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The authority issued by courts to the prospective guardians and or recording of accounts of guardians

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Column 1 = Name of Minor
Column 2 = County, Volume, Page # | 1 = 1850-1861 | 2 = 1861-1866 | 3 = 1866-1871 | 4 = 1871-1877 | 5 = 1877-1889 | 6 = 1890-1900 | 7 = 1900-1908 |
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ABBOTT, MAUD                           NY-23-5-381
ACKERMAN, HARRIET A.                   NY-23-1-278
ADAMS, CYNTHA C.                       NY-23-5-38
ADAMS, GEORGE                          NY-23-6-115
ADAMS, GEORGE A.                       NY-23-7-16
ADAMS, HARVY                           NY-23-6-562
ADAMS, HERBERT                         NY-23-6-114
ADAMS, JENNIE M.                       NY-23-5-37
ADAMS, JOHN A.                         NY-23-7-15
ADAMS, MARY O.                         NY-23-3-185
ADAMS, ROBERT MAYNARD                  NY-23-1-205
ADAMS, TILLY                           NY-23-1-174
ADAMS, TILLY P.                        NY-23-5-39
AINSWORTH, SILAS H.                    NY-23-2-244
ALBRECHT, HERMAN J.                    NY-23-6-318
ALEXANDER, AMOS                        NY-23-1-326
ALEXANDER, HARRIET C.                  NY-23-1-328
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM HENRY               NY-23-1-327
ALEXANDER,JAMES R.                     NY-23-1-171
ALEXANDER,KATIE D.                     NY-23-5-45
ALLEN, BIRDIE B.                       NY-23-6-110
ALLEN, BRIDGET                         NY-23-3-412
ALLEN, FRANK M.                        NY-23-6-67
ALLEN, GEORGE                          NY-23-3-414
ALLEN, GEORGE B.                       NY-23-3-326
ALLEN, HARRIET E.                      NY-23-4-306
ALLEN, IRA                             NY-23-1-540
ALLEN, JOHN H.                         NY-23-4-157
ALLEN, JULIA M.                        NY-23-4-307
ALLEN, MARION D.                       NY-23-6-494
ALLEN, MARY                            NY-23-3-415
ALLEN, MARY T.                         NY-23-6-111
ALLEN, RICHARD                         NY-23-3-413
ALLEN, SAMUEL C.                       NY-23-6-66
ALLEN, WALTER P.                       NY-23-3-296
ALLEN, WILLIE                          NY-23-3-295
AMADEN, ALBERT                         NY-23-2-62
AMADEN, CHARLES E.                     NY-23-2-61
AMADEN, CHARLES E.                     NY-23-2-61
AMANS, CAROLINE                        NY-23-7-57
AMOND, JAMES E.                        NY-23-4-290
AMOND, WILLIAM E.                      NY-23-4-291
ANDREWS, MABEL F.                      NY-23-6-418
ANDRUS, EDWIN B.                       NY-23-1-232
ANDRUS, EMILY                          NY-23-1-158
ANDRUS, FREDERICK M.                   NY-23-1-231
ANGEL, CLARK L.                        NY-23-1-39
ANGEL, HIRAM S.                        NY-23-1-40
ANTHONY, AMELIA F.                     NY-23-5-476
ANTHONY, FANNIE W.                     NY-23-5-478
ANTHONY, HELEN J.                      NY-23-5-475
ANTHONY, NETTIE L.                     NY-23-5-477
ANTIS, IDA                             NY-23-3-17
ARCHER, LUNA M.                        NY-23-5-110
ARLOW, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-3-31
ARMS, LUCY R.                          NY-23-2-56
ARMSTRONG, DELANCY B.                  NY-23-5-545
ARMSTRONG, JAMES W.                    NY-23-4-398
ARMSTRONG, MARY A.                     NY-23-4-399
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     NY-23-2-52
ARNOLD, DURWOOD B.                     NY-23-4-20
ASPINWALL, CLARA L.                    NY-23-2-75
ASPINWALL, HARRIET M.                  NY-23-2-74
ASPINWALL, JOSEPH A.                   NY-23-2-71
ASPINWALL, MARY E.                     NY-23-2-70
ASPINWALL, TRUMAN M.                   NY-23-2-73
ASPINWALL, WILLIAM N.                  NY-23-2-72
AUBERTEN, CLARENCE                     NY-23-6-106
AUBERTON, NICHOLAS L.                  NY-23-4-338
AUBERTON, UCHER A.                     NY-23-4-339
AUGSBURY, CHARLES B.                   NY-23-6-266
AUGSBURY, JAMES W.                     NY-23-3-47
AUGSBURY, KATIE                        NY-23-6-267
AUGSBURY, MARY E.                      NY-23-3-48
AUSMAN, ELIZABETH ANN                  NY-23-3-202
AUSMAN, GEORGE HENRY                   NY-23-3-201
AUSMAN, REUBEN                         NY-23-3-200
AUSTIN, EDITH E.                       NY-23-6-104
AUSTIN, GRACE M.                       NY-23-6-456
AUSTIN, OLIVE J.                       NY-23-6-457
AVERY, ALIDA A.                        NY-23-1-251
AVERY, EDMUND I.                       NY-23-1-250
AVERY, HAMILTON C.                     NY-23-1-249
AYERS, GEORGE C.                       NY-23-1-309
AYERS, LOUISA M.                       NY-23-1-307
AYERS, VERNON B.                       NY-23-1-308
BABCOCK, ALICE C.                      NY-23-4-33
BABCOCK, ALICE E.                      NY-23-6-514
BABCOCK, AMELIA P.                     NY-23-3-294
BABCOCK, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-23-3-293
BABCOCK, EMMA A.                       NY-23-4-55
BABCOCK, EUGENE H.                     NY-23-3-275
BABCOCK, FLORENCE                      NY-23-3-292
BABCOCK, FRED J.                       NY-23-5-623
BABCOCK, FREDERICK H.                  NY-23-6-513
BABCOCK, HENRY H.                      NY-23-5-418
BABCOCK, JULIA A.                      NY-23-4-34
BABCOCK, MARY E.                       NY-23-5-600
BABCOCK, WILLIS R.                     NY-23-4-35
BACHMAN, AMY E.                        NY-23-5-588
BACHMAN, LEROY F.                      NY-23-5-590
BACHMAN, MABEL D.                      NY-23-5-589
BACOCK, CHARLES D.                     NY-23-5-599
BAILEY, ELZADA                         NY-23-2-133
BAILEY, HELEN D.                       NY-23-6-277
BAILEY, JENNIE                         NY-23-4-182
BAILEY, WILLIS E.                      NY-23-4-181
BAKER, ALIE M.                         NY-23-5-284
BAKER, GEORGE E.                       NY-23-1-549
BAKER, JESSIE P.                       NY-23-6-144
BAKER, LORINDA                         NY-23-2-360
BAKER, LUCY                            NY-23-2-361
BAKER, LUNETTE P.                      NY-23-1-389
BAKER, SARAH M.                        NY-23-1-390
BALCH, CARL R.                         NY-23-6-585
BALCH, VERA                            NY-23-6-585
BALCH, VERNICE                         NY-23-6-587
BALCH, VOLNEY                          NY-23-6-586
BALCOM, IDA B.                         NY-23-5-618
BALDWIN, MARY K.                       NY-23-5-367
BALDWIN, MARY K.                       NY-23-5-210
BALDWIN, MERRIT N.                     NY-23-5-368
BALDWIN, MERRITT N.                    NY-23-5-211
BALKHAM, ALMIRA PUTNAM                 NY-23-1-501
BALLARD, CHARLES E.                    NY-23-3-187
BALLARD, GEORGE S.                     NY-23-3-186
BALLARD, MARY A.                       NY-23-3-188
BALTZ, EDWWARD G.                      NY-23-5-451
BALTZ, FREDERICK W.                    NY-23-5-452
BALTZ, L. MAUD                         NY-23-4-453
BALTZ, WILLIAM A.                      NY-23-5-450
BANKS, HARRISON L.                     NY-23-1-230
BANKS, HARVEY M.                       NY-23-1-229
BARBER, ALICE                          NY-23-4-220
BARBER, ALICE .                        NY-23-2-180
BARBER, ANNA J.                        NY-23-4-221
BARBER, BEMAN, HANNAH F.               NY-23-2-183
BARBER, HALSEY E.                      NY-23-2-179
BARBER, ROBERT                         NY-23-5-237
BARBER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-23-4-222
BARBER, WOOLSEY A.                     NY-23-2-178
BARNES, CLARK H.                       NY-23-6-48
BARNES, MINNIE M.                      NY-23-6-49
BARNES, OSCAR W.                       NY-23-3-83
BARNES, URIAH                          NY-23-1-539
BARNES, WALLACE                        NY-23-6-47
BARNEY, ALICE                          NY-23-2-316
BARNEY, BERGNETTE                      NY-23-2-127
BARNEY, EDWARD E.                      NY-23-3-225
BARNEY, ELIZABETH C.                   NY-23-3-224
BARNEY, LAURA H.                       NY-23-6-541
BARNEY, LEON A.                        NY-23-6-225
BARNEY, LOUISE H.                      NY-23-6-542
BARR, ALGERNON M.                      NY-23-2-134
BARR, ARTHUR D.                        NY-23-2-173
BARR, CALVIN T.                        NY-23-2-172
BARR, LAURA R.                         NY-23-4-337
BARR, MARTHA J.                        NY-23-2-174
BARR, MARY E.                          NY-23-4-334
BARR, MELANCTHON A.                    NY-23-3-244
BARR, OLIVE E.                         NY-23-4-335
BARR, PHINANDA M.                      NY-23-4-336
BARR, UZAR E.                          NY-23-3-278
BARRET, CLARK                          NY-23-1-172
BARRITEAU, FRED A.                     NY-23-5-552
BARTLETT, ALFRED R.                    NY-23-6-76
BARTLETT, ARTHUR G.                    NY-23-6-75
BARTLETT, BRAYTON H.                   NY-23-1-500
BARTLETT, EDGAR                        NY-23-5-238
BARTLETT, HARRIET                      NY-23-1-114
BARTLETT, HERBERT E.                   NY-23-1-490
BARTLETT, LOUIS H.                     NY-23-6-74
BARTLETT, MONROE F.                    NY-23-1-489
BARTLETT, WILLIAM                      NY-23-5-239
BARTLETT, WILLIAM T.                   NY-23-1-488
BATES, EVA S.                          NY-23-6-308
BATES, SAMUEL F.                       NY-23-5-386
BATES, SHELDON S.                      NY-23-5-385
