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Letters of Testamentary

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The authority granted by courts to the executors of the estates having the wills

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Column 1 = Name of the estate
Column 2 = County, Volume, Page # | Volume List: 1 = 1819-1832 | 2 = 1832-1850 | 3 = 1850-1856 | 4 = 1856-1865 | 5 = 1865-1870 | 6-24 = ? |
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LABAN, ALEXANDER                       NY-LT-15-3-47
LAG, NATHANIEL                         NY-LT-15-2-145
LAIR, ROBERT M.                        NY-LT-15-4-466
LAMPREY, STEPHEN                       NY-LT-15-3-205
LANDON, JEREMIAH M.                    NY-LT-15-4-343
LANDSCHEFT, WILLIAM                    NY-LT-15-5-382
LANDSITTEL, ANTHONY                    NY-LT-15-5-221
LANG, JACOB                            NY-LT-15-4-344
LANGANHADER, HERMAN H.                 NY-LT-15-5-484
LAPP, BARBARA                          NY-LT-15-5-251
LAPPEN, EDWARD                         NY-LT-15-5-185
LARKIN, JOSHUA                         NY-LT-15-4-507
LARQUEMAIN, JOHN E.                    NY-LT-15-4-400
LATHROP, DENISON                       NY-LT-15-2-194
LATHROP, RUFUS                         NY-LT-15-2-296
LAUBER, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-5-343
LAUREAU, THOMAS                        NY-LT-15-5-151
LAURENCE, JOSEPH                       NY-LT-15-3-120
LAW, JAMES                             NY-LT-15-2-270
LAWSON, ALEXANDER                      NY-LT-15-2-173
LAWTON, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-2-311
LAYTON, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-2-78
LEACH, GEORGE B.                       NY-LT-15-3-37
LEADER, MARY A.                        NY-LT-15-5-333
LEAVEY, MICHAEL                        NY-LT-15-5-172
LEBRELL, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-5-82
LEBRUN, JOHN B.                        NY-LT-15-5-377
LECANTEULX, LOUIS                      NY-LT-15-4-46
LECONTEALX, PETER A.                   NY-LT-15-5-246
LECONTEULX, WILLIAM B.                 NY-LT-15-4-136
LECOUTEULX, LOUIS                      NY-LT-15-2-92
LEDRICH, FREDRICK                      NY-LT-15-4-45
LEE, BRIDGET                           NY-LT-15-5-625
LEE, THOMAS                            NY-LT-15-5-203
LEECH, EDWARD E.                       NY-LT-15-4-523
LEFLER, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-5-562
LEHMANN, PETER                         NY-LT-15-4-378
LEIB, ABRAHAM                          NY-LT-15-5-51
LEIB, CHRISTIAN                        NY-LT-15-4-581
LEIDENBEGER, MICHAEL                   NY-LT-15-5-292
LENHARDT, JOSEPH                       NY-LT-15-5-241
LESLIE, JAMES F.                       NY-LT-15-4-90
LETSON, SAMUEL                         NY-LT-15-4-604
LETZ, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-5-344
LEVEN, LUCY                            NY-LT-15-4-191
LEWIS, DRAYTON B.                      NY-LT-15-4-489
LEWIS, JOHN A.                         NY-LT-15-5-136
LEWIS, JOHN L.                         NY-LT-15-4-277
LIAR, JOSEPH                           NY-LT-15-5-212
LIEBLE, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-103
LINCOLN, JOSIAH                        NY-LT-15-3-269
LINCOLN, JOSIAH                        NY-LT-15-3-251
LINDER, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-5-494
LINDSLEY, MATHEW                       NY-LT-15-2-73
LINTON, ARCHIBALD                      NY-LT-15-2-149
LIPP, JOHN A.                          NY-LT-15-5-559
LIPPARD, JACOB                         NY-LT-15-5-153
LIPPERT, MARGARETHA                    NY-LT-15-5-608
LISSON, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-4-408
LITTLE, SAMUEL C.                      NY-LT-15-4-315
LITZ, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-4-417
LOBDELL, PLINY                         NY-LT-15-4-542
LOCKWOOD, HARRISON                     NY-LT-15-2-321
LOCKWOOD, HELEN M.                     NY-LT-15-4-320
LOCKWOOD, JESSE                        NY-LT-15-4-24
LOCKWOOD, WATERS C.                    NY-LT-15-2-330
LOEWI, SAMUEL                          NY-LT-15-5-222
LOGAN, MARY ANN                        NY-LT-15-5-231
LONG, BENJAMIN                         NY-LT-15-4-143A
LONG, EDWIN R.                         NY-LT-15-2-177
LONG, JOSEPH                           NY-LT-15-4-89
LONG, SALOME                           NY-LT-15-4-212
LOOMIS, RACHEL                         NY-LT-15-2-167
LORD, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-2-69
LORD, SAMUEL                           NY-LT-15-3-156
LORD, WILLAM                           NY-LT-15-4-301
LORTZ, ADAM                            NY-LT-15-5-304
LOTHROP, JOSHUA R.                     NY-LT-15-5-585
LOTZ, ELIZA                            NY-LT-15-3-224
LOTZ, JOSEPH                           NY-LT-15-4-412
LOVE, LEVI                             NY-LT-15-3-24A
LOVE, THOMAS                           NY-LT-15-2-80
LOVERIDGE, CHARLES M.                  NY-LT-15-2-337
LUCE, ALMOND                           NY-LT-15-2-35
LUCE, ANNA                             NY-LT-15-5-106
LUDI, JAMES                            NY-LT-15-4-115
LUDLOW, FLAVILLIA                      NY-LT-15-5-233
LUDWIG, FRANZ                          NY-LT-15-4-60
LUTKEMEYER, CASPAR                     NY-LT-15-4-280
LUX, MARTIN                            NY-LT-15-5-375
LYNN, CATHARINE                        NY-LT-15-5-372
LYNN, MARGARET                         NY-LT-15-5-444
LYNN, WILLIAM                          NY-LT-15-5-499
MACK, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-4-423
MADDEN, EDWARD                         NY-LT-15-5-569
MAEDER, NICHOLAS                       NY-LT-15-5-291
MAGRUM, ANTHONY                        NY-LT-15-3-176
MAMMOSER, MARTIN                       NY-LT-15-5-440
MANN, ANN D.                           NY-LT-15-5-137
MANN, NATHAN M.                        NY-LT-15-5-627
MANN, SARAH                            NY-LT-15-2-186
MARSH, JOSEPH S.                       NY-LT-15-2-161
MARSH, MARY ANN                        NY-LT-15-4-107A
MARTIN, EBENEZER                       NY-LT-15-5-312
MARTIN, JACOB                          NY-LT-15-4-198
MARTIN, JEAN                           NY-LT-15-5-389
MARTIN, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-3-178
MARTIN, KINGSTEY                       NY-LT-15-3-87
