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Column One: Name of Testator
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LACEY, JAMES W.                         OH-1-8-488
LACY, ANGIE                             OH-1-10-460
LACY, PERRY                             OH-1-5-56, 64
LAFFERTY, LATOUR                        OH-1-6-294, 343
LANE, WILLIAM                           OH-1-6-40
LANG, AMANDA                            OH-1-9-447
LANG, CHARLES W.                        OH-1-9-317
LANG, FRANCIS M.                        OH-1-5-22, 50
LANG, HARRIET P.                        OH-1-9-600
LANG, JAMES WALTER SR.                  OH-1-9-391
LANG, MARY H.                           OH-1-9-15
LANG, MARY L.                           OH-1-8-598
LANG, SARAH                             OH-1-4-327
LANG, W. C.                             OH-1-5-544
LANTZ, J. R.                            OH-1-8-582
LAURANCE, GUY E.                        OH-1-9-419
LAUREW, EDITH C.                        OH-1-9-292
LAVID, PATTY MOSTELLER                  OH-1-10-257
LAWLER, CAROLINE B.                     OH-1-2-55
LAWLER, JOHN                            OH-1-5-304
LAWWILL, ROBERT L.                      OH-1-9-279
LAWWILL, WILLIAM T.                     OH-1-7-555
LEACH, STELLA A.                        OH-1-10-470
LEEDAM, ELIJAH D.                       OH-1-3-546
LEININGER, JOHN E.                      OH-1-9-395
LEMING, AMANDA J. MARTIN                OH-1-8-26
LENALLEN, J. W.                         OH-1-8-511
LEONARD, CHARLES E.                     OH-1-7-339
LEONARD, CLARENCE C.                    OH-1-5-572, 597
LEONARD, JOHN P.                        OH-1-5-272
LEONARD,L. H.                           OH-1-7-504
LEWIS, MILDRED                          OH-1-9-184
LEWIS, ROBERT                           OH-1-3-414
LEWIS,G. B.                             OH-1-9-49
LIMING, MAXWELL P.                      OH-1-7-543
LINLEY, WILIAM C.                       OH-1-10-440
LITERAL, JOHN N.                        OH-1-8-252
LITTLE, JESSIE                          OH-1-10-1
LLOYD, C. B.                            OH-1-1-101
LLOYD, G. E.                            OH-1-8-345
LLOYD, GEORGE M.                        OH-1-4-386, 389
LLOYD, WILLIAM L.                       OH-1-9-399
LNE, ISAAC                              OH-1-7-292
LOCKHART, ALBERT G.                     OH-1-2-107
LOCKHART, ALBERT G.                     OH-1-2-158
LOCKHART, ALBERT G.                     OH-1-9-125
LOCKHART, SARAH A.                      OH-1-3-348
LOCKWOOD, WILLIAM E.                    OH-1-7-112
LONEY, FLORA A.                         OH-1-9-53
LONEY, W. B.                            OH-1-5-352
LONG, BARTON S.                         OH-1-3-1
LONG, BURL                              OH-1-9-282
LOPE, ESPA M.                           OH-1-9-397
LORD, HENRIETTA N.                      OH-1-2-552
LORENZO, MICHAEL                        OH-1-4-367
LOTHROP, PRESTON H.                     OH-1-6-328
LOVEJOY, CHARLES SR.                    OH-1-10-322
LOVETT, MAY                             OH-1-9-71
LOVETT, S. O.                           OH-1-4-282
LOW, JOSEPH H.                          OH-1-7-12
LOWELL, MINNIE                          OH-1-8-107
LUCAS, HARRY                            OH-1-9-472
LUCAS, JAMES W.                         OH-1-9-349
LUCAS, PERMELIA                         OH-1-8-99
LUCAS, S. W.                            OH-1-2-251
LUNTZ, SARAH V.                         OH-1-7-551
LUNTZ, W. H.                            OH-1-8-257
LUTE, KEZZIA C.                         OH-1-10-188
LYLE, GEORGIA                           OH-1-9-144, 148
LYLE, HARRY H.                          OH-1-10-40
LYPPOLIS, PETER                         OH-1-9-469
MADDOX, F. M.                           OH-1-6-73
MADDOX, LAFAYETTE                       OH-1-3-452
MAHAFFEY, MARY A.                       OH-1-7-143, 196
MAHAFFEY, MARY F.                       OH-1-10-559
MAHAFFEY, WILLIAM F.                    OH-1-4-398
MAHAFFEY, WILLIAM ROBINSON              OH-1-5-196
MALONE, CALEB D.                        OH-1-4-375, 446
MALONE, GEORGE G.                       OH-1-10-351
MALONE, ICY I.                          OH-1-9-132
MANAHAN, W. B.                          OH-1-2-30
MANESSIER, JERUSHA ELLEN                OH-1-9-158
MANN, JOHN                              OH-1-1-98
MARKLAND, MARY R.                       OH-1-6-93
MARKS, C. A.                            OH-1-8-529
MARLATT, WILLIAM                        OH-1-1-358
MARTIN, FLOYD L.                        OH-1-10-399
MARTIN, LABEN J.                        OH-1-2-19
MARTIN, MARY F.                         OH-1-3-510
MARTIN, S. K.                           OH-1-7-84, 103
MASON, CLARA                            OH-1-9-603
MASON, GEORGE                           OH-1-10-391
MASON, MURIEL                           OH-1-9-520
MASON, SCOTT                            OH-1-9-522
MASSIE, SAMUEL G.                       OH-1-1-7
MASTERS, EARL SR.                       OH-1-10-520
MATHEWS, BARBARA                        OH-1-9-484
MATHEWS, S. S.                          OH-1-4-169
MATHIAS, C. E.                          OH-1-8-43
MATTHEWS, F. P.                         OH-1-8-4
MATTICKS, CHARLES H.                    OH-1-8-388
MATTOX, BERRY                           OH-1-9-548
MCCALL, VERDA                           OH-1-10-313
MCCALM, ELLA M.                         OH-1-7-523
MCCANN, RUTH E.                         OH-1-8-68
MCCANN, STANLEY TREBER                  OH-1-9-244
MCCARTY, LOUELLA                        OH-1-2-559
MCCARTY, STELLA                         OH-1-7-566
MCCLANAHAN, A. E.                       OH-1-1-42
MCCLANAHAN, F. D.                       OH-1-8-405
MCCLANAHAN, JENNIE M.                   OH-1-9-385
MCCLANAHAN, JOHN                        OH-1-1-50
MCCLANAHAN, R. P.                       OH-1-9-142
MCCLANAHAN, RALPH H.                    OH-1-7-435
MCCLANAHAN, SARAH M.                    OH-1-3-365
MCCLAREN, FLORENCE                      OH-1-3-281
MCCLAUDE, BELLE                         OH-1-8-170
MCCLAUSHAW, ELIZABETH                   OH-1-4-51
MCCLEEAN, U. B.                         OH-1-5-540
MCCLELLAND, EDGAR                       OH-1-7-544
MCCLELLAND, JAMES B.                    OH-1-1-295
MCCLELLAND, R. A.                       OH-1-7-232
MCCLUGHER, RALPH E.                     OH-1-8-505
