Jefferson County, New York
Guardianships / Minors

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The authority issued by courts to the prospective guardians and or recording of accounts of guardians

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Column 1 = Name of Minor
Column 2 = County, Volume, Page # | 1 = 1850-1861 | 2 = 1861-1866 | 3 = 1866-1871 | 4 = 1871-1877 | 5 = 1877-1889 | 6 = 1890-1900 | 7 = 1900-1908 |
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JACKSON, BELLE                         NY-23-5-119
JACKSON, CHARLIE L.                    NY-23-5-517
JACKSON, EBER D.                       NY-23-5-4
JACKSON, EMMA                          NY-23-5-120
JACKSON, JASON E.                      NY-23-5-5
JACKSON, LILLIE C.                     NY-23-5-118
JACKSON, LULA B.                       NY-23-5-516
JAMES, AMELIA                          NY-23-4-139
JAMES, AUSTIN                          NY-23-2-98
JAMES, AUSTIN                          NY-23-2-236
JAMES, HATTIE R.                       NY-23-3-28
JAMES, LUCINDA                         NY-23-2-97
JAMES, LUCINDA                         NY-23-2-235
JAMES, MARY C.                         NY-23-3-314
JAQUAY, FREDERICK E.                   NY-23-6-143
JENKINS, LUCETTE                       NY-23-1-135
JERARD, CLARK W.                       NY-23-5-22
JERARD, JOHN C.                        NY-23-5-21
JEWETT, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-23-1-223
JEWETT, HENRY WILLIAM                  NY-23-1-224
JEWETT, THOMAS F.                      NY-23-4-206
JEWETT, THOMAS F.                      NY-23-1-449
JOHNDRO, ELBRIDGE J.                   NY-23-6-238
JOHNDRO, LEWIS R.                      NY-23-6-239
JOHNDRO, RENA MAY                      NY-23-6-240
JOHNSON, CLARA                         NY-23-5-326
JOHNSON, EDWARD B.                     NY-23-5-524
JOHNSON, KATIE                         NY-23-5-372
JOHNSON, MARY S.                       NY-23-3-31
JOHNSON, VIRGIL L.                     NY-23-5-188
JONES, CADY C.                         NY-23-6-341
JONES, CHARLES E.                      NY-23-3-406
JONES, KATE S.                         NY-23-3-407
JONES, LIZZIE E.                       NY-23-6-318
JONES, LUMINA                          NY-23-3-4
JONES, MARY E.                         NY-23-3-405
JONES, PHILENA                         NY-23-3-3
JONES, SMITH R.                        NY-23-3-408
KAMPHFARKEL, CHARLES L.                NY-23-3-194
KAMPHFARKEL, CHARLES L.                NY-23-3-182
KAMPHFARKEL, ELENORA H.                NY-23-3-183
KAMPHFARKEL, ELENORA H.                NY-23-3-395
KAMPHFARKEL, HENRY A.                  NY-23-3-181
KAY, JOSEPHINE E.                      NY-23-5-620
KEECH, LAURA A.                        NY-23-6-294
KEITH, LOVINA                          NY-23-4-36
KELERSON, HARRIET                      NY-23-4-19
KELLER, ALFRED M.                      NY-23-6-136
KELLER, ELSA E.                        NY-23-5-468
KELLER, EMMA A.                        NY-23-5-44
KELLOGG, CLARA                         NY-23-3-56
KELLOGG, ELLEN                         NY-23-3-55
KELLOGG, IDA J.                        NY-23-3-54
KELLOGG, MABEL A.                      NY-23-4-388
KELSEY, EMMA                           NY-23-5-103
KELSEY, JOHN F.                        NY-23-5-104
KELSEY, MARY                           NY-23-5-105
KELSEY, WELTHY                         NY-23-5-102
KEMP, EMMA F.                          NY-23-5-407
KENDALL, FRANES L.                     NY-23-5-149
KENNEDY, CHARLES B.                    NY-23-3-21
KENNEDY, THOMAS G.                     NY-23-1-404
KENYON, BLANCHE M.                     NY-23-5-389
KENYON, GEORGE M.                      NY-23-5-388
KENYON, JENNIE H.                      NY-23-3-355
KENYON, NELLIE G.                      NY-23-3-354
KENYON, RODNEY E.                      NY-23-3-352
KENYON, WILLIAM E.                     NY-23-3-353
KEPLER, ADALINE                        NY-23-3-132
KEPLER, EMILY                          NY-23-4-53
KEPLER, JOHN                           NY-23-3-131
KEPLER, WILLAM                         NY-23-3-130
KIDDER, TIMOTHY                        NY-23-1-11
KILBORN, CLARENE H.                    NY-23-5-506
KILBORN, CLINTON W.                    NY-23-5-505
KILBORN, JOHN R.                       NY-23-5-504
KILBY, HLLIE                           NY-23-4-286
KILMAR, ERNEST C.                      NY-23-3-245
KILMAR, GEORGE K.                      NY-23-3-246
KIMBALL, GEORGE A.                     NY-23-6-248
KINCAID, STELLA M.                     NY-23-6-336
KINELY, CAROLINE                       NY-23-6-57
KINELY, GEORGE                         NY-23-6-58
KINELY, IDA                            NY-23-6-59
KING, CLARISSA E.                      NY-23-1-139
KING, FRANK E.                         NY-23-4-108
KING, FRANK E.                         NY-23-3-106
KING, JAMES E.                         NY-23-1-138
KING, SUSAN M.                         NY-23-4-107
KING, SUSAN M.                         NY-23-3-105
KING, WILLIAM O.                       NY-23-3-104
KING, WILLIAM O.                       NY-23-4-106
KINMAN, WILLIAM B.                     NY-23-2-196
KIRBY, CATHERINE                       NY-23-1-517
KIRBY, CATHERINE                       NY-23-1-415
KIRBY, EDMUND                          NY-23-1-414
KIRBY, EDMUND                          NY-23-1-516
KIRBY, REYNOLD M.                      NY-23-1-518
KIRBY, REYNOLD M.                      NY-23-1-416
KITTS, ADELBERT B.                     NY-23-1-72
KITTS, EMILY                           NY-23-1-73
KITTS, JESSE M.                        NY-23-1-71
KITTS, JULIA                           NY-23-1-76
KITTS, MARILLA                         NY-23-1-74
KITTS, MARTIN                          NY-23-1-75
KLOCH, LETTIE M.                       NY-23-5-267
KLOCK, GEORGE N.                       NY-23-3-14
KLOCK, GEORGE N.                       NY-23-4-207
KLOCK, LETTIE M.                       NY-23-4-305
KNAP, ANN A.                           NY-23-3-252
KNAPP, ALICE                           NY-23-6-576
KNAPP, ALICE M.                        NY-23-1-445
KNAPP, DELIA A.                        NY-23-1-446
KNAPP, EDWIN C.                        NY-23-4-197
KNAPP, EMILY E.                        NY-23-3-251
KNAPP, FRED E.                         NY-23-6-23
KNAPP, GEORGE S.                       NY-23-5-445
KNAPP, JARED T.                        NY-23-4-308
KNAPP, LODEMA J.                       NY-23-3-250
KNAPP, MARGARET A.                     NY-23-1-444
KNAPP, MARY A.                         NY-23-5-463
KNAPP, MARY J.                         NY-23-1-443
KNIGHT, EMMA                           NY-23-4-138
KNIGHT, HENRY                          NY-23-4-136
KNIGHT, MARY                           NY-23-4-137
KNOWLTON, ELIZABETH F.                 NY-23-3-350
KNOWLTON, GEORGE S.                    NY-23-3-349
KRAKE, RUTH E.                         NY-23-1-38
KRAKE, WINFIELD S.                     NY-23-1-37
KRING, AGNES                           NY-23-1-427
KRING, ALICE                           NY-23-1-428
KRING, MARTHA                          NY-23-1-426
KRING, NANCY                           NY-23-1-425
KYES, CHARLES D.                       NY-23-1-41
KYES, JENNIE M.                        NY-23-5-254
KYES, JENNIE M.                        NY-23-5-304
KYES, WILLIAM S.                       NY-23-5-255
LAFLEUR, FRANKLIN E.                   NY-23-5-7
LAFLEUR, FREDERICK J.                  NY-23-5-8
LAMARK, JENNIE                         NY-23-4-292
LAMPMAN, IDA B.                        NY-23-4-45A
LANDON, EMMA                           NY-23-2-276
LANDON, ID AJ.                         NY-23-2-275
LANDON, MARIA J.                       NY-23-2-274
LANY, MICHAEL                          NY-23-1-546
LAPORTE, EMMA                          NY-23-5-591
LAPORTE, RICHARD                       NY-23-5-592
LARABEE, ALMIRA D.                     NY-23-5-357
LARABEE, CARRIE L.                     NY-23-5-361
LARABEE, DANIEL W.                     NY-23-5-359
LARABEE, MINNIE S.                     NY-23-5-358
LARABEE, WILLIAM J.                    NY-23-5-560
LARNED, ANNA L.                        NY-23-5-363
LAROCK, BERTHA E.                      NY-23-6-589
LARUE, ADELLA                          NY-23-3-23
LARUE, EMMA T.                         NY-23-3-25
LARUE, EMMA T.                         NY-23-5-133
LARUE, JAMES F.                        NY-23-4-280
LARUE, WELLINGTON W.                   NY-23-5-132
LARUE, WELLINGTON W.                   NY-23-3-24
LASHBROO, RUTH A.                      NY-23-4-265
LASHBROOK, HENRY G.                    NY-23-4-264
LASHBROOK, NEYR G.                     NY-23-2-182
LASHBROOK, RUTH A.                     NY-23-2-181
LASHER, BESSIE MAY                     NY-23-6-402
LASHER, JAY MORTIMER                   NY-23-6-399
LASHER, WILBER PORTER                  NY-23-6-400
LASHER, WILLIS W.                      NY-23-6-401
LASSELL, JOSEPHINE                     NY-23-3-13
LASSELL, MARGARET                      NY-23-3-11
LASSELL, SEROPHINE                     NY-23-3-12
LAURENCE, ADELBERT                     NY-23-1-65
LAURENCE, LEANDER                      NY-23-1-166
LAWTON, ALICE                          NY-23-5-100
LAWTON, EDWIN                          NY-23-6-195
LAWTON, IMOGENE                        NY-23-5-101
LAWYER, EDWARD A.                      NY-23-4-177
LAWYER, MARY A.                        NY-23-4-176
LEARY, ANDREW                          NY-23-2-162
LEE, AMESBURY                          NY-23-6-245
LEE, CLEVERA A.                        NY-23-6-244
LEE, EDWIN B.                          NY-23-2-317
LEE, ELTA                              NY-23-3-305
LEE, EMMA A.                           NY-23-3-236
