Chautauqua County, New York
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Chautauqua County New York, Supreme Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # Volume List |
| M = Mayville | J = Jamestown | F = Fredonia |
"see:" - alternative name listed

NAGLE, ARTEMIS                         ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1653
NAGY, MIHALY                           HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1830
NAGY, SOFIA                            HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1848
NAGY, STEVEN                           HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1761
NAJDZION, ANNA                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1469
NALEPA, WALTER                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-82
NAPIERALSKI, ALBERT                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-63
NARRAWAY, ALFRED WILLIAM               JAMAICA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1797
NARRAWAY, LILY GERTRUDE FLORENCE       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1796
NARRAWAY, MORAG ROSINA                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1799
NASCA, ANTONINO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-30
NASCA, ISIDORO ROSARIO                 SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-107
NASLUND, JOHAN LUDWIG                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-126
NAWROCKI, JOSEPH                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1163
NAZZARO, ANGELA LOUISE (CHILD)         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1426
NAZZARO, DINO JAMES                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1764
NEAR, DALE MICHAEL (CHILD)             GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1538
NELSON, ALFRED                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-196
NELSON, ALFRED CLAUS                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-23
NELSON, ALMA EMELIA                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1384
NELSON, ANDERS LUDVIG                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-32
NELSON, ANDREW FRED                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-132
NELSON, ASALUG                         NORWAY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1072
NELSON, BERGER                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-73
NELSON, CARL AUGUST CONSTAN            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-42
NELSON, CARL FREDRIK                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-250
NELSON, CARL LUDVIG                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-22
NELSON, CARL RICHARD                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-118
NELSON, GOSTA EUGENE                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1441
NELSON, JOHAN AUGUST                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-9
NELSON, JOHN                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-58
NELSON, JOHN OSCAR                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-150
NELSON, NELS                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-74
NELSON, NELS OSCAR                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1884
NELSON, OLGA ELIZABETH                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1367
NEWELL, WILLIAM JAMES                  IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-27
NEWETON, BASIL HENRY                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1883
NEWGREN, OSCAR                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-244
NEWSOME, JAMES                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-80
NEWTON, GERTRUD GERDA                  EAST GERMANY                            NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1956
NICHOLL, FRANK                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-60
NICOSIA, ANTONINO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-89
NICOSIA, CRUCIANO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-97
NIEDBALSKI, JOSEPH                     POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-88
NIELSEN, FLORIAN                       DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-78
NILSON, NILS PETTER                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-61
NILSSON, ADOLPH WILHELM                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-42
NIOSI, ROSARIO                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-71
NLODWIG, JULIUS                        PRUSSIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-73
NOCEK, PAUL                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-147
NOHLBURG, GUSTAF NATHANAEL             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-58
NOLAN, SARAH MCMANAMON                 IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1427
NOLEN, HARRY                           RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-123
NORBERG, PEHR ARVID                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-54
NORDELL, CARL IVAR                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-154
NORDENDAHL, JONAS ADOLF                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-26
NORDLUND, ANDERS                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1447
NORENE, AUGUST WILHELM                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-43
NORMEN, AARON                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-98
NOTARIO, JOSEPH                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-13
NOTARIO, PASQUALE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-176
NOTO, JAMES                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-86
NOTO, JOSEPHINE                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1270
NOTO, MARY                             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1285
NOVARA, ANGELINE BORIO                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1147
NOVARA, ANTONINA                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-995
NUWSTROM, JOHN                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-65
NYBERG, TURE ALBIN                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1377
NYE, SHEILAGH MARGARET                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1561
NYGREN, ELIZABETH EDITH AMELIA         SOUTH AFRICA                            NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2061
NYGREN, JOHN                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-82
NYMAN, GUST LINDOHR                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-13
NYSTROM, ERICK ALBIN                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-84
OAG, HUGH                              SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2025
OAG, SARAH MUIR                        SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2026
OAG, SARAH MUIR                        ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2043
OCONNOR, EDMUND JOSEPH JEREMIAH        ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-51
ODDO, GIACOMO                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-21
ODONNELL, LAURA                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1221
ODONNELL, TERESE                       IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1866
OGNIBENE, MARY                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1035
OHAGAN, ANGELA HELEN                   ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1314
OHARA, ANNIE MARY                      IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1320
OHLQUIST, AXEL GOTFRED                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-139
OLENDER, SOPHIE                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1177
OLEWSKI, VINCENT                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-191
OLIVER, JOSEPH JOHN                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1381
OLIVER, NANCY                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1279
OLSEN, ANDERS                          DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-50
OLSEN, KARL NECOLAI                    NORWAY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-202
OLSON, ANN MARIE ALMA SOFIA            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2070
OLSON, ANNA SOFIA                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2016
OLSON, FRED                            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-133
OLSON, JOHN ADOLF                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-75
OLSON, JOHN HENRY                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-34
OLSON, JOHN PETER                      DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-134
OLSON, KNUT LEONARD                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-55
OLSON, LILY HELENE MARIE               CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1599
OLSON, NELS                            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1359
OLSON, NIELS                           DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-7
OLSON, PETER                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-123
OLSON, SANFRID                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-23
OPPENHEIM, ELISABETH CATHY             SWITZERLAND                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1835
ORETEKOS, ANASTASIA                    GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1807
OSHEA, CORNELIUS                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1040
OSTERHOUDT, MONICA OWENDOLIN MARY      SOUTH WALES                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1751
OSTERLIND, OSKAR ALFRED                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-32
OSTERMAN, EMIL                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-68
OSTERMAN, GOTTLIEB                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-66
