Suffolk County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Suffolk County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

PACE                                   Alletta
PACE                                   Angelia
PACE                                   Joseph
PADGETT                                Elizabeth M.
PADGETT                                Robert G.
PAGE                                   Leslie M.
PALEMBAS                               Anton
PALEMBAS                               Katherine
PALIN                                  Clementina
PALIN MASSEY                           Clementina
PALMER                                 Harrison
PARADISE                               Ella
PARDEE                                 Rose M
PARDEE GERRY                           Rose M.
PARKER                                 Andrew E.
PARKER                                 Margaret
PARKER                                 Warren D.
PARKER (WWII)                          Andrew E
PARSHALL                               Israel
PARSON                                 Esther
PARSON                                 Samuel
PARSON BAKER                           Esther
PARSONS                                Charles Dayton
PARSONS                                Charles Sutherland
PARSONS                                Elles
PARSONS                                Harriet
PARSONS                                Mary
PARSONS                                Mary H
PARSONS                                Phebe
PARSONS                                Phebe P
PARSONS                                Sarah
PARSONS                                Sarah
PARSONS                                Seth
PARSONS OSBORN                         Phebe
PARTH                                  Harry
PATTISON                               Elizabeth
PATTISON                               John D.
PAUL                                   Nevare Apostolis
PAWLAK                                 Ryszard
PAWLOWYCH                              Rostyslaw
PAWLOWYCH (KOR)                        Rostyslaw
PAXTON                                 Mary
PAYNE                                  Bessie
PAYNE                                  Carolyn
PAYNE                                  Daughter
PAYNE                                  Edward
PAYNE                                  Electa
PAYNE                                  Emily
PAYNE                                  Gippie
PAYNE                                  Grace
PAYNE                                  Harmon
PAYNE                                  Harry
PAYNE                                  Jesse
PAYNE                                  Joseph
PAYNE                                  Katherine A.
PAYNE                                  Lottie
PAYNE                                  Mary
PAYNE                                  Mortimer
PAYNE                                  Ruth
PAYNE                                  Sarah
PAYNE                                  Virginia
PAYNE                                  William M.
PAYNE PHILLIPS                         Bessie
PAYNE ROSE                             Nancy E
PAYNE STEEVES                          Virginia
PEARL                                  Mary A.
PEARL JACOBS                           Mary A.
PEARSON                                Alma
PEARSON                                Sam
PECKHAM                                Catherine E
PECKHAM                                William H
PEDERSEN                               David George
PEDERSEN                               Frances M.
PENDER                                 Edward J.
PENDER                                 Levvie J.
PENDER                                 Mary F
PENDER                                 Willie E.
PENDZICK                               Annie M.
PENNENGA                               Lucy
PENNEWILL                              Bessie Margaret
PENNEWILL RICHARDSON                   Bessie Margaret
PENNEY                                 Roger H.
PENNINGTON                             William C.
PENNINGTON (SERV)                      William C.
PENNY                                  Alexander
PENNY                                  Alexander H.
PENNY                                  Alicia J.
PENNY                                  Allene S.
PENNY                                  Donald
PENNY                                  Emma A.
PENNY                                  Ethel
PENNY                                  Sarah E
PENNY                                  William
PENNY (CW)                             Alexander H
PENNY SQUIRES                          Sarah
PENNY WHITE                            Alicia J.
PENNYPACKER                            Ettie
PENNYPACKER                            Francis
PEPPER                                 John J.
PEREZ                                  Frank
PEREZ                                  Lucy
PERRY                                  Anna
PERRY                                  Arthur Madison
PERRY                                  Cynthia
PERRY                                  Fannie L
PERRY                                  Florence
PERRY                                  Fred
PERRY                                  Grace Marie
PERRY                                  Harry
PERRY                                  Henry
PERRY                                  Henry W
PERRY                                  Shirley
PERRY                                  William
PERRY JAEGER                           Grace Marie
PETERS                                 Albert
PETERS                                 Mary
PETERSON                               Eleanor
PETERSON                               Harriet
PETERSON ROBINSON                      Harriet
PETRATOS                               Kirakos
PETTENS                                Dora M
PETTENS                                Walter S.
PETTIT                                 Ada
PETTIT CORWIN                          Ada
PETTY                                  James
PETTY                                  William
PETTY                                  William
PFLIEGER                               Dorothy
PHILLIPS                               Bessie
PHILLIPS                               Charlotte
PHILLIPS                               Cora B
PHILLIPS                               Elsie W.
PHILLIPS                               Ethelyn
PHILLIPS                               Fred M.
PHILLIPS                               Grace M
PHILLIPS                               Jennie G.
PHILLIPS                               Mabel
PHILLIPS                               Thomas
PHILLIPS                               William H.
PHILLIPS SMITH                         Ethelyn
PHILLIPS WIGGINS                       Grace M.
PIAZZA                                 Joseph Robert
PIEKARSKI                              Edward
PIEKARSKI                              Eva
PIENITZ                                Walter A.
PIENITZ (WWII)                         Walter A
PIERSON                                Beatrice E
PIERSON                                Bertram
PIERSON                                Elisabeth
PIERSON                                Florence
PIERSON                                Fred R
PIERZECKI                              Helen
PIERZECKI                              Jan
PIGNATANO                              Anthony Dominick
PIGNATANO (KOR)                        Anthony Dominick
PINCH                                  Jane
PINCH TREVAIL                          Jane
PINTA                                  Mary
PINTA                                  Richard
PINTA                                  Richard T.
PINTA (VN)                             Richard T
PISANI                                 Cecelia
PISANI                                 Vincent
PIZZA                                  Edward
PIZZA (WWII)                           Edward
PLAINVER                               Elsa
PLAINVER                               George P.
PLAINVER                               Mathilde
PLAINVER                               Maurice
PLAINVER (WWII)                        George P.
PLEASANTS                              Ruth
PLISKO                                 Joseph
PLISKO                                 Ludmila
PLISKO                                 Meta
PLISKO                                 Nicholas
PLISKO                                 Victoria
PLUNKETT                               Anne C.
PLUNKETT                               Harold
PLUNKETT                               Oliver
PLUNKETT                               Thomas Patrick
PLUNKETT  (WWII)                       Harold
PLUNKETT  (WWII)                       Oliver
PLUNKETT  (WWII)                       Thomas Patrick
POKORNEY                               John
POKORNEY (WWII)                        John
POLAKIEWICZ                            Vincent
PORTER                                 Abby A
PORTER                                 David
PORTER                                 Emily
PORTER                                 Emily-Ann
PORTER                                 Hattie W
PORTER                                 Sarah Ann
PORTER ABBOTT                          Mamie A
POSNANSKI                              Harry
POST                                   Abigail
POST                                   Angeline
POST                                   Edward
POST                                   Jane S.
POST                                   John H.
POST                                   Mary
POTTER                                 Blanche
POTTER                                 Edward
POTTER                                 Frank
POTTER                                 Joseph
POTTER                                 Mary
POUNDING                               Anna
POUNDING                               Edward
POUNDING (CW)                          Edward
POWER                                  David J
POWER                                  Ethel S
PRACHER                                Jessica M.
PRAGER                                 Herman M.
PRAGER                                 Marian L.
PRECHTEL                               George
PRECHTEL                               Marie
PRESS                                  Geraldine
PRESTON                                Anna E.
PREUSSE                                Florence A
PREUSSE                                Otto J.