BAUDER, MYERS A.                       NY-23-1-492
BEAMAN, IDA M.                         NY-23-5-403
BEAMAN, IRA M.                         NY-23-5-402
BEARDSLEE, ROBERT W.                   NY-23-4-493
BEAT, MYRON H.                         NY-23-5-334
BEATIE, CHARLES                        NY-23-3-308
BEATIE, JOHN W.                        NY-23-3-309
BEATIE, MAGGIE                         NY-23-3-310
BEATIE, MARTHA                         NY-23-3-311
BEAUFORT, CELINE M.                    NY-23-4-498
BEAUFORT, EARNEST H.                   NY-23-4-500
BEAUFORT, EDWARD J.                    NY-23-4-502
BEAUFORT, LOUISE M.                    NY-23-4-501
BEAUFORT, MADELINE M.                  NY-23-4-499
BEAUFORT, MARIE E.                     NY-23-4-497
BEDFORD, CARRIE B.                     NY-23-4-163
BEDFORD, EBRTRAM                       NY-23-4-164
BEDLE, CORA C.                         NY-23-4-74
BEDLE, HIRAM B.                        NY-23-4-71
BEDLE, KATIE                           NY-23-4-73
BEMAN, ALVAH S.                        NY-23-2-185
BEMAN, LUCAS A.                        NY-23-2-184
BEMIS, JOHN H.                         NY-23-6-7
BEMIS, MINNIE C.                       NY-23-5-57
BEMIS, NETTIE                          NY-23-5-56
BENJAMIN, CHARLES E.                   NY-23-4-84
BENJAMIN, EDWIN C.                     NY-23-4-83
BENJAMIN, LOUIS D.                     NY-23-4-82
BENT, ETHEL L.                         NY-23-6-332
BENT, NELLY M.                         NY-23-6-331
BENT, ROY H.                           NY-23-5-362
BENT, WYN C.                           NY-23-5-391
BENTLEY, GEORGE A.                     NY-23-5-349
BENWAY, ELIZA J.                       NY-23-1-16
BENWAY, JAME SK.                       NY-23-1-17
BENWAY, PHILOMEN                       NY-23-1-18
BERSIE, EDWARD C.                      NY-23-1-47
BERSIE, EDWARD C.                      NY-23-1-195
BETTS, ALICE O.                        NY-23-2-273
BETTS, FANNIE E.                       NY-23-2-271
BETTS, MARY E.                         NY-23-2-272
BIGARL, FRANKLIN D.                    NY-23-3-229
BIGARL, GEORGE W.                      NY-23-3-227
BIGELOW, CLARENCE W.                   NY-23-5-199
BIGELOW, FANNY P.                      NY-23-5-191
BIGELOW, FANNY P.                      NY-23-3-306
BIGELOW, LAFAYETTE L.                  NY-23-5-194
BIGELOW, LAFAYETTE L.                  NY-23-5-369
BIGELOW, LYMAN E.                      NY-23-3-307
BIGELOW, TIRZAH G.                     NY-23-5-654
BISHOP, GOODWIN                        NY-23-1-69
BISHOP, OSCAR                          NY-23-1-68
BISNETT, GRCE                          NY-23-6-432
BISNETT, HARRY                         NY-23-6-434
BISNETT, MABLE                         NY-23-6-433
BISNETT, MAGGIE                        NY-23-6-431
BISNETT, ROSE                          NY-23-6-430
BLACKMAN, WILLIAM                      NY-23-2-194
BLACKSTONE, ALICE MAY                  NY-23-1-108
BLANCHARD, GRCE H.                     NY-23-6-360
BLANCHARD, RANNEY C.                   NY-23-6-361
BLOACKSTONE, ALICE M.                  NY-23-2-363
BLODGETT, ELBERT                       NY-23-2-296
BLODGETT, JULIA E.                     NY-23-3-312
BLODGETT, LENORA F.                    NY-23-4-190
BLODGETT, MARIA                        NY-23-2-295
BLODGETT, MELVIN O.                    NY-23-4-191
BLODGETT, RHODA                        NY-23-2-140
BLOUNT, CLARENCE W.                    NY-23-4-79
BNOYNTON, GEORGE W.                    NY-23-5-162
BONER, LYLE F.                         NY-23-6-120
BONES, NELLIE E.                       NY-23-6-119
BONNETT, MARY L.                       NY-23-6-223
BONNEY, ALTA E.                        NY-23-1-402
BONNEY, ASWELL C.                      NY-23-1-401
BONNEY, IDA L.                         NY-23-1-66
BONNEY, JOSIAH .                       NY-23-1-67
BONNEY, LAURA L.                       NY-23-1-64
BONNEY, LAURENTINE L.                  NY-23-1-65
BONNEY, WALTER                         NY-23-1-403
BOOME, ARTHUR                          NY-23-2-368
BOOMER, ALICE J.                       NY-23-6-295
BOOMER, EUGENE                         NY-23-2-369
BOOMER, MANFRED                        NY-23-2-367
BOOMER, MEDORA                         NY-23-2-366
BOONE, ALICE W.                        NY-23-2-217
BOONE, GEORGE O.                       NY-23-2-215
BOONE, J. WILLIAM                      NY-23-2-214
BOONE, MARY E.                         NY-23-2-216
BOSSAUT, LILLIAN E.                    NY-23-7-31
BOSWELL, NELLIE                        NY-23-5-99
BOUCHER, ADDISON                       NY-23-4-531
BOUCHER, NELLIE D.                     NY-23-4-532
BOUCHER, WALTER                        NY-23-4-530
BOUTWELL, REUBEN W.                    NY-23-1-199
BOVEE, BEETHANA                        NY-23-1-141
BOVEE, JARVIS H.                       NY-23-1-140
BOWMAN, EMMETT                         NY-23-5-380
BOYCE, BELLE                           NY-23-6-479
BOYCE, HARRISON M.                     NY-23-6-493
BOYCE, LEDA                            NY-23-6-492
BOYCE, LENA A.                         NY-23-6-321
BOYCE, MABEL .                         NY-23-6-459
BOYCE, MARVIN A.                       NY-23-1-272
BOYCE, MYRTIE                          NY-23-6-490
BOYCE. NINA                            NY-23-6-491
BOYER, CAROLINE M.                     NY-23-1-48
BOYER, EDWIN D.                        NY-23-5-596
BOYER, EDWIN D.                        NY-23-5-341
BOYER, FREDERICK                       NY-23-1-47
BOYER, FREDERICK M.                    NY-23-5-340
BOYER, JULIA                           NY-23-1-49
BOYER, WILIAM H.                       NY-23-1-50
BOYLE, FLORENCE A.                     NY-23-6-147
BOYLE, MARGARET                        NY-23-6-146
BOYNTON, CARRIE E.                     NY-23-4-347
BOYNTON, CHARLES W.                    NY-23-4-348
BOYNTON, GEORGE V.                     NY-23-4-385
BOYNTON, GEORGE W.                     NY-23-4-349
BOYNTON, LEONARD J.                    NY-23-1-493
BRADDING, THOMAS E.                    NY-23-2-103
BRADDING, WILLIAM G.                   NY-23-2-102
BRADFORD, SARAH M.                     NY-23-5-390
BRADNER, CHARLOTTE A.                  NY-23-1-271
BRADY, JOHN                            NY-23-6-24
BRAYTON, EDMUND C.                     NY-23-1-21
BRAYTON, FRANCES M.                    NY-23-1-22
BREEN, RAYMOND L.                      NY-23-6-210
BRIGGS, CARRIE E.                      NY-23-2-339
BRIMMER, CHARLES                       NY-23-1-411
BRINTNALL, JENNIE E.                   NY-23-5-141
BRISTOL, MARY                          NY-23-5-3
BRISTOL, SARAH R.                      NY-23-4-397
BRITTON, NETTIE                        NY-23-3-291
BRODIE, HUGH                           NY-23-1-349
BRODIE, JAMES L.                       NY-23-1-348
BRONSON, LOVISA M.                     NY-23-2-198
BROOKS, LOTTIE                         NY-23-6-229
BROWER, CARRIE R.                      NY-23-6-354
BROWER, JAMES R.                       NY-23-6-355
BROWER, LOREN E.                       NY-23-6-356
BROWN, AARON                           NY-23-1-96
BROWN, ALLENA A.                       NY-23-1-95
BROWN, AMELIA E.                       NY-23-3-191
BROWN, ANNA M.                         NY-23-1-23
BROWN, CARRIE A.                       NY-23-5-247
BROWN, CARRIE N.                       NY-23-5-308
BROWN, CHARLES                         NY-23-1-470
BROWN, CHARLES B.                      NY-23-1-94
BROWN, DELIA                           NY-23-5-338
BROWN, DELIA                           NY-23-6-131
BROWN, EDITH G.                        NY-23-4-485
BROWN, EDNA R.                         NY-23-4-483
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-1-471
BROWN, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-23-1-25
BROWN, ELMER                           NY-23-5-122
BROWN, EMELINE LOUISA                  NY-23-1-121
BROWN, EMMA F.                         NY-23-1-92
BROWN, FERNANDEZ                       NY-23-1-248
BROWN, GEORGE M. DALLAS                NY-23-1-247
BROWN, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-3-192
BROWN, HELEN                           NY-23-1-93
BROWN, HENRY T.                        NY-23-3-351
BROWN, JOHN C.                         NY-23-1-22
BROWN, JOHN R.                         NY-23-1-112
BROWN, JOSEPHINE A.                    NY-23-1-97
BROWN, JULIA ANN                       NY-23-1-246
BROWN, KENT D.                         NY-23-4-484
BROWN, LYDIA                           NY-23-1-44
BROWN, MARY A.                         NY-23-1-36
BROWN, MARY JENETT                     NY-23-1-245
BROWN, MEDORA C.                       NY-23-1-98
BROWN, MOSES                           NY-23-1-99
BROWN, MYETTE E.                       NY-23-7-11
BROWN, SARAH B.                        NY-23-1-24
BROWN, WILLIAM A.                      NY-23-5-208
BROWNELL, ANNA M.                      NY-23-2-190
BROWNELL, ANNA M.                      NY-23-2-10
BROWNELL, GEORGE R.                    NY-23-5-178
BROWNLOW, WILLIAM                      NY-23-4-227
BRTLETT, ROBERT                        NY-23-1-113
BRUCE, FRANCIS W.                      NY-23-3-345
BRUCE, FREDERICK E.                    NY-23-3-344
BRUCKER, ERNEST F.                     NY-23-4-309
BUCKLEY, EUNCIE L.                     NY-23-4-354
BULLOCK, ALICE                         NY-23-6-397
BULLOCK, BENJAMIN                      NY-23-1-35
