Saratoga County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Saratoga County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

SABIN                                  Maria
SAGE                                   Jedediah
SAGE                                   Simeon
SALISBURY                              Sarah
SALSBURY DENISON                       Delia
SAMMONS STRANG                         Abigail
SANDERS                                Catharine
SANFORD                                David
SANFORD                                Nancy
SARGENT                                Gertrude W
SARGENT                                James B
SARGENT                                Sarah L
SARGENT                                Sarah M
SATTERLEE                              Lucy
SATTERLEE                              William H
SAUNDERS                               Henry
SAUNDERS WEBER                         Sarah A
SAWYER                                 Donald W.
SAWYER                                 Margaret E
SAWYER (WWI)                           Leon Joseph
SAXTON                                 Raymond W
SAXTON                                 Sarah
SAXTON                                 Susannah
SAYLES                                 Mary
SAYLES                                 Silvanus
SAYRE                                  Benjamin
SCHAUBER                               Mary
SCHERMERHORN                           Jacob H
SCHERMERHORN WASHBURN                  Melinda E
SCHOUTEN                               Anna Maria
SCHOUTEN                               Sarah Ann
SCHOUTEN                               Simeon
SCHRIER                                John A
SCHRIER                                Nancy
SCHRIER                                W A
SCHUYLER                               Catharine
SCHUYLER                               Elizabeth
SCHUYLER                               Livingston
SCHUYLER                               Rensselaer
SCHUYLER                               Rosanna
SCHUYLER CORNTHWAITE                   Catharine
SCIDMORE                               Gulielma
SCIDMORE (RW)                          John
SCOFIELD                               Susan
SCOFIELD                               Thankful
SCOFIELD (RW)                          Neazer
SCOFIELD BLANCHARD                     Ida E
SCOFIELD SCOFIELD                      Thankful
SCOON                                  Mary
SCOON                                  Peter
SCOON                                  William
SCOTEN                                 Catharine A.
SCOTT                                  Amanda M.
SCOTT                                  Daniel
SCOTT                                  Grace
SCOTT                                  Hattie G.
SCOTT                                  Jane E. J.
SCOTT                                  Jennie
SCOTT                                  John L.
SCOTT                                  Mary
SCOTT                                  Minnie M
SCOTT                                  William
SCOTT CARLETON                         Emily C
SCOTT MURRAY                           Minnie M
SCOUTEN                                Phebe Jane
SCRANTON                               Jay K
SEABURY                                B E
SEABURY                                H Louisa
SEAMAN                                 Eunice L
SEAMAN                                 Stephen
SEAMAN                                 Susan M
SEAMAN                                 Sylvenus
SEAMANS                                Abigail
SEARING                                Hannah M
SEARING                                Richard
SEARS LOW                              Frances
SEARS SMITH                            Martha
SEAVER                                 Jacob
SEAVER                                 Sally
SEAVER                                 Sarah Rose
SEAVER HUMPHRIES                       Jennie
SEE                                    A J
SEE                                    Martha A
SEE (SA)                               Raymond Gardiner
SEELEY                                 Jesse
SEELEY                                 Lois
SEELEY CLEMENTS                        Anna
SEELY                                  Elizabeth
SEELY                                  James
SEELY                                  James
SEELY STRANG                           Deborah
SEELYE                                 Gilbert T
SEELYE                                 James
SEELYE                                 Mehitabel
SEELYE                                 Nathan H
SEELYE                                 Susan E
SELLICK CRAWFORD                       Charlotte
SESSION                                Asenath
SESSION                                Lyman
SEYMOUR                                Allen W
SEYMOUR                                Amanda M.
SEYMOUR                                Andrew
SEYMOUR                                Hannah
SEYMOUR                                John C.
SEYMOUR                                Lewis
SEYMOUR                                Marcy
SEYMOUR                                Maria
SEYMOUR                                Nathaniel
SEYMOUR                                Rebecca Maria
SEYMOUR                                Thomas
SEYMOUR                                William
SHARP                                  Allen G
SHARP                                  Hannah E
SHARP                                  Harriet C
SHARP                                  Harriet C
SHARP                                  Lester L
SHARP LINNETT                          Jane
SHARPLEY                               Clyde Henry
SHARPLEY (WWII)                        Clyde Henry
SHAW                                   Angeline
SHAW                                   Ann B
SHAW                                   Elizabeth
SHAW                                   Jeremiah
SHAW                                   John
SHAW                                   Julia A
SHAW                                   Laura
SHAW                                   Lousia
SHAW                                   Maria
SHAW                                   Mary
SHAW                                   Norman
SHAW                                   Ormon
SHAW                                   Philo
SHAW                                   Sarah
SHAW                                   William
SHAW                                   William E
SHAW COWLES                            Mary
SHAW GARY                              Sarah
SHEAR LYONS                            Susan
SHEARER                                Joseph
SHEARER                                Martha
SHEFFER                                Catharine E
SHEPARD                                Martin
SHEPARD                                Polly J
SHEPARD                                Susan L
SHEPARD (CW)                           Frank W
SHEPARD FRENCH                         Frances Morris
SHEPHED                                Mary
SHEPHERD                               Mary
SHEPHERD                               Russell D.
SHEPHERD PETERS                        Mary
SHERMAN                                Caroline
SHERMAN                                Edmund
SHERMAN                                Edmund Jay, Jr.
SHERMAN                                Elijah
SHERMAN                                Elizabeth
SHERMAN                                Eva M
SHERMAN                                Fred J
SHERMAN                                Fred S
SHERMAN                                Gideon
SHERMAN                                Hannah
SHERMAN                                James W
SHERMAN                                Susan
SHERMAN CHEYNEY                        Elizabeth
SHERWOOD MOREHOUSE                     Ann Jane
SHINER LARKIN                          Mary
SHONTS                                 Jemima
SHONTS                                 Jeremiah
SHOUTIS                                Alexander
SHOUTIS                                Freda
SHOUTIS (WWII)                         Alexander W
SHOUTIS (WWII)                         Harold S
SHUMWAY                                Danforth
SHUMWAY                                Esther
SICKLER                                Ann Charlotte
SICKLER                                Charles D
SICKLER                                Emily C
SICKLER                                Josiah
SICKLER                                Lewis
SICKLER                                Lois
SICKLER                                Mary
SICKLER                                Peter M.
