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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1843-1882 | 2=1890-1907 | 3=1907-1924 | 4=1923-1942 | 5-10?
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MALCOLM, W. I.                          WV-1-2-349
MALE, GEORGE W.                         WV-1-3-167
MALE, INGEBE                            WV-1-3-366
MALE, JAMES P.                          WV-1-3-350
MALE, L. E.                             WV-1-4-273
MALE, MARGARET                          WV-1-4-141
MALE, RILEY                             WV-1-3-451
MALE, TIMOTHY                           WV-1-4-88
MANN, JOHN C.                           WV-1-3-159
MANOUN, J. FRANK                        WV-1-3-327
MARKLEY, JAMES C.                       WV-1-4-120
MARKS, FLOYD E.                         WV-1-3-333
MARKS, WILLIAM                          WV-1-4-188
MARSH, LOYD                             WV-1-3-121
MARTENEY, ANTHONY L.                    WV-1-4-381
MARTENY, WILLIAM F.                     WV-1-4-317
MARTIN, GEORGE S.                       WV-1-3-115
MASON, CATHARINE                        WV-1-4-483
MASON, THOMAS B.                        WV-1-3-53
MASON, W. A.                            WV-1-4-276
MASON, WILLIAM NESTOR                   WV-1-4-497
MATHEW, BEDE                            WV-1-2-43
MATTHEW, RACHEL                         WV-1-2-140
MAYER, ASA B.                           WV-1-3-119
MCCAMEY, S. R.                          WV-1-3-241
MCCAULEY, JOSEPH                        WV-1-4-116
MCCOLLOUGH, LORETTIE F.                 WV-1-4-476
MCCOY, ALEXANDER                        WV-1-1A-9
MCCOY, ARTENIUS                         WV-1-4-269
MCCOY, BARBARA E.                       WV-1-4-77
MCCOY, ISAAC L.                         WV-1-1A-12
MCCOY, W. S.                            WV-1-3-351
MCCRACKEN, MARGARET M.                  WV-1-4-480
MCDANIEL, GRANT                         WV-1-4-380
MCDANIEL, ISAAC JR.                     WV-1-4-504
MCDANIEL, JOHN W.                       WV-1-4-283
MCDANIEL, RACHAEL                       WV-1-4-470
MCDANIEL, SARAH                         WV-1-3-118
MCDANIEL, WILLIAM S.                    WV-1-2-379
MCDNAIEL, IRA T.                        WV-1-3-155
MCDONALD, ANNIE                         WV-1-4-227
MCGINNIS, BRIDGET                       WV-1-2-105
MCGOWEN, JAMES SR.                      WV-1-2-40
MCINN, THOMAS                           WV-1-4-271
MCKENZIE, STELLA                        WV-1-4-373
MCLEAN, JACOB                           WV-1-4-166
MCLEAN, SALLIE V.                       WV-1-4-20
MCVICKER, ANNIE JANE                    WV-1-3-9
MCVICKER, JOHN I.                       WV-1-4-288
MCVICKER, LEVI                          WV-1-2-36
MELLER, MARY A.                         WV-1-4-286
MELLON, ANDREW W.                       WV-1-4-393
MELLOR, ANNIE R.                        WV-1-4-119
MILLER, EUGENE                          WV-1-4-257
MILLER, FLORENCE A.                     WV-1-4-409
MILLER, JACOB                           WV-1-3-11
MILLER, MARY M.                         WV-1-4-100
MITCHELL, ALLITHA                       WV-1-4-472
MITCHELL, CASSEY                        WV-1-2-445
MITCHELL, CORDELIA S.                   WV-1-4-56
MITCHELL, ELISHA                        WV-1-2-448
MITCHELL, HENRY M.                      WV-1-4-130
MITCHELL, ISAAC                         WV-1-3-202
MITCHELL, JESSE                         WV-1-4-37
MITCHELL, JOSIAH                        WV-1-3-257
