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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A1=1811-1825 | B1=1826-1833 | C1=1831-1840 | D1=1836-1844 | E1=1844-1848 | F1=1845-1851 | G1=1851-1854 | A2=1853-1860 | B2=1860-1865 | C2=1866-1872 | D2=1873-1878 | E2=1878-1883 | F2=1883-1885 | G2=1885-1888 |
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LAKE, HIRAM                             OH-4-G2-3
LAKE, JULIA                             OH-4-F2-168
LAMPHIER, NATHAN                        OH-4-B2-230
LAMPMAN, FREDERICK                      OH-4-D2-411
LANCASTER, JOHN                         OH-4-E2-295
LANCASTER, WILLIAM H.                   OH-4-G2-225
LANDON, JUDSON                          OH-4-D2-525
LANDON, WILLIAM H.                      OH-4-F2-563
LANE, AMY                               OH-4-B2-349
LANGWORTHY, WILLIAM                     OH-4-B2-385
LASKY, SALLY                            OH-4-A2-56
LATHROP, SOLOMON A.                     OH-4-E2-274
LATIMER, COLLINS                        OH-4-F2-519
LATIMER, EBENEZER                       OH-4-G2-339
LATIMER, HIRAM                          OH-4-G2-210
LATIMER, HULDAH                         OH-4-D2-256
LATIMER, MARY M.                        OH-4-D2-448
LAUGHLIN, OTHO                          OH-4-B2-36
LAWSON, AMELIA                          OH-4-B2-237
LAWSON, JOHN                            OH-4-G1-27
LAWTON, ABISHA                          OH-4-F1-475
LEE, ALFRED                             OH-4-A2-369
LEE, EUNICE                             OH-4-A2-142
LEE, EUSEBIUS                           OH-4-E2-556
LEE, HIRAM S.                           OH-4-E2-324
LEE, ISRAEL                             OH-4-D1-184
LEE, LAURA                              OH-4-E2-123
LEE, LEMUEL                             OH-4-A2-72
LEE, SAMUEL                             OH-4-F1-595
LEED, JOHN                              OH-4-D2-181
LEFFINGWELL, WILLIAM                    OH-4-D1-111
LELAND, ALBERT Y.                       OH-4-F2-86
LEONARD, ALVIN B.                       OH-4-D2-229
LEONARD, ASAHEL                         OH-4-E2-290
LEONARD, ELIZABETH W.                   OH-4-B2-103
LEONARD, EZRA                           OH-4-A1-305
LEONARD, HARRIET A.                     OH-4-G2-577
LEONARD, LEWIS M.                       OH-4-B2-273
LEONARD, LYMAN                          OH-4-D2-51
LEONARD, MARVIN                         OH-4-B2-107
LEWIS, MARTIN                           OH-4-G1-154
LEWIS, SARAH                            OH-4-G1-147
LILLIE, WILLIAM O.                      OH-4-E2-461
LINTERUS, THOMAS                        OH-4-A2-306
LITTLE, HORACE                          OH-4-B2-463
LOCKWOOD, BENJAMIN                      OH-4-B2-346
LOCKWOOD, EDMUND                        OH-4-D2-426
LOCKWOOD, JAMES                         OH-4-F1-360
LOCKWOOD, PHEBE                         OH-4-D2-141
LOCKWOOD, WESTON E.                     OH-4-G2-506
LOOMIS, ANSON O.                        OH-4-D2-292
LOOMIS, CHARLES                         OH-4-D2-458
LOOMIS, DANIEL                          OH-4-D2-584
LOOMIS, GILES                           OH-4-A1-22
LOOMIS, HENRY                           OH-4-F2-242
LOOMIS, HENRY (CON'T)                   OH-4-F2-252
LOOMIS, HENRY S.                        OH-4-E2-192
LOOMIS, HORACE                          OH-4-A1-451
LOOMIS, JONATHAN                        OH-4-E2-590
LOOMIS, JOSEPH                          OH-4-B1-376
LOOMIS, LESTER                          OH-4-E2-508
LOOMIS, MILLEA C.                       OH-4-D2-391
LOOMIS, URIAH                           OH-4-D1-765
LORD, FRANCIS E.                        OH-4-A2-99
LOVEJOY, DOLLY A.                       OH-4-E2-546
LOVEJOY, PHILINA A.                     OH-4-B2-72
LOVELAND, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-4-D2-430
LOVELAND, GEORGE C.                     OH-4-E2-538
LUCAS, ESTHER J.                        OH-4-G2-192
LUCAS, EUGENE                           OH-4-D2-226
LUCAS, THOMAS                           OH-4-E1-172
LUCE, ANSON                             OH-4-E2-338
LUCE, JEREMIAH                          OH-4-G2-549
LUCE, LUCY                              OH-4-D2-431
LYMAN, EMMA                             OH-4-A2-307
LYMAN, EPAPHRAS                         OH-4-D1-327
LYON, ROBERT                            OH-4-A2-73
MAGINNIS, FRANKLIN                      OH-4-D2-223
MAHONEY, CORNELIUS                      OH-4-D2-257
MALTBIE, CURTISS                        OH-4-D2-260
MALTBY, CHARLES                         OH-4-A2-76
MALTBY, DAVID                           OH-4-F1-132
MALTBY, IRA                             OH-4-D2-526
MALTBY, NELSON                          OH-4-G2-184
MALTBY, WILLIAM                         OH-4-C1-240
MANN, AMANDA                            OH-4-A2-4
MANN, MERRILL M.                        OH-4-A2-89
MANN, SOPHIA G.                         OH-4-G2-115
MANN, ZADOK                             OH-4-E1-313
MANNING, SOPRONIA                       OH-4-E2-73
MARBLE, ASA                             OH-4-A2-185
MARCH, ELIZA G.                         OH-4-D1-87
MARCY, JAMES                            OH-4-D2-336
MARITN, CYNTHIA                         OH-4-G2-461
MARKHAM, ELIJAH                         OH-4-B2-311