SICKLER                                Peters
SICKLER                                Susanna
SIEBEL GRANDY                          Mary
SILVERNAIL                             Conrad
SIMMONS                                Caroline
SIMMONS                                Margaret
SIMMONS                                Wendel
SIMON                                  Anna E.
SIMON                                  Catharine A
SIMON                                  Ida E.
SIMON SWARTZ                           Catharine A.
SIMONS                                 Judith M
SIMPSON                                Elizabeth
SIMPSON                                Joseph
SIMPSON                                Margaret
SIMPSON HILL                           Catharine
SIMSON                                 Robert
SIVER ALBERTSON                        Lottie
SLATER                                 Brian R
SLATER (VN)                            Brian R
SLOCUM                                 Anna
SLOCUM                                 Giles
SLOCUM                                 Jeremiah
SLOCUM                                 Phebe
SLOCUM                                 Sarah
SLOCUM                                 William R
SLOCUM (RW)                            Giles
SMALLING                               Mary J
SMALLING (CW)                          Lucius K
SMART                                  Eliza Ann
SMEALLIE                               Jane F
SMEALLIE                               William C
SMEALLIE                               William S
SMEALLIE BUNYAN                        Agnes Boyd
SMITH                                  Abel
SMITH                                  Abraham L
SMITH                                  Abraham Lincoln
SMITH                                  Ann Marie
SMITH                                  Anna
SMITH                                  Anna
SMITH                                  Anna
SMITH                                  Anna M
SMITH                                  Burchard
SMITH                                  Charlotte
SMITH                                  Christannah
SMITH                                  Daniel L
SMITH                                  Dudley
SMITH                                  Ebenezer
SMITH                                  Eli
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Esther
SMITH                                  Georgia
SMITH                                  Georgia A
SMITH                                  Hannah
SMITH                                  Hannah
SMITH                                  Harry
SMITH                                  Hiram B
SMITH                                  Jacob
SMITH                                  Jane M
SMITH                                  Jesse
SMITH                                  John
SMITH                                  John C
SMITH                                  John F
SMITH                                  Joseph
SMITH                                  Joseph
SMITH                                  Lorinda
SMITH                                  Louisa
SMITH                                  Lucy
SMITH                                  Lydia
SMITH                                  Lydia M
SMITH                                  Maggie M
SMITH                                  Marion E
SMITH                                  Martha
SMITH                                  Martha
SMITH                                  Martin H
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Mary P
SMITH                                  Melvin A
SMITH                                  Newland R
SMITH                                  Phebe
SMITH                                  Phebe S
SMITH                                  Rebekah
SMITH                                  Renett
SMITH                                  Rhoda
SMITH                                  Sally S
SMITH                                  Samuel
SMITH                                  Sarah
SMITH                                  Sarah
SMITH                                  Silas
SMITH                                  Susan
SMITH                                  Theophilus
SMITH                                  Thomas
SMITH                                  Thomas
SMITH                                  Thomas
SMITH                                  William
SMITH                                  William
SMITH                                  William A
SMITH                                  William W
SMITH (RW)                             Samuel
SMITH AVERY                            Martha F
SMITH BRYAN                            Francis M
SMITH BURNS                            Dorothy
SMITH CHALMERS                         Maria
SMITH DUNWOODY                         Mary L
SMITH EDMONDS                          Naomi
SMITH GARNSEY                          Sarah E
SMITH GRAY                             Nancy J
SMITH MARTELL                          Barbara
SMITH SPENCER                          Mellissa
SMITH WELLS                            Caroline A
SMYDTH KNEFLEY                         Anna
SNYDER                                 Alice R
SNYDER                                 Earl S
SNYDER                                 Ella G
SNYDER                                 Julia P
SNYDER                                 Margaret
SNYDER                                 Mary
SNYDER                                 Priscilla J
SNYDER                                 Rachel
SNYDER                                 William
SNYDER                                 William Henry Harrison
SNYDER KILTS                           Fannie E
SNYDER KNICKERBOCKER                   Polly
SOUTHARD                               Ann
SOUTHARD                               Edwin W
SOUTHARD                               Elizabeth
SOUTHARD                               Freelove
SOUTHARD                               Richard
SOUTHARD (RW)                          John
SOUTHARD CARLETON                      Lelia H
SOUTHARD HALL                          Mary
SPEAR                                  Jemima C
SPEAR                                  Jemimah R
SPEIR                                  Amanda L
SPEIR                                  John B
SPEIR                                  Mary
SPENCER                                Anna
SPENCER                                Dyer
SPENCER                                Lydia
SPENCER                                Mary
SPENCER                                Mellissa
SPENCER                                William
SPENCER ELLSWORTH                      Dorcas
SPOONER                                David F.
SPURR                                  Clarissa
STAATS                                 Sarah J
STAATS                                 Thomas
STAATS                                 Thomas
STAFFORD                               Elvira C
STAFFORD                               Henry
STAFFORD ROUSE                         Mary
STANISLOWSKY                           Louise K
STANISLOWSKY                           Lynne M
STANISLOWSKY (WWII)                    George W
STANTON                                Emma V
STANTON (WWII)                         Lee E
STANTON (WWII)                         Stewart E
STARBUCK                               Hannah
STARBUCK                               William G
STARKWEATHER                           Arthur
STARKWEATHER                           Arthur
STARKWEATHER                           Sally
STAULTERS                              Nellie R
STAULTERS (CW)                         Peter
STEARNS                                Marie E
STEARNS                                William C
STEARNS (WWII)                         Marie E
STEARNS (WWII)                         William C
STEDMAN                                Jemima
STEDMAN                                Stephen
STEELE                                 Emogene H
STEELE                                 Lewis M
STEENBERGH                             Ann
STEENBERGH                             George
STEENBERGH                             Ira
STEENBERGH                             James
STEENBERGH                             Katharine
STEENBERGH                             Margaret Jane
STEENBERGH                             Peter
STEENBERGH                             Susan
STEENBURGH                             Elizabeth
STEENBURGH                             George F.
