
CARPENTER                              Rachel
CARPENTER                              S
CARPENTER                              Sally Ann
CARPENTER DEUELL                       Hannah Mary
CARPENTER HALL                         Sally
CARPENTER PETERS                       Abba Jane
CARPENTER ROBENS                       Sarah
CARPENTER SMITH                        Anna
CARPENTIER                             James S
CARPENTIER                             Reuben S
CARR                                   Asenath Jane
CARR                                   Fidelia
CARR                                   Henry B
CARR                                   Lucinda
CARR                                   Mary
CARR                                   Mary A
CARR EDMONDS                           Fidelia
CARROLL                                Ann
CARROLL REILLY                         Ann
CARTER                                 Elizabeth
CARTER                                 Katherine L
CARTER                                 Lulu Bryan
CARTER                                 Richard M
CARTER (WWI)                           Ralph R
CASTLE                                 Diane
CASTLE                                 Ryan
CATTAN (WWI)                           Peter
CERRONI                                Carolina
CERRONI ALONZO                         Carolina
CHADSEY                                Lorenzo
CHADWICK                               Anne S
CHADWICK (WWII)                        Martin M
CHALMERS                               Agnes
CHALMERS                               Agnes
CHALMERS                               Christiana C
CHALMERS                               Margaret
CHALMERS                               Maria
CHALMERS                               Matthew
CHALMERS                               Thomas C
CHALMERS                               William
CHALMERS THORP                         Mary
CHAMBERLIN                             Amy
CHAMBERLIN                             Elisha
CHAMPAGNE                              Lena A
CHAMPAGNE CRAIG                        Lena A
CHANDLER                               Harold B
CHANDLER                               Lucretia
CHAPMAN                                Antoinette
CHAPMAN                                Charles H
CHAPMAN                                Eliza A
CHAPMAN                                George W
CHAPMAN                                Harvey
CHAPMAN                                John
CHAPMAN                                Mary R
CHAPMAN                                Samuel
CHAPMAN                                Zilpha
CHARLES                                Catharine
CHARRON                                Augustus G.
CHARRON                                Gertrude R.
CHASE                                  Aaron
CHASE                                  Darius D
CHASE                                  David E
CHASE                                  Dean
CHASE                                  Harriet
CHASE                                  John
CHASE                                  John B
CHASE                                  Joseph
CHASE                                  Katharine
CHASE                                  Margaret
CHASE                                  Martha Ann
CHASE                                  Robert
CHASE                                  Ruth H
CHASE                                  Ruth H
CHASE                                  Sherrard
CHASE COLLAMER                         Nancy M
CHASE COOK                             Lydia J
CHATTERTON ELDRIDGE                    Fannie
CHESEBOROUGH DARROW                    Jane H.
CHESEBROUGH                            Thomas
CHESEBROUGH BELL                       Anna
CHESTNEY                               Elizabeth
CHESTNEY                               James W
CHESTNEY                               Sarah
CHEYNEY                                Elizabeth
CHEYNEY                                Willis
CHILD                                  Melissa
CHRISTIANCE                            Polly
CHRYSLER                               H N
CHRYSLER                               H N
CHRYSLER                               Mary
CHRYSLER                               Priscilla
CHRYSLER                               S J
CHRYSTEYANCE                           John
CHURCH                                 Arthur
CHURCH                                 Leah
CLAPPER                                Eve
CLAPPER                                Henry
CLAPPER VAN SANFORD                    Eve
CLARK                                  Abigail
CLARK                                  Carrie F.
