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---, POLL (COLORED? INDIAN?) NYACK                         NY-44-G-529
ABRAMS, BENJAMIN             RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-132
ABRAMS, JOHN                 PATERSON, PASSIAC, NJ         NY-44-I-554
ABRAMS, JUSTUS               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-609
ABRAMS, WILLIAM              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-T-331
ACKARSON, DAVID              HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-306
ACKER, JAMES O.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-287
ACKERMAN, ABRAHAM D.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-368
ACKERMAN, ABRAHAM E.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-559
ACKERMAN, DANIEL D.          HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-193
ACKERMAN, DAVID C.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-195
ACKERMAN, DAVID D.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-131
ACKERMAN, DAVID D.           HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-146
ACKERMAN, GARRET             HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-219
ACKERMAN, HENRY B.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-178
ACKERMAN, HESTER             WASHINGTON, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-R-131
ACKERMAN, JANE               HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-175
ACKERMAN, SIMEON             RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-91
ACKERSON, BRIDGET            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-433
ACKERSON, CORNELIUS          ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-203
ACKERSON, CORNELIUS L.       CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-450
ACKERSON, JACOB              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-470
ACKERSON, JACOB              ORANGE                        NY-44-B-214
ACKERSON, JACOB J.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-245
ACKERSON, JOHN               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-126
ACKERSON, WILLIAM C.         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-21
ADAMS, JOHN                  STONY POINT                   NY-44-M-523
ALDRIDGE, WILLIAM H.         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-U-286
ALLISON, ABRAHAM             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-77
ALLISON, BENJAMIN            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-180
ALLISON, CHARLES             STONY POINT                   NY-44-V-138
ALLISON, ELLEN               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-M-468
ALLISON, ELSIE A.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-I-6
ALLISON, GARRET G.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-50
ALLISON, GEORGE L.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-411
ALLISON, GEORGE S.           STONY POINT                   NY-44-P-507
ALLISON, HARRIET             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-492
ALLISON, JOHN W.             STONY POINT                   NY-44-R-325
ALLISON, LYMAN H.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-304
ALLISON, MICHAEL             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-345
ALLISON, PETER               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-185
ALLISON, PETER P.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-116
ALLISON, THOMAS              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-110
ALLISON, WILLIAM             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-130
ALLSION, EDMUND D.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-T-196
ALLYN, FIDELIA M.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-367
ALLYN, TIMOTHY F.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-581
AMBERMAN, ISAAC              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-225
AMBREY, ELIZA                STONY POINT                   NY-44-S-163
AMBREY, WILLIAM              STONY POINT                   NY-44-W-205
AMOS, DAVID B.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-145
ANDERSON, GEORGE             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-33
ANDERSON, JOHN D.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-432
ANDERSON, MARGARET           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-D-394
ANDERSON, SAMUEL             ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-178
ANGELMAN, GEORGE             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-F-351
APPLEBY, ELIJAH              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-513
APPLEBY, ELSIE               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-207
ARCHER, ALLISON M.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-U-244
ARCHER, MARY A.              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-J-226
ARCHER, MICHAEL A.           HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-0-285
ARDEN, JAMES                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-B-97
ARKENBURGH, ROBERT H.        NYACK                         NY-44-S-607
ARMSTRONG, JAMES             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-571
ARMSTRONG, JAMES L.          HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-D-326
ARMSTRONG, JOHN              MONTVALE, BERGEN, NJ          NY-44-T-221
ARMSTRONG, JOHN              MONTVALE, BERGEN, NJ          NY-44-Q-331
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-335
ASHBEY, JOSEPH I.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-491
ASKEW, GEORGE                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-128
AURGANSEN, ABRAHAM           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-609
AURGANSEN, JACOB             RAMAPO                        NY-44-N-395
AURGANSEN, JANE              SEE: AURGANSEN, JACOB         NY-44-N-395
AURYANSEN, JAMES D.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-239
AYMAR, JAMES                 ORANGE                        NY-44-G-86
BABBIDGE, HARRIET A.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-121
BABBITT, EMILY               NYACK                         NY-44-U-582
BABCOCK, HIRAM W.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-478
BABCOCK, ISAAC               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-356
BAIER, SOPHIA                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-U-339
BAILEY, FLOYD                PALISADES                     NY-44-X-157
BAKER, AMELIA                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-386
BAKER, JOHN M.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-511
BAKER, JOSEPH                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-564
BAKER, MARGARET              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-688
BAKER, MARITYE               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-189
BAKER, SARA M.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-449
BAKER, THEODORE              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-569
BAKER, WILLIAM               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-55
BALL, JOSEPH A.              RAMPO                         NY-44-P-573
BALLARD, JAMES E.            STONY POINT                   NY-44-J-362
BALLWEG, VALTIN              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-360
BANKER, ABRAHAM              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-132
BANNON, MARY (DUNNIGAN)      HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-300
BANTA, MARY ELLA             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-238
BARBAROW, FREDERICK          HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-39
BARBAROW, MARIA ****         RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-138
BARBAROW, MATTHEW            HEMPSTED                      NY-44-A-328
BARCLAY, PHILIP              NYACK                         NY-44-M-501
BARD, SAMUEL W.              CALDWELLS                     NY-44-F-437
BARDON, CONRAD               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-82
BARDON, FREDERICK            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-424
BARDON, JOHN                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-V-327
BARDON, PHILIP               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-U-217
BAREMORE, HENRY              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-21
BARLOW, JONATHAN             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-354
BARMORE, HENRY               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-297
BARMORE, NATHANIEL           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-697
BARRETT, JOHN                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-542
BARTON, ISAAC H.             TAPPAN                        NY-44-V-103