STEENBURGH                             Jane
STEENBURGH                             Martha Elizabeth
STEENBURGH                             Sally Maria
STEIN DAVIS                            Catherine
STEPHENS (CW)                          James K
STEPHENS SMITH                         Georgia
STEVENS TAYLOR                         Betsey
STEVENSON                              Peter
STEVENSON (RW)                         Peter
STEVES                                 George W
STEVES                                 Luamia
STEVES                                 William
STEVES (CW)                            Charles J
STEWART                                Chauncey Henry
STICKNEY                               Elisabeth
STICKNEY                               Mary
STICKNEY                               Phebe
STICKNEY (RW)                          Moses
STILES                                 Eliza
STILES                                 Peter
STILES                                 Reuben
STILES (RW)                            Reuben
STODDARD                               Chauncey I
STONE                                  Hannah
STONE                                  Polly
STONE FRINK                            Lucinda
STONE HUMES                            Martha
STONE ROBBINS                          Addie
STONE WHALEN                           Hannah
STORIE                                 Elmina
STORY                                  Harriet A
STORY                                  Joseph S
STORY (1812)                           John
STORY (CW)                             George D
STRANG                                 Abigail
STRANG                                 Benjamin H
STRANG                                 Deborah
STRANG                                 Eliza Jane
STRANG                                 Gabriel
STRANG                                 Joseph
STRANG                                 Mary
STRANG                                 Silvanus H
STRANG                                 Sylvanus
STRANG                                 William
STRANG                                 William
STRANG DILLINGHAM                      Amy
STRANG PHILLIPS                        Abbie
STRATTON (CW)                          Josiah
STREEVER CARTER                        Lulu Bryan
STRONG                                 Sarah
STRUBBE                                Daughter
STUMPF                                 Rosina
STURGESS                               Isaac J
SUTFIN                                 Arthur E
SUTFIN                                 George
SUTFIN                                 Leona M
SUTFIN                                 Louisa
SUTFIN                                 Marion M
SUTFIN                                 Marjorie
SUTFIN                                 Robert H
SUTFIN                                 Sarah M
SUTFIN                                 William A
SUTHERLAND                             Lewis
SUTTLE (WWII)                          William L
SWAIM                                  Matthias
SWAN                                   Gilbert
SWAN                                   Henry F
SWAN                                   Hiram
SWAN                                   Nathan A.
SWAN                                   Phebe
SWAN                                   Prudence M.
SWART                                  Emma C
SWART                                  Jane V
SWART                                  Jane V
SWART                                  Polly
SWART                                  Wallace A
SWART                                  William H
SWART                                  William H
SWART                                  William M
SWARTWOUT                              Huldah
SWARTWOUT                              John J
SWARTWOUT                              Mary
SWARTWOUT (RW)                         James
SWARTZ                                 Casper
SWARTZ                                 Catharine A.
SWEENEY TIMMONS                        Margaret
SWEENY                                 Lovina
SWEET                                  Elijah
SWEET                                  Sarah
SWEET                                  Sarah
SWEET                                  Warren P
SWEET BROOKE                           Minnie
SWEET JARVIS                           Ida
SWERTFIGER COON                        Hannah
SWIFT                                  Ella
SWIFT                                  Henry C
TABER JAMES                            Helena M
TABER RADLEY                           Rhoda
TABOR                                  Allen C
TABOR                                  Betsy
TABOR                                  Helen C
TABOR                                  Louise M
TABOR                                  Peleg
TABOR                                  Sarah
TABOR (CW)                             William J
TAFT                                   Patience
TAFT                                   William L.
TAFT (CW)                              Elijah
TALLMADGE                              Charles I.
TALLMADGE                              Jane N.
TALLMADGE                              Janet B.
TALLMADGE                              Jessie
TALLMADGE                              Sarah N
TALLMADGE                              William C.
TALLMADGE COOK                         Melissa
TALLMADGE DEYOE                        Eliza J
TALLMADGE KNISDERN                     Sarah N.
TALMAGE MYERS                          Elizabeth J
TANNER ROBENS                          May A
TARGETT                                Alfred S
TARGETT                                Ernestine
TAYLOR                                 Adelia S
TAYLOR                                 Betsey
TAYLOR                                 David R
TAYLOR                                 Eve
TAYLOR                                 Fredrick
TAYLOR                                 Hannah
TAYLOR                                 Hannah
TAYLOR                                 Harriet
TAYLOR                                 Ida Francis
TAYLOR                                 James E
TAYLOR                                 Jane
TAYLOR                                 Joseph
TAYLOR                                 Joshua
TAYLOR                                 Lucy M
TAYLOR                                 Mary
TAYLOR                                 Mary E
TAYLOR                                 Phebe J
TAYLOR                                 Rebecca A
TAYLOR                                 Rhoda D
TAYLOR                                 Robens E
TAYLOR                                 S C
TAYLOR                                 William
TAYLOR                                 Wm
TAYLOR                                 Ziba D
TAYLOR MYERS                           Mary E
TAYLOR PUTNAM                          Letty S
TAYLOR STEENBURGH                      Jane
TAYLOR USHER                           Hannah
TEAL                                   Maria L
TEAL                                   Sylvester L
TEATER                                 Christina S
TEATER                                 Henry A
TEDROE                                 Frances
TEDROE (CW)                            Charles E
TEELING                                John
TELLER WOOD                            Jean
TEN BROECK                             Delia M
TEN BROECK                             John V D
TEN BROECK SCHUYLER                    Elizabeth
TERHUNE                                Aurelia
TERHUNE WARING                         Phoebe
TERWILLIGER                            Charles W
TERWILLIGER NORRIS                     Hilda E.
TERZAKIS                               Terry A
THOMAS                                 Robert
THOMAS                                 Sarah A.
THOMAS PRIME                           Sarah A.
