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ABERLY, JOHN M.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-426
ABERLY, W. F.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-80
ADAMS, MARY ELLEN                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-479
ADLER, MAX                             NTL, LENOIR, NC                         NC-25-K-239
ALDRICH, W. B.                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-359
ALLEE, GEORGE WALKER                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-503
ALLEN, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-145
ALLEN, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-334
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-101
ALLWAYS, OBADIAH                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-66
ALWAY, WILL W.                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-382
ANDERS, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-241
ANDERSON, CHARLES                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-88
ANDERSON, JONAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-1
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-258
ANDREWS, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-259
ANTHONY, CATHERINE                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-312
ANTHONY, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-233
ANTONIS, EMANUEL                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-279
ARMSTRONG, H. B.                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-464
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-208
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-100
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-73
ARTHER, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-215
ARTHER, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-142
ATHERLY, SARAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-352
AUSTIN, DINAH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-384
AUSTIN, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-207
AVERIT, DAVID                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-297
AVERY, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-179
AVERY, REBECCA                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-219
BADGER, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-78
BAILEY, ALONZO                         FREEHOLD TWP, NJ                        NC-25-K-186
BAILEY, JONATHAN                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-212
BAKER, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-65
BALL, JAMES                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-72
BALL, MACK W.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-133
BALL, MARY LUCAS                       NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-185
BALL, MARY T.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-158
BANGERT, ALBERT H.                     NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-218
BANKS, JOHNS R.                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-404
BARBER, J. T.                          NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-248
BARFIELD, BRUCE                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-569
BARFIELD, KATHERINE C.                 NTL                                     NC-25-K-481
BARFIELD, R.W.                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-236
BARNARD, BENNI                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-230
BARNEY, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-253
BARRINGTON, JOHN                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-294
BARTLETT, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-69
BASS, MARTHA                           NTL                                     NC-25-K-578
BATEMAN, HOPKINS                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-165
BAXTER, MARY H.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-380
BEANES, MOSES                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-225
BEASLEY, ELISHA                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-338
BEASLEY, JAMES                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-371
BECTON, P. N.                          GREENVILLE, GREENVILLE, NC              NC-25-K-71
BEDSCOTT, JOHNS R.                     NTL                                     NC-25-B-40
BEGLISTON, CAROLINA                    NTL                                     NC-25-A-341
BELL, ANDREW                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-224
BELL, LOUISE FLANNER                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-400
BENNERS, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-117
BENNERS, LUCUS JACOB                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-178
BERRY, EDWARD T.                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-141
BEXLEY, CHRISTOPHER                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-412
BIGGAM, A.                             NTL                                     NC-25-A-272
BIGGLESTON, J.                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-140
BIGGS, JOHN SR.                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-61
BIGGS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-282
BIGGS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-10
BISHOP, ANNIE STEVENSON                NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-459
BISHOP, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-114
BISHOP, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-61
BISHOP, REBECCA                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-231
BISSELL, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-49
BLACK, HENRY                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-334
BLACKLEDGE, ANN                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-277
BLADES, EMMA D.                        NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-327
BLOUNT, FRUSDRICK                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-242
BOND, EZBON                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-174
BOND, FRANCIS                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-323
BOND, SARAH                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-98
BOWDOIN, EZREY                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-220
BRADDICK, DAVID                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-122
BRAGG, JOHN ESQ.                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-114
BRAGG, MARY                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-191
BRAME, JOHN T.                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-187
BRATCHER, THOMAS                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-216
BRAY, MORRIS S.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-222
BRIDGEN, EDARD A.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-104
BRIGHAM, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-308
BRIGHT, GEORGE FRANK                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-263
BRIGHT, STOCKWELL                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-256
BRINSON, ASA                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-396
BRINSON, BENJAMIN                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-428
BRINSON, CASON                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-192
BRINSON, F. C.                         NTL, PAMLICO, NC                        NC-25-K-441
BRINSON, FANNY                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-249
BRINSON, OSCAR R.                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-165
BRITTAIN, CATHERINE                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-149
BRITTAIN, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-330
BRITTIAN, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-190
BROADSTREET, MAMIE                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-377
BROCK, JOHN I.                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-346
BRODDUS, ANNIE                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-38
BROOKS, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-337
BROOKS, WILILAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-220
BROTHERS, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-176
BROTHERS, JOSEF                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-107
BROTHERS, SAMUEL                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-277
BROUGHTON, ABEL                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-89
BROWN, MARGARET PEYTON                 NTL                                     NC-25-K-450
BROWN, N ATHANIEL                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-267
BRUCE, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-131
BRYAN, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-129
BRYAN, GEORGE SR.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-109
BRYAN, HARDY                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-327
BRYAN, ISAAC                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-309
BRYAN, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-6
BRYAN, JOHN C.                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-268
BRYAN, LEWIS ESQ.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-96
BRYAN, MARY S.                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-594
BRYAN, NEEDHAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-41
BRYAN, SARAH                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-12
BRYAN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-242
BRYAN, WILLIAM H.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-31
BRYANT, H. B.                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-233
BUCK, MARY F.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-428
BUCKLEY, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-438
BUCKLEY, F. THOMAS                     NTL                                     NC-25-B-235
BUNTING, IDA W.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-507
BURDELL, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-113
BURLEY, SOLOMON                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-240
BURNETT, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-152
BURNEY, ALBERT                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-307
BURNEY, SARAH                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-322
BURNEY, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-266
BURRUS, JENNIE                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-546
BUTLER, ARTHUR                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-237
BUTLER, IDA P.                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-156
BUTLER, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-105
CAHOON, DUDLEY                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-240
CALLAGHAHER, MARTIN                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-290
CALLAWAY, REUBEN                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-379
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-145
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-54
CANNON, B. B.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-535
CANNON, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-258
CANNON, L. H.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-523
CAREY, SARAH                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-218
CARLTON, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-313
CARLTON, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-398
CARNEY, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-260