LEE, JAY F.                            NY-23-5-123
LEE, MARY M.                           NY-23-5-157
LEE, NETTIE                            NY-23-3-304
LEE, WILLIS E.                         NY-23-2-318
LEHR, HENRY F.                         NY-23-5-242
LEHR, LEWIS F.                         NY-23-5-240
LEHR, ORA M.                           NY-23-5-241
LEONARD, ALBERT                        NY-23-2-11
LEONARD, ALBERT H.                     NY-23-2-82
LEONARD, EMMA J.                       NY-23-3-380
LEONARD, JAMES F.                      NY-23-3-381
LEWIS, CHARLES H.                      NY-23-2-378
LEWIS, HENRY N.                        NY-23-2-341
LEWIS, MARY L.                         NY-23-5-562
LEWIS, WALTER A.                       NY-23-6-598
LIBBY, LYDIA                           NY-23-2-396
LITTLEFIELD, BYRON D.                  NY-23-6-393
LITTLEFIELD, GEORGE H.                 NY-23-4-146
LITTLEFIELD, GEORGE H.                 NY-23-4-80
LITTLEFIELD, MARY                      NY-23-1-551
LITTLEFIELD, MENZO                     NY-23-1-550
LITTLEFIELD, PHILA M.                  NY-23-6-394
LIVERMORE, FRANK                       NY-23-3-373
LIVERMORE, HARVEY E.                   NY-23-3-372
LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM L.                 NY-23-6-18
LODI, CHARLES                          NY-23-4-160
LODI, CORNELIA                         NY-23-4-159
LOFTUS, ANNA                           NY-23-5-18
LOFTUS, JAMES                          NY-23-5-397
LOFTUS, JAMES P.                       NY-23-5-16
LOFTUS, MARIA                          NY-23-5-19
LOFTUS, THOMAS P.                      NY-23-5-17
LOOMIS, BESSIE M.                      NY-23-7-28
LOOMIS, C. OTIS                        NY-23-6-413
LOOMIS, CHAUNCEY A.                    NY-23-1-260
LOOMIS, EDITH                          NY-23-6-412
LOOMIS, MILDRED A.                     NY-23-7-27
LOOMIS, SIDNEY M.                      NY-23-5-511
LOSEE, LENA B.                         NY-23-7-12
LOSEE, LENA B.                         NY-23-6-509
LOSEE, MURIEL P.                       NY-23-7-13
LOSEE, MURIEL S.                       NY-23-6-510
LOUGHLIN, LORETTO                      NY-23-6-315
LOW, CELESTINE C.                      NY-23-1-350
LOW, DEWITT C.                         NY-23-1-351
LOW, ELBRIDGE                          NY-23-1-353
LOW, ELBRIDGE                          NY-23-2-13
LOW, ELIZABETH                         1352
LOW, ELIZABETH                         NY-23-2-14
LOW, WALLACE A.                        NY-23-1-412
LOWREY, HENRY D.                       NY-23-2-202
LOWREY, JULIA A.                       NY-23-2-201
LSAHBROOK, REBECCA                     NY-23-1-455
LUCAS, MARY Z.                         NY-23-5-434
LUFF, ARTHUR                           NY-23-1-448
LUMLEY, MYRTIE B.                      NY-23-5-471
LUTHER, CLARA M.                       NY-23-6-218
LUTHER, CLAY E.                        NY-23-6-217
LUTHER, CLIFFORD E.                    NY-23-6-216
LUTHER, ELLA                           NY-23-4-98
LUTHER, JOHN                           NY-23-4-99
LYNCH, GORDON W.                       NY-23-6-565
LYNHAM, AMBROSE                        NY-23-4-358
LYNHAM, AMBROSE                        NY-23-4-112
LYNHAM, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-23-4-356
LYNHAM, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-23-4-356
LYNHAM, JOHN L.                        NY-23-4-357
LYNHAM, MARY J.                        NY-23-4-109
LYNHAM, MARY J.                        NY-23-4-355
LYNIP, JAMES                           NY-23-5-159
LYON, DAVID F.                         NY-23-6-498
LYON, RACHEL                           NY-23-1-498
MACK, ANISE                            NY-23-4-320
MACK, EBEN W.                          NY-23-3-10
MACK, ELLA                             NY-23-4-319
MACKLEY, FLORENCE E.                   NY-23-5-567
MACKLEY, MATILDA E.                    NY-23-5-566
MACKLEY, WILLIAM G.                    NY-23-5-568
MACOMBER, CHARLES D.                   NY-23-1-465
MACOMBER, GEORGE R.                    NY-23-1-464
MACUMBER, ALMEDA M.                    NY-23-1-91
MACUMBER, CHARLES D.                   NY-23-2-322
MACUMBER, GEORGE R.                    NY-23-2-323
MACUMBER, LOTTIE M.                    NY-23-5-593
MACUMBER, LOTTIE M.                    NY-23-5-111
MADISON, CLARENCE D.                   NY-23-3-339
MAHOR, BRIDGET                         NY-23-2-30
MAHOR, CATHERINE                       NY-23-2-31
MAHOR, JAMES                           NY-23-2-29
MAIN, ELIZABETH B.                     NY-23-1-382
MAJER, ERNEST ADOLPH                   NY-23-1-403
MAJER, MATILDA ADELE                   NY-23-1-405
MALLETT, EUGENE                        NY-23-5-569
MALLETT, MILLIE                        NY-23-5-570
MALLETT, PHILENA                       NY-23-5-571
MANTLE, ROY W.                         NY-23-5-147
MARKLE, EMMA E.                        NY-23-3-136
MARKLE, JOHN A.                        NY-23-3-135
MARKMILL, EUGENE G.                    NY-23-5-370
MARSH, JENNIE                          NY-23-5-219
MARSHALL, EDGAR J.                     NY-23-1-185
MARSHALL, MARY W.                      NY-23-1-183
MARSHALL, ROBERT R.                    NY-23-1-184
MARSHALL, WILLIAM C.                   NY-23-1-186
MARTIN, ALVA A.                        NY-23-2-352
MARTIN, EDWARD                         NY-23-6-506
MARTIN, FRANCES L.                     NY-23-2-351
MARTIN, MARGARET                       NY-23-4-66
MARTIN, MARY L.                        NY-23-2-350
MARTIN, THOMAS H.                      NY-23-6-580
MARTIN, WILLIAM                        NY-23-4-67
MASON, JOHN E.                         NY-23-4-115
MASON, JOSEPH M.                       NY-23-3-400
MASON, MARY E.                         NY-23-3-399
MASON, MICHAEL A.                      NY-23-3-398
MATHEWS, ALICE L.                      NY-23-3-39
MATTESON, ADELBERT                     NY-23-3-342
MATTHEWS, CHARLES E.                   NY-23-5-244
MATTISON, ALBERTUS                     NY-23-1-322
MAXON, LUCY JANE                       NY-23-1-104
MAXON, M. ADELAIDE                     NY-23-1-105
MAYHEW, EDWARD V.                      NY-23-6-310
MAYO, CHARLES W.                       NY-23-1-188
MAYO, JOSEPH H.                        NY-23-1-187
MCALISTER, JAMES R.                    NY-23-4-38
MCBRIDE, MINNIE                        NY-23-1-438
MCCANNOH, CHARLES                      NY-23-1-478
MCCANNOH, FRANCIS P.                   NY-23-1-477
MCCANNOH, JAMES                        NY-23-1-479
MCCANNOH, MARY                         NY-23-1-476
MCCANNOH, MICHAEL                      NY-23-1-473
MCCANNOH, NANCY                        NY-23-1-475
MCCANNOH, THOMAS                       NY-23-1-474
MCCARTIN, GEORGE S.                    NY-23-6-129
MCCLELLEN, MARGARET A.                 NY-23-5-313
MCCOMBS, ANNETTA A.                    NY-23-5-59
MCCOY, FREDERICK R.                    NY-23-6-600
MCCUMBER, MARYM.                       NY-23-6-109
MCDANIELS, GEORGE W.                   NY-23-1-100
MCDONALD, CHARLOTT E.                  NY-23-5-339
MCDOWELL, MARY L.                      NY-23-2-379
MCGILLOVAY, LUTHERA                    NY-23-4-169
MCGOWAN, EDWARD                        NY-23-5-509
MCGOWAN, NELLIE                        NY-23-5-510
MCIVOR, ELIZA H.                       NY-23-6-539
MCIVOR, JAMES F.                       NY-23-6-540
MCKAY, ROBERT D.                       NY-23-5-353
MCKEE, KATE M.                         NY-23-6-338
MCKEE, URIE                            NY-23-2-53
MCKEOWN, GEORGE P.                     NY-23-6-502
MCKINLEY, ELEANOR A.                   NY-23-3-139
MCKINLEY, ELLEN                        NY-23-5-137
MCKINLEY, FRANCIS H.                   NY-23-5-521
MCKINLEY, GEORGE                       NY-23-3-138
MCKINLEY, MICHAEL                      NY-23-3-137
MCLEAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-7-54
MCLEAN, GEORGE C.                      NY-23-7-52
MCLEAN, HELEN                          NY-23-7-55
MCLEAN, IDA B.                         NY-23-7-53
MCLEAN, JOHN J.                        NY-23-7-51
MCMANUS, ELLA M.                       NY-23-5-87
MCMANUS, JOHN F.                       NY-23-5-86
MCMULLIN, ANNA E.                      NY-23-6-153
MCMULLIN, ISABELL G.                   NY-23-6-168
MCNEIL, LAFORA DEMONT                  NY-23-1-391
MCNEIL, ROBERT L.                      NY-23-1-388
MCVEE, CLARENCE A.                     NY-23-6-376
MCWAYNE, CARRIE M.                     NY-23-5-295
MCWAYNE, GEORGIANNA                    NY-23-4-26
MEADER, ELLA M.                        3348
MEAKIM, WILBERT                        NY-23-4-247
MENDELL, LEMOINE E.                    NY-23-5-576
MENDELL, PAUL H.                       NY-23-5-575
MERCHANT, CECELIA M.                   NY-23-6-123
MERCHANT, CHARLES W.                   NY-23-6-124
MERCHANT, CHARLES W.                   NY-23-6-330
MERCHANT, EMMA J.                      NY-23-6-327
MERCHANT, EMMA J.                      NY-23-6-121
MERCHANT, FLORENCE L.                  NY-23-6-328
MERCHANT, FLORENCE L.                  NY-23-6-122
MERRELL, CAROLINE M.                   NY-23-1-519
MERRELL, SYLVIA W.                     NY-23-1-520
MERRIAM, ZIMRON                        NY-23-1-573
MERRILL, AUSTIN C.                     NY-23-5-364
MERRILL, AUSTIN C.                     NY-23-6-533
MERRILL, CHARLES D.                    NY-23-1-583
MERRILL, ETHEL M.                      NY-23-6-228
MERRILL, FRED S.                       NY-23-5-305
MERRILL, GEORGE R.                     NY-23-3-159
MERRILL, GEORGE R.                     NY-23-3-89
MERRILL, M. C.                         NY-23-4-322
