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The authority issued by courts to the prospective guardians and or recording of accounts of guardians

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Column 1 = Name of Minor
Column 2 = County, Volume, Page # | 1 = 1826-1835 | 2 = 1835-1839 | 3 = 1840-1847 | 4 = 1847-1852 | 5 = 1852-1856 | 6 = 1850-1860 | 7 = 1860-1865 | 8 = 1865-1869 | 9 = 1869-1873 | 10 = 1873-1878 | 11 = 1878-1880 | 12 = 1880-1883 | 13 = 1883-1886 | 14 = 1886-1889 | 15 = 1889-1892 | 16 = 1892-1896 | 17 = 1896-1899 | 18 = 1899-1902 |
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FABER, THEODORE J.                     NY-28-16-521
FAGAN, BERNARD                         NY-28-14-340
FAGAN, JAMES                           NY-28-14-341
FAGAN, MARY HELLEN                     NY-28-13-34
FAGAN, THERESA                         NY-28-14-338
FAGAN, THOMAS                          NY-28-14-339
FAGAN, THOMAS GEORGE                   NY-28-13-32
FAGAN, WILLIAM D.                      NY-28-13-33
FALLON, CATHARINE                      NY-28-15-123
FALLON, CATHERINE                      NY-28-16-210
FALLON, MARGARET                       NY-28-16-208
FALLON, MARGARET                       NY-28-15-221
FALLON, ROBERT                         NY-28-15-222
FALLON, ROBERT                         NY-28-16-209
FANNON, ELIZABETH LIZZIE               NY-28-17-596
FARBER, ADA E.                         NY-28-15-146
FARBER, PHILIP H.                      NY-28-15-145
FARBER, SARAH M.                       NY-28-15-147
FARNHAM, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-17-121
FARR, JENNIE E.                        NY-28-12-419
FARRALL, CLAYTON                       NY-28-10-438
FARRALL, GEORGE                        NY-28-10-437
FARRALL, HARRIET                       NY-28-10-439
FARRAR, MARY                           NY-28-10-661
FARREAU, ALPHONSE                      NY-28-10-505
FARREAU, ANNIE                         NY-28-10-506
FAULKNER, ALLEN D.                     NY-28-13-475
FAULKNER, CLARA M.                     NY-28-13-471
FAULKNER, ELMER                        NY-28-13-472
FAULKNER, FLORENCE                     NY-28-13-473
FAULKNER, MERRITT                      NY-28-13-474
FAY, MARY F. A.                        NY-28-12-237
FAY, WILLIAM EDWARD J.                 NY-28-12-236
FEE, ELIZABETH LOUISE                  NY-28-12-231
FEGAN, NELLIE                          NY-28-16-360
FEHR, GEORGE                           NY-28-16-24
FEINBERG, EVA                          NY-28-17-501
FEINBERG, IDA                          NY-28-17-502
FELTER, ELIAS L.                       NY-28-18-76
FELTS, EDWARD J.                       NY-28-16-151
FELTS, MARY E.                         NY-28-16-150
FERBECK, BERNARD                       NY-28-10-48
FERBECK, BERNARD                       NY-28-10-48
FERBECK, GEORGE                        NY-28-10-51
FERBECK, GEORGE                        NY-28-10-51
FERBECK, HENRY                         NY-28-10-50
FERBECK, HENRY                         NY-28-10-50
FERBECK, HERMAN                        NY-28-10-49
FERBECK, HERMAN                        NY-28-10-49
FERGUSON, MAGGIE                       NY-28-12-446
FERGUSON, MARGARET L.                  NY-28-13-455
FERGUSON, MARY                         NY-28-10-595
FERGUSON, MARY F.                      NY-28-12-442
FERGUSON, MARY F.                      NY-28-12-445
FERGUSON, THOMAS                       NY-28-10-594
FERRIS, JAMES H.                       NY-28-17-107
FERRY, GRACE BARTLETT                  NY-28-13-240
FICHTNER, JENNIE                       NY-28-11-198
FICHTNER, RUDOLPH                      NY-28-11-197
FIELD, HORATIO M.                      NY-28-17-543
FILKINS, FRANK B.                      NY-28-18-114
FINDING, JOSEPH BARNES                 NY-28-13-194
FINDING, LAURA ETHEL                   NY-28-13-192
FINDING, MARY ADA                      NY-28-13-193
FINK, AMAN                             NY-28-14-492
FINK, BARBARA                          NY-28-14-495
FINK, CHRISTIAN                        NY-28-14-490
FINK, FRANCES                          NY-28-14-493
FINK, GEORGE                           NY-28-14-491
FINK, ROSA                             NY-28-14-494
FINLEY, CORA M.                        NY-28-17-334
FINN, JOHN T.                          NY-28-12-193
FINNIGAN, IADORE M.                    NY-28-10-461
FINNUCANE, ELLA A.                     NY-28-10-593
FINTON, MARY J.                        NY-28-10-23
FISCHER, CLARENCE                      NY-28-18-73
FISCHER, LOUISA                        NY-28-16-206
FISHELL, ADA C.                        NY-28-13-243
FISHELL, CORDELIA O.                   NY-28-13-242
FISHER, CHARLES A.                     NY-28-10-440
FISHER, CORNELIA                       NY-28-11-49
FISHER, CORNELIA                       NY-28-14-288
FISHER, EDWARD C.                      NY-28-17-576
FISHER, ELIZA                          NY-28-11-45
FISHER, ELIZABETH JANE                 NY-28-10-653
FISHER, ELMER                          NY-28-11-48
FISHER, HENRY                          NY-28-11-46
FISHER, HENRY O.                       NY-28-17-577
FISHER, JUDSON                         NY-28-12-38
FISHER, MARINUS                        NY-28-11-47
FISHKLL, AVERY E.                      NY-28-13-241
FISK, A. JUDSON                        NY-28-10-324
FISK, ALBERT J.                        NY-28-11-154
FISK, ALBERT J.                        NY-28-14-408
FISK, ALBERT J.                        NY-28-11-154
FISK, EBRISK                           NY-28-17-423
FISK, ETHEL                            NY-28-17-421
FISK, HAZEL                            NY-28-17-420
FISK, LAURA                            NY-28-17-422
FITCH, FLORENCE                        NY-28-14-359
FITZGERALD, JOHN                       NY-28-14-441
FITZGERALD, JOHN                       NY-28-15-340
FITZGERALD, MARY                       NY-28-15-343
FITZGERALD, MARY                       NY-28-14-437
FITZGERALD, NELLIE                     NY-28-14-439
FITZGERALD, NELLIE                     NY-28-15-341
FITZGERALD, PEARL                      NY-28-14-440
FITZGERALD, PEARL                      NY-28-15-344
FITZGERALD, RICHARD                    NY-28-10-70
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                    NY-28-15-342
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                    NY-28-14-438
FITZNER, FLORIDINA                     NY-28-10-663
FITZNER, MARY ELIZABETH                NY-28-10-662
FLAGG, FRED                            NY-28-14-158
FLAGG, KATHERINE G.                    NY-28-14-157
FLAGG, LUCY A.                         NY-28-11-318
FLAGG, LUCY A.                         NY-28-10-222
FLAGG, NELLIE C.                       NY-28-10-91
FLAGG, NELLIE C.                       NY-28-10-221
FLAGG, RENA                            NY-28-14-160
FLAGG, STEPHEN L.                      NY-28-14-159
FLAHERTY, ANNA                         NY-28-14-572
FLAHERTY, ANNA MAY                     NY-28-13-158
FLAHERTY, ELIZABETH A.                 NY-28-13-161
FLAHERTY, JOHN                         NY-28-14-573
FLAHERTY, JOHN K.                      NY-28-13-162
FLAHERTY, JOSEPH                       NY-28-14-574
FLAHERTY, JOSEPH                       NY-28-13-157
FLAHERTY, KATHARINE                    NY-28-14-575
FLAHERTY, MARY                         NY-28-13-160
FLAHETY, CATHARINE                     NY-28-13-159
FLAKE, FREDERICK P.                    NY-28-14-11
FLAKE, META A.                         NY-28-14-10
FLAKE, MINNIE C.                       NY-28-14-9
FLANNIGAN, JAMES PATRICK               NY-28-13-189
FLECKENSTEIN, ADA M.                   NY-28-16-233
FLECKENSTEIN, BALBINA                  NY-28-12-61
FLECKENSTEIN, FRANK                    NY-28-16-234
FLECKENSTEIN, LOUIS                    NY-28-12-63
FLECKENSTEIN, MARIE M.                 NY-28-16-235
FLECKENSTEIN, MARY                     NY-28-12-60
FLECKENSTEIN, ROSINA                   NY-28-12-62
FLEISCHHAUER, HAZEL R.                 NY-28-18-475
FLEMING, EDITH G.                      NY-28-15-23
FLEMING, FLORENCE E.                   NY-28-15-22
FLETCHER, CHARLES                      NY-28-12-115
FLING, EDITH                           NY-28-13-466
FLING, NELLIE                          NY-28-13-465
FLOHR, MAGDALENA                       NY-28-10-414
FOEHNER, GEORGE D.                     NY-28-12-343
FOEHNER, LIZZIE D.                     NY-28-12-344
FOLEY, FLORA L.                        NY-28-13-31
FOLEY, ISABELLA                        NY-28-11-115
FOLEY, MARY F.                         NY-28-13-30
FOOS, ANNIE M.                         NY-28-14-274
FOOS, ANTHONY                          NY-28-15-291
FOOS, FRNAK M.                         NY-28-14-275
FOOS, GEORGE P.                        NY-28-14-272
FOOS, LOUISA M.                        NY-28-14-271
FOOS, MARGARET A.                      NY-28-14-276
FOOS, WILLIAM G.                       NY-28-14-273
FOOT, CHARLES S.                       NY-28-12-26
FOOTE, HARRY                           NY-28-17-401
FOOTE, IRA                             NY-28-17-402
FORD, CHARLES                          NY-28-15-331
FORD, FRANK                            NY-28-15-333
FORD, FREDERICK                        NY-28-15-328
FORD, HENRY                            NY-28-15-332