BARTON, MORRIS               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-427
BATEMAN, MARY                PIERMONT                      NY-44-Y-105
BAUM, RACHEL                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-586
BAXTER, HENRY P.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-T-373
BAYAND, THOMAS G.            DENVER, DENVER, CO            NY-44-J-242
BEAL, MARY                   ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-200
BEAN, FRANK E.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-71
BECRAFT, JOEL                RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-612
BEDELL, PETER                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-308
BEEBE, EMILY J.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-65
BEEHLER, CONRAD              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-T-303
BEER, EDWIN                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-N-312
BEGG, JOHN                   HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-X-521
BEIER, ANDREW                STONY POINT                   NY-44-S-592
BELL, ABRAHAM T.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-426
BELL, ANN                    PALISADES                     NY-44-V-93
BELL, CATY                   ORANGE                        NY-44-A-366
BELL, CORNELIUS D.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-532
BELL, DANIEL                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-381
BELL, ELIZA S.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-71
BELL, FANNY                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-403
BELL, HENDERICK C.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-369
BELL, JAMES                  NTL (NO RECORD)               NY-44-G-20
BELL, JAMES D.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-218
BELL, JOHANNES               ORANGE                        NY-44-A-174
BELL, JOHN                   ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-578
BELL, JOHN G.                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-228
BELL, RICHARD                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-U-477
BELL, SUSAN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-283
BELL, WILLIAM ***            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-155
BENNET, JOHN A.              UPPER NYACK                   NY-44-Z-568
BENNET, SARA C.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-153
BENNETT, WILIAM              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-319
BENNOCK, JAMES H.            PIERMONT                      NY-44-G-435
BENSEN, CORNALIA             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-163
BENSON, ANDREW EKLUND        STONY POINT                   NY-44-Y-187
BENSON, ANN                  HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-0-265
BENSON, BENJAMIN             RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-51
BENSON, CORNELIUS            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-545
BENSON, GOERGE               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-K-62
BENSON, HANNAH               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-R-311
BENSON, JAMES ****           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-489
BENSON, JOHANNAH ****        HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-559
BENSON, JOHN                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-427
BENSON, MATTHEW              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-147
BENSON, WILLIAM              STONY POINT                   NY-44-M-386
BERNHARD, WILLIAM            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Q-27
BERWICK, ELIZABETH           STONY POINT                   NY-44-T-512
BEST, HENRY                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-183
BILTZ, ANDREW                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-585
BILTZ, LOUIS                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-121
BIRMINGHAM, ANDREW           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-332
BISHOP, EBENEZER             HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-244
BISSICKS, SAMUEL             ROCKLAND LAKE                 NY-44-U-14
BLACKFAU, JESSE              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-331
BLAKENEY, DAVID L.           TAPPAN                        NY-44-U-350
BLAKENEY, HANNAH M.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-538
BLAKENEY, WILLIAM A.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-365
BLAKENEY, WILLIAM H.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-U-154
BLANCH, ISAAC                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-65
BLANCH, ISAAC                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-R-20
BLANCH, ISAAC T.             NTL                           NY-44-C-185
BLANCH, JOHN                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-452
BLANCH, LUCILLA S.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-435
BLANCH, RACHEL               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-138
BLANCH, RICHARD J.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-31
BLANCH, RICHARD J.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-44
BLANCH, SARAH                PIERMONT                      NY-44-J-258
BLANCH, THOMAS               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-4
BLANCH, THOMAS E.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-684
BLANCH, THOMAS J.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-619
BLANCHARD, HANNAH            STONY POINT                   NY-44-K-366
BLANCHARD, JAMES             RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-415
BLANCHER, JOHN               STONY POINT                   NY-44-J-310
BLAUVELT, A. THOMPSON        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-497
BLAUVELT, AARON              HEMPSTED                      NY-44-A-39
BLAUVELT, AARON              RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-202
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM            ORANGE                        NY-44-B-67
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM            NTL                           NY-44-B-154
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM C.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-75
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM D.         ORANGE                        NY-44-B-32
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM DOW        CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-209
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM G.         ORANGE                        NY-44-F-178
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM H.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-R-352
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM H.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-11
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM JOS.       ORANGE                        NY-44-A-4
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM O.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-580
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM P.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-428
BLAUVELT, ABRAM C. J.        RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-456
BLAUVELT, ABRAM J. P.        CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-100
BLAUVELT, ADALAIDE           RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-499
BLAUVELT, ALEXANDER          NYACK                         NY-44-U-544
BLAUVELT, ARAHAM C.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-B-217
BLAUVELT, CATHARINE          ORANGE                        NY-44-A-80
BLAUVELT, CATHARINE          NYACK                         NY-44-X-363
BLAUVELT, CATHARINE ANN      ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-185
BLAUVELT, CATHERINE          RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-396
BLAUVELT, CATHERINE          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-410
BLAUVELT, CATHERINE          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-288
BLAUVELT, CHARLES E.         NEW CITY                      NY-44-R-337
BLAUVELT, CLAUSHE            NYACK                         NY-44-E-53
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-D-303
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS          ORANGE                        NY-44-A-272
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS A.       CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-531
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS A.       RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-98
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS A.       CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-246