THOMAS TERHUNE                         Phoebe
THOMAS WARING                          Phoebe
THOMAS WARING TERHUNE                  Phoebe
THOMPSON                               Aaron M
THOMPSON                               Ann
THOMPSON                               Asa F
THOMPSON                               Charles H
THOMPSON                               Eleanor
THOMPSON                               Elizabeth
THOMPSON                               George Edward
THOMPSON                               H Elizabeth
THOMPSON                               Hannah J
THOMPSON                               Isabel
THOMPSON                               J Howard
THOMPSON                               Lucy
THOMPSON                               Mary
THOMPSON                               Mary
THOMPSON                               Nathan
THOMPSON                               Olive
THOMPSON                               Phebe
THOMPSON                               Phebe A
THOMPSON                               Sarah
THOMPSON                               Thomas
THOMPSON                               Thomas H
THOMPSON (WWI)                         Andrew Hugh
THOMPSON (WWII)                        Alfred F
THOMPSON CRAMER                        Sarah E
THOMPSON FAKE                          Anna L
THORN                                  Phebe
THORN SLOCUM                           Phebe
THORP                                  Mary
THURSTON                               Dorkas
THURSTON                               Hannah
THURSTON                               Oliver
THURSTON                               Polly
TIMMERMAN MARSHALL                     Mary
TIMMONS                                Margaret
TIMMONS PERKINS                        Anna M
TITTEMORE                              James P
TITTEMORE KANE                         Ellen
TITTEMORE ROSS                         Emily
TOBEY                                  Edmund
TOBEY                                  Harriett A
TOBEY                                  Rachel
TOBEY PARENT                           Harriett A
TOMPKINS                               Almira
TOMPKINS                               Augusta
TOMPKINS                               Betsey
TOMPKINS                               Elias
TOMPKINS                               Elizabeth
TOMPKINS                               Miranda
TOMPKINS                               Moses
TOMPKINS                               Ollie A
TOMPKINS                               Sarah
TOMPKINS                               Susannah
TOMPKINS COLE                          Mabel A
TOMPKINS GIFFORD                       Ann
TOMPKINS KNICKERBOCKER                 Violeta
TOSCANO                                Crocifissa
TOSCANO FUSCHINO                       Crocifissa
TOURTELOT                              E Burke
TOURTELOT                              G Byron
TOURTLOTT MOREHOUSE                    Mary A
TOUSEY THOMPSON                        Mary
TOWN                                   Amos
TOWN                                   Amy
TOWN                                   Arthur F.
TOWN                                   George F.
TOWN                                   Rhoda
TOWN                                   Sarah A.
TOWN                                   William E.
TOWN WHIPPLE                           Amy
TOWNE                                  Simon
TOWNE UPHAM                            Terressa M
TOWNLEY (WWII)                         Theodore R
TOWNLEY BLISS                          Ann
TRACY                                  Rachel
TRACY KRATZER                          Lydia
TRAVER                                 Annie N
TRAVER                                 James J
TRAVIS                                 Eliza
TRAVIS                                 Frederick J
TRAVIS DUNSBACH                        Naomi
TRAVIS ROBINSON                        Mary M
TRIM HOWE                              Lucy Maria
TRIPP                                  Lydia H
TRIPP                                  Susan
TRIPP                                  Timothy
TRIPP                                  William
TROUTON                                James
TROUTON                                Sarah
TROUTON                                William C
TRUMAN (CW)                            Benjamin
TRUMBULL                               Celia
TRUMBULL                               Helen F
TRUMBULL                               Kate L
TRUMBULL                               Katherine
TRUMBULL                               Stephen
TRUMBULL                               Stephen F
TUCKER                                 Carrie
TUCKER                                 Jason
TUCKER                                 Stanley F
TUCKER (SERV)                          Stanley F
TULL                                   Abraham L.
TULL                                   Cornelia Ann
TURNER                                 Betsey
TURNER                                 Eveline M
TURNER                                 Ira
TURNER                                 Ira A
TURNER                                 James L
TURNER                                 Jane
TURNER                                 John Henry
TURNER                                 Mary L
TURNER (CW)                            James
TURNER DAVIS                           Margaret A
TURNER ELLIS                           Minnie B
TURNER YACK                            Maria
TURPIT (WWI)                           Leon E
TURPIT WILMOT                          Sarah A
TURRILL                                John
TYLER                                  Henrietta Frances
UBER                                   Carrie M
UBER                                   Charles F
UBER                                   Charlotte
UBER                                   Eliza
UBER                                   Frank C
UBER                                   John S
UBER                                   Martha A
UBER                                   Rosa B
UBER                                   William C
UBER COON                              Ilah F
UBER DE VOE                            Lucy A
ULINE                                  Arlington
ULINE                                  Jane C
UPHAM                                  Dorsey
UPHAM                                  Terressa M
USHER                                  Ethel Mae
USHER                                  George Harvey
USHER                                  Hannah
USHER                                  Hiram
VADNEY BARTLETT                        Margaret J
VAIL                                   Sally Maria
VAILL                                  Silas
VAILL                                  Silas
VALENTINE                              Josephine
VALENTINE                              Mary J
VALENTINE (CW)                         John R
VALENTINE CORNELL                      Amelia
VALENTINE STORY                        Harriet A
VAN AERNEM                             Alida
VAN AERNEM                             Herbert
VAN AERNEM                             Jane
VAN AERNEM                             John
VAN AERNEM                             Julie
VAN ALSTINE                            Abram
VAN ALSTINE                            Godfrey
VAN ALSTINE                            Ida
VAN ALSTINE                            Lyman C.
VAN ANTWERP                            Lewis H
VAN ARNUM                              Charles W
VAN BENSCHOTHEN DAVIS                  Hannah
VAN BRAMER CHRYSLER                    Mary
VAN BUNSCHOTEN                         Egenas
VAN BUNSCHOTEN                         Phebe
VAN BUNSCHOTEN NELSON                  Eliza A
VAN DEMARK                             Elizabeth
VAN DEMARK                             Emma
VAN DEMARK                             Emma
VAN DEMARK                             Henrietta Frances
VAN DEMARK                             James H.