BUNCE, ALICE                           NY-23-2-156
BUNCE, WALTER G.                       NY-23-5-430
BURCHARD, HELEN F.                     NY-23-1-34
BURDICK, BLISS                         NY-23-1-52
BURDICK, SARAH                         NY-23-1-53
BURGER, GUERERA                        NY-23-4-522
BURGER, PEARL                          NY-23-4-23
BURHANS, JAMES H.                      NY-23-4-141
BURHAUS, LEOND .                       NY-23-6-118
BURHAUS, SAMUEL F.                     NY-23-5-538
BURHAUSJESSIE E.                       NY-23-5-537
BURKE, JOHN                            NY-23-6-32
BURKE, JULIA                           NY-23-6-29
BURKE, MAGGIE                          NY-23-6-31
BURKE, THOMAS                          NY-23-6-30
BURLINGAME, DELLA                      NY-23-5-578
BURNETT, ALFRED                        NY-23-2-187
BURNETT, ALTHEA                        NY-23-2-185
BURNETT, AMELIA                        NY-23-2-186
BURNETT, ANTOINE                       NY-23-2-188
BURNETT, JULIA                         NY-23-2-189
BURNHAM, CHARLES D.                    NY-23-1-333
BURNHAM, FRANK D.                      NY-23-1-334
BURTON, EDNA L.                        NY-23-1-346
BURTON, PAMELIA K.                     NY-23-1-341
BUSH, ADELIA B.                        NY-23-1-255
BUSH, AMELIA G.                        NY-23-1-254
BUSH, IDA C.                           NY-23-6-148
BUSH, MARY                             NY-23-1-252
BUSH, MILDRED S.                       NY-23-6-561
BUTLER, HENRY E.                       NY-23-4-23
BUTTERFIELD, CAROLINE A.               NY-23-1-364
BUTTERFIELD, FRANCES J.                NY-23-1-159
CADWELL, ANNA                          NY-23-3-267
CADWELL, NELLIE                        NY-23-3-266
CADWELL, NELLIE                        NY-23-5-189
CAIN, CHARLES A.                       NY-23-6-377
CALDER, JENNIE E.                      NY-23-6-209
CALHOUN, ALVIN E.                      NY-23-2-121
CALHOUN, ALVIN E.                      NY-23-2-389
CALHOUN, HARRIET C.                    NY-23-2-114
CALHOUN, MARY F.                       NY-23-2-113
CALHOUN, PAMELIA A.                    NY-23-2-131
CALHOUN, SARAH E.                      NY-23-2-132
CALHOUN, SOPHIA R.                     NY-23-2-1
CALKINS, EARL L.                       NY-23-6-307
CALKINS, ELIZABETH K.                  NY-23-6-484
CALKINS, ELIZABETH K.                  NY-23-7-5
CALKINS, ELIZABETH K.                  NY-23-6-98
CALKINS, GEORGE E.                     NY-23-6-99
CALKINS, GEORGE E.                     NY-23-7-7
CALKINS, GEORGE E.                     NY-23-6-483
CALKINS, MARY                          NY-23-7-8
CALKINS, MARY                          NY-23-6-96
CALKINS, MARY                          NY-23-6-482
CALKINS, RALPH M.                      NY-23-6-485
CALKINS, RALPH M.                      NY-23-7-6
CALKINS, RALPH M.                      NY-23-6-97
CALL, ARTHUR L.                        NY-23-4-311
CALL, FRANCES E.                       NY-23-4-312
CAMIDGE, JANE                          NY-23-4-325
CAMIDGE, LEONARD                       NY-23-4-326
CAMIDGE, LOUISA M.                     NY-23-4-324
CAMIDGE, MARTHA                        NY-23-4-327
CAMIDGE, MAY                           NY-23-4-329
CAMIDGE, RICHARDSON                    NY-23-4-328
CAMIDGE, WILLIAM                       NY-23-4-330
CAMP, ERSKINE M. JR.                   NY-23-4-208
CAMP, MARY A.                          NY-23-4-209
CANDEE, WINSLOW C.                     NY-23-5-235
CANFIELD, AMELIA P.                    NY-23-2-93
CANFIELD, DUANE W.                     NY-23-1-541
CARLEY, BERTHA S.                      NY-23-1-384
CARLIN, SARAH                          NY-23-5-482
CARMAN, CHARLES                        NY-23-1-298
CARMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-1-297
CARMAN, EUGENE                         NY-23-1-301
CARMAN, GEORGE CLINTON                 NY-23-5-470
CARMAN, JAMES                          NY-23-1-296
CARMAN, LOIS                           NY-23-1-300
CARMAN, MARY ANN                       NY-23-1-299
CARMODY, ELIZABETH                     NY-23-3-151
CARPENTER, ALICE L.                    NY-23-4-14
CARPENTER, BYRON J.                    NY-23-5-327
CARROLL, PETER                         NY-23-1-568
CARTER, AMAND J.                       NY-23-1-268
CARTER, ARTHUR S.                      NY-23-2-176
CARTER, CORA                           NY-23-6-382
CARTER, CORA                           NY-23-5-271
CARTER, DANIEL                         NY-23-6-384
CARTER, DELIA M.                       NY-23-5-442
CARTER, FLORENCE A.                    NY-23-2-175
CARTER, FRANCIS E.                     NY-23-5-438
CARTER, FRANK W.                       NY-23-2-170
CARTER, HOWARD H.                      NY-23-2-169
CARTER, JAMES A.                       NY-23-5-439
CARTER, JAMES B.                       NY-23-1-267
CARTER, JENNIE E.                      NY-23-2-171
CARTER, JOHN                           NY-23-6-383
CARTER, JOHN L. L.                     NY-23-5-440
CARTER, LETTIE B.                      NY-23-2-96
CARTER, ORRIN N.                       NY-23-1-269
CARTER, ROBERT                         NY-23-6-385
CARTER, ROY P.                         NY-23-6-379
CARTER, SAMUEL E.                      NY-23-5-441
CARTER, ZENA R.                        NY-23-1-266
CARY, CHARLES E.                       NY-23-1-529
CARY, JOHN C.                          NY-23-1-528
CARY, LUCIAN B.                        NY-23-1-530
CARY, MERCELIA E.                      NY-23-1-527
CARY, MINERVA H.                       NY-23-1-526
CASE, FREDERICK                        NY-23-5-200
CASLER, FLORECNE                       NY-23-6-214
CASLER, HARRIET                        NY-23-1-355
CASLER, HERMAN                         NY-23-5-401
CASLER, JOHN SIRDAIN                   NY-23-1-354
CASLER, MINERVA                        NY-23-1-356
CAVANAUGH ROBERT M.                    NY-23-6-446
CHADWICK, CLARA E.                     NY-23-4-203
CHADWICK, CORA A.                      NY-23-4-205
CHADWICK, FRANK B.                     NY-23-4-204
CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLES                   NY-23-3-150
CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLES                   NY-23-3-327
CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLEY                   NY-23-1-499
CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN                      NY-23-5-109
CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN                      NY-23-5-280
CHAMBERLAIN, JON                       NY-23-3-280
CHAMPLIN, EVA MAY                      NY-23-6-538
CHAPIN, CARRIE M.                      NY-23-5-583
CHAPIN, CARRIE S.                      NY-23-2-210
CHAPIN, FRANCES B.                     NY-23-3-392
CHAPIN, HATTIE L.                      NY-23-5-84
CHAPIN, LUTHER H.                      NY-23-6-191
CHAPIN, LUTHER H.                      NY-23-5-82
CHAPIN, WILLIAM L.                     NY-23-3-391
CHAPMAN, ARTHUR                        NY-23-1-534
CHAPMAN, ERNEST                        NY-23-1-535
CHAPMAN, JOHN J.                       NY-23-6-403
CHAPMAN, STEPHEN W.                    NY-23-1-536
CHARONATIE, EUGENE E.                  NY-23-6-38
CHARONATIE, JENNIE F.                  NY-23-6-39
CHARONATIE, JULIE F.                   NY-23-6-34
CHARONATIE, LILLIE V.                  NY-23-6-37
CHARONATIE, ROSA C.                    NY-23-6-35
CHARONATIE, SIDNEY L.                  NY-23-6-36
CHAWGO, W. J. B.                       NY-23-4-158
CHILD, FRANCES C.                      NY-23-1-170
CHITTENDEN, IDA C.                     NY-23-2-295
CHRISMAN, FLOYD                        NY-23-6-453
CHRYSLER, HENRY                        NY-23-1-586
CHURCHILL, CHARLES                     NY-23-2-36
CLAR, LUELLA D.                        NY-23-3-370
CLARK, ALANEY                          NY-23-1-60
CLARK, ALVIN                           NY-23-1-434
CLARK, ALVIN                           NY-23-2-302
CLARK, CARTHA A.                       NY-23-5-233
CLARK, CARTHA S.                       NY-23-6-179
CLARK, EMMA B.                         NY-23-6-81
CLARK, FRANKLIN E.                     NY-23-6-180
CLARK, FRANKLIN E.                     NY-23-5-234
CLARK, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-6-83
CLARK, HIRAM                           NY-23-1-557
CLARK, JENNIE S.                       NY-23-3-402
CLARK, LILLIE M.                       NY-23-6-82
CLARK, LUELLA D.                       NY-23-5-262
CLARK, LUTHER H.                       NY-23-6-80
CLARK, LYDIA A.                        NY-23-1-311
CLARK, LYDIA ANN                       NY-23-4-35
CLARK, MABEL A.                        NY-23-3-371
CLARK, MARY                            NY-23-4-196
CLARK, MARY A.                         NY-23-1-10
CLARK, ROSS A.                         NY-23-5-491
CLARK, WALTER M.                       NY-23-5-490
CLARKE, DONALD S.                      NY-23-5-129
CLARKE, LENNA G.                       NY-23-3-128
CLARKE, MORTON S. R.                   NY-23-5-130
CLARKE, RALPH A.                       NY-23-5-126
CLARKE, SIDNEY A.                      NY-23-5-127
CLARKE, WALTER S.                      NY-23-5-125
CLARY, LAURA L.                        NY-23-1-531
CLIBBY, CHARLES                        NY-23-3-271
CLINE, WATSON                          NY-23-1-447
CLOSS, CHARLES                         NY-23-5-40
CLOSS, CHARLES                         NY-23-4-352