MERRILL, M. C.                         NY-23-5-91
MERRILL, MARY S.                       NY-23-4-323
MERRILL, MARY S.                       NY-23-5-287
MERRILL, MARY S.                       NY-23-5-88
MERRILL, MAUD A.                       NY-23-6-227
MERRILL, RAY W.                        NY-23-6-226
MERRIT, WALTER S. B.                   NY-23-6-596
MERRITT, JACOB H.                      NY-23-3-204
MERRITT, STELLA M.                     NY-23-5-337
METCALF, FLORA L.                      NY-23-5-114
METCALF, HANNAH M.                     NY-23-5-115
METCALF, JULIA E.                      NY-23-6-552
METCALF, KATE T.                       NY-23-5-113
MILES, ELLA A.                         NY-23-2-230
MILES, ROOT LE ROY                     NY-23-6-423
MILLARD, ALMA                          NY-23-6-263
MILLARD, FRED                          NY-23-6-264
MILLARD, LINETTE W.                    NY-23-2-155
MILLER, EMMA J.                        NY-23-5-546
MILLER, HIRAM W.                       NY-23-1-429
MILLER, JOHN                           NY-23-1-569
MILLER, LESTER                         NY-23-5-625
MILLS, ALBERT F.                       NY-23-6-79
MILLS, ALBERT P.                       NY-23-6-576
MILLS, ANTONIO F.                      NY-23-6-1
MILLS, EDWARD D.                       NY-23-6-573
MILLS, EDWARD D.                       NY-23-6-78
MILLS, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-23-1-433
MILLS, FRANCES C.                      NY-23-1-431
MILLS, FREDERIC H.                     NY-23-6-2
MILLS, GEORGE                          NY-23-1-144
MILLS, MAITLAND H.                     NY-23-1-432
MINER, ABEL                            NY-23-1-136
MINER, ABEL                            NY-23-1-55
MINER, ALICE                           NY-23-1-156
MINER, ALICE                           NY-23-1-137
MINOR, JENNIE A.                       NY-23-5-169
MINOR, JENNIE A.                       NY-23-4-371
MINOR, SARAH E.                        NY-23-5-170
MINOR, SARAH E.                        NY-23-4-372
MITCHELL, ANNIE C.                     NY-23-6-208
MITCHELL, BELLE C.                     NY-23-6-133
MITCHELL, BELLE C.                     NY-23-5-148
MITCHELL, GEORGE F.                    NY-23-4-113
MITCHELL, LYMAN S.                     NY-23-6-134
MIXER, ARTHUR A.                       NY-23-2-268
MIXER, CHARLES B.                      NY-23-3-205
MIXER, HARLEY D.                       NY-23-2-267
MIXER, HARRIET E.                      NY-23-2-269
MONTAGUE, EDWIN C.                     NY-23-4-8
MONTAGUE, FRED                         NY-23-5-205
MONTONDO, HATTIE                       NY-23-6-61
MOORE, HIRAM                           NY-23-4-193
MOORE, MARTIN                          NY-23-4-194
MOORE, SYLVESTER                       NY-23-4-195
MORAN, AMBROSE                         NY-23-6-530
MORAN, ANNA                            NY-23-6-438
MORAN, ANNA                            NY-23-6-523
MORAN, EDWARD T.                       NY-23-6-435
MORAN, MARGARET F.                     NY-23-6-524
MORAN, MARGARET F.                     NY-23-6-436
MORAN, P. BERNARD                      NY-23-6-442
MORAN, P. BERNARD                      NY-23-6-529
MORAN, T. GLENN                        NY-23-6-528
MORAN, T. GLENN                        NY-23-6-441
MORAN, THOMAS                          NY-23-6-526
MORAN, THOMAS                          NY-23-6-439
MORAN, WILLIAM                         NY-23-6-527
MORAN, WILLIAM                         NY-23-6-440
MOREHOUSE, JENNIE                      NY-23-5-577
MORGAN, ELEANOR                        NY-23-4-124
MORGAN, ELEANOR                        NY-23-2-261
MORGAN, ELENOR                         NY-23-4-124
MORGAN, FELICIA                        NY-23-2-258
MORGAN, GEORGE                         NY-23-2-256
MORGAN, HARVEY                         NY-23-2-259
MORGAN, JOHN P.                        NY-23-6-437
MORGAN, MARIA                          NY-23-2-260
MORGAN, MARY                           NY-23-2-261
MORGAN, MARY                           NY-23-4-128
MORGAN, MARY                           NY-23-4-128
MORGAN, THOMAS                         NY-23-2-257
MORRISON, THOMAS                       NY-23-1-571
MORSE, MINNIE E.                       NY-23-4-22
MORSE, RICHARD M.                      NY-23-2-298
MORSE, SMAUEL                          NY-23-5-356
MOSHER, EDDIE J.                       NY-23-6-378
MOSHER, MARY J.                        NY-23-2-288
MOSHER, MERRITT J.                     NY-23-2-288
MOTT, WILLIAM K.                       NY-23-5-366
MULLIN, WILLIAM                        NY-23-4-285
MUNDY, MARY S.                         NY-23-5-374
MUNGER, L. MAY                         NY-23-6-250
MUNN, ALICE                            NY-23-1-175
MUNN, HENRY A.                         NY-23-1-176
MUNSON, GERTRUDE M.                    NY-23-4-230
MUNSON, LUELLA M.                      NY-23-4-229
MUNSON, MILTON E.                      NY-23-4-231
MUNSON, SEYMOUR H.                     NY-23-4-232
MURPHY, CARRIE E.                      NY-23-2-249
MURRAY, ALLAN B.                       NY-23-4-314
MURRAY, EDWARD H.                      NY-23-4-313
MYERS, FANNIE                          NY-23-5-26
MYERS, FRANCIS L.                      NY-23-6-597
MYERS, FRANKIE J.                      NY-23-5-27
MYERS, JEROME W.                       NY-23-5-78
MYERS, ORRIN A.                        NY-23-5-79
MYRICK, ALBERT A.                      NY-23-1-459
MYRICK, CORNELIA R.                    NY-23-1-458
N, LIVINGSTON H.                       NY-23-2-380
NASH, EUGENE                           NY-23-5-222
NASH, LESSIE                           NY-23-5-221
NELLIS, ANNIE                          NY-23-5-179
NELLIS, CARRIE I.                      NY-23-5-112
NELLIS, JENNIE                         NY-23-5-180
NEVILLE, JAY                           NY-23-2-161
NEWTON, JACOB                          NY-23-1-342
NICHOLS, ANNIE M.                      NY-23-5-94
NICHOLS, CHARLES H.                    NY-23-4-123
NICHOLS, GEORGE H.                     NY-23-5-95
NICHOLS, HARRIET A.                    NY-23-1-82
NICHOLS, HATTIE                        NY-23-5-354
NICHOLS, NELLIE                        NY-23-5-355
NICHOLSON, HARRIET C.                  NY-23-1-222
NIMOCKS, CHARLES T.                    NY-23-4-226
NIMS, KATIE                            NY-23-5-2
NIMS, MARY ANN                         NY-23-2-244
NIXON, ELLEN                           NY-23-1-200
NIXON, JOHN                            NY-23-1-201
NIXON, WILLIAM H.                      NY-23-1-202
NNIMS, EDITH                           NY-23-5-1
NOLAN, EDNA J.                         NY-23-6-584
NOLAN, HARRY                           NY-23-6-581
NOLAN, MARIE                           NY-23-6-583
NOLAN, MARY ALICE                      NY-23-6-582
NORTHROP, MARY M.                      NY-23-2-270
NORTHRUP, DORA E.                      NY-23-5-573
NORTHRUP, HIRAM E.                     NY-23-5-80
NORTHRUP, HIRAM E.                     NY-23-4-166
NORTHRUP, JAME SM.                     NY-23-5-264
NORTHRUP, JAMES M.                     NY-23-4-167
NORTHRUP, JOHN E.                      NY-23-5-574
NORTHRUP, MARY E.                      NY-23-5-365
NORTHUP, ADELLE                        NY-23-4-343
NORTHUP, ALICE .                       NY-23-6-297
NORTHUP, ALICE M.                      NY-23-6-247
NORTHUP, ALICE M.                      NY-23-6-419
NORTHUP, ALMEDA M.                     NY-23-4-199
NORTHUP, FRANCES                       NY-23-4-344
NORTHUP, JOHN G.                       NY-23-1-537
NORTHUP, JULIA A.                      NY-23-1-127
NORTHUP, MARTHA E.                     NY-23-6-298
NORTHUP, SYLVIA C.                     NY-23-1-538
NORTHUP, WILLIAM B.                    NY-23-6-553
NORTON, DON W.                         NY-23-6-84
NORTON, WILLIAM                        NY-23-6-175
NOTT, CARLISLE C.                      NY-23-5-323
NOTT, CARRIE A.                        NY-23-5-324
NOTT, MARY E.                          NY-23-6-323
NOTT, OLIVE L.                         NY-23-5-320
NUTTING, JENNIE                        NY-23-6-387
NUTTING, JOSEPH H.                     NY-23-4-282
PACKER, EMILY                          NY-23-4-92
PADDOCK, FRANK S.                      NY-23-5-371
PALMER, MORGAN S.                      NY-23-6-232
PALMER, STILLMAN F.                    NY-23-6-233
PARKER, CHARLES M.                     NY-23-1-323
PARKER, ELIZABETH H.                   NY-23-3-93
PARKER, EMMA A.                        NY-23-5-28
PARKER, EUGENE                         NY-23-6-548
PARKER, EVA G.                         NY-23-3-94
PARKER, FRANKLIN B.                    NY-23-4-125
PARKER, GEORGE                         NY-23-6-544
PARKER, GEORGE W.                      NY-23-1-324
PARKER, JOHN                           NY-23-2-128
PARKER, KATE                           NY-23-5-298
PARKER, LINCOLN A.                     NY-23-5-30
PARKER, LUMAN H.                       NY-23-5-508
PARKER, MABEL                          NY-23-6-550
PARKER, MARIA ELIZABETH                NY-23-1-555
PARKER, MARION V.                      NY-23-1-111
PARKER, MARY J.                        NY-23-4-381
PARKER, NELLIE E.                      NY-23-6-445
PARKER, OSCAR D.                       NY-23-5-29
PARKER, WILLIAM D.                     NY-23-3-92
PARKHURST, MINNIE A.                   NY-23-3-287
PARKINSON, CHARLES H.                  NY-23-2-77
PARKINSON, MILTON E.                   NY-23-2-76
PARMELEE, CHARLES L.                   NY-23-5-243
PARMELEE, ERNEST P.                    NY-23-5-244
PARMENTER, CHARLES E.                  NY-23-1-160
PARMENTER, MARTHA                      NY-23-2-158
PARMENTER, MARY                        NY-23-2-157