MITCHELL, MIDDLETON                     WV-1-3-437
MOATS, ELIZABETH J.                     WV-1-4-97
MOATS, GEORGE                           WV-1-4-243
MOATS, JOHN S.                          WV-1-4-330
MOATS, SANTFORD H.                      WV-1-3-209
MONAHAN, HENRY A.                       WV-1-3-367
MOORE, AMANDA                           WV-1-4-361
MOORE, EMERY C.                         WV-1-4-144
MOORE, FLORENCE C.                      WV-1-4-260
MOORE, G. W.                            WV-1-4-55
MOORE, GEORGE W.                        WV-1-4-448
MOORE, JASPER E.                        WV-1-3-59
MOORE, JOSHUA                           WV-1-3-290
MORRALL, LAIR D.                        WV-1-2-37
MORRAN, ELIZABETH                       WV-1-2-78
MORRIS, ALICE                           WV-1-3-344
MORRIS, LEWIS VAN GILDER                WV-1-3-199
MOYLE, ANNA                             WV-1-4-442
MUNDY, HENRY GARFIELD                   WV-1-4-274
MURPHY, ALPHEUS                         WV-1-2-396
MURPHY, DAVISSON                        WV-1-3-317
MURPHY, HESTER A.                       WV-1-4-312
MURPHY, NANCY ANN                       WV-1-3-281
MURPHY, W. R.                           WV-1-4-8
MURPHY, WILLIAM HARRISON                WV-1-3-94, 103
MUSSETTO, JOSEPH                        WV-1-4-272
MUSTO, CHAMBERS                         WV-1-2-17
MYERS, GEORGE W.                        WV-1-4-348
MYRES, JOHN Q.                          WV-1-3-299
NESTER, DAVID                           WV-1-1A-28
NESTER, JACOB                           WV-1-1A-3
NESTOR, CHARLES                         WV-1-3-13
NESTOR, EVERET                          WV-1-3-196
NESTOR, H. C.                           WV-1-3-453
NESTOR, JAMES                           WV-1-2-161
NESTOR, PERRY L.                        WV-1-3-186
NESTOR, WILLIAM G.                      WV-1-2-144
NESTOR, WILLIAM T.                      WV-1-2-343
NEWLON, JANE A.                         WV-1-3-408
NEWMAN, RHODA CROSTON                   WV-1-3-358
NEWMAN, SAMUEL                          WV-1-4-10
NEWMAN, TIMOTHY                         WV-1-2-1
NICOLA, HELEN V.                        WV-1-4-415
NORMAN, F. M.                           WV-1-4-25
NORRIS, ALEXANDER                       WV-1-3-254
NORRIS, JAMES W.                        WV-1-4-138
NORRIS, JOSEPH                          WV-1-4-284
NORRIS, REASON                          WV-1-4-73
NORRIS, WILLIAM A.                      WV-1-2-63
NUTTER, AMELIA                          WV-1-4-92
NUTTER, CREED                           WV-1-4-60
NUTTER, DANIEL K.                       WV-1-2-28
NUTTER, ENOCH                           WV-1-4-38
NUTTER, JAMES                           WV-1-2-357
NUTTER, LEAN A.                         WV-1-4-457
NUTTER, PERRY G.                        WV-1-2-57
NUTTER, THEODORE                        WV-1-2-127, 139
NUTTER, WASHINGTON                      WV-1-4-58
NUZUN, AUGUSTUS B.                      WV-1-4-327
OAKEN, LAFAYETTE G.                     WV-1-4-141
OBRIEN, HANNAH                          WV-1-2-253
OCONNER, MATHEW                         WV-1-3-96
OCONNOR, JAMES                          WV-1-2-210
ONEAL, ALBERT                           WV-1-4-18
ONEAL, CREED                            WV-1-4-190
ONEAL, F. L.                            WV-1-3-382
ONELA, LEWIS                            WV-1-3-369
OVERFIELD, WILIAM FLETCHER              WV-1-4-462
PARKS, GRANVILL                         WV-1-3-376