MARKHAM, MARY O.                        OH-4-D2-554
MARR, SURPLUS                           OH-4-A2-259
MARROW, MICHAEL, GEAUGA, OH             OH-4-G2-312
MARSH, JOHN S.                          OH-4-D2-502
MARSH, S. S.                            OH-4-G2-436
MARTIN, LEONARD                         OH-4-E2-333
MARTIN, NELSON W.                       OH-4-D2-508
MARTIN, ROBERT                          OH-4-D2-173
MARTIN, THOMAS                          OH-4-E1-479
MARVIN, ALBERTUS L.                     OH-4-D2-507
MARVIN, GEORGE                          OH-4-D2-106
MARVIN, LUCY L.                         OH-4-G2-366
MARVIN, SALLY                           OH-4-D2-379
MARVIN, SYLVANUS                        OH-4-D2-143
MASSINGHAM, STEPHEN                     OH-4-A2-383
MATHER, FREDERICK S.                    OH-4-E2-316
MATHER, SAMUEL                          OH-4-A2-45
MATHER, THOMAS                          OH-4-F1-431
MATHEWS, WILLIAM S.                     OH-4-B2-205
MATSON, REUBEN                          OH-4-E2-106
MATSON, WILLIAM                         OH-4-A2-35
MAYBERRY, JAMES                         OH-4-D2-381
MAYNARD, JABEZ                          OH-4-F2-38
MCADAMS, ALEXANDER                      OH-4-D2-358
MCBAIN, MARGARET                        OH-4-G2-196
MCCLELLAND, ROBERT                      OH-4-F2-540
MCCLURY, JOHN                           OH-4-D2-343
MCCORMICK, HENRY                        OH-4-D2-291
MCCRONE, JOHN                           OH-4-A2-239
MCDANIELS, DANIEL                       OH-4-D2-547
MCELROY, JAMES                          OH-4-B2-415
MCEWEN, ABEL                            OH-4-B2-326
MCEWEN, CHARLES                         OH-4-D2-333
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                      OH-4-A1-212
MCGLOCKNE, BENJAMIN                     OH-4-A2-143
MCGRANAHAN, GEORGE                      OH-4-F2-533
MCGUIRE, THOMAS                         OH-4-B2-473
MCGUIRE, WILLIAM J.                     OH-4-E2-264
MCKAY, DELLA                            OH-4-F2-308
MCKENDREE, JAMES P.                     OH-4-D2-170
MCKENZIE, JAMES                         OH-4-D2-367
MCKENZIE, KENNETH                       OH-4-E2-51
MCKINSTRY, ARCHIBALD                    OH-4-B2-127
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                        OH-4-F2-334
MEAD, ORIN L.                           OH-4-F2-104
MEANY, ABBIE                            OH-4-E2-194
MEIGS, MARYETT L.                       OH-4-G2-297
MERRELL, SELA C.                        OH-4-F2-376
MERRIAM, MARIA W.                       OH-4-D2-112
MESSENGER, ISRAEL                       OH-4-G1-259
MIFFIN, LOVINA S.                       OH-4-A2-115
MILLIKAN, WILLIAM F.                    OH-4-G2-417
MILLS, ALFRED                           OH-4-F2-181
MILLS, CONSTANTINE                      OH-4-F1-221
MILLS, EBEN A.                          OH-4-A2-304
MILLS, ISAAC                            OH-4-G1-353
MILLS, JOSEPH                           OH-4-D2-513
MILLS, PHILECTA                         OH-4-F1-395
MINER, HORACE                           OH-4-G2-399
MINOR, DENNISON  A.                     OH-4-B2-438
MINOR, PHEBE                            OH-4-A1-175
MITCHELL, SILAS                         OH-4-E2-1
MOFFITT, LEMUEL                         OH-4-B2-62
MONGER, HARRIET L.                      OH-4-G2-318
MONTGOMERY, LEVI                        OH-4-E1-148
MONTGOMERY, ROYAL                       OH-4-A2-165
MONTGOMERY, SALLY                       OH-4-B2-182
MONTGOMERY, SUSAN                       OH-4-E2-562
MOREY, SHUBAEL                          OH-4-B2-466
MORFOOT, LEONARD                        OH-4-B2-442
MORGAN, EZZRA J.                        OH-4-A2-177
MORGAN, HARRIET                         OH-4-D2-480
MORGAN, JAMES                           OH-4-A2-122
MORGAN, JOHN                            OH-4-E2-325
MORGAN, SAMUEL B.                       OH-4-A2-5
MORRISON, JOHN B.                       OH-4-D2-72
MORRISON, MARK                          OH-4-A2-82
MORSE, ABIAH                            OH-4-D2-7
MORSE, ANSEL                            OH-4-E2-198
MORSE, BENJAMIN ESQ.                    OH-4-A1-29
MORSE, ELIAS                            OH-4-A2-172
MORSE, ELIJAH                           OH-4-C1-353
MORSE, JOSEPH                           OH-4-D2-282
MORSE, MARVIN                           OH-4-A2-358
MORSE, PHINEAS                          OH-4-D2-539
MOSELY, ABBY                            OH-4-D2-192
MOSES, ABIGAIL                          OH-4-A2-11
MOSES, ALONZO                           OH-4-G2-72
MOSES, CAROLINE                         OH-4-A2-386
MOSHER, ALFRED                          OH-4-D2-126
MULLETT, BENJAMIN                       OH-4-D2-286
MUNGER, GIDEON                          OH-4-B2-2
MURFIN, JOHN                            OH-4-E2-474
MURPHY, BENJAMIN H.                     OH-4-F2-436
MURRAY, SAMUEL                          OH-4-B2-425
MURRAY, SAMUEL                          OH-4-B2-426
MURWIN, ELSENA A.                       OH-4-B2-376
MURWIN, THOMAS J.                       OH-4-A2-406
NELIUS, HUBERT                          OH-4-F2-584
NELLIS, BARNARD                         OH-4-D2-436
NELLIS, REUBEN                          OH-4-A2-147
NETTLETON, ALPHA                        OH-4-B2-434
