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The authority issued by courts to the prospective guardians and or recording of accounts of guardians

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Column 1 = Name of Minor
Column 2 = County, Volume, Page # | 1 = 1826-1835 | 2 = 1835-1839 | 3 = 1840-1847 | 4 = 1847-1852 | 5 = 1852-1856 | 6 = 1850-1860 | 7 = 1860-1865 | 8 = 1865-1869 | 9 = 1869-1873 | 10 = 1873-1878 | 11 = 1878-1880 | 12 = 1880-1883 | 13 = 1883-1886 | 14 = 1886-1889 | 15 = 1889-1892 | 16 = 1892-1896 | 17 = 1896-1899 | 18 = 1899-1902 |
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SABIN, HOWARD E.                       NY-28-18-101
SAGE, ALBERT K.                        NY-28-12-304
SAGE, CHARLES H.                       NY-28-12-303
SAGE, FRANK T.                         NY-28-12-305
SAGE, W. JAY                           NY-28-12-302
SAGE, WILMAN E.                        NY-28-12-301
SAHLBERG, CHARLES J.                   NY-28-10-271
SAHLBERG, FLORENCE                     NY-28-10-272
SALENO, WILLIAM B.                     NY-28-12-425
SANDLE, CARRIE M.                      NY-28-18-26
SANDLE, EMMA H.                        NY-28-18-28
SANDLE, FRANCIS B.                     NY-28-18-27
SANDLE, WILLIE LOUIS                   NY-28-18-421
SANFORD, ARTHUR E.                     NY-28-16-542
SANFORD, HERBET H.                     NY-28-13-286
SARR, CLARENCE A.                      NY-28-18-262
SARR, ROLLIN L.                        NY-28-18-263
SAUDERL, JOHN B.                       NY-28-15-488
SAUER, FRANKIE                         NY-28-11-333
SAUER, LEO                             NY-28-15-481
SAUMBY, FRANK                          NY-28-16-407
SAVAGE, MARY EMMA                      NY-28-10-262
SCHAAD, ALBERT F.                      NY-28-16-187
SCHADELI, ANNA BARBARA                 NY-28-15-471
SCHADELI, WILLIAM                      NY-28-15-470
SCHAEFER, ADAM HENRY                   NY-28-17-559
SCHAEFER, ANNIE M.                     NY-28-14-316
SCHAEFER, CHARLES                      NY-28-14-315
SCHAEFER, EDWARD J.                    NY-28-14-317
SCHAEFER, GEORGE WILLIAM               NY-28-17-558
SCHAEFER, KATIE                        NY-28-14-318
SCHAEFFER, BERTHA S.                   NY-28-15-169
SCHAEFFER, CHARLOTTE                   NY-28-11-219
SCHAEFFER, FREDERICKA                  NY-28-11-221
SCHAEFFER, GEORGE J.                   NY-28-11-220
SCHAEFFER, SOPHIA                      NY-28-11-222
SCHAFER, FREDERICK                     NY-28-12-144
SCHAFER, JOSEPH                        NY-28-12-143
SCHAFER, ROSA                          NY-28-12-142
SCHAFFER, ALBERT L.                    NY-28-15-297
SCHAFFER, OLGA                         NY-28-17-253
SCHAFFER, THUSNELDA                    NY-28-17-254
SCHANTZ, ALBERT L.                     NY-28-12-192
SCHANTZ, FLORENCE                      NY-28-12-185
SCHANTZ, FRED A.                       NY-28-12-191
SCHANTZ, JOSEPH A.                     NY-28-12-190
SCHANTZ, LOUISE M.                     NY-28-12-198
SCHANTZ, MARY                          NY-28-12-184
SCHAUMAN, ALMA R. C.                   NY-28-17-443
SCHECK, FRANK A.                       NY-28-14-51
SCHECK, HURBERT                        NY-28-14-47
SCHECK, MARIA                          NY-28-14-48
SCHECK, WILLIE H.                      NY-28-14-50
SCHEIDNAGEL, ADAM A.                   NY-28-15-461
SCHEIDNAGEL, BARBARA K.                NY-28-15-464
SCHEIDNAGEL, ELIZABETH                 NY-28-15-337
SCHEIDNAGEL, GERTRAUD W.               NY-28-15-460
SCHEIDNAGEL, JULIANA G.                NY-28-15-462
SCHEIDNAGEL, KATHARINE                 NY-28-15-463
SCHELL, KATHERINE A.                   NY-28-18-19
SCHENCK, EDITH M.                      NY-28-15-282
SCHENCK, EDITH MAY                     NY-28-14-131
SCHENCK, WILKINS A.                    NY-28-15-283
SCHENECK, WILKINS A.                   NY-28-14-132
SCHICK, GEORGE F.                      NY-28-17-89
SCHICK, GEORGE FRED                    NY-28-17-279
SCHIED, FRANK J.                       NY-28-15-86
SCHIRCK, ISABELLA                      NY-28-16-316
SCHIRCK, LOIS                          NY-28-16-315
SCHIRCK, LOUIS                         NY-28-17-319
SCHIRCK, MARY MARGARET                 NY-28-13-437
SCHLEYER, FRANK                        NY-28-15-77
SCHLEYER, LETTIE                       NY-28-15-78
SCHLEYER, VIRGINIA                     NY-28-15-76
SCHLEYER, VIRGINIA                     NY-28-15-563
SCHMERBECK, ANNIE                      NY-28-15-153
SCHMERBECK, MINNIE                     NY-28-15-154
SCHMERBECK, ROSA                       NY-28-15-152
SCHMERING, ELIZABETH                   NY-28-18-219
SCHMIDT, HENRY                         NY-28-15-74
SCHMIDT, MINNIE                        NY-28-15-73
SCHMIDT, OTTILIE                       NY-28-16-275
SCHNECK, EGON                          NY-28-18-166
SCHNEEBERGER, LOUISE M.                NY-28-17-114
SCHNEEBERGER, SUSAN M.                 NY-28-17-113
SCHNEIDER, ANNA                        NY-28-10-406
SCHNEIDER, ANNIE                       NY-28-13-74
SCHNEIDER, AUGUST                      NY-28-16-348
SCHNEIDER, CHARLES                     NY-28-13-77
SCHNEIDER, CHRISTINA                   NY-28-10-405
SCHNEIDER, EDWARD                      NY-28-10-408
SCHNEIDER, FRANK                       NY-28-13-76
SCHNEIDER, GEORGE                      NY-28-10-404
SCHNEIDER, IDA                         NY-28-10-409
SCHNEIDER, JULIA                       NY-28-10-410
SCHNEIDER, KATHARINE                   NY-28-10-402
SCHNEIDER, LOUISA                      NY-28-13-75
SCHNEIDER, MARGARET                    NY-28-15-517
SCHNEIDER, MARGARET                    NY-28-10-427
SCHNEIDER, MENA                        NY-28-10-407
SCHNELL, LEWIS                         NY-28-10-568
SCHNEPF, CHARLS J.                     NY-28-17-262
SCHNEPF, ELIZABETH R.                  NY-28-17-263
SCHNEPF, JOSEPH J.                     NY-28-17-264
SCHOCKOW, HAROLD L.                    NY-28-18-67
SCHOCKOW, MABEL I.                     NY-28-18-68
SCHOEFFER, CHRISTIAN                   NY-28-10-133
SCHOENFELDER, GOLDIE D.                NY-28-17-220
SCHOENFELDER, JOSEPHINE A.             NY-28-17-219
SCHOLEY, JULIA PHELPS                  NY-28-15-386
SCHOLEY, JULIA PHELPS                  NY-28-15-392
SCHOLEY, JULIA PHELPS                  NY-28-12-162
SCHONTON, EMMA A.                      NY-28-13-464
SCHOUTON, HENRY W.                     NY-28-17-448
SCHRAMEL, BARBARA S.                   NY-28-15-49
SCHROTH, EMMA                          NY-28-12-201
SCHROTH, FREDERICK                     NY-28-12-199
SCHROTH, HANNAH                        NY-28-12-202
SCHROTH, LILLIE                        NY-28-12-200
SCHULTZ, CHARLES                       NY-28-10-218
SCHULTZ, EDNA                          NY-28-16-469
SCHULTZ, EMMA                          NY-28-18-516
SCHULTZ, HENRY                         NY-28-10-217
SCHULTZ, JAMES                         NY-28-10-219
SCHULTZE, GEORGE                       NY-28-13-176
SCHULTZE, JENNIE                       NY-28-13-174
SCHULTZE, MAGGIE                       NY-28-13-175
SCHWAB, LEO G.                         NY-28-17-199
SCHWARZ, GEORGE                        NY-28-14-569
SCHWARZ, JENNIE                        NY-28-14-570
SCHWARZ, MARY                          NY-28-14-568
SCHWARZ, WILLIAM                       NY-28-14-567
SCHWARZMEIR, BARBARA                   NY-28-10-142
SCHWARZMEIR, ELIZABETH                 NY-28-10-144
SCHWARZMEIR, JOHN                      NY-28-10-145
SCHWARZMEIR, JOSEPH                    NY-28-10-143
SCHWENDLER, ALBERT G.                  NY-28-10-605
SCHWIND, KATHARINE                     NY-28-14-467
SCHWIND, MARTIN                        NY-28-14-468