OSTMAN, IRENE                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1496
OSTMAN, WILLHARD ALGOT                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1495
OZZELLA, MARIA GRAZIA                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1664
PACOS, PIOTR                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-64
PADDRIK, RAIMUND                       ESTONIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1413
PADDRIK, VERA                          ESTONIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1414
PAGE, ALICE GENEVIEVE                  ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1302
PAGE, FRANCIS ARTHUR                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-87
PAGLIA, LEONARDO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-71
PAIZES, SAVAS                          GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-42
PALERMO, ANTONIO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-79
PALME, CARL OSCAR                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-22
PALMER, CARL EDVARD                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-76
PALMER, FREDA                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2029
PALUCH, ADAM                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1156
PALUCH, FRANCES                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1300
PANAS, BARBARA                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1934
PANASCI, JENNIE                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1096
PANGEL, GEORGE                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1193
PANIPINTO, PIETRO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-62
PANPINTO, GEORGE                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-177
PANZARELLA, CRUCIANO                   SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-4
PANZICA, VICENZO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2009
PAPA, BENEDETTO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-23
PAPASERGE, ALFONSO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1318
PAPPAS, TOM                            GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-13
PARADZSIK, HILDA                       POMMERN                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1417
PARADZSIK, STEPHAN                     HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1416
PARASILITI, ROSARIO COLLAZZO           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1872
PARLATO, SALVATORE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-50
PARMUTI, CARMELO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-51
PARR, GEORGE                           ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-12
PARRY, WILLIAM                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-58
PASCARELLA, VINCENZA NUZZO             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1766
PASIERBOWICZ, JOHN                     AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-16
PASINI, JOHN                           AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-74
PASINSKI, MICHAEL                      RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-99
PASINSKI, MIKEAL                       RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-93
PASSMORE, ANDREW MELBOURNE             CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1196
PASZEK, PIOTR                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-9
PATERNITI, CARMELO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2031
PATERNITO, ANTONINO                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-63
PATERNOSTRO, SARAH ROSARIA             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1262
PATERSON, JOHN ALBERT                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-79
PAULSEN, ERNST                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1204
PAULSEN, IRENE                         HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1203
PAULSEN, JUDITH MARIA                  YUGOSLAVIA                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1246
PAULSEN, OTTO HENRY                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1206
PAWLIK, ANTHONY JAMES                  AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-57
PAYNE, WILLIAM EDWIN                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-100
PCHELKA, LUCAS                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-65
PEARSON, AXEL                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-71
PECORARO, SALVATORE                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1960
PELLETTER, LUIGI                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-84
PEREZ-Y-CRUZ, ADELFA BLANCA            CUBA                                    NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1927
PERFETTO, VINCENZO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1509
PERSICHINI, PHILLIP JOSEPH             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1955
PERSON, ANDREW PETER                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-28
PERSSON, ELIS GUNNAR EMANUEL           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-246
PETERS, ARTHUR                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-29
PETERS, JOSEPH                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-247
PETERS, THOMAS                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-100
PETERSON, ANDERS JOHAN WILHELM         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-65
PETERSON, AUGUST                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-2
PETERSON, AXEL EMIL                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-90
PETERSON, AXEL FERDINAND               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-4
PETERSON, CARL                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-5
PETERSON, CARL ALBERT                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-110
PETERSON, CARL GUST                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-32
PETERSON, CARL WILHELM RAGNAR          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-46
PETERSON, EMIL                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-127
PETERSON, GUNNARD                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-85
PETERSON, GUSTAF PAUL                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-243
PETERSON, HENRY FRITIOF                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-13
PETERSON, JOHAN ALFRED                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-94
PETERSON, JOHN PETER                   DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1635
PETERSON, NELS                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-204
PETERSON, PER AUGUST                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-2
PETERSON, PETER AUGUST                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-92
PETINE, HERMANN                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-77
PETRAS, JAN                            CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-986
PETSCHER, ANTON RICHARD                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1518
PETSCHER, HILDEGARD                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1506
PFLUEGER, AGNES ETHEL MARIE            ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1306
PHILPOTT, ALBERT EDWARD                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-180
PIAZZA, DOMENICO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-30
PIAZZA, ONOFRIO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-46
PICIO, LUIGI                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-40
PICKARZ, WOJCIECH                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-58
PIEKARZ, WOJCIECH                      AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-150
PIERCE, ROSEMARY JEAN (CHILD)          KOREA                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1608
PIERSON, KARL                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-27
PIETRAFITTA, GRAZIA MARY               ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-998
PIETRKIEWICZ, ANTHONY JSOEPH           PPOLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-80
PIETRKIEWICZ, JOSEP                    RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-38
PIETRKIEWICZ, STANISLAUS EDWARD        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1111
PIGLOWSKI, KAZIMIR                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-25
PIGLOWSKI, WICENTZ                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-26
PIHL, PETER VICTOR                     DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-20
PIHLBLAD, JOHN ERICH                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-18
PILGRIM, JOHN THOMAS                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-8
PILGRIM, JOHN THOMAS                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-47
PINTAGRO, ANTONINO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1849
PINTAGRO, THOMAS                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1480
PINTAGRO, THOMAS SEBASTIANO            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1915
PINTO, BIAGIO                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-87
PISA, JOSEPH                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-88
PISCOBSKI, ANNA JULIA                  CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1771
PITKIEWICZ, WALTER                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1116
PITYNSKI, IGNATIUS                     AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-60
PIWOWARSKI, ANTONINA                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1061
PLAISTOW, EDWARD                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-2
PLAISTOW, THOMAS                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-89
PLOWY, ANNA                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1407