PRICE                                  Isaac
PRICE                                  Theodosia
PRICE WAGNER                           Theodosia
PRIEST                                 Emma
PRIEST KAY                             Emma
PROBY                                  Marguerite
PROBY HARDY                            Marguerite
PROUD                                  John
PROUD                                  Julia Ann
PRYCHIDNY                              Julia
PRYCHIDNY                              Nicholas
PUGLISI                                Caterina
PUGLISI                                Caterina
PULLEN                                 Howard D.
PULTA                                  Robert R.
PUTZKE                                 Edmund
PUTZKE                                 W. Josephine
PUUM                                   Elsa K.
PUUM                                   Konstantin
QUINBY                                 Alfred
QUINBY                                 Louise
QUINBY                                 Susan
QUINN                                  Doris G
RACKETT                                Althea L
RACKETT                                Arletta
RACKETT CONKLIN                        Arletta
RACKETT HAND                           Althea L.
RACKOW                                 Margaret
RAFFEL                                 Helen
RAFFEL                                 William
RAGE                                   Henry B.
RAGE                                   Joseph
RAGE                                   Mary M.
RAKERS                                 James F.
RAKERS                                 Loretta
RAMSHAW                                Edward T.
RAMSHAW (WWII)                         Edward T
RANDALL                                Marion
RANDALL WEIBEL                         Marion
RANDELL                                David Edward
RANDELL                                Emma A.
RAULT                                  Georgette
RAYNOR                                 Ada
RAYNOR                                 Angeline
RAYNOR                                 Ann M.
RAYNOR                                 Anna M
RAYNOR                                 Anna W
RAYNOR                                 Archie W
RAYNOR                                 Augustus
RAYNOR                                 Caleb S.
RAYNOR                                 Charles R
RAYNOR                                 Clifton G.
RAYNOR                                 Congetta
RAYNOR                                 Denis
RAYNOR                                 Effie M
RAYNOR                                 Elisha
RAYNOR                                 Elsworth
RAYNOR                                 Eunice Shirley
RAYNOR                                 Francis H
RAYNOR                                 Frank
RAYNOR                                 George
RAYNOR                                 George C
RAYNOR                                 Gerald T
RAYNOR                                 Grace A
RAYNOR                                 Grace H.
RAYNOR                                 Harold E.
RAYNOR                                 Harrison
RAYNOR                                 Henry
RAYNOR                                 Henry W.
RAYNOR                                 Howard
RAYNOR                                 Huldah A.
RAYNOR                                 Irene
RAYNOR                                 Jacob A
RAYNOR                                 James
RAYNOR                                 Jemima
RAYNOR                                 Johiel
RAYNOR                                 John
RAYNOR                                 Maisie
RAYNOR                                 Margit
RAYNOR                                 Marion
RAYNOR                                 Martha
RAYNOR                                 Mary A.
RAYNOR                                 Mary B.
RAYNOR                                 Mary J
RAYNOR                                 Mary M
RAYNOR                                 Matilda
RAYNOR                                 Mercy
RAYNOR                                 Morris
RAYNOR                                 Nancy C
RAYNOR                                 Oliver J.
RAYNOR                                 Our Baby
RAYNOR                                 Ruth
RAYNOR                                 William
RAYNOR (WWI)                           Archie W
RAYNOR ROBINSON                        Mary J.
REDDALL                                Henry Hastings
REDDALL                                Janet
REDDALL                                John Gordon
REDDALL                                John William
REDDALL                                John William, II
REDDALL                                Mabel Ayres
REDDALL                                Margaret
REDDALL                                Margaret
REDDALL                                May Eloise
REDDALL SHAW                           Mabel Ayres
REDDY                                  Francis J
REDDY (KOR)                            Francis J
REDER                                  Elsie C
REDER                                  William E
REED                                   Charles Morton, Jr.
REED                                   Dian
REED                                   Ruth
REEVE                                  Addison S.
REEVE                                  Ann E.
REEVE                                  Benjamin E. W.
REEVE                                  Benjamin H.
REEVE                                  Blanche
REEVE                                  Charles H.
REEVE                                  Charles M.
REEVE                                  D P
REEVE                                  Daniel P.
REEVE                                  David
REEVE                                  Dora M
REEVE                                  Eliza A.
REEVE                                  Emilie E.
REEVE                                  Emily
REEVE                                  Evelen
REEVE                                  Florence S.
REEVE                                  Frances T.
REEVE                                  Frank Y
REEVE                                  George
REEVE                                  George C.
REEVE                                  Helen
REEVE                                  Henry G.
REEVE                                  Henry W,
REEVE                                  Ila F.
REEVE                                  Infant Daughter
REEVE                                  Isabella
REEVE                                  J Evieline
REEVE                                  Jeremiah
REEVE                                  John Y.
REEVE                                  Louisa S.
REEVE                                  Marcus H.
REEVE                                  Maria
REEVE                                  Minor B
REEVE                                  Moses B.
REEVE                                  Orianna
REEVE                                  Shirley
REEVE (CW)                             Minor B
REEVE CUNNINGHAM                       Ila F.
REEVE LUTZ                             Shirley
REEVE PETTENS                          Dora M
REILL COSTA                            Cornelia
REILLY                                 Elsie S
REILLY                                 John G
REMINGTON                              Sarah S
REMSEN                                 Emma
REMSEN HEDGER                          Emma
RENAGHAN                               Margaret B
RENAGHAN                               Thomas C.
RETZOS                                 Alice
REWINSKI                               Ethel A.
RICCI                                  Celsina
RICCI                                  Larry J.
RICCIO                                 Salvatore
RICCIO (WWI)                           Salvatore
RICCIUTI                               Camille M.
RICCIUTI                               Paul J. Jr
RICCIUTI (WWII)                        Paul J Jr
RICHARDSON                             Bessie Margaret
RICHARDSON                             Christopher
RICHARDSON                             Gladys
RICHARDSON                             Harvey Pruitt
RICHARDSON                             Richard Pruitt
RIEDELL                                Marian Millard
RIGGIO                                 Salvatore
RIGGIO (WWI)                           Salvatore
RIGHTOR III                            Nicholas
RIGLICK                                Lillian
RITCHIE                                H. David
RITCHIE                                Hermon David
RITCHIE                                Jane
RITCHIE (WWII)                         Hermon David
RIZZO                                  Mary C.
RIZZO                                  Phillip
RIZZO                                  Thomas P
ROBINSON                               Allan Ray
ROBINSON                               Alonzo M.
ROBINSON                               Ann M.
ROBINSON                               Annie B.
ROBINSON                               Arvesta J.
ROBINSON                               Christopher S.
ROBINSON                               Daisy L.
ROBINSON                               Eckford
ROBINSON                               Edward V.
ROBINSON                               Emma J.
ROBINSON                               Frances
ROBINSON                               Hamilton
ROBINSON                               Harriet
ROBINSON                               Huldah
ROBINSON                               Irene C
ROBINSON                               Jane L.
ROBINSON                               Joseph
ROBINSON                               Mary A.
ROBINSON                               Mary J.
ROBINSON                               Nettie A.
ROBINSON                               Parker
ROBINSON                               Parker S.
ROBINSON                               Webster S.
ROBINSON                               William
ROBINSON (CW)                          Eckford
ROBINSON (VN)                          William
ROBINSON MOTT                          Arvesta J.
ROBINSON MYERS                         Frances
ROBINSON RAYNOR                        Ann M.
ROCHE                                  Jeannette C.
ROCHE                                  William A.
ROCKWELL                               George D.
ROCKWELL                               Hattie C.
ROE                                    Amy
ROE HOWELL                             Amy
ROECKL                                 Kathleen
ROECKL                                 Otto
ROGERS                                 Abbie
ROGERS                                 Abbie
ROGERS                                 Charles Henry
ROGERS                                 Fannie Harriet
ROGERS                                 Frances
ROGERS                                 Hannah
ROGERS                                 Herman H.
