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Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two: Place of Date of Probate
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Probate File #
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ABBOTT, SMITH J.                        1860                                    OH-7-4568
ABEL, NATHANIEL                         1893                                    OH-7-11068
ABERIGG, SAMUEL                         1893                                    OH-7-11021
ABERIGG, SAMUEL SR.                     1893                                    OH-7-11021
ABLE, GEORGE                            1866                                    OH-7-5675
ABLE, GEORGE                            1875                                    OH-7-7202
ABRECK, SAMUEL                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-3263
ABRICKS, JOHN                           1852                                    OH-7-2955
ABUTHNOT                                1840                                    OH-7-1629
ACTON, HENRY C.                         1891                                    OH-7-10676
ACTON, JOHN                             1866                                    OH-7-5643
ACTON, JOHN M.                          1878                                    OH-7-7739
ACTON, JOS. P.                          1859                                    OH-7-4373
ACTON, OSBORNE                          1885                                    OH-7-9157
ACTON, W. M.                            1899                                    OH-7-12384
ADAIR, JOHN                             1860                                    OH-7-4565
ADAIR, ROBERT                           1865                                    OH-7-5356
ADAM, FRANK                             NO DATE                                 OH-7-6395
ADAMS, DAVID S.                         1867                                    OH-7-5815
ADAMS, EDWARD G.                        1896                                    OH-7-11692
ADAMS, EPHRAIM                          1854                                    OH-7-3393
ADAMS, GEORE                            1816                                    OH-7-192
ADAMS, JOSIAH                           1851                                    OH-7-2745
ADAMS, NATHAN                           1856                                    OH-7-3771
ADAN, MARTHA A.                         1871                                    OH-7-6364
ADDUDLE, ELIZABETH                      1863                                    OH-7-5013
ADKINS, CHARLES                         1871                                    OH-7-6404
ADKINS, ISAAC                           1873                                    OH-7-6817
ADKINS, NANCY                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-10163
ADUDDLE, GEORGE                         1860                                    OH-7-4485
AFFLICK, JOHN G.                        1877                                    OH-7-7494
ALBAN, GEORGE                           1862                                    OH-7-4826
ALBRIGHT, DAVID                         1859 (CON'T)                            OH-7-2451
ALBRIGHT, DAVID                         1849                                    OH-7-4471
ALBRIGHT, DAVID                         1894                                    OH-7-11175
ALBRIGHT, JOHN                          1854                                    OH-7-3410
ALBRIGHT, JOHN J.                       1894                                    OH-7-11335
ALBRIGHT, SARAH                         1890                                    OH-7-10371
ALDERS, B. L.                           1889                                    OH-7-9691
ALDREDGE, MARY A.                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-11513
ALEXANDER, BELLE I.                     1864                                    OH-7-5139
ALEXANDER, CATHARINE                    1885                                    OH-7-9253
ALEXANDER, ELIZA                        1899                                    OH-7-12526
ALEXANDER, ELIZABETH                    1892                                    OH-7-10919
ALEXANDER, HUMPHREY                     1858                                    OH-7-4264
ALEXANDER, HUMPHREY                     1879                                    OH-7-7930
ALEXANDER, JAMES                        1882                                    OH-7-8605
ALEXANDER, JAMES                        1817                                    OH-7-246
ALEXANDER, JAMES                        1887                                    OH-7-9729
ALEXANDER, JAMES SR.                    1852                                    OH-7-2930
ALEXANDER, JOHN                         1891                                    OH-7-10526
ALEXANDER, JOHN                         1849                                    OH-7-2483
ALEXANDER, JOHN                         1848                                    OH-7-2345
ALEXANDER, JOHN SR.                     1843                                    OH-7-1725
ALEXANDER, MARGARET                     1866                                    OH-7-5636
ALEXANDER, PETER                        1862                                    OH-7-4903
ALEXANDER, PRICILLA P.                  1869                                    OH-7-6172
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                       1862                                    OH-7-4897
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                       1858                                    OH-7-4263
ALEXANDER, ROBERT J.                    1863                                    OH-7-4950
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL                       1882                                    OH-7-8739
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL J.                    1874                                    OH-7-7070
ALEXANDER, SARAH J.                     1888                                    OH-7-9889
ALEXANDER, THOMAS                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-62
ALEXANDER, THOMAS                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-2964
ALEXANDER, THOMAS                       1855                                    OH-7-3525
ALEXANDER, THOMAS                       1831                                    OH-7-864
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      1887                                    OH-7-9580
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      1887                                    OH-7-9580
ALLEN, AARON                            1871                                    OH-7-6386
ALLEN, BENJAMIN                         1839                                    OH-7-1435
ALLEN, CATHARINE                        1857                                    OH-7-4041
ALLEN, HANNAH                           1844                                    OH-7-1912
ALLEN, ISAIAH                           1829                                    OH-7-773
ALLEN, MOSES                            1845                                    OH-7-2036
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          1874                                    OH-7-7075
ALLENDER, CHARLES E.                    1899                                    OH-7-12421
ALLENDER, MARY                          1849                                    OH-7-2485
ALLENDER, RICHARD F.                    1899                                    OH-7-12381
ALLENDER, ROBERT                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-1811
ALLENDER, ROSS W.                       1890                                    OH-7-10370
ALLENDER, WILLIAM                       1874                                    OH-7-7040
ALLFATHER, ADAM                         1833                                    OH-7-985
ALLINDER, NICHOLAS                      1831                                    OH-7-873
ALLISON, ACTON                          1877                                    OH-7-7597
ALLMAN, MARY B.                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-10429
AMBLER, CLEM B. J. SR.                  1889                                    OH-7-9995
AMBLER, ISAAC                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-10102
AMBLER, ISAAC                           1856                                    OH-7-3752
AMBLER, JAMES                           1894                                    OH-7-11375
AMBLER, JOHN C.                         1872                                    OH-7-6617
AMBLER, SAMUEL                          1879                                    OH-7-7898
AMBLER, WILLIAM T.                      1846                                    OH-7-2047
AMBROSE, NANCY                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-9407
AMMONS, NANCY                           1856                                    OH-7-3790
AMOS, JOSHUA                            1866                                    OH-7-5727
AMOS, ORPAH E.                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-11091
AMRINE, FRANK H.                        1895                                    OH-7-11421
AMRINE, HENRY                           1860                                    OH-7-4636
ANDERSON, A. W.                         1878                                    OH-7-7811
ANDERSON, BENJAMIN                      1867                                    OH-7-5791
ANDERSON, BENJAMIN                      1867                                    OH-7-5791
ANDERSON, DENNIS P.                     1890                                    OH-7-10242
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                     1832                                    OH-7-908
ANDERSON, GEORGE                        1862                                    OH-7-4943
ANDERSON, HUGH                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-5616
ANDERSON, ISABELL                       1898                                    OH-7-12305
ANDERSON, JAMES                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-11152
ANDERSON, JAMES                         1843                                    OH-7-1703
ANDERSON, JAMES                         1859                                    OH-7-4273
ANDERSON, JAMES E.                      1861                                    OH-7-4759
ANDERSON, JOHN                          1821                                    OH-7-867
ANDERSON, JOHN                          1814                                    OH-7-119
ANDERSON, JOHN                          1848                                    OH-7-2314
ANDERSON, JOHN                          1859                                    OH-7-4309
ANDERSON, JOSHUA C.                     1863                                    OH-7-5056
ANDERSON, MARGARET                      1871                                    OH-7-6406
ANDERSON, MARY                          1888                                    OH-7-9887
ANDERSON, MARY                          1850                                    OH-7-2572
ANDERSON, MARY A.                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-11744
ANDERSON, MATILDA                       1883                                    OH-7-8855
ANDERSON, NANCY A.                      1862                                    OH-7-4835
ANDERSON, NATHANIEL                     1868                                    OH-7-5965
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                        1842                                    OH-7-1819
ANDERSON, SARAH A.                      1891                                    OH-7-10502
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       1823                                    OH-7-496
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       1810                                    OH-7-60
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       1874                                    OH-7-6975
ANDLINGER, JOHN                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-10496
ANDREWS, ALBER                          1897                                    OH-7-11937
ANDREWS, ANDREW                         1903                                    OH-7-10007
ANDREWS, ANDREW                         1889                                    OH-7-10007
ANDREWS, DELBERT E.                     1897                                    OH-7-12040
ANDREWS, SAMUEL                         1876                                    OH-7-7305
ANSHUTZ, CHRISTIAN                      1873                                    OH-7-6803
APPLEGARTH, JANE                        1888                                    OH-7-9910
APPLEGATE, ELLEN                        1887                                    OH-7-9686
APPLEGATE, LEWIS                        1871                                    OH-7-6466
ARCHER, HENRY E.                        1896                                    OH-7-11765
ARCHER, JOHN                            1848                                    OH-7-2346
ARCHER, ORLANDO G.                      1880                                    OH-7-8097
ARCHER, R. W.                           1858                                    OH-7-4251
ARMBRUSTER, ANTHONY                     1886                                    OH-7-9425
ARMBRUSTER, GEORGE                      NO DATE                                 OH-7-12119
ARMBRUSTER, JOSEPH                      1865                                    OH-7-5357
ARMSTRONG, ALEXANDER                    1884                                    OH-7-8958
ARMSTRONG, CHARLES A.                   1865                                    OH-7-5471
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                        1879                                    OH-7-8057
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE                       1849                                    OH-7-2456
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE                       1885                                    OH-7-9242
ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH                       1827                                    OH-7-673
ARMSTRONG, LOUISA                       1894                                    OH-7-11198