POCIUCH, EVA IRENE                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1406
POESCHE, FREDRICH WILLAM HERMAN OTTO   GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-190
POKOJ, JOHN                            AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-100
POLACK, ILSE IDA                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1307
POLASIK, ANDREW                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-121
POLASIK, LUCYAN                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-120
POLASIK, WALENTY                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-119
POLCZ, GYOERGY M.                      ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1854
POLICHETTI, ROSALINE                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1248
POLIZZI, PAOLA                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1222
POLIZZI, ROSARIO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1223
POLIZZI, VINCENZO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-23
POLLARD, FRED                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-17
POLLINO, JAMES                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-54
POLOZAK, DOROTA                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1449
PONACCI, VINCENZO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-7
PONKA, CONRAD                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1526
PONKA, JADWIGA                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1527
POPIELARZ, ANTONI                      POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-78
POPIELARZ, BARTTYMI                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-77
POPIELARZ, MARTIN                      GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-167
POPIELARZ, MICHAEL                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-27
POPPLETON, FRANK                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1281
PORTER, THOMAS                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1006
POSILOVIC, ANNA                        YUGOSLAVIA                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2046
POSILOVIC, MATO                        YUGOSLAVIA                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2030
POSSAI, ELFRIEDE HELENE                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2041
POSSAI, WALDEMAR                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2040
POTCHYNKET, VICTOR                     RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-14
POTTI, JOSEPH                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-119
POWELL, INGEBORG                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1338
POWESKA, NICHOLAS                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1157
POWOWARSKI, THOMAS                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-130
PRIESTLEY, TOM                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-34
PRITCHARD, MARK SAVAGE                 BAHAMAS                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1336
PRIVETERA, GIUSEPPE                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-34
PRIVITERA, COSIMO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-14
PRIVITERA, JOSEPH                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-45
PRIVITERA, VINCENZO                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-7
PROBIN, FRANK GEORGE                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1765
PROVENZANO, ORAZIO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-84
PROVENZANO, VENZENZO                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-49
PRZEPIORA, FRANK                       AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-68
PRZESPIORA, FRANCISZEK                 AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-51
PRZYBJCIEW, FRANK                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-9
PRZYBYLA, WAWCZYN                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-208
PRZYTULA, ANTONINA                     RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1195
PTASZYNSKI, TEOFIL                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-17
PUCCI, PASQUALE JOSEPH                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1064
PULAWSKI, VINCENT                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-236
PULVINO, CHARLES                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-13
PUROL, FRANCES                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1019
PYRLL, ALBERT                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-79
QUATTRONE, IRENE                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1714
RACINA, TONY                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-14
RAHE, VALLY                            ESTONIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1523
RAIBLE, PATRICIA                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1597
RAIMONDO, MARY LOU                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2024
RAIMONDO, ONOFRIO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-29
RAIMONDO, THOMAS                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1665
RALABATE, FRANK                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-27
RANSOM, HARRY ROBERT                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-199
RANSOME, CHARLES                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-59
RATHBURN, MAE LORRAINE ROBBINS         ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1362
REDER, AUGUST JULIUS                   RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1741
REED, JOHN BERNTSEN                    NORWAY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-44
REITER, MAGDALENA                      ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1477
REITER, MAURICE                        ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-64
RENNICK, ELIZABETH IVA                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1421
REPERT, WALTER                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-125
RETTER, MARGARET DIXON CLAYDON         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1022
REYNOLDS, HARRY                        CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1419
REYNOLDS, THELMA                       MN/CANADA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1418
RICCILI, SALVATORE                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-110
RICHARDS, ALBERT HAROLD                CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1033
RICHARDS, MARTHA                       CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1112
RICHARDS, MARY ISABELLA                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1086
RICHILI, JOSEPH                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-6
RICOTTA, CHARLES                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-11
RICOTTA, JACK                          SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-49
RICOTTA, LIBORIO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-238
RIDDELL, ALLAN RAMSAY                  QUEBEC                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1375
RIEDESEL, JOHN HEINRICH FRIEDRICH      FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-973
RIFFEL, LOUISE SOPHIA                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1710
RIFORGIATO, ANTONIO                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-82
RINALDO, CHARLES                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-88
RIOLO, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2019
RISCH, AGNES LOUISE                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1231
RISCH, FRITZ PAUL RICHARD              GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1123
RISCH, WILLIAM VERNE                   GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1046
RISCILI, JOE                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-37
RITCHIE, CHRISTINA WALTERS SPENCE      SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1534
RITSCHL, ERMANNO RENATO                ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2011
RITSON, JOHN WILLIAM                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1701
RIVETTI, EUGENIA                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1131
RIVETUSO, ANTONINO                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-53
RIZZO, GIUSEPPE                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-75
RIZZO, LEONARD                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-82
RIZZO, SAM                             SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-48
ROBBINS, ELIZABETH ANN MEADE           IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1361
ROBERG, ELSIE MARIA                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1598
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-99
ROBINSON, HILDEGARD                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1984
ROBISNON, GEORGE ERNEST                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-36
ROBITAILLE, GERMAINE                   CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1818
ROBITAILLE, JEAN CLAUDE                QUEBEC                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1819
ROBITAILLE, RAOUL                      QUEBEC                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1820
RODA, JOE                              ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-43
ROEMER, DANIEL                         ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1432
ROEMER, EDUARD                         ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2045
ROEMER, ERIKA MARIA                    AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2044
ROEMER, GEORGE                         HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-20
ROESLER, ANTHONY                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-164