VAN DEMARK                             L V K
VAN DEMARK                             Margaret
VAN DEMARK TYLER                       Henrietta Frances
VAN DENBERGH                           Guisbert
VAN DENBURGH                           Ann Maria
VAN DENBURGH                           Eliza J
VAN DENBURGH                           Maude
VAN DENBURGH                           Sarah A
VAN DENBURGH                           Van
VAN DENBURGH VISCHER                   Ann Maria
VAN DER KAR                            Esther
VAN DER KAR FLANIGAN                   Esther
VAN DER WERKER                         Elizabeth
VAN DER WERKER                         George
VAN DER WERKER                         Joanna
VAN DER WERKER                         John S
VAN DER WERKER                         Ried
VAN DER WERKER                         William
VAN DERCAR                             Maria
VAN DERCAR                             Richard
VAN DERKARR                            Catharine
VAN DERKARR                            Dirack
VAN DERWARKER                          James
VAN DERWARKER                          Jane
VAN DERWARKER                          John R
VAN DERWARKER                          Rachel
VAN DERWARKER                          Sovereign
VAN DERWARKER (RW)                     Isaac
VAN DERWERKEN                          Abram
VAN DERWERKEN                          Addie
VAN DERWERKEN                          Alfrada
VAN DERWERKEN                          Ann Eliza
VAN DERWERKEN                          Catharine
VAN DERWERKEN                          Catharine
VAN DERWERKEN                          Catherine M
VAN DERWERKEN                          Charles E
VAN DERWERKEN                          Charles E
VAN DERWERKEN                          Charles H
VAN DERWERKEN                          Cornelia
VAN DERWERKEN                          Cornelius
VAN DERWERKEN                          Edda M
VAN DERWERKEN                          Edward
VAN DERWERKEN                          Elizabeth
VAN DERWERKEN                          Emsley
VAN DERWERKEN                          Hattie
VAN DERWERKEN                          Hendrick
VAN DERWERKEN                          Henry
VAN DERWERKEN                          Henry J
VAN DERWERKEN                          Homer
VAN DERWERKEN                          Ida M
VAN DERWERKEN                          Jacob
VAN DERWERKEN                          James
VAN DERWERKEN                          Jane
VAN DERWERKEN                          Jane M
VAN DERWERKEN                          John
VAN DERWERKEN                          John B
VAN DERWERKEN                          Joseph H
VAN DERWERKEN                          Lawrence
VAN DERWERKEN                          Lula
VAN DERWERKEN                          Margaret
VAN DERWERKEN                          Martha H
VAN DERWERKEN                          Martha Jane
VAN DERWERKEN                          Myron
VAN DERWERKEN                          Rebecca
VAN DERWERKEN                          Rhoda A
VAN DERWERKEN                          Ruth
VAN DERWERKEN (CW)                     C F
VAN DERWERKEN (CW)                     James
VAN DERWERKEN (CW)                     John H
VAN DERWERKEN (CW)                     Leonard
VAN DERWERKEN CRAMER                   Cora B
VAN DERWERKER                          Lucy
VAN DEUSEN                             Irving
VAN DEUSEN                             Lewis
VAN DEUSEN                             Lewis
VAN DEUSEN                             Mary T
VAN DEWERKEN                           Eliza
VAN DEWERKEN BARKER                    Mary J
VAN DOREN                              Elizabeth K
VAN DOREN                              Esther B
VAN DOREN                              William
VAN DYKE                               Mary
VAN EPS                                Jewett Edwin
VAN EPS                                Mary
VAN EPS BRATT                          Jane
VAN HOEVENBERGH                        Henry
VAN HOEVENBERGH                        John
VAN HOEVENBERGH                        Mary
VAN HOEVENBURGH                        Joseph E
VAN HOUSEN                             Eliza
VAN HOUSEN                             Syntha
VAN HYNING                             Cornelia
VAN HYNING                             John
VAN HYNING SOUTHARD                    Freelove
VAN IMBURGH                            Hannah T
VAN KEUREN                             Anna
VAN KEUREN                             Martin
VAN KLEECK                             Mary
VAN KLEECK                             Mary
VAN NOSTRAND                           Aaron
VAN OLINDA                             Josephine A
VAN OLINDER                            Rachel
VAN OSTRAND                            Henry
VAN RENSSELAER GRANGER                 Jennie
VAN SANFORD                            Eve
VAN SANFORD                            Isaac H.
VAN SANTFORD                           I. F.
VAN SANTVOORD                          Ann
VAN SANTVOORD                          Catharine
VAN SANTVOORD                          Cornelius
VAN SANTVOORD                          Cornelius C.
VAN SLYKE                              Frederick Gerrit
VAN VOLKENBURGH                        Lydia E.
VAN VOLKINBURGH                        Sarah
VAN VORST                              Abraham F
VAN VORST                              Jesse
VAN VORST                              Mary M
VAN VORST                              Mary M
VAN VRANKEN                            Agnes M
VAN VRANKEN                            Barbara
VAN VRANKEN GARNER                     Ida
VAN VRANKEN POTTER                     Barbara
VAN VRANKEN WITBECK                    Maria
VAN WAGNER                             Lizzie
VAN WAGNER                             Minnie
VAN WAGNER TURNER                      Mary L
VAN WIE                                Andrew
VAN WIE                                Frances A
VAN WIE                                Susanna
VAN WOERT                              Meriam Lucena
VANDEN WERKIN                          Anna A
VANDEN WERKIN                          William
VANDENBERGH                            Agnes
VANDENBERGH                            Ann M
VANDENBERGH                            Gerrit I
VANDENBERGH                            Robert
VANDENBERGH                            William P
VANDENBURGH                            Ann
VANDENBURGH                            Charlotte
VANDENBURGH                            Nicholas
VANDENBURGH                            Nicholas Henry
VANDERCOOK                             Deborah A.
VANDETTI                               Amelia
VANDETTI                               Christopher
VANDEWERKEN                            Francis
VANEMBURGH                             James
VARNEY                                 Corliss
VARNEY                                 Lena
VASSAR                                 Kate B
VASSAR                                 Matthew
VASSAR                                 Matthew Guy
VAUGHAN                                Martha
VELSEY                                 Seth
VER VALEN                              Abraham
VER VALEN                              Abraham M.