MCCLURE, ANNA E.                        OH-1-8-182
MCCLURE, BELLE                          OH-1-8-121
MCCLURE, W. S.                          OH-1-4-64, 106
MCCLURRG, MARY A.                       OH-1-3-21
MCCLURRG, R. B.                         OH-1-1-184
MCCONNICK, ANNIE E.                     OH-1-4-439
MCCORMICK, ANNA BELLE                   OH-1-9-407
MCCORMICK, CHARLES P.                   OH-1-7-464, 469
MCCORMICK, FRANK                        OH-1-10-183
MCCORMICK, G. W.                        OH-1-9-540
MCCORMICK, PEARL                        OH-1-9-177
MCCORMICK, W. T.                        OH-1-3-221
MCCOY, C. F.                            OH-1-8-458
MCCOY, CHARLES A.                       OH-1-1-123
MCCOY, J. H.                            OH-1-7-365
MCCOY, LAMOUTH                          OH-1-10-249
MCCOY, S. F.                            OH-1-8-229
MCCRAY, A. H.                           OH-1-7-443, 450
MCCREARY, PERRY                         OH-1-7-179
MCCREIGHT, DAVID S.                     OH-1-1-67
MCCREIGHT, J. W.                        OH-1-2-495
MCCREIGHT, OSCAR R.                     OH-1-7-235, 265
MCCULLOUGH, MARGARET A.                 OH-1-7-243
MCCULLOUGH, MARTH AE.                   OH-1-7-325
MCCULLOUGH, WILLIAM M.                  OH-1-1-523
MCCUTCHEN, ELIZABETH A.                 OH-1-5-575
MCCUTCHEN, JAMES                        OH-1-1-299
MCCUTCHEN, JOHN                         OH-1-5-585
MCCUTCHER, DAVID                        OH-1-3-30
MCDERMIT, JOHN                          OH-1-2-94
MCDERMIT, THOMAS                        OH-1-2-63
MCDERMOTT, A. V.                        OH-1-8-70
MCELHANEY, ROSA ANNA                    OH-1-9-424
MCFARLAND, GEROGE A.                    OH-1-7-46, 72, 124
MCFARLAND, JAMES E.                     OH-1-10-501
MCFARLAND, ROBERT VOHN                  OH-1-10-74
MCFEETERS, A. C.                        OH-1-8-44
MCGAVENY, MARTHA A.                     OH-1-3-503
MCGAVNEY, JOHN CLINTON                  OH-1-4-73, 77
MCGLOTHEN, LOUIS                        OH-1-10-597
MCGOONEY, WILLIAM                       OH-1-1-32
MCGOVNEY, ALEXANDER                     OH-1-2-359
MCGOVNEY, C. A.                         OH-1-5-226
MCGOVNEY, JAMES                         OH-1-2-512
MCGOVNEY, SARAH ELIABETH                OH-1-9-219
MCGOVNEY, SCOTT H.                      OH-1-8-293
MCGOVNEY, W. S.                         OH-1-5-282
MCGOVNEY, WILLIAM                       OH-1-2-121
MCGOWAN, ANNA                           OH-1-10-309
MCGOWAN, CARL W.                        OH-1-10-356
MCGOWN, N. S.                           OH-1-6-255, 261
MCHENRY, BRUCE                          OH-1-8-277
MCINTIRE, ANDREW J.                     OH-1-5-152
MCINTIRE, C. H.                         OH-1-7-398
MCINTIRE, ETHEL                         OH-1-9-609
MCINTIRE, JAMES H.                      OH-1-1-162
MCINTIRE, SARAH W.                      OH-1-1-279
MCINTIRE, W. A.                         OH-1-10-221
MCKENZIE, MARY JANE                     OH-1-1-1
MCKENZIE, PETER                         OH-1-1-374
MCKINLEY, JAMES                         OH-1-1-59
MCKINNEY, P. E.                         OH-1-7-246
MCMANIS, GREENLEAF N.                   OH-1-4-307
MCMANUS, SARAH G.                       OH-1-1-386
MCMEEKIN, CLARA                         OH-1-8-394
MCMILLEN, MARTHA E.                     OH-1-4-158
MCMULLEN, DAVID                         OH-1-7-152
MCNEAL, JOHN F.                         OH-1-5-190
MCNEAL, W. M.                           OH-1-7-599
MCNEIL, HARRY R. L.                     OH-1-9-203
MCNEIL, MAHALA                          OH-1-5-243
MCNEIL, ROBERT A.                       OH-1-6-117
MCNEIL, ROBERT C.                       OH-1-1-54
MCNEILAN, MARGARET                      OH-1-4-186
MCNOWN, ABRAHAM                         OH-1-7-204
MCNOWN, FRANK                           OH-1-7-407
MCOWEN, ROSANNA                         OH-1-10-275
MCPHERSON, ELLA                         OH-1-8-412
MCSURELY, SARAH A.                      OH-1-4-504
MCVEY, CHARLES W.                       OH-1-7-214
MEANS, JOHN HENRY                       OH-1-9-538
MENDENHALL, EMMA A.                     OH-1-7-315
MERTON, CARLETON F.                     OH-1-9-237
MESSERITZ, ELIZABETH                    OH-1-3-390
MESSERITZ, GEORGE W.                    OH-1-2-1
MESSINGER, FRANCIS                      OH-1-1-399
MESSINGER, FRANCIS                      OH-1-2-88
MESSINGER, J. H.                        OH-1-8-109
METZ, DAVID H.                          OH-1-4-295
MIDDLETON, MAIRE E.                     OH-1-10-67
MIELE, EMMA                             OH-1-9-240
MIELE, JOSEPH                           OH-1-9-588
MILEY, ROBERT L.                        OH-1-7-336
MILLER, BERTHA                          OH-1-10-510
MILLER, ELIZA                           OH-1-2-11, 507
MILLER, JAMES                           OH-1-1-230
MILLER, JHN A.                          OH-1-5-395
MILLER, LIZZIE                          OH-1-6-189
MILLER, ROSE W.                         OH-1-10-56
MILLER, W. C.                           OH-1-1-260
MILLER, WILLIAM C.                      OH-1-10-381
MILLS, CHARLES M.                       OH-1-8-605
MITCHELL, EDITH                         OH-1-6-230
MITCHELL, HATTIE B.                     OH-1-8-37
MITCHELL, HOUSE B.                      OH-1-8-533
MITCHELL, JOHN A.                       OH-1-4-232
MITCHELL, W. CALVIN                     OH-1-10-279
MONROE, MARCUS                          OH-1-9-365
MOOMAN, JAMES M.                        OH-1-1-320
MOORE, ANDREW G.                        OH-1-8-63
MOORE, ARLIE                            OH-1-10-497
MOORE, BUNA GRACE                       OH-1-10-133
MOORE, CLARA B.                         OH-1-6-392
MOORE, CORA SHANKS                      OH-1-9-302
MOORE, ELIZA J.                         OH-1-7-163
MOORE, HARMON JR.                       OH-1-9-457
MOORE, JOHN ARTHUR                      OH-1-9-283
MOORE, JOHN P.                          OH-1-3-561
MOORE, LILLIAN T.                       OH-1-9-347
MOORE, MARY A.                          OH-1-5-391
MOORE, MARY A.                          OH-1-2-540
MOORE, NEWTON                           OH-1-2-227
MOORE, OMAR LICURTIS                    OH-1-8-317
MOORE, THOMAS N.                        OH-1-5-506
MOORE, TILLIE S.                        OH-1-5-275