FORD, JOSEPH                           NY-28-15-330
FORD, THEODORE                         NY-28-15-334
FORD, WILLIAM                          NY-28-15-329
FORMAN, JOHN B.                        NY-28-15-286
FORMAN, RUTH IRENE                     NY-28-18-65
FORREST, ADDIE                         NY-28-17-190
FORREST, CAMILLE JR.                   NY-28-17-191
FORSTER, JOHN                          NY-28-12-495
FORSTER, KATHARINE                     NY-28-16-10
FORSYTH, MARY                          NY-28-10-307
FORYTH, JOSEPH H.                      NY-28-10-413
FOSTER, ADA L.                         NY-28-14-99
FOSTER, GRACIE B.                      NY-28-14-98
FOSTER, WILLIAM J.                     NY-28-10-377
FOWLER, FREDERICK WILLIAM              NY-28-13-458
FOX, ALICE M.                          NY-28-16-18
FOX, ELIZABETH                         NY-28-15-376
FOX, FANNIE E.                         NY-28-14-344
FOX, OLLIE J.                          NY-28-14-345
FRAME, ROBERT                          NY-28-14-381
FRAME, ROBERT                          NY-28-10-558
FRANCK, CHARLES G.                     NY-28-18-259
FRANCK, FLORENCE E.                    NY-28-18-261
FRANCK, GEORGE A.                      NY-28-18-258
FRANCK, HAROLD                         NY-28-18-260
FRANK, ALBERT                          NY-28-15-496
FRANK, AMELIA                          NY-28-13-394
FRANK, ANNIE                           NY-28-15-494
FRANK, CHARLES                         NY-28-16-54
FRANK, EDWARD                          NY-28-13-394
FRANK, EMMA                            NY-28-15-495
FRANK, FREDERICK                       NY-28-15-492
FRANK, GEORGE                          NY-28-12-105
FRANK, GEORGE                          NY-28-13-394
FRANK, GEORGE F. A.                    NY-28-11-23
FRANK, GERTRUDE                        NY-28-13-394
FRANK, KATHARINA                       NY-28-11-300
FRANK, KATHERINA                       NY-28-14-241
FRANK, LEONARD                         NY-28-15-493
FRANK, MARGARET                        NY-28-11-302
FRANK, MARIE                           NY-28-13-498
FRANK, MARY A.                         NY-28-13-394
FRANK, MILDRED GERTRUDE                NY-28-17-310
FRANK, MINNIE                          NY-28-16-55
FRANK, OSCAR                           NY-28-15-497
FRANK, SOPHIE                          NY-28-13-497
FRANK, THERESIA                        NY-28-11-301
FRANK, THERESIA                        NY-28-14-240
FRANK, WILLIE                          NY-28-16-53
FRANKLIN, TINNIE C.                    NY-28-10-344
FRAYER, LAURA                          NY-28-17-9
FREEBORN, ELLA                         NY-28-12-296
FREEBORN, MAGGIE                       NY-28-12-297
FREED, C. IRENE                        NY-28-18-92
FREED, E. MILDRED                      NY-28-18-94
FREED, LEWIS H.                        NY-28-18-95
FREED, RUTH M.                         NY-28-18-91
FREED, WILLIAM E.                      NY-28-18-93
FREESE, MARY                           NY-28-14-330
FREGUSON, MARGARET                     NY-28-10-596
FREILING, JULIA                        NY-28-10-53
FREILING, JULIA                        NY-28-10-53
FREMAN, LEOLA M.                       NY-28-13-235
FRENCH, CAROLINE M.                    NY-28-10-126
FRENCH, FORDYCE B.                     NY-28-10-127
FRENCH, JOHN M.                        NY-28-15-349
FRENCH, JOSEPH                         NY-28-11-237
FRENCH, MAMIE E.                       NY-28-16-500
FREY, EDWARD M.                        NY-28-10-434
FREY, JENNIE E.                        NY-28-10-598
FREY, JOHN B.                          NY-28-10-599
FREY, JULIA E.                         NY-28-10-433
FREY, MARY C.                          NY-28-10-435
FRICK, WILLIAM                         NY-28-15-50
FRIEDLANDER, ANNA                      NY-28-13-436
FRIEDLANDER, IDA                       NY-28-13-435
FRIEDMAN, ANNA                         NY-28-13-122
FRIEDMAN, CATHARINE                    NY-28-13-121
FRIESE, FREDERICK                      NY-28-14-323
FRIESE, WILLIAM                        NY-28-14-322
FRIN, JULIA M.                         NY-28-18-303
FRITCH, HARRIET CLARK                  NY-28-10-175
FRITZ, CHARLES A.                      NY-28-17-53
FRITZ, GEORGE E.                       NY-28-14-413
FRITZ, HENRY G.                        NY-28-17-52
FROMM, BERTHA L.                       NY-28-18-497
FROMM, LOUISA                          NY-28-10-368
FROST, CHARLES A.                      NY-28-15-93
FROST, EMMA L.                         NY-28-18-530
FROST, RALPH J.                        NY-28-18-351
FROWE, CLARA                           NY-28-10-674
FUCHS, MELVINA                         NY-28-16-364
FULLER, DANIEL B.                      NY-28-10-417
FULLER, FLORENCE K.                    NY-28-16-560
FULLER, HELEN C.                       NY-28-16-559
FULLER, HIRAM H.                       NY-28-17-258
FULLER, J. EUGENE                      NY-28-16-561
FULLER, J. NORTHROP                    NY-28-16-562
FULLER, LOLA BELLE                     NY-28-18-59
FULLER, M. MARCO                       NY-28-14-564
FULLER, MARTHA E.                      NY-28-16-558
FURBISH, GRACE M.                      NY-28-15-389
FURBISH, ROBERT T.                     NY-28-15-390
FURLONG, ELIZABETH M.                  NY-28-18-482
FURLONG, WILLIAM P.                    NY-28-18-485
FURMAN, ELMER C.                       NY-28-10-567
FURMAN, ELMER C.                       NY-28-10-542
FURMAN, ESTELLE E.                     NY-28-10-568
FURMAN, ESTELLE E.                     NY-28-10-541
GABEL, ALEXANDER                       NY-28-18-500
GABEL, ARTHUR H.                       NY-28-18-501
GABEL, KATHERINE                       NY-28-18-499
GABLE, LENA                            NY-28-10-201
GAFFNEY, ANNA R.                       NY-28-13-14
GAFFNEY, AUGUSTINE E. K.               NY-28-13-17
GAFFNEY, LOUISE M.                     NY-28-13-16
GAFFNEY, MARIE C. E.                   NY-28-13-15
GAGIE, MARTIN P.                       NY-28-16-497
GAGS, FLORA                            NY-28-10-138
GAGS, FLORA A.                         NY-28-10-508
GAGS, WILTON HENRY                     NY-28-10-139
GALL, GERTRUDE                         NY-28-15-415
GALL, MAUD R.                          NY-28-15-414
GALL, MAUDE K.                         NY-28-18-428
GALLAGHER, ARCHER P.                   NY-28-17-54
GALLAGHER, GERTRUDE I.                 NY-28-16-94
GALLAGHER, HERBERT H.                  NY-28-16-99
GALLAGHER, NELLIE M.                   NY-28-16-95
GALLIGAN, ROY                          NY-28-18-461
GALLUP, CHARLES                        NY-28-10-265
GALLUP, HELEN                          NY-28-10-267
GALLUP, IRAD C.                        NY-28-10-268
GALLUP, JOHN                           NY-28-10-266
GALUSHA, DELBERT                       NY-28-16-594
GALUSHA, EDGAR L.                      NY-28-16-595
GALUSHA, ELON GILBERT                  NY-28-12-411
GALUSHA, SARAH JANE                    NY-28-16-596
GALVIN, JAMES                          NY-28-16-255
GALVIN, JOHN                           NY-28-16-254
GALVIN, PATRICK                        NY-28-16-253
GAMMON, DORCAS                         NY-28-13-66
GARDINER, FREDERICK W.                 NY-28-17-465
GARDINER, MARTHA                       NY-28-13-261
GARDISKY, MARY A.                      NY-28-18-597
GARDNER, OLIVE                         NY-28-14-185
GARLAND, ELIZABETH J.                  NY-28-17-314
GARLAND, JAY C.                        NY-28-17-312
GARLAND, RALPH I.                      NY-28-17-313
GARLOCK, LUCY B.                       NY-28-15-262
GARNSEY, HENRY W.                      NY-28-16-30
GARRISON, FLOYD W.                     NY-28-12-145
GARRISON, HATTIE                       NY-28-10-206
GATES, GEORGE B.                       NY-28-15-235
GATES, MILTON E.                       NY-28-15-233
GATES, WALTER T.                       NY-28-15-234
GAUHN, EDWARD J.                       NY-28-16-8
GAUHN, EMMETT R.                       NY-28-16-6
GAUHN, GERTRUDE A.                     NY-28-16-7
GAUHN, JOSEPH T.                       NY-28-16-5
GAVIN, CHRISTINA C.                    NY-28-16-237
GAVIN, ELIZA                           NY-28-16-236
GAVIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-16-236
GAVIN, TERESA                          NY-28-16-237
GAY, FLORENCE J.                       NY-28-16-270
GEARE, AGNES ESTELLE                   NY-28-15-506
GEBHARDT, CHRISTOPH                    NY-28-15-173
GEER, LEONHARD                         NY-28-16-321
GEIWITZ, ANNIE                         NY-28-15-108
GERLING, FREDDIE                       NY-28-12-250
GERLING, GEORGE                        NY-28-12-248
GERLING, JACOB                         NY-28-12-246
GERLING, LOUISE                        NY-28-12-244
GERLING, MAGGIE                        NY-28-12-245
GERLING, ROSIE                         NY-28-12-247
GERLING, WILLIE                        NY-28-12-249
GERMANDT, EDWARD                       NY-28-16-422
GERMANDT, LOUISE                       NY-28-16-423
GERO, WALTER                           NY-28-18-506
GERSTNER, AMELIA                       NY-28-18-194
GERSTNER, ANNAM.                       NY-28-12-121
GERSTNER, GEORGE A.                    NY-28-12-123
GERSTNER, JOHN J.                      NY-28-12-122