CLARK                                  Catharine
CLARK                                  Daniel
CLARK                                  Elizabeth
CLARK                                  George
CLARK                                  Hariet M
CLARK                                  Harriet
CLARK                                  John
CLARK                                  Mabel
CLARK                                  Mary
CLARK                                  Mary
CLARK                                  Miranda
CLARK                                  Rowland
CLARK                                  Ruamah
CLARK                                  Samuel
CLARK                                  Samuel W
CLARK                                  Thomas
CLARK                                  Thomas
CLARK                                  William M
CLARK (CW)                             John W
CLARK (RW)                             Samuel
CLARK (WWII)                           Floyd R
CLARK BROWN                            Jennie E
CLARK CARPENTER                        Mary
CLARK HUDSON                           Alice
CLARKE                                 Delia L
CLARKE                                 Russell W
CLEMENTS                               Anna
CLEMENTS                               Ellen
CLEMENTS                               Lyman W
CLEMENTS                               Melville
CLEMENTS                               Peter
CLEMENTS                               Sarah B
CLEMENTS                               Thomas C
CLEVELAND                              Helen
CLINE                                  Caroline
CLINE                                  George H
CLINE                                  Henry
CLINE                                  Ruth
CLOSSON                                Edward J
CLOSSON                                Leila G
CLOSSON LORD                           Cornelia W
CLOUTIER                               Edward L
CLOUTIER                               Emma
CLOW                                   Cynthia
CLOW                                   Hiram
CLUNIES WALKER                         Phoebe
CLUTE                                  Delia
CLUTE                                  Lovisa
CLUTE                                  Permelia
CLUTE                                  Permelia
CLUTE                                  Peter
CLUTE ARMATAGE                         Madora L
CLUTE CHURCH                           Leah
CLUTE WOODWORTH                        Anna
COCOZZO                                Anthony
COCOZZO                                Augusta
COFFIN                                 Elizabeth M
COFFIN                                 Elvin M
COFFIN                                 Hannah
COFFIN                                 Latham
COFFIN                                 Lula May
COGSWELL                               Elisha
COGSWELL                               Julius
COGSWELL                               Mary Ann
COGSWELL                               Phebe
COGSWELL                               Reuben
COGSWELL                               Sarah
COLE                                   Andrew J
COLE                                   Hannah E
COLE                                   Mabel A
COLLAMER                               Abbigail
COLLAMER                               Abigail
COLLAMER                               Adna
COLLAMER                               Ann Eliza
COLLAMER                               Anna Avery
COLLAMER                               Anthony
COLLAMER                               Aurelia
COLLAMER                               Barker
COLLAMER                               Barker
COLLAMER                               D A
COLLAMER                               Ernest D
COLLAMER                               Harriet A
COLLAMER                               Hiram
COLLAMER                               John
COLLAMER                               LaFayette B
COLLAMER                               Lionel
COLLAMER                               Maria
COLLAMER                               Mary
COLLAMER                               Mercy
COLLAMER                               Mercy
COLLAMER                               Nancy M
COLLAMER                               Nelson
COLLAMER                               Nelson
COLLAMER                               Sally
COLLAMER                               Sally
COLLAMER                               Sarah
COLLAMER                               Sidney
COLLAMER                               Warren
COLLAMER                               William A
COLLAMER ASHLEY                        Pheobe
COLLAMER BAKER                         Lottie E
COLLAMER BECKER                        Sarah F
COLLAMER CRAWFORD                      Sinthy
COLLAMER MCCREEDY                      Sarah J
COLLAMER SCHRIER                       Nancy
COLLAMER WIGGINS                       Paulina
COLLINS                                John
COLSON                                 Hannah
COLVER                                 Sarah E
COLVER FARNAM                          Sarah E
COMBS                                  Cassius G.
COMBS                                  Eliza J
COMBS                                  Eunice B
COMBS                                  Nelson
CONDE                                  Helen
CONDE                                  Isaac H
CONDE VAN EPS                          Mary
CONKLIN                                Cathrin
CONKLIN                                Elcy
CONKLIN                                Elizabeth
CONKLIN                                John A.
CONKLIN                                Rhoda A
CONKLIN KETCHUM                        Elcy
CONNEFF (WWI)                          Henry Amos
CONNORS                                Anna M
CONNORS                                Joseph G.
CONNORS                                Mary Ann
COOK                                   Edward E
COOK                                   Fred
COOK                                   George W
COOK                                   Lydia J
COOK                                   Maria Anna
COOK                                   Melissa
COOK                                   Wm Jerome
COOK (CW)                              Calvin E
COOK MURPHY                            Debby
COOK ROSS                              Elizabeth J
COON                                   Arthur B.
