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Suffolk County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

- NEGRO -                              Peggy
----                                   Mary
?                                      William
ABBENE                                 Angelo
ABBENE (WWII)                          Angelo
ABBOTT                                 Mamie A
ABODILIS                               Elmer
ABODILIS (WWII)                        Elmer
ABRAMS                                 Mabel
ABRAMS                                 Nathan
ABRIO                                  Helen M
ABRIO                                  John A.
ACERRO                                 Theresa M
ACKERLY                                Clifford Burnell
ACKERLY                                E. Adelaide
ACKERLY                                Ruth
ACKERMAN                               Edwin A
ADAMCEWICZ                             Anastasia
ADAMCEWICZ                             Antoni
ADAMCEWICZ                             Barbara
ADAMCEWICZ                             Helena
ADAMCEWICZ                             Zmitra
ADAMCZEWSKI                            Frances
ADAMCZEWSKI                            Walenty
ADAMS                                  Herbert S.
ADAMS                                  James S.
ADAMS                                  John Q
ADAMS                                  Madeline E.
ADAMS                                  Margaret
ADAMS                                  Mary A.
ADAMS                                  Mary L.
ADEL                                   George J
ADEL                                   Louise S
ADKINS                                 Catherine
ADKINS                                 Eddie H.
ADKINS (WWII)                          Eddie H
ADLER                                  Adele
ADLER                                  Joseph
AJCUC                                  Pablo
ALBANESE                               John J
ALBANESE (WWII)                        JOHN J
ALBANO                                 Alexander
ALBANO                                 Hattie
ALBERTI                                Joseph P.
ALBERTI                                Robert J. II
ALBERTI (VN)                           Robert J II
ALBERTI (WWII)                         Joseph P
ALBERTSON                              John P
ALBERTSON                              Nancy
ALBERTSON                              Nancy
ALBERTSON                              Richard
ALBERTSON                              Una
ALBERTSON VAIL                         Nancy
ALBIN                                  Charles M
ALBIN                                  Kathryn C
ALBIN                                  Kathryn M
ALBIN                                  Ruth H
ALBIN ALFRED                           Ruth H.
ALBRECHT                               Henry C.
ALBRECHT                               Ruth F.
ALDRICH                                Arthur
ALDRICH                                Charles H
ALDRICH                                Donald
ALDRICH                                Ethel S.
ALDRICH                                Everett E.
ALDRICH                                Hannah
ALDRICH                                Harriet H
ALDRICH                                James Owen
ALDRICH                                Susan
ALFRED                                 Audrey M
ALFRED                                 Carol
ALFRED                                 Richard F.
ALFRED                                 Ruth H.
ALIEU                                  Amie
ALIEU                                  Leonie B.
ALLEN                                  Bessie
ALLEN                                  Donald
ALLEN                                  William
ALPERT                                 Philip
ALPERT                                 Virginia
AMBROSE                                Lillian J
AMBROSE                                Pauline
AMBROSE                                Ralph
AMOTT                                  F. E.
AMOTT                                  W. E.
AMOTT                                  William E.
ANDERSON                               Betty C
ANDERSON                               Emilie P.
ANDERSON                               Ernest H.
ANDERSON                               Kathryn
ANDERSON                               William L.
ANNUNZIATA                             Ronald
ANNUNZIATA (VN)                        Ronald
ANRIG                                  Amelia
ANRIG                                  Irene
ANRIG                                  Joseph
ANRIG                                  Otto L.
ANRIG                                  Regina
ANRIG                                  Robert G.
ANSELL                                 Francis L
ANSELL (WWI)                           Francis L
APPLEBEE                               Donald R.
APPLEBEE (VN)                          Donald R
APPLEBY                                Alfred Noel
APPLEBY                                Alice D
APPLEBY (WWI)                          Alfred Noel
APPLETON                               Florence
APPLETON DODD                          Florence
ARCH                                   Laura B.
ARNISTA                                Katherine
ARNOLD                                 Edward
ARNOLD                                 Mary T
ARTALE                                 Vincent
ARTALE (KOR)                           Vincent
ASSINI                                 Ferdinando
ASSINI                                 Martha
ASSINI                                 Phyllis
ASSINI                                 Sam T
ASSINI                                 Stefanina
ASSINI (WWII)                          Sam T
ATHINGTON                              Catherine B
ATHINGTON                              Mary Ann
ATHINGTON                              William F
ATHINGTON (WWII)                       William F
ATKINS                                 Jennie
ATKINSON                               Helen P
ATKINSON                               Ralph P
ATTARD                                 Georgina T.
ATTARD                                 Michael C.
ATTELL                                 Emanuel P
ATTELL (WWII)                          Emanuel P
AUSTIN                                 Dorothea
AUSTIN                                 Eugene
AUSTIN                                 Gloria J. S.
AUSTIN                                 Imogene T.
AUSTIN                                 Lewis C.
AUTIER                                 Grace M
AUTIER                                 J. Louis
AVERILL                                Maria Elizabeth
AVERILL DAYTON                         Maria Elizabeth
AXELSON                                Elvira M
AXELSON                                Gustav H
AXELSON (KOR)                          Gustav H
AXELSON (WWII)                         Gustav H
AYRES                                  Mathilde
BAAS                                   Gerrit
BABCOCK                                Elisheba
BABCOCK                                Holwell H.
BABCOCK                                Howell E.
BABCOCK                                Lyman H.
BABCOCK                                Mary Ann
BABCOCK                                Mary Ann
BABCOCK                                Samuel S.
BABCOCK                                Samuel S.
BABCOCK                                William H.
BABCOCK (WWI)                          Howell E
BACIGALUPO                             Jamie
BACKUS                                 Joseph L
BAGLEY                                 Harry O Jr
BAGSHAW                                Donald
BAGSHAW                                Maria K.
BAILLARD                               Aleta
BAIRD                                  Ariette
BAIRD                                  Benjamin L.
BAIRD                                  Jean
BAIRD                                  Margaret
BAIRD                                  Norma J.
BAIRD                                  Robert
BAIRD                                  William
BAIRD MAXCY                            Jean
BAIRD STANLEY                          Margaret
BAKER                                  Abraham
BAKER                                  Agnes
BAKER                                  Alice
BAKER                                  Antoinette
BAKER                                  Caroline
BAKER                                  Catherin
BAKER                                  Charlie
BAKER                                  Daniel
BAKER                                  Esther
BAKER                                  Esther
BAKER                                  Ethel
BAKER                                  George L.
BAKER                                  George S.
BAKER                                  Isabell
BAKER                                  Jonathan
BAKER                                  Joshua C
BAKER                                  Margaret
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER                                  Ruth
BAKER                                  Thomas
BAKER                                  Thomas
BAKER (SERV)                           Jonathan
BAKER HAND                             Mary
BAKER HASKELL                          Esther
BAKER PLEASANTS                        Ruth
BAKER TERBEL                           Mary
BAKER TERBELL                          Mary
BAKOWSKI                               Mamert
BAKOWSKI                               Zuzanna
BAKUTIS                                Rosalie
BALDWIN                                Godfrey H.
BALDWIN                                Helen R.
BALFE                                  Gladys
BALFE                                  Thomas W
BALNIS                                 Michael
BALNIS                                 Teodora
BALZARINI                              Ida
BALZARINI                              Joseph
BANDROWSKI                             Dorothy
BANDROWSKI                             Stefen
BANDROWSKI (WWII)                      Stefen
BANGSTON                               Arthur
BANGSTON                               Edith
BANGSTON                               Elizabeth
BANGSTON                               Lawrence A
BANGSTON                               Mary
BANGSTON                               William A
BANKS                                  Devin T
BANTER                                 Minna B.