CARNEY, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-11
CARRAWAY, ASA                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-27
CARRAWAY, CHARLES ESQ.                 NTL                                     NC-25-C-402
CARRAWAY, EDWARD SR.                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-181
CARRAWAY, FRANCIS                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-22
CARRAWAY, HENRY ESQ.                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-243
CARRAWAY, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-194
CARRAWAY, JOSHUA                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-437
CARRAWAY, NATHAN                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-168
CARRAWAY, NATHANIEL                    NTL                                     NC-25-A-325
CARRAWAY, PATIENCE                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-161
CARRAWAY, SARAH                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-14
CARROLL, STELLA ROBERTS                NTL                                     NC-25-K-31
CARRUTHERS, ALEXANDER                  NTL                                     NC-25-C-135
CARRUTHERS, CLAYTON                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-37
CARRUTHERS, JOHN SR.                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-29
CARTER, ANN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-273
CARTER, CHARLES                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-365
CARTER, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-179
CARTER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-191
CARTER, RICHARD                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-166
CARTER, SARAH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-387
CARTER, SARAH (COLORED)                NTL                                     NC-25-C-405
CARTER, STEPHEN                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-619
CARTLOW, RICHARD                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-285
CARUTHURS, EUNICE                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-139
CARY, RICHARD                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-136
CASE, THOMA                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-85
CASEY, MARY                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-111
CASTET, MARY E.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-67
CAUSEY, ANNE                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-193
CAUSEY, HOLTON                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-408
CHADWICK, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-215
CHAPMAN, HENRY LEE                     NTL                                     NC-25-B-323
CHAPMAN, JESSE                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-261
CHAPMAN, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-77
CHAPMAN, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-265
CHAPMAN, SARAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-385
CHAPMAN, WEEKS                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-43
CHAPMAN,S ETH ESQ.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-363
CHARLOTTE, JOHN                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-41
CHEEKE, THOMAS L.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-111
CHESNUTT, JOHN R.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-410
CLARK, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-254
CLARK, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-325
CLARK, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-87
CLARK, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-4
CLAYPOOLE, JESSE S.                    NTL                                     NC-25-K-255
CLAYTON, MARY                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-344
CLEMENTS, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-83
CLEMENTS, THOMAS                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-359
COGDELL, RICHARD                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-218
COHN, PEARL                            PHILADELPHIA, PA                        NC-25-K-374
COLEMAN, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-252
COLLIER, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-254
COLLINS, HOLTON                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-246
CONNERLY, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-282
CONWAY, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-65
COOK, FANNY                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-273
COOK, JACOB                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-176
COOK, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-A-78
COOK, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-A-101
COOK, THOMAS                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-38
COOKE, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-211
COOPER, GUSTAVUS                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-168
COOR, JAMES                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-14
CORDON, VIRGINIA                       NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-228
COUNCIL, ANNIE                         NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-197
COVINGTON, ISAAC                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-343
COWARD, JOSEPHINE                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-439
COX, T. C.                             NTL                                     NC-25-K-53
COX, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-148
CRATCH, SALLY ANN                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-298
CRAWFORD, VIRGIL                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-95
CRESPIN, MARY                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-274
CRUTCH, RICHARD                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-23
CULLING, NEHEMIAH                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-331
CULLY, FRANCIS                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-77
CULLY, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-209
CUMMINGS, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-136
CUTTERELL, JAMES                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-424
CUTTING, JAMES S.                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-93
CUTTSBUT, JAMES G.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-333
DALRYMPLE, ALEXANDER                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-164
DALZELL, MARY                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-90
DAMERON, MAUDE DAVIS                   NTL, PITT, NC                           NC-25-K-384
DANCE, D. W.                           NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-213
DANIELS, JACOB                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-234
DANIELS, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-296
DANIELS, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-216
DAUGHERTY, HENRY E.                    NTL                                     NC-25-K-91
DAUGHERTY, MARCUS CICERO               NTL                                     NC-25-K-271
DAUGHTERTY, DANEIL                     NTL                                     NC-25-A-314
DAVES, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-205
DAVIS, ANDERSON                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-64
DAVIS, BRISCO                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-280
DAVIS, ERNEST F.                       NTL, WAKE, NC                           NC-25-K-561
DAVIS, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-81
DAVIS, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-31
DAVIS, JOHN COAP                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-529
DAVIS, JOHN P. ESQ.                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-417
DAVIS, LITTLETON                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-141
DAVIS, TAYLOR                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-128
DAVIS, W. H.                           NTL                                     NC-25-K-199
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-153
DAWSON, FRANCIS                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-261
DAWSON, J. A.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-571
DAWSON, LEVI (CAPT)                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-59
DEBLAUGHAM, JOHN                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-182
DELAMAR, FRANCIS                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-76
DELAMER, ELLA A.                       NTL, CARTERET, NC                       NC-25-K-145
DELASTATINS, REBECCA                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-103
DELEMAR, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-160
DELISMAR, STEPHEN                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-80
DEVOUX, FREDERICK                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-259
DICKINSON, LEVIN                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-337
DICKSON, JAMES ESQ.                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-1000
DIXON, ADAM                            NTL                                     NC-25-K-43
DIXON, ELEASOR                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-207
DIXON, ELIJAH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-22
DIXON, GEORGE                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-114
DIXON, JOSIAH                          GREENVILLE, PITT, NC                    NC-25-K-40
DIXON, MILLER                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-351
DIXON, SOLOMON SR.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-282
DOWDAY, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-169
DOWDEN, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-320
DOWDY, ELIJAH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-268
DOWDY, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-131
DOWDY, JESSE                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-169
DOWDY, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-200
DOWDY, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-368
DREE, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-A-261
DUBBERLY, ANNABELLA                    NTL                                     NC-25-B-182
DUBBERLY, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-18
DUBBERLY, SACKER                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-401
DUDLEY, CREATE H.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-301
DUDLEY, GEORGE P                       NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-131
DUDLEY, JACOB                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-247
DUDLEY, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-342
DUFFY, KATE BRYAN                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-278
DUNCAN, RAYMOND V.                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-346
DUNN, JOHN SR.                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-154
DUNN, WALTER                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-96
EBRON, IRENE S. WELLS POWELL           NTL                                     NC-25-K-242
EDMONDSON, EDWARD                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-20
EDMONDSON, SIMON                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-88
EDMONSON, BRYAN                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-321
EDMONSON, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-166
