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Column One: Name of Testator
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LAIB, JOHAN MELCHIOR                    OH-16-1-280
LAIRD, ROBERT                           OH-16-8-1
LAITNER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-16-1-13
LAKE, ANNA                              OH-16-9-542
LANCE, GEORGE                           OH-16-3-6
LANIUS, WILLIAM H.                      OH-16-4-169
LANKER, WILLIAM                         OH-16-6-29
LARUE, JANE                             OH-16-8-240
LARUE, JONATHAN B.                      OH-16-3-287
LARWILL, JOSEPH H.                      OH-16-3-29
LAUCK, PETER                            OH-16-1-319
LAUGHBAUM, JOHN S.                      OH-16-6-438
LEASURE, JOSEPH                         OH-16-1-99
LEE, ARVIN                              OH-16-2-263
LEE, HUGH                               OH-16-3-479
LEE, JOHN                               OH-16-1-162
LEE, SAMUEL                             OH-16-1-186
LEHMANN, CHARLES                        OH-16-6-306
LEISTER, LEVI                           OH-16-9-199
LEITZY, FRANCIS                         OH-16-1-163
LEONARD, AMANDA M.                      OH-16-6-276
LEONARD, J. L.                          OH-16-7-526
LEONHART, GEORGE                        OH-16-4-444
LEONHART, JOHN                          OH-16-2-239
LERCH, MARY                             OH-16-3-224
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          OH-16-2-442
LEYPOLD, LUDWIG                         OH-16-4-114
LIDERER, JACOB                          OH-16-1-361
LIGHT, DANIEL                           OH-16-3-357
LIGHT, DANIEL ALFRED                    OH-16-4-303
LINDAUER, CHRISTENA                     OH-16-3-236
LINENSTOLL, CHRISTIAN                   OH-16-2-105
LININGER, HENRY                         OH-16-2-148
LININGER, MARY                          OH-16-2-434
LINKER, PETER                           OH-16-2-309
LITTLE, JAMES                           OH-16-2-7
LITTLER, LEWIS                          OH-16-4-574
LIVINGSTON, MONCRIEF                    OH-16-2-273
LIVINGSTON, RENSSELAER                  OH-16-1-268
LOBENTHAL, LIPPEN                       OH-16-3-245
LOEW, FLORIAN                           OH-16-7-105
JONES, JOSEPH                           OH-16-4-516
LONG, ANTHONY                           OH-16-5-167
LONG, JOHN                              OH-16-4-228
LOUIS, JOHN                             OH-16-2-115
LOWE, LLOYD                             OH-16-4-430
LOWMILLER, D. H.                        OH-16-8-79
LOYER, MATHIAS                          OH-16-4-254
LUDWIG, SAMUEL                          OH-16-7-72
LUKE, BARBARA                           OH-16-5-389
LUKE, JOHN JR.                          OH-16-2-288
LUNDY, AARON                            OH-16-1-61
LUST, BENJAMIN                          OH-16-5-186
LUST, FREDERICK                         OH-16-3-494
LUTZ, GEORGE                            OH-16-2-508
LUTZ, JOHN GOTTLIEB                     OH-16-3-47
LUTZ, LEOPOLD                           OH-16-3-53
LUX, GEORGE SR.                         OH-16-6-154
LYONS, JOHN S.                          OH-16-3-114
MACHOLD, SARAH R.                       OH-16-2-441
MACK, ANNA                              OH-16-4-117
MACKEY, WILLIAM                         OH-16-1-35
MADER, CAROLINE M.                      OH-16-8-355
MALONE, BRIDGET                         OH-16-4-580
MANN, MARY                              OH-16-1-292
MARKLY, FREDERICK                       OH-16-4-520
MARNLEY, HORATIO                        OH-16-3-279
MARQUARTS, PETER                        OH-16-1-301
MARSHALL, DAVID                         OH-16-4-351
MARSHALL, GEORGE                        OH-16-5-235
MARTIN, BENJAMIN                        OH-16-7-63
MARTIN, JAMES                           OH-16-1-39
MARTIN, JOHN                            OH-16-8-563
MARTIN, LUDWIG                          OH-16-2-534
MARTIN, MARGARETHA                      OH-16-5-568
MASCHO, DAVID                           OH-16-3-542
MASON, ROBERT                           OH-16-2-444
MASSINGER, EDGAR A.                     OH-16-2-14
MATEER, WILLIAM                         OH-16-6-139
MATHEWS, WILLIAM                        OH-16-1-208
MATTAX, ELIZA                           OH-16-3-557
MAUDSLEY, HANNAH                        OH-16-6-317
MAUDSLEY, ZACKARIAH                     OH-16-6-289
MAUER, JACOB                            OH-16-1-42
MAYER, ABRAHAM                          OH-16-1-324
MAYER, GEORGE                           OH-16-2-60
MCBRIDE, STEPHEN                        OH-16-5-575
MCCALLAUGH, NANCY                       OH-16-1-401
MCCASKEY, ANDEW                         OH-16-2-166
MCCASKEY, JOHN                          OH-16-2-368
MCCASKEY, SARAH                         OH-16-3-40
MCCASKEY, WILLIAM                       OH-16-2-157
MCCLARREN, LAURA                        OH-16-6-208
MCCLELLAN, JOHN                         OH-16-2-268
MCCLURE, ELIAS                          OH-16-7-458
MCCONNELL, HUGH                         OH-16-2-143
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM                      OH-16-5-99
MCCOY, JOSEPH S.                        OH-16-1-267
MCCRACKEN, JAMES                        OH-16-2-510
MCCRACKEN, NANCY                        OH-16-1-244
MCCURDY, WILLIAM                        OH-16-3-569
MCDONALD, GEORGE                        OH-16-8-118
MCGINIS, MARGARET                       OH-16-6-448
MCGINLEY, PATRICK                       OH-16-5-298
MCHENRY, CALEB                          OH-16-9-351
MCINTIRE, PATRICK                       OH-16-2-342
MCINTYRE, BENJAMIN                      OH-16-4-42
MCINTYRE, JAMES                         OH-16-2-490
MCINTYRE, JOHN                          OH-16-1-365
MCKEE, BENJAMIN W.                      OH-16-5-464