PARKS, HOMER A.                         WV-1-4-357
PARKS, JOHN H.                          WV-1-2-288
PARSONS, COLUMBIA                       WV-1-4-193
PARSONS, W. D.                          WV-1-3-448
PATTON, LULA GAY                        WV-1-4-326
PAUGH, ISAAC                            WV-1-3-304
PAUGH, SIDNEY J.                        WV-1-4-313
PAYNE, CLAUDE E.                        WV-1-2-297
PAYNE, FRANKLIN E.                      WV-1-3-200
PAYNE, KITTY LOU                        WV-1-4-506
PAYNE, LEWIS A.                         WV-1-4-155
PECK, MELVILLE                          WV-1-4-135
PEPPER, JOHNSON                         WV-1-2-48
PERCHAN, MIKE                           WV-1-4-22
PETERSON, NEWTON                        WV-1-3-95
PFLENGER, JOSEPH                        WV-1-2-53
PHARES, HARRIET                         WV-1-2-278
PHELPS, REBECCA D.                      WV-1-3-99
PHELPS, WALTER W.                       WV-1-2-159
PHELPS, WALTER W.                       WV-1-3-105
PHILLIP, ABIGAL                         WV-1-4-352
PHILLIPS, AARON                         WV-1-2-23
PHILLIPS, BETTIE                        WV-1-4-468
PHILLIPS, BLACK                         WV-1-2-134
PHILLIPS, ELI                           WV-1-3-195
PHILLIPS, ELMORE B.                     WV-1-2-354
PHILLIPS, ENOCH                         WV-1-2-96
PHILLIPS, FRANKLIN C.                   WV-1-3-193
PHILLIPS, ISAAC                         WV-1-1A-1
PHILLIPS, JACOB                         WV-1-4-101
PHILLIPS, JAMES M.                      WV-1-2-385
PHILLIPS, JAMES M.                      WV-1-2-422
PHILLIPS, JAMES R.                      WV-1-3-308
PHILLIPS, JOHNSON                       WV-1-3-294
PHILLIPS, SCOTT                         WV-1-4-249
PICKENS, HANNAH A.                      WV-1-3-62
PICKENS, JOHN D.                        WV-1-3-247
PITZER, CHARLOTTE ELLEN                 WV-1-4-489
PITZER, R. S.                           WV-1-2-456
POLING, A. D.                           WV-1-4-152
POLING, A. J.                           WV-1-3-125
POLING, ABRAHAM                         WV-1-3-165
POLING, DAVID HESS                      WV-1-3-446
POLING, E. J.                           WV-1-3-157
POLING, ELAM D.                         WV-1-4-349
POLING, ELIZBETH                        WV-1-4-502
POLING, ELLA KITTLE                     WV-1-4-197
POLING, ETTA                            WV-1-4-386
POLING, G. FRANK                        WV-1-2-352
POLING, G. I.                           WV-1-4-102
POLING, H. J.                           WV-1-4-199
POLING, HARVEY                          WV-1-3-49
POLING, HENSON                          WV-1-3-279
POLING, HEZEKIAH                        WV-1-2-188
POLING, HILERY                          WV-1-2-340
POLING, ISAAC                           WV-1-2-32
POLING, JAMES W.                        WV-1-2-163
POLING, JANE E.                         WV-1-3-267
POLING, JOHN                            WV-1-4-108
POLING, JOHN D.                         WV-1-1A-46
POLING, JONAS                           WV-1-1A-47
POLING, LAURA A.                        WV-1-4-235
POLING, LEMAN S.                        WV-1-4-257
POLING, LEVI                            WV-1-3-296
POLING, M. V.                           WV-1-4-118
POLING, MARY                            WV-1-1A-45
POLING, MINIE                           WV-1-4-472
POLING, PETER G.                        WV-1-3-346
POLING, SILAS                           WV-1-2-86
