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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1843-1882 | 2=1890-1907 | 3=1907-1924 | 4=1923-1942 | 5-10?
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ADAMS, E. G.                            WV-1-2-450
ADAMS, J. B.                            WV-1-2-345
ADAMS, JOHN V.                          WV-1-4-159
ALBERT, W. H.                           WV-1-4-414
ALDERSON, H. S. (MRS)                   WV-1-4-447
ALEXANDER, JOHN T.                      WV-1-3-64
ALLENDER, F. P.                         WV-1-4-277
ANDERSON, JACOB L.                      WV-1-4-96
ANDERSON, VITTURA E.                    WV-1-4-506
ANDRICK, GEORGE W.                      WV-1-3-112
ANDRICK, HENRY                          WV-1-2-118
ANGLIN, A. J.                           WV-1-2-137
ANGLIN, EDMUND                          WV-1-4-422
ANGLIN, MARY E.                         WV-1-3-266
ANGLIN, WESLEY                          WV-1-4-3
ANNON, ELIZABETH S.                     WV-1-4-84
ANNON, JANE                             WV-1-4-195
ANNON, SARAH L.                         WV-1-3-182
ANVIL, ELIAS                            WV-1-2-58
ANVIL, TILDEN                           WV-1-4-420
ARBLE, JOHN H.                          WV-1-3-131
ARNDT, JAMES W.                         WV-1-3-190
ARNOLD, MARY                            WV-1-2-125
ARNOLD, N. T.                           WV-1-3-28
AUVIL, GEORGE W.                        WV-1-3-1
BALL, SOPHIA                            WV-1-3-260
BALLAH, ASA E.                          WV-1-3-178
BALLAH, G. L.                           WV-1-4-427
BALLAH. H. J.                           WV-1-4-254
BARRETT, G. W.                          WV-1-2-267
BARTE, MARY                             WV-1-3-372
BARTI, HENRY                            WV-1-2-190
BARTLETT, A. D.                         WV-1-4-471
BARTLETT, ANN BELLE                     WV-1-3-332
BARTLETT, CHESTER P.                    WV-1-4-256
BARTLETT, D. B.                         WV-1-2-235
BARTLETT, ERIVAN L.                     WV-1-4-184
BARTLETT, F. C.                         WV-1-4-320
BARTLETT, H. Y.                         WV-1-2-121
BARTLETT, JAMES W.                      WV-1-4-118
BARTLETT, JOHN N.                       WV-1-4-72
BARTLETT, LORA M.                       WV-1-4-389
BARTLETT, LYDIA                         WV-1-3-246
BARTLETT, MATILDA K.                    WV-1-4-163
BARTLETT, T. T.                         WV-1-1A-40
BARTLETT, WILLIAM J.                    WV-1-2-193
BARTLETT, WILLIAM P.                    WV-1-1A-31
BARTLETT, WINFIELD SCOTT                WV-1-4-143
BAUGHMAN, A. D.                         WV-1-3-311
BAUGHMAN, GEORGE W.                     WV-1-4-13
BAUGHMAN, JESSE L.                      WV-1-4-296
BEAN, SANFORD                           WV-1-4-40
BENNETT, ASA O.                         WV-1-3-314
BENNETT, D. H.                          WV-1-4-392
BENNETT, EMERY B.                       WV-1-3-398
BENNETT, J. L.                          WV-1-4-103
BENNETT, JACOB J.                       WV-1-3-175
BENNETT, LETTIE                         WV-1-4-68
BENNETT, LEVI                           WV-1-2-107
BENNETT, MARY A.                        WV-1-4-286
BENSON, JOHN W.                         WV-1-4-78
BENSON, WILLIAM R. C.                   WV-1-2-279
BEOHM, SARAH J.                         WV-1-2-431
BINGHAM, OLIVER H.                      WV-1-4-121
BLACK, SAMUEL                           WV-1-2-284
BLACK, THOMAS                           WV-1-1A-24
BLAKE, ELIZBETH ANN                     WV-1-2-166
BLAKE, M. F.                            WV-1-3-306
BLIGH, ANNA                             WV-1-4-62
BODKIN, J. J.                           WV-1-4-67
BOEHM, BELLE M.                         WV-1-4-507
