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ABEEL, DAVID JR.                        BACOVEN (1765)                          NY-68-1-AA-23
ABEEL, JOHN                             NTL (1711)                              NY-68-1-AA-4A
ABEEL, NETTIE                           SEE: ABEL, DAVID JR.                    NY-68-1-AA-23
ABLIN, JOHN                             NTL, NEW YORK, NY (1757)                NY-68-1-AA-5
ACKERMAN, DAVID                         NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1779)                NY-68-1-AA-30
ACKERMAN, NICOLAS                       NTL, ORANGE, NY (1769)                  NY-68-1-AA-26
ADAMS, JAMES                            ALBANY (1762)                           NY-68-1-AA-16
ADRIANCE, JORES                         NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1758)                NY-68-1-AA-15
ADRIANS, JOOST                          NTL, KINGS, NY (1683)                   NY-68-1-AA-2
ADRIANSE, ABRAHAM                       NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1766)                NY-68-1-AA-12
AIGRON, CLADAUS                         NTL, NEW YORK, NY (1701)                NY-68-1-AA-3
AKIN, ELISHA                            NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)                NY-68-1-AA-32
ALBERTSON, RICHARD                      NTL, ULSTER, NY (1753)                  NY-68-1-AA-10
ALDRICH, PETER                          NTL, SUFFOLK, NY (1775)                 NY-68-1-AA-29
ALEXANDER, JAMES                        NTL, CHARLOTTE, NY (1784)               NY-68-1-AA-37
ALLEN, ASA                              NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)                NY-68-1-AA-31
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1773)                NY-68-1-AA-27
ALLISON, JOHN                           NTL, ORANGE, NY (1754)                  NY-68-1-AA-11
ALLISON, JOHN                           NTL, ORANGE, NY (1782)                  NY-68-1-AA-34
ALLISON, JOHN                           NTL, ORANGE, NY (1764)                  NY-68-1-AA-18
ALLISON, JOSEPH                         NTL, ORANGE, NY (1772)                  NY-68-1-AA-28
ALLISON, JOSEPH                         NTL, ORANGE, NY (1752)                  NY-68-1-AA-9
ALLISON, RICHARD                        NTL, ORANGE, NY (1750)                  NY-68-1-AA-7
ALLISON, RICHARD                        NTL, ORANGE, NY (1768)                  NY-68-1-AA-25
ALLISON, RICHARD                        NTL, ORANGE, NY (1748)                  NY-68-1-AA-6
ALLISON, RICHARDSON                     NTL, ORANGE, NY (1777)                  NY-68-1-AA-19
ALLISON, THOMAS                         NTL, ORANGE, NY (1757)                  NY-68-1-AA-14
ALWORTH, JAMES                          NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)                NY-68-1-AA-38
ALWORTH, WILLIAM                        NTL (1784)                              NY-68-1-AA-36
AMORY, JOHN                             NTL, NEW YORK, NY (1762)                NY-68-1-AA-13
ARDEN, JACOB                            NTL, ORANGE, NY (1781)                  NY-68-1-AA-33
ARDEN, JAMES                            NTL, NEW YORK, NY (1765)                NY-68-1-AA-20
AERTSEN, RUTT                           NTL (1679)                              NY-68-1-AA-1
ARMSTRONG, FRANCIS                      NTL, ORANGE, NY (1783)                  NY-68-1-AA-35
ARNOLD, HENRY                           NTL, NEW YORK, NY (1764)                NY-68-1-AA-8
ARNOUT, PETER                           NTL, ORANGE, NY (1764)                  NY-68-1-AA-22
ASHE, DUDLEY (LT.)                      NTL (1762)                              NY-68-1-AA-17
AUSTEN, JONATHAN                        NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1768)                NY-68-1-AA-24
AYRES, ENOS                             NTL, ORANGE, NY (1764)                  NY-68-1-AA-21
BACKER, CHRISTIAN                       RYNEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1780)           NY-68-1-AB-132
BAIN, JAMES                             LIVINGSTON, WASHINGTON, NY (1784)       NY-68-1-AB-146
BALL, SAMUEL                            ALBANY (1800)                           NY-68-1-AB-160
BALY, JONATHAN                          FLORIDA, ORANGE, NY (1772)              NY-68-1-AB-93
BANGS, JOHN                             FREDERICKSBURGH, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)    NY-68-1-AB-147
BANKER, EVERT                           RENSELAERWYCK (1734)                    NY-68-1-AB-26
BANKER, NATHANIEL                       RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1772)           NY-68-1-AB-92
BANKS, JAMES                            ALBANY (1733)                           NY-68-1-AB-23
BARBERIE, JOHN                          NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1728)      NY-68-1-AB-15
BARCLAY, ANDREW                         NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1776)      NY-68-1-AB-72
BARCLAY, JOHN (MAYOR OF ALBANY)         ALBANY (1784)                           NY-68-1-AB-129
BARCLAY, MARGARET                       ALBANY (1802)                           NY-68-1-AB-143
BARKER, JOHN                            NTL, DUTCHESS (1779)                    NY-68-1-AB-125
BARKER, WILLIAM                         GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1778)               NY-68-1-AB-121
BARKLEY, JOHN                           MONTGOMERY, ULSTER, NY (1786)           NY-68-1-AB-156
BARNES, JOHN (DR.)                      CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY (1768)             NY-68-1-AB-82
BARNES, WILLIAM                         ROMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1752)            NY-68-1-AB-38
BARNUM, JOSHUA                          NTL, DUTCHESS (1778)                    NY-68-1-AB-119
BARTHOLFF, JACOBUS                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1783)               NY-68-1-AB-134
BARTON, JOSEPH                          CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1762)          NY-68-1-AB-70
BASELER, FRIEDERICH                     SCHOHARIE (1785)                        NY-68-1-AB-150
BAYARD, STEPHEN                         NTL, BERGEN, NJ (1753)                  NY-68-1-AB-39
BAYLES, JOSEPH                          FLORIDA, ORANGE, NY (1754)              NY-68-1-AB-41
BAYLES, NATHANIEL                       FLORIDA, ORANGE, NY (1760)              NY-68-1-AB-51
BAYLES, RICHARD                         FLORIDA, ORANGE, NY (1768)              NY-68-1-AB-71
BEADELL, WILLIAM                        CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1775)          NY-68-1-AB-108
BEATTY, ARTHUR                          LITTLE BRITAIN, ULSTER, NY (1774)       NY-68-1-AB-104
BEATTY, CHARLES                         MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1726/7)         NY-68-1-AB-14
BEATTY, ROBERT                          NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY (1779)             NY-68-1-AB-114
BEATY, FRANCIS                          RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)            NY-68-1-AB-128