POLING, WESLEYMONROE                    WV-1-4-49
POLNG, CATHARINE                        WV-1-3-367
PORE, PERLINA                           WV-1-3-192
POST, C. S.                             WV-1-4-244
POST, GEORGE W.                         WV-1-3-364
POST, IRA J.                            WV-1-4-264
POWELL, DAVID                           WV-1-4-15
PRICE, RACHEL V.                        WV-1-4-382
PRICE, REBECCA                          WV-1-4-107
PRICHARD, WORNER J.                     WV-1-2-398
PROUDFOOT, ALEXANDER                    WV-1-3-22
PROUDFOOT, F. H.                        WV-1-3-313
PROUDFOOT, HENRY H.                     WV-1-2-11
PROUDFOOT, JOSHUA                       WV-1-3-217, 244
PROUDFOOT, TROY                         WV-1-4-321
RACER, ALBINA MORRALL                   WV-1-2-423
RACER, M. D.                            WV-1-2-453
RADABAUGH, F. G.                        WV-1-4-242
RADANABUGH,EMMA                         WV-1-4-291
RADCLIFF, HOWARD                        WV-1-4-360
RAMSEY, F. M.                           WV-1-4-151
RAMSEY, J. M.                           WV-1-3-184
RAMSEY, LEWIS W.                        WV-1-4-316
RAMSEY, PHILLIP                         WV-1-3-158
RAMSEY, WILLIAM J.                      WV-1-2-477
REED, ABRAHAM W.                        WV-1-2-22
REED, JAMES H.                          WV-1-2-56
REED, MILTON D.                         WV-1-3-207
REED, STEUART F.                        WV-1-4-337
REEDER, W. M.                           WV-1-3-455
REGER, JOHN                             WV-1-2-419
REGER, JULIA A.                         WV-1-2-222
REGER, MARSHALL                         WV-1-4-58
RIDER, JOHN W.                          WV-1-2-157
RIDGELY, CHARLES                        WV-1-2-274
RIDGWAY, HENRY                          WV-1-2-289
RIDGWAY, WILSON HENRY                   WV-1-4-158
RIGHMAN, A. J.                          WV-1-3-250
RIGHT, G. M.                            WV-1-3-215
RIGHT, LAURA A.                         WV-1-4-1
RILEY, ANNETTE                          WV-1-4-51, 55
RILEY, M. D.                            WV-1-3-282
RILEY, WALTER G.                        WV-1-4-464
RINEHART, JAMES M.                      WV-1-4-191
RITTER, HOWARD B.                       WV-1-3-114
RITTER, J. E.                           WV-1-3-362
RITTER, LEVI                            WV-1-2-66
RITTER, MATILDA                         WV-1-2-304
ROBERTS, LEE ANN                        WV-1-2-93
ROBINSON, HANNAHL.                      WV-1-4-370
ROBINSON, JOHN S.                       WV-1-2-70
ROBINSON, L. D.                         WV-1-3-166
ROBINSON, W. F.                         WV-1-4-310
ROHRABAUGHS, MARY C.                    WV-1-4-98
ROHRABOUGH, ALBERT                      WV-1-3-394, 423
ROHRBAUGH, BURTON B.                    WV-1-4-338
ROW, W. A.                              WV-1-4-82
RUCKMAN, CORA L.                        WV-1-4-486
RYAN, JOHN B.                           WV-1-2-390
RYMER, CHESLEY K.                       WV-1-3-432
RYMER, JOSEPHINE                        WV-1-4-287
RYMER, LLOYD J.                         WV-1-4-410
RYMER, REBECCA                          WV-1-4-43
RYMER, W. M.                            WV-1-4-201
SANDERS, MARIA                          WV-1-4-333
SANDESS, J. Z.                          WV-1-4-333
SANDRIDGE, JESSIE M.                    WV-1-4-190
SARGENT, WILLIAM                        WV-1-1A-7
SAYERS, EZRA M.                         WV-1-3-75