CLOSS, CHARLES                         NY-23-5-40
CLOSS, CHARLES                         NY-23-4-94
CLOSS, CLARISSA                        NY-23-5-41
CLOSS, CLARISSA                        NY-23-4-353
CLOSS, CLARISSA                        NY-23-4-93
CLOSS, CLARISSA                        NY-23-5-41
CLOUGHSEY, ALICE E.                    NY-23-6-65
CLOWBRIDGE, LOUISA                     NY-23-1-228
COBURN, ARTHUR                         NY-23-4-363
COBURN, FREDERICK W.                   NY-23-4-362
COBURN, JOHN R.                        NY-23-4-360
COBURN, MABEL L.                       NY-23-4-361
COBURN, MARCIA M.                      NY-23-4-236
COCAIGNE, FREDERICK N.                 NY-23-1-417
COCAIGNE, MARGARET R.                  NY-23-1-418
COCAIGNE, PAMELIA JANE                 NY-23-1-419
COFFEEN, ELLEN                         NY-23-1-394
COFFEEN, ZALA A                        NY-23-1-395
COFFEN, LAURY ANN                      NY-23-1-304
COKELY, JOHN D.                        NY-23-4-70
COLBURN, ANDREW H.                     NY-23-1-553
COLBURN, ANDREW H.                     NY-23-1-381
COLBURN, HIRAM P.                      NY-23-1-552
COLBURN, HIRAM P.                      NY-23-1-380
COLE, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-23-3-100
COLE, CHARLES M.                       NY-23-3-97
COLE, EMMA                             NY-23-1-90
COLE, EMMA                             NY-23-5-335
COLE, FRED                             NY-23-3-98
COLE, GEORGE F.                        NY-23-1-89
COLE, GEORGE W.                        NY-23-1-204
COLE, GLENN A.                         NY-23-7-14
COLE, GLENN A.                         NY-23-7-41
COLE, GLENN A.                         NY-23-6-461
COLE, ISAAC A.                         NY-23-1-88
COLE, JOHN                             NY-23-1-578
COLE, KITTIE                           NY-23-6-460
COLE, NELLIE                           NY-23-3-99
COLE, NEWTON                           NY-23-3-18
COLEMAN, FRANK A.                      NY-23-1-238
COLEMAN, HORACE J.                     NY-23-1-237
COLEMAN, JAMES M.                      NY-23-2-239
COLLINS, MARY L.                       NY-23-5-177
COLLINS,CHRISTINA E.                   NY-23-5-176
COLNOW, CATHERINE J.                   NY-23-6-293
COLWELL, HARRIET L.                    NY-23-2-46
COMBS, STEPHEN C.                      NY-23-4-16
COMINS, CHARLES                        NY-23-1-502
COMINS, CHLOE                          NY-23-1-152
COMINS, CLINTON J.                     NY-23-1-506
COMINS, ENRY                           NY-23-1-150
COMINS, HALET                          NY-23-1-151
COMMINS, FREDERICK F.                  NY-23-5-460
COMSTOCK, ANNA M.                      NY-23-6-151
COMSTOCK, FANNIE F.                    NY-23-6-150
COMSTOCK, LEWIS L.                     NY-23-6-152
COMSTOCK, SUSIE                        NY-23-6-100
CONGER, ELLA A.                        NY-23-6-448
CONGER, MARGERITE E.                   NY-23-6-451
CONGER, MARY E.                        NY-23-6-449
CONGER, ZULINA K.                      NY-23-6-450
CONKLIN, CHARLES B.                    NY-23-1-370
CONKLIN, FRANKLIN L.                   NY-23-1-372
CONKLIN, HERBERT D.                    NY-23-5-549
CONKLIN, THEODORE C.                   NY-23-1-371
CONKLIN, WILLIE W.                     NY-23-5-550
CONNELLY, JOHN A.                      NY-23-5-336
CONSTANCE, ALBERT M.                   NY-23-6-161
CONSTANCE, ALBERT M.                   NY-23-6-503
CONSTANCE, CLARA M.                    NY-23-6-159
CONSTANCE, ELIZABETH                   NY-23-6-504
CONSTANCE, ELIZABETH                   NY-23-6-162
CONSTANCE, KATE T.                     NY-23-6-160
CONSTANCE, MARY M.                     NY-23-6-163
CONSTANCE, MARY M.                     NY-23-6-505
CONVERSE, FRANK A.                     NY-23-5-164
CONVERSE, M. MAY                       NY-23-5-165
CONVERSE, MINNIE A.                    NY-23-5-43
CONWAY, ADELPHI                        NY-23-1-292
CONWAY, PLATT J.                       NY-23-2-293
COOK, JANE                             NY-23-3-315
COOK, LILLA M.                         NY-23-5-541
COOK, LOUISA L.                        NY-23-3-253
COOK, PHILA                            NY-23-1-242
COOK, ZULEMA                           NY-23-6-113
COOKE, CHARLES C.                      NY-23-1-508
COOKE, CLARA E.                        NY-23-1-509
COOKE, PHILETUS G.Q                    NY-23-1-507
COOKE, WILLIE R.                       NY-23-1-510
COOLEY, ARTHUR                         NY-23-6-414
COOLEY, AUGUSTA C.                     NY-23-1-420
COOLEY, EDITH A.                       NY-23-4-248
COOLEY, JULIAN V.                      NY-23-1-421
COON, CHARLES L.                       NY-23-5-409
COOPER, ANGELINE T.                    NY-23-1-314
COOPER, ANNA D.                        NY-23-3-209
COOPER, ELLEN T.                       NY-23-3-101
COOPER, FLOYD E.                       NY-23-6-473
COOPER, HOYT B.                        NY-23-3-207
COOPER, HUGH B.                        NY-23-6-8
COOPER, IRVING                         NY-23-1-313
COOPER, JEWETT P.                      NY-23-3-208
COOPER, JOSEPHINE                      NY-23-1-316
COOPER, LYDIA                          NY-23-1-315
COOPER, NELLIE                         NY-23-6-224
COOPER, WILLIAM J.                     NY-23-3-102
CORF, BLANCHE A.                       NY-23-5-352
CORF, BLANCHE A.                       NY-23-5-564
CORF, DON W.                           NY-23-5-565
CORF, DON W.                           NY-23-5-350
CORF, DON W.                           NY-23-6-84
CORF, STANLY D.                        NY-23-5-563
CORF, STANLY D.                        NY-23-5-351
CORIGAN, ROBERT                        NY-23-1-566
CORNWALL, ELSIE M.                     NY-23-3-65
CORRIGAN, JOHN                         NY-23-1-440
CORSS, ASHER                           NY-23-7-46
CORY, ADA F.                           NY-23-5-436
CORY, FARNHAM S.                       NY-23-5-437
COUGHLAN, GEORGE R.                    NY-23-6-169
COUGHLAN, GEORGE R.                    NY-23-6-276
COUGHSEY, HATTIE M.                    NY-23-6-186
COWEN, JUDSON                          NY-23-3-189
COWEN, MONROE                          NY-23-3-190
COWEN, WALTER                          NY-23-2-232
COWLES, NETTIE L.                      NY-23-5-185
COWLES, NETTIE L.                      NY-23-4-262
COWLES, NETTIE L.                      NY-23-3-91
COX, WILLIAM L.                        NY-23-4-90
COYER, SARAH A.                        NY-23-1-224
COYLE, LILLIAN C.                      NY-23-4-219
COYLER, MARCUS M.                      NY-23-4-295
CRABB, MARY L.                         NY-23-4-61
CRANDALL, AZARIAH V.                   NY-23-3-232
CRANDALL, JANE                         NY-23-1-163
CRANDALL, JENNIE                       NY-23-3-233
CRAWFORD, FREDERICK C.                 NY-23-6-353
CRAWFORD, JESSIE H.                    NY-23-6-352
CRITTENTON, ELVA M.                    NY-23-3-356
CRITTENTON, EMMA L.                    NY-23-3-357
CRITTENTON, GEORGE M.                  NY-23-3-358
CROSBY, LENA J.                        NY-23-5-217
CROSBY, MARY A.                        NY-23-5-218
CROSS, ASA C.                          NY-23-5-143
CROSS, MARY H.                         NY-23-3-243
CROSSETT, ALBERT                       NY-23-2-149
CROUCH, GRACE E.                       NY-23-7-41
CROWNER, AUSTIN H.                     NY-23-6-556
CROWNER, DEXTER W.                     NY-23-2-222
CROWNER, ELIZA S.                      NY-23-6-554
CROWNER, EMILY                         NY-23-4-379
CROWNER, FRED                          NY-23-4-364
CROWNER, JOSEPHINE A.                  NY-23-2-221
CROWNER, LOUESA                        NY-23-4-369
CROWNER, NETTIE                        NY-23-4-380
CROWNER, PETER J.                      NY-23-6-555
CROWNER, THEODORE                      NY-23-2-220
CUMMINGS, ADELIA                       NY-23-3-222
CUMMINGS, ADELIA                       NY-23-4-2
CUMMINGS, HIRAM                        NY-23-4-1
CUMMINGS, HIRAM                        NY-23-3-221
CUMMINGS, JULIA                        NY-23-3-223
CUMMINGS, JULIA                        NY-23-4-4
CUMMINGS, WATSON                       NY-23-4-3
CUMMINGS, WATSON                       NY-23-3-220
CURTIS, CHARLES W.                     NY-23-5-432
CURTIS, ELMER C.                       NY-23-5-431
CURTIS, LEONARD                        NY-23-1-567
CURTISS, WILLIE                        NY-23-5-20
DAKE, MARY                             NY-23-6-535
DAMON, CORNELIA J.                     NY-23-5-496
DANA, JESSIE A.                        NY-23-6-337
DANIELS, ELWIN                         NY-23-5-252
DANIELS, WILLIAM M.                    NY-23-5-251
DAVENPORT, HARRIET F.                  NY-23-1-406
DAVID, HARRIET A.                      NY-23-6-471
DAVIS, CARRIE M.                       NY-23-4-237
DAVIS, MARY R.                         NY-23-2-354
DAVISON, GRAE                          NY-23-6-520
DAVO, ETHEL M.                         NY-23-7-18
DAVO, HAZEL J.                         NY-23-7-19
DAWSON, MARY A.                        NY-23-5-277
DAWSON, THOMAS                         NY-23-5-276
DAY, NELILE L.                         NY-23-5-617
DEAN, CHARLES                          NY-23-2-177
DEAN, CHARLES T.                       NY-23-3-279
DEANS, EDWIN N.                        NY-23-6-117
DEAVENPORT, MAUD K.                    NY-23-6-296