MCKEE, JAMES                            OH-16-6-242
MCKIBBIN, HGH                           OH-16-1-254
MCKINLEY, DAVID                         OH-16-1-43
MCKINSTRY, REBECCA                      OH-16-5-508
MCLANE, DANIEL                          OH-16-4-356
MCMAHON, TERENCE                        OH-16-3-562
MCNAMARA, EDWARD                        OH-16-3-28
MCNAMARA, MICHAEL                       OH-16-3-354
MCNAMARA, THOMAS                        OH-16-4-17
MCNEAL, ALEXANDER                       OH-16-2-424
MCNEMAR, JOHN                           OH-16-9-567
MEEK, JOHN FREDERICK                    OH-16-9-182
MEER, JOSEPH                            OH-16-6-270
MELANEY, DANIEL                         OH-16-3-546
MELCHER, CAHTARINE                      OH-16-5-106
MELCHER, LUCAS                          OH-16-5-328
MELCHER, VINCENT                        OH-16-5-82
MENTZER, GEORGE                         OH-16-1-18
MERCHT, MINERATH                        OH-16-2-376
MERIMAN, WILLIS                         OH-16-2-401
MESSET, JAMES                           OH-16-6-111
METCALF, SOLOMON                        OH-16-1-396
METZGER, CATHARINE                      OH-16-4-412
METZGER, REGINA                         OH-16-8-47
MEYER, CHRISTIAN                        OH-16-6-33
MICHELFELDER, JOHN                      OH-16-6-117
MILLARD, REBECCA                        OH-16-2-480
MILLEMATER, JACOB                       OH-16-7-397
MILLER, ANNA                            OH-16-2-341
MILLER, CATHERINE M.                    OH-16-8-364
MILLER, DAVID                           OH-16-2-6
MILLER, GEORGE                          OH-16-4-434
MILLER, HANNAH R.                       OH-16-9-149
MILLER, HENRY                           OH-16-2-249
MILLER, HENRY                           OH-16-7-403
MILLER, ISRAEL                          OH-16-2-330
MILLER, JACOB                           OH-16-6-47
MILLER, JACOB                           OH-16-4-380
MILLER, JAMES                           OH-16-9-10
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-16-2-81
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-16-1-415
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-16-3-182
MILLER, JONATHAN                        OH-16-8-73
MILLER, JOSEPH                          OH-16-8-199
MILLER, MARIA L.                        OH-16-8-558
MILLER, MARY EVA                        OH-16-6-401
MILLER, PAUL                            OH-16-3-531
MILLER, PAULUS                          OH-16-3-419
MILLER, PETER                           OH-16-1-36
MILLER, SUSANNA                         OH-16-2-218
MILLER, WILLIAM E.                      OH-16-2-340
MILLER, WILLIAM W.                      OH-16-4-328
MINICH, HENRY                           OH-16-2-164
MINICH, THOMAS                          OH-16-2-189
MITCHELL, THOMAS                        OH-16-2-203
MODERWELL, CHARITY                      OH-16-8-296
MODERWELL, J. H.                        OH-16-4-83
MODERWELL, JAMES W.                     OH-16-5-135
MODERWELL, MARGEY                       OH-16-3-366
MOFFIT, EBER                            OH-16-1-222
MOFFIT, PHILIP J.                       OH-16-3-446
MOFFIT, REBECCA                         OH-16-2-395
MOLLENKOPF, CAROLINE                    OH-16-2-241
MOLLENKOPF, GEORGE                      OH-16-4-424
MOLLENKOPF, J. G.                       OH-16-9-357
MOLLENKOPF, MARY C.                     OH-16-8-293
MOLLENKOPF, PHILIP                      OH-16-7-8
MOLLONKOPF, JOHN J.                     OH-16-2-374
MONAT, LAWRENCE                         OH-16-9-323
MONESMITH, JACOB                        OH-16-2-54
MONESMITH, MINA G.                      OH-16-5-118
MONGEY, FRANCIS XAVIER                  OH-16-7-81
MONNETT, ELIZABETH                      OH-16-6-36
MONNETT, JEREMIAH                       OH-16-2-84
MONNETT, WILLIAM                        OH-16-4-190
MONRIARTY, MARY                         OH-16-2-315
MONTGOMERY, MICHAEL                     OH-16-1-141
MORCKEL, PETER                          OH-16-2-286
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         OH-16-1-8
MORIARTY, PATRICK                       OH-16-2-295
MORISY, PATRICK                         OH-16-1-296
MORITZ, LOUIS                           OH-16-7-360
MORRIS, JEREMIAH                        OH-16-2-494
MORRISON, ANN                           OH-16-2-302
MORRISON, WILLIAM                       OH-16-7-441
MORROW, CHARLES                         OH-16-1-75
MORSE, AMOS                             OH-16-9-71
MORSE, RUDOLPHUS                        OH-16-2-350
MORTON, ROSANNAH                        OH-16-3-500
MORTON, SALMA                           OH-16-9-340
MOUNT, BARBARA E.                       OH-16-7-445
MOUNT, WILLIAM                          OH-16-2-325
MUELLER, MARIE                          OH-16-8-352
MULFORD, JOHN                           OH-16-3-121
MULLIGAN, JOHN                          OH-16-4-474
MURRY, THOMAS                           OH-16-2-182
MUSGRAVE, MARIA                         OH-16-4-222
MUSGRAVE, ROBERT W.                     OH-16-2-209
MUSSEL, ANN                             OH-16-1-198
MYER, JACOB                             OH-16-2-184
MYERS, OH-16-3-404
MYERS, BENJAMIN                         OH-16-8-378
MYERS, CATHARINE                        OH-16-7-199
MYERS, JACOB                            OH-16-4-93
MYERS, JOHN GEORGE                      OH-16-2-45
MYERS, LUTHER M.                        OH-16-5-479
MYERS, SAAH J.                          OH-16-8-416
NACE, POLLY                             OH-16-4-90
NACHBAR, JACOB                          OH-16-6-195
NADOLAS, JOHN                           OH-16-8-221
NAEGELE, STEPHAN                        OH-16-2-98
NAIL, JAMES                             OH-16-4-312
NAVE, MARY                              OH-16-5-545
NAZOR, JACOB                            OH-16-8-348
NEFF, JOHN                              OH-16-2-404