EDMUNSON, BRYAN                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-344
EDWARDS, HARVEY                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-154
EDWARDS, MARY W.                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-17
EGGLESTON, BENJAMIN                    NTL                                     NC-25-A-93
EGGLESTON, ELIZABETH                   NTL                                     NC-25-A-108
ELLIS, MICHEAL                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-367
ELLIS, SALLY                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-411
ELLISON, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-41
ELVIN, CHARLES                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-106
ERNUL, AARON                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-70
EUBANK, A. A.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-195
EVANS, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-214
FAGAN, FRANK F.                        NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-531
FANNING JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-297
FATHEREE, JANE                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-251
FENDERSON, BOSTON                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-434
FENNER, DENNIS                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-124
FENNER, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-213
FERGUSON, THOMAS                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-204
FILLINGHRIN, BENJAMIN                  NTL                                     NC-25-B-190
FILLINGRIN, ROBERT                     NTL                                     NC-25-B-66
FISHER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-86
FITZPATRICK, EDWARD                    NTL                                     NC-25-A-99
FLSHER, JOSHUA                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-16
FONVILLE, BRICE                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-385
FONVILLE, FRANCIS                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-68
FONVILLE, FREDERICK                    NTL                                     NC-25-A-107
FONVILLE, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-318
FONVILLE, LOUIS                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-291
FONVILLE, RICHARD                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-393
FONVILLE, SIDNEY                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-316
FONVILLE, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-172
FOOKES, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-46
FOOKS, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-172
FORBES, PENELOPE                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-168
FORBES, RICHARD                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-26
FORDHAM, ALICE                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-91
FORLAW, NANCY                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-407
FORNER, JERUSHA                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-426
FORSYTHE, BERTHA D.                    NTL                                     NC-25-K-60
FOSCUE, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-23
FOX, JOHN                              NTL                                     NC-25-B-77
FOY, FREDERICK SR. ESQ.                NTL                                     NC-25-C-105
FRANCISCO, RICHARD S.                  WEST CALDWELL, ESSEX, NJ                NC-25-K-452
FRANKLIN, ADOLPHUS M.                  NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-76
FRANKS, MARY ELIZABETH                 NTL                                     NC-25-K-161
FRILICK, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-92
FRIZZELLE, NANNIE I.                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-193
FULCHER, CHARLES D.                    NTL                                     NC-25-K-533
FULCHER, JESSE                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-342
FULFORD, NANNY                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-205
FULSHIRE, BENJAMIN                     NTL                                     NC-25-B-343
FULSHIRE, CASON                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-195
FULSHIRE, EPHRAIM                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-1
FULSHIRE, LEVI                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-229
FULSHIRE, PEREGRINE                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-33
FULSHIRE, SHADRICK                     NTL                                     NC-25-A-212
FULSHIRE, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-160
FURGUSON, HANNAH                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-175
GARDNER, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-17
GARRIS, DAVID                          VANCEBORO                               NC-25-K-466
GARRIS, L. B.                          NTL, PITT, NC                           NC-25-K-416
GASKINS, BESSIE THOMAS                 NTL                                     NC-25-K-337
GASKINS, D. H.                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-6
GASKINS, DANIEL SR                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-257
GASKINS, DENARD                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-525
GASKINS, HERMAN                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-122
GASKINS, JAMES                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-52
GASKINS, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-198
GASKINS, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-124
GASKINS, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-427
GASKINS, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-84
GASTON, MARGARET                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-48
GATLIN, DAVID                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-90
GATLIN, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-258
GATLIN, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-116
GATLIN, SHADWICK                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-352
GATLIN, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-305
GATLIN, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-277
GATLIN, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-233
GEORGESON, CHRISTIAN                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-223
GIBBS, JERRY                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-165
GIBSON, ARCHY                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-175
GIBSON, DEXTER ESQ.                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-406
GILL, CATHERINE                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-178
GILL, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-B-209
GILL, LEVI                             NTL                                     NC-25-A-87
GILLIKIN, ANNIE                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-78
GILLISPIE, SARAH                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-358
GILSTRAP PETER                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-361
GODETT, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-188
GODETT, GEORGE JR.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-292
GODETT, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-280
GODFREY, MATHEW                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-4
GODLEY, REBECCA E.                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-348
GOOD, BENJAMIN C.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-289
GOOD, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-328
GOODING, FARNIFOLD G.                  NTL                                     NC-25-B-38
GOODING, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-35
GOODIT, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-117
GOODS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-194
GORRA, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-227
GOULDING, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-325
GRADY, MARTHA                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-126
GRAHAM, EDWARD                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-354
GRANGER, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-165
GRAVES, THOMAS JR.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-137
GREEN, CORNELIUS W.                    NTL                                     NC-25-K-414
GREEN, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-202
GREEN, FURNIFOLD                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-196
GREEN, GEORGE                          NEW BERNE                               NC-25-K-33
GREEN, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-183
GREEN, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-234
GREEN, JOHN JR.                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-162
GREEN, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-250
GREEN, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-250
GREEN, RICHARD                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-213
GREEN, SUSIE                           NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-15
GREEN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-248
GRIFFETH, EDWIN                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-271
GRIFFIN, BENJAMIN                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-33
GRIFFIN, LEWIS                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-350
GRIFFIN, MOSES                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-132
GRIFFIN, OWEN                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-152
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-339
GROVER, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-411
GUION, ISAAC SR.                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-175
GUION, JOHN AMOS                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-84
GUION, PATTIE BLOUNT RODMAN            NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-539
GUTTOR, EBENEZER                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-95
HAHN, FERDINAND M.                     NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-20
HALL, BENJAMIN                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-436
HALL, DURAN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-71
HALL, EMILY                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-422
HALL, GEORGE A. ESQ.                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-336
HALL, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-323
HALL, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-295
HALL, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-159
HALL, JOSEPH SR.                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-284
HALL, MARY                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-87
HALL, THOMAS                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-210
HALLEY, RICHARD                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-336
HALLING, EUNICE                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-332
HALLY, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-4
HAMILTON, BONETA                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-397
HAMILTON, JOHN SR.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-55
HAMILTON, MARK                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-333
HAMILTON, MARY                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-303
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-119
HAMMONTREE, ENOCH                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-372