MOORE, W. L.                            OH-1-5-142, 145
MOORE, WHEELER                          OH-1-2-233
MOORE, WILLIAM B.                       OH-1-5-300
MORAN, MARY D.                          OH-1-9-250
MORGAN, ANNA LAURA                      OH-1-9-112
MORGAN, CLAUD                           OH-1-8-552
MORGAN, JOHN V.                         OH-1-6-333
MORGAN, W. M.                           OH-1-10-37
MORRIS, S. L. B.                        OH-1-2-483
MORRISON, C. N.                         OH-1-10-566
MORRISON, D. A.                         OH-1-2-315
MORRISON, EMMA                          OH-1-10-319
MORRISON, JAMES K.                      OH-1-6-32
MORRISON, JOSEPH W.                     OH-1-4-172
MORRISON, WILBUR                        OH-1-8-173
MORRISON, WILLIAM H.                    OH-1-3-256
MORTEN, HENRY                           OH-1-4-117
MOSIER, DAISY F.                        OH-1-9-330
MOSIER, JAMES SAMUEL                    OH-1-7-295
MOWERY, OLIVER C.                       OH-1-6-372
MURPHY, BENJAMIN H.                     OH-1-1-582
MURPHY, DARIUS L.                       OH-1-1-333
MURPHY, DELBERT D.                      OH-1-2-474
MURPHY, E. H.                           OH-1-3-263
MURPHY, R. C.                           OH-1-3-153
MURPHY, REBECCA J.                      OH-1-4-240
MURPHY, THOMAS A.                       OH-1-9-495
MURPHY,MARY L.                          OH-1-8-587
MURRAY, JOHN A.                         OH-1-3-307, 318
MYERS, JAMES                            OH-1-7-535
MYERS, NANNIE PEARL                     OH-1-9-252
NAYLOR, BIRDIE                          OH-1-8-96
NAYLOR, CHESTER C. W.                   OH-1-1-451
NAYLOR, EMMA J.                         OH-1-5-455
NAYLOR, J. B.                           OH-1-5-569
NAYLOR, JOHN                            OH-1-3-180
NAYLOR, ROSA E.                         OH-1-10-277
NAYLOR, WILLIAM H.                      OH-1-8-337
NEARY, ELIZABETH J.                     OH-1-7-562
NEARY, MAE                              OH-1-9-39
NEEL, ESTA M.                           OH-1-9-583
NEEL, OMA V.                            OH-1-9-255
NEILL, CAREY                            OH-1-1-346
NEILL, JOHN H.                          OH-1-8-316
NEILL, ROBERT C.                        OH-1-8-401
NEILL, SARAH E.                         OH-1-7-4
NESBIT, BLAINE                          OH-1-9-196
NESBIT, SAMUEL X.                       OH-1-2-487
NEW, WILLIAM C.                         OH-1-9-63
NEWBERRY, MARY M.                       OH-1-1-391
NEWLAND, MARIAH                         OH-1-7-288
NEWMAN, ANNA LOU                        OH-1-10-109
NEWMAN, EDITH E.                        OH-1-10-155
NEWMAN, G. W.                           OH-1-1-119
NEWMAN, L. E.                           OH-1-10-151
NEWMAN, L. H.                           OH-1-2-305
NEWMAN, MASHECK H.                      OH-1-2-452
NEWMAN, MELISSA                         OH-1-10-106
NEWMAN, O. C.                           OH-1-9-84
NEWMAN, OLLIE E.                        OH-1-10-117
NEWMAN, W. P.                           OH-1-3-540, 553
NIXON, A. R.                            OH-1-4-112
NIXON, ANNA M.                          OH-1-10-568
NIXON, BERTHA                           OH-1-10-549
NIXON, CLEM C.                          OH-1-10-190
NIXON, DAVID                            OH-1-5-11
NIXON, FLORENCE C.                      OH-1-10-315
NIXON, H. M.                            OH-1-10-2
NIXON, JAMES N.                         OH-1-4-583
NOBLE, ARTHUR                           OH-1-1-114
NORRIS, EUPHAMA                         OH-1-1-355
NWMAN, EDGAR C.                         OH-1-8-523
OBERHOLZER, WILLIAM H.                  OH-1-9-168
OGLE, HARRY                             OH-1-7-376
ONEILL, THOMAS                          OH-1-7-175
OOCKHART, A. G. SR.                     OH-1-8-242
OSBORN, VERGE                           OH-1-9-303A
OSMAN, JAMES W.                         OH-1-8-427
OWENS, KATHERINE                        OH-1-9-581
OWENS, LAURA A.                         OH-1-9-412
OWENS, MARY D.                          OH-1-10-293
OWENS, THOMAS D.                        OH-1-7-567
PACK, JOSEPHINE                         OH-1-10-552
PALMER, DANIEL J.                       OH-1-5-15
PALMER, MARTIN                          OH-1-5-240
PANGBURN, JAMES E.                      OH-1-1-177
PARK, N. W.                             OH-1-6-316
PARKER, CARRYL V.                       OH-1-10-112
PARKER, ESTHER E.                       OH-1-5-319
PARKER, MILLIE                          OH-1-9-575
PARR, HAMILTON                          OH-1-1-195
PARR, MAXEY                             OH-1-2-141
PARTER, THOMAS H.                       OH-1-8-338
PATTERSON, JAMES                        OH-1-2-432
PATTON, A. T.                           OH-1-7-51
PATTON, FRED                            OH-1-10-564
PATTON, JAMES N.                        OH-1-1-308
PATTON, JULIA                           OH-1-8-387
PAUL, J. W.                             OH-1-10-119
PAYNE, ROBERT H.                        OH-1-7-362
PECK, ARTHUR A.                         OH-1-8-417
PEEBLES, DURANT N.                      OH-1-9-120
PEMBERTON, S. H.                        OH-1-1-569
PENCE, ALFRED                           OH-1-1-427
PENCE, D. H.                            OH-1-10-69
PENCE, EMILY J.                         OH-1-6-58
PENCE, GEORGE                           OH-1-3-271
PENCE, GROVER C.                        OH-1-10-387
PENCE, HARVEY Y.                        OH-1-8-615
PENCE, HILLIS                           OH-1-8-576
PENCE, J. M.                            OH-1-4-572
PENCE, LENNIE                           OH-1-8-211
PENCE, SAMUEL W.                        OH-1-7-521
PENCE,MACK                              OH-1-8-247
PENDELL, JOHN L.                        OH-1-8-20
PENDER, ALEX A.                         OH-1-10-121
PENDER, BESSIE F.                       OH-1-10-373
PENNYWITT, LAURA A.                     OH-1-4-298
PENNYWITT, MARGARET                     OH-1-9-531
PENNYWITT, MONTA                        OH-1-7-441
PERRY, BLANCHE                          OH-1-7-275
PERRY, E. P.                            OH-1-7-499
PERRY, L. R.                            OH-1-6-272
PERSCH, MARY JANE                       OH-1-10-176
PETERSON, CORNELIUS H.                  OH-1-4-99