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS C. O.    HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-440
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS H.       CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-603
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS I.       SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-S-562
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS J.       ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-326
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS J.       ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-430
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS JOS.     CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-629
BLAUVELT, DANIEL             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-616
BLAUVELT, DANIEL A.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-334
BLAUVELT, DANIEL J.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-246
BLAUVELT, DAVID              WASHINGTON, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-E-79
BLAUVELT, DAVID J.           HACKENSACK, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-E-467
BLAUVELT, DAVID J.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-460
BLAUVELT, DAVID T.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-565
BLAUVELT, EDWARD             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-439
BLAUVELT, ELEANOR            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-506
BLAUVELT, ELIZA              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-167
BLAUVELT, FREDRIC            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-244
BLAUVELT, GARRET             ROCKLAND                      NY-44-A-421
BLAUVELT, GARRET JOS.        ORANGE                        NY-44-A-291
BLAUVELT, GARRET M.          ORANGEVILLE                   NY-44-E-402
BLAUVELT, GARRIT             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-332
BLAUVELT, GEORGE B.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-221
BLAUVELT, HANNAH             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-424
BLAUVELT, HARMAN             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-16
BLAUVELT, HARMAN             HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-334
BLAUVELT, HARRIET A.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-V-285
BLAUVELT, HENRY A.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-B-153
BLAUVELT, HENRY J.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-59
BLAUVELT, HESTER             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-243
BLAUVELT, ISAAC              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-170
BLAUVELT, ISAAC A.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-196
BLAUVELT, ISAAC F.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-1
BLAUVELT, ISAAC G.           ORANGE                        NY-44-B-119
BLAUVELT, ISAAC G.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-268
BLAUVELT, ISAAC GART.        GREENBUSH                     NY-44-A-11
BLAUVELT, ISAAC J.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-28
BLAUVELT, JACOB              ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-167
BLAUVELT, JACOB A.           ORANGE                        NY-44-B-64
BLAUVELT, JACOB E.           NYACK                         NY-44-U-222
BLAUVELT, JACOB I.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-279
BLAUVELT, JACOB J.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-212
BLAUVELT, JACOB J.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-572
BLAUVELT, JACOB M.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-67
BLAUVELT, JACOBUS I.         ORANGE                        NY-44-B-220
BLAUVELT, JAMES              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-270
BLAUVELT, JAMES H.           NYACK                         NY-44-U-76
BLAUVELT, JAMES I.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-536
BLAUVELT, JAMES J.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-329
BLAUVELT, JAMES P.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-175
BLAUVELT, JANNITYE           ORANGE                        NY-44-B-219
BLAUVELT, JOANNA             RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-435
BLAUVELT, JOHANNES           CLARKSTOWN (MAP)              NY-44-C-1
BLAUVELT, JOHANNES           ORANGE                        NY-44-A-92
BLAUVELT, JOHANNES D.        ORANGE                        NY-44-A-248
BLAUVELT, JOHANNES JAC.      CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-297
BLAUVELT, JOHANNIS JAC       ORANGE                        NY-44-A-60
BLAUVELT, JOHN               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-136
BLAUVELT, JOHN A.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-271
BLAUVELT, JOHN A.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-446
BLAUVELT, JOHN C.            ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-258
BLAUVELT, JOHN D.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-225
BLAUVELT, JOHN G.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-115
BLAUVELT, JOHN H.            NYACK                         NY-44-T-169
BLAUVELT, JOHN H.            ORANGE                        NY-44-A-238
BLAUVELT, JOHN I.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-84
BLAUVELT, JOHN IS.           ORANGE                        NY-44-B-215
BLAUVELT, JOHN LANSING       ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-692
BLAUVELT, JOHN M.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-R-4
BLAUVELT, JOHN P.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-359
BLAUVELT, JOHN S.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-195
BLAUVELT, JOHN T.            ORANGE                        NY-44-B-112
BLAUVELT, JOHN W.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-437
BLAUVELT, JOSEPH C.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-608
BLAUVELT, JOSEPH H.          ORANGE                        NY-44-C-154
BLAUVELT, JOSEPH N.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-436
BLAUVELT, LUCRETIA           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-647
BLAUVELT, MARGARET           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-444
BLAUVELT, MARGARET           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-307
BLAUVELT, MARGARET R.        CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-458
BLAUVELT, MARIA              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-U-107
BLAUVELT, MARIA              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-110
BLAUVELT, MARIA              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-106
BLAUVELT, MARY ANN           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-103
BLAUVELT, NICHOLAS           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-449
BLAUVELT, PETER J.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-21
BLAUVELT, RACHEL             ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-D-216
BLAUVELT, RACHEL             HARRINGTON                    NY-44-X-47
BLAUVELT, RICAHRD            RAMPO                         NY-44-P-324
BLAUVELT, RICHARD D.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-541
BLAUVELT, RICHARD W.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-364
BLAUVELT, SAMUEL C.          HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-568
BLAUVELT, SAMUEL P.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-447
BLAUVELT, SARAH CATHARINE    RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-301
BLAUVELT, SARAH D.           NYACK                         NY-44-V-305
BLAUVELT, SPENCER W.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-1
BLAUVELT, THANKFUL E.        CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-357
BLAUVELT, THOMAS B.          PIERMONT                      NY-44-G-589
BLAUVELT, TUNIS C.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-293
BLAUVELT, TUNIS J.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-658
BLAVELT, JECOBAS             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-70
BLAZER, JACOB                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-189
BLEUKER, LOUIS               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-608
BLIVEN, ALBERT A.            NYACK                         NY-44-T-441
BLY, JAMES                   CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-315
BOBB, MARY E.                STONY POINT                   NY-44-S-327
BOGART, CORNELIUS G.         ORANGE                        NY-44-E-414
BOGART, DAVID                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-123
BOGART, GARRET C.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-201
BOGERT, ALBERT               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-40
BOGERT, ALBERT M.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-71