HAMMONTREE, GRIFFIN                    NTL                                     NC-25-B-21
HAMPTON, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-150
HANCOCK, C. E.                         NTL, CARTERET, NC                       NC-25-K-548
HANCOCK,LIZIE                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-205
HANDCOCK, MARY                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-373
HANFF, ANNA P.                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-592
HARDISON, CHARLES                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-293
HARDISON, FREDERICK J.                 NTL, NOTTOWAY, VA                       NC-25-K-372
HARDY, AMELIA                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-389
HARGET, ABNER                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-153
HARGETT, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-377
HARGETT, FREDERICK (GEN.)              NTL                                     NC-25-C-2
HARKER, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-221
HARPER, LULA                           NTL                                     NC-25-K-203
HARPER, NANCY                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-110
HARPER, PETER                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-138
HARRIS, CLARA J.                       NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-520
HARRIS, HERMON H.                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-108
HARRIS, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-132
HARRIS, MARY                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-344
HARRIS, STEPHEN ESQ.                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-68
HARRIS, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-174
HARRISON, MARY HATCH                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-113
HARRISON, RICHARD                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-290
HART, THADDEUS C.                      NTL, PITT, NC                           NC-25-K-1
HARTLEY, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-237
HARTLY, ANN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-332
HARTLY, ANN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-332
HARTLY, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-140
HARVEY, JOHN R.                        NTL, PITT, NC                           NC-25-K-472
HARVEY, RICHARD                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-141
HASKELL, HENRY F.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-265
HASLEN, MARGARET                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-47
HASLIN, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-19
HATCH, CHARLES                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-239
HATCH, DURAN SR.                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-317
HATCH, EDMOND SR.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-201
HAWES, SARAH                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-112
HAWKINS, M. N.                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-475
HAWKS FRANCIS                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-349
HAWLEY, JOSIAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-120
HAZARD, NANCY                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-299
HEATH, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-177
HEATH, HENRY                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-51
HEATH, JEREMIAH                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-52
HEATH, MARY                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-312
HEATH, REUBEN                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-55
HEATH, RIDGON                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-65
HEATH, SHADRACK                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-128
HEATH, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-353
HEATH,M ARY                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-201
HENDERSON, GLENNIE M.                  NTL                                     NC-25-K-433
HENKINS, HARDY                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-57
HENRY, BEULAH SIMPSON                  NTL, RICHMOND, GA                       NC-25-K-409
HENRY, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-256
HENRY, HUGH                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-78
HENRY, ROBERT                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-184
HENRY, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-110
HERRING, WINNIE                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-29
HERRITAGE, WILLIAM M.                  NTL                                     NC-25-B-315
HICKMAN, SARAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-167
HIGHMAN, RICHARD                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-326
HILL, ANN                              NTL                                     NC-25-B-94
HILL, DAVID                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-189
HILL, GEORGE                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-230
HILL, LEVI                             NTL                                     NC-25-A-311
HILL, ORIN HOWARD                      PORTSMOUTH, VA                          NC-25-K-515
HILL, ORIN HOWARD                      PORTSMOUTH, VA                          NC-25-K-169
HILL, RACHEAL                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-335
HILL, SARAH J.                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-259
HILL, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-40
HODGES, C. WALKER                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-558
HOLLAND, WILLIAM ESQ.                  NTL                                     NC-25-C-396
HOLLEY, SADIE W.                       NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-25
HOLLIS, ISAAC                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-93
HOLLIS, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-28
HOLLISTER, JOHN T.                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-584
HOLLISTER, SOPHIA J.                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-215
HOLTIN, JESSE                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-183
HOLTON, BIGGS                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-429
HOLTON, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-209
HONUS, MARY                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-246
HOOKER, ANNIE                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-267
HOOVER, HENRY                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-209
HOOVER, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-35
HOOVER, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-222
HOOVER, WILLIAM S.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-405
HORSEENS, RICHARD                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-317
HORSENDS, JAMES                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-274
HORTON, FRANCIS                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-181
HOTTON, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-8
HOUSTON, FRANCIS                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-315
HOWARD, JOSIAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-218
HOWARD, PHILLIP                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-356
HOWARD, RUTH                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-211
HOWRD, BARTHOLOMEW                     NTL                                     NC-25-A-226
HOXIE, ALBERT (CAPT.)                  NTL                                     NC-25-C-433
HUDSON, LUCRETIA E.                    NTL                                     NC-25-K-437
HUKINS, ANN                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-352
HULCHER, ALFRED B.                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-483
HUMBLETON, JAMES                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-250
HUNLEY, RICHARD                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-106
HUNTER, WILL C.                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-403
HUNTINGTON, OLIVIA C.                  NTL                                     NC-25-C-254
HURTT, EUNICE                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-219
HUTCHINSON, CHARLES G.                 NTL, WILSON, NC                         NC-25-K-177
HUTSON, ELI                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-200
HYMAN, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-186
HYMAN, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-294
HYMAN, MICHEAL                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-237
HYMAN, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-287
IPOCK, CHURCHILL A. SR.                NO. 1                                   NC-25-K-47
IPOCK, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-99
IPOCK, P. DORSEY                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-554
IPOCK, PETER                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-161
IRVING, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-100
IVES, DUNN                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-327
IVES, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-222
IVES, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-70
IVES, MARGARET                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-9
JACKSON, DANIEL                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-165
JACKSON, JAMES                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-124
JACKSON, MATILDA                       NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-122
JACKSON, READING                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-91
JACOBI, ELLE M.                        BALTIMORE CITY, MD                      NC-25-K-323
JAMES, COMFORT                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-115
JAMES, JONES                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-206
JAMES, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-262
JAMES, WINNIFRED                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-143
JAMS, CHARLES                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-162
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-347
JOHNSON, HENRY                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-39
JOHNSON, JACOB                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-256
JOHNSON, MARY                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-166
JOHNSON, RICHARD                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-13
JOHNSTON, CHARLES                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-186
JOHNSTON, ESTHA                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-170
JOHNSTON, FREDERICK                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-176
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-25
JONES, AMBROSE                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-89
JONES, CHLOE                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-431
JONES, D. F.                           NTL, EDGECOMBE, NC                      NC-25-K-556
JONES, DAVID                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-20
JONES, EARLY                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-373
JONES, ELVERA ANDERSON                 NTL                                     NC-25-K-252
JONES, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-322
JONES, J. D.                           NTL                                     NC-25-K-51
