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Letters of Testamentary

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The authority granted by courts to the executors of the estates having the wills

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ABBOTT, CALEB                          NY-LT-15-3-27
ABBOTT, JOHN A.                        NY-LT-15-3-242
ABEL, LOUIS                            NY-LT-15-4-598
ABELL, LOUISA R.                       NY-LT-15-5-538
ACKERMAN, CHRISTOPH                    NY-LT-15-5-191
ACTON, ISAAC HENRY                     NY-LT-15-4-303
ADAMS, ALANSON                         NY-LT-15-5-85
ADAMS, GEORGE A.                       NY-LT-15-5-284
ADAMS, HIRAM                           NY-LT-15-4-497
ADAMS, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-5-549
ADAMS, NEWTON H.                       NY-LT-15-5-544
ADAMS, THOMAS                          NY-LT-15-3-195
ADDINGTON, HAWKHURST                   NY-LT-15-5-602
ADDINGTON, SAMUEL H.                   NY-LT-15-4-496
AESCHBACH, RUDOLF                      NY-LT-15-2-169
AKELEY, GEORGE C.                      NY-LT-15-4-514
ALBERGER, JOB                          NY-LT-15-4-424
ALDRICH, MONROE                        NY-LT-15-5-405
ALDRICH, SAYLES                        NY-LT-15-5-49
ALLEN, ELIJAH                          NY-LT-15-2-109
ALLEN, ETHAN                           NY-LT-15-2-175
ALLEN, ISAAC R.                        NY-LT-15-4-520
ALLEN, PHINEAS                         NY-LT-15-4-99
ALLEN, TIMOTHY                         NY-LT-15-4-436
ALT, CATHARINE                         NY-LT-15-3-185
AMES, JONATHAN                         NY-LT-15-4-132
AMES, MOODY                            NY-LT-15-4-409
AMOBEL, STEPHEN                        NY-LT-15-3-289
ANDERSON, JOHN                         NY-LT-15-3-17A
ANDRE, CONRAD                          NY-LT-15-4-308
ANDREWS, BENJAMIN                      NY-LT-15-5-513
ANDREWS, GEORGE H.                     NY-LT-15-5-220
ANDREWS, HARVEY                        NY-LT-15-4-219
ANDREWS, ROBERT                        NY-LT-15-4-101
APPLEBY, GILMAN                        NY-LT-15-5-632
ARDNER, HANNAH M.                      NY-LT-15-5-144
ARMBRUSTER, ANTON                      NY-LT-15-5-39
ARMITAGE, DAVID                        NY-LT-15-5-598
ARNHOLT, GEORGE                        NY-LT-15-5-431
ARNOLD, STEPHEN                        NY-LT-15-4-18
ARNOLD, STEPHEN                        NY-LT-15-3-264
ASHMAN, AMAZIAH                        NY-LT-15-4-247
ATLEY, CHARLES B.                      NY-LT-15-4-142
ATWATER, EBENEZER G.                   NY-LT-15-3-222
ATWOOD, AARON                          NY-LT-15-4-116
ATWOOD, AARON JR.                      NY-LT-15-2-135
AUGSTELL, GEORGE                       NY-LT-15-5-581
AUSTIN, EDMUND                         NY-LT-15-4-81
AUSTIN, HIRAM E.                       NY-LT-15-5-146
AUSTIN, ISHAM                          NY-LT-15-4-30
AVERY, EDWARD D.                       NY-LT-15-4-149
AYERS, DARIUS                          NY-LT-15-2-111A
AYERS, DARIUS                          NY-LT-15-2-60
AYLESWORTH, CLARISSA                   NY-LT-15-2-54
AYRES, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-426
BABCOCK, ALPHEUS C.                    NY-LT-15-2-155
BACKOF, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-4-454
BACKUS, CORNELIUS                      NY-LT-15-5-125
BACON, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-64
BAER, ULRICH                           NY-LT-15-5-296
BAGLEY, LEBBIUS                        NY-LT-15-5-496
BAGNALL, BENJAMIN                      NY-LT-15-4-105
BAILEY, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-4-199
BAKER, ALEXANDER                       NY-LT-15-4-139
BAKER, DAVID                           NY-LT-15-3-11
BAKER, GEORGE                          NY-LT-15-5-300
BAKER, JACOB                           NY-LT-15-4-94
BAKER, LETITIA                         NY-LT-15-5-456
BAKER, MOSES                           NY-LT-15-5-29
BAKER, NATHAN                          NY-LT-15-2-41
BAKER, SIMON                           NY-LT-15-2-56
BALDWIN, CHARLES H.                    NY-LT-15-3-199
BALDWIN, CHAUNCEY                      NY-LT-15-4-552
BALDWIN, DANIEL                        NY-LT-15-5-492
BALDWIN, HENRY D.                      NY-LT-15-4-246
BALL, CAROLUS                          NY-LT-15-4-342
BALLYMORE, THOMAS                      NY-LT-15-5-78
BALTHASAR, CHRISTOPH                   NY-LT-15-5-506
BALTHASAR, WILLIAM                     NY-LT-15-5-563
BARKER, GIDEON                         NY-LT-15-5-404
BARKER, JACOB A.                       NY-LT-15-4-147
BARNES, CORNELIA H.                    NY-LT-15-4-434
BARNES, SUSAN A.                       NY-LT-15-3-202
BARNES, WILLIAM T.                     NY-LT-15-4-293
BARNUM, HANNAH                         NY-LT-15-5-330
BARNUM, JOSHUA                         NY-LT-15-4-56
BARR, RUDOLPH                          NY-LT-15-2-38
BARRELL, COLBUN                        NY-LT-15-3-6
BARRELL, ELISHA                        NY-LT-15-2-324
BARRETT, JAMES                         NY-LT-15-4-6
BARRETT, JEREMIAH                      NY-LT-15-4-476
BARTH, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-5-400
BARTHEL, JOSEPH                        NY-LT-15-4-281
BARTON, JAMES L.                       NY-LT-15-5-529
BARTON, THEODORE D.                    NY-LT-15-4-385
BASCOW, NICHOLAS                       NY-LT-15-2-184
BASKETT, CHARLES THOMAS                NY-LT-15-2-91
BASSETT, NATHANIEL T.                  NY-LT-15-4-499
BASTIAN, DIEBOLT                       NY-LT-15-5-415
BASTIAN, MICHAEL                       NY-LT-15-2-138
BATES, STEPHEN                         NY-LT-15-2-349
BAUER, PETER CHARLES                   NY-LT-15-3-279
BAUM, GEORGE                           NY-LT-15-3-286
BAUMANN, GEORGE                        NY-LT-15-5-227
BAUMBER, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-4-323
BAUMMGARTEN, AMMON                     NY-LT-15-5-60
BEACH, SETH                            NY-LT-15-2-30
BEARDSELL, JAMES                       NY-LT-15-4-189
BEAVIS, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-4-352
BECKER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-LT-15-3-161
BECKER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-LT-15-3-159
BECKER, JACOB                          NY-LT-15-5-476