ROFFO, ANTHONY JOSEPH                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1671
ROGERSON, CHARLES HOWARD               CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-18
ROGOWSKI, STANISLAUS                   AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-41
ROOS, NILS GUSTAV                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1119
ROSE, CARL OTTO                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-31
ROSEN, MORRIS                          RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-132
ROSENDAHL, OSCAR HUGO                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-81
ROSENQUIST, HJALMAR                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-65
ROSENQVIST, OSKAR AUGUST               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-29
ROSSELL, ERICK JOSEPH HJALMAR          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-9
ROSSINO, FERDINANDO                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-26
ROSSO, JOHN                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-184
ROTONDO, COLOGERO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-26
ROTUNDA, LUIGI                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-5
ROTUNDA, MINNIE                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1137
ROZMUZ, GEORGE                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-16
RUBINI, ANTONIO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-128
RUBINSTEIN, ISRAEL                     RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-1
RUDOLPH, MARY ELTON                    ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1353
RUDWALL, PER AUGUST BERNHARD           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-39
RUNDBERG, ELIZABETH MAJ                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1551
RUNDBERG, KURT                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1550
RUSINOWICKI, LAURENZ                   AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-17
RUSINOWSKI, LAWRENZ                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-55
RUSNACZYK, LEO MATHIAS                 AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-8
RUSS, SIMON                            AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-215
RUSSELL,HANNELOROE                     WEST GERMANY                            NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2033
RUSSO, ANGELINE                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1815
RUSSO, GIUSEPPE FANO                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1654
RUSSO, YOLANDE                         FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1309
RYAN, JAMES JOSEPH                     IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-53
RYBERG, OLOF HILMER                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-96
RYCZKO, ANNA                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1153
RYDEN, OSCAR ARVID                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-99
RYDER, MARIE NICOLE                    QUEBEC                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2080
RZEPKOWSKI, MICHALE                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-96
SAALFIELD, SOPHIA                      CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1423
SACCAMANO, GIUSEPPE                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-59
SACCILLACE, JOSEPH ANTHONY             ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-2
SACHSE, CARL FRIEDRICH                 GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-64
SAELI, GIUSEPPE                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-39
SALAMONE, FRANCESCO                    SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-10
SALDE, MARIA                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2055
SALIBENI, CARMELO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-22
SALISBURY, DAVID                       ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-67
SALLAZZO, TERESA                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1703
SALUPO, SEBASTIANO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-127
SALVAGGIO, CARMELA                     PENNSYLVANIA/ITALY                      NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1894
SAMPSON, CARL                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-197
SAMPSON, DAVID                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-198
SAMUELSON, AGNES MONICA DOWLING        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1541
SAMUELSON, ANNA CECILIA                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-11
SAMUELSON, HILMA KATARINA              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1373
SAMUELSON, JOHN ADOLPH                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-26
SAMUELSON, KARL ELOF NOREN             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-6
SANDASY, GEORGE DOSI                   TURKEY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-43
SANDBERG, ALBIN                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-79
SANDER, ARTHUR JOHAN                   EAST GERMANY                            NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1941
SANDER, PHILIP                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1986
SANDER, ROSA JOHANNA                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1985
SANDGREN, OLOF HELMER                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-175
SANDQUIST, KARL ERNST                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-67
SANDQUIST, OSCAR                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-72
SANDSTROM, ARVID FERDINAND             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1050
SANECKI, MICHAEL                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-37
SANTACROCE, DONATO                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-145
SANTAGROCE, DOMENICO                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1301
SANTUCCI, ANTONIO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-99
SANZO, DOMENICO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-29
SAREK, ANIELA                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-996
SAUCIUC, ANNA                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1959
SAUCIUC, DUILIO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1943
SAUCIUC, OLGA MARIA                    AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1942
SAUERS, GILLIAN                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2052
SAWKINS, WALTER JOHN                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-138
SAXTON, GWENDOLYN MARY                 ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1039
SCACCIA, ANTONINO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-7
SCACCIA, PIETRO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-27
SCALICE, FRANCESCO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-242
SCALICI, NICOLO                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-212
SCANLON, THONG JUN                     THAILAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2066
SCARLATA, CALOGERO                     SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-76
SCHAFTENAAR, JACOB                     HOLLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1663
SCHAFTENAAR, SAMUEL                    HOLLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1428
SCHANK, GERLINDE                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1917
SCHAUFLER, JOHANNA                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1018
SCHEUCHER, GABRIEL                     AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1232
SCHIAVONE, ANTHONY                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2076
SCHIAVONE, LUCY                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2075
SCHILLING, CATHERINE                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1075
SCHLACHTA, CASSMIER                    AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-1
SCHLICKER, WILLIAM                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-48
SCHNIEBER, KURT ERICH                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1000
SCHREIBER, HERMANN FRIEDRICK           WESTFALEN                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-80
SCHROEDER, ERNEST WILLIAM              GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-994
SCHROEDER, MINNA                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1247
SCHROEDER, WILLIAM FRED                GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-46
SCHUR, HEDWIG KLARA                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1640
SCHUR, LEO ANTON                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1639
SCHUSTER, KATHRINA                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1289
SCHUSTER, PHILIPP                      GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1288
SCHWARTZ, MINNIE                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1025
SCHWARTZ, OTTO WILLIAM                 GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1009
SCHWENCKE, JOHAN                       INDONESIA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1472
SCOFIELD, HENRY LEROY                  MN/CANADA                               NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1034
SCRIVANO, MARIA (CONTIMAGO)            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1582
SEAGREN, CARL GUSTAF                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-89
SEASTEDT, CARL ELMER                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-77
SEBASTIANO, REALE                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-109
SEELEY, WINIFRED ANGELA                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1874
SEIB, ANNA                             CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1580
SEIB, JACOB                            CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1579