BECK, CALEB                             SCHENECTADY (1733)                      NY-68-1-AB-19
BEDEL, DAVID                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY (1759)            NY-68-1-AB-57
BEEBE, MARTIN                           KINGS DISTRICT (1783)                   NY-68-1-AB-148
BEECKMAN, JACOB                         ALBANY (1739)                           NY-68-1-AB-27
BEECKMAN, JOHANNIS                      ALBANY (1759)                           NY-68-1-AB-48
BEECKMAN, JOHANNIZ                      ALBANY (1742)                           NY-68-1-AB-21
BEEKM AN, JOHANNES                      ALBANY (1755)                           NY-68-1-AB-42
BEEKMAN, GEERTRUYD                      NTL, DUTCHESS (1779)                    NY-68-1-AB-115
BEEKMAN, GERARD W.                      PHILADELPHIA, PHILADELPHIA, PA (1791)   NY-68-1-AB-157B
BEEKMAN, JOHANNIS                       ALBANY (1732)                           NY-68-1-AB-18
BEEKMAN, JOHN                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1784)               NY-68-1-AB-131
BEEKMAN, THOMAS                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1761)             NY-68-1-AB-52
BEEKMAN, THOMAS                         NTL, ULSTER (1787)                      NY-68-1-AB-153
BEEKMAN, WILLIAM (DR.)                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1770)      NY-68-1-AB-90
BELDEN, SILAS SR.                       CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)          NY-68-1-AB-155
BELKNAP, THOMAS                         NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY (1778)             NY-68-1-AB-117
BELL, DELIVERANCE                       CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1774)          NY-68-1-AB-98
BELL, WILLIAM                           NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY (1786)            NY-68-1-AB-161
BELLINGER, FREDRICK                     CONASHARY (1768)                        NY-68-1-AB-78
BENNET, RICHARD                         DARTMOUTH, DEVONSHIRE, ENGLAND (1756)   NY-68-1-AB-35
BENNETT, ROBERT                         NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1743)      NY-68-1-AB-29
BENSON, JEHONAS                         HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1784)           NY-68-1-AB-142
BERKENMEYER, WILLIAM CHRISTOPH          LOONENBURG (1765)                       NY-68-1-AB-31
BERKENMYER, BENIGNA SEBILLA             NTL, ALBANY (1781)                      NY-68-1-AB-123
BETTS, WILLIAM JR.                      NTL, ORANGE (1673)                      NY-68-1-AB-1
BEVIER, ABRAHAM                         NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY (1771)            NY-68-1-AB-73
BEVIER, JACOBUS                         NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY (1774)            NY-68-1-AB-107
BEVIER, SAMUEL                          ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1764)            NY-68-1-AB-60
BEVIER, SAMUEL                          NTL, ULSTER (1759)                      NY-68-1-AB-40
BICKLEY, MAY                            NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1724)      NY-68-1-AB-9
BILL, ARRY                              CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)          NY-68-1-AB-145
BISHOP, THOMAS                          EAST CHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY (11759)   NY-68-1-AB-62
BITCHER, WILLIAM JR.                    RYNEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)           NY-68-1-AB-126
BITZER, ADAM                            RINEBEEK, DUTCHESS, NY (1768)           NY-68-1-AB-83
BLAIN, THOMAS                           NTL, ORANGE (1744)                      NY-68-1-AB-33
BLANCHARD, JOHN                         NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1743)      NY-68-1-AB-30
BLANSHAN, MATTY                         BLOOMENDAL, ULSTER, NY (1781)           NY-68-1-AB-91
BLATTNER, JACOB                         LIVINGSOTN (1787)                       NY-68-1-AB-152
BLAUFELDT, JACOBUS                      TAPPAN, ORANGE, NY (1759)               NY-68-1-AB-36
BLAUVELT, DAVID                         ORANGETOWN, ORANGE, NY (1761)           NY-68-1-AB-67
BLAUVELT, ISAAC ISAAC                   ORANGE, ORANGE, NY (1787)               NY-68-1-AB-140
BLAUVELT, JACOB                         ORANGETOWN, ORANGE, NY (1774)           NY-68-1-AB-106
BLAUVELT, PETRUS                        HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1782)           NY-68-1-AB-136
BLAWFELT, GARRET                        NTL, ORANGE (1739)                      NY-68-1-AB-25
BLAWFELT, JOSEPH                        NTL, ORANGE (1730)                      NY-68-1-AB-24
BLAWVELT, ABRAHAM                       TAPAN, ORANGE, NY (1751)                NY-68-1-AB-20
BLEECKER, RUTGER                        ALBANY (1756)                           NY-68-1-AB-49
BLOOM, PHEMMETIE                        RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1771)           NY-68-1-AB-88
BOCKEE, ABRAHAM                         AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)             NY-68-1-AB-84
BOCKHOUT, JOHANNIS                      ROMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1771)           NY-68-1-AB-86
BOGARDUS, CORNELIS                      ALBANY (1729)                           NY-68-1-AB-8
BOGARDUS, EVERT                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1717)             NY-68-1-AB-10
BOGARDUS, EVERT                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1758)             NY-68-1-AB-34
BOGARDUS, PETER SR.                     RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)            NY-68-1-AB-137
BOGARDUS, PETRUS                        KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1775)             NY-68-1-AB-80
BOGART, MARTEN                          MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1762)           NY-68-1-AB-28
BOGERT, CORNELIS                        ALBANY (1761)                           NY-68-1-AB-43
BOND, ELIJAH                            NORTHAMPTON, BURLINGTON, NJ (1787)      NY-68-1-AB-151
BOOTH, BENJAMIN                         WALKILL, ULSTER, NY                     NY-68-1-AB-130
BOOTH, CHARLES                          WALIKILL, ULSTER, NY (1772)             NY-68-1-AB-89
BORDEN, WILLIAM                         ALBANY (1772)                           NY-68-1-AB-105
BORGHARD, GERRET                        KINDERHOOK (1761)                       NY-68-1-AB-55
BORGHART, JAN                           KINDERHOOK (1764)                       NY-68-1-AB-76
BORLAND, WILLIAM                        NTL, ULSTER (1780)                      NY-68-1-AB-127
BOSH, JOHANNES SR.                      FISHKILLS, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)          NY-68-1-AB-102
BOUGUET, JACOB                          NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1721/2)    NY-68-1-AB-12
BOUMAN, WILLIAM                         STEPHENTOWN, RENSSELAER, NY (1801)      NY-68-1-AB-159