GERSTNER, JULIA                        NY-28-18-193
GERSTNER, MARY                         NY-28-18-192
GETTY, WILLIAM T.                      NY-28-11-71
GIDLEY, HELEN                          NY-28-18-354
GILBERT, MARTIN A.                     NY-28-15-163
GILL, WILLIAM S.                       NY-28-17-327
GILLESPIE, MARY E.                     NY-28-15-21
GILLETTE, CAROLYN M.                   NY-28-14-565
GILLETTE, CLARENCE A.                  NY-28-15-466
GILLETTE, MARY C.                      NY-28-14-566
GILMAN, JAMES G.                       NY-28-17-146
GILMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-28-17-140
GLASER, BERTHA M.                      NY-28-14-143
GLASER, FRANK F.                       NY-28-14-144
GLASOW, ANNIE                          NY-28-17-183
GLEASON, ELMER                         NY-28-17-289
GLENN, CHARLES A.                      NY-28-10-214
GLENN, CLARENCE T.                     NY-28-10-213
GLENN, GEORGE W.                       NY-28-10-215
GOEBEL, LENA                           NY-28-14-18
GOELTZ, GEORGE                         NY-28-15-434
GOELTZ, PHILIP M.                      NY-28-15-435
GOERINGER, GEORGE F.                   NY-28-12-403
GOERS, EMMA                            NY-28-16-312
GOETZ, ANNA                            NY-28-16-390
GOETZ, CHARLES                         NY-28-16-388
GOETZ, FRANK                           NY-28-16-389
GOETZ, JOHN                            NY-28-16-386
GOETZ, LOUIS                           NY-28-16-387
GOHAM, MILTON HENRY                    NY-28-17-400
GOLDBACH, CATHARINE                    NY-28-10-253
GOLDBACH, FRANCIS                      NY-28-10-254
GOLDBACH, JOSEPH                       NY-28-10-252
GOLDSMITH, MARY E.                     NY-28-13-110
GOMMENGINGER, BARTHOLOMEW              NY-28-13-478
GOMMENGINGER, LEWIS                    NY-28-13-428
GOMMENGINGER, MICHAEL W.               NY-28-13-477
GOODELL, ALICE                         NY-28-10-415
GOODELL, MARY                          NY-28-10-416
GOODELL, WILLIAM                       NY-28-10-390
GOODMAN, BERTHA                        NY-28-18-304
GOODMAN, BESSIE                        NY-28-18-306
GOODMAN, HENRY                         NY-28-15-469
GOODMAN, MILTON                        NY-28-18-305
GOODRICH, WILLIAM E.                   NY-28-12-195
GOODRICH, WILLIAM P.                   NY-28-10-592
GOODRIDGE, CARRIE B.                   NY-28-12-52
GOODWIN, ETHEL I. B.                   NY-28-14-28
GOODWIN, HERBERT H.                    NY-28-13-154
GOODWIN, HERBERT H.                    NY-28-11-261
GOOLD, GRACE G.                        NY-28-12-328
GOOLD, WILLIAM V.                      NY-28-12-329
GORDON, FRED H.                        NY-28-16-586
GORDON, GEORGE C. JR.                  NY-28-16-587
GORDON, LUTHER                         NY-28-16-588
GORDON, THOMAS C.                      NY-28-16-585
GORHAM, EDITH PEARL                    NY-28-16-225
GORHAM, EDITH PEARL                    NY-28-17-399
GORHAM, MILTON HENRY                   NY-28-16-224
GORSLINE, DON E.                       NY-28-18-456
GORTON, FLORA E.                       NY-28-10-69
GOSNELL, ARTHUR J.                     NY-28-18-432
GOSNELL, FRANK L.                      NY-28-18-429
GOSNELL, HAROLD F.                     NY-28-18-431
GOSNELL, RALPH W.                      NY-28-18-430
GOSS, EDWARD                           NY-28-11-166
GOSS, FANNY                            NY-28-11-165
GOTTLIEB, LOUIS                        NY-28-17-24
GOTTSCHALK, EDWARD                     NY-28-13-424
GOTTSCHALK, FREDERICK P.               NY-28-13-422
GOTTSCHALK,G EORGE                     NY-28-13-423
GOULD, FANNY                           NY-28-14-122
GOULD, HENRY                           NY-28-14-123
GOULD, MILLY                           NY-28-14-125
GOULD, SARAH                           NY-28-14-124
GOUTER, WILLIAM A.                     NY-28-10-185
GRABON, GUSTAV EMIL                    NY-28-13-156
GRACY, GEORE W.                        NY-28-16-427
GRANT, ELSA                            NY-28-16-58
GRANT, JUANITA ELIZABETH               NY-28-12-375
GRANT, SIDNEY PIERCE                   NY-28-12-374
GRAVES, CRAIG                          NY-28-15-432
GRAVES, LEILA RUTH                     NY-28-18-292
GREEN, MARY K.                         NY-28-13-155
GREEN, MARY K.                         NY-28-12-450
GREEN, MYRON W.                        NY-28-12-287
GREEN, NELLIE A.                       NY-28-15-120
GREENE, FLORENCE M.                    NY-28-17-325
GREENE, JOSEPH D.                      NY-28-15-457
GREENHALGH, ALFRED S.                  NY-28-17-296
GREENHALGH, LOIS E.                    NY-28-17-295
GREEN,MARY K.                          NY-28-13-5
GREER, ROBERT GEORGE                   NY-28-11-145
GREER, ROBERT GEORGE                   NY-28-11-283
GREER, WILLIAM J.                      NY-28-11-105
GRENNER, ANNIE                         NY-28-14-361
GRESS, FERDINAND                       NY-28-14-211
GRESS, LEOPOLD                         NY-28-14-213
GRESS, LOUISA                          NY-28-14-212
GRESS, MARY                            NY-28-14-214
GRETTEN, LUELLA C.                     NY-28-11-32
GREY, EDITH A.                         NY-28-13-341
GREY, MABEL E.                         NY-28-13-342
GRIDLEY, EUNICE                        NY-28-18-356
GRIDLEY, FRANCES                       NY-28-18-352
GRIDLEY, JOHN B.                       NY-28-17-215
GRIDLEY, LOIS                          NY-28-18-357
GRIDLEY, LUCIA                         NY-28-18-353
GRIDLEY, RUTH                          NY-28-18-355
GRINT, JEROME                          NY-28-13-105
GROH, AMELIA K.                        NY-28-17-48
GROH, AMELIA K.                        NY-28-15-294
GROH, LULA K.                          NY-28-15-295
GROLLING, HENRY                        NY-28-12-171
GROLLING, HERMAN                       NY-28-12-172
GROOT, FRANK                           NY-28-10-204
GROOT, JAMES                           NY-28-10-203
GROSCH, OINDA R.                       NY-28-18-455
GROSVENOR, GEORE WALTER                NY-28-12-20
GROSVENOR, GEORGE WALTER               NY-28-12-307
GROVE, WILLIAM                         NY-28-16-405
GROVES, DAYTON F.                      NY-28-10-308
GROVES, HATTIE M.                      NY-28-11-98
GROVES, SARAH A.                       NY-28-10-309
GRUNENDIKE, GILBERT                    NY-28-14-530
GRUNENDIKE, JOSEPH                     NY-28-14-528
GRUNENDIKE, MINNIE                     NY-28-14-529
GRUNENDIKE, REUEL                      NY-28-14-531
GRUNENDIKE, RITA B.                    NY-28-14-547
GRUNENDIKE, SAMUEL                     NY-28-14-548
GUCKER, EMMA S.                        NY-28-13-396
GUCKER, GEORGE ALBERT                  NY-28-13-395
GUCKER, SOPHIA R.                      NY-28-13-397
GUERIN, BURTON W.                      NY-28-15-550
GUERIN, HERBERT E.                     NY-28-15-548
GUERIN, JAY L.                         NY-28-15-551
GUERIN, JENNIE                         NY-28-15-549
GUERIN, ROY                            NY-28-15-547
GUTACKER, ANDREW D.                    NY-28-17-441
GUTMANN, ABIGAIL                       NY-28-16-534
GUTMANN, FREIDA                        NY-28-16-535
HAAG, JOHN                             NY-28-14-351
HAAG, KATHARINE                        NY-28-14-352
HAAG, LEWIS WILLIAM                    NY-28-12-37
HAAG, TERESA                           NY-28-14-354
HAAG, WILLIAM                          NY-28-14-353
HABERT, HATTIE                         NY-28-11-248
HADDEN, CHARLES H.                     NY-28-16-46
HAFNER, LUDWIG                         NY-28-11-109
HAGAAN, GEORGE W.                      NY-28-16-133
HAGAMAN, FRANK L.                      NY-28-16-134
HAGAMAN, HOWARD W.                     NY-28-16-136
HAGAMAN, ROSCOE C.                     NY-28-16-137
HAGAMAN, ROY W.                        NY-28-16-132
HAGAMAN, THEODORE C.                   NY-28-16-135
HAGEDORN, CLYDE W.                     NY-28-18-185
HAGREEN, ELMER JAMES                   NY-28-15-148
HAGREEN, LOUELLA JULIA                 NY-28-15-149
HAHN, CATHERINE                        NY-28-17-40
HAHN, CELIA                            NY-28-12-97
HAHN, CORNELIUS                        NY-28-12-98
HAHN, EDWARD                           NY-28-12-94
HAHN, LOUIS                            NY-28-12-95
HAHN, LOUISA                           NY-28-12-96
HAIDT, ANNA                            NY-28-14-512
HAIDT, ANNA                            NY-28-12-154
HAIDT, AUGUST                          NY-28-14-511
HAIDT, EMMA                            NY-28-12-155
HAIDT, EMMA                            NY-28-14-515
HAIDT, GEORGE F. THEODORE              NY-28-12-152
HAIDT, HELENA                          NY-28-12-151
HAIDT, LEOPOLD                         NY-28-12-150
HAIDT, LEOPOLD                         NY-28-14-513
HAIDT, MINNIE                          NY-28-14-510
HAIDT, ROSA                            NY-28-14-509
HAIDT, ROSALIE                         NY-28-12-153
HAIDT, THEODORE                        NY-28-14-514
HAIGHT, DAISY                          NY-28-17-581
HAIGHT, HENRY DODGE                    NY-28-14-496
HAIRE, MARIE                           NY-28-15-436
HAISMAN, FLORENCE M.                   NY-28-18-596