PARMENTER, SALLY P.                    NY-23-2-159
PARNHAM, EUGENE                        NY-23-3-41
PARNHAM, FREMONT                       NY-23-3-42
PARNHAM, MARY                          NY-23-3-40
PARRISH, WARREN G.                     NY-23-6-422
PARSONS, EUNICE L.                     NY-23-2-78
PATRICK, HARRY R.                      NY-23-6-386
PATRICK, JAMES D.                      NY-23-6-303
PATRICK, MARTHA J.                     NY-23-5-622
PATRICK, MINERVA                       NY-23-1-481
PATRICK, WALTER H.                     NY-23-6-304
PATTEROSN, BERTH AC.                   NY-23-5-526
PATTERSON, AMY M.                      NY-23-5-394
PATTERSON, ANNA M.                     NY-23-5-527
PATTERSON, BERYL A.                    NY-23-5-398
PATTERSON, EDNA L.                     NY-23-5-528
PATTERSON, JENNIE M.                   NY-23-5-393
PATTERSON, JENNIE M.                   NY-23-5-371
PAUL, CARRIE E.                        NY-23-6-464
PAUL, HAROLD R.                        NY-23-6-168
PAUL, IRVING M.                        NY-23-6-166
PAUL, LENA M.                          NY-23-6-170
PAUL, MARY A.                          NY-23-6-167
PAUL, RUTH A.                          NY-23-6-169
PAUL, WILLIE J.                        NY-23-6-165
PEARSON, ROBERT                        NY-23-1-576
PECK, ALLEN G.                         NY-23-3-239
PECK, FRANK E.                         NY-23-6-105
PECK, MILDRED A.                       NY-23-6-515
PECK, WILLIAM C.                       NY-23-3-240
PENNEY, MYRTIE D.                      NY-23-5-248
PENNEY, NEULAN                         NY-23-1-558
PENNOCK, ALBERT                        NY-23-1-409
PENNOCK, ALICE A.                      NY-23-1-408
PENNOCK, AMES                          NY-23-1-407
PENNOCK, CHARLES                       NY-23-1-410
PENNOCK, GEORGE                        NY-23-1-406
PENNOCK, JOHN D.                       NY-23-1-405
PENNY, BERTHA                          NY-23-6-521
PERCE, WILLIS C.                       NY-23-2-362
PERCY, ADDISON D.                      NY-23-2-327
PERCY, BENSON A.                       NY-23-2-326
PERCY, ROBERT H.                       NY-23-2-324
PERCY, SIDNEY S.                       NY-23-2-325
PERIGO, JAOSPER B.                     NY-23-5-289
PERIGO, WILLIE R.                      NY-23-5-288
PERKINS, MINNIE S.                     NY-23-5-146
PERNEY, ERNEST E.                      NY-23-7-2
PERSONS, CHARLES L.                    NY-23-4-310
PETRIE, CARRIE E.                      NY-23-6-522
PETRIE, EDITH M.                       NY-23-6-568
PETRIE, HAROLD A.                      NY-23-6-569
PHELANS, ARTHUR B.                     NY-23-4-382
PHELPS, CLAUDE A.                      NY-23-7-24
PHELPS, FRANK B.                       NY-23-7-25
PHELPS, GRACE                          NY-23-5-92
PHELPS, GRACE L.                       NY-23-3-362
PHELPS, JAY W.                         NY-23-7-23
PHELPS, JESSIE S.                      NY-23-3-363
PHELPS, LAURA J.                       NY-23-7-21
PHELPS, MILRED E.                      NY-23-7-26
PHELPS, WILLIAM S.                     NY-23-7-22
PHILLIPS, ALVIN J.                     NY-23-4-135
PHILLIPS, BETSEY                       NY-23-1-340
PHILLIPS, CATHERINE                    NY-23-1-344
PHILLIPS, CHARLES W.                   NY-23-4-147
PHILLIPS, CHARLOTTE L.                 NY-23-4-365
PHILLIPS, DAVID                        NY-23-1-343
PHILLIPS, DEBORAH J                    NY-23-4-366
PHILLIPS, DORA A.                      NY-23-6-95
PHILLIPS, ELEANOR                      NY-23-1-503
PHILLIPS, ELLEN L.                     NY-23-4-134
PHILLIPS, FRANKIE                      NY-23-6-185
PHILLIPS, FREDDIE                      NY-23-6-184
PHILLIPS, FREEMAN                      NY-23-1-463
PHILLIPS, ISAAC                        NY-23-6-181
PHILLIPS, JENNETTE                     NY-23-1-505
PHILLIPS, JENNIE                       NY-23-6-182
PHILLIPS, JOHN P.                      NY-23-1-504
PHILLIPS, LOVINA                       NY-23-1-189
PHILLIPS, MARY                         NY-23-6-183
PHILLIPS, MARY BELLE                   NY-23-6-22
PHILLIPS, NELSON                       NY-23-1-339
PHJILOW, LOTTIE A.                     NY-23-5-609
PHOENIX, HERMAN A. R.                  NY-23-5-96
PIERCE, CHARLES                        NY-23-2-353
PIERCE, CYNTHIA R.                     NY-23-5-13
PIERCE, GEORGE                         NY-23-2-252
PIERCE, LINA M.                        NY-23-6-116
PIERCE, LUCY A.                        NY-23-4-17
PIERCE, LYDIA M.                       NY-23-2-321
PIERCE, OSCAR L.                       NY-23-5-150
PIKE, FLORENCE E.                      NY-23-5-551
PITCHER, CARRIE A.                     NY-23-3-22
PLAN, CHARLES S.                       NY-23-5-213
PLANK, MARY R.                         NY-23-5-212
PLUMB, ANNA GRACE                      NY-23-6-14
PLUMB, EDNA MAY                        NY-23-6-15
PLUMB, MOSELLA                         NY-23-6-16
PLUNKETT, PATRICK                      NY-23-2-301
PLUNKETT, PATRICK                      NY-23-3-303
PLUNKETT, PATRICK                      NY-23-3-393
POGUE, EDITH                           NY-23-6-44
POLHAMUS, ROBERT G.                    NY-23-5-196
POLHEMUS, E LIZA J.                    NY-23-3-78
POLHEMUS, ROBERT G.                    NY-23-3-79
POLLOCK, WILBUR M.                     NY-23-6-546
POOR, GERTRUDE O.                      NY-23-5-307
PORTER, ANN JANE                       NY-23-2-309
PORTER, ELSEY D.                       NY-23-1-330
PORTER, EMILY                          NY-23-4-377
PORTER, FRANCIS                        NY-23-2-310
PORTER, GEORGE                         NY-23-4-378
PORTER, GEORGE E. W.                   NY-23-1-329
PORTER, JEREMIAH                       NY-23-2-307
PORTER, MARTH AA.                      NY-23-3-30
PORTER, MARTHA A.                      NY-23-2-306
PORTER, MARTIN                         NY-23-3-120
PORTER, STEPHEN                        NY-23-2-308
POTTER, ANGELINE H.                    NY-23-1-365
POTTER, CAROLINE A.                    NY-23-1-367
POTTER, CHARLES G.                     NY-23-6-72
POTTER, CHESTER F.                     NY-23-1-369
POTTER, CLEANTHA F.                    NY-23-1-366
POTTER, PAUL                           NY-23-6-595
POTTER, WILLIAM E.                     NY-23-1-368
PRAME, JEROME                          NY-23-1-562
PRENTICE, ALFRED C.                    NY-23-5-317
PRENTICE, HENRY W.                     NY-23-5-316
PRENTICE, LUCY A.                      NY-23-5-315
PRICE, ALBERT J.                       NY-23-6-192
PRICE, GETTE E.                        NY-23-4-126
PRICE, JOSEPHINE C.                    NY-23-2-3
PRICE, LYDIA                           NY-23-4-127
PRIEST, ADELAIDE M.                    NY-23-4-215
PRIEST, FORREST E.                     NY-23-5-582
PRIEST, LESLIE W.                      NY-23-5-581
PRIEST, LUELLA A.                      NY-23-5-580
PRIMEAU, JOSEPH                        NY-23-1-584
PRIOR, CHARLES O.                      NY-23-5-534
PRIOR, JOHN N.                         NY-23-5-533
PROCTOR, ANN ELIZA                     NY-23-1-287
PROCTOR, CAROLINE B.                   NY-23-1-283
PROCTOR, CARRIE A.                     NY-23-6-28
PROCTOR, EDWARD L.                     NY-23-1-284
PROCTOR, HELEN                         NY-23-1-285
PROCTOR, HENRY                         NY-23-1-286
PROCTOR, JEROME B.                     NY-23-1-282
PULLMAN, JOHN W.                       131
PUTNAM, ALBERT M.                      NY-23-2-122
PUTNAM, ARTHUR B.                      NY-23-2-358
PUTNAM, DE COSTA M.                    NY-23-2-123
PUTNAM, FANIE P.                       NY-23-5-333
PUTNAM, GEORGE B.                      NY-23-2-355
PUTNAM, HENRY P.                       NY-23-6-55
PUTNAM, SARAH F.                       NY-23-2-356
PUTNAM, VIRGINIA B.                    NY-23-2-357
QUACKENBUSH, CASSIUS H.                NY-23-5-560
QUACKENBUSH, GERTIE L.                 NY-23-5-559
QUACKENBUSH, WILLIAM L.                NY-23-5-561
QUINN, SUSAN                           NY-23-5-158
RADNALL, CALVIN E.                     NY-23-2-393
RALPH, ALTA M.                         NY-23-4-321
RALPH, FRANKIE M.                      NY-23-6-340
RAMSEY, HARRIET E.                     NY-23-5-412
RAMSEY, HOMER                          NY-23-5-413
RAMSEY, PHEBE A.                       NY-23-5-411
RANNEY, OLNEY P.                       NY-23-1-447
RANNEY, WILLIAM                        NY-23-4-91
RAWSON, FRANCIS                        NY-23-1-452
RAWSON, HELEN                          NY-23-1-451
RAY, A. MONROE                         NY-23-3-49
RAY, GEORGE                            NY-23-3-50
READ, ALBERT D.                        NY-23-2-12
READER, RICHARD T.                     NY-23-5-421
RECTOR, WARREN A.                      NY-23-6-316
RED, EMILY E.                          133
REDINGTON, CHARLES H.                  NY-23-4-152
REDINGTON, GEORGE F.                   NY-23-4-153
REDINGTON, JOHN L.                     NY-23-4-154
REDWAY, KITTIE A.                      NY-23-4-370
REDWAY, KITTY A.                       NY-23-2-278
REDWAY, MARY C.                        NY-23-2-277
REDWAY, NELLIE M.                      NY-23-2-279
REED, ANNA L.                          NY-23-5-613
REED, ASAHEL                           NY-23-5-619
REED, CHARLES H.                       NY-23-4-129
REED, EDWARD J.                        NY-23-5-275
REED, EDWARD W.                        NY-23-5-612
REED, EMMA M.                          NY-23-5-410
REED, HELEN M.                         NY-23-1-32
REED, MAR                              NY-23-1-524
REED, MARY E.                          NY-23-5-604
REEVES, ETTA                           NY-23-3-322