BEER, FRANCIS                          NY-LT-15-3-119
BEHM, BARBARA                          NY-LT-15-2-48
BEHM, DANIEL                           NY-LT-15-3-68
BEILMAN, JACOB                         NY-LT-15-4-206
BEMENT, LORENZO                        NY-LT-15-2-28
BENKMA, KLAAS J.                       NY-LT-15-4-264
BENNETT, PHILANDER                     NY-LT-15-4-396
BENSON, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-571
BERGA, CONRAD                          NY-LT-15-5-290
BERGE, MARGARET E.                     NY-LT-15-5-365
BERGMILLER, SUSANA                     NY-LT-15-4-34
BERGTOLD, JACOB                        NY-LT-15-4-395
BERGTOLD, MARGARET                     NY-LT-15-4-504
BERRY, ELIZABETH E.                    NY-LT-15-5-514
BERRY, ERASTUS                         NY-LT-15-4-150
BEST, JANE                             NY-LT-15-3-233A
BEST, WILLIAM F.                       NY-LT-15-5-474
BEYER, BARBARA                         NY-LT-15-4-328
BEYER, GEORGE                          NY-LT-15-4-363
BEYER, JOSEPH                          NY-LT-15-5-279
BEZOLD, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-244
BIBOW, CHRISTIAN G. H.                 NY-LT-15-5-255
BIGELOW, HENRY                         NY-LT-15-4-118
BILLINGS, FRANCIS P.                   NY-LT-15-4-566
BILZ, JACOB                            NY-LT-15-5-325
BINGEMAN, CAROLINE                     NY-LT-15-5-518
BIRCKHEAD, HUGH                        NY-LT-15-4-216
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM                      NY-LT-15-5-560
BISHOP, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-4-21
BLACK, BRADDOCK                        NY-LT-15-3-40
BLACK, GEORGE W.                       NY-LT-15-3-5
BLACK, JAMES                           NY-LT-15-5-63
BLACK, NICHOLAS                        NY-LT-15-5-367
BLACKMAN, ERASTUS                      NY-LT-15-5-277
BLACKMAN, GEORGE                       NY-LT-15-4-561
BLACKMORE, CARLTON                     NY-LT-15-3-163
BLASS, HENRY                           NY-LT-15-5-612
BLINDBURY, DAVID                       NY-LT-15-3-15A
BLINDBURY, DAVID                       NY-LT-15-3-14A
BLISS, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-3-21A
BLISS, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-3-22A
BLISS, JOHN H.                         NY-LT-15-3-212
BLISS, LETITIA M.                      NY-LT-15-4-494
BLOCKER, CHRISTIAN                     NY-LT-15-3-81
BLODGETT, JONAS                        NY-LT-15-3-42
BLOKELY, JOSEPH                        NY-LT-15-4-353
BLOSINGER, JOHN M.                     NY-LT-15-3-61
BLOSSOM, IRA A.                        NY-LT-15-3-287
BLUMENSTEIN, AUGUST                    NY-LT-15-5-362
BOCK, FREDERICK                        NY-LT-15-5-167
BODE, DIEDRICK                         NY-LT-15-5-391
BOIES, JOEL                            NY-LT-15-2-160
BOLLES, GARRET                         NY-LT-15-3-112
BOON, PHILIP                           NY-LT-15-2-312
BORDWELL, CATHARINE G.                 NY-LT-15-4-54
BOSCH, JOHN J.                         NY-LT-15-4-474
BOSHE, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-402
BOTHOLMY, PETER                        NY-LT-15-4-131
BOUWKERS, JOHN H.                      NY-LT-15-4-428
BOVET, PIERRE                          NY-LT-15-2-291
BOWEN, HENRY                           NY-LT-15-4-477
BOYD, DAVID                            NY-LT-15-3-11A
BOYD, WILLIAM                          NY-LT-15-5-298
BOYER, GEORGE                          NY-LT-15-2-273
BOZERINGER, ADAM                       NY-LT-15-2-128
BRACFE, NORMAN                         NY-LT-15-4-534
BRADLEY, CHARLES A.                    NY-LT-15-5-383
BRADSHAW, EDITH                        NY-LT-15-5-479
BRADSHAW, ISRAEL                       NY-LT-15-5-355
BRAUN, JOHN A.                         NY-LT-15-5-394
BRAUNFELS, CHARLES H.                  NY-LT-15-4-441
BRAWN, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-5-449
BRAYMAN, DANIEL                        NY-LT-15-5-242
BREININGER, BARBARA                    NY-LT-15-5-98
BREININGER, JOSEPH                     NY-LT-15-4-95
BRENCHLEY, WILLIAM                     NY-LT-15-4-405
BRENNAN, EMMA R. K.                    NY-LT-15-5-480
BRENNER, SEBASTIAN                     NY-LT-15-5-43
BRIDGE, JOSEPH A.                      NY-LT-15-5-439
BRIERLEY, WILLIAM                      NY-LT-15-4-398
BRIGGS, ESEK                           NY-LT-15-4-310
BRIMMER, NOAH                          NY-LT-15-3-93
BRINK, ANTHONY                         NY-LT-15-5-578
BRISTOL, MOSES                         NY-LT-15-5-531
BRISTOL, NATHAN P.                     NY-LT-15-5-157
BRIZZOLORA, ANTONIO                    NY-LT-15-4-348
BROCKWAY, WILLIAM                      NY-LT-15-5-536
BROHAM, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-2-44
BROKER, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-5-596
BRON, PETER STEPHEN                    NY-LT-15-3-90
BROOKS, CHESTER                        NY-LT-15-3-16
BROOKS, ROBERT                         NY-LT-15-4-78
BROOKS, SAMUEL                         NY-LT-15-2-3
BROOKS, WELLS                          NY-LT-15-4-152
BROUGHGTON, AMOS W.                    NY-LT-15-4-188
BROWN, CAROLINE                        NY-LT-15-4-25
BROWN, DAVID                           NY-LT-15-3-274
BROWN, DEXTER                          NY-LT-15-4-117
BROWN, EBENEZER J.                     NY-LT-15-4-55
BROWN, ISAAC J.                        NY-LT-15-4-443
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-LT-15-4-194
BROWN, JEREMIAH                        NY-LT-15-4-172
BROWN, MARTHA                          NY-LT-15-4-40
BROWN, MINERVA                         NY-LT-15-5-321
BROWN, NANCY S.                        NY-LT-15-4-271
BROWN, POLLY                           NY-LT-15-5-77
BROWN, RUSSELL LOOSLE                  NY-LT-15-2-140
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-3-254
BRUCHI, NICHOLAS                       NY-LT-15-4-318
BRUNCK, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-2-313
BRUSH, NATHANIEL                       NY-LT-15-5-576
BRUTHAUPT, LIBOUS                      NY-LT-15-3-121
BRYANT, ABNER                          NY-LT-15-3-184
BUBACH, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-4-316
BUCHANAN, JOHN                         NY-LT-15-2-329
BUCKNER, JEREMIAS A.                   NY-LT-15-4-317