SCHWING, FRED                          NY-28-18-205
SCHWING, GUSTIE                        NY-28-18-204
SCOFIELD, JOSIE                        NY-28-14-454
SCOLLICK, OLIVE                        NY-28-18-337
SCOTT, GRAHAM M.                       NY-28-12-183
SCOTT, ZELLA G.                        NY-28-17-582
SCRAMTOM, MARION E.                    NY-28-15-444
SCRANTOM, CAHRLES H.                   NY-28-15-445
SCRANTOM, ETHELINE FRANCES             NY-28-15-443
SCRIBNER, FLORA                        NY-28-10-621
SCUDDER, NORA                          NY-28-11-304
SEARLES, FRANK H.                      NY-28-17-570
SEARLES, HELEN                         NY-28-17-572
SEARLES, JAMES E.                      NY-28-17-571
SEDGWICK, JOHN B.                      NY-28-10-615
SEDGWICK, JOHN B.                      NY-28-10-614
SEEGLER, ALBERT                        NY-28-15-206
SEEGLER, WILLIAM                       NY-28-15-207
SEILER, FREDERICK W. G. A. B.          NY-28-14-133
SELIGMAN, JULIA                        NY-28-15-177
SELIGMAN, MIRAM                        NY-28-15-176
SENGBUSCH, ALBERT G.                   NY-28-17-489
SENGBUSCH, ANNA K.                     NY-28-17-491
SENGBUSCH, CHARLES P.                  NY-28-17-492
SENGBUSCH, HENRIETTA L.                NY-28-17-490
SERVIS, ANNA M.                        NY-28-16-368
SETZ, BARBARA                          NY-28-10-197
SETZ, CAROLINE                         NY-28-10-195
SETZ, FELIX                            NY-28-10-194
SETZ, FREDERICK                        NY-28-10-198
SETZ, GEORGE                           NY-28-10-196
SETZ, HENRY                            NY-28-10-199
SETZ, JOHN                             NY-28-10-195
SETZ, LOVISA                           NY-28-10-200
SEYLAS, HATTIE                         NY-28-10-184
SEYLAS, JOHN                           NY-28-10-185
SEYLAS, MARY                           NY-28-10-186
SEYMOUR, ALICE M.                      NY-28-13-297
SEYMOUR, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-13-299
SEYMOUR, ELSIE C.                      NY-28-18-570
SEYMOUR, EUGENE                        NY-28-13-301
SEYMOUR, LILLIAN                       NY-28-13-298
SEYMOUR, NATHAN                        NY-28-13-300
SHALE, EUGENIE M.                      NY-28-16-369
SHALE, J. HENRY                        NY-28-16-370
SHALE, JOSEPH E.                       NY-28-16-332
SHANAHAN, JOHN J.                      NY-28-18-132
SHANAHAN, MARY AMELIA                  NY-28-18-131
SHANHART, EDWARD J.                    NY-28-16-308
SHANHART, ROBERT E.                    NY-28-16-309
SHARP, ELLEN                           NY-28-11-188
SHARP, J. MARQUIS                      NY-28-10-486
SHARP, WILLIAM                         NY-28-11-189
SHATZ, MILTON                          NY-28-12-453
SHATZ, REBECCA                         NY-28-12-454
SHAW, HIRAM C.                         NY-28-10-547
SHAW, SARAH E.                         NY-28-10-548
SHEAHAN, DENNIS                        NY-28-14-21
SHEAHAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-14-25
SHEAHAN, JOHN                          NY-28-14-22
SHEAHAN, JOSEPH                        NY-28-14-27
SHEAHAN, MARY                          NY-28-14-26
SHEAHAN, PIERCE                        NY-28-14-23
SHEAHAN, SARAH                         NY-28-14-24
SHEARMAN, ELECTA                       NY-28-11-73
SHEARMAN, ELECTA                       NY-28-11-168
SHEARMAN, JEANETTE                     NY-28-14-428
SHEDD, KENDRICK P.                     NY-28-13-221
SHEDD, WILLIAM A.                      NY-28-13-222
SHEEHAN, NELLIE                        NY-28-16-297
SHEFFER, FRANK L.                      NY-28-12-118
SHELDEN, MARY E.                       NY-28-11-332
SHELDEN, WILLIE B.                     NY-28-11-331
SHELTERS, JAMES D.                     NY-28-15-318
SHEPARD, WILLIAM M.                    NY-28-18-163
SHEPHERD, EDA L.                       NY-28-10-634
SHERAR, ETHEL S.                       NY-28-13-417
SHERIDAN, JOHN A.                      NY-28-10-619
SHERIDAN, JOSEPHINE                    NY-28-10-620
SHERLOCK, ELLEN E.                     NY-28-12-14
SHERLOCK, MARY H.                      NY-28-12-2
SHERLOCK, MARY T.                      NY-28-12-13
SHERLOCK, ROBERT E.                    NY-28-12-1
SHERMAN, FRANK                         NY-28-14-190
SHIPMAN, HERMION                       NY-28-16-105
SHIPMAN, HERMIONE                      NY-28-14-422
SHIPMAN, HERMIONE A.                   NY-28-16-543
SHIPMAN, LAURA M.                      NY-28-14-421
SHIPMAN, LAURA M.                      NY-28-16-399
SHIPMAN, LAURA M.                      NY-28-16-104
SHOECRAFT, HOWARD                      NY-28-18-588
SHOECROFT, ROBERT M.                   NY-28-10-533
SHOECROFT, VIOLA                       NY-28-10-534
SHOLTZ, EDNA                           NY-28-17-353
SHOLTZ, FREDERICK                      NY-28-17-354
SHOLTZ, LILY M.                        NY-28-17-355
SHUMWAY, BURT S.                       NY-28-18-339
SHUMWAY, JULIA E.                      NY-28-12-337
SIBLEY, EDWARD R.                      NY-28-16-31
SIDDONS, HERBERT J.                    NY-28-17-216
SIEMS, JULIA                           NY-28-16-353
SIEMS, LOUISA                          NY-28-16-354
SIEMS, WILLIAM                         NY-28-16-352
SIGLER, ALBERT J.                      NY-28-17-141
SIGLER, CLARA                          NY-28-17-387
SIGLER, JENNIE                         NY-28-17-388
SIGLER, JOHN D.                        NY-28-17-389
SIGLER, LENA A.                        NY-28-17-142
SIGLER, LUCIA .                        NY-28-11-114
SILLIMAN, LAURA D.                     NY-28-17-531
SILVERSTEIN, REBECCA                   NY-28-18-138
SIMMONS, GERTRUDE D.                   NY-28-12-186
SIMPON, DEAN LEE                       NY-28-13-408
SIMPON, NETTIE B.                      NY-28-13-407
SIMPSON, ALEXANDER T.                  NY-28-14-84
SIMPSON, CHARLES                       NY-28-14-88
SIMPSON, EDNA                          NY-28-14-42
SIMPSON, FREDERICK M.                  NY-28-14-87
SIMPSON, HORACE J.                     NY-28-14-41
SIMPSON, ISABELLE                      NY-28-14-82
SIMPSON, JOSEPH T.                     NY-28-14-85
SIMPSON, SOPHIA E.                     NY-28-14-83
SIMPSON, WILLIAM J.                    NY-28-14-86
SKINNER, FRANK A.                      NY-28-15-276
SKINNER, JOHN F.                       NY-28-14-35
SLADE, MATTIE D.                       NY-28-10-318
SMALLEY, CLARA B.                      NY-28-13-237
SMALLEY, GEORGE                        NY-28-13-236
SMITH, ALLEN A.                        NY-28-14-400
SMITH, ANTHONY                         NY-28-10-65
SMITH, ARTHUR C.                       NY-28-17-318
SMITH, BEULAH                          NY-28-18-323
SMITH, BURT                            NY-28-12-68
SMITH, CARRIE P.                       NY-28-15-524
SMITH, CLARA A.                        NY-28-17-317
SMITH, CLARENCE D.                     NY-28-10-231
SMITH, CORA M.                         NY-28-15-522
SMITH, DANIEL                          NY-28-10-220
SMITH, DANIEL R.                       NY-28-17-316
SMITH, DANIEL W.                       NY-28-11-287
SMITH, DEWITT                          NY-28-10-228
SMITH, EDITH L.                        NY-28-15-520
SMITH, EDNA                            NY-28-12-211
SMITH, EDWARD H.                       NY-28-13-99
SMITH, ELIZA M.                        NY-28-10-230
SMITH, ELIZABETH J. E.                 NY-28-18-395
SMITH, ELIZABETH R.                    NY-28-15-526
SMITH, ELLA F.                         NY-28-10-352
SMITH, ELMER H.                        NY-28-17-541
SMITH, ELMER S. J.                     NY-28-17-261