HAISMAN, WILLIAM I.                    NY-28-18-595
HAKWINS, MARY S.                       NY-28-14-219
HALBERT, ANNA                          NY-28-18-407
HALBERT, ANNA                          NY-28-18-160
HALBERT, MADELINE                      NY-28-18-406
HALBERT, MADLINE                       NY-28-18-159
HALE, GEORGE                           NY-28-16-478
HALL, ANNA L.                          NY-28-11-129
HALL, CHARLES O.                       NY-28-16-305
HALL, FLOYD                            NY-28-11-266
HALL, FRANCIS H.                       NY-28-16-304
HALL, JOSEPH                           NY-28-11-128
HALL, JUSTIN                           NY-28-18-176
HALL, MARY                             NY-28-18-177
HALL, WILLIAM G.                       NY-28-18-179
HALLER, KATE JR.                       NY-28-12-448
HALLER, RUDOLPH                        NY-28-12-447
HALLING, LOUIS F.                      NY-28-14-435
HALLOCK, ISAAC                         NY-28-11-39
HALLOCK, LIBBIE                        NY-28-11-40
HALLOCK, STEPHEN C.                    NY-28-11-38
HALPIN, PRISCILLA                      NY-28-10-21
HAMILTON, ARTHUR S. JR.                NY-28-17-542
HAMILTON, GRACE L.                     NY-28-18-137
HAMILTON, HENRIETTA C.                 NY-28-17-108
HAMILTON, WILLIE GURDON                NY-28-13-308
HANEY, JOHN                            NY-28-14-239
HANKS, ANSEL W.                        NY-28-13-496
HANKS, MARTHA E.                       NY-28-13-495
HANNON, JESSIE B.                      NY-28-14-522
HANNON, STELLA L.                      NY-28-14-521
HANVEY, FLORENCE                       NY-28-12-156
HANVEY, WALLACE F.                     NY-28-12-157
HANVEY, WALTER HENRY                   NY-28-18-116
HAPP, GEORGE                           NY-28-18-492
HAPP, GERTRUDE                         NY-28-18-493
HAPP, MARIE                            NY-28-18-491
HARDMAN, CHRISTIANA                    NY-28-10-163
HARE, KITTIE LOVE                      NY-28-14-448
HARING, MAGDALENA                      NY-28-11-225
HARMON, PEARL H.                       NY-28-18-16
HARRIGAN, EDWARD J.                    NY-28-16-267
HARRIGAN, EUNCIE                       NY-28-16-266
HARRIGAN, FRANCIS J.                   NY-28-16-268
HARRIGAN, MARY E.                      NY-28-16-269
HARRINGOTN, FRED                       NY-28-12-163
HARRIS, CHARLES H.                     NY-28-18-112
HARRIS, CLARENCE H.                    NY-28-18-74
HARRIS, CORA E.                        NY-28-12-306
HARRIS, CORA M.                        NY-28-18-113
HARRIS, EDWARD M.                      NY-28-16-68
HARRIS, GRACE                          NY-28-18-420
HARRIS, MARGARET P.                    NY-28-16-69
HARRIS, MARION R.                      NY-28-16-67
HARRIS, MARTHA F.                      NY-28-18-419
HARRIS, MARY E.                        NY-28-18-418
HARRIS, WILLIAM J.                     NY-28-18-75
HARRISON, EFFIE M.                     NY-28-16-446
HARRISON, FLORENCE M.                  NY-28-14-411
HARRISON, HARRIET B.                   NY-28-14-243
HARRISON, HARRY W.                     NY-28-14-409
HARRISON, HARVEY B.                    NY-28-14-410
HARRISON, JOHN Y.                      NY-28-16-477
HARRISON, SUSAN                        NY-28-10-512
HARRISON, WILLIAM S.                   NY-28-14-242
HARRISON,MINNIE N.                     NY-28-14-412
HARROUN, DORA M.                       NY-28-17-365
HART, ELLEN                            NY-28-18-445
HART, JOHN C.                          NY-28-18-446
HART, MARY                             NY-28-18-444
HART, ROSA C.                          NY-28-18-443
HARTER, AGETHA                         NY-28-14-94
HARTER, CATHERINE                      NY-28-14-90
HARTER, EVA                            NY-28-14-93
HARTER, FLORIN                         NY-28-14-91
HARTER, JACOB                          NY-28-14-92
HARTER, MARY FRANCES                   NY-28-14-95
HARTLEY, ARTHUR C.                     NY-28-15-46
HARTLEY, CLARA                         NY-28-15-44
HARTLEY, JAMES J.                      NY-28-15-45
HARTLEY, MARIA                         NY-28-15-43
HARTLEY, WILLIAM B.                    NY-28-15-47
HARTLEY,E DNA ROSE                     NY-28-14-294
HARTMAN, MARY                          NY-28-15-42
HARVEY, LILLIE GROH                    NY-28-15-293
HASS, MAGGIE A.                        NY-28-10-389
HASTINGS, HELEN M.                     NY-28-13-314
HATCH, A. MAYNARD                      NY-28-15-459
HATCH, A. MAYNARD                      NY-28-17-229
HATCH, MARGUERITE                      NY-28-15-458
HATCH, MARGUERITE                      NY-28-17-228
HAUSER, CHARLES J.                     NY-28-17-493
HAVEN, ALEXANDER H.                    NY-28-10-487
HAVEN, JAMES                           NY-28-10-480
HAVEN, SOPHIA E.                       NY-28-10-479
HAVEN, WILLIAM C.                      NY-28-10-478
HAWKINS, FLORA A.                      NY-28-14-219
HAWKS, LAURA D.                        NY-28-10-3
HAWKS, THOMAS J.                       NY-28-10-2
HAWKS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-28-10-1
HAWTHORN, GEORGE                       NY-28-10-118
HAWTHORN, MAGGIE                       NY-28-10-119
HAYDEN, AGNES R.                       NY-28-11-239
HAYDEN, EUGENE R.                      NY-28-16-402
HAYDEN, JOHN G.                        NY-28-16-403
HAYDEN, RUTH M.                        NY-28-16-404
HAYDEN, WILLARD A.                     NY-28-16-401
HAYES, ARTHUR J.                       NY-28-17-551
HAYES, BENTON H.                       NY-28-14-456
HAYES, CARRIE E.                       NY-28-14-455
HAYES, EDWARD J.                       NY-28-17-550
HAYES, FRANCIS E.                      NY-28-17-553
HAYES, LUCILE H.                       NY-28-17-300
HAYES, STELLA H.                       NY-28-17-299
HAYNES, LELA M.                        NY-28-14-518
HAYWOOD, GRACE W.                      NY-28-11-183
HEADLEY, FANNIE                        NY-28-15-241
HEADLEY, FANNIE B.                     NY-28-15-585
HEATH, GRACE M.                        NY-28-17-482
HEBERGER, BARBARA                      NY-28-16-453
HEBERGER, BERNARD                      NY-28-15-598
HEBERGER, CAROLINE                     NY-28-16-451
HEBERGER, ELEONORA                     NY-28-16-454
HEBERGER, EMIL                         NY-28-16-349
HEBERGER, EMMA                         NY-28-15-599
HEBERGER, GEORGE                       NY-28-16-307
HEBERGER, HENRY                        NY-28-17-137
HEBERGER, IDA                          NY-28-16-350
HEBERGER, JOSEPH                       NY-28-16-450
HEBERGER, JULIA                        NY-28-16-452
HEBERGER, LEO                          NY-28-16-351
HECHT, PHYLLIS                         NY-28-16-377
HECHT, VIVIAN                          NY-28-16-376
HEEDER, COURT                          NY-28-15-285
HEEDER, JOHN                           NY-28-15-284
HEGER, ESTELLA C.                      NY-28-13-199
HEIFNER, FREDERICK                     NY-28-13-53
HEIFNER, GEORGE                        NY-28-13-56
HEIFNER, MINNIE                        NY-28-13-55
HEIFNER, WILLIAM                       NY-28-13-54
HEIMBACH, GEORGE A.                    NY-28-14-198
HEISNER, CHARLES H.                    NY-28-18-546
HEITER, JACOB                          NY-28-10-504
HELFER, EMILIA                         NY-28-16-510
HELFER, FRANK                          NY-28-16-509
HELLER, EMMA                           NY-28-12-443
HELLER, HATTIE                         NY-28-12-444
HELLER, HENRY J.                       NY-28-14-399
HELT, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-14-301
HELTON, ELISHA M.                      NY-28-10-601
HENDERSHOT, CARRIE                     NY-28-11-36
HENDERSHOTT, DORA                      NY-28-18-301
HENDERSON, IDA                         NY-28-14-300
HENDRIKSE, ANTOINETTE                  NY-28-12-404
HENDRIKSE, APPOLOMA                    NY-28-12-405
HENDRIKSE, JACOB                       NY-28-12-402
HENN, JULIANNA                         NY-28-14-499
HENN, LILLIAN                          NY-28-17-311
HENNESSEY, EDWARD P.                   NY-28-13-306
HENNESSY, MARTIN                       NY-28-15-421
HENRY, MARY C.                         NY-28-14-247
HERALD, VINE                           NY-28-12-269
HERBERGER, BARBARA                     NY-28-15-9
HERBERGER, CAROLINE                    NY-28-15-12
HERBERGER, ELMIRA                      NY-28-15-14
HERBERGER, GEORGE                      NY-28-15-10
HERBERGER, JOSEPH                      NY-28-15-13
HERBERGER, JULIA                       NY-28-15-11
HERLE, CHARLES H.                      NY-28-17-132
HERLE, CHARLES HENRY                   NY-28-16-493
HERLE, CHESTER ALLEN                   NY-28-16-492
HERLE, WILLIAM HENRY                   NY-28-16-494
HERMANN, ANNA                          NY-28-15-454
HERMANN, EDWARD                        NY-28-15-456
HERMANN, LAURA                         NY-28-15-453
HERMANN, ROSA                          NY-28-15-455
HERRICK, BERNICE F.                    NY-28-17-590
HERRICK, RALPH E.                      NY-28-18-289
HERRING, ALBERT                        NY-28-17-123
HERRMAN, EDGAR G.                      NY-28-14-388
HERTRICH, MARY E.                      NY-28-17-429
HERTRICH, WILLIAM                      NY-28-17-428