NEFF, JONATHAN                          OH-16-9-77
NELSON, ANGELINA                        OH-16-9-65
NELSON, CATHERINE                       OH-16-9-516
NELSON, GEORGE                          OH-16-2-478
NESS, JOHN M.                           OH-16-2-267
NESS, PHEBE JANE                        OH-16-4-144
NEUMAN, ELIZABETH                       OH-16-9-467
NEWELL, JOHN                            OH-16-2-2
NEWHOUS, CHARLES                        OH-16-2-296
NIMMON, JOHN                            OH-16-1-30
NIXON, ALLEN                            OH-16-1-7
NOAKER, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-16-1-2
NOBLET, ADAM                            OH-16-2-430
NOBLET, BESSIE                          OH-16-5-301
NOBLET, C. H.                           OH-16-8-158
NOBLET, EDWARD                          OH-16-7-407
NOBLET, MARIA                           OH-16-6-513
NOBLET, WESLEY                          OH-16-9-476
NOBLIT, FRANK                           OH-16-6-174
NOBLIT, GEORGE F.                       OH-16-4-494
NORRIS, MARY ROSELLA                    OH-16-6-414
NORRIS, SIMON                           OH-16-6-417
NORTON, MARY                            OH-16-1-407
NUNGESSER, FREDERICK                    OH-16-2-93
NUNGESSER, GEORGE A.                    OH-16-8-183
NYE, JONATHAN                           OH-16-1-139
OBERLANDER, ADAM                        OH-16-3-428
OBERLANDER, JACOB                       OH-16-4-483
OGDEN, DAVID G.                         OH-16-2-390
OHL, PHILIP                             OH-16-2-513
ONEILL, JOHN                            OH-16-2-539
OREWEILER, JACOB                        OH-16-6-310
ORTHWINE, JEREMIAH                      OH-16-2-364
ORWEILER, LEWIS                         OH-16-6-147
ORWILER, MICHAEL                        OH-16-2-236
OSMAN, REUBEN                           OH-16-1-203
OSWALD, CAROLINE                        OH-16-8-128
OTT, JOHN G.                            OH-16-6-203
OVERLY, JOHN                            OH-16-9-26
OVERLY, JOHN SR.                        OH-16-2-226
OYER, CHRISTIAN                         OH-16-2-17
OYER, ELIZABETH                         OH-16-2-64
PARCHER, SALLY                          OH-16-9-89
PARK, ALFRED                            OH-16-5-122
PARK, HIRAM                             OH-16-3-156
PARK, SUSANNAH                          OH-16-3-452
PARSON, SAMUEL SR.                      OH-16-3-12
PARSONS, URIAH                          OH-16-9-344
PASSLER, FRIEDRICH                      OH-16-3-256
PATRICK, MARGARET T.                    OH-16-2-509
PATTERSON, ALEXANDER                    OH-16-2-43
PATTERSON, HENRY                        OH-16-4-177
PATTERSON, JESSE                        OH-16-4-331
PATTERSON, JOHNATHAN                    OH-16-5-144
PAUL, DODDRIDGE                         OH-16-1-175
PEASE, MARY                             OH-16-7-167
PEASLEY, HENRY G.                       OH-16-5-381
PECHER, MATHIAS                         OH-16-8-111
PECK, TAYLOR                            OH-16-5-440
PENNINGTON, ELIJAH                      OH-16-1-294
PENNINGTON, ELIJAH                      OH-16-1-306
PENNINGTON, WILLIAM SR.                 OH-16-3-97
PENSCH, CHARLES                         OH-16-3-319
PENSINGER, SAMUEL                       OH-16-2-528
PENSTER, JOHN                           OH-16-8-9
PETER, JOSEPH                           OH-16-8-463
PETERMAN, DAVID                         OH-16-3-66
PETERMAN, JOHN                          OH-16-1-427
PETERMAN, MICHAEL                       OH-16-3-371
PETERS, MARY                            OH-16-8-374
PETTITT, JOHN                           OH-16-1-91
PFAFFENBACH, CHARLES                    OH-16-2-327
PFAU, FREDERICK                         OH-16-2-449
PFEIFER, GOTTLIEB                       OH-16-6-443
PFEIFER, JOHN DAVID                     OH-16-2-369
PFEIL, MAGDALENA                        OH-16-8-269
PHILIPS, HENRY                          OH-16-2-21
PHILLIP, ELZON                          OH-16-2-181
PIERSON, WILLIAM A.                     OH-16-4-326
PITTS, JOHN A.                          OH-16-1-230
PLANTS, FRANK L.                        OH-16-3-148
PLANTS, SAMUEL                          OH-16-2-75
PLETCHER, ISRAEL                        OH-16-8-230
PLETCHER, JACOB                         OH-16-2-183
PLETCHER, JOHN C.                       OH-16-9-116
PLOESER, ALBERT                         OH-16-8-40
POLLOCK, DAVID                          OH-16-8-62
POOLE, RODNEY                           OH-16-2-110
POTH, JOHN GEORGE                       OH-16-7-308
POWELL, ABBIE E.                        OH-16-3-150
POWERS, MARGARET                        OH-16-8-165
POWERS, MICHAEL                         OH-16-7-453
POWERS, VOLNEY                          OH-16-7-278
PREISZ, CATHARINE                       OH-16-8-434
PRICE, SIMON                            OH-16-4-338
PRINCE, MARY A.                         OH-16-8-17
PRY, FREDERICK                          OH-16-7-36
PUGH, AARON                             OH-16-5-279
PURKEYPILE, JACOB                       OH-16-2-175
PURKEYPILE, JESSE                       OH-16-3-524
PURKYPILE, PHEBE                        OH-16-2-82
QUAINTANCE, ELI                         OH-16-1-47
QUAINTANCE, HANNAH                      OH-16-3-281
QUAINTANCE, WILLIAM                     OH-16-1-40
QUIG, HANNAH                            OH-16-4-13
QUIG, JOHN                              OH-16-1-320
RADER, AARON                            OH-16-6-385
RADER, CHARLES                          OH-16-8-480
RADICK, ELIZABETH                       OH-16-3-136
RANK, DAVID                             OH-16-2-112
RANK, GEORGE                            OH-16-5-93
RAPP, GOTTLIEB                          OH-16-2-418
RAY, RACHEL ELIZABETH                   OH-16-3-298
RAYLE, ANNA V.                          OH-16-8-572
