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JACKSON, ABRAHAM                       PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-3-323
JACKSON, ABRAHAM                       PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-16-88
JACKSON, CHARLES                       PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-49-418
JACKSON, EDMUND SR.                    ABINGTON                                MA-12-4-413
JACKSON, EDMUND SR.                    ABINGTON                                MA-12-4-463
JACKSON, ELEAZER                       NTL                                     MA-12-7-226
JACKSON, ELEAZER                       NTL                                     MA-12-7-226
JACKSON, HANNAH                        PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-16-499
JACKSON, JONATHAN                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-19-106
JACKSON, JONATHAN                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-5-280
JACKSON, NATHANIEL                     MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-20-135
JACKSON, NATHANIEL SR.                 PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-9-110
JACKSON, SAMUEL                        ABINGTON                                MA-12-21-571
JACKSON, SAMUEL                        PLIMOTH                                 MA-12-11-68
JACKSON, SAMUEL                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-40-192
JACKSON, THOMAS                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-35-204
JACOB, DANIEL                          HINGHAM                                 MA-12-40-455
JACOB, DAVID                           HANOVER                                 MA-12-42-454
JACOB, DAVID                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-11-138
JACOB, DEBORAH                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-38-192
JACOB, JOSHUA                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-42-398
JACOB, JOSHUA                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-29-122
JACOB, RELIEF                          HANOVER                                 MA-12-40-179
JACOB, SAMUEL                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-29-119
JACOB, SUSANNA                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-33-539
JACOBS, BENJAMIN                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-31-532
JACOBS, MARY                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-38-389
JAMES, JOHN                            SCITUATE                                MA-12-16-248
JAMES, PRUDENCE                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-29-10
JAMES, PRUDENCE                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-29-10
JENKINS, DANIEL                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-44-280
JENKINS, DAVID                         ABINGTON                                MA-12-31-513
JENKINS, EDWARD                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-1-311
JENKINS, JAMES                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-21-251
JENKINS, MARY                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-2-41
JENKINS, SAMUEL                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-40-360
JENKINS, THOMAS                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-31-446
JENKINS, THOMAS                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-8-112
JENNE, SAMUEL                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-25-56
JENNEY, SAMUEL SR.                     DARTMOUTH                               MA-12-1-138
JENNINGS, ISAAC                        PEMBROKE                                MA-12-16-340
JENNINGS, ISAAC                        PEMBROKE                                MA-12-16-340
JENNINGS, NATHANIEL                    PEMBROKE                                MA-12-42-115
JENNINGS, RICHARD                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-12-385
JENNINGS, RICHARD                      BRDIGEWATER                             MA-12-12-385
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-20-153
JOHNSON, JAMES                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-37-230
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-33-134
JOHNSON, JOSIAH                        BRIDGEWATERE                            MA-12-44-281
JONES, ANN                             SCITUATE                                MA-12-11-244
JONES, BENJAMIN                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-12-541
JONES, CONSIDER                        MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-50-553
JONES, DAVID                           ABINGTON                                MA-12-28-544
JONES, ELEANOR                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-28-520
JONES, JOHN                            NTL                                     MA-12-24-9
JONES, JOHN                            MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-8-208
JONES, JOHN SR.                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-4-264
JONES, LYDIA                           ABINGTON                                MA-12-35-464
JONES, NATHANIEL                       MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-21-174
JONES, SHUBAL                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-15-586
JONES, SIMEON                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-49-448
JONES, THOMAS                          HINGHAM                                 MA-12-47-492
JONES, WILLIAM                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-31-49
JORDAIN, BARUCH                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-1-317
JOSLEN, JOSEPH                         ABINGTON                                MA-12-5-292
JOSSELYN, ANNA                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-37-454
JOSSELYN, HENRY                        PEMBROKE                                MA-12-30-152
JOSSELYN, JOSEPH                       HANOVER                                 MA-12-30-181
JOSSELYN, SYLVESTER                    PEMBROKE                                MA-12-37-434
JOSSELYN, THOMAS                       PEMBROKE                                MA-12-28-357
JOY, MARY                              SCITUATE                                MA-12-5-270
JOYCE, JOHN                            MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-16-377
JOYCE, JOHN                            MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-16-377
JOYCE, JONATHAN                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-42-482
JOYCE, JONATHAN                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-42-482
JOYCE, THOMAS                          MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-13-388
JOYCE, THOMAS                          MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-13-388
KEEN, ABIGAIL                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-36-221
KEEN, ASHER                            PEMBROKE                                MA-12-31-134
KEEN, DEBORAH                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-37-490
KEEN, ISAAC                            PEMBROKE                                MA-12-30-98
KEEN, JOSIAH                           PEMBROKE                                MA-12-6-272
KEEN, JOSIAH SR.                       DUXBURY                                 MA-12-2-160
KEEN, JUDAH                            PEMBROKE                                MA-12-19-327
KEEN, MARGARET                         PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-28-146
KEEN, NATHANIEL                        PEMBROKE                                MA-12-43-367
KEEN, SIMEON                           MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-31-225
KEITH, ABIA                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-28-203
KEITH, AMOS                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-28-474
KEITH, BENJAMIN                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-37-506
KEITH, EBENEZER                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-25-59
KEITH, ELIZABETH                       BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-14-522
KEITH, EPHRAIM                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-28-49
KEITH, JAMES                           BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-4-184
KEITH, JOHN                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-16-206
KEITH, JONATHAN                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-43-233
KEITH, JOSEPH                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-31-525
KEITH, JOSEPH                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-6-5
KEITH, LEVI                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-45-169
KEITH, MARY                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-40-84
KEITH, NATHAN                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-29-479
KEITH, ROBERT                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-35-539
KEITH, ROBERT                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-49-414
KEITH, SALMON                          BRIDGEAWTER                             MA-12-47-126
KEITH, SARAH                           BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-37-313
KEITH, SETH                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-29-237
KELLEY, REBEKAH                        ROCHESTER                               MA-12-42-132
KENT, JOHN                             MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-13-124
KENT, PELEG                            MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-50-375
KING, BENJAMIN                         PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-24-269
KING, DEBORAH                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-15-36
KING, DEBORAH SR.                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-3-81
KING, GEORGE                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-13-335
KING, ICHABOD                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-13-127
KING, ISAAC                            PLYMPTON                                MA-12-5-485
KING, ISAAC                            HALIFAX                                 MA-12-19-539
KING, JOHN                             MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-4-293
KING, JONATHAN                         PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-30-321
KING, JOSEPH                           PLIMTON                                 MA-12-7-244
KING, MARY                             HALIFAX                                 MA-12-20-171
KING, THOMAS                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-3-115
KING, THOMAS SR.                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-1-120
KINGMAN, ALEXANDER                     BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-35-191
KINGMAN, CALEB                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-42-186
KINGMAN, DANIEL                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-31-527
KINGMAN DAVID                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-40-236
KINGMAN, FREELOVE                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-47-125
KINGMAN, HENRY                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-24-34