SAYERS, EZRA M.                         WV-1-3-170
SCHOOLEY, U. G.                         WV-1-4-51
SCHOONOVER, BRYAN W.                    WV-1-4-268
SCHOONOVER, EMILY                       WV-1-4-240
SCOTT, MARGARETT                        WV-1-3-220
SCOTT, MARSHALL JR.                     WV-1-3-66
SCOTT, W. H.                            WV-1-3-330
SCOTT, WILLIAM S.                       WV-1-3-14
SEE, C. S. M.                           WV-1-2-332
SEE, REBECCA BOSWORTH                   WV-1-4-12
SEMMELMAN, S. L.                        WV-1-4-47
SEVIER, REASE                           WV-1-4-345
SHAFFER, ADOLPHUS W.                    WV-1-4-419
SHAFFER, FRANCIS V.                     WV-1-4-423
SHAFFER, G. W.                          WV-1-3-223
SHAFFER, GEORGE W.                      WV-1-4-230
SHAFFER, J. D.                          WV-1-4-340
SHAFFER, LEVI                           WV-1-3-197
SHAFFER, WILLIAM H. H.                  WV-1-2-238
SHAFFER, WILLIAM P.                     WV-1-2-213
SHANK, AUD                              WV-1-4-21
SHAW, ALEXANDER                         WV-1-2-308, 342
SHAW, BARBARA E.                        WV-1-4-411
SHAW, D. W.                             WV-1-3-297
SHAW, GRANVILLE                         WV-1-3-410
SHAW, JOHN K.                           WV-1-2-399
SHIMKUS, EDWARD                         WV-1-3-160
SHOCKEY, FRANCISCUS                     WV-1-3-303
SHOMO, DANIEL J.                        WV-1-2-162
SHOMO, EDNA B.                          WV-1-4-320
SHOMO, FLORA E.                         WV-1-4-189
SHOMO, ICIE M.                          WV-1-4-83
SHOMO, MONROE                           WV-1-4-177
SHOMO, SOPHIA                           WV-1-2-218
SHOWALTER, WILIAM N.                    WV-1-2-336
SHROYER, JOHN W.                        WV-1-3-438
SHURTLEFF, W. S.                        WV-1-3-415
SHURTLIFF, OLIVER                       WV-1-1A-22
SIMMONS, CHARLES ELIHU                  WV-1-4-508
SIMON, ABRAHAM                          WV-1-1A-52
SIMON, JAMES K.                         WV-1-4-253
SIMON, NETTIE                           WV-1-3-104
SIMON, PERRY                            WV-1-2-199
SIMONS, A. L.                           WV-1-4-261
SIMONTON, DONA B.                       WV-1-4-45
SIMPSON, F. A.                          WV-1-4-427
SIMPSON, JULIA A.                       WV-1-4-205
SKIDMORE, DAVID E.                      WV-1-4-99, 104
SKIDMORE, F. R.                         WV-1-3-431
SKIDMORE, TABITHA                       WV-1-3-189
SMITH, BERSHEBA M.                      WV-1-3-154
SMITH, CELIA A.                         WV-1-4-11
SMITH, E. T.                            WV-1-2-393
SMITH, ERASMUS S.                       WV-1-2-187
SMITH, JOHN ALLEN                       WV-1-2-351
SMITH, JOHN R. W.                       WV-1-4-484
SMITH, JOHN RILEY                       WV-1-3-420
SMITH, JOHN W.                          WV-1-2-333
SMITH, LEWIS W.                         WV-1-2-246
SMITH, MARTHA J.                        WV-1-2-120
SMITH, NORA                             WV-1-4-362
SMITH, SARAH                            WV-1-3-251
SOUCH, JULIANA                          WV-1-4-362
STALKNAKER, MARSHAL                     WV-1-2-99, 101
STALKNAKER, REGINA                      WV-1-4-381
STALNAKER, ALMAN J.                     WV-1-3-292
STALNAKER, CHESLEY R.                   WV-1-4-59
STALNAKER, HARRISON H.                  WV-1-3-151
STALNAKER, M. F.                        WV-1-4-103