BANTER                                 Rupert L.
BANTER                                 Rupert L., Jr
BANTER (WWI)                           Rupert L., Jr
BAQUERIZO                              Carlos
BARGE                                  Ida C
BARGE                                  John H
BARKER                                 Bertha
BARNARD                                Willie
BARNARD (KOR)                          Wllie
BARNEBY                                James
BARNES                                 Abigail
BARNES                                 Alice B.
BARNES                                 Catherine
BARNES                                 Georgia A
BARNES                                 Jemima
BARNES                                 Maria
BARNES                                 Nathan C.
BARNES                                 Phebe
BARNES                                 Sally
BARNES                                 Sophia
BARNES                                 W. F.
BARNES                                 WIlliam G., Jr.
BARNES                                 William H
BARNES SCHELLINGER                     Georgia A.
BARNES.                                William
BARNETT                                Shirley M.
BARNETT                                Stephen J.
BARNS                                  Hannah
BARNS                                  Isaac
BARNS                                  Jemima
BARNS                                  Sally
BARONE                                 Salvatore
BARSI                                  Angelo
BARTLETT                               Annie
BARTLETT                               Annie E.
BARTLETT                               John J.
BARTLETT                               John J.
BARTUNEK                               Anna
BARTUNEK                               Gottlieb J
BARTUSIEWICZ                           Franciszka
BARTUSIEWICZ                           Wladyslaw
BARUCH                                 Edna M
BASSET                                 Sarah E
BASTOW                                 William H
BASTOWN                                Ellen
BATES                                  Anna E
BATES                                  Charles
BATES                                  Joanna
BATES                                  Louisa
BATTEN                                 Esther
BATTIN                                 Angie
BATYNSKI                               Casimir
BATYNSKI                               Florence
BAUER                                  Caroline
BAUER                                  John
BAUMANN                                Florence
BAUMANN                                George E
BAUMANN                                Joseph
BAUMANN                                Naomi P
BEARD                                  Susan Huntington
BEARD CORWITH                          Susan Huntington
BECK                                   Antoinette
BECK                                   Bernard
BECKER                                 Sandy
BECKMAN                                Cnute W
BECKMAN                                Janet S.
BECKWITH                               Catherine W.
BECKWITH                               Ella
BECKWITH                               George W.
BECKWITH                               John A.
BECKWITH                               Mary Louise
BECKWITH                               William B
BECKWITH WOODHULL                      Ella A
BEEBE                                  Emma
BEEBE                                  Emma A
BEEBE                                  Mehitable W.
BEEBE                                  Oscar
BEEBE                                  Rena
BEEBE                                  Silas C.
BEECHER                                Lizzie
BEECHER ROGERS                         Lizzie
BEECKMAN                               Margaret
BEHRENS                                Helen
BEHRENS                                John C.
BEHRENS (WWII)                         John C
BELFORD                                Inez
BELFORD                                Joseph McCrum
BELL                                   Gary Allan
BELL                                   Jeanette E
BELL                                   John C
BELL                                   Ulick
BELL                                   Winifred C.
BELL (SERV)                            Gary Allan
BELLOWS                                Archibald H.
BELLOWS                                Emma A
BELLOWS                                James
BELLOWS                                Mary Ella H.
BELLOWS RANDELL                        Emma A.
BELMONT                                John
BELMONT                                John S.
BELMONT                                Wilma
BELMONT (WWII)                         John
BEMNJAMIN                              Mary
BENCH                                  Edward C.
BENCH                                  Marion R.
BENDAS                                 Gertrude
BENDAS                                 Stephen
BENDEL                                 Frances
BENDEL                                 Martin
BENEDICT                               Alice Rose
BENEDICT                               Frank L.
BENEDICT                               Lynn D.
BENEDICT                               Mary M.
BENEDICT                               Theodore
BENEDICT                               Thomas N.
BENEKE                                 Gracie Sarah
BENGEYFIELD                            Alexander J
BENGEYFIELD                            Loretta  C
BENJAMIN                               Abigail
BENJAMIN                               Abigail C.
BENJAMIN                               Anne L
BENJAMIN                               Bradford D
BENJAMIN                               Charlotte
BENJAMIN                               Desire
BENJAMIN                               Dora
BENJAMIN                               Edward W
BENJAMIN                               Emma J
BENJAMIN                               Everett E
BENJAMIN                               Georgianna
BENJAMIN                               Grace
BENJAMIN                               Harry S
BENJAMIN                               Horace H
BENJAMIN                               James
BENJAMIN                               Jesse
BENJAMIN                               Lena M
BENJAMIN                               M. Louise
BENJAMIN                               Marjorie
BENJAMIN                               Mark D
BENJAMIN                               Mary
BENJAMIN                               Mary C
BENJAMIN                               Nathan
BENJAMIN                               Richard
BENJAMIN                               Sarah
BENJAMIN                               Sarah J
BENJAMIN                               Sarah R
BENJAMIN                               Wells D.
BENJAMIN                               William
BENJAMIN (RW)                          James
BENJAMIN (RW)                          Richard
BENJAMIN (SERV)                        Everett E
BENJAMIN FANNING                       Mary
BENJAMIN HENRY                         Sarah J
BENJAMIN ROBINSON                      Emma J.
BENJAMIN SMITH                         Sarah
BENNETT                                Alexander
BENNETT                                Anna C
BENNETT                                Augustus
BENNETT                                Augustus B
BENNETT                                Charles M
BENNETT                                Edward Johnathan
BENNETT                                Elijah M
BENNETT                                Elijah M.
BENNETT                                Elva
BENNETT                                Ernestine S
BENNETT                                Fortunate
BENNETT                                Gabriel
BENNETT                                Gordon S
BENNETT                                Gurden
BENNETT                                Henry
BENNETT                                Hilda
BENNETT                                Huldah
BENNETT                                Ianther C
BENNETT                                Irena
BENNETT                                Joshua T
BENNETT                                Madeleine M.
BENNETT                                Mary Alice
BENNETT                                Mary H
BENNETT                                Matilda A
BENNETT                                Pauline G
BENNETT                                Ralph
BENNETT                                Ralph
BENNETT                                Russell P.
BENNETT                                Ruth H
BENNETT                                Sarah
BENNETT GARDELL                        Anna C.
BENNETT KING                           Ianther C.
BENNETT MILLER                         Matilda A.
BENWARE                                Annie E.
BERGLIN                                Einar L.
BERGLIN                                Katherine E.
BERNIKOW                               Alvin H
BERNIKOW                               Alvin H.
BERNTSON                               John H.
BERNTSON (WWII)                        John H
BERNUTH                                Ann
BERTRAM                                Charles W.
BESHLE                                 Louis
BESHLE                                 Mary Ella
BESS                                   Isaiah
BESS                                   Mary Jane
BIANCHI                                Deborah L.
BIANCHI                                John A.
BIBBY                                  John S.
BIBBY (KOR)                            John S
BIDWELL                                Delia H
BIDWELL                                William L.
BIELENICA                              Jennie
BIELENICA                              Lucjan
BIGORA                                 Filmena
BIGORA                                 Stefan
BIGORA                                 Stephen F
BILYK                                  John
BILYK                                  John
BILYK                                  Victoria
BILYK (WWII)                           John
BINNS                                  Charles Henry
BINNS                                  Hannah T.
BIRD                                   Georgetta M.
BIRD                                   Jane
BIRD                                   John J.
BIRD                                   Virgil
BISHOP                                 Beatrice
BISHOP                                 Kenneth
BISHOP                                 Maude B
BISHOP                                 Nellie L.
BISHOP                                 Phebe
BISHOP                                 William W.