ARMSTRONG, MAGGIE R.                    1894                                    OH-7-12095
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                       1818                                    OH-7-291
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                       1844                                    OH-7-1942
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       1845                                    OH-7-1946
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       1874                                    OH-7-7023
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      1890                                    OH-7-10264
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      1891 (CON'T OF 10264                    OH-7-10517
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM M.                   1885                                    OH-7-9353
ARNOLD, GEORGE                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-12711
ARNOLD, JOHN H.                         1849                                    OH-7-12343
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                          1846                                    OH-7-2051
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                          1856 (CON'T OF 2051)                    OH-7-3744
ARNOLD, PUTNAM                          1873                                    OH-7-67502
ARRICK, JAMES                           1845                                    OH-7-2015
ARRICK, JOS. P.                         1880                                    OH-7-8247
ARTERS, WILLIAM                         1844                                    OH-7-1879
ASCHOFF, CHRISTIAN                      1890                                    OH-7-10268
ASHENHURST, JAMES G.                    1896                                    OH-7-11626
ASHTON, CHARLES K.                      1896                                    OH-7-11689
ASHTON, ISAAC                           1892                                    OH-7-10954
ASKEW, MARTHA                           1860                                    OH-7-4627
ASKEW, WILLIAM SR.                      1860                                    OH-7-4650
ATKINSON, ANN                           1866                                    OH-7-5651
ATKINSON, DANIEL                        1866                                    OH-7-5576
ATKINSON, DAVID                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-4293
ATKINSON, DAVID B.                      1866                                    OH-7-5739
ATKINSON, GEORGE B.                     1860                                    OH-7-4478
ATKINSON, HENRY B.                      1883                                    OH-7-8774
ATKINSON, JOHN B.                       1847                                    OH-7-2219
ATKINSON, JONAS M.                      1870                                    OH-7-6222
ATKINSON, RICHARD B.                    1864                                    OH-7-5230
ATTLESY, WILLIAM                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-2571
ATWATER, EBENEZER                       1820                                    OH-7-1820
ATWELL, NANCY                           1881                                    OH-7-8383
ATWELL, THOMPSON                        1883                                    OH-7-8777
AUBERRY, PHILLIP                        1828                                    OH-7-729
AUBREY, MARY                            1885                                    OH-7-9176
AULDFATHER, JACOB                       1869                                    OH-7-6096
AULT, ANDREW                            1849                                    OH-7-2486
AULT, ANDREW                            1878                                    OH-7-7821
AULT, AUSTIN                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-9103
AULT, CHRISTOPHER                       1832                                    OH-7-916
AULT, CHRISTOPHER A.                    1896                                    OH-7-11774
AULT, DANIEL                            1896                                    OH-7-11668
AULT, ELIZABETH                         1887                                    OH-7-9586
AULT, ELIZABETH                         1852                                    OH-7-3006
AULT, ELIZABETH                         1851                                    OH-7-2744
AULT, FRANCIS E.                        1894                                    OH-7-11201
AULT, FREDERICK                         1853                                    OH-7-3154
AULT, FREDERICK                         1868                                    OH-7-5874
AULT, FREDERICK                         1841                                    OH-7-2484
AULT, JACOB                             1859                                    OH-7-4312
AULT, JACOB                             1858                                    OH-7-4188
AULT, JOHN                              1890                                    OH-7-10250
AULT, JOHN                              1863                                    OH-7-5058
AULT, LAURA A.                          1893                                    OH-7-11053
AULT, LEVI                              1872                                    OH-7-6615
AULT, LUCINDA                           1852                                    OH-7-2961
AULT, MANDERVILLE                       1890                                    OH-7-10372
AULT, MICHAEL                           1860                                    OH-7-4515
AULT, PHILLIP                           1848                                    OH-7-2327
AULT, THOMAS                            1896                                    OH-7-11775
AULT, VALENTINE                         1826                                    OH-7-647
AULT, VALENTINE                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-11548
AULT, WILLIAM E.                        1892                                    OH-7-10866
AULT, WILSON S.                         1885                                    OH-7-9181
AUSTIN, JAMES M.                        1870                                    OH-7-6223
AUSTIN, M. LAFAYETTE                    1893                                    OH-7-11176
AUSTIN, MARY J.                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-11159
AUSTIN, RANDALL                         1866                                    OH-7-5680
AYERS, JAMES                            1872                                    OH-7-6679
AYERS, JOHN                             1844                                    OH-7-1732
AYRES, SAMUEL                           1872                                    OH-7-6678
BABB, PETER                             1837                                    OH-7-1271
BAGGS, ANDREW H.                        1887                                    OH-7-8814
BAGGS, ANDREW J.                        1896                                    OH-7-11735
BAGGS, JAS. T.                          1889                                    OH-7-10031
BAGGS, JOSEPH M.                        1891                                    OH-7-10658
BAGGS, ROBERT J.                        1890                                    OH-7-10458
BAILE, MARGARET                         1894                                    OH-7-11236
BAILEY, BARRACK                         1858                                    OH-7-4166
BAILEY, BENJAMIN                        1888                                    OH-7-9879
BAILEY, BENJAMIN                        1811                                    OH-7-85
BAILEY, DAVID                           1861                                    OH-7-4677
BAILEY, EDMUND                          1873                                    OH-7-6804
BAILEY, ELIZABETH                       1893                                    OH-7-11089
BAILEY, ELLIS W.                        1895                                    OH-7-11551
BAILEY, HAMILTON                        1862                                    OH-7-4883
BAILEY, HANNAH                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-2865
BAILEY, HENRY                           1854                                    OH-7-3289
BAILEY, HEZAKIAH                        1872                                    OH-7-6738
BAILEY, JANE                            1864                                    OH-7-5248
BAILEY, JESSE                           1844                                    OH-7-1873
BAILEY, JESSE                           1898                                    OH-7-12196
BAILEY, JOEL                            1876                                    OH-7-7404
BAILEY, JOHN                            1849                                    OH-7-2452
BAILEY, JOSEPH                          1841                                    OH-7-1618
BAILEY, LUCINDA                         1895                                    OH-7-11390
BAILEY, LYDIA H.                        1885                                    OH-7-9230
BAILEY, MATHEW                          1840                                    OH-7-1552
BAILEY, MIKAJAH                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-4451
BAILEY, REBECCA                         1879                                    OH-7-8052
BAILEY, REBECCA                         1866                                    OH-7-5658
BAILEY, RICHARD                         1878                                    OH-7-7704
BAILEY, SAMUEL A.                       1895                                    OH-7-11535
BAILEY, SARAH                           1873                                    OH-7-6814
BAILEY, STEPHEN                         1861                                    OH-7-4726
BAILEY, STEPHEN JR.                     1854                                    OH-7-3438
BAILEY, WIATT                           1852                                    OH-7-2879
BAILEY, WILLIAM                         1826                                    OH-7-627
BAKER, CHRISTIAN                        1872                                    OH-7-6662
BAKER, CHRISTOPHER                      1875                                    OH-7-7096
BAKER, HENRY                            1849                                    OH-7-2455
BAKER, JOHN                             1858                                    OH-7-4143
BAKER, RHODA                            1857                                    OH-7-4036
BALDERSON, JONATHAN                     1852 (CON'T OF 2901)                    OH-7-3107
BALDERSON, JONATHAN                     1852                                    OH-7-2901
BALDERSTON, ELIZABETH                   1873                                    OH-7-6831
BALDERSTON, MORDECIA                    1820                                    OH-7-362
BALDERSTON, PETER                       1853                                    OH-7-3099
BALDRIDGE, MICHAEL                      1814                                    OH-7-115
BALDRSTON, WILLIAM                      1855                                    OH-7-3666
BALDWIN, REBECCA                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-10652
BALL, DANIEL                            1841                                    OH-7-1649
BALL, GUSTAVUS                          1881                                    OH-7-8323
BALL, HENRY W.                          1882                                    OH-7-8734
BALL, HUGHLINGS                         1841                                    OH-7-1625
BALL, ISAAC                             1889                                    OH-7-10136
BALL, JACOB                             1856                                    OH-7-3740
BALL, JOHN                              1846                                    OH-7-2082
BALL, JOHN                              1898                                    OH-7-12201
BALL, JONATHAN R.                       1893                                    OH-7-11170
BALL, JOSEPH                            1854                                    OH-7-3253
BALL, PARDON                            1878                                    OH-7-7667
BALTZELL, CHARLES H.                    1889                                    OH-7-10167
BAMBERG, GABRIEL                        1866                                    OH-7-5653
BAMBERGER, CHARLES                      1895                                    OH-7-11409
BAMFORD, ANNA M.                        1893                                    OH-7-11074
BAMFORD, JOSEPH                         1892                                    OH-7-10738
BANFIELD, JOHN                          1892                                    OH-7-10759
BANNISTER, THOMAS                       1882                                    OH-7-8735
BARBER, JAMES                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-1809
BARBOUR, ELIZABETH                      1888                                    OH-7-9935
BARCHARD, JOHN H.                       1878                                    OH-7-7828
BARGE, ROBERT                           1860                                    OH-7-4475
BARGMAN, CHRISTOPHER                    1821                                    OH-7-400
BARKER, BROOK                           1894                                    OH-7-11370
BARKER, JOHN W.                         1876                                    OH-7-7429
BARKER, MATILDA                         1895                                    OH-7-11498
BARKHURST, BENJAMIN F.                  1891                                    OH-7-10622
BARKHURST, MARY A.                      NO DATE                                 OH-7-12050
BARKUS, JOHN                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-204
BARLOW, JAMES                           1854                                    OH-7-3419
BARLOW, SAMUEL                          1855                                    OH-7-3627
BARLOW, WILLIAM                         1891                                    OH-7-10542
BARLOW, WILLIAM J.                      1898                                    OH-7-12122
BARNARD, BRICK C.                       1897                                    OH-7-11907
BARNARD, THOMAS                         1864                                    OH-7-3256