HESS, LEWIS                            NY-28-10-428
HESS, PETER                            NY-28-18-225
HESSELINK, GEORGE H.                   NY-28-16-394
HETHUR, LIZZIE                         NY-28-18-375
HETZER, GEORGE                         NY-28-17-346
HETZLER, ANNA                          NY-28-13-127
HETZLER, CAROLINE                      NY-28-13-129
HETZLER, DORA                          NY-28-18-202
HETZLER, EVA                           NY-28-13-130
HETZLER, FRANK                         NY-28-18-200
HETZLER, GEORGE                        NY-28-17-291
HETZLER, GEORGE                        NY-28-13-145
HETZLER, IGNATZ                        NY-28-13-131
HETZLER, JOHN                          NY-28-18-201
HETZLER, LEO                           NY-28-18-203
HETZLER, MARY                          NY-28-17-292
HETZLER, MARY                          NY-28-13-87
HETZLER, ROSA                          NY-28-13-88
HETZLER, VALENTINE                     NY-28-13-128
HEUSNER, CHARLS F. JR.                 NY-28-16-551
HEUSNER, CORA L.                       NY-28-17-522
HEUSNER, FLORENCE A.                   NY-28-17-524
HEUSNER, FRANK C.                      NY-28-17-521
HEUSNER, HELEN C.                      NY-28-16-547
HEUSNER, LOIUSE                        NY-28-17-525
HEUSNER, MARGUERITE L.                 NY-28-16-550
HEUSNER, MARY B.                       NY-28-17-523
HEUSNER, MARY E.                       NY-28-16-549
HEUSNER, MIRED J.                      NY-28-17-526
HEUSNER, RUFUS D.                      NY-28-16-548
HEUSNER, WILLIAM B.                    NY-28-17-527
HEWITT, MINNIE A.                      NY-28-18-221
HEWITT, MINNIE A.                      NY-28-17-455
HICKS, MARY W.                         NY-28-10-350
HIGBIE, ANNA L.                        NY-28-15-407
HIGBIE, ANNA L.                        NY-28-16-337
HIGBIE, ARTHUR G.                      NY-28-15-408
HIGBIE, ARTHUR G.                      NY-28-16-334
HIGBIE, SIDNEY C.                      NY-28-16-336
HIGBIE, SYDNEY C.                      NY-28-15-409
HIGBIE, WILLIAM H.                     NY-28-15-410
HIGBIE, WILLIAM H.                     NY-28-16-335
HILL, CHARLES E.                       NY-28-11-228
HILL, ERNEST V.                        NY-28-10-236
HILL, JULIA M.                         NY-28-10-237
HILL, MARY E.                          NY-28-10-239
HILL, ROBERT                           NY-28-18-451
HILL, SADIE                            NY-28-18-417
HILL, WILIS A.                         NY-28-10-238
HILTS, BURT                            NY-28-10-652
HILTS, FRANK N.                        NY-28-10-582
HILTS, SARAH C.                        NY-28-10-583
HIMES, ANNA B.                         NY-28-16-496
HINDE, CATHARINE                       NY-28-10-489
HINDE, CHARLES                         NY-28-10-491
HINDE, DANIEL                          NY-28-10-494
HINDE, JAMES                           NY-28-10-495
HINDE, JOHN                            NY-28-10-492
HINDE, JOSEPH                          NY-28-10-490
HINDE, MARY                            NY-28-10-497
HINDE, NELLIE                          NY-28-10-496
HINDE, ROSE                            NY-28-10-493
HIPP, EVA                              NY-28-11-100
HIRSCH, BRETHA                         NY-28-12-179
HIRSCH, CHARLES                        NY-28-12-178
HIRSCH, IDA                            NY-28-12-180
HIRSCHLER, JOHN                        NY-28-15-387
HISCUTT, FRANK                         NY-28-11-173
HOAGLAND, BURR CLARK                   NY-28-17-337
HOBBIE, BERTHA GRACE                   NY-28-12-291
HOBBS, AUSTIN                          NY-28-14-97
HODGMAN, JULIA H.                      NY-28-17-552
HODSKIN, JENNIE M.                     NY-28-18-234
HOFELLER, ELI                          NY-28-12-149
HOFF, JOHN R.                          NY-28-17-7
HOFF, JOHN R.                          NY-28-14-450
HOFF, JOHN R.                          NY-28-16-87
HOFFMAN, ANNA                          NY-28-17-328
HOFFMAN, BLANCHE A.                    NY-28-16-467
HOFFMAN, ROSE M.                       NY-28-16-466
HOFHEINZ, LULU                         NY-28-15-182
HOFHEINZ, WILLIAM                      NY-28-15-183
HOFMEISTER, LOUISA                     NY-28-14-431
HOGAN, KATHARINE F.                    NY-28-15-433
HOGLE, HERBERT                         NY-28-18-334
HOGLE, HERBERT J.                      NY-28-14-525
HOGLE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-28-14-526
HOHMANN, ANNA                          NY-28-16-476
HOHMANN, CHARLES                       NY-28-16-473
HOHMANN, FRANK                         NY-28-16-474
HOHMANN, KATE                          NY-28-16-471
HOHMANN, MARY J.                       NY-28-16-472
HOHMANN, MINNIE                        NY-28-16-470
HOHMANN, WIGBERT                       NY-28-16-475
HOLBRIDGE, CHARITY                     NY-28-16-328
HOLCOMB, ARTHUR                        NY-28-10-12
HOLCOMB, BURTON AMES                   NY-28-12-348
HOLCOMB, ETHEL A.                      NY-28-12-350
HOLCOMB, FRANK COLLINS                 NY-28-12-351
HOLCOMB, GEORGE P.                     NY-28-12-345
HOLCOMB, LIZZIE M.                     NY-28-12-346
HOLCOMB, LLEWELLA                      NY-28-10-13
HOLCOMB, MARY A.                       NY-28-12-349
HOLCOMB, WILLIAM G.                    NY-28-12-347
HOLDRIDGE, CHARITY                     NY-28-17-503
HOLMES, CLARA G.                       NY-28-13-102
HOLMES, CLARA G.                       NY-28-14-150
HOLMES, CORNELIA I.                    NY-28-14-149
HOLMES, CORNELIA J.                    NY-28-13-103
HOLMES, ELIZABETH G.                   NY-28-14-151
HOLMES, ELIZABETH G.                   NY-28-13-101
HOLMES, MARY LILLIAN                   NY-28-12-381
HOLMES, WILLIAM F.                     NY-28-13-104
HOLMES, WILLIAM F.                     NY-28-14-148
HOLTON, CARL                           NY-28-15-401
HOLTON, LAURA                          NY-28-15-400
HONDORF, BERTHA EDITH                  NY-28-16-98
HONDORF, FLORENCE LAURINDA             NY-28-16-97
HONDORF, MARY SALOMA                   NY-28-16-96
HONLEY, EMMA                           NY-28-12-290
HOOK, CLARENCE                         NY-28-16-439
HOOK, FLORENCE                         NY-28-16-440
HOOK, HENRY                            NY-28-16-442
HOOK, LEO                              NY-28-16-441
HOOKER, EMMA                           NY-28-17-50
HOOKER, JAMES G.                       NY-28-17-51
HOPKINS, ISABELLE MAY                  NY-28-11-133
HOPWOOD, ANNIE M.                      NY-28-14-500
HOPWOOD, FLORENCE E.                   NY-28-14-502
HOPWOOD, MORTIMER J.                   NY-28-14-501
HOSKINS, FERN                          NY-28-17-419
HOSMER, MARY W.                        NY-28-11-78
HOSMER, W. SEWARD                      NY-28-11-77
HOVEY, CARRIE B.                       NY-28-17-30
HOVEY, DEFOREST L.                     NY-28-12-206
HOVEY, ELERY                           NY-28-12-207
HOVEY, HELEN M.                        NY-28-17-28
HOVEY, IDA                             NY-28-12-209
HOVEY, JOHN FITCH                      NY-28-13-470
HOVEY, MARY J.                         NY-28-17-31
HOVEY, MYRTIA                          NY-28-12-210
HOVEY, NETTIE                          NY-28-12-208
HOWARD, GEORGE W.                      NY-28-15-511
HOWARD, HATTIE B.                      NY-28-15-510
HOWARD, JESSIE B.                      NY-28-16-378
HOWARD, ORRIN A.                       NY-28-12-187
HOWE, LEWIS B.                         NY-28-10-241
HOWE, LUCELLA AUGUSTA                  NY-28-18-510
HOWE, PAUL MULFORD                     NY-28-18-511
HOWE, WILLIAM S.                       NY-28-10-240
HOWELL, CHARLES F.                     NY-28-12-417
HOWLAND, CLAIR M.                      NY-28-18-537
HOWLAND, EMILY                         NY-28-18-547
HOWLAND, WILLIAM N.                    NY-28-18-538
HOXIE, ALBERT B.                       NY-28-16-375
HOYT, IDA C.                           NY-28-11-65
HUBBARD, FRANK M.                      NY-28-11-99
HUBBELL, CLIFFORD                      NY-28-12-148
HUBBELL, MAY                           NY-28-12-146
HUBBELL, WILLIAM N.                    NY-28-12-147
HUBER, LAWRENCE                        NY-28-18-136
HUBER, RAYMOND                         NY-28-18-135
HUGHES, JOSEPH H.                      NY-28-13-112
HUGHESL, MAGGIE E                      NY-28-13-111
HULL, CORA B.                          NY-28-15-538
HULL, MABEL J.                         NY-28-17-321
HUMMEL, CAROLINE                       NY-28-14-475
HUMPHREY, EDITH                        NY-28-12-116
HUMPHREY, GEORGE                       NY-28-12-117
HUNT, ANNA                             NY-28-14-75
HUNT, EDWARD W.                        NY-28-14-74
HUNT, EVA MAY                          NY-28-14-77
HUNT, FLORENCE R.                      NY-28-17-546
HUNT, HELEN K.                         NY-28-17-247
HUNT, HORACE H.                        NY-28-18-4
HUNT, LAVINA                           NY-28-14-70
HUNT, LEIGH                            NY-28-14-76
HUNT, MARY H.                          NY-28-18-5
HUNT, MARY HELEN                       NY-28-17-366
HUNT, MAY                              NY-28-14-72
HUNT, MILDRED                          NY-28-18-6