KINGMAN, JOHN                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-13-389
KINGMAN, JONATHAN                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-44-520
KINGMAN, MATTHEW                       BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-43-45
KINGMAN, SAMUEL                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-8-521
KNAP, JOSEPH                           PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-1-83
LAMBURD, JAMES                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-28-523
LANDERS, NATHAN                        WAREHAM                                 MA-12-19-209
LANE, ABIGAIL                          HINGHAM                                 MA-12-48-275
LANE, JOSIAH                           HINGHAM                                 MA-12-45-86
LAPHAM, AMOS                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-16-450
LAPHAM, DAVID                          MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-21-592
LAPHAM, JAMES                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-29-88
LAPHAM, JESSE                          MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-45-418
LAPHAM, JOSEPH                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-47-94
LAPHAM, LYDIA                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-7-423
LAPHAM, MICHAEL                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-42-484
LAPHAM, OLIVER                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-28-573
LAPHAM, SAMUEL                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-14-321
LAPHAM, THOMA                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-43-536
LAPHAM, THOMAS                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-4-236
LATHAM, CHILTON                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-33-288
LATHAM, CHILTON                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-33-288
LATHAM, JOSEPH                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-15-78
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                       BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-15-250
LAZEL, ISAAC                           BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-43-232
LAZEL, JACOB                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-12-294
LAZEL, JOSHUA                          MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-11-219
LAZEL, RACHEL                          HINGHAM                                 MA-12-44-408
LAZEL, SIMON                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-10-115
LEACH, DANIEL                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-37-236
LEACH, EBENEZER                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-13-122
LEACH, EBENEZER                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-12-301
LEACH, EPHRAIM                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-21-24
LEACH, GILES                           BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-37-60
LEACH, JOHN                            HALIFAX                                 MA-12-42-75
LEACH, JOSEPH                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-16-36
LEACH, SAMUEL                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-14-304
LEAVITT, ISRAEL                        ABINGTON                                MA-12-36-419
LEBARON, FRANCIS                       PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-2-55
LEBARON, JAMES                         MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-28-3
LEBARON, JAPHETH                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-48-135
LEBARON, LAZARUS                       PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-21-324
LEBARON, MARY                          PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-33-52
LEICHFIELD, NICHOLAS                   SCITUATE                                MA-12-12-174
LEONARD, ABIEL                         PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-8-41
LEONARD, BENJAMIN                      MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-37-510
LEONARD, DAVID                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-45-207
LEONARD, ELKANAH                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-38-27
LEONARD, GEORGE                        MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-37-436
LEONARD, JACOB                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-4-31
LEONARD, JEREMIAH                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-29-181
LEONARD, JOSEPH                        MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-33-456
LEONARD, JOSIAH                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-16-47
LEONARD, JOSIAH                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-9-458
LEONARD, NATHAN                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-19-220
LEONARD, SETH                          BRIDGEATER                              MA-12-24-18
LEWIS, EBENEZER                        HINGHAM                                 MA-12-38-464
LEWIS, ELIJAH JR.                      HINGHAM                                 MA-12-50-140
LEWIS, JAMES                           MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-33-328
LICHFIELD, JOSIAH                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-4-108
LINCOLN, BENJAMIN                      HINGHAM                                 MA-12-43-208
LINCOLN, ELISHA                        ABINGTON                                MA-12-48-178
LINCOLN, ELIZABETH                     HINGHAM                                 MA-12-49-478
LINCOLN, HANNAH                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-44-54
LINCOLN, ISAAC                         NTL                                     MA-12-33-165
LINCOLN, JACOB                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-25-548
LINCOLN, JOB                           HINGHAM                                 MA-12-49-338
LINCOLN, JOSEPH                        ABINGTON                                MA-12-16-304
LINCOLN, NATHAN                        HINGHAM                                 MA-12-43-90
LINCOLN, NATHANIEL                     HINGHAM                                 MA-12-40-99
LINCOLN, NEHEMIAH                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-49-229
LINCOLN, NOAH                          HINGHAM                                 MA-12-43-320
LINCOLN, RUTH                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-36-458
LINCOLN, SOLOMON                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-16-423
LINCOLN, STEPHEN                       HINGHAM                                 MA-12-48-276
LITCHFIELD, ELEAZER                    SCITUATE                                MA-12-25-535
LITCHFIELD, ELISHA                     SCITUATE                                MA-12-44-410
LITCHFIELD, EPHRAIM                    SCITUATE                                MA-12-31-510
LITCHFIELD, ISAAC                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-37-369
LITCHFIELD, JAMES                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-44-163
LITCHFIELD, JOSIAH                     SCITUATE                                MA-12-30-207
LITCHFIELD, LYDIA                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-47-11
LITCHFIELD, LYDIA                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-45-268
LITCHFIELD, NICHOLAS                   SCITUATE                                MA-12-25-440
LITCHFIELD, RUTH                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-24-209
LITCHFIELD, THOMAS                     SCITUATE                                MA-12-38-287
LITTLE, BARNABAS                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-31-98
LITTLE, CONSTANT                       MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-21-196
LITTLE, DAVID                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-25-299
LITTLE, EPHRAIM                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-4-432
LITTLE, EPHRAIM                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-4-113
LITTLE, GEORGE                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-43-7
LITTLE, ISAAC                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-14-530
LITTLE, ISAAC                          PLIMTON                                 MA-12-13-510
LITTLE, JOHN                           MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-19-461
LITTLE, LEMUEL                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-36-484
LITTLE, LUCY                           KINGSTON                                MA-12-14-307
LITTLE, MARY                           PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-13-509
LITTLE, MERCY                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-25-296
LITTLE, PENELOPE                       MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-38-405
LITTLE, THOMAS                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-47-98
LIVINGSTON, BARZILLAI                  ROCHESTER                               MA-12-28-464
LOBDELL, EBENEZER                      PLIMTON                                 MA-12-11-267
LOBDELL, JUDITH                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-49-481
LORING, ANNA                           DUXBURY                                 MA-12-40-89
LORING, ELIZABETH                      HINGHAM                                 MA-12-42-395
LORING, HANNAH                         PLYMPTON                                MA-12-43-391
LORING, JABEZ                          PLYMPTON                                MA-12-49-510
LORING, JOSEPH                         HINGHAM                                 MA-12-43-320
LORING, JOSHUA                         DUXBURY                                 MA-12-28-221
LORING, NATHANIEL                      PEMBROKE                                MA-12-24-22
LORING, OLICARPUS                      PLIMTON                                 MA-12-20-404
LORING, RACHEL                         HINGHAM                                 MA-12-45-172
LORING, SAMUEL                         DUXBURY                                 MA-12-48-226
LOTHROP, DAVID                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-42-265
LOTHROP, ISAAC                         PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-43-113
LOTHROP, ISAAC                         PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-9-128
LOTHROP, JOHN                          PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-16-163
LOTHROP, JONATHAN                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-50-36
LOTHROP, MARK                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-1-93
LOTHROP, SAMUEL                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-24-230
LOTHROP, SAMUEL                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-5-30
LOTHROP, SETH                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-38-530
LOTHROP, SIMEON                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-42-247
LOUDEN, MICHAEL                        DUXBURY                                 MA-12-38-483
LOVELL, ANNA                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-4-242
LOVELL, JACOB                          ABINGTON                                MA-12-36-341