BOEHM, FANNIE C.                        WV-1-4-65
BOLTON, CHRISTENA S.                    WV-1-4-162
BOLTON, DAMA                            WV-1-4-175
BOLTON, STEPHEN                         WV-1-3-48
BOLYARD, ELIAS                          WV-1-4-7
BOLYARD, J. W.                          WV-1-4-31
BOLYARD, JACKSON                        WV-1-3-126
BOLYARD, W. P.                          WV-1-4-203
BOLYARD, WESLEY                         WV-1-4-194
BOND, MARGARETT JANE                    WV-1-4-63
BONNER, EMELIA                          WV-1-2-191
BONNER, JOHN A.                         WV-1-2-192
BONNER, SCIOTA                          WV-1-4-295
BOOTH, DAVID                            WV-1-4-4
BOOTH, JAMES                            WV-1-2-42
BOOTH, JOHN                             WV-1-3-444
BOOTH, W. N.                            WV-1-3-6, 17
BOOTH, WALTER                           WV-1-4-279
BOOTH, WILLIAM J.                       WV-1-2-452
BOSLEY, W. W.                           WV-1-4-23
BOSWORTH, JOHN W.                       WV-1-4-298
BOWMAN, MARGARET                        WV-1-3-449
BOYLARD, LURA                           WV-1-4-351
BOYLARD, NETTIE P.                      WV-1-4-335
BOYLEN, JOHN                            WV-1-3-26
BOYLEN, LEAN E.                         WV-1-4-218
BOYLES, DANIEL                          WV-1-3-98
BOYLES, M. M.                           WV-1-3-206
BOYLES, MARGARET                        WV-1-2-16
BOYLES, THOMAS C.                       WV-1-4-76
BRANDENBURG, ROSA                       WV-1-4-429
BROCK, J. F.                            WV-1-3-343
BROCK, MAGGIE E.                        WV-1-3-283
BROOKS, S. L.                           WV-1-3-381
BROWN, ADAM                             WV-1-2-141
BROWN, B. A.                            WV-1-4-430
BRYAN, LEMUEL M.                        WV-1-3-123
BURCHINAL, JOHN C.                      WV-1-2-425
BURDETTE, ANNA S.                       WV-1-4-445
BURNER, J. DAVIS                        WV-1-4-192
BURNER, JANE W.                         WV-1-3-336
BURNER, SARHA M.                        WV-1-3-389
BURNER, T. L.                           WV-1-4-425
BYKER, ISABELLA W.                      WV-1-4-346
BYRER, C. M.                            WV-1-3-226
BYRER, DAVID F.                         WV-1-2-171
CADE, CORDELIA A.                       WV-1-4-134
CALLIHAN, SARAH                         WV-1-2-31
CALLIHAN, W. W. R.                      WV-1-1A-36
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        WV-1-3-212
CAMPBELL, GEORGE G.                     WV-1-3-434
CAMPBELL, JACOB                         WV-1-4-57
CAMPBELL, LITTLEWOOD                    WV-1-4-384
CANFIELD, B. F.                         WV-1-4-159
CANFIELD, MOLLIE R.                     WV-1-3-221
CANLEY, JOHN JR.                        WV-1-2-472
CARDER, NOAH                            WV-1-2-117
CARPENTER, ALLEN                        WV-1-3-328
CARPENTER, CONRAD                       WV-1-2-116
CASSANNE, JOSEPH                        WV-1-3-295
CAVENEY, WILLIAM                        WV-1-4-343
CAVENLY, TIMOTHY                        WV-1-2-394
CEAVENGER, SARAH JANE                   WV-1-3-227
CHAMP, THOMAS                           WV-1-4-200
CHAPMAN, COLUMBIA A.                    WV-1-3-340
CHAPMAN, JAMES                          WV-1-2-184
CHENOWETH, E. G.                        WV-1-3-339
CHENOWETH, MARY HANNAH                  WV-1-3-412
CHENOWETH, OLIVE A.                     WV-1-4-92
CHEOWETH, W.                            WV-1-4-70
CHRISLIP, ABRAHAM A.                    WV-1-4-375
CHRISLIP, ELZA A.                       WV-1-4-37
CHRISLIP, JOHN                          WV-1-1A-25
CHRISLIP, THOMAS B.                     WV-1-2-151
CHRISLIP, W. L.                         WV-1-4-145