MARTIN, MICHAEL                        NY-LT-15-5-281
MARVIN, SARAH                          NY-LT-15-4-447
MASSON, NICHOLAS                       NY-LT-15-2-310
MATHER, AMOS                           NY-LT-15-4-333
MATHEWS, CATHARINE                     NY-LT-15-4-458
MATTESON, GEORGE                       NY-LT-15-4-257
MATTHEWS, ELIAS                        NY-LT-15-5-210
MAY, LOUIS                             NY-LT-15-4-469
MAY, PRISCILLA T.                      NY-LT-15-5-606
MAYNARD, LEWIS                         NY-LT-15-4-537
MCALEESE, JOHN                         NY-LT-15-4-209
MCCLANAN, SERENA                       NY-LT-15-4-516
MCCORMICK, PETER                       NY-LT-15-3-88
MCDONALD, HUGH                         NY-LT-15-4-138
MCDOUGALL, RONALD                      NY-LT-15-5-249
MCDOWALL, JAMES                        NY-LT-15-2-77
MCGLYNN, JAMES                         NY-LT-15-5-347
MCHUGH, CATHARINE                      NY-LT-15-4-536
MCKAY, JOSEPH W.                       NY-LT-15-4-605
MCKEAN, BERNARD                        NY-LT-15-5-412
MCLANE, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-3-211
MCMILLEN, HUGH                         NY-LT-15-2-102
MCMULLEN, LAWRENCE                     NY-LT-15-2-95
MCNICKLE, HENRY                        NY-LT-15-5-316
MEAD, EVELINE                          NY-LT-15-5-543
MEANS, HARRIET                         NY-LT-15-3-243
MEEHAN, PATRICK                        NY-LT-15-4-473
MELOW, JOAKIM                          NY-LT-15-4-144A
MENSCH, VALENTINE                      NY-LT-15-3-12
MENSCH, VALENTINE                      NY-LT-15-3-131
MENSCH, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-4-539
MERCER, SIMISTER                       NY-LT-15-4-313
MERGENHAGUE, JOHN                      NY-LT-15-5-573
MERRIAM, THERON                        NY-LT-15-2-117
MERRILL, JESSE A.                      NY-LT-15-2-123
MERRITT, JESSE                         NY-LT-15-2-354
MESMER, FRANCES                        NY-LT-15-5-348
MESSMER, ANTHONY                       NY-LT-15-5-57
METHOT, FRANCIS                        NY-LT-15-5-435
METS, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-4-175
METZ, ADAM                             NY-LT-15-5-401
MICHAEL, GEORGE                        NY-LT-15-5-575
MILLER, ABRAHAM                        NY-LT-15-2-164
MILLER, BERNARD H.                     NY-LT-15-4-387
MILLER, DANIEL                         NY-LT-15-2-199
MILLER, HARRY                          NY-LT-15-4-299
MILLER, HUNTING S.                     NY-LT-15-5-371
MILLER, JACOB                          NY-LT-15-5-524
MILLER, JOHN W.                        NY-LT-15-4-32
MILLER, NICHOLAS JR.                   NY-LT-15-4-545A
MILLER, RUDOLF                         NY-LT-15-3-95
MILLER, WILLIAM T.                     NY-LT-15-3-125
MILLS, CALVIN                          NY-LT-15-3-18
MILLS, SAMUEL J.                       NY-LT-15-3-152
MILLS, SOPHIA R.                       NY-LT-15-3-73
MILLS, WILLIAM E.                      NY-LT-15-4-245
MILLS, ZENAS                           NY-LT-15-4-248
MILTON, PATRICK                        NY-LT-15-4-146
MINAR, DAVID                           NY-LT-15-5-419
MINOR, JACOB                           NY-LT-15-3-284
MINOR, JERUSHA A.                      NY-LT-15-4-20
MISCHELER, WENDELIN                    NY-LT-15-5-477
MITCHELL, NANCY                        NY-LT-15-5-413
MITCHELL, WILLIAM H.                   NY-LT-15-5-403
MITTS, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-108
MITZEL, JACOB                          NY-LT-15-4-416
MOELLER, JOHN J.                       NY-LT-15-5-510
MOFFAT, JAMES                          NY-LT-15-4-357
MONNIED, GEORGE                        NY-LT-15-5-104
MOORE, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-5-34
MOORE, WATY                            NY-LT-15-4-207
MORAN, EDWARD                          NY-LT-15-4-535
MORETH, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-5-622
MOREY, JEROME B.                       NY-LT-15-5-319
MORGAN, JOSHUA                         NY-LT-15-2-150
MORGANSTERN, DANIEL                    NY-LT-15-5-237
MORRELL, NICHOLAS                      NY-LT-15-4-97
MORRIS, JOHN A.                        NY-LT-15-5-270
MORSMAN, WILLIAM H.                    NY-LT-15-4-125
MORSMAN, WILLIAM W.                    NY-LT-15-2-286
MORTZOLF, GEORGE                       NY-LT-15-2-297
MOSACK, BARBARA                        NY-LT-15-5-568
MOSELEY, ELIZABETH W.                  NY-LT-15-3-230
MOSHER, DANIEL T.                      NY-LT-15-4-273
MOSHER, JEREMIAH                       NY-LT-15-4-148
MOSHER, MARTHA                         NY-LT-15-4-35
MOSSER, MATHIAS                        NY-LT-15-4-369
MOURSCHOUR, GEORGE                     NY-LT-15-5-402
MOYER, ELIZABETH                       NY-LT-15-3-20
MUGLER, PHILIP                         NY-LT-15-4-329
MULHERN, NEIL                          NY-LT-15-4-262
MULVARD, PATRICK                       NY-LT-15-5-17
MURMAN, DANIEL                         NY-LT-15-4-453
MURPHY, DENNIS                         NY-LT-15-4-63
MURRAY, BRIDGET                        NY-LT-15-3-270
NAAB, ANTON                            NY-LT-15-4-526
NAAB, MARTIN                           NY-LT-15-5-340
NAFZGER, JACOB F.                      NY-LT-15-5-455
NAGEL, CONSTANTINE                     NY-LT-15-5-430
NASSORY, CATHARINE                     NY-LT-15-5-41
NASSORY, DOMINICK                      NY-LT-15-4-569
NEEDHAM, AUSTIN C.                     NY-LT-15-2-190
NEFF, DANIEL                           NY-LT-15-5-12
NEFF, JACOB                            NY-LT-15-3-237
NELSON, ELIZA                          NY-LT-15-5-20
NESSLER, FREDERICK W.                  NY-LT-15-5-374
NEUMAN, MARIANNE T.                    NY-LT-15-5-335
NEWMAN, ENOS                           NY-LT-15-4-518
NEWMAN, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-236
NEWMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-4-161
NEWTON, ELEAZER                        NY-LT-15-3-52
NEWTON, JOSHUA                         NY-LT-15-4-599
NEWTON, ROBERT                         NY-LT-15-4-100
NICHOLAS, GEORGE                       NY-LT-15-4-222
NICHOLS, AMOS                          NY-LT-15-4-231
NICHOLS, JAMES                         NY-LT-15-5-551
NICHOLS, REUBEN                        NY-LT-15-2-89
NICKOLSON, SAMUEL B.                   NY-LT-15-5-234