JONES, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-122
JONES, JAMES SR.                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-362
JONES, JESSE                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-146
JONES, JOHN H. SR.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-356
JONES, JOSIAS                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-142
JONES, JOSIAS                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-7
JONES, JULIA BRYAN                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-316
JONES, KEZIAH                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-130
JONES, LAURA A.                        BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NC-25-K-106
JONES, LOUISE                          NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-342
JONES, LOVICK                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-156
JONES, MARY                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-240
JONES, MORRIS                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-64
JONES, RIDGE                           NTL (CODICIL)                           NC-25-C-324
JONES, ROBERT DUVAL (DR)               NTL                                     NC-25-K-230
JONES, RODGER SR.                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-135
JONES, ROGER                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-142
JONES, ROGER ESQ.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-314
JONES, SUSIE HASKETT                   NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-405
JONES, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-130
JONES, WILLIAM B. R.                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-308
JONES, WILLIAM ESQ.                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-421
JONES, WILLIAM POWELL                  NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-4
JONES, WINNIE                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-246
JORDAN, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-291
JORDAN, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-355
JORDAN, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-273
JUSTICE, ALEXANDER                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-224
KEEF, EDMUND                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-86
KEHOE, THOMAS B.                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-581
KELLY, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-257
KENT, LEVI                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-182
KENT, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-173
KENT, THOMAS                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-351
KILLPATRICK, WERRY                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-206
KING, ARINTON                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-42
KING, CHARLES                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-33
KING, JEREMIAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-290
KING, JOEL                             NTL                                     NC-25-B-63
KING, JOHN RICHARD                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-567
KING, LITTLE                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-192
KING, PRITRIM                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-43
KING, THOMAS                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-379
KIRKMAN, A. E.                         VANCEBORO                               NC-25-K-27
KNOX, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-B-217
KNOX, JOHN                             NTL (2ND WILL)                          NC-25-C-151
KNOX, MARY                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-229
KOMATOS, NICK                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-62
KORNEGAY, ABRAHAM JR.                  NTL                                     NC-25-C-5
LANCASTER, MARVIN E.                   VANCEBORO                               NC-25-K-152
LANE, ANNA                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-241
LANE, DANIEL                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-392
LANE, FREDERICK                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-56
LANE, GEORGE                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-302
LANE, GUY                              NTL                                     NC-25-K-457
LANE, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-B-113
LANE, MARY A.                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-374
LANE, NANCY                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-330
LATHAM, JAMES EDWIN                    NTL, GUILFORD, NC                       NC-25-K-331
LATTIMORE, ELISHA                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-72
LAUGHINGHUSE, RICHARD R.               NTL                                     NC-25-C-198
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-80
LAWSON, ELIAS                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-300
LAWSON, HENRY                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-125
LAWSON, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-71
LEIGH, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-76
LEIGH, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-337
LENNY, EMAUEL                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-153
LENTE, C. LEWIS                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-234
LEWIS, ELLEN                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-186
LEWIS, JACOB                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-17
LEWIS, JOHN JR.                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-20
LEWIS, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-107
LEWIS, MASON                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-316
LEWIS, MATILDA D.                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-543
LEWIS, NATHANIEL                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-117
LEWIS, NEHEMIAH                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-139
LEWIS, PATTY                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-102
LEWIS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-415
LINSEY, FANNY                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-340
LIVERSAGE, SARAH                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-3
LIVINGSTON, HENRY                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-107
LOFTIN, SHADRACK                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-63
LOFTIN, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-317
LOVETT, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-16
LOVETT, RICHARD                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-133
LOVICK, JAMES ESQ.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-339
LUCAS, KATE SMAW                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-183
LYONS, MARY                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-111
MAGRAW, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-250
MAHAINS, STEPHEN                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-218
MANN, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-265
MANNING, PIERRE                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-194
MARSHALL, CHARLES                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-265
MARSHALL, ELEANOR EBORN                NTL                                     NC-25-K-564
MARSHALL, MARY                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-232
MARTIN, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-104
MARTIN, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-386
MARTIN, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-82
MASON, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-223
MCCABE, RACHEAL                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-267
MCCAFFERTY, JAMES                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-350
MCCARTHY, CALLAGHAN J.                 NTL                                     NC-25-K-167A
MCCLURE, JACOB                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-404
MCCLURE, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-207
MCCOTTER, ARCHIBALD                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-368
MCCOTTER, HEZEKIAH                     NTL                                     NC-25-A-271
MCCOTTER, JESSE                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-304
MCCOY, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-279
MCCOY, ROSA HEATH                      COVE CITY                               NC-25-K-36
MCCOY, WILLIS                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-112
MCCRAHON, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-188
MCFARLAND, DAVID                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-67
MCGINN, LENA                           NTL                                     NC-25-K-101
MCGINN, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-497
MCIKAY, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-330
MCKEGG, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-142
MCKELLUM, THOMAS HENRY                 BALDWIN, NASSAU, NY                     NC-25-K-207
MCKINLAY, JAMES                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-171
MCROY, JULIA F.                        VANCEBORO                               NC-25-K-573
MCSORLEY, C. J.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-370
MEADOWS, WADE JR                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-137
MECOY, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-160
MERCHANT,C HRISTOPHER                  NTL                                     NC-25-B-74
MERRITT, KESIAH                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-42
MERY, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-408
MILLER, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-121
MILLER, JOHN ESQ.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-438
MILLER, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-175
MILLER, JOSEPH A.                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-394
MILLER, MARGE                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-204
MILLS, ANTHONY                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-311
MILLS, J. A.                           VANCEBORO                               NC-25-K-590
MILLS, JEMIMA                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-127
MITCHELL, BENJAMIN                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-157
MITCHELL, JAMES                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-95
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-396
MONTAGUE, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     NC-25-K-329
MONTFORD, DONUM                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-423
MOONEY, JOHN H.                        NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NC-25-K-363
MOORE, ANTHONY                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-170
MOORE, HARDY P.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-201
MOORE, JESSE                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-10
MOORE, JOHN SR.                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-120
MOORE, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-77
MOORE, LARRY I.                        NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-350
MOORE, LATHAM                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-310