ROGERS                                 Infant
ROGERS                                 John
ROGERS                                 Jonah
ROGERS                                 Lizzie
ROGERS                                 Louisa
ROGERS                                 Mary
ROGERS                                 Mary
ROGERS                                 Mary
ROGERS                                 Mary H
ROGERS                                 Phebe
ROGERS                                 Phebe A.
ROGERS                                 Sarah
ROGERS                                 Sarah Matilda
ROGERS                                 William H.
ROGERS BISHOP                          Phebe
ROGERS COOK                            Mary
ROGERS FOSTER                          Mary H
ROGERS HALSEY                          Louisa
ROGERS JESSUP                          Fannie Harriet
ROLLE                                  Alexander
ROLLE                                  Florence
ROLLE                                  Henry
ROLLE                                  Stanley
ROMANOSKI                              Joseph F.
ROMANOSKI                              Martaret
ROSE                                   Abraham
ROSE                                   Abraham
ROSE                                   Abraham
ROSE                                   Alicia E.
ROSE                                   Anna
ROSE                                   Courtland W
ROSE                                   Dennis Dewey
ROSE                                   Eliza
ROSE                                   Emma L.
ROSE                                   Ernestine
ROSE                                   Frederick H.
ROSE                                   Hannah
ROSE                                   Hannah T.
ROSE                                   Helen
ROSE                                   Hervey
ROSE                                   Hervey S.
ROSE                                   Jane
ROSE                                   Laura
ROSE                                   Mary S.
ROSE                                   Nancy E
ROSE                                   Robert R. Jr.
ROSE                                   Ruth
ROSE                                   Thomas B
ROSE (SERV)                            Dennis Dewey
ROSE WHITE                             Jane
ROSS                                   Marian
ROSS                                   Mary Jane
ROSS                                   Thomas F.
ROSSET                                 Althea R
ROSSET                                 Ernest
ROSSET                                 Rose
ROTHERMEL                              Pauline H
ROTHERMEL END                          Pauline H.
ROUDEBUSH                              Vallory
ROUDEBUSH                              Vallry
ROUKE                                  Nellie M
ROWE                                   Bessie
ROWE                                   Bessie
ROWE                                   Lawrence
ROWE                                   Lawrence
ROWE                                   Lawrence
ROWE                                   Lawrence
ROWLAND                                Florence
ROWLAND                                Theodore S.
RUBESH                                 Haley Ann
RUDD                                   John W.
RUDD (CW)                              John W
RULAND                                 Phebe R
RULAND CARTER                          Phebe R
RUSSELL                                Frances
RUSSELL                                Frazier
RUSSELL (CW)                           Frazier
RUSSELL JENNINGS                       Frances
RUTHINOSKI                             Edward
RUTHINOSKI                             Genevieve
RYCHLINSKI                             John
RYCHLINSKI                             Joseph
RYCHLINSKI                             Mary
RYCHLINSKI                             Mary L.
RYDER                                  Juanita
RYDER SMITH                            Juanita
RYKACZEWISKA                           Frank
SABLE                                  Charles G.
SABLE (WWII)                           Charles G
SACHAK                                 Karen A.
SACKSON                                David
SACKSON                                Nancy
SADOWSKI                               Mary
SADOWSKI DANOWSKI                      Mary
SALAMONE                               Deborah L.
SALOMONE                               John
SAMMIS                                 Carolyn
SAMMIS PAYNE                           Carolyn
SANDSTROM                              Edmund T
SANDSTROM                              Helen T
SANFORD                                Abraham Lewis
SANFORD                                Daniel H.
SANFORD                                Dolly
SANFORD                                Edward
SANFORD                                Ellen M
SANFORD                                Eva
SANFORD                                Joel
SANFORD                                Jonah
SANFORD                                Juliet
SANFORD                                Mary M.
SANFORD                                Phebe A
SANFORD                                Robert
SANFORD                                Sophia B.
SANFORD CONKLIN                        Ellen M
SANTOS                                 Guillermina
SANTOS                                 Manuel
SAUTER                                 Catherine
SAUTER                                 Stephen
SAWYER                                 Edmond A
SAWYER                                 Emma C
SAWYER                                 Nancy A.
SAWYER (CW)                            Edmond A
SAWYER CHESHIRE                        Emma C
SAYRE                                  Abraham
SAYRE                                  Amanda M
SAYRE                                  Cora J.
SAYRE                                  Edith B.
SAYRE                                  Edith B.
SAYRE                                  Edward
SAYRE                                  Edward F.
SAYRE                                  Eliza
SAYRE                                  Elmer H.
SAYRE                                  Elmer H.
SAYRE                                  Harry B
SAYRE                                  Henriette W.
SAYRE                                  Joseph
SAYRE                                  Mary
SAYRE                                  Mary
SAYRE                                  Mary Ann
SAYRE                                  Mary Jane
SAYRE                                  Mary M.
SAYRE                                  Matthew
SAYRE                                  Matthew Henry
SAYRE                                  Matthew Henry
SAYRE                                  Oliver
SAYRE                                  Pamela
SAYRE                                  Thomas F.
SAYRE (CW)                             Matthew Henry
SCHAEFFLER                             Anna M.
SCHAEFFLER                             John M.
SCHAEFFLER (SERV)                      John M
SCHAIBLE                               Jacob
SCHAIBLE                               Katherine
SCHELLINGER                            Ellen F.
SCHELLINGER                            George Stratton
SCHELLINGER                            Georgia A.
SCHELLINGER                            Jacob M.
SCHELLINGER                            Oscar Halsey
SCHELLINGER                            Sarah
SCHENCK                                Grace A
SCHENCK KULYNYCH                       Grace A.
SCHENKER                               Samuel
SCHENKER (WWI)                         Samuel
SCHERZER                               Barbara
SCHEUERING                             Frank
SCHEUERING                             Mae
SCHIRO                                 Grace C.
SCHIRO                                 Lawrence
SCHMEIZER                              Inge
SCHMELZER                              George Lindgren
SCHMITT                                Katherine
SCHMITT SCHAIBLE                       Katherine
SCHNECKENDORF                          Katherine Rose
SCHNECKENDORF                          Margaret
SCHNEIDER                              Harrison
SCHNEIDER                              Margaret
SCHOY                                  Anna Marae
SCHOY                                  Henry Albert
SCHOY                                  Kletus
SCHRODER                               Gunnar
SCHRODER                               Hedvig
SCHRODER                               Hulda E
SCHRODER                               Oscar F
SCHUCK                                 Anna
SCHUCK                                 Casper
SCHUCK                                 Mabel
SCHULZE                                William J.
SCHULZE                                William J.
SCHUR                                  Gula Frances
SCHWAB                                 Charles M
SEAMAN                                 Hannah S.
SEAMAN                                 John J
SEAMAN                                 Velnette
SEAMAN BLACK                           Hannah S.
SEAMAN DIMON                           Velnette
SECTION                                130
SEGUIN                                 Katharine
SEGUIN SMITH                           Katharine
SELKIRK                                Alma
SELKIRK DALRYMPLE                      Alma
SENDLENSKI                             Carol
SENDLENSKI                             Edna
SENDLENSKI                             Minnie
SENDLENSKI                             Theodore
SENDLENSKI                             William
SENNER                                 Carl E.