LOVELL, JOSEPH                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-4-177
LOVELL, OBADIAH                        ABINGTON                                MA-12-43-295
LOVELL, SAMUEL                         HULL                                    MA-12-42-154
LOWDEN, JOHN                           PEMBROKE                                MA-12-40-349
LOWDEN, SILVANUS                       DUXBURY                                 MA-12-48-510
LUCAS, ABIGAIL                         CARVER                                  MA-12-38-10
LUCAS, BENONI                          PLYMPTON                                MA-12-5-693
LUCAS, ELISHA                          CARVER                                  MA-12-35-502
LUCAS, ELISHA                          PLIMTON                                 MA-12-14-130
LUCAS, JOSEPH                          PLYMPTON                                MA-12-9-1
LUCAS, LEVI                            PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-45-375
LUCAS, SAMUEL                          PLYMTON                                 MA-12-31-485
LUCAS, SAMUEL                          PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-3-401
LUCAS, WILLIAM                         PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-20-304
LUCE, BARNABAS                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-42-496
LUCE, STEPHEN                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-42-51
LUMBER, CALEB                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-11-146
LYNCOLN, MORDECAI                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-5-518
LYON, JEDEDIAH                         MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-42-53
MACKFARLAND, MARY                      PEMBROKE                                MA-12-47-374
MACKIE, ANDREW                         WAREHAM                                 MA-12-48-469
MACLAUGHLAN, JOHN                      DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-21-198
MACOMBER, JOANNA                       MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-33-462
MACOMBER, NATHANIEL                    MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-45-452
MACOMBER, ONESSIMUS                    MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-31-448
MACOMBER, THOMAS                       MARSFIELD                               MA-12-21-46
MACOMBER, THOMAS                       MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-3-94
MACOMBER, WILLIAM                      MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-47-270
MAGOON, RECOMPENCE                     PEMBROKE                                MA-12-38-46
MAGOONE, ELIAS                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-5-507
MAGOUN, DAVID                          PLYMTON                                 MA-12-30-176
MAGOUN, HANNAH                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-50-6
MAN, BENJAMIN                          HANOVER                                 MA-12-20-362
MAN, EBENEZER                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-44-98
MAN, THOMAS                            SCITUATE                                MA-12-6-193
MANLY, DANIEL                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-38-536
MANN, THOMAS                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-35-430
MARSH, JOHN                            HINGHAM                                 MA-12-38-469
MARSHALL, JOHN                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-33-25
MATTHEWS, THOMAS                       PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-42-107
MAY, NICHOLASS                         PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-3-250
MCLAUGHLAN, JOSEPH                     PEMBROKE                                MA-12-50-108
MEHURIN, JOSIAH                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-44-74
MEIGGS, JOHN                           ROCHESTER                               MA-12-33-568
MEIGS, EPHRAIM                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-44-379
MENDAL, CALEB                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-40-117
MENDAL, ZACHEUS                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-24-255
MENDALL, JOHN                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-9-173
MENDALL, SETH                          PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-36-20
MENDALL, SYLVANUS                      ROCHESTER                               MA-12-35-393
MERRITT, ASA                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-47-131
MERRITT, DAVID                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-21-274
MERRITT, ELIZABETH                     SCIUATE                                 MA-12-7-38
MERRITT, JAMES                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-35-433
MERRITT, JONATHAN                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-2-272
MERRITT, JONATHAN                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-13-342
MIGHELL, THOMAS                        SCIATE                                  MA-12-1-46
MILLARD, GRACE                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-3-376
MILLER, ABRAHAM                        MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-48-408
MILLER, ELIAS                          MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-42-88
MILLER, FRANCIS                        MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-10-440
MILLER, JOHN                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-15-286
MILLER, JOHN 2ND                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-42-292
MITCHEL, THOMAS                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-24-349
MITCHELL, EDWARD                       BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-4-17
MITCHELL, EXPERIENCE                   BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-1-44
MITCHELL, JOSEPH                       KINGSTON                                MA-12-13-373
MITCHELL, NATHAN                       BRDIGEWATER                             MA-12-31-16
MITCHELL, SETH                         BRIDGEATER                              MA-12-42-260
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-30-364
MOORE, JONATHAN                        ROCHESTER                               MA-12-45-357
MOORE, THEODOSIUS                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-7-360
MOREY, CORNELIUS                       PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-38-339
MOREY, JONATHAN                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-2-133
MOREY, JONATHAN                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-6-347
MORISON, ROBERT                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-19-145
MORSE, EDWARD                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-29-202
MORSE, JONATHAN SR.                    MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-5-117
MORTON, EPHRAIM                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-6-141
MORTON, EPHRAIM SR.                    PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-1-179
MORTON, EZEKIEL                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-43-504
MORTON, GEORGE                         PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-5-331
MORTON, JOHN                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-30-15
MORTON, JOHN                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-4-76
MORTON, JOHN                           PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-8-9
MORTON, LEMUEL                         PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-25-161
MORTON, MARCY                          PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-12-400
MORTON, NATHANIEL JR.                  PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-28-197
MORTON, NATHANIELL                     PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-2-156
MORTON, SETH JR.                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-40-386
MORTON, THOMAS                         PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-11-69
MORTON, TIMOTHY                        PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-10-390
MOTT, ATWOOD                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-42-534
MOTT, RUTH                             SCITUATE                                MA-12-37-489
MURDOCK, JOHN                          PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-14-316
MURDOCK, JOHN                          PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-14-42
MURDOCK, LUCY                          CARVER                                  MA-12-50-545
MUXHAM, JACOB                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-30-523
MUXUM, SAMUEL                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-19-8
NEAL, JOSEPH                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-9-316
NELSON, AMOS                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-35-452
NELSON, ELIZABETH                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-37-360
NELSON, HANNAH                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-20-12
NELSON, JOHN                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-38-415
NELSON, JOHN                           PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-1-270
NELSON, JOSEPH                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-47-251
NELSON, JOSEPH                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-6-199
NELSON, JOSEPH                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-19-158
NELSON, MARY                           ABINGTON                                MA-12-16-210
NELSON, SAMUELL                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-14-468
NELSON, WILLIAM                        MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-4-62
NELSON, WILLIAM                        MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-32-298
NEWELL, JAMES                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-25-503
NEWELL, JAMES                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-4-210
NEWELL, MARY                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-10-164
NEWLAND, JABEZ                         PLYMPTON                                MA-12-30-141
NEWLAND, SARAH                         PLIMTON                                 MA-12-33-161
NICHOLS, DAVID                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-3-405
NICHOLS, ISRAEL                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-25-326
NICHOLS, SUSANNA                       PEMBROKE                                MA-12-12-292
NICKOLLS, NATHANIEL                    PEMBROKE                                MA-12-6-171
NICKOLS, THOMAS                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-13-278
NICOLSON, THOMAS                       PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-36-322
NORCUTT, WILLIAM                       MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-1-77
NORRIS, OLLIVER                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-3-384
NORRISS, WILLIAM                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-2-150
NORTHEY, ELIPHALET                     SCITUATE                                MA-12-30-296