BUDD, THOMAS A.                        NY-LT-15-4-282
BUECHI, ANDREAS                        NY-LT-15-5-626
BULL, ABSALOM                          NY-LT-15-5-87
BULL, JOHN L.                          NY-LT-15-3-166
BULL, JOHN M.                          NY-LT-15-5-587
BULL, MARIA                            NY-LT-15-5-555
BULL, MILTON W.                        NY-LT-15-4-468
BULLIS, BENJAMIN                       NY-LT-15-4-129
BUNDY, HENRY                           NY-LT-15-5-481
BURCKHART, THEOBALD                    NY-LT-15-4-103
BURG, CHRISTINA                        NY-LT-15-5-306
BURK, BRIDGET                          NY-LT-15-5-386
BURK, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-5-50
BURKHARD, JOHN                         NY-LT-15-4-180
BURKHARDT, MICHAEL                     NY-LT-15-4-406
BURR, SIDNEY                           NY-LT-15-4-361
BURT, DAVID                            NY-LT-15-2-293
BURT, GEORGE                           NY-LT-15-2-31
BURTIS, ARTHUR                         NY-LT-15-5-258
BURWELL, BRYANT                        NY-LT-15-4-249
BUTTERFIELD, ROBERT                    NY-LT-15-5-142
BUTTS, SAMUEL L.                       NY-LT-15-4-229
BUTTS, SARAH                           NY-LT-15-4-480
CABONNELLS, AFORDICE                   NY-LT-15-2-119
CADRO, PETER                           NY-LT-15-3-80
CADWALLADER, MICHENER                  NY-LT-15-4-528
CALKINS, HARRISON                      NY-LT-15-4-37
CALKINS, SAMUEL                        NY-LT-15-4-15
CALL, AMOS                             NY-LT-15-4-347
CALLENDER, AMOS                        NY-LT-15-4-39
CALVIN, JACOB                          NY-LT-15-2-114
CAMEORN, WALTER A. J.                  NY-LT-15-4-297
CAMP, ASAHEL                           NY-LT-15-5-38
CAMP, BELA W.                          NY-LT-15-4-586
CAMP, DANIEL                           NY-LT-15-3-9
CAMP, JOSEPH E.                        NY-LT-15-3-21
CAMP, MERLIN                           NY-LT-15-2-179
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         NY-LT-15-2-335
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         NY-LT-15-5-491
CAMPBELL, MATHEW                       NY-LT-15-4-368
CANFIED, SILLICK                       NY-LT-15-5-54
CANFIELD, DANIEL                       NY-LT-15-2-76
CAPRENTER, SARAH                       NY-LT-15-2-197
CAPRENTER, ZENAS                       NY-LT-15-2-298
CAREY, ASA                             NY-LT-15-3-58
CAREY, CICERO R.                       NY-LT-15-2-29
CAREY, JAMES                           NY-LT-15-5-254
CAREY, MARTHA                          NY-LT-15-5-500
CARMER, ABRAHAM                        NY-LT-15-2-308
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH                   NY-LT-15-5-293
CARPENTER, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-5-485
CARPENTER, JOHN C.                     NY-LT-15-2-332
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                      NY-LT-15-2-11
CARRICK, WILLIAM                       NY-LT-15-5-525
CARROLL, JAMES                         NY-LT-15-4-244
CARSONS, JOSIAH                        NY-LT-15-3-207
CARVER, ALVIN                          NY-LT-15-4-87
CARY, CICERO R.                        NY-LT-15-2-66
CARY, DANFORD A.                       NY-LT-15-5-436
CARYL, JONATHAN                        NY-LT-15-2-9
CASE, MOSES                            NY-LT-15-5-91
CASH, WHITING                          NY-LT-15-5-252
CASH, WILLIAM                          NY-LT-15-3-104
CASTLETON, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-4-295
CATLIN, ALMEDA P.                      NY-LT-15-5-276
CATLIN, ELISHA                         NY-LT-15-2-61
CAVALLI, CHARLES                       NY-LT-15-5-460
CAVERY, LUCAS                          NY-LT-15-4-269
CHAFFEE, EZRA                          NY-LT-15-4-88
CHAMBERLAIN, HUNTING T.                NY-LT-15-5-357
CHAMPLIN, STEPHEN                      NY-LT-15-5-599
CHAPIN, WILLIAM W.                     NY-LT-15-4-144
CHAPMAN, MARGARET                      NY-LT-15-3-235
CHARD, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-3-19A
CHARLES, GEORGE                        NY-LT-15-5-229
CHASE, JAMES H.                        NY-LT-15-4-413
CHAVEL, FREDERICK                      NY-LT-15-3-91
CHEESEBRO, JAMES                       NY-LT-15-3-273
CHESTER, JOSEPH                        NY-LT-15-4-511
CHILCOTT, GEORGE W.                    NY-LT-15-4-574
CHOATE, DAVID T.                       NY-LT-15-3-213
CHURCH, LAWRENCE                       NY-LT-15-4-179
CHURCHILL, EDWARD                      NY-LT-15-5-613
CLAP, DANIEL W.                        NY-LT-15-4-421
CLARK, ABRAHAM                         NY-LT-15-4-483
CLARK, ELISHA P.                       NY-LT-15-5-189
CLARK, ELON                            NY-LT-15-3-252
CLARK, ERASTUS                         NY-LT-15-4-69
CLARK, FERDINAND C.                    NY-LT-15-3-188
CLARK, HENRY                           NY-LT-15-2-19A
CLARK, LEVI                            NY-LT-15-5-25
CLARK, LEVI                            NY-LT-15-4-608
CLARK, LOT                             NY-LT-15-4-335
CLARK, MARY                            NY-LT-15-4-340
CLARK, MICHAEL                         NY-LT-15-5-232
CLARK, SARAH                           NY-LT-15-4-84
CLARK, SIMON                           NY-LT-15-5-66
CLARK, STEPHEN E.                      NY-LT-15-4-529
CLARKE, FRANCES E.                     NY-LT-15-5-187
CLEAVELAND, JENNETTE R.                NY-LT-15-3-236
CLEMENS, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-3-219
CLIFFORD, JULIA A.                     NY-LT-15-4-336
CLINTON, THOMAS                        NY-LT-15-2-21
CLOUGH, FREEMAN A.                     NY-LT-15-5-295
COBB, CHARLOTTE C.                     NY-LT-15-5-192
COBURN, SARAH                          NY-LT-15-4-381
COE, BELA D.                           NY-LT-15-3-128
COE, BELA D.                           NY-LT-15-3-120A
COE, BELA D.                           NY-LT-15-3-124
COE, THOMAS                            NY-LT-15-2-50
COLBORN, SYLVESTER                     NY-LT-15-2-100
COLBY, EZEKIEL                         NY-LT-15-2-276
COLE, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-2-268
COLE, SALATHIEL                        NY-LT-15-4-392
COLE, SAMUEL                           NY-LT-15-2-25
COLEMAN, WILLIAM B.                    NY-LT-15-5-488
COLLETTE, LAMBERT N.                   NY-LT-15-4-576