BARNARD, WILLIAM G.                     1892                                    OH-7-10869
BARNES, ABLE                            1876                                    OH-7-7307
BARNES, ALLEN                           1880                                    OH-7-8241
BARNES, ALPHA C.                        1901                                    OH-7-12253
BARNES, ANN                             1870                                    OH-7-6299
BARNES, CALEB                           1852                                    OH-7-2939
BARNES, EDWARD D.                       1894                                    OH-7-11339
BARNES, EDWARD S.                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-7662-2
BARNES, ELI                             NO DATE                                 OH-7-9339
BARNES, ELIJAH                          1852                                    OH-7-2881
BARNES, ELIZABETH                       1847                                    OH-7-2220
BARNES, ELIZABETH A.                    1895                                    OH-7-11521
BARNES, GEORGE                          1894                                    OH-7-11336
BARNES, HARRISON                        1889                                    OH-7-10220
BARNES, HENRY                           1875                                    OH-7-7274
BARNES, HENRY T.                        1873                                    OH-7-6759
BARNES, ISAIAH                          1853                                    OH-7-3123
BARNES, JAMES A.                        1889                                    OH-7-10039
BARNES, JOHN                            1828                                    OH-7-711
BARNES, JOHNSA                          1842                                    OH-7-1833
BARNES, JOSEPH                          1840 (CON'T OF 1527)                    OH-7-1834
BARNES, JOSEPH                          1840                                    OH-7-1527
BARNES, JOSHUA                          1880                                    OH-7-8261
BARNES, LEVI K.                         1892                                    OH-7-10867
BARNES, MARIA L.                        1891                                    OH-7-10628
BARNES, MARY                            1873                                    OH-7-6834
BARNES, NATHAN P.                       1861                                    OH-7-4772
BARNES, OBEDIAH                         1850                                    OH-7-2562
BARNES, OTHO                            1851                                    OH-7-2726
BARNES, PETER                           1849                                    OH-7-2429
BARNES, WILLIAM                         1866                                    OH-7-5644
BARNES, WILLIAM                         1861                                    OH-7-4745
BARNES, ZACHARY T.                      1895                                    OH-7-11544
BARNET, JACOB                           1842                                    OH-7-1816
BARNET, JOHN                            1824                                    OH-7-561
BARNET, LYDIA                           1855                                    OH-7-3656
BARNET, PHILIP                          1852                                    OH-7-2916
BARNETT, JACOB                          1849                                    OH-7-2481
BARON, C. S. S.                         1886                                    OH-7-9498
BARON, HANNAH M.                        1891                                    OH-7-10693
BARON, OLIVIA                           1881                                    OH-7-8453
BARON, THOMAS G.                        1879                                    OH-7-7883
BARON, WILLIAM                          1853                                    OH-7-3084
BAROW, ALFRED L.                        1881                                    OH-7-8365
BARRETT, ESTHER A.                      1896                                    OH-7-11766
BARRETT, MARY                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-10568
BARRETT, MICHAEL                        1892                                    OH-7-10002
BARRETT, MICHAEL                        1889                                    OH-7-10002
BARRETT, PATRICK                        1887                                    OH-7-9727
BARRETT, THOMAS                         1837                                    OH-7-1263
BARRETT, THOMAS                         1837 (CON'T OF 1263)                    OH-7-3831
BARRETT, WILLIAM F.                     1881                                    OH-7-8328
BARRY, JOHN                             1873                                    OH-7-6882
BARRY, JOHN                             1881                                    OH-7-6882
BARTHOLOMEW, GEORGE                     1890                                    OH-7-10378
BARTON, ABRIER                          1828                                    OH-7-719
BARTON, ADA A.                          1887                                    OH-7-9770
BARTON, DAVID                           1911                                    OH-7-75
BARTON, MARY                            1820                                    OH-7-366
BASHEAR, GARRETT                        1850                                    OH-7-2573
BATES, JESSE                            1840                                    OH-7-1627
BATES, JESSE                            1840 (CON'T OF 1627)                    OH-7-1848
BATES, THOMAS                           1840                                    OH-7-1647-2
BATEY, MARGARET                         1890                                    OH-7-10321
BATTELLE, MARY B.                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-9472
BAUER, FREDERICK                        1899                                    OH-7-12359
BAUGH, JOHN A.                          1892                                    OH-7-10751
BEACH, ROSWELL                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-4118
BEALL, JAMES                            1835                                    OH-7-1157
BEALL, MARY                             NO DATE                                 OH-7-10106
BEALL, WILLIAM                          1856                                    OH-7-3905
BEALL, WILLIAM B.                       1847                                    OH-7-2222
BEAM, ELIZABETH                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-852
BEAM, GEORGE                            1814                                    OH-7-112
BEAN, FRANCIS                           1811                                    OH-7-73
BEARDMORE, ELIZABETH                    1879                                    OH-7-7972
BEARDMORE, JOHN                         1876                                    OH-7-7332
BEARDMORE, WILLIAM                      1888                                    OH-7-9827
BEATTY, JOHN                            1880                                    OH-7-8248
BEATTY, JOHN                            1877                                    OH-7-7611
BEATTY, MARGARET                        1890                                    OH-7-10321
BEATTY, MARY J.                         1890                                    OH-7-10423
BEATY, EDWARD                           1895                                    OH-7-11529
BEATY, FELIX                            1894                                    OH-7-11232
BEAZLE, JANE                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-5645
BECK, ALONZO                            1892                                    OH-7-10812
BECK, ANNIE                             1888                                    OH-7-9857
BECK, DANIEL                            1892                                    OH-7-10849
BECK, ELIZABETH                         1878                                    OH-7-7683
BECK, JOHN                              NO DATE                                 OH-7-7415
BECK, MARY                              NO DATE                                 OH-7-9134
BECK, THOMAS                            1856                                    OH-7-3839
BECK, THOMAS                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-4029
BECKER, ADOLPH                          1895                                    OH-7-11422
BECKETT, JOHN                           1894                                    OH-7-11260
BECK,JAMES W.                           1897                                    OH-7-11941
BEDELL, VIRGINIA W.                     1887                                    OH-7-9742
BEEKS, THOMAS                           1854                                    OH-7-3318
BEEM, BENJAMIN                          1862                                    OH-7-4931
BEEM, HENRY                             1895                                    OH-7-11549
BEEM, HENRY                             NO DATE                                 OH-7-2446
BEEM, JACOB                             1848                                    OH-7-2344
BEHR, SIMON                             1884                                    OH-7-9090
BEIHL, GEORGE                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-7556
BELANGE, GRACE                          1834                                    OH-7-1090
BELANGE, JAMES                          1832                                    OH-7-901
BELL, ALAZANAA                          1840                                    OH-7-4538
BELL, FRANKLIN                          1863                                    OH-7-5062
BELL, GEORGE                            1830                                    OH-7-822
BELL, HETTTY                            1823                                    OH-7-982
BELL, JAMES H.                          1896                                    OH-7-11791
BELL, JOHN                              1817                                    OH-7-249
BELL, JOHN                              1852                                    OH-7-2963
BELL, MARGARET                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-11512
BELL, WILLIAM                           1830                                    OH-7-850
BELL, ZEPAIAH                           1853                                    OH-7-3157
BELLINGER, JOSEPH                       1889                                    OH-7-10100
BENDELL, ELIZABETH D.                   1877                                    OH-7-7580
BENLINE, MARY                           1891                                    OH-7-10559
BENNER, JOSEPH                          1889                                    OH-7-10134
BENNETT, GEORGE W.                      NO DATE                                 OH-7-11237
BENSON, ELIZABETH                       1898                                    OH-7-12182
BENSON,JAMES                            1897                                    OH-7-11857
BENTLEY, JOSEPH W.                      1899                                    OH-7-12503
BENTLEY, SOLOMON                        1865                                    OH-7-452
BENTLEY, WILLIAM                        1870                                    OH-7-6262
BENTLEY, WILLIAM H.                     1898                                    OH-7-12144
BENTON, GEORGE                          1856                                    OH-7-3869
BENTZ, ADAM                             1882                                    OH-7-8696
BERRY, BEULAH                           1858                                    OH-7-4243
BERRY, BEULAH                           1858 (CON'T OF 4243)                    OH-7-5299
BERRY, DAVID R.                         1844                                    OH-7-1910
BERRY, EVAN                             NO DATE                                 OH-7-2080
BERRY, G EORGE                          1851                                    OH-7-2747
BERRY, ISAAC                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-10103
BERRY, ISAAC SR.                        1866                                    OH-7-5588
BERRY, JACOB                            1878                                    OH-7-7701
BERRY, JAMES A.                         1883                                    OH-7-8927
BERRY, JOEL                             1837                                    OH-7-1284
BERRY, JOHN                             1866                                    OH-7-5564
BERRY, JOHN                             1828                                    OH-7-753
BERRY, JOHN                             1868                                    OH-7-5957
BERRY, JOHN O.                          1870                                    OH-7-6313
BERRY, JORDON                           1865                                    OH-7-5331
BERRY, JOSEPH                           1844                                    OH-7-4244
BERRY, JOSEPH                           1861                                    OH-7-4715
BERRY, JOSEPH                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-289
BERRY, JOSEPH                           NO DATE (CON'T OF 289)                  OH-7-1400
BERRY, JOSEPHINE                        1892                                    OH-7-10748
BERRY, MARY                             1871                                    OH-7-6434
BERRY, PHOEBE                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-1720
BERRY, R. J.                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-6753
BERRY, RACHEL                           1866                                    OH-7-5671
BERRY, RACHEL E.                        1871                                    OH-7-6415-2
BERRY, REECE                            1890                                    OH-7-10459
BERRY, SAMUEL                           1896                                    OH-7-11632
BERRY, SARAH R.                         1851                                    OH-7-2748
BERRY, SMAUEL                           1849                                    OH-7-2349
BERRY, THOMAS                           1857                                    OH-7-4055
BERRY, THOMAS C.                        1851                                    OH-7-2718
BERRY, WILLARD P.                       1864                                    OH-7-5215
