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LADY, JOHN                              PA-1-E-369
LANG, WILLIAM                           PA-1-A-341
LATSHAW, JACOB                          PA-1-D-215
LATSHAW, SAMUEL                         PA-1-D-303
LAUVER, JACOB                           PA-1-D-400
LAWRENTZ, GEORGE                        PA-1-C-190
LEACH, THOMAS                           PA-1-E-295
LEASE, JOHN                             PA-1-E-276
LEASE, REBECCA                          PA-1-C-90
LEAST, LEONARD                          PA-1-B-65
LECKEY, MARGARET                        PA-1-A-289
LEEKY, MARY                             PA-1-D-154
LEEPER, ELIZA                           PA-1-C-346
LEFEVER, BARBARA                        PA-1-E-443
LEFEVER, JOSEPH SR.                     PA-1-D-287
LEHMAN, CHRISTIAN                       PA-1-B-182
LEIF, CHRISTIAN                         PA-1-B-458
LERREW, ELIZABETH                       PA-1-D-418
LICKEY, CATHERINE                       PA-1-D-262
LIGHTNER, WILLIAM                       PA-1-E-96
LILLY, JOSEPH                           PA-1-A-241
LILLY, THOMAS                           PA-1-A-260
LINGAFELTER, JACOB                      PA-1-A-424
LINN, SAMUEL                            PA-1-D-261
LIPPO, DAVID                            PA-1-D-270
LITTLE, HENRY SR.                       PA-1-B-105
LIVINGSTON, JOSEPH B.                   PA-1-E-11
LOBACH, ANDREW                          PA-1-C-43
LOCKART, MARY                           PA-1-E-198
LOCKHART, JAMES                         PA-1-E-248
LOCKHART, MARGARET                      PA-1-D-70
LOCKHART, MOSES                         PA-1-B-77
LOHR, PHILIP                            PA-1-E-375
LOHR,MARGARET                           PA-1-B-485
LONG, ADAM                              PA-1-A-158
LONG, JACOB                             PA-1-C-120
LONG, JENNET                            PA-1-C-409
LONG, PETER                             PA-1-B-520
LONG, PHILIP                            PA-1-B-133
LONG, WILLIAM                           PA-1-E-281
LONGENECKER, DANIEL SR.                 PA-1-E-324
LORRIMER, THOMAS                        PA-1-B-494
LOUDON, WILLIAM                         PA-1-E-501
LOUGH, JOHN SR.                         PA-1-E-143
LOUGHMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-1-E-226
LOWDEN, WILLIAM                         PA-1-C-359
LOWMAN, JOHN                            PA-1-C-219
MAGINLY, ELIZABETH                      PA-1-E-207
MAJOR, JAMES T.                         PA-1-E-420
MARCH, DAVID                            PA-1-E-318
MARKEY, CATHARINE                       PA-1-E-50
MARKS, NICHOLAS                         PA-1-C-343
MARSDEN, JAMES                          PA-1-C-202
MARSDEN, MATTHEW                        PA-1-C-247
MARSH, F. MRS.                          PA-1-E-222
MARSHALL, JAMES                         PA-1-A-285
MARSHALL, JOHN                          PA-1-E-185
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                        PA-1-E-306
MARSHALL, PETER SR.                     PA-1-C-93
MARTIN, JESSE                           PA-1-C-106
MARTZOLF, HENRY                         PA-1-E-272
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                        PA-1-B-453
MCALISTER, ALEXANDER                    PA-1-A-410
MCALLEN, THOMAS                         PA-1-B-14
MCALLISTER, JAMES SR.                   PA-1-D-502
MCCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                      PA-1-A-190
MCCLEAN, JAMES SR.                      PA-1-C-390
MCCLEARY, ELIZABETH                     PA-1-A-350
MCCLEARY, MICHAEL                       PA-1-A-133
MCCLELLAN, MARY                         PA-1-B-19
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM ESQ.                 PA-1-E-183
MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM ESQ.                 PA-1-D-155
MCCONAUGHEY, JANE                       PA-1-C-222
MCCONAUGHY, DAVID                       PA-1-B-441
MCCONAUGHY, SAMUEL                      PA-1-A-123
MCCRAKER, ALEXANDER                     PA-1-A-201