SMITH, EMM AJ.                         NY-28-11-142
SMITH, EVELYN F.                       NY-28-15-521
SMITH, FANNIE M.                       NY-28-12-65
SMITH, FLORENCE T.                     NY-28-17-260
SMITH, FRANK S.                        NY-28-15-366
SMITH, FRANKIE                         NY-28-12-109
SMITH, GEORGE H.                       NY-28-10-373
SMITH, GEORGE L.                       NY-28-11-136
SMITH, GRACE C.                        NY-28-18-322
SMITH, GRACE M.                        NY-28-15-367
SMITH, HANNAH                          NY-28-15-216
SMITH, HARRY D.                        NY-28-12-64
SMITH, HARVEY L.                       NY-28-14-12
SMITH, HELEN                           NY-28-18-590
SMITH, HOMER E.                        NY-28-12-133
SMITH, HOWARD D.                       NY-28-17-540
SMITH, IRA                             NY-28-18-324
SMITH, IRVIN GS.                       NY-28-10-469
SMITH, ISABELLA                        NY-28-10-353
SMITH, JAMES                           NY-28-10-64
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-28-10-148
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-28-10-160
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-28-10-597
SMITH, JOSEPH                          NY-28-12-473
SMITH, KATHERINE W.                    NY-28-12-234
SMITH, KATIE A.                        NY-28-10-63
SMITH, LILLIAN ADA                     NY-28-15-467
SMITH, LILLIE R.                       NY-28-10-229
SMITH, LYDIA                           NY-28-10-351
SMITH, MARION                          NY-28-18-591
SMITH, MINNIE                          NY-28-16-458
SMITH, MINNIE                          NY-28-17-27
SMITH, OLLIE W.                        NY-28-16-211
SMITH, SAMUEL R.                       NY-28-11-141
SMITH, SARAH J.                        NY-28-10-78
SMITH, SIDNEY                          NY-28-12-69
SMITH, SUSAN                           NY-28-15-525
SMITH, WALTER J.                       NY-28-16-412
SMITH, WALTER L.                       NY-28-16-484
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-28-15-191
SMITH, WILLIAM G.                      NY-28-15-523
SMITH, WILLIAM M.                      NY-28-11-137
SNIDER, ISAAC GARRISON                 NY-28-12-376
SNOVER, JENNIE MAY                     NY-28-13-133
SNYDER, FREDERICK W.                   NY-28-16-385
SOMS, EDNA E.                          NY-28-13-457
SOMS, FREDERICK C.                     NY-28-13-456
SORG, LOUISE                           NY-28-18-486
SOULE, HAROLD W.                       NY-28-18-398
SOULE, HERBERT C. JR.                  NY-28-18-397
SOULE, ROLAND P.                       NY-28-18-396
SOURS, ELLA M.                         NY-28-11-112
SPEAR, BERTHA E.                       NY-28-18-82
SPEAR, GRACE B.                        NY-28-18-85
SPEAR, JULIA M.                        NY-28-18-83
SPEAR, MINNIE C.                       NY-28-18-84
SPEARS, JOHN W.                        NY-28-11-260
SPELLMAN, LENA                         NY-28-10-580
SPENCER, HARRIET C.                    NY-28-10-54
SPENNING, JAMES M.                     NY-28-18-274
SPERBECK, ALICE LEE                    NY-28-14-49
SPERRY, MOSES M.                       NY-28-18-41
SPIEGEL, AUGUST                        NY-28-14-555
SPIEGEL, FRANK                         NY-28-14-554
SPIEGEL, LEO A.                        NY-28-14-556
SPIES, CHARLS                          NY-28-15-186
SPIES, EMIL                            NY-28-15-188
SPIES, GEORGE                          NY-28-15-189
SPIES, HENRY                           NY-28-15-185
SPIES, WILLIAM                         NY-28-15-187
SPINDLER, EDWARD                       NY-28-16-381
SPINDLER, EDWARD                       NY-28-17-360
SPINDLER, FRANK                        NY-28-17-361
SPINDLER, FRANK                        NY-28-16-383
SPINDLER, GEORGE                       NY-28-17-363
SPINDLER, GEORGE                       NY-28-16-382
SPINDLER, HENRY                        NY-28-17-362
SPINDLER, HENRY                        NY-28-16-380
SPITZ, CHARLES                         NY-28-18-348
SPRAGUE, BESSIE V.                     NY-28-15-53
SPRAGUE, CLARA L.                      NY-28-15-56
SPRAGUE, IDA E.                        NY-28-15-57
SPRAGUE, LEON W.                       NY-28-15-54
SPRAGUE, LILLIE C.                     NY-28-13-480
SPRAGUE, LUCY M.                       NY-28-15-55
SPRAGUE, MATTIE B.                     NY-28-15-52
SPRAGUE, SAMUEL G.                     NY-28-13-479
SPRINGER, ADELAIDE                     NY-28-17-575
SPRINGER, ANNA                         NY-28-13-303
SPRINGER, EDDIE                        NY-28-12-88
SPRINGER, ETHEL M.                     NY-28-17-152
SPRINGER, HARRISON M.                  NY-28-17-153
SPRINGSTEEN, WHEELER W.                NY-28-13-67
STAATS, SARAH A.                       NY-28-10-551
STACK, CHARLES J.                      NY-28-11-190
STACK, JENNIE A.                       NY-28-11-191
STAHL, MARIA CATHARINE                 NY-28-13-18
STAHL, MARY CATHERINE                  NY-28-13-178
STAHLHUT, FREDERICK J.                 NY-28-12-28
STAND, BERTHA BARBARA                  NY-28-16-578
STAND, EMMA CHRISTINA                  NY-28-16-576
STAND, MARIA L.                        NY-28-16-577
STANGORR, MARIE                        NY-28-18-473
STANGORR, WILLIAM                      NY-28-18-474
STANLEY, ADDIE E.                      NY-28-11-96
STANLEY, ARTHUR G.                     NY-28-15-225
STANLEY, ARTHUR G.                     NY-28-15-226
STANLEY, CORA L.                       NY-28-11-125
STANLEY, MARY A.                       NY-28-11-126
STANLEY, NORA J.                       NY-28-15-223
STANLEY, NORA J.                       NY-28-15-224
STANLEY, OPHELIA                       NY-28-10-610
STANTON, BERTHA M.                     NY-28-17-409
STANTON, CARRIE                        NY-28-12-43
STANTON, RILEY E.                      NY-28-12-44
STAPLES, ROBERT LAMONT                 NY-28-10-167
START, LIZZIE E.                       NY-28-15-543
STAUB, ANTHONY                         NY-28-17-267
STAUB, ANTHONY                         NY-28-15-194
STAUB, CECELIA                         NY-28-17-266
STAUB, CELIA                           NY-28-15-192
STAUB, HELEN                           NY-28-17-246
STAUB, HELENA                          NY-28-17-268
STAUB, HELENA                          NY-28-15-193
STAUB, MICHAEL                         NY-28-15-195
STAUD, CATHERINE                       NY-28-13-285
STAUD, CELIA                           NY-28-13-284
STAUD, JOSEPH A.                       NY-28-13-282
STAUD, LOUISA                          NY-28-13-283
STAUDENMEIER, EMMA                     NY-28-11-4
STAUDENMEIER, HENRY                    NY-28-11-3
STAUDENMEIER, MATILDA                  NY-28-11-2
STAUDENMEIER, PAULINA                  NY-28-11-1
STEEFEL, ROSA                          NY-28-10-291
STEEL, HELEN                           NY-28-13-329
STEEL, JAMES J.                        NY-28-12-87
STEELE, ELIZABETH P.                   NY-28-13-336
STEELE, HERBERT M.                     NY-28-13-434
STEELE, ROSWELL S.                     NY-28-13-337
STEGER, JOHANNAH                       NY-28-15-512
STEGER, JOHN KUGLER                    NY-28-12-492
STEIN, ANDREW E.                       NY-28-14-419
STEIN, CATHERINE P.                    NY-28-14-418
STEIN, MARGARET                        NY-28-11-20
STEIN, PHILLIP                         NY-28-10-134
STEIN, PHILLIP                         NY-28-10-184
STEIN, WILLIAM EDWARD                  NY-28-16-89
STEITZ, CARL W.                        NY-28-15-232
STEITZ, ELLA H.                        NY-28-15-231
STERN, BARNEY                          NY-28-10-382
STERN, CAROLINE                        NY-28-14-597