RAYLE, BRIDGET                          OH-16-8-23
RAYMOR, CHARLES SR.                     OH-16-5-489
READLE, JACOB                           OH-16-2-176
READLE, JOHN FREDERICK                  OH-16-1-177
REAGLE, JANE                            OH-16-2-320
REARICK, JACOB                          OH-16-1-17
REDBURN, MARY                           OH-16-1-277
REEB, SUSANNAH                          OH-16-3-71
REECE, MORGAN C.                        OH-16-9-282
REED, JAMES M.                          OH-16-5-268
REED, SAMUEL T.                         OH-16-3-516
REES, CORNWALLAS                        OH-16-1-250
REHM, FREDERICKA                        OH-16-8-124
REID, GEOREGE                           OH-16-4-23
REIDERER, AUGUSTEIN                     OH-16-6-103
REIFF, MATHIAS                          OH-16-3-72
REISTERER, ANDREW                       OH-16-2-196
REISTERER, ANTHONY                      OH-16-2-24
RENKERT, CHRISTIAN                      OH-16-3-373
RENNER, GEORGE                          OH-16-3-152
RENSCH, FREDERICK                       OH-16-7-512
RETTIG, GEORGE                          OH-16-2-463
RETTIG, NICHOLAS                        OH-16-1-286
RETTIG, NICHOLAUS                       OH-16-5-148
REUTER, ANNA MARIA                      OH-16-3-110
REXROTH, DANIEL                         OH-16-3-410
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          OH-16-5-415
RHOAD, JACOB                            OH-16-9-195
RIBLE, JOHN                             OH-16-8-168
RIBLET, DANIEL H.                       OH-16-1-349
RIBLET, JOEL                            OH-16-5-511
RIBLET, WILLIAM                         OH-16-5-43
RIBLETT, DANIEL                         OH-16-2-146
RICE, ISAAC                             OH-16-3-376
RICE, ROGER                             OH-16-1-21
RICHEY, JOHN A.                         OH-16-7-575
RIECHER, JOHN PETER                     OH-16-2-261
RIEDEL, FREDERICK                       OH-16-1-291
RIESTER, LAVINA                         OH-16-7-571
RINDFUSZ, FRIEDRICK                     OH-16-9-458
RINEHART, GEORGE                        OH-16-5-334
RINEHART, THOMAS J.                     OH-16-2-371
RINNER, JACOB                           OH-16-8-26
RISH, ANN CATHARINE                     OH-16-3-37
RIST, FELIX                             OH-16-5-85
RISTINE, DANIEL                         OH-16-2-384
RITZHOUPT, FREDERICK                    OH-16-2-195
ROBERSON, JAMES                         OH-16-3-210
ROBERTS, JOHN                           OH-16-4-244
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        OH-16-6-424
ROBERTSON, DAVID R.                     OH-16-3-552
ROBERTSON, MARGARET                     OH-16-1-435
ROBINSON, GEORGE                        OH-16-1-111
ROBINSON, JAMES                         OH-16-6-527
ROBINSON, JAMES G.                      OH-16-2-329
ROBINSON, JOSEPH T.                     OH-16-9-379
ROBINSON, ROBERT                        OH-16-1-245
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       OH-16-2-547
ROBISON, ROBERT                         OH-16-9-387
ROBSON, NANCY JANE                      OH-16-3-95
ROCKE, WILLIAM                          OH-16-1-372
ROGERS, LUCY                            OH-16-4-204
ROLL, JOHN L.                           OH-16-3-302
ROLLER, JOHN                            OH-16-1-403
RORICK, WILLIAM                         OH-16-4-383
ROSEBURRY, JOHN                         OH-16-1-351
ROSENCRANS, JOHN                        OH-16-4-274
ROSENCRANS, MARGARETT                   OH-16-5-69
ROSS, ABEL C.                           OH-16-2-517
ROSS, GEORGE                            OH-16-9-203
ROSS, HUGH                              OH-16-5-341
ROSS, J. S.                             OH-16-2-344
ROSS, JOHN                              OH-16-6-247
ROSS, PETER                             OH-16-1-359
ROTH, ADAM                              OH-16-5-196
ROUCH, PETER                            OH-16-2-62
ROW, MARY                               OH-16-6-524
ROWSE, HENRY C.                         OH-16-2-47
ROYCE, MARY                             OH-16-5-367
RUBECK, MARY                            OH-16-5-483
RUDINGER, JOSEPH                        OH-16-2-471
RUDOLPH, SUSANNA                        OH-16-6-266
RUHL, ALEXANDER A.                      OH-16-6-19
RUHL, CORNELIUS                         OH-16-2-69
RUHL, JACOB                             OH-16-1-369
RULE, NANCY A.                          OH-16-9-383
RUPERT, BENJAMIN                        OH-16-3-272
RUPP, CHARLES G.                        OH-16-5-157
RUPP, LEWIS                             OH-16-5-470
RUSSELL, JOSEPH                         OH-16-4-240
RUSSELL, LORENZO G.                     OH-16-6-563
RUSSELL, LOVINA                         OH-16-8-121
RUSSELL, SARAH JANE                     OH-16-9-480
RUTAN, ELISHA A.                        OH-16-3-490
RUTH, FRANCIS J.                        OH-16-4-172
RYAN, JERRY                             OH-16-6-394
SAMES, HENRY                            OH-16-7-159
SANDHAMMER, JOSEPH J.                   OH-16-3-244
SANER, MARY                             OH-16-2-162
SAPHR, CATHARINE                        OH-16-3-21
SAWYER, ERASTUS                         OH-16-2-259
SAWYER, SIMON F.                        OH-16-3-104
SAXON, MARY E.                          OH-16-2-41
SAYER, DANIEL                           OH-16-7-108
SCANLAN, WILLIAM                        OH-16-8-135
SCHAAD, BENJAMIN F.                     OH-16-8-486
SCHAAL, JOHN                            OH-16-7-40
SCHABER, EMILIE                         OH-16-8-422
SCHADE, THERESEA CATHARINE              OH-16-8-439
SCHAEFER, JACOB                         OH-16-8-491
SCHAEFER, JOHN JACOB                    OH-16-2-206
SCHAENZLIN, WILLIAM F.                  OH-16-9-140
SCHAFFER, GEORGE                        OH-16-7-523