MCCREARY, JOHN                          PA-1-D-49
MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL                      PA-1-D-33
MCCURDY, JOHN                           PA-1-C-26
MCCURDY, ROBERT                         PA-1-B-76
MCDARMAD, JOHN                          PA-1-D-235
MCDIVIT, HENRY                          PA-1-E-59
MCELHENEY, ROBERT                       PA-1-D-193
MCELNAY, JOHN                           PA-1-E-1
MCELWEE, DAVID                          PA-1-C-158
MCFARLAND, MARY                         PA-1-D-143
MCGAUGHTY, HUGH SR.                     PA-1-D-525
MCGAUGHY, AGNESS                        PA-1-A-269
MCGINLEY, PATRICK                       PA-1-A-198
MCGRAIEL, OWEN                          PA-1-A-127
MCGREW, ALEXANDER                       PA-1-B-22
MCGREW, JOHN                            PA-1-D-22
MCGREW, MARTHA                          PA-1-B-191
MCGREW, PATIENCE                        PA-1-E-74
MCGREW, WILLIAM                         PA-1-B-355
MCILEVIN, ANDREW                        PA-1-B-145
MCILHENNY, WILLIAM                      PA-1-E-380
MCILHINNY, JAMES                        PA-1-D-168
MCILVAIN, ANDREW                        PA-1-C-141
MCILVAIN, MARY                          PA-1-D-153
MCILVAIN, ROBERT                        PA-1-D-432
MCKEAN, NANCY                           PA-1-C-66
MCKEE, THOMAS                           PA-1-E-91
MCKESSON, WILLIAM                       PA-1-D-30
MCKINLEY, MARTHA                        PA-1-C-328
MCKINLY, JAMES                          PA-1-C-294
MCKNIGHT, JAMES                         PA-1-B-139
MCKNIGHT, THOMAS                        PA-1-E-489
MCLAUGHLIN, FRANCIS                     PA-1-B-332
MCLEAN, WILLIAM                         PA-1-A-440
MCMORDIE, FRANCIS                       PA-1-D-394
MCMORDIE, JENNET                        PA-1-B-45
MCMURDY, ROBERT                         PA-1-A-367
MCNAIR, MARGARET                        PA-1-C-10
MCNAIR, SAMUEL ESQ.                     PA-1-D-82
MCNEELY, JAMES                          PA-1-D-113
MCPEAK, SARAH                           PA-1-C-208
MCPHERSON, AGNESS                       PA-1-A-141
MCPHERSON, ROBERT                       PA-1-B-229
MCPHERSON, SARAH                        PA-1-D-242
MCPHERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-1-D-190
MCQUIN, ISABELLA                        PA-1-A-226
MCREERY, DAVID                          PA-1-D-74
MCSHERRY, BARNABAS SR.                  PA-1-C-355
MCSHERRY, CATHERINE                     PA-1-B-239
MCSHERRY, JAMES                         PA-1-E-348
MCTAGERT, HUGH                          PA-1-E-28
MCVEAR, ALEXANDER                       PA-1-B-498
MEALS, SAMUEL                           PA-1-E-52
MEGREW, ARCHIBALD SR.                   PA-1-A-291
MELHORN, ANDREW                         PA-1-E-5
MELLINGER, DAVID                        PA-1-C-194
MERIDETH, FRANCIS                       PA-1-C-143
MESERSMITH, GEORGE                      PA-1-A-181
METHORN, DAVID                          PA-1-D-147
METSHEIMER, JOHN F.                     PA-1-D-99
MICKLE, SAMUEL                          PA-1-C-115
MICKLEY, MARTIN                         PA-1-D-78
MILEY, JOHN                             PA-1-B-86
MILLER, BARBARA                         PA-1-D-169
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-1-E-254
MILLER, GEORGE                          PA-1-E-464
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-1-C-160
MILLER, JOSEPH                          PA-1-E-457
MILLER, LUDWICK                         PA-1-D-274
MILLER, MARGARET                        PA-1-D-260
MILLER, MICHAEL                         PA-1-D-437
MILLER, NICHOLAS                        PA-1-A-235
MILLER, PAUL                            PA-1-B-425
MILLER, PHILIP                          PA-1-D-496
MILLER, PHILP                           PA-1-C-269
MILLHIMES, PETER                        PA-1-E-253
MINDER, HEINRICH G.                     PA-1-D-406
MINICH, PHEBE                           PA-1-E-279
MINNIGH, MICHAEL                        PA-1-E-267