HUNT, RANSOM M.                        NY-28-14-73
HUNT, RICHARD H.                       NY-28-14-71
HUNT, SELES C.                         NY-28-11-61
HUNT, STEPHEN M.B.                     NY-28-14-385
HUNTINGTON, MAY                        NY-28-18-287
HUNTINGTON, NATHAN                     NY-28-12-497
HUNTINGTON, WARD G.                    NY-28-18-288
HURLBURT, CORA                         NY-28-12-36
HURLBUTT, EVA                          NY-28-12-35
HUSBAND, JOSEPH B.                     NY-28-18-231
HUSCHER, PETER B.                      NY-28-11-244
HUSSONG, EMILY LENA                    NY-28-15-335
HUSSONG, ERNEST PHILIP                 NY-28-15-336
HUTCHINSON, HALBERT G.                 NY-28-17-307
HYATT, A. PERCY                        NY-28-16-326
HYATT, CLARENCE                        NY-28-16-325
HYATT, FRANK E.                        NY-28-16-327
HYDE, ELDRIDGE S.                      NY-28-13-412
ILL, JOSEPH H.                         NY-28-14-178
IRELAND, CARLOS E.                     NY-28-14-34
IRELAND, JAMES WALTER                  NY-28-11-120
IRELAND, JOHN LEWIS                    NY-28-11-121
ISSELHARD, HERBERT L.                  NY-28-18-280
ISSELHARD, RALPH J.                    NY-28-18-279
JACKMAN, HERBERT E.                    NY-28-16-33
JACKMAN, HERBERT E.                    NY-28-16-554
JACKQUELT, ALFRED                      NY-28-18-593
JACKQUELT, CHARLES                     NY-28-18-594
JACKSON, BERENICE L.                   NY-28-17-432
JACKSON, BERNICE                       NY-28-15-312
JACKSON, NANCY J.                      NY-28-10-255
JACKSON, STUART T.                     NY-28-17-431
JACKSON, STUART T.                     NY-28-15-313
JACOBS, FRANKLIN                       NY-28-11-247
JACOBS, IRVING                         NY-28-14-142
JACOBS, IRVING                         NY-28-11-246
JACOBS, MINNIE                         NY-28-12-299
JACUBOWITZ, ALEXANDER                  NY-28-16-47
JAMES, IDA                             NY-28-12-429
JAMES, THOMAS JR.                      NY-28-12-428
JEFFRES, JOHN H.                       NY-28-15-8
JEFFRES, JOHN H.JR.                    NY-28-14-245
JENKINS, LINA G.                       NY-28-15-480
JENKINSON, STUART J.                   NY-28-18-505
JENNERJAHN, FRANK                      NY-28-10-93
JENNERJAHN, HENRY                      NY-28-10-95
JENNERJAHN, JOHN                       NY-28-10-94
JEWETT, DAVID B.                       NY-28-16-291
JEWETT, JESSIE V.                      NY-28-10-190
JEWETT, NELLIE F.                      NY-28-10-189
JEWITT, DAVID B.                       NY-28-17-459
JOHNSON, BERTHA                        NY-28-15-72
JOHNSON, ENNA                          NY-28-10-16
JOHNSON, EUGENE                        NY-28-14-202
JOHNSON, GEORGE R.                     NY-28-14-4
JOHNSON, JOHN                          NY-28-10-15
JOHNSON, WILLIAM JR.                   NY-28-14-203
JOHNSTON, HELEN M.                     NY-28-18-222
JOHNSTON, SARAH O.                     NY-28-10-529
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM CHESTER              NY-28-18-230
JOLLEY, CHARLS B. JR.                  NY-28-16-584
JONES, BERTHA S.                       NY-28-12-136
JONES, CLARENCE                        NY-28-14-5
JONES, CORA                            NY-28-14-8
JONES, FANNIEE.                        NY-28-12-137
JONES, FRANK D.                        NY-28-12-135
JONES, FRANK L.                        NY-28-18-278
JONES, FRANK L.                        NY-28-17-578
JONES, HARRY STRONG                    NY-28-15-122
JONES, MABEL S.                        NY-28-18-145
JONES, MARY                            NY-28-14-6
JONES, WILLIAM                         NY-28-14-7
JORDAN, IDA L.                         NY-28-10-44
JOSLIN, MABEL                          NY-28-16-207
JUDD, JARED H.                         NY-28-10-482
JUSTICE, ANNA E.                       NY-28-18-470
JUSTICE, GILBERT R.                    NY-28-18-471
KAIME, ADELAIDE L.                     NY-28-18-345
KALB, HENRY                            NY-28-14-517
KALB, JOSEPH                           NY-28-14-516
KANE, ANGELA M.                        NY-28-10-366
KANE, ELIZA                            NY-28-13-432
KANE, ELIZABETH                        NY-28-13-80
KANE, EMMA C.                          NY-28-10-365
KANE, GEORGE A.                        NY-28-10-563
KANE, GEORGE A.                        NY-28-10-367
KANE, JOHN M.                          NY-28-12-25
KANE, SUSAN                            NY-28-13-418
KANE, THERESA M.                       NY-28-10-364
KANHAUSER, CHARLES                     NY-28-11-97
KANY, ANTHONY                          NY-28-15-357
KANY, JULIA                            NY-28-15-354
KANY, WILLIAM                          NY-28-15-355
KAPP, ANNA                             NY-28-15-155
KAPP, JACOB                            NY-28-15-157
KAPP, KATIE C.                         NY-28-15-158
KAPP, LOUISE                           NY-28-15-75
KAPP, TILLIE                           NY-28-15-156
KARASINISKI, ANNA                      NY-28-15-160
KARNES, EDWARD                         NY-28-15-132
KARNES, ISABELLA                       NY-28-15-133
KARNES, MARGARET                       NY-28-15-131
KASE, ANNA                             NY-28-11-59
KASE, FRANK                            NY-28-11-60
KASE, LOUISA                           NY-28-11-58
KEEF, GEORGE W.                        NY-28-12-101
KEEGAN, CATHERINE                      NY-28-16-171
KEEGAN, MICHAEL                        NY-28-16-170
KEENAN, ALICE                          NY-28-12-203
KEENAN, LUCY                           NY-28-12-18
KEENAN, LUCY                           NY-28-12-205
KEENAN, WILLIAM                        NY-28-12-204
KEHRIG, EMMA H.                        NY-28-16-513
KEHRIG, EMMA H.                        NY-28-16-182
KEHRIG, FRANK                          NY-28-16-511
KEHRIG, FRANK E.                       NY-28-16-181
KEHRIG, GEORGE W.                      NY-28-16-514
KEHRIG, GEORGE W.                      NY-28-16-183
KEHRIG, MATTHEW                        NY-28-16-512
KEHRIG, MATTIE                         NY-28-16-184
KELLER, CATHARINE BARBARA              NY-28-14-174
KELLER, CHARLES                        NY-28-14-17
KELLER, FREDERICK                      NY-28-14-173
KELLER, JACOB                          NY-28-14-571
KELLER, MARY                           NY-28-10-573
KELLER, WILHELMINA                     NY-28-14-172
KELLEY, DELIA                          NY-28-10-411
KELLEY, JOHN W.                        NY-28-15-516
KELLEY, MICHAEL                        NY-28-10-412
KELLY, ARTHUR E.                       NY-28-18-164
KELLY, DELIA                           NY-28-10-575
KELLY, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-15-514
KELLY, HARRY W.                        NY-28-18-165
KELLY, MABEL A.                        NY-28-18-111
KELLY, MARY                            NY-28-14-145
KELLY, MARY                            NY-28-15-515
KELLY, MICHAEL                         NY-28-10-574
KELLY, PATRICK                         NY-28-15-513
KENDALL, EDWARD E.                     NY-28-13-253
KENDALL, FLORENCE                      NY-28-17-473
KENDALL, NELLIE S.                     NY-28-13-252
KENDLAL, HATTIE                        NY-28-17-474
KENDRICK, RYLAND MORRIS                NY-28-13-215
KENNELLY, ELLEN                        NY-28-17-139
KENYON, FLORENCE M.                    NY-28-17-196
KENYON, GEORGE C.                      NY-28-11-113
KENYON, HARRY N.                       NY-28-17-197
KENYON, RANDALL A.                     NY-28-17-192
KEPPLER, CATHARINE                     NY-28-15-531
KEPPLER, CHRISTINA B.                  NY-28-15-534
KEPPLER, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-15-532
KEPPLER, GEORGE J.                     NY-28-15-535
KEPPLER, JOHN F.                       NY-28-15-530
KEPPLER, MARY E.                       NY-28-15-533
KERN, CHARLES J.                       NY-28-17-251
KERN, FREDERICK E.                     NY-28-17-250
KERN, MARY                             NY-28-17-249
KEWIN, MARY ELIZABETH                  NY-28-10-242
KILLIAN, CATHERINE                     NY-28-18-578
KIMMEL, JOSEPH HENRY                   NY-28-16-366
KIMMEL, WILLIAM G. H.                  NY-28-16-367
KIMPEL, LEONARD G.                     NY-28-12-106
KIMPSON, EXONA                         NY-28-18-80
KIMPSON, EXONA                         NY-28-18-81
KIMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-28-18-78
KIMPSON, WILLIAM                       NY-28-18-79
KING, FLORENCE BELLE                   NY-28-15-382
KING, JENNIE M.                        NY-28-15-396
KINGSTON, ESTHER E.                    NY-28-18-277
KINGSTON, HAROLD M.                    NY-28-18-276
KINTZ, ALMA E.                         NY-28-17-430
KIPFERL, PHILIP                        NY-28-18-290
KIRBY, CHARLES B.                      NY-28-12-8
KIRBY, NELLIE E.                       NY-28-12-7
KIRBY, THOMAS                          NY-28-12-9
KIRKPATRICK, LYMAN B.                  NY-28-18-363
KIRLEY, CORINNE                        NY-28-17-37
KIRLEY, NATALIA S.                     NY-28-17-36
KISLINGBURG, DOUGLASS E. L.            NY-28-14-152
KISLINGBURY, WALTER                    NY-28-13-212
KISLINGSBURY, WHEELER S.               NY-28-14-197