NORTHEY, JAMES                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-13-12
NORTHEY, JOSEPH                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-29-456
NORTHEY, MARY                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-40-269
NORTON, ANNA                           HINGHAM                                 MA-12-42-168
NORTON, ANNA                           HINGHAM (CON'T)                         MA-12-42-351
NORTON, JABEZ                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-29-373
NOYES, DANIEL                          ABINGTON                                MA-12-28-5
NOYES, JACOB                           ABINGTON                                MA-12-45-235
NOYES, JOHN                            ABINGTON                                MA-12-33-291
NOYES, SAMUELL                         ABINGTON                                MA-12-5-649
NYE, ICHABOD                           ROCHESTER                               MA-12-20-530
NYE, ISAAC                             PLYMTON                                 MA-12-25-276
NYE, JABEZ                             PLIMOTN                                 MA-12-10-67
NYE, JOHN                              ROCHESTER                               MA-12-42-481
NYE, NATHAN                            ROCHESTER                               MA-12-42-388
OAKMAN, MELZAR T.                      MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-35-445
OAKMAN, TOBIAS                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-12-90
OLDHAM, ISAAC                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-35-503
OLDHAM, THOMAS                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-7-121
OLDHAM, THOMAS                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-7-155
ORCUTT, MARY                           BRIDGEATER                              MA-12-49-347
ORCUTT, MOSES                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-28-205
ORCUTT, NATHANIEL                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-43-351
OSMENT, MAY                            PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-5-598
OTIS, ENSIGN                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-28-270
OTIS, EPHRAIM                          SCTIATE                                 MA-12-48-279
OTIS, HANNAH                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-1-15
OTIS, IGNATIUS                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-38-43
OTIS, ISAAC                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-29-446
OTIS, ISAAC                            SCITUATE                                MA-12-25-65
OTIS, JAMES                            SCITUATE                                MA-12-42-164
OTIS, JOB                              SCITUATE                                MA-12-31-443
OTIS, JOB                              SCITUATE                                MA-12-15-560
OTIS, JOSEPH                           BOSTON, MA                              MA-12-31-95
OTIS, JOSIAH                           BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-42-341
OTIS, PRINCE (FEMALE)                  SCITUATE                                MA-12-38-171
OTIS, PRISCILLA                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-12-140
OTIS, SARAH                            SCITUATE                                MA-12-44-441
OTIS, STEPHEN                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-16-236
PACKARD, ABIEL                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-21-624
PACKARD, AMES                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-47-128
PACKARD, BENJAMIN                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-42-405
PACKARD, DANIEL                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-6-172
PACKARD, DAVID                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-13-21
PACKARD, DAVID                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-29-245
PACKARD, DELIVERANCE                   BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-31-317
PACKARD, DOROTHY                       BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-37-530
PACKARD, EBENEZER                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-38-263
PACKARD, EBENEZER JR.                  BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-36-291
PACKARD, ISAAC                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-2-245
PACKARD, ISAIAH                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-48-52
PACKARD, ISRAEL JR.                    BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-13-10
PACKARD, JAMES                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-19-356
PACKARD, JONATHAN                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-40-251
PACKARD, JOSEPH                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-16-13
PACKARD, JOSEPH 2ND                    BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-16-33
PACKARD, JOSIAH                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-2-396
PACKARD, NATHAN                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-36-303
PACKARD, NATHANIEL                     BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-4-412
PACKARD, RUTH                          HALIFAX                                 MA-12-30-563
PACKARD, SAMUEL                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-12-63
PACKARD, SARAH                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-2-401
PACKARD, SIMEON                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-47-342
PACKARD, ZACHARIAH                     BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-21-200
PACUCHES, DAVID                        ASSAWAMSETT                             MA-12-6-387
PADDOCK, ZECHARIAH                     MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-35-295
PAINE, STEPHEN                         ABINGTON                                MA-12-13-36
PALMER, ANN                            SCITUATE                                MA-12-13-426
PALMER, BAZELIELL                      MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-2-154
PALMER, EBENEZER                       ROCHESTER                               MA-12-29-40
PALMER, EPHRAIM                        HANOVER                                 MA-12-36-78
PALMER, EZEKIEL                        HANOVER                                 MA-12-30-423
PALMER, HEZALEEL                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-13-332
PALMER, JANE                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-42-303
PALMER, JOHN                           MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-35-82
PALMER, JOHN                           MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-29-290
PALMER, JOSIAH                         HANOVER                                 MA-12-24-8
PALMER, LYDIA                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-44-217
PALMER, THOMAS                         MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-9-107
PARKER, BETTY                          PLYMTON                                 MA-12-12-235
PARKER, JONATHAN                       PLYMTON                                 MA-12-24-101
PARKER, LYDIA                          PLYMTON                                 MA-12-37-133
PARKER, OLYCARPUS                      PLYMTON                                 MA-12-50-557
PARRIS, BENJAMIN                       PEMBROKE                                MA-12-47-441
PARRIS, JOHN                           MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-37-368
PARRIS, THOMAS                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-30-30
PARTIN, THOMAS                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-6-275
PARTRIDGE, GEORGE                      DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-1-225
PARTRIDGE, GEORGE                      DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-20-56
PARTRIDGE, JOHN                        DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-6-16
PARTRIDGE, MARY                        DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-8-532
PARTRIDGE, SARAH                       DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-2-131
PEAKES, ELEAZER                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-29-86
PEAKES, ISRAELL                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-2-76
PEAKS, WILLIAM                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-4-296
PEARCE, ISAAC                          MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-13-334
PEIRCE, ABIEL                          MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-44-124
PEIRCE, ABRAHAM                        PEMBROKE                                MA-12-29-335
PEIRCE, CALVIN                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-49-235
PEIRCE, EBENEZER                       MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-36-25
PEIRCE, ELKANAH                        MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-36-182
PEIRCE, ENOS                           MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-31-123
PEIRCE, HENRY                          MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-31-366
PEIRCE, HERMON                         MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-12-37
PEIRCE, JOB                            MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-50-298
PEIRCE, JOSEPH                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-36-231
PEIRCE, MARY                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-30-70
PEIRCE, SETH                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-12-209
PEIRCE, SILAS                          MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-46-441
PEIRCE, THOMAS                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-24-13
PERKINS, DANIEL                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-29-6
PERKINS, DAVID                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-7-246
PERKINS, EBENEZER                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-20-408
PERKINS, FRANCIS                       BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-13-558
PERKINS, ISAAC                         MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-44-154
PERKINS, JAMES                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-35-242
PERKINS, JONATHAN                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-35-578
PERKINS, JONATHAN                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-38-196
PERKINS, JOSIAH                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-36-460
PERKINS, THOMAS                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-16-158
PERKINS, THOMAS                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-21-580
PERKINS, ZEPHANIAH                     PLYMPTON                                MA-12-42-345
PERREY, SAMUEL                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-13-51
PERRTY, HENRY                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-47-124
PERRY, ELIJAH                          MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-44-120
PERRY, ELIZABETH                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-9-213