SEK, PHILIP                            AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-175
SELANDER, KARL GEORGE                  FINLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-131
SELBERG, INGEBORG                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1197
SELLBREY, GUSTAF ENOCH                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-3
SELLE, SIEGFRIED FRIEDRICH             GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1867
SELLQUIST, CARL AUGUST                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-76
SELLSTROM, ANTON                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-104
SELLSTROM, AXEL FRIDLIEF               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-103
SELMAN, SHGIPE                         YUGOSLAVIA                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2053
SEMINATORE, GIUSEPPE                   SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-19
SEMPREVIVO, BENEDETTO                  SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-98
SENATRA, ROSE                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1016
SENIMATORE, MICHELE                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-3
SENSKE, REIDUN GLENNY                  NORWAY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1612
SERAFIN, SOPHIE                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1655
SERRA, CHARLES                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-82
SETERA, WALENTY                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-131
SHACKLETON, ELLEN MARY                 IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1254
SHAFER, DAVID                          ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-1
SHARMAN, BENJAMIN ARTHUR               ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1467
SHARPE, GEORGE WILLIAM                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-46
SHAUGHNESSY, LETITIA ELIZABETH JEFFERIES                                       ONTARIO                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                    F2-78
SHOLINSKI, STANLEY                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1057
SHOOK, DELBERT DEBB                    CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1005
SHOWLER, CLEMENT                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-54
SHOWLER, FRANK                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-38
SHREAD, JOHN WILLIAM                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-70
SHREVE, JOYCE MAY                      ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1334
SICH, OKSANA                           JUGOSLAVIA                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1873
SIDOWSKI, GEORGE                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-22
SIEGRIST, GEORG WOLFGANG               SWITZERLAND                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1438
SIELSKI, JERZY                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1530
SIELSKI, LENA ELISE                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1547
SIEMBIEDA, HELEN                       ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1237
SIKORA, HELEN                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1089
SIKORA, KATHERINE                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1081
SIRAGUSA, JOSEPH                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1199
SIRAGUSA, JOSEPH                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1010
SIRAGUSA, SALVATORE                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1023
SIREGUSA, GAETANO                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-15
SISTER, MARY BRENDAN                   IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1210
SISTER, MARY CATHERINE                 IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1211
SISTER, MARY PIUS                      SEE: LIVELY, MARY
SITKO, JOHN                            AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-16
SJOBRING, NILS PERS                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-39
SJOGREN, ANNA                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1501
SJOGREN, EVA                           GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1498
SJOWALL, MAGNUS                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-11
SKIPPER, DANIEL LINDERMAN              CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-92
SKIPPER, JAMES HENRY                   ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-109
SKRYPNIK, WALTER                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1936
SKRZYNIARZ, CASIMIR                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1183
SKRZYPEK, THOMAS                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-58
SKRZYPEK, THOMASZ                      AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-2
SKURSKI, ALBERT                        AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-45
SKURSKI, ALBERT                        AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-89
SKURZEWSKI, INGE                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1962
SLATER, GEORGE                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-226
SLODOCHOWSKI, JOHANNA BARBARA          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1194
SLODUCHOWSKI, MARIANA                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1108
SLODUKOWSKI, VINCENT                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-211
SLOJKOWSKI, BERNICE                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1219
SLOJKOWSKI, GEORGINA ROSS              SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1869
SMAKOWSKI, JOSEPH                      POLANDN                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-40
SMALL, GEORGE ALEXANDER                ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-56
SMITH, ANTONINA                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1795
SMITH, ELEANOR KATE                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1179
SMITH, EMANUEL JOHN                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-94
SMITH, FRED                            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-116
SMITH, FRED                            ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-39
SMITH, FRED                            ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-19
SMITH, HELEN                           GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1709
SMITH, JOHN GEORGE CHARLES             ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1178
SMITH, LEWIS                           ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-78
SMITH, PETER JOSEPH                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1182
SMITH, URSULA HELGA                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1777
SNEDDON, JANE BROWN                    SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2018
SNEDDON, JANE BROWN                    CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2037
SNEDDON, WILLIAM CRAWFORD              SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2017
SNELL, GLADYS EMMELINE                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1488
SNELL, MAURICE LYNN                    CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1487
SNELL, ROBERT BRITTION                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-241
SOBEZAK, STANISLAUS                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-222
SOBUS, LILIAN                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1471
SODE, HERMAN EMIL                      DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-51
SODERGREN, ERICK JOHN                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-242
SODERQUIST, JOHN                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-222
SODERSTROM, GUSTAF REINOLD             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-45
SODERSTROM, JOHN WERNER                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-46
SOLAZZO, JOSEPH                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1166
SOLDANO, MARION                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1134
SOMNITZ, LOUISE CLARA                  GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1244
SORCE, DOMINIC PETER                   ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1769
SORCE, ROSARIO                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2032
SORCE, VINCENZO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1577
SOTIS, THEMELIS                        ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-90
SOTTILE, KATHERINE                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1321
SOTTILE, SANTO                         SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-97
SPEAS, IDA MOLLY                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1572
SPENCE, CHRISTINA MCKECHNIE            ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1535
SPENCE, JAMES WALLACE                  SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1536
SPENCER, MARGARET EUNICE               ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1695
SPERANZA, CALOGERA                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1989
SPERLING, CARL                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1394
SPERLING, GERTRUDE LINNEA              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1393
SPEZIALE, MARY                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1133
SPOTE, CARLO                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-23
SPOTO, FORTUNATO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-48
SPOTO, JOSEPH CHARLES                  SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-152
SPOTO, LORETO ALESSANDRO               SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-96
SPRAGUE, GEORGE LEVECQUE               ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-77