BOGERT, ANNAETJE             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-384
BOGERT, CORNELIUS            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-33
BOGERT, CORNELIUS G.         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-375
BOGERT, DAVID H.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-78
BOGERT, PETER                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-25
BOGERT, SUSAN                RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-521
BOHLIG, GUSTAV               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-571
BOLMER, WILLAM H.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-92
BOLTING, FRANCIS             PALISADES                     NY-44-V-321
BOLTING, MARY                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-V-610
BONER, JOHN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-578
BOSLET, PETER                BLAUVELTVILLE                 NY-44-U-318
BOSSLET, JOHN                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-332
BOUTON, GEORGE H.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-T-362
BOWER, JOHN                  STONY POINT                   NY-44-P-567
BOYAN, LAWRENCE              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-204
BRADY, ABNER                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-710
BRADY, CHAUNCEY              SOUTH NYACK                   NY-44-Y-603
BRADY, DANIEL                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-215
BRADY, JOHN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-287
BRADY, MARIA                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-384
BRADY, PHILIP                ORAGNETOWN                    NY-44-R-69
BRADY, WILLIAM S.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-427
BRAUNS, JULIANNA             PEARL RIVER                   NY-44-T-338
BRAUNSDORF, JULIUS E.        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-351
BRESSLER, KATHERINE          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-11
BREWSTER, HANNAH             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-15
BREWSTER, MARY               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-137
BREWSTER, RICHARD W.         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-83
BREWSTER, SAMUEL             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-140
BREWSTER, WALTER F.          HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-241
BRICKELL, GEORGE             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-175
BRICKELL, JAMES T.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-230
BRIGGS, AMOS                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Q-148
BRIGGS, CHARLES H.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-P-298
BRIGGS, EDWARD               TAPPAN                        NY-44-A-89
BRIGGS, JAMES L.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-306
BRIGGS, LAURENCE             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-B-177
BRIGGS, MATTHIAS             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-C-419
BROCKWAY, JOHN               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-252
BROOKS, OLIVER C.            STONY POINT                   NY-44-N-108
BROOKS, WILLIAM E.           GARNERVILLE                   NY-44-V-514
BROWER, ABRAHAM              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-98
BROWER, DAVID                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-462
BROWER, DAVID                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-385
BROWER, DAVID D.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-317
BROWER, REBECCA              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-202
BROWER, SARAH C.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-558
BROWER, ULDRICK              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-394
BROWN, DAVID                 ORANGE                        NY-44-B-206
BROWN, GEORGE P. H.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-486
BROWN, JOHN                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-108
BRUNDAGE, DANIEL             RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-608
BRUSH, C. JENNIE             GREENWICH, CT                 NY-44-S-107
BRUSH, JOSHUA                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-407
BRUSH, LUCRETIA              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-143
BRYDGES, EMILY S.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-264
BUCK, EDWARD                 CONGERS                       NY-44-V-574
BUCKLEY, MICHAEL             RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-127
BUCKLEY, TIMOTHY             RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-588
BUDKE, GEORGE H.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-V-38
BULMER, HELAH TANNER         ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-324
BULSON, ALEXANDER            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-233
BULSON, ANTHONY              STONY POINT                   NY-44-J-248
BULSON, JAMES                STONY POINT                   NY-44-J-412
BULSON, JOHN J.              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-F-168
BUNNELL, MARIE E.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-59
BURDA, JOSEPH                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-442
BURGARD, AUGUST              BARDONIA                      NY-44-S-79
BURGARD, LOUISA              BARDONS                       NY-44-R-100
BURNARD, JOHN                HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-Z-381
BURNS, ROBERT                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-161
BURNS, ROBERT                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-295
BURR, DANIEL                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-16
BURR, RICHARD                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-12
BURTON, ELIZA A.             LADENTOWN                     NY-44-Y-117
BUSH, DERICK                 HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-235
BUSH, PETER                  HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-170
BUTLER, BRIDGET              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-171
BUTLER, MARY F.              STONY POINT                   NY-44-Q-104
BUTLER, MARY W.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-92
BUTLER, PATRICK              STONY POINT                   NY-44-K-742
BYINGTON, FAYETTE            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-704
BYRON, WILLIAM               NTL                           NY-44-A-398
CAHILL, JOHN D.              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-421
CAIN, BARNEY                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-62
CALL, HENRY N.               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-318
CALL, LUELLA                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK,NY    NY-44-T-527
CALL, NELLIE                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-0-497
CALL, NICOLAS                HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-104
CAMILLO, ADOLPH L.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-460
CAMP, AARON D.               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-D-212
CAMP, JOB R.                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-D-410
CAMPBELL, ABRAHAM P.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-407
CAMPBELL, CAROLINE           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-453
CAMPBELL, HYLEY ANN          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-596
CAMPBELL, JAMES W.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-V-333
CAMPBELL, JOHN               RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-424
CAMPBELL, JOHN A.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-363
CAMPBELL, JOHN B.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-I-612
CAMPBELL, JOHND.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-234
CAMPBELL, OLIVER W.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-531
CAMPBELL, PETER              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-T-232
CAMPBELL, STEPHEN            NTL                           NY-44-A-52
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM            CLAFKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-24
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM W.         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-134
CANTILLON, RICHARD D.        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-?-428
CARGILL, CAROLINE            NYACK                         NY-44-U-148
CARGILL, CAROLINE            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-65
CARLAUGH, LODOWICK           RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-241