MINTER, HENRY G.                        PA-1-D-406
MONDORFF, HENRY                         PA-1-D-482
MONFORT, PETER                          PA-1-C-421
MONSHOUR, NICHOLAS                      PA-1-B-264
MOONEY, JOHN                            PA-1-D-315
MOORE, DAVID                            PA-1-A-203
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-1-A-279
MOORHEAD, ROBERT                        PA-1-D-86
MOOSE, CATHERINE                        PA-1-C-435
MOOSE, ELIZABETH                        PA-1-D-232
MOREY, JACOB                            PA-1-D-318
MORROW, JOHN                            PA-1-B-168
MORSE, DAVID                            PA-1-D-184
MORTON, JOHN SR.                        PA-1-B-83
MOWNEY, PATRICK                         PA-1-E-116
MOWRER, JOHN                            PA-1-C-171
MOWRER, JOHN                            PA-1-D-253
MUMMART, MATHIAS                        PA-1-D-157
MUMMERA, SAMUEL                         PA-1-E-260
MUNDORFF, ELIZABETH                     PA-1-D-262
MUNDORFF, JACOB SR.                     PA-1-D-411
MURPHY, MARTHA                          PA-1-D-15
MURRET, MICHAEL                         PA-1-A-109
MURTORFF, ELIZABETH                     PA-1-D-345
MYER, BARBARA                           PA-1-A-271
MYER, BARBARA                           PA-1-B-429
MYER, MARTHA                            PA-1-E-504
MYER, MARTIN                            PA-1-A-244
MYERS, DAVID                            PA-1-A-329
MYERS, FREDERICK                        PA-1-A-369
MYERS, GEORGE SR.                       PA-1-D-468
MYERS, HENRY                            PA-1-D-321
MYERS, JACOB SR.                        PA-1-D-495
MYERS, JOHN                             PA-1-C-168
MYERS, LUDWICK                          PA-1-D-112
MYERS, MARY                             PA-1-B-153
MYERS, MICHAEL                          PA-1-D-194
MYERS, NICHOLAS                         PA-1-C-329
MYERS, NICKELOUS                        PA-1-B-35
MYERS, PETER                            PA-1-D-229
MYERS, PHILIP SR.                       PA-1-D-439
NAGLE, JOHN SR.                         PA-1-B-214
NALY, JOHN                              PA-1-A-87
NAUGLE, CHRISTIAN                       PA-1-E-262
NEELY, ADALINE M. M.                    PA-1-D-515
NEELY, JAMES                            PA-1-D-297
NEELY, JOHN                             PA-1-E-340
NEELY, JONATHAN                         PA-1-D-170
NEELY, THOMAS                           PA-1-D-328
NEFF, GEORGE                            PA-1-E-398
NEGELY, ANDREW                          PA-1-D-216
NICKEL, JAMES                           PA-1-A-220
NICKEL, JOHN                            PA-1-B-3
NICKEL, WILLIAM                         PA-1-D-375
NICKMAN, MARGARET                       PA-1-D-84
NOEL, ANDREW                            PA-1-B-516
NOLL, ELIZABETH                         PA-1-D-223
NOLL, JOHN                              PA-1-C-1
NOLL, JOHN                              PA-1-B-171
NORBECK, JOHN                           PA-1-C-440
OASTER, ADAM                            PA-1-D-483
OBERBAUGH, PETER                        PA-1-D-40
OBIS, JOHN                              PA-1-A-30
OBLEMAN, JACOB                          PA-1-D-212
OBLENIS, JOHN                           PA-1-A-316
OBLENIS, PETER                          PA-1-B-16
OBOTT, SEBASTIAN                        PA-1-A-6
OCKER, BENJAMIN                         PA-1-E-120
OHLER, LAWRENCE                         PA-1-D-255
OLIVER, ROBERT                          PA-1-D-422
OMER, FELIX SR.                         PA-1-E-494
OMER, FELIX SR.                         PA-1-E-169
ORNDORFF, PETER                         PA-1-D-71
ORR, GEORGE                             PA-1-D-9
OSBORN, MARGARET                        PA-1-D-463
OSBURN, SAMUEL                          PA-1-D-259
OVERHOLSER, ABRAHAM                     PA-1-D-320
OVERHOLTZER, CHRISTIAN                  PA-1-C-70
OVERHOLTZER, SAMUEL                     PA-1-D-192
OWINGS, ROBERT                          PA-1-B-364
OYLER, JACOB                            PA-1-A-414