SEPKO                                  Stanley
SHALVEY                                Mary
SHALVEY                                Winifred
SHATTUCK                               Careene Mae
SHATTUCK KARBAN                        Careene Mae
SHAW                                   Daniel
SHAW                                   Mabel Ayres
SHAW                                   Osborn
SHAW                                   Sarah Jane
SHAWNEE                                Agnes Mary
SHEA                                   Catherine
SHEPARD                                Elizabeth F.
SHEPARD                                William S
SHERILL                                Jemima
SHERILL BARNES                         Jemima
SHERMAN                                Alfred C
SHERMAN                                Asenetha A
SHERMAN                                Betseh J
SHERMAN                                Fannie M
SHERMAN                                Frances M.
SHERMAN                                Janette
SHERMAN                                Jasen M
SHERMAN                                Lyman G.
SHERMAN                                Silas E
SHERMAN (WWI)                          Alfred C
SHERRILL                               Charles Hitchcock
SHERRILL                               Florence
SHERRILL                               George
SHERRILL                               Gibbs Wynkoop
SHERRILL                               Jacob
SHERRILL                               Stephen
SHERRILL ROWLAND                       Florence
SHERWOOD                               Louise Rose
SHIELDS                                James C.
SHIELDS                                Kathryn M.
SHILAND                                Margaret
SHILAND BULLIONS                       Margaret
SIBBERS                                Marlene
SIDOR                                  Bertha P.
SIDOR                                  Bruno A.
SIKORSKA                               Victoria
SILZ                                   Ethel J.
SILZ                                   Marcel A.
SIMMONS                                Carlos M Jr
SIMMONS (SERV)                         Carlos M
SIMONETTI                              Olympia L
SIMONETTI NORMANDY                     Olympia L.
SIMPSON                                David
SIMPSON                                John
SIMPSON                                Mildred
SINCLAIR                               Carl J.
SINCLAIR                               Louise A
SINCLAIR                               Rose Marie T.
SINCLAIR HANSEN                        Louise A.
SISSON                                 Maggie
SISSON DAVIS                           Maggie
SKARSTEN                               Astri
SKARSTEN                               Karl
SKIDMORE                               Archer L.
SKIDMORE                               Carolyn M.
SKIDMORE                               Eliza C.
SKIDMORE                               Emily  J.
SKIDMORE                               George
SKIDMORE                               George
SKIDMORE                               Grace
SKIDMORE                               Helen P
SKIDMORE                               Horace
SKIDMORE                               Jarvis
SKIDMORE                               Jesse
SKIDMORE                               Joanna
SKIDMORE                               Sarah
SKIDMORE                               William J.
SKIDMORE HOWELL                        Helen P
SKIPKA                                 Lottie
SKIPKA                                 Walter
SKOWRONSKI                             Anna
SKOWRONSKI                             Stanley
SLADE                                  Ernest A.
SLADE                                  Ruth A.
SMITH                                  Alice O.
SMITH                                  Althea E
SMITH                                  Arthur P
SMITH                                  Belle N
SMITH                                  Betsey M.
SMITH                                  Blanche
SMITH                                  Calvin Otis
SMITH                                  Carolyn
SMITH                                  Catharine
SMITH                                  Charles A
SMITH                                  Charles R
SMITH                                  Charlotte
SMITH                                  Charlotte A.
SMITH                                  Edna
SMITH                                  Edward
SMITH                                  Elmore
SMITH                                  Ethelyn
SMITH                                  Etta
SMITH                                  Francis
SMITH                                  Franklin
SMITH                                  George L.
SMITH                                  Hannah
SMITH                                  Harry I
SMITH                                  Henrietta
SMITH                                  Ida
SMITH                                  Ida
SMITH                                  Ida M
SMITH                                  James
SMITH                                  Jeannette
SMITH                                  Jennie M
SMITH                                  Jessica M.
SMITH                                  John Henry
SMITH                                  John J.
SMITH                                  John P.
SMITH                                  Juanita
SMITH                                  Katharine
SMITH                                  Louis L
SMITH                                  Louise
SMITH                                  Lydia
SMITH                                  Marion
SMITH                                  May Eloise
SMITH                                  Myrtle
SMITH                                  Nelson G.
SMITH                                  Rachel C
SMITH                                  Rachel L.
SMITH                                  Robert
SMITH                                  Robert M.
SMITH                                  Russell M.
SMITH                                  Sarah
SMITH                                  Sidney
SMITH                                  Stanford B.
SMITH                                  Theodosia M.
SMITH                                  Truman T.
SMITH                                  William H.
SMITH                                  William W
SMITH (CW)                             William H
SMITH (KOR)                            John J
SMITH (KOR)                            John P
SMITH (WWII)                           Calvin Otis
SMITH (WWII)                           John J
SMITH (WWII)                           John P
SMITH (WWII)                           Louise
SMITH (WWII)                           Russell M
SMITH CORWIN                           Henrietta
SMITH FLOYD                            Lydia
SMITH MALONE                           Ida
SMITH MALONE                           Ida
SMITH PRACHER                          Jessica M.
SMITH REDDALL                          May Eloise
SMITH WHITE                            Rachel C
SMOLENSKI                              Vincent
SMULLEN                                Mary T
SMULLEN                                Thomas J
SNYDER                                 Charles
SNYDER                                 Mary
SODAL                                  Joseph M.
SODAL                                  Joseph M.
SODAL                                  Mary C.
SOUTH                                  Cora
SOUTH WRIGHT                           Cora
SOWINSKI                               Sophia T.
SOWINSKI                               Walter J.
SOWINSKY                               John J.
SOWINSKY                               Lottie T.
SPADAFORA                              Benedict J.
SPADAFORA (WWII)                       Benedict J.
SPEAR                                  Emeline
SPELLMAN                               Violet
SPELLMAN ZALOGA                        Violet
SPITZNAGEL                             Edward
SPITZNAGEL                             Vera
SPRAGUE                                Jessica
SPRING                                 Lindley
SQUIRES                                Alice R.
SQUIRES                                Allen P
SQUIRES                                Alvin
SQUIRES                                Barnabas
SQUIRES                                Catharine
SQUIRES                                Charry
SQUIRES                                Chauncy W.
SQUIRES                                Clarissa A
SQUIRES                                Elles
SQUIRES                                Ellis
SQUIRES                                Ellis
SQUIRES                                Ellis
SQUIRES                                Georgiana Alice
SQUIRES                                Grace
SQUIRES                                Guy
SQUIRES                                Harold W.
SQUIRES                                Jetur
SQUIRES                                Joshua W.
SQUIRES                                Julia
SQUIRES                                Leander
SQUIRES                                Leroy H.
SQUIRES                                Lucy
SQUIRES                                Marian Millard
SQUIRES                                Mary
SQUIRES                                Mary
SQUIRES                                Mary E
SQUIRES                                May E.
SQUIRES                                Naoma
SQUIRES                                Phoebe
SQUIRES                                Rebecca
SQUIRES                                Rogers F.
SQUIRES                                Roland E.
SQUIRES                                Sarah
SQUIRES                                Theron W,
SQUIRES (CW)                           Leroy H
SQUIRES FOSTER                         Georgiana Alice
SQUIRES RIEDELL                        Marian Millard
ST. CLAIR                              Eva
ST. CLAIR SANFORD                      Eva
STAAS                                  Elizabeth
STAAS                                  Sylvia
STANDISH                               Steven D
STANLEY                                Margaret
STANLEY                                Russell
STARK                                  Beatrice D.
STARK                                  Harry E.
STEADMAN                               Ann
STEADMAN                               Joseph T.
STEADMAN (WWII)                        Joseph T
STECK                                  Calista R.