BERTA, JOSEFA                           1886                                    OH-7-9433
BERTRAM, CHARLES A.                     1895                                    OH-7-11586
BESHORE, JOHN                           1833                                    OH-7-927
BETHEL, ALFRED                          1897                                    OH-7-11834
BETHEL, BARNET                          1829                                    OH-7-783
BETHEL, BENJAMIN F.                     1854                                    OH-7-3231
BETHEL, CATHARINE                       1868                                    OH-7-5900
BETHEL, EDWARD                          1875                                    OH-7-7138
BETHEL, GEORGE C.                       1865                                    OH-7-5398
BETHEL, HENRY                           1846                                    OH-7-2044
BETHEL, JAMES                           1895                                    OH-7-11384
BETHEL, JAMES                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-3124
BETHEL, MARY                            1895                                    OH-7-11468
BETHEL, NORRIS                          1849                                    OH-7-2427
BETHEL, SIMPSON                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-1030
BETHEL, WILLIAM                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-5681
BETHEL, WILLIAM JR.                     1862                                    OH-7-4846
BETTIS, JOHN EDGAR                      NO DATE                                 OH-7-10629
BETTS, BENJAMIN DREW                    1844                                    OH-7-1870
BETTS, WILLIAM                          1850                                    OH-7-2576
BEVAM, ELIZA                            1858                                    OH-7-4216
BEVAN, OTHO                             1859                                    OH-7-4350
BEVAN, SAMUEL                           1846                                    OH-7-2039
BEVAN, SAMUEL SR.                       1837                                    OH-7-1347
BEVIN, JAMES                            1850                                    OH-7-2575
BEWLEY, HANNAH D.                       1897                                    OH-7-11888
BICKHAM, JOHN                           1875                                    OH-7-7169
BIDDINGTON, WALTER J.                   1899                                    OH-7-12336
BIERBAUER, CHARLES                      1872                                    OH-7-6723
BIGGER, JOHN                            1859                                    OH-7-4457
BIGGER, JOHN                            1859 (CON'T) OF 4457)                   OH-7-6176
BIGGER, JOHN                            1886                                    OH-7-4457
BIGGER, WILLIAM                         1845                                    OH-7-2014
BIGGER,R OBERT J.                       1870                                    OH-7-6230
BIGGS, JOSEPH                           1835                                    OH-7-1159
BIGLEY, JOSEPH                          1844                                    OH-7-1880
BILLINGSLEY, GEORGE                     1864                                    OH-7-5284
BILLINGSLEY, MARGARET                   1892                                    OH-7-10911
BILLINGSLY, JAMES                       1894                                    OH-7-11286
BILYEU, JOHN                            1885                                    OH-7-9188
BINES, WILLIM H.                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-12676
BINNS, GIBSON                           1897                                    OH-7-11956
BIRCH, THOMAS H.                        1882                                    OH-7-8628
BIRDSALL, GILBERT                       1848                                    OH-7-2343
BIRDSONG, ELIJAH P.                     1858                                    OH-7-4163
BISHOP, ABRAM A.                        1898                                    OH-7-12294
BISHOP, ABRAM AUSTIN                    1899                                    OH-7-12294
BISHOP, ALFRED                          1894                                    OH-7-11187
BISHOP, ANDREW                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-10193
BISHOP, JOSEPH                          1862                                    OH-7-4911
BISHOP, JOSEPHUS                        1864                                    OH-7-5187
BISHOP, JOSEPHUS                        1890 (CON'T OF 5187                     OH-7-10348
BISHOP, JOSEPHUS                        1890                                    OH-7-5187
BISHOP, SARAH E.                        1869                                    OH-7-6049
BISHOP, URIAH                           1854                                    OH-7-3411
BISHOP, WILLIAM C.                      1892                                    OH-7-10829
BLACK, AARON                            1895                                    OH-7-11460
BLACK, PATRICK                          1849                                    OH-7-2431
BLACKBURN, OLIVER T.                    1891                                    OH-7-10688
BLACKFORD, JANE E.                      1900                                    OH-7-12564
BLACKLEGE, THOMAS                       1837                                    OH-7-1270
BLACKWOOD, WILLIAM                      1843                                    OH-7-1730
BLAIN, ROBERT                           1862                                    OH-7-4881
BLAIR, JOHN C.                          1884                                    OH-7-9098
BLAIR, WILLIAM                          1860                                    OH-7-4580
BLAKEMORE, JAMES F.                     1878                                    OH-7-7649
BLANCHARD, ISAAC                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-4412
BLANEY, JOSEPH                          1859                                    OH-7-4348
BLANEY, JOSEPH                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-9435
BLARNEY, SARAH                          1890                                    OH-7-10368
BLOCHER, MARGARET                       1894                                    OH-7-11226
BLOCKSIDGE, JESSE                       1882                                    OH-7-8649
BLOOMFIELD, JOSEPH                      1833                                    OH-7-987
BLOWERS, JOHN C.                        1891                                    OH-7-10521
BLOWERS, REBECCA                        1888                                    OH-7-9852
BLOWRES, CLARA                          1885                                    OH-7-9236
BOCK, AUGUST                            1876                                    OH-7-7104
BODEN, SAMUEL                           1875                                    OH-7-7222
BODEN, WILLIAM                          1880                                    OH-7-8073
BOESHAR, FREDERICK                      1882                                    OH-7-8691
BOGER, GEORGE F.                        1868                                    OH-7-5999
BOGER, JACOB SR.                        1885                                    OH-7-9166
BOGGS, ALEXANDER                        1820                                    OH-7-354
BOGGS, DAVID                            1853                                    OH-7-3061
BOGGS, EZEKIAL                          1815                                    OH-7-157
BOGGS, FRANCIS                          1895                                    OH-7-11545
BOGGS, JOSEPH                           1873                                    OH-7-6756-2
BOGGS, JOSEPH JR.                       1892                                    OH-7-10710
BOGGS, MOSES                            1891                                    OH-7-10595
BOGUE, JONATHAN                         1820                                    OH-7-363
BOLEN, SILAS                            1879                                    OH-7-8042
BOLON, HILAN                            1891                                    OH-7-10556
BOLON, JILSON                           1867                                    OH-7-5699
BOLON, JOSEPH G. SR.                    1890                                    OH-7-10296
BOLON, STEPHEN G.                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-8762
BOLON, WILLIAM                          1891                                    OH-7-10495
BOLTE, WILLIAM                          1900                                    OH-7-12745
BONAR, JAMES                            1878                                    OH-7-7716
BOND, ALLEN                             NO DATE                                 OH-7-10281
BOND, ALLEN                             1841                                    OH-7-1607
BOND, JOSEPH                            1873                                    OH-7-6828
BOND, WILLIAM                           1884                                    OH-7-8997
BONER, GREENBERRY D.                    1881                                    OH-7-8359
BONNIFANT, JAMES                        1878                                    OH-7-7810-2
BOOKER, HENRY A.                        1848                                    OH-7-2342
BOOTH, ELBEN J. R.                      1877                                    OH-7-9695
BOOTH, ISAAC                            1878                                    OH-7-7813
BOOTH, MATHEW                           1886                                    OH-7-9396
BORING, JOHN W.                         1882                                    OH-7-8725
BORING, SARAH                           1871                                    OH-7-6456
BOROFF, HENRY                           1864                                    OH-7-5137
BOROFF, MARY                            1867                                    OH-7-5706
BORTON, JOB                             1898                                    OH-7-12172
BOTKINS, ROBERT C.                      1864                                    OH-7-5192
BOTKINS, SMITH                          1898                                    OH-7-12094
BOURLIER, CHARLOTTE                     1871                                    OH-7-6489
BOWEN, BENJAMIN                         1860                                    OH-7-4598
BOWEN, GEORGE Y.                        1869                                    OH-7-6162
BOWEN, PRISCILLA                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-12481
BOWLES, GEORGE                          1894                                    OH-7-11244
BOWLES, GEORGE                          1842                                    OH-7-1810
BOWLES, REBECCA                         1868                                    OH-7-5868
BOWLES, THOMAN                          1845                                    OH-7-1961
BOWMAN, SAMUEL D.                       1839                                    OH-7-1518
BOX, ALEXANDER W.                       1879                                    OH-7-7919
BOYD, ABBIE C.                          1885                                    OH-7-9221
BOYD, ANNE W.                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-5263
BOYD, CELIA                             1899                                    OH-7-12472
BOYD, CYRUS                             1844                                    OH-7-1736
BOYD, DANIEL                            1866                                    OH-7-5615
BOYD, DAVID                             1900                                    OH-7-12568
BOYD, ELIZABETH                         1897                                    OH-7-11884
BOYD, ESTHER                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-6327
BOYD, JAMES                             1828                                    OH-7-714
BOYD, JOHN                              1854                                    OH-7-3392
BOYD, JOHN                              1833                                    OH-7-930
BOYD, JOHN                              1895                                    OH-7-11534
BOYD, MALILA A.                         1893                                    OH-7-11118
BOYD, MARGARET                          1894                                    OH-7-11376
BOYD, MARTHA                            1863                                    OH-7-5117
BOYD, MARTHA                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-5545
BOYD, NANCY M.                          1891                                    OH-7-10511
BOYD, ROBERT                            1881                                    OH-7-8214
BOYD, ROBET                             1896                                    OH-7-11782
BOYD, WILLIAM                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-7544
BOYD, WILLIAM S.                        1899                                    OH-7-12437
BOYD, WILLIAM SR.                       1891                                    OH-7-10508
BOYER, LEWIS                            1864                                    OH-7-5163
BOYERS, JOHN                            1857                                    OH-7-3967
BOYLE, WILLIAM                          1874                                    OH-7-6939
BOYLES, HUGH                            1871                                    OH-7-6413
BOYLES, JAMES                           1822                                    OH-7-446
BOYLES, JOSEPH                          1896                                    OH-7-11737
BRACKEN, CALEB                          1874                                    OH-7-7007
BRACKEN, CALEB                          1901                                    OH-7-7007
BRACKEN, ELISHA                         1881                                    OH-7-8334
BRACKEN, MARY                           1876                                    OH-7-7296
BRADFIELD, JOHN                         1895                                    OH-7-11419
BRADFIELD, JOSEPH                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-5587
BRADLEY, MARGARET                       1900                                    OH-7-12699
BRADSHAW, JAMES                         1823                                    OH-7-504