CLAYTON, JOHN C.                        WV-1-4-89
CLEAVENGER, CHASTINE                    WV-1-3-396
CLEAVENGER, F. A.                       WV-1-4-156
CLEAVENGER, GRANVILLE                   WV-1-3-327
CLEAVENGER, JAMES W.                    WV-1-4-328
CLEAVENGER, LENORA                      WV-1-3-436
CLEAVENGER, MARY                        WV-1-3-3
CLEAVENGER, MINER                       WV-1-2-214
CLEM, LLOYD B.                          WV-1-3-430
CLEVENGER, JOHN G.                      WV-1-2-94
CLICK, JACOB                            WV-1-3-409
CLINE, AUGUSTUS J.                      WV-1-4-298
COBERLY, ARCHIBALD                      WV-1-3-163
COBURN, MARGARET                        WV-1-2-113
COFFMAN, E. C.                          WV-1-4-263
COFFMAN, H. H.                          WV-1-4-129
COFFMAN, REBECCA F.                     WV-1-4-318
COFFMAN, SOLOMAN                        WV-1-2-155
COLE, JESSE JR.                         WV-1-4-23
COLLINS, NOAH                           WV-1-4-31
CONTZ, JACOB                            WV-1-4-307
COOKMAN, C. J.                          WV-1-4-351
COONITZ, ISAAC J.                       WV-1-3-93
COONTS, F. J.                           WV-1-4-91
COONTS, HENRY SR.                       WV-1-2-197
COONTS, JESSE                           WV-1-3-194
COONTS, JOHN                            WV-1-1A-53
COONTS, LAIR D.                         WV-1-3-357
COONTZ, A. J.                           WV-1-4-254
COONTZ, ISAAC SR.                       WV-1-2-338
CORDER, JAMES W.                        WV-1-2-372
CORDER, JOSEPH C.                       WV-1-3-60
CORDER, JOSHUA S.                       WV-1-3-41
CORDER, NANCY NETTIE                    WV-1-4-306
CORDER, W. B.                           WV-1-4-109
CORDER, WILLIAM                         WV-1-1A-49
CORDER, WILLIAM A.                      WV-1-4-405
CORDER, WILLIAM ERVIN                   WV-1-4-309
CORLEY, SEDORA                          WV-1-4-487
CORNWELL, CHARLES M.                    WV-1-3-239
CORNWELL, ELIZABETH C.                  WV-1-3-63
CORNWELL, S. M.                         WV-1-2-111
COSTILON, MALINDA                       WV-1-2-237
COSTILOW, JAMES A.                      WV-1-3-182
COX, STEWART L.                         WV-1-4-59
COZAD, CATHERINE                        WV-1-4-240
COZAD, NANCY JANE                       WV-1-4-425
CRASTON, DANIEL B.                      WV-1-2-395
CRIM, JOSEPH N. B.                      WV-1-2-367
CRISLIP, W. A.                          WV-1-2-250
CRISS, CALEB                            WV-1-1A-26
CRITES, COLUMBUS                        WV-1-4-208
CRITES, MAGGIE C.                       WV-1-4-358
CROSS, CHARLES F.                       WV-1-4-451
CROSS, DAVID                            WV-1-4-45
CROSS, DELBERT B.                       WV-1-4-128
CROSS, JAMES MARTIN                     WV-1-4-304
CROSS, N. H.                            WV-1-4-233
CROSS, NANCY MOORE                      WV-1-4-64
CROSTON, JOHN W.                        WV-1-3-110
CROSTON, WALTER H.                      WV-1-4-509
CROUSO, SQUIRE                          WV-1-2-247
CUMMINGS, LEWIS                         WV-1-2-219
CURKENDOLL, SIMON                       WV-1-1A-2
CUTLIP, F. E.                           WV-1-4-229
CUTLIP, MARTHA A.                       WV-1-3-388
DALTON, ISAAC                           WV-1-4-459
DALTON, W. J.                           WV-1-4-26
DALTON, WILLIAM                         WV-1-2-330
DAUGHERTY, EMMA                         WV-1-4-285
DAUGHERTY, H. C.                        WV-1-4-314
DAUGHERTY, ISAAC                        WV-1-4-285
DAUGHERTY, JOHN                         WV-1-4-246
DAVIS, THOMAS E.                        WV-1-2-358
DAVIS, WILLIAM OSCAR                    WV-1-4-252
DAYTON, ALSTON GORDON                   WV-1-3-340