VER VALEN                              Abraham M.
VERALDI                                Lucy
VERALDI PETRUCCI                       Lucy
VIBBARD                                Anna
VIELE ROSS                             Charlotte M
VIEW                                   CONKLINGVILLE CEMETERY
VIEW                                   CONKLINGVILLE CEMETERY
VINCENT                                John H
VINCENT                                Sarah
VINES                                  Edward H
VINES                                  Mary E
VISCHER                                Ann
VISCHER                                Ann Maria
VISCHER                                Catharine
VISCHER                                Eldert
VISCHER                                Eldert G
VISCHER                                Eldert J
VISCHER                                Elizabeth
VISCHER                                Francis J
VISCHER                                Garret
VISCHER                                Gitty
VISCHER                                Gitty
VISCHER                                Graudis
VISCHER                                Hester I
VISCHER                                John
VISCHER                                Lucy
VISCHER                                Sarah
VISSCHER                               Ann
VISSCHER                               C G
VISSCHER                               Catharine M
VISSCHER                               Isaac
VISSCHER                               James
VISSCHER                               John I
VOSBURGH                               William S
VROMAN SWART                           Polly
WADE                                   Lucy A
WADE                                   Susanna
WADE GRANDEY                           Polly
WAGGONER KRATZER                       Hattie
WAGNER DAVIS                           Mae
WAIT                                   Anna B
WAIT                                   Arrabella
WAIT                                   Clarence Floyd
WAIT                                   Fred S
WAIT                                   Gideon
WAIT                                   Isabel
WAIT                                   Joseph
WAIT                                   Lucy
WAIT                                   Maude G
WAIT                                   Pamelia
WAIT                                   Stephen
WAIT                                   Willard H
WAIT                                   William
WAIT TAYLOR                            Rhoda D
WAITE                                  Alan W
WAITE                                  Elsworth H
WAITE                                  Henry
WAITE                                  Ida
WAITE                                  Lee A.
WAITE                                  Norma E.
WAITE (WWII)                           Lee A.
WAKEMAN                                Benjamin
WAKEMAN                                Clarinda
WAKEMAN                                Harton
WAKEMAN                                Salome
WAKEMAN CLARK                          Mary
WAKEMAN HOLLISTER                      Eliza
WALDRON EDE                            Jane M
WALKER                                 Emma Leona
WALKER                                 Hannah
WALKER                                 Loise M.
WALKER                                 Phoebe
WALKER                                 T. D.
WALKER (CW)                            Alexander
WALKER (CW)                            Epaphroditus
WALKER (WWII)                          William M
WALKER BISHOP                          Deborah K
WALKER WILLIAMS                        Louise M.
WALLACE                                Hannah
WALLACE                                Hannah
WALLACE                                Hannah
WALLACE                                Luther
WALLACE                                Samuel H
WALLACE                                Susan G
WALLACE                                William
WALLS                                  John W
WALTER                                 William E
WALTER WARNER                          Margarett
WALTON                                 Mary
WALTON                                 Mercy Ann
WALTON                                 Silvester A
WALTON                                 Thomas, Sr.
WALTON WITBECK                         Mary Elizabeth
WANDELL                                Ellen L
WARD KNIGHTS                           Nancy A
WARD MOODY                             Elisabeth Jane
WARDLAW HOLMES                         Jane
WARING                                 Eliza
WARING                                 Gilbert Lockwood
WARING                                 Hannah
WARING                                 James
WARING                                 Laurinda
WARING                                 Nathan
WARING                                 Phoebe
WARING                                 Polly Ann
WARNER                                 George
WARNER                                 Margaret
WARNER                                 Margarett
WARNER                                 Martin
WARRING                                William
WASHBURN                               Cyrus
WASHBURN                               Daniel
WASHBURN                               Hannah
WASHBURN                               John
WASHBURN                               Mary A
WASHBURN                               Maude Josephine
WASHBURN                               Melinda E
WASHBURN                               Nettie
WASHBURN                               Robert
WASHBURN                               Robert A
WASHBURN DIMICK                        Malinda C
WASHBURN HUMES                         Mary C
WASHBURN KENDRICK                      Abbie
WASHBURN WALKER                        Hannah
WASSON                                 William
WASTE                                  Ann Eliza
WASTE                                  George
WATERBURY                              Anna
WATERBURY                              Cynthia
WATERBURY                              Nathaniel Huested
WATERMAN                               Asa
WATERMAN                               Ruth
WATKINS                                Susan L
WATSON                                 Harriet E.
WATSON                                 Margaret M.
WATSON                                 Samuel
WATSON                                 Susan
WATSON (RW)                            Titus
WAY                                    Emeline
WAY                                    Francis
WAY                                    Sarah A
WEAST                                  Elsie M
WEAST                                  Katherine E
WEAST                                  Lillian
WEAST                                  Peter N
WEAST                                  Thompson N
WEATHERHEAD                            Caroline
WEATHERLEY DOOLITTLE                   Elizabeth
WEATHERWAX                             Phebe
WEATHERWAX                             Susan
WEATHERWAX (CW)                        Jerome E
WEATHERWAX COUSE                       Susan
WEAVER                                 Edna
WEAVER                                 James
WEAVER                                 Myron J
WEAVER                                 Sarah
WEBB (1812)                            Andrew
WEBER                                  Herman J
WEBER                                  Sarah A
WEBSTER                                Margaret
WEED                                   Abraham
WEED                                   Anson
WEED                                   Asenath
WEED                                   Betsey
WEED                                   Charles G
WEED                                   Elizabeth
WEED                                   Esther
WEED                                   Esther E
WEED                                   Ezra
WEED                                   George C
WEED                                   Hannah
WEED                                   Hannah
WEED                                   Jacob
WEED                                   John
WEED                                   Mavila
WEED                                   Naamah
WEED                                   Pamela
WEED                                   Rachel
WEED                                   Sally
WEED                                   William G.