CARLOUGH, JAMES J.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-131
CARPENTER, MARY A.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-168
CARPENTER, SAMUEL            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-347
CARSON, MARY                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-259
CARTER, NELSON               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-368
CARVER, DAVID                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-537
CASEDY, ARCHBALD             HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-7
CASSCELLS, SARAH ANN         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-140
CASSEDY, JOHN H.             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-V-585
CASSELS, PHEBE               STONY POINT                   NY-44-S-89
CHAMBERS, JOSEPH             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-M-149
CHAMPAU, ISAAC               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-544
CHAPMAN, CAROLINE            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-M-576
CHAPMAN, RICHARD             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-452
CHARLTON, JOHN               RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-463
CHARLTON, JOHN               NYACK                         NY-44-X-446
CHRISTIE, HENRY              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-N-33
CHRISTIE, JAMES              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-227
CHRISTIE, WILLIAM D.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-146
CISCO, PETER                 PIERMONT                      NY-44-Z-591
CLAGGETT, ELIZA F.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-353
CLARK, ABRAHAM               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-E-91
CLARK, DANIEL                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-88
CLARK, JACOB D.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-364
CLARK, JAMES J. D.           ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-D-314
CLARK, JANE                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-T-175
CLARK, JOSEPH CONKLIN        TAPPAN                        NY-44-S-252
CLARK, WALTER                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-513
CLEAVELAND, HARRIET          NYACK                         NY-44-T-6
COCOLEET, DANIEL             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-217
COE, CATHARINE               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-M-628
COE, DOMINI                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-143
COE, JOHN                    RAMAPO                        NY-44-D-9
COE, JOHN D.                 HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-133
COE, SAMUEL                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-56
COE, SAMUEL W.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-296
COE, WALTER S.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-329
COGGESHALL, WILLIAM SANDFORD NYACK                         NY-44-V-569
COKALETE, SARAH              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-438
COKALETE, SYLVANUS           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-V-580
COLBY, GARDNER               NEWTON, MIDDLESEX, MA         NY-44-R-262
COLE, ABIGAIL                RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-81
COLE, ISAAC D.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-619
COLE, JOHN                   RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-170
COLE, JOHN                   CLOSTER, BERGEN, NJ           NY-44-K-437
COLE, JOHN J.                RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-55
COLE, MARY                   CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-345
COLE, PETER                  CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-11
COLE, RICHARD                CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-1
COLEMAN, JOHN                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-399
COLEMAN, JOHN                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-119
COLES, HENRY                 PALISADES                     NY-44-X-607
COLLINS, JAMES               RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-146
COLLINS, JOHN I.             NYACK                         NY-44-X-66
COLLINS, MARY                RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-228
COLLINS, ROSANNA             CONGERS                       NY-44-Y-128
COLSEY, GEORGE F.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-85
COLWELL, JOSHUA              NTL                           NY-44-A-443
CONCKLIN, GEORGE             RAMAPO                        NY-44-V-436
CONCKLIN, JOSEPH L.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-67
CONCKLIN, JOSIAH             RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-323
CONCKLIN, MARGARET           RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-161
CONCKLIN, SARAH              RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-505
CONKLIN, ABRAHAM             HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-145
CONKLIN, ANNA                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-636
CONKLIN, CATHARINE ANN       NYACK                         NY-44-S-413
CONKLIN, CHARLES P.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-281
CONKLIN, ELLEN A.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Y-38
CONKLIN, EURETTA             RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-82
CONKLIN, EZEKIEL             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-322
CONKLIN, GABRIEL             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-413
CONKLIN, GABRIEL             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-508
CONKLIN, ISAAC               RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-217
CONKLIN, JAMES               RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-59
CONKLIN, JANE                RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-556
CONKLIN, JOSEPH              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-143
CONKLIN, JOSEPH              RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-126
CONKLIN, JOSEPH C.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-391
CONKLIN, JOSEPH JR.          NEW HAMPSTEAD                 NY-44-A-348
CONKLIN, LEVI                RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-27
CONKLIN, LEWIS               HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-347
CONKLIN, LEWIS J.            HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-C-157
CONKLIN, NICHOLAS W.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-449
CONKLIN, PETER D.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-V-87
CONKLIN, PHILLIP F.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-T-208
CONKLIN, SALINUS             TAPPANTOWN                    NY-44-T-447
CONKLIN, SARAH               RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-54
CONKLIN, WILLIAM             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-385
CONKLY, ELIZA                NTL                           NY-44-F-123
CONWAY, JAMES                STONY POINT                   NY-44-P-639
COOKSON, JAMES H.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-1
COOPER, ABBOT                RAMPO                         NY-44-P-651
COOPER, ABIGAIL              RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-646
COOPER, CLINTON G.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-44
COOPER, CORNELIUS            RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-254
COOPER, CORNELIUS            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-1
COOPER, GILBERT T.           HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-41
COOPER, JACOB                RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-446
COOPER, JAMES                RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-191
COOPER, JAMES                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-6
COOPER, JHN F.               RAMPO                         NY-44-P-54
COOPER, JOHN R.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-589
COOPER, JULIA FRANCES        RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-26
COOPER, LAVINA               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-387
COOPER, LEONARD              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-573
COOPER, MARY C.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-329
COOPER, RACHEL               RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-319
COOPER, TUNIS J.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-152
COOPER, TUNIS T.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-14
COPELAND, JANE               HILLBURN                      NY-44-V-462