NETTLETON, CHARLES                      OH-4-G2-212
NETTLETON, GEORGE E.                    OH-4-F2-503
NEWBERRY, MARTIN                        OH-4-E2-445
NEWELL, MARY                            OH-4-A2-111
NEWELL, ROSCIUS C.                      OH-4-D2-93
NEWMAN, CHARITY                         OH-4-F2-588
NEWTON, SAMUEL                          OH-4-E1-188
NICHOLSON, JAMES                        OH-4-A2-220
NIMS, LYDIA D.                          OH-4-A2-153
NOLLIS, JOHN I. D.                      OH-4-F1-258
NORRIS, AUSTIN                          OH-4-D2-6
NORRIS, BENJAMIN                        OH-4-D2-274
 NORRIS, CARLOS                         OH-4-B2-469
NORRIS, CORNELIUS                       OH-4-G1-32
NORRIS, ELIZA                           OH-4-G2-456
NORRIS, WILLIAM                         OH-4-A2-12
NORTH, WILLIAM                          OH-4-B2-256
NORTHWAY, GEORGE                        OH-4-E2-433
NORTHWAY, SALMON M.                     OH-4-F2-553
NORTHWAY, ZENAS                         OH-4-D2-156
NORTON, ANDREW                          OH-4-F2-26
NORTON, JOANNA                          OH-4-F1-427
NORTON, LEWIS                           OH-4-F1-128
NUCE, CATHERINE                         OH-4-E2-173
NYE, JONATHAN                           OH-4-D2-346
NYE, SALLY                              OH-4-G2-566
NYE, WILLIAM                            OH-4-B2-202
OBISSELL, LUCIUS                        OH-4-B2-152
OLIVER, JAMES L.                        OH-4-A2-214
ORTER, ANNA B.                          OH-4-F1-103
OSBORN, AMOS C.                         OH-4-G2-149
OSBORN, HARRIET                         OH-4-E2-201
OSBORN, N. S.                           OH-4-F2-389
PADDEN, ROBERT                          OH-4-A2-2
PADDOCK, PERMELIA L.                    OH-4-D2-96
PAGE, MARIA                             OH-4-A2-168
PALMER, B. F.                           OH-4-G2-515
PALMER, B. F. JR.                       OH-4-F2-488
PALMER, DANIEL                          OH-4-B2-293
PALMER, GILBERT                         OH-4-B1-142
PALMER, HORACE W.                       OH-4-D2-416
PALMER, REBECCA                         OH-4-E2-269
PALMER, SARAH J.                        OH-4-E2-476
PALMER, W. D.                           OH-4-B2-338
PANCOST, HIRAM                          OH-4-B2-447
PANCOST, W. C.                          OH-4-E2-443
PARKER, CAROLINE M.                     OH-4-B2-318
PARKER, DAVID                           OH-4-E2-255
PARKER, GEORGE W.                       OH-4-C1-415
PARKER, JARED                           OH-4-G1-281
PARKER, LYDIA                           OH-4-B2-413
PARKER, POLLY                           OH-4-D1-93
PARKES, EDWIN W.                        OH-4-E2-415
PARKMAN, SAMUEL                         OH-4-B1-380
PARKS, ELIPHALET C.                     OH-4-E2-1
PARRISH, NATHAN                         OH-4-D2-393
PARSHALL, JOHN H.                       OH-4-F2-114
PARSHALL, SUSAN B.                      OH-4-F2-138
PATRICK, WILLIAM M.                     OH-4-D2-415
PATTERSON, ROWENA                       OH-4-F1-256
PAYNE, JOSEPH                           OH-4-F2-589
PEASE, HENRY J.                         OH-4-F2-382
PEAY, JAMES                             OH-4-F1-88
PECK, ELIJAH                            OH-4-F2-121
PECK, ELIJAH                            OH-4-D1-41
PECK, HIRAM                             OH-4-E2-489
PECK, RICHAD E.                         OH-4-D2-56
PECK, SILAS                             OH-4-E2-27
PEEK, LOVISA                            OH-4-G2-294
PELLETT, DANIEL H.                      OH-4-B2-30
PEPPER, JOHN                            OH-4-B2-185
PERKINS, ALFRED E.                      OH-4-C1-159
PERKINS, JACOB                          OH-4-A2-324
PERKINS, SIMON                          OH-4-E1-74
PERRY, CORDELIA B.                      OH-4-E2-85
PETRIE, CONRAD                          OH-4-D2-340
PETRIE, RICHARD JOST                    OH-4-F1-126
PETTY, ESTHER ANN                       OH-4-E2-80
PHELPS, ASAPH                           OH-4-E2-548
PHELPS, GEORGE R.                       OH-4-E1-319
PHELPS, GEORGE W.                       OH-4-B2-46
PHELPS, HARVEY                          OH-4-A2-7
PHELPS, LEMUEL B.                       OH-4-G2-321
PHELPS, MARTHA                          OH-4-B2-247
PHELPS, REUBEN                          OH-4-A2-384
PHILLIPS, DANIEL B.                     OH-4-E2-320
PHILLIPS, HALSEY                        OH-4-E2-472
PHILLIPS, JESSE                         OH-4-E2-61
PICKETT, JOHN                           OH-4-G1-298
PIERCE, LUCIUS                          OH-4-D2-99
PIERSON, ABIGAIL                        OH-4-D2-406
PINNEY, ELIHU                           OH-4-D2-258
PINNEY, WALLACE A.                      OH-4-B2-330
PIPER, CHANDLER                         OH-4-E2-164
PITCHER, THOMAS L.                      OH-4-E2-484
PLATT, NANCY                            OH-4-E2-103
PLUMB, HIRAM A.                         OH-4-A2-344
POMEROY, LUCY E.                        OH-4-E2-17
POOL, AMANDA                            OH-4-G2-430
POOL, CHAUNCEY                          OH-4-D2-392
POOL, JOHN                              OH-4-A2-182
POOR, WILLIAM                           OH-4-D2-396
PORTER, IRA                             OH-4-F2-345