WEED AMBLER                            Mary
WEED FERRIS                            Ann Eliza
WEED HUNTER                            Betsey
WEED SESSION                           Asenath
WEEKS                                  Deborah
WEEKS                                  Elizabeth
WEEKS                                  Mary
WEILS                                  Carrie R
WEILS                                  Charles H
WEILS                                  Dora A
WEILS                                  Edward F
WEILS                                  Sandford A
WELCH                                  George
WELCH                                  John
WELCH BEMIS                            Eliza
WELD                                   Abigail
WELD                                   Elisha
WELDEN                                 Elida
WELDEN                                 Maria
WELDON                                 James
WELLS                                  Caroline A
WELLS                                  Joseph VK
WELLS                                  S Amanda
WELLS                                  Sarah Cornelia
WELLS                                  Sarah H
WELLS                                  William Hall
WELLS MCKIE                            Janett
WEMPLE MCWILLIAM                       Jane A
WENDELL                                Clarence J
WENDELL                                Maria
WENDELL                                Sarah
WENDLAND                               John F
WERT IRELAND                           Amanda
WESCOTT PHILLIPS                       Minnie
WESSON                                 Olive
WEST                                   Alvah G
WEST                                   Clark E
WEST                                   Clarrissa
WEST                                   E A
WEST                                   Harlow H
WEST                                   John W
WEST                                   Juliaette
WEST                                   Mary E
WEST                                   Mary Esther
WEST                                   Mary Jane
WEST                                   Thomas W
WEST                                   William B
WEST COY                               Polly M
WESTFALL                               Challiat
WESTFALL                               Ebenezer
WESTFALL                               John O
WESTFALL                               Julia
WESTFALL                               Wesley
WESTON                                 Oliver
WHALEN                                 Abel
WHALEN                                 Alfred
WHALEN                                 Charles
WHALEN                                 Debby Anna
WHALEN                                 Ezekiel
WHALEN                                 Frank
WHALEN                                 George
WHALEN                                 Hannah
WHALEN                                 Hugh
WHALEN                                 Hugh
WHALEN                                 Lydia
WHALEN                                 Mary A
WHALEN                                 Mary Florence
WHALEN                                 Rush
WHALEN                                 Sarah
WHALEN                                 Sarah Powell
WHALEN                                 Seth
WHALEN                                 Seth
WHEELER                                Amanda J
WHEELER                                Bulor
WHEELER                                Calvin
WHEELER                                Dorcas
WHEELER                                Dorcas
WHEELER                                Eliza
WHEELER                                Horace Legrand
WHEELER                                John
WHEELER                                Julia E
WHEELER                                Milton
WHEELER                                Platt
WHEELER                                Russell Morse
WHEELER                                Sally
WHEELER                                Sarah D.
WHEELER                                Sibyl
WHEELER                                Syrissa
WHEELER                                William
WHEELER                                William C
WHEELER                                Zopher Sanford
WHEELER MURPHY                         Romelia
WHILLIS ELLIS                          Isabelle
WHIPPLE                                Amy
WHIPPLE                                Betsey
WHIPPLE (WWII)                         Arthur R
WHITE                                  Archalaus
WHITE                                  Ella E
WHITE                                  Laura A
WHITE                                  Mabel
WHITE                                  Maria R
WHITE                                  Roger J
WHITE                                  Seneca
WHITE                                  Stephen O
WHITE WEST                             E A
WHITED                                 Catharine
WHITED                                 Oliver
WHITEHEAD                              Harry E
WHITEHEAD                              John
WHITEHEAD                              Margaret
WHITEHEAD SEAMAN                       Susan M
WHITESIDE                              George C
WHITESIDE                              John
WHITESIDE                              Mairs
WHITESIDE                              Maria
WHITESIDE                              Marion
WHITESIDE                              Thomas M
WHITESIDE CARMICHAEL                   Laura C
WHITFORD                               Adelia
WHITFORD                               Angeline
WHITFORD                               Asenath
WHITFORD                               Calvin
WHITFORD                               Caroline G
WHITFORD                               Daniel D
WHITFORD                               Earl H
WHITFORD                               Eliza
WHITFORD                               Eliza
WHITFORD                               Eliza J
WHITFORD                               Foster
WHITFORD                               Foster J
WHITFORD                               Frances Eliza
WHITFORD                               Hannah
WHITFORD                               Hannah Mariah
WHITFORD                               Infant Girl
WHITFORD                               Ira Curtis
WHITFORD                               John C
WHITFORD                               John F
WHITFORD                               John Henry
WHITFORD                               Lida
WHITFORD                               Luman F
WHITFORD                               Sarah M
WHITFORD                               Willie
WHITLOCK                               Abel S
WHITLOCK                               Anna
WHITLOCK                               Dorliska F C
WHITLOCK                               Jeremiah
WHITLOCK                               Mary
WHITLOCK                               Matilda
WHITLOCK                               Robert
WHITMARSH                              Gideon
WHITMARSH                              Mary
WHITMYER KNIGHT                        Della M
WHITTEMORE DEUEL                       Mary
WICKHAM                                Delia A.
WICKS                                  David I
WICKS                                  Nelson H
WICKS                                  Sara C
WICKS                                  Sarah Frances
WIGGINS                                Amy
WIGGINS                                Amy
WIGGINS                                Charlotte
WIGGINS                                David
WIGGINS                                George
WIGGINS                                George W
WIGGINS                                James B
WIGGINS                                John
WIGGINS                                Louisa
WIGGINS                                Mary A
WIGGINS                                Mary A
WIGGINS                                Paulina
WILBER                                 Elijah
WILBER                                 Gideon
WILBER                                 Jane
WILBER (CW)                            Henry
WILBUR                                 Eleanor M
WILBUR                                 Lester R
WILBUR                                 Lida D
WILCOX                                 Fannie
WILCOX MYERS                           Cynthia
WILCOX SHERMAN                         Susan
WILKIE                                 Elbert A
WILKIE                                 Elbert A
WILKIE                                 Elizabeth
WILKIE                                 Helen Baldwin
WILKIE                                 J Snow
WILKIE                                 John
WILKIE                                 John A
WILKIE                                 Sophronia J
WILKIE                                 Willie Morrison
WILKIE HALL                            Grace Nelly
WILKINS BAKER                          Sarah M
WILLAMS                                Electa A
WILLCOX                                Elizabeth
WILLCOX KENNEDY                        Elizabeth
WILLIAMS                               Alanson P.