STERN, HENRY                           NY-28-10-383
STERN, LIZZIE                          NY-28-10-380
STERN, MORRIS                          NY-28-14-598
STERN, MOSES                           NY-28-10-381
STEVENS, DANIEL                        NY-28-10-590
STEVENS, EVA MAUD                      NY-28-13-349
STEVENS, FAYE                          NY-28-17-339
STEVENS, JOHN                          NY-28-10-589
STEVENS, MARY H.                       NY-28-18-273
STEVENS, SARAH J.                      NY-28-10-591
STEVENSON, ALICE L.                    NY-28-15-210
STEVENSON, ALICE L.                    NY-28-11-250
STEVENSON, CHARLE SJ.                  NY-28-15-211
STEVENSON, CHARLES J.                  NY-28-11-249
STEWART, ALEXANDER MCGINN              NY-28-16-215
STEWART, ARTHUR LAWRENCE               NY-28-16-220
STEWART, FREDERICK WILLIAM             NY-28-16-217
STEWART, HAROLD STANLEY                NY-28-16-221
STEWART, HARRY M.                      NY-28-11-308
STEWART, HUGH WILSON                   NY-28-16-218
STEWART, ISABEL RUBY                   NY-28-15-83
STEWART, JOSEPHINE MARY                NY-28-16-216
STEWART, MARY E.                       NY-28-11-309
STEWART, NORMAN HAMILTON               NY-28-16-219
STEWART, ORISSA                        NY-28-15-121
STICKNEY, CLARA MAY                    NY-28-12-24
STIEFLER, GRACE A.                     NY-28-10-121
STIEFLER, MARY                         NY-28-10-120
STILES, CARRIE                         NY-28-18-213
STILES, FLORENCE E.                    NY-28-15-572
STILLMAN, HARRIET J.                   NY-28-17-439
STILLSON, EVA M.                       NY-28-14-560
STILLSON, GEORGE ROY                   NY-28-14-586
STILLWELL, EDDY                        NY-28-10-422
STILLWELL, MINNIE                      NY-28-10-421
STOCK, LOUISA                          NY-28-13-41
STOFFEL, JOHN L.                       NY-28-14-473
STOFFEL, JOSEPH H.                     NY-28-14-474
STOFFEL, MARY                          NY-28-14-472
STOKES, EGBERT B.                      NY-28-11-316
STONE, CARRIE A.                       NY-28-17-315
STONE, FRANCES M.                      NY-28-14-561
STONE, HELEN J.                        NY-28-14-590
STONE, NELLIE M.                       NY-28-14-562
STONE, RAYMOND H.                      NY-28-17-484
STONE, RAYMOND H.                      NY-28-14-451
STONE, RAYMOND H.                      NY-28-14-452
STORCK, NETTIE                         NY-28-18-239
STORCK, TILLIE                         NY-28-18-240
STOTTLE, JOSEPH C.                     NY-28-16-333
STRAUBB, FREDERICK                     NY-28-14-278
STRAUCHEN, ALICE E.                    NY-28-14-180
STRAUCHEN, AMANDA B.                   NY-28-14-183
STRAUCHEN, ELSIE E.                    NY-28-14-181
STRAUCHEN, HATTIE C.                   NY-28-14-184
STRAUCHEN, IDA                         NY-28-16-406
STRAUCHEN, MARY                        NY-28-14-182
STREB, LENA                            NY-28-13-330
STRECKLEIN, ALBERT G.                  NY-28-14-298
STRECKLEIN, FRANK V.                   NY-28-14-299
STREET, MABEL LOUISE                   NY-28-18-554
STREET, SUSIE M.                       NY-28-18-553
STRIDE, WILLIAM T.                     NY-28-17-471
STRIGS, MAGGIE                         NY-28-16-432
STRIGS, MATTERN                        NY-28-16-431
STROH, ANNIE C.                        NY-28-13-13
STROH, CHRISTIAN                       NY-28-10-326
STROH, CHRISTIAN                       NY-28-10-326
STROH, DANIEL                          NY-28-13-12
STROH, DANIEL                          NY-28-10-325
STROH, MICHAEL                         NY-28-10-327
STRONG, FRANK                          NY-28-10-20
STROUSS, EMMA LILEY                    NY-28-13-440
STROWGER, GRACE H.                     NY-28-17-393
SULLIVAN, ARTHUR                       NY-28-18-283
SULLIVAN, CATHERINE                    NY-28-18-86
SULLIVAN, DAISY                        NY-28-13-343
SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH                    NY-28-18-87
SULLIVAN, FREDERICK J.                 NY-28-18-90
SULLIVAN, JOHN F.                      NY-28-18-88
SULLIVAN, MARY                         NY-28-18-286
SULLIVAN, MARY F.                      NY-28-18-89
SULLIVAN, MATHEW                       NY-28-18-284
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                      NY-28-18-285
SUMMERS, RAYMOND                       NY-28-18-38
SUSS, ERNEST                           NY-28-16-464
SUSSN, GEORGE                          NY-28-16-465
SUTLIFF, BESSIE D.                     NY-28-14-113
SUTLIFF, ELMINA D.                     NY-28-14-112
SUTLIFF, MAUD                          NY-28-14-108
SUTLIFF, MIELS H.                      NY-28-14-112
SUTLIFF, VIOLA E.                      NY-28-14-112
SUTLIFF, WILLIAM                       NY-28-14-113
SUTORIUS, EMIL JOHANNAS                NY-28-15-416
SUTTER, FLORENCE M.                    NY-28-17-326
SWANTON, JOHN HENRY                    NY-28-12-357
SWEET, EMMA                            NY-28-11-13
SWEET, MILTON                          NY-28-11-14
SWEET, NANNIE                          NY-28-11-12
SWEETING, BESSIE J.                    NY-28-14-325
SWEETING, FLORENCE E.                  NY-28-14-324
SWEETLAND, LEWIS O. JR.                NY-28-15-159
SWENEY, SARAH                          NY-28-14-137
SWIFT, CHARLES                         NY-28-11-57
SWIFT, CHARLES                         NY-28-11-57
SWIFT, EMMA                            NY-28-10-648
SWIFT, FRANCIS P.                      NY-28-18-294
SWIFT, HARRISON Z.                     NY-28-15-498
SWIFT, IDA G.                          NY-28-18-293
SWIFT, WILLIAM G.                      NY-28-18-295
TAFT, LILLIE M.                        NY-28-14-356
TAFT, WILLIAM B.                       NY-28-14-357
TAUL, JOHN                             NY-28-12-483
TAYLOR, BLANCHE M.                     NY-28-17-343
TAYLOR, BLANCHE M.                     NY-28-17-231
TAYLOR, GEORGE F.                      NY-28-17-342
TAYLOR, GEORGE F.                      NY-28-17-230
TAYLOR, HELEN                          NY-28-16-100
TAYLOR, HERBERT R.                     NY-28-16-102
TAYLOR, IDA M.                         NY-28-13-258
TAYLOR, MARION                         NY-28-16-101
TERBORG, ALBERT                        NY-28-18-335
THAYER, SOLON B.                       NY-28-10-569
THEIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-16-179
THEIS, KATHERINE                       NY-28-16-180
THOMAS, CLARA O.                       NY-28-16-384
THOMAS, ELIZABETH F.                   NY-28-12-252
THOMAS, HATTIE J.                      NY-28-10-507
THOMAS, IMOGENE E.                     NY-28-18-63
THOMAS, JULIA B.                       NY-28-12-254
THOMAS, PHEBE J.                       NY-28-12-253
THOMPSON, ANNA                         NY-28-14-166
THOMPSON, CATHARINE                    NY-28-14-167
THOMPSON, CLARA P.                     NY-28-13-209
THOMPSON, ELI G.                       NY-28-16-14
THOMPSON, ELLEN                        NY-28-14-163
THOMPSON, GERTRUDE                     NY-28-14-162
THOMPSON, HARRIET E.                   NY-28-11-51
THOMPSON, JOHN W.                      NY-28-11-50
THOMPSON, LOUISE E.                    NY-28-13-207
THOMPSON, MARITTA                      NY-28-12-138
THOMPSON, NELLIE                       NY-28-13-208
THOMPSON, OLIVER                       NY-28-14-165
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       NY-28-14-164
THOMPSON, ROBERT F.                    NY-28-11-52
THON, ERNST                            NY-28-16-462
THON, HENRY                            NY-28-16-461
THON, LINDA                            NY-28-16-463