NIEDHARDT, LOUIS                       NY-LT-15-5-594
NIMBS, ARHENNA B.                      NY-LT-15-5-97
NOAH, MICHAEL W.                       NY-LT-15-3-160
NOLTON, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-4-588
NORTON, BETSEY                         NY-LT-15-2-338
NORTON, CHARLES D.                     NY-LT-15-5-177
NOTHROP, JOEL                          NY-LT-15-2-99
NUGENT, NEVIN                          NY-LT-15-5-282
NYE, FRANCIS                           NY-LT-15-4-481
NYE, GEORGE W.                         NY-LT-15-2-302
NYE, GEORGE W.                         NY-LT-15-2-293A
NYE, STEPHEN P.                        NY-LT-15-4-166
OATMAN, ORLIN                          NY-LT-15-3-74
OATMAN, WALTER G.                      NY-LT-15-5-516
OBRIEN, PATRICK                        NY-LT-15-4-107
OBRIEN, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-2-319
OCONNOR, WILLIAM                       NY-LT-15-4-137
ODONNELL, JOHN                         NY-LT-15-4-184
OESTERLE, ANDREAS                      NY-LT-15-3-111
OESTERLE, LORENZ                       NY-LT-15-5-310
OLIVER, JEREMIAH C.                    NY-LT-15-3-201
OLIVER, JEREMIAH C.                    NY-LT-15-3-13A
OLNEY, JAMES                           NY-LT-15-2-68
OROADE, THOMAS                         NY-LT-15-3-280
ORORK, MARY                            NY-LT-15-3-167
OSTRANDER, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-5-366
OSWALD, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-4-196
OTTENOT, NICHOLAS                      NY-LT-15-2-172
OTTO, PHOEBE                           NY-LT-15-5-223
OWENS, JOSHUA                          NY-LT-15-2-17
PACKARD, JAMES                         NY-LT-15-5-114
PAGE, ELY                              NY-LT-15-4-200
PAGE, LYMAN A.                         NY-LT-15-4-174
PAINE, SIMON                           NY-LT-15-5-69
PAINE, SIMON                           NY-LT-15-5-61
PALMER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-LT-15-4-533
PALMER, DANIEL                         NY-LT-15-2-166
PALMER, ELVIRA D.                      NY-LT-15-4-201
PALMER, GARDNER                        NY-LT-15-3-72
PALMER, ISAAC                          NY-LT-15-5-620
PALMER, SAMUEL                         NY-LT-15-4-366
PARKER, EPHRAIM                        NY-LT-15-3-136
PARKER, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-4-67
PARKS, SALLY K.                        NY-LT-15-3-3A
PARSON, EUNICE                         NY-LT-15-2-129
PATTERSON, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-3-70
PAULI, GEORGE                          NY-LT-15-2-309
PAXSON, JAMES                          NY-LT-15-2-193
PAYNE, SARAH                           NY-LT-15-5-205
PAYNE, THOMAS                          NY-LT-15-3-147
PEATE, ANN                             NY-LT-15-4-430
PEEKE, ANN                             NY-LT-15-5-467
PEIRKS, STEPHEN P.                     NY-LT-15-3-134
PEIRSON, LOUIS                         NY-LT-15-3-46
PELTON, EPHRAIM T.                     NY-LT-15-4-195
PELZEL, IGNATZ                         NY-LT-15-3-99
PENFIELD, HENRY F.                     NY-LT-15-5-285
PERRIN, MARTIN                         NY-LT-15-5-160
PERRINE, LUCY                          NY-LT-15-5-441
PERSCH, DANIEL                         NY-LT-15-5-183
PERSON, MARIA E.                       NY-LT-15-4-383
PERSONS, ROBERT                        NY-LT-15-4-512
PERTON, ADAM                           NY-LT-15-2-357
PETERS, JAMES W.                       NY-LT-15-5-445
PETERS, SYLVANIA                       NY-LT-15-4-556
PETRING, PETER                         NY-LT-15-4-393
PFEFFEN, JOHN C.                       NY-LT-15-5-184
PFEFFEN, JOHN C.                       NY-LT-15-4-70
PFEIFER, JOHN N.                       NY-LT-15-4-448
PFLUG, JACOB                           NY-LT-15-5-323
PHELPS, EDMUND R.                      NY-LT-15-5-23
PHELPS, JOSEPH W.                      NY-LT-15-3-97
PHELPS, MARTIN H.                      NY-LT-15-4-162
PHILLIPS, ASA                          NY-LT-15-2-120
PHILLIPS, JESSE                        NY-LT-15-3-102
PIATT, SILAS                           NY-LT-15-3-75
PICKENS, ROBA                          NY-LT-15-3-36
PICKERING, ANGELINE                    NY-LT-15-4-85
PIERCE, CALVIN                         NY-LT-15-3-183
PIERCE, SORING                         NY-LT-15-5-631
PIERCE, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-4-44
PIKE, ISAIAH                           NY-LT-15-5-42
PIKE, STAFFORD                         NY-LT-15-5-37
PINEGAR, AMOS                          NY-LT-15-2-22
PINKNEY, JOSEPH                        NY-LT-15-3-250
PINNEY, JOEL                           NY-LT-15-2-299
PIPER, JENNINGS                        NY-LT-15-4-112
PITCHER, NANCY M.                      NY-LT-15-5-398
PLATT, ANSON B.                        NY-LT-15-5-548
PLIMPTON, LUMAN K.                     NY-LT-15-5-583
PLUMB, RALPH                           NY-LT-15-5-19
POHL, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-LT-15-5-102
POLLARD, BENJAMIN                      NY-LT-15-3-283
POLLARD, LUCY                          NY-LT-15-3-267
PONDER, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-2-94
POPE, MARY ANN F.                      NY-LT-15-3-33
POTTER, ABNER D.                       NY-LT-15-4-36
POTTER, ANTHONY                        NY-LT-15-5-271
POTTER, ELIZABETH                      NY-LT-15-4-522
POTTER, HEMAN B.                       NY-LT-15-3-217
POTTER, HEMAN B. JR.                   NY-LT-15-4-156
POTTER, HOSEA E.                       NY-LT-15-4-291
POTTER, JOSHUA                         NY-LT-15-4-190
POTTER, NATHANIEL                      NY-LT-15-2-110
POUND, JACKSON                         NY-LT-15-2-182
POUND, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-3-45
POUND, REBBECA                         NY-LT-15-2-13
POUND, REBBECCA                        NY-LT-15-2-55
POWELL, DAVID                          NY-LT-15-4-505
POWELL, MOSES H.                       NY-LT-15-4-218
PRAECHET, JOHN                         NY-LT-15-5-208
PRATT, JOHN G.                         NY-LT-15-5-502
PRATT, LEVI                            NY-LT-15-2-157
PRATT, LUKE M.                         NY-LT-15-4-390
PRATT, PETER                           NY-LT-15-2-163
PRATT, WILLIAM H.                      NY-LT-15-4-110
PRINCE, THOMAS                         NY-LT-15-5-73