BLACK                                  Florence Estelle
BLACK                                  Hannah S.
BLACK                                  Mary C.
BLACK                                  Mary C.
BLACK                                  Peter
BLACK                                  Robert J.
BLADOS                                 Agnes M.
BLADOS                                 Anna
BLADOS                                 Frank A.
BLADOS                                 Joseph
BLAINE                                 Curtis
BLAINE                                 Mary
BLAIR                                  Muriel Ewoldt
BLAIR CLIFFORD                         Muriel Ewoldt
BLASKO                                 Alma M.
BLASKO                                 Anna E.
BLASKO                                 Stephen T.
BLASKO                                 William S.
BLEAKLEY                               Sarah G.
BLOOR                                  Clara
BLOOR                                  Louise Gertrude
BLOOR COOK                             Louise Gertrude
BLOOR LUDLOW                           Clara
BLOSSICK                               Frank
BLOSSICK                               Stella
BLYDENBURGH                            Ella L.
BLYDENBURGH                            Jayne M.
BODENSTAB                              William M.
BOENIG                                 Frank
BOENIG                                 Grace
BOGART                                 Elizabeth H.
BOGDAN                                 Kazimierz
BOGDAN                                 Michalina
BOGUS                                  Agnes M
BOGUS                                  Joseph J
BOHLER                                 Hattie
BOHLER                                 Peter
BOHLSEN                                Frieda
BOHLSEN                                Gerhard
BOHN                                   Edward C.
BOHN                                   Frances
BOHN (VN)                              Edward C
BOLDT                                  Frances M
BOLDT (WWI)                            Frances M.
BOLLES                                 Esther M.
BOLLES                                 Francis
BOLLES                                 George A.
BONAVICH                               Alfonso A.
BONAVICH (WWII)                        Alfonso A
BONKOSKI                               Joseph
BONKOSKI                               Mary
BOOKER                                 Willie, Jr.
BOOTH                                  Jocelyn
BORG                                   Amalie P.L.
BORG                                   Soren N.S.
BORKOSKI                               Jen
BORKOSKI                               Leo
BORODENKA                              Ewa
BORODENKA                              Stanislaw
BORRELL                                Anna
BORRELL                                Stefan
BOSS                                   Florence B
BOSSELMAN                              Alfred G.
BOSSELMAN                              Madeline T.
BOSTICK                                Eugene A
BOSTICK (WWII)                         Eugene A
BOTSFORD                               Blakeslee Heskett
BOTULA                                 Charles
BOTULA                                 Mary E.
BOUDRLAU                               Delia
BOUDRLAU JACOBS                        Delia
BOWER                                  Amey
BOWER                                  Ernest
BOWER                                  Jocelyn
BOWER                                  Katharine
BOWER                                  Robert
BOWER BOOTH                            Jocelyn
BOYD                                   Doris T.
BOYD                                   Edward E.
BOYD (KOR)                             Edward E
BOYD (WWII)                            Edward E
BOYKOFF                                Michael
BRADLEY                                Adelaide
BRADLEY                                Carolyn
BRADLEY                                Walter
BRAINARD                               Mary
BRAINARD MITCHELL                      Mary
BRAUN                                  Carl
BRAUN (WWI)                            Carl
BRENNER                                Irving
BRENNER (WWII)                         Irving
BREVARD                                Eugene
BREVARD (WWII)                         Eugene
BRIDE                                  Hugh M.
BRINDID                                Mary S
BRINDID                                Stanley W
BRODERICK                              Louis D
BROGAN                                 James
BROGAN (WWII)                          James
BROOKER                                Hannah J.
BROOKER                                William N.
BROOKER (CW)                           William N
BROPSON                                Florence
BROPSON                                James M.
BROWN                                  Alexander
BROWN                                  Alice A
BROWN                                  Anne
BROWN                                  Carrie W
BROWN                                  Charles
BROWN                                  Charles H .
BROWN                                  Charles H.
BROWN                                  Christina
BROWN                                  Cora
BROWN                                  D. Harvey
BROWN                                  David
BROWN                                  Emily Theresa
BROWN                                  Emily V.
BROWN                                  Frank V
BROWN                                  George S
BROWN                                  Harold P.
BROWN                                  Helen
BROWN                                  Helen F
BROWN                                  Henry
BROWN                                  Inez
BROWN                                  John
BROWN                                  John Evans
BROWN                                  Lawrens
BROWN                                  Lida L
BROWN                                  Margaret
BROWN                                  May J
BROWN                                  Meheteble
BROWN                                  Nellie L.
BROWN                                  Oliver
BROWN                                  Paul F
BROWN                                  Ralph W
BROWN                                  Richard A.
BROWN                                  Rosetta
BROWN                                  Sarah
BROWN                                  Son
BROWN                                  Tyrone A
BROWN                                  William H
BROWN ADAMS                            Margaret
BROWN CORWIN                           Lida L.
BROWN TUTHILL                          Nellie L.
BROWNE                                 Apphia
BROWNE                                 James
BROWNE                                 Katherine L
BROWNGARDT                             Clara
BROWNGARDT GOODALE                     Clara
BRUCE                                  Ronald
BRUCE                                  Virginia G
BRUNJES                                Jean S
BRUNJES                                Kenneth H
BRYAN                                  Francis
BRYAN                                  Rosemary
BRYANT                                 Judith Ann
BRYANT (SERV)                          Judith Ann
BUCHAK                                 John
BUCHAK                                 Victoria
BUCHERT                                John
BUCHERT                                Josephine
BUCKLEY                                Faye E
BUCKLEY                                Robert M
BUELL                                  Jerusha
BUELL                                  Jerusha
BUELL                                  Jerusha
BUELL CONKLING                         Jerusha
BUELL CONKLING                         Jerusha
BUELL GARDINER                         Jerusha
BUELL GARDINER                         Jerusha
BUFFUM                                 Harriet A.
BUGDIN                                 Charles
BULLIONS                               Margaret
BULLOCK                                Conrad
BULLOCK                                Margaret
BULLOCK                                Margaret
BULLOCK REDDALL                        Margaret
BULLOCK REDDALL                        Margaret
BULLONS                                Mary
BUMSTEAD                               Agnes
BUNCE                                  Betsy
BUNKER                                 Katharine
BUNKER BOWER                           Katharine
BURDEN                                 Edward
BURDEN                                 Jane
BURDEN                                 Rebecca
BURDEN MCALLISTER                      Jane
BURGERT                                Frederick
BURGERT                                Margaret
BURNET                                 David
BURNETT                                David
BURNETT                                David
BURNETT                                David
BURNETT                                David Raynor
BURNETT                                Francies
BURNETT                                Henrietta H.
BURNETT                                Lester R,
BURNETT                                Levi H.
BURNETT                                Marjorie A.
BURNETT                                Mary Abigail
BURNETT                                Stephen
BURNETT JESSUP                         Francies Z.
BURNS                                  Catherine A
BURNS                                  Hattie J
BURNS                                  J. Edward
BURNS                                  J. Mitchell
BURNS                                  Joseph
BURNS                                  Maura
BUSCEMI                                Jennie
BUSSANIH                               Joanna
BUSSANIH                               Mark D
BUSSANIH BATES                         Joanna
BUTTACAVOLI                            Onofria
CADDELL                                Edward J.
CADDELL (WWII)                         Edward J
CADIGAN                                Laurence J.
CADIGAN (KOR)                          Laurence J
CAFFREY                                John V
CAIN                                   Anna M.
CAIN                                   Edward
CAIN                                   Frank Mark
CAIN                                   Henry J.
CAIN                                   Martha E.
CALABRESE                              Charles A.