DEFENDORF, ALONZO                      NY-23-1-320
DEFENDORF, AUGUSTUS                    NY-23-1-321
DEHALLETT, CHARLES J.                  NY-23-2-213
DEHALLETT, EMMA J.                     NY-23-2-211
DEHALLETT, THEO J.                     NY-23-2-212
DELAFLEUR, ADA M.                      NY-23-7-9
DELAFLEUR, NINA G.                     NY-23-7-10
DELONG, DEAN W.                        NY-23-6-516
DEMPSTER, IDA                          NY-23-5-51
DENISON, AUSTIN P.                     NY-23-2-225
DENISON, W. ALTON                      NY-23-3-82
DENISON, WILLIAM A.                    NY-23-2-120
DENNY, JOSEPH                          NY-23-3-383
DENNY, WILLIAM                         NY-23-3-384
DEVENDORF, CARRIE V.                   NY-23-5-462
DEVENDORF, ROSE M.                     NY-23-5-461
DEWEY, FRANK S.                        NY-23-6-213
DEWEY, HATTIE M.                       NY-23-5-328
DEWEY, KATE F.                         NY-23-5-207
DEWEY, RALPH B.                        NY-23-6-212
DEXTER, CARRIE                         NY-23-6-194
DEXTER, FORRESTER W.                   NY-23-2-20
DEXTER, GEORGE J.                      NY-23-3-320
DEZENGREMEL, CHARLES                   NY-23-2-33
DEZENGREMEL, EUGENE                    NY-23-2-32
DEZENGREMEL, LOUIS R.                  NY-23-2-34
DICKOUT, EFFIE                         NY-23-5-392
DICKSON, ALBERT E.                     NY-23-6-46
DICKSON, ARTHUR W.                     NY-23-6-45
DIEFENDORF, JEREMIAH                   NY-23-2-294
DILLEN, EDITH                          NY-23-3-237
DILLEN, KITTIE                         NY-23-3-238
DILLENBACK, GERTRUDE                   NY-23-6-543
DILLENBECK,LOVINA                      NY-23-2-144
DOCTEUR, EUGENE                        NY-23-3-20
DODGE, JAMES B.                        NY-23-1-173
DONEY, HOMER                           NY-23-1-582
DONNER, LOUIS                          NY-23-2-4
DOOLITTLE, MATTIE F.                   NY-23-4-241
DOOLITTLE, WALTER R.                   NY-23-4-240
DOTY, HANNAH                           NY-23-2-142
DOTY, WILLIAM                          NY-23-2-143
DOXTATER, ALICE                        NY-23-4-303
DOXTATER, ALICE                        NY-23-3-341
DOXTATER, ALICE                        NY-23-2-240
DOYLE, KATIE                           NY-23-6-463
DOYLE, MARY M.                         NY-23-6-474
DRAPER, ANN JANE                       NY-23-2-365
DRAPER, CHARLES                        NY-23-2-376
DRAPER, LILLIAN A.                     NY-23-2-375
DREXEL, AMELIA E.                      NY-23-5-312
DREXEL, AMELIA E.                      NY-23-5-156
DREXEL, CHARLES O.                     NY-23-5-309
DREXEL, CHARLES O.                     NY-23-5-153
DREXEL, CHARLOTTE O.                   NY-23-5-154
DREXEL, CHARLOTTE O.                   NY-23-5-310
DREXEL, RUDOLPH W.                     NY-23-5-155
DREXEL, RUDOLPH W.                     NY-23-5-311
DRYBURN, IDA                           NY-23-3-401
DUCOLON, SUSIE MAUD J.                 NY-23-5-305
DUFFY, PATRICK                         NY-23-1-560
DURHAM, EDWIN L.                       NY-23-5-64
DURHAM, ELLA                           NY-23-3-319
EARL, ETHEL G.                         NY-23-7-4
EARL, GEORGE W.                        NY-23-2-379
EASTMAN, HERBERT                       NY-23-1-244
EASTMAN, HERBERT H.                    NY-23-2-314
EASTMAN, LUCETTE                       NY-23-1-46
EASTMAN, MEDOR AM.                     NY-23-2-313
EASTMAN, MEDORA                        NY-23-1-243
EASWTERLY, FRANK                       NY-23-4-346
EATON, AARON                           NY-23-2-192
EDDY, CHARLES                          NY-23-6-60
EDDY, EDMUND K.                        NY-23-3-203
EDDY, ELSIE IRENE                      NY-23-6-410
EDDY, HAROLD H.                        NY-23-6-411
EDDY, PHILINDA M.                      NY-23-3-259
EDDY, RUTH A.                          NY-23-3-260
EDGAR, ELLA J.                         NY-23-3-144
EDGAR, FLORA A.                        NY-23-3-146
EDGAR, FRANKLIN J.                     NY-23-3-145
EDMONDS, LUCIUS M.                     NY-23-5-75
EDMONDS, LUCY M.                       NY-23-5-76
EDNER, EDDIE                           NY-23-5-615
EDNER, GUY                             NY-23-5-616
EDNER, LILLIE                          NY-23-5-614
EDWARDS, ELSIE E.                      NY-23-5-525
EGGLESTON, DELIA                       NY-23-5-330
EGGLESTON, FRANK                       NY-23-5-331
EGGLESTON, FRED                        NY-23-5-332
EHRMANTRAUT, WILLIAM R.                NY-23-6-570
EKINS, SALLY A.                        NY-23-4-263
ELDRIDGE, ELLEN M.                     NY-23-4-39
ELLINWOOD, AUGUSTA                     NY-23-4-234
ELLINWOOD, PHILO H.                    NY-23-4-235
ELLIOTT, JANE M.                       NY-23-4-223
ELLIOTT, LEWIS                         NY-23-5-479
ELLIOTT, SARAH P.                      NY-23-4-224
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM A.                    NY-23-4-225
ELLIS, GEORGE N.                       NY-23-3-374
ELLIS, GEORGE N.                       NY-23-5-429
ELLIS, GERTRUDE                        NY-23-4-172
ELLIS, HENRY                           NY-23-2-86
ELLIS, MARION J.                       NY-23-5-322
ELLIS, MARTHA A.                       NY-23-2-83
ELLIS, MARY E.                         NY-23-1-281
ELLIS, MARY I.                         NY-23-5-321
ELLIS, RUSSEL                          NY-23-2-85
ELLIS, VIAL                            NY-23-2-84
ELLITSON, WILILAM G. H.                NY-23-3-58
ELMER, CLIFTON A.                      NY-23-5-121
ELMER, RICHARD C.                      NY-23-6-560
ELY, DEXTERD.                          NY-23-5-443
ELY, LILLIE B.                         NY-23-5-444
EMERSON, ALFRED W.                     NY-23-4-401
EMERSON, CARRIE                        NY-23-3-125
EMERSON, CLARA E.                      NY-23-3-124
EMERSON, IRA W.                        NY-23-3-123
EMERSON, KATIE B.                      NY-23-3-122
EMERSON,E RWIN B.                      NY-23-4-400
ENDERS, ELLA M.                        NY-23-3-360
ENDERS, JENNIE L.                      NY-23-3-361
ENOS, WILLIAM W. 2ND                   NY-23-4-211
ESELIN, KATIE                          NY-23-6-463
ESSELSTYN, ELTON                       NY-23-5-486
ESSELSTYN, FRANES C.                   NY-23-1-177
ESSELSTYN, HARLOW S.                   NY-23-1-179
ESSELSTYN, JUSTUS                      NY-23-1-181
ESSELSTYN, MARY A.                     NY-23-1-178
ESSELSTYN, SARAH J.                    NY-23-1-180
ESTY, IDA I.                           NY-23-5-144
ESTY, SHERMAN J.                       NY-23-5-145
EVANS, CARTER A.                       NY-23-3-329
EVANS, CORA A.                         NY-23-3-331
EVANS, DELIA                           NY-23-2-135
EVANS, ELSIE C.                        NY-23-3-330
EVANS, JASON                           NY-23-2-136
EVANS, MILFORD E.                      NY-23-3-119
EVELEIGH, CLARA L.                     NY-23-7-59
EVELEIGH, PERCY W.                     NY-23-6-300
EVELEIGH,E RNEST J.                    NY-23-6-299
EVERETT, AUSTIN                        NY-23-5-134
EVERETT, AUSTIN                        NY-23-3-300
EVERETT, EDWARD A.                     NY-23-3-298
EVERETT, RICHARD F.                    NY-23-3-297
EVERETT, WILLIAM E.                    NY-23-5-135
EVERETT, WILLIAM E.                    NY-23-3-299
FAILING, ALEXANDER                     NY-23-1-273
FAILING, CYRUS W.                      NY-23-1-277
FAILING, JOHN P.                       NY-23-1-275
FAILING, MARTHA E.                     NY-23-1-276
FAILING, MINNIE A.                     NY-23-5-98
FAILING, PHILANDER                     NY-23-1-274
FAIRBANKS, ALBERT A.                   NY-23-2-303
FAIRBANKS, CHARLES M.                  NY-23-2-304
FAIRBANKS, DEMPSTER                    NY-23-1-227
FAIRBANKS, JOHN                        NY-23-1-225
FAIRBANKS, MARBLE A.                   NY-23-3-53
FAIRBANKS, ORVILLE                     NY-23-1-226
FAIRMAN, HULDAH L.                     NY-23-2-373
FAIRMAN, HULDAH T.                     NY-23-3-177
FAIRMAN, LAURA A.                      NY-23-2-371
FAIRMAN, LAURA A.                      NY-23-3-175
FAIRMAN, LYSANDER                      NY-23-3-176
FAIRMAN, LYSANDER                      NY-23-2-372
FAIRMAN, WILLIAM B.                    NY-23-3-178
FAIRMAN, WILLIAM B.                    NY-23-5-58
FAIRMAN, WILLIAM B.                    NY-23-2-374
FALL, IDA M.                           NY-23-3-169
FALL, LETTA                            NY-23-3-170
FALL, TERRENCE                         NY-23-3-168
FALL, WINFIELD S.                      NY-23-3-167
FARR, ELLA L.                          NY-23-5-24
FARR, JOHN D.                          NY-23-5-55
FARREL, MARTIN                         NY-23-1-338
FARRELL, JOHN                          NY-23-3-143
FARRELL, JOHN M.                       NY-23-2-223
FAY, JULIA                             NY-23-2-88
FAY, SYBIL L.                          NY-23-2-87
FEATHERSTONE, MINNIE E.                NY-23-5-348
FENTON, LUCRETIA E.                    NY-23-1-7
FENTON, VALVERDA B.                    NY-23-1-6
FIELD, ANN                             NY-23-1-128
FIKES, ALICE M.                        NY-23-4-341
FIKES, SARAH J.                        NY-23-4-340
FILLMORE, AMAZIAH A.                   NY-23-2-54
FILLMORE, SILAS D.                     NY-23-2-305
FISH, ANNA B.                          NY-23-6-478