PROTHAIS, JOHN                         NY-LT-15-4-227
PUTMAN, BETSEY                         NY-LT-15-4-450
PUTMAN, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-4-76
PUTNAM, SEYMOUR                        NY-LT-15-3-225
QUIRK, ELIZA                           NY-LT-15-5-434
RADCLIFFE, PERRY                       NY-LT-15-3-265
RALYEA, ABRAHAM                        NY-LT-15-4-242
RALYEA, ESECK                          NY-LT-15-3-226
RAMSDELL, MARY                         NY-LT-15-4-220
RANDALL, STEPHEN                       NY-LT-15-5-515
RANKIN, GEORGE N.                      NY-LT-15-3-143
RANKIN, GEORGE NICHOLAS                NY-LT-15-3-142
RANSOM, ELIAS                          NY-LT-15-2-118
RAPP, CATHARINE                        NY-LT-15-5-314
RAPP, GEPRGE                           NY-LT-15-4-79
RAPPLEYEA, DAVID                       NY-LT-15-4-399
RASPLOT, AGUTA                         NY-LT-15-3-29
RATHBONE, JAMES H.                     NY-LT-15-2-130
RATHBONE, SAMUEL                       NY-LT-15-5-90
RATHBUN, JAMES                         NY-LT-15-5-55
RATHBUN, THOMAS                        NY-LT-15-5-143
RAUSCHERT, NICHOLAS                    NY-LT-15-5-392
RAY, ASA M.                            NY-LT-15-4-42
RAYNER, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-5-346
RAZE, JOEL S.                          NY-LT-15-4-53
READ, JAMES                            NY-LT-15-4-57
READ, MARY H.                          NY-LT-15-4-403
READ, NELSON H.                        NY-LT-15-3-55
READING, RICHARD SR.                   NY-LT-15-3-7A
REARICK, HENRY                         NY-LT-15-5-67
RECHTENWALT, PETER                     NY-LT-15-5-411
RECTOR, NANCY                          NY-LT-15-3-107
REDMAN, ADAM                           NY-LT-15-2-303
REES, DAVID                            NY-LT-15-2-88
REES, WILLIAM T.                       NY-LT-15-2-300
REESE, PAULINA                         NY-LT-15-3-277
REICHERT, GEORGE P.                    NY-LT-15-2-336
REID, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-5-352
REIGLE, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-2-371
REIL, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-5-225
REIMANN, CATHARINE                     NY-LT-15-5-528
REINECKE, FREDERICK                    NY-LT-15-5-99
REINHERR, CHRISTIAN                    NY-LT-15-5-320
REISH, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-2-305
RELF, THOMAS                           NY-LT-15-4-83
RELLNER, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-5-238
RHEINWALDT, DANIEL C.                  NY-LT-15-2-187
RHINELANDER, MARIA                     NY-LT-15-5-424
RICE, CHARLES B.                       NY-LT-15-4-482
RICE, DWIGHT B.                        NY-LT-15-5-113
RICE, ELIHU                            NY-LT-15-4-373
RICE, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-2-146
RICE, JOSEPH                           NY-LT-15-5-505
RICH, APHIA                            NY-LT-15-5-315
RICH, GAIUS B.                         NY-LT-15-4-256
RICH, JOHN S.                          NY-LT-15-5-134
RICHARDS, THOMAS F.                    NY-LT-15-2-90
RICHARDSON, FANNY J.                   NY-LT-15-4-167
RICHARDSON, ISAAC                      NY-LT-15-2-265
RICHERT, JACOB                         NY-LT-15-2-116
RICHMOND, FREDERICK                    NY-LT-15-3-227
RIDER, ELBRIDGE G.                     NY-LT-15-2-320
RIDER, HORACE                          NY-LT-15-2-359
RIDIG, VALENTINE                       NY-LT-15-2-325
RILEY, BENNET                          NY-LT-15-3-133
RILEY, MICHAEL                         NY-LT-15-5-351
RINGESER, ANTHONY                      NY-LT-15-3-54
RITTER, SIMON                          NY-LT-15-4-286
RITTERSBACK, MICHAEL                   NY-LT-15-3-53
ROAD, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-2-170
ROBB, JAMES                            NY-LT-15-5-385
ROBINSON,CHRISTOPHER                   NY-LT-15-2-280
ROCKWELL, PHILO                        NY-LT-15-3-56
ROCKWOOD, LEVI                         NY-LT-15-2-46
ROCKWOOD, REUBEN                       NY-LT-15-5-83
ROESSLER, WILLIAM                      NY-LT-15-5-287
ROGERS, ABRAM L.                       NY-LT-15-2-264
ROGERS, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-3-275
ROGERS, MEDAD                          NY-LT-15-2-34
ROGERS, PLATT                          NY-LT-15-2-360
ROGERS, WILSON                         NY-LT-15-5-173
ROLF, AUGUST C. F.                     NY-LT-15-5-345
ROLLER, DAVID                          NY-LT-15-4-372
ROOS, REGINA                           NY-LT-15-5-493
ROOT, EDWARD                           NY-LT-15-2-364
ROOT, ELIZABETH J.                     NY-LT-15-2-341
ROOT, HENRY                            NY-LT-15-3-153
ROSENBEAURS, MARGARETHA                NY-LT-15-5-219
ROTH, DANIEL                           NY-LT-15-5-363
ROTH, LORENZ                           NY-LT-15-4-19
ROZIER, ASA                            NY-LT-15-5-199
RUBINS, MARY                           NY-LT-15-4-143
RUDEN, ALEXANDER B.                    NY-LT-15-4-532
RUDY, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-5-265
RUHLMANN,LUCAS                         NY-LT-15-4-266
RUMSEY, AARON                          NY-LT-15-4-464
RUMSEY, MARY                           NY-LT-15-4-141
RUPPRECHT, JOHN M.                     NY-LT-15-5-327
RUSCH, SEBASTIAN                       NY-LT-15-4-158
RUSHMORE, JACOB                        NY-LT-15-3-228
RUSSEL, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-2-347
RUSSEL, SILVANUS                       NY-LT-15-2-196
RUSSELL, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-2-79
RUSSELL, JONATHAN                      NY-LT-15-2-19
RUTTER, ANNA MARY                      NY-LT-15-4-102
RYAN, PAUL                             NY-LT-15-5-396
RYDER, REUBEN                          NY-LT-15-4-510
SACKETT, ANNE                          NY-LT-15-4-183
SALISBURY, SMITH                       NY-LT-15-2-125
SALLENDER, RUDOLPH                     NY-LT-15-5-195
SANDEL, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-5-408
SANDERS, WILLIAM                       NY-LT-15-3-214
SANDROCK, GEORGE                       NY-LT-15-4-558
SANGSTER, ARCHIBALD C.                 NY-LT-15-3-263
SAUER, CONRAD                          NY-LT-15-4-500
SAUER, RUDOLPH                         NY-LT-15-3-204
SAUNDERS, SAMUEL                       NY-LT-15-5-247