BRADSHAW, JOHN                          1824                                    OH-7-585
BRADSHAW, WILLIAM                       1864                                    OH-7-5229
BRADY, EBENEZER                         1860                                    OH-7-4466
BRADY, JOHN SR.                         1866                                    OH-7-5690
BRADY, NORA                             NO DATE                                 OH-7-11805
BRADY, WILLIAM P.                       1847                                    OH-7-2221
BRAILLY, PHILLIP                        1895                                    OH-7-11783
BRAMHALL, PETER                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-10310
BRAMHALL, ROBERT                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-1807
BRANDENBERG, JESSE SR.                  1880                                    OH-7-8131
BRANDENBERGH, JOSHUA T.                 1864                                    OH-7-5188
BRANINGER, DANIEL                       1829                                    OH-7-805
BRANNUM, ALEXANDER                      1887                                    OH-7-9577
BRANSON, ABIGAIL                        1826                                    OH-7-638
BRANSON, ANN                            1891                                    OH-7-10545
BRANSON, DAVID                          1833                                    OH-7-929
BRANSON, DEBORA                         OH-7-1891                               OH-7-10546
BRANSON, ELIZABETH                      NO DATE                                 OH-7-2433
BRANSON, FRANCES                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-9625
BRANSON, ISAAC                          1829                                    OH-7-772
BRANSON, JACOB                          1845                                    OH-7-1958
BRANSON, JACOB                          1868                                    OH-7-5981
BRANSON, JOHN                           1815                                    OH-7-144
BRANSON, JOHN P.                        1870                                    OH-7-6279
BRANSON, REECE                          1815                                    OH-7-142
BRASHEARS, JESSE                        1840                                    OH-7-1526
BRATTON, ANNA A.                        1899                                    OH-7-12541
BRATTON, MARY                           1825                                    OH-7-593
BRATTON, WILLIAM                        1824                                    OH-7-547
BRATTON, WILLIAM                        1865                                    OH-7-5488
BRATTON, WILLIAM J.                     1898                                    OH-7-12168
BRAUNLICH, CLARA                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-8615
BREIDENSTEIN, ELIZABETH                 NO DATE                                 OH-7-8630
BREIDENSTINE, CASPER                    1891                                    OH-7-10561
BREWER, DANIEL                          1842                                    OH-7-1818
BREWER, EBENEZER                        1840                                    OH-7-1633
BREWER, JACOB                           1841                                    OH-7-1650
BREWER, JANE                            1881 (CON'T OF 8253)                    OH-7-8473
BREWER, JANE                            1881                                    OH-7-8253
BREWER, JOHN P.                         1881                                    OH-7-8391
BREWER, SARAH                           1866                                    OH-7-5670
BRICE, DAVID                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-1356
BRICE, JOHN SR.                         1882                                    OH-7-8594
BRIGGS, GEORGE B.                       1900                                    OH-7-12738
BRIGGS, WILLIAM                         1829                                    OH-7-789
BRIGHT, NICHOLAS                        1814                                    OH-7-126
BROCK, BENJAMIN                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-46
BROCK, BENJAMIN A.                      1861                                    OH-7-4707
BROCK, BENJAMIN A.                      1886                                    OH-7-4707
BROCK, DAVID                            1846                                    OH-7-2037
BROCK, GEORGE S.                        1848                                    OH-7-2309
BROCK, JAMES                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-1008
BROCK, JAMES                            1815                                    OH-7-148
BROCK, JESSE                            1846                                    OH-7-2038
BROCK, MARY                             NO DATE                                 OH-7-5665
BROCK, ROBERT                           1855                                    OH-7-3706
BROCK, SARAH                            1818                                    OH-7-294
BROCK, STEPHEN                          1841                                    OH-7-1642
BROCK, STEPHEN                          1852 (CON'T OF 1642)                    OH-7-3008
BROCK, WALKER C.                        1878                                    OH-7-7681
BRODERICK, WILLIAM                      1815                                    OH-7-184
BROKAW, GEORGE                          1881                                    OH-7-8267
BROKAW, GEORGE SR.                      1892                                    OH-7-10793
BROKAW, JACOB                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-12106
BROKAW, NANCY                           1876                                    OH-7-7414
BROKAW, WILLIAM                         1850                                    OH-7-2566
BRONSON, HARRIET                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-9862
BROOKS, ALFRED                          1864                                    OH-7-5450
BROOKS, JOHN W.                         1864                                    OH-7-5206
BROOMHALL, ALLEN                        1891                                    OH-7-10636
BROOMHALL, BARCLAY                      1880                                    OH-7-8229
BROOMHALL, BARCLAY                      1884                                    OH-7-9031
BROOMHALL, ELIHU                        1885                                    OH-7-9191
BROOMHALL, GLADNEY E.                   1882                                    OH-7-8754
BROOMHALL, JAMES                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-1275
BROOMHALL, JOHN                         1854                                    OH-7-3233
BROOMHALL, REBECCA                      1855                                    OH-7-9167
BROOMHALL, WILLIAM E.                   1871                                    OH-7-6300
BROWN, ABEL                             1841                                    OH-7-1619
BROWN, ABSALON                          1893                                    OH-7-11073
BROWN, BENJAMIN A.                      1867                                    OH-7-5753
BROWN, BRIDGET                          1881                                    OH-7-8386
BROWN, DAVID                            1887                                    OH-7-9571
BROWN, ELISHA                           1860                                    OH-7-4635
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        1872                                    OH-7-6741
BROWN, GEORGE                           1850                                    OH-7-2574
BROWN, JACOB                            1874                                    OH-7-7065
BROWN, JAMES                            1879                                    OH-7-7864
BROWN, JAMES                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-7360
BROWN, JAMES O.                         1879                                    OH-7-7877
BROWN, JEFFERSON                        1900                                    OH-7-12629
BROWN, JOHN                             1877                                    OH-7-7470
BROWN, JOHN                             1848                                    OH-7-2315
BROWN, JOHN                             1851                                    OH-7-2729
BROWN, JOHN                             NO DATE                                 OH-7-6043
BROWN, JOHN                             1827                                    OH-7-676
BROWN, JOHN                             1872                                    OH-7-6701
BROWN, JOHN                             1865                                    OH-7-5451
BROWN, JOHN                             1855                                    OH-7-3708
BROWN, JOSEPH                           1872                                    OH-7-6636
BROWN, JOSEPH                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-5100
BROWN, JOSEPH SR.                       1891                                    OH-7-16092
BROWN, MARGARET                         1880                                    OH-7-8166
BROWN, MARY                             1896                                    OH-7-11758
BROWN, MARY                             1896                                    OH-7-11754
BROWN, MOSES                            1858                                    OH-7-4197
BROWN, N. W.                            1903                                    OH-7-12481
BROWN, PLEASANT                         1859 (CON'T OF 4303)                    OH-7-12481
BROWN, PLEASANT                         1859                                    OH-7-4303
BROWN, PRICILLA                         1862                                    OH-7-4941
BROWN, SLATER                           1839                                    OH-7-1521
BROWN, SMAUEL                           1848                                    OH-7-720
BROWN, STEPHEN H.                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-8861
BROWN, THOMAS                           1833                                    OH-7-968
BROWN, THOMAS JR.                       1865                                    OH-7-5473
BROWN, WILLIAM                          1889                                    OH-7-9963
BROWN, WILLIAM                          1827                                    OH-7-698
BROWN, WILLIAM                          1889                                    OH-7-1051
BROWN, WILLIAM                          1828                                    OH-7-722
BROWN, WILLIAM MCK.                     NO DATE                                 OH-7-6114
BRUEN, SUSANNAH                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-6059
BRYAN, DAVID                            1838                                    OH-7-1393
BRYAN, ELIZABETH                        1845                                    OH-7-1955
BRYSN, GEORGE                           1849                                    OH-7-2482
BRYSON, ED W.                           1882                                    OH-7-8652
BRYSON, EDWARD                          1824                                    OH-7-562
BRYSON, EDWARD W.                       1897                                    OH-7-11874
BRYSON, ELIZABETH                       1866                                    OH-7-5692
BRYSON, HUGH                            1829                                    OH-7-778
BRYSON, JOHN                            1841                                    OH-7-1616
BUCHANAN, GEORGE                        1838                                    OH-7-1411
BUCHANAN, GEORGE                        1843                                    OH-7-1788
BUCHANAN, JOHN                          1851                                    OH-7-2728
BUCHANAN, JOHN                          1831                                    OH-7-858
BUCHANAN, JOHN H.                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-9350
BUCHANAN, MARY                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-11814
BUCHANAN, WASHINGTON                    NO DATE                                 OH-7-10825
BUCKINGHAM, ANN J.                      1885                                    OH-7-9269
BUCKINGHAM, J. W.                       1886                                    OH-7-9998
BUCKINGHAM, JOHN W.                     1896                                    OH-7-9998
BUCKMAN, MARGARET (OR BUCKNEY)          1882                                    OH-7-8633
BUCKNEY, DENNIS                         1866                                    OH-7-5559
BUCKNEY, ISAIAH                         1879                                    OH-7-7987
BUCKNEY, MARGARET (OR BUCKMAN)          1882                                    OH-7-8633
BUDD, JOSEPH                            1892                                    OH-7-10888
BUFFINGTON, SARAH                       1870                                    OH-7-6295
BULETT, EMANUEL W.                      1895                                    OH-7-11416
BULETTE, SARAH                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-3925
BULGER, BROTHERS                        1889                                    OH-7-10043
BULGER, JAMES T.                        1884                                    OH-7-9081-2
BULGER, JOHN F.                         1889                                    OH-7-10042
BULL, PARDON                            1878                                    OH-7-7667
BULLITT, JAMES                          1839                                    OH-7-1443
BUMGARDNER, HARVEY R.                   1877                                    OH-7-7474
BUMGARNER, MASSIE                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-12217
BUMGARTNER, JOHN                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-5225
BUNDY, CHALKLEY                         1867                                    OH-7-5700
BUNDY, DAVID                            1893                                    OH-7-11131
BUNDY, DEMPSEY                          1877                                    OH-7-7565
BUNDY, EMMA L.                          1892                                    OH-7-10820