FISH, EDWARD W.                        NY-23-2-209
FISHER, EDDIE A.                       NY-23-6-91
FISHER, FRANCIS M.                     NY-23-4-391
FISHER, FREDERICK A.                   NY-23-4-390
FISHER, HATTIE LOUISE                  NY-23-7-40
FISK, GRACE B.                         NY-23-5-494
FISK,E DITH M.                         NY-23-5-495
FITZGERALD, JOHN                       NY-23-2-2
FITZGERALD, JOHN                       NY-23-2-91
FITZGERALD, JOSEPH                     NY-23-2-92
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL                    NY-23-2-89
FITZGERALD, RICHARD                    NY-23-2-90
FLINT, CHARLES B.                      NY-23-6-125
FLINT, GRACE S.                        NY-23-6-126
FLOOD, JOHN H.                         NY-23-5-258
FLOOD, LIZZIE J.                       NY-23-5-256
FLOOD, MOSES P.                        NY-23-5-259
FLOOD, REBECCA B.                      NY-23-5-257
FLYNT, GILES H.                        NY-23-1-393
FORD, RAYMOND W.                       NY-23-6-507
FORD, VERNON W.                        NY-23-6-508
FOREST, DAVID                          NY-23-2-364
FORT, CHARLES E.                       NY-23-1-575
FOSTER, CHARLES                        NY-23-1-548
FOSTER, CHARLOTTE W.                   NY-23-1-235
FOSTER, HARRIET                        NY-23-1-547
FOWLER, CHARLES S.                     NY-23-6-398
FOWLER, GEORGE W.                      NY-23-2-108
FOWLER, HELEN J.                       NY-23-2-112
FOWLER, MARY E.                        NY-23-5-10
FOWLER, NELLIE E.                      NY-23-5-9
FOX, ARVILDA E.                        NY-23-1-436
FOX, CARRIE A.                         NY-23-2-286
FOX, CHARLES                           NY-23-1-407
FOX, DUANE                             NY-23-4-13
FOX, EDAR DW.                          NY-23-5-163
FOX, EDWARD W.                         NY-23-5-116
FOX, EDWARD W.                         NY-23-5-163
FOX, ELLEN M.                          NY-23-2-283
FOX, EUGENE D.                         NY-23-2-285
FOX, FREDDIE L.                        NY-23-4-14
FOX, GILBERT C.                        NY-23-4-15
FOX, LAUR AE.                          NY-23-4-359
FOX, SARAH E.                          NY-23-2-284
FRALICK, ABRAM                         NY-23-4-18
FREDENBURGH, NELLIE                    NY-23-5-209
FREDERICK, NELLIE L.                   NY-23-6-536
FREDERICK, ROSWELL P.                  NY-23-6-537
FREEBARGER, BARBARA                    NY-23-1-124
FREEBARGER, CAROLINE                   NY-23-1-126
FREEBARGER, CATHERINE                  NY-23-1-120
FREEBARGER, CHRISTIAN                  NY-23-1-123
FREEBARGER, FREDERICK                  NY-23-1-122
FREEBARGER, GERORGE                    NY-23-1-121
FREEBARGER, JACOB                      NY-23-1-119
FREEBARGER, MARY                       NY-23-1-125
FREEMAN, ELIZABETH M.                  NY-23-4-56
FREEMAN, FLORA                         NY-23-5-23
FREEMAN, GERTRUDE O.                   NY-23-2-130
FREEMAN, JOHN E.                       NY-23-1-256
FREEMAN, LEDRU R.                      NY-23-2-129
FREEMAN, MARION C.                     NY-23-5-579
FREEMAN, MINNIE H.                     NY-23-4-387
FRINK, CLARENCE H.                     NY-23-1-233
FRINK, JAMES STANLEY                   NY-23-1-234
FRINK, PERRIN F.                       NY-23-1-457
FRISBIE, HARRIET J.                    NY-23-2-10
FROGGETT, ALICE                        NY-23-2-226
FROGGETT, ELEANOR                      NY-23-2-227
FROGGETT, JAMES                        NY-23-2-228
FROGGETT, JOHN                         NY-23-2-229
FULLER, BESSIE M.                      NY-23-5-624
FULLER, CHARLE SE.                     NY-23-4-9
FULLER, CHARLOTTE A.                   NY-23-4-12
FULLER, DOLLY M.                       NY-23-4-11
FULLER, MABEL                          NY-23-6-427
FULLER, MARY                           NY-23-2-349
FULLER, MARY A.                        NY-23-4-10
FULTON, LUCY                           NY-23-5-605
FULTON, NINA E.                        NY-23-6-313
FULTS, WATSON W.                       NY-23-1-472
GAIGE, AUGUSTUS                        NY-23-2-388
GALE ALICE                             NY-23-2-109
GALE, ELIJAH C.                        NY-23-2-110
GALE, SIMEON J.                        NY-23-2-111
GAMBLE, ROSE B.                        NY-23-6-572
GARDES, HENRY W.                       NY-23-4-62
GARDNER, ARIEL                         NY-23-6-50
GARDNER, ARON D.                       NY-23-6-51
GARDNER, CHARLES                       NY-23-5-50
GARDNER, CLYDE C.                      NY-23-6-339
GARDNER, CLYDE C.                      NY-23-5-466
GARDNER, CYRUS Z.                      NY-23-1-182
GARDNER, EARL E.                       NY-23-6-52
GARDNER, ERWIN A.                      NY-23-2-15
GARDNER, EUGENE                        NY-23-2-370
GARDNER, HALLIE L.                     NY-23-5-465
GARDNER, JOSEPH                        NY-23-5-49
GARDNER, NELLIE J.                     NY-23-3-171
GARDNER, SMITH E.                      NY-23-2-19
GARDNER, WILLARD D.                    NY-23-4-200
GARVIN, MARY L.                        NY-23-6-566
GATES, GEORGE E.                       NY-23-5-174
GATES, HARRIET A.                      NY-23-2-525
GATES, LUCIA M.                        NY-23-5-175
GATES, LUCRETIA                        NY-23-6-139
GAYER, FRED                            NY-23-3-81
GAYLORD, J. CARL                       NY-23-6-40
GAYLORD, PHOEBA L.                     NY-23-6-41
GEAGAN, EDWARD J.                      NY-23-6-290
GEAGAN, GENEVIVE M.                    NY-23-6-289
GEAGAN, WILILAM H.                     NY-23-6-288
GEORGE, C. JEWETT                      NY-23-6-407
GEORGE, JOHN G.                        NY-23-7-58
GEORGE, LYDIA A.                       NY-23-1-64
GERARD, CLARKE W.                      NY-23-3-108
GERARD, JOHN C.                        NY-23-3-107
GETMAN, CARY                           NY-23-2-335
GETMAN, DANIEL                         NY-23-2-336
GETMAN, FLORENCE                       NY-23-2-337
GIBBS, EUDORA                          NY-23-1-161
GIBBS, RHODA M.                        NY-23-1-162
GIFFORD, IVAN                          NY-23-6-496
GIFFORD, IVAN                          NY-23-6-344
GIFFORD, KATIE M.                      NY-23-5-406
GILBERT, WILLIE R.                     NY-23-5-161
GILL, DANIEL R.                        NY-23-2-153
GILL, DANIEL R.                        NY-23-2-153
GILL, JAMES H. H.                      NY-23-2-152
GILL, WILLIAM H.                       NY-23-2-154
GILLETT, CLARA L.                      NY-23-5-225
GILLETTE, WILLIAM S.                   NY-23-5-142
GILMAN, ELLEN A.                       NY-23-2-60
GIRARD, LENA I.                        NY-23-6-201
GLASS, ADELAIDE                        NY-23-1-103
GLASS, ALBERT                          NY-23-1-409
GLASS, ALBERT                          NY-23-1-101
GLASS, EGBERT                          NY-23-1-110
GLASS, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-5-223
GLASS, JENET                           NY-23-1-109
GLASS, MAHALA                          NY-23-1-102
GLEASON, CLARANCE                      NY-23-6-544
GLEASON, CLARENCE                      NY-23-6-254
GLEASON, ELMER                         NY-23-6-253
GLEASON, SARAH                         NY-23-6-545
GLEASON, SARAH                         NY-23-6-255
GODORICH, AGNES E.                     NY-23-2-461
GOODNOW, HATTIE M.                     NY-23-4-114
GOODRICH, MARTHA                       NY-23-5-106
GOODRICH, MERRIT E.                    NY-23-2-460
GOODSTATE, GEORGE W.                   NY-23-6-94
GOODSTATE, LOUIS .                     NY-23-6-93
GORE, ALANSON E.                       NY-23-3-173
GORE, CLARENCE T.                      NY-23-3-174
GOTHAM, MARION E.                      NY-23-6-455
GOTHAM, MARY E.                        NY-23-1-55
GOTHAM, MERRETTA D                     NY-23-6-497
GOTHAM, ROBERT M.                      NY-23-6-454
GOTTSCHALK, EARL M.                    NY-23-7-48
GOULD, ALFRED L.                       NY-23-5-60
GOULD, AMOS                            NY-23-5-608
GOULD, HORACE                          NY-23-3-289
GOULD, JENNIE                          NY-23-5-607
GOULD, MARIAN E.                       NY-23-5-63
GOULD, NELLIE E.                       NY-23-5-62
GOULD, WILTON C.                       NY-23-3-288
GOULDING, GEORGE L.                    NY-23-2-66
GOULDING, WALTER V. N.                 NY-23-2-65
GOUNDRILL, LOIS L.                     NY-23-2-109
GOWING, ALBERT C.                      NY-23-3-75
GOWING, ALBERT C.                      NY-23-4-24
GOWING, CHARLES F.                     NY-23-3-76
GOWING, FRED                           NY-23-4-304
GOWING, FRED                           NY-23-3-77
GRAHAM, DAVIS E.                       NY-23-5-558
GRAHAM, MARY E.                        NY-23-5-488
GRAHAM, STELLA A.                      NY-23-5-489
GRANDJEAN, JOHN P.                     NY-23-6-220
GRANDJEAN, JULIA E.                    NY-23-6-219
GRANGE, EMM AL.                        NY-23-4-293
GRANGE, EMMA L.                        NY-23-3-334
GRANNIS, WILLAM U.                     NY-23-3-368
GRAPOTE, FLORENCE A.                   NY-23-4-5
GRAPOTTE, CHARLES H.                   NY-23-4-396
GRAPOTTE, EUGENIE                      NY-23-4-394
GRAPOTTE, FLORENCE A.                  NY-23-4-302
GRAPOTTE, GEORGE A.                    NY-23-4-7