REEVES, HATTIE E.                      NY-23-3-321
REINBECK, WILLARD F.                   NY-23-7-1
REISSIG, GEORGE E.                     NY-23-6-317
REISSIG, HARRY F.                      NY-23-6-312
REISSIG, JULIA                         NY-23-6-311
RESSEQUIE, JOHN                        NY-23-1-491
REYNOLDS, MILVERN                      NY-23-3-325
RICE, C. VINCENT                       NY-23-7-47
RICE, FRANK D.                         NY-23-6-347
RICE, FRED                             NY-23-6-346
RICE, WILLIS E.                        NY-23-4-121
RICHARDS, AMELIA E.                    NY-23-3-241
RICHARDSON, CARRIE L.                  NY-23-5-190
RICHARDSON, MARTHA                     NY-23-3-347
RICHRADSON, MANDA F.                   NY-23-5-597
RIDER, FLORENCE                        NY-23-3-184
RIDGEWAY, EARL H.                      NY-23-6-404
RIVERS, EDITH                          NY-23-6-146
ROACH, THOMAS                          NY-23-2-242
ROBBINS, BRUCE                         NY-23-4-216
ROBBINS, CHARLSD.                      NY-23-5-519
ROBBINS, EDGAR J.                      NY-23-5-329
ROBBINS, LEO H.                        NY-23-5-520
ROBBINS, NELLIE                        NY-23-5-167
ROBERTS, BESSIE                        NY-23-5-557
ROBERTS, GEORGE W.                     NY-23-1-146
ROBERTS, PERLEY H.                     NY-23-5-25
ROBERTS, SARAH JANE                    NY-23-1-145
ROBERTSO, HAZEL C.                     NY-23-6-262
ROBINSON, ANGIE M.                     NY-23-3-61
ROBINSON, ANNA E.                      NY-23-3-59
ROBINSON, J. STERLING                  NY-23-3-62
ROBINSON, JENNIE C.                    NY-23-3-63
RODERICK, JAMES H.                     NY-23-6-25
ROGERS, ANDREW                         NY-23-3-37
ROGERS, ANN A.                         NY-23-3-262
ROGERS, ANNA V.                        NY-23-6-429
ROGERS, ARTHUR                         NY-23-6-567
ROGERS, AUSTIN                         NY-23-1-396
ROGERS, CHARLES                        NY-23-3-255
ROGERS, CHARLES V.                     NY-23-1-397
ROGERS, CHARLOTTE M.                   NY-23-3-254
ROGERS, EVERET                         NY-23-1-395
ROGERS, FRANCES O.                     NY-23-4-315
ROGERS, FREDERICK C.                   NY-23-3-283
ROGERS, GEORGE                         NY-23-3-37
ROGERS, GEORGE H.                      NY-23-3-285
ROGERS, HANNAH T.                      NY-23-1-486
ROGERS, JOHN H.                        NY-23-3-282
ROGERS, JULIA H.                       NY-23-3-284
ROGERS, ROBERT H.                      NY-23-6-447
ROGERS, WILLIE I.                      NY-23-3-286
ROINSON, ALLEN B.                      NY-23-3-60
ROSE, HELEN A.                         NY-23-4-97
ROSE, HENRY C.                         NY-23-3-385
ROSS, ELLIOTT                          NY-23-6-190
ROSS, MARY E.                          NY-23-6-188
ROSS, WALTER J.                        NY-23-6-189
ROSS,ELLWOOD                           NY-23-6-187
ROUNDS, CHARLES A.                     NY-23-1-259
ROUNDS, CHARLES A.                     NY-23-1-400
ROUNDS, DANIEL W. E.                   NY-23-1-399
ROUNDS, DANIEL W. E.                   NY-23-1-258
ROUNS, HARRIET J.                      NY-23-6-249
ROUSE, ADALAIDE                        NY-23-1-325
ROUSE, REBECCA                         NY-23-1-542
ROWLEY, CORA A.                        NY-23-4-210
ROWLEY, CORA A.                        NY-23-5-6
ROY, CYNTHIA                           NY-23-5-53
ROZELLE, GEORGE FREDERICK              NY-23-4-233
RUDD, ALICE L.                         NY-23-2-163
RUDD, CHARLES J.                       NY-23-2-164
RUE, EDWARD                            NY-23-2-5
RUGG, EDITH M.                         NY-23-5-201
RUGG, ELLA L.                          NY-23-5-186
RUSSELL, ALLEN G.                      NY-23-6-314
RUSSELL, ERELYER                       NY-23-4-284
RYTHER, CHARLES T. JR.                 NY-23-6-458
SAGE, LIZIE M.                         NY-23-3-242
SAGE, LIZZIE M.                        NY-23-4-287
SALISBURY, IRNA                        NY-23-6-570
SANDERS, WILLIAM E.                    NY-23-3-409
SARGENT, ADELBERT P.                   NY-23-4-150
SARGENT, MARY E.                       NY-23-4-149
SARGENT, WINIFIELD S.                  NY-23-4-148
SAVAGE, EDWARD                         NY-23-1-386
SAVAGE, JOHN                           NY-23-1-387
SAVAGE, JOHN C.                        NY-23-1-383
SAVAGE, SARAH JANE                     NY-23-1-385
SAVAGE, THOMAS H.                      NY-23-1-384
SCHULZ, LEWIS                          NY-23-4-198
SCHUYLER, CHARLES                      NY-23-2-37
SCHUYLER, FRANCIS H.                   NY-23-2-382
SCHUYLER, FREDERICK A.                 NY-23-2-383
SCHUYLER, MARTHA                       NY-23-2-38
SCIDMORE, ELLEN A.                     NY-23-1-292
SCIDMORE, MARY M.                      NY-23-1-293
SCOTT, AUREA M.                        NY-23-2-68
SCOTT, DEXTER B.                       NY-23-2-67
SCOTT, FRANK K                         NY-23-2-193
SCOTT, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-5-422
SCOTT, LORENA FINETTE                  NY-23-1-554
SCOTT, LORENA FINETTE                  NY-23-1-63
SCOTT, MARK                            NY-23-5-423
SCOTT, MATHEW                          NY-23-5-187
SCOTT, NANCY B.                        NY-23-2-69
SEARLES, CHARLES W.                    NY-23-2-265
SEARLES, DELIA C.                      NY-23-2-50
SEARLES, ELLEN A.                      NY-23-2-263
SEARLES, FANNIE A.                     NY-23-2-264
SEARLES, GEORGE W.                     NY-23-2-266
SEARLES, IDA L.                        NY-23-2-290
SEARLES, JAMES E.                      NY-23-2-291
SEARLES, MARY E.                       NY-23-2-48
SEARLES, WILLIAM T.                    NY-23-2-49
SEDGWICK, CORA F.                      NY-23-2-166
SEDGWICK, VERNON A.                    NY-23-2-165
SEELEY, CLARA E.                       NY-23-3-332
SEELEY, CLARA E.                       NY-23-4-89
SELTER, GRACE J.                       NY-23-6-273
SELTER, MAUD M.                        NY-23-6-274
SETON, THOMAS H.                       NY-23-5-449
SHALER, ANNA K.                        NY-23-5-85
SHANNON, WILLIAM W.                    NY-23-5-603
SHARON, CATHERINE S.                   NY-23-4-52
SHARON, EDWIN                          NY-23-4-245
SHARON, FRANCIS M.                     NY-23-4-48
SHARON, FRED B.                        NY-23-4-47
SHARON, JAMES H.                       NY-23-4-242
SHARON, MINNIE E.                      NY-23-4-46
SHARON, ROSANNA G.                     NY-23-4-50
SHARON, TOMAS                          NY-23-4-49
SHARON, WILLIAM                        NY-23-4-243
SHARP, BENJAMIN A.                     NY-23-4-145
SHARP, BERTHA M.                       NY-23-2-219
SHARP, EMMA J.                         NY-23-2-218
SHARP, ROZELTHE                        NY-23-4-144
SHATTUCK, IDA                          NY-23-5-192
SHATTUCK, LILLIAN                      NY-23-5-193
SHAW, CHARLES A.                       NY-23-5-172
SHAW, FRANCIS N.                       NY-23-3-141
SHAW, FRANK H.                         NY-23-5-173
SHAW, GEORGE E.                        NY-23-5-171
SHAW, IDA E.                           NY-23-3-140
SHAW, IMOGENE                          NY-23-3-142
SHEAD, CAROLINE L.                     NY-23-5-293
SHEAD, GRACE F.                        NY-23-6-420
SHEEHAN, JULIA ANN                     NY-23-4-298
SHEEHAN, MARGARET E.                   NY-23-4-297
SHEEHAN, MARY E.                       NY-23-4-296
SHEEHAN, MICHAEL J.                    NY-23-4-301
SHEEHAN, SARAH B.                      NY-23-4-300
SHEEHAN, THERESA J.                    NY-23-4-299
SHELDON, WMILTON E.                    NY-23-5-97
SHEPARD, ALICE J.                      NY-23-1-198
SHEPARD, CELESTINE                     NY-23-1-196
SHEPARD, CLYTUS                        NY-23-1-194
SHEPARD, EVELINE                       NY-23-1-195
SHEPARD, HARRIET                       NY-23-1-193
SHEPARD, IDA EMOGENE                   NY-23-1-197
SHEPARD, JENNIE G.                     NY-23-6-154
SHERWOOD, ORVICE J.                    NY-23-2-150
SHIELDS, FRANCES ELIZA                 NY-23-1-51
SHIELDS, GRACE M.                      NY-23-6-426
SHIMMEL, NANCY                         NY-23-1-279
SHIPPEY, EGBERT K.                     NY-23-2-231
SHURTLEFF, GEORGE A.                   NY-23-6-320
SIGOURNEY, CARRIE                      NY-23-4-165
SILEY, CHARLES E.                      NY-23-2-298
SILEY, CLARA E.                        NY-23-2-300
SILSBY, DELIA                          NY-23-2-191
SIMMONS, BLANCHE L. M.                 NY-23-6-495
SIMMONS, HANNAH AUDELLE                NY-23-1-19
SIMMONS, HENRY DELOS                   NY-23-1-17
SIMMONS, L. MAUD                       NY-23-6-246
SIMMONS, L. MAUD                       NY-23-5-554
SIMMONS, MARTHA AMELIA                 NY-23-1-18
SIMMONS, SUSAN ELIZA                   NY-23-1-20
SKINNER, CORNELIA E.                   NY-23-1-441
SKIPPER, SARAH E.                      NY-23-3-333
SLATE, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-6-265
SLATE, LEANDER                         NY-23-6-135
SLOAT, EDWARD C.                       NY-23-3-410
SLOAT, FRANCIS A.                      NY-23-3-441
SMILEY, CLARE BELL                     NY-23-3-210
SMILEY, FRED E.                        NY-23-3-211
SMITH, ALICE C.                        NY-23-4-367
SMITH, AMELIA J.                       NY-23-3-6
SMITH, BERTHA INEZ                     NY-23-6-599
SMITH, BERTHA S.                       NY-23-6-551
SMITH, BRIDGET J.                      NY-23-1-168
SMITH, CHARLES W.                      NY-23-3-5
SMITH, CORA E.                         NY-23-4-392