DAYTON, IMOGENE L.                      WV-1-4-93
DAYTON, RUHAMA                          WV-1-4-5
DAYTON, SARAH B.                        WV-1-2-236
DEERING, POLLY                          WV-1-4-81
DIAMOND, DANIEL A.                      WV-1-2-430
DICKENSON, DENIZA JANE                  WV-1-4-237
DICKENSON, MARY G.                      WV-1-2-339
DICKENSON, SAMUEL H.                    WV-1-2-293
DIDDLE, GEORGE W.                       WV-1-3-305
DIGMAN, DORA                            WV-1-4-412
DIGMAN, G. W.                           WV-1-4-384
DIGMAN, SAMUEL                          WV-1-2-102
DILWORTH, JAMES G.                      WV-1-3-144
DONAHUE, PATRICK JAMES                  WV-1-4-178
DONEGIA, CARA                           WV-1-4-270
DOUGLAS, SILAS                          WV-1-4-198
DUCKWORTH, G. B.                        WV-1-4-238
DUCKWORTH, MARY                         WV-1-4-151
DUCKWORTH, MARY ALICE                   WV-1-4-7
DUNHAM, ISAAC B.                        WV-1-4-38
DUNHAM, JACOB A.                        WV-1-3-201
DUNHAM, REBECCA EVALINE                 WV-1-3-264
DUNHAM, ROBERT FOSTER                   WV-1-2-467
DURBIN, F. M.                           WV-1-3-58
DURRETT, A. E.                          WV-1-3-205
DYER, E. R.                             WV-1-4-185
EDMOND, HANNAH H.                       WV-1-4-226
ELBON, WILLIAM A.                       WV-1-3-74, 111
ELLIOTT, J. B.                          WV-1-3-211
ELLIOTT, JULIA A.                       WV-1-3-52
ELLIOTT, L. C.                          WV-1-2-268
ELLIOTT, M. J.                          WV-1-3-413
ELLIOTT, T. T.                          WV-1-3-172
ENGLAND, CHARLES W.                     WV-1-4-46
ENGLAND, JAMES                          WV-1-3-65
ENGLAND, JASPER                         WV-1-3-337
ENGLAND, MALINDA                        WV-1-3-58
ENGLAND, SARAH M.                       WV-1-4-26
ENGLAND, WILLIAM                        WV-1-4-378
ERVIN, CLYDE                            WV-1-4-17
EVERSON, DRUSILLA                       WV-1-3-38
FARRENCE, ELEAM                         WV-1-4-19
FARRIS, EDNA                            WV-1-4-142
FELTON, SAMUEL H.                       WV-1-2-47
FINDLEY, A. L.                          WV-1-4-105
FINDLEY, FRANCIS                        WV-1-3-414
FINDLEY, IRA                            WV-1-4-10
FINDLEY, MARTHA E.                      WV-1-4-293
FINDLEY, MARY L.                        WV-1-3-374
FISHER, CHARLES T.                      WV-1-2-463
FISHER, ELIZABETH A.                    WV-1-3-157
FISHER, SYLVESTER T.                    WV-1-4-247
FITZWATER, JOSEPH                       WV-1-4-263
FITZWATER, MAGGIE                       WV-1-4-264
FITZWATER, STEPHEN                      WV-1-3-402
FOMASH, HARRIET                         WV-1-3-297
FORNASH, GENEVRA                        WV-1-4-491
FOSTER, MARY                            WV-1-4-259
FREEMAN, MAGGIE R.                      WV-1-4-222
FREEMAN, MARY A.                        WV-1-3-168
FREY, JOE                               WV-1-4-477
FRIDLEY, CHARLES                        WV-1-2-19
FRIDLEY, GEORGE W.                      WV-1-2-200
FRIDLEY, J. L.                          WV-1-4-424
FRIDLEY,MARY                            WV-1-4-223
FURR, MILTON                            WV-1-4-282
GAINER, F. W.                           WV-1-4-39
GAINER, IOANA                           WV-1-3-24
GAINER, ISAAC                           WV-1-3-213
GAINER, ISRAEL P.                       WV-1-2-164
GAINER, JACOB N.                        WV-1-3-322
GALL, ANDREW J.                         WV-1-3-73
GALL, ANDREW J.                         WV-1-4-149
GALL, ISORA V.                          WV-1-4-489
GALL, L.D.                              WV-1-4-133