CALABRESE (SERV)                       Charles A
CALDWELL SMITH (WWII)                  Louise
CAMERDEN                               Sybil J.
CAMERDEN                               William H.
CAMP                                   William D.
CAMPBELL                               Albert G.
CAMPBELL                               Edna May
CAMPBELL                               James A.
CAMPBELL                               Janet
CAMPBELL                               Lois T.
CAMPBELL                               Viola E.
CANTON                                 Clarence
CANTON (WWII)                          Clarence
CAPONE                                 Daniel
CAPONE                                 Mary
CARABINI                               Carlo
CARBERRY                               Mary E
CARBERRY WARNER                        Mary E
CARDAMONE                              Anna
CARDAMONE                              John
CARDILLO                               Angelina
CARDILLO                               Joseph
CARLETON                               Carrie F
CARLETON                               George H
CARLETON                               Priscilla T.
CARLETON                               Reba L.
CARLETON                               Richard H
CARLEY                                 Annie S.
CARLEY                                 James T.
CARLEY                                 James T.
CARLEY                                 James T.
CARMAN                                 Charlotte
CARMAN VAIL                            Charlotte
CARPENTER                              Barbara
CARPENTER                              Everett B.
CARPENTER                              Jane E
CARPENTER                              Oliver
CARPENTER TERRY                        Jane E
CARROLL                                Thomas J.
CARROLL (WWII)                         Thomas J
CARTER                                 Ada C
CARTER                                 Adelaide Jane
CARTER                                 Adelia
CARTER                                 Alfred H.
CARTER                                 Allen R.
CARTER                                 Bertha
CARTER                                 Bruce T
CARTER                                 Carrie
CARTER                                 David
CARTER                                 Edward A
CARTER                                 Edward A.
CARTER                                 Elisha
CARTER                                 Esther
CARTER                                 George W
CARTER                                 Gertrude
CARTER                                 Helen P
CARTER                                 Henrietta M
CARTER                                 Henry
CARTER                                 Ida
CARTER                                 Infant Sons
CARTER                                 Irene M.
CARTER                                 Jacob A
CARTER                                 John E
CARTER                                 John E
CARTER                                 Kenneth A
CARTER                                 L. Edgar
CARTER                                 Louise
CARTER                                 Margaret
CARTER                                 Marion
CARTER                                 Mary
CARTER                                 Mary A
CARTER                                 Merton
CARTER                                 Mildred A.
CARTER                                 Nancy
CARTER                                 Nellie G
CARTER                                 Patricia
CARTER                                 Phebe A.
CARTER                                 Phebe R
CARTER                                 Robert A.
CARTER                                 Susan M
CARTER                                 William
CARTER                                 William Dorcy
CARTER (WWII)                          Kenneth A
CARTER FIRMAN                          Gertrude
CARTER GERARD                          Nancy
CARTER NUGENT                          Bertha
CARTWRIGHT                             Clifton F.
CARTWRIGHT                             Elizabeth H
CARTWRIGHT                             Elizabeth H
CARTWRIGHT                             Frank A
CARTWRIGHT                             Frederick R.
CARTWRIGHT                             Maggie H.
CARTWRIGHT                             Marian
CARTWRIGHT CONKLIN                     Marian
CASE                                   A Lloyd
CASE                                   Albin W
CASE                                   Emmy
CASE                                   Hattie H
CASE (CW)                              Albin W.
CASS                                   Charlotte
CASS LOPEZ                             Charlotte
CASSERLY                               Jacklyn
CASSERLY                               William
CASTAGNARO                             Joan L.
CATALANO                               Andrew J
CATALANO                               Joseph
CATALANO                               Rosaria
CATALANO (WWII)                        ANDREW J
CATENA                                 Mary
CATENA                                 Vincent
CAVALIERE                              Christopher J.
CERCIELLO                              Frank
CERCIELLO (WWII)                       Frank
CHANDLER                               Hobart
CHANDLER                               Leamon W.
CHANDLER                               Mary R.
CHAPLICK                               John
CHAPLICK                               Steve
CHATFIELD                              Anna
CHATFIELD                              Hannah
CHATFIELD                              Jane
CHATFIELD                              John
CHATFIELD                              Sarah
CHATFIELD                              Thomas
CHATFIELD ROSE                         Anna
CHAVIOUS                               Mary Therese
CHESHIRE                               Charles H
CHESHIRE                               Charles H
CHESHIRE                               Emma C
CHESHIRE                               Nellie M
CHRISTOPHERS                           John
CHUDIAK                                Magdalene
CHUDIAK                                Nicholas
CICHANOWICZ                            Ann
CICHANOWICZ                            Charles
CIPOLETTI                              Constantine J.
CIPOLETTI (WWII)                       Constantine J.
CLADWELL                               Louise
CLADWELL (WWII)                        Louise
CLADWELL SMITH                         Louise
CLARK                                  Elizabeth S
CLARK                                  Emily
CLARK                                  John
CLARK                                  Maria
CLARK                                  Mary
CLARK                                  Mary
CLARK                                  William Halsey
CLARK                                  Winfield S.
CLARK CORWIN                           Emily
CLASSON                                Aldor W.
CLASSON                                Rosetta M.
CLEAR                                  Yvonne E
CLEAR                                  Yvonne E
CLIFFORD                               Alma A.
CLIFFORD                               Muriel Ewoldt
CLIFFORD                               Vernon E.
CLIFTON                                Charles, II
CLIFTON                                Margaret
CLIFTON (SERV)                         Charles II
COAR                                   Joseph
COBB                                   Adren C.
COBB                                   Tillie
COBB (WWII)                            Adren C
COBB WELLS                             Tillie
COLES                                  Hannah A.
COLES                                  Katie
COLES                                  Mary J.
COLLIER                                Eddie
COLLIER (SERV)                         Eddie
COLLINS                                Fanny
COLLINS                                Phyllis
COLLINS                                Teresa A
COLLINS TERRY                          Teresa A.
COMBS                                  Mildred A.
COMBS                                  Milton V.
COMER                                  Elizabeth A
COMSTOCK                               Agnes G.
COMSTOCK                               P. Milton
CONCKLIN                               Harvey
CONDJELLA                              Charles
CONDJELLA                              Pauline
CONDON                                 Mausoleum
CONDRA                                 Catherine
CONKLIN                                Abigail
CONKLIN                                Abraham Dayton
CONKLIN                                Ada C.
CONKLIN                                Albert W
CONKLIN                                Alida F
CONKLIN                                Almira B
CONKLIN                                Anna C
CONKLIN                                Arletta
CONKLIN                                Belle F.
CONKLIN                                Burnett
CONKLIN                                Charles Wesley
CONKLIN                                Clifford W
CONKLIN                                Daniel
CONKLIN                                Eliza M
CONKLIN                                Ellen M
CONKLIN                                Emily E.
CONKLIN                                Everett L.
CONKLIN                                Frank E
CONKLIN                                Fred S.
CONKLIN                                George
CONKLIN                                George A.
CONKLIN                                George B.
CONKLIN                                George E
CONKLIN                                George W
CONKLIN                                Gilbert H
CONKLIN                                Hannie M.
CONKLIN                                Harris G
CONKLIN                                Helen
CONKLIN                                Herbert
CONKLIN                                Hettie P
CONKLIN                                Israel D
CONKLIN                                Janice T
CONKLIN                                Jeremiah
CONKLIN                                Jeremiah
CONKLIN                                John H
CONKLIN                                John T
CONKLIN                                Julia
CONKLIN                                Julia
CONKLIN                                Lester G
CONKLIN                                Lillian M.
CONKLIN                                Lydia E.