BOYD, ROBART                            NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1786)          NY-68-1-AB-135
BRADNER, CHRISITAN                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1769)               NY-68-1-AB-58
BRADSTREET, MARY                        ST MARYLEBONE, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND (1782)                                        NY-68-1-AB-144
BRADT, ALBERT                           BETHLEHEM (1797)                        NY-68-1-AB-158
BRAKIN, MATHEW                          NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1758)      NY-68-1-AB-53
BRANDOW, JOHANNIS                       COCKSACKIE (1786)                       NY-68-1-AB-157
BRAS, ADOLPH                            NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1765)      NY-68-1-AB-37
BRASIER, THOMAS                         NTL, ULSTER (1726)                      NY-68-1-AB-13
BRAT, DIRCK                             RENSELAERWYCK (1771)                    NY-68-1-AB-74
BRAT, JOHANNES ARENTSE                  SCHENECTADY (1760)                      NY-68-1-AB-68
BRETT, RUMBOUT                          NTL, DUTCHESS (1773)                    NY-68-1-AB-95
BRETT, SAMUEL                           CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS, NY (1774)          NY-68-1-AB-97
BREVOORT, ELIAS                         NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (INCOMPLETE)                                        NY-68-1-AB-162
BREWER, ADAM                            BRUCKLAND, KINGS, NY (1691/2)           NY-68-1-AB-3
BREWER, CORNELIUS                       SCHENECTADY (1767)                      NY-68-1-AB-79
BREWSTER, EDWARD                        CORNWAL, ORANGE, NY (1775)              NY-68-1-AB-109
BREWSTER, JOHN                          CORNWAL, ORANGE, NY (1779)              NY-68-1-AB-99
BRIDON, FRANCIS                         BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA (1723)              NY-68-1-AB-5
BRIGG, THOMAS                           NTL, DUTCHESS (1784)                    NY-68-1-AB-138
BRINCHERHOFF, JOHN A.                   RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)           NY-68-1-AB-100
BRINCK, CORNELIUS L.                    SHAWANGONK, ULSTER, NY (1782)           NY-68-1-AB-118
BRINCK, JACOB                           KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1757)             NY-68-1-AB-50
BRINCKERHOFF, JACOB                     FISHKILL, DUTCHESS, NY (1759)           NY-68-1-AB-54
BRINCKERHOFF, JOHANNES                  RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1765)           NY-68-1-AB-77
BRINCKERHOFF, JOHN                      RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)            NY-68-1-AB-149
BRINCKERHOFF, STPEHEN                   RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)           NY-68-1-AB-112
BRODHEAD, CHARLES                       GREENKILL, ULSTER, NY (1774)            NY-68-1-AB-103
BRODHEAD, DANIEL (CAPT.)                MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1761)           NY-68-1-AB-56
BRODHEAD, WESSEL                        MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1774)           NY-68-1-AB-101
BROMLEY, CATHARINE                      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1756)      NY-68-1-AB-46
BRONSON, JOHN                           AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)             NY-68-1-AB-124
BROOKS, JONATHAN                        RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1773)           NY-68-1-AB-94
BROUWER, THOMAS                         NTL, ALBANY (1727/8)                    NY-68-1-AB-16
BROWER, ADAM                            SEE: BREWER, ADAM                       NY-68-1-AB-3
BROWER, HENDRICK                        SCHENECTADY (1711)                      NY-68-1-AB-6
BROWER, NICOLAS                         ALBANY (1778)                           NY-68-1-AB-120
BROWER, WILLIAM                         RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)            NY-68-1-AB-139
BROWN, BENJAMIN ESQ.                    RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY (1755)             NY-68-1-AB-45
BROWN, DUNCAN                           WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY (1772)             NY-68-1-AB-85
BROWNE, JAMES                           MOYNE, GALWAY, IRELAND (1782)           NY-68-1-AB-116
BRUGHMAN, HARMANNUS                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1702)      NY-68-1-AB-4
BRUNDAGE, BENJAMIN                      PHILIPS, UPPER PATENT, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)                                      NY-68-1-AB-69
BRUSH, JOSEPH                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK, NY (1756)          NY-68-1-AB-47
BRUYN, CORNELIUS                        SHAWANGUNK, ULSTER, NY (1783)           NY-68-1-AB-113
BRUYN, JACOBUS                          BRUYNSWICK, SHAWANGONK, ULSTER, NY (1781)                                       NY-68-1-AB-133
BRUYN, SEVERYN                          KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1760)             NY-68-1-AB-61
BUCHANNAN, WILLIAM                      NTL, ULSTER (1775)                      NY-68-1-AB-111
BUCK, JONATHAN                          AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY (1775)             NY-68-1-AB-110
BUDD, JOHN                              NTL, SUFFOLK (1684)                     NY-68-1-AB-2
BUDD, NICHOLAS                          RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1772)           NY-68-1-AB-96
BULL, WILLIAM                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1756)               NY-68-1-AB-44
BURGES, JEREMIAH                        HAMILTON, BERMUDA (1727/8)              NY-68-1-AB-7
BURHAMS, WILHELMUS                      SAGERTIES, ULSTER, NY (1780)            NY-68-1-AB-122
BURHANS, DAVID JR.                      KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1761)             NY-68-1-AB-65
BURHANS, HELENA                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1732)             NY-68-1-AB-22
BURNSIDE, MARY                          NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1770)      NY-68-1-AB-87
BURROUGHS, BENJAMIN                     NTL, DUTCHESS (1768)                    NY-68-1-AB-81
BURTIS, STEPYEN                         BEEKMANS, DUTCHESS, NY (1789)           NY-68-1-AB-154
BUSSING, AARON                          RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS, NY (1784)           NY-68-1-AB-141
BUTLER, JAMES                           NTL, RICHMOND (1759)                    NY-68-1-AB-63
BUTLER, THOMAS                          ALBANY (1761)                           NY-68-1-AB-59
BUTLER, WALTER (LT.)                    SCHENECTADY (1763)                      NY-68-1-AB-64
BYFIELD, WILLIAM                        NTL (1747)                              NY-68-1-AB-32
BYVANCK, ANTHONY                        NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1784)      NY-68-1-AB-66