POST, JOSEPH                            OH-4-D2-439
POTTER, JONATHAN                        OH-4-B2-126
POTTER, ORANGE F.                       OH-4-E2-502
POTTS, CHARLOTTE                        OH-4-G2-90
POWERS, MICHAEL JR.                     OH-4-F2-179
PRATT, ALFRED                           OH-4-B2-257
PRATT, ELNATHAN                         OH-4-E1-308
PRATT, ESTHER P.                        OH-4-G2-284
PRATT, JANE W.                          OH-4-B2-264
PRENTICE, GILBERT                       OH-4-C1-317
PRESOTN, LUCY F.                        OH-4-A2-331
PRESTON, DAVID                          OH-4-A2-90
PRICE, CHARLES E.                       OH-4-E2-373
PRINCE, ELI                             OH-4-F1-467
PRINCE, LORING                          OH-4-G1-206
PULSIPHER, JOHN F.                      OH-4-E2-67
PUTNEY, JEWIT                           OH-4-D1-285
RAMAGE, ANNIE K.                        OH-4-E2-108
RANALL, JEROME                          OH-4-D2-151
RAND, MARY W.                           OH-4-F2-31
RANDALL, FLORA C.                       OH-4-E2-161
RANDEL, WATSON W.                       OH-4-B2-316
RANDOLPH, HIRAM F.                      OH-4-E2-101
RANSOM, HORACE                          OH-4-B2-347
RAWDON, JEDUTHAN                        OH-4-B2-5
RAY, JAMES                              OH-4-A2-319
RAY, JOHN MARTIN                        OH-4-G2-247
READ, NATHANIEL                         OH-4-B1-343
REDHEAD, HENRY                          OH-4-F2-448
REED, HERMAN                            OH-4-B2-157
REED, JAMES                             OH-4-G2-602
REEVE, LUCIEN B.                        OH-4-G1-21
REEVE, MARY ANN                         OH-4-E2-158
REMINGTON, BLISS B.                     OH-4-F2-188
REX, ROBERT                             OH-4-B2-449
REYNOLDS, GEORGIANNA L.                 OH-4-F2-515
RICE, DORCAS A.                         OH-4-D2-65
RICE, JOEL                              OH-4-E2-267
RICE, YALE                              OH-4-E2-116
RICHARDS, ALPHEUS A.                    OH-4-E2-82
RICHARDSON, MARY                        OH-4-B2-106
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM                     OH-4-E2-347
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM S.                  OH-4-A2-330
RICHMOND, CYRUS R.                      OH-4-F2-331
RICHMOND, EDMUND                        OH-4-B2-9
RICHMOND, MARY JANE                     OH-4-F2-391
RICHMOND, SENA                          OH-4-B2-33
RICHMOND, THOMAS                        OH-4-D2-505
RICHMOND, WALTER                        OH-4-B1-129
RIDGE, JOHN                             OH-4-E2-372
RIGNER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-4-E2-375
RISLEY, GEORGE W.                       OH-4-F2-149
RIST, CUTLER                            OH-4-B2-417
ROBERTS, ELIAKIM                        OH-4-E2-485
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                        OH-4-F2-573
ROCKWELL, CALEB                         OH-4-A2-395
ROCKWELL, MARTIN, *, CT                 OH-4-G1-283
ROCKWELL, PHEBE                         OH-4-A2-108
ROCKWELL, REBECCA                       OH-4-E2-3
RODGERS, JOHN S.                        OH-4-B2-67
ROGERS, MARY M.                         OH-4-D2-448
ROGERS, PHINEAS S.                      OH-4-F2-231
ROOD, ELI                               OH-4-A2-67
ROOD, JAY S.                            OH-4-B2-180
ROOT, CATHARINE E.                      OH-4-E2-139
ROOT, ELIZA                             OH-4-G2-167
ROOT, HIRAM                             OH-4-F2-69
ROOT, MARTHA J.                         OH-4-A2-130
ROOT, MARY H.                           OH-4-F2-228
ROOT, RACHEL                            OH-4-A2-19
ROOT, SOPHIA B.                         OH-4-D2-235
ROSE, ABNER                             OH-4-E2-189
ROSS, CHARLOTTE L.                      OH-4-E2-168
ROSS, LUCY                              OH-4-E2-137
ROYCE, HORACE W.                        OH-4-E1-2
RUGGLES, CHARLOTTE L.                   OH-4-F2-198
RUGGLES, CLARISSA A.                    OH-4-G2-36
RUNICMAN, JOHN                          OH-4-F2-144
RUSH, ANN L.                            OH-4-E2-426
RUSSEL, ELIZABETH                       OH-4-G1-17
RUSSELL, ALMIRA K.                      OH-4-G2-324
RUSSELL, CALEB B.                       OH-4-G2-221
RUSSELL, JAMES                          OH-4-E2-59
RUSSELL, JOHN                           OH-4-D2-362
RYAN, PERRY C.                          OH-4-F2-152
RYDER, ANN P.                           OH-4-A2-322
RYDER, HANNAH                           OH-4-D2-272
RYDER, THEADORE W.                      OH-4-A2-359
RYDER, WINTHROP                         OH-4-C1-517
SABIN, JOHN                             OH-4-C1-442
SACKETT, SKENE D.                       OH-4-G1-257
SADD, MADELIA M.                        OH-4-E2-440
SAMSON, HENRY W.                        OH-4-G2-34
SANBORN, REUBEN                         OH-4-F1-75
SANDERS, A. J.                          OH-4-D2-253
SANDERS, GROVE                          OH-4-F2-550
SANDERSON, JOSEPH                       OH-4-G2-498
SANFORD, CHESTER                        OH-4-E2-493
SARGEANT, LOUISA R.                     OH-4-F2-475
SAWDY, JOB                              OH-4-B2-75
SAWTELL, MARVIN M.                      OH-4-C1-506