PERRY, HENRY                           PEMBROKE                                MA-12-7-66
PERRY, ISAAC                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-5-34
PERRY, SARAH                           ROCHESTER                               MA-12-2-212
PERRY, STEPHEN                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-25-249
PERRY, WILLIAM                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-3-429
PETERSON, DAVID                        DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-16-45
PETERSON, JACOB                        DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-29-219
PETERSON, JOHN                         DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-4-232
PETERSON, JONATHAN                     PEMBROKE                                MA-12-9-509
PETERSON, JONATHAN                     DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-19-216
PETTINGALE, DANIEL                     ABINGTON                                MA-12-5-290
PHILLIPS, BLANEY                       PEMBROKE                                MA-12-37-380
PHILLIPS, DANIEL                       MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-44-221
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH                    PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-7-271
PHILLIPS, JOANNA                       MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-36-374
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-1-140
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH                       MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-19-509
PHILLIPS, LOT                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-44-336
PHILLIPS, MARK                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-12-558
PHILLIPS, MARY                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-42-109
PHILLIPS, MERCY                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-20-239
PHILLIPS, NATHANIEL                    MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-35-268
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                       DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-25-117
PHILLIPS, TOMSON                       PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-6-88
PHINNEY,                               SEE FINNEY
PHINNEY, JOHN                          KINGSTON                                MA-12-30-262
PHINNEY, JONATHAN                      MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-7-445
PHINNEY, JOSEPH                        PLYMPTON                                MA-12-5-278
PICKELS, NATHAN                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-8-496
PICKELS, NATHAN                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-20-340
PICKENS, THOMAS                        MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-2-406
PICKINS, LOT                           CAZENOVIA, NY                           MA-12-42-190
PIERCE, BENJAMIN                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-5-773
PIERCE, BENJAMIN                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-21-284
PIERCE, ELISHA                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-20-444
PIERCE, ISAAC                          MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-13-495
PIERCE, ISAAC SR.                      MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-6-165
PILSBURY, JACOB                        ABINGTON                                MA-12-31-101
PINCIN, THOMAS                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-2-500
PINCIN, THOMAS SR.                     SCITUATE                                MA-12-1-196
PINSIN, THOMAS                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-3-310
PITCHER, EZRA                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-20-530
POOL, ISAAC                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-15-237
POOL, JOSEPH                           ABINGTON                                MA-12-37-541
POOL, MEHITEBEL                        ABINGTON                                MA-12-12-158
POPE, ICHABOD                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-35-253
PORTER, DAVID                          ABINGTON                                MA-12-29-217
PORTER, SAMUEL                         ABINGTON                                MA-12-5-295
PRATT, BENJAMIN                        PLIMTON                                 MA-12-13-324
PRATT, DANIEL                          PLYMPTON                                MA-12-8-46
PRATT, DAVID                           BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-12-121
PRATT, ELEAZER                         MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-35-381
PRATT, HANNAH                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-19-114
PRATT, JOHN                            MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-9-86
PRATT, JOHN                            PLIMTON                                 MA-12-6-1
PRATT, JONATHAN                        HANOVER                                 MA-12-5-570
PRATT, JONATHAN                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-24-1
PRATT, JOSEPH                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-19-188
PRATT, JOSEPH 2ND                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-13-386
PRATT, JOSHUA                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-45-170
PRATT, JOSHUA                          PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-1-286
PRATT, JOSHUA                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-21-202
PRATT, JOSHUA                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-21-258
PRATT, JOSHUA                          PLYMTON                                 MA-12-38-12
PRATT, NATHANIEL                       ABINGTON                                MA-12-25-354
PRATT, OTHNIAL                         HANOVER                                 MA-12-15-243
PRATT, SAMUEL                          MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-10-117
PRATT, SAMUEL SR.                      MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-9-511
PRATT, SETH                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-35-448
PRATT, SOLOMON                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-128359
PRATT, WILLIAM                         MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-42-306
PRICE, BENJAMIN                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-40-230
PRICE, GEORGE                          HINGHAM                                 MA-12-45-5
PRINCE, KIMBALL                        KINGSTON                                MA-12-45-351
PRINCE, SAMUEL                         ROCHESTER/MIDDLEBURGH                   MA-12-5-748
PRINCE, THOMAS                         KINGSTON                                MA-12-29-65
PRIOR, BENJAMIN                        DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-19-419
PRIOR, ELIPHAZ                         DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-40-521
PROUTY, ISAAC                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-13-481
PROUTY, MARGARET                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-20-370
PRYER, JOHN                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-8-526
PURRINGTON, HEZEKIAH                   MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-19-285
RAMSDEL, ABIGAIL                       HANOVER                                 MA-12-40-398
RAMSDELL, ANNA                         PEMBROEK                                MA-12-36-240
RAMSDELL, JOSEPH                       HANOVER                                 MA-12-30-430
RAMSDELL, JOSEPH                       HANOVER                                 MA-12-49-37
RAMSDELL, SAMUEL                       PEMBROKE                                MA-12-15-450
RAMSELL, THOMAS                        MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-30-355
RAND, WILLIAM JR.                      KINGSTON                                MA-12-20-232
RANDAL, JOSHUA                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-24-199
RANDALL, BENJAMIN                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-19-17
RANDALL, BERSHUA                       ROCHESTER                               MA-12-16-23
RANDALL, EPHRAIM                       PEMBROKE                                MA-12-37-166
RANDALL, HANNAH                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-42-485
RANDALL, JOB SR.                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-5-446
RANDALL, JOHN                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-15-62
RANDALL, JOHN                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-5-525
RANDALL, JOSEPH                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-4-270
RANDALL, LAZARUS                       ROCHESTER                               MA-12-9-335
RANDALL, NEHEMIAH                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-9-469
RANDALL, SETH                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-36-369
RANDALL, THOMAS                        ROCHESTER                               MA-12-11-148
RANDALL, WILLIAM                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-1-182
RANSOM, DAVID                          CARVER                                  MA-12-38-1
RANSOM, LEMUEL                         MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-40-95
RANSOM, ROBERT                         MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-9-453
RANSOM, SAMUEL                         PLIMTON                                 MA-12-7-343
RAUNCE, JOHN                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-1-218
RAUNCE, MARY                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-1-351
RECORD, JOHN                           PEMBROKE                                MA-12-3-275
RECORD, THOMAS                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-20-474
RECORD, THOMAS                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-25-68
REDDING, EBENEZER                      MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-12-183
REDDING, MOSES                         MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-21-572
REED, ABIGAIL                          ABINGTON                                MA-12-42-245
REED, ADAM                             ABINGTON                                MA-12-2-87
REED, DANIEL                           ABINGTON                                MA-12-24-88
REED, DANIEL                           ABINGTON                                MA-12-40-510
REED, DEBORAH                          WEYMOUTH                                MA-12-40-234
REED, EBENEZER                         ABINGTON                                MA-12-31-181
REED, ELIJAH                           MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-48-202
REED, EXPERIENCE                       ABINGTON                                MA-12-12-500
REED, HULDAH                           ABINGTON                                MA-12-31-338
REED, ICHABOD                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-49-351
REED, JAMES                            ABINGTON                                MA-12-16-378
REED, JOHN                             PEMBROKE                                MA-12-24-282
REED, JOSEPH                           BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-24-306