GARNER, WILLIAM P.                      WV-1-2-435
GARRETT, MAGGIE                         WV-1-2-145
GAUNT, W. A.                            WV-1-2-136
GEORGE, E. L.                           WV-1-4-466
GEORGE, R. L.                           WV-1-4-352
GEORGE, SARAH A.                        WV-1-4-27
GLASSCOCK, ELIZABETH                    WV-1-3-147
GLASSCOCK, HANSFORD                     WV-1-2-353
GLASSCOCK, WILLIAM                      WV-1-4-347
GLENDENNING, GEORGE M.                  WV-1-3-261
GOBLE, LLOYD                            WV-1-4-451
GOLDEN, MARY E.                         WV-1-4-198
GRANT, GRANVILLE A.                     WV-1-3-184
GRANT, HOWARD B.                        WV-1-4-305
GRANT, LUCY A.                          WV-1-4-139
GREATHOUSE, DAVID L.                    WV-1-4-237
GREATHOUSE, JAMES M.                    WV-1-3-245
GREATHOUSE, JOHN W.                     WV-1-3-133
GRIFFITH, C. E. (MRS)                   WV-1-2-283
GRIFFITH, J. W.                         WV-1-4-243
GUINN, FANNIE                           WV-1-4-275
GULENTZ, EMILIA                         WV-1-4-225
HAACK, ANNIE                            WV-1-3-176
HADDIX, ALLEN                           WV-1-3-164
HADDIX, ALLEN                           WV-1-3-117
HADDIX, DELILAH                         WV-1-3-284
HADDIX, JOHNATHAN                       WV-1-4-234
HADDOX, W.S.                            WV-1-4-301
HALL, CENA KITTLE                       WV-1-3-272
HALL, JAMES K.                          WV-1-4-146
HALL, JOHN W.                           WV-1-2-228
HALL, MARGARET J.                       WV-1-3-262
HALL, MARION F.                         WV-1-2-429
HALL, MARTHA J.                         WV-1-4-5
HALL, MARY M.                           WV-1-2-476
HALL, WILIAM L.                         WV-1-3-334
HALLER, ELI F. M.                       WV-1-3-125, 143
HALLER, JONAS N.                        WV-1-4-130
HALLER, LUCINDA                         WV-1-2-174
HALSBERRY, HENRY                        WV-1-4-292
HALSBERRY, SAMUEL J.                    WV-1-4-262
HALTRATH, ANTON                         WV-1-4-196
HAMILTON, AGNES S.                      WV-1-3-384
HAMILTON, AUGUSTA F.                    WV-1-4-90
HAMILTON, MAUDE                         WV-1-4-164
HAMRICH, AGNES P.                       WV-1-4-173
HAMRICK, DAVID PATON                    WV-1-3-407
HAMRICK, ISORIA WOODFORD                WV-1-4-303
HARRIS, F. M.                           WV-1-4-372
HARRIS, HENRY C.                        WV-1-3-378
HARRIS, NANCY J.                        WV-1-3-128
HARRIS, PERRY C.                        WV-1-3-222
HARSH, FREDDIE                          WV-1-2-461
HARSHBERGER, JERMIAH                    WV-1-2-277
HARSHBERGER, JOEL                       WV-1-4-101
HART, MILTON                            WV-1-2-114
HARTMAN, MARGARET V.                    WV-1-4-6
HARVEY, ELAM J.                         WV-1-3-21
HATHAWAY, FRANCIS                       WV-1-2-347
HATHAWAY, SARAH E.                      WV-1-3-379
HAWKINS, BERTHA BARTLETT                WV-1-3-259
HAYES, G. M.                            WV-1-4-495
HAYES, POLLY A.                         WV-1-4-418
HEATHERLY, HENRIETTA                    WV-1-3-307
HICKMAN, LUTHER                         WV-1-2-282, 292
HILL, BENTON                            WV-1-3-287
HILL, FREDERICK                         WV-1-3-450
HILL, RACHEL                            WV-1-4-132
HILL, SARAH A.                          WV-1-4-121
HILLYARD, ATIA M.                       WV-1-3-311
HILLYARD, JACKSON                       WV-1-3-289
HILLYARD, JOHN A.                       WV-1-3-319
HILLYARD, MARTIN                        WV-1-3-320
HILTZEL, GEORGE W.                      WV-1-4-107
HINKLE, ALBINA L.                       WV-1-3-42??