KITTRUFF, WILLIAM                      NY-28-12-21
KLEIN, ANNETTE                         NY-28-18-1
KLEIN, CHARLES                         NY-28-14-582
KLEIN, ELLA                            NY-28-18-3
KLEIN, FLORA                           NY-28-18-2
KLEIN, HENRY                           NY-28-14-584
KLEIN, JACOB                           NY-28-11-119
KLEIN, JOHN                            NY-28-14-581
KLEIN, JOSEPH                          NY-28-14-583
KLEINER, KATY                          NY-28-17-184
KLEINHAUS, ELIZABETH                   NY-28-13-326
KLEINHAUS, JOHN                        NY-28-13-327
KLEINHAUS, PETER                       NY-28-13-328
KLEMM, CHARLES                         NY-28-10-251
KLEMM, LIBBIE                          NY-28-10-250
KLEMM, LOUIS                           NY-28-10-249
KLEMM, LOUISA                          NY-28-10-247
KLEMM, MARY                            NY-28-10-248
KLICK ANNA A.                          NY-28-18-313
KLICK, GEORGE                          NY-28-18-314
KLICK, MINNIE                          NY-28-18-315
KLIMM, ARTHUR J.                       NY-28-18-298
KLIMM, CHESTER J.                      NY-28-18-296
KLIMM, GEORGE J.                       NY-28-18-297
KLIMM, GRACE M.                        NY-28-18-300
KLIMM, MARY J.                         NY-28-18-299
KLINCK, LILY                           NY-28-10-45
KLIX, LOTTIE                           NY-28-15-586
KLUSH, ROXA                            NY-28-18-29
KNAPP, BETSEY                          NY-28-10-666
KNAPP, EMMA B.                         NY-28-13-295
KNAPP, GEORGE                          NY-28-10-665
KNAPP, HENRY                           NY-28-13-264
KNAPP, JOHN                            NY-28-13-267
KNAPP, JOSEPH                          NY-28-13-265
KNAPP, LOUISA L.                       NY-28-13-293
KNAPP, MARY T.                         NY-28-13-268
KNAPP, MARY W.                         NY-28-13-294
KNAPP, SARAH                           NY-28-13-263
KNAPP, URIAS                           NY-28-11-146
KNAPP, URIAS                           NY-28-10-667
KNEALE, CHARLES                        NY-28-18-576
KNEALE, EDITH                          NY-28-18-577
KNEYON, CHARLES H.                     NY-28-17-198
KNIP, LOUIS                            NY-28-14-549
KNIPP, FANNY                           NY-28-14-550
KNOWLES, PAUL                          NY-28-10-259
KNOWLES, RAYMOND S.                    NY-28-15-181
KNOX, ANNA LOUISA                      NY-28-11-283
KNOX, ANNA LOUISA                      NY-28-10-245
KNOX, CORA A.                          NY-28-10-125
KNOX, JAMES H.                         NY-28-11-37
KOCH, FRANK                            NY-28-15-247
KOCH, FRANK                            NY-28-13-247
KOCH, FRANK J.                         NY-28-14-264
KOCH, MARY                             NY-28-13-249
KOCH, MARY                             NY-28-15-246
KOCH, MICHAEL                          NY-28-13-248
KOCH, MICHAEL                          NY-28-15-248
KOETH, LAWRENCE A. H.                  NY-28-15-566
KOETH, LILLIAN C.                      NY-28-15-567
KOHLER, JOSEPHINE                      NY-28-13-179
KOLMER, ANTON                          NY-28-18-52
KOLMER, FRANK                          NY-28-18-51
KOLMER, JOHN                           NY-28-18-50
KOLMER, JOSEPH                         NY-28-18-49
KOLMER, THERESA                        NY-28-18-53
KOMISARSKY, ANNA                       NY-28-18-527
KOMISARSKY, BARNEY                     NY-28-18-526
KOMISARSKY, DORA                       NY-28-18-523
KOMISARSKY, IDA                        NY-28-18-525
KOMISARSKY, ISRAEL                     NY-28-18-524
KOMISARSKY, ROSA                       NY-28-18-539
KOOMER, LEFFIE                         NY-28-14-140
KOOMER, ROSA                           NY-28-14-141
KOOMER, SARAH                          NY-28-14-139
KORN, CHARLES                          NY-28-10-473
KORN, CLARA                            NY-28-10-476
KORN, EDWIN                            NY-28-10-477
KORN, FRANK                            NY-28-10-474
KORN, FREDERICK                        NY-28-10-473
KORN, GUSTAVE                          NY-28-10-475
KOWLES, EDGAR                          NY-28-10-258
KRAEMER, BERTHA                        NY-28-12-384
KRAEMER, JOHANNA                       NY-28-12-386
KRAEMER, JOSEPHINE                     NY-28-12-385
KRAEMER, MATILDA                       NY-28-12-383
KRAEMER, VINCENT                       NY-28-12-382
KRAFT, GEORGE                          NY-28-10-423
KRAUS, ADAM EDWARD                     NY-28-17-589
KRAUS, JOHN                            NY-28-17-591
KRAUS, PETER                           NY-28-17-592
KRAUSE, JOSEPH                         NY-28-17-351
KRAUSE, MARIE                          NY-28-17-350
KRAUSE, MATILDA                        NY-28-17-349
KRAUSS, LOUIS ALBERT                   NY-28-10-622
KRAUZER, GEORGE                        NY-28-10-425
KRIEG, ANTHONY                         NY-28-16-437
KRIEG, MICHAEL J.                      NY-28-16-438
KRIM, KATHERINE C.                     NY-28-18-447
KRINE, LAVINIA C.                      NY-28-10-637
KUEFER, EMMA C.                        NY-28-17-545
KUEFER, WILLIAM F.                     NY-28-17-544
KUHMANN, HANNAH                        NY-28-14-464
KUHMANN, JOSEPH                        NY-28-14-465
KUHMANN, PETER                         NY-28-14-463
KUHMANN, WILLIE                        NY-28-14-466
KUHN, ANNA                             NY-28-13-92
KUHN, ANTHONY                          NY-28-13-89
KUHN, EVA                              NY-28-13-90
KUHN, FRANK                            NY-28-13-91
KUHN, GERTRUDE                         NY-28-13-57
KUHN, NICHOLAS                         NY-28-11-28
KUNTZ, PETER JR.                       NY-28-15-38
KURTZ, CARRIE                          NY-28-10-449
KURTZ, FREEMAN F.                      NY-28-10-450
KURZ, FREDERICK J.                     NY-28-16-330
KURZ, IDA M.                           NY-28-16-329
LACROIX, EUGENIE                       NY-28-10-149
LACROIX, MARIA LOUISA                  NY-28-10-151
LACROX, CATHARINE S.                   NY-28-10-150
LADUE, ELENER J.                       NY-28-14-430
LADUE, WARD W.                         NY-28-14-429
LAFORCE, JULIUS                        NY-28-16-505
LAIRD, CLARA B.                        NY-28-12-325
LAIRD, EMMA E.                         NY-28-12-324
LAMPHIER, EDWARD                       NY-28-14-114
LAMPHIER, GEORGE W.                    NY-28-14-114
LAMPHIER, JOHN A. JR.                  NY-28-18-460
LAMPHIER, MARY D.                      NY-28-14-114
LANDER, EMMA                           NY-28-15-208
LANDER, IDA                            NY-28-15-209
LANDSBERG, GRACE LILLIAN               NY-28-18-125
LANE, SIDNEY J.                        NY-28-17-306
LANEY, CHARLES S.                      NY-28-13-351
LANEY, JAMES C.                        NY-28-13-352
LANEY, JAMES C.                        NY-28-16-56
LANEY, SAMUEL H.                       NY-28-18-195
LANG, CATHARINE                        NY-28-10-274
LANG, EDWARD                           NY-28-10-275
LANG, GEORGE                           NY-28-10-273
LANG, OLIVER                           NY-28-18-423
LANGDON, BERNEICE                      NY-28-18-69
LANGDON, MARY                          NY-28-18-70
LANGDON, THOMAS HENRY                  NY-28-18-332
LANGHAN, HATTIE                        NY-28-13-245
LANGKNECHT, IDA S.                     NY-28-16-468
LANGWORTHY, AGNES                      NY-28-13-366
LANGWORTHY, OLIVE                      NY-28-13-365
LARSEN, JOSEPH                         NY-28-10-521
LARSEN, MAGGIE                         NY-28-10-522
LATHROP, FLORENCE L.                   NY-28-15-440
LATHROP, GEORGE H.                     NY-28-15-439
LATHROP, GRACE C.                      NY-28-15-438
LATHROP, WINONA J.                     NY-28-10-123
LATTA, JOHN W.                         NY-28-15-381
LATTA, MARY E.                         NY-28-15-380
LATTA, RUBY E.                         NY-28-15-555
LATZ, GEORGE E.                        NY-28-15-528
LATZ, L. GERTRUDE                      NY-28-15-529
LAUDER, EMMA MAUD                      NY-28-12-233
LAUDER, FLORENCE J.                    NY-28-15-487
LAUDER, IDA MABEL                      NY-28-12-232
LAUDER, MABEL E.                       NY-28-15-485
LAUDER, RAYMOND A.                     NY-28-15-486
LAUER, EMILY ROSA                      NY-28-11-253
LAUER, GEORGE J.                       NY-28-14-308
LAUER, JACOB H.                        NY-28-14-309
LAURER, BERTHA                         NY-28-14-404
LAURER, CARL                           NY-28-14-552
LAURER, EDWARD                         NY-28-14-405
LAURER, IDA                            NY-28-14-403
LAURER, JOSEPH                         NY-28-14-553
LAURER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-14-402
LAUTERBACH, CHARLES W.                 NY-28-16-341
LAUTERBACH, CORA                       NY-28-18-362
LAUTERBACH, CORA                       NY-28-14-534
LAUTERBACH, ELMER                      NY-28-18-361
LAUTERBACH, ELMER J.                   NY-28-14-535
LAUTERBACH, FREDERICK W.               NY-28-16-343
LAUTERBACH, MARTHA W.                  NY-28-16-342