COLLIGON, LOUIS                        NY-LT-15-3-171
COLVIN, AMOS                           NY-LT-15-2-62
COMMINS, STEPHEN                       NY-LT-15-2-368
CONGDON, ISRAEL                        NY-LT-15-2-188
COOK, ELI                              NY-LT-15-5-47
COOK, EZEKIEL                          NY-LT-15-4-119
COOPER, NATHANIEL                      NY-LT-15-4-346
CORLEY, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-442
CORLISS, SAMUEL                        NY-LT-15-4-431
CORNELL, PAUL D.                       NY-LT-15-5-417
CORNISH, JANE                          NY-LT-15-5-214
CORNISH, ORLANDO J. M.                 NY-LT-15-3-127
CORNWALL, WILLIS W.                    NY-LT-15-5-399
COSANDIER, FREDERICK                   NY-LT-15-4-515
COTTI, JACOB                           NY-LT-15-4-422
COURTOT, JACOB                         NY-LT-15-3-48
COVENEY, ROBERT                        NY-LT-15-4-607
COYLE, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-65
CRAIG, FRANCIS S.                      NY-LT-15-4-465
CRAIG, LAURA L.                        NY-LT-15-5-190
CRANDALL, DARIUS                       NY-LT-15-2-65
CRANE, ELISHA                          NY-LT-15-2-57
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL L.                    NY-LT-15-4-338
CRIDER, DANIEL                         NY-LT-15-3-25A
CRIQUI, ANTHONY                        NY-LT-15-3-4
CROUP, PHILILP                         NY-LT-15-4-276
CROW, CYRENIUS C.                      NY-LT-15-3-196
CROWDER, ELIZABETH                     NY-LT-15-5-182
CRUVER, JAMES                          NY-LT-15-3-170
CUMMINGS, DUTY                         NY-LT-15-5-380
CUMMINS, DANIEL                        NY-LT-15-3-26
CUMMINS, MARTHA                        NY-LT-15-3-246
CUMMINS, THOMAS                        NY-LT-15-2-279
CURRAN, ROBERT                         NY-LT-15-5-105
CURRIER, ABNER                         NY-LT-15-4-178
CURRIER, DAVID                         NY-LT-15-4-10
CURTIS, CHARLES W.                     NY-LT-15-5-473
CUTHBERT, RICHARD                      NY-LT-15-5-164
CUTTER, GEORGE W.                      NY-LT-15-5-497
CUTTER, GERSHAM W.                     NY-LT-15-4-80
DAHLKE, WILHELMINA                     NY-LT-15-5-428
DALEY, MARTIN                          NY-LT-15-3-92
DARBER, JEDEDIAH                       NY-LT-15-5-148
DARHEIG, ANNA                          NY-LT-15-5-303
DARLING, RUSSEL                        NY-LT-15-3-34
DARLING, SAMUEL                        NY-LT-15-3-208
DARRENBERGER, JOSEPH                   NY-LT-15-4-449
DARROW, HENRY P.                       NY-LT-15-3-100
DART, CLARK                            NY-LT-15-2-356
DART, JOSEPH                           NY-LT-15-4-377
DAUGHERTY, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-4-250
DAVALL, CHARLES                        NY-LT-15-4-259
DAVIDSON, SALLY C.                     NY-LT-15-5-545
DAVIS, AMY                             NY-LT-15-4-11
DAVIS, BATHSHEBA                       NY-LT-15-3-116
DAVIS, JACOB                           NY-LT-15-4-145
DAVIS, JAMES                           NY-LT-15-4-568
DAVIS, JOSIAH                          NY-LT-15-2-317
DAVISON, DANIEL S.                     NY-LT-15-2-10
DAVISON, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-4-531
DAVOCK, JOHN W.                        NY-LT-15-3-149
DAY, ATHIAS W.                         NY-LT-15-5-206
DAY, GEORGE                            NY-LT-15-4-419
DAYTON, JOHN A.                        NY-LT-15-5-504
DEHLINGER, VICTOR                      NY-LT-15-4-186
DELAMERE, JANE                         NY-LT-15-3-249
DENLER, JOHN T.                        NY-LT-15-4-414
DENNY, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-4-127
DETTE, LUDWIG                          NY-LT-15-3-192
DEUEL, HANNAH H.                       NY-LT-15-4-177
DEUEL, JOSEPH                          NY-LT-15-3-186
DEUTHER, ALEXANDER                     NY-LT-15-2-32
DEVLIN, MARY                           NY-LT-15-5-464
DEVLIN, MARY                           NY-LT-15-5-334
DIAMON, ABRAHAM                        NY-LT-15-4-23
DICKERMAN, PERRY D.                    NY-LT-15-5-209
DICKMANN, GEORGE                       NY-LT-15-5-181
DICKSON, WILLIAM                       NY-LT-15-4-551
DIEBOLT, SEBASTIAN                     NY-LT-15-5-561
DIEFENBACH, MARTIN                     NY-LT-15-4-404
DIEGELMANN, ANTHONY                    NY-LT-15-3-150
DIEHL, FRANK                           NY-LT-15-4-546
DIGEL, JOHN STEPHEN                    NY-LT-15-2-162
DILLER, URIAH                          NY-LT-15-4-173
DINGLER, WILHELM                       NY-LT-15-5-10
DIRRENBERGER, MICHAEL                  NY-LT-15-5-228
DODGE, ALVAN                           NY-LT-15-2-195
DODGE, MARY                            NY-LT-15-5-269
DODGE, SARAH UNDERHILL                 NY-LT-15-3-64
DODGE, SARAH UNDERHILL                 NY-LT-15-3-98
DOLL, FREDERICK                        NY-LT-15-5-283
DOLL, GEORGE                           NY-LT-15-4-314
DOLL, MATTHEW                          NY-LT-15-5-409
DOLL, MICHAEL                          NY-LT-15-4-5
DOLL, MICHAEL                          NY-LT-15-5-577
DOLPH, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-2-15
DOMEDION, JACOB                        NY-LT-15-5-294
DOOLITTLE, SARAH                       NY-LT-15-4-168
DORSCHEIMER, PHILIP                    NY-LT-15-5-322
DOTZLER, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-4-309
DOW, WILLIAM F.                        NY-LT-15-3-241
DOYLE, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-260
DRAPER, DAVID                          NY-LT-15-3-60
DRAPER, GIDEON                         NY-LT-15-3-69
DREC, HENRY                            NY-LT-15-5-523
DREW, JONATHAN                         NY-LT-15-2-295
DREWS, CHARLES G.                      NY-LT-15-4-339
DRUMMER, MARGARET                      NY-LT-15-5-194
DRYER, PETER                           NY-LT-15-4-9
DUBOIS, JACOB G.                       NY-LT-15-3-135
DUDLEY, STEPHEN                        NY-LT-15-4-1
DUEL, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-3-57
DUFF, ARCHIBALD M.                     NY-LT-15-4-284
DUFF, MARGARET                         NY-LT-15-4-350
DUFFY, JOSEPH                          NY-LT-15-4-594
DUNHAM, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-2-180