MOORE, SIMEON                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-189
MOORE, THOMAS H.                       BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NC-25-K-291
MORGAN, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-230
MORRIS, AARON                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-13
MORRIS, JACOB                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-72
MORRIS, JOSIAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-123
MORRIS, LEWIS                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-194
MORRIS, MARY                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-147
MORRIS, MOSES                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-52
MORRIS, NATHAN                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-138
MORRIS, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-297
MORRIS, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-254
MORRIS,S AMSON                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-30
MOYE, GEORGE                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-239
MOYE, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-45
MOYE, REBECCA T.                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-366
MUMFORD, MILES                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-198
MURDOCK, DAVID                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-345
MURPHEY, MOSES                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-39
MURPHY, ALETHEA                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-6
MURPHY, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-312
MUSE, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-A-292
MUSE, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-B-170
MUSE, LEVI                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-130
MUSE, MALICHEA                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-416
NASH, ABNER                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-146
NASH, ANN                              NTL                                     NC-25-C-140
NEAL, BESSE                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-264
NEAL, CHRISTOPHER                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-75
NEAL, PHILLIP                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-159
NEIL, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-83
NELSON, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-126
NELSON, EDWARD SR.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-439
NELSON, ELI                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-98
NELSON, FRANCIS                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-89
NELSON, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-264
NELSON, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-295
NELSON, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-203
NELSON, JOHN J.                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-360
NELSON, JOHN P.                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-29
NELSON, JOSEPHUS                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-419
NELSON, REBECCA                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-129
NELSON, WILLIAM STARKEY                NTL                                     NC-25-A-169
NEWETON, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-280
NEWLAND, SARAH ELIZABETH BIDDLE        NTL                                     NC-25-K-402
NILES, EDWARD                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-85
NIXON, RICHARD                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-95
OFMAY, MATURAN                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-54
OGDEN, TITUS                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-308
OGLESBY, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-32
OGLESBY, WILLIAM T.                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-416
OLDY, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-109
OLIVER, JOSEPH SR.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-158
OLIVER, MARY                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-318
OLIVER, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-38
ORRINGER, JOSEPH                       NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-147
OTTERSON, CALEB                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-210
OTTERSON, MALICHI                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-191
OUTTEN ABRAHAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-115
PADY, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-208
PAGETT, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-339
PALMOSE, ARTHUR                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-341
PARKER, ZEB VANCE                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-49
PARRIS, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-183
PARRIS, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-186
PARRIS, ZADOCK                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-338
PARSONS, JAMES                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-331
PARSONS, JEREMIAH                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-289
PARSONS, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-22
PARSONS, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-272
PARSONS, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-78
PARSONS, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-336
PASTEUR, EDWARD                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-236
PATTERSON, JOSEPH F.                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-505
PAUL, GEORGE                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-284
PAUL, JACOB                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-46
PAUL, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-B-8
PAUL, MARY                             NTL                                     NC-25-B-153
PAUL, ROBERT                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-94
PAUL, W. H.                            NTL                                     NC-25-K-462
PEARCE, ANNA L.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-382
PEARCE, DAVID                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-79
PEARCE, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-286
PEARCE, JESSE                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-306
PEARCE, RACHEAL                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-144
PEARSON, THOMAS WHEELRIGHT             NTL                                     NC-25-A-235
PENDLETON, SIMON                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-167
PENNINGTON, SAMUEL W.                  NTL                                     NC-25-K-513
PENNY, PATSEY                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-258
PEPKINS, ISAAC                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-430
PERKINS, ISAAC                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-326
PERKINS, JONATHAN                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-284
PERRY, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-126
PERRY, ROXIE                           NTL                                     NC-25-K-518
PHELPS, EDARD                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-250
PHENNER, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-213
PHILLIPS, ALICE E.                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-313
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-277
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-263
PHIPS, NATHANIEL                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-180
PIERCE, MARY                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-141
PIERCE, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-57
PIPPS, NATHANEL                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-366
POLING, HANNAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-318
POLLARD, JACOB                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-359
POLLARD, SUSAN                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-221
POLLARD, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-255
POLLOCK, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-267
POPE, MARY E.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-12
POPE, MYRTLE W.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-135
PORTER, WILILAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-223
POTTER, ANN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-82
POTTER, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-171
POTTER, MARY                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-266
POTTER, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-433
POWELL, ELIZA B.                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-356
POWELL, LOUISA                         NORTH HARLOWE                           NC-25-K-435
POWERS, FREDERICK                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-142
PRESCOTT, AUSTIN                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-418
PRICE, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-4
PURIFY, DAVID                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-96
PURIFY, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-288
PURSER, ANN M.                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-348
PURSER, COVENTON                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-187
QUINCE, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-155
RANDAL, ANN                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-227
RATHBURN, JACOB                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-311
READ, JAMES                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-186
READIN, JEREMIAH                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-99
REASONOVER, ELIZABETH                  NTL                                     NC-25-A-247
REED, EULALIA WILLIS                   BALTIMORE CITY, MD                      NC-25-K-288
REED, HANNAH                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-72
REED, JAMES                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-78
REEL, JOSEPH MELLON JR.                NTL                                     NC-25-K-269
REEL, MARY                             NTL                                     NC-25-B-91
REEL, PETER                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-286
REEVES, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-229
REW, SOUTHY                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-80
REW, SOUTHY                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-399
REW, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-231
REYNOLDS, MATILDA                      NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-368
RICE, EPHRAIM                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-163
RICE, EVAN                             NTL                                     NC-25-B-253
RICE, JAMES                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-369
RICE, MARY                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-185
RICE, ZEBULON                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-179
RICHARDSON, MARGARET                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-233
RICHARDSON, RICHARD ESQ.               NTL                                     NC-25-C-383
RICHARDSON, VALENTINE                  NTL                                     NC-25-C-214
RICHARDSON, W. F.                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-82
RICKS, EDWARD H.                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-510