SCHALLENMILLER, MARY                    OH-16-9-1
SCHANRENBACH, HENRY                     OH-16-2-542
SCHANZENBACH, CATHERINE                 OH-16-6-57
SCHAUB, JACOB                           OH-16-9-463
SCHAUB, JOHN                            OH-16-9-519
SCHEAFFER, MARY                         OH-16-4-513
SCHEIBLE, JOHN BAPTIST                  OH-16-4-166
SCHEIFER, JACOB                         OH-16-7-466
SCHELL, JOHNSON                         OH-16-5-476
SCHELLHAAS, GEORGE                      OH-16-4-491
SCHIEBER, CHRISTOPHER                   OH-16-5-229
SCHIEFFER, FREDERICK                    OH-16-1-260
SCHIMPF, FREDERICK                      OH-16-6-491
SCHINDLER, FREDERICK                    OH-16-1-41
SCHMID, GEORGE                          OH-16-9-18
SCHMIDT, GOTTFRIED                      OH-16-2-152
SCHMIDT, JULIUS                         OH-16-3-158
SCHNEIDER, MAGDALENA (PFEIL)            OH-16-8-269
SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM                      OH-16-2-535
SCHNURR, MARY                           OH-16-3-26
SCHOTT, ANDREW                          OH-16-6-143
SCHUH, MELCHIOR                         OH-16-2-345
SCHUH, PHILIP                           OH-16-9-105
SCHULZE, OSCAR                          OH-16-9-274
SCHWARZKOPF, CHRISTENA                  OH-16-2-281
SCHWARZKOPF, JACOB                      OH-16-9-111
SCISER, ALEXIUS                         OH-16-3-75
SCOTT, H. B.                            OH-16-5-103
SCOTT, JOHN                             OH-16-2-16
SCOTT, JOSIAH                           OH-16-3-171
SCOTT, MARY ANN                         OH-16-3-274
SCROGGS, JACOB                          OH-16-8-249
SCROGGS, JOHN                           OH-16-2-25
SEAL, GEORGE P.                         OH-16-1-433
SEANOR, JOHN                            OH-16-3-468
SEARLES, DANIEL                         OH-16-1-223
SEBER, WILLIAM                          OH-16-4-286
SEERY, MARY                             OH-16-8-306
SEERY, SOLOMON                          OH-16-2-10
SEIBERT, PETER                          OH-16-7-322
SEIBOLD, FREDERICK                      OH-16-4-447
SEIDLE, WILLIAM                         OH-16-4-210
SEIFERT, JACOB                          OH-16-2-352
SEIFERT, JOHN                           OH-16-1-411
SEIGLER, JACOB                          OH-16-2-253
SEISER, WILLIAM F.                      OH-16-2-417
SEITH, MICHAEL                          OH-16-3-506
SELL, JACOB H.                          OH-16-3-5
SEPEZ, ERNST F.                         OH-16-3-38
SHADE, ABRAHAM                          OH-16-1-62
SHAEFFER, JACOB                         OH-16-2-251
SHAEFFLER, JACOB                        OH-16-3-380
SHAFER, CONRAD                          OH-16-9-286
SHAFFER, JACOB                          OH-16-1-73
SHAFFNER, MARTIN                        OH-16-2-264
SHALTER, JOHN                           OH-16-3-283
SHANK, ESTHER                           OH-16-1-248
SHANNON, JANE                           OH-16-3-102
SHARFF, JACOB                           OH-16-1-273
SHARROCK, JOSEPH W.                     OH-16-7-136
SHARROCK, JOSEPH W.                     OH-16-7-191
SHAW, JOHN                              OH-16-1-122
SHAW, PLACIDIA                          OH-16-8-107
SHAW, SAMUEL P.                         OH-16-2-496
SHAWKE, ESTHER                          OH-16-4-323
SHAY, DAVID SR.                         OH-16-1-221
SHEA, MICHAEL                           OH-16-4-377
SHEABER, GOTTLIEB SR.                   OH-16-2-219
SHEAFFER, NANCY CAROLINE                OH-16-3-285
SHEALY, CHRISTIAN                       OH-16-8-392
SHECKLER, JACOB                         OH-16-3-315
SHECKLER, JOHN                          OH-16-1-419
SHECKLER, SARAH                         OH-16-3-521
SHEECKLERS, HUGH                        OH-16-5-311
SHEESLEY, CHRISTIAN                     OH-16-1-43
SHEETZ, JOHN H.                         OH-16-5-392
SHEIBER, GOTTLEIB                       OH-16-2-104
SHEILE, PHILIP ADAM                     OH-16-2-370
SHELL, SAMUEL                           OH-16-8-444
SHEPARD, ELZA C.                        OH-16-3-228
SHERADIN, WILLIAM                       OH-16-2-37
SHERIDAN, ELLEN                         OH-16-5-116
SHIEBER, LILLIAN                        OH-16-9-6
SHIFFLER, MICHAEL                       OH-16-4-80
SHIFLER, JOHN                           OH-16-2-211
SHIFLEY, JOHN G.                        OH-16-9-348
SHILLING, DAVID                         OH-16-3-185
SHIRK, ELIAS                            OH-16-2-177
SHIRT, MARY                             OH-16-2-187
SHNABLY, DAVID                          OH-16-2-180
SHOFF, JOHN GEORGE                      OH-16-2-318
SHONERT, JOHN HENRY                     OH-16-9-251
SHOOP, JOSIAH                           OH-16-9-523
SHRIVER, JOHN                           OH-16-1-45
SHUCK, FREDERICA                        OH-16-4-299
SHULTS, JOHN                            OH-16-1-225
SHULTS, WILLIAM                         OH-16-2-33
SHULTZ, JACOB                           OH-16-5-178
SHUMAKER, DANIEL                        OH-16-3-57
SHUMAKER, DANIEL D.                     OH-16-4-421
SHUMAKER, JONAS SR.                     OH-16-2-486
SHUMAKER, MARGARETH                     OH-16-7-121
SHUNK, ADAM                             OH-16-6-465
SHUNK, ISAAC B.                         OH-16-7-227
SHUPP, HENRY                            OH-16-5-494
SHUPP, MICHAEL                          OH-16-3-437
SHUPP, MICHAEL                          OH-16-2-457
SHUPP, PHILIP                           OH-16-5-360
SHUTT, HENRY                            OH-16-6-381
SHUTT, JACOB                            OH-16-2-397
SHUTT, MICHAEL                          OH-16-2-102
SICKMILLER, CATHARINE                   OH-16-2-169
SICKMILLER, GEORGE                      OH-16-2-52
SICKMILLER, PHILIP                      OH-16-3-312