THORN, GOLDA J.                        NY-28-17-376
THRALL, DELIA                          NY-28-16-544
THRALL, EDNA E.                        NY-28-16-545
THRALL, HELEN                          NY-28-16-546
THREEHOUSE, ADA                        NY-28-15-317
THREEHOUSE, LILLIAN                    NY-28-15-314
THREEHOUSE, MAUD                       NY-28-15-316
THREEHOUSE, PETER                      NY-28-15-315
TICKLER, CHARLES                       NY-28-12-498
TIERNEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-28-17-224
TIERNEY, FRANCIS                       NY-28-17-222
TIERNEY, HELENA                        NY-28-17-225
TIERNEY, MARY                          NY-28-17-223
TIERNEY, MYLES                         NY-28-17-221
TIETENBERG, LOUIS                      NY-28-10-4
TIMMERMAN, ELMER J.                    NY-28-14-406
TISCHLER, FRANK JR.                    NY-28-17-569
TITUS, CLARENCE S.                     NY-28-15-391
TITUS, FRED E.                         NY-28-16-34
TOBIN, LEWIS H.                        NY-28-16-421
TODD, FRED P.                          NY-28-10-244
TODD, GEORGE                           NY-28-10-243
TOLAN, ELLEN                           NY-28-13-272
TOLAN, MARY ANN                        NY-28-13-271
TOLL, GRACE A.                         NY-28-12-406
TOLL, JOHN D.                          NY-28-12-407
TOLL, MAGGIE D.                        NY-28-12-408
TOMPKINS, FLORENCE L.                  NY-28-14-19
TOMPKINS, FLORENCE LOUISE              NY-28-12-355
TOWER, ARTHUR R.                       NY-28-16-418
TOWER, CARRIE M.                       NY-28-16-420
TOWER, CHARLES K.                      NY-28-13-238
TOWER, MARY S.                         NY-28-16-419
TOWLE, VIRGINIA A.                     NY-28-16-122
TOWNSEND, C. DEWITT                    NY-28-14-61
TOWNSEND, GEORGE                       NY-28-10-164
TOWNSEND, HELEN                        NY-28-14-60
TOWNSEND, MARY                         NY-28-11-144
TOWNSEND, MILTON                       NY-28-10-165
TOWNSEND, WINFIELD A.                  NY-28-14-62
TOZKE, AUGUST                          NY-28-14-115
TOZKE, ERICH                           NY-28-14-116
TOZKE, LENA                            NY-28-14-117
TRACY, ANNA M.                         NY-28-16-428
TRACY, FRANCIS C.                      NY-28-16-429
TRACY, JOSEPH J.                       NY-28-16-426
TRACY, MARY A.                         NY-28-16-425
TRAINOR, ROBERT B.                     NY-28-14-265
TRAUGOTT, IDA                          NY-28-14-233
TREMLETT, EDITH                        NY-28-15-99
TRIHEY, EDWARD                         NY-28-14-204
TRIMBLE, HERMAN                        NY-28-14-594
TRIMMER, GAIL                          NY-28-17-171
TRIMMER, HORACE C.                     NY-28-17-170
TRIMMER, RHODA E.                      NY-28-17-169
TRIMMER, SIDNEY C.                     NY-28-17-168
TRIMMER, THEODORE L.                   NY-28-17-172
TRIPP, PERCY M.                        NY-28-15-536
TROUSDELL, MABEL                       NY-28-18-153
TRULL, JOSEPH S.                       NY-28-13-338
TUCK, ALICE L.                         NY-28-17-56
TUETY, EDMOND J.                       NY-28-18-331
TUETY, HOWARD M.                       NY-28-18-329
TUETY, MAY E.                          NY-28-18-330
TURNER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-28-10-226
TURNER, EDWARD CLARK                   NY-28-11-29
TURNER, ELIZA A.                       NY-28-11-315
TURNER, ELIZABETH                      NY-28-10-225
TURNER, JUSTIN                         NY-28-10-227
TURNER, MARGARET                       NY-28-11-31
TURNER, MARION                         NY-28-11-30
TURNER, MARY                           NY-28-10-224
TURNER, MORTIMER O.                    NY-28-10-223
TURNEY, ADDIE                          NY-28-18-528
TURNEY, ELLA MAY                       NY-28-18-529
TUTTLE, BURNETTE MARY                  NY-28-14-191
TUTTLE, CHARLES LE ROY                 NY-28-13-370
TUTTLE, FLORENCE A.                    NY-28-14-128
TUTTLE, MARGARET WADSWORTH             NY-28-13-368
TUTTLE, MARY ELIZABETH                 NY-28-13-369
TUTTLE, MAURICE N.                     NY-28-13-367
UFFELMAN, GEORGE P.                    NY-28-10-24
UFFELMAN, HENRY                        NY-28-10-25
ULSCHT, FLORA                          NY-28-18-359
ULSCHT, OSCAR                          NY-28-18-358
UNAMANN, ANNA                          NY-28-14-436
UTZ, AMELIA B.                         NY-28-18-9
UTZ, CARRIE M.                         NY-28-18-8
UTZ, FREDERICK A.                      NY-28-18-7
UTZ, FREDERICK J.                      NY-28-14-327
UTZ, HENRY W.                          NY-28-14-328
VAESSLER, JOHANNA                      NY-28-10-464
VAESSLER, MAY                          NY-28-10-463
VANALSTYNE, CLIFFORD B.                NY-28-18-245
VANALSTYNE, FRED M.                    NY-28-18-243
VANALSTYNE, HELLA L.                   NY-28-18-244
VANALSTYNE, RAYMOND T.                 NY-28-18-242
VANAUCKER, ELIZA                       NY-28-15-202
VANAUCKER, FREDERICK J.                NY-28-15-201
VANAUCKER, JOHN H.                     NY-28-15-200
VANAUCKER, MARY ANN                    NY-28-15-203
VANCE, MARCELLA                        NY-28-13-310
VANDECARR, BERTHA A.                   NY-28-14-281
VANDENBERGH, ARTHUR G.                 NY-28-13-44
VANDERHAVE, JOHN B.                    NY-28-18-568
VANGRAAFIELAND, ROSINA                 NY-28-10-146
VANINGEN, GEORGE W.                    NY-28-14-471
VANOSTRAN, WILLIAM H.                  NY-28-14-146
VANVOORHIS, MARGUERITE                 NY-28-16-417
VANVOORHIS, RICHARD                    NY-28-10-635
VANWOERT, FRANK                        NY-28-16-59
VANZANDT, WALTON J.                    NY-28-13-399
VAUGHAN, MABEL                         NY-28-10-669
VERNAN, LILLIE M.                      NY-28-11-319
VETTER, EMMA L.                        NY-28-17-461
VETTER, GERTRUDE K.                    NY-28-17-460
VICK, JAMES JR.                        NY-28-15-558
VICK, JAMES JR.                        NY-28-15-578
VICK, MARGRET J.                       NY-28-15-579
VICK, MARGRET J.                       NY-28-15-557
VICK, MARY                             NY-28-17-16
VINCENT, WALTER                        NY-28-13-180
VOELKEL, BARBARA                       NY-28-11-245
VOGEL, ROSIE M.                        NY-28-15-426
VOGT, ANTHONY                          NY-28-18-269
VOGT, HENRY                            NY-28-18-270
VOGT, JESSIE                           NY-28-18-271
VOGT, KAROLINE                         NY-28-15-92
VOGT, WALTER                           NY-28-18-272
VOIGT, EDWARD                          NY-28-18-275
VOLZ, MARY                             NY-28-10-514
VOLZ, VALENTINE                        NY-28-10-513
VOLZEL, ALBERT A.                      NY-28-14-248
VOLZEL, SARAH K.                       NY-28-14-267
VORBERG, GEORGE M.                     NY-28-14-79
VORBERG, GUSTAVE E.                    NY-28-14-81
VORBERG, ROBERT T.                     NY-28-14-80
VOYEL, ROSA M.                         NY-28-14-470
VRANER, CARRIE                         NY-28-10-331
VRANER, GEORGE                         NY-28-10-329
VRANER, GRACIE                         NY-28-10-334
VRANER, HELEN                          NY-28-10-330
VRANER, JULIA                          NY-28-10-332
VRANER, SOPHIA                         NY-28-10-328
VRANER, WILLIAM                        NY-28-10-333
WAGNER, ARTHUR                         NY-28-16-114
WAGNER, AUGUSTA                        NY-28-12-196
WAGNER, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-28-12-240
WAGNER, IRENE                          NY-28-16-113
WAGNER, LYDIA M.                       NY-28-10-401