SAWTELL, MARY                           OH-4-D2-378
SAWTELL, WILLIAM G.                     OH-4-A2-243
SAWTELLE, FRANCES H.                    OH-4-D2-551
SCHOVILLE, MICHAEL                      OH-4-F2-394
SCOVILL, ENOS                           OH-4-G2-229
SCOVILLE, ADNAH                         OH-4-B2-136
SCOVILLE, CHARLES                       OH-4-A2-303
SCOVILLE, KNEELAND                      OH-4-D2-207
SCOVILLE, WALTER A.                     OH-4-F2-195
SCRIBNER, THOMAS                        OH-4-G2-190
SEAGUR, ELIJAH                          OH-4-A2-14
SEELEY, SAMUEL A.                       OH-4-D2-341
SELBY, EPHRAIM                          OH-4-E2-63
SELBY, EPHRAIM                          OH-4-C1-352
SELBY, LUCRETIA                         OH-4-G2-390
SELLECK, ERASTUS                        OH-4-E2-87
SELLECK, JAMES                          OH-4-E2-33
SEYMOUR, MERRICK                        OH-4-C1-29
SEYMOUR, NANCY                          OH-4-F2-305
SEYMOUR, NORMAN                         OH-4-A2-314
SEYMOUR, NORMAN                         OH-4-A2-132
SEYMOUR, ROBERT                         OH-4-D2-234
SEYMOUR, TITUS                          OH-4-E1-150
SHATTOE, JOSEPH                         OH-4-B2-142
SHAUGHNESSY, PATRICK                    OH-4-F2-275
SHEARS, PLATT                           OH-4-G2-356
SHEFFIELD, ALEXANDER H.                 OH-4-F2-35
SHEPARD, ALANSON                        OH-4-B2-43
SHEPARD, GEORGE W.                      OH-4-D2-50
SHEPARD, JONATHAN B.                    OH-4-E2-54
SHEPARD, LOUISA                         OH-4-G2-85
SHEPARD, WILLIAM M.                     OH-4-D2-88
SHERMAN, JOHN                           OH-4-E1-322
SHERMAN, MARIA                          OH-4-G2-134
SHERRY, GERTRUDE A.                     OH-4-G2-378
SHUMAKER, ANNA S.                       OH-4-F2-469
SILL, JOHN                              OH-4-D2-91
SIMONDS, WILLIAM T.                     OH-4-F2-560
SIMONETT, ALMIRA M.                     OH-4-G2-215
SIMS, DAVID                             OH-4-D2-25
SINGLETON, ANTHONY P.                   OH-4-B2-361
SKILLICORN, ELIZABETH                   OH-4-D2-77
SKINNER, GEORGE W.                      OH-4-F2-87
SKINNER, HEZEKIAH                       OH-4-B2-159
SKINNER, ISAAC                          OH-4-D2-473
SKINNER, MILO                           OH-4-B2-359
SKINNER, REUBEN                         OH-4-D2-19
SLATER, BENJAMIN M.                     OH-4-A2-41
SLATER, FANNY                           OH-4-E2-283
SMALLEY, HORATIO N.                     OH-4-F2-404
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         OH-4-D2-69
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         OH-4-F1-296
SMITH, CYRUS T.                         OH-4-E1-475
SMITH, DANIEL                           OH-4-D2-545
SMITH, DANIEL H.                        OH-4-F2-351
SMITH, DANIEL H.                        OH-4-D2-53
SMITH, EDWIN T.                         OH-4-D2-137
SMITH, ELIJAH                           OH-4-D2-1
SMITH, ESTHER C.                        OH-4-D2-176
SMITH, EZRA                             OH-4-A2-399
SMITH, GASHUM                           OH-4-G2-281
SMITH, HARVEY                           OH-4-D2-351
SMITH, ISAAC                            OH-4-E2-570
SMITH, JOHN H.                          OH-4-D2-284
SMITH, JOSIAH                           OH-4-B2-231
SMITH, MARY M.                          OH-4-E2-16
SMITH, NATHANIEL                        OH-4-A2-212
SMITH, NELSON C.                        OH-4-E1-156
SMITH, PHILENA                          OH-4-B2-228
SMITH, SARAH                            OH-4-D2-580
SMITH, SARAH S.                         OH-4-D2-349
SMITH, SHELBY                           OH-4-E2-575
SMITH, SOLOMON H.                       OH-4-G1-112
SMITH, SYLVESTER                        OH-4-D2-64
SMITH, THOMAS A.                        OH-4-A2-392
SMITH, WINTERS C.                       OH-4-E2-346
SNEDEKER, CHARLES                       OH-4-G2-490
SNOW, EDMOND S.                         OH-4-F1-56
SOUTHARD, JOSIAH                        OH-4-A2-211
SOUTHWELL, THOMAS                       OH-4-A2-242
SPELLMAN, HARVEY                        OH-4-E2-494
SPELMAN, FRANKLIN                       OH-4-G1-263
SPENCER, DANIEL M.                      OH-4-F1-62
SPENCER, MARIAN T.                      OH-4-A2-148
SPENCER, THANKFUL                       OH-4-D1-80
SPENCER, WARREN P.                      OH-4-E2-540
SPENCER, WILLIAM C.                     OH-4-A2-281
SPERRY, ASA B.                          OH-4-D2-587
SPERRY, ASHBEL                          OH-4-A2-175
SPERRY, NANCY                           OH-4-A2-276
SPERRY, ORSON C.                        OH-4-B2-109
SPERRY, ZALMON                          OH-4-D2-209
SPRAGUE, MARY A.                        OH-4-G2-402
SPRING, POLLY                           OH-4-E2-152
SPRING, ROMANZO                         OH-4-G2-122
SPRINKLE, MOSES                         OH-4-E2-370
STAINBROOK, SARAH L.                    OH-4-F2-398
STALER, ALANSON                         OH-4-B2-40
STANHOPE, JOHN R.                       OH-4-D2-10
STARK, JEREMIAH R.                      OH-4-D2-230
STARK, LUCY C.                          OH-4-E2-594
STEDMAN, EBENEZER                       OH-4-E2-329