CAMPBELL, ARCHABEL                      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1765)      NY-68-1-AC-65
CAMPBELL, HUGH                          NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1761)      NY-68-1-AC-55
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS (1762)                NY-68-1-AC-38
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NTL (1770)                              NY-68-1-AC-75
CAMPBELL, LAUCHLEN                      CAMPBELL HALL, ULSTER, NY (1750)        NY-68-1-AC-23
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                        NTL, ULSTER (1781)                      NY-68-1-AC-78
CANHEPE, JEAN BERTRAM JR.               NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1798)      NY-68-1-AC-119
CARLE, JOHN                             HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY (1733)            NY-68-1-AC-10
CARMAN, JOSHUA                          BEEKMANS PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1771)       NY-68-1-AC-72
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN                     NTL, ORANGE (1768)                      NY-68-1-AC-64
CARPENTER, JOHN                         GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1740)               NY-68-1-AC-15
CARPENTER, JOHN                         GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1761)               NY-68-1-AC-51
CARPENTER, JOHN                         FREDRICKSBURGH, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)     NY-68-1-AC-89
CARPENTER, JOHN J.                      BLOOMING GREEN, ORANGE, NY (1768)       NY-68-1-AC-68
CARPENTER, JOSEPH 3RD                   GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1785)               NY-68-1-AC-86
CARPENTER, NEHEMIAH                     GOSHEN, ULSTER, NY (1783)               NY-68-1-AC-110
CARPENTER, SAMUEL                       GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1752)               NY-68-1-AC-27
CARPENTER, SOLOMON                      GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1763)               NY-68-1-AC-56
CARPINTAR, WEIGHT                       WALKILL, ULSTER, NY (1785)              NY-68-1-AC-111
CARR, GEORGE                            FLOREDY, ORANGE, NY (1760)              NY-68-1-AC-42
CARRICK, THOMAS                         NEWRYIN, IRELAND (1760)                 NY-68-1-AC-52
CARSKADAN, ROBERT                       NEW WINSOR, ULSTER, NY (1769)           NY-68-1-AC-71
CARTER, JAMES                           NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1757)      NY-68-1-AC-34
CASE, DANIEL                            GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1761)               NY-68-1-AC-49
CASPERSEN, JAN                          NTL, ALBANY (1735)                      NY-68-1-AC-8
CASPERSON, ISAACK                       ALBANY (1728)                           NY-68-1-AC-5
CASWALL, JOHN                           LONDON, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND (1738)       NY-68-1-AC-9
CHAMBERS, JOHN ESQ.                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1764)      NY-68-1-AC-63
CHAPMAN, SAMUEL                         STEPHENTOWN (1785)                      NY-68-1-AC-115
CHILDS, THOMAS                          NEW WINSER, ULSTER, NY (1759)           NY-68-1-AC-45
CHRIST, HENRY                           NTL, ULSTER (1768)                      NY-68-1-AC-46
CHRISTY, GEORGE                         NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1763)      NY-68-1-AC-58
CHURCHILL, EDWARD                       RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1757)            NY-68-1-AC-37
CINCEBOE, PHILLIP                       BEEKMANS PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)       NY-68-1-AC-103
CINNY, ANDREW                           HURLEY, ULSTER, NY (1771)               NY-68-1-AC-73
CLARK, ABIGAIL                          FREDERICKSBURGH, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)    NY-68-1-AC-112
CLARK, EPHRAIM                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1757)               NY-68-1-AC-35
CLARK, LEWIS                            NEWBURGH, ULSTER, NY (1778)             NY-68-1-AC-96
CLARKSON, ELIZABETH                     NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1775)      NY-68-1-AC-84
CLASEN, LOWRENS                         SCHENECTADY (1742)                      NY-68-1-AC-16
CLEMENTS, JOHANNES                      BEEKMAN PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)        NY-68-1-AC-99
CLINCH, ROBERT                          SCHENECTADY (1782)                      NY-68-1-AC-101
CLINTON, ALEXANDER (DR.)                NTL, ULSTER, NY (1758)                  NY-68-1-AC-39
CLOSE, DAVID                            NTL, DUTCHESS (1783)                    NY-68-1-AC-107
CLYNE, JACOB                            CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)      NY-68-1-AC-105
COCK, CATHARINE M.                      GERMAN CAMP (1785)                      NY-68-1-AC-113
COE, DANIEL                             NTL, ORANGE (1782)                      NY-68-1-AC-92
COE, JOHN                               NEWTON, QUEENS, NY (1735)               NY-68-1-AC-11
COE, JOHN                               HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1782)           NY-68-1-AC-104
COE, SAMUEL                             HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE, NY (1742)           NY-68-1-AC-17
COEYMANS, SAMUEL                        RENSELAERWYCK (1763)                    NY-68-1-AC-31
COLDEN, ALEXANDER ESQ                   BROOKLAND, KINGS, NY (1774)             NY-68-1-AC-80
COLE, CORNELIUS                         HURLEY, ULSTER, NY (1786)               NY-68-1-AC-94
COLE, HENDRICK                          CRUM ELBOW, DUTCHESS, NY (1757)         NY-68-1-AC-26
COLE, MYNDERT                           BEEKMANS PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1787)       NY-68-1-AC-117
COLEMAN, CURTIS                         NEW CORNWALL, ORANGE, NY (1768)         NY-68-1-AC-69
COLEMAN, GEORGE                         LITTLE BRITAIN, ULSTER, NY (1778)       NY-68-1-AC-88
COLEMAN, JONATHAN                       GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1779)               NY-68-1-AC-98
COLLINS, ADAM                           BLOOMING GROVE, ORANGE, NY (1770)       NY-68-1-AC-74
COLLINS, MARGRIETA                      ALBANY (1760)                           NY-68-1-AC-47
COLON, JAEN (JOHN)                      SCHENECTADY (1759)                      NY-68-1-AC-33
COMMINS, JOHN                           PAWLING PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1787)        NY-68-1-AC-118
CONCKLIN, JOHN (CAPT.)                  POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)       NY-68-1-AC-116
CONDERMAN, FREDRICK                     CONAJOHARY, TRYON, NY (1786)            NY-68-1-AC-95
CONKLIN, KASPARUS                       ORANGE, ORANGE, NY (1781)               NY-68-1-AC-85