WAGNER, MARY                           NY-28-12-426
WAGONER, MARK N.                       NY-28-17-200
WAHL, FREDERICK                        NY-28-18-349
WAHL, IRENE                            NY-28-18-350
WAHLER, MARIE JOHANNA                  NY-28-16-131
WAINWRIGHT, CLARA                      NY-28-16-249
WAKE, CHARLES P.                       NY-28-15-430
WAKE, EDITH H.                         NY-28-15-429
WAKE, MABEL W.                         NY-28-15-431
WALBAUM, GEORGE W.                     NY-28-16-201
WALKER, DEWEY H.                       NY-28-14-416
WALKER, DEWEY H.                       NY-28-12-410
WALKER, EDNA P.                        NY-28-10-82
WALKER, FOREST                         NY-28-10-83
WALLACE, SARAH C.                      NY-28-16-435
WALLS, STEPHEN A.                      NY-28-15-301
WALTER, HENRY                          NY-28-14-486
WALTER, JAMES E. JR                    NY-28-14-487
WALTER, JOHN LEMUEL                    NY-28-13-244
WALTERS, ARTHUR C.                     NY-28-17-476
WALTERS, CAROLINE E.                   NY-28-15-118
WALTERS, EDITH V.                      NY-28-15-116
WALTERS, FRANK J.                      NY-28-17-479
WALTERS, GEORGE D.                     NY-28-18-422
WALTERS, GEORGE J.                     NY-28-16-159
WALTERS, GEORGE T.                     NY-28-15-115
WALTERS, GOERG ED.                     NY-28-17-478
WALTERS, JENNETTA D.                   NY-28-17-475
WALTERS, JOHN E.                       NY-28-15-348
WALTERS, LILLIAM M.                    NY-28-17-477
WALTERS, LOUISA                        NY-28-16-160
WALTERS, MORTIMER C.                   NY-28-15-347
WALTERS, SARAH L.                      NY-28-15-117
WALTERS, WILLIAM W.                    NY-28-15-119
WALZ, ANNIE                            NY-28-13-468
WALZ, JOSEPH                           NY-28-13-469
WALZ, SUSANNA                          NY-28-13-467
WALZER, FENELLA J.                     NY-28-14-362
WALZER, FRANCES B.                     NY-28-14-364
WALZER, ISABELLA A.                    NY-28-14-365
WALZER, JULIA M.                       NY-28-14-366
WALZER, LILLIE A.                      NY-28-14-367
WALZER, STELLA W.                      NY-28-14-363
WALZER,LOUISA M.                       NY-28-14-368
WANDERSEE, KATIE                       NY-28-16-303
WANDTKE, HERMAN                        NY-28-13-334
WANNAMACKER, FRANKIE                   NY-28-16-213
WANNAMACKER, JOSEPH                    NY-28-16-214
WANNAMACKER, OSCAR                     NY-28-16-212
WANZER, ARTHUR                         NY-28-15-16
WANZER, CORA C.                        NY-28-15-20
WANZER, JOHN H.                        NY-28-15-15
WANZER, MINNIE                         NY-28-15-17
WANZER, OSCAR                          NY-28-15-19
WANZER, OSCAR                          NY-28-15-18
WARD, EDWARD S.                        NY-28-17-500
WARD, ETTA E.                          NY-28-16-83
WARD, KITTY O.                         NY-28-16-85
WARD, LILLIE                           NY-28-16-398
WARD, ROBERT G.                        NY-28-16-84
WARD, WILLIAM FRANCIS                  NY-28-17-367
WARD, WILLIAM H.                       NY-28-16-90
WARE, CHARLES M.                       NY-28-18-302
WARFIELD, ORISSA M.                    NY-28-10-115
WARING, HATTIE G.                      NY-28-16-115
WARNER, IRVING H.                      NY-28-16-331
WARREN, ALBERT R.                      NY-28-10-311
WARREN, CHARLES F.                     NY-28-10-310
WARREN, HASKELL B.                     NY-28-17-32
WARREN, HASKELL B.                     NY-28-15-212
WARREN, WILLIAM ELMER                  NY-28-15-273
WASHBURN, LILLY E.                     NY-28-18-393
WASHINGTON, JAMES                      NY-28-15-552
WASHINGTON, JOHN FRANCIS               NY-28-15-553
WASHINGTON, MARY CATHERINE             NY-28-15-554
WATERSTRAWT, ANNIE                     NY-28-12-310
WATERSTRAWT, AUGUST                    NY-28-12-312
WATERSTRAWT, EMMA                      NY-28-12-311
WATKINS, ANNA                          NY-28-13-288
WATKINS, BYRON L.                      NY-28-16-413
WATKINS, FLORENCE                      NY-28-13-287
WATKINS, LOTTIE                        NY-28-13-289
WATSON, BESSIE M.                      NY-28-18-382
WATTS, NANCY BRIGGS                    NY-28-13-163
WAUSS, JOSEPH H.                       NY-28-15-350
WAVE, JEANIE P.                        NY-28-12-181
WAYLE, ALFRED E.                       NY-28-10-320
WAYLE, ANNIE C.                        NY-28-10-322
WAYLE, CARRIE J.                       NY-28-10-321
WAYLE, CHARLES F.                      NY-28-10-324
WAYLE, THOMAS H.                       NY-28-10-323
WAYTE, CHARLES F.                      NY-28-14-201
WEBER, CHARLES                         NY-28-15-360
WEBER, CHARLES                         NY-28-18-128
WEBER, CHARLES H.                      NY-28-16-175
WEBER, CLARA                           NY-28-14-476
WEBER, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-18-127
WEBER, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-28-16-176
WEBER, FREDERICK J.                    NY-28-18-117
WEBER, FREDERICK J.                    NY-28-16-174
WEBER, GEORGE                          NY-28-15-359
WEBER, HENRY                           NY-28-18-462
WEBER, HENRY                           NY-28-18-129
WEBER, HENRY L.                        NY-28-16-177
WEBER, LINDA L.                        NY-28-18-147
WEBER, MARIA SOPHIA                    NY-28-15-544
WEBER, MARY                            NY-28-15-362
WEBER, OLLIE                           NY-28-15-358
WEBER, ROSE                            NY-28-15-361
WEBER, WILLIAM                         NY-28-18-476
WEBER, WILLIAM                         NY-28-18-130
WEBER, WILLIAM F.                      NY-28-16-178
WEBER, WILLIAM FRANK                   NY-28-15-545
WEBSTER, ELLA S.                       NY-28-18-265
WEBSTER, MINNIE M.                     NY-28-14-3
WEBSTER, SAMUEL BENTLEY                NY-28-13-429
WEGMAN, ANDREW                         NY-28-14-63
WEGMAN, MINNIE                         NY-28-14-64
WEHEBRING, ALMA L. C.                  NY-28-15-539
WEHEBRING, CHARLES F.                  NY-28-15-541
WEHEBRING, LEON J.                     NY-28-15-540
WEHLE, ELMER A.                        NY-28-18-550
WEHLE, FLORENCE M.                     NY-28-18-548
WEHLE, MARTIN J.                       NY-28-18-549
WEIBEL, FREDERICKA                     NY-28-10-287
WEIBLE, FREDERICK                      NY-28-10-292
WEIBLE, JOHN                           NY-28-10-288
WEIBLE, WILLIAM                        NY-28-10-289
WEICHER, JOSEPH FRANK                  NY-28-15-279
WEICHER, MARY                          NY-28-15-280
WEICHER, SUSANNA                       NY-28-15-281
WEIDNER, LENA                          NY-28-18-540
WEIER, JOHN E.                         NY-28-15-398
WEIER, NELSON                          NY-28-15-399
WEIGEL, CHARLES E.                     NY-28-10-293
WEIGEL, HENRY                          NY-28-10-294
WEIGEL, LIBBIE                         NY-28-10-296
WEIGEL, MARY                           NY-28-10-295
WEINBERG, ABRAHAM M.                   NY-28-18-12
WEINBERG, EDWIN O.                     NY-28-18-13
WEINBERG, FRANCES L.                   NY-28-18-14
WEINBERG, SIDNEY J.                    NY-28-18-15
WEIS, EDWARD                           NY-28-17-290
WEIS, EDWARD A.                        NY-28-13-376
WEIS, EDWARD A.                        NY-28-12-169
WEIS, GEORGE                           NY-28-12-167
WEIS, GEORGE                           NY-28-13-378
WEIS, LAURA C.                         NY-28-13-377
WEIS, LENNA CATHARINE                  NY-28-12-166
WEIS, MINNIE                           NY-28-17-293