SAUR, KARL                             NY-LT-15-5-517
SAVAGE, THOMAS                         NY-LT-15-5-139
SAWEN, SILAS                           NY-LT-15-4-394
SAWER, FRANCIS S.                      NY-LT-15-4-205
SCHAEFER, FREDERICK                    NY-LT-15-5-470
SCHAFFNER, HENRY                       NY-LT-15-4-438
SCHALL, CARL                           NY-LT-15-4-495
SCHALLER, ADAM                         NY-LT-15-3-162
SCHAUMLOEFFEL, ELIZABETH               NY-LT-15-5-567
SCHAUMSTOEFFEL, LUDWIG                 NY-LT-15-5-275
SCHEFFLER, PETER                       NY-LT-15-4-47
SCHELL, MATER                          NY-LT-15-3-200
SCHENCK, CHRISTIAN                     NY-LT-15-5-308
SCHENCKEL, JOHN A.                     NY-LT-15-5-131
SCHENK, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-201
SCHENK, JOHN H.                        NY-LT-15-5-267
SCHENKELBERGER, JACOB                  NY-LT-15-5-197
SCHERER, MARCUS                        NY-LT-15-5-489
SCHERLE, ANDREW                        NY-LT-15-5-595
SCHICK, JOHN PETER                     NY-LT-15-5-132
SCHILLO, NICHOLAS                      NY-LT-15-4-113
SCHLENKER, JACOB                       NY-LT-15-5-584
SCHLODE, LUDWIG                        NY-LT-15-5-468
SCHMIDT, JACOB                         NY-LT-15-5-564
SCHMIDT, JOHN D.                       NY-LT-15-5-416
SCHMIDT, LUDWIG D.                     NY-LT-15-4-7
SCHMUCK, FRANCIS X.                    NY-LT-15-5-100
SCHNEBARGER, JOHN                      NY-LT-15-2-342A
SCHNEIDER, CATHARINA                   NY-LT-15-5-18
SCHNEIDER, DANIEL                      NY-LT-15-5-472
SCHNUR, PETER                          NY-LT-15-5-624
SCHOENTHAL, JOHN F.                    NY-LT-15-3-13
SCHOTT, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-5-211
SCHOTT, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-5-217
SCHRAMM, ALOIS                         NY-LT-15-5-547
SCHRAMM, MICHAEL                       NY-LT-15-4-470
SCHREKLER, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-3-139
SCHRODT, JOSEPH                        NY-LT-15-3-229
SCHUDT, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-3-71
SCHULER, JOHN CONRAD                   NY-LT-15-5-356
SCHULMAN, VALENTINE                    NY-LT-15-5-610
SCHULTZ, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-LT-15-5-579
SCHUMMER, JOHN                         NY-LT-15-5-453
SCHURMAN, HENRY                        NY-LT-15-5-447
SCHUSTER, FERDINAND                    NY-LT-15-5-317
SCHWANEKAMP, GERHARD                   NY-LT-15-4-379
SCHWARTZ, GEORGE                       NY-LT-15-5-574
SCHWARZ, JOHN G.                       NY-LT-15-5-339
SCHWARZ, JOHN G.                       NY-LT-15-5-336
SCHWEIGER, MICHAEL                     NY-LT-15-4-223
SCHWEINFORT, BARBARA                   NY-LT-15-5-140
SCHWEIZLER, MAGDALENA                  NY-LT-15-4-233
SCHWENDIMANN, MATHIAS                  NY-LT-15-4-111
SCOVILLE, ERASTUS                      NY-LT-15-5-487
SEAMANS, BENJAMIN                      NY-LT-15-5-129
SEARS, SELIM                           NY-LT-15-5-168
SEATON, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-4-305
SEEBER, PHILIP                         NY-LT-15-2-307
SEEGER, FREDERICK                      NY-LT-15-4-601
SEELY, ANNIS                           NY-LT-15-2-137
SEIBEL, JOHN F.                        NY-LT-15-5-135
SEIBOLD, JACOB                         NY-LT-15-4-365
SEILER, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-5-68
SEUFER, JOHN JACOB                     NY-LT-15-4-559
SEYMOUR, HORATIO                       NY-LT-15-5-272
SHAFNER, HENRY                         NY-LT-15-2-201
SHAMEL, LEAH                           NY-LT-15-5-178
SHANK, MICHAEL                         NY-LT-15-2-139
SHEARER, NOAH                          NY-LT-15-2-333
SHEARMAN, ABRAHAM                      NY-LT-15-2-107
SHEFFIELD, JOHN M.                     NY-LT-15-3-169
SHELDON, HENRY M.                      NY-LT-15-4-155
SHELDON, JOSEPH                        NY-LT-15-3-223
SHELL, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-355
SHELL, WARREN                          NY-LT-15-4-582
SHEPARD, ALVIN                         NY-LT-15-5-621
SHEPARD, JOSEPH                        NY-LT-15-4-114
SHEPARD, LUTHER                        NY-LT-15-4-255
SHEPPY, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-4-564
SHERMAN, ABNER                         NY-LT-15-2-67
SHERMAN, CHARLES H.                    NY-LT-15-5-65
SHERMAN, JONATHAN                      NY-LT-15-4-192
SHERMAN, JONATHAN R.                   NY-LT-15-5-64
SHERMAN, SMITH                         NY-LT-15-5-615
SHIER, PETER                           NY-LT-15-2-342
SHINER, CLARISSA S.                    NY-LT-15-5-478
SHINER, CLARISSA S.                    NY-LT-15-5-475
SHINER, RICHARD S.                     NY-LT-15-5-260
SHOECRAFT, ELIZABETH D.                NY-LT-15-5-72
SHOEFFER, JOHN ROETTLING               NY-LT-15-5-171
SHOFFLEN, JOSEPH                       NY-LT-15-5-128
SHOPE, ABRAHAM                         NY-LT-15-3-191
SHOPE, ABRAHAM SR.                     NY-LT-15-3-194
SHOPE, JACOB                           NY-LT-15-3-137
SHULTES, DAVID                         NY-LT-15-4-133
SHULTES, WILLIAM                       NY-LT-15-2-327
SICHERMANN, GEORGE                     NY-LT-15-5-331
SIEBERT, ADAM                          NY-LT-15-5-48
SIEGEL, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-3-157
SIGWALD, CHARLES                       NY-LT-15-5-332
SILL, JOHN                             NY-LT-15-5-508
SIMCOE, GEORGE L.                      NY-LT-15-2-27
SIMON, DANIEL                          NY-LT-15-3-164
SIMON, MAGDALENA                       NY-LT-15-5-253
SIMONS, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-2-45
SIMONTON, ROBERT                       NY-LT-15-3-35
SINGER, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-5-448
SION, PETER                            NY-LT-15-5-418
SIZER, HENRY H.                        NY-LT-15-2-328
SKEGGS, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-4-565
SKILLING, ROBERT                       NY-LT-15-5-302
SLACK, MARY TERESA                     NY-LT-15-3-113
SLATER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-LT-15-2-189A
SLEEPER, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-3-278
SLOAN, HORACE                          NY-LT-15-2-108