PETERSON, E. G.                         OH-1-3-199
PETERSON, JOHN S.                       OH-1-1-39
PETERSON, JOHN T.                       OH-1-4-379
PETERSON, MARY A.                       OH-1-8-323
PETERSON, ORVAL E.                      OH-1-10-335
PETERSON, R. H. W.                      OH-1-3-481
PETRY, ELORA                            OH-1-8-332
PETTIT, CHARLES H.                      OH-1-10-147
PETTIT, HORACE G.                       OH-1-7-146
PEYTON, JENNIE                          OH-1-4-455
PFALUMER, CORA E.                       OH-1-10-159
PFLAUMER, JACOB                         OH-1-1-109
PHIBBS, LIZZIE                          OH-1-5-566
PIATT, ELIZABETH                        OH-1-4-229
PIATT, ETTA                             OH-1-10-17
PIATT, LYMAN W.                         OH-1-10-15
PLATTER, JOHN D.                        OH-1-5-246
PLATTER, MARY C.                        OH-1-5-104
PLUMMER, LEVI                           OH-1-3-18, 24
PLUMMER, MARY B.                        OH-1-9-288
PLUMMER, RACHEL JANE                    OH-1-7-532
POERTNER, EARL D.                       OH-1-9-18
POLLEY, MAYME                           OH-1-10-366
POLLY, GROVER C.                        OH-1-10-332
POOLE, EDWARD                           OH-1-5-40, 54
POOLE, ROBERT E.                        OH-1-10-173
POOLE, T. R.                            OH-1-9-193
PORTER, MARY                            OH-1-9-604
PORTER, ROBERT D.                       OH-1-10-111
PORTER, SARAH E.                        OH-1-9-146
POST, ANNA STEEN                        OH-1-9-594
POSTLEWAIT, ADDISON                     OH-1-5-349
POSTLEWAIT, J. S.                       OH-1-3-196
POWER, FANNIE                           OH-1-6-37
POWER, LIZZIE                           OH-1-8-519
POWNALL, AARON P.                       OH-1-4-204, 252
POWNALL, J. W.                          OH-1-1-263
POWNALL, MAUDE                          OH-1-8-581
POWNELL, HARRIET                        OH-1-5-133
PRATT, A. J.                            OH-1-8-398
PUGH, MOLLIE                            OH-1-10-371
PUMMILL, LILLIE                         OH-1-8-515
PURCELL, E. BURR                        OH-1-10-295
PURCELL, MARY E.                        OH-1-6-152
PURDEN, FRANK P.                        OH-1-8-343
PURDEN, WILSON T.                       OH-1-10-351
PURDIN, MARY P.                         OH-1-8-113
PURDIN, WILSON T.                       OH-1-5-409, 550
PURSE, PETER                            OH-1-6-201
PURTEE, C. R.                           OH-1-9-580
PURTEE, SAM O.                          OH-1-9-123
PYLE, RACHEL E.                         OH-1-8-510
PYLES, JOHN H.                          OH-1-7-256
RADER, MARGARET                         OH-1-1-234
RALSTON, ELIZABETH                      OH-1-5-380
RALSTON, GEORGE W.                      OH-1-4-483, 497
RALSTON, MARGARET                       OH-1-10-291, 302
RALSTON, MAURICE H.                     OH-1-10-368
RALSTON, MILLIE A.                      OH-1-9-241
RALSTON, WILLIAM H.                     OH-1-5-179
RALSTON, WYLIE                          OH-1-10-101
RAMSEY, E. A.                           OH-1-3-233
RAMSEY, J. W.                           OH-1-10-136
RAMSEY, ROEBRT N.                       OH-1-3-522, 539
RANKIN, DALL V.                         OH-1-9-355
RATHBONE, W. V. A.                      OH-1-2-405
RAZOR, MARIAH                           OH-1-2-273
REA, J. S.                              OH-1-3-66
REA, LAURA                              OH-1-7-505
REA, PHILIP H.                          OH-1-10-539
RECTOR, CRAVEN O.                       OH-1-5-313
RED, J. C.                              OH-1-8-464
REDMAN, J. A.                           OH-1-5-459
REDMAN, JOHN J.                         OH-1-3-460
REDMAN, MARGARET J.                     OH-1-3-362
REDMAN, NORVAL                          OH-1-9-529
REDMON, DEXTER M.                       OH-1-8-361
REED, ARDELIA                           OH-1-8-265
REED, C. L.                             OH-1-8-484
REED, CAREY W.                          OH-1-10-121
REED, GEORGE W.                         OH-1-5-14
REED, GEORGE W.                         OH-1-4-480
REED, JOHN H.                           OH-1-5-34, 70
REED, LUCINDA                           OH-1-4-60
REED, S. F.                             OH-1-9-164
REED, STELLA                            OH-1-10-411
REES, JOSEPH WILSON                     OH-1-4-1
REES, THOMAS H.                         OH-1-5-471
REFFLE, IRA                             OH-1-3-10
REICKERT, ALBERT M.                     OH-1-10-375
REID, C. W.                             OH-1-8-429
REID, EMMA                              OH-1-9-17
REID, JAMES G.                          OH-1-5-462
RENT, DUTCH                             OH-1-9-47
REYNOLDS, C. W.                         OH-1-5-114
REYNOLDS, FRANK E.                      OH-1-8-353
REYNOLDS, MARIA                         OH-1-2-546
REYNOLDS, MARY E.                       OH-1-9-426
RHOADES, ANNA E.                        OH-1-8-102
RICE, ANNIE                             OH-1-6-262, 262
RICHARDS, MARY D.                       OH-1-9-50
RICHARDS, W. L.                         OH-1-9-231
RICHARDS, WYLIE H.                      OH-1-5-1
RICHEY, BERT                            OH-1-10-245
RICHMOND, AMOS                          OH-1-3-218
RICHTER, MINNIE                         OH-1-8-521
RIDDLE, JOHN F.                         OH-1-10-194A
RIDDLE, ROSCOE                          OH-1-10-365
RIDOUT, J. B.                           OH-1-8-453
RIFFLE, ANNA                            OH-1-8-586
RIFFLE, CAREY W.                        OH-1-6-205
RIFFLE, IRA                             OH-1-2-565
RIFFLE, J. C.                           OH-1-8-314
RIFFLE, NANCY J.                        OH-1-3-473
RIFFLE, THOMAS M.                       OH-1-6-22
RIGDON, ESTELLE                         OH-1-9-277
RIGGS, FORREST C.                       OH-1-10-193A
RITCHIE, M. E.                          OH-1-8-487
ROBACK, A. P.                           OH-1-8-307
ROBB, FRANKLIN                          OH-1-5-37
ROBBINS, FRANK                          OH-1-5-163
ROBE, LIVIA                             OH-1-2-447
ROBE, MAMIE A.                          OH-1-10-83
ROBE, WILLIAM W.                        OH-1-8-61
ROBERTS, MARY E.                        OH-1-9-559