REED, MARY                             MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-38-232
REED, PHILIP                           BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-3-374
REED, SAMUEL                           ABINGTON                                MA-12-40-255
REED, SARAH                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-12-386
REED, SILAS                            ABINGTON                                MA-12-37-209
REED, SILENCE                          ABINGTON                                MA-12-12-254
REED, SOLOMON                          MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-29-299
REED, THOMAS                           ABINGTON                                MA-12-44-156
REED, WILLIAM                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-20-227
REMINGTON, THOMAS                      ABINGTON                                MA-12-45-151
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH                    BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-47-490
REYNOLDS, THOMAS                       BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-35-329
RICARD, JOSIAH                         PLIMTON                                 MA-12-19-160
RICARD, SAMUEL                         PLIMTON                                 MA-12-20-117
RICHARDS, BENJAMIN                     BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-8-373
RICHARDS, DANIEL                       BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-31-24
RICHARDS, JOHN                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-44-440
RICHARDS, JOSEPH                       ABINGTON                                MA-12-21-597
RICHARDS, JOSIAH                       BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-47-193
RICHARDS, MARY                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-2-133
RICHMOND, ABIGAIL                      MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-48-228
RICHMOND, EBENEZER                     MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-7-419
RICHMOND, ELEAZER                      MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-48-318
RICHMOND, JOHN                         MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-19-471
RICHMOND, JOSEPH                       MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-2-99
RICHMOND, JOSIAH                       MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-16-399
RICKARD, BENJAMIN                      PLYMTON                                 MA-12-30-410
RICKARD, ELEAZER                       PLYMTON                                 MA-12-29-104
RICKARD, ELISHA                        PEMBROKE                                MA-12-7-204
RICKARD, GILES                         PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-2-162
RICKARD, GILES SR.                     PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-2-33
RICKARD, JACOB                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-12-13
RICKARD, JOHN                          PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-3-138
RICKARD, JOHN SR.                      PLYMPTON                                MA-12-5-251
RICKARD, JONATHAN                      PLYMTON                                 MA-12-29-287
RICKARD, SAMUEL                        PLYMPTON                                MA-12-47-460
RICKARD, SAMUEL                        MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-29-109
RICKARD, WILLIAM                       PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-19-392
RIDER, BENJAMIN                        PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-24-32
RIDER, JOSEPH                          PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-25-316
RIDER, JOSEPH                          PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-19-421
RIDER, JOSIAH                          MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-21-22
RIDER, PETER                           MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-25-169
RIDER, SAMUEL                          PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-38-514
RIDER, SAMUEL                          PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-3-377
RIDER, SAMUEL                          MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-12-395
RIDER, SAMUEL                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-21-204
RING, ANDREW                           PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-1-163
RING, ELEAZER                          KINGSTON                                MA-12-12-436
RING, ELEAZER                          PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-7-112
RING, SAMUEL                           KINGSTON                                MA-12-20-79
RING, WILLIAM                          PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-6-34
RIPLEY, EUNICE                         PLYMTON                                 MA-12-30-132
RIPLEY, JOHN                           BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-7-306
RIPLEY, JONATHAN                       HALIFAX                                 MA-12-21-206
RIPLEY, KENELM                         KINGSTON                                MA-12-31-385
RIPLEY, TIMOTHY                        PLYMTON                                 MA-12-24-381
ROBBINS, BENJAMIN                      KINGSTON                                MA-12-40-279
ROBBINS, CHANDLER                      PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-37-64
ROBBINS, SMAUEL                        MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-24-176
ROBENS, JEDUTHAN                       PLYMTON                                 MA-12-8-264
ROBINSON, GAIN                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-16-487
ROBINSON, INCREASE                     PEMBROKE                                MA-12-20-10
ROCHE, NICHOLAS                        MIDDLEBURGH                             MA-12-42-416
ROGERS, ABIGAIL                        PEMBROKE                                MA-12-4-107
ROGERS, AMOS                           MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-38-161
ROGERS, JOHN                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-7-425
ROGERS, JOHN                           MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-4-130
ROGERS, JOHN SR.                       DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-1-145
ROGERS, JOSEPH                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-3-441
ROGERS, JOSEPH                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-47-459
ROGERS, MOSES                          NTL                                     MA-12-3-60
ROGERS, SAMUEL                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-10-517
ROGERS, SAMUEL                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-16-237
ROGERS, THOMAS                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-10-129
ROGERS, THOMAS                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-45-206
ROGERS, TIMOTHY                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-5-481
ROGERS, WILLIAM                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-19-70
ROGERS, ZACHEUS                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-49-55
ROSE, GIDEON                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-29-97
ROUSE, JOHN                            MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-4-34
ROWS, ANNIS                            MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-1-23
RUGGLES, JOANNA                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-25-482
RUGGLES, JOHN                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-44-218
RUGGLES, JOHN                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-21-292
RUGGLES, NATHANIEL                     ROCHESTER                               MA-12-24-338
RUGGLES, TIMOTHY                       ROCHESTER                               MA-12-20-9
RUSSELL, THOMAS                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-37-295
RYDER, ELIZABTEH                       PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-40-169
SACKEE, PHOEBE                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-19-540
SAMPSON, ABNER                         DUXBURY                                 MA-12-25-484
SAMPSON, BARNABAS                      MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-12-130
SAMPSON, DANIEL                        MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-45-441
SAMPSON, DEBORAH                       KIGNSTON                                MA-12-30-497
SAMPSON, DESIRE                        KINGSTON                                MA-12-38-522
SAMPSON, EBENEZER                      DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-25-198
SAMPSON, ESTHER                        KINGSTON                                MA-12-28-481
SAMPSON, JOSEPH                        KINGSTON                                MA-12-40-109
SAMPSON, MERCY                         MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-44-374
SAMPSON, PAUL                          MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-43-465
SAMSON, ABRAHAM                        DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-5-477
SAMSON, ANDREW                         DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-30-40
SAMSON, BENJAMIN                       KINGSTON                                MA-12-25-196
SAMSON, BENJAMIN                       KINGSTON                                MA-12-14-523
SAMSON, BENJAMIN                       PLIMTON                                 MA-12-16-333
SAMSON, DAVID                          DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-24-43
SAMSON, GEORGE                         PLIMTON                                 MA-12-21-607
SAMSON, GIDEON SR.                     PLYMPTON                                MA-12-35-193
SAMSON, HENRY                          DUXBURY                                 MA-12-30-247
SAMSON, ISAAC                          MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-12-342
SAMSON, JOHN                           DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-40-299
SAMSON, JOSEPH                         PLYMPTON                                MA-12-35-229
SAMSON, NATHANIEL                      DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-45-130
SAMSON, NATHANIEL                      DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-30-491
SAMSON, REBECCAH                       KINGSTON                                MA-12-20-226
SAMSON, REBEKAH                        PLYMPTON                                MA-12-40-147
SAMSON, ROBERT                         DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-24-43
SAMSON, SAMUEL                         MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-9-338
SAMSON, SETH                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-20-372
SAMSON, SIMEON                         PLYMPTON                                MA-12-31-26
SAMSON, URIAH                          MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-31-187
SAVERY, SAMUEL                         WAREHAM                                 MA-12-44-127
SAVORY, ANTHONY                        ROCHESTER                               MA-12-31-58
SAVORY, JOHN                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-25-71