PALMER, FREDERICK                       PA-1-D-164
PARR, HANNAH                            PA-1-D-240
PATTERSON, GEORGE                       PA-1-E-476
PATTERSON, HUGH                         PA-1-D-144
PATTERSON, JOHN                         PA-1-D-128
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                       PA-1-D-275
PATTERSON, SUSANNA                      PA-1-B-291
PATTERSON, WILIAM                       PA-1-E-47
PAXTON, ANN                             PA-1-D-19
PAXTON, JAMES G.                        PA-1-E-42
PAXTON, NANCY                           PA-1-D-75
PAXTON, WILLIAM REV.                    PA-1-E-180
PEARSEN, THOMAS                         PA-1-B-305
PEDAN, GRISSEL                          PA-1-E-40
PEDAN, SAMUEL                           PA-1-A-139
PELLENTZ, JAMES                         PA-1-A-16
PETER, ULERICH                          PA-1-E-13
PETTIT, NANCY                           PA-1-D-222
PETTIT, THOMAS                          PA-1-B-385
PFOUTZ, DAVID                           PA-1-E-351
PFOUTZ, MICHAEL                         PA-1-B-47
PILKINGTON, VINCENT                     PA-1-B-230
PIPER, PETER                            PA-1-C-291
PITTENTORFF, MARY                       PA-1-D-182
PITTENTORFF, SUSANNAH                   PA-1-D-264
PITZER, BALTZER                         PA-1-D-103
POPP, CHRISTIAN                         PA-1-C-22
PORTER, SAMUEL                          PA-1-A-10
PORTER, THOMAS                          PA-1-B-281
PORTER, WILLIAM                         PA-1-A-188
PRESSELL, MICHAEL SR.                   PA-1-B-346
PROCTOR, JOHN                           PA-1-A-361
PULLOCK, WILLIAM                        PA-1-A-135
RAHN, PHILIP                            PA-1-D-349
RANDOLPH, NATHANIEL                     PA-1-B-488
RAZER, JACOB                            PA-1-D-405
RECK, CHRISTIAN                         PA-1-A-404
REED, BENJAMIN                          PA-1-D-81
REFFLE, JINNEY                          PA-1-A-60
REID, JAMES                             PA-1-A-177
REIFF, ABRAHAM                          PA-1-E-395
REMICH, MARY                            PA-1-E-83
RENTZEL, ELIZABETH                      PA-1-D-88
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          PA-1-C-423
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                       PA-1-A-163
RHEA, ELIZABETH                         PA-1-E-342
RHEA, NANCY                             PA-1-E-270
RHEA, ROBERT                            PA-1-C-396
RHINEHEART, CHARLES                     PA-1-E-242
RICE, DANIEL                            PA-1-D-76
RICHARDS, ELIZABETH                     PA-1-D-120
RICHESON, PHEBE                         PA-1-C-372
RIDDLEMOSER, MICHAEL SR.                PA-1-B-32
RIDDLEMOSER, WILLIAM                    PA-1-E-16
RIDER, ELIZABETH                        PA-1-D-248
RIFE, CHRISTIAN                         PA-1-C-110
RIFE, HENRY                             PA-1-D-29
RIFE, HENRY                             PA-1-C-128
RIFE, JOHN                              PA-1-E-297
RIFE, MARY                              PA-1-C-357
RIFFLE, ANDREW                          PA-1-E-109
RINEBECKER, GEORGE                      PA-1-C-249
RIPLE, ELIZABETH                        PA-1-E-401
RISK, WILLIAM                           PA-1-C-15
RITTER, JOHN                            PA-1-E-114
RIX, DANIEL                             PA-1-D-280
ROBESON, ISAAC                          PA-1-D-87
ROBISON, THOMAS                         PA-1-B-137
ROPE, PETER                             PA-1-C-176
ROSS, JOHN                              PA-1-B-52
ROUDEBUSH, JACOB                        PA-1-C-166
ROUSENSOM, BENJAMIN                     PA-1-E-252
ROWAN, HENRY                            PA-1-B-1
RUMMEL, GEORGE                          PA-1-B-100
RUNKEL, WILLIAM REV.                    PA-1-D-198
RUSSELL, JAMES                          PA-1-A-231
RUSSELL, JEAN                           PA-1-A-379
RUSSELL, JOHN                           PA-1-A-143
RUSSELL, MARY                           PA-1-E-451