STALNAKER, W. R.                        WV-1-3-310
STANSBERRY, F. M.                       WV-1-2-226
STARCHER, EFFIE                         WV-1-4-157
STEAD, L.                               WV-1-4-166
STEERMAN, HARMON                        WV-1-2-7
STEMPLE, A. J.                          WV-1-3-198
STEMPLE, C. C.                          WV-1-4-132
STEMPLE, H. H.                          WV-1-4-505
STEMPLE, JAMES D.                       WV-1-3-440
STEVENS, WILLIAM O.                     WV-1-2-272, 285
STEWART, EDWARD                         WV-1-3-258
STEWART, FELIX G.                       WV-1-2-51
STEWART, J. EDWARD                      WV-1-4-353
STEWART, JOHN                           WV-1-2-244
STIPE, ALMIRA                           WV-1-4-139
STIPE, GEORGE E.                        WV-1-2-75
STONE, J. M.                            WV-1-4-275
STONE, MARTHA J.                        WV-1-4-443
STOUT, B. F.                            WV-1-3-238
STOUT, FRANK                            WV-1-3-421
STRADER, AARON                          WV-1-3-161
STRADER, ISAAC W.                       WV-1-3-19
STRADER, WELLINGTON                     WV-1-3-92
STRAWDERMAN, ANGELINE                   WV-1-4-176
STRAWDERMAN, BETSY ELLEN                WV-1-4-283
STRAWDERNSON, ELAM TALBOTT              WV-1-3-401
STREET, WILLIAM A.                      WV-1-4-228
STREETS, ANNIE                          WV-1-3-134
STUART, JENNIE PECKENS                  WV-1-4-431
STUART, VIRGINIA                        WV-1-3-341
STURK, A. A.                            WV-1-2-24
STURM, DELITA ANN                       WV-1-2-147
STURM, LEOLON                           WV-1-4-456
STURM, MARTHA JAE                       WV-1-2-356
STURM, MICHAEL                          WV-1-4-174
STURM, MINERVA A.                       WV-1-4-416
STURM, NICHOLAS                         WV-1-1A-54
STURM, SUSAN                            WV-1-2-13
STURMAN, WILLIAM                        WV-1-3-229
STURMS, DRAPER J.                       WV-1-3-253
STURMS, MONZELLA ALICE                  WV-1-4-356
SWICK, J. A.                            WV-1-3-228
SWICK, SIMON                            WV-1-2-108
SWITZER, ALICE WOODFORD                 WV-1-4-238
SWITZER, C. L.                          WV-1-3-386
SWITZER, JOHN B.                        WV-1-4-407
SWITZER, MINNIE M.                      WV-1-4-477
SWITZER, P. A.                          WV-1-4-148
TAFT, DANIEL J.                         WV-1-4-28
TALBOT, ANNIE A.                        WV-1-4-456
TALBOTT, A. R.                          WV-1-2-299
TALBOTT, ALMIRA                         WV-1-3-130
TALBOTT, ELLEN E.                       WV-1-4-15
TALBOTT, EMERY                          WV-1-2-87
TALBOTT, EMMA C.                        WV-1-4-228
TALBOTT, GEORGE E.                      WV-1-4-266
TALBOTT, S. H.                          WV-1-4-259
TALBOTT, S. W.                          WV-1-4-40
TALBOTT, WILLIAM W.                     WV-1-3-108
TALBOTTS, R. D.                         WV-1-4-218
TAYLOR, J. M.                           WV-1-4-98
TEBBETS, J. P.                          WV-1-4-204
TEETS, LUCRETIA ODA                     WV-1-4-232
TEETS, NOAH                             WV-1-3-141
TETER, ABEL                             WV-1-2-209
TETER, C. F.                            WV-1-3-152, 162
TETER, ELIZABETH                        WV-1-3-140
TETER, ELIZABETH                        WV-1-3-331