SEALLEY, EDWARD                        BRDIGEWATER                             MA-12-1-303
SEARS, JUDAH                           ROCHESTER                               MA-12-24-216
SEARS, NATHANIEL                       ROCHESTER                               MA-12-48-75
SEARS, NATHANIEL JR.                   ROCHESTER                               MA-12-48-11
SEARS, THOMAS                          PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-13-507
SEVER, MERCY                           KINGSTON                                MA-12-43-192
SEVER, NICHOLAS                        KINGSTON                                MA-12-19-34
SEVER, SARAH                           KINGSTON                                MA-12-14-328
SEVER, WILLIAM                         KINGSTON                                MA-12-43-18
SHARMAN, SAMUEL                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-19-67
SHAW, ABRAHAM                          ABINGTON                                MA-12-44-546
SHAW, ALEXANDER                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-49-361
SHAW, AMBROSE                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-50-210
SHAW, DANIEL                           ABINGTON                                MA-12-44-122
SHAW, DAVID                            MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-36-207
SHAW, EBENEZER                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-24-131
SHAW, EBENEZER                         ABINGTON                                MA-12-36-34
SHAW, JAMES                            MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-38-254
SHAW, JOHN                             BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-31-376
SHAW, JOHN                             PLYMPTON                                MA-12-25-399
SHAW, JONATHAN                         MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-28-304
SHAW, JONATHAN SR.                     PLYMPTON                                MA-12-5-681
SHAW, JOSEPH                           CARVER                                  MA-12-40-51
SHAW, JOSEPH                           BRDIGEATER                              MA-12-16-236
SHAW, MARY                             CARVER                                  MA-12-42-238
SHAW, NICHOLAS                         ABINGTON                                MA-12-25-539
SHAW, WILLIAM                          MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-48-147
SHAW, WILLIAM                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-42-501
SHAW, ZACHARIAS                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-31-115
SHEARMAN, EDWARD                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-40-164
SHEARMAN, ELNATHAN                     MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-29-370
SHEARMAN, JOHN                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-31-29
SHEARMAN, JOHN                         MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-28-13
SHEARMAN, JOSHUA                       ROCHESTER                               MA-12-48-13
SHEARMAN, SIMEON                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-44-378
SHEARMAN, WILLIAM                      MARHSFIELD                              MA-12-29-517
SHEARMAN, WILLIAM                      MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-8-172
SHERMAN, EBENEZER                      MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-15-263
SHERMAN, ELISHA                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-36-71
SHERMAN, IGNATIUS                      MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-45-270
SHERMAN, JACOB JR.                     MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-25-128
SHERMAN, JOHN                          MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-4-30
SHERMAN, JOSEPH                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-43-537
SHERMAN, WILLIAM 2ND                   ROCHESTER                               MA-12-45-256
SHORT, THANKFUL                        MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-35-158
SHORT, WILLIAM                         MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-21-294
SHURTLEFF, BARNABAS                    PLIMTON                                 MA-12-15-240
SHURTLEFF, FRANCIS                     CARVER                                  MA-12-35-154
SHURTLEFF, ICHABOD                     PLYMPTON                                MA-12-30-216
SHURTLEFF, SAMUEL                      MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-14-309
SHURTLEFF, WILLIAM                     PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-5-658
SILVESTER, BENJAMIN                    HANOVER                                 MA-12-15-482
SILVESTER, ELISHA                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-42-209
SILVESTER, HANNAH                      PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-13-205
SILVESTER, JOHN                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-2-82
SILVESTER, JOSEPH                      PLYMPOUTH                               MA-12-13-205
SILVESTER, LILLIS                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-44-325
SILVESTER, RICHARD                     SCITUATE                                MA-12-20-61
SILVESTER, SOLON                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-47-130
SILVESTER, ZEBULON                     SCITUATE                                MA-12-19-380
SIMMONS, AARON                         DUXBURY                                 MA-12-31-185
SIMMONS, ABRAHAM                       DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-8-435
SIMMONS, ISAAC                         DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-19-543
SIMMONS, JOHN                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-49-544
SIMMONS, JOSEPH                        DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-16-152
SIMMONS, JOSHUA                        HANOVER                                 MA-12-42-111
SIMMONS, LEVI                          DUXBURY                                 MA-12-36-395
SIMMONS, MOSES                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-20-159
SIMMONS, RUTH                          DUXBURY                                 MA-12-31-139
SIMMONS, SARAH                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-42-365
SIMONS, LIDIA                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-20-161
SIMONS, MARCY                          DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-12-112
SIMONS, MERCY                          DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-5-487
SIMONS, MOSES                          DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-16-208
SIMONS, MOSES                          NTL                                     MA-12-1-106
SIMONS, MOSES                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-1-71
SKELLY, JOSEPH                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-49-387
SMITH, ICHABOD                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-29-283
SMITH, JAMES                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-16-517
SMITH, JAMES                           MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-47-333
SMITH, JOHN                            ROCHESTER                               MA-12-36-228
SMITH, JONATHAN                        MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-19-541
SMITH, JOSIAH                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-38-329
SMITH, MARY                            PEMBROKE                                MA-12-45-173
SMITH, NATHANIEL                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-24-225
SMITH, NATHANIEL                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-28-470
SMITH, SAMUEL                          MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-28-522
SMITH, THOMAS                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-30-488
SNELL, CHARLES                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-45-85
SNELL, CHARLES                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-20-532
SNELL, DANIEL                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-24-238
SNELL, EPHRAIM                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-38-134
SNELL, HANNAH                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-13-542
SNELL, JOANNA                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-35-319
SNELL, JOHN                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-19-473
SNELL, JONATHAN                        BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-37-389
SNELL, JOSEPH                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-7-258
SNELL, JOSIAH                          BRDIGEWATER                             MA-12-29-362
SNELL, MARTHA                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-49-56
SNELL, POLYCARPUS                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-40-535
SNELL, THOMAS SR.                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-5-76
SNELL, ZACHARIAH                       BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-20-75
SNOW, ANTHONY                          MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-1-156
SNOW, BENJAMIN                         BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-9-83
SNOW, ELEAZER                          BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-36-169
SNOW, ELIJAH                           BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-33-138
SNOW, ISAAC                            ROCHESTER                               MA-12-31-62
SNOW, JAMES                            BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-15-547
SNOW, JOSEPH                           ROCHESTEER                              MA-12-42-420
SNOW, MARK                             ROCHESTER                               MA-12-37-147
SNOW, NICHOLAS                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-13-304
SNOW, NICHOLAS                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-31-144
SNOW, SAMUEL                           ROCHESTER                               MA-12-36-200
SNOW, WILLIAM SR.                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-2-175
SOPER, JOSEPH                          HANOVER                                 MA-12-31-203
SOPER, JOSEPH JR.                      HANOVER                                 MA-12-38-539
SOUL, ABISHA                           DUXBURY                                 MA-12-25-123
SOUL, JAMES                            MIDDLEBOORUGH                           MA-12-9-341
SOUL, JOHN SR.                         MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-9-84
SOUL, JOSEPH                           DUXBURY                                 MA-12-37-254
SOUL, JOSHUA                           DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-20-73
SOUL, JOSIAH                           DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-19-56
SOUL, MARTHA SR.                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-15-29
SOUL, MICAH                            DUXBURY                                 MA-12-25-124
SOULE, BENJAMIN                        PLIMTON                                 MA-12-5-617
SOULE, ESTHER                          MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-33-374