WILLIAMS                               Betsey
WILLIAMS                               Celindia E.
WILLIAMS                               Chloe
WILLIAMS                               Cynthia M.
WILLIAMS                               Donald H
WILLIAMS                               Edwin
WILLIAMS                               Elmira
WILLIAMS                               Harris M.
WILLIAMS                               Henry L
WILLIAMS                               Jane
WILLIAMS                               Joel N.
WILLIAMS                               Joseph M
WILLIAMS                               Louise M.
WILLIAMS                               Nelson
WILLIAMS                               Ollie E
WILLIAMS                               Theophilus
WILLIAMS                               Theophilus
WILLIAMS                               Uriah
WILLIAMS                               Walter W
WILLIAMS (SERV)                        Nelson
WILLIAMS (WWII)                        James T
WILLIAMS LAPHAM                        Celindia E.
WILLIAMSON                             Maria
WILLIS WHEELER                         Bulor
WILLSON                                Polly
WILMOT                                 John Thomas
WILMOT                                 Sarah A
WILSON                                 A Elizabeth
WILSON                                 Abner
WILSON                                 Alice
WILSON                                 Catherine S
WILSON                                 Daniel K
WILSON                                 Elizabeth
WILSON                                 Margaret
WILSON                                 Sarah
WILSON                                 William
WILSON DAVIS                           Almira
WILTSIE                                Edward S
WILTSIE (WWII)                         Edward S
WING                                   Anna
WING                                   Charles H
WING                                   Elon G
WING                                   Fannie
WING                                   Isaac
WING                                   Isaac
WING                                   Laura
WING                                   P H
WING                                   Remember
WING                                   Sylva
WING ROBBINS                           Mary T
WINNE                                  John I
WINNE                                  Maude H
WINSLOW                                Peter A
WISE SHERMAN                           Hannah
WITBECK                                Abraham L
WITBECK                                Cornelius V V
WITBECK                                Maria
WITBECK                                Mary Elizabeth
WITBECK (WWI)                          Jesse F
WOHLSTEIN                              Frederick F
WOHLSTEIN                              Gladys
WOHLSTEIN (WWII)                       Frederick F
WOLF (WWII)                            Charles H
WOLF (WWII)                            Frank J
WOLFE                                  Eunice
WOLFE                                  Ruth
WOLFE COON                             Eunice
WONDISFORD LATIMER                     Anna M
WOOD                                   Arethusa
WOOD                                   Frank E
WOOD                                   Grace
WOOD                                   Hannah Maria
WOOD                                   Jean
WOOD                                   John
WOOD                                   John S
WOOD                                   Lucy
WOOD                                   Marion
WOOD                                   Obadiah
WOOD                                   Phebe
WOOD                                   Polly
WOOD                                   Rebecca Maria
WOOD                                   Samuel
WOOD (CW)                              Jesse Ferbush
WOOD (CW)                              Norman
WOOD (RW)                              Samuel
WOOD DAVIS                             Elizabeth H
WOOD SEYMOUR                           Rebecca Maria
WOOD WALLACE                           Hannah
WOODBURY                               Charles Clifford
WOODBURY                               Clara B
WOODBURY                               Irving L
WOODBURY (WWI)                         Leslie I
WOODBURY (WWII)                        Charles Clifford
WOODBURY JEFTS                         Ethel
WOODEN                                 Elizabeth
WOODEN                                 Martha Maria
WOODWARD                               William
WOODWARD BIRCH                         Nellie
WOODWORT                               James P
WOODWORTH                              Anna
WOODWORTH                              Anna
WOODWORTH                              Belzora
WOODWORTH                              Belzora
WOODWORTH                              Betsey
WOODWORTH                              Betsey
WOODWORTH                              Charles
WOODWORTH                              Charlott
WOODWORTH                              Deborah
WOODWORTH                              Delight
WOODWORTH                              Edward W
WOODWORTH                              Hannah
WOODWORTH                              Isaac
WOODWORTH                              James
WOODWORTH                              Jane
WOODWORTH                              John
WOODWORTH                              John
WOODWORTH                              John E
WOODWORTH                              Jones B
WOODWORTH                              Laura M
WOODWORTH                              Menerva
WOODWORTH                              Patrick
WOODWORTH                              Phebe
WOODWORTH                              Reuben P
WOODWORTH                              Sally
WOODWORTH                              Sarah J
WOODWORTH                              Sarah M
WOODWORTH (RW)                         Ephraim
WOODWORTH (RW)                         Ephraim
WOODWORTH ADAMS                        Betsey
WOODWORTH NEILSON                      Julian
WOOLLEY                                Sarah E
WOOLSEY                                Mary M
WORDEN                                 Abigail
WORDEN                                 Asa
WORDEN                                 Elisabeth C
WORDEN                                 Hiram H
WORDEN                                 Joseph A.
WORDEN                                 Mary W
WORDEN                                 Phebe L.
WORNER                                 Angeline
WRIGHT                                 Hannah
WRIGHT                                 Lyman
WRIGHT                                 Mary
WRIGHT                                 Mary E
WRIGHT                                 Reuben
YACK                                   Lewis F
YACK                                   Maria
YOUNG                                  Phebe
YOUNG (CW)                             George
YOUNG FITCH                            Lydia
YOUNG TAFT                             Patience
YOUNGLOVE                              Philip Duryee
YOUNGS                                 Alvah
YOUNGS                                 Charlott
YOUNGS                                 Deborah P
YOUNGS                                 Isaac
YOUNGS                                 Isaac
YOUNGS                                 James
YOUNGS                                 Joseph
YOUNGS                                 Lydia
YOUNGS                                 Mary
YOUNGS                                 Mary
YOUNGS                                 Swan
ZAHN                                   George W
ZAHN                                   George W
ZAHN                                   Ida C
ZAHN                                   James H
ZAHN                                   Stella L
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