SIMMMONS, ELIZABTH                      OH-16-1-134
SIMONS, FRANCES                         OH-16-8-69
SIMS, JOHN                              OH-16-5-282
SITLER, ELIZABETH                       OH-16-5-565
SITTLER, JOHN                           OH-16-2-40
SLATTERBECK, HARRIET                    OH-16-9-264
SLEE, FRANCIS                           OH-16-2-156
SLEE, FRANCIS                           OH-16-4-66
SLOCUM, CAROLINE                        OH-16-9-549
SLOCUM, IRA W.                          OH-16-6-542
SM ITH, JAMES HOGAN                     OH-16-2-212
SMALLEY, DAVID                          OH-16-1-19
SMALLEY, HORACE                         OH-16-1-97
SMALLEY, JONATHAN                       OH-16-1-50
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          OH-16-1-331
SMITH, BARBARA ANN                      OH-16-5-409
SMITH, CHRISTIAN                        OH-16-7-337
SMITH, CHRISTIANA                       OH-16-8-402
SMITH, CHRISTIANNA                      OH-16-4-316
SMITH, DANIEL                           OH-16-2-421
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        OH-16-8-425
SMITH, ELIZABETH J.                     OH-16-2-545
SMITH, FREDERICK                        OH-16-1-140
SMITH, GEORGE                           OH-16-1-234
SMITH, JACOB                            OH-16-2-32
SMITH, JAMES                            OH-16-1-439
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-16-4-99
SMITH, JOHN                             OH-16-2-338
SMITH, JOHN S.                          OH-16-3-263
SMITH, JOSEPH S.                        OH-16-1-56
SMITH, MARY ELLEN                       OH-16-9-268
SMITH, MARY J.                          OH-16-9-575
SMITH, OWEN                             OH-16-5-261
SMITH, PHILIP                           OH-16-1-383
SMITH, SILAS                            OH-16-4-7
SMITH, THOMAS                           OH-16-1-363
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-16-2-89
SMITH, WILLIAM F.                       OH-16-2-531
SNAVELY, BARBARA                        OH-16-4-550
SNAVELY, DAVID                          OH-16-5-473
SNAVELY, MICHAEL                        OH-16-4-126
SNIDER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-16-2-58
SNIDER, WILLIAM W.                      OH-16-1-167
SNOWDEN, MARGARET J.                    OH-16-1-421
SNYDER, ADAM SR.                        OH-16-2-423
SNYDER, JOHN                            OH-16-2-373
SNYDER, MARGARET                        OH-16-6-293
SNYDER, MARY MAGDALENE                  OH-16-2-355
SNYDER, PETER                           OH-16-8-286
SNYDER, RUDOLPH                         OH-16-3-144
SNYDER, SALOMA                          OH-16-3-204
SOHERS, SANFORD                         OH-16-7-567
SOLZE, FREDERICK                        OH-16-2-160
SONGER, GEORGE                          OH-16-6-499
SPADE, JACOB                            OH-16-2-13
SPAHR, CATHARINE                        OH-16-1-381
SPAHR, JESSE                            OH-16-3-346
SPAHR, MOSES                            OH-16-3-461
SPECK, MARGARETH                        OH-16-7-238
SPEIGLE, GEORGE                         OH-16-3-79
SPILLETT, SAMUEL                        OH-16-4-478
SPRAW, MARY ANN                         OH-16-6-251
SPRINGER, GEORGE W.                     OH-16-5-400
SPRINGE,R SAMUEL S.                     OH-16-9-132
SQUIER, ALONZO D.                       OH-16-8-85
SQUIER, JOHN B.                         OH-16-5-558
STAHL, C. P.                            OH-16-8-187
STARNER, SAMUEL                         OH-16-4-389
STAUFFER, JOHN                          OH-16-9-41
STEADMAN, EDWARD W.                     OH-16-8-385
STEELE, HANNAH                          OH-16-3-577
STEEN, DAVID                            OH-16-2-190
STEEN, JOHN                             OH-16-1-159
STEEN, WILLIAM                          OH-16-3-24
STEEP, MICHAEL                          OH-16-5-188
STEIGER, ABRAHAM                        OH-16-2-9
STEINBACHER, ANDREW                     OH-16-3-259
STEINBUCHER, ANDY                       OH-16-3-337
STEINHILBER, MARTIN                     OH-16-7-393
STEINLER, JOHN                          OH-16-1-57
STENTZ, E. K.                           OH-16-6-569
STEPHENS, CLARK K.                      OH-16-2-414
STEPHENSON, JOHN                        OH-16-3-174
STEPHON, CONRAD                         OH-16-2-245
STERN, JOSEPH                           OH-16-1-251
STERN, MICHAEL                          OH-16-1-143
STETZER, MARY                           OH-16-3-439
STEVENS, SARAH ANN                      OH-16-4-251
STEVENSON, ANDREW                       OH-16-3-87
STEWART, HUGH                           OH-16-1-283
STEWART, JAMES                          OH-16-2-301
STEWART, JAMES N.                       OH-16-3-387
STEWART, JOSEPH                         OH-16-5-14
STEWART, MARY JANE                      OH-16-6-26
STEWART, SAMUEL                         OH-16-5-249
STINEBAUGH, CHARLOTTE                   OH-16-2-222
STINEBAUGH, NEWTON                      OH-16-2-178
STINEHELFER, GEORGE                     OH-16-8-279
STINEMAN, FREDERICK                     OH-16-5-555
STIRM, DAVID                            OH-16-9-191
STOETZEL, HEINRICH                      OH-16-3-18
STOLL, GEORGE FREDERICK                 OH-16-2-151
STOLZ, MICHAEL                          OH-16-7-557
STONEBRAKER, GEORGE                     OH-16-2-109
STORY, NATHANIEL                        OH-16-4-162
STOUGH, JOHN                            OH-16-1-92
STOUGH, JOHN G.                         OH-16-4-335
STOUGH, JOHN T.                         OH-16-2-233
STOUT, JOSEPH                           OH-16-2-270
STOUT, SARAH                            OH-16-5-461
STRAUCH, CHRISTIAN                      OH-16-5-276
STRECKLE, JOSEPH                        OH-16-4-5
STREIT, MICHAEL                         OH-16-8-243