RUSSELL, SAMUEL                         PA-1-A-335
SADLER, ISAAC                           PA-1-D-133
SAGER, MICHAEL                          PA-1-C-438
SALTYGIVER, GEORGE                      PA-1-D-522
SALTZGIVER, JOHN                        PA-1-D-341
SAMPLE, JOHN                            PA-1-C-184
SANDERS, CATHARINE                      PA-1-D-402
SANDERS, JACOB                          PA-1-C-286
SANDERS, PETER                          PA-1-B-517
SANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    PA-1-A-55
SAUM, MATHIAS                           PA-1-A-229
SAUMAN, GEORGE                          PA-1-A-52
SAX, SARAH                              PA-1-C-411
SCHAEFFER, JOEL                         PA-1-D-12
SCHICK, LAWRENCE                        PA-1-D-104
SCHLOSSER, PETER                        PA-1-D-512
SCHOLL, JACOB                           PA-1-E-181
SCHRIVER, PHILLIP                       PA-1-B-416
SCOTT, ABRAHAM                          PA-1-D-234
SCOTT, DAVID                            PA-1-D-58
SCOTT, JAMES M.                         PA-1-E-202
SEALICKS, NANCY                         PA-1-E-238
SELL, JACOB                             PA-1-B-266
SELL, JACOB                             PA-1-C-433
SELLERS, ABRAHAM                        PA-1-E-415
SELTZER, JOHANENS                       PA-1-E-327
SEMPLE, JAMES                           PA-1-D-327
SHAEFFER, LEONARD                       PA-1-E-314
SHAFFER, MARY                           PA-1-B-179
SHAIN, JOSEPH                           PA-1-B-152
SHANEFELTER, JOSEPH                     PA-1-D-359
SHANEFELTER, PETER SR.                  PA-1-D-312
SHANFELTER, JOHN                        PA-1-D-272
SHANK, ELIZABETH                        PA-1-E-153
SHANK, JACOB                            PA-1-D-250
SHANNON, ISABELLA                       PA-1-D-150
SHANON, ALEXANDER                       PA-1-C-103
SHAR, PETER                             PA-1-E-322
SHEALY, JACOB SR.                       PA-1-D-267
SHECKLY, MARGARET                       PA-1-C-431
SHEELLY, NICHOLAS                       PA-1-C-311
SHEPELY, GEORGE                         PA-1-B-196
SHEPHERD, NANCY                         PA-1-D-266
SHERER, VALENTINE                       PA-1-C-63
SHERFIG, JACOB                          PA-1-E-23
SHERFY, CATHARINE                       PA-1-E-127
SHERMAN, GEORGE                         PA-1-C-229
SHERMAN, SUSANNA                        PA-1-D-220
SHETRONE, JACOB                         PA-1-C-296
SHILT, HENRY SR.                        PA-1-C-113
SHORB, JOHN                             PA-1-E-265
SHOWALTER, DAVID                        PA-1-D-357
SHOWER, SAMUEL                          PA-1-D-196
SHRIVER, ANDREW                         PA-1-C-324
SHRIVER, DAVID                          PA-1-E-236
SHRIVER, LEWIS                          PA-1-B-420
SHRIVER, LUDWICK                        PA-1-A-257
SHRIVER, MARGARETTA                     PA-1-D-200
SHROKE, CHARITY                         PA-1-B-423
SHULLY, FREDERICK                       PA-1-D-514
SHULTZ, JOHN GRANDSDAMS                 PA-1-D-114
SHUNK, DAVID                            PA-1-E-418
SIGHSINGER, BARBARA                     PA-1-B-103
SIMBLE, MAGDALINE                       PA-1-D-186
SIMPSON, THOMAS                         PA-1-D-241
SIMUNA, HENRY                           PA-1-B-484
SITTICKS, MARGARET                      PA-1-D-79
SLAGLE, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-1-D-162
SLAGLE, DAVID                           PA-1-E-487
SLAGLE, DOROTHY                         PA-1-D-231
SLAGLE, GEORGE                          PA-1-E-477
SLAGLE, HENRY                           PA-1-B-141
SLAGLE, JACOB                           PA-1-B-501
SLAGLER, MICHAEL                        PA-1-D-282
SLAYBAUGH, PETER                        PA-1-D-164
SLENCE, PHILIP                          PA-1-B-461
SLOAN, SAMUEL                           PA-1-D-183
SMALL, ENGLE                            PA-1-E-417
SMITH, DIETRICK                         PA-1-E-392
SMITH, FREDERICK                        PA-1-C-61