RIGGS, DAVID                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-358
RIGGS, GILES                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-102
RIGGS, JAMES SR.                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-281
RIGGS, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-167
ROACH, POLLY                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-265
ROACH, SARAH                           NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-116
ROBERTS, HERBERT M.                    NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-22
ROBERTS, LUCRETIA L.                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-537
ROBERTS, PARKER E.                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-339
ROBINSON, DALLAS D.                    NTL                                     NC-25-K-250
ROBINSON, JAMES FERDINAND              NTL                                     NC-25-K-128
ROOKE, BARTHOLOMEW                     NTL                                     NC-25-A-216
ROUNTREE, FRANCIS                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-276
ROUNTREE, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-259
ROUSE, NANCY J.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-172
ROWE, BENJAMIN                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-260
ROWE, JESSE                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-378
ROYAL, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-174
RROACH, CHARLES (THE ELDER)            NTL                                     NC-25-C-200
RUMLEY, EDWARD                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-173
RUSSELL, JOSIAH                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-143
RUSSELL, LUKE                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-434
RUSSELL, MALICHI                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-232
SAMPSON, ANNIE                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-168
SAMPSON, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-25
SANDERS, CHARLES                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-118
SANDERS, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-428
SANDERS, JAMES                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-156
SANDERS, MARY                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-348
SANDERS, SARAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-270
SANFORD, DAVID                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-110
SATTERTHWAITE, L. M.                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-446
SAWYER, CHARLES M.                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-407
SAWYER, CLAUD H.                       BROWNSVILLE                             NC-25-K-344
SAWYER, REBECCA                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-292
SAWYER, ROBERT                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-264
SCOTT, ADAM                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-250
SCOTT, MARY J.                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-273
SEARLES, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-269
SHEPARD, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-180
SHERMAN, LUVENIA                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-143
SHIELDS, HAROLD DEE                    ISLETON, SACRAMENTO, CA                 NC-25-K-448
SHOPELY, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-214
SIMMONS, FURNIFOLD M.                  NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-175
SIMMONS, JAMES                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-356
SIMMONS, LAVENIA ROBERTS               NTL                                     NC-25-K-85
SIMMONS, SIMEON                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-148
SIMMONS, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-276
SIMPKINS, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-36
SIMPSON, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-389
SIMPSON, WILLIAM EUGENE                NTL                                     NC-25-K-379
SINGLETARY, CELIA ROBINSON             NTL                                     NC-25-K-487
SINGLETON, PATSEY                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-92
SINGLETON, SPYERS ESQ.                 NTL                                     NC-25-C-85
SLADE, EBENEZER                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-124
SLADE, MARY                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-58
SLADE, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-202
SLADE, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-320
SLYE, SUSANNAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-274
SMALLWOOD, EDWARD F.                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-150
SMALLWOOD, LUCY                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-432
SMITH, ARTHUR                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-26
SMITH, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-97
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-88
SMITH, JAMES                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-197
SMITH, JESSE                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-177
SMITH, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-290
SMITH, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-K-587
SMITH, JOHN F. ESQ.                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-331
SMITH, JOHN S.                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-329
SMITH, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-294
SMITH, LIDIE                           NTL                                     NC-25-K-587
SMITH, MARY                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-210
SMITH, NATHAN                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-226
SMITH, NATHAN                          NTL (CODICIL)                           NC-25-C-255
SMITH, RUTH                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-98
SMITH, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-228
SMITH, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-338
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-107
SNEAD, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-414
SPAIGHT, CHARLES G.                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-340
SPAIGHT, MARY J.                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-11
SPAIGHT,R . DOBBS                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-155
SPARROW, ANN                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-8
SPARROW, FRANCIS                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-154
SPARROW, HENRY                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-24
SPARROW, JOSHUA                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-243
SPARROW, PAUL                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-62
SPARROW, SALLY                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-280
SPARROW, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-24
SPARROW, SARAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-258
SPARROW, THOMAS JR.                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-224
SPARROW, WILL S.                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-284
SPEIGHT, JOHN W.                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-93
SPENCER, ELLA                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-226
SPENCER, KATE E.                       NTL                                     NC-25-K-103
SPIGHT, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-49
STANLY, FRANCIS C.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-294-328?
STANLY, JOHN WRIGHT                    NTL                                     NC-25-A-198
STANLY, THOMAS TURNER                  NTL                                     NC-25-C-68
STANTON, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-26
STEPHENSON, MARY                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-139
STEPHENSON, WILLIAM                    NTL                                     NC-25-B-24
STEVENS, ALEXANDER HAMILTON            NTL                                     NC-25-K-468
STEVENSON, MARK DEW.                   NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-495
STEWARD, SARAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-240
STEWART, ALEXANDER                     NTL                                     NC-25-B-61
STEWART, ANDREW                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-277
STEWART, JAMES                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-343
STEWART, JAMES                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-221
STEWART, LYDIA                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-220
STEWART, NATHANIEL                     NTL                                     NC-25-B-7
STILLY, EPHRAIM                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-50
STILLY, FOUNTAIN                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-269
STILLY, ISHMEAL                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-386
STOBACK, NATHAN                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-203
STOVER, NANCY                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-215
STREET, NATHANIEL                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-262
STREET, VICTORIA K.                    NTL                                     NC-25-K-110
STREET, W. E.                          NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-95
STYRON, CATHERINE A.                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-191A
SUTTON, EDWARD LEE                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-55
SWAN, EVAN                             NTL                                     NC-25-A-306
TALK, JOHN                             NTL                                     NC-25-C-350
TAYLOR, ABSOLUM                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-246
TAYLOR, JAMES Y.                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-28
TAYLOR, L. J.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-500
TAYLOR, RAYMOND L.                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-527
THOMAS, ABENR                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-351
THOMAS, CHR. (REV.)                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-316
THOMAS, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-321
THOMAS, WILLIAM MCDONALD               NTL                                     NC-25-K-353
THOMPSON, JAMES W.                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-139
THOMPSON, THOMAS                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-138
THORMELEY, THOMAS                      NTL                                     NC-25-A-204
TIGNOR, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-152
TIGNOR, MARY                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-312
TIGNOR, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-342
TILLMAN, BENJAMIN S.                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-296
TILLMAN, CLARA                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-345
TILLMAN, HENRY                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-74
TILLMAN, MARY                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-96
TILLMAN, MARY                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-328
TINGLE, DAVID                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-218
TINGLE, EUGENE EARLY                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-275