COON                                   Benjamin C
COON                                   Catharine M
COON                                   Cora
COON                                   Eunice
COON                                   George
COON                                   Grace
COON                                   Hannah
COON                                   Ida
COON                                   Ilah F
COON                                   J Clark
COON                                   James T.
COON                                   Lester R
COON                                   Martin V
COON                                   Samantha
COON                                   Theron G
COON                                   Viola
COON                                   William
COON (WWI)                             Lester R
COONS                                  Frank M
COONS                                  George C
COONS                                  Martin
COONS                                  Ruth
COONS (WWII)                           Frank M
COOPER                                 Hannah M
COOPER                                 Samuel
COOPER (CW)                            Ephraim P
COOTE                                  Argyle
COPELAND                               Arthur B.
COPELAND                               Mae B.
COPELAND                               Samuel B.
COPELAND VANDENBERGH                   Agnes
COPLAND                                Jane F
COPLAND                                John
COPLAND                                Margaret
COPLIN                                 Lewis B
COPP RATHBONE                          Sarah
CORLEW                                 Alice V
CORLEW                                 George H
CORLEW                                 Mary E
CORNELISON                             Ellen A
CORNELISON                             Wm M
CORNELL                                Almira
CORNELL                                Amelia
CORNELL                                Charlotte B
CORNELL                                Daniel B
CORNELL                                Job
CORNELL                                Joseph
CORNELL                                Lucy H
CORNELL                                Mary
CORNELL                                Mary A
CORNELL                                Robert
CORNELL                                Ruth
CORNELL                                Sarah
CORNELL (WWII)                         Charles Henry
CORNELL RICHARDS                       Eleanor A
CORNTHWAITE                            Catharine
CORNTHWAITE                            Helen
CORNTHWAITE                            Miles J
CORNTHWAITE                            Schuyler E
CORP (1812)                            Nathaniel
CORTI                                  Ralph
CORTI                                  Ruth A
CORY                                   Anna
CORY                                   Charlotte
CORY                                   David
CORY                                   Eliakim T
CORY                                   Harriet
CORY                                   Jemima
CORY                                   Juda
COSTANZO                               Isabella
COSTANZO                               Teresa
COUCH                                  David
COUGH ROSS                             Asenath
COUSE                                  Agustus
COUSE                                  Andress
COUSE                                  Cornelia B
COUSE                                  Edward
COUSE                                  Eleanor V.
COUSE                                  Eva
COUSE                                  Frank
COUSE                                  Ida E
COUSE                                  Ida E.
COUSE                                  James P
COUSE                                  Lillian B.
COUSE                                  Minnie M.
COUSE                                  Susan
COUSE                                  Theodore F.
COUSE SIMON                            Ida E.
COWHEY                                 William T
COWHEY (CW)                            James
COWLES                                 Channcey
COWLES                                 Harriet R.
COWLES                                 Lovina
COWLES                                 Mary
COWLES                                 Mary A
COWLES                                 Mary E.
COWLES                                 Squire L
COWLES HANDY                           Ruth M
COY                                    Daniel C
COY                                    Polly M
COY                                    Weston
COZZENS                                George H
CRABB                                  Barbary
CRABB                                  Elijah
CRABB                                  James V
CRAIG                                  Clark R
CRAIG                                  David
CRAIG                                  Elsie E
CRAIG                                  Florence
CRAIG                                  Harriet
CRAIG                                  Lena A
CRAIG                                  Leona M
CRAIG                                  Lydia
CRAIG                                  Mariam
CRAIG                                  Mary
CRAIG                                  Percy C
CRAIG                                  Samuel
CRAIG KNICKERBOCKER                    Elsie E
CRAIG SHEPARD                          Polly J
CRAIG SUTFIN                           Leona M
CRAMER                                 Cora B
CRAMER                                 George L
CRAMER                                 J Reed
CRAMER                                 Sarah
CRAMER                                 Sarah E