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-1-E-233
SMITH, JOHN C.                          PA-1-E-151
SMITH, SAMUEL                           PA-1-D-42
SMITH, SARAH                            PA-1-D-60
SMITH, WALTER                           PA-1-D-386
SNEERINGER, ANN                         PA-1-E-387
SNEERINGER, JOHN                        PA-1-A-233
SNEERINGER, JULYANA                     PA-1-B-269
SNEERINGER, LORRANTZ                    PA-1-A-276
SNIDER, CONRAD                          PA-1-D-338
SNIDER, JOSHUA                          PA-1-D-350
SNIDER, PETER                           PA-1-D-342
SNYDER, JOHN                            PA-1-E-278
SNYDER, JOHN PETER                      PA-1-E-460
SNYDER, MARY                            PA-1-E-428
SOLLIK, THOMS                           PA-1-B-408
SONDAY, ELIZABETH                       PA-1-D-498
SONERBEER, GEORGE                       PA-1-D-527
SOTTLE, SUSANNA                         PA-1-E-410
SOUR, PAUL                              PA-1-D-490
SOWER, JACOB                            PA-1-D-45
SPAGGLER, JACOB                         PA-1-E-61
SPANGLER, MARY                          PA-1-E-444
SPANGLER, MARY                          PA-1-D-243
SPANGLER, RUDOLPH                       PA-1-D-131
SPEAKMAN, JOSHUA                        PA-1-A-105
SPONSELLER, GEORGE                      PA-1-D-90
SPRING, LAWRENCE                        PA-1-C-386
SPRINKLE, HENRY                         PA-1-C-331
SPRONKLE, DANIEL                        PA-1-C-226
STAFFORD, JAMES                         PA-1-D-179
STANLY, JOHN                            PA-1-A-431
STEENBERGEN, ELIZABETH                  PA-1-E-197
STEHLEH, JOSEPH                         PA-1-C-325
STEIN, GEORGE SR.                       PA-1-C-28
STEINOW, HENRY                          PA-1-D-391
STEMMONS, ROBERT                        PA-1-C-338
STEPHEN, ADAM                           PA-1-E-472
STERNER, JOHN                           PA-1-C-442
STEWART, CHARLES                        PA-1-C-233
STEWART, JAMES                          PA-1-C-76
STEWART, JOHN                           PA-1-D-516
STEWART, JOHN                           PA-1-B-322
STEWART, MARTHA                         PA-1-B-504
STEWART, MARY                           PA-1-A-381
STEWART, ROBERT                         PA-1-B-173
STEWART, ROBERT SR.                     PA-1-A-103
STEWART, SIBBY                          PA-1-B-463
STEWART, WILLIAM                        PA-1-B-10
STIGERS, JOHN                           PA-1-B-216
STIGERS, JOSEPH                         PA-1-C-4
STIMSON, FREDERICK                      PA-1-D-247
STINE, GEORGE                           PA-1-D-213
STIVISON, GEORGE                        PA-1-A-385
STOCKSLEGAR, JOSEPH                     PA-1-A-75
STOCKSLEGAR, NANCY                      PA-1-A-187
STONER, ELIZABETH                       PA-1-D-256
STONER, FREDERICK                       PA-1-C-272
STONESIFER, ISAAC                       PA-1-E-282
STONESIFER, WORLEY J.                   PA-1-E-294
STONESIPHER, SOLOMON                    PA-1-D-180
STORM, JOSEPH                           PA-1-B-370
STORNBAUGH, ANTHONY                     PA-1-D-52
STOUFFER, ELIZABETH                     PA-1-E-204
STOUT, MARGARET                         PA-1-D-367
STRAUSBAUGH, JOHN                       PA-1-E-223
STROM, MARGARET                         PA-1-C-443
STUMP, GEORGE ADAM                      PA-1-A-90
SUNDAY, MATHIAS                         PA-1-D-389
SUTTLE, CONRAD                          PA-1-A-213
SUTTLE, HENRY                           PA-1-D-210
SWARTZ, MARTIN                          PA-1-B-515
SWEENEY, JAMES                          PA-1-B-285
SWEENY, DANIEL                          PA-1-D-244
SWENEY, JAMES D.                        PA-1-D-180
SWIGART, ABRAHAM                        PA-1-B-297
SWITZER, ANTHONY                        PA-1-C-414
SWOPE, ADAM                             PA-1-C-154
TAGERT, SAMUEL                          PA-1-E-158
TANGER, JACOB                           PA-1-E-376
TAUGHINBAUGH, NICHOLAS                  PA-1-E-284