TINGLE, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-252
TINGLE, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-292
TINGLE, SOLOMON                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-330
TINKER, EPHREMIA                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-161
TINKER, JUDITH                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-145
TINKER, STEPHEN                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-362
TOLSON, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-45
TOLSON, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-301
TOLSON, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-144
TOLSON, WIMA                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-219
TOMLINSON, ELIZABETH                   NTL                                     NC-25-B-151
TOMLINSON, NUMMES                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-157
TOMSON, METUTATA                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-190
TOOKE, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-216
TOOKE, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-235
TOOLEY, MARY                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-357
TORRAUS, ALEXANDER                     NTL                                     NC-25-B-280
TORRAUS, RICHARD N.                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-316
TORRAUS, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-50
TRADER, J. J.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-491
TRIWHITT, LEVI                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-53
TRUITT, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-296
TUCKER, IDA PEARCE                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-470
TURNER, PHILIP                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-123
TURNER,E LIZA JANE SHUTE               NTL                                     NC-25-K-45
TYER, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-73
UMMINS, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-165
URQUHART, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-168
VAIL, ELIZA                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-252
VAUSE, IRVIN R.                        NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-398
VEALE, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-151
VENDRICK, ABRAHAM                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-51
VENDRICK, BRYAN                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-29
VENDRICK, CHURCHILL                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-217
VENDRICK, FRANCIS                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-108
VENDRICK, JESSE                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-192
VENDRICK, JOANNA                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-199
VENDRICK, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-196
VENDRICK, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-157
VENDRICK, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-211
VENDRICK, PETER                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-364
WADE, AMOS                             NTL                                     NC-25-B-134
WADE, CHARLOTTE                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-400
WADE, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-315
WADE, HANNAH                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-179
WADE, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-307
WADSWORTH, ANN                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-388
WADSWORTH, BERTHA H.                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-285
WADSWORTH, IGNATIOUS                   NTL                                     NC-25-B-246
WADSWORTH, SARAH                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-370
WALLACE, BENJAMIN                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-204
WALLACE, JAMES H.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-16
WALLACE, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-274
WALLACE, MARY                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-150
WALLACE, ROBERT                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-247
WALLACE, ROBERT SR.                    NTL                                     NC-25-B-1
WALLACE, STEPHEN                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-248
WARD, ENOCH                            NTL                                     NC-25-A-52
WARD, RICHARD                          NO. 1                                   NC-25-K-286
WARD, SAVANRAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-337
WARREN, ANN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-15
WARREN, MATTIE                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-98
WATERS, GILBERT STANLY                 NTL                                     NC-25-K-575
WATSON, C ATHERINE                     NTL                                     NC-25-B-53
WATSON, NEAL SR.                       NTL                                     NC-25-A-288
WAYNE, LEVI                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-381
WEBBER, CATHERINE                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-426
WEBBER, SARAH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-253
WEBBER, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-177
WEST, DANIEL                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-334
WEST, JAMES M.                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-302
WEST, JOHN JR.                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-104
WEST, JOHN S. JR.                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-223
WEST, JOHN SPENCE                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-173
WEST, READING                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-156
WEST, RICHARD (CAPT)                   NTL                                     NC-25-B-329
WETHERINGTON, JANE                     NTL                                     NC-25-K-73
WETHERINGTON, L. H.                    NTL                                     NC-25-K-233
WETHERINGTON, LEHMAN                   NTL                                     NC-25-K-298
WETHERINGTON, T. J.                    NTL                                     NC-25-K-443
WETHERSPOON, DAVID                     NTL                                     NC-25-B-144
WETHERSPOON, MARY                      NTL                                     NC-25-B-93
WHARTON, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-191
WHEADON, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-196
WHEATON, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-380
WHEATTON, LEAVEN                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-137
WHITAKER, BENJAMIN                     NTL                                     NC-25-A-76
WHITE, AARON                           NTL                                     NC-25-K-551
WHITE, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-87
WHITE, JOHN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-59
WHITE, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-409
WHITE, MARGARET                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-202
WHITE, MARY                            NTL                                     NC-25-B-95
WHITE, W. D.                           NTL                                     NC-25-K-597
WHITE, WHICHCOTE                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-188
WHITEHEAD, JOHN                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-215
WHITEHEAD, WILLIS                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-271
WHITFIELD, CONSANTINE                  NTL                                     NC-25-B-46
WHITFORD, HOLTON                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-432
WHITFORD, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-311
WHITTY, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-100
WHTIEHEAD, JOHN                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-347
WIGGANS, JOHN                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-184
WIGGINS, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     NC-25-C-302
WIGGINS, NANCY C.                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-8
WIGGINS, WILLIAM                       NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-120
WILCOCKS, JENNIE                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-285
WILKS, HUMPHREY                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-327
WILLIAMS, ELIJAH ELLIS                 HILLSBOROUGH, NH                        NC-25-K-431
WILLIAMS, J. L.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-261
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-376
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                      NTL                                     NC-25-C-116
WILLIAMS, THOMAS PARTELOW              GREEN SPRINGS                           NC-25-K-58
WILLIAMS,T ALBOT                       NTL                                     NC-25-C-192
WILLIS, ELIJAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-C-305
WILLIS, EPHRAIM ESQ.                   NTL                                     NC-25-C-305
WILLIS, ISAAC                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-309
WILLIS, JAMES                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-59
WILLIS, JEREMIAH                       NTL                                     NC-25-B-244
WILLIS, JOSHUA                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-204
WILLIS, MOLLIE M.                      NTL                                     NC-25-K-139
WILLIS, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-245
WILLIS, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NC-25-B-33
WILLIS, W. C.                          NTL                                     NC-25-K-361
WILSON, DAVID                          NTL                                     NC-25-B-121
WILSON, ELLA M.                        NTL                                     NC-25-K-485
WILSON, JOHN                           NTL                                     NC-25-C-70
WINFIELD, VINIA                        NEW BERN                                NC-25-K-118
WINGATE, ISAAC ESQ.                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-162
WINGATE, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-222
WINN, WILIAM                           NTL                                     NC-25-B-128
WISE, MATILDA                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-346
WISE, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-307
WOOD, HENRY C.                         NTL                                     NC-25-K-391
WOOD, JEREMIAH                         NTL                                     NC-25-A-297
WOOD, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     NC-25-A-206
WOODS, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     NC-25-B-313
WOOTEN, LUCY JANE ALLEN                WILSON, WILSON, NC                      NC-25-K-180
WRIGHT, ANN                            NTL                                     NC-25-C-423
WRIGHT, MARY                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-90
WRIGHT, STEPHEN                        NTL                                     NC-25-A-287
WUMANE, SARAH                          NTL                                     NC-25-C-76
YATES, DAVID                           NTL                                     NC-25-A-299
YATES, MELCHISEDECK                    NTL                                     NC-25-C-40
YATES, PETER R.                        NTL                                     NC-25-C-389

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