SMITH, EDWARD G.                       NY-23-3-152
SMITH, ELGIN W.                        NY-23-6-270
SMITH, ELLEN                           NY-23-1-374
SMITH, ELLEN E.                        NY-23-2-25
SMITH, ELLEN L.                        NY-23-1-294
SMITH, EUGENE                          NY-23-4-75
SMITH, EVA T.                          NY-23-6-164
SMITH, EZRA D.                         NY-23-3-154
SMITH, FANNY I.                        NY-23-3-195
SMITH, FLORENCE                        NY-23-3-43
SMITH, FRED M.                         NY-23-5-245
SMITH, FREIDEL E.                      NY-23-3-194
SMITH, GARY L.                         NY-23-6-405
SMITH, GEORGE                          NY-23-4-77
SMITH, GRAE E.                         NY-23-6-518
SMITH, HARRY F.                        NY-23-6-501
SMITH, HARRY G.                        NY-23-6-138
SMITH, HARRY G.                        NY-23-6-9
SMITH, HERBERT C.                      NY-23-6-272
SMITH, ISADORE M.                      NY-23-3-153
SMITH, JAMES F.                        NY-23-3-193
SMITH, JESSIE A.                       NY-23-6-11
SMITH, JOHN B.                         NY-23-5-246
SMITH, LAURA                           NY-23-4-76
SMITH, LULAM.                          NY-23-6-406
SMITH, MABEL                           NY-23-6-171
SMITH, MABEL                           NY-23-6-13
SMITH, MARY E.                         NY-23-3-7
SMITH, MILO E.                         NY-23-3-15
SMITH, MINNIE E.                       NY-23-3-196
SMITH, ORAH F.                         NY-23-6-137
SMITH, ORAH F.                         NY-23-6-10
SMITH, ORRA H.                         NY-23-6-519
SMITH, PHEBE ANN                       NY-23-1-373
SMITH, REBECCA J.                      NY-23-2-297
SMITH, ROLLIN J.                       NY-23-2-6
SMITH, WILBUR C.                       NY-23-6-271
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                      NY-23-6-170
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                      NY-23-6-12
SNELL, ALONZO                          NY-23-1-363
SNELL, CHARLS E.                       NY-23-6-107
SNELL, FRANK S.                        NY-23-3-179
SNELL, FRED C.                         NY-23-6-108
SNELL, HERMAN                          NY-23-2-343
SNELL, IDA B.                          NY-23-6-33
SNELL, JUSTIN                          NY-23-2-342
SNELL, LORENZO D.                      NY-23-3-129
SNELL, MARY C.                         NY-23-3-180
SNELL, MARY F.                         NY-23-1-439
SNOWDEN, WILLIAM T.                    NY-23-2-147
SOPER, CHARLES E.                      NY-23-6-88
SOPER, CLARA L.                        NY-23-6-87
SOPER, JESSIE M.                       NY-23-6-86
SOPER, LUANNA                          NY-23-6-85
SOPER, MAGGIE E.                       NY-23-6-89
SOULES, THANKFUL P.                    NY-23-4-88
SPALSBURY, ELLA                        NY-23-5-384
SPENCER, BURDINE                       NY-23-1-394
SPENCER, CHARLES                       NY-23-7-42
SPENCER, GARRICK M.                    NY-23-5-230
SPENCER, HENRY                         NY-23-1-413
SPERRY, CHARLES                        NY-23-1-577
SPICER, ASEL                           NY-23-1-30
SPICER, BELAH A.                       NY-23-5-124
SPICER, LAFAYETTE                      NY-23-1-462
SPICER, LILLIE A.                      NY-23-5-543
SPICER, MARY                           NY-23-5-197
SPICER, MINNIE                         NY-23-5-198
SPRAGUE, ALICE I.                      NY-23-5-343
SPRAGUE, AMY L.                        NY-23-6-489
SPRAGUE, FRANK H.                      NY-23-5-342
SPRAGUE, HELEN S.                      NY-23-5-344
SPRAGUE, JENNIE M.                     NY-23-5-345
SPRAGUE, RITA E.                       NY-23-5-346
SPRAGUE, WILLIE G.                     NY-23-5-11
SPRAKER, CORDELIA                      NY-23-1-305
SPRATT, ANNA M.                        NY-23-6-235
STANLEY, LULA H.                       NY-23-5-168
STAPLIN, CLASS                         NY-23-1-78
STAPLIN, CORNELIA                      NY-23-1-81
STAPLIN, JOHN                          NY-23-1-77
STAPLIN, ORAN                          NY-23-1-79
STAPLIN, OSCAR                         NY-23-1-80
STARKWEATHER, JOSEPHINE A.             NY-23-3-281
STEARNES, MARY E.                      NY-23-5-553
STEARNES, MARY E.                      NY-23-5-507
STEARNS, GEORGE H.                     NY-23-3-57
STEARNS, MARY E.                       NY-23-6-335
STEART, ADA B.                         NY-23-2-116
STEEL, FRANCES MARIA                   NY-23-1-288
STEELE, EDSON A.                       NY-23-1-482
STEELE, HARRY E.                       NY-23-6-19
STEELE, HERBERT G.                     NY-23-1-484
STEELE, J. MAITLAND                    NY-23-1-483
STEELE, LAURETTA                       NY-23-6-487
STEELE, LORETTA E.                     NY-23-6-20
STEELE, WILLIAM                        NY-23-6-488
STEELE, WILLIAM C.                     NY-23-1-485
STEELE, WILLIAM M.                     NY-23-6-21
STEENS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-23-4-31
STEPHENS, BENJAMIN F.                  NY-23-5-424
STEPHENS, CHARLES J.                   NY-23-5-426
STEPHENS, MINNIE M.                    NY-23-5-425
STERLING, ALCESTA A.                   NY-23-6-92
STERLING, EDWARD B.                    NY-23-2-27
STERLING, JOHN                         NY-23-2-28
STERLING, SUSAN B.                     NY-23-2-26
STERNBERG, NETTIE E.                   NY-23-5-294
STERNBURG, ETHEL                       NY-23-6-375
STERNBURGH, ABRAHAM                    NY-23-1-67
STERNBURGH, EMORANCY                   NY-23-1-312
STERNBURGH, MORGAN W.                  NY-23-1-311
STERNBURGH, SIDNEY E.                  NY-23-1-310
STETSON, MARTHA                        NY-23-4-373
STETSON, MARY                          NY-23-4-374
STEVENS, EDITH                         NY-23-6-322
STEVENS, JOHN WILLIAM                  NY-23-2-390
STEVENS, MELISSA                       NY-23-1-241
STEWART, CHARLES H.                    NY-23-1-192
STEWART, WAYNE                         NY-23-2-115
STILE, BESSIE                          NY-23-6-366
STILE, ELLA                            NY-23-6-368
STILE, LUCY                            NY-23-6-367
STILE, ROSWELL M.                      NY-23-6-369
STILE, WALACE                          NY-23-6-370
STIMSON, CLARA                         NY-23-6-259
STIMSON, EDWIN                         NY-23-6-261
STIMSON, HARRY C.                      NY-23-6-258
STIMSON, LINDSAY                       NY-23-6-260
STIMSON, SARAH B.                      NY-23-6-392
STOCKWELL, ETTA G.                     NY-23-5-306
STONE, ALICE L.                        NY-23-6-155
STONE, C. GERTRUDE                     NY-23-6-156
STONE, RALPH B.                        NY-23-6-158
STONE, WALLACE E.                      NY-23-6-157
STORING, JAMES A.                      NY-23-6-243
STORING, JAMESA.                       NY-23-5-535
STOWELL, MARIA T.                      NY-23-1-61
STOWELL, OLIVER                        NY-23-1-62
STRANG, MARY S.                        NY-23-4-393
STRANG, MARY S.                        NY-23-2-197
STRATTON, ANN                          NY-23-4-259
STRATTON, BENJAMIN                     NY-23-4-255
STRATTON, HENRY                        NY-23-4-257
STRATTON, JOB N.                       NY-23-4-254
STRATTON, MILO F.                      NY-23-4-253
STRATTON, ROSE E.                      NY-23-4-258
STRATTON, SARAH J.                     NY-23-4-256
STREETER, BESSIE M.                    NY-23-5-459
STREETER, GEORGE R.                    NY-23-2-168
STREETER, IDA M.                       NY-23-6-174
STREETER, MARY D.                      NY-23-5-458
STRONG, CHARLES C.                     NY-23-1-9
STRONG, JAMES                          NY-23-1-442
STRONG, JOSEPHINE A.                   NY-23-4-375
STRONG, SARAH A.                       NY-23-1-8
STURKEY, GEORGE R.                     NY-23-1-332
STURKEY, MARTHA D.                     NY-23-1-331
STURTEFANT, MARTHA                     NY-23-3-96
STURTEFANT, NANCY                      NY-23-2-397
STURTEVANT, LODICA N.                  NY-23-4-96
STYPE, EDITH L.                        NY-23-7-3
STYPE, JANE                            NY-23-2-287
STYPE, JOSEPH                          NY-23-1-572
SUTHERLAND, JOHN JR.                   NY-23-4-44
SUTHERLAND, ROBERT E.                  NY-23-4-45
SWAN, FRANK H.                         NY-23-2-233
SWITZER, NELSON T.                     NY-23-1-580
SYLVESTER, JENNIE A.                   NY-23-1-118
SYLVESTER, JENNIE A.                   NY-23-2-24
SYLVESTER, MARY E.                     NY-23-1-117
SYLVESTER, MARY E.                     NY-23-2-77
SYMONDS, LIZZIE C.                     NY-23-5-536
SYMONDS, MARY A.                       NY-23-1-430
TABER, ERI                             NY-23-1-160
TAGGART, JENNIE M.                     NY-23-6-17
TAGGART, LEMPSTER                      NY-23-1-115
TAGGART, ORREA L.                      NY-23-1-116
TALCOTT, SARAH                         NY-23-4-383
TALLMAN, EMMAJEAN J.                   NY-23-2-137
TALLMAN, GRACE M.                      NY-23-5-273
TALLMAN, JESSIE M.                     NY-23-5-274
TALLMAN, ZRA S.                        NY-23-2-137
TANNER, ADA M.                         NY-23-5-46
TANNER, GEORGE C.                      NY-23-5-47
TASSEY, WAVA M.                        NY-23-6-211
TAYLOR, EVA S.                         NY-23-4-384
TAYLOR, JENNIE S.                      NY-23-5-544
TEACHOUT, ELIZABETH                    NY-23-1-437
TEACHOUT, ELIZABETH                    NY-23-2-23
TEALL, LESTER                          NY-23-6-417
TERRY, GRACE                           NY-23-5-36