CONKLIN                                Maria
CONKLIN                                Maria B
CONKLIN                                Marian
CONKLIN                                Marian M.
CONKLIN                                Mary D.
CONKLIN                                Nancy B
CONKLIN                                Nathan
CONKLIN                                Polly
CONKLIN                                Rebecca
CONKLIN                                Roscoe James
CONKLIN                                Rose
CONKLIN                                Russell
CONKLIN                                Ruth
CONKLIN                                Ruth
CONKLIN                                Sarah
CONKLIN                                Sarah M
CONKLIN                                Viola
CONKLIN                                W.Dimon
CONKLIN                                Walter
CONKLIN                                William C.
CONKLIN                                William J.
CONKLIN                                Zebulon
CONKLIN (CW)                           Geore W
CONKLIN (CW)                           John H
CONKLIN (WWII)                         Clifford W
CONKLIN BENNETT                        Sarah
CONKLIN HOMAN                          Rose
CONKLIN SHERMAN                        Asenetha A
CONKLIN TALMAGE                        Janice T.
CONKLING                               Annanias
CONKLING                               Cornelius
CONKLING                               David
CONKLING                               Hannah
CONKLING                               Jeremiah
CONKLING                               Jeremiah
CONKLING                               Jerusha
CONKLING                               Jerusha
CONKLING                               Jerusha
CONKLING                               Jerusha
CONKLING                               Lewis
CONKLING                               Mary
CONKLING                               Mary
CONKLING                               Sarah
CONKLING                               Sineus
CONNOLLY                               Marie A.
CONNOLLY                               Michael J.
CONNOLLY                               William J.
CONNOR                                 John R
CONNOR                                 Minnie J
CONRAD                                 Ellen M
CONRAD                                 Ronald J
CONWAY                                 Arthur F.
COOK                                   Albert G
COOK                                   Anna Rose
COOK                                   Beatrice
COOK                                   Charles G.
COOK                                   Daniel
COOK                                   David
COOK                                   Edward H.
COOK                                   Edward Halsey
COOK                                   Effie Dean
COOK                                   Ellen J
COOK                                   Flora M.
COOK                                   Frances H
COOK                                   George
COOK                                   George Washington
COOK                                   George Washington
COOK                                   Henry C
COOK                                   Infant Daughter
COOK                                   Isabel F
COOK                                   Jeremiah Halsey
COOK                                   John
COOK                                   John B
COOK                                   Jonathan
COOK                                   Katherine
COOK                                   Katherine
COOK                                   Louise Gertrude
COOK                                   Lucy C
COOK                                   Luther B
COOK                                   Mary
COOK                                   Obadiah
COOK                                   Polly
COOK                                   Sullivan
COOK                                   Theodore Baldwin
COOK                                   Theophilus
COOK WRIGHT                            Katherine
COOK WRIGHT                            Katherine
COOPER                                 Elias
COOPER                                 Elsie
COOPER                                 Emeline
COOPER                                 Frank
COOPER                                 George
COOPER                                 Hattie
COOPER                                 Huldie
COOPER                                 Jane
COOPER                                 M. Estelle
COOPER                                 Mary
COOPER                                 Mary
COOPER STEWART                         Hattie
COPENHAVER                             Harold A
COPENHAVER                             Raymond H
CORAN                                  Edna M.
CORAN                                  Richard J.
CORCORAN                               John W.
CORCORAN                               Lois M.
CORCORAN                               Lois M.
CORCORAN (SERV)                        John W
COREY                                  William
COREY (CW)                             William
CORWIN                                 Ada
CORWIN                                 Ann Augusta
CORWIN                                 Ann M
CORWIN                                 Ann Maria
CORWIN                                 Barney R.
CORWIN                                 Benjamin
CORWIN                                 Benjamin F.
CORWIN                                 C. Eugene
CORWIN                                 Charles H
CORWIN                                 David E.
CORWIN                                 Eliza J.
CORWIN                                 Ella S
CORWIN                                 Emily
CORWIN                                 Fannie L.
CORWIN                                 Frederick
CORWIN                                 Georgianna
CORWIN                                 Helen D
CORWIN                                 Helen L.
CORWIN                                 Henrietta
CORWIN                                 James Barrnett
CORWIN                                 Jane
CORWIN                                 John M.
CORWIN                                 Joseph B
CORWIN                                 Joseph William
CORWIN                                 Julia A.
CORWIN                                 Lafayette W.
CORWIN                                 Leone Harrison
CORWIN                                 Lida L.
CORWIN                                 Lloyd W
CORWIN                                 Lydia
CORWIN                                 Mary
CORWIN                                 Minnie L
CORWIN                                 Nathan
CORWIN                                 Nellie B.
CORWIN                                 Paul W.
CORWIN                                 Raymond W.
CORWIN                                 Sarah
CORWIN                                 Sarah M
CORWIN                                 Susan K.
CORWIN                                 Warren
CORWIN (KOR)                           Leone Harrison
CORWIN BAILLARD                        Aleta
CORWIN BIRD                            Jane
CORWIN CONKLIN                         Sarah M
CORWIN DAVIS                           Francia Althea
CORWIN STORER                          Ann M
CORWIN TERRY                           Ann Augusta
CORWIN WELLS                           Mary
CORWITH                                Caleb
CORWITH                                Charles H.
CORWITH                                Cordelia
CORWITH                                David
CORWITH                                Davidetta
CORWITH                                Eleanor
CORWITH                                Eleanor F.
CORWITH                                Emeline
CORWITH                                Fanny M
CORWITH                                Harriette
CORWITH                                Henry
CORWITH                                James
CORWITH                                James H.
CORWITH                                Jennie
CORWITH                                Jerusha S
CORWITH                                Mary
CORWITH                                Mary
CORWITH                                Mary
CORWITH                                Nathan
CORWITH                                Phebe
CORWITH                                Phebe
CORWITH                                Samuel
CORWITH                                Sarah
CORWITH                                Silas
CORWITH                                Susan
CORWITH                                Susan Huntington
CORWITH                                Susan M.
CORWITH                                W. Augustus
CORWITH                                William
CORWITH                                William H
CORWITH EDGAR                          Jerusha S.
CORWITH HILDRETH                       Jennie
CORWITHE                               Caleb
CORWITHE                               Ruth
CORWITHE                               Sarah
CORWITHE                               William
COSTA                                  Charles
COSTA                                  Cornelia
COSTER                                 Marie
COSTER LAWSON                          Marie
COTRARO                                Jeanette
COTRARO                                Vincent
COTTON                                 Annie
COTTON                                 Charles
COTTON                                 Charles
COTTON                                 Charles M.
COTTON                                 Eckford A.
COTTON                                 Elizabeth
COTTON                                 Ethel L.
COTTON                                 Harriet E.
COTTON                                 John
COTTON                                 John M.
COTTON                                 Minnie A.
COTTON                                 Minnie A.
COTTON BARTLETT                        Annie
COVER                                  Cecil
COVER                                  Lena
COVER                                  Stainton
COWAN                                  Frances
COWAN                                  T.
COWLES                                 Mary
COWLES HAVENS                          Mary
COX                                    Benjamin R
COX                                    E. Millicent
COX                                    Olive Ann
COYLE                                  Martha
COYLE                                  Sarah
COYLE                                  Thomas
COZZENS                                Agnes A.
CRAIG                                  Corrine W.
CRAIG                                  John
CREED                                  Edith L.
CREED                                  William E.
CREEDE                                 Margaret
CREEDE                                 Raymond
CREEF                                  Cheryl
CREEF                                  Sheila
CREEF FURIA                            Cheryl
CREEF STRINGER                         Sheila
CREIGHTON                              Anna W.
CREIGHTON                              George W,
CRUICKSHANK                            George F.