STECK                                  Ernest
STECK                                  John
STEEVES                                Earle
STEEVES                                Virginia
STEINECKE                              George
STELZER                                Louis
STELZER                                Vivian
STENSIN                                Eliza
STENSIN GARDINER                       Eliza
STEPHENS                               Elizabeth
STEPNOSKI                              Albert
STEPNOSKI                              Bertha
STEVENS                                Catherine
STEVENS                                Charles
STEVENS                                Charles
STEVENS                                Margarette
STEVENS                                William
STEVENS                                William
STEVENS                                Winfield
STEWART                                Hattie
STIFTER                                Adeline Y
STIFTER                                George L
STIFTER                                Mary
STIFTER                                Paul A
STIMPSON                               Elaine
STODDARD                               Helen M
STODDARD                               William Henry
STOKLEY                                Elsie E
STOKLEY                                John G
STORER                                 Ann M
STORER                                 James B.
STORER (CW)                            James B
STORMARK                               Francine N.
STORMARK                               Irving M.
STORMARK                               Ruth C.
STRATTON                               Ella
STRATTON                               Fanny
STRATTON                               Lydia
STRATTON                               Mary B.
STRATTON                               William
STRAVINCKAS                            Elizabeth
STRAVINCKAS                            Joseph
STREICH                                Alma A
STREICH CLIFFORD                       Alma A.
STRIANO                                Eleanor
STRIANO                                Frank
STRICKLAND                             Lawrence Haines
STRINGER                               Sheila
STRONG                                 Abigail
STRONG                                 Annette B
STRONG                                 Catherine A.
STRONG                                 Deborah
STRONG                                 Edward
STRONG                                 Frances C
STRONG                                 Frances M
STRONG                                 George E.
STRONG                                 Hannah
STRONG                                 Henriette W
STRONG                                 Lillian M.
STRONG                                 Samuel E
STRONG                                 William
STRONG                                 William A
STRONG SAYRE                           Henriette W.
STUBENDEK                              Anne
STUEBE                                 Gerard O.
STUEBE                                 Rolene
STURCKE                                Julia K.
STURCKE                                Julia K.
STURCKE                                Peter
STURCKE                                Peter
STYPULKOWSKI                           Margaret
STYPULKOWSKI                           Walenty
SULLIVAN                               Michael D.
SURPRENANT                             Edgar J
SURPRENANT                             Enid
SWANK                                  Barbara
SWEENEY                                Margaret
SWEENY                                 John D
SWEENY                                 Phebe Jane
SWEET                                  Alexander S
SWEET                                  Allan J
SWEET                                  Nora H
SWEET (WWI)                            Alexander S
SWEET (WWII)                           Allan J
SWEEZY                                 Mary
SWEEZY                                 Richard
SYDLOWSKI                              Helen
SYDLOWSKI REEVE                        Helen
SYKES                                  Frances M.
SYNNOTT                                Robert
SYRAKOWSKI                             John E.
SYRAKOWSKI                             Joseph W.
SYRAKOWSKI                             Michael S.
SYRAKOWSKI                             Vera
SZCZEPANKOWSKI                         John S
SZCZEPANKOWSKI                         Paul E
SZCZYYGIEL                             Alexandra
SZTUKA                                 Frances Catherine
SZTUKA                                 Katherine
SZTUKA                                 Walter John
TAGLIAVIA                              Kevin Michael
TAKATS                                 Ester
TAKATS                                 Martin
TAKATS                                 Steve
TALIERCIO                              Mike
TALMAGE                                Babe
TALMAGE                                Caroline Bishop
TALMAGE                                Emily T.
TALMAGE                                Hannah
TALMAGE                                Janice T.
TALMAGE                                Janine A.
TALMAGE                                Nathaniel A.
TALMAGE HULSE                          Caroline Bishop
TANENBAUM                              Morris
TANGELL                                Frank
TANGELL                                Grace E.
TASKER                                 Arthur M
TASKER                                 Ethel L
TASKER                                 Robert W.
TASKER                                 Ruth W
TASKER (WWII)                          Robert W
TATARONIA                              Terry
TAUNTON                                Infant Boy
TAYLOR                                 Alberta F
TAYLOR                                 Hattie F
TAYLOR                                 Hattie L.
TAYLOR                                 Jonnie O.
TAYLOR DAYTON                          Hattie F.
TERBEL                                 Mary
TERBELL                                Mary
TERBELL                                William
TERBELL                                William
TERRY                                  Abigail
TERRY                                  Albert D
TERRY                                  Amy M
TERRY                                  Ann Augusta
TERRY                                  Ann Janet
TERRY                                  Bethiah
TERRY                                  C. Estelle
TERRY                                  Catherine B
TERRY                                  Columbus F
TERRY                                  D. Douglas
TERRY                                  Daniel
TERRY                                  Daniel
TERRY                                  Daniel C
TERRY                                  Edgar
TERRY                                  Edgar
TERRY                                  Elizabeth L.
TERRY                                  Emily
TERRY                                  Fannie
TERRY                                  Frank L
TERRY                                  George A
TERRY                                  George Addison
TERRY                                  Georgianna
TERRY                                  Harold J.
TERRY                                  Hattie
TERRY                                  Ida J
TERRY                                  Ida J.
TERRY                                  Infant
TERRY                                  Infant Son
TERRY                                  Irena
TERRY                                  Irena
TERRY                                  James
TERRY                                  Jane E
TERRY                                  Jerusha
TERRY                                  John B
TERRY                                  Lavinia E.
TERRY                                  Llewellyn F.
TERRY                                  Louise C.
TERRY                                  Margaret
TERRY                                  Mary R.
TERRY                                  Orianna
TERRY                                  Richard
TERRY                                  Richard W
TERRY                                  Sally
TERRY                                  Silas
TERRY                                  Teresa A.
TERRY (CW)                             Columbus F
TERRY CORWIN                           Georgianna
TERRY JENNINGS                         Ida J
TERRY JENNINGS                         Ida J.
TERRY REEVE                            Orianna
THAW                                   Gladys B.
THAW                                   William
THAW                                   William
THEODOROU                              Nicole
THOGODE                                William
THOGODE BARKER                         Bertha
THOMAS                                 Mary T.
THOMAS                                 Missouri T.
THOMAS                                 Theodore Gaillard
THOMPSON                               Alanson H.
THOMPSON                               Annie J.
THOMPSON                               Evelyn
THOMPSON                               Jack
THOMPSON                               Martha
THOMPSON                               Sarah
THOMPSON                               Sarah
THOMPSON COYLE                         Martha
THOMPSON GARDINER                      Sarah
THOMPSON GARDINER                      Sarah
THORNE                                 Blanche
THORNHILL                              Maria L
TIBBS                                  Ellen Berrien
TIBBS HURLEY                           Ellen Berrien
TICHY                                  Marilyn M
TIERNEY                                Catherine A.
TIERNEY                                James J.
TILLINGHAST                            Henry
TILTON                                 Grace
TILTON SQUIRES                         Grace
TINTLE                                 Margaret
TINTLE                                 William F., Sr.
TITUS BESS                             Mary Jane
TOMLINSON                              Alba
TOMLINSON                              Everard
TOOKER                                 Carrie G.
TOOKER                                 Elisabeth Jane
TOOKER                                 Elizabeth J.
TOOKER                                 Everette H
TOOKER                                 Fannie B.
TOOKER                                 Henry B
TOOKER                                 Henry B.
TOOKER                                 Ira B.
TOOKER                                 Lizzie D.
TOOKER                                 Robert L.
TOOKER                                 Rosalind B.
TOOKER                                 Rosalind B.
TOOKER                                 Stephanie Lynn
TOOKER                                 William D.