STEELE, SEGAR                           OH-4-B2-54
STEFFEE, MARTIN                         OH-4-E2-517
STEPHENS, ISAAC                         OH-4-E2-145
STEPHENS, LEONARD R.                    OH-4-G1-148
STEPHENSON, ELIZABETH J.                OH-4-G2-219
STEPHENSON, SAMUEL N.                   OH-4-G2-137
STEVENS, IRA                            OH-4-B2-286
STEVENS, JOHN                           OH-4-F1-246
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                      OH-4-E2-134
STEWART, ALFRED M.                      OH-4-E2-413
STEWART, JOHN A.                        OH-4-D2-395
STEWART, LUCY E.                        OH-4-D2-398
STILES, HIRAM                           OH-4-B2-396
STILLMAN, SARAH                         OH-4-E2-4
STJOHN, CHARLES W.                      OH-4-A2-95
STOCKDALE, JAMES                        OH-4-B2-379
STODDARD, FRANKLIN                      OH-4-D2-249
STOLIKER, MARY C.                       OH-4-D2-90
STONE, DAVID JEROME                     OH-4-B2-74
STONE, NANCY M.                         OH-4-F2-17
STONE, STUKLEY                          OH-4-E2-500
STORY, MARGARET                         OH-4-G2-540
STORY, WILLIAM                          OH-4-E2-126
STOW, CHESTER                           OH-4-B2-336
STOW, JESSE                             OH-4-D2-475
STPEHENS, THOMAS C.                     OH-4-A2-158
STRADER, PETER W.                       OH-4-E2-270
STRATTON, CALEB S.                      OH-4-D1-372
STREATOR, ALVIN G.                      OH-4-D2-481
STREETER, NANCY                         OH-4-D1-82
STREETER, SAMUEL                        OH-4-E1-492
STREETER, SERENO W.                     OH-4-E2-148
STRICKLAND, WALLACE C.                  OH-4-A2-336
STRONG, BYRON                           OH-4-B2-370
STRONG, ELIHU C.                        OH-4-E2-357
STRONG, L. L.                           OH-4-D2-289
STRONG, NATHAN                          OH-4-B1-47
STRONG, NATHAN                          OH-4-B2-187
STRONG, RUTH                            OH-4-E2-66
STRONG, SAMUEL                          OH-4-A2-80
STRONG, THERESSA E.                     OH-4-G2-100
STRONG, TIMOTHY                         OH-4-E2-340
STUART, HIRAM                           OH-4-E2-399
STULTS PETER                            OH-4-E2-407
STURDEVANT, HIRAM                       OH-4-F2-201
SULLIVAN, ELLEN                         OH-4-F2-521
SULLIVAN, THOMAS                        OH-4-G2-571
SUTCLIFF, ABRAM                         OH-4-A2-38
SWEET, ABIGAIL                          OH-4-E1-318
SWEET, AUGUSTUS                         OH-4-D2-534
SWEET, ISAAC                            OH-4-E2-89
SWIFT, MERCY                            OH-4-D2-345
TAFT, IRA                               OH-4-B2-198
TANNER, GEORGE                          OH-4-F2-223
TANNER, WARREN L.                       OH-4-B2-402
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                       OH-4-D2-107
TAYLOR, MARTHA C.                       OH-4-B2-307
TAYLOR, MOSES                           OH-4-E2-351
TENNEY, OREN                            OH-4-A2-335
TERRIL, OSCAR PARK                      OH-4-F2-131
TERRILL, LAWSON                         OH-4-D1-486
TERRY, WILLIAM H.                       OH-4-D2-590
THAYER, GERSHAM A.                      OH-4-G2-164
THOMAS, MARSHALL                        OH-4-B2-88
THOMPSON, WILLIAM R.                    OH-4-D2-495
THORNTON, NANCY                         OH-4-E2-160
THORP, AARON                            OH-4-C1-504
THURBER, ENOS                           OH-4-D2-103
THURBER, HORATIO G.                     OH-4-B2-478
THURBER, JULIA                          OH-4-E2-129
TIBBITTS, A. C.                         OH-4-F2-127
TICKNOR, HEMAN                          OH-4-D2-578
TICKNOR, WALTER                         OH-4-E2-52
TIFFANY, CURTIS                         OH-4-F2-163
TIFFANY, DIANA                          OH-4-F2-166
TINAN, LUCY M.                          OH-4-D2-44
TINKER, DANIEL                          OH-4-F1-351
TINKHAM, ISAAC                          OH-4-D2-511
TINKHAM, THOAMS MATHEWSON               OH-4-D2-180
TINLEY, PATRICK                         OH-4-F2-593
TITUS, ANSON                            OH-4-E2-331
TITUS, WILLIAM K.                       OH-4-G2-369
TOBIAS, AZEM                            OH-4-G1-137
TODD, ERASTUS                           OH-4-B2-175
TOMBES, HENRY C.                        OH-4-D2-496
TOPPER, JOHN                            OH-4-E2-435
TORREY, HERMAN                          OH-4-G1-392
TORREY, SEYMOUR                         OH-4-D2-231
TOURGEE, DARWIN O.                      OH-4-E2-504
TOURGEE, VALENTINE                      OH-4-F1-428
TOURJEE, CYRUS W.                       OH-4-D1-95
TRACY, ELISHA                           OH-4-E2-303
TRACY, URIAH                            OH-4-C1-22
TREAT, MALINDA                          OH-4-E2-359
TREAT, ROLAND A.                        OH-4-D2-414
TRIMMER, FRANCIS                        OH-4-G2-102
TRYON, EBER                             OH-4-E2-261
TUBBS, ELIJAH                           OH-4-G2-552
TULLER, THOMAS B.                       OH-4-E2-100
TUPPER, SILAS                           OH-4-F2-329
TURNER, ASAPH                           OH-4-D2-383