COQUILLET, DANIEL            SEE: COCOLEET, DANIEL         NY-44-C-217
COQUILLET, WILLIAM           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-238
CORBY, JAMES                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-T-345
CORDES, ALBERT H.            CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-31
CORFIELD, THOMAS             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-570
CORFIELD, THOMAS             NYACK                         NY-44-Y-308
CORNELISON, ABRAHAM          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-100
CORNELISON, ELIZABETH        ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-215
CORNELISON, MARIA            NYACK                         NY-44-G-291
CORNELISON, MICHAEL          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-41
CORNELISON, MICHAEL          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-382
CORNELISON, NATHANIEL        NYACK                         NY-44-F-479
CORNELISON, NICHOLAS         ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-171
CORNELISON, SAAH ANN         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-357
CORNELIUS, JAMES             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-0-579
CORNETT, GEORG W.            ROCKLAND LAKE                 NY-44-V-344
COSGROVE, JOSEPH             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-S-51
COSGROVE, LETITIA            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-U-211
COSGROVE, WILLIAM            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-284
COVERT, SARAH                RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-267
COX, ELIZABETH               RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-196
CRANE, ANNA                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-627
CRANE, JOHN H.               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-555
CRANSTON, DAVID              NYACK                         NY-44-Y-507
CRANSTON, ELLEN B.           NYACK                         NY-44-U-527
CRENCY, MARY                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-535
CRENEY, JAMES                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-585
CRENEY, MARY                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-K-166
CRONK, STEPHEN D.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-201
CROPSEY, HENRIETTA E.        CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-135
CROWE, MARIE S.              VALLEY COTTAGE                NY-44-Z-301
CROWE, MARY S.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-164
CROWLEY, CHARLES             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-520
CRUM, ABRAHAM                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-607
CRUM, HENRY                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-314
CRUM, JOHN                   RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-593
CUNN, OLIVER                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-U-227
CURRAN, JOHN                 NYACK                         NY-44-T-553
CURRY, HUGH                  HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-580
CURTIS, JOHN                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-289
DATER, ABRAHAM               RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-24
DATER, ABRAHAM JR.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-35
DATER, ADAM                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-D-373
DATER, ADAM M.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-87
DATER, DORCAS                RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-205
DATER, JOHN                  HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-208
DATER, JOHN                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-94
DATER, MATHIAS               RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-205
DAVIDSON, JULIAN O.          NYACK                         NY-44-V-67
DAVIDSON, MARY I.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-N-98
DAVIDSON, ROBERT J.          CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-433
DAVISON, NANCY               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-560
DAWSON, CATHERINE            NYACK                         NY-44-U-177
DAY, SUSAN B.                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-191
DEAN, FRANCES A.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-400
DEAN, ORVILLE ALONZO         HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-212
DEARBORN, THOMAS             TAPPANTOWN                    NY-44-T-484
DEBARM, ISAAC                RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-683
DEBAUN, ABRAHAM              HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-134
DEBAUN, ABRAHAM D.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-262
DEBAUN, ABRAM I.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-284
DEBAUN, ABRAM I.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-60
DEBAUN, ALTYE                RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-369
DEBAUN, ANDREW               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-388
DEBAUN, ANDREW               RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-490
DEBAUN, BERNARD              RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-249
DEBAUN, CHARLES E.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-N-366
DEBAUN, CHRISTIAN            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-339
DEBAUN, CHRISTIAN            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-75
DEBAUN, DAVID I.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-518
DEBAUN, JACOB                HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-403
DEBAUN, JACOB A.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-343
DEBAUN, JOHN                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-466
DEBAUN, JOHN                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-R-138
DEBAUN, JOHN A.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-D-245
DEBAUN, JOHNC.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-U-412
DEBAUN, MARIA                RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-483
DEBAUN, MARY R.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-368
DEBAUN, PETER I.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-167
DEBAUN, SAMUEL               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-147
DEBAUR, DAVID                HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-48
DEBEVOISE, CHARLES           NEW CITY                      NY-44-Y-324
DEBEVOISE, EMELINE           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-567
DEBEVOISE, PETER             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-718
DECAMP, JAMES                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-87
DECLARK, DANIEL J.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-156
DECLARK, DAVID               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-K-548
DECLARK, DERICK              ORANGE                        NY-44-A-44
DECLARK, JACOBUS D.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-206
DECLARK, JAMES D.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-497
DECLARK, JAMES J.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-H-383
DECLARK, JOHN                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-75
DECLARK, SARAH               SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-W-362
DEDERER, ANN ELIZA           NYACK                         NY-44-U-556
DEDERER, JOSEPH              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-47
DEFENDORF, WILSON            UPPER NYACK                   NY-44-T-270
DEGRAW, JOHN                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-585
DEGRAW, JOHN D. B.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-V-15
DEGRO, JOHANNA               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-262
DEGROAT, WILLIAM             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-V-503
DEHEER, CORNELIUS            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-S-351
DEMAREST, ABRAM J.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-285
DEMAREST, ALBERT             RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-103
DEMAREST, ANDREW A.          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-W-465
DEMAREST, ANN                RAMPO                         NY-44-P-76
DEMAREST, AURY               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-360
DEMAREST, CAROLINE           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-166
DEMAREST, CORNELIUS J.       ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-274
DEMAREST, DAVID A.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-124