TOOKER                                 Zophar C.
TOPOOZIAN                              Mehran
TOPOOZIAN                              Stella
TOPPING                                Elizabeth
TOPPING                                Flora R.
TOPPING                                Irena
TOPPING                                John
TOPPING                                Rebeckah
TOPPING                                Rebeckah
TOPPING                                Smith S.
TOPPING BENNETT                        Irena
TORRE                                  Helen
TORRE                                  Joseph
TORRE (KOR)                            Joseph
TORREY                                 Helen
TORREY                                 Henry Cutler
TOSCANI                                Richard Charles
TOSCANI (VN)                           Richard Charles
TOSNER                                 Eileen M.
TOSNER                                 Frank C.
TOSNER (WWII)                          Frank C
TOWN                                   John H. T.
TOWN                                   Loretta C.
TOWNSEND                               Adele
TOWNSEND                               Louise
TOWNSEND                               Ray
TOWNSEND (WWI)                         Ray
TRAFFORD                               Evelyn
TRAFFORD                               Lester J
TREMBSKI                               Anna
TREMBSKI                               Antone
TREVAIL                                James V.
TREVAIL                                Jane
TREVAIL                                John
TRIMM                                  Leona
TROMBETTA                              Guy R
TROMBETTA                              Ida C
TROSKI                                 Vincent F
TROY                                   Alexander E
TROY                                   Stephanie
TROYAN                                 Lucy P.
TROYAN                                 William A.
TUCKER                                 Mary E.
TUCKER                                 Richard
TUCKER (WWII)                          Richard
TULLOCH                                Isabella
TULLOCH                                Peter
TULPINSKI                              Anna
TULPINSKI GATES                        Anna
TUNNEY                                 Kathleen P.
TUNNEY                                 William J.
TURNDAHL                               Harold
TURNDAHL                               Mary
TURNER                                 Dewey Walter
TURNER                                 Emma A
TURNER                                 George P
TURNER                                 Henry L
TURNER (WWI)                           Dewey Walter
TURNER BEEBE                           Emma A
TUTHILL                                Annie F
TUTHILL                                Charlotte
TUTHILL                                Charry B.
TUTHILL                                Eliza A
TUTHILL                                Emma Z.
TUTHILL                                Gene
TUTHILL                                Henry Warren
TUTHILL                                J Henry
TUTHILL                                Leone
TUTHILL                                Lisa D.
TUTHILL                                Lydia M
TUTHILL                                Lydia M.
TUTHILL                                Madeline Y
TUTHILL                                Marguerite
TUTHILL                                Mary
TUTHILL                                Mary
TUTHILL                                Mehetabel
TUTHILL                                Nellie L.
TUTHILL                                O.
TUTHILL                                Olin P
TUTHILL                                Orange
TUTHILL                                Orange H.
TUTHILL                                Orange H.
TUTHILL                                Rosamond
TUTHILL                                Sherwood
TUTHILL                                Thomas
TUTHILL                                Walter B.
TUTHILL GRIFFING                       Charry B.
TUTHILL GRIFFING                       Eliza A
TUTTLE                                 Annette
TUTTLE                                 Benjamin
TUTTLE                                 Berry L.
TUTTLE                                 Bessie M
TUTTLE                                 Irene C
TUTTLE                                 Jane L
TUTTLE                                 Lucinda
TUTTLE                                 Nancy
TUTTLE                                 W. Guertin
TUTTLE                                 Wilbert R
TUTTLE ROBINSON                        Irene C
TUTTLE ROBINSON                        Jane L.
TUTTLE SACKSON                         Nancy
TWOMEY                                 Elizabeth
TWOMEY                                 Joseph
TWOMEY DRUM                            Mary
TYLER                                  Gardiner
TYLER                                  Lilian
TYLER                                  Margaret
TYLER                                  Margaret
TYNIEC                                 Katherine
TYNIEC SZTUKA                          Katherine
TYSKA                                  Clara
TYSKA                                  Joseph
TYTE                                   Alexander
TYTE                                   Harriet
TYTE                                   Matthew R.
TYTE                                   Naomi Ruth
UHLMANN                                Erna E
UHLMANN                                Fritz O.
ULLMANN                                Evelyn
ULLMANN                                William
UNKNOWN                                Tracy A
URBAN                                  Anthony
URBAN                                  Caroline
URBAN                                  Frank
URBAN                                  Katherine M.
URBAN                                  Marion
URGOLA                                 Anna
VAIL                                   Ada C
VAIL                                   Ada E
VAIL                                   Anna C
VAIL                                   Annette
VAIL                                   Arabella
VAIL                                   Arabella
VAIL                                   Carrie
VAIL                                   Catherine J.
VAIL                                   Charles L.
VAIL                                   Charles S
VAIL                                   Charlotte
VAIL                                   Elizabeth B
VAIL                                   Ella R.
VAIL                                   Flora
VAIL                                   Franklin
VAIL                                   George R
VAIL                                   George W
VAIL                                   Harriett
VAIL                                   Henry
VAIL                                   Henry Brown
VAIL                                   James
VAIL                                   James Alonzo
VAIL                                   James Alonzo
VAIL                                   Jennie M
VAIL                                   John R.
VAIL                                   Joseph W.
VAIL                                   Lena
VAIL                                   Lena
VAIL                                   Nancy
VAIL                                   Ralph
VAIL                                   Raymond
VAIL                                   Raymond H
VAIL                                   Sarah E
VAIL (CW)                              henry
VAIL ADAMS                             Mary L.
VAIL DOWNS                             Sarah E
VAIL LATHAM                            Carrie
VALDES                                 Jessie
VALDES                                 Philip
VAN HOESEN                             Charles
VAN HOESEN                             Griffith
VAN HOESEN                             Griffith
VAN HOESEN                             Violet
VAN SCOY                               Mary G.
VAN SICKLEN                            Charles W.
VAN SICKLEN                            Mary F.
VANHORNE                               Helen Marshall
VASSALLO                               Adeline
VASSALLO                               Anthony L.
VASSALLO                               Theresa R.
VERDON                                 Blanche
VERDON                                 William H.
VERDON (WWII)                          William H
VERITY                                 Agnes M.
VERITY                                 Charles R.
VERITY                                 George S.
VERITY                                 Vera G.
VERREY                                 Dorothy T
VERREY                                 Raymond T
VERREY                                 Raymond W
VERRINE                                Constant Jr
VERRINE (WWII)                         Constant
VICKERMAN                              Dian
VICKERMAN                              Warren Potter
VICKERMAN II                           Robert Edward
VICKERMAN REED                         Dian
VINCENT                                Adrian F
VINCENT                                Archibald
VINCENT                                Ella J
VINCENT                                Joseph F
VINCENT                                Mary
VOLL                                   Henry
VOLL                                   Margaret
VOORHEES                               Jane
VOORHEES WYLIE                         Jane
VOSE                                   Mollie
VOSE DOUGHERTY                         Mollie
WAGNER                                 Edward
WAGNER                                 Elizabeth
WAGNER                                 Ernest Charles
WAGNER                                 Philip
WAGNER                                 Phyllis
WAGNER                                 Theodosia
WAGNER COLLINS                         Phyllis
WALKER                                 Charles E
WALKER (SERV)                          Charles E
WALKMAN                                John
WALLACE                                Robert
WALSH                                  Alice
WALSH                                  Dorothy
WALSH                                  James Patrick
WALSH                                  Joseph
WALSH                                  Joseph E., Sr.
WALSH                                  Paula
WALSH                                  Thomas F.