BUNDY, EZEKIAL                          1866                                    OH-7-5688
BUNDY, JOEL D.                          1873                                    OH-7-6810
BUNDY, JOHN                             1898                                    OH-7-12248
BUNDY, JOSIAH                           1892                                    OH-7-10891
BUNDY, JOSIAH                           1836                                    OH-7-1188
BUNDY, JOSIAH                           1875                                    OH-7-7177
BUNDY, MARY ELLEN                       1888                                    OH-7-9856
BUNDY, MATHEW                           1874                                    OH-7-6916
BUNDY, NANCY                            1885                                    OH-7-9151
BUNDY, NATHAN                           1874                                    OH-7-7029
BUNDY, RUTH                             1843                                    OH-7-1808
BUNDY, WILLIAM                          1828                                    OH-7-734
BUNDY, WILLIAM P.                       1870                                    OH-7-6284
BUNDY, WILSON                           1876                                    OH-7-7435
BUNGUNDTHAL, ANNA M.                    1869                                    OH-7-6141
BURCHER, THOMAS                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-5154
BURDETTE, NATHAN                        1817                                    OH-7-240
BURGY, JOHN                             NO DATE                                 OH-7-10571
BURGY, RACHEL                           1888                                    OH-7-9976
BURKHART, ANDREW                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-4103
BURKLE, JOHN G.                         1884                                    OH-7-8988
BURLEY, CATHARINE                       1892                                    OH-7-10779
BURLEY, CHARLES                         1887                                    OH-7-9633
BURLEY, JAMES                           1883                                    OH-7-8847
BURLEY, JOSHUA                          1883                                    OH-7-8824
BURNELL, ABLE                           1887                                    OH-7-9706
BURNS, BRADY                            1885                                    OH-7-9325
BURNS, FRANCIS                          1869                                    OH-7-6146
BURNS, GEORGE                           1864                                    OH-7-5245
BURNS, GEORGE N.                        1896                                    OH-7-8260
BURNS, IGNATIUS                         1829                                    OH-7-2348
BURNS, MARGARET E.                      1893                                    OH-7-11060
BURNS, MICHAEL                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-9184
BURNS, TOWNSEND                         1887                                    OH-7-9693
BURNS, WILLIAM                          1835                                    OH-7-1183
BURR, ELVIRA E.                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-11402
BURR, WILLIAM                           1857                                    OH-7-4049
BURSON, MARY                            1874                                    OH-7-7046
BURTOFT, CHARLES                        1865                                    OH-7-5503
BURTON, GEORGE                          1885                                    OH-7-9398
BUSCH, WILLIAM                          1898                                    OH-7-12210
BUSH, HENRY                             1872                                    OH-7-6690
BUTCHER, MARGARET                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-54579
BUTE, JOHN                              1878                                    OH-7-7725
BUTLER, ASAPH                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-195
BUTLER, BRIDGET                         1877                                    OH-7-7619
BUTLER, HENRY                           1870                                    OH-7-6324
BUTLER, JAMES                           1896                                    OH-7-11644
BUTLER, JAMES                           1859                                    OH-7-4318
BUTLER, JAMES                           1864                                    OH-7-5165
BUTLER, JARED (OR GARED)                1861                                    OH-7-4694
BUTLER, JEMIMA B.                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-11892
BUTLER, JOHN                            1870                                    OH-7-6250
BUTLER, LEVI                            1865                                    OH-7-5355
BYERS, ANDREW                           1816                                    OH-7-200
CADLE, JONATHAN                         1881                                    OH-7-8455
CALANGHAM, JAMES D.                     1850                                    OH-7-2578
CALDERHEAD, JOHN                        1881                                    OH-7-8455
CALDERHEAD, NANCY                       1882                                    OH-7-8664
CALDWELL, DAVID                         1882                                    OH-7-8717
CALDWELL, JAMES                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-1398
CALDWELL, JOSEPH                        1848                                    OH-7-2316
CALDWELL, NANCY                         1880                                    OH-7-8103
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       1880                                    OH-7-8244
CALHOUN, WILLIAM D.                     1854                                    OH-7-3384
CALLAHAN, NOAH                          1859                                    OH-7-4300
CALLAHAN, OSCAR J.                      NO DATE                                 OH-7-7385
CALVERT, JOHN                           1847                                    OH-7-2216
CALVERT, JOHN W.                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-1909
CAMPBELL, ABAGAIL                       1867                                    OH-7-5786
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     1860                                    OH-7-1860
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER G.                  1896                                    OH-7-11637
CAMPBELL, ANN                           1873                                    OH-7-6885
CAMPBELL, ANN                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-12175
CAMPBELL, CYRUS N.                      1896                                    OH-7-11795
CAMPBELL, ELEANOR                       1899                                    OH-7-12376
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         1847                                    OH-7-2174
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         1858                                    OH-7-4168
CAMPBELL, JAMES B.                      1876                                    OH-7-7322
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          1882                                    OH-7-8729
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          1900                                    OH-7-12584
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          1845                                    OH-7-1966
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          1882                                    OH-7-8656
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          1863                                    OH-7-5082
CAMPBELL, JOHN W.                       1887                                    OH-7-9779
CAMPBELL, LUCINDA                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-10157
CAMPBELL, MOSES                         1850                                    OH-7-1965
CAMPBELL, PARKER                        1850                                    OH-7-2582
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        1871                                    OH-7-6475
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                        1865                                    OH-7-5478
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       1836                                    OH-7-1190
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       1877                                    OH-7-7473
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       1851                                    OH-7-2713
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM M.                    NO DATE                                 OH-7-7962
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM S.                    1884                                    OH-7-8970
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM S.                    1889                                    OH-7-10029
CAMPBELL,JANE                           OH-7-1893                               OH-7-11067
CANNON, JOHN N.                         1841                                    OH-7-1702
CANNON, LYDIA                           1890                                    OH-7-10451
CAPEHART, HENRY                         1876                                    OH-7-7286
CAPITO, SUSAN                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-11865
CAREY, JOHN SR.                         1878                                    OH-7-7709
CARLE, EVE N.                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-8724
CARLE, JOSEPH                           1868                                    OH-7-5977
CARLE, JOSEPH                           1889                                    OH-7-10094
CARLE, WILLIAM R.                       1855                                    OH-7-3692
CARLETON, AMANDA                        1859                                    OH-7-4297
CARLETON, MARKS                         1852                                    OH-7-2900
CARLILE, JOHN T.                        1895                                    OH-7-11679
CARLILE, ROBERT                         1898                                    OH-7-12131
CARLIN, ANN                             NO DATE                                 OH-7-7863
CARMAN, ENOCH J.                        1861                                    OH-7-4681
CARNAHAN, THOMAS                        1872                                    OH-7-6619
CAROTHERS, ROBERT E.                    1872                                    OH-7-6703
CARPENTER, ALBERT                       1889                                    OH-7-10034
CARPENTER, ISAAC T.                     1892                                    OH-7-10883
CARPENTER, JESSE                        1863                                    OH-7-5057
CARPENTER, JESSE                        1845                                    OH-7-2022
CARPENTER, JONATHAN                     1893                                    OH-7-4302
CARPENTER, JONATHAN                     1859                                    OH-7-4302
CARPENTER, MARGARET                     1899                                    OH-7-12380
CARPENTER, MARTHA J.                    NO DATE                                 OH-7-10665
CARPENTER, MILTON N.                    1897                                    OH-7-11947
CARPENTER, OELLA                        1896                                    OH-7-11788
CARPENTER, THOMAS                       8331                                    OH-7-1881
CARPENTER, THOMAS                       1898                                    OH-7-12272
CARR, JOHN                              1867                                    OH-7-5719
CARROLL, ANNA                           1887                                    OH-7-9708
CARROLL, CARLOS C.                      1859                                    OH-7-4292
CARROLL, CEPHAS                         1890                                    OH-7-10292
CARROLL, CEPHAS                         1890                                    OH-7-10289
CARROLL, GEORGE W. C.                   1873                                    OH-7-6787
CARROLL, JOEL WALES                     1876                                    OH-7-7393
CARROLL, MICHAEL                        1840                                    OH-7-1554
CARROLL, THOMAS                         1868                                    OH-7-4893
CARROLTON, THOMAS                       1869                                    OH-7-6120
CARSON, JOHN                            1891                                    OH-7-10461
CARSON, MARGARET                        1899                                    OH-7-12416
CARSON, O. W.                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-11808
CARTER, BENJAMIN                        1865                                    OH-7-5354
CARTER, DORCAS                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-8749
CARTER, HARRIETT                        1888                                    OH-7-9811
CARTER, JOHN C.                         1882                                    OH-7-8740
CARTER, JOSEPH                          1865                                    OH-7-5466
CARTER, JOSEPH                          1895                                    OH-7-11414
CARTER, MARTHA                          1900                                    OH-7-12739
CARTER, RICHARD                         1875                                    OH-7-7201
CARTER, SARAH                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-9274
CARTER, THEODORIE                       1897                                    OH-7-11861
CARTER, WASHINGTON                      1888                                    OH-7-9924
CARTER, WESTWOOD                        1888                                    OH-7-9715
CARTWRIGHT, SARAH L. J.                 1892                                    OH-7-10781
CARUTHERS, BENJAMIN F.                  1895                                    OH-7-11446
CASH, ELIZABETH                         7947                                    OH-7-1879
CASH, EVAN F.                           1890                                    OH-7-10286
CASH, JONATHAN                          1874                                    OH-7-6972