THAYER, BERTIE O.                      NY-23-6-388
THAYER, EDWIN H.                       NY-23-6-230
THAYER, EDWIN H.                       NY-23-6-578
THAYER, FLORA M.                       NY-23-6-577
THAYER, FLORA M.                       NY-23-6-231
THAYER, FRANKIE                        NY-23-6-391
THAYER, MARY                           NY-23-6-390
THAYER, WILLIE A.                      NY-23-6-389
THEOBALD, CARL L.                      NY-23-6-101
THEOBALD, CLARA B.                     NY-23-6-103
THEOBALD, JOHN C.                      NY-23-6-102
THIBAULT, CORNELIUS E.                 NY-23-6-319
THOMAS, BAYARD                         NY-23-4-269
THOMAS, BAYARD T.                      NY-23-5-12
THOMAS, BELLE                          NY-23-4-271
THOMAS, EDWARD P.                      NY-23-4-43
THOMAS, ELI L.                         NY-23-4-41
THOMAS, EMMA M.                        NY-23-4-270
THOMAS, F. BELLE                       NY-23-5-283
THOMAS, F. VICK                        NY-23-5-214
THOMAS, F. VICK                        NY-23-5-280
THOMAS, FRANK J.                       NY-23-4-268
THOMAS, LENCIN                         NY-23-5-282
THOMAS, LENCIN N.                      NY-23-5-215
THOMAS, LINCOLN N.                     NY-23-4-272
THOMAS, MAGGIE                         NY-23-5-373
THOMAS, NICK                           NY-23-4-273
THOMAS, ROBERT D.                      NY-23-5-261
THOMAS, ROBERT D.                      NY-23-4-274
THOMAS, ROBERT D.                      NY-23-5-281
THOMPSON, HARRIS A.                    NY-23-6-421
THOMPSON, JOHN C.                      NY-23-2-167
THOMPSON, LUCY M.                      NY-23-6-499
THOMPSON, LYLE GEORGE                  NY-23-6-234
THOMSA, ARTHUR E.                      NY-23-4-42
THOMSA, F. BELLE                       NY-23-5-216
THOMSON, ALBERT M.                     NY-23-4-40
THOMSON, CARRIE BELL                   NY-23-6-593
THOMSON, CHARLES W.                    NY-23-6-592
THOMSON, ITHAI L.                      NY-23-3-45
THOMSON, MARY P.                       NY-23-3-44
THOMSON, STARR                         NY-23-3-46
THOMSPON, RAY R.                       NY-23-6-500
THRASHER, ARTHUR                       NY-23-6-68
THRASHER, GLENN                        NY-23-6-71
THRASHER, JESSIE                       NY-23-6-69
THRASHER, LLOYD                        NY-23-6-70
TILLOTTSON, JAMES H.                   NY-23-3-313
TIMERMAN, CARRIE E.                    NY-23-4-143
TIMERMAN, EMERY A.                     NY-23-6-359
TIMERMAN, HATTIE I.                    NY-23-4-142
TIMERMAN, LAURA E.                     NY-23-6-357
TIMERMAN, MERTON J.                    NY-23-6-358
TIMERMAN, VALENTINE E.                 NY-23-5-33
TIMMERMAN, FRANK B.                    NY-23-5-395
TIMMERMAN, WILLIE J.                   NY-23-5-396
TINSMAN, ETHALINDA                     NY-23-6-166
TINSMAN, JULIA A.                      NY-23-6-167
TINSMAN, SAMUEL E.                     NY-23-6-1685
TOMLINSON, CORA                        NY-23-5-72
TOMLINSON, EVERETT T.                  NY-23-5-70
TOMLINSON, GEORGE E.                   NY-23-5-68
TOMLINSON, HAROLD                      NY-23-5-69
TOMLINSON, LENA                        NY-23-5-71
TOOLY, ADDIE                           NY-23-6-196
TOWN, CHARLEY O.                       NY-23-2-255
TOWN, CORLIN                           NY-23-2-79
TOWSLEY, AMANDA                        NY-23-3-113
TOWSLEY, CLARICY IDA                   NY-23-5-610
TOWSLEY, HIRAM F.                      NY-23-2-57
TOWSLEY, JOHN F.                       NY-23-3-112
TOWSLEY, JULIA I.                      NY-23-3-114
TOWSLEY, LUCY O.                       NY-23-2-58
TOWSLEY, MARY E.                       NY-23-5-586
TOWSLEY, SUSAN I.                      NY-23-2-59
TRACY, ESTHER I.                       NY-23-3-235
TRACY, IMOGENE E.                      NY-23-3-234
TREADWAY, FRANK M.                     NY-23-1-361
TREADWAY, HERBERT J.                   NY-23-1-362
TREADWELL, BRAINARD H.                 NY-23-5-428
TREADWELL, HELEN I.                    NY-23-5-427
TREDWAY, HUDSON C.                     NY-23-3-90
TREVALLER, JOHN D.                     NY-23-3-172
TROLAN, ADA C.                         NY-23-6-334
TROLAN, MABEL W.                       NY-23-6-333
TUBBS, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-2-353
TUBBS, MARGARET                        NY-23-1-261
TUBBS, ORISSA                          NY-23-1-263
TUCKER, GEORGE                         NY-23-3-128
TUCKER, JOSEPH                         NY-23-3-127
TUCKER, LEONARD                        NY-23-3-126
TURNER, HARRIET                        NY-23-3-257
TURNER, LORENZO                        NY-23-3-258
TURNER, MARY                           NY-23-3-256
TURNER, MINNIE                         NY-23-5-347
TUTTLE, ALICE A.                       NY-23-3-27
TYLER, WALTER D.                       NY-23-7-30
UNDERWOOD, CALLIE A.                   NY-23-4-247
UPHAM, ANNIE R.                        NY-23-4-174
UPHAM, LIZZIE A.                       NY-23-4-175
UPHAM, SAMUEL A.                       NY-23-4-173
USHER, FRANFES W.                      NY-23-3-369
UTLEY, CHARLES A.                      NY-23-2-359
UTLEY, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-23-3-396
UTLEY, HELEN G.                        NY-23-5-42
UTLEY, HELEN G.                        NY-23-3-397
UTTER, MARY E.                         NY-23-4-156
VANALLEN, ALMA H.                      NY-23-2-234
VANALLEN, FLORENCE O.                  NY-23-3-26
VANALLEN, HATTIE                       NY-23-6-6
VANALLEN, IDA                          NY-23-6-4
VANALLEN, JENNIE                       NY-23-6-5
VANAMBER, FANNY A.                     NY-23-6-145
VANAUKEN, NELLIE E.                    NY-23-3-103
VANBROCKLIN, MARY ANN                  NY-23-2-9
VANBROCKLIN, MORGAN                    NY-23-2-8
VANCAMP, CLARA ROSALIE                 NY-23-2-42
VANCAMP, DAVID A.                      NY-23-2-39
VANCAMP, ELOISE E.                     NY-23-5-202
VANCAMP, HENRY                         NY-23-1-422
VANCAMP, HERBERT                       NY-23-2-40
VANCAMP, WILLIAM DE ELTON              NY-23-2-41
VANOSTRAND, AGNES P.                   NY-23-5-601
VANOSTRAND, KATE                       NY-23-5-602
VANSCHAICK, LELA MAUD                  NY-23-6-594
VANTRIN, JENNIE                        NY-23-5-303
VANVALKENBERG, MARION H.               NY-23-5-195
VANVALKENBURG, JOHN                    NY-23-6-173
VANVALKENBURG, LOUISA                  NY-23-6-172
VANWAGNER, ELENA                       NY-23-6-547
VANWORMER, ANNETTE A.                  NY-23-5-585
VANWORMER, WILLIAM A.                  NY-23-5-584
VARLEY, JAMES                          NY-23-6-564
VEITCH, ANNA L.                        NY-23-6-242
VEITCH, GEORGENA G.                    NY-23-6-241
VINCENT, LEON H.                       NY-23-5-31
VODRA, WILLIAM H.                      NY-23-1-579
VODRE, CHARLES                         NY-23-1-561
VONDREE, WILLIAM                       NY-23-1-563
WADLEY, BERTHA M.                      NY-23-7-35
WADLEY, ELSIE M.                       NY-23-7-37
WADLEY, FRANK T.                       NY-23-7-32
WADLEY, MINNIE G.                      NY-23-7-34
WADLEY, RUTH F.                        NY-23-7-36
WAFFLE, BERTHA                         NY-23-5-474
WAFFLE, MARY                           NY-23-5-473
WAGONER, ELETTE E.                     NY-23-1-70
WAIT, ADELAIDE M.                      NY-23-1-376
WAIT, DONALD G.                        NY-23-6-591
WAIT, HARRIET                          NY-23-1-59
WAIT, HELEN                            NY-23-1-57
WAIT, HORACE G.                        NY-23-1-378
WAIT, LAURA                            NY-23-1-58
WAIT, TURNER                           NY-23-1-56
WAIT, WILLIS T.                        NY-23-1-379
WAITE, ARCETT                          NY-23-2-206
WAITE, FLORA                           NY-23-5-229
WAITE, FRED                            NY-23-5-228
WAITE, JOHN L.                         NY-23-6-54
WAKEFIELD, MAE M.                      NY-23-6-371
WALDBURGER, JACOB                      NY-23-5-467
WALDEY, NINA M.                        NY-23-7-33
WALDO, ELON S.                         NY-23-5-93
WALL, JAMES                            NY-23-1-564
WALLACE, SHERMAN D.                    NY-23-4-122
WALLS, ELBIN                           NY-23-1-581
WALRATH, BERTHA M.                     NY-23-6-558
WALRATH, DAVID H.                      NY-23-4-27
WALRATH, EDSON                         NY-23-1-265
WALRATH, EDWARD                        NY-23-1-264
WALRATH, ELLA                          NY-23-1-262
WALRATH, ESTHER J.                     NY-23-4-28
WALRATH, GERTRUDE                      NY-23-6-26
WALRATH, GURTIE L.                     NY-23-6-559
WALRATH, LIZZIE M.                     NY-23-6-557
WALRATH, MARY                          NY-23-4-29
WALRATH, RUBA A.                       NY-23-4-30
WALTER, AVA                            NY-23-7-38
WALTER, EDSON J.                       NY-23-5-375
WALTER, WILLIS                         NY-23-7-39
WARD, ALICE M.                         NY-23-5-376
WARD, ELLEN S.                         NY-23-5-378
WARD, FRED E.                          NY-23-5-377
WARD, JOSEPH H.                        NY-23-5-320
WARD, PAMELIA L.                       NY-23-5-379
WARD, PAMELIA L.                       NY-23-6-343
WARDEN, ALMA A.                        NY-23-3-71
WARDEN, CORBIN F.                      NY-23-3-73
WARDEN, DARIUS D.                      NY-23-3-66
WARDEN, JOHN                           NY-23-3-77
WARDEN, MARIETTA                       NY-23-3-70
WARDEN, NANCY A.                       NY-23-3-69
WARDEN, PHOEBE J.                      NY-23-3-67