WALSH (WWII)                           James Patrick
WALSH (WWII)                           Thomas F
WALTER                                 Kenneth M.
WALTER                                 Ramsey T.
WALTHER                                A. Katherine
WALTHER HAAS                           A. Katherine
WANAT                                  Anna
WANAT                                  Anton
WANNER                                 Evelyn
WANNER                                 Maud
WANNER                                 William
WANNER                                 William
WARBURTON                              Louise Duncan
WARBURTON                              Richard
WARD                                   Thomas A.
WARD (WWII)                            Thomas A
WAREIKO                                Julius
WAREIKO (WWI)                          Julius
WARNER                                 Agnes S
WARNER                                 Alfreda
WARNER                                 Allen
WARNER                                 Annie J
WARNER                                 Arthur L
WARNER                                 Austin H
WARNER                                 Charlotte
WARNER                                 Daniel J.
WARNER                                 David
WARNER                                 Edward H.
WARNER                                 Edward J.
WARNER                                 Electa
WARNER                                 Evelyn Keep
WARNER                                 Hannah J
WARNER                                 Hannah M.
WARNER                                 Hilda E.
WARNER                                 Huldah
WARNER                                 Israel S.
WARNER                                 James
WARNER                                 James, Jr
WARNER                                 Judith T.
WARNER                                 LeRoy H.
WARNER                                 Lena
WARNER                                 Lillian A.
WARNER                                 Livina
WARNER                                 Marie G
WARNER                                 Mary E
WARNER                                 Mehitable W
WARNER                                 Merton W.
WARNER                                 Nancy B.
WARNER                                 Nellie B.
WARNER                                 Olin F
WARNER                                 Paul R
WARNER                                 Phoebe M.
WARNER                                 Ruth Y.
WARNER                                 Sadie L.
WARNER                                 Shirley
WARNER                                 Sidney F.
WARNER                                 Teresa B.
WARNER                                 Veola Y.
WARNER (KOR)                           Daniel J.
WARNER BEEBE                           Mehitable W.
WARNER BROOKER                         Hannah J.
WARNER CORWIN                          Nellie B.
WARNER PAYNE                           Electa
WARNER THOMPSON                        Annie J.
WARNER TUTHILL                         Charlotte
WARREN                                 Helen S
WARREN                                 Richard H.
WASHBURN                               Emory B.
WASHBURN                               Malvina C.
WASHINGTON                             Benjamin H.
WASHINGTON                             Harry H
WASHINGTON                             Mary
WASHINGTON (KOR)                       Harry H
WASHINGTON (VN)                        Harry H
WASHINGTON (WWII)                      Benjamin H
WASHINGTON (WWII)                      Harry H
WAUGH                                  Earl J.
WAUGH                                  Nancy E.
WEBB                                   Abbie
WEBB                                   Fanny E.
WEBB                                   George C
WEBB                                   Jennie G.
WEBB                                   Samuel E.
WEBBER                                 Joan
WEBBER HALLETT                         Joan
WEBER                                  Helen M
WEBER                                  Robert H
WEBER (WWII)                           Robert H
WEBSTER                                Willie Jr
WEDEL                                  Barry C.
WEED                                   George A.
WEED                                   George A.
WEED (CW)                              George A
WEED (CW)                              George A
WEEKS                                  Dorothy
WEEKS                                  Lester
WEGERT                                 Adam
WEGERT                                 Julia
WEIBEL                                 Marion
WEINOLD                                Baby
WEIR                                   E. Ruth
WEIR                                   E. Ruth
WEIR                                   Isabella
WEIR                                   J. Ebb
WEIR HOWELL                            E. Ruth
WEIR HOWELL                            E. Ruth
WEISKOPF                               Daniel
WEISKOPF                               Margaret
WELCH                                  John
WELCH                                  Stella
WELLS                                  Abigail
WELLS                                  Alden
WELLS                                  Arabella
WELLS                                  Asa Hill
WELLS                                  Bethiah
WELLS                                  Carrie
WELLS                                  Christopher
WELLS                                  Clarence E.
WELLS                                  Daniel
WELLS                                  Daniel M.
WELLS                                  Daughter
WELLS                                  David
WELLS                                  Earnest A.
WELLS                                  Ebbie
WELLS                                  Eleanor
WELLS                                  Elijah
WELLS                                  Elizabeth J
WELLS                                  Elsie Anna
WELLS                                  Elva
WELLS                                  Estelle
WELLS                                  Esther
WELLS                                  Ethel E
WELLS                                  Eunice
WELLS                                  Eurystheus H
WELLS                                  Evelina B
WELLS                                  Fannie A.
WELLS                                  Fanny J.
WELLS                                  Florence
WELLS                                  Florence E.
WELLS                                  Florence I
WELLS                                  Frankie
WELLS                                  Frederick
WELLS                                  George
WELLS                                  George L
WELLS                                  Grace B.
WELLS                                  H. Ellsworth
WELLS                                  Hannah
WELLS                                  Henry
WELLS                                  Herman Jay
WELLS                                  Hope
WELLS                                  Infant Son
WELLS                                  Infant Son
WELLS                                  Isaac
WELLS                                  James
WELLS                                  James
WELLS                                  James M.
WELLS                                  Jane Frances
WELLS                                  Jerusha
WELLS                                  Jerusha R.
WELLS                                  Jessie M.
WELLS                                  Joanna
WELLS                                  John Jay
WELLS                                  Julia M
WELLS                                  Lewis
WELLS                                  Manly
WELLS                                  Mary
WELLS                                  Mary
WELLS                                  Mary
WELLS                                  Mary
WELLS                                  Mary C
WELLS                                  Mary Theresa
WELLS                                  Memuean
WELLS                                  Micah
WELLS                                  Micah
WELLS                                  Milnor R
WELLS                                  Morgan D
WELLS                                  Phoebe
WELLS                                  Prudence
WELLS                                  Ransford
WELLS                                  Regenia
WELLS                                  Robert H.
WELLS                                  Robert W.
WELLS                                  Rosabella
WELLS                                  Ruth
WELLS                                  Ruth V.
WELLS                                  Samuel
WELLS                                  Samuel
WELLS                                  Tillie
WELLS                                  W. Washintgon
WELLS                                  William B.
WELLS                                  William E.L.
WELLS                                  theresa
WELLS (RW)                             Isaac
WELLS (RW)                             Manly
WELLS BENNETT                          Elva
WELLS CARTER                           Carrie
WELLS CORWIN                           Ann Maria
WELLS DOWNS                            Hannah
WELLS FANNING                          Mary C.
WELLS HALLOCK                          Fanny J.
WELLS HICKS                            Regenia
WELLS LEWIN                            Eunice
WELLS TUTHILL                          Mary
WESNOFSKE                              Leonard E Jr.
WESSLER                                George
WEST                                   Helen B.
WESTBERG                               Hulda E
WESTBERG SCHRODER                      Hulda E
WHALEY                                 Samuel
WHALEY                                 Sophia
WHITE                                  Abbie M.
WHITE                                  Alicia J.
WHITE                                  Daniel H
WHITE                                  Dorothy
WHITE                                  Ebenezer
WHITE                                  Edith B.
WHITE                                  Emma
WHITE                                  Fred S
WHITE                                  Hannah
WHITE                                  Henry H
WHITE                                  Jane
WHITE                                  John
WHITE                                  John H.
WHITE                                  Marian A
WHITE                                  Marie
WHITE                                  Minnie C.
WHITE                                  Rachel C
WHITE                                  W. Seymour
WHITE                                  Walter
WHITE                                  William S.