CONKLIN, MATTIAS                        ORANGE, ORANGE, NY (1776)               NY-68-1-AC-87
CONKLING, JOSHUA                        NEWBURGH PCT, ULSTER, NY (1771)         NY-68-1-AC-77
CONNER, DANIEL                          NTL, ULSTER, NY (1749)                  NY-68-1-AC-22
CONYN, PITER ESQ.                       THE MOHAWKS, TRYON, NY (1775)           NY-68-1-AC-79
COOK, JOHN                              NEW WINDSOR, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)        NY-68-1-AC-106
COOKE, SAMUEL (DR.)                     POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)       NY-68-1-AC-109
COOLEY, NATHAN                          CORNWAL PCT, ORANGE, NY (1782)          NY-68-1-AC-102
COOLY, DANIEL                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1762)               NY-68-1-AC-60
COOPER, WILLEM                          RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1772)            NY-68-1-AC-48
CORBETT, JOHN (CAPT.)                   NTL, ORANGE (1714)                      NY-68-1-AC-6
CORBIN, WILLIAM                         BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA (1704)              NY-68-1-AC-4
CORNEL, GILIAM                          FLATBUSH, KINGS, NY (1742)              NY-68-1-AC-19
CORNELL, JOHN                           RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)            NY-68-1-AC-53
CORNELL, RICHARD                        SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER, NY (1758)       NY-68-1-AC-41
CORNELL, SAMUEL                         NEW BURNE, , NC (1781)                  NY-68-1-AC-100
CORY, JOHN                              SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK, NY (1753)            NY-68-1-AC-28
CORY, JONATHAN                          NTL, ORANGE (1770)                      NY-68-1-AC-70
COSBY, HENRY ESQ. (CAPT.)               NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1761)      NY-68-1-AC-29
COSBY, WILLIAM (GOV OF NY & NJ)         NTL, ALBANY (1772)                      NY-68-1-AC-12
COSINE, CORNELIUS                       NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1775)      NY-68-1-AC-81
COTTIN, JEAN                            NTL, ULSTER (1721)                      NY-68-1-AC-7
COUSZENS, JOHN                          DUBLIN, IRELAND (1755)                  NY-68-1-AC-32
COX, EBENEZER                           NTL, ULSTER, NY (1783)                  NY-68-1-AC-93
COZINE, DEBORAH                         NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1775)      NY-68-1-AC-90
CRAGE, JOHN ESQ.                        MAMACATTING, ULSTER, NY (1784)          NY-68-1-AC-97
CRAWFORD, JAMES                         WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY (1783)             NY-68-1-AC-91
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          PINPACK PCT, ULSTER, NY (1786)          NY-68-1-AC-114
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                        WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY (1768)             NY-68-1-AC-44
CREGIER, MARTIN                         CONESTIGIONE (1713/4)                   NY-68-1-AC-3
CREGO, STEPHEN                          CRUM EBLOW, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)         NY-68-1-AC-50
CRESPEL, ANTONY                         HURLEY, ULSTER, NY (1771)               NY-68-1-AC-67
CRISPELL, CORNELIUS                     HURLEY, ULSTER, NY (1778)               NY-68-1-AC-83
CRIST, HENRY                            MONTGOMERY, ULSTER, NY (1783)           NY-68-1-AC-108
CRIST, STEPHANES                        HANOVER PCT, ULSTER, NY (1776)          NY-68-1-AC-82
CROM, FLORIS WILLEMSEN                  NTL, ORANGE (1706)                      NY-68-1-AC-2
CROM, TUENES                            TAPPAN, ORANGE, NY (1744)               NY-68-1-AC-20
CROOKE, CHARLES                         CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1772)      NY-68-1-AC-76
CROOKE, CHARLES JR.                     CROOKE'S DELIGHT, DUTCHESS, NY (1764)   NY-68-1-AC-59
CROOKE, JOHN                            KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1743/4)           NY-68-1-AC-14
CROON, CATRINA JANSE                    ALBANY (1694)                           NY-68-1-AC-1
CRUGER, NICHOLAS                        NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1800)      NY-68-1-AC-120
CRUM, YEANTEA                           NTL, ORANGE, NY (1745)                  NY-68-1-AC-24
CUIPER, CORNELUS ESQ.                   ORANGETOWN, ORANGE, NY (1759)           NY-68-1-AC-43
CURE, JOHN                              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1736)      NY-68-1-AC-13
CURE, JOHN                              TAPPAN, ORANGE, NY (1743)               NY-68-1-AC-21
CURTICE, BENAJAH                        WALKILL, ULSTER, NY (1755)              NY-68-1-AC-25
CURTICE, MARY                           THE OTTER KILL, ULSTER, NY (1786)       NY-68-1-AC-61
CUYLER, ABRAHAM                         ALBANY (1747)                           NY-68-1-AC-18
CUYLER, CORNELIUS                       ALBANY (1765)                           NY-68-1-AC-66
CUYLER, HENDRIK                         ALBANY (1768)                           NY-68-1-AC-57
CUYPER, JOHANNIS                        ORANGE, ORANGE, NY (1765)               NY-68-1-AC-62
CUYPER, KLAS YANSE                      TAPPAN, ORANGE, NY (1765)               NY-68-1-AC-30
CUYPER, TUNIS (THONES)                  NARINGSHAW, ORANGE, NY (1767)           NY-68-1-AC-40
CYPHER, WILLIAM                         POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)       NY-68-1-AC-54
DAVENPORT, THOMAS                       PHILIPS PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1760)        NY-68-1-AD-32
DAVIS, ANN                              RUMBOUT PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)        NY-68-1-AD-119
DAVIS, FREDERICK                        MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1783)           NY-68-1-AD-104                          328
DAVIS, JOHN                             NTL, NEW YORK, NY (1732)                NY-68-1-AD-16
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           BEEKMANS PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1782)       NY-68-1-AD-116
DAVIS, MATHEW                           HUNTING GROVE, ULSTER, NY (1748)        NY-68-1-AD-28
DE BONREPOS, MARTHA                     NTL, RICHMOND, NY (1736)                NY-68-1-AD-22
DEAL, LAVRENTZ                          RHINEBECK PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)      NY-68-1-AD-121
DEAN, JEDEDIAH                          NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY (1782)            NY-68-1-AD-117
DEAN, JOHN                              WAYAYANDA, ORANGE, NY (1766)            NY-68-1-AD-75
DEBINNE, STEPHEN                        KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1728)             NY-68-1-AD-15
DEBRUYN, JOHN HENDRICK                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1702)      NY-68-1-AD-8
DECKER, CORNELIUS                       NTL, ORANGE, NY (1765)                  NY-68-1-AD-73