CASH, THOMAS E.                         1890                                    OH-7-10252
CASSIN, MICHAEL                         1873                                    OH-7-6865
CATER, GEORGE                           1864                                    OH-7-5302
CATER, JOHN                             1864                                    OH-7-5213
CATER, JOHN                             1858                                    OH-7-4265
CATER, JOHN D.                          1873                                    OH-7-6786
CAVANAUGH, MARTIN                       1885                                    OH-7-9200
CECIL, JOHN                             1842                                    OH-7-1806
CECILL, DUANAH                          1855                                    OH-7-3612
CHADDOCK, GEORGE                        1856                                    OH-7-3933
CHALFANT, CHARLES H.                    1850                                    OH-7-2581
CHALFANT, JAMES                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-2549
CHALFANT, ROBERT                        1854                                    OH-7-3469
CHALONER, AARON D.                      NO DATE                                 OH-7-3950
CHAMBERLAIN, JAMES                      1861                                    OH-7-4662
CHAMBERLAIN, MARY                       1888                                    OH-7-9797
CHAMBERS, JANE                          1895                                    OH-7-11610
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          1865                                    OH-7-5397
CHAMBERS, NANCY A.                      1854                                    OH-7-3325
CHAMBERS, ROBERT E.                     1884                                    OH-7-9009
CHAMBERS, SARAH                         1896                                    OH-7-11724
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM SR.                   NO DATE                                 OH-7-5075
CHAMBLIN, SARAH ANN                     1851                                    OH-7-2732
CHANDLER, IRA                           1855                                    OH-7-3572
CHANDLER, ISAAC                         1847                                    OH-7-2218
CHANDLER, ISAAC H.                      1856                                    OH-7-3806
CHANDLER, ISRAEL                        1872                                    OH-7-6747
CHANDLER, KERSEY K.                     1863                                    OH-7-5011
CHANDLER, MARY E.                       1895                                    OH-7-11463
CHANDLER, MARY M.                       1892                                    OH-7-1082
CHANDLER, SARAH J.                      1875                                    OH-7-7124
CHANDLER, SWITHEN                       1859                                    OH-7-4291
CHANDLER, THERZA H.                     1900                                    OH-7-12484
CHANEY, JOHN                            1874                                    OH-7-7036
CHAPMAN, ANDREW L.                      1850                                    OH-7-2579
CHAPMAN, PATTERSON R.                   1887                                    OH-7-9746
CHAPPELL, JOSEPH                        1878                                    OH-7-7660
CHAPPELL, MARY E.                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-12587
CHEDISTER, JAMES                        1841                                    OH-7-1647
CHICK, ANN JANE                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-10149
CHICK, ELISHA                           1869                                    OH-7-6095
CHICK, GARRISON                         1874                                    OH-7-6947
CHICK, JAMES                            1878                                    OH-7-7769
CHISHOLM, ROBERT                        1889                                    OH-7-10077
CHURCH, DAVID                           1859                                    OH-7-4376
CHURCH, ELIZABETH                       1896                                    OH-7-11648
CHUTE, ELIZABETH                        1895                                    OH-7-11576
CILLES, CASPER                          1878                                    OH-7-7736
CILLES, CASPER                          1869                                    OH-7-6088
CILLES, CATHARINE                       1878                                    OH-7-7735
CLARK, AARON                            1851                                    OH-7-2739
CLARK, ALEXANDER                        NO DATE                                 OH-7-4902
CLARK, CHARLES                          1880                                    OH-7-8088
CLARK, DEBORAH                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-7823
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        1872                                    OH-7-6682
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        1852                                    OH-7-2915
CLARK, ELLEN                            1898                                    OH-7-12278
CLARK, ELLEN                            1899                                    OH-7-12278
CLARK, GEORGE                           1860                                    OH-7-4559
CLARK, GEORGE                           1853                                    OH-7-3027
CLARK, HARRY M.                         1897                                    OH-7-11926
CLARK, JEMIMA                           1850                                    OH-7-2548
CLARK, JOHN                             1838                                    OH-7-1410
CLARK, JOHN W. SR.                      1846                                    OH-7-2048
CLARK, JOHN W. SR.                      1852                                    OH-7-2864
CLARK, JOSEPH                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-1532
CLARK, JOSEPH                           1867                                    OH-7-5754
CLARK, JOSEPH                           1885                                    OH-7-9266
CLARK, MARGARET                         1897                                    OH-7-11933
CLARK, MARY A.                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-10263
CLARK, MATTHEW                          1857                                    OH-7-4042
CLARK, REBECCA                          1866                                    OH-7-5580
CLARK, SAMUEL                           1837                                    OH-7-1345
CLARK, SAMUEL C.                        1875                                    OH-7-7100
CLARK, SARAH                            1881                                    OH-7-8439
CLARK, SILAS                            1857                                    OH-7-4124
CLARK, THOMAS E.                        1894                                    OH-7-11191
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-12371
CLARK, ZACHARIAH                        1852                                    OH-7-2665
CLAUDY, ROBERT                          1877                                    OH-7-7461
CLEGG, THOMAS                           1894                                    OH-7-11210
CLEMENTS, JAMES                         1862                                    OH-7-4502
CLENDENNIN, MARTHA                      NO DATE                                 OH-7-3552
CLERENGER, ELI                          1858                                    OH-7-4181
CLEVE, ELI B.                           1882                                    OH-7-8610
CLEVENGER, ISAAC                        1878                                    OH-7-7793
CLEVENGER, JAMES U.                     1873                                    OH-7-6870
CLEVENGER, JOHN                         1869                                    OH-7-6099
CLEVENGER, NANCY                        1860                                    OH-7-4505
CLIFFORD, ALLEN S.                      1854                                    OH-7-3455
CLIFFORD, JOHN K.                       1900                                    OH-7-12573
CLIFFORD, WILLIAM                       1872                                    OH-7-666
CLIFFORD, WILLIAM M.                    1891                                    OH-7-10530
CLOSE, EMMA H.                          1888                                    OH-7-9802
CLOSE, HENRY                            1858                                    OH-7-4179
CLOSE, JOHN                             1879                                    OH-7-7889
CLOSE, MARY C.                          1898                                    OH-7-12111
CLOUSE, GEORGE                          1883                                    OH-7-8932
CLOUSE, WILLIAM                         1894                                    OH-7-11257
COCHRAN, ELIZABETH                      1861                                    OH-7-4748
COCHRAN, JAMES                          1854                                    OH-7-3337
COCHRAN, JAMES                          1845                                    OH-7-1954
COCHRAN, JOHN                           1888                                    OH-7-9837
COCHRAN, JOHN ZANE                      1878                                    OH-7-776
COCHRAN, MARGARET                       1842                                    OH-7-1829
COCHRAN, MARTHA J.                      1897                                    OH-7-11894
COCHRAN, NANCY E.                       1887                                    OH-7-9573
COCHRAN, ROBERT                         1863                                    OH-7-5017
COCHRAN, ROBERT                         1860                                    OH-7-4655
COCHRAN, SUSANNAH                       1893                                    OH-7-10981
COCHRAN, WILLIAM B.                     1883                                    OH-7-8866
COCHRAN, WILLIAM B.                     1883                                    OH-7-8288
COEN, GEORGIA A.                        1897                                    OH-7-11897
COFFEE, ALICE                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-2751
COFFEE, JOHN                            1837                                    OH-7-1343
COFFIELD, THOMAS                        OH-7-1884                               OH-7-9012
COFFLAND, CHARLES C.                    1886                                    OH-7-9363
COFFLAND, GEORGE W.                     1895                                    OH-7-11501
COFFLAND, J. W.                         1878                                    OH-7-7748
COFFMAN, ISAAC                          1891                                    OH-7-10516
COFFMAN, MILTON H.                      1875                                    OH-7-7095
COFFMAN, REZIN                          1837                                    OH-7-1274
COLBY, ELIZABETH                        OH-7-1865                               OH-7-5391
COLE, ARCHIBALD                         1855                                    OH-7-3550
COLEMAN, DAVID                          1894                                    OH-7-11185
COLEMAN, HANNAH                         1839                                    OH-7-1520
COLEMAN, JAME SD.                       1857                                    OH-7-4120
COLEMAN, JOHN                           1889                                    OH-7-10212
COLEMAN, LEONARD                        1839                                    OH-7-1455
COLEMAN, OBEDIAH D.                     1897                                    OH-7-11994
COLEMAN, SAMUEL                         1878                                    OH-7-7668A
COLEMAN, WILLIS                         1851                                    OH-7-2746
COLLINS, CHARLES                        1889                                    OH-7-9989
COLLINS, CHARLES                        1839                                    OH-7-1448
COLLINS, LAWSON                         1850                                    OH-7-2577
COLLINS, SARAH                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-8113
COLLINS, WILLIAM                        1889                                    OH-7-10133
COLVIG, J. H.                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-12634
COLVIN, WILLIAM                         1889                                    OH-7-10218
COMBS, EDWARD D.                        1882                                    OH-7-8692
COMBS, ROY                              1876                                    OH-7-7377
COMMSKEY, DENNIS                        1878                                    OH-7-7829
CONAWAY, ADELAIDE                       1882                                    OH-7-8662
CONAWAY, CATHARINE B.                   NO DATE                                 OH-7-7270
CONAWAY, WILLIAM                        1875                                    OH-7-7179
CONDON, PERRY G.                        1858                                    OH-7-4129
CONKLE, CATHARINE                       1834                                    OH-7-1091
CONKLING, HUDSON                        1846                                    OH-7-2077
CONNELL, SAMUEL                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-1718
CONNER, ALEXANDER                       1853                                    OH-7-3019
CONNER, FEDDIA                          1886                                    OH-7-9417
CONNER, JOHN                            1878                                    OH-7-7774
CONNER, JOSEPH                          1855                                    OH-7-3622
CONROW, DARLING                         1847                                    OH-7-2153
CONROW, DAVID                           1889                                    OH-7-10189
CONROW, FRANK                           1887                                    OH-7-9778
CONROW, JACOB                           1846                                    OH-7-2040
CONROW, JANE                            1854                                    OH-7-344
CONROW, REBECCA                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-3999
CONROW, THOMAS                          1846                                    OH-7-2049