STRIKER, CHRISTIAN                      OH-16-2-503
STRIKER, JOHN                           OH-16-5-142
STRIKER, WILLIAM H.                     OH-16-3-108
STUCKEY, HENRY                          OH-16-9-336
STUDER, JOSEPH                          OH-16-7-97
STUMP, GREGOR                           OH-16-3-455
STUMP, MARTIN                           OH-16-3-213
STUMPF, JOSEPH                          OH-16-2-525
SULLIVAN, BRIDGET                       OH-16-4-142
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                        OH-16-9-292
SULLIVAN, OWEN                          OH-16-5-246
SULTZMAN, ERNST                         OH-16-4-488
SUMMERS, WILLIAM H.                     OH-16-2-28
SUTTER, CHARLES                         OH-16-6-377
SUTTER, JACOB                           OH-16-8-475
SUTTER, JOHN                            OH-16-6-486
SWALLEY, DANIEL                         OH-16-6-63
SWALLEY, GEORGE WASHINGTON              OH-16-5-128
SWALLEY, JOHN                           OH-16-3-94
SWARTS, ABRAHAM                         OH-16-1-31
SWARTZ, ABRAHAM                         OH-16-1-35
SWEARER, GEORGE                         OH-16-5-396
SWEENEY, BRIDGET                        OH-16-6-460
SWEENEY, MILES                          OH-16-9-300
SWEENY, GEORGE                          OH-16-3-100
SWENEY, SILAS                           OH-16-1-115
SWINGLEY, FREDERICK                     OH-16-9-507
SWISHER, JOHN                           OH-16-2-138
SWISHER, JOHN                           OH-16-1-29
SWITZER, HATTIE N.                      OH-16-8-225
TALBOTT, JOHN R.                        OH-16-2-393
TATE, JAMES                             OH-16-1-181
TATE, MATHEW H.                         OH-16-1-278
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                       OH-16-9-425
TAYLOR, ROBERT                          OH-16-4-49
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         OH-16-5-20
TEETERICK, SAMUEL D.                    OH-16-7-84
TELFORD, JAMES                          OH-16-1-116
TEUSCHER, S. K.                         OH-16-8-447
THOMAN, JOHN ADAM                       OH-16-2-474
THOMPSON, HIRAM J.                      OH-16-2-445
TILTON, SUSANNA                         OH-16-6-559
TIMANUS, CHARLES W.                     OH-16-3-168
TIMANUS, LILA PLANTS                    OH-16-4-370
TIPPIN, DAVID E.                        OH-16-4-368
TIPPIN, WILLIAM                         OH-16-5-73
TITABACK, HARRIET                       OH-16-3-89
TITTLEBAUGH, HENRY                      OH-16-3-85
TOBY, JOHN F.                           OH-16-8-567
TODHUNTER, FREDERICA                    OH-16-5-285
TOMBLYN, HENRY                          OH-16-2-432
TONE, MINNIE                            OH-16-9-178
TOWERS, THOMAS                          OH-16-1-100
TRACHT, EVE ELIZABETH                   OH-16-3-309
TRACHT, JOHN                            OH-16-4-354
TRACHT, PETER                           OH-16-1-400
TRACHT, PETER A.                        OH-16-2-347
TRAGO, SAMUEL W.                        OH-16-5-537
TRAUBS, HENRY                           OH-16-5-486
TREFTZ, REGINA MAGDALENA                OH-16-5-232
TRESSLER, MOSES                         OH-16-5-347
TRIBOLET, JOHN                          OH-16-3-16
TRICK, CATHARINE                        OH-16-6-5
TRIMBLE, HUGH                           OH-16-1-48
TRIMBLE, JAMES                          OH-16-1-38
TRIMBLE, JOHN                           OH-16-6-472
TRIMBLE, WILLIAM                        OH-16-9-446
TSCHIEG, JOHN                           OH-16-9-490
TULL, ANN                               OH-16-7-381
TUPPS, BARBARA                          OH-16-1-17
TUSTASON, HENRY                         OH-16-2-114
TUTTLE, GAMALIEL                        OH-16-1-443
TUTTLE, PERMELIA                        OH-16-8-389
UBER, JACOB                             OH-16-9-320
UHL, BARBARA                            OH-16-7-415
ULMER, ADAM                             OH-16-2-476
ULMER, CHRISTINA                        OH-16-5-519
ULMER, GOTTLIEB                         OH-16-3-50
ULMER, JACOB                            OH-16-1-423
UNDERWOOD, ISRAEL                       OH-16-4-506
VALENTINE, GEORGE C.                    OH-16-6-114
VANVOORHIS, ISAAC                       OH-16-2-470
VEICK, JACOB                            OH-16-7-163
VEIKE, MICHAEL                          OH-16-2-394
VEIL, WILLIAM F.                        OH-16-4-102
VERONICA, ANDREW                        OH-16-1-105
VICARS, ANDREW W.                       OH-16-8-333
VINCENT, JOHN                           OH-16-2-266
VOLK, MARY                              OH-16-5-528
VOLK, SUSANNA                           OH-16-7-252
VOLK, WILLIAM                           OH-16-5-17
VOLLRATH, WILLIAM L.                    OH-16-7-389
VOLZ, PETER                             OH-16-2-522
VONMEYER, OTTELIA                       OH-16-1-261
VORE, JESSE                             OH-16-6-407
WACHTER, JOSEPH                         OH-16-2-502
WADDAM, ARCHIBALD                       OH-16-1-98
WAGNER, JOHN                            OH-16-3-91
WALCUTT, MASON                          OH-16-8-50
WALDMAN, CONRAD                         OH-16-5-252
WALKER, ANDRUS R.                       OH-16-4-427
WALKER, FLORA M.                        OH-16-5-295
WALKER, HANNAH                          OH-16-4-395
WALKER, ISAAC                           OH-16-1-6
WALKER, JOHN GEORGE                     OH-16-6-2
WALKER, JOHN W.                         OH-16-3-307
WALKER, PHEBE                           OH-16-3-519
WALKER, REGINA                          OH-16-2-450
WALKER, ROBERT                          OH-16-1-10
WALLER, LYSANDER M.                     OH-16-6-357
WALLER, MILTON E.                       OH-16-3-240
WALTER, JACOB                           OH-16-6-213
WALTER, JOHN P.                         OH-16-1-375