DECKER, GERRITT                         SHAWANGONK, ULSTER, NY (1787)           NY-68-1-AD-101
DECKER, HEYLTIE                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1744)             NY-68-1-AD-30
DECKER, JOOSHUA                         SHAWANAGUNK PCT, ULSTER, NY (1786)      NY-68-1-AD-123
DECKER, JOSEPH                          SHAWANGONK, ULSTER, NY (1782)           NY-68-1-AD-99
DECKER, LAWRENCE                        WARWICK, ORANGE, NY (1746)              NY-68-1-AD-23
DECKER, MATTHEUS                        SHAWANGUNK PCT, ULSTER, NY (1786)       NY-68-1-AD-93
DEDERICK, FREDERICK                     NTL (1767)                              NY-68-1-AD-33
DEFOREEST, ISAACK                       NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1672)      NY-68-1-AD-2
DEFOREST, PHILIP                        RENSSELAER, ALBANY, NY (1782)           NY-68-1-AD-95
DEKAY, THOMAS                           ORANGE, ORANGE, NY (1758)               NY-68-1-AD-48
DEKEY, HELENA                           NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1735/6)    NY-68-1-AD-19
DEKEY, HELLEGONDA                       NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1707)      NY-68-1-AD-9
DEKEY, JACOB TEUNIS                     NTL (1688)                              NY-68-1-AD-3
DELAENGE, AERRIE                        CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1770)      NY-68-1-AD-80
DELAMERER, ABRAHAM                      KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1787)             NY-68-1-AD-113
DELAMETER, ABRAHAM                      KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1734/5)           NY-68-1-AD-18
DELAMETTER, CORNELIUS                   KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1785)             NY-68-1-AD-58
DELAMETTER, JACOBUS                     MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1741)           NY-68-1-AD-21
DELAMETTER, JACOBUS                     KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1771)             NY-68-1-AD-82
DELAMETTER, JOHANNIS                    KINGSTOWN, ULSTER, NY (1758)            NY-68-1-AD-46
DELAMETTER, MARTIN                      MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1769)           NY-68-1-AD-79
DELANGE, FRANCIS                        NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1758)                NY-68-1-AD-40
DEMAREST, PETER                         NTL, BERGEN, NJ (1784)                  NY-68-1-AD-72
DEMLER, HENRY                           NTL, ULSTER, NY (1786)                  NY-68-1-AD-127
DEMORESO, JOHN                          BARBADOS (1721)                         NY-68-1-AD-13
DEMORRISEY, JOHN                        BARBADOS (1721)                         NY-68-1-AD-12
DEMOTT, JACOBUS                         NEWBOROUGH, ULSTER, NY (1784)           NY-68-1-AD-120
DEMYOR, NICHOLAS                        ESOPUS CREEK, ULSTER, NY (1769)         NY-68-1-AD-53
DENNISTON, DANIEL                       NTL, ULSTER, NY (1770)                  NY-68-1-AD-69
DENNISTON, HUGH                         ALBANY (1786)                           NY-68-1-AD-125
DENORMANDIE, DANIEL                     NTL (1760)                              NY-68-1-AD-62
DENOYELLIS, JOHN ESQ.                   NTL, ORANGE, NY (1775)                  NY-68-1-AD-94
DENTON, BENJAMIN                        AMENIA PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1780)         NY-68-1-AD-85                           250
DENTON, DANIEL                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1785)               NY-68-1-AD-65
DENTON, DANIEL                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1750)               NY-68-1-AD-38
DENTON, SAMUEL                          NEWBURGH PCT, ULSTER, NY (1780)         NY-68-1-AD-109
DEPEYSTER, WILLIAM                      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1784)      NY-68-1-AD-110
DEPUE, JACOBUS                          ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1762)            NY-68-1-AD-47
DEPUY, ELIAS                            ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1779)            NY-68-1-AD-98                           301
DEPUY, JACOBUS                          ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1785)            NY-68-1-AD-70
DESEGUR, VICOMPT LOUIS ANTOINE          PERIGOUD, FRANCE (1794)                 NY-68-1-AD-130
DEVEL, CHRISTOPHER                      NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1764)                NY-68-1-AD-54                           100
DEVONE, DAVID                           NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1760)      NY-68-1-AD-56
DEVREESE, JACOBIS                       ORANGETOWN, ORANGE, NY (1774)           NY-68-1-AD-87
DEWEY, MARTIN                           CRUM ELBO PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1763)      NY-68-1-AD-60
DEWITT, ANDRIES                         ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1761)            NY-68-1-AD-55
DEWITT, DEBORA                          NTL, ULSTER, NY (1768)                  NY-68-1-AD-63
DEWITT, EGBERT                          NEPENACK, ULSTER, NY (1761)             NY-68-1-AD-51
DEWITT, HENRY                           KINGSTOWN, ULSTER, NY (1753)            NY-68-1-AD-42
DEWITT, JACOB                           ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1779)            NY-68-1-AD-107
DEWITT, JERK                            NTL, ULSTER, NY (1764)                  NY-68-1-AD-68
DEWITT, JOHN                            POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)       NY-68-1-AD-114
DEWITT, JOHN                            ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (17799)           NY-68-1-AD-88
DEWITT, TIJERCK                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1762)             NY-68-1-AD-43
DEYGERT, WERNER                         CONAJOHARIE DIST, MONTGOMERY, NY (1783) NY-68-1-AD-103                          324
DHARRIETTE, BENJAMIN                    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1761)      NY-68-1-AD-26
DICKESSON, SAMUEL                       NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1750)                NY-68-1-AD-36
DICKMAN, CORNELIUS                      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1711)      NY-68-1-AD-10
DIEDERUK, WILLIAM                       WEST CAMP, ULSTER, NY (1787)            NY-68-1-AD-128
DIEFENDORF, HENRY                       CONAJOHARY, ALBANY, NY (1784)           NY-68-1-AD-89
DIEL, HENRY                             RHINEBECK PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1772)      NY-68-1-AD-84
DIETZ, ADAM                             RENSELAERWYCK, ALBANY, NY (1784)        NY-68-1-AD-96
DIETZ, WILLIAM                          SCHOHARIE (1782)                        NY-68-1-AD-118
DIGHTON, JOHN                           NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1724)      NY-68-1-AD-14