SLOAN, JONATHAN F.                     NY-LT-15-4-164
SLOSSON, ABBY                          NY-LT-15-2-192
SLOSSON, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-4-52
SLOSSON, JOHNS .                       NY-LT-15-4-124
SMART, EDMUND R.                       NY-LT-15-5-591
SMILEY, SAMUEL H.                      NY-LT-15-4-326
SMITH, ABIJAH                          NY-LT-15-3-256
SMITH, ABIJAH                          NY-LT-15-5-274
SMITH, ABRAHAM                         NY-LT-15-2-53
SMITH, AMOS                            NY-LT-15-2-36
SMITH, ANNA W.                         NY-LT-15-5-554
SMITH, CHARITY                         NY-LT-15-4-170
SMITH, EDWARD B.                       NY-LT-15-3-138
SMITH, EDWIN                           NY-LT-15-5-459
SMITH, HENRIETTA S.                    NY-LT-15-5-215
SMITH, JAMES                           NY-LT-15-5-165
SMITH, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-596
SMITH, JOHN P.                         NY-LT-15-3-44
SMITH, JOSEPH                          NY-LT-15-4-360
SMITH, MARY F. C.                      NY-LT-15-5-16
SMITH, OZIEL                           NY-LT-15-2-26
SMITH, PETER                           NY-LT-15-3-8
SMITH, SHELDON                         NY-LT-15-2-20
SMITH, STEPHEN                         NY-LT-15-5-161
SMITH, STEPHEN R.                      NY-LT-15-3-46A
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-4-176
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-5-616
SMITH, WILLIAM W.                      NY-LT-15-2-154
SMITH, ZENAS                           NY-LT-15-2-124
SNEARLY, BENJAMIN                      NY-LT-15-5-213
SNEARLY, GEORGE                        NY-LT-15-3-126
SNEARLY, SUSANNAN                      NY-LT-15-4-203
SNOW, FRANCIS M.                       NY-LT-15-4-251
SNOW, HARRIET M.                       NY-LT-15-5-133
SNYDER, PETER                          NY-LT-15-2-81
SOLE, DAVID BAKER                      NY-LT-15-3-11
SOMERVILLE, JOHN                       NY-LT-15-5-186
SOPER, ISAAC                           NY-LT-15-2-269
SORENTZ, GEORGE H.                     NY-LT-15-5-582
SOUTHWICK, WAITY W.                    NY-LT-15-5-35
SPANG, CHRISTIAN                       NY-LT-15-5-150
SPENCER, CHESTER                       NY-LT-15-5-379
SPERTZELL, MARY ANN                    NY-LT-15-5-30
SPOOR, CHARLES                         NY-LT-15-5-603
SPRAGUE, ASA                           NY-LT-15-2-350
SPRAGUE, MARTIN                        NY-LT-15-2-370
SPRAGUE, PARIS A.                      NY-LT-15-5-245
SPURBECK, MARTIN                       NY-LT-15-4-104
SQUIRES, SEELEY                        NY-LT-15-3-38
STAFF, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-LT-15-4-92
STAFFORD, DAVID JR.                    NY-LT-15-5-522
STAFFORD, JOEL                         NY-LT-15-4-488
STAFFORD, MARINDA                      NY-LT-15-4-456
STALEY, ISAAC                          NY-LT-15-3-84
STALEY, SAMUEL                         NY-LT-15-4-609
STANBRO, AMOS                          NY-LT-15-4-437
STANBRO, GARDNER                       NY-LT-15-5-341
STANCLIFT, JESSE                       NY-LT-15-4-549
STANDART, GEORGE                       NY-LT-15-4-289
STANDART, OLIVER                       NY-LT-15-2-105
STARKWEATHER, SAMUEL                   NY-LT-15-2-147
STEARNS, JONATHAN                      NY-LT-15-5-617
STEBBINS, IRA                          NY-LT-15-4-330
STEBBINS, JARED                        NY-LT-15-5-158
STEBBINS, JOEL                         NY-LT-15-2-283
STEBBINS, WARREN                       NY-LT-15-3-129
STEFFENS, NICOLAUS                     NY-LT-15-4-439
STEIGER, JONAS                         NY-LT-15-3-17
STEIMAL, AUGUST                        NY-LT-15-3-206
STEINBERG, PEARL L.                    NY-LT-15-5-93
STEINER, CHRISTIAN                     NY-LT-15-5-86
STEINER, SUSANNA                       NY-LT-15-5-410
STEINMETS, GABRIEL                     NY-LT-15-4-544
STEINMETZ, JOSEPH                      NY-LT-15-4-337
STEINMILLER, GEORGE                    NY-LT-15-5-364
STELENBACHER, JOHN                     NY-LT-15-4-521
STEPHENS, THOMAS                       NY-LT-15-5-553
STERN, HENRY                           NY-LT-15-5-607
STERNBERG, SOPHIA                      NY-LT-15-5-457
STEVENS, EDWARD                        NY-LT-15-5-359
STEVENS, FREDERICK P.                  NY-LT-15-5-96
STEVENSON, GEORGE P.L                  NY-LT-15-4-517
STEWART, SAMUEL                        NY-LT-15-2-355
STILES, DANIEL D.                      NY-LT-15-5-426
STILWELL, STEPHEN                      NY-LT-15-2-103
STOCKING, SARAH B.                     NY-LT-15-5-501
STOETZEL, CATHARINA                    NY-LT-15-4-444
STONE, JESSE                           NY-LT-15-4-26
STONE, NATHANIEL                       NY-LT-15-4-478
STONE, POLLARD                         NY-LT-15-2-271
STONE, WILLIAM P.                      NY-LT-15-4-307
STOVER, GEORGE L.                      NY-LT-15-3-210
STOWE, GEORGE                          NY-LT-15-4-120
STREATER, HENRY J.                     NY-LT-15-4-602
STREICHER, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-5-280
STRICKLAND, MERJANE H.                 NY-LT-15-5-141
STRICKLER, ULRICH                      NY-LT-15-2-58
STRONG, ELIZA ANN                      NY-LT-15-5-521
STURM, MARTIN                          NY-LT-15-2-263
STUTER, GEORGE                         NY-LT-15-2-133
STUTZMANN, FREDERICK                   NY-LT-15-2-131
SULLY, CHARLOTTE                       NY-LT-15-5-604
SWAIN, JAMES                           NY-LT-15-3-144
SWAINE, JAMES                          NY-LT-15-3-115
SWAN, DANIEL                           NY-LT-15-4-122
SWANTZ, VOLENTINE                      NY-LT-15-2-272
SWARTZ, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-469
SWARTZ, PETER                          NY-LT-15-5-108
SWEET, GEORGE W.                       NY-LT-15-4-221
SWEET, SAMUEL C.                       NY-LT-15-4-374
SYMS, AMOS W.                          NY-LT-15-5-92
TABAR, HELEN                           NY-LT-15-4-440
TABER, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-2-84
TALMAN, ELIJAH                         NY-LT-15-5-507
TANNER, WIATT                          NY-LT-15-2-106
TAPPEN, ROSANNA                        NY-LT-15-5-432
TAUNT, EMORY                           NY-LT-15-5-471
TAYLOR, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-4-74