SPRINKLE, ULRIKE IRMA                  CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1975
SPYRALATOS, ALSKOS                     GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1679
SPYRALATOS, ANGELIKI                   GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2022
STACHOWIAK, JAN                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-103
STACHURA, JAN                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-95
STANDERA, STANISLAW                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-6
STANSFIELD, CHARLES                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-41
STARK, JOHN AUGUST                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-4
STEC, ANDRZEJ                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-50
STEMPKOWSKI, WALTER                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-14
STENANDER, CARL AUGUST                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-86
STEPHENS, ELFRIEDA ANNA                AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1733
STEVENSON, RONA GERTRUDE               GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1668
STGEORGE, FRANK                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-13
STGEORGE, JOSEPH                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1062
STIEBITZ, PAUL                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-62
STIMSON, OLIVE DOREEN                  CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1568
STINSABAUGH, YONE                      JAPAN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1739
STOHL, ELVIS LINNEA                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1055
STOHLBERG, CARL TOBIAS                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-27
STOHLBERG, ERIC TITUS                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-74
STONE, ELLEN PAULA                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2071
STONE, MAGDALENA                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1613
STORN, KATHARINE WEBER                 GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1030
STRAIGHT, IRENE                        CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1180
STRANZ, JOHN                           AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-233
STRASZYNSKI, KRYSTINA HERMINE          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1859
STREED, ELOF                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-35
STREET, ELIZABETH                      CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1188
STROEBEL, CAROLINE                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1070
STRYSZYNA, JOZEF                       RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-71
STUBBS, ALFRED                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-81
STUHL, JOHN                            HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1259
STURDY, GEORGE                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-18
STYBORSKI, JOSEF                       POSEN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-86
SUMMERLEE, JOHN THOMAS JEFFERSON       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-220
SUNDAEN, ANDREW OSCAR                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-200
SUNDBERG, RENATE                       GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1916
SUNDER, LITO BABETTE                   GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1642
SUNDER, OTTO JOHN                      GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1641
SURLAS, BESSIE                         GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1184
SUSKI, MARTIN                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-92
SUTCLIFFE, WILLIAM                     ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-32
SUTTON, ANNE WILLOUGHBY                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1843
SVEDENE, ERIK                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-1
SVENSON, ANDERS PETER                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-90
SVENSSON, CARL                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-79
SWAN, ANDREW THEODORE                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-91
SWAN, CARL GUSTAF                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-49
SWAN, CHONG NAM                        KOREA                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1953
SWAN, FRANK HUGO                       CUBA                                    NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-16
SWANSON, ARON NAHANIEL                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-229
SWANSON, AUGSUT WILLIAM                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-123
SWANSON, CARL AUGUST                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-21
SWANSON, CARL HENNING                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-160
SWANSON, FRANK AUGUST                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-55
SWANSON, GUSTAF HENRY                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-60
SWANSON, GUSTAV WILHELM                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-93
SWANSON, HERMAN                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-138
SWANSON, JOHN AARON                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-28
SWANSON, JOHN AUGUST                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-16
SWANSON, OSCAR WALTER                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-232
SWANSON, PER ADRIAN                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1513
SWANSON, SWEN ERNEST                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-59
SWARD, ERIK                            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-144
SWEDA, VICTORIA                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1440
SWEENEY, JOSEPH COLUMBA                IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1252
SWEET, MARY                            SEE: SLODUCHOWSKI, MARIANA
SWENSON, SVEN OSCAR                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-48
SWIECA, MICHAEL                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-142
SWIERK, STANISLAW                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-121
SWIETONIOWSKI, JAN                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1522
SYSOL, ANTONINA                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1106
SYSOL, LUDWIG                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-78
SZABO, JOLAN                           HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1459
SZABO, LASZLO SAMUEL                   HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1458
SZACH, IGNATIUS                        AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-172
SZALAY, EMMA                           HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1857
SZALAY, JOSEPH                         HUNGARY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1858
SZALKOWSKI, ADAM                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-83
SZALKOWSKI, STANLEY                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-235
SZCZERBACKI, JOSEPH                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-125
SZELES, KAROLINA KATHRINA              GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1779
SZOCIK, DOMINICK                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-56
SZOCIK, DOMINIK                        AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-149
SZOT, CAROLINE                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1084
SZRYWER, JOHN JOSEF                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-197
SZYDLO, PETER                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1151
TABAK, GRETE MARTHA                    GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1652
TAFFEL, JOHN KASSIMER                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-3
TANE, ANDROMACHI LIGOR                 ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1329
TANE, VANGEL LIGOR                     ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1330
TANNER, DORIS ERNESTINE                GERMANBY                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2062
TAPPER, CHARLES EDWARD                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-4
TASKA, JAROSLAV STEPHEN                CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1408
TAYLOR, JANET MARGARET                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1911
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                         SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-7
TCHEJEYAN, SARKIS KRIKOR               EGYPT                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1808
TEDESCO, GIUSEPPE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-19
TEETS, NORMA ANNE                      SCOTLAND                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1626
TEGNER, CARL HERMAN                    SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-112
TENG, MARK MING HAN                    CHINA                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1804
TENPAS, JAN JR.                        NEDERLANDS                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1846
TENPAS, JAN WILLIAM                    NEDERLANDS                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1802
TERESI, GIUSEPPE                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-71
TERRILL, TOSHIKO NAKJIMA               JAPAN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1548
THEMELY, GEORGE ATHENAS                ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-104
THERMANN, BERND                        GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1944
THOMAS, EILEEN ROSE                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2027