HOFF, HARTSEL E.                        WV-1-2-131
HOFF, IDA M.                            WV-1-3-354
HOFF, M. M.                             WV-1-3-424
HOFF, MARTHA E.                         WV-1-4-255
HOFFM, O. P.                            WV-1-4-97
HOFFMAN, E. S.                          WV-1-3-353
HOFFMAN, GRANVILLE                      WV-1-3-177
HOFFMAN, J. N.                          WV-1-3-443
HOFFMAN, JONAS                          WV-1-4-449
HOFFMAN, S. E.                          WV-1-3-387
HOFFMAN, SERENA                         WV-1-4-265
HOFFMAN, STINGLEY F.                    WV-1-4-164
HOLBERT, ELZA N.                        WV-1-3-293
HOLDEN, ABRAM K.                        WV-1-2-84
HOLDEN, JOHN C.                         WV-1-1A-29
HOLLEN, J. S.                           WV-1-4-372
HOLLEN, R. E. S.                        WV-1-4-406
HOLSBERRY, JOHN D.                      WV-1-3-234
HOLSBERRY, NICHOLAS                     WV-1-2-259
HOLSBERRY, SAMUEL                       WV-1-1A-43
HOLT, CALDER H.                         WV-1-3-252
HOLT, CHARLES A.                        WV-1-3-69
HOLT, S. F. H.                          WV-1-4-206
HOTSINPELLER, SUSIE                     WV-1-4-443
HOUSE, SEYMOUR                          WV-1-3-187
HOUSER, SARAH M.                        WV-1-4-319
HOVATTER, C. C.                         WV-1-2-207
HOVATTER, NANCY C.                      WV-1-2-441
HOVATTER, SIDNEY                        WV-1-3-271
HOWE, HARRY                             WV-1-4-210
HOWELL, G. T.                           WV-1-3-136
HOWES, FENELON                          WV-1-3-188
HOWES, LUCINDA A.                       WV-1-3-96
HUDKINS, ADOLPHUS                       WV-1-4-242
HUDKINS, EMMET I.                       WV-1-3-107
HUDKINS, ETTA                           WV-1-3-41??
HUDKINS, ETTA                           WV-1-3-406
HUDKINS, H. D.                          WV-1-3-264
HUDKINS, HARRIET E.                     WV-1-2-168
HUDKINS, JENNIE                         WV-1-3-447
HUDKINS, RICHARD D.                     WV-1-2-451
HUFFMAN, ANTHONY                        WV-1-2-109
HUFFMAN, JAMES M.                       WV-1-2-391
HUGHES, MARTIN                          WV-1-2-203
HULDERMAN, WILLIAM T.                   WV-1-3-411
HUMPHREYS, A. N.                        WV-1-3-132
HUMPHREYS, MADISON                      WV-1-2-369
HUMPHREYS, ROBERT G.                    WV-1-2-376
HUMPRHEY, GRAYCE H.                     WV-1-4-307
HYATT, MESHECK                          WV-1-1A-15
HYMES, GEORGE B.                        WV-1-4-421
HYMES, GILBERT S.                       WV-1-3-225
HYMES, HARRIET E.                       WV-1-3-208
HYMES, MARY ELLEN                       WV-1-4-105
HYMES, WILLIAM H.                       WV-1-3-204
HYMES, ZILLAH                           WV-1-3-393
ICE, DANIEL                             WV-1-3-214
ICE, GEORGE                             WV-1-4-482
ICE, W. T. JR.                          WV-1-4-209
ISNER, MARIA                            WV-1-4-379
JARVIS, SOLON                           WV-1-1A-5
JAY, JOSEPH                             WV-1-4-168
JENKINS, CHESTER M.                     WV-1-4-485
JENKINS, H. M.                          WV-1-3-224
JENKINS, J. L.                          WV-1-4-350
JENKINS, JEROME                         WV-1-2-384
JENKINS, MARY A.                        WV-1-4-65
JOHNSON, EPHRIAM                        WV-1-2-443
JOHNSON, HELEN A.                       WV-1-3-338
JOHNSON, LEVI                           WV-1-3-416
JOHNSON, MARIA                          WV-1-3-343
JOHNSON, R. KINNIARD                    WV-1-4-290
JOHNSON, RESIN                          WV-1-3-39