WALTERS, CONRAD                         OH-16-1-237
WALTERS, DAVID                          OH-16-2-533
WALTERS, GEORGE                         OH-16-2-26
WALTERS, JOHN                           OH-16-9-497
WALTERS, MARY ANN                       OH-16-4-217
WALTON, WILLIAM                         OH-16-1-60
WARD, CLARK HENDRICK                    OH-16-4-468
WARDEN, ABRAHAM R.                      OH-16-2-412
WARDEN, CUNNINGHAM                      OH-16-1-429
WARNER, CHARLES                         OH-16-2-272
WARNER, OHN                             OH-16-8-162
WARNER, ROBERT K.                       OH-16-5-363
WATERHOUSE, JOHN H.                     OH-16-2-153
WATERS, JACOB                           OH-16-7-340
WATERS, JOHN                            OH-16-1-112
WATERS, MARY                            OH-16-7-60
WEAVER, JOHN D.                         OH-16-3-290
WEBER, FREDERICK                        OH-16-2-448
WEBER, JOHN GEORGE                      OH-16-2-73
WECKLER, PHILIP                         OH-16-3-527
WEIL, GEORGE                            OH-16-2-101
WEIL, JACOB                             OH-16-3-349
WEILER, CHRISTIAN                       OH-16-2-455
WEINTRAUTT, FRANCES                     OH-16-4-546
WEISS, CHRISTINA                        OH-16-2-316
WELCH, JOHN                             OH-16-1-434
WERNER, JOHN                            OH-16-7-491
WERNLE, CHARLES                         OH-16-2-467
WERT, MARY J.                           OH-16-3-498
WERT, SARAH                             OH-16-5-28
WESNER, HENRY                           OH-16-1-345
WESTOVER, J. T.                         OH-16-2-137
WEVER, JOHN                             OH-16-1-377
WHISMAN, ELIZABETH                      OH-16-6-334
WHITE, CHARLES W.                       OH-16-6-185
WHITE, DAVID                            OH-16-2-247
WHITE, JOHN                             OH-16-2-39
WHITE, NANCY                            OH-16-1-185
WHITMORE, JOHN                          OH-16-2-18
WHITTLE, JOHN                           OH-16-7-284
WICKHAM, WILLARD                        OH-16-9-331
WIGGINS, JAMES                          OH-16-5-2
WILE, JACOB                             OH-16-3-349
WILHELM, JOHN MARTIN                    OH-16-1-46
WILKINSON, THOMAS                       OH-16-4-59
WILLE, MARGARET                         OH-16-8-515
WILLE, SIMON                            OH-16-8-206
WILLHELM, C. E.                         OH-16-7-344
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          OH-16-2-348
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        OH-16-7-125
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM A.                    OH-16-4-86
WILLSON, ROBERT                         OH-16-1-161
WILSON, JAMES N.                        OH-16-9-239
WILSON, JOHN                            OH-16-2-22
WILSON, MARY                            OH-16-2-324
WILSON, SAMUEL                          OH-16-7-302
WILSON, WILLIAM H.                      OH-16-9-422
WINE, MARGARETTA                        OH-16-8-58
WINEGARTNER, HENRY                      OH-16-2-50
WINGART, WILLIAM                        OH-16-2-85
WINGERT, GOTTFRIED                      OH-16-3-178
WINGERT, HENRY                          OH-16-7-233
WINGERT, JACOB SR.                      OH-16-6-135
WINKLER, MARTIN                         OH-16-6-89
WINTER, MICHAEL                         OH-16-4-2
WINTERS, ELI                            OH-16-6-578
WINZLICK, ANDREW                        OH-16-2-170
WIREBAUGH, JOHN                         OH-16-4-439
WISE, ISRAEL                            OH-16-5-51
WISLER, MATHIAS                         OH-16-7-246
WITMYER, LOVINA                         OH-16-5-552
WITTEL, NICHOLAS                        OH-16-7-219
WITTER, BARBARA                         OH-16-3-509
WOLF, MICHAEL                           OH-16-4-340
WOODSIDE, MARTHA J.                     OH-16-6-76
WORDEN, SAMSON                          OH-16-9-303
WORST, PETER                            OH-16-2-381
WURZAUF, ANTON E.                       OH-16-6-283
WYNKOOP, HENRY W.                       OH-16-5-37
YEITER, EMANUEL                         OH-16-7-499
YEST, JOHN ADAM                         OH-16-3-217
YETZER, ELIZABETH                       OH-16-7-474
YEUTTERS, CHRISTIAN                     OH-16-8-338
YINGLING, MARY                          OH-16-9-60
YOCHEM, JACOB                           OH-16-9-327
YOCHERN, JOHN                           OH-16-7-562
YOCHOM, ANDREW                          OH-16-3-564
YOUNG, CHRISTIAN                        OH-16-2-469
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                        OH-16-4-532
YOUNG, GEORGE                           OH-16-1-226
YOUNG, MAGDALENA                        OH-16-2-383
YOUNG, MARY                             OH-16-4-346
YOUNG, MARY                             OH-16-3-340
YOUNG, PETER                            OH-16-2-154
YOUNG, PETER                            OH-16-8-36
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          OH-16-1-33
ZEIGLER, NICHOLAS                       OH-16-4-75
ZEITLER, JOHN J.                        OH-16-7-385
ZELLER, JACOB                           OH-16-2-15
ZELLNER, CATHARINE                      OH-16-9-400
ZELLNER, PHILIP                         OH-16-5-314
ZENT, JACOB                             OH-16-1-67
ZEPHEL, JOSEPH                          OH-16-2-111
ZERBACH, SUSAN                          OH-16-5-34
ZIMMER, PETER                           OH-16-1-228
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN                         OH-16-3-117
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN MARTIN                  OH-16-2-214
ZIMMERMAN, PETER                        OH-16-7-548
ZOOK, JEREMIAH B.                       OH-16-4-565

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