WARDEN, REUBEN                         NY-23-3-68
WARDEN, SABRA E.                       NY-23-3-72
WARDWELL, EMMA S                       NY-23-1-513
WARDWELL, NATHANIEL P.                 NY-23-1-514
WARDWELL, WILLIAM H.                   NY-23-1-515
WARE, ELLEN                            NY-23-4-68
WARNER, CHAUNCEY                       NY-23-2-35
WARNER, HELEN A.                       NY-23-3-52
WARNER, JAME SM.                       NY-23-1-303
WARREN, CHARLES                        NY-23-3-117
WARREN, EMELINE L.                     NY-23-1-291
WARREN, FRANKLIN                       NY-23-3-118
WARRINER, LYDIA A.                     NY-23-1-167
WASHBURN, CHARLE S.                    NY-23-4-238
WASHBURN, EDGAR T.                     NY-23-4-239
WASHBURN, EMMA                         NY-23-3-34
WASHBURN, JESSE                        NY-23-3-35
WASHER, OLIVER                         NY-23-7-29
WATERBURY, CLARA E.                    NY-23-5-503
WATERMAN, WALLACE                      NY-23-4-37
WATKINS, MARY M.                       NY-23-1-345
WATSON, ANNIE                          NY-23-5-108
WATSON, HENRY F.                       NY-23-4-403
WATSON, T. PENYEAR                     NY-23-4-404
WEAVER, ANNETTA A.                     NY-23-4-32
WEAVER, CLARENCE H.                    NY-23-3-263
WEAVER, GRACE M.                       NY-23-3-264
WEAVER, MARY A.                        NY-23-5-272
WEAVER, MARY M.                        NY-23-3-265
WEBB, ANSEL Z.                         NY-23-4-386
WEBB, CHARLES G.                       NY-23-1-1
WEBB, HELEN E.                         NY-23-1-2
WEBB, NETTIE L.                        NY-23-4-72
WECKESSER, FREDERICK J.                NY-23-5-518
WELCH, CHARLES                         NY-23-1-129
WELCH, ELLEN M.                        NY-23-1-132
WELCH, ELLEN M.                        NY-23-1-467
WELCH, JEROME R.                       NY-23-4-294
WELCH, LECESTER                        NY-23-1-131
WELCH, LUTHER                          NY-23-1-134
WELCH, SARAH C.                        NY-23-1-169
WELCH, SYLVESTER                       NY-23-1-466
WELCH, SYLVESTER                       NY-23-1-130
WELCH, WILLIAM                         NY-23-6-563
WELLER, ETTA G.                        NY-23-5-81
WELLS, AMELIA E.                       NY-23-1-55
WELLS, HENRY A.                        NY-23-6-409
WELLS, INEZ                            NY-23-4-130
WELLS, LILIAH E.                       NY-23-6-409
WELLS, LOTTIE                          NY-23-4-133
WELLS, RENA                            NY-23-4-131
WELLS, WILLIE                          NY-23-4-132
WESTON, JOHN                           NY-23-1-392
WHALEN, CHARLES                        NY-23-6-128
WHALEN, SARAH                          NY-23-6-127
WHALEY, EFFIE M.                       NY-23-5-481
WHEELER, CHARLES                       NY-23-4-266
WHEELER, GRATTON H.                    NY-23-4-267
WHEELER, HENRY W.                      NY-23-5-249
WHEELER, JAMES W.                      NY-23-1-469
WHEELOCK, ALBERT J.                    NY-23-4-100
WHEELOCK, ALFRED                       NY-23-4-101
WHITAKER, JULIA A.                     NY-23-3-19
WHITAKER, JULIA A.                     NY-23-4-168
WHITAKER, LENA                         NY-23-6-532
WHITAKER, MAUD E.                      NY-23-6-531
WHITE, ADELIA M.                       NY-23-1-43
WHITE, EVA A.                          NY-23-5-89
WHITE, FRED L.                         NY-23-2-51
WHITE, GEORGE F.                       NY-23-1-42
WHITE, HARRIET                         NY-23-5-34
WHITE, HAZAEL C.                       NY-23-5-595
WHITE, JAY                             NY-23-5-90
WHITE, LEROY G.                        NY-23-5-594
WHITE, LEWIS E.                        NY-23-1-44
WHITE, ROBER TL.                       NY-23-2-208
WHITE, SARAH E.                        NY-23-5-181
WHITE, VINCENT A.                      NY-23-2-207
WHITE, WELLINGTON H.                   NY-23-2-55
WHITING, ADDIE A.                      NY-23-5-166
WHITNEY, BLANCHE                       NY-23-6-221
WHITNEY, DE ESLING                     NY-23-1-556
WHITNEY GEORGE K.                      NY-23-1-533
WHITNEY, LUCINDA M.                    NY-23-1-532
WHITTIER, BENJAMIN A.                  NY-23-2-248
WHITTIER, CHARLOTTE A.                 NY-23-2-246
WHITTIER, MARY E.                      NY-23-2-95
WHITTIER, MARY E.                      NY-23-2-247
WHITTIER, RUFUS O.                     NY-23-2-94
WICKS, ADA D.                          NY-23-2-320
WICKS, EMMA L.                         NY-23-2-319
WICKS, THOMAS S.                       NY-23-5-206
WIDRIG, EDITH I.                       NY-23-4-350
WIDRIG, MAGGIE I.                      NY-23-4-351
WILBUR, FLORENE H.                     NY-23-5-400
WILBUR, WALSTEIN C.                    NY-23-5-399
WILCOX, CLARA                          NY-23-5-455
WILCOX, CYNTHIA                        NY-23-5-454
WILCOX, EDWIN                          NY-23-5-457
WILCOX, MARK                           NY-23-4-25
WILCOX, MARSHALL                       NY-23-5-456
WILDER, ALFRED                         NY-23-3-276
WILDER, DORA E.                        NY-23-5-66
WILDER, EMOGENE                        NY-23-3-277
WILDER, FLORA E.                       NY-23-5-65
WILKIE, EDARD L.                       NY-23-4-161
WILKIE, ELLA A.                        NY-23-4-162
WILKINSON, JEANNIE W.                  NY-23-5-408
WILLARD, ELLA A.                       NY-23-2-254
WILLARD, EMMA E.                       NY-23-1-253
WILLARD, FRANK P.                      NY-23-3-64
WILLES, ADELBERT M.                    NY-23-2-100
WILLIAMS, ALONZO L.                    NY-23-1-302
WILLIAMS, ANDREW J.                    NY-23-1-559
WILLIAMS, ELEAZER P.                   NY-23-4-252
WILLIAMS, FLORENCE B.                  NY-23-5-529
WILLIAMS, JOHN JR.                     NY-23-3-155
WILLIAMS, MARGARET                     NY-23-3-157
WILLIAMS, NANCY                        NY-23-3-375
WILLIAMS, ROBERT P.                    NY-23-6-222
WILLIAMS, SUSAN M.                     NY-23-3-377
WILLIAMS, WALTER A.                    NY-23-3-376
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      NY-23-3-156
WILMOT, ADA L.                         NY-23-4-331
WILMOT, ELLEN M.                       NY-23-4-261
WILMOT, EVA L.                         NY-23-4-332
WILMOT, OSEE L.                        NY-23-4-333
WILSON, ABI L.                         NY-23-3-367
WILSON, ADA C.                         NY-23-3-366
WILSON, ELMINA                         NY-23-6-380
WILSON, HATTIE MAY                     NY-23-6-236
WILSON, JOHN                           NY-23-6-381
WINCH, CLARENCE                        NY-23-5-414
WITT, CORNELIA M.                      NY-23-3-32
WITTGENSTEIN, DELIA                    NY-23-3-328
WOOD, BETSHEB                          NY-23-1-207
WOOD, CARRIE E.                        NY-23-2-43
WOOD, CHARLES                          NY-23-1-208
WOOD, EMMA A.                          NY-23-4-86
WOOD, FRED                             NY-23-3-133
WOOD, FRED                             NY-23-4-213
WOOD, HALLIE L.                        NY-23-6-342
WOOD, HENRY H.                         NY-23-1-585
WOOD, JOHN B.                          NY-23-3-303
WOOD, JOHN B.                          NY-23-3-33
WOOD, JOHN G.                          NY-23-1-203
WOOD, NETTIE                           NY-23-4-214
WOOD, NETTIE                           NY-23-3-134
WOOD, ORSON S.                         NY-23-5-472
WOOD, ORSON S.                         NY-23-6-309
WOOD, WILBER A.                        NY-23-5-260
WOOD, WILLIAM O.                       NY-23-1-290
WOODRUFF, FRANCES                      NY-23-1-480
WOODRUFF, NORRIS M. JR.                NY-23-1-157
WOODRUFF, SARAH M.                     NY-23-1-306
WOODS, ADELAIDE U.                     NY-23-1-289
WOODWARD, LYDIA L.                     NY-23-6-301
WOODWARD, LYDIA L.                     NY-23-5-107
WOODWARD, LYDIA L.                     NY-23-6-132
WOOLESER, NELLIE E.                    NY-23-6-690
WOOLEVER, WILLIAM H.                   NY-23-6-193
WOOLEY, LUCY R.                        NY-23-1-280
WOOLEY, LUCY R.                        NY-23-1-247
WOOLEY, WILLARD                        NY-23-1-240
WOOLWORTH, LELAND G.                   NY-23-5-263
WORDEN, NEWMAN                         NY-23-7-49
WRIGHT, ADALINE M.                     NY-23-1-83
WRIGHT, AMOS C.                        NY-23-5-464
WRIGHT, CHARLES D.                     NY-23-1-86
WRIGHT, EDGAR A.                       NY-23-4-104
WRIGHT, EMMA L.                        NY-23-4-105
WRIGHT, EMMA N.                        NY-23-1-87
WRIGHT, EVA E.                         NY-23-6-472
WRIGHT, FRANK N.                       NY-23-4-102
WRIGHT, GEORGE A.                      NY-23-6-302
WRIGHT, GEORGE R.                      NY-23-3-215
WRIGHT, JENETTE B.                     NY-23-1-84
WRIGHT, SUMNER M.                      NY-23-4-103
WRIGHT, WILBUR B.                      NY-23-1-85
WRIGHT, WILLIAM S.                     NY-23-3-158
YALE, CAROLINE G.                      NY-23-6-480
YALE, GLENN A.                         NY-23-6-481
YATES, JOHN P.                         NY-23-1-153
YATES, SARAH JANE                      NY-23-1-154
YOST, NICHOLAS D.                      NY-23-5-583
YOUNG, ALVAH                           NY-23-5-270
YOUNG, AMANDA                          NY-23-5-268
YOUNG, CLARK                           NY-23-5-269
YOUNGS, CHARLES E.                     NY-23-3-248
YOUNGS, JENNIE                         NY-23-3-247
YOUNGS, LEWIS B.                       NY-23-6-256
YOUNGS, MARY E.                        NY-23-6-257

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