THOMPSON, MARGARET LOISE               ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1365
THOMSON, ARCHIE EDWARD                 ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1832
THOMSON, VERA EDNA                     MANITOBA                                NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1833
THORENDIUS, ANTHONY                    GREECE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-43
THORNE, AARON MALCOLM, ESAIAS          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-81
THORNE, AARON MALCOLM ESAIAS           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-47
THORPE, STANLEY HEDLEY                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-981
THORSELL, ARVID JOHN                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-55
TIDSWELL, URI                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-40
TINGWALL, EUGON FERDINAND              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-76
TITZ, ERNST                            USSR                                    NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2067
TOBIAS, IRENE                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1907
TOBICZYK, JOSEF                        AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-34
TOMCZAK, STANISLAUS                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-23
TOWNSEND, SHENAGH STEWART              ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1800
TRAMONTANA, INGA BRITT                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1684
TRASHER, NIHAT GEZET                   ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-43
TRASS, JOE                             SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-126
TREZENSKI, ANGELA                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2082
TRIPPI, ANTONINO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-11
TRISCARI, CARMELO                      ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1980
TRISCARI, JOSEPH                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1909
TRISCARI, JOSEPHINE                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1910
TROMBETTA, CIALI                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-28
TROMBINO, JOSEPH RUSSELL               ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1971
TROMBINO, SERENA                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1729
TROPP, CARL AUGUST                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-37
TROPP, FRANS OSCAR                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-111
TROVATO, ANGELO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-78
TSAMTSE, VANGEL                        ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-120
TYNAN, MARTIN FRANCIS                  IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-108
TYNAN, WILLIAM FRANCIS                 IRELAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1283
TYSZKO, PETER ANTHONY                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1255
TYTKA, JOHN                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-128
URBANIK, BARBARA                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1158
URSITTI, LORENZO                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-21
URSITTI, LOUIS                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-38
USCZAK, PAULINA                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1118
VALCHERA, ALICE                        FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1453
VALCHERA, EMMA                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1454
VALENTI, FILIPPO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-131
VALENTINE, CHARLES                     ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1225
VALLONE, FRANK TOMAS                   SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-41
VALSO, DOMENICK                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-6
VALVO, ELIZABETH                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1265
VALVO, EMIL CANILLO                    ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1264
VALVO, FRANCESCO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-46
VALVO, PATRINA PIETRO                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1263
VANCUREN, HITOMI HANADA                JAPAN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1871
VANDENBERG, BERTHE MADELEINE           FRANCE                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1847
VANDERMEULEN, ANDRIES                  NETHERLANDS                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-100
VANHAM, GEORGE                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-37
VANPOORTVLIET, ANTHONIE JACOBUS        HOLLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1563
VECCHIO, VINCENT                       ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1760
VEIT, PETER HEINRICH                   GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-41
VELLA, GIOVANNI                        SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-15
VENTO, FRANCESCO                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-59
VENTO, TONY                            SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-83
VERDI, STEPHEN                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-22
VICARIO, GIUSEPPE                      SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-92
VIERDAY, TEUNIS                        HOLLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-44
VILARDO, TERESA GRACE                  ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1045
VIRGA, FRANK                           SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-88
VISHNIA, JOHN GEORGE                   ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-122
VIZINE, CARMELO                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1304
VONKLEIST, FRED                        LATVIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1821
WACHOWIAK, JOSEPH                      GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-118
WAGNSTRROM, CARL OTTO                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-63
WAHLEN, OSCAR                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-18
WAITE, SAMUEL JOHN                     ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-234
WALAWENDER, STEFANIA                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1486
WALDEMAR, NANNY TERESIA                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1346
WALFORD, KATE                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1227
WALFORM, FRANK                         ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-75
WALKER, SAM                            ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-37
WALL, OSCAR WILLIAM                    ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-31
WALLAS, MARY                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1155
WALTERS, ALFRED                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-65
WARNER, CARL WILHELM                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-10
WARNER, GUST                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1052
WARNER, NANNIE ELISABET                SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1051
WARNER, OTTO                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-97
WASHINGTON, GEORGE                     ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-49
WASHINGTON, JOHN THOMAS                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-48
WASHINGTON, JOHN THOMAS                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M1-5
WASONG, ANTONI                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-237
WASOS, ANGELINE                        POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1241
WASSMAN, GUSAF WILHELM                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-64
WASZ, JOHN                             POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-93
WATERMAN, DORIS AILEEN                 CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1667
WATTMAN, LENORE ANN                    CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1620
WEBECK, ZETA MAE ELIZABETH             CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1461
WEBER, ELIZA                           SWITZELAND                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1382
WEBER, GERHARD                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-85
WEBER, JOHN                            GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-148
WEBER, NIKOLAS                         GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-66
WEBSTER, CHARLES                       CANADA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-56
WEDBURG, ALBERT CARL                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-84
WEEKES, AARON HENRY MILLER             ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-140
WEIDEMANN, HOLGER JOHN                 DENMARK                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-52
WEISEL, ANTON FRIEDRICH                CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1430
WEISEL, MARIA                          CZECHOSLOVAKIA                          NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1429
WEISMAN, MARY                          RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1456
WELKER, ALFRED                         YUGOSLAVIA                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1570
WELKER, BENITA FODER                   ESTONIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1569
WELKER, MARIA IPACH                    YUGOSLAVIA                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1556
WELKER, PETER PAUL                     YUGOSLAVIA                              NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1555
WELLER, THOMAS WILLIAM                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1376
WELLER, WILLIAM THOMAS                 ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1315