CRUICKSHANK                            Maggie
CUNNINGHAM                             Caroline Mary
CUNNINGHAM                             Helen F.
CUNNINGHAM                             Helen F.
CUNNINGHAM                             Ila F.
CUNNINGHAM                             John Y.
CUNNINGHAM                             William
CUOMO                                  Mary
CUOMO                                  Pat
CUOMO                                  Pauline A
CUOMO CATENA                           Mary
CURASI                                 Richard C.
CURASI (VN)                            Richard C
CURTIS                                 Franklin W.
CURTS                                  Holroyd
CYBULSKI                               Andrew
CYBULSKI                               Mary Ann
CYBULSKI                               Sophie
CZEBOTAR                               Joseph E.
CZERNIAWSKI                            George
CZERNIAWSKI                            Josephine
CZERNIAWSKI                            Walenty
DAILEY                                 Josephine
DALRYMPLE                              Alma
DAMOUR                                 Grace B
DANIELS                                Thelma
DANIELS                                William
DANIELS                                Winthrop
DANIELS (WWII)                         William
DANOWSKI                               Lillian M.
DANOWSKI                               Mary
DANOWSKI                               Sophie
DARRAUGH                               John
DARRAUGH (CW)                          John
DARROW                                 Edward
DARROW                                 Eliza
DARROW                                 Sarah
DAVES                                  Hunter
DAVES                                  Nettie
DAVIDSON                               Charlotte
DAVIDSON                               John
DAVIDSON                               Marian J.
DAVIDSON                               Thomas
DAVIES                                 Effie
DAVIS                                  Albert
DAVIS                                  Ann Maria
DAVIS                                  Charles N.
DAVIS                                  Daniel
DAVIS                                  Daniel
DAVIS                                  Elkanah
DAVIS                                  Emily L.
DAVIS                                  Esther
DAVIS                                  Esther
DAVIS                                  Flora A
DAVIS                                  Flora Belle
DAVIS                                  Francia Althea
DAVIS                                  George A.
DAVIS                                  Helen Mae
DAVIS                                  Howard Andrew
DAVIS                                  Jennie M
DAVIS                                  Joseph Andrew
DAVIS                                  Kate
DAVIS                                  Lewis Monroe
DAVIS                                  Maggie
DAVIS                                  Mary Louise
DAVIS                                  Millie
DAVIS                                  Percy
DAVIS                                  Sally
DAVIS                                  Serepta
DAVIS                                  Stanleigh C
DAVIS (WWII)                           Howard Andrew
DAVIS (WWII)                           Percy
DAVIS HORTON                           Flora A.
DAVONSKI                               Joseph
DAVONSKI                               Mary
DAYTON                                 Charles B.
DAYTON                                 Charles S
DAYTON                                 Clarence L.
DAYTON                                 Edith Averill
DAYTON                                 Elizabeth H
DAYTON                                 Elizabeth H
DAYTON                                 Frances
DAYTON                                 Hannah
DAYTON                                 Harriet M.
DAYTON                                 Hattie F.
DAYTON                                 Henry M
DAYTON                                 Henry Monroe
DAYTON                                 John
DAYTON                                 Jonathan
DAYTON                                 LaRosseau C
DAYTON                                 Maria Elizabeth
DAYTON                                 Mary
DAYTON                                 Mary A.
DAYTON                                 Mary H
DAYTON                                 Matilda E.
DAYTON                                 Nathan
DAYTON                                 Richard S.
DAYTON                                 Samuel
DAYTON CARTWRIGHT                      Elizabeth H
DAYTON CARTWRIGHT                      Elizabeth H
DAYTON PARSONS                         Mary H
DE ZULETA GREENEBAUM                   Carmen
DE ZULUETA                             Carmen
DEALY                                  Mannie
DEALY JESSUP                           Mannie
DEAMICIS                               Maurice F.
DEAMICIS (KOR)                         Maurice F
DEAN                                   Doris
DEAN                                   James
DEANE                                  Effie
DEANE DAVIES                           Effie
DEBES                                  Fred C
DEBES                                  M. Agnes
DECARACENA                             Ramon K
DECARACENA                             Shirley F
DECRISTOFARO                           Anna M
DECRISTOFARO                           James
DEEMS                                  LeRoy
DEEMS                                  Mary
DEFRIEST                               Anna H.
DEFRIEST                               Anna H.
DEFRIEST                               Donald A.
DEFRIEST                               Dorothy R.
DEFRIEST                               Dorothy R.
DEFRIEST                               Elizabeth G.
DEFRIEST                               Irad B.
DEFRIEST                               Otto B.
DEFRIEST                               Otto B.
DEFRIEST                               Richard E.
DEFRIEST                               Thelma
DEFRIEST (WWII)                        Donald A
DEFRIEST DICKINSON                     Thelma
DEGROOT                                Elaine
DEGROOT STIMPSON                       Elaine
DEIM                                   Clarence C.
DEKONING                               Rose M.
DELAFIELD                              Albert
DELAFIELD                              Julia
DELASTRADA                             Anthony
DELASTRADA                             Helen
DELGAS                                 Anna
DELGAS                                 Thomas
DELIE                                  Danielle
DELIE                                  Marcel
DEMAREST                               Gertrude E.
DEMAREST                               Henrietta K.
DEMAREST                               Walter
DEMKIN                                 Helen
DEMKIN                                 Thomas
DEMOCH                                 Bertha
DEMOCH                                 Otto E.
DENARO                                 Anne
DENARO PLUNKETT                        Anne
DENIS                                  Donald
DENIS (VN)                             Donald
DENISON                                Jane
DENISON                                Susan
DENISON                                William
DENTE                                  Josephine
DENTON                                 Janet l
DENYSE                                 Violet A
DEPASQUALE                             Lynda F
DERBY                                  Aimee
DERBY                                  Nancy
DERBY                                  Owen E.
DERING                                 Elizabeth
DERING                                 Elizabeth
DERING GARDINER                        Elizabeth
DERING GARDINER                        Elizabeth
DEURCANT                               Mary
DEURCANT GARDINER                      Mary
DEURRUTIA                              Renee Valent
DICICCIO                               Edith
DICICCO                                Philip
DICKERSON                              Chester M.
DICKERSON                              Harriet
DICKERSON                              Mary A
DICKERSON                              Miner
DICKERSON LITCHARD                     Mary A
DICKINSON                              Phineas
DICKINSON                              Thelma
DIEBEL                                 Allan Austin
DIECKMANN                              Hermine
DIETERICH                              Richard (Rick)
DILLINGHAM                             Constance R.
DILLINGHAM                             Robert F.
DIMARCO                                Fred
DIMON                                  Daniel Y.
DIMON                                  Velnette
DITTMER                                William P.
DITTMER (SERV)                         William P
DIXON                                  Shirley
DIXON                                  Stanley
DOBSON                                 Gladis
DOBSON                                 John
DODD                                   Florence
DODGE                                  Stephen D.
DOERING                                Frederick L.
DOERING                                Maude
DOMBEK                                 Wiktoria
DOMINY                                 J. Forest
DOMINY (WWI)                           J. Forest
DONAHUE                                Daniel
DONAHUE                                Sarah
DONLON                                 Jerome J.
DONLON (SERV)                          Jerome J
DONNELLY                               Leo Thomas
DORAN                                  Francis L.
DORAN (WWII)                           Francis L
DOREMUS                                Eleanor
DOREMUS MARSHALL                       Eleanor
DORITY                                 Cora B
DORITY                                 Emma J
DORITY                                 Jane C
DORITY                                 John
DORITY                                 John C
DORITY                                 John Charles
DORITY                                 William R
DORITY PHILLIPS                        Cora B
DORMAN                                 Sara
DORMAN                                 Sara
DOROSKI                                Elizabeth
DOROSKI                                Frank Z.