TURNER, CARMI                           OH-4-D1-370
TURNER, JEPTHA                          OH-4-G1-85
TURNER, JESSE                           OH-4-C1-284
TURNER, JOHN                            OH-4-B2-18
TURNEY, WILLARD                         OH-4-B2-203
TUTTLE, CELIA C.                        OH-4-G2-444
TUTTLE, HARRIET                         OH-4-D2-79
TUTTLE, JONATHAN                        OH-4-B2-298
TUTTLE, LETTA M.                        OH-4-D2-132
TUTTLE, NATHAN B.                       OH-4-E2-38
TUTTLE, WILLIAM                         OH-4-A2-351
TYLER, AMASA                            OH-4-E2-45
TYLER, AUGUSTUS C.                      OH-4-B1-351
TYLER, HUBBARD                          OH-4-G2-120
TYLER, LOVISA                           OH-4-F2-500
TYRRELL, HOMER                          OH-4-E2-531
UDY, HART JR.                           OH-4-E2-128
UNDERWOOD, ORVILL P.                    OH-4-B2-344
VANAKINS, JOHN D.                       OH-4-D2-275
VANBUREN, JAMES                         OH-4-D2-500
VANSKOIK, ROBERT                        OH-4-D2-190
VANWORMER, LAWRENCE                     OH-4-G1-117
VAUGHN, GEORGE                          OH-4-E2-144
VEIT, ZOPHER                            OH-4-A2-414
VEITS, JESSE                            OH-4-D1-320
VENEN, JOHN                             OH-4-D2-293
VERNON, HENRY H.                        OH-4-D2-313
VIETS, BARZILLA G.                      OH-4-F2-496
VOSLER, PHILLIP                         OH-4-B2-225
WADE, BENJAMIN F.                       OH-4-D2-506
WADE, CHARLES H.                        OH-4-F2-491
WADSWORTH, EMMA F.                      OH-4-F2-401
WAIT, OLIVER                            OH-4-D2-149
WAITE, DANIEL G.                        OH-4-E2-26
WAITE, EUNICE M.                        OH-4-F2-124
WAKEFIELD, NATHAN B.                    OH-4-D2-27
WAKEMAN, GEORGE                         OH-4-A1-91
WALKER, JAMES                           OH-4-G1-89
WALKLEY, DAVID                          OH-4-B2-369
WALLING, BETSEY                         OH-4-G2-147
WALTON, HENRY                           OH-4-E2-56
WALWORTH, CHARLES                       OH-4-A2-116
WARD, MARY ANN                          OH-4-B1-229
WARD, OBADIAH                           OH-4-B2-408
WARD, ORCUTT R.                         OH-4-E2-44
WARNER, BARNEY H.                       OH-4-E2-447
WARNER, DAVID                           OH-4-A2-285
WARNER, ELBRIDGE O.                     OH-4-F2-213
WARNER, ESTHER                          OH-4-B2-392
WARNER, JONATHAN                        OH-4-B2-97
WARNER, JONATHAN                        OH-4-G2-562
WARNER, MARY                            OH-4-E1-183
WARNER, REUBEN                          OH-4-E2-506
WARREN, GEORGE W.                       OH-4-G2-44
WARREN, REUBEN                          OH-4-D2-104
WARREN, SILAS P.                        OH-4-G2-87
WATERS, LESTER C.                       OH-4-G2-574
WATERS, LUTHER                          OH-4-G2-180
WATERS, WILLIAM                         OH-4-E2-391
WATSON, HEMAN H.                        OH-4-G2-268
WATSON, HORACE                          OH-4-E2-111
WATSON, JOHN                            OH-4-A1-285
WATSON, PETER H.                        OH-4-F2-537
WATSON, ROSELLE R.                      OH-4-G2-249
WATSON, ZACHARIAH                       OH-4-B1-386
WAY, CAROLINE                           OH-4-G2-13
WAY, DARIN                              OH-4-E2-296
WAY, JOHN C.                            OH-4-F2-265
WAY, VINTON B.                          OH-4-B2-290
WEBB, BENJAMIN                          OH-4-C1-503
WEBB, HENRY                             OH-4-A2-266
WEBB, JONATHAN                          OH-4-B2-146
WEBB, STEPHEN                           OH-4-D1-90
WEBBER, GEORGE                          OH-4-D2-60
WEBBER, MARY                            OH-4-E2-131
WEBSTER, ABRAHAM                        OH-4-B2-406
WEBSTER, DANIEL                         OH-4-G1-255
WEBSTER, DEBORAH                        OH-4-B2-314
WEBSTER, DENNIS N.                      OH-4-F2-293
WEBSTER, GEORGE                         OH-4-B2-309
WEBSTER, HIRAM                          OH-4-C1-58
WEBSTER, LOFMAN                         OH-4-E2-451
WEBSTER, LUMAN                          OH-4-G1-390
WEBSTER, MICHAEL                        OH-4-F1-299
WEBSTER, MICHAEL                        OH-4-A2-348
WEBSTER, ORANGE                         OH-4-D2-307
WEBSTER, PHILO                          OH-4-F1-433
WEBSTER, SAMUEL                         OH-4-D2-74
WEBSTER, WHITE                          OH-4-B2-281
WEBSTER, WILLIAM                        OH-4-A2-366
WEEKS, JEREMIAH                         OH-4-B2-305
WELLS, JOHN                             OH-4-A2-404
WELTON, WILLARD A.                      OH-4-B2-100
WELTON, WILLIAM C.                      OH-4-B2-297
WEST, MERCY                             OH-4-A2-391
WETMORE, EBENEZER                       OH-4-F2-21
WETMORE, ELNATHAN                       OH-4-D2-370
WETMORE, JESSE C.                       OH-4-E2-323
WETMORE, JOSEPH W.                      OH-4-G1-86
WETMORE, LUCRETIA                       OH-4-B2-312
WETMORE, SALLY                          OH-4-D2-492
WHEATON, JOHN                           OH-4-F2-107
WHEELER, EDWIN                          OH-4-B1-87