ROBERTS, VIRGINIA C.                    OH-1-4-591
ROBERTS, WALTER E.                      OH-1-8-324
ROBERTSON, J. S.                        OH-1-7-125
ROBUCK, CAREY E.                        OH-1-7-128
ROBUCK, OSCAR C.                        OH-1-7-262
ROEBUCK, H. E.                          OH-1-8-595
ROLFE, IRA S.                           OH-1-2-40
ROLFE, SUSANA                           OH-1-5-425
ROLLER, LUCY C.                         OH-1-8-495
ROSE, JOHN  H.                          OH-1-1-79
ROSS, ELLA                              OH-1-10-382
ROSS, JAMES E.                          OH-1-6-19
ROTHWELL, SAMUEL D.                     OH-1-3-577
ROTROFF, EDWARD LINDSEY                 OH-1-8-34
ROTROFF, HAROLD                         OH-1-9-326
ROUSH, CARRIE                           OH-1-9-100
ROUSH, ELIZABETH                        OH-1-4-258
ROUSH, ELLA J.                          OH-1-7-193
ROUSH, FLORENCE                         OH-1-10-109
ROUSH, FRED K.                          OH-1-10-428
ROUSH, G. C.                            OH-1-8-479
ROUSH, HARRY C.                         OH-1-7-462, 468
ROUSH, JOHN B.                          OH-1-5-122, 140
ROUSH, LOUELLA                          OH-1-9-592
ROUSH, LUCY M.                          OH-1-10-340
ROUSH, LULU EARLY                       OH-1-10-530
ROUSH, M. R.                            OH-1-8-351
ROUSH, NANNIE                           OH-1-9-504
ROUSH, PORTER P.                        OH-1-10-419
ROUSH, SHERMAN T.                       OH-1-9-99
ROUSH, SUSAN                            OH-1-3-371
ROUSH, SUSANNAH                         OH-1-2-543
ROUSH, WILLIAM                          OH-1-2-182
ROWLEY, MARY                            OH-1-1-202
ROWLEY, S. BELLE                        OH-1-3-266
RUBLE, E. L.                            OH-1-7-229, 242
RUFFLE, A. W.                           OH-1-9-493
RUGGLES, JASPER                         OH-1-9-220
RUHL, CHARLES                           OH-1-4-109
RUSELL, GLENN W.                        OH-1-10-265
RYAN, HERBERT M.                        OH-1-9-178
RYAN, JOHN                              OH-1-9-1
RYAN, MARY H.                           OH-1-3-596
RYAN, R. V.                             OH-1-9-305
SAEFFRON, J. FRANK                      OH-1-7-24
SANTEE, JOSEPH                          OH-1-7-432
SANTRE, LOUISA                          OH-1-3-358
SATTERFIELD, BENJAMIN                   OH-1-4-248
SATTERFIELD, EDNA                       OH-1-9-129
SATTERFIELD, F. C.                      OH-1-8-176
SATTERFIELD, JOHN                       OH-1-1-104
SATTERFIELD, JOHN R.                    OH-1-3-351
SATTERFIELD, TISSUE                     OH-1-4-315
SATTERFIELD, WESLEY                     OH-1-3-225
SAUTER, RACHEL                          OH-1-2-365
SAUTTER, FREDERICK                      OH-1-4-575
SAUTTER, J.W.                           OH-1-10-27
SAVAGE, CHARLES H.                      OH-1-10-172
SCHIFF, WILLIAM                         OH-1-5-44, 278
SCHUPPART, CHRISTOPHER                  OH-1-1-543
SCHWENKMEYER, F. H.                     OH-1-7-177
SCOTT, CLARENCE                         OH-1-10-95
SCOTT, DANIEL                           OH-1-2-145
SCOTT, ED G.                            OH-1-5-80
SCOTT, HENRY                            OH-1-2-33
SCOTT, HENRY                            OH-1-2-256
SCOTT, JAMES R.                         OH-1-1-423
SCOTT, JULIUS C.                        OH-1-7-530
SCOTT, MINNIE                           OH-1-10-44
SCOTT, RAY H.                           OH-1-10-48
SCOTT, ROBERT S.                        OH-1-9-93
SCOTT, SARAH V.                         OH-1-1-378
SEAMAN, DULCENA                         OH-1-9-10
SEAMAN, FLORENCE                        OH-1-10-135
SEAMAN, FRANKLIN                        OH-1-1-573
SEAMAN, GEORGE W.                       OH-1-6-9
SEAMAN, LEIA                            OH-1-8-406
SEAMAN, REBECCA J.                      OH-1-8-256
SEAMAN, S. C.                           OH-1-4-304
SEAMAN, SYLVESTER                       OH-1-8-433
SEAMAN, WILSON SHANNAN                  OH-1-4-411, 415
SEAMEN, CAROLINE                        OH-1-5-438
SEARS, PETER M.                         OH-1-3-343
SECREST, ALVA E.                        OH-1-9-423
SEIDEL, MARY M.                         OH-1-7-515
SEMPLE, W.E.                            OH-1-10-573
SENCARENGEN, OSCAR C.                   OH-1-10-538
SENINGER, ANNA ROUSH                    OH-1-9-179
SETTY, ANTHONY G.                       OH-1-6-108
SHAFER, RAYMOND                         OH-1-10-513
SHANKS, S. R.                           OH-1-5-91
SHAPERT, EDWARD C.                      OH-1-10-60
SHARPE, DAVID                           OH-1-5-522
SHAW,W. H.                              OH-1-10-35
SHEELEY, JOHN                           OH-1-7-27
SHEELEY, LOUIS                          OH-1-7-223
SHELL, JAMES                            OH-1-6-278
SHELL, MARY E.                          OH-1-5-75, 83
SHELL, SADE                             OH-1-10-402
SHELL, WILLIAM O.                       OH-1-9-206
SHELTON, AULTMAN B.                     OH-1-10-400
SHELTON, C. B.                          OH-1-10-8
SHELTON, MABEL                          OH-1-9-79
SHELTON, MINNIE                         OH-1-10-420
SHELTON, T. J. SR.                      OH-1-5-32
SHIELDS, BLANCHE (NOW WAGNER)           OH-1-10-358
SHIELDS, LOUIS                          OH-1-10-5
SHIPLEY, LAURA A.                       OH-1-7-259
SHIVELEY, JOHN W.                       OH-1-3-13
SHIVELEY, SIMEON                        OH-1-1-561
SHOEMAKER, ASHTON                       OH-1-10-41
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE M.                    OH-1-9-613
SHOEMAKER, JAMES M.                     OH-1-9-13
SHOEMAKER, OLIE                         OH-1-9-137
SHOEMAKER, STERLEY E.                   OH-1-10-443
SHORT, N. P.                            OH-1-5-335
SHORT, THOMAS F.                        OH-1-10-483
SHREFFLER, BEATRICE                     OH-1-9-451
SHRINER, BRUCE LONEY                    OH-1-8-601
SHRIVER, JOSEPH A.                      OH-1-7-157
SHRIVER, LON H.                         OH-1-8-397
SHRIVER, SARAH J.                       OH-1-5-487
SHRIVLER, SARAH R.                      OH-1-8-168
SHRIVNER, PHILIP                        OH-1-2-245