DURKEE, THOMAS                         NY-LT-15-4-471
DYMOND, PETER                          NY-LT-15-5-512
EARDLEY, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-5-342
EATON, LEWIS                           NY-LT-15-4-43
EATON, LEWIS L.                        NY-LT-15-4-298
EBERSOTT, FREDERICK                    NY-LT-15-4-253
ECKE, GEORGE                           NY-LT-15-5-126
ECKERT, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-3-179
ECKLEY, EDWARD                         NY-LT-15-4-82
ECKLEY, WILLIAM H. E.                  NY-LT-15-4-16
ECOB, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-5-122
EDDY, OSMER                            NY-LT-15-2-363
EDER, ANTHONY                          NY-LT-15-5-349
EGELSTON, LAWSON                       NY-LT-15-4-2
EIGHME, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-3-262
ELDRED, ALBERT                         NY-LT-15-2-267
ELDRED, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-2-171
ELLIS, ABBY CHANDLER                   NY-LT-15-5-56
ELLIS, EBENEZER                        NY-LT-15-4-547
ELLSWORTH, JOHN E.                     NY-LT-15-4-519
ELLWOOD, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-5-420
ELY, ISRAEL                            NY-LT-15-3-247
ELY, JOSEPH P.                         NY-LT-15-2-141
EMERLING, PHILIP                       NY-LT-15-4-48
ENDEL, NICHOLAS                        NY-LT-15-3-233
ENDRESS, LEONHARD                      NY-LT-15-3-288
ENGELS, PAUL                           NY-LT-15-5-278
ENSIGN, ROYAL                          NY-LT-15-2-18
ERNST, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-4-459
ESTEE, BETSY                           NY-LT-15-5-628
ESTER, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-252
EVA, PHILIP                            NY-LT-15-4-452
EVA, PHILIP                            NY-LT-15-3-130
EVANS, LETITIA                         NY-LT-15-2-101
EVANS, STEPHEN                         NY-LT-15-4-487
FAILING, DAVID                         NY-LT-15-4-371
FAILING, RICHARD                       NY-LT-15-5-370
FAIRCHILD, CALEB                       NY-LT-15-2-43
FAIRMAN, FRANKLIN F.                   NY-LT-15-4-204
FALES, HARVEY                          NY-LT-15-4-68
FALLIS, JANET                          NY-LT-15-5-33
FALLON, JAMES                          NY-LT-15-4-527
FANCHER, RUFUS                         NY-LT-15-4-493
FANTHIER, JOHN PETER                   NY-LT-15-3-89
FARNESS, ANTHONY                       NY-LT-15-2-127
FARNSWORTH, DAVID                      NY-LT-15-2-59
FARNSWORTH, LEVI                       NY-LT-15-3-67
FARNSWORTH, LEVI                       NY-LT-15-2-97
FARWELL, ELDRIDGE                      NY-LT-15-4-554
FAXLANGER, SOPHIA                      NY-LT-15-4-28
FAY, BENJAMIN                          NY-LT-15-4-420
FEDERSPIEL, PETER                      NY-LT-15-4-302
FEILER, FRANZ JOSEPH                   NY-LT-15-5-22
FELDMAN, ANTHONY                       NY-LT-15-5-634
FELGEMACHER, JOSEPH A.                 NY-LT-15-4-580
FELL, SETH E.                          NY-LT-15-3-51
FERGUSON, ROBERT                       NY-LT-15-2-151
FERO, ANNA                             NY-LT-15-2-156
FERRIS, WARREN                         NY-LT-15-2-369
FEUERBACH, LORENZ                      NY-LT-15-4-151
FIELD, LO COMON                        NY-LT-15-2-5
FILL, PETER                            NY-LT-15-2-142
FILLMORE, NATHANIEL                    NY-LT-15-4-351
FILLMORE, SHERLOCK                     NY-LT-15-5-163
FILLMORE, SIMEON                       NY-LT-15-2-284
FINCH,E LIZA                           NY-LT-15-4-457
FINLEY, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-4-187
FISCHENDORF, GUSTAV C. A.              NY-LT-15-5-326
FISCHER, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-5-393
FISCHER, PHILIP                        NY-LT-15-5-482
FISH, JAMES M.                         NY-LT-15-4-197
FISHER, JACOB                          NY-LT-15-5-261
FISHER, OTTO                           NY-LT-15-4-503
FISK, DELEVAN D.                       NY-LT-15-4-22
FISK, ISRAEL                           NY-LT-15-5-313
FITCH, NEHEMIAH H.                     NY-LT-15-2-285
FITCH, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-5-109
FIX, BERNHARD                          NY-LT-15-4-202
FIX, GEORGE                            NY-LT-15-5-422
FLANDERS, GEORGE                       NY-LT-15-2-126
FLEEHARTY, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-4-217
FLEMMING, JOHN WILLIAM                 NY-LT-15-4-577
FLINT, FRANCIS                         NY-LT-15-3-1
FLINT, ROBERT G.                       NY-LT-15-2-148
FOGALSOUGER, MICHAEL                   NY-LT-15-2-47
FOLLENIUS, RUDOLPH                     NY-LT-15-4-121
FOOT, MILTON S.                        NY-LT-15-3-282
FOOTE, JULIA                           NY-LT-15-3-140
FOOTE, THOMAS M.                       NY-LT-15-4-58
FORBES, CLEAVELAND                     NY-LT-15-4-41
FORBES, JOSEPH D.                      NY-LT-15-5-243
FORCHT, HENRY                          NY-LT-15-5-301
FORSTER, JOHN B.                       NY-LT-15-5-226
FOSTER, SAMUEL                         NY-LT-15-2-191
FOUGERON, FRANCIS                      NY-LT-15-4-331
FOUGERSON, JOSEPH SIMON                NY-LT-15-4-66
FOWLE, RHODA                           NY-LT-15-3-83
FOWLER, BENJAMIN                       NY-LT-15-3-255
FRANCIS, WILLIAM H.                    NY-LT-15-4-234
FRARY, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-213
FRARY, LYMAN M.                        NY-LT-15-4-334
FRAXON, JAMES                          NY-LT-15-5-619
FREEMAN, ELISHA                        NY-LT-15-5-24
FREEMAN, GEORGE                        NY-LT-15-5-207
FREEMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-LT-15-5-264
FREEMAN, THOMAS                        NY-LT-15-5-36
FREIDERICKS, DOROTHE                   NY-LT-15-3-22
FREUZ, HENRY                           NY-LT-15-5-565
FRICK, ESTHER                          NY-LT-15-3-215
FRICK, JACOB                           NY-LT-15-2-1
FRICK, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-160
FRIEDMAN, JOSEPH                       NY-LT-15-5-40
FRIES, PETER SR.                       NY-LT-15-5-62
FROST, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-3-177
FUCHS, EDWARD                          NY-LT-15-5-630
FURSMAN, EDWARD L.                     NY-LT-15-4-211