JOHNSON, RUHAMA                         WV-1-2-454
JOHNSON, SIMON                          WV-1-3-242
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        WV-1-2-61
JONES, ADDIE B.                         WV-1-4-383
JONES, DAVID A.                         WV-1-4-236
JONES, G. S.                            WV-1-4-232
JONES, M. L.                            WV-1-4-81
JONES, S. E.                            WV-1-4-383
JONES, W. B.                            WV-1-2-45, 55
KAYSER, E. M.                           WV-1-3-135, 149
KELLER, EDITH                           WV-1-3-426
KELLER, I. J.                           WV-1-3-276
KELLER, MORGAN                          WV-1-4-209
KELLEY, ELAM T.                         WV-1-3-404
KELLEY, O. M.                           WV-1-4-46
KEMPER, ALEXANDER H.                    WV-1-3-354
KENNEDY, ISAAC                          WV-1-2-243
KERR, L. H.                             WV-1-4-359
KESLING, T. M.                          WV-1-3-116, 122
KETCHEM, MORGAN                         WV-1-2-170
KETCHEM, S. T.                          WV-1-4-371
KINES,E. M.                             WV-1-3-281
KING, JOHN A.                           WV-1-4-153
KISNER, ELIAS                           WV-1-3-305
KISNER, WILLIAM E.                      WV-1-4-90
KITTLE, C. L.                           WV-1-4-299
KITTLE, GEORGE BRUCE                    WV-1-4-494
KITTLE, GEORGE M.                       WV-1-4-14
KITTLE, R. M.                           WV-1-4-220
KITTLE, SARAH C.                        WV-1-4-221
KITTLE, TIRZAH                          WV-1-2-223
KITTLE, W. L.                           WV-1-4-346
KITTLE, WARREN B.                       WV-1-4-225
KNOTTS, MALVINA E.                      WV-1-3-146
KORM, ANDY                              WV-1-3-288
KOVACK, JOE                             WV-1-4-147
KUBELSKY, JOSEPH                        WV-1-3-356
LAFOLLETTE, H. W.                       WV-1-3-150
LAKE, A. B.                             WV-1-4-289
LAKE, CORA A.                           WV-1-4-297
LAKE, HARRISON B.                       WV-1-2-64
LAKE, P. P.                             WV-1-3-269
LANCE, AQUILLA                          WV-1-3-28
LANCE, ARTINSA                          WV-1-3-243
LANCE, BENJAMIN                         WV-1-3-145
LANCE, ISAAC                            WV-1-2-183, 186
LANCE, MARY E.                          WV-1-3-332
LANCE, WASHINGTON T.                    WV-1-2-204
LANG, WINFIELD S.                       WV-1-4-219
LANTZ, C. R.                            WV-1-4-116
LANTZ, ELLEN                            WV-1-4-476
LANTZ, JACOB                            WV-1-4-458
LANTZ, W. R.                            WV-1-4-450
LANTZ, WILIS                            WV-1-4-79
LAULIS, JOHN                            WV-1-2-38
LAZARUS A.                              WV-1-4-224
LEACH, CHARLES L.                       WV-1-3-179
LIMBERS, S. H.                          WV-1-4-315
LO0HR, DANIEL LEWIS                     WV-1-4-308
LOAR, ISAAC                             WV-1-4-359
LOHR, GEORGE B.                         WV-1-4-217
LOHR, ISABELLE                          WV-1-3-312
LOHR, J. W.                             WV-1-4-85
LOHR, MARGARET                          WV-1-4-165
LOUGH, J. E.                            WV-1-4-338
LOUGHBRIDGE, NOAH                       WV-1-2-98
LOUGHRIDGE, WILSON                      WV-1-4-374
LOVE, MERKLE                            WV-1-3-242
LOVETT, DELIA                           WV-1-3-284
LUTZ, W. J.                             WV-1-4-129
LYMAN, JOEL                             WV-1-2-225

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