SHUIT, EVELINE ORAM                     OH-1-7-387
SHULTZ, CHARLES A.                      OH-1-10-430
SHULTZ, WILFORD ELRY                    OH-1-10-363
SHUMAKER, JENNIE                        OH-1-9-285
SHUMAKER, WILL R.                       OH-1-9-526
SHUMATE, ADA                            OH-1-9-9
SHUPERT, MORIAH                         OH-1-2-352
SHUPERT, ZAACKARIAH                     OH-1-8-608
SHUSTER, ANNA E.                        OH-1-3-229
SHUSTER, JOHN P.                        OH-1-8-13
SHUSTER, JOSEPH H.                      OH-1-8-329
SHUSTER, SARAH R.                       OH-1-9-145
SILCOTT, CRAVEN                         OH-1-4-175, 180
SIMMONS, J. H.                          OH-1-6-211
SIMON, ERNEST L.                        OH-1-10-441
SINIARGER, HENRY                        OH-1-7-76
SININGER, JAMES                         9-250
SINTON, DAVID                           OH-1-3-41
SLACK, JOHN A.                          OH-1-10-531
SLYE,  B. F.                            OH-1-1-159
SMALLEY, FLORENCE                       OH-1-5-329
SMALLEY, ISAAC                          OH-1-2-436
SMALLEY, NANCY A.                       OH-1-7-384
SMALLEY, RALPH                          OH-1-3-325
SMALLEY, SARAH A.                       OH-1-1-241
SMILEY, J. G.                           OH-1-9-468
SMITH, ALLIE L.                         OH-1-10-404
SMITH, C. E.                            OH-1-10-477
SMITH, CAREY C.                         OH-1-5-323
SMITH, CARRIE HENEFELT                  OH-1-8-347
SMITH, E. R.                            OH-1-7-381
SMITH, HOMER L.                         OH-1-10-312
SMITH, JOSIE                            OH-1-9-517
SMITH, M. E.                            OH-1-7-580
SMITHSON, L. M.                         OH-1-7-311
SMITTLE, ALEZZO B.                      OH-1-10-472
SMITTLE, ELLSWORTH IRL                  OH-1-10-181
SNYDER, MARTHA C.                       OH-1-7-81
SONKEN, SAMUEL B.                       OH-1-10-468
SPARKS, CLARA                           OH-1-4-194
SPEARS, FRANCIS M.                      OH-1-1-274
SPEARS, JAMES R.                        OH-1-3-428
SPEARS, MARGARET H.                     OH-1-7-62, 65
SPEARS, SCOTT                           OH-1-7-166
SPENCER, MARGARET J.                    OH-1-8-65
SPENCER, RAYMOND K.                     OH-1-9-199
SPRINKLE, W. A.                         OH-1-8-149
SPROULL, CLARENCE T.                    OH-1-10-598
SPROULL, OLIVER THOMAS                  OH-1-8-179
SPULER, L. A.                           OH-1-7-413, 420
SPURGEON, ANNA B.                       OH-1-6-160
SPURGEON, JOHN                          OH-1-7-49
SPURGEON, MARY G.                       OH-1-2-298
STABLETON, JOHN K.                      OH-1-7-526
STANDARD, RUSSELL                       OH-1-9-486
STEELE, MARY D.                         OH-1-9-523
STEELE, NELLIE                          OH-1-10-556
STEELE, SAMUEL A.                       OH-1-9-299
STEEN, ANNA C.                          OH-1-2-179
STEEN, J. B.                            OH-1-2-375
STEEN, JOSIAH Y.                        OH-1-1-477
STEPHENS, F. F.                         OH-1-10-506
STEPHENSON, MAUDE                       OH-1-10-610
STEPHENSON, STELLA S.                   OH-1-9-278
STEPHENSON, WILL P.                     OH-1-8-147
STERN, FREDRIC                          OH-1-2-163
STERNE, JAMES                           OH-1-8-341
STERNE, W. A.                           OH-1-6-6
STEVENSON, MARGARET                     OH-1-8-548
STEVENSON, MARY A.                      OH-1-4-212
STEVENSON, SARAH A.                     OH-1-7-238
STEWART, D. C.                          OH-1-1-579
STEWART, MARY M.                        OH-1-2-261
STEWART, REBECCA J.                     OH-1-2-414
STINSON, ARTHUR A.                      OH-1-10-407
STIVERS, PETER                          OH-1-1-248
STIVES, IDA                             OH-1-6-345
STODGEL, MARY C.                        OH-1-9-140
STONE, FRED                             OH-1-10-85
STORER, A. G.                           OH-1-5-292
STORER, AMY J.                          OH-1-10-338
STORER, C. P.                           OH-1-8-589
STORER, CYRUS                           OH-1-8-50
STORER, WILLIAM H.                      OH-1-8-309
STOUT, OVAL                             OH-1-10-426
STOVER, C. N.                           OH-1-4-162. 263
STROMAN, EFFA                           OH-1-9-322
STROMAN, ELIZABETH A.                   OH-1-1-219
STROMAN, HENRY                          OH-1-2-331
STROMAN, JULIA                          OH-1-7-333
STROMAN, LEVI B.                        OH-1-2-222
STROMAN, SSARAH                         OH-1-7-159
STROUP, J. E.                           OH-1-9-41
STUICKLETT, FRED M.                     OH-1-10-571
STULTZ, CURLESS W.                      OH-1-10-63
STULTZ, J. O.                           6-613
STULTZ, ORA M.                          OH-1-10-57
STULTZ, ORE M.                          OH-1-9-328
SUFFRON, HARRY A.                       OH-1-9-515
SUITER, ALICE H.                        OH-1-8-88
SUITER, FRED B.                         OH-1-9-570
SUITER, HARRISON M.                     OH-1-10-185
SUITER, ISRAEL L.                       OH-1-8-527
SUITERS, J. W.                          OH-1-3-69
SURASHELM, J. W.                        OH-1-8-328
SUTTERFIELD, CHARLES W.                 OH-1-1-251
SUTTERFIELD, CHARLEY                    OH-1-5-237
SWAIN, SAMUEL L.                        OH-1-2-187
SWANGER, SARAH A.                       OH-1-4-37
SWAYNE, WARREN                          OH-1-9-537
SWEARINGEN, ALBERT                      OH-1-5-60
SWEARINGEN, ANDREW J.                   OH-1-2-79
SWEARINGEN, ELI                         OH-1-8-145
SWEARINGEN, LOUELLA                     OH-1-7-583
SWEARMAN, ALBERT LEE                    OH-1-9-510
SWEET, ELBERT L.                        OH-1-7-303
SWISSHELM, GLENN G.                     OH-1-9-593
SWISSHELM, J. M.                        OH-1-9-553
TANNER, LESLIE TICE                     OH-1-9-228
TAYLOR, ALFRED SR.                      OH-1-4-143
TAYLOR, CLINTON                         OH-1-10-51
TAYLOR, GEORGE W.                       OH-1-1-436
TAYLOR, LUSETTA                         OH-1-5-263
TAYLOR, MARGARET                        OH-1-6-83
TEEGARDEN, ANNA MAY                     OH-1-9-555
TEETS, ANDA                             OH-1-10-29