TERRY, GRAHAM                          NY-LT-15-2-93
THEOBALD, JOHN PETER                   NY-LT-15-5-156
THEURER, MICHAEL F.                    NY-LT-15-5-458
THIEL, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-354
THOMAS, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-2-367
THOMPSON, AMASA                        NY-LT-15-5-202
THOMPSON, JAMES                        NY-LT-15-4-364
THOMPSON, SHELDON                      NY-LT-15-3-24
THORNTON, THOMAS FOSTER                NY-LT-15-5-79
TICKNOR, EMMA C.                       NY-LT-15-3-221
TIMON, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-5-248
TINGLEY, JACOB                         NY-LT-15-4-401
TORRANCE, HOSEA B.                     NY-LT-15-2-318
TORREY, ASA                            NY-LT-15-2-82
TORREY, SANFORD                        NY-LT-15-4-475
TOWNSEND, EDWARD                       NY-LT-15-4-513
TOWNSEND, JACOB                        NY-LT-15-2-362
TOWNSEND, JOHN H.                      NY-LT-15-4-540
TOWNSEND, JONATHAN                     NY-LT-15-2-71
TOWNSEND, NOAH                         NY-LT-15-3-123
TRACY, ALBERT H.                       NY-LT-15-4-226
TRACY, ALBERT H.                       NY-LT-15-4-140
TREAT, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-4-509
TREIDEL, ANDREAS                       NY-LT-15-5-390
TREMAIN, IRA                           NY-LT-15-2-115
TRIPP, JOSEPH C.                       NY-LT-15-4-239
TRIPP, NOAH                            NY-LT-15-4-290
TRIVETT, BENJAMIN                      NY-LT-15-4-13
TROWBRIDGE, JOSIAH                     NY-LT-15-4-425
TRUSCOTT, GEORGE                       NY-LT-15-3-39
TUCKER, JAMES                          NY-LT-15-2-111
TUCKER, LORENZO D.                     NY-LT-15-5-530
TUCKER, SAMUEL                         NY-LT-15-4-77
TUPPER, ERASTUS                        NY-LT-15-4-128
TURKINGTON, JAMES                      NY-LT-15-4-312
TURNER, CLEMENS                        NY-LT-15-4-603
TUTHILL, HANNAH                        NY-LT-15-4-538
TUTTLE, LUCRETIA                       NY-LT-15-4-12
TWYNING, THOMAS                        NY-LT-15-2-49
TYLER, ISAAC                           NY-LT-15-3-234
TYRER, JAMES                           NY-LT-15-4-446
TYRER, JOHNSON                         NY-LT-15-4-606
TYRRELL, THOMAS                        NY-LT-15-5-27
ULMER, PHILIPP                         NY-LT-15-3-174
UMPFELBACK, JOHN                       NY-LT-15-3-23
UPHAM, CHARLES W. JR.                  NY-LT-15-4-210
VALENTINE, RHODA                       NY-LT-15-4-304
VANDERPOEL, DANIEL M.                  NY-LT-15-3-59
VANDERWERF, FRANZ                      NY-LT-15-4-600
VANDEVENTER, CHRISTOPHER               NY-LT-15-2-37
VANKLEECK, HANNAH                      NY-LT-15-4-171
VANLEICK, WILLIAM H.                   NY-LT-15-3-79
VARNEY, ANDREW                         NY-LT-15-5-387
VERMEHR, AUGUSTUS                      NY-LT-15-5-224
VICKERY, CATHARINE                     NY-LT-15-5-318
VINAHR, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-3-281
VINCENT, JOSHUA                        NY-LT-15-5-433
VINECKE, CHRISTIAN                     NY-LT-15-4-327
VOAK, ABRAHAM                          NY-LT-15-2-346
VOAK, ABRAHAM                          NY-LT-15-2-351
VOLMER, HENRY                          NY-LT-15-5-130
VOSBURGH, TEUNIS H.                    NY-LT-15-5-26
VOSS, PETER DANIEL                     NY-LT-15-5-88
WABAR, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-3-276
WACKERMANN, LOUIS                      NY-LT-15-5-373
WADE, JAMES                            NY-LT-15-5-75
WADE, THOMAS                           NY-LT-15-3-248
WAGGONER, JACOB                        NY-LT-15-4-321
WAGNER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-LT-15-4-261
WAGNER,MICHAEL                         NY-LT-15-5-119
WAITE, CHARLES HENRY                   NY-LT-15-5-52
WAKELEE, CLEMENT                       NY-LT-15-4-411
WALBRIDGE, GEORGE B.                   NY-LT-15-3-96
WALCOTT, SAMUEL A.                     NY-LT-15-4-555
WALKER, DAVID                          NY-LT-15-2-132
WALKER, ELIHU                          NY-LT-15-5-127
WALKER, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-76
WALLACE, DAVID                         NY-LT-15-5-588
WALLACE, WILLIAM A.                    NY-LT-15-5-361
WALLIS, ERASTUS                        NY-LT-15-4-270
WALTER, ANDREW                         NY-LT-15-5-537
WALTER, MICHAEL                        NY-LT-15-2-153
WALTER, PHILIP                         NY-LT-15-5-427
WANDER, PETER J.                       NY-LT-15-5-534
WANGLEIN, CHRISTINA                    NY-LT-15-5-519
WARD, ELIJAH                           NY-LT-15-5-388
WARD, ELIZABETH                        NY-LT-15-4-435
WARHAUS, BERNARD F.                    NY-LT-15-4-17
WARNER, GODFRIED                       NY-LT-15-2-352
WARNER, JAMES                          NY-LT-15-2-358
WARNER, NOAH H.                        NY-LT-15-4-181
WARNER, OMRI                           NY-LT-15-2-112
WARREN, ASA                            NY-LT-15-5-124
WARREN, BETSEY G.                      NY-LT-15-5-600
WARREN, EDWARD S.                      NY-LT-15-4-376
WARREN, LEMUEL D.                      NY-LT-15-4-324
WARREN, SUMNER                         NY-LT-15-2-2
WASHBURN, SAMUEL                       NY-LT-15-3-86
WASHBURN, WILLAM                       NY-LT-15-4-543
WASHBURN, WILLIAM                      NY-LT-15-2-176
WASSON, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-58
WATERS, ASA                            NY-LT-15-5-593
WATERS, JOHN D.                        NY-LT-15-4-524
WATSON, CHARLES                        NY-LT-15-5-636
WATTS, JOSEPH X.                       NY-LT-15-4-445
WATTS, ROBERT                          NY-LT-15-3-285
WEATHERLY, JOSEPH L.                   NY-LT-15-5-81
WEATHERTON, SAMUEL                     NY-LT-15-4-278
WEBB, PETER J.                         NY-LT-15-5-70
WEBER, BENEDICK                        NY-LT-15-5-262
WEBER, GEORGE                          NY-LT-15-5-311
WEBER, GOTTFRIED                       NY-LT-15-4-254
WEBER, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-3-173
WEBER, XAVER                           NY-LT-15-4-165
WEBSTER, CHAUNCEY                      NY-LT-15-5-45
WEBSTER, DANIEL                        NY-LT-15-5-462
WEBSTER, LYDIA D.                      NY-LT-15-5-46
WEBSTER, WILLIAM S.                    NY-LT-15-4-300