TAYLOR, GEORGE                          PA-1-E-356
TAYLOR, JAMES H.                        PA-1-E-409
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          PA-1-C-216
TEMPION, JOHN                           PA-1-D-188
THOMAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-1-D-456
THOMAS, ABLE                            PA-1-B-466
THOMAS, ADAM                            PA-1-E-179
THOMPSON, ANDREW                        PA-1-B-157
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                        PA-1-B-192
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        PA-1-E-465
THORNBURGH, PHEBE                       PA-1-C-237
THRONE, GEORGE                          PA-1-D-467
TIMMONS, CHRISTINA                      PA-1-D-115
TOMLINSON, BENJAMIN                     PA-1-B-513
TOOT, DAVID                             PA-1-C-199
TOOT, HENRY                             PA-1-E-35
TOPPER, ANDREW                          PA-1-D-215
TOPPER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-1-D-152
TORRENCE, AARON                         PA-1-D-138
TORRENCE, ANN                           PA-1-D-62
TORRENCE, JOHN                          PA-1-E-177
TORRENCE, WILLIAM                       PA-1-C-138
TRANKLE, JOSHUA                         PA-1-D-236
TREAT, ISAAC                            PA-1-E-89
TRIMMER, ANDREW                         PA-1-D-195
TRONE, JOHN                             PA-1-B-387
TROSTLE, JOHN                           PA-1-E-43
TROXEL, DAVID                           PA-1-E-125
TROXELL, DAVID                          PA-1-D-470
TUCKER, TEMPEST                         PA-1-B-475
UNGER, GEORGE SR.                       PA-1-D-324
UNGER, MARGARET                         PA-1-E-241
UNVERSJAGT, TOBIAS                      PA-1-E-122
VANORSDEL, ISAAC                        PA-1-E-149
VANSCOYCE, MOSES                        PA-1-D-108
WAGGONER, CATHERINE                     PA-1-D-11
WAGGONER, LUDWICK                       PA-1-C-381
WAGNER, JOHN F.                         PA-1-E-92
WAGNER, JOHN FREDERICK                  PA-1-D-8
WAGNER, PETER                           PA-1-E-479
WALKER, JAMES                           PA-1-B-93
WALKER, WILLIAM                         PA-1-C-241
WALTER, ADAM SR.                        PA-1-D-122
WALTER, CATHARINE                       PA-1-E-288
WALTER, HENRY                           PA-1-D-149
WALTER, NICHOLAS                        PA-1-A-263
WALTERMIRE, LODWICK                     PA-1-D-379
WALTMAN, HENRY                          PA-1-B-155
WAMBSCH, JOSEPH                         PA-1-D-415
WARNACH, MARGARET                       PA-1-C-34
WATSON, JANE                            PA-1-E-271
WATSON, WILLIAM                         PA-1-A-157
WAUGH, DAVID                            PA-1-B-505
WAUGH, WILLIAM                          PA-1-C-333
WAYBRIGHT, JACOB                        PA-1-E-440
WAYBRIGHT, MICHAEL                      PA-1-C-65
WEAGLY, JOHN                            PA-1-E-71
WEAKLEY, JAMES                          PA-1-C-276
WEAKLY, WILLIAM                         PA-1-B-260
WEAVER, CONRAD                          PA-1-E-378
WEAVER, CORNAD                          PA-1-A-383
WEAVER, JACOB                           PA-1-E-81
WEAVER, JACOB                           PA-1-D-177
WEAVER, JACOB                           PA-1-E-445
WEAVER, NICOLAS                         PA-1-B-301
WEAVER, SAMUEL                          PA-1-C-133
WEAVER,HENRY                            PA-1-A-421
WEBB, STEPHEN                           PA-1-B-401
WEEMS, JOHN                             PA-1-C-265
WEIKER, PETER                           PA-1-D-451
WEIKERT, JOHN                           PA-1-D-441
WEIRMAN, ELIZABETH                      PA-1-D-396
WEIRMAN, NICHOLAS                       PA-1-D-203
WEIRMAN, SARAH                          PA-1-D-134
WELDY, JOHN                             PA-1-D-372
WELKER, CATHARINE                       PA-1-E-386
WELLS, JACOB                            PA-1-B-206
WERKING, PETER                          PA-1-D-89