GRAPOTTE, LEWIS                        NY-23-4-395
GRAPOTTE, MARY P.                      NY-23-3-378
GRAPOTTE, MOSES                        NY-23-4-6
GRAPOTTE, ROSA L.                      NY-23-3-379
GRAVES, ALFRED P.                      NY-23-2-381
GRAVES, AMELIA                         NY-23-1-42
GRAVES, ANNA LAURA                     NY-23-6-416
GRAVES, BRAINARD                       NY-23-1-143
GRAVES, DEMSTER                        NY-23-1-27
GRAVES, EMMA J.                        NY-23-2-104
GRAVES, EMMA JANE                      NY-23-1-29
GRAVES, ERNEST H.                      NY-23-6-579
GRAVES, GEORGE F.                      NY-23-2-105
GRAVES, IRENE                          NY-23-1-26
GRAVES, MYRTIE BN.                     NY-23-5-117
GRAVES, OBED H.                        NY-23-1-28
GRAVES, SIDNEY                         NY-23-2-106
GRAVES, WILLIAM H.                     NY-23-6-415
GREEN, CHARLES E.                      NY-23-2-124
GREEN, EDWARD F.                       NY-23-5-14
GREEN, ELIZA H.                        NY-23-1-54
GREEN, ELLEN J.                        NY-23-2-80
GREEN, FINETTE M.                      NY-23-2-125
GREEN, GEORGE S.                       NY-23-6-324
GREEN, GEORGE S.                       NY-23-6-205
GREEN, LEON H.                         NY-23-6-204
GREEN, NELLIE G.                       NY-23-6-207
GREEN, NELLIE G.                       NY-23-6-326
GREEN, ROEBRT M.                       NY-23-5-35
GREEN, ROLLA R.                        NY-23-5-15
GREEN, SHERWOOD L.                     NY-23-2-126
GREEN, TYLER L.                        NY-23-2-45
GREEN, WILLIE C.                       NY-23-6-206
GREEN, WILLIE C.                       NY-23-6-325
GREENE, ANNA A.                        NY-23-3-403
GREENE, FREDERICK W.                   NY-23-4-251
GREENE, JAMES H.                       NY-23-4-249
GREENE, LEAVENWORTH                    NY-23-5-621
GREENE, M. ANNA                        NY-23-4-250
GREENE, NETTIE M.                      NY-23-3-404
GREENE, SHERMAN P.                     NY-23-3-323
GREENFIELD, LELIA A.                   NY-23-4-281
GRIFFIN, ANNA N.                       NY-23-6-534
GRINNELL, IRA                          NY-23-1-4
GRISWOLD, MARTHA J.                    NY-23-2-398
GROAT, CLIMENA                         NY-23-2-237
GROAT, RACHEL                          NY-23-2-238
GROAT, WILLIAM HENRY                   NY-23-1-236
GRODERANT, NETTIE                      NY-23-5-487
GROMMON, SARAH                         NY-23-5-220
GROMMONS, AMOS W.                      NY-23-3-388
GROMMONS, EMERETT                      NY-23-3-390
GROMMONS, ROBERT                       NY-23-3-389
GROMMONS, WILLIAM                      NY-23-4-260
GROMMONS, WILLIAM                      NY-23-5-32
GROVES, CHARLES                        NY-23-7-43
GROVES, JESSIE                         NY-23-7-44
GROVES, PERRY                          NY-23-7-45
GUNTER, FREDERICK L.                   NY-23-6-590
GUNTHER, ALBET E.                      NY-23-4-289
GUSTIN, BYRON                          NY-23-2-496
GUSTIN, EDWIN                          NY-23-2-497
GUSTIN, LORENZO                        NY-23-2-495
HAAP, CHARLES                          NY-23-2-205
HAAP, MARGARET M.                      NY-23-2-204
HAAS, CAROLINE R.                      NY-23-3-165
HAAS, CHARLES E.                       NY-23-6-284
HAAS, CORA A.                          NY-23-6-283
HAAS, ELIZABETH M.                     NY-23-6-176
HAAS, FRED A.                          NY-23-6-287
HAAS, FREDERICK                        NY-23-3-164
HAAS, GRACE                            NY-23-5-265
HAAS, IDA MAY                          NY-23-6-285
HAAS, JENNIE M.                        NY-23-6-286
HAAS, LEWIS S.                         NY-23-3-162
HAAS, LEWIS S.                         NY-23-3-162
HAAS, MARY J.                          NY-23-3-166
HAAS, OLIVER                           NY-23-3-163
HAAS, OLIVER                           NY-23-3-163
HAGER, GEORGE A.                       NY-23-6-444
HAIGHT, JAMES G.                       NY-23-5-266
HAINES, CAROLINE                       NY-23-3-213
HAINES, MARION                         NY-23-3-212
HAINES, MARY                           NY-23-3-214
HALE, ANNA                             NY-23-6-452
HALL, ALBERT                           NY-23-4-317
HALL, ALBERT                           NY-23-5-416
HALL, ALTHA                            NY-23-3-149
HALL, ALTHA                            NY-23-3-149
HALL, ELLA J.                          NY-23-3-150
HALL, ELLA J.                          NY-23-3-150
HALL, JESSER.                          NY-23-4-316
HALL, JESSIE                           NY-23-5-415
HALL, JOSEPHINE M.                     NY-23-3-148
HALL, JOSEPHINE M.                     NY-23-3-148
HALL, LEWIS                            NY-23-5-417
HALL, LEWIS                            NY-23-4-318
HALL, LORENZO J.                       NY-23-3-147
HALL, LORENZO J.                       NY-23-3-147
HALL, RODOLPHO C.                      NY-23-4-202
HALL, ROSETTA O.                       NY-23-4-283
HALLADAY, BERNARD                      NY-23-6-215
HALLADAY, CLAUDIUS                     NY-23-1-106
HALLADAY, HARRY F.                     NY-23-6-251
HALLADAY, JOEL A.                      NY-23-2-146
HALLADAY, LUCY M.                      NY-23-6-252
HALLADAY, SHUMWAY                      NY-23-1-107
HALLADAY, THANKFUL Z.                  NY-23-2-145
HALLOWAY, CHESTER D.                   NY-23-1-239
HALPIN, MARY J.                        NY-23-5-539
HAMBLIN, CHARLES G.                    NY-23-2-99
HAMLIN, BYRON                          NY-23-1-147
HAMLIN, CRILLA                         NY-23-1-149
HAMLIN, MYRON MARTIN                   NY-23-1-148
HAMMOND, ANNA E.                       NY-23-5-292
HAMMOND, FANNIE M.                     NY-23-2-245
HAMMOND, FLORENE A.                    NY-23-6-63
HAMMOND, ROY B.                        NY-23-6-64
HAMMOND, WILLAM F.                     NY-23-5-291
HANCOCK, FRANK B.                      NY-23-5-285
HANCOCK, WILLIAM J.                    NY-23-5-286
HANG, FREDRIKA M.                      NY-23-4-78
HANNAH, ADALINE                        NY-23-4-64
HANNAH, SARAH A.                       NY-23-4-63
HANNAH, WILLIE                         NY-23-4-65
HAPP, ANNA R.                          NY-23-3-84
HAPP, CHARLES                          NY-23-3-95
HAPP, CHARLES                          NY-23-3-87
HAPP, LOUISA H.                        NY-23-3-88
HAPP, MARGARET                         NY-23-3-85
HAPP, WILLIAM                          NY-23-3-386
HARDIMAN, CHARLES C.                   NY-23-6-477
HARDIMAN, EDWIN M.                     NY-23-6-475
HARDIMAN, FRANK                        NY-23-6-517
HARDIMAN, JAMES T.                     NY-23-6-476
HARDING, THOMAS R.                     NY-23-6-575
HARDY, CHARLES S.                      NY-23-3-318
HARDY, CORNELIA                        NY-23-3-317
HARLOW, THEODORA C.                    NY-23-5-542
HARRIMAN, FRANKIE E.                   NY-23-3-346
HARRINGTON, NATHANIEL                  NY-23-2-81
HARRIS, AGNES P.                       NY-23-4-277
HARRIS, EVA                            NY-23-3-198
HARRIS, GEORGE B.                      NY-23-4-276
HARRIS, HARTMAN                        NY-23-3-197
HARRIS, ISABELLA J.                    NY-23-4-279
HARRIS, JOHN H.                        NY-23-4-278
HARRIS, LYDIA M.                       NY-23-4-275
HARTMAN, NORA E.                       NY-23-6-53
HASKELL, FRANCIS O.                    NY-23-1-270
HASKINS, JENNIE                        NY-23-6-237
HASTINGS, ALEXANDER E.                 NY-23-6-365
HASTINGS, EDWARD S.                    NY-23-6-363
HASTINGS, FANNIE A.                    NY-23-5-67
HASTINGS, JAMES B.                     NY-23-6-364
HASTINGS, MARY A.                      NY-23-6-362
HATCH, CAROLINE M.                     NY-23-3-226
HATCH, HENRY A.                        NY-23-4-183
HATTON, GEORGE F.                      NY-23-6-77
HAUCHETTE, HAZEL                       NY-23-7-50
HAVEN, COOLEDGE D.                     NY-23-3-386
HAVEN, LANSING W.                      NY-23-3-387
HAWKINS, CLARA M.                      NY-23-2-200
HAWKINS, JOHN P.                       NY-23-2-199
HAWKINS, MARY JANE                     NY-23-2-198
HAWLEY, CHARLIE A.                     NY-23-5-548
HAWLEY, WESLEY J.                      NY-23-6-348
HAWLEY, WESLY J.                       NY-23-5-547
HAYES, ALTON                           NY-23-6-202
HAYES, ARTHUR D.                       NY-23-4-118
HAYES, BULAH BELLE                     NY-23-6-350
HAYES, BURTON                          NY-23-5-299
HAYES, CARRIE                          NY-23-5-300
HAYES, CARRIE                          NY-23-6-351
HAYES, DORA                            NY-23-5-301
HAYES, FRANKLIN P.                     NY-23-4-116
HAYES, GEORGE M.                       NY-23-6-349
HAYES, JENNIE B.                       NY-23-6-203
HAYES, LENA A.                         NY-23-4-119
HAYES, LUELLA                          NY-23-5-296
HAYES, LUELLA                          NY-23-6-43
HAYES, ORLANDO                         NY-23-5-297
HAYES, ORLANDO                         NY-23-6-42
HAYES, SOPHIA A.                       NY-23-4-117
HAYES, WILLIAM S.                      NY-23-4-120
HAZEL, LEMUEL C.                       NY-23-3-80
HAZEL, MARTH AJ.                       NY-23-5-435
HEATH, SETELLA                         NY-23-5-480
HEIL, FRANKLIN                         NY-23-1-487