TEETS, MAGGIE M.                        OH-1-10-4
TENER, ANNA B.                          OH-1-8-392
TENER, SARAH BELLE                      OH-1-3-92
THATCHER, ANNIE                         OH-1-7-489
THATCHER, JOSEPH                        OH-1-2-283
THATCHER, WARREN C.                     OH-1-9-188
THEROMAW, JAMES T.                      OH-1-6-186
THICKLER, HARRIETT E.                   OH-1-6-134
THOMAS, A. L.                           OH-1-6-275
THOMAS, AGNES REYNOLDS                  OH-1-8-383
THOMAS, AMMA J.                         OH-1-9-181
THOMAS, CHARLES ELMER                   OH-1-8-501
THOMAS, FRANK S.                        OH-1-10-64
THOMAS, G. A.                           OH-1-4-128
THOMAS, G. F.                           OH-1-7-355
THOMAS, ISAAC W.                        OH-1-3-138
THOMAS, J. L.                           OH-1-9-197
THOMAS, JOHN R.                         OH-1-7-510
THOMAS, JOSHUA S.                       OH-1-1-472
THOMAS, KATHRYN                         OH-1-8-419
THOMAS, LAVISA COLE                     OH-1-4-404
THOMAS, MARY E.                         OH-1-9-378
THOMAS, SUSAN B.                        OH-1-10-583
THOMAS, VENA                            OH-1-10-346
THOMPSON, B. E.                         OH-1-9-428
THOMPSON, ELIZA J.                      OH-1-2-411
THOMPSON, ESSIE FLORA                   OH-1-10-52
THOMPSON, HARRIET E.                    OH-1-7-54
THOMPSON, JAMES E.                      OH-1-9-235
THOMPSON, JAMES W.                      OH-1-8-428
THOMPSON, L. E.                         OH-1-6-268
THOMPSON, LAURA                         OH-1-8-297
THOMPSON, PETER                         OH-1-3-301
THOMPSON, REBECCA E.                    OH-1-7-497
THOMPSON, ROBERTA                       OH-1-10-417
THOMPSON, VINCENT                       OH-1-8-245
THOMPSON, W. A.                         OH-1-5-447, 454
THOMPSON, W. B.                         OH-1-10-191A
THOMSON, NANCY                          OH-1-2-160
THOREMAN, JOHN B.                       OH-1-4-208
THOROMAN, FREDDA                        OH-1-8-348
THOROMAN, G. W.                         OH-1-2-396
THOROMAN, GEORGE H.                     OH-1-3-500, 527
THOROMAN, OLLIE H.                      OH-1-10-446
THOROMAN, WILLIAM Z.                    OH-1-2-112
TIMMONS, WILLIAM H.                     OH-1-9-226
TOLLE, C. H.                            OH-1-10-216
TOLLE, CARY E.                          OH-1-3-485
TOLLE, G. M.                            OH-1-8-226
TOLLE, GEORGE M.                        OH-1-1-486
TOLLE, LIZZIE B.                        OH-1-10-425
TOLLE, STEPHEN A.                       OH-1-6-165
TOLLE, W. B.                            OH-1-5-518
TOMLEN, MAYSIE                          OH-1-10-593
TOMLIN, ANNA E.                         OH-1-6-292, 458
TOMLIN, IDA                             OH-1-5-332
TOMLIN, JAMES M.                        OH-1-7-149
TOMLIN, JOHN                            OH-1-6-243
TORNDEN, CHARLES M. SR.                 OH-1-9-128
TRACY, NOAH                             OH-1-1-529
TREBER, ANNA F.                         OH-1-6-143
TREBER, JOEL                            OH-1-1-256
TREFZ, EFFIE A.                         OH-1-9-293
TRICHLER, C. C.                         OH-1-1-226
TRICKLER, EDITH                         OH-1-7-459
TRICKLER, REBECCA J.                    OH-1-2-240
TRISTOE, RICHARD J.                     OH-1-2-466
TROCKENBROD, KUNIGENDE                  OH-1-10-54
TROOMS, HOMER S.                        OH-1-10-333
TROTTER, C. A.                          OH-1-8-415
TROTTER, CHARLES                        OH-1-9-381
TROUTMAN, JOHN CL.                      OH-1-4-264
TUCKER, C. W.                           OH-1-9-290
TUCKER, MECIA M.                        OH-1-10-158
TUCKER, MYRTLE L.                       OH-1-10-455
TUCKER, NOBLE                           OH-1-10-353
TUCKER, SUSAN JANE                      OH-1-8-222
TUCKER, W. P.                           OH-1-8-258
TULLY, FLOYD P.                         OH-1-7-589
TULLY, STOCKTON B.                      OH-1-5-170, 294, 490
TURNER, BELEY                           OH-1-10-514
TURNER, D. E.                           OH-1-7-18
TURNER, DIA MAE                         OH-1-10-516
TURNER, EVA V.                          OH-1-9-66
TURNER, JOSEPH                          OH-1-9-64
TURNER, W. M.                           OH-1-9-25
TURNIPSEED, A. G.                       OH-1-4-335
URTON, EMMA F.                          OH-1-4-565
URTON, HEPSEY Z.                        OH-1-3-322
URTON, LILLIE                           OH-1-7-59
URTON, MAHLON                           OH-1-8-541
URTON, ROSE J.                          OH-1-7-170
USTIN, EMMER E.                         OH-1-10-421
VANCE, HARRISON                         OH-1-3-260
VANE, VIRGIL                            OH-1-8-83
VANLANDINGHAM, WILLIAM R.               OH-1-10-503
VOGLER, MILDRED MARIE                   OH-1-9-209
WADE, MARTHA A.                         OH-1-7-115
WAGNER, BLANCHE SHIELDS                 OH-1-10-359
WAGNER, JOHN                            OH-1-9-210
WALDRON, G. H.                          OH-1-3-319
WALKER, NANCY A.                        OH-1-3-515
WALKER, W. C.                           OH-1-8-24
WALL, CHARLES M.                        OH-1-8-319
WALL, IVA                               OH-1-10-39
WALLACE, ELIZABETH                      OH-1-2-457
WALLACE, GUY                            OH-1-9-507
WALLACE, HANNAH FORBES                  OH-1-4-442
WALLACE, JOHN K.                        OH-1-6-214
WALLACE, MARGARET S.                    OH-1-9-337
WALLINGFORD, ALLEN DEAN                 OH-1-9-273
WALTERS, EDWARD E.                      OH-1-10-433
WAMSLEY, ANGELINA                       OH-1-4-41
WAMSLEY, CAREY E.                       OH-1-7-329
WAMSLEY, DANIEL P.                      OH-1-4-535
WAMSLEY, ELIZA J.                       OH-1-5-110, 113
WAMSLEY, ELLA R.                        OH-1-10-307
WAMSLEY, GLADYS R.                      OH-1-9-249
WAMSLEY, JAMES PILCHER                  OH-1-1-62
WAMSLEY, LECTOR E.                      OH-1-8-403
WAMSLEY, MARGARET A.                    OH-1-5-535
WAMSLEY, OCIE                           OH-1-10-569
WAMSLEY, OSA                            OH-1-9-88
WAMSLEY, ROBERT E.                      OH-1-9-340
WAMSLEY, SAMUEL B.                      OH-1-4-102, 104