WEIS, RALPH                            NY-28-18-11
WEIS, ROSINA D.                        NY-28-13-379
WEIS, ROSINA OLINDA                    NY-28-12-168
WEISS, GEORGE                          NY-28-17-117
WEISS, GERTRUDE E.                     NY-28-18-291
WEISS, LOUISE                          NY-28-17-118
WELCH, ALICE                           NY-28-13-173
WELCH, CATHERINE C.                    NY-28-14-105
WELCH, CATHERINE E.                    NY-28-15-27
WELCH, DORA                            NY-28-13-173
WELCH, EDWARD                          NY-28-13-173
WELCH, ELISABETH S.                    NY-28-15-28
WELCH, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-28-14-106
WELCH, GEORGE                          NY-28-15-29
WELCH, GEORGE                          NY-28-17-395
WELCH, GEORGE                          NY-28-14-107
WELCH, JOHN                            NY-28-13-173
WELCH, JOHN                            NY-28-14-482
WELCH, WILLIAM                         NY-28-13-173
WELD, LAWRENCE P.                      NY-28-17-467
WELD, LAWRENCE P.                      NY-28-17-463
WELD, LAWRENCE P.                      NY-28-17-472
WELD, LOUIS C.                         NY-28-17-462
WELD, LOUIS C.                         NY-28-17-466
WELLER, ANNA A.                        NY-28-10-210
WELLMAN, CLAUDIUS                      NY-28-14-119
WELLMAN, CYRENUS J.                    NY-28-14-120
WELLMAN, MARY R.                       NY-28-14-121
WELLS, EZRA F.                         NY-28-16-355
WELLS, GEORGE ALFRED                   NY-28-11-156
WELLS, JENNIE E.                       NY-28-11-155
WELLS, LABAN E.                        NY-28-11-157
WERDEIN, ANGELA                        NY-28-14-596
WERDEIN, MAGDALENA                     NY-28-14-596
WEST, FRANKIE                          NY-28-13-305
WEST, LIVINGSTON D.                    NY-28-18-62
WESTFALL, MARTHA                       NY-28-16-357
WESTFALL, WILLIAM                      NY-28-18-343
WETMORE, ALBERT                        NY-28-13-86
WETMORE, CHARLES H.                    NY-28-11-124
WETMORE, CHARLES H.                    NY-28-11-322
WETMORE, GEORGE M.                     NY-28-11-123
WETMORE, GRACIE                        NY-28-13-83
WETMORE, MATIE                         NY-28-13-85
WETMORE, STELLA                        NY-28-13-84
WHALEN, AGNES A.                       NY-28-13-126
WHALEN, T. BRADLEY                     NY-28-13-126
WHALEY, GRACE                          NY-28-18-552
WHEELER, FLORENCE HATTIE               NY-28-12-274
WHEELER, MARY R.                       NY-28-12-289
WHIPPLE, MARY G.                       NY-28-13-202
WHITBECK, AMY                          NY-28-17-532
WHITBECK, CLARA                        NY-28-17-535
WHITBECK, CLARA V.                     NY-28-12-72
WHITBECK, ELMER                        NY-28-17-536
WHITBECK, FLOYD                        NY-28-17-538
WHITBECK, GEORGE L.                    NY-28-12-256
WHITBECK, HOMER                        NY-28-17-537
WHITBECK, LIDA                         NY-28-17-534
WHITCHER, NELLIE E.                    NY-28-15-385
WHITE, ARCHER ROSWELL                  NY-28-17-456
WHITE, DAVID                           NY-28-10-32
WHITE, FRANCIS M.                      NY-28-17-208
WHITE, FRANK                           NY-28-10-33
WHITE, LUCY V.                         NY-28-16-9
WHITE, LUCY V.                         NY-28-17-549
WHITEHARE, BERTHA                      NY-28-13-398
WHITING, EDWIN B.                      NY-28-18-414
WHITING, JOHN B.                       NY-28-18-413
WHITING, MORSE E.                      NY-28-18-416
WHITING, REUBEN                        NY-28-18-415
WHITMORE, ROBERT                       NY-28-14-293
WHITNEY, AUGUSTA SHEWELL               NY-28-15-327
WHITNEY, BERTHA                        NY-28-10-336
WHITNEY, LAUR AMAY                     NY-28-15-114
WHITTIER, NETTIE E.                    NY-28-15-112
WHITTLESEY, FRANKIE L.                 NY-28-11-234
WHITTLESEY, WATSON                     NY-28-11-235
WHTIBECK, FRANCES A.                   NY-28-17-446
WHTIBECK, MYRA                         NY-28-17-533
WICK, ALBERT                           NY-28-12-295
WICK, GEORGE L.                        NY-28-13-459
WICK, HARRY F.                         NY-28-13-461
WICK, HENRIETTA                        NY-28-13-462
WICK, LILLIE                           NY-28-13-460
WICK, PAULINE                          NY-28-13-463
WIDDEMAN, EMMA                         NY-28-12-319
WIDDEMAN, FLORA                        NY-28-12-321
WIDDEMAN, LENA                         NY-28-12-318
WIDDEMAN, OTTO                         NY-28-12-320
WIDDEMAN, WILLIAM                      NY-28-12-317
WIDENER, ARVIN M.                      NY-28-14-188
WIDENER, ARVIN M.                      NY-28-11-134
WIDENER, VICTOR J.                     NY-28-14-187
WIDENER, VICTOR J.                     NY-28-11-135
WIDMAN, ADELLE R.                      NY-28-14-304
WIDMAN, ALBERT U.                      NY-28-14-304
WIDMAN, CLARA E.                       NY-28-14-304
WIDMAN, FLORENCE J.                    NY-28-14-304
WIECHMANN, ANN E.                      NY-28-16-1
WIECHMANN, ELIZABETH F.                NY-28-16-2
WIECHMANN, EMMA W.                     NY-28-16-3
WIECHMANN, MARY                        NY-28-16-4
WIGNEY, CAROLINE A.                    NY-28-13-78
WIGNEY, CAROLINE A.                    NY-28-14-221
WILBOR, GRACE K.                       NY-28-17-193
WILCOX, ALMIRA R.                      NY-28-17-99
WILCOX, ALMIRA R.                      NY-28-18-504
WILCOX, BETSY R.                       NY-28-17-100
WILCOX, DOROTHY                        NY-28-17-410
WILCOX, GERTRUDE B.                    NY-28-17-101
WILCOX, MARJORIE                       NY-28-17-411
WILD, MARCELLUS E.                     NY-28-18-441
WILD, PAUL C.                          NY-28-18-442
WILDER, GEORGE W.                      NY-28-16-356
WILDER, LORING L.                      NY-28-15-499
WILDEY, PLATT L.                       NY-28-14-222
WILEY, ETHEL M.                        NY-28-15-505
WILEY, FRED D.                         NY-28-15-504
WILEY, MARK M.                         NY-28-15-503
WILEY, STELLA L.                       NY-28-15-502
WILKINS, CARRIE B.                     NY-28-14-217
WILKINS, HARRIET H.                    NY-28-14-218
WILKINS, MARY P.                       NY-28-14-215
WILKINSON, HARRY K.                    NY-28-18-110
WILL, ALDA                             NY-28-17-574
WILLARD, JULIETTE                      NY-28-15-178
WILLARD, WILLIAM E.                    NY-28-10-616
WILLE, ELLA                            NY-28-16-313
WILLE, HARRY                           NY-28-16-314
WILLIAMS, ARTHUR HAYDEN                NY-28-12-224
WILLIAMS, BOYD N.                      NY-28-18-452
WILLIAMS, BURR                         NY-28-17-424
WILLIAMS, CHARLES D.                   NY-28-14-244
WILLIAMS, CHARLES V.                   NY-28-18-453
WILLIAMS, EDITH LAURA                  NY-28-17-498
WILLIAMS, EGERTON RYERSON              NY-28-12-223
WILLIAMS, GEORGE D.                    NY-28-12-464
WILLIAMS, GILES                        NY-28-14-282
WILLIAMS, GRACE AMELIA                 NY-28-12-225
WILLIAMS, HATTIE L.                    NY-28-11-16
WILLIAMS, LAURA W.                     NY-28-12-465
WILLIAMS, LOISE STILLSON               NY-28-12-463
WILLIAMS, LUCIUS A.                    NY-28-18-454
WILLIAMS, NETTIE                       NY-28-12-23
WILLIAMS, WILLARD WELLS                NY-28-11-35
WILLIAMS, WILLIE H.                    NY-28-10-584
WILLIAMSON, BENJAMIN                   NY-28-16-283
WILLIAMSON, BERTHA                     NY-28-14-236
WILLIAMSON, BERTHA                     NY-28-13-402
WILLIAMSON, EDWARD                     NY-28-16-282