DEMAREST, DAVID P.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-112
DEMAREST, ELIZA              RAMAPO                        NY-44-N-21
DEMAREST, ELIZABETH          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-409
DEMAREST, ELIZABETH          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-123
DEMAREST, JACOB P.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-196
DEMAREST, JAMES              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-591
DEMAREST, JAMES D.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-480
DEMAREST, JAMES J.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-576
DEMAREST, JAMES J.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-422
DEMAREST, JAMES M.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-207
DEMAREST, JANE E.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-465
DEMAREST, JOHN               RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-253
DEMAREST, JOHN P.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-390
DEMAREST, MARGARET           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-201
DEMAREST, MATTHEW            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-385
DEMAREST, PETER A.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-304
DEMAREST, PETER M.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-103
DEMAREST, PETER N.           ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-344
DEMAREST, PETER P.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-354
DEMAREST, PETER S.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-69
DEMAREST, PHEBE              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-S-191
DEMAREST, RACHEL             SOUTH NYACK                   NY-44-T-605
DEMAREST, RICHARD            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-449
DEMOTT, CATHARINE            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-514
DEMOTT, JOHN                 HACKENSACK, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-I-112
DENCH, BETSEY                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-R-358
DENNAN, MARY                 GAMERVILLE                    NY-44-T-202
DENOYELLES, EDWARD           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-I-326
DENOYELLES, EMILY            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-199
DENOYELLES, JOHN             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-98
DENOYELLES, PETER            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-221
DENOYELLES, PETER            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-232
DENOYELLES, SUSAN            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-W-484
DEPEU, ISAAC                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-B-115
DEPEW, ABRAHAM               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-361
DEPEW, ABRAHAM               ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-124
DEPEW, CORNELIUS             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-E-336
DEPEW, CORNELIUS G.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-385
DEPEW, ELIZA                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-U-312
DEPEW, JOHN                  RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-122
DEPEW, PETER                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-474
DEPEW, PETER                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-325
DEPEW, PETER                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-B-204
DEPEW, PETER C.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-632
DEPEW, RACHEL                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-444
DEPEW, TUNIS                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-596
DEPEW, TUNIS                 NYACK                         NY-44-W-292
DEPEW, TUNIS                 ORANGE                        NY-44-C-208
DEPUIS, JOHN WILLIAM         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-633
DERONDE, ADRIAN              HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-45
DERONDE, HENRY               RAMPO                         NY-44-P-249
DERONDE, JACOB               HAMPSTED                      NY-44-A-54
DERONDE, SAMUEL              RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-174
DERONDE, WILLIAM             STONY POINT                   NY-44-N-244
DEROUDE, JOHN                RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-419
DERUNDA, WILLIAM             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-23
DEUCH, BETSEY (MILUS)        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-143
DEVOE, WILLIAM               TAPPANTOWN (MAP)              NY-44-L-377
DEWITT, GEORGE G.            NYACK                         NY-44-T-245
DEWITT, SARAH ANN            RAMAPO                        NY-44-N-402
DEXTER, OSCAR S.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-471
DEZENDORF, BERNARD           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-44
DICKENS, ASHER R.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-54
DICKEY, GEORGE               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-38
DICKINSON, CHARLES           ORANGE                        NY-44-C-298
DICKINSON, ELSIE             ORANGE                        NY-44-C-385
DIETZSCH, CHRISTIAN N.       CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-R-15
DIKE, OSCAR D.               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-93
DILLON, FRANK                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-472
DISTURNELL, MATILDA R.       ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Y-215
DIVAN, DANIEL                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-311
DIXON, CAROLINE              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-381
DIXON, GEORGE H.             NYACK                         NY-44-Q-178
DIXON, WILLIAM H.            ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-H-462
DONOVAN, ELLEN               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-256
DORFNER, ANDREW              PIERMONT                      NY-44-U-593
DOUGLAS, SARAH               RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-396
DOW, HANNAH I.               RAMAPO                        NY-44-Q-339
DOWNEY, JOHN M.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-700
DOWNS, JAMES H.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-516
DOWNS, SARAH                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Y-283
DOYLE, BRIDGET A.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-57
DOYLE, THOMAS                HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-L-240
DREW, SALLIE J.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-395
DREW, STEPHEN M.             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-U-539
DUANY, GUADALUPE             CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-625
DUANY, PABLO                 CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-L-245
DUBEY, PHILIP                ORANGE TOWN                   NY-44-C-93
DUMKIN, MARTIN               PALISADES                     NY-44-X-602
DUNN, ALFRED                 PALISADES                     NY-44-T-583
DUNNE, JOHN                  ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-500
DURGEA, CORNELIUS A.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-179
DURYEA, ALBERT D. B.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-480
DURYEA, ALBERT J.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-76
DURYEA, ALBERT P.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-671
DURYEA, JOHN P.              WASHINGTON, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-K-180
DURYEA, JOHN P.              WASHINGTON, BERGEN, NJ        NY-44-Y-524
DURYEA, PETER J.             PATERSON, PASSIAC, NJ         NY-44-Q-210
DURYEA, PETER J.             PATESON, PASSIAC, NJ          NY-44-Y-514
DURYEE, MARTIN K.            SUFFERN                       NY-44-R-423
DURYEE, MARTIN R.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-10
DUTCHER, ALEXANDER           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-34
DUTCHER, ANN M.              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-M-588
DUTCHER, ELIAS               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-U-206
DUTCHER, OLIVER H.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-L-185
DWYER, FRANCIS               CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-422
DYKENS, ABRAM                STONY POINT                   NY-44-X-1
ECKEROSN, JOHN A.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-P-372
ECKERSON, ABRAHAM            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-299
ECKERSON, ABRAHAM            RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-73
ECKERSON, ABRAHAM L.         SPRING VALLEY                 NY-44-T-471