WAMSLEY, W. B.                          OH-1-9-601
WAMSLEY, W. C.                          OH-1-6-55
WAMSLEY, W. TRIMBLE                     OH-1-6-224
WARNER, FANNIE M.                       OH-1-7-577
WARNER, FLORENCE                        OH-1-9-213
WARNER, LUCRETIA                        OH-1-9-589
WARNER, MARTHA MAE                      OH-1-9-585
WARNOCK, TAYLOR                         OH-1-5-442
WASHBURN, L. MAUDE                      OH-1-9-297
WASHBURN, LAFE                          OH-1-7-172
WASHBURN, SARAH M.                      OH-1-4-199, 207
WASHBURN, THOMAS                        OH-1-4-545
WASSON, A. C.                           OH-1-9-481
WASSON, PHILIP A.                       OH-1-10-114
WASSON, T. C.                           OH-1-4-526
WASSON, T. C.                           OH-1-4-544
WATSON, ALVA                            OH-1-10-331
WATSON, GEORGE A.                       OH-1-8-530
WATTERS, ALICE                          OH-1-7-557
WATTERS, JESSIE A.                      OH-1-8-535
WATTERS, SAMUEL S.                      OH-1-1-461
WEBB, RUSSELL K.                        OH-1-10-574
WELLS, FLORENCE MYRTLE                  OH-1-8-423
WEST, A. G.                             OH-1-5-107
WEST, A. W.                             OH-1-2-562
WEST, VERDA                             OH-1-9-344
WHEATLEY, J. M.                         OH-1-8-10
WHITE, IDA F.                           OH-1-8-607
WHITE, J. A.                            OH-1-8-207
WHITE, JAMES V.                         OH-1-2-342
WHITE, JULIA A.                         OH-1-9-577
WHITE, NORA L.                          OH-1-9-433
WHITTEMORE, LUCRETIA                    OH-1-2-367
WICKERHAM, DAVID EDWIN                  OH-1-8-382
WICKERHAM, ERNEST                       OH-1-8-473
WICKERHAM, J. F.                        OH-1-5-182
WICKERHAM, J. H.                        OH-1-8-356
WICKERHAM, J. N.                        OH-1-7-404
WICKERHAM, LULU                         OH-1-10-300
WICKERHAM, MARGARET                     OH-1-9-254
WICKERHAM, ROBERT M.                    OH-1-4-165
WIDNEY, JOHN                            OH-1-4-226
WIDNEY, SUSAN                           OH-1-5-146
WIKOFF, D. F.                           OH-1-8-208
WIKOFF, W. M.                           OH-1-9-342
WIKOFF, WALTER L.                       OH-1-10-179
WILKERSON, RAY C.                       OH-1-9-527
WILLHIDE, BYRD                          OH-1-9-437
WILLIAMS, ANNA C.                       OH-1-9-261
WILLIAMS, ELMER E.                      OH-1-5-500
WILLIAMS, ESTEL E.                      OH-1-10-462
WILLIAMS, G. H.                         OH-1-5-582
WILLIAMS, HELEN                         OH-1-10-591
WILLIAMS, MILES                         OH-1-8-163
WILLIAMS, RACHEL E.                     OH-1-9-61
WILLIAMS, SOPHIA                        OH-1-4-355
WILLIAMSO, A. E.                        OH-1-10-358
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                     OH-1-5-249
WILSON, ANNETTE POWER                   OH-1-8-436
WILSON, BARTON WOODFORD                 OH-1-2-471
WILSON, EMMA B.                         OH-1-5-229
WILSON, JAMES P.                        OH-1-1-35
WILSON, JANE                            OH-1-2-522
WILSON, JESSE S.                        OH-1-10-444
WILSON, JOHN T.                         OH-1-1-148
WILSON, NETTIE                          OH-1-6-240
WILSON, ROBERT                          OH-1-1-482
WILSON, S. P.                           OH-1-7-519
WILSON,E. H.                            OH-1-9-222
WISECUP, ABRAHAM                        OH-1-3-582
WISECUP, D. P.                          OH-1-8-152
WITTEMEYER, JAMES M.                    OH-1-5-421
WITTENMEYER, GEORGE F.                  OH-1-4-447, 454
WITTENMYER, JAMES G.                    OH-1-3-188
WITTENMYER, JAMES G.                    OH-1-3-133, 188
WITTENMYER, LIZZIE G.                   OH-1-8-286
WOLF, JOHN W.                           OH-1-3-193
WOLF, OLIVE L.                          OH-1-8-320
WOLFE, AMELIA                           OH-1-7-349
WOMACK, EDWARD                          OH-1-6-85
WOMACKS, PEARL                          OH-1-9-387
WOOD, GLADYS                            OH-1-10-336
WOOD, JOHN B.                           OH-1-8-571
WOODS, SERETTA M.                       OH-1-5-386
WRIGHT, ALMA C.                         OH-1-5-307
WRIGHT, BURR R.                         OH-1-8-306
WRIGHT, J. H.                           OH-1-2-356
WRIGHT, JAMES                           OH-1-2-45
WRIGHT, JOHN                            OH-1-3-122
WUCHER, CLARA                           OH-1-10-175
WYLIE, EDGAR                            OH-1-9-194
WYLIE, MARTHA A.                        OH-1-10-304
WYLIE, MARY A.                          OH-1-5-155
YATES, B. F.                            OH-1-6-320
YOUNG, A. W.                            OH-1-9-29
YOUNG, ALEXANDER F.                     OH-1-2-59
YOUNG, BETHA                            OH-1-10-522
YOUNG, CHARLES E.                       OH-1-9-617
YOUNG, D. T.                            OH-1-6-69
YOUNG, DAMARIS                          OH-1-5-579
YOUNG, DAVID                            OH-1-7-131, 209
YOUNG, E. STANTON                       OH-1-8-377
YOUNG, EDWARD O.                        OH-1-9-474
YOUNG, J. HARVE                         OH-1-9-339
YOUNG, J. L. B.                         OH-1-5-149
YOUNG, JOHN B.                          OH-1-1-396
YOUNG, JOSEPH E.                        OH-1-7-483
YOUNG, L. B.                            OH-1-9-22
YOUNG, LEONARD                          OH-1-2-568
YOUNG, LIZZIE H.                        OH-1-7-31
YOUNG, LOAH                             OH-1-9-572
YOUNG, MARGARET                         OH-1-8-450
YOUNG, MARY E.                          OH-1-8-298
YOUNG, MELVIN N.                        OH-1-7-553
YOUNG, OZRA J.                          OH-1-9-410
YOUNG, SARAH                            OH-1-8-578
YOUNG, SARAH W.                         OH-1-6-289
YOUNG, SUSIE E.                         OH-1-10-495
YOUNG, T. E.                            OH-1-8-555
YOUNG, THOMAS W.                        OH-1-3-150
YOUNG, WILLIAM M.                       OH-1-4-272, 275
YOUNG, WILLIAM MC.                      OH-1-3-497
ZIMMER, GEORGE                          OH-1-8-558

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