DOROSKI                                John S.
DOROSKI                                Mary A.
DOROSKI                                Mary W.
DOROSKI                                Michael
DOROSKI                                Theodore
DOROSKI                                Timothy
DORT                                   Arthur A.
DORT                                   Charles H.
DORT                                   Wilhelmina L.
DORT (WWII)                            Arthur A.
DOUGHERTY                              Arthur Coles
DOUGHERTY                              Mollie
DOUGLAS                                Oswald G.
DOUGLAS                                Walter J.
DOUGLAS (WWII)                         Walter J
DOWNES                                 Lylla I.
DOWNS                                  Abigail W
DOWNS                                  Anna
DOWNS                                  Caroline
DOWNS                                  Carolyn
DOWNS                                  Charles
DOWNS                                  Charles O
DOWNS                                  David
DOWNS                                  David C
DOWNS                                  Elsie T
DOWNS                                  Emily
DOWNS                                  Ethel
DOWNS                                  Eugene
DOWNS                                  Forrest G
DOWNS                                  Forrest L
DOWNS                                  George W
DOWNS                                  George W
DOWNS                                  Georgianna
DOWNS                                  Gilbert A
DOWNS                                  Grace Anna
DOWNS                                  Hannah
DOWNS                                  Harriet M
DOWNS                                  Huldah
DOWNS                                  James L
DOWNS                                  John
DOWNS                                  Louisa T
DOWNS                                  Mahetable
DOWNS                                  Manly
DOWNS                                  Manly
DOWNS                                  Manly
DOWNS                                  Marcia R.
DOWNS                                  Mark
DOWNS                                  Mary
DOWNS                                  Mehetabel
DOWNS                                  Nancy
DOWNS                                  Nathaniel
DOWNS                                  Nicoll
DOWNS                                  Oliver
DOWNS                                  Penelope
DOWNS                                  Polly
DOWNS                                  Robert A
DOWNS                                  Sarah E
DOWNS                                  Sarah M.
DOWNS                                  Sewell
DOWNS                                  Shelden
DOWNS                                  Victoria
DOWNS                                  William
DOWNS                                  William R.
DOWNS (CW)                             George W
DOWNS (CW)                             George W.
DOWNS (CW)                             James L.
DOWNS (CW)                             John
DOWNS (SERV)                           Robert A.
DOWNS (WWII)                           Forrest L
DOWNS BENJAMIN                         Georgianna
DOWNS GOSS                             Nancy
DOWNS GOSS                             Nancy
DOWNS TUTHILL                          Mary
DRAKE                                  Emma A
DRAKE                                  Etta
DRAKE SMITH                            Etta
DRESSER                                Sophia
DRESSER WHALEY                         Sophia
DREVAS                                 George
DREVAS                                 George P.
DREVAS                                 Helen
DREVAS                                 James
DREVAS                                 Joan
DREVAS                                 Lydia B.
DRUM                                   Grace L.
DRUM                                   James H.
DRUM                                   Mary
DRUM                                   Patrick R.
DRUM                                   William H.
DRUM ANRIG                             Irene
DRUMM                                  Edward J.
DRUMM                                  Ellen
DRUMM                                  Hugh
DRUMM                                  John
DRUMM                                  Mary A.
DRUMM                                  Mary F.
DRUMM                                  Nellie
DRUMM                                  Patrick A.
DUBOSE                                 Joe
DUBOSE (WWII)                          Joe
DUCHTERLONEY                           Isabella
DUCHTERLONEY WEIR                      Isabella
DUCY                                   Ellen
DUCY NUGENT                            Ellen
DUGAN                                  Clarence E Jr
DUGAN                                  Mary K
DUGAN (WWII)                           Clarence E., Jr
DUKE                                   Michael
DUNKIRK                                Robert J.
DUNN                                   William W
DUNN (WWI)                             William W
DUNWELL                                Benjamin
DUNWELL                                Ora
DURAND                                 Sheila
DUSEL                                  Fernande
DUSEL                                  William J.
DUSENBURY                              Gertrude B
DUSENBURY                              Oliver H
DUTCHER                                Wilma
DUTCHER BELMONT                        Wilma
DYSON                                  Alglaira
DYSON                                  Clarence
DZIEMBOWSKI                            Dorothy
EBERHART                               Lottie
EDGAR                                  Jerusha S.
EDWARDS                                Abboe B
EDWARDS                                Addie
EDWARDS                                Allen T.
EDWARDS                                Antoninette L
EDWARDS                                Bessie
EDWARDS                                Bessie J
EDWARDS                                Betsey S
EDWARDS                                Charles P
EDWARDS                                Charlotte S.
EDWARDS                                Elizabeth H
EDWARDS                                Ella T
EDWARDS                                Ferdinand C
EDWARDS                                Frederick
EDWARDS                                George F.
EDWARDS                                Gregory William
EDWARDS                                Hannah
EDWARDS                                Harold B.
EDWARDS                                Harry J.
EDWARDS                                Henrietta
EDWARDS                                Henry L.
EDWARDS                                Henry W.
EDWARDS                                Hezekiah
EDWARDS                                Infant Son
EDWARDS                                Jemima
EDWARDS                                Jonnie Haris
EDWARDS                                Josephine B
EDWARDS                                Kennard P
EDWARDS                                Lillabell K.
EDWARDS                                Louise K
EDWARDS                                Lucretia J.
EDWARDS                                Marion
EDWARDS                                Mary
EDWARDS                                Mary Alma
EDWARDS                                Nathaniel
EDWARDS                                Nathaniel H
EDWARDS                                Newton E.
EDWARDS                                Norris W.
EDWARDS                                Patricia
EDWARDS                                Richard
EDWARDS                                S. Emma
EDWARDS                                Smith
EDWARDS                                Thankfull M
EDWARDS                                W.H.
EDWARDS                                William F.
EDWARDS (SERV)                         Harold B
EDWARDS (WWI                           William F
EDWARDS (WWII)                         Allen T
EDWARDS (WWII)                         Nathaniel
EDWARDS (WWII)                         Norris W
EDWARDS HULSE                          Henrietta
EDWARDS PERRY                          Fannie L
EDWARDS SMITH                          Marion
EHLERS                                 Anton L
EHLERS                                 Ludvig D
EHLERS                                 Marjorie M
EHLERS                                 Meta P
ELDREDGE                               Hattie
ELDREDGE TERRY                         Hattie
ELDRIDGE                               Mary
ELDRIDGE MCCLEVE                       Mary
ELLIOTT                                Rosalia
ELLISTON                               Catherine
ELLISTON                               Eliza
ELLISTON                               Elsie J.
ELLISTON                               Irene
ELLISTON                               John
ELLISTON                               John O.
ELLISTON                               Joseph
ELLISTON                               Joseph
ELLISTON                               Sarah Jane
ELLISTON (CW)                          Joseph
ELLWOOD                                Lee R.
ELTON                                  Mary Ann
ELTON GREEVES                          Mary Ann
EMERY                                  Irma
EMERY MOGER                            Irma
ENBERG                                 John A.
ENBERG                                 Olga L.
END                                    Pauline H.
ENDER                                  Anna
ENDER                                  Henry
ERICKSEN                               Claire A
ERICKSEN                               Olaf G.
ERICKSEN (WWII)                        Olaf G
ERICKSON                               Allan J.
ERICKSON                               Gladys P.
ERICKSON (WWII)                        Allan J
ERNEST                                 Laurence R.