HELLER, GEORGE                         NY-23-3-230
HELLER, HENRY                          NY-23-3-231
HELMER, ALBERT E.                      NY-23-5-52
HELMER, FREDERICK                      NY-23-6-275
HELMER, LEONARD A.                     NY-23-4-155
HENDERSON, WESLEY S.                   NY-23-5-131
HENNES, RAYMOND                        NY-23-5-492
HERKIMER, FRED W.                      NY-23-3-335
HERKIMER, WILLIAM H.                   NY-23-3-336
HERRICK ELI W.                         NY-23-2-139
HERRICK, ELTN A.                       NY-23-6-130
HERRICK, FRANK                         NY-23-5-160
HERRICK, HATTIE M.                     NY-23-2-138
HESLOP, ADELAIDE                       NY-23-4-87
HESLOP, ADELAIDE                       NY-23-2-282
HESLOP, CUTHBERT                       NY-23-2-281
HESLOP, CUTHBERT                       NY-23-4-85
HESLOP, WILLIAM H.                     NY-23-2-280
HIBBARD, EMMA J.                       NY-23-5-152
HIBBARD, MAUDIE M.                     NY-23-5-556
HICKOK, GEORGE F.                      NY-23-3-115
HICKOK, NELSON G.                      NY-23-3-116
HIGGANS, LILLIAN                       NY-23-6-56
HIGGINS, FRED D.                       NY-23-5-540
HILDRETH, FLORENCE                     NY-23-4-212
HILL, CLARENCE C.                      NY-23-6-149
HILL, ELWYN A.                         NY-23-4-192
HILL, EMMA                             NY-23-4-69
HILL, OSCEOLA H.                       NY-23-6-141
HILL, ROSE L.                          NY-23-6-142
HILLS, MAY                             NY-23-5-290
HIND, MAUD                             NY-23-5-314
HIND, NORMAN S.                        NY-23-4-54
HINDS, J. J.                           NY-23-3-274
HINDS, JULIA A.                        NY-23-3-273
HINDS, KATIE V.                        NY-23-3-272
HINSDALE, ELIAL W.                     NY-23-4-186
HINSDALE, ELIZABETH                    NY-23-4-184
HINSDALE, SARAH                        NY-23-4-185
HITCHCOCK, FRED H.                     NY-23-5-653
HITCHCOCK, HENRY                       NY-23-2-293
HITCHCOCK, HENRY                       NY-23-2-292
HITCHCOCK, JAMES H.                    NY-23-5-653
HITCHCOCK, MARY C.                     NY-23-5-653
HITCHOCK, ANNA                         NY-23-6-462
HJARRIS, ASA L.                        NY-23-5-151
HOLBROOK, CORNIE L.                    NY-23-6-395
HOLBROOK, FAY F.                       NY-23-6-396
HOLBROOK, JESSIE E.                    NY-23-3-219
HOLBROOK, MARCUS H.                    NY-23-3-218
HOLCOMB, HARRY R.                      NY-23-6-601
HOLDEN, EDWARD D.                      NY-23-6-291
HOLDEN, LULU M.                        NY-23-6-292
HOLLENBECK, FLORENCE MAY               NY-23-7-17
HOLLIS, LEON                           NY-23-5-203
HOLMES, SEYMOUR                        NY-23-4-151
HOOVER, FRANK                          NY-23-3-316
HOOVER, MARY                           NY-23-3-338
HOOVER, THOMAS                         NY-23-3-337
HORAN, DANIEL J.                       NY-23-4-171
HORAN, PATRICK H.                      NY-23-4-170
HORNBROOK, JOHN B.                     NY-23-6-178
HORNBROOK, JOHN B.                     NY-23-5-227
HORNBROOK, MAGGIE E.                   NY-23-5-226
HORNBROOK, ROBERT D.                   NY-23-6-177
HORNING, ADELBERT                      NY-23-5-231
HORNING, CHLOE                         NY-23-5-232
HORNING, GEORGE                        NY-23-5-236
HORR, ELIJAH                           NY-23-6-112
HORTH, MATTIE                          NY-23-4-376
HORTON, ALBERT D.                      NY-23-2-345
HORTON, FRANCIS                        NY-23-2-347
HORTON, LOUISA J.                      NY-23-2-346
HORTON, MARION                         NY-23-2-348
HORTON, RACHEL                         NY-23-2-141
HOSE, ALONZO                           NY-23-1-412
HOSE, DANIEL                           NY-23-1-411
HOSE, JOHN F.                          NY-23-5-387
HOSE, JOHN F.                          NY-23-5-278
HOSE, ORVILLE L.                       NY-23-5-279
HOSFORD, CAROLINE J.                   NY-23-2-63
HOSFORD, FANNIE                        NY-23-4-81
HOSFORD, MARY E.                       NY-23-2-64
HOSMER, CORA E.                        NY-23-5-54
HOTCHKIN, EMILY J.                     NY-23-1-220
HOTCHKIN, HELEN S.                     NY-23-1-217
HOTCHKIN, HERBERT B.                   NY-23-1-221
HOTCHKIN, JULIA F.                     NY-23-1-219
HOTCHKIN, WILLIAM H. H.                NY-23-1-218
HOUGHTON, CASCA D.                     NY-23-4-228
HOUSE, BERTHA                          NY-23-5-404
HOUSE, CHARLES G.                      NY-23-5-182
HOUSE, FORD M.                         NY-23-6-428
HOUSE, HENRY                           NY-23-5-184
HOUSE, ORREN                           NY-23-5-405
HOUSE, STELLA                          NY-23-5-183
HOWARD, DELMERD.                       NY-23-2-392
HOWARD, ELIZABETH R.                   NY-23-1-357
HOWARD, EUNICE                         NY-23-1-359
HOWARD, FRANCES B.                     NY-23-5-433
HOWARD, FRANES M.                      NY-23-4-187
HOWARD, GEORGE WILLIAM                 NY-23-1-360
HOWARD, JAMES S.                       NY-23-4-188
HOWARD, RICHARD E.                     NY-23-4-189
HOWARD, SAMUEL H.                      NY-23-4-217
HOWARD, SARAH ANN                      NY-23-1-358
HOWARTH, EDMOND                        NY-23-1-570
HOWE, ADA                              NY-23-5-74
HOWE, ADA                              NY-23-4-345
HOWE, ADELAIDE E.                      NY-23-2-386
HOWE, EUGENE G.                        NY-23-3-216
HOWE, FLOYD G.                         NY-23-2-385
HOWE, JULIA A.                         NY-23-6-424
HOWE, LEONORA G.                       NY-23-3-217
HOWE, MARY S.                          NY-23-2-387
HOWE, OLIVE O.                         NY-23-1-450
HOWE, STELLA                           NY-23-5-73
HOWK, ELIZA B.                         NY-23-2-312
HOWK, FREDRICA                         NY-23-3-382
HOWK, WILLIAM F.                       NY-23-4-342
HOWLAND, AGNES M.                      NY-23-5-447
HOWLAND, FRED W.                       NY-23-5-446
HOWLAND, MILLIE E.                     NY-23-5-448
HUBBARD, ALICE K.                      NY-23-1-16
HUBBARD, ANGELINE S.                   NY-23-1-13
HUBBARD, BARNEY                        NY-23-1-544
HUBBARD, CARRIE E.                     NY-23-5-136
HUBBARD, DELPHENE E.                   NY-23-4-368
HUBBARD, DEWITT C.                     NY-23-1-543
HUBBARD, EMMA GENEVIEVE                NY-23-1-545
HUBBARD, HARRIET E.                    NY-23-1-14
HUBBARD, HELEN B.                      NY-23-1-15
HUBBARD, JOHN F.                       NY-23-3-261
HUBBARD, MARY A.                       NY-23-1-12
HUDSON, JOHN THOMAS                    NY-23-1-191
HUDSON, MARY ALMIRA                    NY-23-1-190
HUESTIS, EDGAR B.                      NY-23-3-340
HUESTIS, HELEN A.                      NY-23-5-48
HUESTIS, LEON D.                       NY-23-6-62
HUGHES, ALBION A.                      NY-23-5-383
HUGHES, ELEANOR                        NY-23-2-315
HUGHES, ELIZA                          NY-23-5-140
HUGHES, ELLEN                          NY-23-1-456
HUGHES, JAMES E.                       NY-23-5-138
HUGHES, JOHN D.                        NY-23-5-382
HUGHES, MARY A.                        NY-23-5-224
HUGHES, MICHAEL E.                     NY-23-5-139
HULL, EMMA J.                          NY-23-3-359
HUMBLE, SOPHRONIA                      NY-23-2-391
HUNERFORD, JENNIE A.                   NY-23-3-121
HUNGERFORD, AUSTIN J.                  NY-23-2-340
HUNGERFORD, CHARLES A.                 NY-23-3-302
HUNGERFORD, EDMOND F.                  NY-23-2-119
HUNGERFORD, HAROLD A.                  NY-23-5-419
HUNGERFORD, HELEN M.                   NY-23-2-117
HUNGERFORD, JAMES A.                   NY-23-1-521
HUNGERFORD, KATE H.                    NY-23-1-522
HUNGERFORD, KATE H.                    NY-23-2-328
HUNGERFORD, MARCUS S.                  NY-23-2-118
HUNGERFORD, MARY L.                    NY-23-3-249
HUNT, FLORENTINE                       NY-23-1-424
HUNT, GEORGE L.                        NY-23-3-9
HUNT, LEBBEUS A.                       NY-23-1-423
HUNT, MARY C.                          NY-23-3-8
HUNTER, HARRIET B.                     NY-23-2-241
HUNTER, MINNIE A.                      NY-23-2-243
HUNTINGTON, GRACE C.                   NY-23-5-420
HUNTINGTON, JOHN D.                    NY-23-1-319
HUNTINGTON, LULA                       NY-23-1-317
HUNTINGTON, PHILO                      NY-23-1-318
HUNTINGTON, RICHARD H.                 NY-23-1-5
HUNTLEY, AMELIA                        NY-23-2-250
HUNTLEY, HENRY W.                      NY-23-3-365
HUNTLEY, HERMON W.                     NY-23-3-364
HUNTLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-23-2-251
INGERSON, ANN E.                       NY-23-3-269
INGERSON, JASON E.                     NY-23-3-270
INGERSON, MORRIS W.                    NY-23-3-268
INGERSON, NELSON E.                    NY-23-3-301
INGERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-23-4-402
INGLEHART, EMMA C.                     NY-23-5-253
IRVINE, CHARLES A.                     NY-23-4-21
IVORY, DEWITT C.                       NY-23-2-148
IVORY, HARRISON A.                     NY-23-2-149
IVORY, JESSIE L.                       NY-23-6-27
IVORY, JESSIE L.                       NY-23-5-469 

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