TETER, EMELINE                          WV-1-3-287
TETER, J. L.                            WV-1-4-85
TETER, JESSE                            WV-1-2-269
TETER, MARY S.                          WV-1-4-334
TETER, OLIVER                           WV-1-2-217
TEXTOR, JOSEPH CONRAD                   WV-1-2-260
TGROWBRIDGE, J. W. B.                   WV-1-3-452
THACKER, ISABELLA                       WV-1-4-341
THOMAS, SUSAN                           WV-1-2-148
THOMAS, WILLIAM WARREN                  WV-1-4-324
THOMPSON, ALBERT                        WV-1-3-359
THOMPSON, AUGUSTA A.                    WV-1-4-245
THOMPSON, SOLOMON DAVID                 WV-1-4-325
THOMPSON, THOMAS A.                     WV-1-2-91
THORN, GEORGE SR.                       WV-1-4-69
TIBBETS, ELIZABTEH B.                   WV-1-4-114
TICHNELL, DANIEL L.                     WV-1-3-72
TRIMBLE, ELIZABETH H.                   WV-1-2-153
TRIMBLE, JOHN                           WV-1-2-89
TRIMBLE, MARY E.                        WV-1-3-383
TRIMBLE, W. C.                          WV-1-1A-38
TRISLER, JOHN R.                        WV-1-3-349
TRUE, LEOTA V.                          WV-1-4-314
TYLER, JAMES                            WV-1-4-408
UPSON, MALINDA J.                       WV-1-4-156
UPTON, CALEB W.                         WV-1-3-230
UPTON, DAVID                            WV-1-4-245
UTTERBACK, DON G.                       WV-1-3-385
VALENTINE, ELLEN J.                     WV-1-3-142
VANDEWEGHE, AUGUST                      WV-1-3-124
VANNOY, A. B.                           WV-1-3-112
VANNOY, B. F.                           WV-1-4-490
VEQUESNEY, CHARLES E.                   WV-1-2-130
WAGNER, JOHN                            WV-1-2-9
WALKER, EMMA D.                         WV-1-4-231
WALTER, APPOLONIA                       WV-1-3-101
WALTER, CORDELIA                        WV-1-3-375
WALTER, ELIZABETH                       WV-1-4-32
WALTER, LEWIS                           WV-1-3-266
WALTERS, REBECCA A.                     WV-1-4-241
WARD, AQUILLA J.                        WV-1-3-67
WARD, ELLEN                             WV-1-3-315
WARD, F. L.                             WV-1-4-300
WARD, G. V.                             WV-1-4-391
WARD, TAYLOR                            WV-1-3-277
WARD, W. W.                             WV-1-4-311
WARE, ALLETHA                           WV-1-4-390
WARE, WILLIAM G.                        WV-1-4-302
WARKMAN, WILLIAM L.                     WV-1-4-388
WATRING, F. M.                          WV-1-4-1
WATRING, H. S.                          WV-1-4-102
WATRING, SAMUEL J.                      WV-1-4-3223
WATSON, THOMAS F.                       WV-1-4-33
WEAVER, ISAAC                           WV-1-4-490
WEAVER, J. W.                           WV-1-4-494
WEAVER, SOLOMON                         WV-1-3-55
WEESE, CHARLES M.                       WV-1-2-215
WEESE, LEWIS                            WV-1-2-205
WEESE, MARTHA A.                        WV-1-4-492
WELLS, J. M.                            WV-1-4-44
WENTZ, AURELIA BELLE                    WV-1-2-73
WERNER, HERMAN                          WV-1-3-127
WERNER, MARY E.                         WV-1-3-233
WHITE, C. S.                            WV-1-4-294
WHITE, CLAUD H.                         WV-1-4-322
WHITE, JOHN A.                          WV-1-4-248
WHITEHAIR, EDMUND                       WV-1-4-134
WHITESCARVER, GEORGE M.                 WV-1-3-274
WILEY, JAMES                            WV-1-1A-24
WILLIAMOSN, C. W.                       WV-1-4-493