DILANERGNE, NICOLAS                     CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)      NY-68-1-AD-111
DISBROW, JOHN                           RYE, WESTCHESTER, NY (1751)             NY-68-1-AD-39
DISBROWE, HENRY                         MARENEEK, WESTCHESTER, NY (1747)        NY-68-1-AD-34
DITMAS, DOUWE                           JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY (1769)              NY-68-1-AD-41
DKEY, THEUNIS                           NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1702)      NY-68-1-AD-7
DMEYER, WILHELMUS                       KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1711)             NY-68-1-AD-11
DODGE, JEREMIAH                         PAULDINGS PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1785)      NY-68-1-AD-124
DOLSEN, JAMES                           GOSHEN PCT, ORANGE, NY (1779)           NY-68-1-AD-105
DONHAM, EPHRAIM                         BEEKMANS PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1765)       NY-68-1-AD-74
DOUGHTY, WILLIAM                        CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1771)      NY-68-1-AD-83
DOUGHTY, WILLIAM                        KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1758)             NY-68-1-AD-44
DOUW, HENDRIK                           RENSELAERWYCK (1751)                    NY-68-1-AD-35
DOUW, JOHANNES VOL                      NTL (1782)                              NY-68-1-AD-102
DOUW, VOLCKERT                          ALBANY (1768)                           NY-68-1-AD-77
DOUW, VOLKERT P.                        GREEN BUSH, RENSSELAER, NY (1800)       NY-68-1-AD-129
DRAKE, GERARDUS                         BEEKMANS PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1774)       NY-68-1-AD-91
DRAKE, JOHN                             GOSHEN PCT, ORANGE, NY (1780)           NY-68-1-AD-108
DUBOI, PHILIPE                          ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1764)            NY-68-1-AD-67
DUBOIS, ABRAHAM                         NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY (1731)            NY-68-1-AD-17
DUBOIS, BENJAMIN                        CATTSKILL (1767)                        NY-68-1-AD-64
DUBOIS, CORNELIUS                       NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY (1781)            NY-68-1-AD-112
DUBOIS, ELISHA                          RUMBOUT PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)        NY-68-1-AD-122
DUBOIS, GUALTHERUS                      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1753)      NY-68-1-AD-37
DUBOIS, HASKIA SR.                      SAGERTIES, ULSTER, NY (1767)            NY-68-1-AD-49
DUBOIS, ISAAC                           KINGSTON, ULSTER (1773)                 NY-68-1-AD-90
DUBOIS, JONAS                           CORNWALL PCT, ORANGE, NY (1775)         NY-68-1-AD-97
DUBOIS, JONATHAN                        NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY (1749)            NY-68-1-AD-31
DUBOIS, JOSAPHAT                        ROCHESTER, ULSTER, NY (1784)            NY-68-1-AD-50
DUBOIS, LOUYS                           KINGSTOWNE, ULSTER, NY (1696)           NY-68-1-AD-5
DUBOIS, LOUYS                           SEE: DUBOYS, LOUYS                      NY-68-1-AD-4
DUBOIS, NATHANIEL                       NTL, ORANGE, NY (1763)                  NY-68-1-AD-66
DUBOIS, PETER                           WALLKILL, ULSTER, NY (1781)             NY-68-1-AD-86
DUBOUIS, SOLOMON                        NTL, ULSTER, NY (1759)                  NY-68-1-AD-29
DUBOYS, ELIAS                           POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1756)       NY-68-1-AD-45
DUBOYS, LOUYS                           KINGSTOWNE (1696)                       NY-68-1-AD-4
DUDLEY, STEPHEN                         SCHENECTADY, ALBANY, NY (1767)          NY-68-1-AD-76
DUFFIE, DUNCAN                          NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1758)      NY-68-1-AD-52
DUFOUR, DAVID                           NTL (1671)                              NY-68-1-AD-1
DUFOUR, JANNETJE FRANS                  SEE: DUFOUR, DAVID                      NY-68-1-AD-1
DUMARESQ, NICOLAS                       NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1698)      NY-68-1-AD-6
DUMARIS, JOHN                           SEE: DEMORESO, JOHN                     NY-68-1-AD-13
DUMON, IGENAS                           KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1748)             NY-68-1-AD-24
DUMONT, HENRY                           NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1760)      NY-68-1-AD-61
DUMONT, JOHN                            KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1741)             NY-68-1-AD-25
DUMONT, JOHN BAPTIST                    KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1749(             NY-68-1-AD-27
DUMONT, RACHEL                          KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1765)             NY-68-1-AD-59
DUNBAR, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY (1736)                      NY-68-1-AD-20
DUNNING, JACOB                          GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1783)               NY-68-1-AD-115
DUNNING, JACOB                          GOSHEN PCT, ORANGE, NY (1771)           NY-68-1-AD-81
DUNNING, SAMUEL                         GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1779)               NY-68-1-AD-100
DURITJE, YOST                           GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY                      NY-68-1-AD-57
DURYEE, ABRAHAM                         RUMBOUT, DUTCHESS, NY (1764)            NY-68-1-AD-71
DUSINBERE, SILVANUS                     NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1782)          NY-68-1-AD-106
DUTCHER, DAVID                          RUMBOUT PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1773)        NY-68-1-AD-92
DWIGHT, STEPHEN                         NEWARK, ESSEX, NJ (1785)                NY-68-1-AD-126
EARLE, EDWARD SR.                       NTL, BERGEN, NJ (1717)                  NY-68-1-AE-1
EARLL, JOHN                             SMITHS CLOVE, ORANGE, NY (1786)         NY-68-1-AE-31
ECKER, ADEM                             MOHAWKS DISTRICT, MONTGOMERY, NY (1784) NY-68-1-AE-24
ECKERSEN, CORNELIUS                     ORANGE TWP, ORANGE, NY (1783)           NY-68-1-AE-28
ECKERSEN, CORNELUS                      HAVERSTRAW PCT, ORANGE, NY (1785)       NY-68-1-AE-21
EDMONSTON, JAMES                        NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1787)          NY-68-1-AE-26
EDSALL, SAMUEL                          GOSHEN PCT, ORANGE, NY (1786)           NY-68-1-AE-37
EDWARDS, TIMOTHY                        NORTHEAST PCT, DUTCHESS, NY             NY-68-1-AE-15
EGBERSE, MARIA                          ALBANY (1784)                           NY-68-1-AE-18
EGBERTS, JACOB VISSCHER                 ALBANY (1786)                           NY-68-1-AE-34
EGBERTSE, EGBERT JR.                    ALBANY (1771)                           NY-68-1-AE-13
EGBERTSE, ELSIE                         RENSSELAERWYCK (1753)                   NY-68-1-AE-4