LAUTERBACH, MINNIE E. M.               NY-28-16-340
LAVERTY, EVALINE                       NY-28-12-326
LAVERTY, EVALINE E.                    NY-28-12-53
LAVERTY, EVELYN E                      NY-28-16-186
LAVERTY, EVELYN E.                     NY-28-11-324
LAWRENCE, ELLIOT W.                    NY-28-16-580
LAWRENCE, MARY L.                      NY-28-16-581
LAWTON, HERBERT W.                     NY-28-10-261
LAWTON, MARY ALICE                     NY-28-10-260
LEADER, HERBERT H.                     NY-28-18-124
LEADLEY, EDWARD H.                     NY-28-13-251
LEADLEY, FRANK P.                      NY-28-13-251
LEADLEY, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-13-251
LEARY, DANIEL A.                       NY-28-16-223
LEARY, JAMES G.                        NY-28-16-222
LEAVENS, ELLA A.                       NY-28-11-274
LEAVENWORTH, EDWARD E.                 NY-28-10-418
LEAVENWORTH, WILLIAM W.                NY-28-10-419
LEBERWURST, NORBERT                    NY-28-18-559
LECKINGER, MARTIN                      NY-28-18-515
LEE, CLARA                             NY-28-13-125
LEHLE, FLORENCE A.                     NY-28-18-206
LEHLE, PEARL M.                        NY-28-18-208
LEHLE, WILLIAM J.                      NY-28-18-207
LEHMAN, BESSIE H.                      NY-28-16-261
LEHMAN, GERTRUDE W.                    NY-28-16-262
LEHMAN, GRACE                          NY-28-12-451
LEHMAN, LENA                           NY-28-12-452
LEHMAN, ROLAND F.                      NY-28-16-260
LEIDECKER, CELIA                       NY-28-15-271
LEIDECKER, CHARLES J.                  NY-28-15-270
LEIDECKER, FRANK                       NY-28-15-272
LEIDECKER, JOSEPH                      NY-28-15-269
LEIGHT, JOSEPH                         NY-28-13-100
LEITER, BERTHA R.                      NY-28-17-2
LEITER, EUGENE H.                      NY-28-17-1
LEITER, HARRY F.                       NY-28-17-4
LEITER, MYRON H.                       NY-28-17-3
LENGEMAN, MINIE                        NY-28-14-252
LENGEMAN, WILLIAM                      NY-28-14-251
LENIHAN, CAMILLA A.                    NY-28-16-165
LENIHAN, IRENE R.                      NY-28-16-166
LENIHAN, MIRIAM C.                     NY-28-16-167
LEONARD, GEORGE MCCARDLE               NY-28-11-236
LEONARD, MARY L.                       NY-28-14-277
LEONARD, RAYMOND D.                    NY-28-17-256
LEROY, IZAAK                           NY-28-12-194
LESTER, FLORA                          NY-28-11-215
LESTER, JULIA                          NY-28-11-218
LESTER, LEVANT D.                      NY-28-16-379
LESTER, LUCY                           NY-28-11-217
LESTER, LUCY                           NY-28-11-217
LESTER, MARY                           NY-28-11-216
LESTER, MARY                           NY-28-11-216
LEVERENZ, ALWINA                       NY-28-15-242
LEVERENZ, CARL                         NY-28-15-243
LEVERENZ, MARTHA                       NY-28-15-237
LEVERENZ, WILHELM                      NY-28-15-236
LEWIS, ANNA                            NY-28-10-104
LEWIS, DELLA M.                        NY-28-15-388
LEWIS, DELLIE M.                       NY-28-12-435
LEWIS, FLORENCE A.                     NY-28-17-583
LEWIS, FREDERICK W.                    NY-28-10-103
LEWIS, GRIFFITH                        NY-28-10-105
LEWIS, HENRY P.                        NY-28-12-434
LEWIS, MYRTLE EDNA                     NY-28-16-256
LEWIS, MYRTLE EDNA                     NY-28-16-232
LEWIS, ROBERT T.                       NY-28-13-115
LIGHTWART, EMMA                        NY-28-10-132
LILL, FREDERICK                        NY-28-14-130
LILL, PHILLIP                          NY-28-14-129
LIMPERT, ANTHONY S.                    NY-28-15-593
LIMPERT, CLARA A.                      NY-28-15-595
LIMPERT, FRANCIS L.                    NY-28-15-597
LIMPERT, FRANK                         NY-28-15-589
LIMPERT, JOHNA .                       NY-28-15-588
LIMPERT, JOSEPH P.                     NY-28-15-591
LIMPERT, JOSEPHINE A.                  NY-28-15-596
LIMPERT, MARY T.                       NY-28-15-587
LIMPERT, MATHILDA                      NY-28-15-594
LIMPERT, ROSE H.                       NY-28-15-592
LIMPERT, THERESA B.                    NY-28-15-590
LINDSAY, ROBERT                        NY-28-18-571
LINDSAY, WALTER                        NY-28-18-572
LINE, MAMIE E.                         NY-28-17-124
LINE, WILLIAM A.                       NY-28-14-483
LINGG, ANNIE J.                        NY-28-16-199
LINGG, KATHARINA                       NY-28-16-198
LINGG, MARY R.                         NY-28-16-200
LITTLE, GRACE                          NY-28-17-10
LITTLE, HARVEY S.                      NY-28-15-253
LITTLE, HORACE R.                      NY-28-15-364
LOCKE, CLAYTON W.                      NY-28-12-55
LOCKE, GEORGE E.                       NY-28-12-54
LOCKE, HARRIET A.                      NY-28-12-170
LOCKE, MAYNARD                         NY-28-11-111
LOCKHART, LILLIE                       NY-28-14-331
LOCKHART, SAMUEL                       NY-28-14-332
LOCKWOOD, INEZ G.                      NY-28-11-160
LOCKWOOD, WILLIAM A.                   NY-28-11-161
LODER, MARIA                           NY-28-12-472
LOGAN, THERESA C.                      NY-28-18-268
LOGIE, CHRISTINE                       NY-28-17-594
LOGIE, LESLIE                          NY-28-17-593
LOHMULLER, BARBARA                     NY-28-10-577
LOHMULLER, CLARA                       NY-28-10-579
LOHMULLER, MINNIE                      NY-28-10-578
LONG, CARRIE                           NY-28-17-397
LONG, CHARLES                          NY-28-10-209
LONG, EDNA ELIZABETH                   NY-28-14-285
LONG, ELLEN                            NY-28-10-354
LONG, JOHANNA                          NY-28-10-356
LONG, MARGARET                         NY-28-10-355
LONG, MARY                             NY-28-12-45
LONG, MAURICE                          NY-28-17-33
LONG, NETTIE M.                        NY-28-17-396
LONG, PEARL                            NY-28-17-34
LONG, SOPHIA                           NY-28-10-208
LONG, WILLIAM H. C.                    NY-28-17-398
LONGFELLOW, CHARLES H.                 NY-28-12-29
LONGFELLOW, HENRY W.                   NY-28-12-33
LONGFELLOW, HERBERT E.                 NY-28-12-31
LONGFELLOW, MERTEN EUGENE              NY-28-12-30
LONGFELLOW, THEODORE E.                NY-28-12-32
LOOMIS, NORAH                          NY-28-11-66
LORD, ELI HARRY                        NY-28-11-63
LORD, ELI HARRY                        NY-28-11-63
LORENTZ, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-17-374
LORENTZ, JOSEPH                        NY-28-17-372
LORENTZ, MARY                          NY-28-17-373
LORENTZ, RAYMOND                       NY-28-17-371
LORENTZ, WILLIAM                       NY-28-17-370
LOSEY, UDELL SHERWOOD                  NY-28-18-183
LOTZ, JOHN                             NY-28-10-341
LOTZ, MARY                             NY-28-10-342
LOUGHLIN, JOHN FIDELIO                 NY-28-18-149
LOURET, JOHN                           NY-28-10-636
LOVE, EUGENE J.                        NY-28-14-447
LOVE, HERBERT                          NY-28-18-450
LOWELL, CORA C. JR.                    NY-28-16-118
LOWELL, EDWIN A. JR.                   NY-28-16-119
LOWELL, FANNIE C.                      NY-28-16-120
LUBS, CAROLINE                         NY-28-10-67
LUBS, LOUISE                           NY-28-10-66
LUBS, SOPHIA                           NY-28-10-68
LUCAS, JENNIE I.                       NY-28-12-229
LUCE, EMILY WRIGHT                     NY-28-12-420
LUCE, MABLE ROSSON                     NY-28-12-421
LUCHSINGER, ARTHUR M.                  NY-28-14-175
LUCHSINGER, FREDERICK                  NY-28-14-176
LUCKE, EDWARD                          NY-28-18-573
LUCKE, LEO                             NY-28-18-574
LUCKE, WILLIAM                         NY-28-18-575
LUDLAM, ANNIE                          NY-28-12-46
LUDLAM, ARTHUR T.                      NY-28-12-48
LUDLAM, HERBERT W.                     NY-28-12-47
LUDLAM, JOSEPH R.                      NY-28-12-49
LUDOLPH, ANDREW                        NY-28-11-295
LULL, WILBUR                           NY-28-12-478
LUSH, MARY O.                          NY-28-10-571
LUSH, MARY O.                          NY-28-10-528
LUSH, SARAH M.                         NY-28-10-527
LUSH, SARAH M.                         NY-28-10-570
LUTES, CLARENCE                        NY-28-16-397
LUTES, JOHN                            NY-28-16-396
LUTES, WILLIAM                         NY-28-16-395
LUTHI, ALBERT                          NY-28-10-429
LUTHI, CHARLES                         NY-28-10-431
LUTHI, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-10-432
LUTHI, HENRY                           NY-28-10-430
LYDAY, DORA                            NY-28-16-36
LYNCH, FELIX J.                        NY-28-17-440
LYNCH, MARGARET L.                     NY-28-10-124
LYNESS, JOHN G.                        NY-28-16-317
LYNN, GEORGE T.                        NY-28-18-318
LYNN, JOAN                             NY-28-18-320
LYNN, MAURICE                          NY-28-18-319
LYONS, CORNELIUS                       NY-28-15-449
LYONS, JOSEPHINE                       NY-28-10-161
LYONS, MARY                            NY-28-15-448

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