WEGER, JOHN GEORGE                     NY-LT-15-4-359
WEIBEIL, ANTHONY                       NY-LT-15-4-296
WEIDMAN, GEORGE                        NY-LT-15-5-623
WEILER, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-3-9A
WEIPPERT, GOTTLEIBB                    NY-LT-15-2-288
WEISBECK, ADAM                         NY-LT-15-4-410
WEISS, ABRAHAM                         NY-LT-15-4-75
WEITZEL, CHARLES F.                    NY-LT-15-3-240
WELCH, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-2-70
WELCH, THOMAS C.                       NY-LT-15-4-486
WELLS, ALDRICH                         NY-LT-15-2-326
WELLS, ASA                             NY-LT-15-5-21
WELSH, THOMAS                          NY-LT-15-4-96
WEPPNER, AUGUSTUS                      NY-LT-15-5-451
WERGD, MARTIN                          NY-LT-15-5-461
WERKLE, ANDREW                         NY-LT-15-2-72
WERNER, JOHANNA                        NY-LT-15-5-175
WEST, MATHEW                           NY-LT-15-3-103
WESTER, JOSEPH                         NY-LT-15-4-467
WEVER, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-2-344
WEYSUL, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-3-25
WHEELAN, WILLIAM                       NY-LT-15-2-266
WHEELER, BETSEY                        NY-LT-15-4-279
WHEELER, LANEY                         NY-LT-15-4-388
WHEELER, LEVI                          NY-LT-15-2-39
WHEELER, RUFUSU                        NY-LT-15-4-584
WHEELOCK, JOHN G.                      NY-LT-15-3-244
WHEELOCK, WILLIAM                      NY-LT-15-5-503
WHISTON, WEEMAN                        NY-LT-15-2-290
WHITCHER, FRANCES O.                   NY-LT-15-5-353
WHITCHER, OBADIAH                      NY-LT-15-4-389
WHITE, BENJAMIN                        NY-LT-15-4-38
WHITE, BETSEY                          NY-LT-15-4-591
WHITE, CATHERINE B.                    NY-LT-15-5-7
WHITE, DAVIS P.                        NY-LT-15-5-324
WHITE, GEORGE C.                       NY-LT-15-5-486
WHITE, HENRY                           NY-LT-15-2-152
WHITE, HUMPHREY                        NY-LT-15-4-391
WHITE, JAMES C.                        NY-LT-15-4-230
WHITE, LUCY M.                         NY-LT-15-5-169
WHITE, MOSES                           NY-LT-15-2-165
WHITE, RHODA                           NY-LT-15-3-3
WHITE, STEPHEN                         NY-LT-15-5-44
WHITE, STPEHEN                         NY-LT-15-2-343
WHITE, WEALTHY MARIA                   NY-LT-15-5-4
WHITE, WESLEY L.                       NY-LT-15-4-530
WHITE, WILLIAM C.                      NY-LT-15-5-407
WHITTIER, MITCHELL                     NY-LT-15-2-315
WHITTIER, MITCHELL                     NY-LT-15-2-304
WICKERSON, NATHAN                      NY-LT-15-2-361
WIGGINS, WILLIAM                       NY-LT-15-4-185
WILBER, STEPHEN                        NY-LT-15-4-306
WILCOX, HENRIETTA M.                   NY-LT-15-5-240
WILCOX, JAMES                          NY-LT-15-2-40
WILCOX, JOHN                           NY-LT-15-5-176
WILCOX, MARY J.                        NY-LT-15-3-193
WILEY, MICHAEL                         NY-LT-15-5-329
WILGUS, WILLIAM J.                     NY-LT-15-3-148
WILGUS, WILLIAM J.                     NY-LT-15-3-145
WILKE, WILLIAM                         NY-LT-15-5-193
WILKESON, SAMUEL                       NY-LT-15-2-301
WILKINSON, ASEL                        NY-LT-15-4-265
WILKINSON, JOHN                        NY-LT-15-5-118
WILKISON, ELI R.                       NY-LT-15-2-353
WILLET, SAMUEL                         NY-LT-15-5-71
WILLIAMS, BETSEY                       NY-LT-15-4-525
WILLIAMS, DUTEE J.                     NY-LT-15-3-63
WILLIAMS, HEZEKIAH                     NY-LT-15-5-580
WILLIAMS, LOUISA                       NY-LT-15-4-386
WILLIAMS, SARAH W.                     NY-LT-15-3-187
WILLIAMS, SIMON                        NY-LT-15-5-589
WILLIS, BRIDGET                        NY-LT-15-4-109
WILLIS, LEANDER                        NY-LT-15-4-541
WILLIS, NATHAN                         NY-LT-15-4-560
WILLSON, ABNER                         NY-LT-15-3-62
WILLSON, CHARLES A.                    NY-LT-15-2-281
WILSON, EBER                           NY-LT-15-5-84
WILSON, JONATHAN B.                    NY-LT-15-3-77
WILSON, JONATHAN B.                    NY-LT-15-3-78
WILSON, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-5-614
WIMPLE, POLLY                          NY-LT-15-2-292
WINCHESTER, ELIJAH C.                  NY-LT-15-4-341
WINSHIP, EZRA T.                       NY-LT-15-4-562
WINSPEAR, JAMES                        NY-LT-15-2-348
WIRE, JACOB                            NY-LT-15-4-49
WIRTZ, PHILIP                          NY-LT-15-2-174
WITMEYER, MONIKA                       NY-LT-15-5-542
WITTENNOWER, ANTONIA                   NY-LT-15-4-332
WOELFLE, JOHN                          NY-LT-15-4-585
WOLFF, CHRISTIAN                       NY-LT-15-5-2
WOLFFER, CHRISTINE                     NY-LT-15-4-345
WOLFFER, JACOB                         NY-LT-15-5-74
WOLFFER, LORENZ                        NY-LT-15-4-325
WOOCHESTER, MAGDALENA                  NY-LT-15-5-572
WOOD, JAMES                            NY-LT-15-5-179
WOOD, JOHN SR.                         NY-LT-15-4-224
WOOD, JULIA A.                         NY-LT-15-5-263
WOOD, WELCOME                          NY-LT-15-2-8
WOODRUFF, EPHRAIM                      NY-LT-15-2-85
WOODWARD, IRA                          NY-LT-15-5-570
WOOLFENDEN, EDWARD                     NY-LT-15-5-166
WOOLFER, MARY ANN                      NY-LT-15-5-526
WOOLHEATER, PHILIP                     NY-LT-15-5-378
WORCESTER, JACOB                       NY-LT-15-3-106
WRIGHT,A LVIN                          NY-LT-15-4-236
YAW, AMBROSE P.                        NY-LT-15-5-159
YOUNG, CATHARINE                       NY-LT-15-5-450
YOUNG, JOHN                            NY-LT-15-5-117
YOUNG, PHILLIP                         NY-LT-15-3-168
YOUNGLOVE, OLIVER                      NY-LT-15-3-32
ZAHM, MICHAEL                          NY-LT-15-4-587
ZEDIGLER, WOLFGANG                     NY-LT-15-3-1A
ZETWICH, PETER                         NY-LT-15-4-91
ZIEREIS, WOLFGANG                      NY-LT-15-5-309
ZIMMER, WILLIAM                        NY-LT-15-3-197
ZIMMERMAN, ADAM N.                     NY-LT-15-2-75
ZIMMERMAN, MARY                        NY-LT-15-3-141
ZINNS, FRANCISCA                       NY-LT-15-3-85

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