ERNST                                  Annie
ERNST                                  Richard
ERWIN                                  Paul H
ESCHERT                                Joan
ESCHERT WEBBER                         Joan
ESHENWALD                              WIlliam H.
ETTARI                                 Frank
ETTARI                                 Julia
EWING                                  Janet
EWING REDDALL                          Janet
EYRES                                  Benjamin
EYRING                                 George Edward
FADALE                                 Joseph
FADALE                                 Lee
FAISON                                 John Williams
FAIVRE                                 Julie
FAIVRE                                 Julie
FAIVRE                                 Paul
FANNING                                Annie M.
FANNING                                Edward G.
FANNING                                Edward O.
FANNING                                Ellen Gertrude
FANNING                                Frankie
FANNING                                Grace Anna
FANNING                                Hannah
FANNING                                Manasseh
FANNING                                Mary
FANNING                                Mary
FANNING                                Mary C
FANNING                                Mary C.
FANNING                                Penelope
FANNING                                Rachel A
FANNING                                Rachel E.
FANNING                                Rev. Edward K
FANNING                                Rosalia
FANNING BLACK                          Mary C.
FANNING DOWNS                          Grace Anna
FANNING ELLIOTT                        Rosalia
FANNING SMITH                          Hannah
FARENGA                                William T.
FARRELL                                Allen
FARRELL                                Gloria A
FASULLO                                Anna
FASULLO                                Casper
FEDUN                                  Helen
FEDUN                                  Michael
FELKER                                 James A.
FELKER (WWII)                          James A
FERGUSON                               Antoinette C
FERGUSON                               Jeremiah S
FERNANDEZ                              Federico
FERNANDEZ (WWII)                       Federico
FERRARI                                Eugene F.
FERREIRA                               Americo A
FERREIRA                               Cidalia D. S.
FERREIRA                               Della
FERREIRA                               Mario D.
FERRY                                  Nellie G
FERRY CARTER                           Nellie G
FIEDERLEIN                             Eleanor
FIEDERLEIN                             Gustav
FIFTHIAN                               David
FIFTHIAN (RW)                          David
FILA                                   Bertha
FILA                                   Leo
FILA                                   Leo T.
FILER                                  Herbert
FILER                                  Jerusha
FILER                                  Samuel G.
FILER                                  Sarah
FILER                                  Theron A.
FILER                                  Thomas A.
FILMANSKI                              Elizabeth
FILMANSKI                              John
FILMANSKI                              Joseph
FINCH                                  Adelaide
FINCH                                  Frances
FINCH                                  Frederick
FINCH                                  George
FINCH                                  James B.
FINCH                                  Susan
FINNEN                                 Bertha
FINNEN                                 Blanche
FINNEN                                 Dorothy
FINNEN                                 Thomas J.
FINNEN (WWI)                           Thomas J
FIRMAN                                 Arthur B
FIRMAN                                 Arthur B
FIRMAN                                 Arthur B
FIRMAN                                 Gertrude
FIRMAN                                 Helen B
FIRMAN (WWII)                          Arthur B.
FISHER                                 Charles H.
FISHER                                 Charlotte C.
FISHER                                 Daniel W
FISHER                                 Elsie E
FISHER                                 Mary Louise
FISHER                                 Shirley
FISHER                                 Spencer
FISHER PERRY                           Shirley
FISZKA                                 Frank
FISZKA                                 Mary
FITHIAN                                Aaron
FLACK                                  Jennie
FLACK ATKINS                           Jennie
FLEMING                                Jethroe E
FLEMING (VN)                           Jethroe E
FLOWER                                 Bertha
FLOWER                                 Paul J
FLOYD                                  David Gelston
FLOYD                                  Grace
FLOYD                                  Julia
FLOYD                                  Lydia
FLOYD                                  Mary Augusta
FLOYD DELAFIELD                        Julia
FLYNN                                  Edmond A.
FLYNN                                  John (Pat)
FLYNN                                  William A.
FLYNN (WWII)                           Edmond A
FLYNN (WWII)                           William A
FORDHAM                                Andrew P
FORDHAM                                Fannie
FORDHAM                                Hannah
FORDHAM                                Ida
FORDHAM                                John
FORDHAM                                Lydia
FORDHAM                                Margaret
FORDHAM                                Mary
FORDHAM                                Mary
FORDHAM                                Mary
FORDHAM                                Thomas
FORDHAM CORWITH                        Mary
FORDHAM CORWITH                        Mary
FOSSETT                                G. Alison
FOSSETT                                Hettie K.
FOSTER                                 Abbie B.
FOSTER                                 Ada May
FOSTER                                 Adelaide Jane
FOSTER                                 Alonzo
FOSTER                                 Anna D.
FOSTER                                 Anna M.
FOSTER                                 Charles Benjamin
FOSTER                                 Cornelia
FOSTER                                 Edgar S.
FOSTER                                 Elizabeth
FOSTER                                 Ellen N.
FOSTER                                 Erastus
FOSTER                                 Esther
FOSTER                                 Flora R
FOSTER                                 George W.
FOSTER                                 Georgiana Alice
FOSTER                                 Grace
FOSTER                                 Hannah
FOSTER                                 Hannah Elizabeth
FOSTER                                 James F
FOSTER                                 Josiah
FOSTER                                 Josiah H.
FOSTER                                 Marguerite
FOSTER                                 Mary A.
FOSTER                                 Mary H
FOSTER                                 Mehetable
FOSTER                                 Paul
FOSTER                                 Samuel P.
FOSTER                                 Sarah
FOSTER                                 Sophia
FOSTER                                 Theodore
FOSTER                                 Theodore Symes
FOSTER                                 William
FOSTER                                 William A.
FOSTER                                 William S.
FOSTER (CW)                            Alonzo
FOSTER (WWI)                           Edgar S
FOSTER CARTER                          Adelaide Jane
FOSTER HERRICK                         Esther
FOSTER HERRICK                         Sophia
FOSTER MCLANE                          Grace
FOSTER PENNY                           Emma A.
FOSTER TOPPING                         Flora R.
FOSTINI                                Alta
FOSTINI                                Alta
FOSTINI                                John
FOSTINI                                Leopold
FOSTINI                                Raymond
FOSTINI                                Sabina
FOSTINI                                Terri
FOURNIER                               Ann E
FOURNIER                               Maria
FOURNIER REEVE                         Ann E.
FOURNIER REEVE                         Maria
FOUROS                                 Nicholas J
FOX                                    Genevieve
FOX                                    Lyttleton
FOX                                    Seymour
FOX (WWII)                             Seymour
FRANCIS                                Ami
FRANCIS                                Elmore M.
FRANCIS                                Frank A.
FRANCIS                                Leonard Leslie
FRANCIS (WWII)                         Leonard Leslie
FRANTZEN                               Nora A.
FRANTZEN                               O. Hugo
FRASER                                 Hugh B.
FRASER                                 Robert John
FREDERICKS                             George F
FREDERICKS (WWII)                      George F
FREEMAN                                Goldia
FREEMAN (KOR)                          Goldia
FREIBAND                               Frances
FREIBAND DAYTON                        Frances
FRENCH                                 Elva
FRENCH HALE                            Elva
FREY                                   Dorothea
FREY AUSTIN                            Dorothea
FRIEDBERG                              Dorit
FROBERG                                Henrik
FROBERG                                Shirley
FULLER                                 David R
FULLER                                 David R.
FULLER                                 George A
FULLER                                 George W
FULLER                                 Gertrude
FULLER                                 Gertrude
FULLER                                 Teresa A
FULLER (WWI)                           George W
FULLER (WWII)                          George A
FUOCO                                  Adeline
FUOCO                                  John
FURIA                                  Cheryl
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