ECKERSON, ADRIAN O.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-529
ECKERSON, CHRISTIAN D.       RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-192
ECKERSON, DAVID D.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-17
ECKERSON, JACOB J.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-G-346
ECKERSON, JACOB T.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-W-117
ECKERSON, JACOB T.           RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-7
ECKERSON, JENNY              RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-465
ECKERSON, JOHN J.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-D-311
ECKERSON, JOHN T.            RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-342
ECKERSON, THOMAS T.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-G-53
EDARDS, JAMES D.             SPARKILL                      NY-44-T-18
EDEBOHLA, HENRY              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-751
EDWARDS, DAVID               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-G-312
EDWARDS, DAVID               ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-A-217
EDWARDS, ELIZA E.            RAMPO                         NY-44-P-241
EDWARDS, ELIZABETH           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-312
EDWARDS, GARRET              ORANGE                        NY-44-C-141
EDWARDS, JAMES               ORANGE                        NY-44-C-234
EDWARDS, JAMES               ORANGE                        NY-44-B-88
EDWARDS, THOMAS H.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-240
EELLS, DAVID B.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-118
EGGERS, HENRY                TAPPAN                        NY-44-Y-278
EHRHARDT, STEPHEN            CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-112
EICHHORN, CARL G.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-M-438
EICKHOFF, JOHN FREDERICK     CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-140
ELLIOT, OBADIAH              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-J-417
ELLIOT, THOMAS               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Z-75
ENGELBERG, LOUISA (ROLLWAGEN) RAMAPO                       NY-44-X-356
ENGELHARDT, AUGUST           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-U-356
ENNIS, SARAH E.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-R-234
ESLER, EMMELINE              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-M-319
ESLER, JAMES                 NYACK                         NY-44-Q-289
EULER, LOUIS                 RAMAPO                        NY-44-T-589
EVERETT, CLEMENTINE C.       PEARL RIVER                   NY-44-Z-394
EWING, ROBERT                NTL                           NY-44-E-174
FALLESEN, CHRISTIAN          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Y-64
FARRELL, HANNAH              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-I-522
FELTER, ABRAHAM J.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-415
FELTER, ANN                  HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-595
FELTER, EDWARD               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-H-414
FELTER, ESTELLA S.           CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-T-357
FELTER, GEORGE P.            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Y-566
FELTER, GILBERT              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-B-36
FELTER, JACOB                RAMAPO                        NY-44-M-283
FELTER, JOHN                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-0-521
FELTER, JOHN D.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-M-464
FELTER, JOHN J. SR.          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-X-134
FELTER, JOHN P.              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-I-540
FELTER, MARTHA               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-E-168
FELTER, MARY                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-P-683
FELTER, PETER                CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-C-17
FELTER, SARAH                RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-208
FELTER, WILLIAM              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-419
FELTER, WILLIAM              ORANGE                        NY-44-B-229
FENTON, REBECCA              RAMAPO                        NY-44-R-167
FERDON, JOHN W.              ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-P-481
FERDON, WILLIAM              ORANGE                        NY-44-L-231
FERGUSON, JOHN SR.           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-S-300
FERTIG, JOHN JOSEPH          CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-N-1
FETTER, ABRAHAM              RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-133
FETTER, JOHN                 HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-C-305
FETTER, WILLIAM              CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-A-190
FINLAY, JAMES                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-X-435
FINLAY, MARY                 ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Z-291
FISCHER, CHARLES             RAMAPO                        NY-44-X-280
FISHER, CATHARINE            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Y-242
FISHER, CATHERINE            CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-J-396
FITZPATRICK, JAMES           HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-J-386
FLATE, JAMES A.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-I-269
FLEMING, SARAH E.            HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Q-360
FLETCHER, JOHN               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-F-411
FLEWWELLING, JULIA E.        ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-K-98
FLEWWELLING, SAMUEL          ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-111
FLYNN, JOHN                  HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-R-1
FORSHAY, ABRAHAM J.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-H-4
FORSHAY, JOHN J.             ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-Q-116
FORSHEE, JOHN J.             RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-581
FORSHEE, PETER               RAMAPO                        NY-44-E-264
FOSTER, HANNAH               SEE: FOSTER, JOHN             NY-44-C-278
FOSTER, JOHN                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-44-C-278
FOSTER, SARAH A.             WOODRIDGE, BERGEN, NJ         NY-44-U-371
FOWLER, DAVID                ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-F-174
FOWLER, GEORGE A.            HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-X-618
FOWLER, GILBERT              ORANGE                        NY-44-A-374
FOWLER, MARY EMELINE         CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-0-504
FOX, DAVID                   HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-A-30
FOX, DAVID D.                RAMAPO                        NY-44-K-417
FOX, HANNAH R.               RAMPO                         NY-44-P-644
FOX, HENRY                   RAMAPO                        NY-44-0-572
FOX, HENRY P.                RAMAPO                        NY-44-Z-133
FOX, MARTIN                  HEMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-168
FOX, PETER                   RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-390
FRACER, WILLIAM F.           ORANGETOWN                    NY-44-N-250
FRANTZ, ALBERT               HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-I-23
FRASER, JOHN                 NYACK                         NY-44-T-320
FREDERICK, CATHERINE P.      RAMAPO                        NY-44-J-212
FREDERICK, HENRY             RAMAPO                        NY-44-D-358
FREDERICK, MARY              RAMAPO                        NY-44-L-435
FREDERICK, PETER H.          RAMAPO                        NY-44-C-138
FREDERICK, THEODORE          HAVESTRAW                     NY-44-X-545
FREDERICKS, CORNELIUS        RAMAPO                        NY-44-G-94
FREDERICKS, EUPHEMIA         HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-Z-486
FREDERICKS, JAMES W.         RAMAPO                        NY-44-F-332
FREEMAN, AMASA STETSON       HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-X-393
FRIDERICK, ROBERT            HAMPSTEAD                     NY-44-B-71
FROHLICH, ALBERT             CLARKTOWN                     NY-44-W-200
FROHLING, JOHN               CLARKSTOWN                    NY-44-Q-594
FURMAN, ANNA S.              RAMAPO                        NY-44-Y-596
FURMAN, BENJAMIN             HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-A-330
FURMAN, GILBERT              HAVERSTRAW                    NY-44-S-39
FURY, MICHAEL                NYACK                         NY-44-T-79

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