WELSH, LEONARD THEODORE                QUEBEC                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-33
WENLINSKI, FRANK                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-59
WENNERBERG, ANDERS LORENS              SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-135
WENNERBERG, ANDREW BERNHARD            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-107
WENNERSTROM, JOSEPH EMANUEL            SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-79
WENZEL, MIKE                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M9-24
WESTERLING, GUSTAF DAVID               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-48
WESTMAN, MAY                           ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1348
WESTOVER, HENRY ROMAIN                 ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-202
WEXLER, ELI                            RUSSIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-18
WHITE, ARTHUR SYDNEY                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1691
WHITE, EDITH DONALDA                   ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1785
WHITE, EDNA JEANNE DOOLEY              ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1925
WHITE, TOSHIKO HIGASHIE                JAPAN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-2007
WHITEHEAD, ISHMAEL                     ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-28
WHITEHEAD, ISHMAEL JR                  ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-29
WHITEHEAD, JAMES                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-30
WHITEHEAD, JOHN                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-31
WHITTON, ANNA MARIA (JUNG)             GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1589
WICKSTROM, CARL                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-96
WICKSTROM, RICHARD                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-228
WIDMARK, FRANK ALBIN                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-206
WIGREN, GUST                           SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-69
WIKMAN, SIGURD                         SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1519
WILCOCK, THOMAS WILLIAM                ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1356
WILCOX, RUTH                           SWITZERLAND                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1734
WILCZEK, STANISLAW                     AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-3
WILD, JOHN HERBERT                     ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-24
WILDE, JOHN BENJAMIN                   ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-80
WILHELM, EMIL                          GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-6
WILKOSZ, FRANK                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-63
WILLETT, WALTER                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M6-83
WILLIAMS, ANNA SOFIA                   HOLLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1224
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                       ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-101
WILLIAMSON, ANTON                      SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-46
WILMES, PETER                          GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-78
WILSON, JOHAN AUGUST                   SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-48
WILSON, JOHN                           ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-81
WINDAHL, CARL EMIL                     SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-17
WINDAHL, CHARLES WILHARD               SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-19
WINZELL, ANDERS                        SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-170
WINZELL, AXEL                          SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-52
WITKOWSKI, KAZIMIERZ                   GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-87
WITTMAN, KARL                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1637
WITTMAN, WILHELMINE                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1638
WLODAREK, ANTONY JAN                   GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-26
WLODAREK, SZEZEPAN                     POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-111
WOJNOVOWSKI, STANISLAW                 AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-7
WOLFF, ANDREAS                         ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1882
WOLFF, ANDREAS JR.                     ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1837
WOLFF, SARA                            ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1836
WOLFF, SARA                            ROMANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1881
WOLINSKI, STANLEY JOHN                 POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1297
WOLOSZYN, KATHERINE                    POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1189
WORCZAK, ANTHONY                       AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-26
WOROSZ, JACOB                          POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-17
WOROSZ, RUDOLF                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-9
WORSTER, MARGARE FRASER ROSS           NOVA SCOTIA                             NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1076
WOTTON, MAUREEN DIANE                  ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1974
WOYNAR, PHILIP JOSEPH                  ALBERTA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1781
WRIGHT, EDITH                          ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1966
WRIGHT, MICHAEL                        ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-62
WRIGHT, RONALD PYE                     ENGLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M19-1965
WUERFL, EDUARD                         BAYERN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1410
WUERFL, ELISE KATHRINA                 GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1409
WULF, HJALMAR SIGFRID                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M2-100
WYKSTRA, GERRIT                        HOLLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-137
WYRWAS, STANLEY THOMAS                 POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1234
YACKLON, CHARLES                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-83
YACKLON, GRACE CARMELA                 ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1444
YARTZ, HAZEL ELIZABETH                 ONTARIO                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M13-1316
YEAGER, JACOB FRED                     GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-104
YERICO, TONY                           ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-61
YERNBERG, CARL ROBERT                  SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-149
YOSHIMURA, TAKIZIRO                    JAPAN                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1554
YOUNG, MARIE VERONICA                  NEW BRUNSWICK                           NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1742
YOUNGBERG, ERNEST THEODORE             SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-86
YOUNGBLAD, FRANS OSCAR                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M5-18
YOUNGSTEDT, OTTO                       SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M3-188
ZANGHI, GIUSEPPE                       SICILY                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F2-44
ZANGHI, LORETA                         ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1135
ZAPPIA, CARLO                          ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-50
ZATORSKI, FRANCISZEK                   POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-66
ZAUN, PETER                            LATVIA                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1890
ZAVARELLA, JOHN                        ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F3-20
ZAWATSKI, ANDREW                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1643
ZAWATSKI, ANNA                         PPOLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1644
ZDROJOWY, RHODA VIVIAN MOORE           SASKATCHEWAN                            NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1746
ZEESTRATEN, CORNELIUS                  HOLLAND                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M8-48
ZEP, ANDREW                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M7-28
ZETTERMAN, CARL GUSTAF                 SWEDEN                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M4-36
ZIELINSKI, MEKARY                      POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-102
ZIEMBA, ANIELA                         POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M11-1159
ZILBAR, HALIL                          ALBANIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1552
ZILINKA, FRANZISKA EMILIE              GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1516
ZODA, SANTO                            ITALY                                   NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-28
ZODLE, CARL                            GERMANY                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-89
ZOLODZ, STANISLAW                      AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-192
ZURAWSKI, JOSEPH                       POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M10-1069
ZUZEK, EMILIA                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M17-1774
ZWIERZCROWSKI, WALTER                  POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M14-1466
ZWOLAK, ANNA                           POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     M12-1293
ZYSK, FRANK                            POLAND                                  NY-CHAUTAUQUA-SC-PET                     F1-143

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