CRAMER PECK                            Sarah C
CRANE WELD                             Abigail
CRANSON BILLS                          Mary
CRARY                                  Isaac N
CRARY                                  Sophia
CRAWFORD                               Archibald
CRAWFORD                               Asa
CRAWFORD                               Benjamin S
CRAWFORD                               Charles
CRAWFORD                               Charlotte
CRAWFORD                               Daniel
CRAWFORD                               Edward E
CRAWFORD                               Elizabeth
CRAWFORD                               Florence A
CRAWFORD                               George
CRAWFORD                               Ida S
CRAWFORD                               Isaac
CRAWFORD                               James
CRAWFORD                               James
CRAWFORD                               James W
CRAWFORD                               John
CRAWFORD                               John F
CRAWFORD                               Joseph
CRAWFORD                               Jotham
CRAWFORD                               Lewis
CRAWFORD                               Linda
CRAWFORD                               Lydia
CRAWFORD                               Margaret
CRAWFORD                               Margaret A
CRAWFORD                               Martha
CRAWFORD                               Mary
CRAWFORD                               Mary
CRAWFORD                               Mary
CRAWFORD                               Mary Annie
CRAWFORD                               Mary I
CRAWFORD                               Phebe
CRAWFORD                               Purthena
CRAWFORD                               Rachel
CRAWFORD                               Samuel W
CRAWFORD                               Sarah
CRAWFORD                               Sarah E
CRAWFORD                               Sarah M
CRAWFORD                               Selecta
CRAWFORD                               Sinthy
CRAWFORD (WWII)                        Gordon B
CRAWFORD ANDREWS                       Betsey P
CRAWFORD CLEVELAND                     Helen
CRAWFORD DERIDDER                      Sarah E
CRAWFORD RAMSDALE                      Mary Ann
CRAWFORD RAMSDALE                      Purthena
CRAWFORD RILEY                         Rachel A
CRAWFORD SMITH                         Charlotte
CRAWFORD WATERBURY                     Anna
CRAWLEY                                Doris Ann Craw
CREGIER KNAPP                          Maria E
CREGIER STAFFORD                       Elvira C
CRIPPEN                                Fanny
CRIPPEN                                Henry
CRIPPEN                                Phebe
CRIPPEN                                Riley
CRIPPEN                                Sarah A
CRISSEY COWLES                         Lovina
CROBOK (WWII)                          Otto
CROMWELL                               Elizabeth
CROMWELL                               Florence S
CROMWELL                               Irene M
CROMWELL                               John
CROMWELL                               John W
CROMWELL                               Nancy
CRONK                                  Annanias
CRONKRITE                              Lois
CRONKRITE                              Phebe
CROSSLEY ATKINSON                      Sarah
CROSSMAN GARNSEY                       Lydia Ann
CROTTY                                 Augusta
CROTTY                                 Margaret
CROTTY (WWI)                           William P
CROTTY COCOZZO                         Augusta
CROUCH                                 Caleb S
CROUCH                                 Clementina
CROUCH                                 Delilah
CROUCH                                 Frances
CROUCH                                 John
CROUCH                                 William
CRUTTENDEN                             William
CRUTTENDEN                             William Joseph
CUDNEY                                 Albert
CUDNEY                                 Cornelia
CUDNEY                                 Hannah
CUDNEY TURNER                          Betsey
CUMMINGS HANSHUE                       June C
CURRAN                                 Dena
CURRAN                                 Samuel W
CURRIER                                Mildred
CURRIER (WWII)                         Albert E
CURTIS                                 Chauncey
CURTIS                                 Eliza J
CURTIS                                 Emily
CURTIS                                 Henry
CURTIS                                 John D
CURTIS                                 Joshua
CURTIS                                 Margaret Caroline
CURTIS                                 Maria
CURTIS                                 Maria
CURTIS                                 Milford B
CURTIS                                 Olive P
CURTIS                                 Oscar F
CURTIS                                 Ruth Ann
CURTIS                                 Sarah
CURTIS                                 Sarah
CURTIS                                 Sarah
CURTIS                                 Sarah M
CURTIS                                 William E
CURTIS                                 William M Kindre
CURTIS FRENCH                          Samantha A
CURTIS SHONTS                          Jemima
CURTIS WHITFORD                        Hannah
CURTO                                  Mary R.
CURTO                                  Nicholas A.
CURTO                                  Nicholas A.
CURTO                                  Roberta M.
CURTO (WWII)                           Nicholas A
CUTBUSH                                Mary E
CUTBUSH                                Seaman J
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