GAFFNEY, THOMAS                        NY-LT-15-4-27
GALE, HENRY M.                         NY-LT-15-5-299
GALE, MARY                             NY-LT-15-3-66
GAMACH, NOEL                           NY-LT-15-2-314
GANGLOFF, FRANCIS J.                   NY-LT-15-4-62
GANTER, MICHAEL                        NY-LT-15-4-258
GARDEN, MARY                           NY-LT-15-4-61
GARDNER, FRANCIS B.                    NY-LT-15-5-268
GARDNER, JANE MATILDA                  NY-LT-15-4-8
GARDNER, JOSEPH B.                     NY-LT-15-3-118
GARSIER, MARY                          NY-LT-15-5-116
GASER, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-283
GEGEORGE, ELIZABETH                    NY-LT-15-5-466
GEISENDOERFER, MARY                    NY-LT-15-5-338
GELSTON, SAMUEL F.                     NY-LT-15-4-214
GEORGE, CATHARINE                      NY-LT-15-5-498
GERARD, BARBE                          NY-LT-15-5-89
GERBER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-LT-15-3-117
GERMAIN, CHARLES                       NY-LT-15-4-550
GERMAIN, JAMES                         NY-LT-15-5-101
GERMAN, DAVID                          NY-LT-15-2-86
GERMANY, PHILIP                        NY-LT-15-5-381
GETCHELL, OTIS P.                      NY-LT-15-4-311
GEYER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-LT-15-5-511
GHEUTZ, JACOB                          NY-LT-15-5-463
GIFFORD, STEPHEN                       NY-LT-15-5-198
GILBERT, ABIJAH                        NY-LT-15-2-24
GILBERT, MARY M.                       NY-LT-15-4-442
GILL, PATRICK                          NY-LT-15-5-539
GILMORE, HUGH                          NY-LT-15-4-567
GLAZIER, EZEKIEL                       NY-LT-15-2-64
GLEASON, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-2-198
GLEASON, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-5-611
GLOSSER, WILLIAM                       NY-LT-15-4-367
GODFREY, GEORGE R.                     NY-LT-15-2-122
GOETZ, DANIEL                          NY-LT-15-4-29
GOETZ, MICHAEL                         NY-LT-15-5-110
GOLD, MARTHA W.                        NY-LT-15-2-287
GOODALE, JAMES                         NY-LT-15-2-143
GOODALL, SAMUEL C.                     NY-LT-15-2-134
GOODELL, DIADAMIA                      NY-LT-15-4-575
GOODELL, DIADEMA                       NY-LT-15-3-209
GOODELL, JABEZ                         NY-LT-15-3-65
GOODEMOTE, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-2-52
GOODRICH, GUY H.                       NY-LT-15-5-170
GORHAM, RAWSON                         NY-LT-15-2-185
GORMAN, MATHEW                         NY-LT-15-5-633
GOSLIN, EZRA P.                        NY-LT-15-5-557
GOTWALT, HENRY                         NY-LT-15-5-31
GOULD, AMOS                            NY-LT-15-4-382
GRAESSER, CHRISTIAN                    NY-LT-15-5-406
GRAF, GOTTLIEB                         NY-LT-15-4-578
GRAHAM, NANCY                          NY-LT-15-5-609
GRAHLING, PHILIP                       NY-LT-15-5-566
GRANGER, JAMES N.                      NY-LT-15-4-14
GREEN, JAMES                           NY-LT-15-4-380
GREEN, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-579
GREENE, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-2-183
GREEN,F RANCIS H.                      NY-LT-15-4-71
GREENMAN, ASA                          NY-LT-15-3-253
GREENSHIELD, JOHN                      NY-LT-15-4-268
GREENSLIT, NATHANIEL C.                NY-LT-15-3-190
GREGG, ROSANNA                         NY-LT-15-4-597
GREGOR, MARY A.                        NY-LT-15-5-490
GREGORY, JOHN C.                       NY-LT-15-5-421
GRIDER, DANIEL                         NY-LT-15-3-239
GRIESERT, WILLIAM                      NY-LT-15-5-535
GRIFFIN, JOHN W.                       NY-LT-15-4-491
GRISSIM, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-3-154
GRONTSCH, KATHARIN                     NY-LT-15-5-601
GROSVENOR, CHARLES T.                  NY-LT-15-4-427
GROSVENOR, SETH H.                     NY-LT-15-4-472
GROSVENOR, STETSON L.                  NY-LT-15-4-572
GROVE, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-3-28
GROVE, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-3-30
GRUSTMANN, LEWIS                       NY-LT-15-3-238
GUDER, FREDERICK                       NY-LT-15-3-5A
GWIN, OBED                             NY-LT-15-4-407
GWINN, WILLIAM R.                      NY-LT-15-4-237
GYGLI, FREDERICK                       NY-LT-15-4-501
HAAS, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-5-605
HADLEY, ALEXANDER                      NY-LT-15-4-485
HADLEY, ALEXANDER                      NY-LT-15-4-484
HAIGHT, JESSE J.                       NY-LT-15-2-4
HALL, DANIEL                           NY-LT-15-4-415
HALL, IRA                              NY-LT-15-4-159
HALL, NELSO                            NY-LT-15-5-162
HALSTEAD, JOB                          NY-LT-15-3-108
HALTER, HENRY                          NY-LT-15-3-198
HAMBLETON, JONAS                       NY-LT-15-2-181
HAMLIN, JOHN SQUIRE                    NY-LT-15-4-322
HAMMOND, PHEBE                         NY-LT-15-4-285
HAMPTON, AARON                         NY-LT-15-3-232
HANDEL, FRANCIS J.                     NY-LT-15-4-228
HANSON, JANE A.                        NY-LT-15-4-362
HARLACHER, JOHN ANDREW                 NY-LT-15-5-80
HARRADEN, JAMES                        NY-LT-15-5-239
HARRINGTON, ERASTUS                    NY-LT-15-5-111
HARRINGTON, HIRAM                      NY-LT-15-5-429
HARRINGTON, ISAAC R.                   NY-LT-15-3-49
HARRINGTON, JOHN                       NY-LT-15-2-266A
HARRINGTON, JOHN J.                    NY-LT-15-4-123
HARRINGTON, JOHN J.                    NY-LT-15-3-155
HARRINGTON, SPENCER                    NY-LT-15-4-33
HARRIS, ALLURUS L.                     NY-LT-15-5-11
HARRIS, BENJAMIN                       NY-LT-15-4-508
HARRIS, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-2-159
HARRIS, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-4-319
HART, WILLIAM A.                       NY-LT-15-5-13
HARTER, ANTHONY                        NY-LT-15-3-19
HARTER, OLIVER                         NY-LT-15-3-15
HARTMAN, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-5-586
HARTMAN, PETER                         NY-LT-15-4-563
HARVEY, EGBERT                         NY-LT-15-5-629
HASTINGS, CHAUNCEY                     NY-LT-15-4-506
HATCH, EDWARD N.                       NY-LT-15-5-395