WERTS, JESSE                            PA-1-E-131
WERTZ, BURKHART                         PA-1-B-148
WERTZ, JACOB                            PA-1-A-312
WHITE, JAMES                            PA-1-B-226
WHITE, JAMES SR.                        PA-1-D-408
WHITE, JOHN                             PA-1-A-338
WHITE, THOMAS                           PA-1-D-381
WHITE, THOMAS JR.                       PA-1-D-178
WHITLEY, BENJAMIN                       PA-1-A-344
WIBLE, STEPHEN                          PA-1-E-128
WIDAW, JACOB                            PA-1-D-63
WIDNER, DANIEL                          PA-1-C-418
WIEGHTNER, ABRAHAM                      PA-1-A-406
WIERMAN, HENRY                          PA-1-A-111
WIERMAN, JOHN                           PA-1-E-461
WIERMAN, JOHN SR.                       PA-1-A-246
WIERMAN, LYDIA                          PA-1-E-437
WIERMAN, NICHOLAS B.                    PA-1-E-65
WIERMAN, SARAH                          PA-1-A-175
WIKERT, GEORGE                          PA-1-C-309
WILEY, ROBERT                           PA-1-B-175
WILL, HENRY                             PA-1-D-139
WILL, SARAH                             PA-1-D-226
WILLET, JACOB                           PA-1-A-365
WILLIAMS, EZEKIEL                       PA-1-E-160
WILLIAMS, JANE                          PA-1-C-445
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        PA-1-A-412
WILSON, BENJAMIN                        PA-1-B-252
WILSON, CHARLES                         PA-1-D-1
WILSON, DAVID                           PA-1-E-256
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       PA-1-E-300
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-1-E-174
WILSON, JANE                            PA-1-B-181
WILSON, JOSEPH                          PA-1-E-273
WILSON, MARGARET                        PA-1-D-202
WILSON, ROBERT                          PA-1-B-390
WILSON, ROBERT                          PA-1-B-468
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-1-C-11
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-1-A-310
WILT, GEORGE                            PA-1-D-351
WINEMILLER, CHRISTOPHER                 PA-1-B-221
WINROD, JOHN                            PA-1-C-178
WINRODT, JACOB                          PA-1-C-321
WINROTH, ADAM ESQ.                      PA-1-B-279
WINTERODE, JACOB                        PA-1-D-221
WINTERODE, JOHN                         PA-1-D-127
WINTERODE, WILLIAM                      PA-1-E-398
WIREMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-1-A-119
WISE, CASPER SR.                        PA-1-A-217
WISELEY, WILLIAM                        PA-1-C-39
WISLER, JOHN SR.                        PA-1-E-228
WOLF, FREDERICK SR.                     PA-1-A-193
WOLF, JACOB JR.                         PA-1-E-214
WOLF, JOHN                              PA-1-E-473
WOLF, JOHN                              PA-1-E-145
WOLF, JOHN SR.                          PA-1-B-367
WOLF, NANCY                             PA-1-E-85
WOLF, PHILIP                            PA-1-E-431
WOLF, PHILIP                            PA-1-C-213
WOLFORD, BARBARA                        PA-1-D-20
WOLFORD, PETER                          PA-1-C-42
WORK, ROBERT                            PA-1-B-286
WORST, JACOB                            PA-1-B-500
WRAY, ANDREW                            PA-1-D-61
WRAY, JAMES                             PA-1-D-296
WRIGHT, JOHN                            PA-1-C-131
WRIGHT, SAMUEL B.                       PA-1-D-268
YENOWINE, MARY CATHARINE                PA-1-D-368
YETS, WILLIAM                           PA-1-B-184
YOHE, GEORGE                            PA-1-E-486
YOUNG, ANN MARCIA                       PA-1-B-438
YOUNG, JOHN                             PA-1-E-104
YOUNG, JOHN                             PA-1-D-378
YOUNG, PETER                            PA-1-A-208
YOUNG, ROBERT                           PA-1-B-80
ZELL, PETER                             PA-1-B-43
ZETTLE, WILLIAM                         PA-1-C-108
ZIEGLER, JOHN                           PA-1-E-101

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