WHITE (WWII)                           Willam S
WHITE CORWITH                          Cordelia
WHITE WALSH                            Dorothy
WHITING                                Samuel
WHITMARSH                              Beatrice
WHITMARSH COOK                         Beatrice
WHITTINGTON                            George E
WHITTINGTON                            Susan
WHITTINGTON ALDRICH                    Susan
WICKE                                  Ann E.
WIEDNER                                Gladys G.
WIGGINS                                Grace M.
WILBUR                                 Almira C.
WILBUR                                 Ernie M.
WILBUR                                 Ernie M.
WILBUR                                 Fannie G
WILBUR                                 Infant
WILBUR                                 Infant
WILBUR                                 Isaac
WILBUR                                 Ralph L.
WILBUR LONG                            Fannie G.
WILBURT                                Infant
WILCESKI                               Benjamin
WILCESKI                               Lucy
WILCOX                                 Georgiana
WILCOX                                 S. LeRoy
WILDS                                  Christopher
WILDS                                  Clyde
WILDS                                  Ida Mae
WILDS (KOR)                            Clyde
WILE                                   Clyde M.
WILE                                   Rita
WILE (WWII)                            Clyde M
WILE KNOLL                             Rita
WILLIAMS                               Annie
WILLIAMS                               Bruce
WILLIAMS                               Coles C.
WILLIAMS                               Ethel
WILLIAMS                               Frances T
WILLIAMS                               Gail
WILLIAMS                               Ines
WILLIAMS                               Jonathan A
WILLIAMS                               Lesley
WILLIAMS                               Phebe A
WILLIAMS                               Ralph
WILLIAMS                               Ralph
WILLIAMS                               Rosemary A
WILLIAMS                               Wesley
WILLIAMS (WWII)                        Wesley
WILLIAMS KELSEY                        Annie
WILLIAMS LEMON                         Gail
WILLIAMS REEVE                         Frances T.
WILLIAMSON                             Charles W
WILLIAMSON                             Hannah M
WILLIAMSON                             Hannah M
WILLIAMSON                             Joseph A
WILLIAMSON                             Joseph A
WILLIAMSON                             Sarah Emeline
WILLIS                                 Lawrence
WILLIS                                 Richard Satterlee
WILLIS (VN)                            Lawrence
WILLIS (WWII)                          Ricahrd Satterlee
WILLUMSEN                              Nancy J
WILLUMSEN                              Nancy J.
WILLUMSEN                              Richard A.
WILLUMSEN                              Richard A.
WILNER                                 Egbert R.
WILNER                                 Hermine
WILNER                                 Richard
WILSON                                 Althea E.
WILSON                                 Annie J
WILSON                                 Grace
WILSON                                 H. Boyd
WILSON                                 H. Norman
WILSON                                 H. Norman, Jr.
WILSON                                 Thomas E.
WILSON SKIDMORE                        Grace
WINGERATH                              May P.
WINGERATH                              William J.
WINKLEMAN                              Louis
WINKLEMAN (SA)                         Louis
WOJEWOCKI                              Helen
WOJEWOCKI                              Zigmund
WOJTUNIAK                              Barbara
WOJTUNIAK                              Stanley
WOLFERSDORF                            Sherry
WOOD                                   Oscar
WOOD                                   Pauline
WOOD                                   Webster C.
WOODBURN                               Alicia
WOODBURN                               Bessie
WOODBURN                               Charlotte
WOODBURN EDWARDS                       Bessie
WOODHULL                               Adeline
WOODHULL                               Ella A
WOODHULL                               Frank P
WOODHULL                               Harriet
WOODHULL                               Joseph M.
WOODHULL                               Mary E.
WOODHULL                               N. Smith
WOODHULL DICKERSON                     Harriet
WOODRUFF                               Elizabeth
WOODRUFF                               Jesse
WOODRUFF                               Temperance
WOODS                                  Preston
WOODS                                  marjorie
WOOLLEY                                Eliza
WORTHINGTON                            Catherine
WORTHINGTON                            Charles
WORTHINGTON                            Hazel
WORTHINGTON                            Marie
WORTHINGTON                            Oscar, Sr
WOWAK                                  John C.
WOWAK                                  Josephine
WOWAK                                  Josephine T.
WOWAK                                  Stanley
WRIGHT                                 Cora
WRIGHT                                 Elizabeth
WRIGHT                                 Janet
WRIGHT                                 Joseph
WRIGHT                                 Katherine
WRIGHT                                 Katherine
WRIGHT                                 Mary
WRIGHT                                 Mary
WRIGHT                                 Nathan H.
WRIGHT                                 Thomas H.
WRIGHT (CW)                            Nathan H.
WRIGHT CAMPBELL                        Janet
WRIGHT GILPIN                          Elizabeth
WRIGLEY                                Ethel
WRIGLEY                                Harold
WULFFRAAT                              Arnold
WULFFRAAT                              K.
WUSTER                                 Geraldine
WUSTER                                 Michael J
WYLIE                                  Amos
WYLIE                                  Belle
WYLIE                                  Belle
WYLIE                                  Jane
WYLIE                                  Kathryn
WYLIE                                  Robert
WYLIE                                  Robert
WYLIE                                  Robert
WYLIE                                  Robert J
WYLIE (WWII)                           Robert J
WYLIE O'HARA                           Belle
WYSOCK                                 Edward
WYSOCKA                                Anna
WYSOCKI                                Anna M.
YOUNG                                  Abigail W
YOUNG                                  Daniel
YOUNG                                  Daniel Albert
YOUNG                                  Elsie T
YOUNG                                  Eva
YOUNG                                  Harriet M
YOUNG                                  Howell
YOUNG                                  Jason
YOUNG                                  Jason
YOUNG                                  Jerusha
YOUNG                                  Lena
YOUNG                                  Phebe A
YOUNG DOWNS                            Abigail W
YOUNG DOWNS                            Elsie T
YOUNG HOWELL                           Dency M
YOUNG JENNINGS                         Harriet M
YOUNG ROGERS                           Phebe A.
YOUNG WARNER                           Lena
YOUNG WELLS                            Jerusha
YOUNGMAN                               Albert
YOUNGMAN                               Clara M
YOUNGS                                 Abiah
YOUNGS                                 Hetty
YOUNGS                                 Mary
YOUNGS                                 Mehetebel
YOUNGS                                 Mehettible
YOUNGS                                 Rufus
YOUNGS LATHAM                          Hetty
ZABRISKIE                              Inez C.
ZABRISKIE                              Peter J.
ZACHARY                                John B.
ZACHARY (WWII)                         John B
ZAGARDO                                Anna
ZAGARDO                                Lawrence
ZAKAL                                  John
ZAKERSKI                               Mary
ZALOGA                                 Violet
ZAMBRISKI                              Patricia
ZARRO                                  Amato
ZARRO                                  Carmela
ZARRO                                  Jean
ZARRO                                  Jean
ZARRO                                  Joseph
ZARRO                                  Joseph
ZARRO                                  Michael
ZARRO                                  Sophie T
ZARRO                                  Theresa
ZAVESTOSKI                             Ada T.
ZAVESTOSKI                             Peter P.
ZEH                                    Frederick
ZEH                                    Julia M
ZENESKI                                Martin
ZENESKI                                Rose
ZENZIUS                                Hattie O.
ZIELNICKI                              Michalina
ZIELNICKI                              Vincent
ZIERAN                                 Robert J.
ZIERAN (VN)                            Robert J
ZILNICKI                               Frank
ZILNICKI                               Frank
ZWICK                                  William L.
ZWICK (WWII)                           William L
ZYLNIEWICZ                             Jozefa
ZYLNIEWICZ                             Magdalena
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