SOULE, JOSEPH                          DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-16-483
SOULE, REBECCA                         MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-10-435
SOULE, ZACHERIAH                       PLIMTON                                 MA-12-12-181
SOUTHER, JOHN                          HINGHAM                                 MA-12-42-160
SOUTHWORTH, BENJAMIN                   DUXBURY                                 MA-12-14-141
SOUTHWORTH, CONSTANT                   BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-24-51
SOUTHWORTH, EDWARD                     DUXBURY                                 MA-12-5-360
SOUTHWORTH, HANNAH                     HINGHAM                                 MA-12-42-486
SOUTHWORTH, JACOB                      HINGHAM                                 MA-12-43-36
SOUTHWORTH, JAMES                      MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-19-429
SOUTHWORTH, JOHN                       DUXBURY                                 MA-12-12-321
SOUTHWORTH, NATHANIEL                  MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-14-318
SOUTHWORTH, NATHANIEL SR.              MIDDLEBURY                              MA-12-2-147
SOUTHWORTH, NOAH                       ROCHESTER                               MA-12-21-568
SOUTHWORTH, PRISCILLA                  DUXBURY                                 MA-12-16-204
SOUTHWORTH, THOMAS                     DUXBURY                                 MA-12-9-4
SPARROW, EDWARD                        MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-48-353
SPOONER, EPHRAIM                       ABINGTON                                MA-12-24-261
SPOONER, THOMAS                        PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-16-433
SPRAGUE, JOHN SR.                      DUXBURY                                 MA-12-8-147
SPRAGUE, JONATHAN                      BRIDGEWATER                             MA-12-14-137
SPRAGUE, NATHAN                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-14-501
SPRAGUE, NATHANIE                      ROCHESTER                               MA-12-36-43
SPRAGUE, SAMUEL                        DUXBURY                                 MA-12-19-85
SPROUT, EBENEZER                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-29-474
SPROUT, EBENEZER                       MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-5-274
SPROUT, ROBERT                         MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-3-222
SPROUT, ROBERT                         MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-36-293
STANDISH, ALEXANDER                    NTL                                     MA-12-1-362
STANDISH, DAVID                        PEMBROKE                                MA-12-35-286
STANDISH, DESIRE                       DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-6-177
STANDISH, HANNAH                       HANOVER                                 MA-12-38-391
STANDISH, ICHABOD                      HALIFAX                                 MA-12-21-136
STANDISH, MILES                        DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-8-107
STANDISH, MOSES                        NTL                                     MA-12-20-388
STANDISH, PHEBE                        HALIFAX                                 MA-12-49-198
STANDISH, ZACHARIAH                    PLYMPTON                                MA-12-25-485
STANFORD, ROBERT                       DUXBOROUGH                              MA-12-21-627
STANLAKE, RICHARD                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-1-109
STEDSON, ROBERT                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-2-15
STEPHENS, EDWARD                       PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-14-302
STEPHENS, EDWARD                       MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-1-58
STEPHENS, ELIZABETH                    PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-40-436
STEPHENS, JOSIAH                       WAREHAM                                 MA-12-33-477
STERTEVANT, JAMES                      HALIFAX                                 MA-12-14-144
STERTEVANT, JOHN                       PLIMOUTH                                MA-12-19-153
STERTEVANT, NEHEMIAH                   PLIMTON                                 MA-12-9-393
STERTEVANT, SAMUEL                     HALIFAX                                 MA-12-9-473
STERTEVANT, WILLIAM                    HALIFAX                                 MA-12-13-130
STETSON, ABEL                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-24-67
STETSON, ABEL                          PEMBROKE                                MA-12-43-218
STETSON, ABNER                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-40-334
STETSON, BENJAMIN                      HANOVER                                 MA-12-14-430
STETSON, GARSHAM                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-13-321
STETSON, JEREMIAH                      PEMBROKE                                MA-12-38-399
STETSON, JOHN                          HANOVER                                 MA-12-43-464
STETSON, JOSEPH                        PEMBROKE                                MA-12-24-57
STETSON, JOSEPH SR.                    SCITUATE                                MA-12-4-417
STETSON, LYDIA                         PEMBROKE                                MA-12-43-445
STETSON, MERCY                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-21-298
STETSON, SAMUEL                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-20-308
STETSON, THOMAS                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-6-296
STEVENS, ANDREW                        ROCHESTER                               MA-12-6-389
STEVENS, EDWARD                        PEMBROKE                                MA-12-38-422
STEVENS, JOHN                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-42-421
STEVENS, WILLIAM                       MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-40-221
STEWARD, BENJAMIN                      ROCHESTER                               MA-12-19-224
STEWARD, JAMES                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-5-325
STEWARD, SARAH                         ROCHESTER                               MA-12-13-315
STOCKBRIDGE, BENJAMIN                  SCITUATE                                MA-12-5-112
STOCKBRIDGE, CHARLES                   HANOVER                                 MA-12-6-18
STOCKBRIDGE, DAVID                     HANOVER                                 MA-12-30-507
STOCKBRIDGE, JAMES                     SCITUATE                                MA-12-50-368
STOCKBRIDGE, JOHN                      PEMBROKE                                MA-12-20-67
STOCKBRIDGE, MERCY                     SCITUATE                                MA-12-9-400
STOCKBRIDGE, SAMUEL                    SCITUATE                                MA-12-38-184
STOCKBRIDGE, SAMUEL                    SCITUATE                                MA-12-29-167
STOCKBRIDGE, SARAH                     HANOVER                                 MA-12-15-64
STOCKBRIDGE, SARAH                     SCITUATE                                MA-12-30-85
STOCKBRIDGE, THOMAS                    SCITUATE                                MA-12-31-178
STODDARD, SAMUEL                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-16-371
STODDER, HEZEKIAH                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-37-498
STODDER, HEZEKIAH                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-6-118
STODDER, ISAIAH                        HINGHAM                                 MA-12-43-549
STODDER, SETH                          HINGHAM                                 MA-12-43-11
STOWELL, ADAM                          HINGHAM                                 MA-12-42-212
STOWELL, ISAACHAR                      HINGHAM                                 MA-12-45-3
STROBRIDGE, WILLIAM                    MIDDLEBOROUGH                           MA-12-25-129
STUART, JAMES                          HINGHAM                                 MA-12-43-392
STUBS, JAMES                           KINGSTON                                MA-12-6-142
STUDLEY, BENJAMIN                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-9-176
STUDLEY, DAVID                         SCITUATE                                MA-12-37-40
STUDLEY, ELIZABETH                     HANOVER                                 MA-12-29-433
STUDLEY, OLIVE                         HANOVER                                 MA-12-45-83
STUDLY, DAVID                          HANOVER                                 MA-12-15-399
STURTEVANT, CALEB                      HALIFAX                                 MA-12-33-465
STURTEVANT, DEPENDENCE                 HALIFAX                                 MA-12-38-424
STURTEVANT, JOSEPH                     WAREHAM                                 MA-12-42-424
STURTEVANT, JOSIAH                     HALIFAX                                 MA-12-21-600
STURTEVANT, ROWLAND                    WAREHAM                                 MA-12-40-124
STURTEVANT, SAMUEL                     HALIFAX                                 MA-12-7-200
STURTEVANT, WILLIAM                    PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-50-449
SUTTON, JESSE                          SCITUATE                                MA-12-37-53
SUTTON, JOHN                           SCITUATE                                MA-12-31-308
SUTTON, JOHN SR.                       SCITUATE                                MA-12-1-117
SUTTON, NATHANIEL                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-9-178
SWIFT, ASA 2ND                         WAREHAM                                 MA-12-48-109
SWIFT, ELISHA                          WAREHAM                                 MA-12-38-519
SWIFT, JACOB                           PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-49-420
SWIFT, JESSE                           WAREHAM                                 MA-12-40-223
SWIFT, JIRAH                           WAREHAM                                 MA-12-11-241
SWIFT, JOSHUA                          PLYMOUTH                                MA-12-24-253
SWIFT, JOSIAH                          WAREHAM                                 MA-12-38-253
SWIFT, THOMAS                          ROCHESTER                               MA-12-35-255
SYLVESTER, AMOS                        HANOVER                                 MA-12-13-151
SYLVESTER, DEBORAH                     MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-38-106
SYLVESTER, ELISHA                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-19-525
SYLVESTER, ISRAEL                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-5-253
SYLVESTER, ISRAEL JR.                  SCITUATE                                MA-12-37-486
SYLVESTER, JACOB                       HANOVER                                 MA-12-40-494
SYLVESTER, JOHN                        MARSHFIELD                              MA-12-16-242
SYLVESTER, JOSEPH                      SCITUATE                                MA-12-21-62
SYLVESTER, MICHAEL                     HANOVER                                 MA-12-36-451
SYLVESTER, MICHAEL                     HANOVER                                 MA-12-38-75
SYLVESTER, NATHANIEL                   HANOVER                                 MA-12-28-58
SYMMES, NATHANIEL                      ABINGTON                                MA-12-20-534
SYMMES, TIMOTHY                        SCITUATE                                MA-12-19-537

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