CONROW, WILLIS D.                       1888                                    OH-7-9868
CONROY, MARK                            1890                                    OH-7-10440
CONWAY, JOHN                            1883                                    OH-7-8869
COOK, ABRAHAM                           1840                                    OH-7-1611
COOK, CHARLES S.                        1886                                    OH-7-9519
COOK, JAMES M.                          1844                                    OH-7-1866
COOK, JEREMIAH                          1838                                    OH-7-1412
COOK, JOHN                              1843                                    OH-7-1791
COOK, SAMUEL                            1887                                    OH-7-9652
COOK, THOMAS                            1872                                    OH-7-6696
COOK, WILLIAM                           1839                                    OH-7-1449
COOKE, JOHN                             1893                                    OH-7-10967
COOPER, FRANCIS                         1843                                    OH-7-1789
COOPER, JAMES                           1852                                    OH-7-2868
COOPER, JOHN                            1858                                    OH-7-4165
COOPER, MARY M.                         1890                                    OH-7-10591
COOPER, WILLIAM                         1900                                    OH-7-12542
COPE, CALEB H.                          1875                                    OH-7-7243
COPE, ELIZABETH                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-6952
COPE, GEORGE JR.                        1875                                    OH-7-7107
COPE, ISAAC G.                          1898                                    OH-7-12234
COPE, JOSHUA                            1878                                    OH-7-7837
COPE, JOSHUA                            1887                                    OH-7-9777
COPE, SALLIE M.                         1876                                    OH-7-7355
CORBET, DIXON M.                        1882                                    OH-7-8759
CORBET, JOHN                            1874                                    OH-7-6907
CORBET, SUSAN D.                        1886                                    OH-7-9415
CORBETT, JAMES SR.                      1877                                    OH-7-7496
CORBETT, SAMUEL                         1839                                    OH-7-1433
CORBIN, HARRY                           1891                                    OH-7-1067
CORBIN, RICHARD                         1900                                    OH-7-12726
CORDNER, JESSE                          1879                                    OH-7-7882
CORDNER, JOHN                           1873                                    OH-7-6797
CORDNER, JOHN                           1887                                    OH-7-6797
COREY, DAVID                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-11362
CORNWELL, PRICE                         1871                                    OH-7-6470
COSS, ABRAHAM                           1841                                    OH-7-1812
COSS, ABRAHAM                           1897                                    OH-7-1826
COSS, GEORGE                            1867                                    OH-7-5801
COSS, JAMES                             1875                                    OH-7-7195
COSS, JOHN                              1884                                    OH-7-6959
COSS, MARGARET A.                       1852                                    OH-7-2959
COTTRELL, ELIZABETH                     1898                                    OH-7-12171
COTTRELL, ROBERT                        1890                                    OH-7-10257
COTTRELL, THOMAS                        1882                                    OH-7-8672A
COTTS, HENRY C.                         1877                                    OH-7-7469
COULSON, J. W.                          1892                                    OH-7-10950
COUP, ELIZA                             1897                                    OH-7-11942
COUP, GEORGE W.                         1900                                    OH-7-12613
COURTNEY, MARTHA J.                     1888                                    OH-7-9936
COURTNEY, ROBERT                        1888                                    OH-7-9886
COURTNEY, WILLIAM                       1895                                    OH-7-11445
COVENTRY, GRAFTON                       1880                                    OH-7-8092
COWEN, BENJAMIN R.                      1878                                    OH-7-7815A
COWEN, BENJAMIN S.                      1869                                    OH-7-6136
COWEN, DANIEL D. T.                     1884                                    OH-7-8978
COWEN, PRESLEY S.                       1882                                    OH-7-8700
COWGILL, ESTHER                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-6432
COWGILL, ISAAC                          1881                                    OH-7-8416
COWGILL, ISAAC                          1846                                    OH-7-2041
COWGILL, JOSEPH                         1898                                    OH-7-12149
COWGILL, RALPH                          1840                                    OH-7-1531
COWGILL, RALPH                          1851                                    OH-7-2723
COWGILL, RALPH C.                       1890                                    OH-7-10248
COWGILL, RALPH JR.                      1840                                    OH-7-1546
COWGILL, SARAH                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-12190
COX, DENNIS                             1851                                    OH-7-2752
COX, JAMES                              1882                                    OH-7-7957
COX, JOHN                               1893                                    OH-7-11047
COX, MARGARET A.                        1898                                    OH-7-12254
COYLE, FRANCIS                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-12070
CRAFT, ISAAC T.                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-9538
CRAFT, WILLIAM                          1848                                    OH-7-2303
CRAIG, ALICE V.                         1880                                    OH-7-8059
CRAIG, JOHN                             1881                                    OH-7-7679
CRAIG, JOHN JR.                         1878                                    OH-7-7679
CRAIG, JOHN T.                          1895                                    OH-7-12641
CRAIG, JOHN T.                          1895                                    OH-7-11431
CRAIG, NANCY                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-9503
CRAIG, SARAH M.                         1881                                    OH-7-8255
CRAIG, SUSAN                            1889                                    OH-7-10153
CRAIG, WILLIAM A.                       1873                                    OH-7-6839
CRAIG, WILLIAM C.                       1897                                    OH-7-12047
CRAIG, WILLIAM M.                       1848                                    OH-7-2308
CRANGLE, ROBERT                         NO DATE                                 OH-7-9832
CRATTY, CHARLES                         1886                                    OH-7-9371
CRATTY, JAMES M. S.                     1872                                    OH-7-6633
CRAVENS, HETTY D.                       1859                                    OH-7-4443
CRAWFORD, ENOCH D.                      1896                                    OH-7-11741
CRAWFORD, FRANCIS J.                    1894                                    OH-7-11189
CRAWFORD, J. G.                         1897                                    OH-7-12029
CRAWFORD, OLIVER J.                     NO DATE                                 OH-7-12013
CRAWFORD, ROBERT                        1840                                    OH-7-1631
CREAMER, DAVID                          1865                                    OH-7-5371
CREIGH, ANN                             1856                                    OH-7-2742
CREIGH, JOHN D.                         1857                                    OH-7-4107
CREIGHTON, HUGH                         1853                                    OH-7-3098
CREIGHTON, JAMES S.                     1867                                    OH-7-5847
CREIGHTON, JOHN                         1876                                    OH-7-6806
CREW, ASENATH                           1879                                    OH-7-7904
CREW, JACOB                             1845                                    OH-7-1964
CREW, JACOB                             1866                                    OH-7-5557
CREW, JAMES                             1878                                    OH-7-7794
CREW, JAMES                             1881                                    OH-7-8482
CREW, JOHN                              1868                                    OH-7-5899
CREW, JOSEPH                            1847                                    OH-7-2217
CRIMMELL, JOHN                          1888                                    OH-7-9898
CRISWELL, ABAGAIL                       1885                                    OH-7-9227
CRISWELL, SAMUEL                        1892                                    OH-7-10824
CROGAN, JAMES                           1895                                    OH-7-11451
CROOKS, WILLIAM C.                      1868                                    OH-7-5906
CROSBY, OLIVER                          1865                                    OH-7-5519
CROSS, ELIZABETH JANE                   1899                                    OH-7-12367
CROSSEN, HUGH                           NO DATE                                 OH-7-2750
CROSSLEY, JOHN                          1868                                    OH-7-5940
CROUSE, ALBERT M.                       1877                                    OH-7-7505
CROW, GEORGE                            1900                                    OH-7-12563
CROW, PHILIP                            NO DATE                                 OH-7-11778
CROY, MATHIAS                           1841                                    OH-7-1617
CROZIER, ELIZABETH                      NO DATE                                 OH-7-12012
CROZIER, JAMES                          1850                                    OH-7-2580
CROZIER, JOHN                           1892                                    OH-7-10796
CROZIER, ROBERT                         1892                                    OH-7-10882
CROZIER, THOMAS                         1859                                    OH-7-4453
CROZIER, THOMAS K.                      1875                                    OH-7-7204
CROZIER, WILLIAM P.                     1886                                    OH-7-9522
CRREW, MARTHA J.                        1851                                    OH-7-2749
CRYMBLE, AGNES                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-1719
CRYMBLE, MINNIE M.                      1889                                    OH-7-10183
CRYMBLE, SARAH                          1872                                    OH-7-6718
CULBERTSON, JOSEPH                      1850                                    OH-7-2556
CULBERTSON, MARGARET                    1886                                    OH-7-9553
CULBERTSON, MARY                        1886                                    OH-7-9558
CULBERTSON, POLLY                       1853                                    OH-7-3039
CULL, DANIEL B.                         1888                                    OH-7-9793
CUMINSKEY, DENNIS                       1878                                    OH-7-7829
CUMINSKEY, MATTHEW                      1891                                    OH-7-10613
CUMMINGS, AMELIA                        1849                                    OH-7-2444
CUMMINS, JAMES                          1867                                    OH-7-5834
CUMMINS, JAMES                          1867                                    OH-7-5834
CUMMINS, ROBERT H.                      NO DATE                                 OH-7-4811
CUMMINS, THOMAS A.                      1885                                    OH-7-9206
CUNARD, ROSS                            1900                                    OH-7-12560
CUNNARD, LUTHER C.                      NO DATE                                 OH-7-9180
CUNNINGHAM, ANDREW                      1880                                    OH-7-8112
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       NO DATE                                 OH-7-1648A
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        1843                                    OH-7-1790
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN W.                     1856                                    OH-7-3854
CUNNINGHAM, MARINDA                     NO DATE                                 OH-7-9559
CUNNINGHAM, SAMUEL T.                   1876                                    OH-7-7437
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM L.                  1894                                    OH-7-11329
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM S.                  1889                                    OH-7-10211
CURRAN, DENNIS                          1897                                    OH-7-11935
CURRAN, PATRICK                         1885                                    OH-7-9295
CURREN, PATRICK                         1889                                    OH-7-10205
CURRY, ADDISON                          NO DATE                                 OH-7-8273
CURTIS, SAMUEL                          1869                                    OH-7-6143
CUSTER, GEORGE                          1875                                    OH-7-7223

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