WILLIAMS, C. B.                         WV-1-4-469
WILLIAMS, J. M.                         WV-1-2-44
WILLIAMS, J. O.                         WV-1-4-267
WILLIAMSON, NATHAN                      WV-1-3-278
WILLOUGHBY, THOMAS J.                   WV-1-2-14
WILMOTH, DELILAH                        WV-1-3-294
WILMOTH, GEORGE                         WV-1-4-328
WILMOTH, J. W.                          WV-1-3-329
WILMOTH, P. V.                          WV-1-4-290
WILSON, A. P. T.                        WV-1-4-162
WILSON, EDWIN D.                        WV-1-1A-19
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       WV-1-4-281
WILSON, HATTIE                          WV-1-4-48
WILSON, ISAIAH                          WV-1-2-27
WILSON, JAMES LEWIS                     WV-1-2-286
WILSON, JULIA A.                        WV-1-4-280
WILSON, LEWIS                           WV-1-2-290
WILSON, SOLOMON T.                      WV-1-3-399, 405
WILSON, W. D.                           WV-1-2-381
WODOS, JAMES M.                         WV-1-4-342
WOLFORD, JOHN W.                        WV-1-4-202
WOLVERTON, S. CLARA                     WV-1-4-4
WOOD, AIRY                              WV-1-2-296
WOOD, HESTER                            WV-1-4-61
WOOD, LUSTER D.                         WV-1-4-503
WOODARD, MARY K.                        WV-1-4-258
WOODFORD, BENJAMIN H.                   WV-1-3-347
WOODFORD, CATHERINE D.                  WV-1-4-487
WOODFORD, FECILIA LAFOLLETTE            WV-1-2-363, 424
WOODFORD, GEORGE C.                     WV-1-4-117
WOODFORD, ISOPHENE                      WV-1-3-236
WOODFORD, JACOB                         WV-1-2-5
WOODFORD, JAMES M.                      WV-1-3-418
WOODFORD, WILSON T.                     WV-1-4-95
WOODS, FRANK                            WV-1-2-230
WOODS, HARRIET L.                       WV-1-3-322
WOODS, J. HOP                           WV-1-3-371
WOODS, MOLLIE S.                        WV-1-4-367
WOODS, SAMUEL                           WV-1-2-150
WOODS, SAMUEL V.                        WV-1-4-364
WOOODFORD, ELMER L.                     WV-1-4-74
WRIGHT, GEORGE W.                       WV-1-3-219
WRIGHT, JEMIMA                          WV-1-4-3
WRIGHT, WILLIS                          WV-1-2-68
YAKNBCIK, STEVE                         WV-1-3-314
YATES, GEORGE M.                        WV-1-4-452
YATES, W. H.                            WV-1-4-473
YEAGER, SARAH                           WV-1-4-339
YEAGER, WILLIAM                         WV-1-3-391
YOAKUM, BETHA S.                        WV-1-4-87
YOUNG, B. F.                            WV-1-2-175
YOUNG, CATHERINE                        WV-1-3-370
ZINN, ADLINE                            WV-1-4-341, 405
ZINN, EFFIE C.                          WV-1-4-458
ZINN, FLORENCE S.                       WV-1-4-138
ZINN, GRANVILLE W.                      WV-1-4-2
ZINN, JOHN R.                           WV-1-3-8
ZINN, LACY A.                           WV-1-4-42
ZINN, LUCINDA A.                        WV-1-3-210
ZINN, LUCINDA S.                        WV-1-4-150
ZINN, MARY C.                           WV-1-4-9
ZINN, S. W.                             WV-1-4-413
ZINN, W. D.                             WV-1-4-377
ZIRKLE, JACOB                           WV-1-3-390
ZIRKLE, LEWIS                           WV-1-3-137, 270
ZIRKLE, THOMAS J.                       WV-1-4-207
ZOLLINGER, THEOPHILUS                   WV-1-4-440

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