HATCH, JUNIUS H.                       NY-LT-15-5-465
HATCH, LYDIA ANNA                      NY-LT-15-4-275
HAUCK, MARIA A.                        NY-LT-15-5-123
HAUS, JACOB                            NY-LT-15-3-41
HAVEN, BESSIE                          NY-LT-15-4-134
HAVENS, HIRAM                          NY-LT-15-2-278
HAVENS, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-3-146
HAVENS, JOSEPH B.                      NY-LT-15-4-294
HAVENS, JOSEPH J.                      NY-LT-15-3-158
HAVENS, PELEG                          NY-LT-15-5-305
HAWKIN, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-4-429
HAWKINS, JOSEPH                        NY-LT-15-4-451
HAWKS, ZADOCK                          NY-LT-15-5-53
HAWLEY, SALMA                          NY-LT-15-4-274
HAWS, JOHN GEORGE                      NY-LT-15-5-188
HAXALL, RODNEY                         NY-LT-15-4-126
HAY, JOHN                              NY-LT-15-2-282
HAYDEN, ALBERT                         NY-LT-15-2-339
HAYES, SARAH S.                        NY-LT-15-5-397
HAZZARD, WILLIAM                       NY-LT-15-2-33
HEACOCK, ABBY P.                       NY-LT-15-5-423
HEACOCK, REUBEN B.                     NY-LT-15-3-180
HECKLER, PETER                         NY-LT-15-5-152
HEIM, ANDREW                           NY-LT-15-2-42
HEIMS, ANNA M.                         NY-LT-15-4-287
HEINAMAN, LOUIS                        NY-LT-15-5-527
HEINRICH, GERHARD                      NY-LT-15-3-268
HEINTZ, MARTIN                         NY-LT-15-5-138
HELLRIEYKE, JOHN                       NY-LT-15-5-235
HENNEBERGE,R PHILIP                    NY-LT-15-4-583
HENNET, GEORGE E.                      NY-LT-15-5-107
HENRY, JACOB                           NY-LT-15-5-59
HENSHAW, BENJAMIN T.                   NY-LT-15-4-349
HENSHAW, JEFFERSON                     NY-LT-15-3-220
HENSHAW, MANUEL                        NY-LT-15-4-235
HENSHAW, NATHANIEL                     NY-LT-15-2-63
HERIOTT, ELKANAH D.                    NY-LT-15-4-241
HERSHEY, BARBARA                       NY-LT-15-4-292
HERSHEY, BENJAMIN                      NY-LT-15-2-275
HERSHEY, FANNY                         NY-LT-15-5-350
HESSE, PETER F.                        NY-LT-15-4-215
HETTLER, MATHIAS                       NY-LT-15-2-168
HEWETT, REUBEN                         NY-LT-15-2-16
HIBBARD, LOVALLA                       NY-LT-15-5-360
HICKEY, CHARLES                        NY-LT-15-5-368
HIEMENZ, HENRY                         NY-LT-15-5-259
HIGGINS, WALTER                        NY-LT-15-2-322
HIGHAM, THOMAS                         NY-LT-15-3-12A
HILBERT, JOHN N.                       NY-LT-15-5-358
HILL, CHARLES                          NY-LT-15-2-144
HILL, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-2-289
HILL, SAMUEL                           NY-LT-15-3-7
HILL, WILLIAM H.                       NY-LT-15-3-182
HILL, ZENAS                            NY-LT-15-5-288
HILLACY, SAMUEL                        NY-LT-15-5-8
HILLER, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-437
HILLREIGELL, NICOLAS                   NY-LT-15-2-294
HITCHCOCK, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-3-31
HOCHN, FREDERICK                       NY-LT-15-5-155
HOCK, FREDERICK                        NY-LT-15-5-154
HODGE, BENJAMIN                        NY-LT-15-5-337
HOENIG, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-218
HOFFMAN, MICHAEL                       NY-LT-15-2-98
HOLBROOK, ORA L.                       NY-LT-15-3-10
HOLBROOK, ORA L.                       NY-LT-15-3-172
HOLBROOK, ORA L.                       NY-LT-15-3-261
HOLCOMB, AMASA                         NY-LT-15-5-230
HOLDEN, HARRIET                        NY-LT-15-4-384
HOLLERITH, GEORGE                      NY-LT-15-5-454
HOLLINGER, JOSEPH                      NY-LT-15-4-238
HOLLISTER, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-5-94
HOLMAN, ABEL                           NY-LT-15-4-418
HOLMES, EBENEZER                       NY-LT-15-2-74
HOLMES, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-4-243
HOLT, BETHIA                           NY-LT-15-2-12
HOLT, DIBLE                            NY-LT-15-2-6
HOLT, OLIVER                           NY-LT-15-5-32
HOLZINGER, CATHARINE                   NY-LT-15-5-369
HOMER, JOHN C.                         NY-LT-15-2-158
HONSINGER, CHARLES                     NY-LT-15-5-289
HOPFENRITZ, BERNARD                    NY-LT-15-5-446
HOPKINS, CHARLES M.                    NY-LT-15-4-240
HOPKINS, JOHN A.                       NY-LT-15-4-51
HOPKINS, NELSON                        NY-LT-15-4-502
HOPKINS, TIMOTHY S.                    NY-LT-15-3-122
HORTON, FRUMAN                         NY-LT-15-5-541
HOTCHKISS, HAWLEY C.                   NY-LT-15-5-452
HOUGH, DAVID C.                        NY-LT-15-4-50
HOWARD, EDDY                           NY-LT-15-3-132
HOWARTH, HENRY                         NY-LT-15-5-9
HOYT, JONATHAN                         NY-LT-15-3-14
HOYT, POLLY                            NY-LT-15-4-397
HUBBARD, CATHARINE                     NY-LT-15-4-135
HUDSON, CLARK                          NY-LT-15-4-288
HUDSON, GERTRUDE C.                    NY-LT-15-3-50
HUDSON, JOHN H.                        NY-LT-15-4-490
HUDSON, STUKELY                        NY-LT-15-5-286
HUFF, JOSEPH                           NY-LT-15-5-257
HUFF, TIMOTHY                          NY-LT-15-4-3
HULL, WARREN                           NY-LT-15-2-87
HUNSINGER, HENRY                       NY-LT-15-2-366
HUNT, CATHARINE H.                     NY-LT-15-4-463
HUNT, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-5-3
HUNT, NOAH                             NY-LT-15-5-546
HURST, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-272
HUSON, SARAH                           NY-LT-15-2-136
HUSSEY, CLOTILDA                       NY-LT-15-5-216
HUSSEY, MARY J.                        NY-LT-15-3-203
HUSTED, STEPHEN ST. JOHN               NY-LT-15-4-182
HUTCHINGS, WILLIAM A.                  NY-LT-15-4-595
HUTCHINS, WILLIAM                      NY-LT-15-2-83
HUTCHINSON, JOHN                       NY-LT-15-5-15
HUTTENMEYER, GODFRIED                  NY-LT-15-3-94
INGERSOLL, EBENEZER                    NY-LT-15-2-96
INMAN, HENRY                           NY-LT-15-5-115
IRISH, DANIEL                          NY-LT-15-5-5
IVY, HULDAH                            NY-LT-15-4-356
JACKMAN, JAMES R.                      NY-LT-15-4-557