EGBRTS, MARIA                           SEE: EGBERSE, MARIA                     NY-68-1-AE-18
EGGMONT, NICHOLAS                       COXSACKIE (1763)                        NY-68-1-AE-17
ELIAS, JACOB                            HUDSON, COLUMBIA, NY (1786)             NY-68-1-AE-38
ELIGH, JOHAN GORG                       BEVERKILL, ULSTER, NY (1783)            NY-68-1-AE-27
ELIGH, WILLIAM                          WEST CAMP, ULSTER, NY (1783)            NY-68-1-AE-33
ELLEMS, GEORGE                          WALKILL PCT, ULSTER, NY (1765)          NY-68-1-AE-19
ELLIS, JAMES                            ST. JAMES, JAMAICA (1787)               NY-68-1-AE-39
ELLWELL, SAMUEL                         SOUTHEAST PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1783)      NY-68-1-AE-25
ELTING, JOHANNES                        MARBLETOWN, ULSTER, NY (1755)           NY-68-1-AE-10
ELTINGE, JAN                            KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1762)             NY-68-1-AE-16
ELTINGE, JAN                            KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1762)             NY-68-1-AE-12
ELTINGE, JOSIA                          NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY (1784)            NY-68-1-AE-20
ELTINGE, ROELOFF                        NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY (1747)            NY-68-1-AE-7
ELTINGE, WILLEM                         KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1743)             NY-68-1-AE-6
ELWELL, SAMUEL                          NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1774)                NY-68-1-AE-22
EMANS, JOHN                             GRAVENSEND, KINGS, NY (1714)            NY-68-1-AE-2
EMONS, ABRAHAM                          YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY (1763)         NY-68-1-AE-3
EMPIE, ADAM                             STONERABY, MONTGOMERY, NY (1784)        NY-68-1-AE-32
ENDERS, WILLIAM                         SCHOHARIE (1786)                        NY-68-1-AE-36
ERWIN, SAMUEL                           NTL, ULSTER, NY(1768)                   NY-68-1-AE-14
ESELSTYN, DAVID                         NTL (1748)                              NY-68-1-AE-8
ESSELSTEEIN, CORNELIS                   CLAVERACK (1748)                        NY-68-1-AE-9
ETHERINGTON, ROBERT                     NTL, , MD (1767)                        NY-68-1-AE-11
ETINGE, NOACH                           NEW PALTZ, ULSTER, NY (1781)            NY-68-1-AE-23
EVERITT, RICHARD                        NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1764)                NY-68-1-AE-40
EVERITT, ROBERT                         NEW MARBOROUGH, ULSTER, NY (1785)       NY-68-1-AE-30
EVERSON, THOMAS                         CORNWAL PCT, ORANGE, NY (1783)          NY-68-1-AE-29
EVERTSEN, JACOB                         NORMANSKILL, ALBANY, NY (1787)          NY-68-1-AE-35
FALLS, ALEXANDER JR.                    LITTLE BRITAIN, ULSTER, NY (1773)       NY-68-1-AF-23
FALLS, EDWARD                           LITTLE BRITAIN, ULSTER, NY (1776)       NY-68-1-AF-27
FAULKENDER, WILLIAM                     WALKILL PCT, ULSTER, NY (1785)          NY-68-1-AF-35
FELLON, LEWIS                           NTL (1778)                              NY-68-1-AF-28
FELTON, WILLIAM                         NTL, ORANGE, NY (1755)                  NY-68-1-AF-8
FERDON, JOHN                            POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1779)       NY-68-1-AF-30
FERGUSON, EPHRAIM                       RUMBOUTS PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1772)       NY-68-1-AF-20
FERRIS, ZEBULON                         NTL, DUTCHESS, NY (1779)                NY-68-1-AF-22
FIERER, VALLENTYN                       CATSLAEN (1770)                         NY-68-1-AF-14
FIERO, JOHANN CHRISTIAN                 KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY (1787)             NY-68-1-AF-38
FILKINS, ISAAC                          CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS, NY             NY-68-1-AF-33
FINCH, ISAAC                            GOSHEN, ORANGE, NY (1749)               NY-68-1-AF-6
FINGER, JOHANNIS                        LIVINGSTON (1782)                       NY-68-1-AF-29
FINN, ROBERT                            NTL, ORANGE, NY (1781)                  NY-68-1-AF-31
FINN, WILLIAM                           GOSHEN PCT, ORANGE, NY (1759)           NY-68-1-AF-11
FISH, THOMAS                            AMENIA, DUTCHESS, NY (1787)             NY-68-1-AF-40
FISHER, TIERCK HARMENSE                 NTL, ALBANY (1725)                      NY-68-1-AF-2
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                      ALBANY (1800)                           NY-68-1-AF-41
FLAGLER, SIMON                          CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1775)      NY-68-1-AF-25
FLANSSBURGH, DAVID                      MOHAWK RIVER (1767)                     NY-68-1-AF-15
FLENSBURGH, DANIEL                      NTL, ALBANY (1726)                      NY-68-1-AF-3
FLINN, DAVID                            CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1781)      NY-68-1-AF-32
FOLK, JOHANNIS                          CHURCHLAND, ULSTER, NY (1784)           NY-68-1-AF-26
FOLKERTSON, NICHOLAS                    BOSWYCK, KINGS, NY (1762)               NY-68-1-AF-12
FONDA, ABRAHAM                          CLAVERACK (1762)                        NY-68-1-AF-13
FONDA, PETER                            SCHENECTADY (1775)                      NY-68-1-AF-19
FONSECA, JACOB                          NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY (1729)      NY-68-1-AF-5
FORT, JOHANNIS                          POUGHKEEPSIE, DUTCHESS, NY (1786)       NY-68-1-AF-39
FOULGER, THOMAS                         CURRYS BROOK (1785)                     NY-68-1-AF-36
FOWLER, JOHN                            NEWBURGH PCT, ULSTER, NY (1767)         NY-68-1-AF-16
FOWLER, NEHEMIAH                        NEWBURGH PCT, ULSTER, NY (1785)         NY-68-1-AF-37
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         FLUSHING, QUEENS, NY (1771)             NY-68-1-AF-1
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         CROM ELBOW PCT, DUTCHESS, NY (1761)     NY-68-1-AF-9
FRANCK, CONRAD                          BURNETSFIELD (1771)                     NY-68-1-AF-21
FREEMAN MARMADUE MORANT                 NTL (1726)                              NY-68-1-AF-4
FREER, JONAS                            NEW PALTZ PCT, ULSTER, NY (1775)        NY-68-1-AF-24
FRELINGHUYSEN, HENRICUS                 NTL, ULSTER, NY (1758)                  NY-68-1-AF-10
FRENSNEAU, PETER                        MIDDLETOWN, MONMOUTH, NJ (1767)         NY-68-1-AF-17
FRYER, ISAAC                            ALBANY (1775)                           NY-68-1-AF-7
FRYER, JOHN                             ALBANY (1784)                           NY-68-1-AF-34
FULTON, DAVID                           NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER, NY (1770)          NY-68-1-AF-18

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