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE                     NY-28-16-280
WILLIAMSON, GRACE                      NY-28-13-404
WILLIAMSON, GRACE                      NY-28-14-235
WILLIAMSON, HELEN R.                   NY-28-18-123
WILLIAMSON, HERBERT R.                 NY-28-13-401
WILLIAMSON, HERBERT R.                 NY-28-14-234
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH                     NY-28-16-281
WILLIAMSON, MARY B.                    NY-28-14-237
WILLIAMSON, MARY BELLE                 NY-28-13-403
WILLIS, FRANCIS J.                     NY-28-17-103
WILLIS, FRANCIS J.                     NY-28-16-582
WILSON, ADDIE M.                       NY-28-16-248
WILSON, AGNES L.                       NY-28-17-568
WILSON, ARTHUR                         NY-28-13-79
WILSON, GENEVA                         NY-28-14-358
WILSON, GEORGE H.                      NY-28-11-85
WILSON, GEORGE H.                      NY-28-17-567
WILSON, JAME SL.                       NY-28-11-84
WILSON, JEANNIE M.                     NY-28-11-83
WILSON, WILLIAM GEORGE                 NY-28-17-499
WILTSIE, BURTON N.                     NY-28-10-86
WILTSIE, FRANK J.                      NY-28-10-84
WILTSIE, JAMES E.                      NY-28-10-85
WINANS, HELEN R.                       NY-28-17-405
WINANS, IRENE D.                       NY-28-17-404
WINEGARD, EDITH J.                     NY-28-16-322
WINSHIP, WILLIAM H.                    NY-28-14-134
WINSLOW, WALTER L.                     NY-28-10-587
WINTERROTH, BERTHA                     NY-28-14-156
WINTERROTH, JOHANNA                    NY-28-14-155
WIRTZ, ELIZABETH                       NY-28-18-229
WIRTZ, FRANZ                           NY-28-18-224
WIRTZ, MARIA                           NY-28-18-228
WIRTZ, VINCENT                         NY-28-18-223
WITHALL, BARTON O.                     NY-28-14-177
WITHERSPOON, ELIZABETH                 NY-28-10-481
WITTMAN, HENRY                         NY-28-18-71
WITTMAN, JOHN                          NY-28-18-72
WITTMANN, CATHARINE                    NY-28-14-371
WITTMANN, JOHN                         NY-28-14-372
WITTMANN, LOUISA                       NY-28-14-374
WITTMANN, MARGARETHA                   NY-28-14-373
WITTMANN, MARY                         NY-28-14-370
WITTMANN, MINNIE                       NY-28-14-375
WITZEL, LAURA                          NY-28-13-177
WODOARD, EDITH                         NY-28-13-107
WOELLERT, AUGUST                       NY-28-14-269
WOELLERT, MINNIE F.                    NY-28-14-268
WOHLRAB, ALOYS                         NY-28-13-382
WOHLRAB, CHARLES                       NY-28-13-384
WOHLRAB, LENA                          NY-28-13-383
WOHLRAB, LOUIS                         NY-28-13-385
WOLCOTT, GEORGE C.                     NY-28-12-22
WOLFE, WILLIAM M.                      NY-28-14-266
WOLFROM, ALBERTINE A.                  NY-28-13-143
WOLFROM, CARLSE N.                     NY-28-13-144
WOLFROM, DANIEL D.                     NY-28-13-142
WOLFROM, EUGENE R.                     NY-28-13-141
WOLFROM, FRED D.                       NY-28-13-140
WOLFROM, GRACE N.                      NY-28-13-135
WOLFROM, LAURA M.                      NY-28-13-136
WOLFROM, WILLIAM D.                    NY-28-13-137
WOLLF, NATHANIEL S.                    NY-28-18-435
WOLVERTON, LOLLIE                      NY-28-15-370
WOOD, LIBA                             NY-28-12-56
WOODARD, JENNIE                        NY-28-13-106
WOODARD, KING                          NY-28-13-108
WOODRUFF, CLINTON S.                   NY-28-14-379
WOODRUFF, MARVIN J.                    NY-28-14-378
WOODS, GERTIE L.                       NY-28-15-296
WOODWARD, GEORGE R.                    NY-28-15-180
WOODWARD, INEZ ELOISE                  NY-28-15-179
WOODWORTH, MARGUERITE                  NY-28-18-498
WOOLF, ELLIS A.                        NY-28-18-437
WOOLF, MARGARET E.                     NY-28-18-436
WORTHLEY, OTIS                         NY-28-11-200
WORTHLEY, OTIS                         NY-28-11-200
WORTHLY, OTIS W.                       NY-28-10-338
WORTHY, OTIS W.                        NY-28-10-162
WRAY, DE LOS H.                        NY-28-17-217
WRAY, HENRY                            NY-28-17-218
WRIGHT, ALFRED                         NY-28-15-446
WRIGHT, ALFRED                         NY-28-11-288
WRIGHT, CHARLES S.                     NY-28-11-290
WRIGHT, CLARK                          NY-28-13-153
WRIGHT, ELLIS B.                       NY-28-15-260
WRIGHT, ETHEL MADGE                    NY-28-16-400
WRIGHT, HATTIE                         NY-28-11-292
WRIGHT, JENNIE M.                      NY-28-11-293
WRIGHT, KITTIE T.                      NY-28-11-294
WRIGHT, LILLY M.                       NY-28-11-289
WRIGHT, MARGARET J.                    NY-28-15-397
WRIGHT, MARY                           NY-28-11-291
WUNDER, CHARLES                        NY-28-13-45
WUNDER, FRANK                          NY-28-13-46
WUNDER, FREDERICK                      NY-28-13-49
WUNDER, HENRY W. J.                    NY-28-13-47
WUNDER, LOUISA                         NY-28-13-48
WURTZ, JULIUS                          NY-28-13-273
WURTZ, WILHELMINA                      NY-28-14-449
WURTZ, WILHELMINA                      NY-28-13-274
WYNN, JOHN                             NY-28-13-388
WYNN, MARGARET                         NY-28-13-386
WYNN, MARY ANN                         NY-28-13-389
WYNN, THOMAS                           NY-28-13-387
WYNNE, ANNA J.                         NY-28-15-580
YAEGER, CLARA S.                       NY-28-17-274
YAEGER, WILLIAM F.                     NY-28-17-273
YENDES, EMMA GRACE                     NY-28-15-67
YENDES, LILY MAY                       NY-28-15-68
YEO, SUSAN EMILY                       NY-28-12-309
YEOMAN, LOUIS W.                       NY-28-15-161
YEOMAN, PHILIP S.                      NY-28-15-162
YERNS, MARY MAGGIE                     NY-28-13-42
YORK, ALFRED M.                        NY-28-11-153
YORK, JOHN H.                          NY-28-11-152
YOUNG, EDITH I.                        NY-28-17-464
YOUNG, FLORENCE K.                     NY-28-18-170
YOUNG, GERTRUDE R.                     NY-28-18-168
YOUNG, HELEN M.                        NY-28-18-169
YOUNT, HENRY                           NY-28-18-438
ZACHMAN, KATIE                         NY-28-18-556
ZAPF, GEORGE                           NY-28-14-65
ZAPF, MARY                             NY-28-14-66
ZARNOW, CHARLES                        NY-28-10-40
ZARNOW, EMILY                          NY-28-10-37
ZARNOW, FRANK                          NY-28-10-41
ZARNOW, IDA                            NY-28-10-39
ZARNOW, JULIUS                         NY-28-10-38
ZARNOW, MARY                           NY-28-10-43
ZARNOW, THEODORE                       NY-28-10-42
ZELLER, ARTHUR D.                      NY-28-18-10
ZELLER, FLORENCE E.                    NY-28-18-17
ZIEGLER, CHARLES                       NY-28-16-23
ZIEGLER, FREDERICK                     NY-28-16-22
ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES JR.                 NY-28-15-4
ZIMMERMAN, MARY LENA                   NY-28-11-195
ZIMMERMAN, REGINA                      NY-28-11-194
ZIMMERMAN, ROSA                        NY-28-11-193
ZIPKEY, ANDREW W.                      NY-28-17-79
ZIPKEY, CLARENCE N.                    NY-28-17-81
ZIPKEY, ESTELLA L.                     NY-28-17-78
ZIPKEY, FREDERICK C.                   NY-28-17-80
ZIPKEY, LAURA L.                       NY-28-17-82
ZOPF, AMELIA                           NY-28-17-288
ZUBER, JOHN J.                         NY-28-12-175
ZUBER, JULIA R.                        NY-28-12-174
ZUBER, LOUISA B.                       NY-28-12-173

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