WHEELER, HARMON                         OH-4-A2-380
WHEELER, HENRY J.                       OH-4-G2-501
WHEELER, ISAAC                          OH-4-B1-465
WHEELER, JESSE H.                       OH-4-G2-108
WHEELER, LEWIS H.                       OH-4-D2-311
WHELPLEY, THOMAS                        OH-4-A1-148
WHIPPLE, LYDIA                          OH-4-A2-382
WHIPPLE, NATHAN                         OH-4-B2-246
WHIPPLE, ZEBULON                        OH-4-E2-60
WHITE, HOSEA                            OH-4-A2-87
WHITE, SARAH                            OH-4-F2-203
WHITE, STANLEY                          OH-4-B2-420
WHITE, WILLIAM                          OH-4-B2-259
WHITEHEAD, BETSY                        OH-4-G2-495
WHITING, BENJAMIN                       OH-4-D2-403
WHITING, BENJAMIN                       OH-4-E1-1
WHITING, HELEN R.                       OH-4-E2-454
WHITING, WILLIAM W.                     OH-4-F2-273
WHITNEY, JOSEPH G.                      OH-4-F2-423
WHITNEY, SOLOMON                        OH-4-B2-92
WHITTLESEY, ELISHA                      OH-4-D2-243
WICKHAM, ALMIRA                         OH-4-G2-346
WICKHAM, JOHN                           OH-4-B2-183
WIGENT, LELAND                          OH-4-E2-459
WIGHTMAN, SAMUEL A.                     OH-4-B2-382
WILBUR, AURELIA                         OH-4-E2-43
WILBUR, CHARLES                         OH-4-E2-147
WILBUR, SALLY A.                        OH-4-A2-18
WILCOX, JAMES                           OH-4-D2-335
WILDER, ELIAS                           OH-4-C1-358
WILDER, HENRY P.                        OH-4-D2-218
WILDER, JOSEPH                          OH-4-A2-151
WILDER, MILO                            OH-4-D2-232
WILDER, PRUDENCE                        OH-4-E2-578
WILDER, REUBEN W.                       OH-4-D1-85
WILDEY, NATHANIEL                       OH-4-E1-155
WILKINSON, GEORGE                       OH-4-A2-254
WILLAIMS, RICHARD                       OH-4-D2-376
WILLARD, GEORGE                         OH-4-E2-140
WILLEY, DEXTER H.                       OH-4-B2-320
WILLEY, ETHAN                           OH-4-B2-445
WILLEY, OMRI                            OH-4-D1-532
WILLEY, SARAH E.                        OH-4-E2-327
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-4-B2-27
WILLIAMS, JONATHAN                      OH-4-F1-599
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        OH-4-E2-565
WILLIAMS, JOTHAM                        OH-4-E2-182
WILLIAMS, MARTHA                        OH-4-E2-401
WILLIAMS, ORESTES H.                    OH-4-F2-456
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        OH-4-E2-136
WILLIAMS, S. HELEN                      OH-4-E2-48
WILSON, CASSIUS                         OH-4-D2-461
WILSON, JOSEPH                          OH-4-E2-105
WINCH, DAVID W.                         OH-4-E2-41
WINCH, PHILO                            OH-4-G2-330
WINSOR, ANGEL                           OH-4-D2-195
WITHENBURY, BENJAMIN                    OH-4-D2-543
WITTER, IRA                             OH-4-E2-157
WOLCOTT, DAVID R.                       OH-4-G2-55
WOLCOTT, HORACE                         OH-4-G2-177
WOLCOTT, JOHN H.                        OH-4-C1-274
WOLCOTT, JOHN N.                        OH-4-E2-358
WOOD, DAVID                             OH-4-C1-169
WOOD, EBENEZER                          OH-4-D2-356
WOOD, JAMES B.                          OH-4-F2-575
WOODBAR, WILLIAM                        OH-4-B2-149
WOODBURY, SYLVIA                        OH-4-E2-422
WOODRUFF, AUGUSTA                       OH-4-G2-200
WOODRUFF, CHARLOTTE                     OH-4-D2-236
WOODRUFF, EDWARD                        OH-4-A2-312
WOODRUFF, ELISHA                        OH-4-B2-364
WOODRUFF, EPHRIAM T.                    OH-4-B2-81
WOODRUFF, HENRY                         OH-4-E2-83
WOODRUFF, HIRAM                         OH-4-B2-48
WOODWORTH, ALBIGENCE                    OH-4-D2-278
WOODWORTH, CHARLES                      OH-4-E2-9
WOODWORTH, DANIEL                       OH-4-G1-326
WOODWORTH, JOHN                         OH-4-D2-428
WOODWORTH, JOHN                         OH-4-D2-408
WOODWORTH, LUTHER                       OH-4-D2-322
WOODWORTH, PHILANDER                    OH-4-A2-64
WOOLSEY, GEORGE W.                      OH-4-D2-538
WOOSTER, JAMES                          OH-4-F1-472
WRIGHT, DAVID                           OH-4-E2-64
WRIGHT, HENRY C.                        OH-4-G2-427
WRIGHT, JAMES                           OH-4-A1-53
WRIGHT, JOSIAH                          OH-4-A1-133
WRIGHT, MARY G.                         OH-4-A2-163
WRIGHT, MASHALL C.                      OH-4-F2-29
WRIGHT, MOSES                           OH-4-G1-269
WRIGHT, PETER                           OH-4-F2-595
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                          OH-4-E1-197
WRIGHT, SARAH A.                        OH-4-F2-270
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         OH-4-E2-110
WYGENT, SAMUEL                          OH-4-D2-101
YALE, HATTIE O.                         OH-4-D2-323
YODER, OWEN N.                          OH-4-G2-203
YOKES, JOHN                             OH-4-B2-138
YORK, ALLEN                             OH-4-A2-114
ZEILE, GEORGE D.                        OH-4-E2-46

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