JACKSON, ARTHUR                        NY-LT-15-4-592
JAGER, DAVID                           NY-LT-15-3-245
JAMES, NATHAN W.                       NY-LT-15-2-104
JAMISON, JOSEPH A.                     NY-LT-15-5-509
JENKINS, SAMUEL                        NY-LT-15-4-193
JENKS, ZIDANA J. J.                    NY-LT-15-4-73
JENNINGS, JAMES                        NY-LT-15-4-263
JENNINGS, TABITHA                      NY-LT-15-4-461
JERGE, EVA                             NY-LT-15-5-520
JERGE, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-208
JERGE, JOSEPH                          NY-LT-15-4-106
JERGE, KASPER                          NY-LT-15-5-597
JOHN, HENRY                            NY-LT-15-5-618
JOHNSON, ASA                           NY-LT-15-4-59
JOHNSON, EBENEZER                      NY-LT-15-2-338A
JOHNSON, EBENEZER                      NY-LT-15-2-340
JOHNSON, ELISABETH                     NY-LT-15-4-163
JOHNSON, ELIZA ANN                     NY-LT-15-5-328
JOHNSON, FANNY                         NY-LT-15-4-462
JOHNSON, HENRY                         NY-LT-15-2-23
JOHNSON, JOHN S. P.                    NY-LT-15-5-558
JONES, DE GARMO                        NY-LT-15-4-498
JONES, HIRAM                           NY-LT-15-5-112
JONES, PETER                           NY-LT-15-5-425
JONES, THOMAS                          NY-LT-15-5-384
JONES, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-5-145
JOPP, HERMAN HENRY                     NY-LT-15-4-130
JORDAN, LYDIA E.                       NY-LT-15-5-266
JOSELYN, AMASA                         NY-LT-15-3-76
JOSELYN, LUCY D.                       NY-LT-15-3-82
JUDSON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-LT-15-5-443
JUENEMANN, HENRY                       NY-LT-15-3-109
JUNG, SEBASTIAN                        NY-LT-15-4-267
JUNGMAN, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-5-147
JUSTIN, HAMBLET                        NY-LT-15-5-297
KAENE, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-3-105
KAMM, SEBASTIAN                        NY-LT-15-4-4
KAPPLER, FRANCIS M.                    NY-LT-15-5-174
KARN, ADAM                             NY-LT-15-4-553
KEEFER, MARY                           NY-LT-15-4-590
KEENAN, TIMOTHY                        NY-LT-15-5-483
KEGLER, STEPHEN                        NY-LT-15-5-438
KEHREVICH, FREDERICK G.                NY-LT-15-4-370
KEIFER, ANTHONY                        NY-LT-15-2-200
KELLER, HENRY                          NY-LT-15-4-225
KELLOGG, JAMES W.                      NY-LT-15-2-365
KELSEY, EBENEZER                       NY-LT-15-3-231
KENEDY, ALEXANDER                      NY-LT-15-4-589
KENNEDY, ALLEN                         NY-LT-15-2-121
KEOGH, FRANCIS GETHINGS                NY-LT-15-3-218
KERN, MAGDALENA                        NY-LT-15-5-120
KERR, ALEXANDER                        NY-LT-15-2-7
KERR, ELIJAH                           NY-LT-15-2-14
KESTER, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-2-334
KESTER, SAMUEL                         NY-LT-15-5-28
KESTER, SAMUEL                         NY-LT-15-2-202
KETCHUM, HESTER                        NY-LT-15-3-175
KETCHUM, JESSE                         NY-LT-15-5-250
KETCHUM, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-4-153
KETCHUM, WILLIAM F.                    NY-LT-15-4-570
KETCHUM, ZEBULON                       NY-LT-15-3-165
KIBLER, JACOB                          NY-LT-15-3-245A
KIBLER, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-495
KILLEEN, MARY ANN                      NY-LT-15-5-540
KIMBALL, DANIEL F.                     NY-LT-15-3-110
KIMBALL, LOVELL                        NY-LT-15-2-316
KIMBERLY, SHERMAN                      NY-LT-15-4-548
KIMBLE, ASA                            NY-LT-15-4-72
KIMMITT, FRANCIS                       NY-LT-15-5-273
KIMPEL, PHILIP                         NY-LT-15-4-593
KING, CLEMENT                          NY-LT-15-3-114
KINNAM, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-4-232
KITLING, IGNATIUS                      NY-LT-15-2-51
KLAS, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-5-592
KLASSERT, MARGARET                     NY-LT-15-5-95
KLEIN, JOHN GOTTFRID                   NY-LT-15-5-354
KLEIN, MARGARET                        NY-LT-15-5-307
KLEINFELDER, CONRAD                    NY-LT-15-5-556
KLEINHAUS, CHRISTIAN                   NY-LT-15-4-375
KLEITZ, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-2-345
KLOWS, FREDERICK                       NY-LT-15-3-43
KLUSZ, HEINRICH                        NY-LT-15-3-272
KNAPP, ISAAC                           NY-LT-15-2-274
KNIGHT, SAMUEL W.                      NY-LT-15-4-31
KNNEY, ELEANOR                         NY-LT-15-5-532
KNOCKE, PHILIPP SR.                    NY-LT-15-4-455
KNUGER, HENRY                          NY-LT-15-5-533
KOCH, HENRY                            NY-LT-15-5-376
KOCH, JOHN P.                          NY-LT-15-4-157
KOCH, URSULA                           NY-LT-15-4-93
KOESTER, HEINRICH                      NY-LT-15-3-189
KOOPMANS, HENRY T.                     NY-LT-15-4-169
KOSTER, JOHN F.                        NY-LT-15-3-151
KOSTER, METTA                          NY-LT-15-3-216
KRAFFERT, JACOB                        NY-LT-15-4-573
KRAFT, FRANCES                         NY-LT-15-3-181
KRAFT, MARIA ANNA                      NY-LT-15-5-149
KRAFT,ANTHONY                          NY-LT-15-4-358
KRAMER, JOHN ADAM                      NY-LT-15-5-196
KREGLOH, SIMON                         NY-LT-15-4-460
KREISS, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-4-86
KRETTNER, JACOB                        NY-LT-15-5-590
KRETZ, MICHAEL                         NY-LT-15-5-180
KRETZINGER, CATHARINE                  NY-LT-15-4-571
KROLL, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-5-414
KRUPP, GEORGE                          NY-LT-15-5-635
KUHN, MARY                             NY-LT-15-5-14
KUIS, THOMAS                           NY-LT-15-5-552
KULL, GOTTFRIED F.                     NY-LT-15-4-479
KUNZ, GREGORY                          NY-LT-15-4-545
KUPFER, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-550
KURTZ, CRAWFORD                        NY-LT-15-3-271
KURTZ, FREDERICK                       NY-LT-15-2-189
KURTZ, HENRY                           NY-LT-15-3-266
KUSTER, GOTTFRIED                      NY-LT-15-5-121

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